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RnR Market Research Offers “Production and Market of Gum Rosin in China” Report at US$8640 (Single User License). The report got published in Sep 2012 and contains 97 Pages.

As one of the important forest chemicals, gum rosin is widely used in adhesive, paint & coating, rubber, ink, gum based candy, paper, batik, etc. Driven by the fast development of downstream industries, China’s gum rosin industry developed fast in the past few years. Get your copy of this report @ China has abundant pine resources, which guarantees sufficient oleoresin supply and then gum rosin production. However, in the past few years, infestation, eucalyptus planting and bad weather such as drought, heavy rain, snow, etc. have had negative influence on oleoresin tapping in major pine growing areas, such as Guangxi, Guangdong, Yunnan, Jiangxi and Hubei. China’s gum rosin production declined in 2008 and 2009, and the price of oleoresin and gum rosin increased crazily in 2010 because of the short supply of oleoresin. China is the top producer of gum rosin in the world. Quite a number of gum rosin and its derivatives are exported every year, and most of gum rosin is export through Huangpu Port of Guangzhou City. The price and stock of gum rosin in Huangpu Port can reflect general domestic market trend. In recent few years, more and more local companies and multinationals are engaged in the deepprocessing of gum rosin, and the domestic consumption of gum rosin has been increasing. In the meantime, more and more end users are trying to conduct R&D to reduce the usage of gum rosin, because the price of gum rosin and its derivatives is changeable and relatively high compared with its competitive products such as petroleum resin. This gum rosin China report finished by CCM International will provide you an deep understanding of China’s gum rosin industry, and it includes the following as part of its market coverage: - Position of Chinese gum rosin in the world - Production of gum rosin in China - Price changes of oleoresin and gum rosin 2007-Aug. 2012 and key factors - Export & import of Chinese gum rosin, 2007-H1 2012 - Market size and share of gum rosin in 2007-2011 - Multinational corporations’ impact on China’s gum rosin and its derivatives production, especially for several Japanese conglomerates - Future forecast on Chinese gum rosin supply and demand, 2012-2016

- Introduction to 25 key gum rosin producers in China and know the latest dynamics on Chinese gum rosin industry Table of Contents MAIN CONTENTS Executive summary Methodology & sources 1 Pine resources & oleoresin situation 1.1 Pine resources in China 1.1.1 Pine resources 1.1.2 Oleoresin storage 1.1.3 Eucalyptus planting 1.2 Government regulations on pine resources 1.3 Ownership of pine resources and its trend in the future 1.4 Collection and purchasing behavior of oleoresin in China 1.5 Price of oleoresin over the years 1.6 Production of oleoresin 1.6.1 Oleoresin output 1.6.2 Key factors influencing oleoresin production 2 Supply of gum rosin 2.1 Position of Chinese gum rosin in the world 2.2 Historical development of gum rosin in China 2.3 Production 2.4 Production distribution 2.5 Producers 2.5.1 Number of producers, dealers and end users 2.5.2 Top 40 active producers 2.5.3 Ownership of producers 2.6 Cost analysis 2.7 Special finding about Chinese gum rosin production 2.7.1 Current situation of native manufacturers 2.7.2 Current situation of foreign manufacturers in China 2.7.3 Policy regulation 3 Price of gum rosin 3.1 Factors influencing the price 3.2 Price in the past few years, 2000-2011 3.3 Price in 2012 3.4 Price trend in the next few years 4 Export & import situation of gum rosin and its derivatives 4.1 Export & import situation before 2007 4.2 Export & import analysis in 2007-H1 2012 5 Consumption pattern of gum rosin 5.1 Market size and market share of gum rosin in major end use segments 5.2 Brief introduction to major downstream industries 5.2.1 Paint & coating industry 5.2.2 Ink industry

5.2.3 Adhesive industry 5.2.4 Rubber industry 5.2.5 Food industry 5.2.6 Paper industry 5.2.7 Batik industry 5.2.8 Other industries 5.2.9 List of major end users 5.3 Introduction to gum rosin derivatives 5.3.1 Brief introduction to gum rosin derivatives industry in China 5.3.2 Brief introduction to major derivatives Gum rosin ester Other derivatives 6 Involvement and achievement of multinational corporations 7 Competitive landscape and future forecast 7.1 Problems existing in gum rosin industry in China 7.2 Competitive landscape 7.3 Key driving forces and challenges for China's gum rosin development 7.3.1 Driving forces for China's gum rosin industry 7.3.2 Challenges for China's gum rosin industry 7.4 Outlook of gum rosin in the next five years 8 Appendix: profiles of 25 major gum rosin producers 8.1 Guangxi Wuzhou Pine Chemicals Ltd. 8.2 Guangxi Wuzhou Sun Shine Forestry & Chemicals Co. Ltd. 8.3 Guangxi Nanning Heli Joint Rosin Plant 8.4 Guangdong Zhaoqing Zhongbang Chemicals Co., Ltd. 8.5 Yunnan Jingdong Lion Group Olympus Products Co., Ltd. 8.6 Guangdong Hualin Chemical Co., Ltd. 8.7 Fujian Sunny Rosin Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. 8.8 Guangxi Ningming Nanan Yinghua Forestry & Chemicals Plant 8.9 Yunnan Chuxiong Hongbang Forest Chemical Co., Ltd. 8.10 Yunnan Xinping Rosin Factory 8.11 Yunnan Xinhuang Forest Development Co., Ltd. 8.12 Guangdong Xinyi Zhonglin Rosin Co., Ltd. 8.13 Fujian Ninghua Lifeng Chemicals Co., Ltd. 8.14 Guangxi Ningming Rosin Co., Ltd. 8.15 Guangdong Jiangmen Xinhui Overseas Chinese Industry Development Co., Ltd. 8.16 Guangdong Zhaoqing DIC Rosin Co., Ltd. 8.17 Jiangxi Jin'an Forestry Industrial Co., Ltd. 8.18 Guangxi State-owned Wuming Zhaoyan Forest Center Rosin Plant 8.19 Guangdong Huaiji Xianglong Forest Chemicals Co., Ltd. 8.20 Guangdong Huaiji Forest Products Chemical Co., Ltd. 8.21 Guangdong Deqing Yinlong Industrial Co., Ltd. 8.22 Guangxi Guigang Longjin Rosin Plant 8.23 Yunnan Sensheng Forest Chemicals Co., Ltd. 8.24 Yunnan Jinggu Forestry Co., Ltd. 8.25 Guangxi Ningming Tongmian Yitong Forest Chemical Factory

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Production and Market Report of Gum Rosin in China Industry  
Production and Market Report of Gum Rosin in China Industry  

China has abundant pine resources, which guarantees sufficient oleoresin supply and then gum rosin production. However, in the past few year...