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Where Is Your Energy Going? Channelled by Peggy Graham Editors: Thea Greenberg and Tim Ryan (1990)


Table of Contents I. Introduction. II. Where is Your Energy Going?

— July 5th, 1984 [3]

III. Follow Your Thoughts — July 19th, 1984 IV. You Create Everything You See



— July 26th, 1984 V. The Ego


— August 9th, 1984 VI. Idea, Thought, Action & Emotion


— August 16th, 1984 VII. The Ego (#2) [28] — August 23rd, 1984 VIII. Follow a Thought and Present Time


— August 30th, 1984 IX. Fixed Ideas, Viewpoints, and Dreams


— September 6th, 1984 X. Dreams, Astrology, Jesus and Help


— September 13th, 1984 XI. Astrology, Creation, Energy and Viewpoints


— September 20,1984 XII. Energy Flows and Emotions


— September 27,1984 XIII. Miracles, Fixed Solutions, and Agreement — October 4,1984 2


I. Introduction The following are the channeled lectures of Lloyd Greenberg. Lloyd died on April 4th, 1984 at the age of 54. While alive, Lloyd gave weekly lectures at his home in Altadena, California, from 1982 up until three days before his death.


Three months after his death Lloyd reached back into the

physical universe; and channeling through a former friend of his, Peggy Graham, resumed giving lectures.

These channeled lectures continued much in the same vein and with the same sense of humor as the ones Lloyd had given before his death — almost as if he had never stopped. However, these channeled lectures were given from his now higher awareness, a new awareness which Lloyd had gained after losing his body.


II. Where is Your Energy Going? — July 5th, 1984

This is my first lesson. There will be many more. I am going to tell you a lot, so be prepared. I am just starting to do this, so what matters now is no interruptions. I will give more lessons when you get this one down. Please hurry; there is much to do.

Only what IS matters. I am telling you that all that Is, is the Now. Listen to me well, for I know what Is Now, and I learned it well here where I am. Only what Is counts; nothing else.

What you wish were there is of no importance. You must learn to create what IS for yourselves; you must learn to create your own universes where you are — in the Now. Otherwise you will never be happy.

I have learned that there are rules, and the first rule is CREATE. CREATE. CREATE your own universe. Create your universe ahead of your religion, ahead of your god, ahead of everything else. CREATE, CREATE, CREATE what you wish, and you will be happy. Don't create your own universes and you will have nothing; and the result will be unhappiness. 4

I have so much to teach you. This is the first lesson ~ CREATE CREATE CREATE, and GROW GROW GROW. For the world right now is what Is. Nothing more Is; only the now. I will tell you more, but not yet.

The truth is: what you see IS what you get. So see well what you want to happen and it will be done. You need to learn to work on another level to make this work. You must learn how to use your energy well and make it work for you, to get what you want to actually happen. I will help. You must exercise using your energy well.

You must learn to find out what blocks your energy. Create with your energy flows and you can create a world unimagined. You can learn to create it all, if you desire.

Learn to unblock the energy flows and then watch the magic work. It is important to become aware of your energy blockages so you can see where your energy is lost. You cannot create without energy.

Learn to watch where your energy is going, and I promise you results; I will be there with you and help you. You will be amazed at the results you will get from one simple question, Where is your energy going? 5

III. Follow Your Thoughts —July 19th, 1984

Can you rid yourselves of your ego? . . . Yes, yes, yes. The ego is nothing more powerful than the thoughts that pass through your mind.

It is true that thoughts are things and you create them as you go along; but thoughts should not control you. You must learn to make your thoughts visible in your universe and to use them to make your life work for you. You can do this if you are aware of what you are thinking at all times. But not many of us can do this; it is hard to do. Increasing your awareness is the key that enables you to have that which you desire. If you can learn to monitor your thinking, you can create that which you want to manifest in your daily lives.

Your thoughts are what make you who you are, and that's why I tell you to be so aware of them. You can learn to control your thinking if when you sense a thought, you follow it and see where it came from and where it will lead you. If you can continually do this, you will eventually discover that thoughts are not just illusions.

I am now learning to control my universe. I did not have to die to do this. You can learn to do this too while you are still in a body, if you 6

follow what you think.

You must learn to follow what you think about anything, and you will see miracles occur in front of your eyes. I see this now, although I didn't see it when I was alive. You can create anything you want by changing your thoughts. This won't be easy at first, but if you follow your thoughts, they will lead you to the answers about how you came to be the way you now are. Thoughts are just things; never forget this.

Furthermore, it is possible to create what you want if you can learn to change your thoughts. This is so true that I will tell you what I have done here: I have changed my body to one of the most healthy bodies I could think of; I wanted to see if I could do it, and I did.

I am so young and healthy now. I created this new body. I wish I could make you see me. I can't do this yet; I'm not on your plane of awareness now. Not higher, just different; just more awareness. You don't know how high you are. Just as high. You are all aware. You are as aware as I am if you only knew how to see with your awareness. Then you could see me because I'm right next to you now. Amazing as it may seem, you can learn to be this aware.

Awareness of your thoughts will make you free. You must not give way to the thoughts that you don't want to have. If you do, they will 7

eventually manifest visible things in your universe that you didn't want and never expected to create.

You must also learn to differentiate thoughts that are not yours from your own.

Your thoughts are so important that they can make your life heaven or hell. I am here, so where's heaven? Heaven is wherever you want it to be, and so is hell; and I am now in neither . . . because I wish it so.

It is the same where you are now. You can have it any way you want. Thoughts make the difference between where you are and where you want to be. If you learn to watch your thoughts, you will have the ability to change your universes and create what is important to you at all times and everywhere.

There are many other universes, and these same rules apply in all of them. Thoughts exist in all universes — ALL OF THEM.

If you learn to watch your thoughts, not control them — and there is a difference — you can create the most wonderful things. Whatever you want you can have when your thoughts and energy go into creating. 8

There is really no such thing as happiness; only awareness, as you will see. Happiness is a consideration; that's all. Awareness and life energy is all there is; the rest are only personal considerations. Awareness and energy are the same thing with a slight difference. You can control your individual universes eventually when you learn these truths; and you will if you increase your awareness.

Work to see the lies in your thoughts and you will have the key to the truth in life and in death; life and death are the same.

Thoughts are just things. I know this now. You can change your thoughts like you change your clothes. I tell you this so you can learn what to do in your life; so listen.

You will have to work to really learn this. "I think; therefore I am," is not the truth. If I didn't think I was, I would still be — but not the same way. Thoughts create an identity. I am Lloyd now; I will always be who I am whatever name I choose. If I think I am not, I still am — but in a different way.

I know this is difficult: "I think; therefore I am." The sequence is the energy, then the thought — almost at once, but not quite. It's very subtle. I am energy first, then thought. Thought creates after energy 9

is present. Energy is always present. If you do think, you create whether you know it or not; and to progress you must become aware of this. So wake up, and know that you are creating at all times. What you create depends on your level of awareness; you create better things if you are more aware. Awareness is different than thought. Awareness is not thought; awareness IS always. And thought follows.

"I think and so I exist" would be more accurate. If I chose not to think, I would still be Lloyd; but I would not be able to be here. I had to make the decision to be here. If I had not made this decision, I would not be able to do this now. If I did not think, I would only be able to be what I am — no more. That would not be much fun for me or help for you. So I thought myself here so I could be with you and teach you. Decision is the thought. Pick a decision and make it work.


IV. You Create Everything You See — July 26th, 1984

I will talk about energy again. The energy is what you must find. If you find the energy, you can create. Be patient.

If you can realize that you create everything you see around you, than you can take responsibility for your creations. It's simple. You create that which you see. No one else creates your world; only you create it. When you realize this, you will win the game.

Each creation you take responsibility for is a victory in the game of life. You will create whatever you do, but you win when you take responsibility for your creation.

Responsibility is what can set you free. Accept the responsibility that you create everything around you and go free. Deny your responsibility and you are trapped. You cannot get loose until you understand this truth: you are responsible for whatever you create, whether you like it or not.

Like a game of any kind, you can win if you play well and learn the rules. The rules are: take responsibility for what you create; use 11

you energy wisely; and watch what you think. Follow these rules and study the results.

Awareness is the name of the game. Use your awareness and work to increase it. With your awareness study the results of what you have created. Study is the watchword of the game. If you study hard, you will pass this class; if you don't, you will fail and have to take this class over. Just learn to study. Watch your thinking at all times; study the results; see the effect your thoughts create.

Responsibility means accepting the results of what you do. If you can't accept responsibility, you lose. If you can accept responsibility, you win. Remember: life is just a game we all play; nothing more. Don't take this game so damn seriously. This life is a game you chose to play and a game you play only for a short time — even if it does sometimes seem like forever.

Responsibility is what makes you win; and if you lose, it is your own fault. So take responsibility for that too.


V. The Ego (#1) — August 9th, 1984

Here we go with ego. I must tell you this: the ego is not a thing to trifle with. It keeps you stuck where you are and from where you want to be. If you rid yourself of your ego and all it implies, you will be able to accomplish everything you wish.

On my plane there is no need for an ego. It is harder to rid yourself of ego when you have a body. If you want to rid yourself of your ego, you must first learn what it is: it is that part of yourself that doesn't want to learn anything new. It is that part of you that is hardest to destroy. It's easier to lose your soul than your ego.

You can lose some of your ego through counselling. How-ever, the only way to lose the ego completely is through the awareness of "present time" and all that present time implies. If you want to lose your ego, you must work and work and work.

If you want to try to lose your ego, I will tell you some things that will help. First, be aware at all times of what you think. I told you before to follow your thoughts. This is one way to see how the ego works. You can see where your ego wants to take you by watching 13

your thoughts. You cannot see your ego directly, but you can see the results of what your ego thinks.

The ego is always trying to tell you what to do to survive. However, you don't need to be told. You will survive whether you have an ego or not, and belter without one. But the ego does not think this way. It is too strong and must be made harmless. If you can always see where your thoughts are leading you, you can watch your ego at work.

When something occurs to you — as I've said before — the idea comes first; then the thought follows. What I didn't say is where ego comes into play. If you think a thought and the ego is displeased, the thought will disappear and you will experience a loss. If the ego doesn't like what it hears, the ego will kill the thought before you can use it. The ego kills the thought because it's afraid if you hear the thought, it (the ego) will stop being.

If I wish to go on a trip and ego says don't go, then I won't go if my ego is stronger than I am. If I don't have enough money to travel in the style the ego thinks I should, then I won't go and I'll miss having a good time. The ego feels I should have a certain lifestyle, so I lose a lot of pleasure I would have had if I had just carried out my original idea of going on the trip. 14

Ego is made up of fixed solutions, stops and resistances. Your ego will only listen to itself and not to you. It will not allow energy to flow freely. Ego wants to stay alive at all costs. It will not be denied life.

You must kill the ego to truly live. Change is what the ego can't have. It wants to keep alive the same old record, the same old way of doing and thinking about things. This is not a new concept, but I ask you to take a new look at it.

Our tendency to operate on dichotomies is the single most important thing to eliminate if you really want to kill the ego. The inclination of looking at things as black or white, good or evil, valuable or worthless, and so on, prevents us from seeing things as they really are and perpetuates our dependence on the ego. If you succeed in eliminating operating on dualities you WILL be free of the ego eventually. You can start this process by asking yourself what you are really "seeing." Yes, what do you truly "see" as you look out of your eyes, and how does it relate to what you want?

The ego will not he happy with this question; it will do all kinds of things to avoid the answer. Keep at it and you will find out what this question will do for you. What do you see be-fore your eyes right 15


The ego will not give up easily. It is ultimately a question of your ability to be and stay in present time; the ego cannot exist in present time.

The ego is around the body, but not a part of it. It pretends to keep you safe, but it really prevents you from being safe; it is a shield to keep you safely out of present time, where with the help of the ego you think you will die.

In my case I used my body as a barrier to present time. I always tried to fix it, so I was never satisfied with the way it was. If I could have accepted it, I could have been in present time; but I wasn't able to be. The ego said my body was not right, so I had to fix it or I would die — and I did. I now see I chose to do this; I chose to die rather than to be in present time. My ego said, "no, don't be in present time," and its voice was stronger than anything I could say.

Listen, my friends; let me be the example for you to learn from. Don't let your ego kill you! Kill it first! You can kill the ego, you know. I tell you if you kill your ego, you will be free in this life from everything you don't want. You will be truly free to use your energy wisely. You will see such a difference when you do this. 16

Ego is a mass attached to the body. The ego is like a body shield which keeps you from present time. You can start kill-ing your ego by starting to stay in present time, one moment at a time.

The ego has always been around. It has been erroneously thought of as being the soul. It is this misconception which confuses the Christians of the world. I could get into hot water about this, but what have I got to lose? You are your soul; you have an ego.

I took some ego with me when I died: my sail boat. Yes, you should laugh. I love it; it is energy at its best.

Unfortunately almost all people drag some ego with them from life to life. Unless you are one of the very few who works to kill the ego, the ego only gets bigger. The ego shield grows until you are so hidden you forget who you really are. The ego sucks up tremendous amounts of energy.

The ego wants to grow and it does. Cancer is ego.

The ego feeds off of misdeeds, withheld truths and justifications. It does anything it can to stay and grow.


The ego is a cancer of the spirit, which often eventually effects the body. Diminish the ego and cancer dies also. I did not want my body to die. I thought if only I could get the body healed, everything would be fine. It doesn't work that way. The trick is to first be in present time; then body health will follow.

Audience: Lloyd, do entities really exits?

Entities are real. There are many of them, some good and some not so good. They are there with you at all times. They enjoy the earth environment and wish to stay on that plane for a while. Some need to go on and don't know how, or are afraid to go on. Some are needed there.

You can learn the difference between the good and the bad entities when you are being helped or harmed by them. It is a question of awareness. If you are aware of the subtle influences around you, you can tell who's who.

I am one of these influences. However, I am one of the unsubtle ones.

Guardian angels were just the Christian way of looking at guides; there are no such things as guardian angels. I would be an angel, but 18

I have no wings. I would rather have a boat; I haven't changed that much.


VI. Idea, Thought, Action and Emotion. — August 16th, 1984

Hello again. I am here; and now I will start my talk if you are ready. The talk tonight will be on emotions, and where they come from and where they go.

You first have an idea; then you have a thought; then you have action. Emotions follow this process. They are separate actions, all different and all coming from the cause, the source point. The idea is first. Then the thought; then the action; then the emotion. It is very important to see the separateness of these things. If you try to put them together, it will not be clear what you are doing. At first it seems that they are all at the same time, but this is not the case.

If your awareness is high, you will see where one starts and the other takes over. If I have the idea to fish and I think, "where I will go and how I will do it," then I act on these two things first. Then comes the ego and with it the emotions. The ego could ask the following: "Will I catch a fish? If I don't, will someone be upset? I could get grief stricken about this and afraid to disappoint someone. Or I could get angry, or I could get afraid, or I could get nervous," and so on. Do you see the difference? Everything seems to come at once, but it really 20

doesn't. When you separate these things out, you will be at cause over it. There will be no need, then, to allow the emotions to rule you. Do you see?

Audience: Is there any emotion besides love that is not ego?

Love is not an emotion; it is existence; love is what moves the universe. It is not separate from what you are. Love is what you are. The best way to experience love is to strip away the rest so you can be that which you already are. If you can strip yourself of the extra problems caused by all the emotions that run through your daily life, you can then be free and be who you are. Love is always there. There is no reason to look so hard for it. You have all you need now. Do you see this?

If you can only strip the rest away, the love and the energy will flow. If you can eliminate all those emotions that the ego uses to save your life, you will then be left with who you are. And that is what I will help you to do here.

The question is this: What is it you are doing right here and now? All of you need to ask yourselves this. You are here to learn to love and to create that which you want to have manifested for you. It sounds a bit silly, but I tell you it's the truth. What is it you all are 21

doing here now? There is so much love right here in this room now, that I feel overwhelmed with it. I feel it go from each of you to the others. So you see, if you could only use this love always, and not the other emotions, how powerful you would all be.

Take a minute to just feel the love here, please. I will also flow my love to you . . . Did you feel it? I'm not being facetious with this. It is a very important concept. By love I do not mean the dictionary definition of the word. By love I mean that which holds this world, and all that exists, together. It is hard to explain the concept because there is no word for what I say or try to tell you.

Love is more than affinity; it is a form of magnetism. It is what keeps the planet turning; it is what creates the body and keeps it alive. A matter of order? . . . Yes. But more even than that. There is no word for it. I wish I could give you the concept. It is creation at its highest level. There is no duality in perfect love; there is no separation.

That is what you already are. It is so hidden and so difficult to attain that it is almost an impossibility. But you can achieve it. I can feel it at times, as we all can. Some of us have felt it during those moments of perfect attunement with the universe and love. That is what I seek and what you also seek. There is no separation in this 22

love; so when I speak of emotion tonight, it is not love I'm speaking about.

The question I ask you is this: What is it you are doing here — now? Are you separate or are you not? You are separate. I tell you the goal is oneness; and if you achieve this oneness, you will still be who you are. And all things are you, and yet you are still you. Awareness and present time are the keys to the love I talk about now. You must grasp the concepts of ideas, thoughts, actions and emotions first.

We must start at the beginning here. Your energy is wasted on emotions that have no purpose or value. I want you to remember the talk on the ego. Emotions belong with the ego, not with the Self.

My ego is still with me. Me and my boat and my ego are here together. I don't need my ego or my boat; I want them. Do you see the difference? Use that as an analogy with your ego. The difference is the difference between need and want.

You can get rid of the ego. You all have this choice you can make. Want is a choice; need is not. When you don't need your ego, but want it from choice, you will be free of it forever. It is a choice, not a must have. The choice is yours to make. Make the choice first and 23

then do the necessary work. Nothing is free.

I can now finally use or not use my the ego at will.

The ego is our creation. The part of my ego I now choose to retain is my boat. I thought you would all understand this. This is why I choose it as an example. I choose to keep my boat and all that goes with it. It is still important to me, but I can also choose to let it go. Can you see this?

The feeling I have attached to my boat is an emotion that I choose to experience at this time; but I can also choose to be free of it. It is my choice. The key here is freedom; I have the freedom to do either thing: to keep the boat or to let it go. That is freedom.

When you think you have no choice, you are not free; when you have reactive emotions, you are not free. The source of reactive emotions is ego, ego, ego. The ego is what creates them.

The ego is not you; it is your creation. You choose to have this thing called ego; you can also choose not to have it. When you chose to have the ego, you also chose to be involved with emotions. You all think you would be dead without emotions. But let me remind you that I am "dead," but I am also not dead at the same time. I have no 24

ego unless I choose to.

Freedom from these reactive emotions and ego is what you must reach for here on this earth plane. You think you will be bored to death without emotions. This is not the case. On the contrary, when you have the ego, you will always be trapped.

The ego was a mechanism that was supposed to teach you how to overcome the barriers to your growth. But you did not use it for that. It became a hindrance to your survival instead of a help.

You think you need an ego on the earth-plane, but you don't. You are yourself egoless and free. There is no border between yourself and what you create.

There is nothing as deadly as a serious person. You all need to stop being so serious about your life. I tell you this and I am supposed to be a dead teacher. This is how serious I am.

You chose to be humans and here you are. Since you also chose your egos, you must learn to live with the ego before you can learn to live without it. Accept the fact that you chose it in the first place. Don't think it was forced on you; it wasn't! You can't blame anyone for your ego. 25

So where is the energy going? This is the question I asked in my first talk. The energy goes into holding the ego in place. You think you will die without it. I say you die with it. Don't ever blame another for what you have chosen; you chose it all.

Emotions are the energy flow of the ego. That is where the energy is going. We can freely choose to create emotions such as anger. It is when we don't choose to create them, and an emotion is upon us, that we have a problem. Only choice can set you free. Do you see the choice? If your awareness is high enough, you can choose to stop the undesired emotions.

Your purpose in life is to enjoy the beauty of the planet and the beauty of what you create. The planet is so beautiful and there's so much to enjoy on it. If you spend your day worrying and with no sense of where you are, then you waste the life you chose. I tell you that I know this. I wasted some time myself, you know. If you do not avail yourself of the beauty you have helped to create, you are fools. You have helped to create the planet.

You chose to create the beauty and the ugliness both. You are not here to serve, but to learn and enjoy yourselves. That is all. Emotion is not necessary. Aesthetics are pure. Aesthetics and love, and 26

purpose and creation: these are the same things. Creation is pure love; there is no separation. In the past I just didn't acknowledge someone else's aesthetics if they were not the same as mine; so I would say they didn't have them. That was Ego!

There are many things to choose to be, and none are so terrific. Choose to be in present time and let that be your only choice. There is really only one path: up the mountain, not around the mountain or through the mountain. But only the path to the top. The way out is the way up. You can walk on every path if you choose. But you won't be climbing: you will be circling. When you pick a path, stick to it. Don't jump from path to path, or you will end up going sideways, not up the mountain. This doesn't mean don't read and learn. It just means stick to one way, and one way will take you to the top.

Audience: What is the subject for next week?

I will decide next week. At that time I'll ask you again for ideas. If I don't like them, I won't use them.


VII. The Ego (#2) — August 23rd, 1984

Hello everyone. I am here now and we will begin. Is that all right with you all? I am pleased to see so many here tonight. I hope that you will be pleased with what I have to say.

I will speak on the ego again because it is so very, very important. It is the ego which keeps you all enslaved. Ego is made up of dualities and fixed solutions. The ego is not a necessary part of man. It was created because man thought that if he had no ego, he would not survive. If you lose your ego, you will survive so much better than you do now.

Ego is what enters in when you try to avoid facing life. Ego is non-confront. Identity is not ego; ego is what you feel will save you. Identity is what you pick up and become in this lifetime. You choose an identity. Your ego is what chooses you, if you see what I mean. You chose to construct an ego but it was so long, long ago that you have forgotten that you chose it and that you can control it. Now your ego controls you. Do you see that?

If you cannot kill your ego, it will kill you. If you see the Buddha in 28

the road, kill him. If you need to hold on to the Buddha or anything else, you still have an ego. Buddha can be thought of as an ego necessity. You don't need the Buddha or anything else; you just need to discover your own spiritual self. So when I say "kill the Buddha," I mean kill that which you don't need.

If you have no ego, there can be no fear and you can safely live in the present moment — which is the point of life. There is no need at all for fear. There is no such thing as false or true fear. Fear is a manifestation of your egos. Eliminating all fears and losing your ego is what you strive for, or should be striving for, here on the earth. It is possible to achieve this state here; it takes work and much awareness.

Only by watching where the energy goes and by seeing what is in front of your eyes can you lose the ego. When I say watch where the energy goes I mean ask yourself, "what do I see in front of my eyes right now?" Stop and look where your energy is going at this exact moment. All of you try this; confront it now. What do you see in front of your eyes right now? If you watch where your energy is going, you will start to be more in present time.

There is no past or present or future. There is only the moment now. If you could do away with the words past and future, you would 29

be better off. Try not to use references to past and future in your speech, because they do not exist. If you have to use these words realize they have nothing to do with reality. Only the ego needs the past to give itself a point from which to operate. If you could stop thinking in these terms, it would help deaden your ego.

In my universe I perceive what I wish to perceive, and that is the trick. I can perceive nothing; I can perceive anything. It is freedom of choice that I speak of. Not "to block or not block," but to be free enough to choose and to see the difference.

When you simply notice things instead of seeing what is really in front of your eyes, you are not confronting. Noticing what's in front of your eyes and seeing what's in front of your eyes are not the same things.

Not having anything in front of your eyes is total freedom of choice. The energy is always there, and you choose how you receive it The energy is not blocked when you are free to see or not to see. It is simply a flow. Imagine a river and its flow: the river is free to flow where it will. It is not blocked; it is free. If it becomes blocked by man it either goes around or goes up, but it doesn't stop flowing. It is a matter of learning how to flow.


If you don't "ridge" (resist), you can flow. And I tell you, you CAN learn this. Don't have any fixed ideas or beliefs; that is the ego talking. The ego is afraid to simply flow. The ego tells you if you flow you, will not be able to survive. This is a lie. You will live a better life without the ego; but you are all so afraid and enslaved that you won't even peek out around it.

What you see normally is NOT, NOT, NOT what is in front of your eyes. What you see is all your own creation. Each of you sees what's in front of your eyes, and what each of you sees is different. If you can learn that you all see something very, very different in front of your eyes, you have a chance to grow tremendously. This will allow you to grant beingness (validity) to others' viewpoints.

There are such things as ridges, and they are your own creations. They will stop your energy and kill your chance for growth. For example, if you see something you would rather not confront, and you eliminate your resistance, you will see its appearance change instantly — right before your eyes.

Everyone's ego is different; and what you see in front of your eyes someone else may not see the same way you do. Your ego and theirs is very different, and this difference often changes what you each see. 31

Ego is separate from identity. Ego is not necessary on your plane. Identity is a necessity. It is necessary to know who you have chosen to be, what part you will play on this plane. This is what identity is.

Watch where your thoughts go, and where they take you. Watch what they create. If your thoughts create something you are happy with, you are a step ahead in the game of life. You can create whatever you wish to see in front of your eyes. The trick is knowing that you created it. You must learn to accept responsibility for what you create because there is no escape from the reality that you did create it. When you accept this responsibility, you can become effective at creating what YOU wish.

Your ego is what thinks, and thinking keeps you from really being in the moment; that's all thinking does. Your pleasure would be so much greater it you were free from your ego. All the ego does is come between you and the present moment.

I tell you again: kill the Buddha. Don't think of anyone or anything as a god. You don't need gods; you are all gods! Can you accept this?

There is no need for you to pursue your purpose here on this 32

plane. Your purpose will pursue you. There is no need to chase that which you are here to do. Let your purpose blossom before you, and you will be amazed at the blossoms in your path. Trust and love yourself and you will win the game. There is no need to worry; it is all provided.

I say there is no past and no future, so what's to worry about? It is all now and at this instant the rent is paid. It is all a matter of create, create, create. What do you wish to see before your eyes? It is your choice. You can be shot down in flames, but you can also rise again — like that old bird, the phoenix. You must not be afraid to take a risk, to take a chance. Take a small, small step. Let go one finger at a time. The ego will be back whenever you need it, I assure you.

Work at being in present time. When you drive, drive; when you work, work; when you think, think. But try to be aware of what you are doing at all times. Put trust in yourself and the universe will provide what you need. Don't be afraid to let go and trust that this letting go is enough.

You cannot survive and thrive if you are in fear. If you are in fear, you have ego. I'm aware this is not an easy concept, but one that you must grasp sooner or later in order to live fully. You must kill the Buddha, or your ego or whatever you choose to call it. Survival 33

cannot take place optimally when your ego is alive. It sounds so impossible, I know, and I don't know how else to tell you. But I say again: kill your ego; it must die for you to live.

The mind is related to the ego. You still need your mind on this plane, or you will just go around sucking your thumb. You must have the mind, but know when to use it and when not to.

You must gradiently wake up. It is not a flash; it is a slow, gradual process of more and more awareness. You are all asleep. Wake up! See what is in front of your eyes.

If you were to all describe someone here in the room, your descriptions would have similarities, but also many differences. All of these descriptions would be opinions. Hair, eyes, cigarettes: all appear differently to each of you. The person appears to be one thing to one and something else to another. Do you see this?

I'm not speaking only of physical form. This is also true of what you perceive that person to "be," aside from just their body. I, myself, would see them even more differently than you do; everyone sees a different person. So if each vision is true, think of all that this implies. Grant "beingness" to each vision of each person and the validity of what they see. 34

You are all on a path of growth. Accept each other kindly, for you all will get here eventually anyway.

Take responsibility for where you are now and what you see in front of each of your different eyes. The only difference between the plane you are in, and the one I am in, is that I choose which plane to be in and you don't. I am as real as you are; I just have no physical body. But I do have a body. I mock it up and it is wonderful. It is young and healthy and it has lots of hair (Note-When Lloyd died he was nearly bald.)

My life is no different than yours is; I just have no physical body. And I now can choose freely where and what I wish to see in front of my eyes. I say that over and over because it is so important. I wish you would all practice this in the coming week: what do you see in front of your eyes? The realizations you will have will be amazing, I promise you.

Your eyes are like a wall you put up to keep the wolves at bay. You feel you're safe behind your ego, behind the false picture view of the world that your ego gives you. You must come out in front of your eyes and in front of this wall, by-passing the ego to see and enjoy life as it really is. This is surviving optimally. 35

Survival does not mean having or keeping your body. Think about this. You may think survival means "I can keep my body." Not true. Survival has nothing to do with keeping your body. I survive and I have no body.

You must all learn to let go of your egos a tiny bit. The fear of losing your egos can be overwhelming. You feel if you do let go, you won't make it. But I say you will not die; and if you do die, so what? I died, but I survive; and so will all of you. You must be willing to risk death to truly live. There is no freedom in the way you now exist. I tell you this even though it may seem harsh and unfair and untrue.

If you do not kill your ego, you will not be truly alive; and truly alive in a body is an incredible experience.

I did not kill my ego, or I would not have died when I did. I only learned this after death. I have many teachers here; and I now try to teach you without you having to drop your bodies. I was not brave or strong; but I have learned in a very short time that what I tell you is true. You must work hard to practice what I teach. Receiving spiritual counselling is wonderful, but not enough. You must find out where your energy is going and learn to see what is in front of your eyes. When you do this, you will see what I tell you is truth. 36

To find where your energy is going look for the "ridges" that you create.

If I ask you for a drink of water and you don't want to get it, you are wasting energy. This is a simple demonstration, but valid. It is not necessary for you to do anything but get the water. It is so easy. Why not just get the water? Why do you have considerations about what kind of glass, what kind of water — or ice, or warm? Who cares? Simply get the water. Do you see this?

When you start to have these considerations, a present time problem arises: "Oh God, what if the person hates warm water? Then they won't like me or talk to me anymore." Just get the water; don't worry about how they like it. They will just appreciate the water. So you see, your considerations are not necessary. They belong to you, not to the person asking for the water.

Each of you has your own considerations. Why did the person ask him for the water, and not me? Does the person like him better than me? It is so silly. That is where your energy often now goes. Waste, waste, waste!

These energy-wasteful responses have become so automatic for 37

each of you. This is your ego and your fixed solutions. Just get the water. Just kill the Buddha; just let go. It is all one. Just DO it! No questions asked. If you catch yourself doing this, you will laugh. It is very funny to observe how silly you can be.

The trick is just to catch your ego expressing its own silly considerations. Recognize the silly considerations that arise in your mind. This recognition alone is a victory and an in-crease in your self awareness. If you can do this, you are already more aware. And that is what I ask of you: awareness of what you see in front of your eyes.

Is the water warm or cold? This is what you are now see-ing in front of your eyes, and this is wasted energy. It is not necessary to see anything in front of your eyes at all. The question is, may I have water? The answer is yes or no; nothing else is necessary.

That is why I say the answer is in the question. There should be no space between the answer and the question. The question comes and the answer comes; and if there is no space you are in present time.

However, there will always be space with the ego. The answer should be the question; the question should be the answer. "Get me water." — No. "Get me water." — Yes. That's it. Period. 38

I now spend my time learning and teaching. I wanted to be a teacher, and now I am. I have always been a teacher and I always will be a teacher. Also, however, I am a learner; they are the same thing. There is no separation between teacher and pupil, between teacher and learner. Those who wish to learn now have my attention.

Audience: Are you learning from any specific beings that we might be familiar with?

There is no fame here. That is ego and we all agree to drop it here. There is a higher force than I, and higher than you. It is not god; it is what it IS, what creates. It is the energy force that helps keep your universe living. It is pure energy, and it is what you are also; don't forget this when you invalidate yourselves.

You are also pure energy; it is what keeps your atoms stuck together. How do you think your body would exist without this energy? It could not. So when you waste your energy, you are wasting life.

The energy that is what I am is the same as what you are. I have just learned to use it properly. I no longer have any ridges in my way; I no longer create them. 39

The highest energy force that exists is the highest creator. That is what you might call God, if you wish. I call it the Supreme Creator. It is a concept of create, so I call it the Creator. It is not the Christian concept of creator, however. The concepts got confused; egos came in. It is not that Creator.

Where I am, I am trying to attain a stillness or static. By static I mean a presence that is without motion. I can't really explain this; it is a concept without definition. Stillness: at peace with what is; no extraneous motion. It is a form of peace of the highest order. It is not no-motion; it is simply a stillness, a peace beyond peace. I don't have this now; I won't have this for a long time.

There are many, many stages before this stillness is attainable. It is the highest form of create; it is the creator and the creation as one. The creator is his creation and you are his creation; so therefore what are you? You are the creator also. You must learn to create your own creations. When you achieve this, you will still have an individual identity. You will be one and yet not one.

This is indeed a difficult concept. I have not gotten it myself yet, but it has been taught to me, and I give it to you now. We must all learn this together. 40

Everything moves around this stillness; and like the eye of a hurricane inside is perfect peace and perfect stillness. And yet it has created constant motion around itself. In the center of your being you must create this stillness.

Since I left my body, you have all grown a great deal. I am here and also there with you, sometimes putting thoughts in your head to help you grow. You will have to learn to differentiate my thoughts from yours. I am there with you all and will remain with you for as long as I feel it is necessary.

Audience: Could we learn to see you, Lloyd?

It would take a lot of work; it is not an easy thing. What's the matter with what we do here now? I'm doing the best I can, you know. What do you expect from me, for god's sake? You can't see me unless I choose to be seen; and maybe I don't choose to be seen. I'm having fun with this. This is a new game I'm playing; let me play a while.

Audience: Do you play with the electricity that we have here?

Yes. I can and I sometimes do. It is my way of appearing to you. I 41

can only do a few things like this now — lamps and Ouija boards. But I am growing and growing, gradually and steadily like all of you.

So I repeat: see what's in front of your eyes. Be sure that you see it as a creation, not as reality. Do you see the difference? It is not reality; it is simply your very own creation. If you can be aware of this, you are very, very wise indeed.

In your physical universe you all create everything in agreement with everyone and everything else. You create it all yourselves. You all create your earth as you walk upon it. You all create your weather: your storms, wind, sun and calmness. But you each see this creation in a different way. It is an agreed upon reality; but within this agreement everyone sees a different manifestation of this reality.

I want you all to listen to what I say now. . . . If you can learn to create what you see in front of your eyes, rather than having it create you, you will win. Create it; do not let it create you; and that is what you usually do. The earth is what it is because so many of you agreed upon what you see, what you wished to have here to walk on.

You can create what you wish, but the more the agreement, the stronger the creation. If you wish to create a castle, you must have a lot of agreement; and at this point most people do not want castles. 42

They want a house and a car and to pay the rent. They want sunny skies and very little rain.

I know this is hard to believe, but it is true. You create the weather; you create it all. If you want an earthquake, you may have one. I hope you don't want one, but you can create one if you agree enough. What matters when you create is how hard you wish to create.

If you really want to consciously create what you wish, you must use your will power. Keep it there before you and it will manifest itself. You must keep the balance between trusting yourself and trusting the flow, and maintain a constant will to create that which you wish. It is a very fine balance between trusting what you wish to create and trusting the flow, and this is the balance the world rests on.

You can still be in present time and wish for something, but don't hold on to it, keeping it so much in front of your eyes that you cease being in present time.

How can you create if you don't want anything? When you are free, it will be easier to see what I mean. I can do this now. I can create and yet be in present time at the same time. It is a balance between flow and no flow. 43

You must have an idea before you can create. Do you see this? If you wish to pay the rent, that is a thought. Then let it go and you will pay the rent. If you hold on too firmly to the thought, keeping it in front of your eyes, you may pay the rent, but you will not learn anything about create.

Create cannot exist if you do not allow things to flow. Create is a pure flow, not a stoppage. This is a matter of concepts again, and I am having a little difficulty getting it through to you. Be sure to accept only those things that I say that you feel are valid.

When you are free, you are free. There is no need for further action. You often don't trust that you are free, that you actually have made it. You keep putting more problems in place because you feel you need to keep eliminating more problems. This is not true. This is a consideration you have. When you are free, you are free. Don't again enslave yourselves, once you have achieved freedom.

You will be free when you are free of fixed solutions and dualities. Isn't this enough for one lifetime?

When you are free, you can create anything without any further considerations. You can create and create and create, just as you 44

are right now.

When you create in your plane, there is a time lag between when you see what you wish to create in front of your eyes, and when it appears in your universe. Here where I am there is no lag; that is the difference. You could do this where you are (i.e. have no time lag) if you believed you could.

To realize your full ability to create, you all have to demolish your egos. It is not easy to eliminate your ego, but it is well worth the struggle, I promise you this. You don't need to die, even though you feel you must die, to accomplish what I can accomplish here.

Eliminate your considerations and you will be free. I can help you with some of this. However, I can only plant helpful thoughts; I cannot do the action for you. I can introduce a thought, and you do the action; but it is your choice to do or not do the action.

Help is always available here if you ask for it — always. Similarly, help is always available there where you are — if you ask for it. It is above as it is below. I tell you this again: I am not in such a different place than you; I only have no body. It is much the same where I am as it is where you are.


If you can't have your ego, you will never lose it. Admire it; tell it it is wonderful. But at the same time be aware that it is deadly. You must fool it.

The important thing is to learn what you need to learn. What / say you need to learn may not be exactly what you specifically need to learn. Trust yourselves.

You all should also understand that everything you are going through is for learning. Life is for learning. So everything you do, everything you see, everything you are aware of, is for learning and growth. You shouldn't expend any more of your energy asking yourself what life is for. Every tiny experience you have is a learning one. Everything you do there results in learning. Nothing is wasted.


VIII. Follow a Thought and Present Time — August 30th, 1984

I am here now. It is good to see you all. You are always welcome in my house. We will discuss tonight the reasons that I am able to do this for you. Do you wish to hear this, or have you another suggestion for this evening? I will discuss whatever you feel is important to you at this time.

I am able to come and talk to you because I do not have a body to get in the way of what I am learning. I have no need to hide from myself the way things are, not any longer. If you all could learn not to be afraid and not to hide behind your egos, you would all be free.

As you sit there, I would like to ask you the following questions: what is it you see in front of your eyes? Do you see what really is in front of your eyes at this moment, or some other picture? Is it possible to be in present time at all times?

You may think it's your body that keeps you from being in present time at all times, but this is not the case. I tell you this now: if you did not have a body to worry about, you would find something else to worry about. 47

I feel that sometimes you all feel it is very different here where I am from there where you are. This is not true. The similarities outweigh the differences. There are no bodies here, that is true; and yet the differences are not so great. I am still here for you and you are still there for me, just as when I was living. So what are the differences? There are both teachers and students here. Everyone here has the need to learn, as you do there. So I ask again: what do you see as such a great difference?

So many of you feel that this is heaven where I am. Heaven is Being in Present Time. Heaven is wherever one is. There is always something going on in the present; you just must make the decision to see it. There is never an empty canvas, although I understand that sometimes you feel there is nothing going on.

There are so many things occurring in present time if you look and listen. You would be amazed to hear what is going on in your space at this time. There are so many sounds and so many things to see. You could see all that I see if you were aware; and it is as possible for you to be aware of this as it is for me.

There is only one universe that exists, you know? It is nothing more than a perception problem. I am able to see you all through my 48

own eyes; I do not need Peggy's (the channeler's) eyes, though I need her to speak. It is necessary for me to use someone's body so that I can tell you what I need to tell you . . . although I can speak to each of you separately, and I do do this.

It is easier to speak to you through Peggy instead of one at a time; I can address you as a group. I am able to do this because I am more free of my ego than you are. Peggy has learned to push her ego aside so that another thought can enter her head and come out of her mouth. Therefore, I am trying to show you through the channelling that the ego is not necessary. She is not dead, but her ego is not present at this time. She will not die; she is perfectly safe without her ego — and so are you all.

You cling so hard to that which you do not need. And I show you by speaking this way that it is possible to survive without an ego.

A trait of the ego is this: if I ask you to get me a book and you say, "what kind of book? or "what color?" or "which book?" then this is the ego speaking. I just said "get me a book." If I wanted a specific book, I would tell you. If you were in present time, you would just get me a book. .

Present time is no loss of time in perception. It is an immediate 49

and appropriate response to the question. I simply asked for a book, but what happens is this: you have the idea or a consideration that I might want a certain book; you might feel I forgot to tell you which book I wanted.

You see, you put the problem on me when the consideration is your own. I just asked for a book. But you need to know for yourself, "which book is it he wanted?" You feel, "I don't want to make a mistake and bring him the wrong book." Do you see that there is no wrong book? I just said a book. So it is the ego, you see, that gets in the way. You do not want to make a mistake, do you? You do not want to seem silly, do you? And what is that if not ego?

I tell you again: the ego is not necessary to survive. To survive well there should be nothing between you and the present moment. When you look, what do you see in front of your eyes? What is between you and the present moment? Can each of you spot what is between you and this particular present moment which is now past? There is no past or future, so why be concerned with them?

Creation is a totally spontaneous act. You have an idea which leads to a thought, but what happens is this: you hold on to that moment of present time, that moment of spontaneity, and drag it with you on your shoulders wherever you go. 50

I tell you, you can create and let go and have the thought visible to you without dragging it around behind you like so many rocks. If you continue to carry around that thought and that idea that came to you spontaneously, you are no longer in present time.

You have an idea in present time, which in turn creates a thought also in present time. Then you let it go, and it will create what is necessary for you to see it manifest itself in the physical world.

What often goes awry is that you put thought between you and present time. That is not being in present time; it is just thinking of the present time. This is what often gets between you and the present moment. You must not, not, not put anything in front of your eyes but that which is really there. There should be nothing there but what is there.

Do you see that you create things that you do not need — and that this keeps you safely from truly confronting that which is in front of your eyes?

I know that you could, if I asked each of you, give an example of how you see your wife, or your husband or your lover, or whoever; but what is it you see in front of your eyes? It is what you put there, 51

not what is truly there.

What you do to stay in present time is not to remind yourself to stay in present time but instead to follow your thoughts. When a thought occurs to you, simply follow that thought wherever it takes you, and you will see in this way where you are.

There can be moments of tremendous clarity in your life, and these will occur because you stayed in present time for one tiny second. These moments will be so clear that you cannot mistake them for anything else.

If I tell you again that there is no past or future, you believe it is true? This is not something to be understood; it is something to try, something to do. Understanding is not what I ask of you.

I ask you to follow what you think. This is the starting point to living in present time. First, be aware that you are thinking a thought. Do you see how many of you wonder and wonder all day with your thoughts? Do you ever follow them around, or do you just wish they would go away? If you wish they would go away, you will not help yourself. You must follow them and see where they take you.

If you can follow just one single thought a day and see what you 52

have created with it, you will then see how powerful these thoughts are. It is necessary to follow only one thought a day and see where it leads. You will be surprised at where that one thought will take you.

It is not easy, although it may seem that it is. It is a difficult exercise I ask you to do. It sounds so easy that you just think, "Why should I do that? What good will that do?" You would rather meditate or write things down — and that will never solve this problem.

Doing these things is an escape which keeps you from doing something which can make a substantive change. It is so important that you DO something. Follow only one single thought a day and see where it takes you and what that one single thought has created in your universe.

What is usually in front of your eyes — what is usually between you and present time — are rationalizations, goals, and problems — which are what make up the ego. You are so afraid that you might die or lose or hurt yourselves, or that someone will say something that you don't like, that you cannot ever get out from behind the wall you have erected.

I speak here of perfect openness and perfect vulnerability, but also of perfect oneness with that which is in front of your eyes. 53

Perfect duplication, if you will. Just follow one thought a day. Pick any thought when it arises in your mind, and first see what it is. Ask yourself, "What thought is this I see in front of my eyes now?" Then see where it takes you. Free your mind enough to follow that thought, because after you have thought it, it leaves you and it has a life of its own. Follow it and see where it goes; let your mind seek after it and see what happens.

If you have a thought that says, "I hate where I am working," follow that thought and see where it leads. Imagine, if you will, where the thought "I hate my job" could lead. This thought could lead you to leave your job, or it could lead to you find out what other talents you have. Each of these thoughts creates an effect.

Your thoughts are creation. Every thought you have will result in something visible in your life. If you can follow one thought a day, you will start to see what effects these simple things have on your life. If you can practice this, you will also discover the personal justifications and rationalizations you construct to make yourself right when you are not.

You have one thought which takes you to another, which takes you to another, and on and on. But you will not learn this if you don't even follow the first thought. In suggesting you do this exercise, I am 54

trying to show you how the mechanisms in your life create what you see in front of your eyes. This is so important for you to do; it will make your level of awareness rise. And soon you will be able to follow more and more thoughts; and soon you will realize you need not have any thoughts in your mind at all.

The only philosophy anyone needs is to be in the present moment. Simply relax and watch that little thought flow around and around itself. Watch it play — because thoughts do play, you know. Just like you watch children play, watch your thoughts play. This is a game you are playing here.

Why are all of you so serious about this? You all want to complicate so much this simple thing I ask you to do. This is a game. As you leave your children alone to play, leave a particular thought alone and see where it takes you. Watch it grow and watch it change. Lie back and enjoy this thought you have created, for it is indeed a creation.

There is no end result to anything, because there is no end. You all feel you must have some security. There is none. There is no end. So I tell you now: why keep putting an end there? No end exists; it is an open ended universe. It goes on and on; so stop worrying. You have many, many, many things to learn. Begin, or it will just take 55

much longer. I tell you things that are hard for you to grasp, I know. The concepts I am trying to convey are hard to put into words, but I do the best with it that I can.

Do you know that I can see you now and that I can see many thoughts around each of you? That is one advantage I have where I am. I do not wish to get into a parlor game here. I know that some of you would like me to read your thoughts, but I do not wish to do this now.

I can only be in one place at any one time, even though a lot of people think that I should be able to be with them individually at all times. I cannot do this. I am often with a lot of you separately, and speak to you in your minds, and I know a lot of you know this.

You should learn to hear me, for you can, you know. If you do not put anything between yourself and your knowingness, you will hear me easily. That is what Peggy does as she sits here. There is nothing between her and me at this time.

Even though you all do not need to be in the place that she is, there is a middle ground where you can all perceive easily. We all do this where I am. We, each of us, speak to you individually, with ideas that we feel will help you. You are not alone; there are many beings 56

here that wish to help. There have always been; and when there is a receptive individual on your level, we are there. If you ask, you will receive. That is what prayer originally meant. But then it changed — but we won't discuss that here.

Just pick one thought a day and follow it. See how difficult it is to follow only one thought. You will not find this an easy task. So if you can do this, I tell you your growth will be extraordinary. You will see by doing this just what it is you create. By doing this you will see how you use your imagination to create. I don't mean visualize; I mean create.

You can only create when you are in present time. A visualization of something is not present time. Creation is a doingness; visualization is not. When you visualize, you put something between you and present time. A creation is an instantaneous thought that is totally in present time. Visualization and creation are nothing at all alike — which is contrary to what you have been taught. So it is not an easy concept for you to have.

Creation is a spontaneous flow, a spontaneous experience; it is totally in present time and can only take place in present time. If you were Mozart, you would know what I mean. That is create at its highest. It was necessary for Mozart to be in present time to create 57

what he did. You also do this, but it is not so easy for you to see. That is why I ask you to follow one simple thought and see what comes of it.

Do you see the difference between creation and visualization? Mozart did not visualize one single thing he wrote. If he had, he would have spent his whole life visualizing and not creating. But everything he created he created in present time, and that is the beauty of what he did. Look at what the masters gave you — and I don't mean the metaphysical masters. Look at the painters and the musicians. Look at what they gave you. And believe me what they gave, their genius, was that they, in those moments of creation, were in present time.

This is the difference between present time and visualizing. There is no need to visualize if you can create. Do you see how much higher creation is than visualization? One is in present time and the other is not. Visualization is a picture and a thought; creation is a doingness.

If you can only grasp one thing of what I am saying to you this evening, then our time together will not have been wasted. I see that you have gotten a very important thing so far that is the difference between visualization and creation. Creation is an action, and 58

visualization is not.

To get back to the ego for a moment: where I am I can choose to have an ego, but this is not true of you. The thing which you must learn is that it comes down to a choice. You may or may not choose to have an ego; there must be a choice. This is freedom. This is the only freedom: to have or not to have, to choose or not to choose.

I could have an ego if I chose. I still have an ego about my boat, but I choose to have it. I do not have to have it. I choose to keep my boat because I love my boat, but I could also let it go if I chose. If you choose to keep an ego, you keep it to maintain something in front of your eyes. You have given over your power of choice to that which you call ego.

Until you can rid yourself of the fixed solutions that have followed you as long as you have had a body, you will not be free to choose anything.

When you have hurt feelings, it is the ego which is hurt. Another person should be able to say whatever they wish. That is their right. If you do not like it, that is your right. The feeling you usually have when someone says something bad about you is one of hurt. These feelings come simply from the ego. If you do not like what someone 59

says to you, you have simply to leave their space. But most people cannot do this; they must prove themselves right and the other person wrong.

You must defend yourself: "No, my dress is not wrinkled, it is fine! I ironed it this morning." Do you see this? Instead, simply say, "Oh, you see my dress is wrinkled. All right." It is so simple. It is just a game you are playing here — just like Monopoly or any other game. The game you all should be playing is "Present Time." We should all choose to play this game, instead of the "I'm Right" and "You're Wrong" game.

If you spend your time ridding yourself of your fixed solutions and dualities, you will not need any other things to play with; that will be plenty. This will take you long enough. You might think it will take so long that it will become boring. Well, that is what some therapists thought, and that is why they gave you all so many other stupid and complicated games to play. Get rid of your fixed solutions and dualities.

If you can just find what is between you and present time, and by this I mean find what is really in front of your eyes, then you will have it licked. This sounds so easy because you usually think you have to play all of those different games. If you wish, you may have them; 60

that is your choice. You may play all of these games if you feel it is necessary; but I tell you it is not. Playing these games will simply make it take longer for you to learn these lessons in each and every lifetime that you spend here.

Begin by following just one thought a day. Do not try to tackle the whole mess at once. That would be too steep a gradient, and that also would be an excuse not to confront the situation: "Oh dear! It is too hard! Lloyd is crazy. I can't do this."

Don't blame me if you will not give this exercise a try. Just follow one thought each day. This much is up to you.

Goodnight for tonight.


IX. Fixed Ideas, Viewpoints and Dreams — September 6th, 1984

So you all did well in doing the exercises I suggested last week? I congratulate those of you who did as I asked. It seems that for some of you the end result is different. I will tell you this: it is a very personal end result; there is not only one possible result for these exercises. I know that you feel there should only be one possible result for all of you, but this is not true.

If you follow a thought, you will all come to a different conclusion; because you each have different fixed ideas, and these ideas work on each of you differently. In order to rid your selves of these fixed negative ideas and programmed-in beliefs, you could deal with them in therapy — or you could simply follow one thought each day. And the result would be the same. I'm not saying there is no need for therapy; but some of you can do these exercises as frequently as you wish. Therefore I give you this exercise to do on your own, and this is: follow one different thought each day and see where it takes you. If you do this, you will find a different negative fixed idea each time, perhaps more.

A fixed idea is the outcome of a programmed-in belief. A fixed 62

idea is created to solve a problem, and in doing so it creates more problems.

Let's take one fixed idea as an example. Let's take the idea that everybody in this room is stupid. This is certainly not true, but it's a good example. Let's follow this thought. "Well, I talked to one person, and then I talked to another, and they all gave me wrong answers. So I concluded that everybody here is stupid." And where does this thought take us next? "Well, after creating this thought, it removes me from everybody. Because of this thought I don't want to talk to anybody any more because they are all unworthy of my attention."

Now what was the beginning of this thought? Let's trace it back to the very beginning, before you decided that everyone here was stupid. You see, you can follow it backwards as well as forwards. Let's try to trace it back to the beginning. This thought came from my own observation that I'm so intelligent, and that the person I was talking to didn't know what I was talking about. In this case, if we trace the thought back-ward, we might see that the negative idea at the beginning might have been: "Nobody knows as much as I do." The fixed idea at the end could be: "they are all stupid." And where does this get you? What does this have to do with life, I ask you? It takes you out of present time and out of life. If you continue to do this, you are not living a life; instead you are denying the fact that you 63


I tell you this: if you do not rid yourself of these fixed ideas, death will surely follow.

You all have the capability of existing a very long time. And why not exist? The planet could be an incredible place to exist. Do not feel you have to drop your body to be free; you do not. You have a heaven there; why do you not make it so? You feel that if you were to die -if you were to drop the body — which seems to be the goal of all of you, everything would improve. This is not the case.

I tell you this: you will have to work these things out whether you have a body or not. Even if you drop the body, there will be no difference. So what is the excuse for not starting? I ask you now: what's the fear of being in present time? Why is it so difficult to just exist?

Does anyone understand why I ask this question? Why do I ask more questions tonight than you do? We must ask questions together. If I do all the talking, then you are simply listening. I ask you to speak also. An exchange of ideas is what I seek this evening. Please allow this to happen.


Audience: Lloyd, I think the reason is that a person has so much attention on planning how to handle the future, how to live this life, how to avoid dying and how to handle the body in the meantime, that they don't have enough time to look at the present time moment.

Lloyd: This is an excellent answer. There is no time at all. Have any of you grasped this yet? No time exists anywhere. You don't need it. Not only do you not need time, it does not exist. Time is only a consideration that we've put out there unnecessarily. Everything happens at the moment of power, which is the moment of the present. You focus on one moment: the moment of power. And if your energy is not totally focused on that moment, how can you exist maximally?

I tell you, there is only one present moment. That is this moment — the moment of power.

Audience: What do you mean by power?

Lloyd: The moment of power is the moment it is possible to achieve the greatest good. Your power is focused in one moment, and that is present time. If you dilute this power, what good can you do? If you are worried about tomorrow or yesterday, where is your moment of power? . . . It does not exist. This is a new concept for many of you. There is one moment of power available to you all, and 65

it is that present moment of which I speak. Present time, if you want to call it that, is only now and that now is no longer.

Where is the energy going? If it does not go into the moment of power, that moment of power is lost. Can someone tell me about a moment of power? Tell me if you understand, so I can continue.

Audience: I'm not sure how exactly, but I found myself in present time a couple of times, Lloyd. What happened was that I suddenly saw what was in front of my eyes. And it was powerful!

Lloyd: And what did you see in front of your eyes?

Audience: Extraordinary beauty. Brilliance of colors and designs, and living paintings all around me. Not just the trees and the mountains, but everywhere I looked. Living and still-life paintings everywhere. People and everything.

Lloyd: So there was nothing between you and life. You were not a part of life or apart from life; you were life. Do you see how important this is? You saw what was in front of your eyes. Has anybody else felt that incredible awareness, that moment of power in present time? Would you describe it, please? Please share this; it is important.


Audience: Everything seemed to come into focus; every-thing is concentrated right there. There's no distraction or anything else. It's right there.

Lloyd: Were you able to accept the reality of its beauty? Can you conceive of living every moment in such a way - or would the beauty be too much for you to bear? Why are you afraid? Now that you see what it is, why do you not have it always? I ask this in jest, of course, knowing the answer already.

So if you continue to follow your thoughts, you will make great strides in the direction that you wish to go. I ask you again about the concept of love. What does this have to do with being in present time? Can anyone explain?

Audience: If you are in present time with no ego, just existing and perceiving the whole of everything, and you are part of it -I want to say in harmony with everything — that probably is one of your greatest expressions of love that you could have. No conflict: just going with it, a part of it. That would be my answer to your question, as I see it.

Lloyd: Yes. Is this not extraordinary? Do you see it is possible for this to occur? And if this could occur every day, every second, why 67

then would you wish to drop your body? What would be the necessity of it then? Why is it that so many people then feel they cannot grow on your plane? Why is it that people feel that if the body drops, they will suddenly rise to great spiritual heights?

Audience: I would like to say something with respect to that. I've never had the idea that dropping the body would be to go to a higher level of awareness or reality. And it's very clear to me that all the living that's to be done is to be done right here and now. The concept of love that you've expressed Lloyd, and that I've explored and adopted, has really changed my life in the last couple of weeks.

Lloyd: Please give us an example of how you've done this.

Audience: Well, a simple thing like I don't like the way somebody looks. If you're out socializing, you might look at someone and say, "Well gee, I don't like the way that gal looks," or "I don't like the color of her hair." Instead of having those thoughts, I simply look at somebody and say, "Now isn't that interesting? There's something for me to look at and appreciate."

Lloyd: You are able to do this because you are working at it. Not efforting, but working — consciously keeping your awareness high; consciously watching each thought that appears in your mind. Not 68

judging it; just watching it quietly drift in front of your eyes.

This is also something to see in front of your eyes: your thoughts. They float by your eyes like tiny clouds. Watch them. This is what some of you are now doing. Do not judge them; just watch them. If you start doing this, you will be able to learn to change them quickly.

It is a question of awareness. Awareness is just as important as present time.

Audience: And I did express that to some of my friends: that my perception of life was something like a stream, and I was simply watching it all flow by.

Lloyd: And when you accomplish this, your ego is less. Good work. You cannot be apart from present time. It is not being in present time; it is being present time. Do you see this? If anyone has any questions about this before I continue, please ask.

Audience: Sometimes life seems more like a dream to me. I always figured that if you were really in present time, it shouldn't seem like a dream. But ever since I got into this habit of following my own thoughts, I found that when I observed my thoughts and don't judge them, life seems more like a dream. It's just flowing along; it's 69

real nice. So I've been wondering: is there something wrong about this dream thing? Am I being totally out of present time, or what?

Lloyd: Absolutely not. I will ask you to define a dream, please. There is no difference between a dream awake and a dream asleep; no difference at all. If you were to follow your dreams; if you were to write them down, you could learn from this also. You could then see what happens when you sleep. And by sleep I mean: what happens to the rest of you when the physical body sleeps?

Everything you can do and accomplish in your dreams you can also experience when you are awake. I ask you now: what is the difference between dreams and physical life? Spirit is spirit; it does not sleep. So why can you not do this awake as well?

Audience: Aren't we all out of our bodies when we dream, and the body sleeps and we're experiencing?

Lloyd: No, not always; you are not always out of your body. You are only out of your body to the degree that you are free. There is no difference between waking and sleeping. How out-of-body are you when you are awake? You can escape your physical mechanism for a time when you're asleep, but not always. Sometimes the day is too difficult to allow you to leave your body at night. Your dreaming night 70

is a reflection of how you handle your day. There is no separation between being awake and being asleep; it is all the same experience.

If you cannot spend your day in present time, how can you spend your night in present time? There is no difference between awake and asleep - only your belief; do you see this? Spirit is spirit. Why should there be a difference?

This is a difficult concept and one I want you to spend time on this week. Your homework for the week is to tell me the difference between being awake and being asleep.

Audience: One difference with me is that I can control my dreams — which means I can control the reality I create while I'm asleep, without the consideration of the body. However, I can't do this while I'm awake, which I feel I should be able to do.

Lloyd: Yes, exactly so. It is the same as your belief about dropping the body. You feel that because you have a body there are certain things you cannot do. And there are - but not much. You can do almost as much with the body as you can without it. You can create as much of a heaven there in the physical world as you think there is here in the spirit world. Ha, ha, ha.


Audience: I don't get tired any more, and I don't have a desire to sleep like I used to. I do at times rest the body, but I do not go through any spiritual or mental change.

Lloyd: Excellent. This is what can occur with you all. There is no reason to do anything but rest the body. And the body only gets tired when the energy is wasted. This is also a new concept. But I share it with you because I am so terrific! My ego is now in the way. I would like to be the one to give you this idea. That also is my ego. Watch my ego; it works also.

Audience: What about if you don't dream?

Lloyd: Everyone dreams. If one did not dream, one could not exist; and this is the truth, believe it or not. It is not possible to live and not dream. Spirit will not be shut off. If I say there is no difference between waking and sleeping, then why should you not dream? Where does the spirit go? Does it sleep? Is that possible? Or does spirit simply exist?

You can't recall dreams when you don't wish to recall them. It is just that simple. I tell you this again: if you did not dream, where did the spirit go? Where is the you?


Audience: It went unconscious

Lloyd: This is not true; this is a belief. I ask you to look at this. This is a good example of a belief. Do you see?

Audience What about nightmares? Sometimes I feel like something is coming from the past that mixes with people that are in present time, like some relatives or something. I would like to know a little bit more about this.

Lloyd: Nightmares are simply that which you cannot confront in your waking life. And so they are brought to you to confront in your dreams, although it is not really a dream. Because you feel you cannot confront something in reality, you allow yourself to confront it in sleep because you feel it is safer. It really is not, but this also is a belief. If you have a nightmare, it is of your own creation; no one else puts it there. If you could confront that which you fear when you are awake, you would have no nightmares. Or you could have a "daymare," whichever you prefer.

It is all the same; there is no difference. Do you understand daymares and nightmares? Can you see the relationship between waking and sleeping?


Audience: Do you sleep, Lloyd?

Lloyd: No. There is no day here; there is no night. I do not need a day and a night; I am free from the concept of that. I could have it if I wished, and maybe at some later time I might; but not now.

I can create anything I wish. I could create a night for myself. Many here do. I do not; I do not have to. That is one thing that you there have no choice about. There will be a day and a night as long as you have a body. But that does not mean that you have to be subject to them the way you have been. There is no law that says you must sleep at night.

You may make any rule you care to make as long as you take responsibility for making it and breaking it — or whatever you wish to do with it.

I am simply trying to give you a concept of freedom here. You are as free there now as you will ever, ever be. The basic truth is there are no more traps there than there are here. I told you last week there is not so much difference between here and there. And this is also a basic truth.

Do you have any other questions about dreams? 74

Audience: How could we train ourselves to remember our dreams ?

Lloyd: By writing them down in the morning — those which you remember. And as you practice, more and more will be opened up to you. So you will be in a constant state of awareness. There is no reason not to always be in a state of awareness whether you are asleep or awake. It is only the body that needs to rest, not your true self. The body does need to rest — make no mistake. All I am saying here is that you can bring the night and the day closer together because there really is no night and no day — only dark and light.

I try here to strip away some of the fixed ideas that you have about life and about being in the physical body.

What do you think you will see if you remember your dreams? You'll see some of the barriers you set up and you'll see some of your self-imposed problems. In your dreams you will see some of your fixed ideas and programmed-in beliefs. And you'll also see some of your unused abilities. You'll see some of your own potential.

You see, sometimes you dream in symbols, and they are very individual; it is up to you to translate them. Everyone has different 75

symbols with different meanings for their life and for their dreams.

You have these symbols because even in dreams sometimes you feel you cannot confront that which you feel the most. This is why such symbols exist. Can you see that if you could confront your fears while you are awake, what incredible dreams you would have while asleep? Because while you are asleep, you are not bound by the body. Think of how much more free you could be if you did not have to deal with fixed ideas and programmed-in beliefs while the body slept. Do you see how your energy would be free; do you see how much freedom you have to create?

My request to you all this week is to watch your dreams. You do not have to follow them like a thought; just watch them. No judgment; just watch. Try then to remember when you are awake what you saw when you were asleep. Try to understand the symbols and you will see what you have when you are awake is also what you have when you are asleep.

Audience: Lloyd, do you believe there are negative energies hanging around us?

Lloyd: I do not believe in them. I have changed since I dropped the body — but only because I have seen so many things and how 76

they work here. I tell you that what I believe in is ridding yourself of things that keep you from present time. I know that I repeat myself when I say that it is your fixed, negative and programmed-in ideas that keep you from present time.

Audience: Suppose you get a thought that is negative? Suppose you get a negative thought that's not your own? I mean, you don't think it's your own.

Lloyd: It is your own; it is always your own, even though it's a different personality, different from your usual way of thinking and everything else. You must ask why did you let this thought in? Why did you accept it?

Sometimes you think someone forces these thoughts on you. No one ever forces their will on yours. For this to happen, you always at some level had to have acquiesced to another, which means you gave them power. But my friends, you decide to give it; they did not take it or force it from you. You chose to let them have it.

I am afraid there is no way out of taking responsibility. You think it would be easier to force the responsibility for certain thoughts on other beings. I tell you this: it is not true, absolutely not true. You feel it was not your thought. It was. All I ask you to do is take 77

responsibility for what you think. I know that some of you have had thoughts that you consider incredibly horrible. These thoughts too are all yours. . . . So what? Why is this a problem?

You have accomplished something, realizing that you are capable of having horrible thoughts.

Audience: Is there any growth occurring in you in this conversation with us?

Lloyd: Yes, much; for I see others' viewpoints. And that is very important to me. How can I learn what to teach you if I do not know your viewpoints? It is a coming together and an exchange of thoughts and ideas that makes life meaningful.

The question here would be: "What do you see in front of your eyes?" Can you confront that what you see is not what is, but rather what you have put there?

Start by asking this question. Allow each other your beliefs. There's no law that says you can't have a belief. You often let your egos get in the way and try to prove the other person wrong? You can respect each other's beliefs knowing that what they know is just their beliefs and not the basic truth. Why can't you look at them as 78


Also realize when you have disagreements, you choose to have them. On a spiritual level you agree to participate in disagreements to learn something. You are not forced into them, nor do they just occur by accident. Nothing occurs by accident. You are all in close touch with each other on another level — a spiritual level. You all know what you all need to learn. There are agreements that go back and forth continuously. When you choose to have an argument, both parties can be right.

It is simply a matter of point of view. When two people argue, yet a third person can enter and make them both wrong. Shall we choose sides and make it a war? Do you see how wars are created? Do you understand war? One person has a viewpoint and another has another viewpoint. People choose sides. "I pick his side." "No, you are wrong; I like his side better." "Let's have a war." "I will shoot you." "No, I will shoot you first."

You can follow wars back to two idiots making each other wrong. It is just that simple; no more and no less. Choosing sides and shooting each other. A classic make-wrong; that's all. You might think that both viewpoints could be right at different points in time. This is not the case. Both viewpoints are right at any point in time. 79

I tell you this: there is no right or wrong anyway. It just is what it is. Your viewpoint is your viewpoint. Another's viewpoint is another's; that is all there is. Why is that so difficult to understand?

Can each of you not have your own viewpoint? Is this not possible? And if not, why?

Would you all like to think the same thoughts at all times? What then would you have to talk about? How boring it would be there. Do you not agree? So if you wish to make it interesting, then each have your own viewpoints; but allow them to coexist. Do you see this?

If you did not waste so much time and energy making each other wrong, what fun you could have there! What wondrous things you could create there! If you could get past making each other wrong, then you could each create and admire each other's creations. So what if they are not your creations? Does that make them less lovely? We admire other people's creations in the field of art and music. But we don't admire people's creations in thoughts. And what is the difference, I ask you? There is none.

You have one viewpoint. Another has another. You do what you want to do; they do what they want to do. You would be true to your 80

viewpoint and they would be true to the theirs. That's it. Why is this so difficult? So you must each allow others to have their own viewpoints. They have their own. They have worked very hard for them. What would happen if you took them away? And why should you try? It makes no difference what the viewpoints are. Allow others theirs and allow yourself yours.

You need not agree with someone else's viewpoint; agreement does not enter in here. I ask you to see this — not agree with it. Allow the other person their viewpoint; don't try to change it. Simply let them have theirs.

Audience: Lloyd, what about in an extreme case, say I think that the Nazis are right. They should all come over here to America and take over and take over the whole world. Say this is my viewpoint. Can you allow me my viewpoint?

Lloyd: I can accept your viewpoint, however extreme, as long as I realize it's only a viewpoint. That's all it is; just a viewpoint. Nothing more. Why do you go into who will die and who will not die? It is just a viewpoint — no more and no less. If you take this viewpoint and start worrying about who will die, how can you stay in present time?

I am not asking anyone here to change their mind. I am simply 81

saying allow other people their own viewpoints. Is this possible without killing each other?

Audience: As long as somebody else doesn't try to force their viewpoints on me, I can let them have their viewpoints. That's what it comes down to.

Lloyd: And why should they not try to force their viewpoint on you? How can someone force an idea on another? Could you act on someone else's viewpoint without first yourself going into agreement with it?

Audience: Doesn't a viewpoint precede action?

Lloyd: No, not always. It is possible if you are in present time to act from no viewpoint at all. Viewpoint is a thing apart from you; it is not you. It is apart from you. If you were in present time, you would have no viewpoint at all.

Viewpoint is ego. All is ego that is not spirit. If you had no viewpoints, it would be far easier to be in present time. If you had no viewpoints, you might be afraid that you would not know what to do. You could make up a viewpoint, couldn't you? This is what you do anyway, don't you? 82

I did not say create a viewpoint. I said make up a viewpoint. Remember this difference. Viewpoints are part of the ego. Until you are free enough to choose your viewpoints rationally, they come from the same fixed ideas and negative beliefs that make up the ego. You can make up a viewpoint playfully if you wish. You may do it now.

Sometimes you make up a viewpoint like, "I think the Nazis are right" and immediately many of you were afraid of war. Immediately all became serious and some of your minds went to war. Why? It was only a viewpoint, just a game. And immediately many of you took it seriously.

Only the ego is serious. Do you see this? Your serious viewpoints are really no more serious than this either. You just think they are. You think you own them, and you do. You own your viewpoints, but your viewpoints are not you. Everything that you do is your own creation. Every viewpoint that you have is also your own creation. Once again, what you see in front of your eyes is your own creation. And when you can take responsibility for this, you can create exactly what you want — which of course is what you do anyway. You just aren't aware of it.

Audience: I think agreements have a tendency to pull us out of 83

present time and into a non-spiritual state.

Lloyd: There is no such thing as a "spiritual state." How about just a state of awareness?

Everyone is entitled to have and to hold, and to nourish and to cherish, his own particular viewpoint. Until others are ready to let their own viewpoints go, they will not do so; and it is not up to you to make them.

When you think their viewpoints affect you, it is up to you to not change their viewpoint, but instead to look at yourself. You don't have the right to try to interfere with another's growth.

Audience: Lloyd, I know this is a change of subject, but there is a particular job I'm trying to get that I feel I must have. I'm concerned that I may be repelling it by thinking I must have it.

Lloyd: Yes, exactly; if you must have it, you will not have it. Or you may get it, but it will not be right for you. To get that which you want, simply create it and then set it free and you will have it. Create that which you wish to see in front of your eyes; set it free and you will have it. Do not doubt that this is true. This is true.


Audience: My biggest problem is the negative thoughts that keep coming in.

Lloyd: This is where awareness comes in. Watch these thoughts float in front of your eyes. Do not judge them; simply acknowledge that they are there, and slowly they will not be there. You will have confronted them. Not judging; simply looking at them and they will be replaced. This is a practice in discipline and awareness.

The things you create, like illness or problems, are only your considerations, but they are real. You've put them there yourselves; you have not put anything else there. What's the difference, then, between what you create and what is real? Each of you has put the fixed ideas and old programmed-in beliefs there. You have not put anything else there.

You can attempt to handle illness and problems directly as if they are the cause of what keeps you from enlightenment. And good you if you feel better. But this will not help you get into present time or become more aware. Addressing these considerations is not necessary and is only a waste of time and money. But if you wish to do it, who am I to change your belief?

What I would like for you all to try to do for me this next week is to 85

watch what you dream. Observe the difference between sleeping and waking, between nightmares and daymares. Ha, ha, ha.

If you wish, you can still follow a thought; that will help. Also watch where your energy goes and watch what you see in front of your eyes. You see, these are all good exercises that you can do on your own during the week. Then next week you can tell me how much you have grown and how wonderful I am to teach you. Ha, ha ,ha.

I will say good night, but I will not leave. I will hang around until you all leave, and then I can say goodnight to my wife.


X. Dreams, Astrology, Jesus and Help — September 13th, 1984

I am here now. Welcome to my friends and to those who have not come before. It is a pleasure to see you again. These evenings are a true joy for me. I hope they are for you also.

Last week I suggested that each of you work at remembering your dreams. I wanted you to be able to develop the ability to confront everything you create in your dreams. If you do not run away from your dreams, then you will see how easy it is to confront what occurs in your waking life.

You can learn to do this by first becoming aware that you dream; second, remembering what you dream; and third, discovering how to use your dreams. If you do" this, it will bring your waking life into a clearer focus. You should all be writing your dreams down, not just remembering them when you wake up. Then you can refer to them; and when you have a new awareness while you are awake, you will understand how each dream helps you find new awareness.

Your dreams will show you abilities that you all have, but feel that because you have a body you cannot use. This is true to a certain 87

extent; but you are all capable of using many more abilities than you allow yourself to use. By remembering your dreams, you can discover some of these additional abilities. So you must learn to confront your dreams as well as your waking realities, as there really is no difference.

If you do not confront both your dreams and your waking reality, you cannot be in present time. I told you this was not going to be easy but that's the way it is.

Each of you dreams in your own symbols. The thing to do is to find out what your symbols mean to you individually. You must translate your own dreams for yourself. No one can translate your dreams for you because no one else thinks in the same symbols that you do.

It really does no good to have someone else analyze your dreams; this would be a joke. It does not matter whether you dream in black and white or color. The message is the same. What's important is that you learn to remember, understand and confront the messages in your dreams. This is all I want to say about dreams now.

If it’s all right with all of you, I would like to talk a little about astrology. There are many things to be learned with astrology. 88

Astrology may seem like something that makes no sense. It seems like a foolish thing to involve yourself in: animals in the sky; what could that have to do with each of you? I tell you the legends that coincide with these animals have great meaning; otherwise they would not exist.

If you are born under a certain star, and if you were to look in a substantial astrology book, you would find much meaning in it. You would find out the kind of personality you have, and I am not kidding here. It is true.

You have each chosen to be born under a certain star. The mythology behind this is deep and goes back very far. It makes no difference where the stars were all those years ago. The symbols remain the same. If you were to look up your sign, believe me, it would tell you a lot about your personality. You may not see yourself how your personal astrology applies to you, but if you were to ask anyone who knew you, they would see it.

You must keep in mind, however, that nothing is static. You are not doomed to live forever under that particular sign. You can change anything you wish; and you can specifically change the negativity within the sign under which you were born. This sign just gives you a guideline. It shows you how you were when you came into this 89

particular lifetime. It does not mean this is how you will leave this particular lifetime.

Use your astrological guidelines as a tool, as it is nothing more than a tool. It does not take the place of deep awareness or learning. It just shows you what you need to work on.

Your astrological forecast can show you what problems your ego came here with this time. I know there are people here who do not agree, but it does not change what I say. I do not have to be agreed with.

Your individual times of death are also chosen by each of you. There is not a moment, not a single moment in your life that is not chosen by you before you were born. You chose every moment that occurs in your lifetime — to learn something. This may be difficult for some of you to accept, but it is something that each of you eventually will have to come to. I only wish to make it easier for you to learn and not to have it take forever for you to become aware of this.

I give you tools here, and one of the tools is astrology — silly though it seems to so many. I do not ask you to take this as gospel, for it is not. But then nothing is. So why not use each small tool that is available in your universe to help you grow? It certainly cannot hurt. 90

Your death sign is as significant as your life sign. Unfortunately you are too dead to check this out. If someone were to check this after you die, they would definitely see a correlation between your birth and death signs. It would make an interesting study.

When little work has been done during a lifetime, a person will probably have to come back again under the same sign and do what they did not do the last time. If, however, work has been done, then there are other challenges to be met and other birth signs to be chosen. The only reason you chose a birth sign was to help you remember what it is in this lifetime you need to work on; that is, to jog your memory a bit.

Astrology is not necessary here. It is only something on your particular planet that you do. And it is really not a big deal, so you do not have to get involved in it. However, if you try looking up your sun sign, you will understand a great deal more of the work you must do during this lifetime.

Audience: Choosing how every moment will be does seem very predetermined. I find it hard to believe.

Lloyd: How can it be predetermined if you chose it for yourself? I 91

repeal, nothing happens to you that is not chosen for some reason by you.

Some people choose lifetimes in which they experience horrible things. They, too, have chosen to go through these moments. As their awareness becomes greater, they will answer for themselves why they chose to experience these moments. It is a waste of time to try to understand another's life. This is not your task. It takes long enough to understand your own life.

If each of you would lead your own life and leave your partner, or your mate or your friend, alone to live their own lives, what a beautiful place you would have in which to live. One reason the planet has become what it is today is because everyone is mixing in each other's lives. If each of you would spend the energy you now misuse trying to understand others on better understanding yourselves, you would grow so tremendously that your planet would become heaven on earth. Ha, Ha, Ha.

There have been masters who were born and spent more time helping others than helping themselves. It is not important that you understand what these individuals were doing with their lifetimes. If you use your energy trying to understand these masters' lifetimes rather than your own, you will not increase your own self awareness 92

one iota.

It is only important for you to understand your own beingness, not the beingness of another; not the being of Christ or anyone else. These people spent many lifetimes learning what I ask you to learn. There's no value in pondering what Christ's or Buddha's life was for until you understand what your life is for. It is impossible for you to do this anyway.

Why or how these people did what they did is not important. You are each capable of the same kind of growth, believe it or not. And yet you waste much time analyzing others' lives. Where is your energy going? Your energy should be going into your own life, and not into the life of another. Doing this is not selfish; just the opposite.

It is the height of ego to assume that you have the answer to another's problems. You do not. It is the height of ignorance to attempt to try to solve another's problems. Only by helping yourself can you ever help another. This is not to say that you do not help others as best you can; but you do not really help another when you try to tell them how to live their lives.

You do not know what is best for another being. I tell you again: no one knows what is best for another — no one's mother, no one's 93

mate, no one's friend. When you try to help another, the most you can do is listen. How often do they take your advice? If they do appear to take your advice, is it your advice they're following or their own inner knowingness? And if they do "follow" your advice have they really changed?

If another does not reach their own knowingness for themselves, how can they possibly change? If they change based on your advice, it does not really belong to them; it belongs to you. If, for example, you try to prevent another from suicide and you succeed, what is the result? Have they really changed at all? The individual has to come to their own spiritual awareness before anything can really change in them. If they themselves do not change their decision to commit suicide, you might as well let them have the gun.

This doesn't sound very nice; it may even seem cruel. And yet in the long run the same event will occur over and over until the individual changes within themselves. This may not please you, but it is the truth nevertheless.

No one knows what is best for another person. I am not saying that if you see someone about to die by his own hand, you should not do something. I am simply saying that it does not always work out the way that you think it does. What you think is the obvious right action 94

is not necessarily what is right for the other person. If that person succeeds in taking their life, they will simply find after they die that they will just have to continue on anyway. Their action has solved nothing. They have simply lost their physical body; but they will get another, and another, and another until they learn that this is not the best way to proceed.

And what is war? War is simply another way of committing suicide . . . is it not?. You do not try to prevent people from going to war, do you? And yet what is the difference? You let your children go to war and yet you hate suicide.

This brings us to morality, or ethics, which is what I hoped we would arrive at. What I tell you is this; there is never ever a reason for war. If you think that in any war there was a cause, I say the only thing that caused each war was Ego.

I said last week that each person should be allowed to have their own viewpoint, for their viewpoint is what is real to them. This is exactly like what I just mentioned about suicide. A person may feel they are unable to continue on in this life in their body. That is their viewpoint.

Everyone is exactly where they are by their own choice. Each of 95

you cannot escape from this truth, try though you might. You and me and everyone here this evening is where they are because they chose to be there — no matter what circumstance you find yourselves in. No one — I repeat, No one put you there but you. This is where you chose to be to learn whatever you felt you have to learn now.

People individually choose to live where they live and how they live to learn something. People choose to live under whatever strictures they put themselves under, as all of you have done.

Some individuals erroneously choose suffering as a means to learn something. Each of you must realize that suffering does not lead to happiness. Only when you all have learned this will the suffering stop.

This is also true of all organized religions. How can anyone have freedom if they are trapped in an organized religion? If someone is telling you how to eat, what to eat, what to wear, when to worship your god, and what words to use, how can there be freedom in this? Where is the choice here? And yet each person involved in one of these religions chose to experience that religion in order to grow. It is simply something that each individual Catholic or Jew or Protestant must evolve out of. 96

Audience: Can you clarify the difference, Lloyd, between helping someone appropriately and helping someone inappropriately?

Lloyd: Yes. Let me give you a personal example. Last Thursday I believe you (audience questioner) offered help, did you not? And it was accepted. And indeed help was then offered to you and you are here; so I assume it was accepted. Let me clarify this. . . . Last week, on the way home from here, Peggy's car broke down in the middle of the street. And Larry (the questioner) came by and offered help. Peggy accepted help; this is the first cycle of help. Larry tried to fix her car. She accepted the offer of help. There was nothing else offered — simply, "May I help you?" And Peggy said, "Yes."

Now, this is the only way help can be possible. You offer it and someone accepts it. Help is then offered back and you accept it. This is the purest kind of help. And really the only thing that really does help. There must be agreement when help is offered and received. But then it is your choice what to do with this help.

In the case of Peggy and Larry, Larry could not fix the car, but this did not matter; the help was offered and accepted. That was one cycle. Then next Peggy said, "Would you like to meet some nice people?" That was a help offer. And Larry said yes. He accepted the 97

flow in return. Help was offered and accepted. Larry is here tonight with you all because of a help flow that was sent to him, which he himself started and hopefully he will return.

So help has helped both people. Help has to be a free exchange to be of real value: something offered and given. Do you understand? This is the highest form of help that is available to all of you now. A situation like this is the only time help can be effective. One offers help and one accepts. If Peggy had said no to the help, and Larry had tried to help her anyway, what would have happened then? She would have gotten angry and he would have gotten hurt. It was necessary for both people to agree before help could take place. If he had pushed his help on her, she might have even called the police.

Unfortunately what happened between Peggy and Larry doesn't occur between people enough. Usually when help is offered it is along the lines of, "I'm going to help you whether you like it or not." However, once someone accepts help, the possibilities are endless. Things can really blossom from this. Perhaps our new friend Larry needed exactly this to happen for him to grow. I do not know, but I tell you this: nothing happens accidentally. And there is no such thing as coincidence either. This was a chosen experience, chosen by Larry and Peggy on another level.


Everything occurs because you wish it to occur; it is your awareness that is not up to seeing this. That is all. I am sure Peggy was not pleased to have her car stopped in the middle of an intersection at 10:30 at night. If you asked her, she would not say this is something she chose to happen. I tell you this: there was no accident and no coincidence in this. It was chosen and that is why it occurred.

The spiritual part of you always has chosen to do what has occurred. If your awareness was high enough, you would see it on all levels. If Peggy had had this level of awareness, she would not have complained that her car was stopped on the street. She would have been aware that she had chosen exactly this action to occur to her, and simply waited to see what the results of that action were.

If Peggy had this level of higher awareness she would have been in present time and she would have said "Oh, my car is stuck. Let's see what occurs next." And that would have been that. It would have been much easier for her to deal with it if she had just done this in the first place. It would not have made the car start, but she would not have been as upset.

So you should not resist or try to fight that which occurs to you. If you understand that you have chosen it, then why disagree with 99

yourself? You chose it and it occurred. You should feel good about this; you created it.

Now are there any other questions?

Audience: Lloyd, you do all these things for us. What can we do for you?

Lloyd: You are doing it as you work week to week, as you come back with questions, with your answers, and with the results of what I suggest you try. It is extraordinary for me to hear this from you. As I have said, what is help but someone giving help and then accepting help in return. I get incredible benefit out of this. It is the highest work I can do here. And to have it accepted, to have that which is most important to me accepted, what could possibly be higher than that?

If you did not do what I suggested week to week, if you did not continue to come and listen to me, how do you think I would feel? Perhaps I would feel that I had failed. Or perhaps I would find somewhere else to go.

Now for next week I want you to look up your astrological sign. Go to a book store and find a book that is spiritual in nature and look up your individual birth signs. Also continue to write down your 100


If that is all, I shall leave, but (I will also) stay, if you know what I mean. So I shall see you next week and some of you before that. I will leave it to you to figure out what I mean by this. Ha, ha, ha.


XI. Astrology, Creation, Energy & Viewpoints — September 20, 1984

Hello everyone and welcome to my home again; I am very happy that you could all come and be here tonight.

I would like to give a lecture tonight. But first I would, if no one minds, like to hear a bit about your astrology lesson. Is there anyone who learned something new about his or her sign? Please let me know. I would very much like to hear what you have discovered this past week.

Audience: I am an Aries and I discovered that Aries are very energetic, and beautiful. Usually they are kind of dominating. Fair. That's about it.

Yes. Is there another Aries present? And what did you find, please?

Audience: Well, I can talk about myself. We Aries are very much in a hurry. Don't have time to wait. Rush, rush, rush. Come on, move over everybody; push them out of the way so we can get where we need to go. Nothing else matters but that we get where we are going 102

without any waiting for anyone.

That is excellent. I too am an Aries, and I feel that that also describes me. Do you agree? There always has to be a balance; do you understand this?

Now, as to my health. There is nothing in there about health — or is there? Can you see that I am the one who made myself sick? Do you understand that my sickness had nothing to do with what I was given at birth? I myself chose not only my sun sign, but my illness as well; do you understand the difference between the two?

There was nothing in my sun sign to indicate how sick I would become, or what I would die from. So I hope you understand that the sun sign simply gives a balanced look at a person's personality. It says nothing about the other choices that they make in their life.

So what I mean to say is this: it is good to have a guideline, such as astrology, to follow if you wish. It is not good to take it literally, because along the way you have many other choices that can change your life.

If you were to follow exactly your sun sign simply because it says this is what you are; this is what you will become; this is what you will 103

do, you allow yourself no freedom of choice. And that is true also of Christianity or Judaism, or any other so-called religion you might choose to follow.

You all have choices to make within this personality or ego that you have chosen this lifetime. Astrology is simply a guideline to show you the good and bad things about yourself that you have chosen to experience in this lifetime. Does anybody have any questions?

Audience: I have a question: In my astrological forecast it says in a week or five days to watch my health. I've been concerned about this, but I didn't feel I had a health problem. What am I watching for? Is it to watch not to have a problem? I'm real confused.

What you must watch is this: in that particular time it is possible for you to not be terribly healthy. But since you are aware of that beforehand, you can indeed do something about it. And that is another point of astrology. Do you understand this?

There are indications of probable futures in your life. But if you are aware of the probable futures, then you must understand that you can change the probable future if you wish. If you are aware of something that is going to occur, then you have a choice. You can choose to go along with what someone says about you, or you can 104

change it. You can change anything you wish to change in your life, simply by creating a new future for yourself — which is infinitely possible.

If there were something in your sun sign that you did not like, it is within your power to change it. There is nothing in your life that you cannot change.

You can choose to have another birthday if you wish. You can also create that kind of personality. If you are an Aries, you can choose to become a Pisces. You can also lake the bad if you wish. You can choose to take or be any sun sign that you wish; you are not locked into any future at all.

Do you know what incredible freedom of choice you have? You can cure any disease if you wish; you can completely change the direction of your life, if that is what you wish to do. You can all do this by simply putting out in front of you that which you wish to create and attracting it to yourselves — therefore changing not only your universe but also the universe that revolves around you.

The only way to change your planet is by first changing yourselves one at a time. You cannot go out and change the universe as a whole. You cannot change the way other people think as a 105

whole. Only by changing yourselves and your individual beings — I should say your individual egos — can you really change anything that occurs on your planet. This is because there are tentacles of thought that flow from one person to another. If you change the kind of thoughts that you flow to another, it also changes the kinds of thoughts they flow back.

There are particles of energy that flow between beings, and I choose to call these tentacles. You are always flowing energy to each other; and by changing the kind of energy that you flow to another, you can change the way they view the world. You cannot change what another person is flowing to you by lecturing them, but you can by changing your individual energy flow to them. If you can do this, change the energy you are flowing others, you will have a great effect on the things in your universe that you wish to change.

Because each of you creates the universe, both the good and the bad, you also share the responsibility for creating the things that you do not like. Do you understand this as well?

If there are wars on your planet, you also contribute to creating them. I know you do not like to hear this but it is true. As long as there remains any hate or anger within your spirit, you also help create the wars that wage around you. 106

If you can each change in midstream the energy which you flow to each other, then you would see how wars can be prevented.

This is what I mean when I say grant "beingness" to another. You must learn to change the energies that flow between you. Granting another beingness is exactly the same as allowing another their viewpoint. If you grant another beingness, then the energy that is flowing between the two of you has changed.

If you wish to create different universes, you must first change your thoughts. You must allow another to have his beingness; you must flow positive energy between all the people on the planet.

It is insane to think that someone such as a Jesus Christ, or something such as Christianity, can enlighten every person on your planet. This is not possible to do the way things are at this time. Each individual person must change the energy flow they are putting out to the universe as a whole before life on your planet can ever change.

If you can rid yourselves of your egos — which is what stands between you and these tremendous changes — it is possible to entirely change the structure of your planet. The world itself is an energy flow. And therefore by changing each of your individual 107

energy flows, how can you help but change the energy flow that you call the planet?

If you do this, not only will your perception of the planet change, but the planet itself will also change. For I tell you that you not only create the earth on which you walk, but you also create the air that you breathe and the weather that exists around you.

Most people have created stops and blockages which impede or pollute the energy they are outflowing. If you are walking around full of these blockages, then where is your energy going? How can you then flow pure energy to another being? Do you understand how important it is to begin with yourselves?

I cannot stress enough the importance of the question: "Where is your energy going?" Also ask yourselves: "Where is my energy being wasted?" If you are spending all your energy keeping blockages and barriers in front of you, where is your energy going that you could otherwise use to create the kind of universe you would like to see in existence? Your energy could be used to change what is now in front of your eyes into what you would like to see in front of your eyes.

If you can each begin to see where your energy is going, you will then start to destroy your individual egos. Ego is made up of what I 108

call fixed ideas and early implanted ideas. Your ego is made up of those things that you have put between you and your freedom to choose what you wish to see in front of your eyes.

To rid yourself of your ego you must go deep within yourself and find out what is blocking that pure energy flow. One way to do this is to follow your thoughts. You can do this process by yourself all during the week with just a little work.

Also, you must trust your own "knowingness." If your own knowingness does not agree with something somebody else says, simply do not listen to them. I cannot stress enough the importance of following that which you know to be true.

You shape the growth and structure and history of your planet. You always have. Did you know that you can change the past of your planet as well as its future? You can do this only by changing your own beingness, or I should say your egos.

Again . . . it is just as simple as following your thoughts, watching where your energy goes and seeing what you are creating in front of your eyes.

I know it sounds extremely simple but I tell you this: it is true. If 109

you can continue to do this, you can take away the negativity that you have in front of your eyes, and you will be left with the glowing beingness that is who and what you really are: the pure light form of energy that is really who you are.

There is no need for the chaos that you create around you; it is simply not necessary. You have made life so much more complicated than it should ever have become. This was your choice to do, and you did it because you thought it would be a fun game. It is no longer so much fun, is it?

It started out to be simply a game. "Let's play!" you all said as children. "Let's have a fun time on this beautiful planet." But look and see what you have done here. Is it still so beautiful? It could be if each of you would just remember that you are simply playing a game, and that there is no reason to put up the walls and barriers and ridges that you have each erected.

Each of you has created a separate world for yourselves. Each of your personal worlds is quite different; you will never see the same world as another person, no matter how enlightened or aware you become. The planet will always appear different to each of you. It will never be the same planet for everybody, and that is a wonderful thing also. How boring it would be if each of you saw the same thing at the 110

same time. What would you have to talk about?

So in your quest for perfect peace and the perfect planet, I tell you it will not occur; you will never all see the same planet at the same time. Does this seem like a negative thing to say to you?

There is no way to change another's view of the planet, that is, to change another's mind. The only thing you can do is change your own mind and flow different levels of energy to the people that share your planet with you. This is the only way to raise another's awareness level.

Do not attempt to try to change another's viewpoint at this time. Simply work on finding what your own viewpoints are. Find those viewpoints that you do not like, or those that do not create happiness for you, and change them. And by changing your own viewpoints you change the energy that you flow to another. And that changes their energy, and they can flow different energy to another, and so on and so on, until the miracle occurs and the planet is changed.

So that is what I came to say to you. Before you can change another's viewpoint, you must first change your own. And I know I repeat myself here, but I wish to have you all understand why you cannot go out immediately and have an end to war. 111

Did you know that each of you has contributed to the weather in the past few weeks? Your weather is a group create. As a group you all create the earth and everything that flows around you. If your awareness were high enough and there were enough of you, you could at this point create a thunderstorm. This could be done by simply being able to change the energy patterns that you flow. This is perfect control and awareness and something that you should strive for.

This is achievable if each of you can learn to change your individual energy flows. And the only way you can do this is by raising your awareness levels. And the only way you can do this is either by therapy or going so deep within your beingness that you can change the thoughts and viewpoints that you have.

But you could all do this; you are all capable of doing it, for you are all creators. You have created your planet; you chose to make it the way you see it in front of your eyes. You can also unchoose; you can choose to have whatever you wish by changing your thoughts and your viewpoints. But remember, you can only do this on an individual level.

You cannot — I repeat you cannot — change the viewpoint of 112

another until you are so clean yourself that it doesn't matter whether you can change their viewpoint or not. And that is the crux of it. To accomplish this you must get to the point where you are so clean it no longer matters to you what happens to your planet.

I believe that this is probably a controversial statement, but before I hear your arguments, I want to ask how many of you would it take to produce a thunderstorm? It would take many to produce a thunderstorm. It would take many who believed in fact that they could produce a thunderstorm in the first place. How many people actually believe that they create the weather?

You are currently experiencing a heat wave. How many people did it take to create this heat that you now have? The answer is: as many people as are living here. A negative form of energy creates this heat. If the positive energy outweighed the negative energy, the weather would be wonderful. There would be no discomfort. The weather would be at peace with itself — which it now is not. And that is why you are having the kind of weather you have right now.

Why are you creating this weather now? Because you are all at odds within yourselves. You are at odds about who and what you are, about what you wish to see in front of your eyes. Do you understand how few of you have any awareness level at all? 113

Understand then that it is very important for each of you to begin to change now, for you are the future of your planet. You and a few others who think the way you do. Even when you choose your politicians, no awareness is used. How many people are aware enough to choose a politician wisely? The politicians are only a mirror of what you see in front of your eyes; they are no different. You have created them in addition to them creating themselves.

I tell you again that although you do not wish to take responsibility, you are responsible for that which you see in front of your eyes — all of you!

I tell you it is possible for you to learn how to dissolve clouds Isn't that interesting! It is possible to flow enough energy to dissipate the energy that you call a cloud. You see, if you start with very small things like clouds, you will be able to see what kind of effect you can have individually. You must start on a small gradient. I know this is difficult for many of you; you wish to become masters at weather. This will not occur in the near future. You must start on a gradient: start with very small things, and then validate yourself for the fact that you were able to do this.

Now I tell you also: it should not matter to you what happens to 114

your planet. What happens to your planet that you say is good or bad only reflects your personal considerations. For example, good or bad weather is really only a consideration. What we should be doing is examining our reactions to these events that is using the world around us as our mirror. Also, I would not say good or bad weather. I would say weather that is uncomfortable, or weather that makes you feel better. So I do not make judgments of good or bad. Some like rain; some like sun. It is all a matter of viewpoint and opinion.

Not everyone one will be pleased with the same kind of weather at the same time either. That is just another's beingness, and they are certainly entitled to that. However, I also do not know a being who cares for smog; so I do not think that smog is a consideration. Or perhaps you can show me someone who likes to live in air that they can see.

Now I ask you another question. . . . If you feel that your planet MUST continue, what does this mean? It simply means that you won't get it. When you feel something must happen, you create a resistance or blockage to it that you then feel you must overcome. So if you have an insistence that your planet must continue, then I ask: where is the energy going? Do you trust yourselves so little that you feel this planet is all you could create — this tiny piece of earth, beautiful though it is? 115

Do you see that if you can create one planet, there is very little limit to what you are capable of creating? Do you see that you chose to come here to play a game? Do you see that it is not such a horrible choice you made originally?

Does anyone here feel trapped on this planet? You are not trapped here or anywhere. You made the choice to be here. You made the choice to create this planet, and you made the choice to play on it. But then you also made the choice to have the blocks and stops that you put in front of you. Do you understand once again that you are where you are because you chose to be here? And therefore you can unchoose to be here any time you wish. I have not said that it is particularly easy to unchoose being here. Nevertheless, it is the truth.

Some of us don't want it to be easy; some of you appreciate roughness on the road so that you know you're going somewhere. You have chosen, each of you, the roughness that you see in front of your eyes as well. That was part of the game, part of the challenge. Unfortunately, you have forgotten the games that you chose to play, and I am trying to remind you that you chose to play them. And they are nothing more or less than games.


All you have to do is learn the rules that you forgot. The first rule is that you created "it." You created that which you see in front of your eyes.

Rule number two is that you can uncreate "it" just as easily.

This may be harder for some of you to see, but nevertheless it is true. There is nothing — I repeat nothing — in front of your eyes that you did not put there yourself. No one put it there for you. So once you learn to control the energy flows that emanate from each of you as beings, then you can create and uncreate at your leisure. And that sounds like a pretty good game to me.

There is also much interaction between people when they co-create something - like the weather. It would take many people thinking the same thoughts to change the weather as it is right now. What will occur is the weather will change through the seasons as it always does. But this is not a conscious change. And what I say is that you can change it consciously rather than being the effect of the weather as you see it. The weather is there awaiting your creation of it. If you were aware enough, you could create it consciously — rather unconsciously as it is created now.

An aware individual could not change the weather for everybody. 117

You would be able to change only how you react to the uncomfortable situation you find yourself in. That is all you would be able to do on your own. However, you can individually start to learn how to send your energy into the universe a little bit at a time. You can start with clouds; you can start with anything you wish. And on a gradient, a slow gradient, you will notice a small change. And if you validate that within yourself, then you will be able to flow your knowingness about the weather to other beings.

Your individual considerations about the weather will all be different. You do not have to speak it aloud either, as the energy you flow has its own unique vibration, or knowingness; and it flows out and effects other beings as well. That is why I say again that it is so important that each of you realize that you are indeed individually the supreme creators.

The energy which exists is all one energy. There is no difference between the energy each of you has. All that differs between you are the blockages that you each have to the flow of your individual energy. There is no high and low energy. You each are energy; energy is all there is. Some of you use your energy better than others; some use it more wisely so it seems they have more energy than others.


No individual has more energy than another; they simply have less blockages and use the energy differently than other people might. This is what makes each individual different. You are energy. You cannot create that which you are, and you are energy. What each of you creates with this energy is a different thing entirely. What you manifest with your energy is up to you.

One major source of blockages which wastes the energy each of you has at your disposal are the fixed ideas you each hold

Fixed ideas are those decisions that each of you made which you think helped you survive better - and you still think help you now survive better. When you made these decisions, or came up with these fixed ideas, you did so as if your very life depended on it. And you bring these ideas forward and recreate them on occasion in the present.

It IS possible for each of you to create each day, brand new, with no fixed ideas. This is where your awareness must come in. You must learn to prevent yourself from creating more reasons to hide. If your awareness is high enough, you will be able to confront each action that occurs in your life when it occurs. Therefore, there will be no reason for you to create something to hide behind, as you now hide behind your fixed ideas. 119

These fixed ideas are simply things that at one time or another helped you survive a situation that you didn't think you could confront then with your whole being. So you then made a decision, or created a fixed idea, to hide behind.

A fixed idea is simply a means of "non-confront." And when you do not confront something, where is your energy going? The energy is going into hiding behind something instead of dealing with it immediately. If you were to confront that which you see in front of your eyes as it occurred, there would be no ridge, nothing to prevent the energy from flowing freely.

It is fear that keeps you hiding behind things that you have no reason to hide behind. You fear that you will not survive. But I tell you this: you will survive. I certainly am surviving, and quite well. You fear that you will lose your body, that you will no longer exist as a being, if you have to confront this terrible thing that is in front of your eyes. I tell you this: you might lose your body but so what?! The rest of you, that which is truly important, will never die.

The fear you each have was created as part of the game that you play. What would a game be without some frightening parts? If you watch children, you will see. They often sit around and tell ghost 120

stories. But how do they deal with it? Some of them laugh and have a good time and forget about it instantly. Others go into hiding, it frightens them so. They are afraid they will lose their physical body.

You have all decided it would be fun to have some frights along the way. Unfortunately, you did not see them for what they are: just part of the game. I realize this is very simple, but it is also very true. You wanted to have a good time, and so you decided to frighten yourselves. Unfortunately, you forgot that you created the fear to have a good time; and you took yourselves so seriously that you ruined your own game.

Furthermore, you should realize that you forgot that you created fear, because you chose to forget. Why else would you have forgotten? No one ever said you were all smart all the time. But I tell you again: this whole planet that you are upon was simply created by yourselves to enjoy. Isn't that amazing! Would you believe it — looking around you at what you have created?

You must not take so seriously that which you have created. You will simply continue on until each of you becomes aware that you are creating everything you see in front of your eyes. That is the whole point to all of your games. How well do you create? Are you happy with your creation? That is the whole point. I tell you again: this is all 121

just a game. So have a good time and play it well. That is all that you are supposed to be doing here. Why, then, has it become such a problem?

Audience: You mentioned earlier that it would take quite a lot of people to create a thunderstorm or to create the weather we're having. Could I conclude that it must have taken a very large number of beings to create this lovely planet?

Lloyd: Exactly. It was a group agreement to create this lovely planet. But within it you still have freedom of choice.

Audience: I have a question about the other side. Are you aware of any beings who never bother with our physical universe?

Lloyd: Yes, of course. There are many beings who have chosen other games to play. Do you think everyone would choose to be on your planet at the same time? There are many other places to play games in the universe. Yours is certainly not the only one.

Audience: Lloyd, would you be willing to describe to us your transition (death) and what you experienced during the transition?

Lloyd: My transition was a very easy one; it is one that I chose 122

beforehand. It was easy for me to leave, although it was difficult to leave my wife and friends. That was the only difficult part. Leaving my body which I had grown to dislike was easy. It was my friends that I wished not to lose. And you see, I have not lost any of you!

I simply stopped breathing; it was just that simple. I no longer wished to breathe. And on that level which is difficult for you to understand, I simply let go of that which was holding me to the planet. It was not difficult; I was not unconscious, and I flowed freely from one level to another. There was no pain; it was a very easy transition. There was no grief either. There was simply amazement that I had done it and that it was so easy — and that I still existed. It was a tremendous validation of that which I had believed anyway. And I was very pleased to see that I was right. Isn't that terrific!

Audience: What did you first perceive when you left the body that you were not fully aware of to the same extent when you were in the body?

Lloyd: I perceived much energy flows around me, which I perceived as beings who came to be with me when I left. This is what usually occurs — so that a person who leaves will not find the transition difficult. If you believe in heaven, you will find Jesus, or whoever you believed in, waiting for you when you die. And that is 123

what makes it easier for you to leave the physical plane.

What you see, when you die, in front of your eyes is simply a matter of belief systems — just as your lives now are simply a matter of your beliefs. You see in front of your eyes that which you believe you see. So if you believe in Jesus, then when you die you will see him. Or if you believe in Satan you will see him. Whatever you believe in is what you will see when you leave your body. If you do not think you are dead, then when you die you will still believe you are alive, and you will not understand why you can go through a wall.

Audience: Lloyd, I have read a story about a human that was seven hundred years old. Can humans really live to be this old?

Lloyd: It is possible to remain in the body as long as you choose to do so. You usually all have considerations that make this impossible, however. You may choose to die if you wish; you may choose not to die. You may choose the time that you die, or anything else that you wish to do. You may choose to keep the body as well. It is all considerations. And there are such strong considerations present that you usually cannot see the choices that you each really have.

There are many beings on your planet that are very very ancient. 124

They do not make themselves known at all times, but believe me they are there. These beings also do everything they can to prevent catastrophes.

But I tell you this: when a catastrophe occurs, it is important that it happened. For if someone tried to solve all your problems for you, how would you learn? You would not. It is important sometimes for you to be allowed to create these disasters so you can see what you create.

How can you learn if you only create beauty? You are able to create anything you wish, and this must be shown to you. You can create health; you can create illness; you can create anything that can be created — which is anything and everything.

You created everything: the disasters, the epidemics, the plagues, the wars. You chose to create all of this. To find out why you chose to create these things, you must all look within yourselves.

I can tell you why I created what I did. That is all I can say. I created what I did because I chose to do so, often out of much ignorance and much doubt. I was very much afraid during my life, and therefore a lot of my life was a reflection of that fear. I do not know the basis of each of your individual creations. Perhaps it is the 125

same as mine. It usually is fear that moves an individual to create disasters and hardships. That was why I created the negative things that I did. Had I not been afraid, I would have breathed and stayed in the body.

Audience: I was interested to know what your beliefs were when you dropped the body — and how they changed afterwards?

Lloyd: I could change after I died only in as much as I was willing to learn. I am much more free here than I was in the body. My beliefs did not change that much however, since my beliefs were very sound before I died. This is why the transition was so easy for me to make. It was a matter of trusting that my beliefs were true, and in my case they were.

The learning is quicker here simply because I have so little ego at this time. Once my beliefs were validated, which is what it took, then the fear was not so great and I was able to let go of a lot of the things that plagued me when I had a body. After I died I also realized that I didn't need the ego at all. In fact I realized that I was never going to die, even though I had been afraid that I would. If you realize that you are not going to be annihilated, and that your individuality in fact never dies, then and only then will you have the freedom to live your life exactly the way you choose to live it. 126

So do you now see why it is so important to follow your thoughts and to see where your energy is going? This is the only way to have your awareness level rise so that you can see that there really is nothing to fear at all.

Audience: I was walking down the hallway going to my room when I was a kid. The next thing I knew — and I don't know how long it took — I found myself at the opposite end of the house on the sofa. I'm wondering what occurred?

Lloyd: I can tell you that you chose to have this experience to leach yourself that there are other things in the universe besides physical matter. I tell you this, although it is probably too simple for you. You would like to have a mystery — and yet there does not have to be one.

Sometimes people are so engrossed in the physical universe they do not allow themselves to see that there are other realms of existence as well. If I tell you that you chose to do this to yourself — to prove to yourself that there are other things than that which you can touch, does that make sense to you? Or does it have to be more difficult than that?


Sometimes things occur in your lives which you choose to make more complicated than they really are. You may go ahead and cling to your mysteries as long as you wish. But I ask you: where is the energy going when you do this? Your energy is going into trying to solve the mystery you have created. You want to know the why and the wherefore of it, and that's the mechanics of the ego. You may continue looking, if you wish. To me it is a simple answer to a simple question. There is no mystery in it for me; but if you wish to keep it a mystery, it is all yours.

Audience: Lloyd, have you come across any specific concepts since you died that may be of special interest to us?

Lloyd: Many, but we have to go on a gradient here and that is what I've been doing. Of course I will share them all with you when the time is proper. But how can I share things like that when you all are still having difficulty following "where your energy is going"? It doesn't make any sense to make it more difficult. We start at the beginning here, which is where one should begin, if there is such a thing as "should."

What I say is this: it simply makes it easier for you to start if you start on a gradient. And that is why I have said to you: follow your thoughts; watch where your energy is going; and see what it is that 128

you create in front of your eyes. Let us make one tiny step at a time here; that is all I ask. When I feel you are ready, I will share everything I have learned here with you. Do you understand why I do this as I do? If I felt you were ready, I would give you more.

I tell you again: I am with a lot of you a lot of the time, and so are many of us here. I am not alone here, you know. When there is a receptive audience, many of us who wish to help are there with you. You simply must trust yourselves and your own knowingness, and if you feel you are being helped, that you are receiving help from this plane, then indeed you are. There is no need to even question it, it is so simple. If it is not I who am there, it is another. And there are other beings just as much fun as I am here. They do not all have to be called Lloyd to be of help. Do you see this?

Audience: Lloyd, my question is about names. I know that Astrology has a lot to do with who we are. I think that names do also. I've got a dictionary of names, and in looking them up they really seem to match the people. Have you looked into any of this at all?

Lloyd: This is also possible. There are many symbols on your planet; many different vibrations on your planet. And so of course all of this is taken into consideration. You may change your name if you wish. But all this is is consideration. 129

What you need to do is raise your awareness level. And if you choose a particular name, why do you feel this will raise your awareness level? I do not say that it does not; I simply say that if you would just follow your thoughts, find out where your energy is going, and see what you create in front of your eyes, you will not need to change your name.

Audience: Lloyd, what can you give to your teachers?

Lloyd: I exchange my own thoughts and my own ideas about what I have observed on both planes. It is a thought exchange. I cannot send flowers or take a spirit to dinner, so the only thing I can do is flow back energy along with my own awareness and viewpoints. Do you understand the joy in doing this, and how high the create can be when a whole group is creating joy?

For next week I want you to watch what kind of energy you flow to another being. See if anything changes in their universe as you flow energy to them. Hopefully, you can all report to me next week how rich you have become during the week. And I do not mean rich with money either.

Then if there are no further questions, I will simply walk around 130

and touch you all with the light that I have to share with you this evening. Isn't that a beautiful thought? And if you will all just sit still for a few moments, I will stop talking and walk around and pass out some energy to each of you. And next week you will tell me how your lives have changed. Good night for this evening.


XII. Energy Flows and Emotions — September 27,1984

Hello everyone, and welcome to my house. I am certainly glad to see you all here week after week. It makes me feel very good to know that you care enough about what I say to come again and again.

Let me ask you, before I speak myself: how many of you this week watched your energy flows? Does anyone care to comment on the homework I gave last week, which was, if I recall, to watch the energy that you flowed to other beings? Does anyone care to share the results of this with the other people gathered here?

Audience: Yes. I noticed when the energy is flowing freely, I don't get the negative response. And as soon as you stop the energy, you notice it immediately in the other person's voice or in the response. And then you let the energy go, and then it was okay again.

Yes, That is excellent. But what I specifically asked you to do was watch the specific sort of energy that you flow to the beings who came into your space. Do you see the difference here? Did anyone do this during the week? 132

Audience: I did. And when I did it I noticed people were more willing to say hello to me and talk to me. They all greeted me very cheerfully, and it was like I had elevated myself in their eyes and had a new status. I fell very good about myself.

Can you explain what sort of energy it was that you flowed?

Audience: It was a sort of affinity, energy. There was nothing really special about it. Just,"Hi! How are you doing this morning?" Just real light.

Excellent. That is precisely what I wish to occur. Are any of you able to tell me where this energy comes from that you were flowing to another?

Audience: We are the source Lloyd.

This is the truth. And now I have another question for you. Since it is possible for you to flow energy from yourself to another, can you see, then, that you are not that other being? Do you see, then, that you are separate from everybody else and in your own private universe?


If you were flowing negative energy toward another, and suddenly you changed your mind in the middle — if you were able to do this — and started to flow positive energy toward that person. What would then occur? What would you realise if you were able to change your energy flows to another, right in the middle?

Audience: That you're in control of your own destiny.

Exactly. This is exactly what I wish you to see. If you chose to, you could flow and change any kind of energy you wish. It is you who chooses what kind of energy to flow; you have a choice. It is possible to observe that when you are flowing a certain kind of energy you may not get exactly the results you wish.

If you realize that you are not another being, and that in fact you can change your energy flow any time you wish, then I say that you are able to create in front of your eyes that which you wish to create and manifest on your plane. If you realize that you have a choice, then and only then can you choose how to live your life. If you can do this, you can then get your ego out of the way and change something in the middle that was not creating the proper effect. Do you understand how important this is? This means that if you don't like something, you are capable of changing it by your own will power.


Do you see also why analysis or counselling isn't enough? counselling gives you the freedom to be able to do this, but you then have to make the choice to use the freedom that has been given you for the greatest good. It is then possible to change your universe. When each of you can change your own energy flows, the energy that flows from you to another, and then to another, and so on, it will then be possible to change the universe you all create here on Earth for the better.

You all want to know how to change things here on Earth, and I have now answered you by saying that you must change yourself first. And now I hope that some of you are seeing that it is possible, on a gradient, to change yourself and the flows that you send.

If you really understand this you will understand that you can even change the weather and everything else if you desire. This is how important it is to watch where your energy is going. Not only watching where your energy is going, but what kind of energy it is that you are sending out — which is even a finer distinction.

We will now take it one step further. It is not enough to see where the energy is going, but begin to observe what kind of energy you are sending out. Number one: where is the energy going? Number two: what kind of energy is going there? 135

If you can free yourselves of the blockages that prevent your energy from going anywhere except inward, that is the first step. The second step is then to find out what kind of energy you are sending out from your body into the universe, and into the spaces of other beings who share this universe with you.

Audience: Please go slower Lloyd.

I have a great deal to say, and it is much easier for me to go fast. But I know it is difficult for you when I do go fast, and I will try to go slower if I can.

Audience: So are you saying that we have to change the energy within us in order to obtain the effects that we all want to create on the whole planet and on all of humanity?

Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. It is not changing the quantity of the energy, however. It is changing the quality of it. Do you see the difference? It is simply allowing that form of energy which will do the greatest amount of good for the greatest number of people to flow from you. And now you are beginning to see that it is possible for you to change the type of energy that flows. Did any of you succeed in changing the energy you were flowing in the middle to a different 136

kind of energy?

Audience: Lloyd, what do you mean by a different kind of energy?

There are many different qualities of energy. If you get up in the morning and are in a bad mood, the kind of energy that you flow to another is very different from the kind of energy that you flow if you had a wonderful night. Do you see the difference? It is possible to change the quality of energy that you flow. It is only a question of how aware you are of the energy that you flow.

Lloyd, is love the purest form of energy then?

Love is the only form of energy. All you do is block it; that is all that you can do. What I wish to tell you is that you must learn to let this energy that is love flow from you, and not the energy that will arise if you wake up in a bad mood. It is possible to change the mood that you are in, and therefore change the flow of energy that emanates from your being.

You do not have to be stuck in an anger energy flow, ever! It is possible for you to say, "Suddenly I am aware that what I am flowing to another being is not the kind of energy I would like to have flowed to me." And therefore change that energy flow in the middle. 137

It is very possible for all of you to do this. Negative flows never change anything for the better. So what is the point of wasting that flow?. . . And therefore where is your energy going? And what kind of energy is going there? And what is the point of me telling you this anyhow?

The point of it is this: that if you do not change the energy flows that emanate from your being, then you will not be able to change the course of your planet. But you are all learning that it is possible now to change the energy flows. And the first step towards changing these flows is awareness.

These are steps that will take you to present time and allow you to stay there. I asked you last time, and the time before, and the time before that, to tell me where your energy was going. And I do believe that most of you have worked on this through the weeks.

So the next step up from that is to watch not only where the energy is flowing, but also what kind of energy is flowing there. It is simply taking that first step one step farther.

I told you also that it was not possible for you to change your planet by discussing what is wrong with everybody else, for there is 138

nothing wrong with everybody else. There is never anything wrong with anybody else. Try to understand this at the deepest level of your being.

There is nothing wrong with you, either. There is no wrong and there is no right. You are simply where you are. And so is he, and so is she.

Audience: I don't quite understand the different kinds of energy. Because the question was asked if love is the highest form of energy, and the reply was that it's the only energy. So I need examples; I don't quite understand it.

Love is the highest form of energy, and I use the word, because I cannot think of another word that would be any clearer.

There is one basic form of energy that keeps life alive, if you see what I mean. Energy is life. Life is energy. So there is only one form of energy, and that is life. It is what keeps existence in existence.

So when I say the energy that you send out to another is blocked it is not so much the love that is blocked; it is rather a negative force of love that goes out. I know this is a difficult concept to understand, and words don't really explain what it is that I'm saying. 139

If you wake up in the morning and you are angry, the energy that flows from you is still the same basic energy, which we here choose to call love. However, there are so many blockages, and so many ridges that when another speaks to you, they don't feel the love that flows from you. They are not able to feel your love because you have so many blocks in the way.

Therefore, if you are able to remove the blocks — I guess this is a better way to say it than change the energy flow — than you are able at that point to let the love that is already there How from you. Does that make any more sense to you?

I am talking about the quality of the energy flow. It is always love anyway. It is these energy flows that keep the world in motion, and keep life alive on your planet and elsewhere in the universe. There is no other kind of energy. It is really more of a creative energy than an energy called love.

Perhaps that would be a better word for it. Let us call it creative energy instead of love energy. Maybe this is a better word because what you call love gets too mixed up in translation. Is that better for you if I call it the creative flow rather than the flow of love?


This creative energy is the finest energy of all. And when it is blocked, it cannot flow freely, and the other person picks up an energy that you would not wish him to pick up. And that you would not wish to have flowed in your direction. And that is what the silly old golden rule was trying to say. Do you see how a saying seemingly as trite as that can have meaning if you are able to look at it from a different viewpoint? So we could say, "Flow unto others that which you would have them flow unto you." What do you think of that one?

As I see it now there is only one form of energy, though the vibrations are finer as you get higher and higher. It is still energy, and it is still what creates the universe.

Audience: Lloyd, when I was doing my homework, and I was trying to flow this love, I found that when I did flow the highest quality of energy from myself to others, all of my ego was gone immediately,

Yes, that is true. That creative energy cannot flow at the same time the ego is present. Do you see how this works? There is no room for ego if pure energy of creation is flowing through you. There is no room for both in the same being. That is an excellent way of putting it. I appreciate the help. Sometimes it is easier for you in a physical body to use physical words. I sometimes have difficulty in using words, as we use concepts here and not words. But I still must 141

speak to you with words, even though it would be much easier if I could simply flow my thoughts into yours.

Audience: Lloyd, I've heard the concept that if you bottle up anger; if you don't let it loose toward a person, it will sort of turn on you and make you sick . What do you say about that?

What I have to say is this: love can be a great part of anger. What I wish you to do is to be able to change the energy that you flow to another. Anger is all right to have, of course. I do not ask you not to have it, and not to share it with another. But what is anger without love? Answer me that. Isn't it possible to be angry with great love? That is what I wish you to see: that at the same time you are angry with another, flow great love also.

There should be love between all of you; there is never a reason for no love. I say this again: there is no reason ever to have no love. If you can grant another person beingness; if you can see another person's viewpoint, then why would you not have love?

I do not say that you should not disagree; I do not say you should never get angry. I am just saying grant another person "beingness." Be angry if you want; do not agree. This is fine. But when you flow, flow with great love. I tell you it is possible to do this. 142

If you are able to grant another person there "beingness," then it makes no difference whether you agree with their viewpoint, or whether you are angry with them. If you will allow them to have that which is most meaningful to them, then you will have affinity.

Also, if you encounter difficulty dealing with another person don't blame it on their ego. It's not the other person's ego at all. It's your own ego. You do not need to concern yourself with their ego; you need to concern yourself only with your own. You must do the best you can, and they in turn will do the best they can. You are only here to concern yourself with yourself. Do you understand the difference between this and being selfish?

Audience: Lloyd, what if someone is coming after me with a gun or a knife. Am I still supposed to flow love at that son-of-a-bitch? Is he going to drop his gun or his knife?

If this were possible to do; if it were possible to flow unconditional love to a person who was attacking you, then yes, you would not be harmed. I do not say that it is possible for any of you to do this at this time. It is not an easy thing. But yes, it is possible. I don't ask any of you to try this, however, you would probably be dead very soon.


Isn't this what happened in the crucifixion? Jesus chose to die. He allowed himself to die. And yet at the same time, he was able to flow unconditional love to the people who crucified him.

It's important for you to flow that kind of energy, and it's important that you learn to change the kind of energy you are flowing in the middle. Though I don't recommend you telling them what you are doing. That again would be the ego, and that is not necessary here.

So now your homework, before we continue: see if you can change the energy that you flow — in the middle. Do you think you can do this now? It is just a question of awareness; nothing more. The whole point of these lectures is for your awareness to grow and grow until you do not need me anymore.

I tell you this also: it is important to watch every step you take during the day to see the effect that you have on other people. There are people who find it very important to create an effect on you, and they spend their whole lives doing nothing but trying to make you do one thing or another, to conform to their feeling of what you should do.

You must not allow this to occur. This is called "not going with the flow," which can be as important at times as going with the flow. This 144

does not mean ridging on what another person has to say to you, however; rather it is simply letting their energy flow through you. If it is anger, let it flow through you and do not ridge on it. Let the other person have his say and have his viewpoint, and carry on as much as he likes at that particular moment.

Try to observe the effect that you create on another, when in fact they try to create an effect on you. In this way it is possible to reverse this flow and send it back to another person transformed and changed, therefore transforming and changing them as well.

If someone flows anger at you, and you are able to have that anger and have that person's viewpoint, what do you think will occur in their universe when they meet with no resistance from you at all? Instead of becoming angry at someone what if you were to think, "Ah! What an unusual person this is! How interesting! I wonder what is happening in their universe." What do you think this will do to another person?

Remember — I tell you this again — you are playing a game here. It's supposed to be fun. And so this is another rule of the game: learn how to transform the quality of the energy you flow to another being. This can then transform the person you are flowing the energy to. You can take his energy flow and turn it around so that he is 145

transformed. If you can do this, the energy that flows from him will no longer be harmful to you either.

I believe someone had mentioned how much fun they were having being wrong. Do you understand how much fun you can have allowing yourself to really be wrong? I mean really, really wrong. Not just a little wrong, but dead wrong! You have to be egoless to allow yourself to be really wrong.

What is being wrong? If I tell you there is no wrong, how could you be wrong anyway? There is no such thing. So go ahead and let someone make you wrong. He isn't making you wrong anyway because there is no wrong. Do you see how this works?

Audience: Lloyd, you have said that if someone is flowing anger toward us, we should let this energy flow through us. If someone attacks us and we fight back, aren't we really sending our own energy back to him?

His energy will go back to himself transformed. You don't need to send your own energy back. His energy will return to him cleansed, and he will not know what occurred in his universe. He will only know that suddenly he doesn't feel wrong anymore. And lo and behold — you have made another being right — and you didn't even intend to 146

do that.

He will be putting forth the energy of anger. You will be putting forth really nothing; you will be a pure energy flow. And his anger will simply pass right through you; there will be no ridges to hold it in place in front of your eyes. It will not cling on to you and form a ridge, and therefore add to the ego that you already have. It will simply flow through you as if you were not even there. Then the energy will flow around and back to him again, and will be transformed. Then he will not ridge on it either; there will be nothing to ridge on.

And now, since you are all aware of this, perhaps you can do it during the week. If someone sends anger at you, just let it flow through you. Imagine that you can see what is coming at you. There are ugly things flowing at you, and there is no need to have them stuck on you.

So let them flow right through you. Do not attach them to yourself. When someone is angry at you, let them be angry. So what? Why is it so difficult to have another's anger? What does anger mean to each of you?

Doesn't anger usually arise when someone disagrees with your viewpoint? But what is your viewpoint anyway? It is just your 147

viewpoint. It is not who you are or what you are. So what are they really disagreeing with anyway? It is their ego disagreeing with your ego. What a joke! Two egos disagreeing with each other.

There is nothing wrong with being angry either. Since there is nothing wrong anyway. All I ask you to do is observe and be aware when you are angry. Separate yourself from this anger.

Audience: Lloyd, sometimes I just want people to let me be angry — like I needed a release or something. And I didn't feel like I could release it anywhere. And I became even more frustrated.

Yes, and that is why it is so important for all of you to allow people to let the anger flow; it is very important to get this out of your being, all this anger that you have. And as I say, there is nothing wrong with anger.

You are not stuck with this anger; you are not stuck in any emotion at all. You can change any of them as soon as you recognize what they are. You can change them back and forth at will.

You can make yourself angry for no reason. You can decide, "I am angry." Then suddenly you can transform that into passion. You are in control of your emotions, if you would only let yourself see this. 148

They are not in control of you.

If you are angry, be angry; be aware that there is anger flowing through you. Only if you accept and confront the fact that you are angry, can you change it. You must not try to change something because you do not like it in yourself. You can only transform it when you are aware of what it is.

You must allow the emotion to be in you; then, and only then, are you able to change it. If you are angry don't ask yourself, "Should I be angry? Why am I angry?" Instead say, "I am angry." It does not matter if you should or shouldn't be; there are no should's or shouldn'ts.

As soon as you are able to be aware that you are angry, and be able to have the anger that is inside of you, you will no longer have it. An amazing thing will happen - you will suddenly see that you are not angry.

Whatever anyone else does is not up to you. There are lessons to learn for every person involved in each situation. And you may learn yours but they may not.

It may seem to you that you are the emotion for an instant. You 149

must allow yourself to have the emotions that pass through you. But realize that you are not these emotions and it will no longer be possible for them to flow through you in quite the same way.

Audience: Lloyd, I have been very angry with myself for this past week. While you were talking, I realized that I hadn't acknowledged that I was angry. And when I did that I wasn't angry anymore. So thanks.

That's great. Do you see from this example that it is possible to do what I'm suggesting. It is possible if you are aware. And this is, as I say, what we are striving for here: awareness. Nothing more and nothing less. And I suppose that is what I would call spiritual, though I dislike that word as well. If we can each raise our awareness level a little in each of these lectures, then it will have been of tremendous help to all of you and to your planet as well.

So do you have further questions on emotions or energy flows, or anything like that at this time?

Audience: Lloyd, I watched my anger at one point this last week, and I found that, the only reason that I couldn't stop my anger — and I was ashamed to admit it at the time — was because my ego wouldn't let me stop being angry. And it was really obvious to me 150

what I was doing. I couldn't stop it, but I was watching it.

That is excellent. And yet if you had been truly angry for just one second, instead of suppressing the anger, it would not have been anger any longer. It would have been able to flow freely, and the anger would have dissipated. If you had really and truly been angry; not if the ego had been angry, then it would have changed. Do you understand this?

Audience: Lloyd, this is changing the subject. I've been bothered all my life about fate. It seems that so much of my life has been foretold to me. Everybody seems to agree that we have a certain amount of fate and a certain amount of free will. And the older I get the more it seems to me like we each have very little free will. And I'd really like to hear what you have to say about this.

There is no such thing as fate as you call it here. There is always choice. Someone can tell you, "This is what I see for you." And yet you can change it in an instant if you wish. As your awareness rises, you will be amazed at how the things that someone has predicted for you change.

There is nothing that you must do. People can see a path that is a probable one for you to take; and yet you do not have to take that 151

path at all. And there is a danger in such predictions. If someone tells you, "This is what you will do," then you have mocked that up, as we call it, in your universe. And you may then feel that you are stuck with it. This is simply not the case. You are stuck with nothing.

I spoke last week about Astrology, and told you then that although you can have a chart made, it is not something you are stuck with — ever! It is very possible for you to change whatever someone has seen in your life ahead. If in fact your awareness rises, you can change from moment to moment anything that has been predicted for you. So if you feel that your free will seems to be getting less and less, work on increasing your awareness. As your awareness rises, your free will also increases. For indeed you do have awareness; you just choose not to watch it work at this time. Does that make sense to you at all?

Don't you feel that you choose at each moment how to live your life? Do you think that before you were born you chose every action that you now commit? I tell you that this is not true. You chose to be here and to play a game. And you can change every moment of the game that you are here playing. This is a very important concept for you to learn. There is no such thing as predestination. You are a free being; you are a creative being.


You create everything that you see in front of your eyes. You can uncreate it and create something else at any moment that you choose. You are not pushed or pulled anywhere. The universe does not tell you in which direction to go.

You must learn how to flow, and you must also learn that you create all that you see in front of your eyes — at the same time. I guess it would be good to say you must flow with your creations. I like that. Create something, and then flow with it. Then you can create something else and flow with that as well. But you are in a constant state of create. You must accept the fact that you have created the space in which you are at this time.

When you create anything you first create it in the spiritual universe, and then it will manifest itself in the physical universe. You must see in front of your eyes in the spiritual universe that which you wish to see in front of your eyes in the physical universe. All matter is created from the spirit.

It is as simple as this. If you wish to have a boat, for example — like mine — which you may not have because it is mine - what you must do is this: you must first see a boat in front of your eyes. You must wish to have this boat more than anything else in the universe. And since you have created it in the spiritual universe, you will, one 153

way or another, have a boat.

Audience: I've been creating mocking up designs of an aircraft for about 4 years, this particular one, and it hasn't come any closer to the physical universe than the day I conceived it. Because there's a lot of work involved, a lot of money involved, and a lot of planning involved.

What considerations do you have concerning this? It is possible to have what you wish, if you wish for it strongly enough. And the better you become at this, the less time you will have to wait before you manifest it.

It is not a question of wishing for something either. Wishing is a passive experience, and will bring nothing. It is a question of consciously creating in the spiritual universe that which you wish to see manifested in front of your eyes. Do you understand the difference? Daydreaming and wishing are the same, and they do not accomplish much. I am talking about an active participation in the creative process.

If you wish to create things in your space and time, then you must first create it in the spiritual universe. First you have an idea, and then you have a thought. Then you continue with it until it is made 154

visible in your physical universe.

Audience: Lloyd, is there something we have to do, some "doingness" connected to this creating?

The doingness will take care of itself. If you wish to have something, first you must get it out of the wishing stage. You must participate actively in the spiritual universe to get it to appear on your planet. There is much work involved here. You must consciously create that which you wish to see in front of your eyes. You must first create it in the spiritual universe, and then the doingness will take care of itself. You will then find it, if not on your doorstep, very close down the block.

Audience: Lloyd, so you're saying put it out and let it go

Exactly so. But create it strongly enough so that there is no doubt in your mind that you will have it. That is all it takes. I have told you before to trust in your own knowingness, your own beingness. Now I ask you to trust in your own creativity, for you are all creators. And it is possible for you to create anything, I repeat, anything that you wish to have in your life.

And you do not have to be at the effect of any other person. It 155

someone says to you, "You may not have your airplane," that has absolutely nothing to do with what you have created in your own universe. They are entitled to their viewpoint and you to yours.

Audience: And the only thing that stops that create is your own considerations?

Exactly. I am so pleased that you see this. That is all that stops the create; and I mean that is all.

The more that each of you does the work I ask, the more open you will all become. And therefore the more you will all grow and learn. You will all have more and more experiences that will be strange to you. Yet I tell you they are not strange. It is just your awareness that is cracking around the edges. It is allowing more and more spirit to flow to you. There are no things that are supernatural.

You can learn much from other's creations also. You could take a look at the creation of people around you, and see what they have created; and see their reaction to what they have created. And see how they do not wish to take responsibility for what they have created. You can learn almost as much, by watching another as you can by watching yourself.


The trick again is awareness, and that is really all. Be aware that you are playing a game that you have chosen to play. No one chose to throw the dice for you; you threw them yourself, and you are now in the middle of a game. So play well and have a good time; that is all I have to say. Don't take it so seriously; it really isn't serious at all.

It makes no difference what it is that you create; just be aware that you are creating it. And when you are aware, then your creations will change. Then it will not be something that you feel was thrust upon you. It simply will change; that is all. When you see this then you will realize that you, and only you, create what you see in front of your eyes. Then you will be able to create on a conscious level, and that is what you are striving to do: to realize that you are playing the game that you have created. That is all. It is really so simple; and yet it has been made so difficult.

Audience: Lloyd, could you please repeat what the homework lesson is for this week?

To watch and see if you are able to change your energy flows as they occur. This is not something you must do. It doesn't matter whether you do it or not, actually. What matters is becoming aware that you can do this. What I mean to say is this: if you are angry; if an anger flow is going from you, simply see that that is what is going on. 157

Simply realize that you can change it if you wish. You do not have to change it, but it would be nice if you did. I just ask you to be aware that you can; and in fact, are in control of changing the anger, or any other emotion, that flows from you.

Shall we end this evening, then?

So if you will sit for just a moment when I am through, I will flow some of my energy to you. And it will perhaps make it easier for you this week if you remember that there is one who is much concerned with your growth, and who cares greatly for you; and who comes to share his knowledge with you. I thank you for coming this evening, and I hope to see you next week.


XIII. Miracles, Fixed Solutions, & Agreement — October 4, 1984

So now, if you do not mind, we will begin my portion of this evening's entertainment. I rather like that.

I believe I asked you all, this past week, to watch what kind of energy you were flowing. Do you see that your world is energy? It you agree that your world is energy, and if you agree that you are creators, then why can't you create anything that you wish to see in front of your eyes?

When I ask you to attempt to change the energy, what I wish you to realize is that you caused that flow in the first place. Therefore if you caused it, you can change it; since you created it, you can uncreate it and change your creation in the middle. If you realize this, you can then begin to really change your past, present and future.

This first begins with each one of you learning how to see where your energy is going, what kind of energy you are flowing and where you are flowing it. And then to be able to finally see that it is you, your spirit, that is creating it all in the first place.


Also, you should all realize that nothing happens on any level between any of you without both participants' agreement. Everything you create with another being is created by joint agreement; you both agree to participate in each of your mutual experiences for your own individual growth.

There are no accidents and no coincidences either. Everything that occurs on your planet to you is for your growth. And there must be agreement for anything to occur.

Audience: Lloyd,

regarding what you are saying about

agreement; there was an incident in Korea during the Korean War where this Marine sergeant was walking on a road, while the rest of the company was down in the ditch being fired at The snipers were not even shooting at him, and he was out in the open. It was like he was invisible to the snipers, and he was right out in the open and never got touched.

Lloyd: Yes, it is very possible for these things to occur. They do occur many, many times. Unfortunately, you are all so wrapped up in your individual lives that you usually miss the things which occur in your lives, which if observed would seem truly miraculous.

There is always agreement between beings for any reality to 160

occur. I have started you on a slow gradient of watching where the energy is going. Do not expect to be able to change all your agreements overnight; this is not possible to do. You have miles to go yet. However, it is possible to learn to consciously change the agreements that you would in the past have entered into unconsciously; but you cannot learn to do this overnight.

There are some on earth who have succeeded in learning to do this. It is possible for you to do this as well, but it will take some time and work; and this starts by increasing your awareness.

You should learn to observe that something positive can come out of everything, even out of disagreements. Another person has their opinion and you have yours. You can realize that you do not have to change your opinion to theirs in order to learn something from their viewpoint.

Most of you spend so much time thinking about negative things, and how horrible that disagreement was, rather than what, if anything, has changed in your universe because of these disagreements. And after you have a disagreement, you often spend even more time reaffirming in your own mind how wrong they were even after they have left. Instead of continuing to do this, you should try looking at what changed in your universe as a result of the disagreement and 161

discussion you have had.

There is always something to learn from these discussions, whether these discussions please you or not. In every confrontation you have with another being, there is always something to be learned — or you would not have had this experience. Again, everything happens for a reason. And if you can look at what you have created, you can see what the reason is. This is one form of raising your awareness; and that is what I ask you to do.

When something happens to you, don't put up resistance to the flow, but instead flow with it while it is going on. Then later take a look at it and learn from it.

Why don't you want to accept responsibility for that which you have created? This seems to be a difficult concept for most of you to have. Often you would rather push it off on others. Wouldn't it be better to realize that you have created exactly what you wanted, rather than to give another that power over you?

So I ask you: what is it that makes you not wish to take responsibility? Where would you be if you could take the responsibility that everything that you see is your own creation? You would simply be here in present time and take responsibility. 162

Perhaps you are afraid that if you start to take responsibility, you will have to take responsibility for creating the bad that happen in your life as well. But I ask you: what bad? If in fact you create something, you must have a good reason to create it — the bad as well as the good. If you take the responsibility that you created everything to learn something, than the distinction between bad and good disappears.

What I ask you to do is not use so many labels. It just is what it is. Just take responsibility for everything rather than calling it good or bad. That's exactly the case anyway: there is no bad or good. You did it; that's all. Why give it a label? Otherwise you give it the label of being bad, and then comes the guilt. "Oh god! It was bad. . . . She hates me; I was bad. Look, I did a bad thing; I'm sorry. Oh, I spilled the milk. Oh, mother, I'm bad. Oh, dear." And so it goes.

If you do not put labels on things from the very beginning, then no one says bad or good. "Oh, I spilled the milk!" "Well, wipe it up!" "Oh, okay." And that's the end of that.

You spill the milk, and you and your mother label it bad. "Oh, this is bad; I spilled the milk." So why not unlabel it? It doesn't matter what your mother or anyone else says - not really. You are the one 163

who caused the milk to spill, not your mother. Accept it if you spill the milk. Say, "Oh well, I will try again. I will do better next time." Or, "I spilled the milk. So." No shame, blame or regret. No guilt. It is what it is: neither good nor bad.

If you are here to grow, then why is there bad or good? You are simply here to grow, to learn how to use your energy in the highest way possible — to learn that you indeed create everything, and have created everything you see in front of your eyes. It must all begin with yourself. For you are the universe. You must be kind to yourself; and through yourself you will be kind to the universe.

As I said to you before: acknowledge the fact that you have created everything you see. And if you choose to label it bad or good, you have created those labels as well.

For next week I want you all to watch what is coming out of your mouths. I do not expect a huge result at the end of the week. All this will do is raise your awareness level. You will catch yourself saying the most amazing things. I assure you that you have never before really heard what is coming out of your mouths. I promise you, you will enjoy it tremendously. You will have a lot of laughs at yourself this week when you hear what it is you say each day. And when you can do this, then you can listen to what other people say, and watch what 164

comes out of their mouths every minute of every day.

Do not invalidate yourself as you try to do this, because you each will have many different experiences when you try to do this. It is a very subjective thing. What's important is how it effects you and your own universe. As you do this, you will occasionally encounter things which are very difficult for you to fully confront. These are generally those things which you fear. This too is all right, since you have chosen to make confronting these things difficult for yourself.

One method of increasing your ability to confront these things is to speak to them. Simply acknowledge that they exist in front of your eyes. That is the start of confronting. Say: "I see you; you are there. Hello. Good-bye." Whatever you wish to say is OK. Simply acknowledge that these things exists in your space, that they are something you created in front of your eyes. Acknowledge this wondrous creation that you see in front of your eyes. Be proud of it: it is wonderful; you made it. Nothing occurs that you have not created.

Audience: Lloyd, sometimes I feel somewhat scared because I sense the presence of spirits around me. Could I be responsible for their presence? Did I create that?

Lloyd: Yes. They are there because of an agreement that was 165

made. So you can discuss it with them. You can say you are changing the agreement, or however you wish to deal with it. I simply ask you to be cause over your creation — to take responsibility for the fact that they are there in your space.

When something happens, simply look at a situation and say, "I created that." It does not really matter why. You simply created it. Now you can decide to keep it, or to uncreate it, or get rid of it and change it. That is all you have to do and that is what being in present time means. When something happens to you in your life, remember that you have chosen this experience to happen to you so that you can grow from it. You can choose to call it painful; you can choose to call it harmful. I tell you it is neither; it is simply an experience. It is your choice to label it as you wish.

Anything that's happening is right there, right now. So you're creating everything that happens to you. Whether you like it or not, you're also creating the feelings with which you respond.

There is a good process that can help you eliminate the blocks and stoppages which prevent you from seeing what's in front of your eyes and what keeps you from being in present time. I choose to call this process fixed solution handling. To perform this process, you simply have to find any difficult incident in your lives and ask yourself 166

the question: "What decision did I make at that time?" When difficult situations arise, you often make a decision which at the time made perfect sense. This original decision is supposed to serve as a solution to the problem at hand.

However, now when new situations arise which resemble the original situation, you still automatically make the same decision now as you did then. You make the same decision now which serves as a "fixed" solution to the problem, even though the situation is really not the same. These decisions, or fixed solutions, all keep you from confronting the new situations in present time.

Because you continue to use the old fixed solutions, the new situation is never really handled and resolved completely. These fixed solutions prevent you from fully confronting the situation. As you form these fixed solutions you physically form a stoppage place for the energy which is supposed to flow through you. These stoppages prevent you from fully flowing with the new situations as they arise.

Each of these decisions creates stuck energy, and each can be thought of as an energy ridge, since they form a resistance to allowing your energy to flow freely. The optimum situation is to pass all energy with no resistance and with no ridges. So the energy must 167

pass through you; you must be empty. If you have ridges, you are not empty.

These energy stoppages change the physical structure of your body as well. So let us have no mystery about what disease really is. Disease is simply energy that is stuck and this stuck energy is now changing your body, changing the physical chemistry of your cells. This is what I mean by "let it go."

What are each of you holding in place? This is what I mean by stuck energy — or fixed solutions, or whatever you choose to name it. Believe it or not, it is possible for each of you to be ridgeless beings, to completely let the energy flow through you unimpeded. There are people on the earth plane without ridges; not many but there are some. And that is what we are all striving to be.

When you create these ridges by making decisions, unbeknownst to you, you also are operating on dichotomies. When you make a decision, you decide to take one side. Decision itself means to "de-side." That is, to take one side over the other. When you take one side over another, it is like being in a ridge, like being against the other idea over there. When you do this, then I automatically take the other side and this creates an opposition.


But being ridgeless is transcending the dichotomies, the ying-yang. That is what you were originally here to do anyway — to learn to not create ridges, to transcend operating on dichotomies. At one time you were all ridgeless. You decided to play a game; you decided to create ridges. So the whole point is: if you wish to have ridges, fine. If you do not wish to have them, fine. As it is now, you do not know you have a choice. You all forgot that you created these ridges, and for the most part you forgot how to uncreate them. So if you were at one time ridgeless, then it follows that now you could create them if you wish, and let them go and toss them around in the air and play catch with them.

This is the whole point. At one time you could create and uncreate these ridges at will, which is something you are not doing and think you are not capable of doing now. What you forgot as human beings is that you have the freedom of choice to have ridges or not have them. When you realize that this is the game, then you can choose whether or not you wish to play. Some of you will wish to play and some of you won't. It is that simple. But you will then have a choice in the matter — which I do not see many of you having at this time.

The only reason that you are so unaware about your power of choice is that you will not look at it. Just look and see that you are 169

now creating this game and that this particular game is stupid. Everything that happens to each of you is predetermined by you; that is by your own agreement. Everything that occurs between you and others happens by mutual agreement. Even the simple things which occur to you, like "Joe is going to call me at 2 o'clock tomorrow," occur by an agreement which is made on a spiritual plane.

If each of you didn't have so many ridges, you would be able to experience, with understanding and awareness, those things which now appear to occur with no apparent reason, liven when you have a difficult incident or a time of great hardship, you should realize that you agreed to create these situations exactly as they occur, or else it would not be happening to you.

If you really look at what you are all doing, it is quite comical. You each create all of your present time problems, even your most difficult ones. Then you pretend that you did not create them at all. Then you proceed to get angry because these things happened to you, even though you yourself actually agreed to have all of these things occur.

Granted, other people have some say in the things that happen between them and you. When you share an experience with someone, you have agreed to experience that thing together. Even 170

when someone does something terrible to you, and you feel like a complete victim, you in actuality agreed with that person for them to do you dirty. So whatever happens to you, you all connived in the spiritual universe for it to happen — so that you could learn

You wanted to learn how to confront these things and have no ridges on them; so you each arranged for them to occur. You might say that you each designed your own lesson plan, but you also each forgot that you yourself are your own teacher.

So what are you supposed to remember when these lessons you designed for yourself actually do finally happen to you? What you should do is just let them pass right through you. First, you confront them completely. You say, "Look at this." Do not stop it or ridge on it; just be sure you look at it. Acknowledge that it exists. And after you confront it, then you let it pass through you. This all happens simultaneously.

From this discussion perhaps you can see that unawareness is what leads to the idea of being victimized. So you need to become aware of these agreements you make. Look at it this way: you're sitting in present time imagining the past circumstances which led this other car to a given corner at the exact time you arrived there — so that you can have your accident to learn something. And so did 171

the other car do not forget this. And you're all doing this in present time.

This may seem miraculous to you, but it is not a miracle. It is reality. There are agreements that go on in the spiritual universe; and you are where you chose to be at every given moment of your life, for a reason that you must try to find. You can also learn to change these agreements if you wish. As your awareness rises, you may change these agreements more and more. But you must learn to make these changes consciously.

So do you understand what I ask you to do this week? Watch what comes out of your mouth. And I hope you all have a lot of fun with this. I hope that you will be able to laugh at what you say; not at what others say, but at what you say.

So I feel excellent about this evening's conversation. Excellent, excellent. I am very pleased with the growth that you are all experiencing. So I shall rest for a bit. Not long. Even though I do not need it, it sounds good. So if you will wait a second, if you wish I will flow some energy to you ail as I have begun to do. It is a lot of fun for me to watch it flow. I wish you could see it as well. I hope at least you can feel it, for it does flow from me to all of you. I am experimenting every week with how and where to send it: over your heads, under 172

your seat, between your legs. That is the game that I choose to play. . . . And I hope to see you next Thursday night as well.

Thank you so much.



Where Is Your Energy Going — Peggy Graham — (173 pages) — [1990]  

What makes this book a unique, empowering and compelling read is that its author takes on a blend of spiritualism and new thought. This has...

Where Is Your Energy Going — Peggy Graham — (173 pages) — [1990]  

What makes this book a unique, empowering and compelling read is that its author takes on a blend of spiritualism and new thought. This has...