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Your Life, Re-imagined.

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The Wishon Ranch in British Columbia, Canada 15

An Invitation to Purchase A Lifestyle Property

The Wishon Ranch British Columbia, Canada For Sale by Owners Toby and Valma Hyypia 1 250 565-4936

Northern BC Region Prince George The Wishon Ranch


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Disclaimer: This property is being offered For Sale by Owners Toby and Valma Hyypia of the Wishon Ranch. All inquires to this property must be directed to the owners. This Invitation to Purchase is paid advertising by the owners and is prepared by and advertised through Robinson & Harmsen Relocation Services GbR in Hamburg, Germany and is not represented by Robinson & Harmsen Lifestyle Real Estate Inc. All information has been supplied by the owners and verification is to be made in whole by interested parties.

First Impressions Imagine… one has always paused to dream of what one’s life would be like to wake up in the early morning, saddle your horse and go for a ride on a lonesome trail. The still and somewhat Wild Wild West could be yours in British Columbia’s northern region. Imagine this trail, the air filled with sounds of birds, the smell of the earth and forest. You are surrounded by life and nature’s best. The sun is rising higher in the sky and your body radiates with warmth, stillness and harmony. That morning you left your stately log home situated partly on a hill which overlooks the fields, gardens and trails beyond. At your command your horse gallops towards your destination. This is your land, your home… Your Life, Re-imagined. The Wishon Ranch is a very impressive two-storey ca 4,100 square foot log home designed and built by the current owners Valma and Toby. They have fashioned the house as a traditional 1800’s Finnish log home. When you take the private road to the home you will immediately understand the lifestyle the owners have created. No steel, concrete or glass structure can provide the warm, inviting, healthy environment that natural wood can create. You will be rewarded with a lifestyle, both inside and outside, like no other in this beautiful area. Every day is a new day of discovery, experiences and memories.

at work? Perhaps a ranch lifestyle business & tourist destination is in the picture for you? This property can easily be the setting for a Dude Ranch, a Bed & Breakfast, a summer/ winter camp or a very fashionable lodge and resort. This is your dream and most has been staged for you to continue… Please read along as this is a wonderful lifestyle opportunity, living and working in Northern British Columbia, Canada.

Property Description This property provides 159 acres of wooded and cleared areas and is bordered on two sides by Crown land, 2 km in length, which is also available for you to enjoy. It’s comforting to know the Crown land won’t be developed and will remain as is creating a true nature reserve setting. On the property and surrounding area one is rewarded with trails, creeks and lakes that can be enjoyed

year round. Of the 159 acres you’ll find 17 acres of cleared fields and 15 acres that are rough cleared with the remaining as treed land. The Wishon Ranch is located 25 km south of Prince George and 5 km east of highway 97 and is only 20 minutes from downtown Prince George. The ranch is tucked away at the end of the road providing you with all the privacy and serenity living in a rural area. The ca 4,100 sq. ft. home is designed as a traditional 1800’s Finnish style log home and has been built using select spruce and fir timber taken from the property. Construction of the log home began in the late 1970’s and was completed in the early 1980’s making this a very young home. The construction uses a v-groove cut which runs the length of each log and in doing so adds to the stability and aging of each log. Also within this cut is insulation to keep out the elements. This is

The land will surprise and comfort you as the owners have created a self-sustaining sanctuary that will please you, your family and guests. Is that your good business sense busy Disclaimer: This property is being offered For Sale by Owners Toby and Valma Hyypia of the Wishon Ranch. All inquires to this property must be directed to the owners. This Invitation to Purchase is paid advertising by the owners and is prepared by and advertised through Robinson & Harmsen Relocation Services GbR in

a structure to be very proud of. Strength of construction was planned so that it may last for many years to come…just ask the Finnish people how old some of their homes are! A log home has the natural ability to control temperature and humidity levels helping make the home easier to heat in winter and keep cool in the summer. The inside summer temperatures stay at a comfortable 23 degrees Celsius and unlike modern bricks and mortar houses, wood houses do not produce electrostatic charges that raise and produce dust, so is especially welcomed by allergy sufferers. The property has 3 water wells, 2 dug which currently supply water to the home. A third drilled well is in place and would need a pump to supply additional water if required. The owners understood the importance of creating a Green home even before the phrase was coined. They wanted to be set away from a main road for privacy and from relying on the provincial power grid. In doing so they have created a self-sustaining retreat providing all the water and electricity required to run the property. Solar panels with a battery array, store 11 kilowatts of power which

serves all the home’s electrical requirements. Sunlight is plentiful in Northern BC but for the rare occasion the sun doesn’t cooperate there is a 7,500 watt diesel generator to help top the wattage to the battery array. On average 6 cords of wood is used to heat the home in the winter months and with three wood stoves, one on each level, you can be assured of a very comfortable heat to keep you warm on those wintery days. The wood stoves are currently linked to a completed, yet roughed in, chimney construction of brick and concrete. A traditional fireplace setting could be easily created instead of having a wood stove. An exceptional home such as this has also a high-quality foundation. The basement walls are of concrete, reinforced with #5 (5/8”) rebar and #8 (1”) rebar in the wall footing providing superior strength and support to the structure above. In addition, the concrete walls all have 6 inch Styrofoam insulation which results in a well insulated and dry basement.

Stepping Inside the Home More often these days families are wanting

to go back to a simpler time, reverting back to the values of our grandparents and greatgrandparents with a focus on family, friends, intimacy, conscious and conscientious use of our resources, self knowledge and spirituality. This is exactly what this home and land provides and will add to your family’s lives. Once inside the front entrance you become aware of just how warm and light the area is. The stairs to the second level are to the right and if you have an eye for detail you will see each stair is embedded into the wall structure…a particular detail the owners wanted to add when building this log home. The main level has birch tongue and groove hardwood flooring except in the country kitchen. The ceilings in every room are pine tongue and groove. The colours of natural fir, spruce and pine are seen throughout the home. The main level covers ca 2,512 sq. ft. and has a living room, country kitchen, three bedrooms and two baths. The large open living room area features a wood stove, log walls and ceiling with two windows one of which is a wide picture window facing south. The large kitchen has a distinctive country feel. The cabinets span two walls and give you lots of counter space to work on. The cabinets have been finished in a distressed look which adds to the country character. Near the centre of the kitchen is an island for preparing meals and a solid wood country dining table and all major appliances are to stay with the home. The kitchen floor has been left unfinished and is ready for someone to add their touch. The large master bedroom includes a walk-in closet plus ensuite 2 piece bath and the two other bedrooms are also of a very generous size. A full 4 piece bathroom is located just off the hall. The second level floor space measures out at approximately 1,600 sq. ft. and has a huge family room and three good-sized bedrooms with 2 piece bath located off the landing. The floors are partly of birch tongue and groove. The impressive size family room measuring

Hamburg, Germany and is not represented by Robinson & Harmsen Lifestyle Real Estate Inc. All information has been supplied by the owners and verification is to be made in whole by interested parties.

29’ x 23’ has a wood stove with patio doors leading out to a 20’ wide seating deck facing south overlooking the open fields. The family room could easily accommodate additional sleeping arrangements for those important and memorable family gatherings at holiday time. Just imagine the wonderful Christmases’ you could have at the Wishon Ranch! Step down a few stairs off the kitchen and you will find yourself on the back landing which leads to the outside and also to the basement. Just outside you will find a wonderful garden setting and a very large prepared area for a vegetable garden. Downstairs the basement has lots of room for storage as you can well imagine. The laundry area has a very modern, oversized washer and dryer. The battery array for storing electricity is downstairs, as is the hot water heater, shelving, a workbench, two deep freezers and an area that is enclosed by concrete and can be as a cold storage area to winter garden produce. One could also create an additional living area as it is such a large space. The basement floor space measures in at approximately 2,512 sq. ft.

Stepping Outside the Home The land has been painstakingly cared for over the years. Some of the tree types in the area are Douglas Fir, Western White Pine, Sitka Spruce, Balsam, Paper Birch and Pacific Willow among others. The owners have created their own garden setting by planting apple trees, lilac and various bushes. There is a prepared garden where you can grow all your root vegetables and with so much land you could create a much larger area for growing additional fruit bearing bushes and trees. Other buildings dot the land and near to the home you’ll find a traditional log style cabin with a Finnish sauna situated next to a beautiful pond. Saunas play an important part of daily life to the Finnish and northern

Europeans. Water from the reservoir is gravity fed to the sauna and heated over hot stones to 80 degrees Celsius or higher and is used for bathing and for relaxation. Two smaller log buildings are also available. There is storage for approximately 600 square bales of hay plus a detached garage for farm equipment and machinery most of which is included with this property. Wildlife is abundant in the area and you will enjoy seeing deer, moose, bald eagles, bears (both black and grizzly), wolves, lynx, bobcat, cougar, coyotes, many smaller animals and birds. This truly is an amazing variety of wildlife at your doorstep. With so much wildlife you may be concerned with safety but wildlife is very wary of humans and with common sense you will never experience any hardship. Several hundred meters away you’ll enjoy Wishon Creek which runs through the property where Rainbow trout can still be fished and enjoyed.

Lifestyle Living with Business Potential As you can imagine starting a business would be an easy thing to begin at the Wishon Ranch property. The stage has been set by the current owners to help bring the ranch up to a business level. All it needs is you. The Wishon Ranch could make a terrific Dude Ranch. The current owners used to breed Canadian warmblood horses for show exhibitions, competitions and horseback riding. The property has a round pen and Disclaimer: This property is being offered For Sale by Owners Toby and Valma Hyypia of the Wishon Ranch. All inquires to this property must be directed to the owners. This Invitation to Purchase is paid advertising by the owners and is prepared by and advertised through Robinson & Harmsen Relocation Services GbR in

a large riding area. There are many trails to ride or hike from this property. One could take the trail to Wishon Lake in the morning, relax by the lake or enjoy the day swimming. This makes for a perfect day ride where you leave in the morning and return in the midafternoon. There are corrals to secure horses and set-up camp should you wish to stay the night and sleep under the stars. Another day’s ride would be to Stone Creek where you get to enjoy the beautiful views of the canyon before descending down to the creek. This is an idyllic location for a leisurely lunch while listening to the sounds of the creek waters flow by. Summertime in northern BC is where the sun shines well into the evening. This would give your guests fun-filled days to enjoy the beautiful outdoors hiking, swimming and horseback riding. They could try their luck at fishing for rainbow trout and perhaps they’ll bring back tales to tell of “the one that got away”. One can just lounge on the deck, relax and bask in the sunshine. Guests can use the Ranch as their base and head east to the Rockies, south east to the famous Okanagan or west, southwest to explore the Pacific Coastline. Want a little city excitement? You are less than half hour to the City of Prince George for entertainment, fine dining and explore what this city has to offer. Winter is an exhilarating time to enjoy the outdoors. Guests could make a day of cross country skiing or they could lace up the snow-shoes and go for a brisk walk. Looking to rev up the day? Dress up warm and take to the trails with a winter recreational vehicle, or participate in a horse driven sleigh ride, stop

at a secluded spot to build a camp fire and take time out for some hot chocolate. Prefer to stay indoors? One could read a book by the fire, watch a favourite film on satellite TV or browse the internet using high-speed satellite. All day to day necessities are available if that is ones wish. Whichever season, spring, summer, fall or winter, your business adventure could offer endless possibilities for fun and relaxation for your guests.

City of Prince George “The Gateway to the North” The City of Prince George, in the Northern Section of British Columbia has a population of over 77,000 people. As a major city of the Pacific Rim, Prince George is firmly tied to the global market and is the centre of recreation and outdoor wilderness adventures as are the city’s attractions. This is a place where a perfect balance of life, health and culture is ready for you to discover. The city proudly boasts of having the acclaimed University of Northern British Columbia. History and Culture: The North American Carrier Indian tribe thousands of years ago once occupied this region living off the land, fishing, hunting, trapping and building homes from the natural resources well before any Europeans settled here. The present-day city of Prince George evolved from a small trading post where Alexander Mackenzie first explored the area and later American explorer Simon Fraser established Fort George named after King George III. The Lheidli T’Enneh (People from the Confluence of Two Rivers) traditional

territory presently includes four reserves in the Prince George area. The Growth of a Town Centre The Nechako and Fraser rivers were the main transportation routes through the early 1900s where sternwheelers paddled the rivers, transporting people and goods from place to place. Fort George and the newly developing town of South Fort George boomed in 1909 as forestry became the main industry and sawmills were built. When the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway arrived in 1913, the Nechako and Fraser River junction became the new town center and was named Prince George. About the Climate The climate in this part of the northern region brings average summer temperatures of 15 C. Winter temperatures average at -12 C and precipitation averages at 63 cm per year. About the Economy The economy of Prince George in the 21st century has come to be dominated by many service industries. The Northern Health Authority, centered in Prince George, has a $450Mn annual budget and is investing more than $100Mn in infrastructure over the coming years, as Prince George builds the radiation therapy and associated buildings for modern cancer care. Other industry includes two chemical plants, an oil refinery, brewery, dairy, machine shops, aluminum boat building, log home construction, value added forestry product and specialty equipment manufacturing. Prince George is also a staging centre for mining and prospecting,

Hamburg, Germany and is not represented by Robinson & Harmsen Lifestyle Real Estate Inc. All information has been supplied by the owners and verification is to be made in whole by interested parties.

and a major regional transportation, trade and government hub. Several major retailers are expanding into the Prince George market, a trend expected to persist. In recent years, several market research call centers have opened in Prince George. Education is another key economic dominant part of this city. With the University of Northern British Columbia, and its medical school, the College of New Caledonia and School District #57, education adds more than $780 million dollars into the local economy annually. Prince George’s education system encompasses 37 elementary, 8 secondary, two junior secondary, one middle school and eight private schools. It is also home to a public Francophone elementary and secondary school, both of which are part of School District 93 Conseil scolaire francophone, a province wide Francophone school district. The University of Northern BC has a total of 55 undergraduate programs, 15 masters programs and two PhD programs that are now offered at UNBC as well as the new Northern Medical Program. The College of New Caledonia (CNC) is a post-secondary educational institution that serves the

residents of central British Columbia. As well, CNC offers university classes leading to degrees and professional programs in more than 50 subjects, with excellent transferability to universities in BC, Alberta, and elsewhere. Prince George has a sports complex which holds national Curling championships with over 24 teams from all of Canada competing. Recreation facilities include playgrounds and parks, baseball, soccer and lacrosse fields, eight golf courses, plus tennis courts, ice rinks and roller rinks, a new modern Aquatic Centre as well as an older swimming pool and of course the CN Centre, which is a 5,995-seat multi-purpose arena for major events. For hikers there is an 11 kilometer riverfront system of urban hiking trails called the Heritage Trails. Four provincial parks in the region provide you with downhill, crosscountry and heli-sking. Are you a golfer? Prince George offers a number of golfing options, the 18 holes of the Aberdeen Glen Golf Club are carved through the valleys and forest just north of Prince George city centre. Prince George Golf and Curling Club is a jewel of a golf course in the centre of town and is a semi-private 18 hole facility located in a park-like setting and

is one of north central BC’s favourite courses. You can fish to your heart’s content as the surrounding rivers, lakes and streams are an angler’s paradise, but remember your fishing permits. Some lakes and streams are heavy with rainbow and lake trout, dolly varden or burbot. Do I hear you saying “…a bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work!”? You’ll find abundant local wild and edible fruit which include bunchberries, rose hips, blueberries, huckleberries, cranberries, chokecherries, strawberries, raspberries, Saskatoon berries, currants, gooseberries, and soapberries (from which “Indian icecream” is made). Morel mushrooms are also native to this area. Just so you know the drinking water in Prince George is recognized throughout British Columbia as among the top quality drinking water in municipal systems. Samples from Prince George taps are used as a comparison for other cities because of the quality of the pristine aquifers. Arts & Culture Prince George is not short on arts & culture. The Prince George Symphony Orchestra

(PGSO) is a mixed professional and semiprofessional orchestra while the Prince George Playhouse facility has many different uses such as amateur and professional theatre, musical events and major plays put on by local small businesses. Take the day and bring your family to the city to enjoy The Fraser Fort George Regional Museum and Exploration Place. It offers a wide variety of galleries and exhibits, including a paleontology exhibit, First Nations exhibit and children’s programs. Prince George, the Hub of BC While the city life is only 20 minutes away from the ranch the Prince George International Airport allows one the opportunity quickly fly to a variety of destinations. The Prince George International airport is served by Canada’s two largest carriers, Air-Canada and West Jet with flights to and from Vancouver several times daily. Additionally, Central Mountain Air serves over 17 communities in BC and Alberta and is a privately owned and operated Western Canadian airline. Prince George is also the first stop on VIA Rail Canada’s spectacular Skeena route that takes visitors from Prince Rupert on the west coast through the middle

of BC’s backyard to Jasper, Alberta in the Canadian Rockies. A local trip not to be missed would be to Barkerville in the Cariboo Mountains of BC. Only a 3 hour drive from Prince George, Barkerville was aspiring to become the largest city west of Chicago and north of San Francisco. In 1862 Billy Barker struck gold on Williams Creek this started the infamous gold rush for fortune seekers from all over. Barkerville has Western Canada’s largest museum collection and extensive archives of the good old days. Barkerville is an historic town and one can relive the old days of gold panning and dreams of striking it big! With Prince George being the central hub to BC you can imagine how easy it is to branch out in all directions. The highways are excellent and transportation to and from the hub is second to none in Canada. You may make your way East to the Canadian Rockies to Jasper and Banff in Alberta, south to the Okanagan BC’s wine country, beautiful lakes and pocket desert, move southwest to the coast to visit beautiful Vancouver and Whistler which is home to the 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver Island and the many smaller islands, The Queen Charlotte Islands

which is home to the Haida Gwaii and up to Prince Rupert then returning back to Prince George completing a full circle of travel that could fill a lifetime of memories. If you prefer a more northern adventure you may head north and to the Northwest Territories or to the Yukon and visit the infamous gold rush trails and ghost towns and you can even drive to the great state of Alaska, USA. The open road is yours. At night you may even be treated to the magnificent Aurora Borealis, Canada’s natural northern light display. The sky is the limit on Wishon Ranch… this is Your Life, Re-imagined.

This property has been built using select spruce and fir timber taken from the property. 12” and 16” logs are seen throughout with rounded ends.

The Beginnings of The Wishon Ranch In the late 1970’s Toby and Valma began their dream of creating a home and a retreat for their family. Select spruce and fir timber were taken from the property to build this 1800’s Finnish Style Log Home. A log cabin with a Finnish sauna sits next to a pond. The 2,512 sq. ft. foundation is constructed of concrete reinforced with 5/8” and 1” rebar. 6” insulation within the creates a dry and well insulated interior.

The home features tongue and groove hardwood flooring and pine tongue and groove in the ceilings throughout most of the home.

It’s All About ...the Location! The log home sits proudly on 159 acres in a very private location and is bordered by Crown land on two sides creating a beautiful nature retreat like setting. The city of Prince George and International Airport are under a half hour away making this a very desirable area to live and work. Building of the log home began in the late 1970’s and was finished in the early 1980’s. A Finnish style log sauna using water over hot stones is located near a pond.

The landscape is sloping creating a casual, country feeling. The owners have created gardens for relaxing with pens for horses.

The Landscape This property is a delight to view from all angles. You and your guests will feel like you are in a unique and private retreat setting. There is a feature vegetable garden just outside the kitchen and back door! Can you imagine the herbs and vegetables one could grow?

At the end of the day you can relax and enjoy a steam bath at your personal Finnish Style Sauna at the log cabin and take a dip in the pond!

If you are a winter person you won’t be disappointed! The cleared fields allow for some terrific cross country skiing and the trails allow for terrific RV fun!

Beautiful Setting ...for All Seasons The Wishon Ranch has some of the most beautiful settings at any time of the year. Spring, summer, winter or fall at the ranch keeps one busy by working the land and the outdoor activities are endless.

There are several apple trees and lilac on the property. The cleared areas could allow for additional expansive I hear you are an avid gardener?

Inside the Home Log homes are very energy efficient, naturally insulated from the cold, the heat, and all variations in between. Inside the home you see the natural colours of Spruce, Fir and Pine throughout. This is true log home living at it’s best!

A Green Home This home is totally off the power grid and provides its own power through the use of Solar Panels. All power to the home comes from stored energy in a battery array. You can take pride in a log home that is self-sufficient and Green!

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Prince George International Airport

Cleared fields

Fraser River

Cleared fields

3.5 Kilometres

The Wishon Ranch

drawn lines are approximate

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159 acres

Crown land

The total land dimensions of the Wishon Ranch property is ca 159 acres and is bordered by Crown land on two sides. Lines drawn in yellow are approximate. Live links and maps can be viewed by clicking on the below links. Microsoft Bing Maps Google Maps

Riding Area

Cleared fields

Power Lines are ca 2.5 kilometres away and could be tied in to the property. Hydro lines are nearby but not seen from the property and are well hidden by trees. All measurements of land and home are approximate and should be verified by interested parties. Details and a complete Property Portrait may be viewed by visiting Robinson & Harmsen Relocation Services GbR.

Your Life, Re-imagined.

For Sale: The Wishon Ranch, British Columbia, Canada  

Imagine… one has always paused to dream of what one’s life would be like to wake up in the early morning, saddle your horse and go for a rid...

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