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studio la primitive

slp arts zine issue 1 oct 2013

slp studio la primitive EDITOR Robyn Werkhoven CONTRIBUTORS

Red Totem - Eric Werkhoven

Eric Werkhoven

Anne Kempton

Mark Tindall

Jenny Smith

Bea Jones

Bob Bush

Ric Woods

John O’Brien

Andrew Finnie Helene Leane Front cover The Battle by E&R Werkhoven Please do not copy articles in this magazine without written permission of the Editor.

Michael Garth Ben Kenning

Issue 1 - October 2013



INDEX Index……………………………………………………….3 Editorial……………………….. Robyn Werkhoven


NIGHTMARES Exhibition……. Robyn Werkhoven

5 - 11

What is Art?............................ Mark Tindall




Eric Werkhoven

Timelesstextiles………………. Jenny Smith

14 -16

Featured Artist……………….. Margo Humphries




Eric Werkhoven

Poet - Bob Bush………………..Bob Bush


FANCY………………………….John O’Brien


Art News……………………………………

21 - 25

Sculpture by Peter Ronne

SLP would like to thank all contributors and artists.


Deadline for articles issue 2 is October 15th 2013.

( image by Peter Ronne)

Email articles to: werkhovenr@bigpond.com Issue 1 - October 2013




Greetings to all the readers of our first online / email issue

studio la primitive -

E & R antics

of Studio La Primitive Arts Zine on 1st October 2013. This issue our test run, will be featuring the Nightmares Exhibition, artist interviews and art related articles, poetry and Art news. It is very exciting what the future of the zine could lead to, as a voice for the artists - not only from the Hunter Region but nationally and internationally. The Zine is free, with no advertising from sponsors. It is just something I want to do for the Arts, which is my life’s passion. Already I am having a splendid response with many artists, writers and philosophers happy to contribute articles and exhibition news. Hopefully we will have your words


art works in future editions. It is important to have your work seen by a big audience, and this first issue has over 1000 viewers and will keep growing. Let us know about your forthcoming exhibitions or art events.


The Wrestle—collaborative work E&R Werkhoven

Regards - your editor Robyn Werkhoven Issue 1 - October 2013




NIGHTMARES EXHIBITION The exhibition Nightmares will open at Newcastle Art Space Gallery from the 10th – 27th October. This is the third year for artists Eric and Robyn Werkhoven to curate a dramatic and provocative themed exhibition. Twenty two professional


EXHIBITING ARTISTS Peter Ronne Katherine Sullivan Michael Garth Sue Stewart Debra Liel–Brown Ben Kenning Sally Bourke Christine Pike Ric Woods Maree Nichols Andrew Finnie Helene Leane Ros Elkin Bea Jones Laraine Palmer Margo Dugan Sherrel Oakey Ann Sutherland Dawn Thompson Laura Jefferson Judy Henry Josh McGregor Curators: Eric & Robyn Werkhoven

an artwork interpreting and exploring the subject Nightmares. The ex-


hibition will include painting, sculpture, photography and installations.


man psyche. Though some of the artists have chosen to portray the

M Image (detail) by ric woods (C)

Hunter Valley artists have been invited to face the challenge to create


No doubt the artists will reveal diverse interpretations and emotional responses, glimpses into the shadowy and delusional world of the hulighter side of nightmares, exploring the familiar imagery from our childhood memories of the “bogey man under the bed” and monsters with popping eyes. We usually spend more than two hours each night dreaming. “The definition of a nightmare is an unpleasant dream that may cause a strong negative emotional reaction from the mind, usually – fear, horror, despair, angst, death and sadness.” Our fears, phobias and unresolved dilemmas in our daily waking life are associated with the cause of nightmares. During the nightmare we are often confronted with danger and uneasiness, “psychological or physical terror”. The concept nightmares can also relate to global nightmares such as war, famine and natural disasters – man kind’s collective fears. Issue 1 - October 2013



Helene Leane - is a Printmaker, who regularly exhibits in the Hunter, and her work has been featured nationally and in New York USA. Her main medium of expression is the monotype print; this means there is only ever one of the artwork, a unique print. Helene presents for the exhibition two monotypes, themed “Fire”. She says –“Fire is a real-life nightmare for people who live in the country during the summer months. My images capture the intense heat of a bush fire – turning the ground red, flames in the air”.

Flaming Land, mono print - Helene Leane

Ben Kenning – has been painting and exhibiting in galleries for the past eight years. His works are modern, edgy with a fascination for calligraphy and layers upon layers of harmonious lines and rhythmic brush strokes. Ben who has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Newcastle University also was selected for the artists’ residence program at “Red Gate Gallery” in Beijing, China. Ben says about his Nightmare work – “I’ve approached the statement about the work as a bit of a creative writing exercise. Conscious-Unconscious-Waking-Dreams. Shifting


regression… A



madness, house,


memory, delusion, mind









Mental prison ….seeks its opposite….fluctuates between the two Crisis… activity… never still… makes light seem hole, and whole Nightmare (detail) - Ben Kenning

seem empty.” Issue 1 - October 2013



The sculptor Michael Garth, who has recently presented a brilliant solo sculpture exhibition at Maitland Regional Art Gallery, will also be exhibiting in Nightmares. His work titled “Fabulous or My Father’s Nightmare or Secrets too Long Kept”, is created from bronze, bone and recycled timber. Michael says about his sculpture “When I was an adolescent I had a recurring nightmare that I had killed someone and hidden the body, but couldn’t remember where or when.”

Nightmare sculpture (detail) Michael Garth

Eric & Robyn Werkhoven The collaborative triptych – Forgive Us Our Sins, is comprised of multiple powerful images evoking mans’ depravity, his continual battle with good and evil. Repeating our sins without looking back and continually saying – “I didn’t mean to do it.” In the dark of night we are haunted by the cruel deeds we commit on our fellow man by day.

Forgive Us Our Sins by E&R Werkhoven Issue 1 - October 2013



Andrew Finnie "The Vandals at The Gates" started off as a homage to the medieval painter Hieronymus Bosch - especially his depiction of Hell in the triptych "The Garden of Earthly Delights". It's also a reflection on the paintings in the Cathedral at Albi, where an assortment of Hellish tortures were pictorially presented to the Medieval peasant as a warning against straying from the Catholic Church. But as the work evolved the painting began to represent the situation of the Arts in Newcastle in the year 2013. Two of the main figures became musicians, bereft of their instruments. But the third figure became a painter - a painter who no longer has paint on his palette nor a brush in his hand. He represents the many fine artists who recently lost their jobs at Newcastle Tafe. He also represents our lost chance to revamp our Regional Art Gallery. And he represents the future the Newcastle Community Art Centre, one of the last remaining Community Art CenThe Vandals at the Gates - Andrew Finnie.

tres in Australia, which is under threat of closure - and with it this gallery.

"The Vandals at The Gates" is painted on linen in a variation of the Verdaccio technique, originally used by the Italian painters of the early Renaissance and similar to that used by painters like Leonardo Da Vinci. Issue 1 - October 2013




She has been a resident of Brunswick for 15 years. Bea has exhibited her paintings at the former Rinaldi Gallery and Brunswick Street Gallery.

Artist and poet Bea Jones visits the Hunter Valley as the guest interstate artist to exhibit in NIGHTMARES Exhibition.

Bea’s work has been selected for the Women’s Salon, an important Annual Melbourne Art Exhibition.

Bea comes from New Zealand, where she spent her childhood and early teenage years. In the early 60’s she commenced a Graphic Design Course. By the mid 60’s the allure of Europe and travel beckoned, Bea set off to live in London.

Her recent 3D works are inspired by Nature. Working with found objects—drift wood and decomposed insects. Bea is a Finalist in the Deakin small Sculpture Award 2013.

Here she attended the prestigious Byam Shaw School of Fine Arts, receiving a traditional training in painting, and studying the great masters of European art. After completing a Degree in Fine Arts, Bea travelled extensively through Europe and Asia. Arriving in Australia – back packing around the country. By the mid 70’s Bea and her young family lived in Newcastle. During the 80’s Bea worked and exhibited at the Von Bertouch Art Gallery, Newcastle. Her next journey was to head for the “bush”, discovering Mount Rivers where the wonderful landscape and solitude were perfect to nurture her painting and poetry. Many people in the Valley know Bea for her poetry. She regularly attended “Poetry at the Pub” and has works published, in “Visions from the Valley” – Poetry of the Hunter Valley, 1960-2000, publisher Catchfire Press. In 1992 Bea went to live in Newcastle, devoting much time to writing. Then in 1995 came a “big change” , the decision to move to Melbourne, especially for the wonderful diverse cultural and artistic community.

The Nightmare Gallops…. Ghostly, Ghastly - Bea Jones

“I have tried to imagine the nightmare of a killer. We continue to have chilling reminders in the media of Jill Meagher's tragic murder which happened only 10 minutes from where I live in Melbourne. This piece is dedicated to her memory and to all the other victims of such senseless depravity.” - Bea Jones Issue 1 - October 2013



LE VIOL (The Rape) based on the painting by Rene Magritte By Bea Jones

SEE NO EVIL But I have eyes

SPEAK NO EVIL But I have a mouth my vagina is screaming. I can taste the sour juice of his wanton lust but help me, for I am loath to cry out in accusation of this abuse, for fear that he will kill me.

within my nipples. I can see the enormity of power bearing down on me. I can see the lies to his conscience in the last heavy hour, rising to the occasion.

HEAR NO EVIL But I have ears beneath my frenzied hair. I can hear the obscenities he is breathing, to camouflage the fears in shallow grave that feed his sleepless addiction.

LE VIOL (THE RAPE) Rene Magritte 1934

Issue 1 - October 2013



Ric Woods known for his penchant for the “cutting edge” and provocative quality in his photographic exhibitions talks about nightmares – “Nightmares, like phobias, I believe are a very personal thing, someone maybe terrorised by a reoccurring nightmare that has little or no effect on another individual. The human mind processes many things when one is asleep. Many of my nightmares jolt into my conscious thoughts, they arrive from my subconscious waking me in the early hours, logically I scramble to reclaim my equilibrium. They are inspired by the shock of what we acNightmare Image (detail) - ric woods(C)

The Official Opening is on the Saturday12th October, time 4pm onwards public most welcome.

cept as day to day behaviours and practises. I hear of a home invasion where a person has turned of the power and entered the home of an elderly couple, bashed them, tied them up, stole their credit card and pin number, threatening to return again. Genocide, pack rapes,

We are honoured to have the indomitable writer, actor and film producer Michael Winchester to open the exhibition with an entertaining and thrilling performance.

knife attacks, sexual assaults by clergy on children, people in positions

Michael is best known for his roles in television series Prisoner, Sons and Daughters, Brides of Christ and Country Practice. Michael is one of the main creative forces behind Bathing Franky, an independent feature film shot in the Hunter Region, it has been chosen for Official Selection – Queen City Film Festival, USA, 2013

to be careful what I allow my mind to see...These images are not my

of power preying on the weak...on and on it goes, day after day. I need nightmares, they have been loaned to me by other people........”.

Nightmares will be a must see exhibition, giving the viewer a further insight into the foibles and follies of the human mind.

For the opening only – we are very fortunate to have first edition of “The Art of Rosaleen Norton” on view. Book collector Ross Edmonds will be present to show and talk about the artist and her book, which was published in 1952 and caused a sensation in Australia, being banned , classed as having obscene content

The exhibition will be open to the public from 10th - 27th October at Newcastle Art Space Gallery 246 Parry Street Hamilton East, Newcastle NSW.

Hours: Thurs – Sunday 12 noon – 5pm.

Ph: concerning the exhibition Robyn Werkhoven on 49389 572. Issue 1 - October 2013



WHAT IS ART? - MARK TINDALL Art is a human creation bound to a person's humanity. Life and art are inseparable. Art is the expression of one's innermost being and covers everything from the way we decorate our houses and whistle a tune to Van Gogh's Starry Night and John Lennon's Imagine. Art covers the whole range of human expression. Art as a means of propaganda (eg. evangelisation) is no more than kitsch (low art). Such a utilitarian view of art is a form of prostitution and a misuse of one's talent. In fact, an artist makes a body of work and that body of work represents his world -view. One piece in the body of artwork does not express the full view for it is impossible for any single work to represent the totality of an artist's view of reality. The value of an artwork does not depend upon the morality or belief system of the artist. As George Orwell stated “One ought to be able to hold in one's head simultaneously the two facts that Dali is a good draughtsman and a disgusting human being." (The Penguin Essays of George Orwell). An analogy can be made with a tree. A tree has many functions. It casts a shadow. Birds build nests in its branches. Trees produce oxygen and can be used as wood. The meaning of the tree is not in these functions. The sum of the functions is not the meaning of the tree either. If it does not realise some of its functions that does not mean it is not a tree. Rather, being meaningful, it has many functions. Art is to be enjoyed because it is art. It is a mark of people's creativity and what it means to be human.

Mark Tindall is an innovator over many fields. His degrees include the areas of both education and philosophy. He has taught in the public and private sector being both a School Principal and a Training Manager. He has authored a book of poetry and several educational books and has exhibited his paintings. He has also dabbled in acting. He is now a full time musician having begun his musical career at the age of 15 and working with numerous bands. Although primarily a guitarist / songwriter he is proficient in many instruments featured in his numerous albums.

Issue 1 - October 2013



ESSAY by ERIC WERKHOVEN Springtime and the birth pangs of SLP Arts Zine, which I have witnessed personally and have been asked on several occasions to write something about art. A wide scope, and relevant in an up to date version, that I need to concoct out of the thin air. Will it be weather proof, bounce back as an echo, for the words to be distinguishable? A challenge and hence a leap to cover the right distance. Homework of what is planned ahead, with magnets placed on specific objectives, to draw a blue print, a flight path. Hence its more what the mind reconstructs in the process that will not all too quickly be forgotten. It has found an expression in creativity, as proof of something tangible that mirrors back this long process of life itself. A trail where paths cross and leap away from, before we may get burnt. Springtime reveals what laid dormant. An act of renewing itself, in further highlighting the characteristics and the style of

EXPOSED—sculpture by Eric Werkhoven 2013


incumbent possibilities.

Issue 1 - October 2013




Owner, operator and fibre artist, Anne Kempton started dreaming

– the second year of Fibre Art in the Hunter

about the Gallery and gathering place, where fibre artist’s could

Jenny Smith

exhibit, meet and share their creative skills when she was working as a senior executive. When the time was right and her passion for high-level life low, she decided to open the Gallery. “I wanted to spend the last third of my life surrounded by people living out their own passion and dreams, not just running on the treadmill” she says when asked, and that is exactly what she has created.

I am sitting in Anne Kempton’s Fibre Gallery, timelesstextiles located at 7 Beaumont Street, Islington. It has been two years since Anne found an unloved shopfront, beside the bustling Suspension Café and within easy walking distance of Hamilton railway station, and decided it was time to live her passion for Fibre Art by exhibiting local and international artists, running creative fibre art workshops and operating a retail outlet for beautifully crafted, artist made fibre products. Today, in the stillness of the Gallery hangs the soft and sensual, ecologically sustainable clothing of Gina Mastio. Customers and artists move in and out of the space, there is the quiet and instructive conversation of a knitting workshop taking place, interspersed with customer information and laughter. A creative stillness and comfort is present and how could it not be; surrounded by the beauty of exquisitely crafted works, an inspiration to behold.

Landscape Series 5 - Sylvia Watt

Issue 1 - October 2013



Timelesstextiles sits comfortably within the creative network of the emerging Newcastle arts scene. To make the Gallery sustainable Anne has devised a program of exhibitions, workshops and seminars. She maintains a website where people can view and purchase artists work or retail items on line. Workshops are suitable to all levels of experience and as Anne says, “Its always exciting to watch the development of a person new to fibre art discovering an interest and a passion for it. Each workshop allows the individual to build on their skills, ultimately finding an expression that is uniquely their own. There is opportunity for all artist’s not just fibre artists to explore and apply what they learn to either fibre art or their own medium.” Over the past two years the annual exhibition and workshop calendar

Landscape Series # 8 - Sylvia Watt Hand made using wool, silk, cotton and hemp.

has presented many local, national and international artists and in the upcoming months there will be no disappointment. In September gallery watchers can look forward to the hand threaded paintings of Lois Parish Evans, in October the layered fabric and stitched mysteries of Sylvia Watt and in November the striking, colourful and expressively hand dyed art quilts of Judi Nikoleski.

Lois Parish Evans - Coastal Colours 19 Sept - 13 Oct Sylvia Watt - The Ties That Bind Judi Nikoleski - Connections

17 Oct - 10 Nov 14 Nov - 1Dec

Landscape Series # 2 - Sylvia Watt Hand made using wool, cotton and silk.

Issue 1 - October 2013



The 2014 exhibition calendar will begin with local hunter artist Ahn

February is a busy month with a workshop in the ancient and con-

Wells showing her explorative, abstract and spacious works done on

templative craft of basket making with Meri Peach, or the exciting

both paper and in installation, followed by visiting USA artist Kerr

discovery of how to use materials designed for paper for perma-

Grabowski. Grabowski’s beautifully textured and abundantly playful

nent markings on fabric. Small sculptures, personal geographies,

wearable art is the product of what she describes as listening and ex-

running with stitches, crochet and knitting, sculptural embroidery

ploring a collaboration between the art work and her ability to relax and

and resin embedding…all are on offer and can enhance and de-

pay attention. Jan Clark will return in April 2014with her much loved

velop the creative spirit in any artist. Timeless Textiles is open

and extraordinarily beautiful interpretations of nature.

Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 4pm and on Sundays 10am to

Later in 2014 Fiona Wright will undertake a collaborative stitching project based on work she has been undertaking in India and Brett Alexander will exhibit his innovative and contemporary installations. Wilma Simmons will show her distinctive and subtly playful tea images and the Gallery will also be full of the contemporary weavings of Liz Williamson. Not to be missed will be Giselle Penn’s intriguing works formed from the magic of felt making.

2pm. Come in and support an artist by browsing through our gift shop collection of artist made interior images, clothing, shawls, scarfs, hats, bags, jewellery and much more, or alternatively just call in and say hello and find out more about Fibre Art. You can also visit our website at timelesstextiles.com.au - Jenny Smith.

Workshops also attract international, national and local teachers. Upcoming workshops will include; Walking the Creative Path Using Wax and More with Els Van Baarle (The Netherlands) and “Layering and Organic Forms” with Sylvia Watt (Brisbane). Workshop participants can explore the joy of making a Christmas Message Stick, or can learn how to dye and print using natural products. Nicola Henley will be joining us again in February from Ireland, to impart her knowledge on screen-printing with embroidery or you may prefer a Nuno Felting work shop with Jean Gauger.

Sea Anemones - Lois Parish Evans Framed thread painting.

Issue 1 - October 2013



FEATURED ARTIST - MARGO HUMPHRIES. Artist / Hunter Arts Network committee member / 2013 Finalist Young Business Executive Hunter Business Awards

In 2012 Margo’s T-Shirt Design, The Line Up, made the final 20 in Redbubble’s SXSW T-shirt Competition for New York band The Big Sleep. Also last year Margo joined the Hunter Arts Network committee as their “Social Media Guru” & helps in promoting their

From an early age Margo always enjoyed drawing & painting & has

quarterly Art Bazaars.

found it to be a form of meditation where she enters into another world

Margo has also been involved in many community projects

& feels relaxed & focused. When Margo was only 12 she entered the

including the 2002 Peoplescape project & designing & creating

Walkom-Manning Art Prize where she won the “Children of the Man-

street banners for Victoria Street in Taree in 1996.

ning” Youth Award . Margo taught herself to paint by studying books and other artists’ styles. Margo has developed her own style, painting many different subjects & experimenting with different techniques. Margo has experi-

Margo Humphries, is holding her next solo art exhibition at Chocolate Hills Tartuca Espresso Bar Bistro, Denman from 1 - 31 October 2013.

mented with different media, including watercolour & oil but prefers to work with acrylic. Margo is passionate about art & displaying her colourful abstract & landscape paintings. Margo’s visual vocabulary has made her known for her painterly style & vibrant canvases. The energy in her works appears to be limitless & she loves creating works that you could gaze at for hours. For Margo, the creative voyage along the way is equally significant as the outcome. Margo was selected as one of 10 artists for the Mattara Festival’s Inaugural Outdoor Art Exhibition & her “Look up in the Sky Tonight” was draped over Newcastle Panthers in October 2011. 10 buildings participated in the art trail.

Tacking Point Lighthouse - Margo Humphries

www.kasarndesigns.com Issue 1 - October 2013




Further on in the shade of a big gum tree, to listen to the wind caressing the leaves; we are here to witness another beautiful day which we graciously accept as a token and a message of a greater force. But we are not out of harm’s way, nor do we live that long to know what the outcome will be ( is that presumptuous?) Various complaints take hold of our happiness. On top of this mountain ridge we have to wait for inspiration and take time out to communicate with nature; albeit it’s not too late to set about rectifying the problem that our heart is beating strangely in our chest. Black cows are grazing on the flanks sloping down to the valley below. To write these possible songs and learn how to sing, holding the key to unlock these difficult passages. Slow down, run fast – is it a sea breeze that blows with a nip in the air, to cool our feverish body?

Collaborative painting by Eric & Robyn Werkhoven www.studiolaprimtive.com

Issue 1 - October 2013



BOB BUSH – HUNTER VALLEY POET THE VALLEY OF CLOUDS Bob Bush was born and raised in the Hunter. He presently resides on a rural property in Vacy with his wife artist Bev Cozard Bush.

Where we live, we are surrounded by some pretty high country,

He completed an apprenticeship as a Fitter and Turner at the BHP.

and in the cooler months the clouds blanket the peaks. They

Before retiring he worked as a Safety Quality and Environment manag-

make for a beautiful sight.

er. Bob says: “He started to write poetry in 1994, during a Simpson Desert camping trip. This entailed sitting around the campfire at night and relating the days’ events or mishaps, in rhyming verse.” Eight years ago Bob started to “Get a Bit Fair Dinkum” with writing traditional Aussie poetry. In 1998 he self published his first book of poems. He released another poetry book in November 20011. His current

As clouds drift down to the valley They rest in the waiting trees, To hide from the warmth of the sun And escape from the whispering breeze.

book, (From a Bush Poet’s Pen) was released in 2012 . Bob is available for public speaking and can be contacted on ph: (02) 49388323

While water from high on the mountain, Trickles down to the floor of the glade, To bring life to the velvet moss, That dwells in the mountain’s shade. - Bob Bush

Bob Bush beside his portrait by Robyn Werkhoven. Portrait Artist Australia Exhibition at Sydney Parliament House 2011.

Issue 1 - October 2013




- John O’Brien

New band FANCY - raw with a strong aesthetic. What do you get when you cross a visual artist, a writer and a musician? Something Fancy, eclectic, fresh and unique. Donna Cavanough vocalist with a sultry evocative voice. Also a yoga instructor (great for breathing) and artist. Lenny Burgess guitarist. Has been working in bands for decades. When he first took up the guitar his great interest was jazz. Fancy pushes him in directions that are alternately poppy, rocky, showy, dirty (Tom Waits), jazzy. Lenny drives the rhythm in the trio. Donna Cavanough

John O’Brien percussion & miscellany. Has created TV series and worked in adult education. Out of the blue invitation to join the band saw him discover in order: the glockenspiel, vibraphone, bongos, timpani, song-writing, chordification, arrangements, backing vocals. John’s songs tell stories or paint portraits. Their sound may be described as -’“eclectic smooth grunge with vibes”.

New band Fancy are performing at Planet Dungog on 12 &13 October. Hunter Professional Arts Magazine Nov / Dec Issue will feature an

Lenny Burgess

Donna Cavanough

John O’Brien

interview with artist Donna Cavanough and FANCY . Issue 1 - October 2013




HIDDEN invites you to explore the historical Rookwood Cemetery, whilst admiring sculptures inspired by life, death, loss and memory. Exhibition til the 31st October. www.hidden.rookwoodcemetery.com.au Random Thoughts - Roger McFarlane An exhibition of marble and granite sculptures. Until 14 October at Cooks Hill Gallery, 65 Bull St Newcastle.

NAKED & NUDE EXHIBITION Sept 28 til 10 Nov Manning Regional Art Gallery 12 MacQuarie St Taree NSW Recent paintings by Paul O’Brien Until 14 October at Cooks Hill Gallery, 65 Bull St Newcastle.

Issue 1 - October 2013



ART NEWS Portia Geach Memorial Award 4 October - 16 November 2013 Australia’s leading portrait art prize for female artists. The National Trust S.H. Ervin Gallery Watson Road, Observatory Hill, Sydney

Issue 1 - October 2013





OCTOBER 11 - 27

what I see Kara Wood - ceramics

Opening: Friday 11 Oct from 6pm Art Systems Wickham Gallery

Beth Timmins - photography

40 Annie St Wickham

Exhibition 4 – 20th October

Hours: 12 - 4pm Fri - Sun

Back to Back Galleries 57 Bull St Cooks Hill NSW

Issue 1 - October 2013




A R T N E W S Issue 1 - October 2013



Studio La Primitive Arts Zine(C)2013 Design and layout by Robyn Stanton Werkhoven

Issue 1 - October 2013



Profile for Robyn Werkhoven

Arts zine issue 1 oct 2013  

Artists' interviews, exhibitions, art related articles, essays and poetry.

Arts zine issue 1 oct 2013  

Artists' interviews, exhibitions, art related articles, essays and poetry.