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Reflecting the Art of Fashion

Featuring Tom Ford Spring 2014 Ready to Wear Collection

Fashion Show Production Professor Ivon Cynthia Estrada, Deanna Sylvester, Emily Roberts, Marlin Ross II, Shelby Critten, Yasmine Whitfield

Group Tasks

Cynthia- Venue Model Board Deanna- Music, Lighting, Venue, Seating, Runway, Lounge, Floor Plans, Decor Emily- Marketing, Press Kit, Target customer, Email Press Release, Advertisement Marlin- Venue Model Board, Music, Lighting, Venue, Seating Shelby- Show Concept, Planning Time Line, Timing and Action, Decor Yasmine- Model Board, Model Line Up, Model Looks


Table of Contents

Show Concept Budget Planning Time Line Timing and Action Press Kit Designer Biography Press Release Invite List Other Media Email Press Release Advertisement Model Line Up Model Looks Venue History of Cloud Gate Music Seating& Runway Tents and Lighting Lounge DĂŠcor Floor Plan Backstage Cocktail Lounge

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Show Concept

Our fashion show, “Reflecting the Art of Fashion”, is taking place at Cloud Gate in Millennium Park. Our show will “reflect” our designer, Tom Ford, by creating a sexy, exciting outside atmosphere for the show. Cloud Gate will provide a creative edge that Tom Ford consistently shows when he presents a collection. Tom Ford’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection consists of a white, black, pink, cognac, and metallic color palette that will reflect beautifully at our venue during our evening show. The natural lighting of the city will provide the urban feel we are hoping to achieve. The key design pieces of the show are fractured glass and spidery lace. The music in our show works perfectly with the pieces that will be shown. Our soundtrack is upbeat and cohesive and includes tracks from Jay-Z, Avicii, Fantasia, and Lady Gaga. The profit from our show will go to fashion students attending Chicago area colleges such as Columbia College Chicago and The Art Institute. This is a great opportunity for alumni from those colleges to come out and support their alma-maters. Not only will the alumni get to see a great show, they will be giving back to students who are trying to pursue their dream. Our goal is to produce a creative, exciting show that reflects the aesthetic of Tom Ford and to raise money for local fashion students in the Chicagoland area.


Budget Total: $69,200 Venue Rental:$32,000 Millennium Park Rental- $7,500 Chairs, Tables, DĂŠcor, and Bar furnished by CORT Furniture-$7,500 Alcohol and Drinks for guests- Sponsorship from Moet&Chandon Champagne and Absolute Vodka Lighting provided by FROST Lighting-Sponsorship from FROST Runway-$8,000 Tents from Blue Peak Tent Rental-$9,000 Show Personnel:$17,500 Cue/Stage Manager- $500.00 Dressers and Ushers-Volunteers from local colleges and institutions Hair and Make-Up-Sponsorship Tom Ford Cosmetics Models-$600 x 3 times x 20 models = $12,000 Transportation and Hotel Accommodations- $5,000 Promotion:$4,200 Advertising-$2,000 Invitations-$500.00 Press Release-$200.00 Posters-$500.00 Programs-$500.00 Tickets-$500.00 Photography and Technical:$8,500 Video Crew and Tech-$3,500 Sound-$5,000 General Expenses:$7,000


Security-$2,000 Insurance-$5,000 Contingency Fund:$5,800


Planning Timeline Month


January February March

Decide date Decide venue Decide charity Decide/Contact designer

April May

Approach sponsors


Decide on rental companies and choices


Model casting Start updating Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and blogs Send out invitations Music and Hair and Make-up – 3 weeks in advance of show *SHOW*


September October November December


Timing and Action Contacts: Shelby Critten, Show Manager 260-804-0659 Tim Edwards, Windy City Limousine 312-337-6325 Jenna Gordon, Peninsula Chicago Manager 312-337-3888

*Day before Show* 3:00pmEST Tom Ford departs LaGuardia airport – Flight 920 4:55pmCST Tom Ford arrives at O’Hare airport 5:30pmCST Windy City Limousine will escort Ford to Peninsula Chicago 6:10pmCST Ford checks in at Peninsula: Room #2808 *Day of Show* 9:00am

Runway chair set-up begins


Vendor and swag bag set-up – Tent 2


Alcohol arrives – Bar – Tent 1


Lunch breaks Security arrives


Clothing arrives Assistants start steaming clothing


Models arrive


Runway walk-through begins Sound and light checks 8

Ushers and other volunteers arrive Bartenders arrive 4:30pm

Hair and make-up crew arrive


Hair and make-up begins


Dressers arrive Doors open to public Bars open


Tom Ford departs Peninsula Hotel


Tom Ford Arrives


Models and everyone backstage


Runway seating opens Bars close


Models in first looks




Swag bag distribution


Tom Ford departs Millennium Park


Tom Ford arrives at Peninsula Chicago


Teardown begins at Millennium Park *Day after Show*

8:30amCST Tom Ford departs Peninsula Chicago 9:15amCST Tom Ford arrives at O’Hare airport 10:30amCST Tom Ford departs O’Hare airport: Flight 921 1:30pmEST Tom Ford arrives at LaGuardia airport


Press Kit: Tom Ford


Designer Biography Tom ford has had a varied and long road in the fashion industry. He graduated with a degree in interior architecture from Parsons New Schools of Design; after his stint as being an actor in television commercials. While studying in New York he became very influenced by the Studio 54 night life, which you can see in his designs. He got his first break being a design assistant for Chloe. From there he spent two years at Perry Ellis until he decided he was bored with American Fashion. Ford took at leap from just an assistant to head designer and then to creative director of Gucci within four years. After over a decade at Gucci and a stint at YSL, Ford started his own label in 2004. His has been building his brand ever since. He brings the three core themes to every project he does: sex, power, and decadence. And he does nothing short for his spring 201 ready-to-wear collection.


Press Release

For Immediate Release

Contact: Emily Roberts Promotion Coordinator 312-556-7892

Reflecting the Art of Fashion “I enjoy the speed of fashion. I love doing different things and I think I still have something valid to say in fashion.� Tom Ford The Millennium Park Fashion Show features the 2014 Spring Ready Wear Collection of Tom Ford. It has three scenes showing his ideal women; sex, power, and decadence. Tom Ford shows these themes through luxurious fabrics, innovative designs, and a neutral color scheme. The Millennium Park Fashion Showwill benefit scholarship funds at Columbia College Chicago and The Art Institute Chicago. Though the show has been managed by professionals, the managers help teach students how to professionally put on a run way show, gaining real world experience. Students participate from every major from Public Relations, Graphic Design, Production Development, Music, Fashion Business, Styling, and many more.

Chicago IL, September 21, 2013-The Millennium Park Fashion Show makes its debut on Saturday, September 21, 2013 at Millennium Park in Chicago, Illinois. Tickets cost $500 apiece. The tickets will be sold in advance through our website.


Press Release “Tom Ford’s woman is one who dresses as a luxury product. She sees fashion as performance. Who would dare go out in a sheer, second-skin sheath, embroidered with ribbonsquiggles, or totally encase herself neck-to-toe in a jeweled tunic and legging-tight pants.”Sarah Mower, Vouge Ford’s main themes have always been Sex, Decadence, and Power. By keeping the color scheme simple with black, white, and brown; Ford shows his themes through his different material choices. Sex- In this first scene of nine looks, Ford displays his ideal sexiness in sheer materials, lace and metallic’s. But more importantly in silhouette, the dresses are more fitted with lots of skin.


Decadence-Is the second scene with 10 looks focuses more on basics. Basic colors such as black and white, but also basic pieces with a twist will be present. That big twist will be the fabric choices like fur and wool.

Power- Power is the third scene made up of 17 looks. Ford shows power in the designs but having both sex and decadence. He shows strong, powerful, and sexy women. You can tell from the strong leather outfits, fully sheer dresses, and the metallic suit.



We did not pick a direct charity but instead, a scholarship fund for fashion students at Columbia College Chicago and the Art Institute of Chicago. Over 8.9 million students rely on scholarships each year. And there are over three million different college scholarships available. Those odds seem great to most students but the reality is that most students do not end up receiving the scholarships they apply for. That’s why we chose to raise scholarship funds for students; they are needed and it seems to be a charity more likely to be donated to because most people believe in higher education. This is also how we selected our guest list; celebrities that have received a higher education, alumni, board members, and staff. All people who see and believe in higher education will want to support institutions in the Chicagoland area.


Invite List

Front Row-Juliana and Bill Rancic, Christian Calvary, Jennifer Hudson. Derek Rose, Oprah Winfrey, Patrick Kane, Vince Vaughn, Ann Burrell, Joan Cusack, Steve Harvey, and other A List celebrities that live in Chicago. Bloggers- Refinery 29, Chi City Fashion, CarlyCristman, Escaping the Window, Blonde Bedhead, Style Tribe, Latter Style, Defining Tabitha, ScoutantLo, Thriftaholic, Hunter Style, Midwest Style, and other well followed Chicago fashion bloggers. Targeting- Columbia Alumni, Faculty, and board members to buy tickets. Age: 45-70 Sex: Male Occupation: Executive, or higher management Marital Status: Married Life stage: Kids in college if not graduated, getting ready for retirement Income: $94058


Other Media Social Media- We would create a Facebook page, Twitter account, and an Instamgram about the event. But we would also market through Tom Ford’s pages and through Columbia College pages. Through all of the social media we will try and get the fashion show to be a trending topic by postings about the line, location, models, and hair and makeup choices. How we will be able to tell if our tactics are working is by how many reposts, likes, and comments we get perpost.

Traditional Media- We would try to get segments on the local news, radio, and papers; promoting the charitable part of the show and the work the students will be doing. Since our target market is older there is a select few radio stations and newspapers we would select like:Fox News, WGN, 720am, 89am, 560am, 93.9fm, 101.9fm, 97.9fm, Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald, and the Redeye. We will measure the traditional media by how many people as to buy tickets from these different outlets.


Email Press Release

The Chicago Fashion Scholarship Fund is pleased to invite you to:

Reflecting the Art of Fashion Featuring Tom Ford Ready to Wear Spring 2014 Collection Cocktails at 5pm Show starts at 7pm September 20, 2013 Profits go to scholarship funds at Columbia College Chicago and The Art Institute of Chicago


Scholarship Columbia Is pleased to invite you to Millennium Park Fashion Show Featuring Tom Ford Ready to Wear Spring 2014 Collection

Cocktails at 5pm Show starts at 7pm September 20, 2013 Profits go to the scholarship fund at Columbia College Chicago CLICK TO RSVP *



R eflec t in g t h e A r t o f Fa sh io n Benefit show for Scholarship Funds for Columbia College Chicago and The Art Institute Featuring Tom Ford Ready to Wear Spring 2014 Collection September 20, 2013 Millennium Park


Model Line-Up



Maddy Jessica Alyssa Olya Samantha B. Jessica Ridenour Marissa Taylor Michelle Stuchly Emily Marinelli Dragana Marcela Collleen K. Lauren K. Bailey Ryan Sharon Samantha B. Daila Marquerite

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We chose models that reflected Tom Ford’s vision of decadence, sex, and power. We wanted models with a strong face with an elegant bone structure. We thought that having models that were tall and slim was very important. We wanted models that possess not only a slim body, but a nice figure as well because we want everyone to fit and wear the garments with grace. We chose Maddyas our opening model because we felt that shehad the strongest portfolio out of the group of models that we reviewed.


Model Looks Makeup We decided to have all of our makeup products sponsored by Tom Ford Cosmetics. For the makeup, we decided to go for a dramatic smoky eye with intense winged eyeliner. Since the eye is so intense, we decided to keep the rest of the face neutral with a light, sheer blush and a nude lip. The reason why we chose this look is because Tom Ford’s Spring Ready-to-wear is a very edgy collection and we felt that a strong, but feminine eye would complement the elements in this collection. Also, if you look on the Tom Ford website a lot of his models used in his photo-shoots have very vivid eye makeup and also a nude lip. Products are listed below: Face: Tom Ford Illuminating Primer Tom Ford Concealer Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Tom Ford Translucent Finishing Powder Tom Ford Cheek Color Eyes: Tom Ford Eye Primer Duo Tom Ford Eye Color Quad Golden Mink Tom Ford Eye Shadow Quad Silvered Topaz Tom Ford Beauty Eye Definer Tom Ford Extreme Mascara Raven Lips: Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge Lip Color For our hairstyling, we decided to use Nicole Scherzinger’s slicked-back, fishtail ponytail look with a teased hump in the front. This hairstyle was selected because it is very edgy and also easy to do. Having the hair pulled back away from the face will give a greater, more dramatic effect on the eye makeup. Also, because the hair is pulled back and away from the face, outfit changes throughout the show will not have much of an effect on messing up the hair. All hair products are sponsored by L’Oreal Paris. 21

L’Oreal Paris L'Oreal Paris which is a division of L'Oreal USA, Inc. is a complete beauty care company that provides their consumers with the highest in quality for an ultimate, luxurious finish. L'Oreal Paris is a global beauty brand with many internationally renowned products. They represent, "The essence of the L'Oreal Paris brand as a whole, a spirit that is about helping every woman embrace her unique beauty while reinforcing her innate sense of self-worth."

Hairstylists will be provided by Maxine's Hair Salon. Maxine's is one of Chicago's top salons located on North Rush street just steps off of the Magnificent Mile. Their professional stylists are specialized in hair cutting, styling, special occasion hair dressing, braiding, extensions, and Ombre. Maxine's also use L'Oreal Paris hair care products in their salon which is why we chose them to work as our hair stylist in the show.



In order to execute our fashion show we had to strategically think of a location that would fit the aesthetic of Tom Ford, the target customer and what worked best for the collection. The venue, Cloud Gate formely know as “The Bean” in Millennium Park would be a great fit because the outdoor theme allows the collection to be the main focus for the show and to the audience. The location also allows us to incoperate the vibrant nightlife of Chicago into our theme. Having the show at “The Bean” was formulated with the idea or reflection. Since “The Bean” is a reflective piece of art this enables the collection to be seen at all angles and in a mirrored view which we thought was distinctive. The lighting will be provided by Frost Lighting, hanging from metal bars running around the runway. Allowing for the collection to be the highlight. This type of lighting would be the best fit because of the amount of light that they provide. The lights will alternate as the models on the runway change their positions and walk the catwalk. The runway will be all black surrounding “The Bean” In a square shape. Having the runway black will enable the reflective tones throughout the collection and the monocromatic looks to be the most eycatching. The seating will be all white elevated rows, five levels high seperated in four different sections with two each on opposite sides of the runway provided by Cort Events. This type of seating reflects the design asthetic of the collection; chic and modern giving it a contrast from the color of the runway. Blue Peak Tent Rental will provide the tent for the models and the tents for the lounge. The runway leads up to the model tent, where the models will be coming out of. The other two tents will be on the opposite sides of the model tent, where the cocktail hour will be held.


In the cocktail tents the lounge will have very minimal colored lighting, contempary seating, lit cocktail tables, and a very open space. The fashion show will start promptly at 7pm, preceding cocktail hour at 5:00pm.


History Of Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate, better know as "The Bean" because of its bean like shape is a public sculpturebuilt from 2004- 2006 by a talented British artist Anish Kapoor. Cloud Gate weighs in at over 110-tons, and is 66 feet long and 33 feet high. "The Bean" was created using 168 stainless plates welded together. Cloud Gate's seamless surface is the result of thousands of hours of polishing. The sculpture has the appearance of a giant drop of liquid mercury, and the mirrored surface offers an amazing reflection of the city skyline, even more breathtaking on a bright, clear day. It plays tricks with the light and the sky. It is elegant balanced on its ends and without any color of its own. And finally, it is interactive, and lets the viewer become part of the art or stand back and let the simple act of walking, turning, or even just swaying change the visual presented by the sculpture.Visitors can walk underneath the Cloud Gate, which is surprisingly 25

concave. Kapoor calls his creation "Cloud Gate" because 80 percent of its surface reflects the sky. This attratction has become one of Chicagos most talked about attractions both domestically and internationally.


Music Our song selection was a very important part of our show. Making sure that our music was fresh and distinctive mirrioring our collection and our customer. “Applause” by Lady Gaga will give us the fresh feel that we are going for followed by “Without me” by Fantasia which is another fresh song that talks about women being powerful also reflective of the collection. “Dear boy” by Avicii is a great fast paste upbeat song sure to engage the crowd and keep their attention. Closing the show out with none other than “Tom Ford” by Jay-Z would be a better fit for the last catwalk.


Seating& RUNWAY


Tents and Lighting












Reflecting the Art of Fashion  

My part: social media, advertisements, press release, invitation, RSVP, thank you card, and program.

Reflecting the Art of Fashion  

My part: social media, advertisements, press release, invitation, RSVP, thank you card, and program.