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Home & Away with Robert Walshe Mobile phone companies will be forced to cap the amount they charge for overseas data roaming at 80p (€0.90) per megabyte from next July under EU proposals announced recently In another good piece of news for travelers and holidaymakers, customers will also be able to switch to other providers for their overseas roaming, leading to greater competition and potentially even lower charges, according to EU telecoms  commissioners office. They also announced that the cap on the cost to consumers of overseas calls and texts will be lowered in each of the following three years. From July 2012 prices will drop for calls made from phones across Europe to £0.28 (€0.32) a minute; £0.25 (€0.28) from July 2013; and £0.21 (€0.24) from July 2014. But consumer groups have warned that the costs to networks of introducing the first ever cap on data roaming could be passed on to customers through price rises elsewhere. Special rail fares for London 2012 Olympic spectators have gone on sale. Available from a dedicated website, the tickets cover every rail station and every Games venue. The website – – includes a lowest fare finder tool that will search for the cheapest ticket available for spectators’ chosen journeys. The 2012 Games train tickets are designed to be flexible and will allow spectators to change the time they return should an event be unexpectedly rescheduled, or if they simply wish to remain longer. They can be used by event ticket holders to travel to and from London and all cities hosting Games events: Coventry, Newcastle, Glasgow, Manchester, Cardiff and Weymouth.

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Amsterdam is a city to satisfy almost every agenda. Those in search of cobblestones, serious culture and canal views will be in heaven. It has to be said that Amsterdam has something for everyone. The city is an incredibly beautiful collection of old world European architecture elegantly partitioned by canals. In truth, the city is built on roughly 90 small islands and transportation is best undertaken on foot or by bicycle. Most of the main attractions are lo-


cated within the historical core, usually within walking distance of each other, although the efficient tram and bus networks are close at hand for attractions further afield. The Rijksmuseum Vincent van n London O Gogh houses the lympic Sta dium world’s largest collection of the work of Vincent van Gogh. From n Ann Franks House Amsterdam his early work, the museum contains 700 artistic works and 850 letters. For anyone the least bit to sleep all day and party interested in history, the Anne Frank all night. or take in the culHouse is an obvious attraction. Read ture vulture offerings! Aer her diary and then experience ex- Lingus service Amsterdam actly how cramped the space was ex Dublin Easyjet ex Belfast that she and her family lived in for International. or BMI Babys a couple years. Less cerebral pur- new Belfast City service. suits are on offer among elegant museums, with cafés and prostitutes Weekly Best Buy adorning windows all day and night This summer be sure to n Amsterdam in the red light districts.When visit- visit the luxurious 4-star ing Amsterdam and the surrounding Burlington Hotel in Dubareas, there are many hotels and ac- lin and take advantage of commodations for rest ranging from fabulous summer offers to the inexpensive to the higher-end make your stay in Dublin Adults pay £150 each per night with cost. There are over 400 registered as memorable and entertaining as dinner and breakfast, while children hotels and advanced bookings are possible. Stay in one of the hotel’s sharing the room enjoy free bed and suggested, especially in cases where stunning and spacious rooms start- breakfast. Calcot Manor in the Cotsyou are visiting on the weekends or ing from only €50 per person sharing wold’s is perennially popular with during the holiday season. Grand with a delicious full Irish breakfast in children who adore its outstanding Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam, the latest the morning to get you ready for a Play zone equipped with all the latfive star deluxe hotel is situated right day exploring Dublin city! The Burl- est books, toys, computer games in the heart of the city. The 165 spa- ington Hotel is only a short distance and films, while the adults apprecicious rooms and suites feature the from the must see Grafton Street, ate its yummy food, award-winning latest in comfort, style and facilities, St. Stephen’s Green Shopping Cen- spa and friendly, unflappable staff. decorated in the art deco style of the tre and Dublin City Centre making Free summer activities for children building. The hotel was established it the perfect location for your trip include cricket and tennis coachin the monumental Shipping House to Dublin. www.burlingtonhotel. ing, art classes and nature quizzes. and has splendid views over the Am- ie Children stay free and there is a Spacious family rooms cost £405 per sterdam canals and the river IJ. Am- family pass to nearby Arundel Cas- night with breakfast and dinner for sterdam is a very friendly city that tle, plus a £60 voucher towards spa the adults plus £30 per child to cover will help you find your way around treatments for mum, if families book breakfast, high tea and unlimited use when you ask people, however just two nights at Bailiffscourt Hotel  at of The Playzone. www.prideofbritas in other cities, be aware of your Climping on the West Sussex coast. surroundings and remember that no The enchanting mock-medieval hotel matter where you are, there is always has a private path leading to an unRobert Walshe is a freelance a chance of being pick-pocketed or spoilt beach, and there are outdoor contributor / broadcaster and taken advantage of. Amsterdam is and indoor swimming pools, two ten- guest travel writer for River a city like no other. Depending on nis courts, games room, 30 acres of Media newspaper titles across your interests, visitors can choose lovely grounds and a fabulous spa. the island of Ireland 

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Home and Away Extra British Midland International is to launch new routes from Heathrow to Nice in the south of France and Agadir in southwest Morocco. Daily flights to Nice will start on August 25, increasing to twice daily from October 30, and twice weekly flights flights to Agadir will start on October 29. Bmi’s services to Marrakech and Casablanca, launched earlier this year, will increase from three to five flights a week from October 1. Bmi has also recently announced a new route to Amritsar in northwestern India, starting on October 13th . Meanwhile commercial airlines have been given the go-ahead to use fuel made from algae, wood chips and plants with obscure names, whilst all over the world used cooking oil is also being trialled.

with Kathleen Murray

with Kathleen Murray: Animal Behavioural Therapist

Is your dog overweight? Are overweight dogs a symptom of a human problem? Why do dogs become overweight? They get fat by eating too much. Who is feeding them all this extra food that they don’t need? Dogs are being indulged now to a level that is unhealthy. Putting our emotions and thinking onto our dogs is causing trouble for the dogs. If we are eating and the dog is sitting looking at us, some people cannot ignore the dog. They have to give in to the demands of the dog… that is what the dog is doing… he is demanding your dinner. He doesn’t care if you have a dinner or not. He just wants what you are having and if you give it to him then you are telling the dog that he is more important than you.

The dog won’t feel guilty. He won’t be thinking “My owner has no dinner, I’ll give them half of my dinner”. Dogs think in a very simple and straightforward way. If they want something they let you know. It doesn’t mean they have to get it. If they want to run across the road in front of a car would you say “Oh, go on then, enjoy.” Dogs need boundaries to ensure their safety. Giving in to all their demands does not ensure their safety. Feeding them too much is not ensuring their safety, it is putting them at risk. It will put too much strain on their joints and organs and shorten their life. That is not being kind to your dog, that is killing your dog. If you are really thinking about your dog then only give it what its body needs to function

properly and if you want to be kind to it then take it for a walk. If your dog is already overweight then start to help it by cutting out the in-between snacks and treats. Have the amount of food that it requires for a daily portion set aside and then you can feed it to the dog in one feed, or two smaller feeds. Adult dogs only need one feed but if you are not able to stick to that then make the overall daily amount into two portions. A little in the morning and a little in the evening. If you don’t know how much your dog should be eating then read the portion sizes on the bags of dried dog food. That will give you a measurement to go by. If your dog is still looking for food after its had its dinner then this is normal. If it has been used to more food then it will need time to adjust. Exercise can

help with this. Play a game or teach your dog some new things to distract it.

If you are not sure if your dog is overweight then take it to your vet and they will tell you. 0863192247

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