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Yesterday, we finished the conversion of our AG residence hall into housing for Oakland County first responders, as part of our Emergency Operations plan. We know that there’s nothing like being home, but we these welcome kits will ease the transition while our first responders are staying with us!

Some of the essential staff left standing on campus. It was a blessing to enjoy the warmer weather and share a meal togeher outside. Much needed laughter and conversation occurred. #socialdistancingwithpizza #supportlocal #humaninteractionneeded #resliferules

So is dusting my room during online lecture wrong?

The Great Lake Ruler @jmullins26

Quarantine thought: perfect time to start growing a mullet. Join the Mullet GANG

maybe:pickles @addi_faye

“Tested positive for missing the homies”

Temporary break-fast, at the request of my children, who would like to send well-wishes into the digital universe.

I could’ve drove anywhere...and I went to school. What a special little lake.

Justin Siegel @JustinSiegel17

“Day 8 of quarantine, my dad discovered YouTube and is watching other guys grill.”

WORLD RELIGIONS Students Learn About Diversity During Chicago Trip W O R D S // C H R I S T I A N T O D D

I learned what places of worship and worship [practices] look like for different religions. It was helpful to see them in person and to meet some of the people who practice these religions and hear, in their own words, what it meant to them.




We need to communicate more and that includes hearing others with a different perspective. Dr. Robyn Siegel-Hinson

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Students frequently complain about the food, Wi-Fi, and quality of dorms and classrooms on campus, but my top complaint is about the water. Just a few semesters ago, water on the west side of campus was not safe to drink. Signs were even posted telling people not to drink from the water fountains. This probably affected students the most when they were working out at the Warrior Center. It is important to drink water while maintaining a healthy lifestyle because dehydration is a real safety hazard. Even when the water is safe to drink on campus, the water is cloudy when poured into a glass. It may be drinkable, but is that really what you want to be putting into your body? Thus in order to make sure you drink safe, fresh water, you either have to spend your own money on water bottles, drink water only at mealtimes, or fill up whenever you pass a filtered water bottle filler. That brings me to my next point: I love the ecowater bottle fillers, but why are there only three of them on campus? For the amount of money students spend on room and board, eco-water filters should be in every building and on every floor. If you are a male who lives on campus at Rochester, you have the least access to filtered water. In Alma Gatewood, a water filter is located in the lobby, so women on the first and second floors have an easier trip to the lobby. Male students on the third floor must walk all the way downstairs and back upstairs for clean water. In Ferndale Hoggatt and Dearborn Commons, only one filter exists, and it is located on the first floor of the women’s side. Why is the only one located where only a fraction of the student population can access it? Where’s the equality in that? Why not put it in Dearborn Commons between the restrooms? Men on campus definitely need more access to clean water, but the reality is, the water situation for all students across campus is not adequate. Student Life and Residence Life give us tips about how to be smart and healthy, such as get enough sleep and “live our best life.” But to really do that successfully, shouldn’t we have access to clean, safe water? It sounds basic to me: we need more access on campus to fresh, filtered water.

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Shield Magazine | Volume 20 | Issue 2 | SPRING 20  

Shield Magazine | Volume 20 | Issue 2 | SPRING 20