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An Invitation to Purchase:

An Architecturally Designed Home

On Five Acres of Breathtaking Ocean Frontage Along Nova Scotia’s Pristine Eastern Shore 35179647

3132 Hwy 211

Triford Cove Nova Scotia, Canada Martina Robinson, REALTORÂŽ

Licensed Industry Member in Nova Scotia Robinson & Harmsen Lifestyle Real Estate Inc.

Eastern Shore

Your Life, Re-imagined.

First Impressions Ever wondered what it might be like to have inspired views from a lighthouse? Ever wondered how someone could live their lives just looking at the sea – then you just might want to view this architecturally designed and structurally engineered home on the wild and rocky shore of Triford Cove on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore. Located just 17 kilometres from the historic and charming Sherbrooke Village (pop ca 400), on Nova Scotia’s bold and rugged Eastern Shore, this unique ca 3,175 sq. ft. home has 5 acres of treed property and ca 1,000 feet of water frontage! The home sits solidly on an impressive rock shelf – its steel beamed structure stands strong overlooking the Atlantic ocean. The current owners marvel at how they enjoy having their view change with the weather; whether it is cloudy, or sunny, or foggy, the sea changes colour; and, its movement is a rhythm that the owners and their families have enjoyed living their lives to.

The star gazing from the property is quite mesmerizing; as, without the distraction and dilution of outdoor lights on the property, the stars can be seen in 3D clarity.

Eastern Shore - Guysborough County Guysborough County occupies the north eastern section of mainland Nova Scotia, being bounded on the north by Antigonish and Pictou Counties, on the west by Halifax County, on the south by the Atlantic Ocean and on the east by Chedabucto Bay and the Strait of Canso. Located in Guysborough Country, Sherbrooke is famous for being the home of Sherbrooke Historical Village. The Village depicts a typical Nova Scotian village form 1960 to pre WWI. With 80 buildings, over 25 of those are open to the public; it is the largest museum site in Nova Scotia. The sense of time standing still does not stop outside the gates of the village; rather, the whole town is immaculately kept and its heritage houses and brightly colored shops are all testaments to how much Sherbrooke residents love where they live.

Sherbrooke’s economy is rooted in the ship building, lumbering, and gold mining industries; whereas today, the region is a popular tourist destination as well as an area that continues to benefit from its natural resources through new investment dollars and facilities.

Property with Sustainability You might think that you would be vulnerable to power outages being located in such a private home by the sea – not so at this Triford Head Home. The home has electric hot water heat that is on an ETS system whereby energy is stored during non-peak hours of usage to use during peak times. This means cost savings on electricity. Also, there is a generator on the property, although the owners stated that they rarely had to use it.

As for food, well, the region enjoys more sunshine hours than the Annapolis Valley (the centre for Nova Scotia’s agricultural industry), so the growing season is stretched a bit longer; and, even longer at Triford Head, as there is a greenhouse on the property. Fresh produce has been harvested well into November. Between the expansive starry sky and the rocking waves of the sea, the house at Triford Head sits waiting for its new keeper.

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Property Description Architectually Designed Home Main Floor After taking a long look at the spectacular and rugged property, you step into the large, warm, and inviting entrance hall. There is certainly plenty of room to swing your coat off, sit down and take your shoes off. Don’t rush upstairs just yet; you have to see the Mediterranean inspired recreation room that houses the eight person hot tub. The entire back wall of this open, turquoise blue room has huge, arched windows which showcase the dramatic view. The thick, white, wooden moulding around the windows gives them depth and character. The floors are painted

Wait there are still two more rooms – a large second mudroom with outside access – perfect for stepping in from a wet winter morning. A utility room is currently used as a winemaking space; and has, adjacent to it, a small wine cellar.

Second Floor Once up the stairs, the house moves into being just the type of eclectic space that you might expect for someone who lives by the sea. The wood floors, ceilings, and trims wrap you in a cozy embrace as you step into the grand living room – not large grand – just simply grand. The floor to ceiling brick and pine, gas (with heat blowing fan) fireplace is massive and meets with equal drama the exquisite ever-changing canvas of nature’s big and bold ocean; step into any room of the house, each window offers you a different perspective – all are ever-changing thumbnail sketches of this property’s marvelous landscape. The kitchen is open to the dining room and living room; in fact, when you are standing at the counter-top stove, you are facing windows to the water. Built in microwave, fridge and stove and pantry, double sink, and solid

oak cabinetry, all make for a kitchen that is as functional as it is uncluttered. A key feature of this home is the high quality windows – and lots of them. They are of European styling whereby you can tilt the windows open to bring fresh air up into the room, or out, in the traditional way, to create a breeze. The 290 sq. ft. of enclosed, windowwalled deck, with doors off the living room, not only allows you to enjoy a year round sun room, but it protects the main house from the ocean’s breezes. The master bedroom is of a generous size with double closets. It is also very bright and cheery with a view to the garden. The second bedroom is slightly smaller but has windows on both walls which expand the feeling of space. The main bath has a claw foot tub, single sink vanity with storage, and a toilet. One door you might have missed at the main entrance but one you might notice on the second floor opens to reveal a custom-made lift. This safe and simple structure can shuffle you and your groceries from the first to the second floor in one slow and smooth motion.

cement which works well for the wet trail dash to the 3-piece shower room which is just around the corner. There are two bedrooms adjoining this room which together would make a great space for teenage youth to hang out with their friends. Perhaps you would like to make the main recreation room into your own private gym or yoga space – yes, it certainly would be easy to breathe in the feeling of being connected to self in nature in this light-infused room with a view.

Robinson & Harmsen Lifestyle Real Estate Inc.

The Loft One floor that the elevator does not reach is the loft/office. At the entrance of the second floor you climb a pine staircase to an open dormer-style space that is currently being used as an office. It is here that you see the inner structure of the house, and feel the sense of being in a lighthouse. Although the windows are near the ceiling, it still has that outpost feel to it, as grey, steel beams line all four walls.

The Grounds What can I say; there are 5 acres of untamed land, stunning rocks, and ocean to be enjoyed as well as 1,000 feet of water frontage – now wouldn’t you say that this home by the sea is worth keeping?

The Best in Small Town Living When asked whether they feel isolated at Triford Head, the current owners were surprised and exclaimed – we have very balanced full lives here – we are busier than we were living in the city. Whether it is arts and crafts groups, a fundraiser, bingo, fishing, hiking, golfing, or dinner parties, living in Triford Head offers the best in small town living. Part of the reason for this is that it is just 20 minutes from town of Sherbrooke. Although there may be only 400 people living in the town of Sherbrooke, what they lack in numbers, they make up for in spirit. Take their annual Old Fashioned Christmas – a more magical place in Nova Scotia for the season would be hard to find. Windows are aglow with lanterns, people stroll the streets in costumes from days gone by, carollers tour the Old Village, people gather for community breakfasts, and horse drawn sleighs add that extra special old-world romance to complete this town’s seasonal gift of sheer delight.

garage, two gas stations, a convenience store, three restaurants, and several smokehouses (okay, so maybe you don’t need a smokehouse, but the local supply of freshly smoked salmon does add a special something to your diet). Need to see a doctor- well, you won’t have to wait weeks for an appointment; and, as you would live so close by, it is easy to develop a very familiar relationship with your doctor – which is comforting, especially in emergency situations. There is a small hospital right in town, (Sherbrooke) so you can rest assured that you can have all that you need within 20 minutes of Triford Head. Citizens of the region also have a culture of conservation; something that has helped protect the Wild Atlantic Salmon for generations and now is helping to protect and sustain a once-endangered animal that is unique to the St. Mary’s River area – the Wood Turtle! They realize that their region has a rich endowment of natural beauty which they aim to protect as much as enjoy.

Recreation The St. Mary’s River runs through the town and offers some of the best fly fishing, kayaking, and canoeing in Nova Scotia. There have been over 104 species of birds sighted in the region. Maybe you will find some of these birds along the 20 kilometres Liscomb River Trail System. There are hikes form 1 kilometre to

9.5 kilometres that feature rushing waterfalls, a swinging bridge and a fish ladder. But, if golf is more your game, you will be thrilled to know that there are a number of beautiful golf courses within an hour’s drive of Triford Head. There are also lots of shows, festivals and contests as well; one of note is the annual Show & Shine Vintage Car Show that attracts enthusiasts from both across Canada as well as the US and the other is the annual Chowder Contest to see who makes the best chowder in the region – you just can’t get more small town Maritimes than that!

Education There are local options for grade school education in Sherbrooke with Primary to Grade 7’s St. Mary’s Education Centre, and Grades 8-12 at St. Mary’s Academy. Saint Francis Xavier University, located in the town of Antigonish (pop. 18, 836 ca), one of the top undergraduate universities in Canada, is only an hour and a half’s drive from the property. There is a state of the art Nautical Institute, and a community college two hour’s drive from the property in Port Hawkesbury. NSCC offers fulltime and industry-based programs that support core local industries such as shipping, and the oil and gas business.

Sherbrooke has all the basic stores and services that you need for daily living; it has a bank, library, grocery store, post office, drug store, liquor store, RCMP detachment, library,

Robinson & Harmsen Lifestyle Real Estate Inc.

Business in Guysborough County The pace of life is easy; the people are friendly, family values seem to be alive and well and crime is all but non-existent. There is a popular song in Nova Scotia that is called I Wish I Were in Sherbrooke Now – far beyond the specifics of the lyrics is the longing for the idyllic lifestyle that this quaint historic town has to offer. Sherbrooke is the closest service centre to the property, but still does not offer a lot in way of big business; yet, the community keeps finding ways to bring people to the town. Whether it is organizing fishing tours, holding music concerts, vintage car shows, giving woodworking, cooking, quilting, fiddling, or spinning (wool) classes, residents capitalize on who they are and what they can offer rather than what they can’t. They promote the natural beauty of the county, and all the associated outdoor activities which has helped to increase the number of visitors to the region. Think about it – with so few people, they manage to keep their events calendar full – which bodes well for the quality of life for the area’s residents. There is always something happening here – something you wouldn’t want to miss. To be an entrepreneur requires this type of initiative; so, rest assured, if you have an idea for a business that can contribute to the local economy, chances are you will find yourself well-embraced by the community.

St. Mary’s Smokehouse is one such local business success story. George Newell returned to the village of his ancestors in Sherbrooke to co-found, with his cousin Sandy Cameron, St. Mary’s River Smokehouses and its holding company Lochiel Enterprises. The entrepreneurs combined the ready supply of Wild Atlantic Salmon from St. Mary’s River with traditional Nova Scotian and Scottish smoking methods; and, in 1996, opened a 2500 square foot smokehouse which has since expanded to be one of the largest salmon smokehouses in Canada, processing close to a million pounds of Atlantic salmon annually. With over 50 employees, St. Mary’s Smokehouse is the largest employer in the region. Still, the survival of the region depends on people having jobs in order to keep the local economy strong; and, to this end, there is prosperity on the horizon. The private sector is investing heavily into the Guysborough County region. Goldboro, a town just 50 minutes from the property, is the site of a new Liquid Natural Gas terminal which is expected to be completed by 2012. The total number of people expected to be employed in the constructing of the terminal is 3000 which will infuse the local economy with money, while increasing demand for property and services.

• The community’s collaborative approach to living and business creates an economic climate ripe for crossmarketing

• Guysborough County’s population and its business activities are expected to grow in tandem with the construction of the new LNG plant. • Full digital telecommunications network with high speed internet access • Hard-working, dependable labour force highly skilled in trades and primary industry • Fishing and forestry remain important industries in the region, while schools and hospitals are other major employers. So, why do you need to know about an oil and gas plant or about doing business? Well, if the local economy is strong, the area will continue to expand the variety of services and shops it has to cater to a more fully employed population. The same goes for tourism – as long as the region continues to attract visitors, there will be events to please them, which, in turn, add to the quality of life for the area’s residents.

An Invitation to Purchase An Architecturally Designed Lighthouse-style Home 35179647

3132 Hwy 211

Triford Cove Nova Scotia, Canada Martina Robinson, REALTOR® Licensed Industry Member in Nova Scotia Robinson & Harmsen Lifestyle Real Estate Inc. In Halifax: Telephone: (001) 902.889.3249 Mobile: (001) 902.476.4710 In Hamburg: Telefon: (011) 49.40.2548.3675 Mobil: (011)

Robinson & Harmsen Lifestyle Real Estate Inc.

There are magnificent and dramatic views from every window of this oceanside retreat.

This nature-made swimming pool can be filled and drained with sea water through a custom-made pump system.

Robinson & Harmsen Lifestyle Real Estate Inc.

A semi-public beach borders, and is accessible to, the property.

A large open space on the ground floor houses a large whirl pool.

Nearby is the historical Sherbrooke Village, located along the beautiful St. Mary’s River.

Robinson & Harmsen Lifestyle Real Estate Inc.

Robinson & Harmsen Lifestyle Real Estate Inc.

Robinson & Harmsen Lifestyle Real Estate Inc.

Your Life, Re-imagined.

3132 Highway 211, Triford Cove, Nova Scotia, CA