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Artie Henry Middle School Trombone Ensemble

The Leander Independent School District presents the

Artie Henry Middle School Trombone Ensemble Robert T. Herrings III, Conductor The 66th Annual Midwest Clinic An International Band and Orchestra Conference Friday, December 21, 2012 ÂŞ 2:30 P.M. McCormick Place West, Ballroom W190

Congratulatory Letters

Leander Independent School District

Leander Independent School District

204 W. South Street P.O. Box 218 Leander, Texas 78646 (512) 570-0000

204 W. South Street P.O. Box 218 Leander, Texas 78646 (512) 570-0000

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Pamela Waggoner President

Will Streit President Pamela Waggoner Vice President Russell Bundy Secretary Grace S. Barber-Jordan, M.Ed. Member

To the Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic:

Don Hisle Member

Congratulations to the Henry Middle School Band Trombone Ensemble on their recent honor of being chosen to perform at this celebrated instrumental music education conference in Chicago in December.

Aaron Johnson Member Lisa Mallory Member

 Bret A. Champion, Ed.D. Superintendent

October 29, 2012

Russell Bundy Vice President

October 31, 2012

On behalf of the Leander ISD Board of Trustees, I want to take this opportunity to congratulate the Henry Middle School Trombone Ensemble for their selection to perform at the Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic at its 66th Annual Conference in December. We applaud the commitment and dedication it takes to become one of the 40 outstanding bands from around the world to perform at this prestigious event.

Lisa Mallory Member Will Streit Member

Congratulations to all the band students, parents and directors whose hard work, enthusiasm and leadership is so very much appreciated. It is rewarding to see the success of Leander students.

 Bret A. Champion, Ed.D. Superintendent

Wishing you a wonderful concert! Congratulations again.

Leander ISD Superintendent Bret A. Champion

Bret A. Champion

To the Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic:

Don Hisle Member Aaron Johnson Member

The talent, dedication, and devotion of students, parents and band directors to the LISD band program is truly amazing, and I commend these students for their commitment to achieve such a first rate trombone ensemble.


Grace S. Barber-Jordan, M.Ed. Secretary

Congratulations again. Sincerely,

Leander ISD School Board President Pamela Waggoner

Pamela Waggoner Leander ISD School Board President

Henry Middle School

Leander Independent School District 100 N. Vista Ridge Blvd. Cedar Park, Texas 78613 (512) 570-3400 Fax: (512) 570-3405 David W. Ellis, Ph.D. Principal

Bret A. Champion, Ed.D. Superintendent

To The  Midwest  International  Band  and  Orchestra  Clinic:  

Leander ISD Fine Arts Director Peter Warshaw

Artie Henry Middle School Principal David Ellis

The students,  faculty,  staff,  and  administration  of  Artie  L.  Henry  Middle  School   are  extremely  proud  and  exited  you  have  invited  our  Trombone  Ensemble  to   perform  at  the  2012  Midwest  International  Band  and  Orchestra  Clinic!    The   enthusiasm,  dedication,  and  immense  talent  of  our  musicians  never  cease  to   amaze  me.    These  young  people  are  tremendous  ambassadors  for  Henry   Middle  School  and  the  Leander  Independent  School  District.    The  recognition   and  acclaim  they  have  garnered  is  well  deserved.  

Under the  dedicated  leadership  and  direction  of  our  incredible  directors   (Robert  Herrings,  Rachel  Lynn,  and  Ryan  Straten),  the  Henry  Middle  School   band  program  has  grown  to  over  300  students.    In  addition  to  outstanding   musicianship,  our  band  students  excel  in  their  display  of  both  integrity  and   ethical  behavior.    I  am  proud  of  the  hard  work  and  dedication  of  each  and   every  member  of  our  exceptional  band  program  and  would  like  to   acknowledge  their  contribution  to  our  school,  district,  and  community.      

The support  of  our  parents,  community,  and  the  LISD  administration  also   deserves  mention.    Our  parent  support  group  spends  countless  hours  and   makes  tremendous  sacrifices  to  ensure  our  band  has  every  opportunity  to  be   successful.    Without  the  consistent  support  of  the  LISD  administration,  none  of   our  band’s  accomplishments  would  be  possible.  

The opportunity  to  perform  at  The  Midwest  Clinic  is  not  only  an  honor,  but   the  culmination  of  the  hard  work  and  dedication  of  the  entire  band  program  at   Henry  Middle  School.    Thank  you  for  recognizing  our  students  and  giving  them   the  opportunity  to  share  the  beautiful  music  of  the  2012-­‐2013  Artie  L.  Henry   Middle  School  Trombone  Ensemble.   Sincerely,    

Dr. David  W.  Ellis   Principal   Artie  Henry  Middle  School  

Henry Middle School Trombone Ensemble Mason Clark Eighth Grade 1, 2, 4

Claire Entrekin Eighth Grade 1, 2

Garrett Harlan Eighth Grade 1, 2, 3

Ryan Peterson Seventh Grade 1

James Deere Eighth Grade 1

Aiden Gundersen Seventh Grade 1, 2, 3

David Jones Eighth Grade 1, 2

Maxwell Wells Seventh Grade 1

1 – All-District Band

2 – All-Region Band

3 – All-Region Orchestra

4 – Band Council

Program Procession of the Nobles from Mlada Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov/Craig Kaucher (2006 Cimarron Music Press) Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov, unrivaled as a master of orchestration, is known today by most concert goers as the composer of Scheherazade, Capriccio Españole, and Russian Easter Festival, some of the most popular works in the romantic orchestral repertoire. While the young Nicolai showed early talent for music, he initially pursued a naval career taking a commission in the Imperial Russian Navy. In addition to his contributions to the field of orchestration, his orchestral compositions, and his influence as a pedagogue, Rimsky-Korsakov, with his fifteen operas, made the largest single contribution to the development of the Russian opera repertory. Rimsky-Korsakov’s Mlada, an opera first produced in 1892, is half-opera and half-ballet. “Procession of the Nobles” is the orchestral introduction to Act II, bringing on the chorus of a motley, boisterous crowd singing “The princes are coming! Make way for them, people of Retra.” The music bursts to life with a rousing brass flourish, soon followed by the processional music. This setting for trombone quartet by Craig Kaucher emulates the brilliance and energy of the original orchestral score. Hector J. Gil and Noah Urbanovsky, Percussion Loch Lomond Ralph Vaughn Williams/Mike Forbes (2009 Kendor Music, Inc./Almitra Music Co.) Loch Lomond is a traditional Scottish Folk song that was first published in Vocal Melodies of Scotland in 1841. Loch Lomond tells the tale of two Scottish soldiers who were imprisoned at Carlisle Castle in England, following the Battle of Culloden Moor. One of the soldiers was to be executed, while the other was to be set free. According to Celtic legend, those who died in foreign lands had their spirits travel to their homelands through the “low road,” the route for the souls of the departed. The song is from the point of view of the soldier to be executed, who tells his friend “ye’ll tak’ the high road and I’ll tak’ the low road,” in effect saying that the freed soldier will return alive, while he himself would return in spirit. He remembers his past and the “bonnie lass” (pretty girl) he will never see again, and sadly accepts death. The setting for this song, Loch Lomond, is the largest freshwater Scottish lake, which is overlooked by the mountain Ben Lomond. This arrangement by Mike Forbes for trombone ensemble is slow and expressive and captures the simplicity of the original folk song. Achieved Is The Glorious Work, from The Creation Franz Joseph Haydn/Donald G. Miller (1965 Ensemble Publications) Austrian composer Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) is one of the most prolific and prominent composers of the Classical period. He is often called the “Father of the Symphony” and “Father of the String Quartet” because of his important contributions to these forms. He was also instrumental in the development of the piano trio and in the evolution of sonata form. Haydn’s greatest oratorio, The Creation, tells of the first week of the world as described in the Bible. Chorus No. 28, Achieved is the Glorious Work, comes at the end of the sixth day and is a joyous celebration of the great things that have been accomplished. The text is as follows: “Achieved is the glorious work, The Lord’s praises shall be our song. All praise his name, for God is on high.” This arrangement follows the lines and voice-leading from the original version, is a standard in trombone ensemble literature, and a festive work for any occasion. Ryan M. Straten, Conductor This Christmastide Donald Fraser/Brian Balmages (2012 Manuscript) Brian Balmages (b. 1975) is an active composer, conductor, producer, and performer. Currently, he is Director of Instrumental Publications for The FJH Music Company Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Mr. Balmages has arranged this carol for the Henry Middle School Trombone Ensemble’s performance at The Midwest Clinic to capture the flowing beauty of the original piece for vocal chorale written by Donald Fraser. The choral work was written for one of the most admired contemporary opera singers and recitalists, Jessye Norman. The carol melody is simple — almost childlike. A few years ago, Mr. Herrings was inspired by Fred J. Allen’s arrangement of this uncommon carol for the Cedar Park Middle School Symphonic Band, and was enamored by its alluring, tranquil melody and its poetic and meaningful lyrics. The piece quietly and peacefully begins with the melody in unison lines, accompanied by rippling arpeggios in piano accompaniment. As musical layers are added, the work radiates to a resounding and triumphant fanfare. Finally, the arrangement closes serenely as a tranquil echo of its lyrical refrain: “Green and silver, red and gold, and a story born of old. Truth and love and hope abide, this Christmastide.” Hector J. Gil, Percussion and Noah Urbanovsky, Piano

Suite from the Danserye Tylman Susato/Kevin Henry (2006 Kendor Music, Inc/Wehr’s Music House) I. La Mourisque

III. Branle quatre branles

IV. Basse Danse Bergeret

V. Pavane La Bataille

Tylman (or Tielman) Susato was a prolific composer of instrumental music, and much of it is still recorded and performed today. While Susato’s place of birth is unknown, some scholars believe that because of his name — Susato meaning “de Soest”, he may be from the town of that name in Westphalia, or the town of Soest in The Netherlands. Susato began his career as a practicing trumpeter in Antwerp, but he is best remembered today as a music publisher and entrepreneur. He possessed a longtime interest in calligraphy and typesetting, and is credited with raising the standards of published music during his life. Suite from the Danserye is one of his most renowned and enduring works based on well-known tunes of that time. It is from this collection of works that Professor Henry has selected and transcribed this suite for trombone quartet.

My Bonny Lass Thomas Morley/R.M. Bearden Jr. (2011 Grand Mesa Music) Thomas Morley was an English composer who had studied music with William Byrd. He became master of the choristers for Norwich Cathedral in 1583 and remained in that position until 1587. Morley composed in numerous sacred genres including anthems, psalms, motets and many secular genres such as madrigals, solo songs, keyboard pieces and instrumental works. However, he is famous for his madrigals. My Bonny Lass is a famous English madrigal that was published in 1595 and is based on an Italian madrigal. The term “madrigal” was loosely applied to a wide variety of music, but generally denoted a setting for four or more voices of an amorous or pastoral text, which was closely depicted in the music. This trio has been arranged for small ensemble on the grade 1-2 level by R. M. Bearden Jr. to highlight the essence of true love. Rachel A. Lynn, Conductor Frosty The Snowman

Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins/Gary Slechta (2011 Select-A-Press) Frosty the Snowman is a popular song written by Walter “Jack” Rollins and Steve Nelson, and first recorded by Gene Autry and the Cass County Boys in 1950. The song recounts the fictional tale of a snowman that is magically brought to life through a black top hat that a group of children place atop his head. Although Frosty enjoys frolicking and romping through town with the children who constructed him, the sun becomes too much for him to bear and Frosty is forced to leave town, promising his friends that he will one day return. This setting for trombone quartet by Gary Slechta is jazzy, fun and expresses the joy and playfulness of one of America’s favorite winter holiday tunes. Noah Urbanovsky, Percussion Lassus Trombone Fantasy

Henry Fillmore/Gary Slechta (2012 Manuscript) The well-known bandleader and composer, Henry Fillmore (1881-1956) published his most famous composition, Lassus Trombone, in 1915. This was the second of his popular “trombone smears” featuring the sliding trombones. His first “smear,” Miss Trombone, was published in 1908, and had become a popular selection on concerts by the Sousa Band. Fillmore’s devout father found the trombone uncouth and sinful, so young Henry practiced secretly and eventually won fame as the “Father of the Trombone Smear.” Dedicated to Renaissance composer Orlande de Lassus, Fillmore’s Lassus Trombone was a perennial favorite among marching bands. Lassus Trombone is one of the most famous trombone features and is rumored to be John Philip Sousa’s favorite march. This fantasy for trombone quartet was commissioned for this performance at the 2012 Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic. With hints of the Chameleon groove, a jazz standard composed by Herbie Hancock in 1973, Gary Slechta’s arrangement takes you on a fantasy through the traditional Lassus Trombone to a jazz funk, a waltz and a hip-hop groove that is sure to bring down the house and have everyone’s toes tapping! Hector J. Gil, Percussion

Performers Mason Clark Mason Clark began playing trombone as a sixth grader at Henry Middle School. Throughout his musical journey, Mason has been a member of the Honors and Symphonic Bands, receiving Sweepstakes with those bands at UIL Concert and Sightreading contests. He has also received Division I Superior ratings at Solo and Ensemble Contests. This year, Mason was named to the Region 26 All-Region Band. Mason’s interests include his love for music, trombone, his family, friends and teachers. He spends most of his free time practicing trombone, talking with friends, helping around the house and watching T.V.

Mason Clark

His parents are Adam and Mendy Clark. His mother works as a secretary at Ronald Reagan Elementary School in Leander ISD, and his father works at Isilon. He also has three brothers — Garrett (age 16), Cooper (age 12), and Reid (age 11). When Mason graduates high school, he plans to get a bachelor’s degree in music education so he can share his love of and passion for music with students. Mason plans to inspire future musicians to be amazing on their instruments. James Deere James Paul Deere is an eighth grade trombone player at Artie Henry Middle School. His parents are Paul and Michelle Deere, and he has a twin sister named Nicole. James had a brain tumor when he was nine, but today he is cancer-free. He very much enjoys table tennis, in which he excels. James loves playing his trombone, but what he enjoys the most is sharing experiences with seven other brilliant musicians. James is honored to have been chosen to play at The Midwest Clinic. He has learned so much from the experience, the music and has had so much fun rehearsing this program. He would like to thank his wonderful family, his very talented private lesson teacher (Dr. Billy Gayman) his unbelievably awesome band directors (Robert Herrings, Ryan Straten, and Rachel Lynn), his supportive best friend Brandon Taboada, the Murray family, the Mertink family, and the audience in attendance today.

James Deere

Claire Entrekin Claire Entrekin is in the eighth grade and plays tenor trombone. Her parents are Leslie and Jeramy Chapman, and she has three siblings — Caleb (age 10), Chloe (age 3), and Caitlyn (age 2). Outside of band and playing trombone, Claire enjoys sports. Her favorite sports include swimming, basketball, and baseball. She is also very involved with her church and church activities. Last summer, Claire went on her first mission trip to New Mexico. Claire earned membership in the Texas Music Educators Association All-District and All-Region Band as a seventh-grader and as an eighth-grader. She feels truly blessed to be a part of the Henry Middle School Band and to have the incredible directors who give 110% to make everyone better musicians. “Getting prepared to submit our music for the Midwest Clinic was an adventure in itself,” Claire said. “Now, I’m ready to take on whatever challenge comes my way. This is such an honor, and I am so grateful for all the leadership, guidance and other members in my section.” Claire Entrekin

Aiden Gundersen Aiden Gundersen is in seventh grade and plays the trombone in the Artie Henry Middle School Honors Band. He really enjoys playing his instrument and is very excited about this opportunity to perform at The Midwest Clinic. Most recently, Aiden was named to the Texas Music Educators Association AllDistrict Band, All-Region Band and the All-Region Orchestra as the highest ranking seventh grader. Aiden’s parents are Garth Gundersen and Kim Gundersen. He is also a big brother to Reese Gundersen. Outside of school, Aiden enjoys playing soccer. He is a member of The Lonestar Soccer Club, and he plays for Lonestars 00B Red North, one of Lonestar’s best teams. Aiden’s team is very good, and he is excited to have the opportunity to play with them. At HMS, Aiden maintains an overall “A“ average, and he enjoys going to school and seeing his friends. This past summer, Aiden attended the University of Texas at Austin Longhorn Music Camp, where he placed fourth chair in the top band. He also attended the Austin Trombone camp, where he had a really good time and learned a lot. He takes private lessons with Dr. Billy Gayman and is grateful for all he has learned from this master teacher.

Aiden Gundersen

Garrett Harlan Garrett Harlan is an eighth grade tenor trombone player in the Artie Henry Middle School Honors Band. He resides in Cedar Park, Texas, with his parents, John and Julie Harlan, his pet snake, and a menagerie of box turtles. Garrett is an “A” student and is in the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS). He placed fifth in region band in 2011 as the highest ranking seventh grader. This year, Garrett placed first in the region and was named to the Region 26 All-District Band, All-Region Band and the All-Region Orchestra. Garrett has also played piano for nine years and has recently been invited to join the Austin Youth Orchestra. He is very passionate about music so earning the opportunity to perform at The Midwest Clinic is a huge honor for him. Ever since he joined band, he has had a wonderful experience. Garrett Harlan

David Jones David Jones is an eighth grade bass trombone player in the Artie Henry Middle School Honors Band. He has received all Division I Superior ratings at Solo and Ensemble contests since he began playing trombone in sixth grade. In 2011, he made the Texas Music Educators Association All-Region Symphonic Band, and for the last two years, he has attended the Baylor University Summer Music Camp in Waco, Texas. This last summer, he placed first chair at that camp. David is the son of Cathy Pennington and Kirk Jones. He has three siblings — an older brother named Jacob, an older sister named Lacy, and a little brother named Ryker. David loves his family and shares a very close relationship with his brothers and sisters. Outside of playing trombone, David enjoys playing football, basketball and video games. After graduation from high school, David plans to attend Baylor University to study trombone. This invitation to perform at The Midwest Clinic: An International Band and Orchestra Conference has been the highlight of his year.

David Jones

Ryan Peterson Ryan Peterson, a seventh grade bass trombonist in the Artie Henry Middle School Honors Band, is the son of John and Tammy Peterson. He also has an older sister, Emily. Ryan helps out in his church every week, and he enjoys playing with the church band on occasion. In addition to playing trombone, he enjoys camping, hiking, swimming, fishing, and video games. Ryan feels very passionate about playing bass trombone. He has only been playing bass trombone for six months, and has placed his efforts in learning it quickly and efficiently. He was recently chosen as a member of the Region 26 All-District Band. He is humbled to be a chosen member of the Henry Middle School Trombone Ensemble. It is an honor to play at the prestigious Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic. Preparation for this has shown Ryan what it feels like to be a professional musician and perform for such an esteemed audience.

Ryan Peterson

Maxwell Wells Max Wells is a seventh grade tenor trombone player in the Artie Henry Middle School Honors Band. His parents are Dustin and Wendy Wells, with whom he resides in Cedar Park, Texas. He has some strange creatures called siblings whose names are Zach, Hunter, and Heidi. Max used to take flying lessons, but he had to stop due to airsickness. He enjoys Boy Scouts, where he is the troop Historian. His parents want him to know how to manage his own money so they make him buy his own clothes. Max earns money by mowing lawns with his friend Keaton. Max really loves playing trombone and feels that the invitation to perform at The Midwest Clinic has helped improve his trombone playing skills and taught him the value of hard work and dedication. This year, Max was named to the Region 26 All-District Band. And that, “folks,” is the scoop on Max.

Maxwell Wells

Noah Urbanovsky Noah Urbanovsky is a percussionist at Henry Middle School. He lives with his parents, Lea and Fred Urbanovsky, and his sister Cameron. In addition to music, Noah also enjoys reading, drawing, and spending time with friends and family. He is involved with his church’s D-Group, which gives him an opportunity to dig deeper into his Christian faith. He also volunteers with his dad in an organization that helps bring medical equipment to third-world countries. Noah has enjoyed music since he started playing piano at the age of six. His musical experience eventually led him to join the percussion section in his middle school band. Playing in the Honors Band (and especially percussion) has been a really exciting experience, and he has enjoyed it very much. This year, Noah placed first in the All-Region Band audition process, and was also named to the Region 26 All-Region Orchestra.

Noah Urbanovsky

The chance to play at the Midwest Clinic with the trombone ensemble has been an amazing experience, and Noah feels very blessed to be a part of it. Noah would like to thank his band director, Mr. Herrings, for allowing him to take part in this, and his parents for supporting him all the way. Noah would also like to thank his piano teacher, Mrs. Brundage, for helping to start his percussion career. Without her, he would never have gotten to this point.

Conductors Robert T. Herrings, III Robert Tyrome Herrings, III is entering his tenth year of teaching and has been teaching at Henry Middle School in Leander ISD since 2004. Prior to coming to Leander ISD, he was the Director of Bands at Rockdale Junior High in Rockdale, Texas. In 2003, Mr. Herrings received his Bachelor of Music Education degree from Baylor University in Waco, Texas, where he studied under Michael Haithcock, Jeff Grogan, Dr. Kevin Sedatole and Barry Hopper. While in college, Mr. Herrings was a member of the Baylor University performing wind bands, as well as a member of the Baylor University Golden Wave Band. At Henry Middle School, Mr. Herrings conducts the Honors Band, assists with the Symphonic and Concert bands, and teaches beginning flute, saxophone and trumpet. Mr. Herrings’ bands have consistently received UIL Sweepstakes ratings, as well as unanimous first division ratings, Best In Class, and Overall Outstanding Band honors at festivals around the state. In 2009, 2010 and 2011, the program at Henry earned distinction as a National Wind Band Honors Class AA winner, and in 2009, the Henry Middle School Honors Band was selected to perform at the Western International Band Clinic in Seattle, Washington. The program was named the 2010 TMEA Class CCC Honor Band and was also selected to perform at the 2010 Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic. In June 2011, Mr. Herrings and his program were awarded the prestigious John Philip Sousa Foundation Sudler Silver Cup Award, and in July of the same year, Mr. Herrings was named the Phi Beta Mu Outstanding Young Bandmaster of the Year. This December, the Henry Middle School Trombone Ensemble will perform at the 2012 Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic. An active clinician and adjudicator around the state, Mr. Herrings is a member of the Texas Music Educators Association and the Texas Bandmasters Association. He is also a mentor to new-to-profession teachers at Henry Middle School. Mr. Herrings enjoys motivating young musicians to achieve the highest level of performance by sharing his extreme love and passion for music with them on a daily basis. He feels honored, privileged and extremely blessed to have a loving mother and grandmother, many great mentors, band directors and close friends who have influenced his career thus far. Above all, his students have been his greatest inspiration! Ryan M. Straten Ryan M. Straten is in his fifth year of teaching and his third year at Henry Middle School. Mr. Straten is the conductor of the Symphonic Band, assists with the Honors and Concert Bands and also teaches the beginning horn, trombone, euphonium and tuba classes. His bands have consistently received UIL Sweepstakes ratings, as well as unanimous first division ratings, and Best In Class honors at festivals around the state. Mr. Straten earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Texas State University in 2005. At Texas State, he studied under John Stansberry, Rod Schueller, and Jack Laumer, and he performed with the Wind Ensemble, the Symphonic Band, the Concert Band, the Bobcat Marching Band and the Trumpet Ensemble. He was also an active member and officer in the Kappa Kappa Psi music fraternity. In 2007, Mr. Straten returned to Texas State to pursue dual Master’s Degrees in Music Education and Educational Leadership. During that time, he served as a graduate assistant to the undergraduate instrumental methods classes, and he co-directed the Texas State University Concert Band as well as performed with the Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band under the direction of Caroline Beatty. Upon the completion of his Master’s Degree in Music Education, Mr. Straten was elected a member of the Pi Kappa Lambda National Honor Society. Mr. Straten is an active member of the Texas Music Educator’s Association and the Texas Bandmaster’s Association. Mr. Straten feels very honored to be working with such an exceptional team at Henry Middle School. He attributes all of his success to his loving and supportive family and friends, his students, and his mentor, Dr. Mary Ellen Cavitt.

Rachel A. Lynn Rachel A. Lynn is in her third year of teaching at Henry Middle School. Ms. Lynn conducts the Concert Band, which has received UIL Sweepstakes ratings each year and Best in Class honors at various festivals. She also assists with the Honors and Symphonic Bands, and she teaches beginning clarinet, oboe, and bassoon. Previously, Ms. Lynn was an active private clarinet lesson teacher for band programs in the Leander and Round Rock ISDs. She remains in high demand as a clarinet clinician and teacher in the Austin area.  In 2008, Ms. Lynn earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Clarinet Performance from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. While at Northwestern, she performed in the Northwestern University Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Contemporary Music Ensemble and the Symphonic Wind Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Mallory Thompson. Ms. Lynn has studied clarinet under Mary Schani, Leslie Grimm, Russell Dagon, Steve Cohen, and Lawrie Bloom. As a performer, she was a finalist in the University of Oklahoma Clarinet Symposium Young Artists Concerto Competition and the Austin Civic Orchestra Pearl Amster Competition.  Ms. Lynn’s professional memberships include the Texas Music Educator’s Association and Texas Bandmaster’s Association.

Hector J. Gil Hector J. Gil joined the staff at Vista Ridge High School and Henry Middle School as the Director of Percussion in the fall of 2008. He is in his eleventh year of teaching and has previously served as a percussion instructor at Texas Christian University, Texas A&M International University, Surround Sound Percussion, Arlington Martin High School, Leander High School, Cedar Park High School, Georgetown High School, and Laredo United High School. Mr. Gil received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Education from Texas A&M University-Commerce in 2001. During his time at TAMU-C, he performed in the Wind Ensemble, Steel Drum Band, and the drum line. He was also a member of the Percussion Ensemble that won the prestigious Percussive Arts Society “Call for Tapes” award in 2000, performed a showcase concert at PASIC, and was a member of the TAMU-C drum line that received second place at PASIC. Mr. Gil’s students and ensembles have achieved numerous honors at many contests, including Texas’ University Interscholastic League, Texas Music Educators Association, PASIC, WGI, and the Lone Star Classic. His performance experience includes the Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps 1997-1998, the Laredo Philharmonic Orchestra, North East Texas Symphony Orchestra, and the Laredo Wind Ensemble. Mr. Gil composes and arranges for numerous drumlines, and he serves as a clinician for several high schools throughout Texas. His professional affiliations include the Percussive Arts Society, Texas Music Educators Association, Texas Bandmasters Association, and the TAMU-C Alumni Association. He is also an endorsed artist of Innovative Percussion, Inc.

About Leander ISD The Leander Independent School District, located approximately 25 miles northwest of downtown Austin, Texas encompasses 200 square miles and has campuses sited within the cities of Leander, Cedar Park and Austin, Texas. This dynamic school district is one of the fastest growing school districts in Texas, serves an enrollment of over 34,000 students with 38 campuses and auxiliary facilities, while maintaining standards of excellence throughout the system. The district has 23 elementary schools, eight middle schools, five high schools and two alternative schools. LISD boasts the best area average for college enrollment. According to Texas Monthly magazine, LISD Schools rank among the best in the state, with the high schools in the top 5 percent. LISD is also a Texas Education Agency “Recognized� School District. The Leander ISD Vision is that every student is encouraged, supported, and challenged to achieve the highest levels of knowledge, skills, and character. Every LISD graduate is prepared with the knowledge, academic foundation, and life skills to be a productive learner, an effective communicator, and a responsible citizen, in order to be successful in an ever-changing world.

About the Henry Middle School Band Program The band program at Henry Middle School serves more than 330 students, with seventh and eighth graders enrolled in one of three performing bands, and sixth grade beginning band classes in a homogeneous setting. Since the school opened in 2002, Henry bands have been consistent UIL Sweepstakes winners, and they have been well-represented at Solo and Ensemble contest, Region Band and Region Orchestra auditions. Under the direction of Robert Herrings, Ryan Straten, Rachel Lynn and Hector Gil, the Henry bands have earned numerous honors and awards at festivals in Texas, and in 2008, the band was invited to perform at the prestigious Western International Band Clinic in Seattle, Washington. In 2009, the HMS Band Program was named the Texas Class CCC Honor Band. In 2010, the HMS Band Program was invited to perform at The Midwest Clinic, and in 2011 the program was awarded the coveted John Philip Sousa Foundation Sudler Silver Cup Award. To improve their individual skills and musicianship, all students in the HMS Band Program attend weekly section rehearsals, and many students take advantage of the opportunity for private lessons through the LISD Private Lesson Program. HMS band students also participate in other activities, including National Junior Honor Society, Student Council, Leadership, Yearbook/Journalism, Athletics, Art, Cheerleading, Dance Team, Theatre and many more. Through the dedicated work of many individuals, the program has built a tradition of success that has flourished within the school and in the community.




Dr. Bret A. Champion, Superintendent

Dr. David Ellis, Principal

Pamela Waggoner, President

Monta Akin, Assistant Superintendent, Instruction

Steve Britton, Assistant Principal

Russell Bundy, Vice-President

Karie Lynn McSpadden, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources

Rebecca Owen, Assistant Principal

Grace S. Barber-Jordan

Katy Weeks, Assistant Principal

Lisa Mallory

Ellen Skoviera, Assistant Superintendent, Business Operations

Ginger Carter, Administrative Assistant

Don Hisle

Dick Ellis, Director of School and Community Relations

Michelle Kitchens, Registrar

Aaron Johnson

Jerilynn Huebschman, Bookkeeper

Will Streit

Peter Warshaw, Fine Arts Director

To OUR FAMILY OF BAND DIRECTORS IN LEANDER ISD, We thank you for your SUPPORT: VISTA RIDGE HIGH SCHOOL Bryan Christian, Kyle Ruschhaupt, Hector Gil

ROUSE HIGH SCHOOL Lee Crochet, Art Jimenez, Brittany Brown, Jared Morgan

CEDAR PARK MIDDLE SCHOOL Manuel San Luis, David Barnes, Britni Dunn

RUNNING BRUSHY MIDDLE SCHOOL Van Robison, Liz Love, Mark Urbina

CEDAR PARK HIGH SCHOOL Steve Wessels, Bob Chreste, Evan Van Doren, Roland Chavez

VANDERGRIFT HIGH SCHOOL Jeremy Spicer, Mike Howard, Paul Pape, Stephanie Lee

FOUR POINTS MIDDLE SCHOOL Christopher Yee, Jessica Gonzales

STILES MIDDLE SCHOOL Darcy Williams, Jenna Yee

LEANDER HIGH SCHOOL Nils Gundersen, Laura Cross, Robert Selaiden, Juan Carrera

CANYON RIDGE MIDDLE SCHOOL Amy Allison, Carter Matschek, Joshua Muñoz

LEANDER MIDDLE SCHOOL Cathy Teltschik, Andrew Straight, Karina McBrayer

WILEY MIDDLE SCHOOL Garland Chiasson, Jennifer Arnold, Karen Kachelmeier

French Horn Mrs. Angela Finley Ms. Barbi Van Horn Trombone Mr. Blair Castle Dr. Billy Gayman Mr. Brad Rowland

Tuba Mr. Dan Troiano Mr. David Hummel Percussion Ms. Jessica Garrow Mr. Chris Sawyer Mr. Mike Bishop

Henry Middle School Private Instructors Flute Mrs. Ann Kjerulf-Knien Mrs. Le Morales Clarinet Mrs. Mary Schani Mr. Chris Whittemore Oboe Dr. Amy Burgus

Bassoon Ms. Julia Windle Saxophone Mr. Billy McPhail Mr. Charlie Chadwell Mrs. Elizabeth Hanson Trumpet Mr. Gilbert Elorreaga Dr. Kyle Koronka

Euphonium Mr. David Hummel

LEANDER ISD HONOR GROUPS: Texas Music Educator Association Invited Choirs

Midwest Performances

Western International Band Clinic Performances

Henry MS Treble Choir, 2012 — Michelle Hank

Henry MS Trombone Ensemble, 2012 — Robert Herrings

Wiley MS Honors Band, 2012 — Garland Chiasson

Henry MS Treble Choir, 2008 — Kimberly Williams

Cedar Park MS Saxophone Ensemble, 2011 — Manuel San Luis

Henry MS Honors Band, 2009 — Robert Herrings

Henry MS Honors Band, 2010 — Robert Herrings

Sudler Cup Recipients

Cedar Park MS Symphonic Band, 2007 — Manuel San Luis

Henry MS, 2011 — Robert Herrings

Cedar Park MS Mixed Choir, 2003 — Brenda Justice Texas Music Educator Association Honor Bands Henry MS Honors Band, 2010 — Robert Herrings Leander HS Wind Ensemble, 1994 — Dennis Hopkins

Cedar Park MS, 2008 — Manuel San Luis

2011-2012 Trombone Ensemble James Deere All-District, 2011

David Jones All-District and All-Region Band, 2011

Claire Entrekin All-District and All-Region Band, 2011

Akash Kwatra All-District and All-Region Band, 2010 and 2011 All-Region Orchestra — 2nd Chair, 2011

Garrett Harlan All-District and All-Region Band, 2011

Daniel Yeager All-District and All-Region Band, 2011

Thank You, Partners In Music Education! Platinum Sponsorship

Silver Sponsorship

Bronze Sponsorship

Express Employment Professionals

Brandy Norton

David and Mindy Corley

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Herrings, Jr.

David and Mary Peterson

Shirley Venema

Paul and Michelle Deere

Doc’s Backyard Bar & Grill

Robin Wilson

Doc’s Motorworks Bar & Grill

Technology Kitchen

Dwight and Mekecia Larson

Tolteq Group

Imperial Woodworks, Inc.

Vista Ridge Band Boosters

Jean and Ruben Roecker Larry Lippe P.C. Lynn Woods & Steve Niemietz

Gold Sponsorship

Mark and Joyce Bowen

Bellini’s Texas Grill

Mendy Clark/Keller Williams NWMC

Crown Trophy

Music & Arts

David and Dorothy Straten

Neerja W. Kwatra, CPA

Gregory and Barbara Clark

Salus Chiropractic

USA Fundraisers

Sheryl Deere Strait Music Company Thomas Musical Instrument Repair Vincent Lee and Family

Sponsor Bobby and Ann Curtis Donnie and Nita Rannefeld Eugene and Thelma Garner Eye Clinic of Austin Ken and Lisa Mauldin Michael Mackenzie Steven and Monica Lynn Target

My Personal Thanks TO THE 2011-2012 HENRY MIDDLE SCHOOL TROMBONE ENSEMBLE: From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you very much for all your hard work and dedication throughout your middle school years. Your commitment to excellence paved the road for this invitation to perform at the Midwest Clinic, and I love and admire each and every one of you. TO THE 2012-2013 HENRY MIDDLE SCHOOL TROMBONE ENSEMBLE: Mason, James, Claire, Aiden, Garrett, Max, David, Ryan and Noah — Words cannot express how proud I am of each and every one of you. Thank you for your hard work, your kind spirits, your patience and the countless hours spent preparing for this concert. You are each unique and extremely gifted in so many ways. Throughout our preparation, you have worked together as a loving family and have given everyone in your path an inspirational reminder of honorable human possibilities. I am truly blessed to teach you each day and I admire you more than you will ever know. You are truly my greatest inspiration! TO THE FAMILIES OF THE HENRY MIDDLE SCHOOL TROMBONE ENSEMBLE: Thank you so much for your continued and endless support of the ensemble, the band program and music education! Your unwavering dedication, sacrifices and flexibility truly displays your love for your child and the craft and passion involved with producing the quality musical work presented today. Thank you for all that you have done so that our students can be successful, and for allowing me the privilege of teaching them each day. TO MY MOM AND GRANDMOTHER: Thank you for believing in me and encouraging me to follow my dreams. None of this would have happened without your love, patience and support. Both of you are special gifts that God gave to me and I cherish you beyond words. I love you! TO RYAN STRATEN, RACHEL LYNN & HECTOR GIL: Thank you so much for all your hard work, time and dedication to our kids and our program. I am so grateful to work with such an amazing staff each day and our kids are lucky to have you as their teachers! We are more than colleagues; we are friends. Nothing will ever stand in the way of our true friendship. Through each of you, I have found patience, guidance, discipline and love. You are a blessing to the kids and to me. Thank you!

TO JULIE HARLAN: Where do I begin? Thank you so much for the endless love you show our kids and the directors. You are always there to rescue us and offer help. Your benevolence and service to the kids and the program will never be forgotten. You are a blessing. Thank you! TO DR. NATHANIEL BRICKENS, PROFESSOR OF TROMBONE, UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN; BLAIR CASTLE, DR. BILLY GAYMAN, RYAN JOHNSTONE, DR. MARTIN MCCAIN, PROFESSOR OF TROMBONE, TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY AND BRAD ROWLAND: Thank you for all your help, guidance, inspiration and belief in our kids and this endeavor. The talents and knowledge each of you possess has helped take our kids to the next level, and the end result presented today is a direct reflection of each and every one of you. Each of you is invaluable, and I’m honored to call you my friends. TO ROBIN WILSON: From being my middle school band director to designing our beautiful programs, you have been a shining star and example of excellence in my life since we first met. Thank you for sharing your talents with the kids in our program and my staff. You are incredible! TO ERNIE WELCH: Thank you for your beautiful photos! Your work is consistently breathtaking. I appreciate you more than you know. TO MANUEL SAN LUIS: You have been not only a mentor, but also one of the greatest inspirations for us all. Your love, passion and guidance have truly shaped the individuals that you have come in contact with. You inspire and uplift us all. TO DR. DAVID ELLIS, PRINCIPAL, HENRY MIDDLE SCHOOL: We have worked together for 10 years, and I could not ask for a more supportive principal. Your steadfast support, wisdom and guidance are invaluable, and you have helped shape me into the educator that I am today. You will always hold a very special place in my heart. TO THE HENRY MIDDLE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION, FACULTY AND STAFF: Your continued support of our students and all the Fine Arts programs at HMS is astounding. Thank you for believing in our kids, making a daily impact on our students, and providing them the opportunity to experience music on this level.

TO SHEILA OLENICH: Thank you for the countless hours you put into the Fine Arts programs in LISD. Please know how much you have helped our students. We all appreciate you. You’re an angel! TO PETER WARSHAW: Thank you for all your guidance over the years. You have helped me grow, not only as a musician and teacher, but also as a person. Thank you for your inspiration! TO THE VISTA RIDGE HIGH SCHOOL BAND STAFF AND BOOSTERS: Your support of the band program at HMS is endless, and we appreciate you more than you will ever know. Thank you for all of your help! TO MY LISD MS BAND “FAMILY”: Cara Vernon, Amy Allison, Manuel San Luis, Chris Yee, Darcy Williams, Carter Matschek, David Barnes, Britni Dunn, Jessica Gonzales, and Jenna Yee — I am so grateful to call you my friends. Each of you is a blessing to me and will always be an unconditional friend. TO COLLEAGUES AND FRIENDS FOR WHOM I AM GRATEFUL: Including, but not limited to: Michael Haithcock, Jeff Grogan, Kevin Sedatole, Barry Hopper, Matthew McInturf, Mary Ellen Cavitt, Frances Hudson, Betty Pierce, Cynthia Lansford, John Curtin, Paul Crockett, Melodianne Mallow, Jackie Fullerton, Jack Green, Susan Young, Robin Wilson, Rebecca Allen, Bryan Christian, Kyle Ruschhaupt, Andrew Straight, Hector Gil, Manuel San Luis, Amy Allison, David Barnes, Chris Yee, Jessica Gonzales, Carter Matschek, Darcy Williams, Jenna Yee, Josh Mello and Rich Patenaude. Thank you! “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Artie Henry Middle School Trombone Ensemble: 2012 Midwest Clinic Performance Program  

Program designed for the Artie Henry Middle School Trombone Ensemble performance at the 2012 Midwest International Band & Orchestra Clinic....