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Skype database Analysis To Examine Chat SMS and Call Details Know How to Perform Skype Database Analysis in an Efficient Manner? In the earlier decades, there is communication problem among the individuals and organizations. Because that time, email system was the only one option for the communication for business purpose. With the help of email system, only messages, attachments etc could be sent. But, in the current era, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has been started in order to pave the wheel of communication. VoIP is the technical alternative to telephonic communication. It replaces the use of phone calls and cables by internet protocols. There is so many application which is used by VoIP such as Skype, Google Hangouts, VSee, Uber Conference, GoToMeeting, Viber, Voxox etc. In these applications have various features like free video calls, instant messages, voice chats, file transfer, screen sharing etc. Among these applications, Skype is playing the more important role in our daily life. So, In this write-up, it is only discussed that what is Skype and how to find & open Skype Chat, SMS and Call Details. What is Skype Application? Skype application is the part of Microsoft and it is innovative technology which connects friends, family, and colleagues everywhere. Especially, it is used in organization for the Video Conference meeting, learn a language, group call, send messages etc. Skype can be used on whatever device best for users, it can be mobile, laptop, PC or TV. Nowadays, the internet is everywhere so, this application is free to speak, see and instant chats to other Skype users. All information of Skype is stored in main.db file and these are lightweight database files. On the digital forensic perspective, this database can give users to a lot of information about Skype logs.

Skype Database Location on Different Platforms Skype main.db are stored in the different location for the different operating system. To know Skype chat database location on different Platforms, find the list of location below:

Windows 7

Windows Installation Drive:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Skype\SkypeUserName\ma in.db 

Windows XP OS

Installation Drive:\Documents andSettings\UserName\Application\Skype\SkypeUserName\main.db 

LINUX Operating System

~\Skype\Skype-User\ 


\Data\\databases\main.db Skype Database Viewer to Analysis Skype Database Chat, SMS & Call Details Skype has some consequences along with its advanced features. Skype data has a higher chance of being misused to extract the sensitive information, cyber crime, stalking, espionage etc. Skype has the facility to record all information about user accounts, contacts, chats, voice calls, video calls and a lot of other crucial information. The recorded log may become important evidence for some criminal investigation for the forensic perspective. This information is saved

in main.db format in the database. The main.db file contains three information details. They are: 1. Chat details 2. Calls details 3. SMS details ďƒ˜

Chat details of main.db file contains all information about chats between two person. In this section, users can see the all conversion related details like sender and receiver details, messages format, time of chats.


Call details option is used to see the call details during the investigation, experts need to load the Skype database (main.db) file in the software. If any call information is stored in evidence file, it will display the call information in call section. This section contains different call attributes like initiator, participants, call duration, start time and other details.


By using SMS details option, a user need to load Skype Database file (main.db) file in the software. In SMS section, a user can see SMS file information like sender and receiver details, chat message.

What is Digital Forensics? Digital forensic is the branch of forensic science. It is used for recovering and investigation of information found in digital devices. But, actually it is not only computer based crime. It may be hi-tech crime such as fraud or personal data stealing and device or internet may used as an infrastructure for offline crime. Everyone knows that a new technology has various advantages but it always increases the crime and it is used for nefarious purpose. Although, Skype is a chat and social networking application in sometimes it can also be used as a platform for harassment or atrocious incidents. Thus, a powerful software MailXaminer is given to make all record of Skype information. This can help in the forensic analysis to investigate and Open Chat, SMS and Call details between user stored in Database file.

Conclusion Skype is used through the internet for many purposes like audio calls, video calls, chats etc. This Skype log is saved into the Skype database file, which is stored in main.db format. It contains all information about the Skype log such as Calls, SMS, Chats from the investigation point of view. From the forensic standpoint, a reliable tool Email Examiner is suggested to use for the investigation purpose. Tool help investigator to Open Skype chat data files and allow to view Chat between user s. With the help of Email Examiner export and save details for further investigation. To know Visit Website:

Skype Database Analysis - Examine Chat / SMS / Call Details  

Get Skype Database Location to find details of Chat, SMS and Call Details using Skype Database Viewer. Open Skype all, Chat, SMS & Call data...

Skype Database Analysis - Examine Chat / SMS / Call Details  

Get Skype Database Location to find details of Chat, SMS and Call Details using Skype Database Viewer. Open Skype all, Chat, SMS & Call data...