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Mayor Turns His Back On Ferry Rally By Bianca Fortis

ry until now, will run out in October, according to the City. The de Blasio administration and the Economic Development Corporation chose not to include a subsidy for the ferry in the city’s latest budget. Many Rockaway residents have said that de Blasio has ignored the peninsula since he was elected. Activists and public officials alike promised that they will continue to fight for the ferry. “I haven’t seen something to happen to this borough that was such a benefit, that meant so much in so many different ways to so many different people as the ferry,” Queens Borough President Melinda Katz said. The city’s previous decisions to extend service have been partly

based on ridership numbers. Katz said the current operating schedule, which doesn’t include weekends, doesn’t paint an accurate picture of potential ridership. She said she suggested to the mayor that he extend service for another year and include weekends next summer to get a better idea of ridership. Public Advocate Letitia James called the ferry a “no brainer” and directly implored the mayor to keep it. “Mr. Mayor, save the ferry for the Rockaways and for south Brooklyn,” she said. “...We should treat residents in Rockaway the same” as residents of Staten Island. Rockaway resident Lew Simon called the ferry one of the best gifts Rockaway has ever re-


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ceived. “To take it away, they have to be crazy,” he said. “I’m sending a clear message to our mayor Bill de Blasio, who’s been a friend for 25 years. Bill: have a heart. We are still suffering. [...] It’s not a joke, Mr. Mayor. Please come out and tell us we have the money.” To see a video of the mayor walking by the ralliers, visit

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They came to get the mayor’s attention. And they were ignored. As ferry advocates took to the steps in front of City Hall to plea for continued ferry service, Mayor Bill de Blasio emerged through the front doors of City Hall, along with members of his security team. As rally-goers shouted and called out, the mayor didn’t so much as glance over to acknowledge the crowd, and instead proceeded directly to a black SUV waiting for him several hundred feet away. Once they realized he had ignored them, the activists turned to face de Blasio directly and booed him and chanted “no ferry, no votes,” a promise that they will try to vote him out of office in the next election. The city has been operating the ferry since November 2012 when Hurricane Sandy decimated the A Train. Although the ferry was intended to be a temporary fix for local transportation, the city has extended service several times. The emergency funds which have been used to operate the fer-

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The Rockaway Times


Cuisine by Claudette Diversity and Perfection

By Taylor Stathis

color Feast,” an exhibition by the Brooklyn Watercolor Society. The event was a successful showcase of the art from several watercolorists. The Rockaway Artists Alliance has also presented some fine readings and music there. Both events also successfully showcased Claudette’s fine cuisine. Claudette, herself, is a welcoming woman who embraces diversity. Claudette is of French, Moroccan, Israeli, and American decent and this combination influences traditional dishes with a medley of distinctive flavors. Her Israeli and Moroccan background is evident in her classic couscous. Claudette loves cooking and feels a sense of satisfaction when people give her compliments. “I put a lot of knowl-

edge and love into my business,” she said. “I love everything I cook, if I don’t love something I won’t cook it.” Claudette has a perfectionist streak and explained that if she is not satisfied with a dish she refuses to put it on the menu just to please her customers. If you are looking to try Cuisine by Claudette and don’t know what to order, she recommends her turkey burgers which are also gluten free. Claudette hopes to you stop in for a delicious meal with influences from all over the world or have your next dinner party catered. Cuisine by Claudette brings a warm and welcome, family-owned restaurant to Rockaway and is a great addition to our community.

Taylor Stathis is an intern at The Rockaway Times and will soon be entering her senior year at Holy Cross College.

Under new ManageMent Space available - Bayfront



It’s been a very busy two and half years for Cuisine by Claudette, the restaurant that brings a variety of healthy dishes, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options, to Beach 116th Street. Launching a new business was challenging enough but soon after getting established, Superstorm Sandy struck. No matter, Claudette’s rebounded nicely and is now a 116th Street fixture as beachgoers and residents alike visit Claudette’s for home-style meals influenced largely by Claudette’s cultural background. In addition to the delicious variety of food, Claudette’s café-style seating allows restaurant-goers to enjoy a relaxed dining atmosphere. And there’s more than just dining. For those seeking something more, something different, Cuisine by Claudette has been known to host musicians and artists. Recently Claudette’s hosted “A Water-

The Rockaway Times

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keep the boogie board ban in place. de Blasio, hard to find. That would’ve given me the chance You can’t mention the days of to join the protesters. I would surfing on ironing boards without have grabbed a board and jumped tippingWRU&UDLQVDLGLVDFWXDOO\DVLJQLÂżyour cap to Dee McLean, cant difference between operating Rockaway surfer to win an right in. Though maybe not. I’m the first a gallery in Rockaway and somenot sure if the boogie boards in the endorsement contract. Using real where like Chelsea. he, his garage are covered with Sandy goo surfboards “Toplessâ€? willbrother feature Dennew a handful of others were or just regular beach goo (Hey, it’s nis, and artists every three weeks during of the wave about surfbeen a while). To be safe, I might way ahead the summer. The current show, “Party is Overâ€? runsitthrough Sometimes takes aJuly few have had to go old school and used ing here. By Kevin Boyle 4 and features to three Brooklyndecades for things catch on. So an ironing board. based Caroline up,artists, we might be allWells dead Yep, ironing boards were used in don’t give Chandler, Cindy Ji Hye Kim and but Rockaway is gona pinch before Rockaway became and buried, Andy Cross. It opened Saturday, on. the coolest place on earth. It’d be na catch June 14th and the opening recepAnyway, from ironing boards even more cool if there was a tourtion was attended by about 100 I know I could still get in nament of surfers using ironing to irony. people, Crain said. and Baumbaum chose the waterCrain but well, with the Jewish boards. Just for a day. WKHVH VSHFLÂżF DUWLVWVthe ² DOOpattern SDLQWjust ahead, Though it might drive Parks holidays ers whoitself. approach theweather’s medium The crazy. Get out of the water, that’s will repeat in an be unorthodox way because too nice to—get wet. a flotation device. No, it’s not. It’s just gonna they “gelled together,â€? Birnbaum Boyleing Over: Loved the rean ironing board. Tell me where in explained. Photos %UHQW%LUQEDXPDQG-HQQL&UDLQVWDQGRXWVLGHWKHWUDQVIRUPHGRIÂżFH cent Beef“Party Chip column in which the Parks’ rules it says we can’t useby Toples is Overâ€? is also thehe :DONWKURXJKWKHROGRIÂżFHDQGFRPHXSRQVXUSULVLQJDUW now an art exhibit. confessed to being won over byby the ironing boards. name of a video installation Rockaway Beach Volleyball experiNext week’s headline: Parks Say Kim. By Bianca Fortis April with another New York City law library and attorneys lived in Chelsea gallery into this white saidpart the gallery will close artist, Jenni Crain, to open “Top- the upstairs apartments. Later, Boards. box,â€? Crain said. “It’s important ence andCrain is now of the cult. No To Ironing at the end of the summer, but the Rockaway artist Brent Birn- less,â€? a small gallery on Rockaway the building had been occupied by Rockaway for us to keep the soul of the On the other hand, it was anothOf course, is gonna Because I’m a Summer Ends on Some people say they’re all duo plans to return next year,of baum had been mulling over the Beach Boulevard and Beach 91st various professionals including building.â€? er reminder of how a thousand catch on – where most shirts are as the Fourth July kind of guy, about Rockaway and sayVRPH theyHOHFWHG have RIÂżFLDOV  $QG WKHQ idea ofOf opening an art gallerypay Street. Crain explained “Toplessâ€? is most likely in a new space. “Our wrinkled as choppy surf – maybe my closest friends play and never no attention to me now. I’m not sand in their shoes. And you gotta since he moved to the peninsula The name — “Toplessâ€? — was Sandy happened and the building different from some Manhattan lifestyle will be a bit nomadic,â€? meVKHVDLGÂł%XW,ÂśPGHÂżQLWHO\JRLQJ to join. Thanks. ironing boards these days are like ask goinglast to declare summer overchosen ask,tohow? Did the sand down spring. Hethe thought opening be provocative and blow sat vacant. and Brooklyn galleries, which spacehave in anto abandoned “I wanted Birnbaum and Crain had to may tend to emphasize commer- to shed a few tears at the end of again.theI just fess up:storeI nevertongue-in-cheek. the block and land into your shoes? could be a creative way to thatmy ourpathetic gallery is case, differ-I was clearon debris got infront the water this summer. In asignify In the and renovate it to cialism and selling artwork. This the summer because we couldn’t offer a “different type of reliefâ€? for ent. Our rules are different,â€? Birnpropel its transformation into a gallery is also something of an ex- have asked for a better space.â€? way, the weather was too nice. beach but not in the water. I guess The next opening reception local residents. baum said. “I wanted to be a little gallery. Although the water line perimental, alternative art space. Of course, some people never this newspaper thing confused “I wanted to do what I could humorous and I wanted some- IURPWKHĂ€RRGLVVWLOOYLVLEOHDORQJ “We just like having the opportu- will take place on July 5, from 6 to set foot beach to – the sand I put awill surfing in theinside, sunlight now nity to pursue a creative project, 9 p.m. The gallery, located at 90for on the the community bring my is thingme. that nobody forget.column If the walls like the Empire State building or paper and it makes me feel like knowledge as someone who’s there’s a little controversy, that’s streams I’ve in through large glass to bring people together, to ex- 20 Rockaway Beach Blvd., is open other been NY attractions. and sandisin crevin that scene forNew a decade,â€? Thewater point of a gallery to every windows into the space, onto the pose people to the Rockaways,â€? on Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 8 p.m. It is also open by apBirnbaum, 36, the said.Empire “It’s a reconversations.â€? artwork as well as the gallery’s Crain said. like the fact that Statestir up ice. -Both Perri -- Loconsolo Paints, Avenue U source that I could the no Crain, 23,truth said the white walls Crain and Birnbaum said pointment. building is there – butshare theywith have The is, building I was hoping The and original brick For more information, visit community.â€? that houses the gallery was built Ă€RRULQJ they are overwhelmed by the supintention of visiting it. Parks Department was going to

Topless Is Another Word For Art Duo Transforms Office Space

Oh, The Irony Boards

“The response to the ad has been great. We’re happy to see so many Rockaway customers come out.�

Birnbaum joined forces in in 1912 and originally housed a

“We’re not trying to move a port of the local community, a fac-

Dylan Smith Paddle Out

The Gift Is L ve

Now one of the great Rockaway traditions, hundreds gathered on the shore while dozens paddled out on surfboards on Monday to remember Dylan Smith, 5 night Sandy struck. the young hero who died shortly after saving neighborsXthe Est. 1981

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Rockaway Times • June 26, 2014

Try one of our Classic American Breakfast Selections served with Home Fries, Toast, and your choice of coffee or tea. %UXQFK6SHFLDOLVDYDLODEOHIURPDPWRSP

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Photos by Pete Brady


Tim Smith, Dylan’s father, leads the paddle out.

All Beach Cover-ups


416 Beach 116th Street Rockaway Park, NY 11694 Telephone: 474-8807 • Hours: Sun-Thurs 9am–10pm, Fri & Sat 9am–Midnight Open daily for breakfast, lunch & dinner 9 a.m. – 10 p.m.

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The Rockaway Times

Rockaway Lifeguard Pedals A Business It began as a joke. Mike O’Toole, a Rockaway native, said that several years ago a few of his friends bought a couple of antique pedicabs in Brooklyn, drove them down Flatbush Avenue and into Rockaway. As a way to goof off, they started giving rides to other friends. That gave O’Toole, who also works as a lifeguard, the idea to start an actual pedicab business. The idea? Shuttle around customers to various Rockaway locations. He and a friend each bought a cab and started operating throughout the peninsula during the summer. But the cabs were also antiques and when parts needed to be replaced, the parts were hard to find, O’Toole, 27, said. So he took last summer off, saved up his money and bought a couple of cabs last year from someone in Manhattan looking to thin out his fleet. Although they were used, the cabs are modern, with aluminum frames and new gears. “It was like driving a new car,” he said.

He returned this past May with three cabs and ten employees. They primarily drive customers between local bars and to their homes to ensure they arrive safely. Whether the cabs will be out depends on a lot of factors, such as the weather, but they usually operate during the weekends when the local nightlife is bustling. The service is free for passengers who hail the cab – drivers work only for tips. People are often surprised there is a pedicab service in Rockaway and immediately want to know how much the service costs, O’Toole said. “When I say it’s free, they’re dumbfounded,” he said. “Since nothing in the world is free.” O’Toole said, as with other sectors within the service industry, some customers tip better than others – “Some people are awesome, and some people aren’t,” he said – but for now he aims to keep the service based on tips. O’Toole said one of his favorite parts of the job is seeing a driver giving a ride to children, who look thrilled to be shuttled around. “I like being part of the community,”

he said. It’s also fun for drivers: they can be social and exercise simultaneously. The pedicabs will be out for the next couple of months as long as the weather cooperates and the crowds are out at the local bars and restaurants. “It’s a crazy business to run,” O’Toole said.

Rockaway Pedicab also offers private pick-ups for $60 an hour, which is ideal for big events or dates or bar crawls, O’Toole said. Passengers can be taken anywhere in the neighborhood. Rockaway Pedicab is on Facebook (search Rockaway Pedicab) or can be called at 917-846-0330.




By Bianca Fortis

The Rockaway Times

The High Tide A little of this and that Local artist and filmmaker Bob Sarnoff stopped by The Rockaway Times to tell us he’s being presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Brooklyn College Alumni Association on September 14th. Bob says the Rockaway community has been a big influence on his work. *** Well, a notification went out last week: There will be a fireworks display at 9 PM on Friday, 8/22 over the Boardwalk at Beach 38th St, Far Rockaway, Queens. In case of inclement weather, the display will occur at 9 PM on the previous evening, Thursday, 8/21. In other words, if there’s bad weather we’ll go back in time and have it the night before! We guess that’s pre-poning, not postponing. *** Sylvan Klein tipped us off to an ebay auction. Seems a local was selling his 1967 Amphicar – a vehicle designed to go on land or water. These amphibious mobiles never quite caught on. The car boat or boat car eventually sold for $32,800. See the picture in this week’s RT.

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*** The art exhibit –Rockaway!-- at Fort Tilden closes on Monday, Labor Day. We hope something like this happens again next year though that is asking a lot. It took a lot of volunteers, some generous donations, and remarkable coordination between groups to pull this off. Hats off to the RAA, the Jamaica Bay Rockaway Parks Conservancy, the NPS, and MoMA PS1 and the many others who helped. *** Speaking of Fort Tilden, The Rockaway Theater Company will be holding workshops for young people starting in September. The Rockaway Theater Company is one of the great things about Rockaway and one of the most overlooked! Bravo to all. You can contact RTC through its website rockawaytheatrecompany. org *** Tim Otto is launching the first annual Rockaway Beach Jazz Festival on September 6th at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club on Beach 87th

Street. Top flight musicians will kick off the festival at 7 p.m. Some people are still asking what’s the Surf Club? Well, it’s worth a visit. It’s an indooroutdoor bar with a food truck (so yes, you can eat there!). It offers a unique setting with a great mixture of locals and visitors. Art on the walls, the A train passing by overhead. What’s not to like? *** We got a report that mosquito spraying was taking place in Belle Harbor. The Health Department is supposed to issue notices before any such spraying. Contact Heidi Exline 347-396-4343 gov with any questions or concerns. *** Camp Rockaway, a start-up business, hoping to make camping an option for overnighters is showing off a model tent on Saturday, September 6th at Beach 92nd Street and Holland Avenue between 12-5 p.m. It’s supposed to be slightly more glamorous than camping, hence, they call it glamping. *** Daymond John who runs a clothes line called FUBU is probably better known for being one of the investors on the TV show, Shark Tank. He visited Rockaway after Sandy several times and will now be buying new uniforms for students at PS 42. *** Lots of work has been done on the bay front at Beach 88th Street by the DEP. So some storeowners want

to know why a high tide and rain caused water to come in from the bay through the storm drains and flood the streets on Rockaway Beach Boulevard. *** From The DA’s office: A 46-yearold Far Rockaway man has been sentenced to 7 years in prison for the May 9, 2011 attempted murder of a Queens resident, who was allegedly having an affair with the mother of the defendant’s three children. District Attorney Brown said, “The defendant, in an apparent fit of rage, attempted to kill his romantic rival by setting him on fire.” *** The Charles F. Heeran Foundation is holding the 13th Anniversary Communion Breakfast on Saturday September 13th at St. Francis de Sales Church. Mass will be at 11:15 AM with a reception to follow in the school hall. Adults $50, children are free. According to organizers, the event is “an open invitation to all who wish to remember the wonderful people we lost on 9-11.” *** The Belle Harbor Property Owners are making another trip into the City on the ferry today (Thursday). If you’re reading this with time to spare, join them on the 4:35. *** Happy Labor Day weekend. It’s not the end of summer it’s the beginning of September fun.

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Wharf Memories Dear Editor: I enjoyed your story on The Wharf. I have great memories from there as a kid. In the 60s I lived across the street where the abandoned bank now sits. Every summer day I would head to “Bullochs” and fish, sell clams for bait and tie up incoming boats for tips. It’s true that they picked and chose their customers. There was a sign behind the bar “we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone under the age of 35.” You didn’t cause trouble there twice. Bill Bulloch was a big, tough man but he tolerated me because he was good friends with my dad, Al Shea (even tougher). It was The Spot in summer for locals, Phil Sheekey, George Cavooris, Bill and Mavis, the Stathises, the Cornings and the McLeans to name a few of the families. Young Jimmy Bulloch taught me how to swim by throwing me off the dock and then jumped in to help in his new shoes when I couldn’t get back up. We docked our boat there and we would have

picnics at Ruffle bar in the bay. When I got my own boat I would hit my mom up for gas money as she worked at the A&P and ski with Whipper Stathis and Stevie Brady every day, rain or shine. Rockaway was a great place to grow up. Playland, the Park theater and the arcades, but that’s another story. Does anyone remember my brother Alex and his wild boat (and car) driving? Those were the days.

Mike Shea

The Proof Is There Dear Editor: The Mayor and the EDC just don’t get it and just don’t care about us. The transportation of this ferry service is so vital for the Rockaways, Broad Channel and Breezy Point. This is the only form of water transportation we have. And why not? We are a Peninsula; a ferry makes sense. And of course, the fabulous “A” train that’s so dependable. (Ha!). Buses always on time and there are so many of them (Ha!).

Some Sandy Homeowners To Get Water Bill Credit More than 1,500 owners of vacant homes have been identified as eligible for relief from water bills by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection and the Housing Recovery Office. The city is providing a Build it Back Water Credit of $750 to homeowners who were out of their homes for a significant time between Nov. 1, 2012 and June 30, 2014 as a result of Hurricane Sandy. When a household’s water consumption is below a minimum level, DEP imposes a min-

The Rockaway Times


imum water and sewage charge. Many of the homes vacated after the storm continued to receive this charge despite not using any water at all. The purpose of the credit is to help relieve the financial burden homeowners are facing so that they can continue recovering after the storm, according to a letter that will be sent to homeowners this week. Anyone who feels they are eligible should call the Build it Back customer service line at 212-615-8329 or email

Send letters to the editor to

They say not enough ridership. REALLY!? I guess they close their eyes on all the photos that have been taken on the ridership and posted on social media and in our community papers and on television. Many of these photos taken by people who either ride the ferry or are fighting to keep the ferry service are making the point that so many are utilizing the Rockaway Ferry. But wait, do they even glance at the National Grid Parking lot across the street from the ferry and notice all the ridership cars, the ridership cars parked on both sides of Beach Channel Drive, bikes that are actually left at the ferry dock, people who are dropped off by car service, friends, or family? I could go on but I won’t. My whole thing here is the ridership is good. Mr. Mayor and EDC, make it permanent!

Praise for Writer, Businesses Dear Editor: I am so happy to see that Katie Mcfadden is now writing for The Rockaway Times. She is an excellent writer. Her article about The Wharf was wonderful as was her article Bulloch’s Automotive. These are two great, longtime businesses in Rockaway that have survived Sandy and more. We are so grateful that these businesses have stayed here in our community. So many businesses have not survived or tried and failed after Sandy. It’s good to see them acknowledged. Looking forward to more great articles by Katie McFadden. Good work.

Patti Edwards

Danny Ruscillo

PUBLISHER / EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Kevin Boyle REPORTER Bianca Fortis CONTRIBUTORS Jules Verdone • Kathy Louis SaleS PubliSheR/eDitoR-in-chief Fred Marino Kevin Boyle SALES Fred Marino • Kathleen Lalsie •aRt Erika Farrell DiRectoR RePoRteR Erika Farrell Bianca Fortis DESIGN AND LAYOUT DeSign anD layout contRibuteRS Dragon y Graphics LLC Richner Printing Services, LLC Jules Verdone • Katie McFadden THE TIMES the ROCKAWAY Rockaway timeS 114-04 Beach Channel Drive, Rockaway NYNY 11694 114-04 Beach Channel Drive, RockawayPark, Park, 11694 Phone: 718-634-3030 • Email: Phone • 718-634-3030 | e-mail • THE ROCKAWAY TIMES publishes every Thursday. Ad space reservations by Monday, 12 noon, preceding date of publication. Editorial submission must be made by Monday, 3 P.M., preceding date of publication. All letters to THE ROCKAWAY TIMES should be brief and are subject to editing. Writers should include a full address and home / of ce telephone number. Anonymous letters are not printed. Name withheld on request. No such ad or any part thereof may be reproduced without permission of THE ROCKAWAY TIMES. The publisher will not be responsible for any error in advertising beyond the cost of the space occupied by the error. Errors must be reported to THE ROCKAWAY TIMES within ve days of publication. Ad position cannot be guaranteed unless paid prior to publication. THE ROCKAWAY TIMES assumes no liability for the content or reply to any ads. The advertiser assumes all liability for the content of and all replies. The advertiser agrees to hold THE ROCKAWAY TIMES and its employees harmless from all costs, expenses, liabilities, and damages resulting from or caused by the publication placed by the advertiser or any reply to any such advertisement.

Literally Turning His Back Never did a 6 foot 5 man look so small. Mayor de Blasio walked out of City Hall last Thursday as the rally to save The Ferry was underway. With his press secretary by his side, the mayor didn’t so much as glance at the crowd made up of people who’d come simply to plead the case: Rockaway needs its ferry service. He didn’t just walk down a few steps and zip away off. He walked a few hundred feet, never showing more than his back to the crowd. It was a blow off in the rudest manner. Yes, it’s on tape and you can see for yourself on our website, You’d think a man who ran on a platform of being an “outer borough” mayor could have stopped for a second. He could have simply said, “I know the ferry’s important. It’s a complicated issue but we’re working on it. I know Rockaway needs better transportation. We’re exploring all options.” And then he could have hurried off to the important barbecue he was having at Gracie Mansion. Yes, he ignored the little people of Rockaway because, we’re told, he had a staff get-together planned at the Mansion. What a guy. Maybe he owed a little courtesy to Melinda Katz, Eric Ulrich, Joe Addabbo, Scott Stringer, Leticia James and other elected officials who were there in support of the ferry. No, he gave his them his back – and a cold shoulder -- as well. Those same officials should take the mayor’s callousness as signal to get moving. With the looming October deadline for the ferry, there is a question for them all: what specifically did you do to save the ferry? Can Eric Ulrich and Donovan

Richards with help from Melinda Katz court others in the City Council form a block that could wield influence? A little quid pro quo. You help me get the ferry and I’ll help you get your park or whatever. Point is, they’ve got to do more than write letters. We’ve said it before. The Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is sitting on $18 million dollars of Game Changer Sandy-relief money. That would cover three years of FREE ferry service. How this? Use the $18 million for the ferry (including weekend service!) and continue to charge the current fare of $3.50. All the money collected can fund a fourth year of ferry service. Give us four years. The money is there. The City is supposed to Change The Game in Rockaway. HUD approved the $18 million to be USED IN ROCKAWAY. The elected officials who support the ferry must do more than show up at rallies and write letters. The money is there. Get after the mayor and the EDC. Contact HUD about the city’s failure to release this money. Don’t let the mayor keep walking away.

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Come by the Hills! Open seven days a week 115-10 Rockaway Beach Blvd., Rockaway Park NY 11694 ~ (718) 318-1964 You must be 21 or older to attend Kerry Hills events. Please bring valid ID.

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NEW TO MARKET! Roxbury, 3 bedrooms with basement, modern kitchen and baths. Beautiful views. Asking $595,000 H H H H H H Roxbury, 2 bedrooms, bay view. No water on first floor. Asking $360,000 H H H H H H Rockaway Point, Parking behind and two screened porches! Asking $360,000 H H H H H H Rockaway Point, 2 bedrooms, large lot, great block, large deck. Asking $340,000 H H H H H H Vacant Lot, 40 x 100. Great Location! Asking $495,000 H H H H H H Rockaway Point, 2 bedroom beautiful home. Gut renovated and all new interiors. Asking $395,000 H H H H H H Breezy Point, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, gorgeous and modern home. Asking $950,000 H H H H H H Rockaway Park, 1 bedroom, co-op apartment, steps to beach. Price lowered. Asking $140,000 Rockaway Point, Oceanside, 5 bedroom home asking $875,000 Breezy Point Wedge area. 3/4 bedroom loft home. Asking $485,000 Two New York State Certified Residential Appraisers on Staff. Find out what your home is worth today!

Carolyn Redmond, Broker 718-474-6722


BREEZY POINT H ROCKAWAY POINT H ROXBURY 917-559-8646 H H /janetredmondhogan

By Maureen McNelis I don’t want to write about being a writer. It really is a tough business. I’m not even talking about the act of writing, which is tough enough. Referring to the act of selling whatever it is you write, you’ll find options on line are many, but takers are few. “Don’t get discouraged,” say many professionals, but it’s hard not to when ten out of ten are rejects—-five of them, unread by the agent or target reader, to be

y C b e l a n i u s d i ette u C Food Store & Cafe Home Cooked, Fresh Food, Baked Goods, Pastries Coming Soon.....Crepes

Find us on Cuisine by Claudette @cuisinebyclaudette Yelp

718-945-5511 • 143 Beach 116TH Street • Rockaway Park, NY 11694

Best Coffee in Rockaway

First Juice Bar in Rockaway with Fresh Green Juices




fair, but five are rejections from those ‘in the know,’ people who are paid to know, and do. These come with kindness and solicitous remarks, helpful hints, often; suggestions for improvement towards a sale; what to eliminate, what to inflate; what character to enhance or which to shoot. Hopefully, not yourself. There are so many great writers, past and present. To be great is not my quest, though once it was. To be understood, appreciated workwise and yes, to sell something I don’t have to pay for myself, is. Not the best way to end a sentence or a closing thought, but hey, money talks. Now, if I can find an agent who listens. Either that, or learn to scrutinize my own work more carefully, with an ear to what they are telling me. Hopefully, again, with a product that sings. A shout-out to all you other would-be producers. I know your vice is writing and advice is cheap-so good luck.

“The response to the ad has been great. We’re happy to see so many Rockaway customers come out,” - Perri, Loconsolo Paints, Avenue U

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HHC: Neponsit ADHC Will Be Back

Ponytail Trail Although the Mustache Bash gets his share of headlines, the Ponytail Trail is a Rockaway tradition that lights up the town as well. You can’t miss the pink!

Have you visited Lana’s Loft yet?



Rockaway’s newest boutique!

CertifiCate of oCCupanCy SpeCialiSt

Early Fall styles have arrived Take 15% off new fall styles with this ad only! The summer clearance sale continues with 40-50% off.

ECB, DOB Violations Removal, Stop Work Order, Appearing On Behalf Of Respondents In Hearings 917-294-6540

Frank Mosca 12 Years at Plaza Hyundai

Best After Sale Customer Service We Will Not Be Undersold Support Your Local Dealer


Call For Appointment Cell – 347-481-7866


• Approvals and Permits • Record Search • Licensed code and zoning representative/expeditor • Architectural and Engineering Services

165 Beach 116th St, 3rd Floor • Rockaway, NY Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm • Sun. 11am-4pm

Closed Labor Day

718 945 5885


Last week we reported that the clients of the Neponsit Adult Day Health Care program are looking for answers to why they haven’t been able to return to the Rockaway facility after they were displaced as a result of Hurricane Sandy. We asked the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, which manages the Neponsit ADHC, for a comment and a spokesperson responded just after deadline: “HHC is fully committed to returning the Neponsit Adult Day Health Care program as soon as possible at its prior location that was damaged by Sandy. As a healthcare facility, construction and repairs have to follow unusually strict guidelines that guarantee safety for the patients and staff, as well as access to

essential equipment and services. We are working closely with the building owner to make the necessary repairs and to restock the facility with the proper equipment and supplies. The work remaining to be done is all in the hands of the building landlord who informs us that work is proceeding and whom we continue to press for the earliest possible completion. “HHC continues to provide program participants with transportation to an alternate location in Brooklyn that hosts another Adult Day Health Care program. Neponsit staff have also maintained contact with patients who did not go to the alternate location, and in many cases are providing services to those patients that include home visits and assistance in obtaining services from other providers.”

THE CHEESEMAN Your Gourmet Cheese Source Delivered to Your Door! Superior CheeSe at unbelieveable priCeS Free Weekend Deliveries- The Rockaways and Breezy Point

Vince - 917-620-3038


By Bianca Fortis

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We didn’t cut off the top of the heads of the kids in the last row – that’s just how they took photos in 1970! This is class pic is from St. Francis de Sales 1970.

“Thanks for the beautiful work on the ad.” - Al Fiero Jr, Fiero Collision

Maya Ruling The Waves Maya Karl, 8 years old! shows how it’s done on the waves of Rockaway Beach.

When you love paint as much as we do, making painting easy matters. Painting becomes easy, once you discover the Benjamin Moore paint that’s right for you. You’ll also enjoy exceptional durability. And with a Benjamin Moore store in your neighborhood, it’s incredibly convenient too. Visit

©2013 Benjamin Moore & Co. ben, Benjamin Moore and the triangle “M” symbol are registered trademarks and For everything that matters is a trademark licensed to Benjamin Moore & Co.



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Holland Helado’s First Summer a Success apiece. They also sell wholesale to local businesses, including Whit’s End Pizza Parlor and Cuisine by Claudette. Christopher said he can ship the sandos as well, and has sent them as far away as Oregon. “We’re a local start-up aimed at bringing smiles to Rockaway,” Christopher said. The business is in on the peninsula year-round, not, he said, like the transplants that “knock around” for a few months. Currently Holland Helado sells out of the approximately 200 ice cream sandwiches that they make each week. Christopher said he initially envisioned the operation as a stepping stone – a way to fundraise for bigger ventures, such as a new Rockaway cafe. He now works on some aspect of the business almost every day and plans to continue focusing on this venture. The crew has also started a campaign to raise funds to build out a larger kitchen from which to work. It’s online at d29emk. Christopher said he’s not surprised by the business’ success. “I’m only surprised it’s taken over my life,” he said from behind his stand.

a n M us c M Mechanical Maintenance Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Holland Helado can develop special menus with new flavors and also caters events. The business has already catered a few events in Manhattan, one of which was attended by the recording artist Moby, for whom Christopher created a special vegan ice cream sandwich. Follow the business on instagram at hollandhelado or call the hotline at 347-554-1477.

Select Fruit & Vegetables • Groceries

Cold & Fresh Cut Flowers & Plants Cold Cuts (Boars Head Brand Only)

Delivery Service Available


Fire Suppression Contractor

The original flavors include mint julep – made with bourbon – Coffee Buzz and Oaxaca chocolate. Christopher said his favorite is the 5th Kingdom Power Up, which contains flavoring derived from candy cap mushrooms – which taste remarkably like salted caramel – put onto pâte à choux, a type of pastry. There are no actual mushrooms in the ice cream, perhaps a comfort for those with a less adventurous palate.


By Bianca Fortis A part-time entrepreneurial project has turned into a fullfledged business with no signs of stopping. Holland Helado will transform its menu into fall flavors come September, according to one of its founders, Rockaway native Christopher Andrew. Along with two friends, Christopher started the business, which sells artisanal ice cream sandwiches. Christopher, 22, said one of the friends, who is also a tenant at his family-owned residence, had been making his own ice cream for nearly two years. He said he came up with the idea to wedge a chunk of the ice cream in between two homemade cookies, and, voila, the sandos were born. Local Rockaway chef Colleen Harrison has also since joined in on the effort, Christopher said. The crew began hawking eight flavors of the sandos on Memorial Day weekend and will continue doing so, weather-permitting, as long as people are on the beach, he said. They sell at a stand on Beach 92nd Street, in between Holland Avenue and the beach, and offer free delivery to beachgoers who call and place orders for the confectionaries, which run at about $6

Call In or Fax in Your Order!

718-945-3966 Licenses: LMP1483 FSPC528B Serving Rockaway For More Than 32 Years



Tel: 718-634-0945 • Fax: 718-634-5490 413 Beach 129th Street • Belle Harbor, NY 11694


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tubular by Alex Karinsky

s w vie

Aussie Shapers Coming To Rockaway (and Boogie Board Update) I’m very excited to announce a special event taking place at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club on Sunday September 7th 3:30pm. Highly respected and renowned Australian shapers will be coming to Rockaway as part of their Australian Shapers US tour. They will be presenting their latest shapes along with a Q&A session to tap into these brilliant minds. One of these shapers is the world famous Simon Anderson, who is heralded as the inventor of the “thruster” (3-fin) surfboard. Why is this such a big deal you may ask? Well, 99 percent of the shortboards ridden around the world

are “thrusters” and it’s all because of this one man, and he’ll be here in Rockaway to have a few beers and a chin-wag with us. Simon’s thruster single-handedly change the face of surfing forever back in 1980. While a highly accomplished competitive surfer throughout the 70’s riding single fins, and also somewhat the inventor of the “lay-back”, a way to lean back on the wave face while surfing on your backside to get in the tube, it was Mark Richards and his twin fin set up that started to dominate the competitive surfing world later in the 70’s, with Mark winning 4 World Titles.

Simon was set to prove his design as being as radical and loose as a twin fin, yet have the power and control of a single fin. One of the events he won was the Bells Beach Classic in 1981, in what was arguably the best conditions Bells had ever seen, 10-15’ faces with dead offshore winds. Then he went on to win Sydney’s Coke-Cola Surfabout and the rest is history. I was living in Sydney going to high school at this time and remember vividly the rumors of this new “thruster” and everyone scrambling to get a gander. Around these years there were really only 2 camps of thought. Cheyne Horan was pushing the limits of the single fin concept with his “lazer-zap”, a fat width tail and then later incorporating his “winged-keel” fin design. Second was the twin fin set up. Skyy Surfboards from south of Sydney were going with one design, while Mark Richards was using “V” in the tail and a much larger fin template to counter the looseness twin fins had. And then came Simon and just shattered the world of surfing since the invention of foam for surfboards with his thruster design. So come on down 9/7 at 3:30pm to the RBSC and listen to and even ask the gentle giant Simon Anderson some questions, have a beer with him and the other great shapers in Luke Short (LSD Surf-

The Rockaway Times boards), Al Emery (@Emery Surfboards), Jon Laurenson (Vampirate Surfboards) and Marcie O’Neil (Aloha surfboards) ***Boogie Board Update Seems things are still left too open for interpretation. PEP employees are occasionally whistling people with boogie boards out of the water in the surfing area and directing them to lifeguard beaches. Why? Because some inane PEP Sergent decided “his” interpretation of “closed beaches” to include surfing beaches: “Boogie boards will be allowed in open sections of beaches through Labor Day, as long as they do not create an unsafe condition. As always, beachgoers are prohibited from entering the water at any closed sections of the beaches. We will review the use of boogie boards at our beaches after the summer. Regards, Dorothy Lewandowski” Even when asking for their names, they do not provide them or get snotty and rude and tell us “I’m Mr X”. If these are government employees we have a right to know who these people are and maybe they should have name plates on their shirts to be held accountable for their (in)actions. Please join us 9/2 at 8pm at the RBSC to see how we are intending to fight this ongoing BS and the way the Parks Department intrudes on our collective “quality of life”.

Brighten your home with light! with natural natural light! • Solatube Daylighting Systems use patented technology to deliver maximum light output

DeAc odrda a Fixt uret!ive

• No structural modifications to your home • Same day installation available • Starting at $699 $598 installed before promotion • Exciting accessories available • Exciting accessories available

NYC DaYlightiNg iNC. Lic. # 1369484 Lic. #847890 Before

Before After


877-907-1227 718-757-2568 Offer expires 8/31/14. *Call for details


NOW AND SAVE UP TO ask CALL about our solar PowereD attiC FaNs and operated 50% Locally ON owned INSTALLATION!



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rockaway beach • nyc

Who Needs A Ferry? It’s The AMPHICAR! You just missed your chance to and in water it even has propellers. own your own 1967 amphibious This beauty was sold on ebay by a convertible. Made to run on land local resident for $32,800.


with local music legends

t Simon Chardie and Tim Otto

Saturday Night August 30 9:00 PM


Baltika Beer Specials

Central Asian Cuisine 92-07 Rockaway Beach Blvd, Rockaway Beach 718-318-9100


all weekend

Ocean Bliss Yoga Studio New­Schedule­starts­Wednesday,­Sept.­3rd/No­Classes­Monday,­Sept.­1st

­2­month­unlimited­$160­ 10­Class­Package­$120­(expires­within­4­months)­•­6­Class­Package­$65­(expires­within­2­months)­ First­Time­Student­$10,­Drop-­in­Fee­$15­per­class

Teen Yoga ages 11-15 starts Sept. 10th, Wed. at 5:30 to 6:30 pm

Children’S Yoga ages 5-‐10 starts Sept. 10th Wed. at 4:45 to 5:30 pm

Teen & Children’S Yoga is an 8 week workshop for $120

TheraPeuTiC reSToraTive WorkShoP Sunday, Sept 14th at 5 pm $30 Must Pre-register



across­from­Waldbaum’s­at­Mrs.­Elaine’s­Dance­Studio­(2nd­fl) Helen­Kilgallen­•­email:­


Pre-registration Sept. 3rd 4:30 to 6:30 pm for teen and children’s yoga


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6530 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220

718-493-1234 Serving Rockaway For More Than 25 Years 00082RT

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Licensed Real Estate Broker Geri Lipsman


Adorable L shaped Studio unit, move in, Murphy Bed, hardwood floors, plently of closets, great outdoor space/terrace, low maintenance

Call Susan Lavin 347-260-3891 $144K





one block to beach, renovated new kitchen, granite, tile and new appliances, 3 bedroom over 2 bedroom, plenty parking, separate heating units for both apartments.

Move right in to this one bedroom unit,totally renovated to perfection, granite, stainless appliances, five closets. Exceptional value! Let’s Make A Deal!




One family Brick, 3 bedroom, great value, Won’t Last... Call Susan Lavin 347-260-3891

Renovated one bedroom, new kitchen & bath. Owner ready.







TURN KEY, one BR, new appliances, spacious, 5 closets, VERY LOW MAINT. IMMACULATE, AFFORDABLE AND COMFORTABLE. Great views, skyline and Sunsets.

3 bedroom, 2 full bath, terrace, parking



OCEAN GRANDE CONDO Extra Lg 2 BR & 1.5 bth, Bright & Airy, with Open Floor Plan with Large Terr, with Ocean & Bay Views. New Appls., W/D, Indoor Deeded Parking Spot, Fitness Ctr, Concierge, Rooftop Deck. Pet Friendly Bldg. Must see. Call Susan Lavin 347-260-3891






Adorable 2 room, bright & airy, low maintenance. Call Susan Lavin 347-260-3891



Beautiful Block 4 Bed 2 Bath Ranch 60 x 100, front porch, Garage, long driveway. Call Susan Lavin 347-260-3891





Asking $729K


2 bedroom, 2 full bath, over 2-3 bedroom, 2 bath, terraces, four car parking, great yard, Priced for immediate sale. Call Susan Lavin 347-260-3891


Gorgeous kitchen & bathrooms, 2 large BRs, 1.5 bth, hdwd flrs, HUGE terr. Indoor Pkg. Common charges cover water, heat, garbage & snow removal, general upkeep /landscaping. A must see. Call Susan Lavin 347-260-3891




2 BR has ocean views, lovely terrace, ocean breezes. Renovated kit and bth, good size LR, dining area. Hdwd flrs. Lndry, storage, shower facilities. Call Susan Lavin 347-260-3891

50x100, Immaculate, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, newly renovated, eat-in kitchen, den, laundry room. Rental apartment, 2 bedroom, all new.









Brick three BR, 2 bth, hdwd flrs, terr, with duplicate rental apartment. Lg bsmnt, garage and private parking. Call Susan Lavin 347-260-3891


Co-brokered with Walsh Properties


Legal Four family, 60 x 100, newly renovated $665K







Extra lg studio with BR alcove, separate kitchen, new appliances, new bth, dressing area, pet friendly, low maint. Call Susan Lavin 347-260-3891



3 BRs, huge mstr, LR and DR combo, huge back deck, bsmnt has been totally renovated, with den, beautifully tiled bth, and tiled flooring, laundry area, new heating system. Enjoy Waterviews & Magnificent Sunsets. $525K




One family, 50 x 100 3 bedroom, move in, $725K


One family 80 x 100 corner property, $750K


Beach front building, One BR Coop Unit, Renovated, $199K





O always satisfied with our ur Clients are

performance and the ability to get the job done!

Victorian style, 60 x 100 great potential 6 bedroom, $599K

Integrity of

Call Us!





Tradition since 1986



2 bedroom over 2 bedroom, eat-in-kitchen, living room, hardwood flooring, large unfinished basement with access door to back, carport & extra parking space, side yard.


Licensed Sales Agents Susan Lavin Kate Patterson




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Now’s the time to showcase your house in the BEST TWO MONTHS of the year!

Call Us Soon!


We have a client seeking a 80 x 100 Lot. Please call for details 718-945-2411

APARTMENTS ONE BEDROOM B. 132 - Adorable, mint, includes all util. + cable $1200 B. 133 - Newly renovated kitchen, bath, floors, walk in unit, parking summer, pay elec. $1200 B. 124 - LR/DR combo, terrace, pay elec $1400 B. 123 - Great boardwalk building, excellent condition, parking extra, pay G&E $1350-1500 B. 109 - Brand new Bungalow, pay all util. $1100 B. 140 Cozy, good condition, ground level


B. 140 2nd level, furnished, includes all util.


TWO BEDROOMS B. 127 - Beach block, walk in, new bath, use of back patio, W/D, 1 car park all year round, pay all util. $1800 B. 118 Totally renovated, high end, L shaped L/R + D/R, w/d, dishwasher, ground level, pay all util $1700 B. 118 - 1st Floor, high ceilings, prkng, pay G&E $1500 Arverne By The Sea - 2 units available, mint, pay all utilities Call Susan Lavin 347-260-3891 $1600 THREE BEDROOMS Ocean Grande - Large rooms, 2 bath, w/d, terrace, parking, pay elec $2200 B. 125 - Water views, totally renov., large LR, 2 bth, terr., 2 car prkg, washer/dryer hook up, pay all util $2250 B. 122 - Beach Block, duplex, + den, 2 full baths, new EIK, stainless appliances, deck, 1 car parking, W/D hook up, all util included $2200 B. 122 - Totally renovated, 2 bath, formal dining room, storage, pets welcome, w/d hook up, pvt.driveway, use of yard, pay all util. $2200

YEAR ROUND HOUSE RENTAL CHARMING COLONIAL BH. 3 bedroom, master suite, 3 baths, renovated new eat in kitchen, living room/ fireplace, large dining room, front porch, two decks, finished basement, new w/d, Can be furnished, private driveway, garage, back yard .... Call Geri 917 751 8476

$3000 +all utilities


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EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT MODERNIZATION IN PROGRESS New Temporary Walk-In Entrance by Hospital Front Entrance

Emergency Department interior rendering

Featuring: ● 23,000

sq. ft., Doubling in Size ● 19 Private Treatment Rooms ● 21 Results Waiting Positions ● 6 Rapid Evaluation Beds ● Discrete Psychiatric Emergency Department with 14 Private Areas Entrance on Beach 20th Street rendering

Dedication. Experience. Caring.

327 Beach 19th Street, Far Rockaway, New York 11691

718-869-7000 •

The Rockaway Times

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be well be happy find bliss By Bridget Scala


When you go to the Doctors complaining of pain, chronic infections, anxiety or depression, what they usually offer is medicine, a pill. What they should be saying is “Take two Pilates classes and call me in the morning!” But in all seriousness, Pilates is a mind-body series of mat exercises that will strengthen your core, treat and prevent back pain, improve mood and enhance overall health. Pilates is named after its founder, Joe Pilates. He designed his exercise system to rehabilitate himself and other injured soldiers while imprisoned in a WW1 internment camp. After the war, he moved to NYC, where he enjoyed much success teaching Pilates, helping people recover from injuries and enhance their overall well-being. Learning to breathe and move from your center is one of the key principles to practicing

Pilates. When done correctly it requires mental focus, connecting the mind to the body, breath and our center. This helps develop correct posture, building our core (abdominals and back), while learning to relax and stretch ourselves too. It’s great for all fitness levels, and can be modified in any open level class for beginner, intermediate or advanced. Joe Pilates wrote “In 10 Sessions you will FEEL a difference, in 20 sessions you will SEE a difference, in 30 sessions you will HAVE A WHOLE NEW BODY!” In summary, these are the benefits of Pilates: Improves breathing; increases spinal mobility; improves flexibility; promotes good posture; builds body awareness; and treats back pain. Brigid Scala teaches Pilates at All Seasons Retreat’s Rockaway Beach Studio, located at 181 Beach 116th St.


Open Now


MonDAY MIXeD 7PM TueSDAY lADIeS 6:45 PM weDneSDAY DouBleS 7PM FRIDAY MIXeD 6:30 PM FRIDAY DouBleS 8:45 PM CAll nICK ToDAY (516)-581-7352

Featuring 56 Class Options A Week! 3 Months Unlimited for $400 Free Childcare Options Available!

Specialzing In Birthday Parties


Music is Poppin. Pins Are Hoppin. Includes Shoes

2 HOURS $ 15.99 PP

3 HOURS $ 21.99 PP


2 Hours Bowling “ Pitcher of Soda” Per Lane Shoe Rental Good for up to Friday & Sunday 5 People 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Leagues-Groups Ask us about our ! eS u G BowlInG leA Call Nick • 516-581-7352


Unlimited Bowling

Check out our website for more information

114-04 Beach Channel Drive Rockaway Park, NY 11694 718-945-2063 Email: Follow us on Facebook


Call 516-374-9870 Option #1 TODAY Family & Friends X-TREME Special! BOWLING

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Pols: Keep Toxic Materials The Richie Allen Surf Out of Jamaica Bay Classic Is September 7th State Senator Joseph Addabbo, and Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder announced that Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed their legislation to prevent state regulatory agencies from issuing permits to allow dumping hazardous materials into Jamaica Bay’s borrow pits, ultimately limiting the risk of water contamination. Prior to the legislation, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation did not have any guidelines for state waters, including Jamaica Bay. This new law will prohibit DEC from issuing permits that would allow hazardous materials from being dumped into the borrow pits of Jamaica Bay and contaminating the surrounding waters. Borrow pits include a number of locations throughout the bay that have an increased depth as a result of past Army Corp. of Engineer dredging projects that have removed sand from the bay floor to fill in adjacent areas. “This legislation is a huge victory for our families in Broad Channel and every community surrounding Jamaica Bay,” said Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder. “This law will not

only protect the waters of Jamaica Bay from hazardous dumping, but also ensures that thousands of endangered bird species and wildlife remain safe. Jamaica Bay is not only an environmental resource but has become an economic engine in southern Queens.” Addabbo said the communities surrounded the bay can now breathe easier. “In the Legislature, we fought for this because our backyards and the beautiful bay waters are not a dumping ground for hazardous waste,” he said. “Life in the water, on the water and around the water must be preserved.” Dan Mundy, of the Jamaica Bay Ecowatchers, said the legislation closes a loophole that has threatened the bay for more than 30 years. “The current regulation that allows contaminated fill to be placed in the waters of the bay has attracted numerous ill-conceived plans that are possibly driven by huge potential financial benefits to a few, while potentially destroying the bay forever,” he said. The legislation will end those plans.

Nancy J. Brady, R.N., Esq. Linda Faith Marshak, Esq. Alexander Sam Bader, Esq. Dierdre Maeve Baker, Esq.

Estate Planning & Elderlaw Wills, Trusts, Probate Medicaid Planning, Medicaid Applications Guardianship, Real Estate Matters

The 10th Annual Richie Allen Memorial Surf Classic is scheduled to take place on September 7th on the beach at B. 97 St. in front of the concessions. Signup is at 8 a.m. for surfers entering the contest. Boys 11 and under; Boys 12 to 15; Girls 15 and under Steve Stathis said “This even gets bigger and bigger every year, so get there early to buy an event tee shirt. There’s a deejay, surf, sun and fun for the entire family. “The traditional ‘paddle out’ will take place (sometime around 3pm). All are welcomed to participate - so grab a surfboard, boogie board, SUP or whatever floats your boat and join in in memory of a truly great son, brother, friend, uncle and hero.”

The Honeyfest is September 13th Honey Fest is a daylong celebration of bees, beach, beers, and bites. This family-friendly festival offers fun for people of all ages and all levels of interest in honey, honeybees, and beekeeping. Engaging, entertaining, and educational activities include: Bee Marketplace with bee-related vendors sampling and selling their wares, including honey, beeswax candles, bee-product cosmetics and elixirs, honey-sweetened sodas and kombuchas, and more. Honey-infused beers and honey-inspired foods from Rockaway Beach concessionaires: Caracas, Low Tide Bar, and CitySticks.

Facts you probably don’t need The sentence “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” uses every letter in the English language.

“Planning in Advance is the Key to Protecting the Value of Your Home and Savings”

The words racecar and kayak are the same whether they are read left to right or right to left. Such words are called palindromes. Did you know you share your birthday with at least 9 million other people in the world?

156-36 Crossbay Blvd, Howard Beach, NY 11414 718.738.8500 • The attorneys are currently members of: The New York State Bar Association’s Elderlaw, Trusts & Estates, & Real Estate Sections: NAELA (National Academy of Elderlaw Attorneys) Attorney Advertisment

Honey-Tasting Contest organized by Marina Marchese, beekeeper extraordinaire and founder of the American Honey Tasting Society. Kids’ Arts & Crafts, featuring face-painting, bread-making (and then honey-dipping) with Arts In Parts, and bee-costume-making with City Growers. Educational stations: info table, observation hive, beekeeping demos, honey extraction. Be-A-Bee Parade Raffle, with proceeds benefitting nonprofit partner City Growers’ Honeybee Education Program


“I am.” Is the shortest complete sentence in the English language. Though some would say it’s “Duh.” No piece of dry paper can be

folded more than 7 times in half. (We think 8 times is a maybe, call us if you get to 9 !) Windmills always turn counter-clockwise. Except for the windmills in Ireland! (We know this one will be disputed) Every time you lick a stamp, you’re consuming 1/10 of a calorie. (Do people still lick stamps?) Thomas Edison, light bulb inventor, was afraid of the dark. Q is the only letter in the alphabet that does not appear in the name of any of the United States.

The Rockaway Times

wheN ACCIdeNtS


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where the Price Is right.

we’re there! Craftsmanship at its best!

...or nothing at all


wAtCh FOr the





Enterprise & Hertz Rental Cars Available

Accudraft Downdraft Bake Spray Booth

LEAsE REtuRn spECiALists

71-10 BeACh ChANNeL drIVe • ArVerNe



we take care of them all!

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On Buy Backs and The Pile On The Bar

Office: (212) MARSHAL (627-7425) Fax: (212) 398-2000

Save it, you just insulted the entire craft and we in turn no longer wish to serve you. Look forward to seeing the rest of the normals out there. Don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger. And then there is confusion about leaving money on the bar. The pile can be a point of confusion. The younger bartenders have no idea what a pile is. In this area, you hope they are trained by the veterans. If it’s too much to be left as a tip, it’s most likely a pile. If it’s left for some time without anyone ordering a drink or no one that has money in the pile has said anything, it gets put under a bottle for a grace period. The younger guys are hesitant to take any money off the bar at our places but are taught to use common sense. Then you have the problem of too much money being left on bar and other customers think it’s theirs to take. Our cameras have caught people, — some that I know! — swipe someone else’s cash. That earns them a lifetime ban. In any case, the pile on the bar is a slowly dying art. Of course before it does there will still be assassins. Someone puts $60 on the bar and a pile assassin will drop a $20 and drink as much or more than anyone. A good bartender knows how to spot the assassin and calls them out. We know the assassin comes in varying forms.

Marilyn Cowhey Macron, P.C. Attorney And Counselor At lAw

Bankruptcy, Matrimonial, & Other Legal Matters 305 Broadway • New York, NY 10007

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I’m going to make this short and sweet. Let’s be clear, Beefchip has received several reports in the mail from neighborhood cocktail engineers. It appears the “industry practiced buy back” references in this column have somehow transitioned to an entitlement. This past week there were three reports alone of a patron reminding the expert of how many beverages they have purchased and not so politely suggesting this one should be on them. I need you to listen up and listen up good. This goes under Penal Code 1 Section 1. It states, “wherein as patron not so politely suggests to said bartender, on the fourth round that this one should be on the house. Penalty is not limited to punishment by public humiliation, slander, intimidation and loss of all human privileges while patronizing said establishment. Parties are also subject to lifetime ban on said establishment.” We know how much you have had, your right to a “buy back” is earned and a privilege, not a right. And by stating such you have just lost all privileges to an “industry practiced buyback.” The buyback is at the bartender’s discretion. Go to Manhattan and pull that line, see how long you last in the establishment. You’re an outcast, seek shelter and comfort in the confines of whatever cave you came out it. “But Beefchip, I just wanted to......”

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Between the Bridges in Broad Channel By Peter J. Mahon

“Get Ready Broad Channel - The Times, I Think, They Are A-Changing!” It wasn’t that long ago that even the most seasoned New Yorker might be hard pressed to tell you where Broad Channel is. Our small island neighborhood, reached only via a long journey on the “A” train, was known only as a a sparsely populated maritime community where roads are few, water plentiful and boats as common as houses, a neighborhood you passed on your way to Rockaway. The hidden in the shadows existence of our community appears to be changing for several reasons. A certain amount of media attention has been paid to the ongoing Capital Project to address tidal street

flooding on several streets in our town. I would venture to say that when the project is compete, with new end of street bulkheads, raised streets with new water and sewer infrastructure and the unique “shared space” street concept, media attention will be even more intensely focused on Broad Channel. Social media has also been contributing to the recent resurgence in the new found conspicuousness of our community. Broad Channel Facebook pages, blogs and Twitter abound with stunning photos of winter ice boating, summer sunsets over Jamaica Bay and stories about everyday life in our small town.

The Broad Channel Civic Association achieved national notice for its focused and continual attention paid to those myriad of serious issues which arose in the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy. Just recently, a “Bing” photomapping car was seen documenting the streets of Broad Channel for Microsoft’s mapping service and last week a Daily News article focused on dining in Broad Channel. Additionally, the entertainment industry maintains a strong interest in Broad Channel. Last Friday evening a film crew was shooting a scene from the CBS crime series “Elementary” at the end of W12th Road. In speaking with one of the assistant directors I was told that when it became known a house with a scenic water view was required for this particular scene, the location crew, without hesitation, told the director, “Go to Broad Channel!” Not surprisingly, our beautiful island community has been featured in several motion pictures, television series as well as Broadway and Off Broadway Plays! In 2014, the play, “Broad Channel”, ran at the Cabrini Repertory Theater in Washington Heights. The play’s author, James Bosley, lived in Broad Channel while in college, and described our community as being “very veteran friendly.” In 2011, Broad Channel was renamed “Ocean City New Jersey -

America’s Greatest Family Resort” during the filming of Imogene, later released as Girl Most Likely, starring Saturday Night Live alumna Kristen Wiig. Back in 2010, scenes from the film Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close starring Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock were shot on the E12th Road boardwalk in Broad Channel. Tween heart throb, Jesse McCartney, filmed portions of his Beautiful Soul music video in front of “Pops” Christian never ending garage sale on Cross Bay Boulevard in Broad Channel in 2004. Back in 2003 another play titled “Broad Channel”, authored by Anna Therasa Cascio and Doc Dougherty, about a young man growing up in our town in the 70’s, opened at a theater on W45th Street in Manhattan. Will this new found interest in our little hamlet on the bay prove beneficial, bothersome or both? Only time will tell but to paraphrase Bob Dylan, Get ready Broad Channel, the times, I think, they are a changing! Can you believe it? Monday is the Broad Channel Labor Day Mardi Gras Parade with all the festivities leading up to it this weekend. As the Cajuns down in Louisiana say… “Laissez les bons temps rouler!” Broad Channel – Why would anyone want to live anywhere else? See y’all next week. Contact info: email: or call or text: 374-226-1293

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Rockaway Beach With A Little Dose Of New Orleans The music didn’t stop at Caracas on Beach 106th Street last Sunday, it just moved along. With the second annual Swing Dance party underway at Beach 97th Street the musicians at 106th headed towards the fun while revelers fell in behind them creating a New Orleans-style line dance. Trombones, parasols, and happy people made for a parade that has all the markings of a new tradition. (Hey, the first jazz festival is set for September 6th, maybe Rockaway will be The Big Easy North). Photos courtesy of John Cori


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Cadets Are Two-Time Champions


Anthony Scotto, Matt Erhard, Luke Erhard, James Carlton and Mario Cimino. Besides great pitching, the Cadets bats were hitting the ball all season and through out the playoffs averaging more than 6 runs a game for the playoffs. Leading the offensive attack was Charlie Gavigan who was crushing the ball all year long. Great contributions came from Tommy Collins, Justin Carricato, Teddy Statis, Chris Moore, Joe Morelli, Bruno Bavaro, Aidan Gallagher and Billy Esposito proving that it was team effort all the way. They won because “THEY DID THE LITTLE THINGS.�

Congratulations to Steve Stathis For His Graybeard Service


On Sunday August 24, 2014 the U16 Rockaway Cadets finished off a great baseball year by winning the New York Travel Baseball Championship by mercying the OLS Warriors by the score of 10 to 0. The Cadets are now the spring and summer champions for two years in a row. For the championship game, the Cadets had their ace, Kevin McDonagh, on the mound. Kevin, who threw a nohitter earlier in the year, dominated the championship game from the first pitch to the last. The Cadets got great pitching all year and through out the playoffs from all there pitchers; Justin Muccigrosso,

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Queens Transit Meeting Report By Mike Scala If you can afford to stop fighting for something you thought you needed, it wasn’t really a necessity. On that note, the Queens Public Transit Committee held its monthly meeting last Wednesday at the Knights of Columbus in Rockaway Beach. We are not prepared to stop fighting for the ferry. Since it remains unclear what the winning strategy will be, we must employ a multipronged approach. The following evening’s press conference at City Hall demonstrably captured the mayor’s attention. We need more such demonstrations. We have to continue signing and spreading the petition to save the ferry, which currently has over 10,000 signatures. Let’s get that number to 100,000. We need to send letters -- a customizable form letter is available in our committee’s Facebook group. We need to call 311 and demand that ferry service be extended beyond October, including weekends. Perhaps the most important thing we can do is unite with our friends in Brooklyn and elsewhere who share in our struggle. We also need to increase ridership. To that end, we are planning a “ferry schedule posting drive” around town. The ferry schedule should be prominently displayed in every business in Rockaway. More information on this effort is forthcoming, but those who wish to participate should be cautioned that it is unlawful to post ferry schedules on public property, as well as on private property

without the owner’s consent. Organizations such as the Rockaway Civic and the Belle Harbor Property Owners Association should be thanked for their efforts to get more people on the boat. We plan to hold our September meeting on the ferry, date to be confirmed soon, and hope you can join us. Other transit issues were discussed at last week’s meeting, including the need to improve the A train. The signage for the A train is confusing and can use more consistency. There should be identifiable labels for the different A train services. Also mentioned were the coordination of shuttles with the Far Rockaway train, direct daytime service to Rockaway Park and nighttime express service. The battle to reactivate the former Rockaway Beach branch of the Long Island Railroad continues, and we’ve been gaining momentum. New York State comptroller Thomas DiNapoli released a report describing restoration of the line as a good investment. The MTA included restoration as part of its 20-year capital budget plan. Our committee has been meeting with elected officials who previously opposed restoration and are now open to it. This is a long term fight, but it is becoming clearer that it is one we will win. In the meantime, there are victories within our grasp that will go far to improve people’s commutes. We are advocating for extending the Q52 bus route, which only runs as far as Arverne, into Far Rockaway to serve more peninsula residents. We’ve got work to do.



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Artist Finds Inspiration In Rockaway By Bianca Fortis The open sky, the vast ocean and morning sunlight: not only are these the benefits of living in Rockaway, but they also provide inspiration for one local artist. Melissa Rubin, a New Jersey native, has been influenced by her home on the peninsula since moving here a couple of years ago. Rubin, the recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship, lived in the East Village for 33 years, during which time she was an art teacher at the Little Red Schoolhouse. In 2011 she moved to Rockaway to live with her boyfriend. She left teaching and decided to focus on her own art fulltime. “Now I don’t have to worry about setting up art supplies for someone else,” she said. “I just do it for myself.” Much of her work previously focused on aspects of the human body. But when she moved to the peninsula, she became very much inspired by her new home. Initially Rubin found herself influenced by some of the local architecture, including the barracks and bunkers of Ft. Tilden, and other buildings that had been abandoned. She was especially influenced by one particular structure located on the beach, the same abandoned building which this year was used in the marketing materials for the MOMA PS1 Rockaway! show. Rubin began to paint and photograph the dilapidated buildings as she was trying to adjust to living in Rockaway. Just the titles of her work are evidence of the evolution her art and personal connection to Rockaway underwent: an early depiction of the Ft. Tilden structure was called “Abandoned.” A later painting of the same building was called “My Temple.” “Sinking” shows the structure during Hurricane Sandy and “Survivor” shows it after the storm. These pieces will be included in “Surfacing,” a solo show of her work at the John Molloy Gallery from September 6 to October 1. About 30 of her pieces will be included in the show.

Also featured will be a series of works influenced by water and tides. One piece is reminiscent of water lines, which was inspired by the marks Rubin found left in her basement when it was flooded during Hurricane Sandy, an experience she describes as traumatic. Rubin uses pieces of pottery and ceramics she picks up along the beach in a series of works called “Fragments.” “Some people pick up shells,” she said. “I pick up these.” She scans the fragments, blows up the image and then reproduces it: tiny cracks in a ceramic shard now resemble the lines of a map. A mixed media artist, she often uses encaustic, a type of wax that allows her to create several seemingly watery layers of detail within an image. Her time in Rockaway has propelled her career in other ways: in 2013 she won a New York Foundation for the Arts Grant and another grant from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, both of which were for artists who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. “When they called to tell me, I almost fell over,” she said. “It’s a boost of confidence to to know that there are people looking at my stuff, feeling that there is value in it.” She said she never imagined she would live in Rockaway, but major life events guided her to the peninsula. “Now when I go into the city, I’m very happy to come back,” she said. “Sometimes I’m like, ‘Pinch me, where am I?’” The John Molloy Gallery, where Rubin’s art will be on display, is located in Manhattan at 49 E 78th Street. To learn more about Rubin and her art, visit

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These Cadets Are Champs, Too This past weekend the Rockaway Cadet 9U baseball team won the NY Travel baseball championship for the second consecutive year. The team consist of: Randy Koenig, Brendan Byrne, Tommy Davey, Matt Marten, Frankie Sabas-

taino, Dylan LoConte, Jack Ryan, Brian Charles, Luke Carson, Ryan Urciuoli, Matt Sweeny, John Kelly, Matt Steiner, Pat Aryoveinen, Robbie Agoglia and Bobby Benoit. All the boys come from Rockaway, Breezy and Broad Channel.

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Ahoy, Rockaway. Water temperature: 73.0* F- The Battery, NY We had some pretty good weather this weekend, we had a few showers on Saturday but, Sunday was a really nice cool summer day to enjoy. The fluke still haven’t gone away from the back bays but, it is getting really hard to find a keeper fluke mixed in with the smaller undersized ones. It’s a bit late for fluke to still be hanging around this season but, nobody is complaining because, there is still fluke action still going on. One reason might be that the bait fish showed up late in the season. As long as the bait fish (right now mostly spearing) remain in the back bays, so will the fluke. Soon the tasty golden brown fried fillets of summer will be gone.

Snapper (baby blue fish) action is “FULL ON�, and you can catch them from just about any dock or pier (limit 10 fish per person). These fish are the simplest, and easiest (ha ha) fish to catch. It’s the least expensive type of fishing and the fish can be caught with small spoon lures, snapper poppers, or bait. Usually frozen spearing is used but, a small piece of clam, killies, bunker, or just about any other kind of bait on a small hook will produce a strike from snappers (or a strike from something else that you didn’t expect). This is the best form of fishing for kids to learn (while under adult supervision) because, it’s “simple�, and the odds of the kids catching a fish are REALLY good. Adults should crush over the barbs on the snapper hooks with a pair pliers for ex-

tra safety or bait the hooks for the kids. Visit any local bait and tackle shop and they’ll set you up at a very affordable cost with a “snapper pole�, tackle, and/or bait. Often while snapper fishing other species of fish are unintentionally caught making it an extra exciting afternoon. High tides usually produces the best results as the flood waters get closer to docks and piers (and so do the bait fish with snappers in hot pursuit behind them). Snappers are also easy to prepare and cook. Sea bass and porgies are also around, Cross Bay and Marine Parkway bridges have produced some action. Porgies are also being caught off of Floyd Bennett field. Jamaica bay: Big Ron’s bait and tackle in Howard Beach. We called Dawn from Big Ron’s today, and she tells us that that

there are still fluke in the bay but, again, many shorts. In late August often the fishing usually slows down but, the bite is still on for fluke. Porgies are also in, and hitting on clams. Tom’s Wave service station bait & tackle on Beach Channel Drive in Rockaway Park: We gave Tom a “Jangle� at the station and he reports similar results with the fluke being all shorts on the inside. Tom did say that there were some porgies still around the sea wall on Beach Channel Drive. Tom also mentioned that snappers are around and in abundance. So that’s it anglers, it’s the typical mid to late August flat spot for fishing, at least there are still fluke to catch even though they are short, and there’s enough snapper action around to keep the kids amused. ‘til next time !

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PaGETimes 19 The Rockaway

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with Team Cyclops



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We know youĐůĂƐƐƐŝnjĞƐĂŶĚŚŝŐŚůLJŵŽƟǀĂƚĞĚĂŶĚŝŶǀŽůǀĞĚƚĞĂĐŚĞƌƐƚŚĂƚ have been wait- rights should have won multiple our students to embraceAwards. Gospel values, ing. The anticipation inspire is palpable, Academy Paltry box ofexcellence achieve personal success. the emotion is nurture groundacademic shaking, fice and sales that barely recouped and the people are about to get the films original budget and exactly what they want. The a face-to-face showdown with ill-fated, dreaded and despised blockbuster film Forrest Gump &ƒ®ã« ‘ã®ò®ã®›Ý CountdownͻList. were contributing factors that left ^ƚƌŽŶŐĂƚŚŽůŝĐ/ĚĞŶƟƚLJ ͻ ŌĞƌ^ĐŚŽŽůůƵďǁŝƚŚ You know you are from Blah Shawshank collecting dust for the ͻ ĂŝůLJWƌĂLJĞƌƐ ,ŽŵĞǁŽƌŬdŝŵĞΘZĞĐƌĞĂƟŽŶ ͻ things DŽŶƚŚůLJDĂƐƐĞƐ ͻ ^ƚƵĚĞŶƚŽƵŶĐŝů Blah Blah, 37 to do while in next several years. ͻ ZĞůŝŐŝŽŶdĂƵŐŚƚĂŝůLJ ͻ /ŶƚĞƌŶĂƟŽŶĂůĂLJ Blah Blah Blah or 17 sayings people Though Morgan Freeman reͻ ^ĂĐƌĂŵĞŶƚĂůWƌĞƉĂƌĂƟŽŶ ͻ DĂƚŚΘ^ƉĞůůŝŶŐĞĞƐ say while Blah Blah Blahing. ceived an Academy nomination for ͻ ĚǀĞŶƚĞůĞďƌĂƟŽŶƐ͕ŚƌŝƐƚŵĂƐ ͻ ^ĐŝĞŶĐĞ&Ăŝƌ This week,WĂŐĞĂŶƚ͕^ƚĂƟŽŶƐŽĨƚŚĞƌŽƐƐ we at Beefchip & Best Actor it was not until the ͻ Male ŚƌŝƐƟĂŶ^ĞƌǀŝĐĞKƉƉŽƌƚƵŶŝƟĞƐ Team Cyclops have compiled a list film made it to VHS and 24-hour of motion pictures that are often TNT reruns that it received the at‘ƒ—›Ã®‘Ý ^›Ùò®‘›Ý overlooked,ͻand hardly given the tention it was due. Not to mention džĐĞƉƟŽŶĂůůLJYƵĂůŝĮĞĚ ͻ ƵƐdƌĂŶƐƉŽƌƚĂƟŽŶǀĂŝůĂďůĞ dŝƚůĞϭZĞĂĚŝŶŐΘDĂƚŚ^ĞƌǀŝĐĞƐ credit they areΘdžƉĞƌŝĞŶĐĞĚ&ĂĐƵůƚLJ due. We do not of- theͻfilm has been #1 on IMDB’s &ŽůůŽǁƐEz^ƵƌƌŝĐƵůƵŵ ϳ͗ϯϬDƌŽƉͲKīǀĂŝůĂďůĞ fer a rank ofͻthese movies on top topͻ250 since 2008. Be that as it ͻ dĂĐŚƐZĞǀŝĞǁůĂƐƐĞƐ ͻ &ƵůůdŝŵĞEƵƌƐĞ 3 or top 5 as with all other lists may, as I am sure many can relate, ͻ >ŝďƌĂƌLJΘŽŵƉƵƚĞƌ>Ăď ͻ &ůĞdžŝďůĞdƵŝƟŽŶWĂLJŵĞŶƚ͕&ŝŶĂŶĐŝĂů because, well it’s a waste of time Shawshank is an instantaneous ͻ ^ŵĂƌƚŽĂƌĚƐŝŶĂĐŚůĂƐƐƌŽŽŵ ŝĚ͕'ƌĂŶƚƐΘ^ĐŚŽůĂƌƐŚŝƉƐǀĂŝůĂďůĞ Θ>ĂƉƚŽƉƐĨŽƌůĂƐƐƌŽŽŵhƐĂŐĞ ͻ 'ƌĂĚĞƐΘƐƐŝŐŶŵĞŶƚƐWŽƐƚĞĚKŶůŝŶĞ and like our hipster friends, WE click on the ‘OK’ button while ͻ ƵƚŽŵĂƚĞĚWĂƌĞŶƚĂůůĞƌƚƐ WANT TO ͻBE&Z&ƵůůĂLJhŶŝǀĞƌƐĂůWƌĞͲ< DIFFERENT! channel surfing. All outside activThe movies of yesteryear ofity ceases and nothing else exists We understand that Parents want what is best for their children. fered pop culture references many while listening to Andy tell Red, tĞƐƚƌŝǀĞƚŽĨŽƐƚĞƌĂĂƚŚŽůŝĐĞĚƵĐĂƟŽŶĂůƐĞƫŶŐǁŚŝĐŚĂůůŽǁƐĞĂĐŚ of the peoplestudent of our generation “Remember Red, a good to succeed to the best of his or her ability. hope To this is end, St.on Camillus Catholic Academy pledges itself tothe the service of our could relate to a personal basis, thing, maybe best of things, ƐƚƵĚĞŶƚƐĂŶĚƚŚĞŝƌĨĂŵŝůŝĞƐƚŚƌŽƵŐŚƚŚĞŵŝŶŝƐƚƌLJŽĨĂƚŚŽůŝĐĞĚƵĐĂƟŽŶ͘ and often sent a deeper message and no good thing ever dies.” on the rights and wrongs, and the Though the life of an amateur do’s and doKDd<dKhZdKzEDdKhZEtWZ/E/W>͊ not’s of this game we turned professional poker player Z'/^dZd/KE/^hZZEd>zKWE͘ call life. is a roller coaster ride that statistiThe Shawshank Redemption cally may often lead to the depths for example is a movie that by all of bankruptcy, ‘Rounders’ provided

St. Francis Summer Classic Champs Crowned The great tradition of summer High School, 7th and 8th grade, basketball “in the schoolyard” and 5th and 6th grade champs. came to a close. Pictured here are

some bittersweet memories in this great shot of Ruggers at a 7s tourney. Not necessarily in order are: Tim Tubridy; Kevin Griffith; Rick Sternberg Pete Brady; Joe Moore; Tommy greaney (RIP); Timmy stackpole (RIP) Pat savage; Kevin Callaghan.

a platform on which to make that dream a reality. Matt Damon’s noteworthy performance of a seemingly relatable post grad student turned poker pro, gave a young accountant named Chris Moneymaker the push to accomplish what “only happens in the movies.” In what has been called “The Moneymaker Effect”, his win at the World Series of Poker put the game

of Texas Hold’em on the map and the movie ‘Rounders’ started it all. Since his win, no “professional” has ever won the WSOP. Much to the chagrin of pros like Phil Helmuth, who berate amateurs for their style of play, the game itself would not attain the popularity without an ordinary person such as Moneymaker accomplishing this feat. It (Continued on page 20)


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Between the groins By John Cori

A Salute To The Supporters The press conference on the steps of City Hall to voice our displeasure at Mayor de Blasio and his unpopular decision to end the Rockaway /Brooklyn Army terminal(BAT) Ferry was an enormous success. It truly warms the heart to see residents take time out of their very busy day to knock on the Mayor’s front door. It is so great to continue to have overwhelming support to make the Rockaway/BAT Ferry permanent, from Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder, NY State Senator Joe Addabbo, NY City Councilman Eric Ulrich, NY City Councilman Vincent Gentile and Democratic District Leader Lew M

Simon. I have to say though, that I am personally pleasantly surprised at the dedication I have seen towards our communities here on the peninsula from our new NYC Public Advocate Letitia James and our new NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer. They have both continued to hammer at the Mayor on the issue of The Rockaway/BAT Ferry and have been with us every step of the way on this issue. It was awesome to hear The Comptroller point out that Bill de Blasio would have been fighting right along with us on the steps of City Hall before he became Mayor! There are many who fight extremely hard to keep the Rocka-


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way/BAT Ferry going! It goes without saying that Joe Hartigan the “Original Ferry advocate” has been at it for over fifteen years and still pounds away on a daily basis for the ferry! Linda Ruscillo has been fighting hard along with her husband Danny to keep this ferry going and have had great success in getting the message out through rallies and social media, but there is no person more motivated than Laura Deckelman. Laura has been riding and promoting the ferry since service began just after Super Storm Sandy. Laura has been riding the ferry and photographing its every move. She posts aweinspiring photos of The Rockaway Peninsula, Broad Channel, Jamaica bay, Brooklyn and lower Manhattan from the deck of the Rockaway/BAT Ferry onto Facebook and can be seen on many “Rockaway” Facebook sites! Not only is Laura an amazing photographer, but she is closing in on the world record for getting

people to sign petitions, especially the petition to keep the Rockaway/ BAT Ferry. Laura and her husband Paul have already collected thousands of signatures. If you are one of very few people who have not signed the petition, met the amazing Laura Deckelman or taken a scenic ride. I suggest you get on board the ferry soon to sign the petition before the line gets too long to meet the great Laura Deckelman. The continuation of The Rockaway/BAT Ferry benefits everyone! Whether you use it or not, a permanent ferry will lead to economic development and potentially lead positive changes for the entire Rockaway Peninsula! On Thursday evening, August 28th the Belle Harbor property association will hold its monthly general membership meeting on the 4:30pm Ferry, leaving from Beach 108th Street and Beach Channel Drive. All Civics associations are invited to take part in this “ Cruise to lower Manhattan.”

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Broad Channel Proud! Kyle Steinhoff, 17, of Shad Creek Road in Broad Channel and recent graduate of N.Y.C. Harbor High School on Governor’s Island, just completed summer indoctrination training (boot camp) at SUNY Maritime where he is majoring in Marine Transportation leading to a Deck Hand License for unlimited tonnage vessels. Karate is thumbs-up at World Champions Karate Center. Just ask Olivia, Jack, Peter, Michael, James, Gregory, and Grady. The students just received their new ranks.

Karate Gets A Thumbs UP

Not Bad

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Beautiful bridge shots are pretty common and we do get spoiled but John Cori caught this one, and well, we can’t just ignore all great bridge and sunset shots!



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New Black Belt at World Champions Karate Center. Anna Fabela is congratulated by her fellow students. (front) Alan, Donna, Jessica, Anna, Frank; (back) Frank, Chanz, Sensei Hodes, Dario, Gary.

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The Rockaway Times: Aug. 28, 2014  
The Rockaway Times: Aug. 28, 2014