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The Red Cap

Restaurant & Motel

1014 Highway 335, West Pubnico Nova Scotia, Canada Martina Robinson, REALTOR速

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Yarmouth & Acadian Shores

Your Life, Re-imagined.

First Impressions Summer wild flowers sway in the gentle breeze as sunlight dances across the tranquil bay. Autumn ignites the landscape in a vibrant kaleidoscope of colours. Winter covers all with a blanket of serenity until spring coaxes new life from the ground. Savour the changing seasons and live your dream of owning this charming lifestyle business property in Middle West Pubnico, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia. Start your day with a steaming cup of coffee and a leisurely breakfast in your own stylish restaurant. Later, walk next-door and welcome enthusiastic visitors to your own 12room seaside motel. Evening brings laughter as locals and travellers drop by for cocktails, conversation and hearty homemade cuisine. Fresh seafood and “Rappie Pie” are specialties at the Red Cap, drawing hungry residents and tourists for miles around. As the owner of the Red Cap, you’ll enjoy living and working in a community where there’s room to grow, and where friendly residents value a pace of life that allows for quality family time. You’ll enjoy a lifestyle where your time is your own and where your business is your pleasure – a “Joie de Vivre” that is uniquely Acadian.

scenic seaside road. Rustic on the outside, maybe, but inside, the interior of the Red Cap offers a bright modern space with every convenience you would expect of a well equipped and meticulously maintained restaurant and motel.

condition and easy to maintain. Rooms offer comfortable one or two bed combinations to satisfy the request of any guest. A long wooden deck fronts all the motel units, offering a relaxing and scenic way to kick back after a long day of sightseeing.

Profit From Two Businesses in One!

The Red Cap Restaurant

The Red Cap Motel Brightly coloured flags signal the entrance to the modern motel, which consists of two main sections. The original motel of six units was renovated just 5 years ago while the other six units, attached to the restaurant were built just 4 years ago. Each six-unit section of the motel offers guests its own modern laundry facility. Every well-appointed room features airconditioning, a fridge, updated plumbing, flooring and furniture that is in like-new

The Red Cap Restaurant is a destination restaurant for many of the locals who come for miles around to enjoy its tasty homecooked meals. The restaurant is versatile and can accommodate both casual and fine dining in its 130-seat space. Service areas include a bar for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage preparation and a fully equipped, professionally stocked kitchen. It is a popular spot for wedding receptions, anniversaries, meetings and formal events in addition to daily drop-in restaurant service. In summer months, guests relax under colourful sun umbrellas to enjoy the glorious ocean view

Property Description Situated on 3.19 acres of land, the Red Cap’s brilliant red roof acts as a beacon to weary travellers while the quaint shingled exterior invites visions of pioneer horsedrawn wagons, winding their way up the

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from the outside deck area; in the cooler months, the mood is warm and cozy beside the restaurant’s focal fireplace. New, modern dark wood tables and chairs add a warmth and modern edge to the formal dining area, while casual wooden tables and chairs invite guests to settle in and enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere for breakfast or lunch. Specialty menu items include fresh local seafood and scrumptious “Rappie pie”, an Acadian culinary tradition that dates back 350 years. The Red Cap chefs still use traditional methods in this culinary creation that includes grated potatoes, special broth and generous portions of beef, chicken, clams or wild game and many more “secret” ingredients. When baked to a golden brown it is irresistible - especially paired with molasses and home-baked bread. The menu also boasts specials for seniors and children, making the Red Cap attractive to guests of all ages. As a new owner of this popular eatery, you can let your creativity run wild. Stay with tried and true favourites and add your own flare with your own favourite culinary delicacies.

West Pubnico Village, Then and Now The popular Red Cap is located in the village of West Pubnico, one of three different areas in the Pubnico region - West Pubnico, Pubnico proper, better known as Pubnico Head, and East Pubnico. West Pubnico is approximately 42 kilometers east of Yarmouth and nestled between the waters of Lobster Bay and Pubnico Harbour. One glimpse of the colourful sunrise over Pubnico Harbour, and tourists can’t help but be drawn back to this quaint piece of heaven time and again. The Red Cap is a gathering place for the area. This bustling fishing community of West Pubnico is home to approximately 2,000 residents and was founded in 1653 by Philip Mius d’Entremont. It is a popular tourist destination as it is the oldest Acadian village in Canada where the descendants of the original founder still reside. Its name “Pubnico” comes from the Micmac Indian “Pombomcoup” meaning “a place where holes have been made in the ice to fish”. Ice fishing is a tradition that is still carried on today, with residents and tourists alike, bundling up to “catch the big one”, socialize, and relax on winter’s frozen waters.

The first Acadians who came from the surrounding communities to settle in Pubnico were the d’Entremont, followed by the Surettes. Today, there are many surnames in Pubnico, but it is still the d’Entremont family is the most common, followed by the Amirault and d’Eon families. In its early days, the town of West Pubnico was known for being a major supplier of lobster plugs – wooden pegs used to keep the claws of a lobster shut after being caught in a trap. Townspeople used to whittle the pine plugs by hand using homemade knives and a thumb leather, incorporating seven precise cuts in each for maximum effectiveness. By the 1980’s the wooden plugs were replaced with rubber bands, but prior to that, lobster plugs from this area were in high demand for over 100 years. Today, West Pubnico is one of the top fishing ports in Nova Scotia by value of landings and is home to many fish processing companies. Major species include haddock, cod, redfish, herring, lobster and scallops. Nearby Pubnico Point is the site of a wind farm which supplies electricity to the provincial power grid Tourists travelling the “Lighthouse Route” or the “Evangeline Trail” will enjoy a visit in West Pubnico seeing The Red Cap as a welcome rest stop on their journey. Marketing in provincial tourist publications or on local tourist maps helps to attract visitors by enticing them to try local specialties that they won’t find anywhere else.

A Quick Tour… When you first enter the village of West Pubnico, you’ll soon see the village monument erected in 1951 in memory of Philippe Mius d’Entremont. It also includes a tribute to the young men from the village who lost their lives in the two World Wars. Just past the Museum you’ll see the millstones used by early settlers to grind their wheat. Eglise Saint Pierre (St. Peter’s Church) stands as a beacon in the centre of the village. Surrounding it are many historic homes that date back 200 years. A food store, banks, small home-

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based businesses and a quaint gift shop dot the streets, inviting tourists to stop and stay a while. West Pubnico offers a lovely mix of old customs and traditions with modern life. Boat building, quilt making, gardening and more are still a big part of the culture here. But don’t be surprised to see the young and young at heart kicking up their heels together at a local dance. Life here may take on a calm exterior but there’s always time for a rousing community celebration!

Close to a City if you need it… Enjoy an idyllic life in cozy West Pubnico, knowing that the large urban centre of Halifax is only 2 ½ hours away. If you want a change a pace a little closer to home, the town of Yarmouth, is just ½ hour away. Sometimes referred to as “The Gateway to Nova Scotia”, Yarmouth is a financial, business, education and lifestyle centre for the 70,000 people who live in the tri-counties of Yarmouth, Digby and Shelburne. The town’s population of 7,200 literally doubles on weekdays with workers and students from surrounding areas. It is a major fishing and ferry port, located on the Gulf of Maine in Southwestern Yarmouth County and a popular destination for U.S. visitors arriving by boat. The town is home to a high school,

adult high school, junior high school and three elementary schools. It is also home to Nova Scotia Community College and the Dalhousie University School of Nursing that operates out of the local hospital. If you love nature, you’ll love Yarmouth, the perfect spot for hiking and fishing. Culturally, Yarmouth offers a vibrant local music scene, theatre, museums and galleries tucked in amongst the beautiful historic architecture. In the opposite direction, you’ll find the city of Shelburne 40 kilometres east of West Pubnico. A community of just 2,000 residents it has been described as, “one of the most culturally vibrant small towns in the province.” In Shelburne, you’ll find a movie theatre and over 100 clubs and organizations that provide various forms of recreational activities for their members. The surrounding area is perfect for hiking and outdoor activities.

Business Nearby Tourist Sites West Pubnico offers endless opportunities for outdoor exploration, stunning beaches, and hiking options. The West Pubnico Golf and Country Club is a popular spot for tourists and locals offering spectacular scenery along its 18-hole par 72 course. If history is a passion, West Pubnico is the place to experience the ambience of the oldest Acadian village in the country where the descendants of the original founder still reside. Among homes that are over 200 years old, you’ll find “Le Musee Acadien” – This fully furnished homestead built in 1864 features an authentic printing press, a collection of over 300 antique cameras, an Acadian garden and many fascinating displays and artefacts pertaining to the old Acadian way of life. The Historical Acadian Village of Nova Scotia is situated on a beautiful 17-acre site overlooking Pubnico harbour. Open from June through October, it is called “a living museum” where interpreters, dressed in traditional pioneer garb demonstrate daily life in the 1800’s. You can watch blacksmiths, quilters, boat builders and net menders in action. The statue of Philippe Mius d’Entremont, founder of Pubnico welcomes you to the property that features vintage Acadian buildings currently undergoing restoration, including the Duon House with its gabled roof, the d’Entremont House and the Augustin d’Eon Fish Shed.

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You can also visit the old cemetery and learn about the religious history of the area. This scenic property sits at the edge of a saltwater marsh abundant with colourful plants and wildlife. It is a popular destination for tourists with the Red Cap en route.

and Grandparent/Grandchild travel among the top trends. The Red Cap is a great choice for this type of traveller offering versatile, affordable accommodations in the motel and special pricing for smaller meals in the restaurant for seniors and children.

Emerging Markets

European Travel Market

Almost 40% of travellers go on more day and weekend trips than five years ago. One of the main attractions of the Red Cap is far enough from Halifax that those considering a weekend getaway would chose this area to get away from it all, knowing that it will not take them long to get to West Pubnico’s scenic shores.

European economies are generally strong, and with the population aging, retirees and empty nesters are eager to spend their money on unique travel experiences. In parts of Europe such as Germany, many tourists claim their dissatisfaction with the lack of space. The West Pubnico area offers expansive views, beaches and scenery to enjoy fresh air and nature while still being close to exceptional dining and accommodation.

Family & Grandparent/ Grandchild Travel Market

Distinct Advantages of the Red Cap

Getaway Travel

It is predicted that family travel will continue to grow at a faster rate than any other form of travel. In fact, 38% of active travellers who are grandparents took at least one trip with their grandchildren or extended family in 2005. Approximately 34% of adults from the U.S. travelled to a family reunion in the past three years. The prevalence of two income families, coupled with aging of the baby boomer population has made Family

• The ability to grow two businesses -a popular destination restaurant and a comfortable, convenient motel, all while enjoying the benefits of small town life • Proximity to a service and tourist centre in Yarmouth for convenience, supplies and influx of tourists via ferries from the U.S. • Prime location along the scenic

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“Lighthouse” and “Evangeline Trail” tourist routes, both well travelled and well-publicized destinations for tourists • Scenic beauty facing the ocean • Close to tourist attractions, hiking, a full golf course and historic attractions that draw tourists to the area including The Historical Acadian Village of Nova Scotia. • The Red Cap Motel and Restaurant - It’s more than a successful business venture. It’s a beautiful way of life. Call us for more details and to arrange a private viewing.


The Red Cap

Restaurant & Motel

1014 Highway 335, West Pubnico Nova Scotia, Canada Martina Robinson, REALTOR®

Licensed Industry Member in Nova Scotia Robinson & Harmsen Lifestyle Real Estate Inc.

In Halifax: Telephone: (001) 902.889.3249 Mobile: (001) 902.476.4710 In Hamburg: Telefon: (011) 49.40.2548.3675 Mobil: (011)

Let your thoughts be taken back to a simpler time. The views over Pubnico Harbour are simply breathtaking, smell the salt air and be warmed by the sun.

Staying the night at the Red Cap Motel Rooms offer comfortable one or two bed combinations. Every well-appointed room features air-conditioning, a fridge, updated plumbing, flooring and furniture that is in like-new condition and easy to maintain. Each six-unit section of the motel offers guests its own modern, laundry facility. Terrific food, great sleeping accommodations and beautiful scenic views! Your customers will have a very pleasing stay at the Red Cap Motel. There are two main sections which provide 6 units per section. All are modern, very clean and affordable.

Robinson & Harmsen Lifestyle Real Estate Inc.

As the owner you can add your own flare with your own culinary delicacies. The restaurant can accommodate fine and casual dining in its 130-seat space.

Dining at the Red Cap Restaurant Whether your customers are out for a fine dining experience, a more casual atmosphere, or to simply enjoy the views while sitting outside and enjoying their meal, they will leave with a memorable experience. Travellers will be able to experience the “Joie de Vivre” that is uniquely Acadian! Local seafood is abundant. Enjoy “Rappie Pie”, an Acadian culinary tradition! Live the Lifestyle Dream! The Acadian history of West Pubnico and surrounding areas dates back to 1653. Cultural events are enjoyed by travellers and local people alike.

Robinson & Harmsen Lifestyle Real Estate Inc.

Your Life, Re-imagined.

Red Cap Restaurant & Motel, West Pubnico, NS, CA  

Summer wild flowers sway in the gentle breeze as sunlight dances across the tranquil bay. Autumn ignites the landscape in a vibrant kaleidos...