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Local Residential Electrical Services in Dallas We are the trusted professional electrical services company for residential homes in Dallas. Home Safety Checks: Upon completion of each job, our electricians perform a FREE home safety check to ensure your home is free of hazards and up to code.

Inspection Includes:  Your electrician will inspect your breaker box and tighten connections  We check your meter base and ensure proper grounding  We ensure proper G.F.C.I protection in required areas  Your electrician will visually inspect wiring in your attic  Smoke alarms and CO detectors will be tested and batteries replaced if needed at NO CHARGE (ceilings under 12ft)  Wiring hazards, hanging fixtures or anything else your electrician finds that might be harmful to you or your family will be brought to your attention.

Lighting: Let a Caddell electrician handle your lighting needs. No job too big or to small. Electrical System: We specialize in electrical panels, meter bases and code compliance issues. If you feel that your electrical system needs to be inspected by one of our licensed electricians, please contact us today by calling 214-329-4567 or submit an online request form.

NOTE:    

Have you heard of a Federal Pacific or Zinsco electrical panel? Has someone told you “Your breaker box is dangerous”? Did you know that these “Stab-Lock” breakers can fail to “trip”? Federal Pacific and Zinsco breaker boxes are no longer UL listed and should be replaced.

Caddell Electric is not implying that if you own “Stab Lock” designed breakers your home will burn. It is however, safe to say that if you do in fact own this type of breaker, have a short circuit, and it fails to “trip”, the potential risk for a fire is much higher.

Based in Dallas Texas, Caddell Electric is serving Plano, Garland or just about anywhere across the DFW Metroplex. Contact us today at (214) 3294567 to learn how we can help with your residential electrician needs or complete our online request form. For more details: Contact Us: Caddell Electric 3730 Dilido Rd, Ste 210 Dallas, TX 75228 Phone: (214) 329-4567 Fax: (214) 324-0033

About Us: Caddell Electricians are highly respected in their field. As new technologies appear, we ensure each electrician Dallas is trained so we can offer all state of the art products to our customers. Caddell Electric proudly services all of Dallas, Fort Worth, and all surrounding areas. Our electricians’ commitment and dedication to our customers ensure we remain an A+ company.

Local residential electrical services in dallas  

We are the trusted professional electrical services company for residential homes in Dallas. Inspection Includes:  Your electrician will...

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