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Roberto Rocco CURRICULUM VITAE MISSION STATEMENT: I am a dynamic urban researcher, interested in spatial planning theory and practice, education and participation. Knowledge is active involvement with the object to be known.

Brief History

Summary of skills

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Higher Education Bachelor in Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Sao Paulo

Vast experience in regional spatial planning in an academic environment; Experience in conceptualising, developing, implementing and evaluating academic content in a spatial planning and design education;

Post-graduate Masters in Spatial Planning at the University of Sao Paulo

Vast experience in academic research in areas of spatial planning, governance, urban management tools, economic geography and research methodology;

PhD in Spatial Planning at the Delft University of Technology

Very good aptitude to communicate and teach in multicultural environments, work in a team environment, and capacity for flexibility in order to reach consensus; Very good experience in dealing with cultural differences in a multicultural learning and researching environment; Excellent ability to establish and maintain good professional rapport, and to communicate orally and in writing in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish; Excellent writing skills and ability to communicate in a variety of media, including presentations, websites, BLOGS, social media, short movies and posters.

Assistant researcher at the University of Hertfordshire

Courses I teach

Complex Cities Graduation Studio on Spatial Planning and Strategy at TU Delft Research nd Design Methods for Urbanism (MSc3 TU Delft)

Research and Design Methodology for Urbanism (MSc2 TU Delft)


Research & Design Methods

Studio Mobile Strategies at the European Masters of Urbanism (TU Delft)


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“If you can’t say it clearly, you don’t understand it yourself” John Searle (1983)

Challenge the future


Research & Design Methodology for Urbanism

Number of study hours to obtain a diploma in architecture and urbanism at USP

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Knowledge is active engagement with the object to be known. This means that you need to ‘work’ in order to know: to study, to research, to design, to discuss and to communicate. SpatialPlanning &Strategy Challenge the future


Number of years I have worked at the Delft University of Technology

Number of texts I published in conference proceedings and book chapters

Department of Urbanism Chair Spatial Planning and Strategy

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This visual CV was inspired and modelled upon Hagan Blount’s visual CV available at


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1. I was born in São Paulo, the biggest city of SouthAmerica 2. In 1984, I completed my secondary school in Montreal, Canada 3. After years in semi-professional theatre, I went to the University of São Paulo for a degree in architecture and urban planning in 1990 4. After graduation I went to Slovenia for a stage at the Slovenian Institute of Urbanism in 1996 5. After Slovenia, I studied at the Institut Français d’Urbanisme at Marne-la-Vallee for one semester 6. I entered the Masters in Spatial Planning at the University of São Paulo 7. In 2000, I earned a scholarship to study at TU Delft for one year, as part of my masters. I went back to Brazil and defended my Masters thesis in 2002 8. In 2003, I went back to the Netherlands for my PhD. I completed my doctoral research in 2008 9. I have been working as an assistant professor at the Chair of Spatial Planning and Strategy of the TU Delft since 2007 10. In the same year, I was hired by the University of Hertfordshire (UK) to work as a research assistant for the project ‘Research into Practice’

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Roberto Rocco: My visual CV  

This is a visual CV I made based on the work of Hagan Blaunt, the magician-designer who first thought of such a thing.

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