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Leander Independent School District presents

The Artie Henry Middle School Honors Band Western International Band Clinic Send-Off Concert

Thursday, November 13, 2008 & 7:30 p.m.

TROMBONE Jessica Comer Grant Kjeldsen Michael McKee Matt Smith Austin Teater

Flute Casey Hicks Jin Jung Makayla Kelso Jasmina Solanke Anisa Wakil Charles Yue

ALTO SA XOPHONE Mckenzie Bolton Aaron CarabajalJohnson Cody Phelan Colby Rodriguez

OBOE Leah Powers Carlene Watson


BASSOON Brian Maule Nicholas Meckstroth Rohan Nagar


TUBA Max Arisco Jack Henry Morgan Jones

TRUMPET Kevin Bickling Andrew Cothrell John Malito Shane McDonald Tori Renfroe Andrew Schlotzhauer

PERCUSSION Alex Ma Christne Cheney Chandlee Cresap Kevin Harris Jonathan Hill Josh Murley

FRENCH HORN Trevor Downs Eric Garcia Courtney McDonnell Hannah Meharg Beth Sharp

Past Memebers Alejandra Chavez Adam Waldum Alex Hoeft Alex Malito Alicia Villarreal Ana Doh Andrea Woods Andy Shriver Aryn Bolton

CLARINET Rachael Anderson Briar Coker Will Doh Angela Fogle Fernanda Padron Adam Sanders Alec Skipper Kevin Vu BASS CLARINET Marissa Dominguez Shailen Naick

EUPHONIUM Seth Butler Ty Chism

Ashlyn Kipp Aubrey Swilling Austin deBruyn Beau Moore Brandon Allred Bri Mora Brittany Klepper Bryana Wildung Cathy Nguyen Cole Sawyer Colleen Steffenson Connor Davison Connor Goodrum Ed Butts Elizabeth Stevens Ellie Jung Farnosh Mojtabaeezamani Grant Britton Hunter Moore Jennifer Kim Jeremy Edelen Jordan Caceras Jordan Geist Joseph Ehrlich Joseph Gilbert Josh Dyba Joshua Anderson JP De Ovando Katelyn McElroy Kenji Ehrlich Kerri Grier Kyle Anderson Lauren Hamaker Lois Choi

Marshall Curry Matt Weise Nic Houghtaling Oliver Uitz Ray Nathanson Ribesh Shrestha Riley Gibson Robby Marion Ryan Cho Sam Wakil Sara McNally-Durkin Spencer Sullivan Stephanie Li Diaz Stephen Ham Taylor Robinson Taylor Wilson Tim O’Hara Trevor Kleikamp Tyler DeArrigunaga Will Zarsky Zachary Alkek Zachary Lonergan

The Artie Henry Middle School Honors Band Robert Herrings, Conductor

The Star Spangled Banner


Inspired by a 15-star, 15-stripe garrison flag made in 1813, Francis Scott Key wrote “The Star-Spangled Banner" on Sept. 14, 1814, during the War of 1812 with Great Britain. Congress adopted this piece as the U.S. national anthem in 1931.

Todd Stalter

Clouds That Sail In Heaven

Clouds That Sail In Heaven was commissioned by The Washington High School Symphonic Winds (James Tallman, conductor) and was premiered by the ensemble at the 2005 Illinois Music Educators Association All-State Conference. It is a concert fanfare based on the hymn All Creatures of Our God and King. Short strands of this famous hymn-tune melody are combined to form intricate and expressive textures, and the fanfare is punctuated with exciting syncopated figures and bold percussion scoring.

Swahili Folk Hymn

Cara Vernon, conductor

Traditional/Arr. by Kevin Mixon

Swahili Folk Hymn was written to embody the music and culture of the one-half million Swahili people who inhabit the eastern coastal regions of Africa. The original lyrics of the song used in this arrangement are sacred: “Bwana Awabiriki, Ukimcha Bwana” (“May God grant you a blessing, Revere the Lord”). However, the song’s popularity has become widespread and secularized lyrics such as “Thanks to our teachers” or “Peace to all Nations” are often used in addition to the original.

R ain

Brian Balmages, conductor

Brian Balmages

Rain was commissioned by the Virginia Band Directors Association District 10 and premiered by the All District Middle School Symphonic Band with the composer conducting. It is a gentle work with a great deal of expressiveness. Rain paints a picture of a quiet rainfall with distant rolling thunder. The musical lines convey the complexity of rain-the sadness it brings to some, the calmness it brings to other, and it’s ability to rejuvenate; the soft droplets outside our window that can be so relaxing, yet can also be the cause of a raging river.

J.S. Jig

Brant Karrick

Written in October of 2006 and dedicated to Joe Allen and the 2006-2007 Muhlenberg North Band Program, J. S. Jig is a dance that fuses the themes of J. S. Bach into a lifting Irish Jig. It begins with a subtle percussion groove followed by quick exchanges of the main theme between different sections or instruments. A complete statement of the jig theme is followed by a fugue. The piece adds a quote of Bach’s much loved “Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring,” and to further pay homage to Bach, the composer decided to include the Bach chorale “Was Gott tut, das ist Wohlgetan.”

Paso Flamenco

A vigorous combination of the Paso Doble and the Flamenco, Paso Flamenco has an intense quality of percussive sounds joined with a charismatic melody.


Victor Lopez

Robert Sheldon

Synergies is a high energy, rhythmic and full of tuneful melodies that was commissioned by The Columbus Middle School Band of Columbus, Nebraska, in dedication to the citizens of Columbus. The motto of the citizens is “A City of Power and Progress,” as they continue to work toward the development of their community.

Auld Tannenbaum

Steven Hopkins, conductor

Arr. by Ralph Ford

Auld Tannenbaum skillfully intertwines two holiday favorites, “Auld Lang Syne” and “O Tannenbaum” (“Oh Christmas Tree”), into a soothing setting that covers the entire holiday season. Lush harmonies and skillful scoring by Ralph Ford really make this holiday tune a treat for all.


John Phillip Sousa/ Ed. by John R. Bourgeois

John Phillip Sousa (1854-1932) is noted as the most famous bandmaster-composers and wrote more than 100 marches, including the famous The Stars and Stripes Forever. In 1880, Sousa became the leader of the United States Marine Band and Sound Off was composed in 1885 while Sousa was in his fifth year as Director. This edition is dedicated to Toshio Akiyama, past president of the Japanese Bandmasters Association and one of the leaders of the Japanese Sousa Society. Each member of the society has a Sousa march which they are thoroughly versed in, both historically and musically. Toshio’s march is Sound Off. The career of Col. Bourgeois, the 25th director of the United Sates Marine Band, spanned nine presidential administrations-from Eisenhower to Clinton. He retired from the Marine Corps after serving as the band’s director, staff arranger and music advisor to the White House for 17 years. Since his retirement in 1996, Col. Bourgeois has continued to be extremely active as a guest conductor and clinician and is also an Artist-in-Residence at his alma mater, Loyola University.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS && The Cedar Park Middle School band parents for their steadfast support and fortitude. Thank you for your support of your child’s music education. && Our family of band directors in Leander ISD for their support and guidance: ŠŠ Cedar Park High School: Steve Wessels, Jeremy Spicer, Manuel Maldonado and Bob Chreste ŠŠ Leander High School: Nils Gunderson, Melissa Wood, Duane Hill, and Juan Carrera ŠŠ Vista Ridge High School: Bryan Christian, Kyle Rushaupt, Josh Thomas, and Andrew Straight ŠŠ Artie Henry Middle School: Robert Herrings, Cara Vernon, and Christopher Arnold ŠŠ Canyon Ridge Middle School: Amy Allison, Christopher Yee, and Justin Bell ŠŠ Leander Middle School: Cathy Teltschik, Daniel Schmidt, and Jeff Comp ŠŠ Running Brushy Middle School: Edward Pagliai, Jeremy Stoll, and Van Robison ŠŠ Wiley Middle School: Garland Chiasson and Jennifer Arnold ŠŠ Peter Warshaw, Leander ISD fine arts supervisor ŠŠ Sheila Olenich, Leander ISD fine arts administrative Assistant

&& Leander ISD Administration ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ

Tom Glenn, superintendent Monta Akin, assistant superintendent Bret Champion, assistant superindent Ellen Skoviera, assistant superindent Bill Britcher, executive director of school/community relations

&& Cedar Park Middle School Administration: ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ

Sandra Stewart, principal Shona Aberegg, assistant principal Tom Crossway, assistant principal Jane Herrera, assistant principal Shelley Bryson, administrative assistant

&& Leander ISD Board of Trustees: ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ ŠŠ

Jim Sneeringer, president Don McCall, vice-president Don Hisle, secretary Elizabeth Frey Grace Barber Jordan Russell Bundy Pamela Waggoner

SPECIAL THANKS && Our band parent volunteers for their undying and unselfish aid throughout the year. && Josi Black, Sue Bradford and Pam Stephenson ­— for always being there to our rescue, and for your benevolence and service to the kids, the band program and directors && The Cedar Park High School band staff and boosters && The many colleagues and friends for whom we are grateful, including but not limited to: Richard Crain, Marion West, Bill Watson, Wade

McDonald, Dr. Thomas Fraschillo, Fred Allen, Matthew Mcinturf, Tom Bennett, Terry Anderson, Rolando Molina, Ronnie Todd, Cindy Lansford, Betty Pierce, Susan Scarborough, Cheryl and Richard Floyd, Bethann Adams, Rory Davis, Steve Smith, Frank Coachman, Mary Ellen Cavitt, Greg Springer, Steve Wessels, Peter Warshaw, Ron Morrison, Jeremy Spicer, Manny Maldonado, Bob Chreste, Scott Roberts, Amy Allison, Chris Yee, Justin Bell, Robert Herrings, Cathy Teltschik, Dennis Hopkins, Jenna Troiano, Cara Vernon, Amanda Drinkwater, Nick Hank, Bob Cannon, and our private lesson teachers.

Artie Henry Middle School Honors Band: 2008 Western Band Clinic Send-Off Concert Program  
Artie Henry Middle School Honors Band: 2008 Western Band Clinic Send-Off Concert Program  

Program designed for the Artie Henry Middle School Honors Band 2008 Western International Band Clinic Send-Off Concert. Robert Herrings, Co...