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10 Essential Books for

Spatial Planning Students Prepared by Roberto Rocco and Vincent Nadin,

The ‘top 10’ is derived from a longer list of books important to staff of the Chair of Spatial Planning and Strategy at TU Delft compiled by Ana María Fernández-Maldonado. We have only included authored books, not edited collections or journal articles. HARVEY, D. (1973) Social Justice and the City, Baltimore, John Hopkins Press (revised 2009, Athens, University of Geogia Press).

FORESTER, J. 1989. Planning in the Face of Power, Los Angeles, University of California Press.

FRIEDMANN, J. 1987. Planning in the Public Domain: From Knowledge to Action, Princeton University Press.

HALL, P. 2001. Cities of Tomorrow: An Intellectual History of Urban Planning and Design in the Twentieth Century, London, Blackwell.

HEALEY, P. 2006. Collaborative Planning: Shaping Places in Fragmented Societies, London, Palgrave Macmillan.

HOWARD, E. 1898. Tomorrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform, London, New York, Routledge.

JACOBS, J. 1961. The Death and Life of Great American Cities, New York, Random House.

Geddes, P. 1915. Cities in Evolution: an Introduction to the Town Planning Movement and the Study of Civics, London, Williams and Norgate

SOJA, E. 2000. Postmetropolis: Critical Studies of Cities and Regions, London, Blackwell.

WARD, S. 2002. Planning the Twentieth Century City: the Advanced Capitalist World, Chichester, John Wiley and Sons.

The 10 Essential Books for Spatial Planning Students  

We have put together a list of 10 essential books for spatial planning students. This list is based on a previous list of the most relevant...

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