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A Real Democrat for Attorney General who’s Standing Up to BP and Protecting Florida.



“ BP has its high-priced lawyers. Special interests have lawyers. Criminals have lawyers. As Attorney General, I’ll be the people’s lawyer.” – Political advertisement paid for and approved by Dave Aronberg, Democrat, for Attorney General.

We Need An Attorney General Who Will Defend Florida…NOT BP.


Democrat Dave Aronberg P rote c ting F l orida

Dave Aronberg has taken on insurance fraud and international money launderers. As Assistant Attorney General, he cracked down on consumer fraud and went after scam artists. He passed laws to protect seniors from identity theft and our children from sexual predators. Now he’s taking on BP.

Dan Gelber

Talks the Talk...Does NOT Walk the Walk State Senator Dan Gelber likes to talk tough when it comes to BP...

BUT Here are the facts: BP Hired Gelber’s Law Firm

After the oil rig exploded and millions of gallons of oil began gushing into the Gulf, BP hired Dan Gelber’s law firm. But Gelber said that it was a “non-issue.”1

Gelber Paid $225,000 A Year

Defending Us

Whether it’s cracking down on child molesters and online predators or going after con artists who target seniors, Dave Aronberg has spent over a decade fighting to protect all of us.

Going After BP

Dave Aronberg was fighting against big oil companies like BP long before it became politically popular. For years, he has stood up to protect our coasts from companies like BP – and he was the first to demand that BP clean up the mess it made with a billiondollar fund.

Going After Corrupt Politicians BP is not the only major problem Dave is taking on. He’s fed up with corrupt politicians, which is why he passed a new law that jacks up prison time for corrupt public officials by 600%.

If We Want to Fight BP... We Want Dave Aronberg for Attorney General

Gelber is doing all he can to escape the facts on his link with BP. But as of July 2010, Dan Gelber was paid $225,000 a year by BP’s law firm.2

Defending BP...a “non-issue”?

After BP hired his firm to defend the company in court, Gelber was asked if he thought it was a conflict for his firm to defend BP. On June 15th, he said that it was a “non-issue.”3

80,000,000 Gallons of Oil

It took that much oil to gush into the Gulf and for Dave Aronberg to call for him to resign before Dan Gelber was finally forced to leave his law firm.4

Gelber called working for BP law firm a “non-issue.” CHECK THE FACTS:

- Daily Business Review, 6/15/10

1. Daily Business Review, 6/15/10; 2. Miami Herald, 6/30/10; 3. Daily Business Review, 6/15/10; 4. PBS Newshour Oil Spill Widget, 6/28/10

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