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Good Companion an introduction


Why the Model 5? Imperial’s Good Companion Model 5, along with the Model 4, was introduced in 1957 and continued to be manufactured until 1961, when the Model 6 superseded both. The 5 features a lightweight and durable cast aluminium body. All controls are in easy reach: the only times you need lift the bonnet is to change ribbon or clean the typeheads. The basket shift has a finger-freindly


featherlight touch and the 5’s streamlining is not only stylish but protects as well. Other winning features are quickset + and – tabulator function, total platen control for precision paper register, a two-colour/ stencil selector and automatic ribbon reverse.


he Good Companion was developed between Leicester’s Imperial Typewriter Co. Ltd, and German manufacturer Torpedo. Originally the Regent, it was renamed ‘The Good Companion’ with the permission of JB Priestley who was author of the best-selling 1929 novel of the same name. Buy a Good Companion and you too can write novels like Priestley Add to this a royal appointment to His Majesty King George V and the Good Companion was set to be a best-seller itself. Production continued through seven model variants until 1963, by which time all Imperial portables were manufactured in Hull. Imperial continued as a typewriter brand until the 1970s. Top: Imperial Typerwriter Company HQ, London Street, Leicester, UK, 2010. kiranparmar Middle: British Prime Minister Harold Wilson (L) shares a manly moment with fellow Yorkshireman, author and playwright JB Priestley on a visit to the University of Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK. university of bradford archive

Bottom: lover all things Imperial, HRH King George V in his Sunday best. royal collection


Principal controls #1 Left margin button Paper guide Carriage release Carriage return lever Platen (roller) Platen release button Line space de-clutch Carriage lock (for transport) Line space control (1, 1.5, 2) Type guide Type bars Back spacer Colour/stencil selector Character keys Shift key & shift lock Margin release


Margin index (0-90) Paper support (hidden) Tab clear Pinch roller release Carriage release Right margin button Paper table Paper guide Hinged bonnet* Type basket Go to tab Keystroke pressure adjust Delete a tab Add a tab r/h Shift key Word space bar

* To avoid damaging the cover, never open unless the carriage is well to the left.


Principal controls #2 Bell-ringer Eject lever Zone of literary destiny Left ribbon bobbin Type bars Juice bars Password: ****** Reverse gear Theme select E-mail key Shouty key Coffee filter Margin freedom Finger comfort rest Word separation control


Speedometer (0-90 cpm) Tab amnesia button Air brake Crumb tray Right ribbon bobbin Head rest Ribbon juggler Cooling fins Hyperdrive Smiley buttons Calculator keys Poetry keys Volume control Forget this Remember this

* Threading guide: ribbon shown in pink for illustration purposes only







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Imperial Good Companion 5  

An introductory booklet about an ivory coloured portable manual typewriter

Imperial Good Companion 5  

An introductory booklet about an ivory coloured portable manual typewriter