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Trustees approve $9.5 million expansion program for campus Responding to critical facility needs resulting from unprecedented enrollment growth, the Board of Trustees of Rochester College recently approved a dramatic $9.5 million expansion plan for the campus. “Every square foot of space on the campus that can be redesigned for maximum use has been captured and renovated,” stated Dr. Ken Johnson, president of the college. “So far we have been able to accommodate growth through that process, but we have exhausted our options.” Over the past few months, college officials completed an extensive study of projected facility needs as part of the strategic planning process. The resulting re-

port identified several priorities for new construction. Classrooms and student housing topped the list as the most critical needs required to serve a greater number of students. Offices for new employees, as well as library space, ranked equally high on the list of needs. “To fully develop our master plan for the campus, we would need $100 million,” stated Dr. Johnson. “Consequently, we plan to develop the campus in phases, beginning with the plan recently approved by the board.” Phase one, scheduled to begin within the next few months, includes the construction of two facilities and renovation of three others. Parking areas, athletic

Major Components of Campus Expansion Program While the expansion program includes a number of minor items, the following major projects are included in current plans: • Construction of a library and classroom facility • Construction of a residence hall for 110 students • Renovation of the current library building for the College of Extended Learning and classrooms • Interior renovation of the Westside-Central Auditorium • Interior renovation of the Science Center • Conversion of the former student center for the bookstore • Development of new soccer and softball fields • Construction of additional parking for 324 cars

fields, and a number of smaller projects also are included in plans for the immediate future. “We plan to begin construction on the previously-announced academic facility as soon as we receive final approvals from the city,” stated Mark VanRheenen, executive vice president. “That facility will house the library and new classrooms.” Work also is scheduled to begin this summer on additional parking for 324 cars and on new soccer and softball fields. College officials plan to begin construction on a 110-student residence hall as soon as design work and approvals can be completed. “One of the added blessings of any construction is the existing space that can be reassigned after new buildings are occupied,” stated Dr. Johnson. “In this case, we will be able to totally renovate the current library building for the College of Extended Learning and classroom space.” In addition to a number of minor projects, phase one will include conversion of the former student center area for the bookstore. The interiors of both the Westside-Central Auditorium and the Science Center will be renovated as well. “Our last construction project transformed the campus in a re-

Completion of the Isom Atrium and Associates Plaza prepares the college for its next phase of major construction. Projected facilities for the area south of the atrium and plaza, beginning with the academic center, will in time result in an outdoor mall. The atrium and plaza are strategically placed in the center of the mall area. See page 6 for more atrium and plaza photos. markable fashion,” Dr. Johnson commented. “Within two more years, this $9.5 million expansion will enhance our presence as a quality institution, while allowing us to serve the larger number of students coming our way.”

First phase of campaign targets academic center College officials recently finalized plans to launch the public phase of a $4.4 million capital campaign at Partnership Dinner on May 12, 2001. Entitled Catch the Vision, the campaign is designed to fund construction of the first phase of a new academic fa-

cility and renovation of the existing library building. “For several months, we have been working with key donors on the silent phase of the campaign,” stated Doug Edwards, vice president for development. “The Isom and Ham families provided the

Renderings of the library interior project a distinguished appearance.

cornerstone for that effort when each made $1 million commitments to the campaign.” The Isom commitment included a challenge to friends of the college. By fall, the Board of Trustees, National Advancement Board, and employees each surpassed their individual goals, leaving $1 million to be raised among other groups in order to meet the challenge. Over the next few months, college personnel plan to conduct individual campaigns among alumni, college friends in three regions, foundations, and the Rochester community. They must meet the challenge goal by March of 2002, and plan to secure the remainder of the campaign funds by the following December. “We have a great deal of work ahead of us,” stated Mr. Edwards. “Fortunately we are going to be able to employ a new director of capital campaigns to help with those efforts as a result of a recent foundation gift.”

The planned academic facility, which anchors a $9.5 million campus expansion program, will house the college library, a thirtystation computer lab, and five spacious classrooms equipped with full technology. The Muirhead Library, built in 1965, totals about 5,000 square feet and seats only about onethird the number of persons recommended by the American Library Association. Even with space-saving technologies and media, the library has grown beyond its capacity. Initially, the library will occupy a little over half of 17,500 square feet in the new academic facility. Seating will triple, and the library will be able to expand into other areas of the building as additional facilities are constructed. “Our entire academic program will be enhanced by the new construction project,” stated Dr. Ken Johnson, president. “It will provide an appropriate hub for the entire campus community.”

Making Headlines MAJOR GIFT Foundation gift of $246,000 sets college record. Page 2. ENROLLMENT Growing number of transfer students enroll at Rochester College. Page 3. THE SHIELD New name and format selected for student publication. Page 4. CELEBRATION Twenty-five-year tradition continues to flourish at annual extravaganza. Page 5. CONSTRUCTION Atrium and plaza projects provide new focal points on campus. Page 6. LECTURESHIP Format change planned for college’s oldest annual program. Page 9. DONOR CLUBS Positive patterns in giving foster additional donor clubs. Page 10.



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Foundation approves $246,000 grant Plans point to unprecedented progress over next decade Dear Friends, All signs indicate that Rochester College is on the verge of substantial progress. The strength of the faculty is increasing rapidly. The scope of academic programs is expanding nicely. The student body is growing in number as fast as we can handle. The infrastructure required to launch new pieces of our strategic plan is falling into place. We attribute our progress to God’s timing. He has assembled a highly-qualified administrative team. He has been sending fantastic persons for our faculty and staff. He is touching the hearts of friends to provide resources to accomplish what He wants done with the college. Our task is to listen responsibly, to consider prayerfully, and to move ahead wisely, making sure that we proceed within His will. For more than forty years, many have been dreaming of the experiences that all soon will enjoy. During the next decade we shall see more construction on the campus than at any time since the founding decade. I am pleased that the cooperative spirit among those striving to build a strong Christian college in Rochester is as joyful as the cooperative spirit recorded in Nehemiah 3, where the biblical record tells the names of many persons who accepted responsibility for reconstructing certain sections of the Jerusalem wall, for certain doorways in the wall, for beams and bolts. Nehemiah tells how individuals and groups built towers and gates, or installed locks and bars. Together, the group effort accomplished in a matter of months something that no one could have accomplished alone. When finished, those in the countryside around Jerusalem “realized that the work had been done with the help of God.” Thank you for allowing God to touch your heart and involve your energy and your resources in the building of a fine college that draws young Christians into deep respect for the authority of scripture as their guide in the weightier matters of life. Cordially,

Kenneth L. Johnson President

Officials of the Teagle Foundation in New York recently approved a $246,000 grant for Rochester College. Designed to enhance the institution’s fund raising efforts, the award will extend over a period of three years. “Needless to say, everyone on campus is delighted,” stated Dr. Ken Johnson, president of the college. “We believe this award will make a significant impact on our efforts and will enhance our image with other foundations as we approach them as well.” The grant will fund two new staff positions in the Development Office and will provide the college with a campaign consultant. Prospects currently are being interviewed to fill roles as director of capital campaigns and director of marketing communication. “In particular, this grant will help us share the Rochester College story with new constituencies,” stated Birgie Niemann, associate vice president for corporate and foundation relations. “The capital campaigns director also will be able to strengthen relations with alumni and current friends of the college.” Mrs. Niemann joined the development staff last fall. Previously, she served as dean of students for Rochester College from 1987 until 1991. She also has worked on the development staff

Birgie Niemann prepares information for a proposal to a foundation. of the University of Iowa Foundation and York College. “When notifying us about the grant, the president of the Teagle Foundation stated that rarely do they become involved in funding without first meeting the president of the college making the request,” stated Dr. Johnson. “He then went on to say that the materials provided by the college were so outstanding that they were comfortable awarding the grant even though they had not

met the college’s president”, Dr. Johnson continued. “This is an outstanding tribute to Mrs. Niemann and the quality of her work on this project.” “Foundations and corporations make awards as a type of investment,” stated Mrs. Niemann. “They expect to see a return, and believe that good things will happen to benefit students as a result of their award. We plan to utilize this grant wisely and make their investment worthwhile.”

Choral festival hosted by Rochester Nearly 300 singers from six institutions participated in the 33rd Christian College Choral Festival on January 6. Rochester College hosted the event for the first time since 1971. “Although the directors have considered coming our way previously, they hesitated because of the winter weather,” stated Joe Bentley, director of music activities. “Since we have participated in the festival faithfully for years, they encouraged us to host the event this year.” At the festival, each group per-

Members of the Rochester College A Cappella Chorus perform with the festival chorus of nearly 300 singers.

formed two numbers individually. For the finale, a combined festival chorus sang five selections under the direction of Dr. Brazeal W. Dennard, retired supervisor of vocal music for the Detroit Public Schools. Dr. Dennard’s choral groups have appeared at national conventions and on network television. In addition, he has served on a White House committee and participated in congressional hearings on the arts. He arranged two of the pieces performed by the festival chorus. “The directors were particularly impressed by the audience size,” Mr. Bentley stated. “The number of singers on the stage often outnumbers the festival crowd, but we had standing-room only in the Rochester Church of Christ auditorium.” Institutions participating in the festival included Crowley’s Ridge College, Faulkner University, Harding University, Lipscomb University, Ohio Valley College, and Rochester College. Some of the institutions brought more than one ensemble. “Hosting an event of this magnitude requires a lot of help,” Mr. Bentley noted. “Dr. Tony Mowrer, who now teaches on our faculty, was a valuable asset since he hosted this event while teaching at Faulkner University.” Robert Martin, a member of the Rochester College Board of Trustees, coordinated housing.

Simone Thomas, Molly Debandt, Debi Shepherd, and Frank Pitts coordinated housing efforts in their individual congregations. Numerous other individuals assisted with publicity, staging, lighting, and sound.

Influence Alumni of Rochester College continue to make an impact on the world. For a recent feature on mission efforts in Africa, the Christian Chronicle sought names of emerging church leaders who serve in their own nations. They featured Washington Mhlanga (‘72) among six leaders. Washington, director of Zimbabwe Minerals Marketing Corporation, serves as an elder in a local congregation and as a trustee for the Mutare Bible School. The Chronicle also named Timothy Akpakpan (‘66), Nelson Isonguyo (‘68), and Stephen Okoronkwo (‘66) among those playing major roles in their countries. Timothy and Nelson serve at Nigerian Christian Bible College, and Stephen at Nigerian Christian School.

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Transfer student population grows dramatically

Employee Highlights Traveling to Marion, Ohio, Dr. Craig Bowman, professor of religion, spoke at a January meeting of ministers from the central region of the state. Dr. Tony Mowrer, professor of music, recently received an invitation from the North Central Association to serve as a consultant evaluator. Focus on the Family recently hosted a workshop in Colorado Springs for Christian counselors. Dr. Debra Dahl, who teaches on the adjunct faculty of the college, served as a guest speaker for the event. Based upon student recommendations, Dr. Michael Westerfield, provost and professor of English, and Dr. David Fleer, professor of religion and communication, will appear in the next edition of Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers. Development officers from various Christian colleges gathered in February at Faulkner University. Doug Edwards, vice president for development, spoke at the annual event. Kent Hoggatt, adjunct instructor of communication, is conducting workshops for local dentists on effective listening skills and conflict management.

Ten years ago, when Rochester College offered primarily two-year degrees, the institution enrolled sixteen students who had attended other colleges. This year, the number of transfer students reached 207. “Our successful transition to senior college status has completely changed our role as an educational institution,” stated Dr. Ken Johnson, president. “The number of students now transferring to Rochester College far exceeds the number that previously had to transfer to other colleges and universities to complete their studies.” The college began experiencing steady growth in the number of transfer students as the faculty added four-year programs. Following the college name change and establishment of the College of Extended Learning in 1997, the count of transfer students began rising dramatically. “Every semester, we process transcripts from public and private universities, as well as ones from community colleges,” stated Lynne Stewart, registrar. “We work hard to find course equivalents or grant elective credit for transfer work because we expected other colleges to do the same for us for many years.” Last fall, 72 transfer students enrolled in traditional programs,

Transfers Bob Bullock and Steven Corp join Brett Cummins and Jason Debandt as hosts at Celebration. while 135 began their studies in the College of Extended Learning. The College of Extended Learning primarily offers degree completion programs for working adults who have already completed a substantial part of their educational program. “We probably will enroll over 100 transfer students in our traditional program this fall,” stated Larry Norman, vice president for enrollment management. “Many students are just now beginning

to discover the college since they no longer assume that we offer only religion degrees.” “We are finding that most of our inquiries from students interested in transferring are referrals from current students,” Mr. Norman continued. “Commuters, as well as boarding students who have transferred to Rochester College, are enjoying the academic and spiritual atmosphere of the campus and are sharing that discovery with their friends.”

Preaching books edited by professor ACU Press of Abilene, Texas, recently released the first volume in a new series on biblical preaching. The book, coedited by Dr. David Fleer, professor of religion and communication at Rochester College, grew out of a seminar held on the campus in 1999. “Apparently, response to the book has been positive,” stated Dr. Fleer. “In fact, volume two, based upon last year’s seminar, will be released in May.” Dr. Fleer coedited both of the first two volumes with Dr. Dave Bland, associate professor of

Dr. David Fleer reviews the first volume of the new series on preaching.

homiletics at the Harding University Graduate School of Religion. In February, the Christian Chronicle ran a feature on the first volume, Preaching from Luke/Acts. Volume one includes essays by each of the four speakers who participated in the 1999 seminar, Tim Kelley, Tom Long, Dean Smith, and Greg Sterling. It also includes sermons by John York and David Fleer that use the methods presented at the seminar and in the first half of the book. “This volume comes from player coaches,” stated Harold Shank, minister of the Highland Street Church of Christ in Memphis. “They are scholars, who as coaches, see the big picture and understand the role of preaching. They are also preachers who, as players, know the strain and challenge of the game.” The second volume, Preaching from Autobiography in Paul’s Letters, will feature essays by Carl Holladay, Carson Reed, Andre Resner, and John York, speakers at the 2000 seminar. Mark Love and Mark Frost prepared the sermons for volume two. “ACU Press has promoted the series fairly extensively,” stated Dr. Fleer. “They have advertised in the Journal for Preaching and have sent flyers to members of the Academy of Homiletics, a professional organization of those who teach preaching.” The 2001 seminar, Preaching

Like Paul in Romans, is scheduled for May 14-17 on campus. The program will feature Ken Durham, Stephen Farris, Mark Love, James Thompson, and James Walters. Seminar information can be obtained by calling Dr. Fleer at 248.218.2144.

First volume now available from the Rochester College Bookstore Preaching from Luke/Acts based upon the 1999 Sermon Seminar of Rochester College edited by Dr. David Fleer and Dr. Dave Bland Phone the Bookstore at 800.521.6010 today for your copy!

ge Colle cture r e t s astru oche

R e In fr ing th K i n g d o m d l i u B of the s ~ job l e d g e on sh ips w o n i k lat s ~ re h o me

God has a lot of projects going, and He has good people working in all of them! When God’s seed is planted in the hearts of His own, old but good projects are sustained even as new good projects are begun. Because God is so creative and so industrious, the bottom line (as I see it) is that God has far more projects than He has people. Part of each Christian’s responsibility is to help diminish the shortage of workers. We try to do that by preparing young hearts to hear God’s call to give their lives to His service, spending their energy, their resources, and their creativity on His projects. For some - young and old alike - whom God calls, that project will be Rochester College, and we shall be grateful. For others, it will be something else, equally or perhaps more important on God’s list of projects. Eli didn’t hear God speak to Samuel, but as Eli watched and listened, Eli had no doubt that Samuel was in touch with God. We may not be ready to commit our energy, our money, our time, and our life to the call that another hears, yet we commend all who learn to sacrifice for the Kingdom. Dr. J


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Newspaper redesigned as The Shield Members of the campus community have enjoyed reading a revitalized student newspaper since the opening of the fall semester. Each issue has captured the attention of readers. “It has been exciting to be involved with the production process,” stated Lora Isenberg, new sponsor of the paper. “We are building a better publication each time the paper is printed.” Originally bearing the name

North Star, the student newspaper disappeared for several years. It resumed publication during the 1994-95 academic year and has been printed since that time under the name Tomahawk, Warrior Warpath, and The Point. “Before the year began, we decided to restructure the paper with the four sections that are common to most student newspapers: news, features, opinions, and sports,” stated Mrs. Isenberg.

Justin Robinson and Amanda Brownlee read the latest student paper.

“We then decided to sponsor a contest to rename the paper.” “We were looking for a name that would reflect the college’s mission, goals, and mascot,” Mrs. Isenberg continued. “We also wanted to find a name that would stick for a long time.” The Warrior mascot changed from an Indian theme to a Christian Warrior theme in 1997. Consequently, the newspaper staff selected The Shield as the official name for the student newspaper. The masthead displays a shield bearing a cross. “Response to the paper has been very positive,” Mrs. Isenberg noted. “Like most colleges, the voice provided in the opinion section is a popular feature. We wanted a paper that would foster discussion on the issues and that seems to be happening.” A former college newspaper editor herself, Mrs. Isenberg worked for a magazine and edited the news bulletin of Pepperdine University after college. She then taught journalism and advised the student newspaper at Oklahoma Christian University. Mrs. Isenberg moved to Michigan after marrying Dan Isenberg, a 1982 graduate of Rochester College. She also teaches specialized writing and journalism courses for the college.

Options added at Macomb and Mott Interest at both extension centers operated by Rochester College recently resulted in the addition of new options at each of the sites. Beginning in the fall, an evening program will become available at the Macomb location, and a major in business communication at the Mott site. “Community college students

Faculty Openings Adjunct faculty members are needed in the College of Extended Learning. Most CEL courses meet one time per week, primarily in the evening or on Saturdays. Candidates must have a master’s or doctoral degree and are contracted for each course taught. Instructors are needed in accounting/finance, business/management, communication, computer-related fields, early childhood education, English, fine arts, math, and science (biology and/or chemistry). Applicants should contact Tracey Hebert, dean of the College of Extended Learning, at 248.218.2200 or

often pile up as many as 100 credits and need a flexible degree completion program,” stated Debi Hoggatt, program director. “Our business communication major allows students to complete a bachelor’s degree with minimal loss of credit.” Rochester College began offering the business communication major at the Macomb location in the fall of 2000. The addition of a second facility at the University Center is making it possible for the college to add an optional evening track along with the current weekend program. “We expect the business communication major to meet similar needs at Mott,” stated Tracey Hebert, dean of the College of Extended Learning. “Officials at Mott are extremely excited about this new opportunity for their students.” At both university centers, the college must offer programs that are not available from other partner institutions. Currently, Rochester College also offers a major in early childhood education on the Mott campus in Flint. “Most of our Macomb students are coming to us as referrals from the Macomb counseling staff,” noted Mrs. Hoggatt. “Their counselors like our program.” “We also are enrolling a number of working adults who have done well in their profession but need a bachelor’s degree for career advancement,” Mrs. Hoggatt continued. “These are bright stu-

dents who are doing extremely well in the classroom.” Both the Macomb and Mott programs operate under the oversight of the College of Extended Learning. Offering their first classes for working adults in the summer of 1997, the division enrolled over 300 students for the spring semester. “We are now graduating students on a regular basis,” stated Mr. Hebert. “Based upon inquiries, however, we expect continued growth in enrollment.”


Molding Futures ....

Ronald Cox, Jennifer Hamilton, and Gordon MacKinnon Good instructors are at the heart of a quality academic program. The lives of students at Rochester College are molded not only through strong experiences in the classroom, but by individual attention and personal relationships with instructors. Some of the outstanding faculty members that serve the students of Rochester College are introduced below. Recently finishing course work for his doctorate from Notre Dame University, Ronald Cox, assistant professor of religion, joined the faculty of Rochester College in January of this year. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from California Polytechnic State University and his master’s from Pepperdine University. While pursuing his doctorate, he directed the adult education program at the Donmoyer Avenue Church of Christ and preached in several area congregations. After completing her bachelor’s degree at Columbia Christian College, Jennifer Hamilton, assistant professor of English, taught at private schools in New Jersey and Oregon. Her family lived in Scotland for a year, where she completed a master’s degree and became a doctoral candidate at the University of Aberdeen. Jennifer and her husband, Rex, both joined the faculty of Rochester College in the fall of 1999. Completing bachelor’s degrees at both Rochester College and Oakland University in 1981, Dr. Gordon MacKinnon, associate professor of psychology, began his career as a youth and family minister. After completing a master’s degree at Wayne State University, he worked as a psychologist in outpatient clinics. In 1989, he opened a private practice and began doctoral studies. He has served as staff psychologist for the Havenwyck Adolescent Treatment Center for the past five years. He began teaching classes at Rochester College on a part-time basis in 1997, and joined the full-time faculty in January.

Worth Repeating “I just wanted you to know how much your classes have made a difference in my views on society. They taught me a respect for those who are different, those who are poor, and those who are uneducated. Previously, I thought those things just happen and there is nothing you can do. Now I know different. I feel so blessed that I can make a difference in someone else’s life from what I have learned.” - from a student in the traditional program to one of her professors in the Psychology Department. “I really miss our Biblical literature class. When I read the Bible now, I read it with more understanding of the times and culture of Jesus. I’ve also heard this from so many of the students. They say they did not expect to get anything out of the class, but left the class with a new respect and wonder for God.” - from a student in the College of Extended Learning to her professor. “I’m going to start substitute teaching next Tuesday. If I like it, I will get a master’s degree. You planted seeds that are helping me be the wife and mother I need to be. Thank you for setting this example. I pray that I can pass your kindness on to my children and to the children that I work with.” - from a 2000 psychology graduate to a former professor.

“I never really had the opportunity to explore the Bible. The Jesus I never knew was introduced in this class. I look at Jesus in a different light now. I look at Him as a friend walking next to me. I still have much to learn about Him and want to continue to develop and strengthen my relationship with Him.” - from a student in the College of Extended Learning to a professor.

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Why RC?

Why does Rochester College exist? Because of students like Josh Graves, a junior history major from Chesterfield, Michigan. Josh has played basketball since enrolling at Rochester College. In addition, he has served as the spiritual life intern on campus. “When you grow up in a public school, you are bombarded with worldly teachings and morals,” Josh stated. “It has been refreshing to be around Christians on an every day basis.” Since he almost majored in Christian ministry, Josh recently decided to work as an intern with the Rochester Church of Christ during the next academic year. In that capacity he will be serving as a part-time campus minister.



Celebration marks twenty-fifth year of tradition Chronicling important events of the 1976-77 academic year, a writer for the student yearbook stated, “Shouts of exuberance rang from the cafetorium on April 22 and 23. Through concentrated efforts of students and faculty, the first annual Celebration in Song took place.” Though the participants, program, and location of Celebration have changed over the years, the tradition has not. On March 1617, the students of Rochester College once again delighted another audience, this time marking the twenty-fifth annual Celebration weekend. “The amount of talent and creativity displayed at Celebration over the years has been remarkable,” stated Lynne Stewart, who has witnessed every production since 1977. “It is even more amazing when one realizes that the show is made possible by such a broad spectrum of people.” “You assume the drama and music students are involved,” Mrs. Stewart continued. “Yet hundreds of others who normally would never get near a stage, from athletes to the shy and quiet types, do the most unpredictable things for Celebration.” The first Celebration, staged in the cafeteria area, did showcase the best music and drama talent on campus. Yet, Dr. Don Gardner, president of the college at that time, wanted much more. By the second year, the program not only moved to the newly-constructed

Members of Sigma Phi and Delta Nu present their award-winning Celebration act, Stranded in Paradise. Westside-Central Chapel, but featured the campus social clubs. “Celebration builds a sense of community on campus,” stated Frank Pitts, music director for the show and a former Celebration host. “While the competitive edge of intramural club sports continues throughout the year, the clubs all pull together for Celebration, wanting to see everyone do well.” From year to year, different features have carried the show. Some years, the hosts and hostesses have been the highlight.

Remembering When ...

TOP LEFT: Gary Cummins, father of 2001 host Brett, performs with the first hosts and hostesses in 1978. TOP RIGHT: Large ensemble numbers highlight the 1988 show. BOTTOM LEFT: Drama plays a major role in the 1986 production. BOTTOM RIGHT: Social club acts begin in 1978.

Other years, the Celebration ensemble or the social clubs have provided the flair. “I have always enjoyed the big ensemble numbers the most,” stated Mrs. Stewart. “I like to see lots of people on the stage. The effect is very dramatic.” Celebration embraced a new tradition in 1999, when the producers began weaving a Christian theme throughout the program. The following year, Celebration moved to the auditorium of the Rochester Church of Christ to improve staging and to accommodate larger audiences. “Using the church building allows us to do more with technical effects,” stated Mr. Pitts. “Our lighting improved dramatically last year, and we used interactive video this year.” Undoubtedly, Celebration will continue to evolve in the future. As long as the tradition lasts, however, Celebration will continue to delight audiences and bond the campus community.

Celebrate! PARTICIPATION Year after year, more students are involved in the preparation of Celebration than any other campus event. Compared to other annual programs, it also draws the largest number of guests to the campus. HOSTS/HOSTESSES Seventy-six individuals have hosted Celebration since establishment of the role in 1978. Three students, Mark Davison (80, 81, 84), Steven Bruce (95, 96, 98), and Holly Johnson (96, 98, 99) each hosted three productions. Gary Cummins served with the first hosts and hostesses in 1978. His son, Brett, hosted this year’s production.

Three generations recently reunited when Dr. Ronald Tyler (left), professor of religion at Pepperdine University, visited the campus of Rochester College. Dr. Tyler studied under Dr. Steve Eckstein (right), professor of religion at Rochester College, during Dr. Eckstein’s tenure as director of the Bible Chair at Eastern New Mexico University. Dr. Craig Bowman (center), studied under Dr. Tyler at Pepperdine University and recently began teaching at Rochester College as well.


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Enhancing the Campus


LEFT: Student worker Alex Waites gets a feel for the serving area of the cafe prior to opening day. BELOW: Students visit the atrium while college officials await final city approvals.

Two long-awaited campus projects culminated during the past few months with completion of the Isom Atrium and the first phase of the Associates Plaza. Funded by Gerald and Lucille Isom of Penn Valley, Pennsylvania; Gary and Rosemary Carson of Clarkston, Michigan; and the Associates, the atrium houses the Solid Rock Cafe and will provide additional social space for the campus community. The atrium is located in a high-traffic area in front of the WestsideCentral Auditorium.

Isom Atrium and Associates Plaza

Just outside the entrance of the Isom Atrium, the Associates Plaza provides a campus focal point for an area that in time will serve as an outdoor mall. The names of scores of individuals are engraved in the plaza bricks and on plaques installed on the plaza benches and flagpoles. The Associates plan to add more engraved bricks in phases as the bricks are purchased by other individuals.

MIDDLE LEFT: Students check out the neon lighting in the atrium prior to the official opening. MIDDLE RIGHT: Plaza benches provide a good place to visit on a sunny afternoon. BOTTOM LEFT: Workers install bricks in the Associates plaza during the early fall. BOTTOM RIGHT: Drywallers resurface a former exterior wall of the auditorium during December.

Both the Isom Atrium and the Associates Plaza provide new social space on the campus of Rochester College. Their strategic location and attractive appearances will ensure frequent use by the campus community for many years in the future.



Alumni News and Notes 1973 Debbie (Presson) Herrington is employed as a customer service representative with Ford Motor Credit. Debbie and her husband, Keith, an engineer for the Saturn Corporation, have four children, Lisa, Brandon, Elizabeth, and Ryan. They have been foster parents for twenty other children. Debbie has served on the Foster Care Review Board for two counties in Tennessee. The family lives at 2329 Baptist Church Road, Culleoka, TN 38451. David Matthews is a pediatrician at the Children’s Clinic in Jonesboro, Arkansas. David and his wife, Rebecca, have three children, Micah, Benjamin, and Meghan. Rebecca is the executive director of PACES, Inc. The family lives at 2528 Rosewood Circle, Jonesboro, AR 72401. 1975 Don and Lynda (Levitt) Foote recently returned from Russia with an adopted daughter, Nina Kate. They also have a Koreanborn son, Daniel. Don currently is employed by General Motors, and Lynda is a teacher in the Huron Valley School system. The family lives at 3696 Silver Leaf, White Lake, MI 48383. 1976 Gloria (Hall) Kellat is working as a student educational aide for the Buckeye Local Board of Education and completing a degree at Kent State Ashtabula. Her husband, Michael, is a computer technician for the IT Corporation. The family resides at 1712 East 29th Street, Ashtabula, OH 44004. 1977 Billie Jo (MacDonald) Buzbee and her husband, David, are serving as relief houseparents at Midwestern Children’s Home. Billie teaches second grade at Village

Christian School, and David is an engineer. David and Billie Jo have three children, Naomi, Mary, and Jonathan. The family can be reached at P.O. Box 48, Pleasant Plain, OH 45162. 1979 Mark Briggs recently began responsibilities as plant manager for Bioiberica Nebraska, a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals. His wife, Rhonda (Miller-78), is a lab technician at the York Medical Clinic. The couple has four children, and the family lives at 1719 Road O, York, NE 68467. 1981 Clay and Cherry (Echols-80) Hart returned to South Africa last November after a ten-week furlough in the United States. Clay teaches music at Sonrise Christian School and is involved in World Bible School evangelism among several ethnic tribes. He also is assisting the World Bible Translation Center with a Zulu translation of the New Testament. Cherry teaches first grade at Sonrise Christian School. The couple has three children, Chris, Cody, and Candy. The family can be contacted at 1 Platberg Avenue, Kempton Park, South Africa 1619.


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Hannah Elizabeth joined Tommy in the home of Mike and Cindy (Harley) Bean on March 5, 2000. Mike is employed by the state of Ohio, and Cindy is a homemaker. The family lives at 2422 Oneida Drive, Dayton, OH 45414.

Along with their three children, Irene, Ruth, and Caleb, Arthur and Anora (Woods) David returned in January to mission efforts in Liberia, West Africa. The family can be contacted through the Beckley Heights Church of Christ, 6510 S.R.L. Thornton Freeway, Dallas, TX 75232.

1985 Kara Renee joined Tim and Jenna in the home of Joseph and Lori (Elliott) Mason on September 11, 2000. Joseph currently is employed as a police detective in St. Clair Shores, and Lori is a homemaker. The family recently moved to 49919 Guy Drive, Macomb Township, MI 48044.

Debbie (Swallows) Hoffman and her husband, Bill, are living on a forty-acre farm at 171 Carlton Road, Chapel Hill, TN 37034. Bill works for the Saturn Corporation and Debbie is a homemaker. The couple has three children.

Tim Pittman began duties as president of the Southern Ohio region of SkyBank on March 16. His wife, Laura (Sandlin-82), is the travel coordinator for National City Mortgage. The family lives at 555 Evergreen Drive, Springboro, OH 45066.



Trent Wheeler is the founder and CEO of Vision Management International, a marketing and public relations firm. His wife, Tori, is president of the Young at Art Foundation. The couple has two children, Tristan and Alyssa. The family lives at 7206 Champions Circle, Franklin, TN 37064.

Tina (Gosmann) Gladwell has moved to 30 Woodcroft Trail #20, Beavercreek, OH 45430. Tina is doing volunteer work with Right to Life and the Lighthouse.

We want to hear from you! Share your news! Clip and return this form to Larry Stewart, Director of Public Relations, Rochester College, 800 West Avon Road, Rochester Hills, MI 48307. Name (maiden if appl.) ____________________________________ Years __________ Occupation _____________________________ Spouse's Name (maiden if appl.) ____________________________ Years __________ Occupation _____________________________ Address _________________________________________________ City ________________________ State __________ Zip _________ Phone (area code ________) ________________________________ Please note children's names, recent births, job changes, marriages, promotions, etc. on a separate sheet of paper and send it to the college with this form.


Duvon Jones is teaching English at the Cherry Hill School of Performing Arts and preaching for the Westside Church of Christ. Duvon and his wife, Caprece, a nurse at Detroit Receiving Hospital, have one son, Onaje. The family lives at 12631 Asbury Park, Detroit, MI 48227. Mariah Rose joined Brandon and Ryan in the home of Scott and Jeanie (Fazekas-94) King on October 28, 2000. Scott is employed by Ameritech, and Jeanie is a homemaker. The family lives at 2636 Patrick Henry Court #2, Auburn Hills, MI 48326. 1988 Malia Lynn joined Alex and Jared in the home of Erick and Rhonda (Ray) Hart on January 7. Erick is a dealer services supervisor for Ford Credit and Rhonda is a homemaker. The family recently moved to 1354 Moss Rose Lane, Hoover, AL 35244.

Jim Isenberg recently accepted a position as a corporate trainer for Numatics, Inc. Jim currently lives at 1103 East Bristol Road #5, Burton, MI 48529. Laura (Day) Leach is now serving as the director of the Northside Preschool. Her husband, Rick, also began new duties recently as youth minister of the Northside Church of Christ. The couple can be reached at 128 West Park Place, Jeffersonville, IN 47130. 1993 Katie (Mitchels) Haferkamp currently is employed as a multicategorical special education teacher for the LaPorte Community Schools. Her husband, John, is a news producer for WSBT-TV in South Bend. The couple lives at 1754 North Lofgren Road, Rolling Prairie, IN 46371. 1995 On October 14, 2000, John and April (Shepard) Batty welcomed Micah Danielle. John is a manager trainee and April the head cosmiture for Walgreen Drug Stores. The family recently moved to 1802 West Desert Cove #7, Phoenix, AZ 85029. On May 30, 2000, Kelvin and Amy (King-97) Brown welcomed Justus Max. Kelvin is a business development officer for Comerica Bank, and Amy is a homemaker. The family resides at 1984 Gregory, Lincoln Park, MI 48146. Matthew Robert joined Emma in the home of Andrew and Mary (Aldrich) Dorrell on October 20, 2000. Andrew is a process manager for Railvan Global Logistics, and Mary is a homemaker. The family resides at 1 Canterbury Close, Prescot-Merseyside, United Kingdom L34 6LF. Stephanie Halverson is working as a dental technician at Davis Dental Laboratory and is planning a July 13 marriage to Chris Clum, a computer programmer at USF Holland. Stephanie currently lives at 440 Logan Street S.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49503. 1997 Mike and Natascha (Thomas) Boren welcomed Caleb Michael on November 19, 2000. Mike is employed by Ford Motor Company, and Natascha is a social worker. The family lives at 13281 Peach, Southgate, MI 48195. Robert Sowles married Kristen Fulton on July 23, 1999. Robert is the web design technical support coordinator for the SoftAd Group, and Kristen is an elementary teacher at Brookfield Academy. The couple lives at 46652 Jonathan Circle, Utica, MI 48317.

Reunions Class of 1991 July 20-21, 2001 Rochester College Attention class of 1991. A ten-year reunion is scheduled for this summer. A committee of class members has planned activities, so plan to attend! Contact your friends and make sure they are planning to come. For further information contact Boise Walker at Summer of 2002 Coordinators are needed to plan summer reunions for the classes of 1962, 1972, 1982, and 1992. Volunteers normally schedule, organize, and promote reunions. College officials provide lists and mailing labels of class members, schedule campus facilities, and provide guidance for reunion planners. If you would be interested in assisting with reunion planning, please contact Larry Stewart at 800.521.6010 (option 4) or




Fall workshops planned Two fall workshops featuring noted authors have been scheduled in conjunction with the annual lectureship. Both workshops are based upon books written by each of the presenters. On Friday, October 19, Dr. Nick Stinnett, a noted researcher from the University of Alabama, will present a workshop on family strengths. Based upon his latest

Mark Your Calendar! Two exciting workshops will precede Lectureship weekend for the first time this year. Plan now to visit campus and benefit from an incredible weekend! “Fantastic Families” featuring Nick Stinnett October 19, 2001 “The Church That Flies” featuring Tim Woodroof October 19-20, 2001 For more information, phone 248.218.2012

book, Fantastic Families, Dr. Stinnett will share powerful steps for building strong families. In the largest study ever conducted on strong families, Dr. Stinnett recently completed a twenty-five year research project on over 14,000 families. Fantastic Families, coauthored with Dr. Stinnett’s wife, Nancy, and Joe and Alice Beam, reveals the results of that study. Tim Woodroof, a minister from Nashville, Tennessee, will conduct a church growth seminar on October 19 and 20 based upon his latest book, The Church that Flies. The Saturday portion of the seminar will be a lectureship class. “Tim comes from a preaching family, which includes his father and his grandfather,” stated Elton Albright, director of the seminar. “I have known him for years and he is a great speaker.” Each year, the college provides a variety of workshops. They cover such topics as leadership training, church growth, and sermon preparation. “We feel it is important for us to provide learning opportunities for everyone associated with the college,” Mr. Albright noted. “Our workshops are designed to fortify faith in individuals and to help build stronger churches.”

Planned Giving Matters Doug Edwards Vice President for Development Do you need a will? The obvious answer is that you absolutely need a will to determine where your possessions will go after your death. Otherwise, your state of residence has a plan for your estate. My wife and I see our will as another opportunity for stewardship of what God has given to us. Many people, like us, will want to leave something for children or grandchildren, but many will leave at least a portion for a local church or a para-church ministry. Christian colleges, like Rochester College, need friends to endow their important work through estate gifts. Sadly, nearly seventy percent of all Americans die without a will in place. This complicates the probate process for those family members left to deal with the problems. It may also mean heavy tax consequences. Consider taking the following steps. First, spend some time determining the value of your total estate by sorting through your personal property and assets. Many people find their estate is larger than they imagined when they include their home, life insurance, and retirement plans. Secondly, find a lawyer and/or estate planner, with charitable estate planning experience, whom you can trust to put together a plan for your estate. At the minimum, you likely will want to draw up a will, but your planner may suggest some other options such as a trust or a family foundation. Please call me at 800.521.6010 (option 4) if I may provide possible charitable ideas, answer questions, or refer you to someone who may help in the process.


Memorial and Honor Gifts October 25, 2000 through April 18, 2001 Memorial Gifts

CYRUS ADDAMS Betsy Addams CECIL ALEXANDER Richard & Sue Birdsall Corinne Burke Robert & Jennie Cross Everett & Nancy Ferguson Milton & Evelyn Fletcher Chester & Betty Foy Loyd & Anne Frashier Harding University Bill & Jane Hefley Farrell & Grace Hogg Jack & Anne Mae Lewis Roy Luxton Edwina Pace Myrna Perry Leon & Marilyn Sanderson Larry & Lynne Stewart Karl & Carolyn Whisennand Terry & Shirley Williams DR. & MRS. E.S. ALFORD AND DONALD L. HARPER Donna Harper REBA BILAK Dieter & Marliyn Balzat Joe & Wanita White TERRY BLAKE Jim & Wendy Burcham Elmer & Veneda Dillard Floyd & Beverly Fair Dale & Maxine Keene Bill & Joanne Shinsky Larry & Lynne Stewart LARRY BOUMAN Martha Bouman SHARON BRAIDWOOD David & Niki Kirkpatrick JOHN F. BRYANT William Bryant EVERETT BUCY Rue Porter Rogers TROY A. BUTLER Troy J. Butler LAREITA CAMPBELL Everett & Maxine Foster GERTRUDE CARLSON Gene & Peg Fowler NEAL CASON Carletta Miller WILLIE CATO Maxine Cato DOTTIE CHAFFIN Carletta Miller RALPH CHURCH Lorraine Church ROBERT CLARK Jeff & Ruth Green BEA COLE Jim & Wendy Burcham MARY ANN CROSS (‘62) Joan Williams BURNESS DALTON Anna Holder Warren & Mary Etta Whitelaw BESSIE DAVIS Joe & Mary Pace David & Linda Park LEONARD & NAOMI DICKINSON Everett & Maxine Foster ROYCE DICKINSON Ed & Delores Dickinson Everett & Maxine Foster MARTIE DUNN Donald Dunn ROBERT DUNN Doris Dunn HOWARD FLIPPIN Betsy Addams Bill & Barbara Anderson Travis & Hazel Blue Jim & Wendy Burcham Jeff & Mollie Debandt Doug & Janet Edwards Don & Lynn England John & Beth Fisher Howard & Joan Hagerman Lincoln Park Associates Ann Luchsinger Carletta Miller Scott & Birgie Niemann Jim & Bertha O’Rourke Joe & Mary Pace Art & Marge Pope Guilford & Pat Rice Rochester Church of Christ Ed & Catherine Sadurski Bill & Joanne Shinsky

Larry & Lynne Stewart Mark & Beth VanRheenen CLAUDE & MARY FRENCH Virgil & Ann Bentley JAMES & BESSIE GALLAHER Nick & Geneva Schafsnitz OLA GARRETT Carletta Miller OTIS GATEWOOD Ed & Elizabeth Reeves Iris Vinther MARGARET HADFIELD Robert & Lucy Benham Bermaxx, LLC Mr. & Mrs. L.D. Berry Martha Bouman Odis & Ginny Brown Jim & Wendy Burcham Leo & Ruth Casey Milton & Evelyn Fletcher Charles & Peggy Marler Bill & Martha Matson Pauline Montgomery Scott & Birgie Niemann David & Linda Pace Joe & Sue Pace Linda Pace Mr. & Mrs. Edward Polek Art & Marge Pope Ed & Catherine Sadurski Kevin & Lori Shaffer Jeannette Schiele Bill & Joanne Shinksy Jeryl Anne Smith Larry & Lynne Stewart Holly Thompson Dorothy Walls Bill & Lynn Warren Joe & Helen Williams FRANCES HARFORD Delmor & Ella Weimer DAN HART Earl & Janet Carpenter FRONA HAWKINS Cheri Albright Elton & Rita Albright Scotty & Lynn Beck Bentley Elementary Staff Richard & Jean Cardona Cynthia DeSousa Elmer & Veneda Dillard Doug & Janet Edwards Harley Hopp Ann Luchsinger Jim & Bertha O’Rourke Lawrence & Margaret Pike Ed & Catherine Sadurski Penny Scribner David & Karen Speirs ELZA HUFFARD Geneva Parker JOHN HUMPHREY Robert & Therese Geer FERN JONES Patton & Pat Hunter JOHN WILLIAM KEYES Bob Keyes WARREN KROHN Barbara Krohn MARK LANE Larry & Kay Norman MATTHEW LEPAGE James & Ruth Ann Johnson JUNE LOBB Henry & Karolyn Terrill Zearl & Betty Watson PAUL LUTZ Don & Judy Blake MABEL LUXTON Cecil & Shirley Alexander Jack & Marsha Bills Robert & Jennie Cross Bob & Nola Cucheran Bethel Dunlop Doris Dunn John & Beth Fisher Milton & Evelyn Fletcher Ernie & Eileen Gill Lucille Green David & Niki Kirkpatrick Marie Lucas Ann Luchsinger Alexander McGarry Carletta Miller Jim & Bertha O’Rourke Rochester Church of Christ Ed & Catherine Sadurski Bill & Joanne Shinsky Southfield Swim Club Larry & Lynne Stewart Hellen Wood VI MACKENZIE Livonia Church of Christ JILL MCCLUNEY Nick & Geneva Schafsnitz GERALD & OLLIE MONTGOMERY Gerald & Judy Montgomery

GENE & MARY MONROE Edward & Geraldine Monroe MARGUERITE MOORE Brent Branstetter Family Brian Branstetter Family Luther & Beverly Branstetter Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kendricks Wilma McKeel Mr. & Mrs. Jack Miller Don & Bernice Oberholzer Jim & Bertha O’Rourke Bill & Joanne Shinsky Jeff & Kelly Steggerda Family Jeff Terrell Family Mr. & Mrs. Arlin Wilsher II EDITH NONNENMACHER John & Jean Cares Robert & Marie Conn Ruth Cran Gene & Peg Fowler Eugene & Hilda Harke Eugene & Susan Heusel Kent & Debi Hoggatt Johnnye Johnson Dale & Maxine Keene Walter & Ruth Keppler Elsie Luckhardt Ken & Karen Martin William & Anna Munz Karl & Betty Nonnenmacher Dale & Barbara Norris John Rosemergy Mr. & Mrs. Neil Rowe Carla Scruggs Jim and Myrtle Scruggs Bill & Joanne Shinsky The Stepter Family Larry & Lynne Stewart Lyle & Joyce Todd Patricia West Aaron & Kelly Westerfield Harold & Deborah Wiard Robert & Mary Jo Yarbrough FRED OCKERMAN Larry & Lynne Stewart ELFRIEDA OZ Al Oz MIKE PARENT Dean and Mary Moore ANNETTE PERRY Ann Luchsinger FRANK PLONKA, JR. Jesse & Andrea Clayton ANNETTE RILEY Mary Ellen Adams Mike & Beth Anctil Julia Boone Christopher & Mary Boyd Tim & Sandy Boyd Vernon & Alice Boyd Kevin & Gloria Conti Mary Darnall Patricia Eames James & Pamela Flannery Ada Fletcher Denise Franzel Aubrey & Margaret Goldman Gene & Betty Housden Mildred Jeffrey Ron & Rena Jones Janet King David & Mary Lemon Dick & Karen Ann Leonard Mark & Denise Lindeman Hubert & Willa Locke Monty Lynn Family Ruth Morrissey George & Joy Oliver Carmine & Kathy Perrotta Margurite Rigby Joan Rogin Jeannette Schiele Paul & Krysty Schwikert Bill & Joanne Shinsky Don & Debbie Starks Jayne Steiner Dolores Stevens Gordon & Milodene Ward CHERYL RILEY James & Pamela Flannery Joan Rogin Gordon & Milodene Ward ESTHER ROBERTS Kent & Debi Hoggatt JEFF SCHAFSNITZ Floyd & Dawn Neveau Nick & Geneva Schafsnitz WILLIE SELMON Beattie Selmon MARILYN SIMMONS John & Beth Fisher MELVIN SIMS Ruth Buschmann Darrel & Joy Emerson Farmington Hills Church of Christ James & Pamela Flannery Jeff & Ruth Green Wayne & Norma Hagaman

Steve & Dedra Hunter Livonia Church of Christ Roy & Cecilia Myers George & Joy Oliver Mike & Nancy Oliver Ken & Corrine Racine Madeline Sims Don & Debbie Starks MAE MATTHEWS SMITH Jerry & Virginia Ebeling Bill & Joanne Shinsky Larry & Lynne Stewart DOROTHA STAGG Parkside Church of Christ JAMIE STOWE (‘00) Howard & Lois Cutler Doyle & Linda Gerig Anna Holder Johnson Controls LTD Warren & Mary Etta Whitelaw Debbie Whittington JAMES STRINGER Vivian Stringer ROY THOMAS Brad & Leslie Francis ERLON & MAY DELL TURNER Jim & Bertha O’Rourke CHALMER VANRHEENEN Lorna VanRheenen HELEN VETULA Art & Marge Pope AL WAINEO Mrs. Leo Gentry Ken & Corrine Racine CHET WALTRIP Jesse & Andrea Clayton GORDON WARD Jim & Pam Flannery LARRY WITZELING Marshall & Kristine Morris Sandy Witzeling JIM WOOD Hellen Wood L.B. & LAURA WORK Zearl & Betty Watson IRA ZAVITZ Sylvia Zavitz

Honor Gifts

JIM & VIVIAN AVEY John & Valinda Tyson JOE BENTLEY Erle & Mona Sieh Moore SHERRY DINGER BOSCO Bill & Ellie Dinger WILMA BRYANT Gene Bryant LORNAL BULLOCK Lorna VanRheenen LYLE & JEAN CLARKE Rob & Sherri Clarke KAREN CUTHBERTSON Lorna VanRheenen JULIA LOUISE DANDA Roger & Lu Page DONALD CAMERON GUILD Bob Keyes MAURICE & MARIE HALL Judy Harbottle DR. LEO HINDSLEY Marty Kindall BEULAH HUFFARD Geneva Parker AL & LINDA MEAKES Dale & Barbara Norris CLIF & KRISTI MIMS Rick & Shirley Wood MARY MOTSINGER Martha Bouman PAUL & MARIE POE Roger & Joyce Poe IOLA RUMMEL Donna Zamber BETH & KEVIN STEWART Larry & Lynne Stewart EDITH SUMMERHAYES Steve & Julie Harper BOB & MARY UTLEY The Utley Brothers Family DWAYNE VANRHEENEN Lorna VanRheenen GAILYN VANRHEENEN Lorna VanRheenen MARK VANRHEENEN Lorna VanRheenen RICK & ELLEN WOOD Rick & Shirley Wood

Memorial gifts and honor gifts may be sent to the Office of the President at the college address on the mailing panel. Be sure to include 1) your name and full address, 2) the name of the person being honored, and 3) the name and address of the person to receive an acknowledgment card.





Build Better Churches! Midwest Sermon Seminar May 14-17, 2001 “Preaching Like Paul from Romans” for more information on this recently published series phone 248.218.2144

Jim Wood Church Leadership Seminar June 1-3, 2001 “They Smell Like Sheep” featuring Dr. Lynn Anderson for more information phone 248.218.2022

Scott Cottrill

Tom Duncan

Associates Mary Wooten, a member of the class of 1982, recently assumed new responsibilities on behalf of the Associates. Since 1985, the group has collected redemption points at Bill Knapps Restaurants to purchase items for the college. Mary’s mother, Margaret Hadfield, coordinated that effort until her recent death. Accepting the project, Mary stated, “I am honored to ‘take the torch’ and carry on my mother’s great love for this college and the wonderful ladies who so lovingly have given their time and talents for many years.”

for most to attend during the day,” Mr. Edwards continued. “Consequently, full-time church leaders and senior citizens now make up most of our daytime crowds.” After considering numerous options, the lectureship committee decided to reformat the lectureship into a weekend schedule. The revised program will open on Friday evening, run throughout the day on Saturday, and end on Sunday morning. In order to give the lectureship a fresh identity, the committee selected a new designation for the weekend, Impact: A Conference for Seeking the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Each year, the program will center around a theme as in past years. “Even though we will still refer to the program as the lectureship, we hope the name Impact will be appealing to the younger generation,” stated Mr. Edwards. “Many young professionals attend conferences on a regular basis, so they likely will identify with the terminology.” In addition to packing a number of dynamic speakers into the weekend program, the committee also recommended that one or two workshops be held on campus just prior to the opening of the lectureship. “Scheduling some of our workshops during the same time period will bring more people to the campus and give everyone the opportunity to participate in a multifaceted weekend,” Mr. Edwards noted. “Additionally, we will be able to use some of the

Lora Schwab

Carla Sledge

Five selected to serve with Trustees Continuing to build leadership for the new century, the Board of Trustees of Rochester College recently added five members to its ranks. Terms of service for each individual began at the last quarterly board meeting. Scott Cottrill of Fort Wayne, Indiana, is an operations support manager at Guardian Industries. He has served on the college Development Council and as a Partnership Dinner chairman. Mr. Cottrill and his wife, Melissa, are members of the East Allen County Church of Christ, where he serves as a deacon, Bible class teacher, and song leader. “A strong college in the North strengthens the church,” stated Mr. Cottrill. “My three sons need an option for a progressive, worldclass, Christian university in the

Lectureship adopts weekend format Building upon a tradition that started a year before the college opened, the lectureship committee recently announced new plans for the college’s oldest annual program. Those changes will occur when the lectureship takes place this fall on October 19-21. “Many individuals have attended the lectureship since it began,” stated Doug Edwards, chairman of the committee. “As time has gone on, however, most younger families have not established that tradition.” “Busy schedules and the fact that both husband and wife work in many families makes it hard

Rich Richardson

outstanding speakers that come for our workshops in the lectureship program.” This fall, Mike Cope of Abilene, Texas, will open Impact with the theme Glory on the Mountain. Classes will be available on Saturday, and that evening will include the annual Friends Dinner and another keynote address. The lectureship will conclude with worship the next morning.

North, and I have twelve years to help build one!” A Partnership Dinner promoter and father of a Rochester College student, Tom Duncan of South Lyon, Michigan, works in land development and management. With experience as a member of the South Lyon Board of Education, he also is assisting with the formation of a new university in Africa. He serves as an elder of the South Lyon Church of Christ, where he and his wife, Joanne, are members. “The transition from a teenager living at home to responsible adulthood is the most critical period in each of our lives,” Mr. Duncan noted. “If I can be of help to young people by providing them with a wholesome, Godly atmosphere during those crucial years, I will gladly serve.” Rich Richardson of Mokena, Illinois, is the owner of Richardson Products, Inc. A coach of community sporting events, he also teaches Bible classes on a regular basis and is active in evangelistic efforts. Mr. Richardson and his wife, Gena, are members of the Park Forest Church of Christ in Matteson. “I hope to contribute to a environment which develops young people to become educated, committed disciples, not simply nice, successful churchgoing members

of the community,” stated Mr. Richardson. Lora Schwab of Saline, Michigan, is the president and CEO of Statprobe, Inc., one of the nation’s largest research organizations that works with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. Dr. Schwab and her husband, Don, are active members of the Ann Arbor Church of Christ. “I believe in the vision of Rochester College,” Dr. Schwab commented when asked why she decided to serve on the Board of Trustees. “That vision provides students a higher education with a Christian focus that helps equip them for life.” The chief deputy financial officer for Wayne County, Carla Sledge of Franklin, Michigan, is active as a representative of the college and as a member of several community organizations. In 1999, she received the Most Influential Black Women in Metropolitan Detroit Award and the NABA Award for Achievement in Government. Mrs. Sledge and her husband, Willie, are members of the Russell Woods Church of Christ. “I am involved with the college board to utilize my experience in finance,” Mrs. Sledge stated. “It is a means of giving back as I have been blessed.”

Impact 2001 A Conference for Seeking the Way, the Truth, and the Life

Rochester College October 19-21, 2001 New Date!

Glory on the Mountain Studies from Exodus

21st Annual

Fletcher-Shinsky Golf Classic

Opening Session with Mike Cope of Abilene, Texas Keynote Addresses ~ Daytime Classes ~ Special Dinners

July 27, 2001 9:30 a.m. Shotgun Start

Preceded by Two Special Workshops: “Fantastic Families” and “The Church That Flies”

Graystone Golf Club Romeo, Michigan

44th Bible Lectureship

for reservations phone 248.218.2011




VISIONARY SOCIETY GIFTS OVER $50,000 Associates of Rochester College Betty Dickinson ’78 Ford Motor Company Ennis & Nancy Ham Gerald & Lucille Isom Buel Johnson

TORCH ALLIANCE GIFTS OF $25,000 - $49,999 Anonymous Donor Pat & Jane Kirby

CHALLENGE ALLIANCE GIFTS OF $10,000 - $24,999 Mary Ellen Adams Betsy Addams Alcoa Foundation Anonymous Donor Jim & Debbie Arnett Jim & Vivian Avey Bank One Byrl & Pat Brockman Gary & Rosemary Carson Donald & Shane Carter ’64 Charitable Financial Concepts Mary T. Dennis General Motors Foundation Herbert & Elsa Ponting Foundation Ken & Mary Johnson Avis Lannel Lawrence Estate Larry & Kay Norman Pfizer SBC Foundation Harold & Helen Slater Bob & Mary Utley Gordon & Carole Wright

TRUSTEE’S ALLIANCE GIFTS OF $5,000 - $9,999 Billy & Jo Dell Adams Amoco Foundation Inc. Bill & Barbara Anderson Alan & Michele Bain N.H. & Helen Beaman Kathy Brittingham John & Rosemary Brown Lorraine Church Bob & Nola Cucheran ’67, ’64 Harrison & Robbie Davis John & Beth Fisher Maude Forsyth Bruce & Judy Foulk Howard & Joan Hagerman Mrs. Robert D. Luchsinger Phillip & Peggy Malone Ralph & Wilma McQueen Bob & Kathy Norton ’82, ’83 Barry & Rebekah Pate ’71 Art & Marge Pope Jim & Caye Randolph Donald & Ethel Smith Cornell Stamoran Sunny Glen Children’s Home Mary Taylor Estate Washington Foundation Don & Doe Whetstone Whitehall Church of Christ

PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE GIFTS OF $1,000 - $4,999 Elton & Rita Albright American Express Company Ameritech Foundation Noreen Andrews & Viola Coltson Anonymous Donor Anonymous Donor Roger & Kathy Anspach William P. Baer Donald & Joan Barton Carl & Mary Behrick Robert & Lucy Benham Donald & Linda Berkey Inez Bernard Steven Bowers ’95 Bridgestone & Firestone Trust James Brown ’62 BTR Automotive James & Linda Butterfield Butzel Long Candace Cain CBI Design Professionals Jim & Nell Chamblee Norman & Marge Christman Rob & Sherri Clarke ’82, ’84 Clarence & Grace Chamberlin Foundation Comerica Inc. Cooper Tire & Rubber Foundation Toni Curtis DaimlerChrysler Corporation Gary & Dana Davis ’76 Jeff & Mollie Debandt Jack & Suzzanne Dempsey Detroit Edison Ed & Delores Dickinson ’79, ’80 Niles & Diana Dover Michael & Lisa Dryden ’84 Thomas & Joanne Duncan Doris Dunn Chuck & Joyce Duvall ’63 David & Lathell Dymacek Eaton Corporation Steve & Mildred Eckstein EDS Doug & Janet Edwards ’62 Ron & Cathy Englehart Ron & Arrah Eubanks ’69 Ezell Foundation Jerry & Joyce Felzien Brad & Betsy Fisher Flanders Road Church of Christ Floyd Kent Foundation Gene & Peg Fowler Al & Suzanne Garner Martin & Nelda Gay Kerry & Charlotte Given Todd & Connie Graham ’71 David & Branka Greer Hammon Fund Ken & Ruth Ann Handley ’70 Duane & Patty Harrison Rodney & Angela Hazel ’00, ’91 Tim & Donna Hickerson William Hill Greg & Kristen Hinkson Michael & Maria Hogan Dean & Thelma Hoggatt Bruce & Elsie Hostrup International Paper Company Foundation John & Verdena Ireland ITW Robert & Jane Jackson Lowell & Wanda Jacobs Johnson Control Limited Johnson Controls Inc. Kellogg’s of Battle Creek Mark & Robin Kirk

Tom & Sue Kirkland Andy & Lisa Kronenwetter Lake Orion Church of Christ Iris Lassiter Gordon & Nancy MacKinnon ’81, ’76 Marion Rotary Foundation Inc. Jim & Carol McCartney ’78 Christopher & Kalai McHan Larry & Mary Moebs Dean & Mary Moore ’62 National Steel Corporation William Nations John Will Nichols Ben & Susan Noah Northwest Church of Christ Bob & Marge Norton John & Mary Lou O’Brien William O’Neal Estate Maureen O’Neill Jim & Bertha O’Rourke Oakland Church of Christ R.C. Ottwell Al Oz Lynn & Barbara Packer Dave & Linda Park ’74 Rick & Carol Passage Nina Pettigrew Diane Philpot Jack & Faye Powell Procter & Gamble Fund Joe & Sarah Reddick Quinn & Peggy Reed Tom & Diane Rellinger ’80 Richard & Gena Richardson Harry Riemenschneider Estate Bill & MaryAnn Riggs Annette Riley Rochester Church of Christ Joan Rogin Nick & Geneva Schafsnitz Vernon & Barbara Schnathorst Donald & Bobbie Schulz Shell Companies Foundation Dave & Angie Simons ’91 Vergil & Karen Ann Smith Margaret Southern Steve & Priscilla Speck Dick & Chloe Stephens Larry & Lynne Stewart ’70, ’74 Mel & Diane Storm Mark & Leslie Stowe ’74 Larry & Linda Stutts David & Lisa Swanson Irma Terpenning John & Joyce Todd ’67 TRW Foundation Utley Brothers Inc. Mark & Beth VanRheenen Alan & Debra Waites Jim & Dorothy Warren Lawrence & Linda Watson Wells Fargo Aaron & Kelly Westerfield Mike & Sharon Westerfield Roy & Sue Westerfield Warren & Mary Etta Whitelaw Earl & Wilma Williams Hellen Wood Ed & Joan Work ’65 Sarah Yoakum Zion Christian Church

PROGRESS CLUB GIFTS OF $500 - $999 Adrian Church of Christ Beverly Aldrich Allstate Foundation John & Joanne Benedict Viva Blackburn Thomas Bonner Roger & Sherry Bousho Else Briggs Andy Brockman Ronnie Brumbaugh Jim & Wendy Burcham Ken & Barb Burman ’70 John & Teddy Butts ’68 Children’s Outreach Inc. Dean & Ruth Clutter Tony & Sheryl Coccia Colin Powell Academy Inc. Godfrey & Barb Collins Walter & Shirley Conner Consumers Energy Rick & Dimple Correa Scott & Melissa Cottrill Donmoyer Avenue Church of Christ Gertrude Dykes Jerry & Virginia Ebeling Milton & Evelyn Fletcher Del & Diane Foster Savage & Mariella Goff Michael & Sonia Gresham ’71, ’70 Charles Hadfield George & Karen Hanley Happy Haven Homes Steve & Julie Harper ’79 Andy & Missy Harrison ’91 Anne Hawkins Clarence & Dixie Henker Jeff & Paula Herron ’75 Kent & Debi Hoggatt ’72, ’88 Holmes Road Church of Christ Dan & Lora Isenberg ’82 Val Jacobs Roger & Pat Jewett David & Ruby Johnson Wayne & Fran Johnson ’76 Johnson & Johnson Company Bob & Linda Jones Kensington Community Church Robert & Deidre Kerszulis Naim & Ferial Kheir Jay & Michelle Lambert Lockheed Martin Corporation Ron & Betty Losher ’62, ’61 Ray & Sharyn MacDonald ’65 Vera Manley Marmon Group Robert & Kim Martin John & Teresa Mason Edward & Merlinda Moral Tony & Linda Mowrer Walter & Barbara Neild Rudy & Anna Northcutt Northwestern Mutual Life Don & Bernice Oberholzer Auritus Oliver One Time Blind Gary & Cynthia Osborn William & Henrietta Palmer Parkside Church of Christ Perrysburg Church of Christ Lawrence & Margaret Pike Frank & Terry Pitts ’86, ’83 Garth & Pat Pleasant ’69, ’70 Plymouth Church of Christ Plymouth Community United Way Paige Pradko Don & Kim Robinson ’72, ’76 Rochester Church of Christ (IN) Iola Rummel Ed & Catherine Sadurski Don & Lora Schwab

Ken & Debbie Scott Calvin & Patsy Seccombe Doug & Shelia Selke Sid & Joan Smith Bruce & Joy Starkey ’64, ’67 Jerry & Marion Starling Statprobe Inc. Stephens Christian Trust Harvey & Ruth Stringfellow Jerry & Janet Tarrant Jim & Raida Thomas TMP Associates Inc. Tractebel Power Operations Inc. Troy Church of Christ Louhon & Carolyn Tucker Robert & Rosalie Turner Evan & Betty Ulrey Upjohn Company David & Carol VanHooser John & Mildred Viglasky Iris Vinther Rick & Karen Watson ’70 Michael & Janet Weber Bob & Edy Wenner Richard & Sherry Westlund Marvin & Dorothy Whitledge Patrick & Margaret Zurlinden

CENTURY CLUB GIFTS OF $100 - $499 Gary & Donna Ablett Doug & Beverly Adkins Ruthe Ahrens Cecil & Shirley Alexander Andy Allen Dennis Allen Doug & Cathy Allen ’81, ’80 Jack Allen

Bordine’s Nursery Richard & Carol Boris Martha Bouman Bobby & Peggy Boyd Tim & Sandy Boyd Vernon & Alice Boyd David & Alisa Brackney ’87, ’86 George & Kathleen Brackney Jerry & Rita Brackney Mark & Christine Brackney ’90, ’89 Dan & Sandra Bradburn Erma Brand Alice Brasher Don & Patricia Brewster Richard & Betsy Brice Chad & Lesly Brock ’90, ’83 Anna Brooks Bill & Barb Brooks ’71 Harold & Judy Brooks Richard & Linda Brooks James & Mildred Broome Bill & Jamie Brosey Diane Brown Marcus & Allisa Brown Gene & Wilma Bryant John & Barbara Bryant William Bryant James & Louise Bugg ’65 Bob & Pamela Bullock Robert & Lennie Bumbalough Peter & Bonita Bumpass Boyd & Shirley Burger Hayward & Sandra Burton Mrs. J.B. Burton Ruth Buschmann Mary Ann Butler Gary & Wendy Byram James & Rayola Byrne Lee Cagle

Arthur & Mary Curnutte Dennis & Emmy Curnutte ’71, ’69 Carmen & Nancy D’Ascenzo ’61 Gail A. Davidson Don & Dixie Davies Evelyn Davis Jewell Davis Roger & Barbara Davis Roy & Mildred Davis Steve & Debra Davis Kevin & Colleen Daymon ’78 Herb & Charlotte Dean Carl & Linda DeCaspers Stephen & Patrice Deckard Bill & Angela Dee DeGrendel Custom Builders Delphi Automotive Systems James Demello James & Kathleen Derickson Pearl & Leona Derr Mike & Vicki Derrenberger David & Linda DeSimone William DeWeese Rick & Karen Di Gregorio Clark Dickerson Royce & Terri Dickinson ’75 Mark & Kathy Dillard ’78 Phillip & Robin Dillard ’77 Ralph & Bernice Dingess Stephen & Ann Donawick Sharon Donnenwerth Daniel Donohue Dow Corning Corporation Betty Downing Fritz & Kathy Duesel ’82 Thomas & Donna Duncan Don Dunn Mickey & Rennae Dunn ’73 Linda Dunning

NORTH STAR Marvin Garner Mike & Anne Garrison ’84 Robert & Therese Geer Gemini Forms & Systems General Mills Foundation Michael & Jan George Doyle & Linda Gerig Randy & LaJuana Gill ’74 Darlene Gilliland ’83 Paulette Gladden Elizabeth Glover Bill & Margo Golembiewski David & Bobbie Goodman David & Deborah Goodman Eugene & Rosie Graham Celesta Grear Great Lakes Church of Christ Jeff & Ruth Green Jim & Colleen Greenfield George & Carolyn Gregg Donald & Ginger Griesing Dean & Dolly Griffith John & Kimberly Griffith Todd & Carla Grizzell ’86 Greg & Kathy Guymer ’78 Jim & Sandy Haferkamp ’88 Wayne & Norma Hagaman Robert & Gloria Hagan Dan & Lois Hagerman ’76 Carol Halsey Earl & Rosemary Hamb Rex & Jennifer Hamilton James & Jean Hammond Jim Hampton ’79 Vernon & Opal Hampton Naomi Hanford Paul & Grace Hansen Walter & Maxine Harlan Brian & Ann Harrington

Robert & Rosemary Johnson Steven & Kathryn Johnson Johnson Control(Lakeshore) Johnson Control (Orangeville) Johnson Controls Johnson Controls (Foam Plant) Johnson Controls Foundation Bruce & Dawn Jones Ethel Jones Jody Jones Joseph & Geneva Jones Richard & Sandra Jones Ray & Vera Juday Alice Junior Jim & Sue Kamradt ’99 Patrick & Carole Karbon Dale & Maxine Keene Norman & Reba Keener Tim & Hillery Kelems Warren Kendall Jr. ’70 Kennerley-Spratling Inc. Fred & Hazel Kibler Charles Kim Janet King Mr. & Mrs. John L. King Larry & Pat King Roger & Jane Knapp Doris Knecht Paula Koczkur David & Elizabeth Kohn Walter & Lottie Kos David & Tina Kosuth Paul & Pat Kowalewski ’80 Susan Kowalski ’84 Larry & Marian Kreul Krieghoff - Lenawee Company Bill & Donna Krist John & Kathy Kruse ’77, ’78 Wayne & Faye Kuchenmeister ’95

Giving patterns foster new donor clubs Donors again rallied in support of Rochester College dur2000 Donor Gift Clubs ing the year 2000 as 1,842 individuals and organizations proClub Name Gift Level Donors Gifts vided a total of $1,555,294 in Visionary Society over $50,000 6 496,167 gift income. Torch Alliance 25,000-49,999 2 63,744 “In response to a positive Challenge Alliance 10,000-24,999 22 292,489 trend in giving patterns, we deTrustee's Alliance 5,000-9,999 28 173,956 cided to add giving clubs for President's Circle 1,000-4,999 147 269,232 those donating over $25,000,” Progress Club 500-999 107 67,220 stated Doug Edwards, vice presiCentury Club 100-499 828 167,111 dent for development. “A third Partners Club 1-99 702 25,375 club, entitled the Endowment A total of 1,842 donors gave $1,555,294 in 2000. Society, will be added for 2001 to recognize those giving over $100,000 during the year.” “In order for the college to continue its current rate of growth, we must begin attracting major gifts on a regular basis,” stated Dr. Ken Johnson, president of the college. “Substantial investments in facilities and programs will be a necessity over the next few years.” Nationwide, over 1,000 employers continued to match employee gifts during the past year. Rochester College received matching gifts from sixty companies, totaling an impressive $197,941 of the college’s gift income. “Many people do not realize that their employers will actually double or triple their gifts to the college without any additional cost to themselves,” stated Mr. Edwards. “They simply need to submit a matching form with their gift.” A list of matching companies can be obtained by calling the Development Office at 800.521.6010. Wendell & Diane Allen Allentown Church of Christ Ira & Barbara Allmond Beatrice Amen Tony & Tina Amorose ’76 AmSouth Mary T. Anderson Joy Angel Anonymous Donor David & Sarah Anspach Gary & Jodie Anspach Lindall Applegate Brian & Patricia Arnett Richard Arnholt Arrow Electronics Inc. Mark & Rachel Ashmore AT&T Media Services Ron & Beth Austin Bill & Yvonne Avery Brian & Shawna Bailey Phyllis Baker Garry & Tamera Balk David & Lillian Barbier John & Anita Barcroft Roger & Kathryn Barrick Mildred Barriger Rachael Bartlett Thomas & Bonnie Batey Neil & Laura Baxter Kenyatte Baylor ’96 Charles & Blodwyn Beals Roland & Jean Beasley Robert & Jean Bechler Dot Beck Danny & Denise Beeks ’73 Bob & Betty Bell Lynn & Barbara Bell Mildred Bell Bellsouth Corporation John & Helen Belt Bob & Becky Bennett Glenn & Joan Berry Bethesda Christian Church Jack & Marsha Bills Gary & Pamela Birdwell Gary & Gail Biskner Fleetie Blackburn Don & Judy Blake Mary Bloomingburg Roger & Judy Blue Travis & Hazel Blue Paul & Becky Bochniak ’76 Chris & Sheri Boleratz William Bond Gary & Monica Bone Russ & Frances Bone Benny & Susan Boone

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Cahow Jim & Lori Calkin ’87 Greg & Karen Campbell ’85 Gregory & Kelly Campbell Earl & Janet Carpenter Bob & Teri Carris Jerry & Lula Carter Gerald & Clara Carvey David & Jackie Case ’67 Tedd & Linda Case Leo & Ruth Casey Daniel Caveney Jennifer Chalcraft John & Mary Chalk Helen Chatman Graydon & Edna Chester Christ Foundation Church in the Falls Glen & Helen Churchill David & Jewell Clair Don & Patricia Clark Ray & Barbara Clark Lyle & Jean Clarke John & Anita Clauss ’83 Bruce & Lisa Clay Allan & Betty Clements Bill & Clarissa Cochran Ron & Judy Coffee Jeff & Jennifer Cohu Steven & Barbara Cohu David & Barbara Cole Theo & Maxine Coleman Gary & Marge Collins Matthew & Missy Combs Wendell & Shirley Combs Comerica Bank Conant Gardens Church of Christ Robert & Marie Conn Phil & Tamera Conner ’90 Consultants to Management Ron & Tanya Content ’81 Betty Cook Katie Cook Floyd & Lanell Coppedge Fred Copple Judy Corbin Mike & Diane Corder David & Jeneice Corwin ’82 Jamie & Sheila Couch Gene & Mary Alice Cowie Bill & Molly Cox Rick & Diane Cox Ron & Cindy Cox ’61 Tom & Mary Ann Craig Bob & Jennie Cross Wilford & Donna Culler Gary & Ginny Cummins ’78

Ronald & Carroll Duvall ’63 Irv & Olga Dworkin Patricia Eames Eastwood Church of Christ Nelson & Jan Eddy Alva & Audrey Edens Fred & Lynn Edens Ann Eifler Bettye Ellington Bill & Martha Ellis Aaron & Rose Ellis ’75 Darrel & Joy Emerson ’68 Robert & Susan Epley Jim & Karlida Esdale Dana & Middy Eubank ’83 Blake & Becky Eubanks ’85 Pat & Marilyn Evans Robert & Patty Evans Royce & Jo Ellen Evans Pat & Beatrice Eveland Evergreen Church of Christ Clyde & Halema Ewing Gene & Betty Ewing Floyd & Beverly Fair Joseph & Kathleen Fannon J.D. & Perilee Farmer Keith & Pat Ferchau ’61 Steve & Sherry Feril Clark & Margaret Finley Dennis & Linda Finley Gary & Diane Finley David & Trenna Fishbaugh Ruth Fisher James & Pamela Flannery Jerry & Barbara Flatt Floyd & Joyce Fleischhut Bob & Sally Fleming John & Agnes Flowers Clarence & Barbara Floyd Mike & Denise Flynn ’76 Bob & Jane Forrester ’62 Everett & Maxine Foster ’83 Derrel & Pat Fox Paul & Karen Fralick Anna Francisco William & Mary Lou Free Hubel & Joyce Freeman Dale & Patty French Gordon French Matthew & Janine French ’76 Don & Jo Fugate Richard & Valerie Fuller Marlice Fulton ’79 Michael Fulton Bruce & Shirley Funston ’61 Karen Fussell Jerry & Teresa Gailbreath ’76, ’75

Karene Harris William & Jean Harris Laverne Harrison Glenna Hart Hartford Inspection & Insurance Co. John & LeAnn Harvey ’83 David & De Anna Harvill Rick & Merry Hastings Frona Hawkins Ron & Laureen Hazel Tracey & Holly Hebert R.J. & Margaret Henderson Randy Henderson Stephen & Yolanda Henderson Wes & Kathryn Hendrick Allen & Barbara Henry Stanford & Dora Henry Henry’s Service Center Inc. Don & Marilyn Henson Dennis & Kim Herndon Deborah Hewitt Teri & Donna Hibbard Elton & Laquita Higgs Charles Hikes Rick & Karen Hillman Andy & Lyn Hinson Morris & Gail Hinson ’64, ’73 Troy & Marcia Hinson Edward & Linda Hodgens Randy & Jan Hoffman ’77 Brian & Julie Hoggatt ’87 Ted & Bonnie Holcombe Anna Holder Elizabeth Holland Ben & Louise Holt Mark & Rayetta Hoover Gene & Betty Housden Shannon & Susan Houtrouw David Howell Paul & Lena Hubbard Kirk & Susan Hunter Gerald & Barbara Hyder Ronald & Nina Hyder IBM Corporation Ingersoll-Rand Company Jim & Barbara Ingram Jim Isenberg ’89 Bertha Jackson Doris Jackson Leonard & Dixie Jacobsen John & Elizabeth Jagosz June James Rick & Kristy Jehn ’88 Arlie & Fannie Johnson Craig & Kara Johnson Holly Johnson ’99 Johnnye Johnson

Mike & Dawn Kurschat ’86 Bill & Katie Lackowski ’98 Ted & Dorothea Lafever Robert & Helyn Lafreniere Ken & Susan Lake ’80 Max & Jerry Lancaster Steve & Candy Lance ’71 Jim & Mary Langford Cindy Lapp Jim & Pam Larsen ’99 Mary Larson ’68 Jack & Karen Lauderman Daniel & Connie Lauzon ’71 Robert & Kathy LaValley Dan & Linda Lawson ’71 Shirley Lazarov Dan & Shirley Leach ’64, ’63 Leroy & Doris Ledsworth ’62 Dollie Lee Charlotte Leone Pat Leslie Dave & Sharon Lewis ’85 Fred & Anne Liimatta ’68 Tony & Cherry Lingbawan Jim Litton Roy Litton Clarence & Jerri Locke ’66 John Lockenour Mr. Al Loftis & Mrs. Vivian Cox Dorothy Loftis Mike & Kathy Long Robert & Laura Long Daniel & Sue Longfellow Bruce & Dolores Longfellow ’69 Tom & Joanne Longfellow ’78 Henry & Linda Lowe Lucent Technologies Wilma Lutz Bill & Mary Jo Lytle Jim & Heidi Lytle Russell & Loraine Mabry Jack & Eva Mae Maddox Madison Heights Church of Christ Gary & Elizabeth Magee Brent & Kay Magner Seeley & Lenora Mangus Joshua Markos Marshalltown Church of Christ Adlai & Joyce Martin Flavil Martin Ken & Debbie Martin Kenneth & Karen Martin Mark & Kathy Matchynski John & Sandy Mathey Bill & Martha Matson Cliff & Lydia Mattison Ernie & Ginny May ’77, ’78

Martha Maynard Paul Mays ’81 Wallice & Virginia Mays Doug & Diana McArthur ’69 John & Patti McClelland Monty & Lora McClelland ’98, ’96 Ceola McCollough Robin McConnell George & Pat McCracken Dawn & Sharon McDonald Daniel & Angella McFall Hubert & Shirley McFall J.P. & V.C. McGuire David & Barbara McKee Tony & Barbara McKee Wilma McKeel Donald & Judy McKenzie Donald & Rosemary McLennan Ken & Willa McMillon Harry & Gerry McNally Clovis & Jo Meixner Dan & Justina Meixner ’80 Larry & Brenda Messenger Eric & Robin Messer Kevin & Anna Messier Mich Con Foundation Chuck & Diane Middleton ’76 Larry & Kathy Milam Becky Miller Carletta Miller Dorothy Miller Gary & Gail Miller Embrey Milner Nana Mimura Jerry & Barbara Miracle Earl & Rosemary Mittlestat ’68 Ruth Mobley Gerald & Judy Montgomery ’62 Louis & Jocelyn Montgomery Pauline Montgomery John & Irene Moody Erle & Mona Moore George & Sharon Moore Helen V. Moore Modenner Moore Chris & Laura Morgan Thom & Shelly Morgenstern ’90, ’89 Jerry & Elaine Morris John & Norma Morris Keith & Freda Morris Fred & Sharon Morrison Barbara Morrow Kimberly Morse Inez Mosley Larry & Joanne Mosley Theodore & De Etta Moss Mt. Carmel Church of Christ Keith & Sara Mueller Harold & Leona Mullens Leon & Emma Mullens ’70 Michael Mullins Nancy Mumper Lester & Colleen Murrell Bradford & Dana Mutchler Michio & Lorraine Nagai Edward & Devota Nall ’99 Jason & Angie Nall ’97 Harold & Charlotte Nance ’69 National City Bank of MI/IL Irma Nave Barney & Sharon Neill Jamie Nelson ’91 Lori Nelson ’97 Edward & Tessie Nepi New Life Academy Cathy Newton ’91 Clyde & Carrie Newton Geneva Newton Bill & Ruth Nichols Bill & Karen Nichols Rocky & Wilma Nichols James & Aileen Nicks Scott & Birgie Niemann Edith Nonnenmacher Dale & Barbara Norris Jack & Barbara O’Rourke Fred & Sheila Ockerman Mike Odneal Don & Nita Ogburn Glenn & Sarah Olbricht Tim & Patty Olree ’77 Evelyn Osborn Rick & Barb Osborn Jim & Linda Ott Del & LaFonda Overton Edwina Pace Joe & Mary Pace Linda Pace Debra Paden Charles & Fay Palmer Edward & Joan Palmer ’68, ’67 Larry & Marilyn Parham Geneva Parker Roy & Joberta Parker ’82 Steven & Dawanna Parker Terry & Lynnete Parker Dave & Marilyn Parks ’93 William Patrick Cleta Patterson-Smith Peter & Naomi Patton Jim & Beth Paul William & Cloda Paul Jeff & Lisa Pauls Gordon & Carol Payne Robert & Wanda Peace Brian & Laura Pearson Yolanda Pelletier ’84 Duane & Dolores Peltier Ronald Pepper ’69 Herbert & Evalyn Peterson PGK Services Inc. Brenda Phillips ’77 Georgia Phillips John & Leavie Phillips Cecil & Lupe Phipps Robert Pizzuti Klint & Rachel Pleasant ’94 Walt & Edith Pociask Roger & Joyce Poe ’94 Greg & Kim Pollard Robert & Marge Pollard Amos & Janet Ponder Thelma Poole Zachary & Carolyne Pope ’86, ’85 Port Huron Church of Christ Dan & Gail Porter Niziol & Susan Powers Dave & Janette Preece ’76 Doyle & Mary Prestridge Audria Price Bernard Price George & Jeanne Price Jim Primeau Randy & Shelly Pryka Karen Kay Pullins ’65 Robert & Ruth Rainsberger Gary & Beth Rajter ’76 Karl & Natalie Randall ’71, ’72 Salvatore & Darlene Randazzo Gregory & Mary Raterman ’69 Chris & Lesli Raymond ’92 Raytheon Lillian Reaume Jack & Joann Recor Frank & Darlene Reed

Lynna Reese ’66 Toby & Anita Reeves ’87 Bob & Gail Reeves Aileen Reynolds Jack & Phyllis Reynolds K.C. Richards Ron & Gail Rickard Norene Riley Thomas & Jackie Riley Daniel & Michelle Ritch Joe & Ann Ritchie Ron & Fonda Robinson ’80 Wayne & Gladys Robinson Herbert & Alice Rodgers David & Saule Rogers ’82 Jarett & Sherri Rogin John & Valorie Rogin Romeo Church of Christ Edward & Mary Root Robert & Mildred Rucker Nell Russell Robert & Diana Russell Tony & Veronica Russo Dora Rutherford Burt & Debi Rutledge ’93, ’91 Leonard Ryan SAFECO Jessie & Cindy Sammons Alan & Lori Sanborn Bobbi Sanders Dan & Susan Santellan Vincent Scarafino Ernie & Shirley Scarbrough Steve & Violet Schad ’77 Jeannette Schiele Frederick Schimon Gunther & Jane Schlender Dave & Cindy Schofield ’81, ’78 Betty Schoonmaker Thaddeus & Nancy Schroeder ’64 Dorris Schulz Joseph A. & Kelly Schulz Jean Schwallie Henry & Tamela Scott John Scott ’00 Ernie & Mary Shadix Kevin & Lori Shaffer ’82 Shamrock Forms Inc. Bill & Joanne Shinsky Paul & Heather Shinsky ’78 Glen & Judy Shipman Ron & Jody Siegel ’88, ’86 David & Joyce Simmons Donald & Sheri Simmons Tom & Anita Simpson Rick & Jan Sims ’73 Steven & Theresa Sipos Sir Speedy Printing Fred & Connie Sitter Ralph & Bonnie Sitter Ken & Gail Skeens ’82 Steve & Jill Skidmore ’77 Jack & Judy Slater Harold & Gladys Sledge ’69 Gaylon & Deanna Smith Calvin Smith Darlene Smith David & Dee Smith ’88 Deron & Suzanne Smith Don & Janet Smith Donald & Alyce Smith Donald & Dawn Smith John & Judy Smith ’65, ’62 Patrick & Theresa Smith Stephen & Janet Smith Susan Smith Thomas & Sheryl Smith James & Brenda Snow ’93 Ned & Dorothy Solomon Wayne & Nancy Somers Steve & Ann Soper Daniel & Karen Sorensen Gary & Debbie Sparks Nancy Sparks Robert & Sheila Sparks Richard & Gloria Spears Randy & Kim Speck ’92, ’93 Steve & Kelly Sprague Coy & Wynelle Spurgeon Larry & Susan Stack Gordon & Ellen Stalcup Stamford Church of Christ Steve & Bonita Stanley State Farm Foundation Jeff & Kelly Steggerda ’84 Robert & Nancy Stevenson Dean & Pamela Stewart Ed Stewart ’71 Ken & Lorie Stewart ’82 Kenneth Stewart Lewis & Mary Stewart Ray & Sherry Stewart Ruby Stewart Brian & Lisa Stogner ’80 Fred & Nancy Stogner Greg & Cara Stone Larry & Tillie Stone Johnny & Ann Strasser Vivian Stringer Lucas & Serenity Summers ’97 Carl & Edith Swanigan ’97 Terry & Karen Swiney Jerry & Connie Tallman ’93 Jessie Talmadge David & Mary Tao ’68 Glenn & Sandy Tarrant Billy & Juanita Taylor John & Joyce Taylor Roscoe & Geneva Taylor Jess & Lorene Temple Paul & Sonja Temple Duane & Betty Tennant Allen & Bonita Tenney Joe & Kathy Terrell Mayfus & Eloise Thacker Averill & Wilma Thomas Bill & Jean Thomas Mike & Simone Thomas ’85 Nathaniel Thomas Ron & Pat Thomas Jeff & Crista Thompson Glenda & Marcia Thurmond Michael & Brenda Tittle Frances Toben Richard & Linda Treap Mary Trenary Alton & Carol Tripp David & Nancy Truex Buford & Ermal Tucker J.P. & Lavon Tucker Gary & Mary Turner Ron Tyler Hugh & Rosemary Upton ’79 Gordon & Lisa Urban ’82 Mike & Michele Urban USG Foundation Inc. Ed & Kim Utley ’91 ’98 John & Chris Utley Rod & Tammy VanWagoner ’78 Bill & Shirley Vaughn Gary & Jane Vaught Dennis & Donna Veara Tullos & Thelma Vincent Phillip & Ellinora Vinson Reed & Pam Vinson ’67, ’69


NORTH STAR Virginia Visel Jim & Jaynie Vize ’99 Frank & Juanita Wabeke Bruce Wager Bryan & Debbi Waineo ’73 Jane Waites Jim & Dwinna Walker ’62, ’61 Kenneth Walker Lee & Judy Walker Nancy Wallace ’75 Dale & Dorothy Walls Ernest & Opal Walls Rod & Amy Waltz ’81 Jim & Benita Ward Al & Brenda Warner ’65 Lila Warren Will Ed & Mickey Warren Patric & Debbie Watkins ’68 Zearl & Betty Watson ’62 Paul & Ruth Watson Wayne Heating & Cooling Ronald & Denise Weaks Barbara Weatherhead Rich & Chris Weber ’77 Tim & Missy Weilbaker Robert & Ethel Wenzel Rick & Wendy West Westside Church of Christ Dennis & Vickie Wheeler Joe & Wanita White John White Sarah Whitehouse Ken & Sharon Whitlatch ’76, ’78 Ronald & Sharon Whitmore Homer & Sharan Whitt Harold & Debbie Wiard Wayne & Judith Wilkerson Larry & Phyllis Wilkins Alber Williams Gary & Barbara Williams ’68 Joan Williams ’62 Joe & Helen Williams Romona Williams Tom & Carol Williamson ’62, ’63 Bruce & Carol Willis ’70 Leon & Pamela Willis Jack & Virginia Wilson Mark & Cindy Wilson Bob & Velma Wineinger Mike & Ersella Winters Dan Withey Sandi Witzeling Rick & Shirley Wood Jack & Dorothy Woodhouse Roger & Glenda Woods Ken & Nora Wooten Marty & Mary Wooten ’82 Don & Kathy Wray Joseph & Mattie Wright William & Donna Wright Lance & Pat Youles ’73 Bill & Eva Young Gloria Yu Don & Elaine Yuvan Bert & Eunice Zadoorian Denise Zavasky ’73 Debbie Zawol George & Carol Zepik Curt & Shannon Zondervan

PARTNERS CLUB GIFTS OF $1 - $99 Jay & Leona Abram Helen Adams Pat Anne Adams Thomas Agosta John & Margaret Ahigian Cheri Albright ’99 Dan & Diana Allen ’73 Jimmy & Marilyn Allen Betty Alston Randy & Cheryl Alt Mike & Beth Anctil Brian & Christine Anderson ’67 Paul & Shirley Andrews L.L. Anthony Jr. Dale & Lucy Anthony ’63 Mary Lois Arnold Darrel & Carol Ashby Daniel Ashcraft Andrew & Margaret Askew Natalie Atkinson ’96 Leonard Austin Daniel & Donna Bailey Daryl & Monna Bailey Jerry & Patricia Bailey Lance & Rebecca Bailey Wilford & Kate Bailey William & Ann Bailey Fern Baker Louise Baker Larry & Val Baker ’79 Gilbert & Janice Baldwin Arlene Ball Joan Ball Dieter & Marlyn Balzat ’62 Willie & Mildred Banks Olive Bateman Barry & Kathy Beasley Scotty & Lynn Beck ’66 Patsy Beckwith Sidney & Barbara Beddow Bobby & Julia Bedingfield Bill & Kathy Behnke Virgil & Ann Bentley Bermaxx LLC Joe Ed & Mary Bernhardt Kevin & Sheila Berry Mr. & Mrs. L.D. Berry Mr. & Mrs. Rudy Bies Gerald & Margie Biggs Ed & Joy Binkley Dwayne & Marie Birdwell Charles & Nina Blake Jeff & Vicki Blake Mary Blaylock Hermann & Marti Bloch John & Melany Blubaugh ’96 John & Julie Boag ’87 James & Jackie Bodine Henry & Lucy Bohm Othel & Tommie Boles Faye Bonbrisco John & Peggy Bonbrisco Donald & Nell Bone Herbert & Eva Bonner Anna Booker ’68 Julia Boone Andy & Rebecca Borchers Jim & Brenda Borema Daryl & Sheila Bowen Johnny & Andrea Bowen Christopher & Mary Boyd Scott & Mary Ann Boyd ’98 John Braden Ruth Bradford Bramalea Church of Christ Edward & Carol Bray ’66, ’67 Cynthia Brazzel Brighton Church of Christ William & Patricia Bristor Karl & Carletta Brooks Steve & Donna Browder Dennis & Lynne Brown

Harmon & Ellen Brown Odis & Ginny Brown Sandy Brown Shirley Brown Tamika Brown ’98 Vernon Bruner Bruce & Noreen Bryant Pam Bubnar ’99 Mark & Bernice Buckley Elmer & Betty Buelow Randy & Tessa Bullock ’84 John & Jan Burchfield Evelyn Burtnett Marilyn Buss Jim & Elizabeth Button Maude Byassee Glenn & Cynthia Byers ’74 Edwin Cahill ’98 Steve & Mary Cain ’94 Paula Callaway Belinda Cameron ’77 Jim & Cora Canterbury Ann Cantu Ed & Marjie Cardwell ’61 Jimmy & Stephanie Carr William & Wanda Carroll Anna Carter William & Pearlene Carter Jim & Betty Casey ’62 Bill & Adrianne Castleman ’92 Mark & Vickie Caswell ’00 Maxine Cato Jason & Sarah Cavin ’95, ’96 Challenger Motor Freight Nick & Christine Cheolas Sam & Yvonne Christopher Stan & Tawnya Clanton Marilyn Clay Frank & Winifred Clayton Loren & Elaine Clemence Marion & Martha Coats Al Coe Dwight & Jan Coe Wes & Linda Cogar Jeff & Gayle Cohen ’79 Douglas & Sandra Coil Harlie & Nellie Cole William & Mildred Coleman Eva Collier Ron & Kay Collins Wayne & Martha Colyer James & Diane Comer Concerned Brethren Jason Conley ’94 Herma Conrad Kevin & Gloria Conti Lynn & Ann Cook Don & Pat Cooper Michael & Kathy Cope Randy & Linda Coss ’71 James & Helen Costello Teresa Cottrell Mr. & Mrs. A.J. Cox Joe & Helen Cox Lydia Cram Marcus Criswell Don & Ann Crittenden Steve & Judy Crosson ’76 Leo & Mary Crowder Brian & Renee Crowley Ron & Jan Cummins ’80 Richard Cunningham Bill & Annette Dabbs Debra Dahl Nathan & Melissa Dahlstrom Greg & Joni Danner Mary Darnall Brad & Kris Davidson ’80 Mark & Brenda Davison ’84 John & Pam Debelak ’80, ’79 Ralph & Judy Dembeck Jeff & Wendy Denny ’91, ’90 Larry & Phyllis Denny Alan & Gail Diana ’69, ’70 Reba Dick Dawn Dickey ’91 Eric & Jenny Diehl ’84 Elmer & Veneda Dillard Jim & Joan Dillinger ’62 Bill & Eleanor Dinger Jerry & Debbie Dittrich ’85 Janeal Doctolero Thomas & Sue Ann Douglas Melody Dowell Doug & Ann Doyle ’82 Richard Driskell ’72 Richard & Debbie Duke Betty Dunlap ’67 Bruce & Sara Dusterhoft Richard & Susan Dworkin Raymond & Marilyn Easter Michael & Carolyn Eatmon Bob & Pat Ebel Paul Eckstein Josephine Edelmann Gale Edwards ’67 Russell & Naomi Edwards Eula Ellis Larry & Diane Ellison Opal Elrod Jim & Margaret Emberson ’72 Don & Lynn England Gary & Laura England Stephen & Joy Ennis Lillie Mae Erwin Dennis & Sue Evans Sonia Everson ’84 Ian Fair Mary Lou Falconer Delbert & Alice Fall Carl & Sue Feltner Russell Feltner Jeff & Karen Felzien Mickey & Cindy Filpansick ’86 Bill & Harriett Fisher Rosalie Fitzwater Sharon Flowers Jeanette Fogarty Mike & Diana Folkerts Duane & Lenora Foster Ken & Irene Foster Scott Foster ’85 Jerry & Paulette Fowler Carol Fralick Brad & Leslie Francis ’85 Denise Franzel Fred & Karen Fras ’67 Loyd & Anne Frashier Mark & Cheryl Frost Kimarie Fry ’93 Aloysius & Dorothy Frydrych Scott & Suzanne Fuson David & Kim Gaither Clifton & Debbie Ganus Clifton & Louise Ganus Audrey Gardner Dominick & Nora Garzaniti Roger & Roni Jo Gean ’97 Linda Geering Joseph & Jane Gensic Lee Roy & Elaine George Patty Gerth Walt & Benny Gilfilen Oliver Girouard Antonina Gladfelter

Tina Gladwell ’87 Kay Glover ’67 Wayne & Wilma Glover Bobby & Carol Golden Aubrey & Margaret Goldman Angela Gonzalez ’98 Don & Helen Gore ’78 Tom & Lauren Gosser ’79 Margaret Gossett Paul Graefe Jr. Ross & Emily Grantham ’97, ’98 Lucille Green Benny & Vera Grice ’70 Charles & Lynne Griffin Tom Griffin Jack & Crystal Grizzell James & Lou Grotts Brett & Connie Groves ’78 Jim & Sandy Grubba Bryan & Michelle Grzywacz ’87 Mr. & Mrs. Rentz Gullick Jeff & Kali Hacias ’88 Richard & Joan Hackman Russ & Ann Hagler Dick & Marvine Hahn Dave & Lu Ann Hamilton Sarah Hanes ’96 Edward Hanna Larry & Nancy Hansel Joanne Hardoin Vernon Hargett Roy & Toni Harris Ed & Patricia Harrison ’76 Brent & Letha Harshman Mr. & Mrs. L.R. Harshman Brian & Denise Hart Sue Hartmann Al & Wilma Harville Gene & Wanda Hatcher William & Susan Hausman Edgar & Miyo Haver Robert & Nancy Hayes Dan Hellebuyck Duane & Kay Henderson Walter & Mary Henry Gary & Marilyn Henson ’62 Mike & Sandy Hesterman ’78, ’80 Russell & Linda Heston Eugene Hill Rebecca Hill Antony & Charla Hilligoss ’73 Leslie & Iris Hinds Michael & Sandra Hintz Rawdon & Betty Hobbie John & Kerri Hoenstine ’81 Bobbye Hollingshead Charles & Donna Holzhauer Kenneth & Mary Hooton Fay Hoshell ’91 Bill & Beverley Howell Terry & Pat Howell Mary Hudson Rick & Kellie Hueter Everneza Hughes Walter & Nany Hune-Melette Patton & Pat Hunter Larry & Molly Ice ’75 Lonnie & Sherry Ihrke William & Elizabeth Inman Craig & Debbie Ireland ’75 Gary & Emily Isleib ’82 George & Denise Jackson Wade & Karen Jackson ’87 Ethel James JB Consulting Inc. Mildred Jeffrey Dean & Martha Jenkins William & Lola Jenkins Wendell & Paula Jennings ’68 Gerald & Susan Jerkins ’67 Fred & Alice Jewell Maralee Jewett ’74 Bob & Mary Johnson Gary & Diana Johnson James & Ruth Ann Johnson Lavelda Johnson Marilyn Johnson Robert Johnson Timothy & Susan Johnson ’78 Willie & Lora Johnson Rhonda Joiner Yolanda Joiner Mary Jones Robert & Lora Jones Ron & Rena Jones William & Donna Jones Stephen & Wendy Jordan K Mart Corporation Dale & Frances Kaiser Chris & Karla Kamrada ’86 Dale & Connie Karhoff Lewis & Mary Karkosky Helen Kearbey Wayne & Alice Kellar Perry & Thelma Kemplin Kay Kendall Arletha Kenty John Kerr Bob Keyes Chip King John & Anna King Jim & Patty Kinser David & Niki Kirkpatrick ’72 Tom Kirkpatrick ’74 Bob & LoAnn Kirks ’65 Mr. & Mrs. Donald Kiss Craig & Pamela Klaver Roland & Daisy Knickerbocker Carl & Alma Knott Fred & Suzanne Knutson Patty Kobrehel ’84 Larry & Nancy Kranz John & Barbara Krebs ’67 Keith & Stella Kreh ’62 Avi & Lani Krispin ’92 Joel & Sonya LaGore Michael & Darlene Lake ’80 Pat Lake Dana & JoAnn Lance ’65 Tim & Terri Lanier ’80 Bill & Elizabeth Lansford Ed & Betty Laura Keith & Rhonda Laurin ’81 Don & Bonnie Lawson Jerry & Diana Lawson Fred & Carolyn Lear Betty Lehnan David & Mary Lemon Dick & Karen Ann Leonard Ralph & Hazel Leonard John & Pamela Lewis ’71 Christine Libs Mark & Denise Lindeman Hubert & Willa Locke Mark Loehrke Dwight & Anita Lomax Ken & Kathy Long ’70 Kay Loren Rob & Karen Losher ’85 Jesse & Oleen Lovelace Bernice Lovio Dick & Maxine Lyman Monty & Libby Lynn Florence Mabry Tim & Lisa Mabry ’82

Jeanette MacAdam Jamie Mahar ’94 Stephen & Diana Main Eleanor Malewski Mall City Church of Christ George & Wilma Mallon Larry & Sandra Malone Thomas & Janet Manney Glenn & Lisa Markell ’82 Charles & Peggy Marler John Marshall Carson & Linda Mathis ’86 Dick & Lena Mawby Elma Mary May Tim Mays ’89 Emma McAllister Emery & Julia McBride Trudy McCain Dave & Susan McClure ’84, ’83 Evelyn McClure Mark & Janice McColm Donald & Sandra McElhaney Donald & Becky McGuire ’88 Hiram & Betty McLaughlin Don & Shari McLellan Michael & Beth McMurray Duane & Charlene Meadows ’62 Geneva Meadows Al & Linda Meakes Medtronic Foundation Madge Meixner Roger & Beverly Mercer Albert Meress Lorraine Messina Steve & Cindy Michiels Matthew & Kathy Mihm Tom & Sandra Milholland ’64 Dick & Billie Miller ’76 Edward & Judy Miller George & Patricia Miller Joyce Miller Richard & Marge Miller Mr. & Mrs. James Mills Deanna Mireles Claudia Mitchell ’72 Ken & Gayle Mitchell Ed & Geraldine Monroe Bill & Pat Moon Amos & Katherine Moore Loretta Moorer Kim Morgan ’84 Marcus Morison Eugene & Jean Morris William Morrison ’90 Ruth Morrissey Tim & Vickie Morton ’85, ’86 Keith Mosley ’00 Philip Mosley ’00 Dwight & Marcia Mowrer Dan & Pam Moylan Vasile & Kathy Muresan Martin & Jenny Murphy ’86 John & Betty Myatt Darcel Nash ’86 Nationwide Insurance Esther Naysmith Jack & Sylvia Naysmith Robert & Anne Neil Earl & Janet Nelson Jim & Audra Nelson Kevin Norman ’95 Northside True Value Hardware David & Sarah Nugent Thomas & Heather O’Connor Scott & Christy Ockerman ’91, ’93 Mary Syd Odom Jim Oldham Mary Alene Olds George & Joy Oliver Cecil & Gwen Orr Sheila Owen Bessie Owens Edward & Janice Oz Roger & Lu Pace ’66 Foy & Shirley Palmer Ron & Linda Palmer ’73 Stephen & Gayle Palmer Thomas & Connie Park Allen & Tommie Parker Nathan & Cathy Parker ’96 Charles & Barb Parker Freda Parker Brian & Mary Paterson Betty Patton Dale & Debbie Pauls Leecia Penrod ’61 Carmine & Kathy Perrotta Dale & Frankie Perry Ruby Perry Alan & Ruby Peterson Rosa Petty Mark & Bonnie Phillips ’77 Ramie & Michelle Phillips James E. Phillips, D.D.S. Roger & Merle Pickens Litie Pippin Mark & Linda Pittman ’70 Rodney & Karen Pitts Ina Pleasant Mr. & Mrs. Edward Polek Poplar Grove Church of Christ Steven & Julie Porter ’86 Hazel Powell Powertrain Carl & Peggy Price Dewey & Juana Price Keith & Lora Price ’71 Linda Priddy Dennis & Deanna Prough Jerome & Debra Prusakiewicz Joe & Bessie Pryor Neale & Treva Pryor William & Helen Putty Bernie & Rose Quackenbush Ken & Corrine Racine ’72 Dennis & Vicky Rainsberger ’76, ’78 Edith Ramey Antonio & Anna Ramos Hugh & Carol Ramsay Tony Rana ’84 David & Susan Raper Jim Rashott J.B. & Virginia Reaves Lowell & Catharine Reed Ed & Elizabeth Reeves Matt & Nuzly Reeves ’90 Rodney & Yvonne Render ’87 Ivan & Sharlene Renshaw Wes & Shirley Rhoads Guilford & Pat Rice R.F. & Ruth Rieder Cathy Ries ’73 James & Marguerite Rigby Vern & Violet Riggenbach Rolland & Anissa Riley Mr. & Mrs. Bert Roberts Charley & Phyllis Roberts Joan Roberts Carl & Frankie Robinson Mike Robinson Opal Robinson Patty Robinson Rochester College John & Kay Rochotte Jerry & Rosie Rogers

Rue Porter Rogers Helen Rollins Henry & Evelyn Romans James Romans Greg & Anita Roosa Andy & Lois Rosado Lloyd & Carol Rose Bill & Mary Rosenbaum Mary Jane Rubin Benjamin & Zachary Rubin Carl Rude Mike & Terry Rushing ’81 Norma Jean Ryan Frank & Edwina Rzonca ’81 Kamal Sansom ’95 Robert & Betsy Satcher W.F. & Marie Saylors Marian Schad Paul & Bev Schandevel ’85, ’81 Jerry & Florence Scheffler Winston & Jo Schloot ’86 Paul & Krysty Schwikert Ernie & Laticia Seay ’87 Ruth Ann Sellers Jory & Kelly Sewell ’95 Cora Sharp Sheldon Heights Church of Christ E.M. Shepherd Alfred & Helen Sherer Sherwin-Williams Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Paul Shirley Donald & Landra Shotts Jack & Pat Siggers Annette Sikon Robert & Gracie Skaggs ’69, ’67 Ruth Slusher Drew & Kathlene Smith ’96 Edwin Smith ’86 Grady & Jeannie Smith Jeryl Smith ’96 Jim & Melanie Smith Lloyd & Karen Smith ’68 Don & Kelley Smith ’84 Mark & Robin Smith ’75, ’78 Mark Smith Rebecca Smith Robert & Pauletta Smith Shirley Smith Wayne & Cynthia Smith Sharon Smotherman ’85 Joan Snell Mary Ann Snodgrass Maria Sorolis Frances Spiro Brad Stanger Bill & Sarah Steele Charles & Mable Steele William & Jayne Steiner Larry & Diane Stephens Mark & Janice Stephens Dolores Stevens Virginia Stieber Michael Stone Steve Stowe Dick & Pat Strayer Jeff & Lisa Streng Duane & Sharon Stuart Jerry & Sherry Suggs ’64 Harold & Jeanne Suminski Raymond & Barbara Surine Ben & Mary Suthers Don & Leatrice Swander Donald Swanson Linda Syph Wladimer & Laverne Szych Denise Talcott-Aho Donald & Emelie Taylor Mark & Kathi Taylor Taylor Historial Society Tenet Healthcare Corporation Arlyn & Wilma TerHaar Henry & Karolyn Terrill Wendell & Alice Terry Winfred & Lou Terry Terry & Brenda Theisen Doris Thomas Phil & Mary Thomas Bill & Jill Thomason Geoffrey & Andrea Thornton ’98, ’94 Dan C. Todd George & Mary Jo Tolbert Mary Townsend Joseph M. Trimew William & June Tucker Betty Turner Thomas & Diane Turner Donald Umphrey USX Foundation Utica Church of Christ John & Janis VanHorn ’71 Lorna VanRheenen Georgette Victor Jim & Mary Villinger Joe & Jill Vincent ’82 Rita Vinson Ralph & Diane Vitale ’95 Anthony Volino Kelli Wagers ’99 Merrill & Alene Waldrop Jason & Lataunya Walker ’88 Allen & Evelyn Waller Scott & Jana Waltman ’66 Mark & Diane Wanous Milodene Ward William & Lynn Warren Almerry Wash Curtis & Ruth Ann Watson John & Betty Watson Julia Watterworth Delmar & Ella Weimer Dorothy Wells ’65 Henry & Eva Wells Jeff & Sandy Westerby ’89, ’88 Fern Wheeler Ron Wheeler Hazel White Marion White Enoch & Clara Whitehead Arthur Whyte Charles & Judy Wilhelm Buster & Vera Williams Mr. & Mrs. Williams Glenn & Nita Wilson ’72 Jay & Mary Jo Wilson ’96 Ken & Betty Wilson Carl & Catherine Winowiecki Michael Winters Sr. Jeff Wise ’93 Steve & Dorothy Witt Frank & Diana Woloszyk ’67 Don & Caren Wood Rick & Joyce Woodall Elaine Woods Joe & Cheryl Worley Bill & Loretta Wright ’67 Rob & Kathy Wright ’87 Harold & Mary Wuest Bill & Frankie Yen Bob & Kelly Yoakam ’76 Bernard & Nellie Yoesting Helen Young Conrad & Kathy Zboch Josephine Zenoby Beverly Zilka Elmer Zink



Donor list includes every class Representatives from every graduating class appeared on the list of donors that contributed to Rochester College during 2000. The college recently employed an individual to develop grant proposals for foundations. Since alumni participation is critical to that process, the college is striving to increase the number of alumni who give during 2001. 1961 Ed Cardwell Ron Cox Nancy (Templeton) D’Ascenzo Pat (Morford) Ferchau Shirley (Allen) Funston Betty (Cross) Losher Leecia (Bruce) Penrod Dwinna (Howard) Walker 1962 Marlyn (Hopkins) Balzat James Brown Jim Casey Jim Dillinger Joan (Clary) Dillinger Doug Edwards Bob Forrester Gary Henson Marilyn (Kincade) Henson Keith Kreh Doris (Berry) Ledsworth Ron Losher Charlene (Conger) Meadows Gerald Montgomery Dean Moore Mary (Branstetter) Moore Judy (Parsons) Smith Jim Walker Betty (Work) Watson Joan (Scott) Williams Tom Williamson 1963 Lucy (Talley) Anthony Carroll (Palmer) Duvall Joyce (Kannon) Duvall Shirley (Robinson) Leach Carol (Toben) Williamson 1964 Donald Carter Nola (Lee) Cucheran Morris Hinson Dan Leach Sandra (Woodroof) Milholland Nancy (Strbenac) Schroeder Bruce Starkey Jerry Suggs Sherry (Locke) Suggs 1965 James Bugg Bob Kirks LoAnn (Sausser) Kirks Dana Lance Sharyn (Oz) MacDonald Karen Kay Pullins John Smith Al Warner Dorothy Wells Ed Work 1966 Lynn (Dillard) Beck Edward Bray Jerri (Tate) Locke Roger Pace Lynna Reese Jana (VanEaton) Waltman 1967 Brian Anderson Carol (Magnuson) Bray David Case Jackie (Allen) Case Bob Cucheran Betty (Wineinger) Dunlap Gale Edwards Karen (Unsel) Fras Kay Glover Susan (Key) Jerkins Barbara (Montgomery) Krebs Joan (Carter) Palmer Gracie (Geddes) Skaggs Joy (Montgomery) Starkey Joyce (Whitaker) Todd Reed Vinson Diana (Jankowski) Woloszyk Bill Wright 1968 Anna (Teasley) Booker John Butts Joy (Pippin) Emerson Paula (Ponder) Jennings Mary Larson Anne (Dahlstrom) Liimatta Fred Liimatta Earl Mittlestat Edward Palmer Karen (Wise) Smith Mary (Nicks) Tao Patric Watkins Barbara (McDonald) Williams 1969 Emmy (Pettry) Curnutte Alan Diana Ron Eubanks Dolores (Swiney) Longfellow Doug McArthur Charlotte (Pincombe) Nance Ronald Pepper Garth Pleasant Mary (Crutchfield) Raterman Robert Skaggs Gladys (Williams) Sledge Pam (Orr) Vinson 1970 Ken Burman Gail (Berry) Diana Sonia Gresham Vera (Lloyd) Grice Ken Handley Warren Kendall Kathy (Hoggatt) Long Leon Mullens Linda (Abele) Pittman Pat (Palmer) Pleasant Larry Stewart Rick Watson Bruce Willis Carol (Crutchfield) Willis

1971 Barb (Benham) Brooks Bill Brooks Linda (Miller) Coss Randy Coss Dennis Curnutte Connie (Kinser) Graham Todd Graham Michael Gresham Candy (McCain) Lance Steve Lance Connie (Brown) Lauzon Dan Lawson Linda (Shepherd) Lawson John Lewis Rebekah (Hindsley) Pate Lora (Ryan) Price Karl Randall Ed Stewart Janis (Palmer) VanHorn John VanHorn 1972 Richard Driskell Margaret (McCann) Emberson Kent Hoggatt David Kirkpatrick Niki (Schafsnitz) Kirkpatrick Claudia (Torgerson) Mitchell Corrine (Stanger) Racine Natalie (Kilmer) Randall Don Robinson Glenn Wilson Nita (French) Wilson 1973 Anonymous Dan Allen Denise (Carpenter) Beeks Mickey Dunn Antony Hilligoss Gail (Barnett) Hinson Linda (Brown) Palmer Cathy (Ireland) Ries Jan (Burton) Sims Rick Sims Bryan Waineo Debbi (Starks) Waineo Pat (Iles) Youles Denise Zavasky 1974 Cynthia (Whitt) Byers Glenn Byers Randy Gill Maralee Jewett Tom Kirkpatrick Linda (Doughty) Park Lynne (Yoakum) Stewart Mark Stowe 1975 Anonymous Royce Dickinson Rose (Nonnenmacher) Ellis Teresa (Miller) Gailbreath Paula (Hostetler) Herron Debi (Tuck) Hoggatt Larry Ice Craig Ireland Mark Smith Nancy Wallace 1976 Tina (Allen) Amorose Becky (Sims) Bochniak Steve Crosson Gary Davis Denise (Bates) Flynn Mike Flynn Janine (Birk) French Jerry Gailbreath Lois (French) Hagerman Ed Harrison Fran (Gastrich) Johnson Nancy (Keller) MacKinnon Chuck Middleton Diane (Campbell) Middleton Dick Miller Janette (Glover) Preece Dennis Rainsberger Beth (Dunn) Rajter Kim (Kocher) Robinson Ken Whitlatch Bob Yoakam 1977 Belinda (Hipkins) Cameron Phillip Dillard Jan (Scruggs) Hoffman John Kruse Ernie May Patty (Mansell) Olree Bonnie (Culler) Phillips Brenda Phillips Violet (French) Schad Jill (Sloan) Skidmore Steve Skidmore Chris (Jewett) Weber 1978 Gary Cummins Colleen (Williams) Daymon Kevin Daymon Betty Dickinson Kathy (Clarke) Dillard Mark Dillard Don Gore Connie (Sutton) Groves Greg Guymer Mike Hesterman Timothy Johnson Kathy (Meeusen) Kruse Joanne (Nation) Longfellow Tom Longfellow Ginny (Fidler) May Carol (Hyder) McCartney Jim McCartney Vicky (Spurgeon) Rainsberger Cindy (Foulk) Schofield Paul Shinsky Robin (Gill) Smith Tammy (Robb) VanWagoner Sharon (Conner) Whitlatch

1979 Val (Hart) Baker Gayle (Patrick) Cohen Pam (Montgomery) Debelak Ed Dickinson Marlice Fulton Tom Gosser Jim Hampton Julie (Summerhayes) Harper Rosemary Upton 1980 Cathy (Miller) Allen Jan (Gilfilen) Cummins Ron Cummins Kris (Petrick) Davidson John Debelak Delores (Berry) Dickinson Sandy (Hawkins) Hesterman Pat (Qualls) Kowalewski Ken Lake Michael Lake Terri (McGhee) Lanier Dan Meixner Diane (Conner) Rellinger Tom Rellinger Fonda (Waller) Robinson Ron Robinson Brian Stogner 1981 Doug Allen Ron Content John Hoenstine Rhonda (Sullenger) Laurin Gordon MacKinnon Paul Mays Terry (Potter) Rushing Frank Rzonca Bev (Morrow) Schandevel Dave Schofield Rod Waltz 1982 Rob Clarke Jeneice (Clouse) Corwin Doug Doyle Kathy (Dickinson) Duesel Dan Isenberg Emily (Eddins) Isleib Tim Mabry Lisa (Everson) Markell Bob Norton Joberta (Rose) Parker David Rogers Lori (Reinholt) Shaffer Ken Skeens Ken Stewart Lisa (Faughn) Urban Jill (Jezierski) Vincent Marty Wooten Mary (Hadfield) Wooten 1983 Leslie (Hoggatt) Brock Anita (Clay) Clauss Middy (Fisher) Eubank Everett Foster Anne (Aeder) Garrison Darlene (Foster) Gilliland John Harvey LeAnn (Ostrowski) Harvey Susan (Loutner) McClure Kathy (Butterfield) Norton Terry (McClure) Pitts 1984 Randy Bullock Sherri (Richards) Clarke Brenda (Beck) Davison Mark Davison Jenny (Habermel) Diehl Lisa (Price) Dryden Sonia Everson Mike Garrison Patty (Foster) Kobrehel Susan (Ward) Kowalski Dave McClure Kim (Gentry) Morgan Yolanda (Bogues) Pelletier Tony Rana Kelley (Garrison) Smith Kelly (Moore) Steggerda 1985 Greg Campbell Debbie (Ebeling) Dittrich Becky (Blake) Eubanks Scott Foster Leslie (Rhoads) Francis Sharon (Giudice) Lewis Rob Losher Tim Morton Carolyne (Harris) Pope Paul Schandevel Sharon Smotherman Mike Thomas Simone (Hipkins) Thomas 1986 Alisa (Wilson) Brackney Cindy (Ball) Filpansick Mickey Filpansick Todd Grizzell Karla (Bergdahl) Kamrada Dawn (Bradley) Kurschat Carson Mathis Vickie (Liebzeit) Morton Jenny (Carter) Murphy Darcel Nash Frank Pitts Zachary Pope Julie (Recor) Porter Winston Schloot Jody (Foster) Siegel Edwin Smith Kathy (Swires) Wright 1987 Julie (Jones) Boag David Brackney Jim Calkin Lori (Truex) Calkin Tina (Gosmann) Gladwell Michelle (Minder) Grzywacz

Brian Hoggatt Karen (Wright) Jackson Anita (Waggoner) Reeves Yvonne (Fitzgerald) Render Ernie Seay Rob Wright 1988 Kali (Ponder) Hacias Jim Haferkamp Sandy (Wise) Haferkamp Kristy (Ockerman) Jehn Becky (Richardson) McGuire Ron Siegel Dee (Frazier) Smith Jason Walker Sandy (Kirks) Westerby 1989 Christine (Campbell) Brackney Angela (Raby) Hazel Jim Isenberg Tim Mays Shelly (Hazel) Morgenstern Debi (Shauver) Rutledge Jeff Westerby 1990 Wendy (Barnett) Denny Mark Brackney Chad Brock Phil Conner Tamera (Robrock) Conner Thom Morgenstern William Morrison Matt Reeves Nuzly (Tablada) Reeves 1991 Jeff Denny Dawn Dickey Andy Harrison Fay Hoshell Jamie Nelson Cathy Newton Scott Ockerman Dave Simons Ed Utley 1992 Adrianne (Yen) Castleman Bill Castleman Lani (Wuysang) Krispin Lesli (Palmer) Raymond Randy Speck 1993 Kimarie Fry Christy (Lytle) Ockerman Dave Parks Marilyn Parks Burt Rutledge James Snow Kim (Pleasant) Speck Jerry Tallman Jeff Wise 1994 Steve Cain Sarah (White) Cavin Jason Conley Emily (Anspach) Grantham Jamie Mahar Klint Pleasant Roger Poe Geoffrey Thornton 1995 Steven Bowers Jason Cavin Faye Kuchenmeister Kevin Norman Kamal Sansom Jory Sewell Kelly (Graves) Sewell Kathlene (Cotter) Smith Diane (Burtch) Vitale 1996 Natalie Atkinson Kenyatte Baylor Melany (Jones) Blubaugh Sarah Hanes Lora (Cuthbertson) McClelland Angie (Avant) Nall Cathy (Russo) Parker Drew Smith Jeryl Smith Jay Wilson 1997 Roger Gean Ross Grantham Jason Nall Lori Nelson Lucas Summers Serenity (Raper) Summers Carl Swanigan 1998 Mary Ann (Ureel) Boyd Tamika Brown Edwin Cahill Angela Gonzalez Bill Lackowski Monty McClelland Andrea (Kennamer) Thornton Kim (Kirby) Utley 1999 Cheri Albright Pam Bubnar Holly Johnson Sue Kamradt Jim Larsen Edward Nall Jaynie Vize Kelli Wagers 2000 Mark Caswell Rodney Hazel Keith Mosley Philip Mosley John Scott

north star

Celebration marks 25th year of campus tradition

Liberal Arts in a Christian Setting! Web Site: E-Mail:

The North Star is the official news bulletin of Rochester College. Comments should be addressed to Larry Stewart, director of public relations.

Rochester College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, age, disability, or national or ethnic origin in the execution of its educational program, activities, employment, or admissions policies except where necessitated by specific religious tenets held by the institution and its controlling body.

Great Summer Activities Especially for Youth

inside the June 17-21, 2001

Summer Jam for Teens “Pursue His Purpose”

June 25, 2001

Cedar Point Sonshine Rally phone Enrollment Services at 800.521.6010

July 22-27, 2001

Cross Country Camp

phone 248.218.2140 for information

Rochester College 800 West Avon Road Rochester Hills, MI 48307

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Rochester, Mich. Permit No. 86



“By starting on our new facilities goals in the near future, we can reasonably project a student body of 1,500 by the fall of 2005,” Dr. Johnson noted. “Other portions of the revised plan will enhance our ability to serve students as well.” Within the next five years, college officials are projecting approval of the teacher certification

Total Student Enrollment Average ACT of Entering Freshman Transfer Students Entering Institution Bachelor’s Degree Majors Bachelor’s Degree Graduates Full-time Faculty Equivalent Faculty Holding or Pursuing Doctorate Volumes in Muirhead Library On-line Resources in Muirhead Library Residence Hall Capacity Residential Rooms with Internet Access Operating Budget

Notable Benchmarks of Progress

257 17.9 18 3 4 19 7 48,600 0 290 0 $3.2 M

830 21.2 207 15 97 55 38 60,000 90 372 177 (all) $8.1 M

1991-92 2000-01

Rochester College has made remarkable progress over the past ten years. Senior college status is now assumed. The college has renovated most facilities, constructed a residence hall complex and atrium, and rebuilt roadways and parking areas. Planning is complete for a decade of even greater growth!

program, as well as a new major in general science and a summer studies program in Europe. Recent additions to the faculty have allowed planners to move the target date for a master’s program in religion several years earlier than originally expected. Technology again surfaced as a priority in the new strategic plan. Immediate plans call for the addition of DALNET services in the library and swipe-card technology over the campus. Through DALNET, the library’s holdings will be fully integrated with a consortium of more than twenty college and public libraries in southeast Michigan. Concurrent with construction of the second phase of a new academic facility, the college plans to add a community music school. The school will utilize area professional musicians, music teachers, and Rochester College music majors to teach music lessons to local residents. “Our task is to discern prayerfully and plan responsibly as we work to raise every standard to which we aspire for the college and our students,” Dr. Johnson commented. “We feel good about the process we have been through and are excited about the direction we are heading.”

Flags flying high above the Associates Plaza include a new college flag.

Decade of Progress

Enrollment played a major role in a recent review of the strategic plan for Rochester College. Rapid growth over the past four years necessitated significant adjustments to earlier planning. “Just two years ago, we completed an update that projected enrollment for the fall of 2000 at 668,” stated Dr. Ken Johnson, president. “Instead, our enrollment hit 830 last fall.” The 1999 strategic plan identified an athletic center as the college’s highest priority for new construction. The revised plan places that facility a little further down the list. “While our needs for an athletic center are great,” stated Dr. Johnson, “we are nearing capacity in our classrooms and residence halls. We are at the point where we must limit enrollment or build.” In order to meet pressing facility needs, the trustees approved a $9.5 million campus expansion project at their January meeting. That approval addresses the first phase of the facility portion of the revised strategic plan.

Enrollment sparks strategic planning


nor th star

North Star Volume 42 No. 2 Spring 2001  

North Star Volume 42 No. 2 Spring 2001 Rochester College Alumni/Friends Magazine Rochester Hills, Michigan

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