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RM Review

Volume 13 Number 7


Serving the RM of Vanscoy, Harris and Montrose


July 2012

Tornado Alley

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Tornado touching down east of Borden on June 15th, 2012

Severe Weather expected for Saskatchewan

G B R A D 2 0 1 2

oth Environment Canada and storm chaser Greg Johnson are predicting that the conditions are ripe for more extreme weather for the rest of the summer. Saskatchewan lies in the north end of tornado alley which stretches from Mexico to Canada. 100 years ago Regina’s downtown was levelled by the worst tornado in Canadian history. This year we again are seeing excessive moisture which is now combining with summer heat causing higher than normal humidity, which are perfect conditions for severe weather, including tornados. Local amateur storm chaser, Quinten Odnokon, recently tracked a system north


Council Reports......p. 4 Police Patrol............p. 7 4-H Report..............p. 9

west of Vanscoy and captured dramatic footage of the tornado pictured in the article. “I tracked the system for about an hour as it moved from west of Vanscoy to the Borden bridge. It was an awesome display of the raw power that nature can unleash in a matter of minutes” says Quinten. “People need to make themselves aware of the dangers these storms possess and what they need to do to protect themselves in, what looks like will be, a summer that may be filled with tornadic events. People think that these events are rare and won’t happen to them. In reality they are often just not noticed due to the lack of density of our population.” More on Page 8 Holiday Feature Pages 10 - 11

Photo by Quinten Odnokon

Delisle United Church 100th Anniversary Celebration


he Delisle United Church 100th Anniversary on Sunday, May 27th, 2012 was a wonderful renewal of friendships and memories. Those attending were from Minnesota, USA; Edinburough, Scotland; London, England; Calgary; Regina; Saskatoon; Biggar; Harris; Grandora; Laura; Borden; Vanscoy; and Delisle.

the church which was brought in during the opening procession. During the lighting of the Peace Candle, special music was played by Verna Miller on the

As you entered the church at 10 am, it was so nice to hear the carilon playing. Folks enjoyed coffee, muffins, cookies, and a lot of visiting before the service. The sanctuary was decorated for Pentecost Sunday with balloons and flowers. Bev Rouse made a special 100th Anniversary banner for Graduation 2012 Pages 12 - 13

including Rev. Brian Maitland, Rev. John Crawford, Rev. Faye Ford, and Rev. Jeanette LibertyDunns. The reflection time was shared by our current minister, Rev.

organ and Barb D'Arcy on the piano. Scripture readings, prayers of the people and communion were all shared by former ministers of Delisle United Church,

Vet Talk.................p. 14 MP Report..............p. 16 MLA Report...........p. 17

Jordan Cantwell and Rev. Jeanette LibertyDunns. The theme was – Where is the Spirit Leading? continued on Page 6

School Page...............p. 18 Business Directory...p. 19 Calendar....................p. 20

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July 2012

RM Review

Editorial Hopefully you have survived the recent storms. It looks like there may be more in store for us. Make sure you are prepared with flashlights, batteries, radios, etc and have a safe shelter to go to when the next one comes. When the weather is nice, be sure to get out and enjoy the summer. You can save a lot of time and money by visiting destinations close to home this year. This months Holiday Feature shows you where the whole family can go to take in summer activities. We have also put together a prize package with these local businesses, that includes over $650 worth of products and services. What better way to Explore the Four Corners of your Community. Happy Canada Day, enjoy the summer and enjoy your community. Ken Sowter, Editor

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Community Calendar



Quinn Bucholz was a completely healthy, normal 3 year old boy until March 24, 2012 when he was found in the hallway, unconscious and not breathing. With CPR he began breathing again, but remained unconscious until the ambulance arrived. Doctors at the hospital could not determine what had happened and regarded it as a freak accident. He had another episode 6 days later and an EEG test at the hospital saw further seizure activity. Medications were ineffective and the seizures became worse and more frequent. After exhausting all available medication options Quinn is now on a special diet to attempt to control the seizures and prevent brain damage. Testing is still ongoing, but doctors now think he has a rare epilepsy disorder called Lennox Gastaut Syndrome which is extremely hard to control. He was initially having up to 50 seizures a day, but the diet change has reduced them to 10 a day.

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There is a community fundraiser to raise money to help with ambulance, drugs and special diet foods costs. Any donations of cash or prizes would be greatly appreciated.

Twilight Hall Saturday, July 14th Doors Open 5pm Supper 6pm For further information contact: Lorie Totter - Sandyridge Gas & Groceries or 668-4362 Sheri Donegan - The Twilight Hall (Formerly the Flying Appaloosa) or 270-6945 CONTACT US Phone: 306-668-1312 Fax: 306-978-4481 Box 333, Vanscoy, SK S0L 3J0


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RM Review

July 2012

Aaron Roy PBR Invitational Event in Asquith another Huge Success


or a third consecutive 26. year, the Aaron Roy Ty Pozzobon of Merritt, BC PBR Invitational was finished in third place with a one of the best bull riding total combined score of 169 events on the PBR Canada points. Round 1 was won by Touring Pro tour, even the Tanner Byrne with a score of weather cooperated. We had 86 points. bull riders from Australia, This event is put on by the Mexico, the United States and Asquith Community DevelopCanada entertaining the ment Corporation as a fund crowd of about 1100 fans with raiser. The event this year some high point rides. The should provide a profit of excellent stock that was about $11,000. This is possibrought to our event by 8 different contractors did not disappoint either, bucking off some of the top ranked bull riders. North Dakota bull rider Stetson Lawrence won the Aaron Roy PBR Invitational bull riding event in Asquith on May 31, 2012 with a total combined score of 172 points. He had the top score of the night with a 91 point ride in the Championship round and combined with his 81 point ride in Reid Lozier hangs on for a wild ride ! Round 1 was enough to edge ble thanks to the generous doout home town favorite Aaron nations of all the sponsors of Roy for the win. Stetson had the event as well as the coma very good week in munity members that volunSaskatchewan as he had a teer to work at the event. second place finish at the This brings the total money PBR Canada Touring Pro raised by the Asquith Comevent in Swift Current on munity Development CorpoMay 26. ration to about $50,000 to Aaron Roy’s Championship date. Sacher’s Saddle and round score of 89.5 points was Harness has donated a cusenough to secure a second tom made saddle worth place finish. Aaron had a $3500.00 to the Round 1 score of 81.5 which Asquith Commugave him a total combined nity Development score of 171 points. Aaron Corporation. We has also been very successful are currently sellin Saskatchewan this spring. ing raffle tickets on He won the PBR Canada this saddle. Please Touring Pro event in Prince contact Owen Albert on April 6 and finished Gentes at 329-4399 third in Swift Current on May if you would like to

buy tickets or if you would be able to help us out by selling tickets. We would like to especially thank Aaron Roy for lending his name to our event. We are very fortunate to have a bull rider of his caliber giving back to the community he grew up in by helping the Asquith Community Development Corporation’s fundraising efforts. We would also like

Photo by Dennis Hrapchak to thank SIGA for supplying the large replay screen for the event. This added a new dimension to our event and it was wonderful. After the event was over everybody was talking about the big screen and how nice it was to have. Last but not least we need to thank Jason Davidson and Blaine Fyson for producing the event.



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Parrish & Heimbecker “Hanover Junction” High Throughput Inland Terminal (7 miles NW of Biggar)

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July 2012

RM Review



Kudos goes out to Cemetery Maintenance Crew, Jim and Kelly Stack for keeping the cemetery looking neat and tidy. There have been many compliments. The last couple of weeks have seen many complaints of vehicles and garages being gone thru and some reports of stolen vehicles. It is imperative that we all lock our vehicles and buildings. Don't leave anything of any value in your vehicle so as to not tempt would be thieves. Lastly, keep your eyes and ears open, watch for suspicious behavior and please report any such behavior or suspected crime immediately to the RCMP, either in Delisle at 493-3240 or in Warman at 975-1670. A motion was made to join the Federation of Canadian Municipalities for the amount of $199.04. Happy Summer!

Asquith Town Council held a special meeting on Tuesday, May 29 to discuss the 2012 operating and capital budget for the 2012 fiscal year. The budget was passed with proposed revenues of $943,545, proposed expenditures of $938, 619, and a surplus of $4,926. Council held the mill rate at 16.6 mills, and the minimum tax remained at $750 for commercial/residential properties, agricultural properties set at $200 and vacant lots set at $5/foot frontage. The 2011 audited financial statements were presented to Council. Statements 1 and 2 from the Financial Statements will be printed in the July 2012 edition of the R.M. Review. The Asquith Town Council held its regular meeting on June 12, . Some repair work was done at the water plant on the transfer pumps. Grading and landscaping was done around the new plant as well. Once the constant rainfall lets up, Town personnel will be out filling potholes, trying to catch up to the growing grass and weeds. Please help our Town look its best by keeping your grass in your yard under control. This not only helps with the aesthetic look of the Town but also cuts down on mosquitos. Another request to all town residents is to ensure that you have no pots, pails, tires, etc. that can hold stagnant water, as that is ideal breeding grounds for mosquitos. If you have a rain barrel, please invest in a screen to put over the top of it. The Asquith Volunteer Fire Department and the Asquith First Responders performed a mock accident, the purpose of which was to practice extrication, practice first aid, and to practice safe procedures and scene safety of a motor vehicle accident.



Council held a regular meeting June 12th. The Town of Delisle has read the terms and conditions of the WaterWolf Planning District Development Appeals Board and agrees to join the WaterWolf Planning District Development Appeals Board. Permission was granted to the Delisle and District Recreation Association to hold an outdoor liquor function on Saturday, July 21, 2012 in conjunction with a ball tournament at the sportsgrounds from 11:00 A.M. to 8:30 P.M. and in conjunction with a dance at the Rink Parking Lot from 8:00 P.M. to 2:30 A.M. The Waste Management Area will no longer accept treated railway ties. Thank you to all property owners that have complied to a notice or an order to clear their property of any or all nuisance items. If, as a property andYrIdGE aS roCErIES owner, you need any clarification of the bylaws, please contact the Bylaw Enforcement Officer at 321-2617. After May 1st, 2012, all properties in Delisle will be 668 - 4362 inspected and notices/orders will be presented to the owner if required. We’ re ce le br ati ng ou r The clerk in the RCMP office d 3r ly Ju on ry sa er will be returning to work July niv 5t h An




thank You to our Valued Customers

E ntEr



VILLAGE OF VANSCOY Council held their regular meeting and rescinded the motion to provide fire fighting expenses for residents; the Village will no longer hold a reserve for fire fighting cost and residents need to ensure volunteer fire fighting coverage is included on their insurance policies. The Delisle Fire Commission is placing a fire truck in the public works building to operate a satellite station in the Village. There is one volunteer from the Village and two other volunteers in close proximity to Vanscoy to manage the fire station. Anyone interested in volunteering on the fire department should contact Fire Chief Al Dreher @ 493-7777. Council has authorized public works personnel to clean up properties in the Village; owners will be invoiced for the work performed. (as mentioned in last month’s report) Engineers have been consulted to provide a report for options to repair or rebuild streets in the Industrial area. Once the report is presented, there will be a call for tenders to complete the work. Council would like to apologize for the many alarms at the lift station the past couple of weeks; the alarms are the high level alarms warning of levels rising; but at no time did the pumps quit nor did the system backup and that until the rains quit, this will probably keep occurring.

RM OF VANSCOY Thank you for your patience during this inclement weather. The gravelling program is underway, weather permitting. Council approved 8 building and development permits at their June 12th meeting. There were 4 discretionary use applications approved. Two applications to subdivide were approved as well as authorization to proceed with a rezoning request. The 2012 Budget was adopted with the same mill rate as last year, 10.5 mills. The next meeting of Council will be held on Tuesday, July 10th.

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traeger Wood Pellet BBQ (see in-store for details) Fuel & Diesel ATM Video Rentals Grocery tionary Post Office Soft Ice Cream

3rd. To see anyone before this time, please make an appointment with the RCMP at 493-3240.


Leo Stobbe 668-4289 Installation of Rural Water & Sewer Systems Pumps - Tanks - Switches - other Trenching & Excavation

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July 2012

Prairie Spirit (West) Band Final Concert and Awards


he Prairie Spirit (West) Band program held their year-end event at WW Brown School in Langham on Wednesday, June 6th. Guests were entertained with per-

formances by the Beginner Band, the Junior Band, and the Senior Band as well as by a piece which combined both Junior and Senior bands. The evening finished with performances by the Jazz Band featuring various soloists in each of their numbers. The bands were conducted by teachers Ms. Worman and Mrs. Racicot.

The band awards for Junior and Senior students were presented at this concert. The Junior Most ImGraduating Band Student proved (1st year Award – Michael Crabb student) was presented to Errin Roussell, an alto saxophone player from Asquith while the Junior Most Outstanding (1st year student) went to Jonah Krahn, a saxophone player (alto, tenor and baritone) from Vanscoy. The Junior Most Improved (2nd year student) was presented to Patrick Langer, a flute player from Langham Jazz Band Award and the Junior Aryn Polichuk Most Outstand-

ing (2nd year student) went to both Amy Blom, a flautist from Vanscoy and Gabriella Fourie from Dalmeny who plays both flute and alto saxophone. Senior Most Improved (1st year) was presented to Jessica Nicholls, a French horn and trumpet player from Perdue, Senior Most Improved (2nd/3rd year) to Jessi Gilchrist, a saxophone and flute player from Asquith and Senior Most Improved (3rd/4th year) was presented to trumpeter Liam Whelan of Asquith. The Senior Most Outstanding (1st year) was presented to Rylee Fyson a tenor saxophone player from Perdue, the Senior Most Outstanding (2nd/3rd year) to Katherine Cole, a flautist and tenor saxophone player from Vanscoy and the Senior Most Outstanding (4th/5th year) to Colin Rousell, a clarinetist from Asquith. The Outstanding Jazz Award was presented to Aryn Polichuk, an alto saxophone player from Borden. Beginner Outstanding Musician Awards were presented to students who were in the Beginner Band program this


year. Rachel Deugau, a percussionist from Dalmeny received the award for Most Outstanding Percussionist, Jonathan Blom of Vanscoy received the award for Most Outstanding Woodwind Senior Band – Rylee Fyson, Colin Rousell, Jessi player and Owen PerGilchrist, Jessica Nicholls, Katherine Cole, ret of Dalmeny received Liam Whelan the award for the Most Outstanding Brass player. The Prairie Spirit (West) Band Parents Association Graduating Student Award which consists of a certificate and scholarship to enable further musical ventures was presented to Michael Crabb, a trombonist Junior Band – left to right – Gabriella Fourie, from Borden. Amy Blom, Patrick Langer, Errin Rousell, Jonah Krahn The Jazz band students will wind up their year with two gigs. They will be performing at the Western Development Museum on June 13th for the Saskatoon Chapter of Saskatchewan Superannuated Teachers. They are also performing at the Prairie Spirit Teacher’s Association celebration of superannuates which is held in the TravBeginner band award winners – left to right elodge Hotel on June Jonathan Blom, Rachel Deugeu, Owen Perrett 14th.

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Delisle Elementary School Thanks... these May Volunteers & Supporters! Volunteers Dorothy Carnell Marc Normand Shauna Adams Kim Nickel Laureen Sebial

Pam Hank Joni Straker Allison Price Carrol King

Student Volunteers Lilly Chayla Maddy Magnus

Taylor Caroline Meagan Cody

Hannah Logan Brady Brooklyn

Perpetual Donations Delisle Co-op - monthly quota of milk Delisle Credit Union - case of fruit monthly Delisle Royal Bank - case of juice monthly Breakfast for Learning - Cdn Living Found. Department of Community Resources Phipps & Rempel Denture Clinic - cheese

Sydney Ethan Ashton Brendan

Thank YOU!

Donations The Carnell Family Dorene Thomas

Colborn Farms- monthly quota of eggs Vetter Enterprises/Delisle Hotel - cereal The Pink Chair - yogurt Delisle Senior Centre Agrium - breakfast meat for the month Schumacher Farms - Angus Beef


July 2012

A Century of Faith

RM Review

continued from Page 1 The church was FULL. The singing of the hymns resounded to the rafters accompanied by Barb D'Arcy on the organ and Edla Landry on the piano. Thanks to all of our talented musicians who shared their gifts during the service: Colleen Carr, Celine Hounjet, Katherine and Sheila Cole, Verna Miller, Edla Landry, and Barb D'Arcy.

English-Style Beer Batter Fish & Chips!

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Following the church service, everyone gathered at the Town Hall for a hot dog lunch and cutting of the 100th Anniversary Cake – the honours were done by Verna Miller and Grace Winder. The hall had been beautifully decorated by a team of folks coordinated by Debbie Rolston. There was an excellent display of history books,

Enter the Holiday Contest at

Catering inquiries welcome! Main Street, Asquith “The Centre of the British Empire”

329 - 2496

Open Daily 9am - 8pm Sunday: 5pm - 8pm Closed Tuesday

Riders Gear Headquarters Join us for a BBQ lunch every Friday and support a local charity. We have all your Summer Activity Supplies... Meat, Produce, Buns & Condiments BBQ Tools & Accessories Lawn Chairs & Coolers Insect Repellant & Sunscreen

.. At the.

Short Order Kitchen Pool Table VLT’s Air Conditioned Comfort

We held a hymn-sing; Edla Landry and Joan Keeler both shared poems they had written for the occasion; Alasdair MacDonnell, Beth Johnson, Ken MacKenzie, and Jeanette Liberty-Dunns shared remembrances. Colleen Carr sang a solo and Alasdair played several songs on the violin ac-

Scotland, as well as some of their relatives from Englad and the USA. They used this special occasion for a family reunion. Alasdair is the son of Rev. William MacDonnell who was our first minister.

and Keep You”. So many folks pitched in to help make this special occasion a truly memorable event. Thank you to everyone who helped out and to all who came and celebrated with us.

493 - 2212 Delisle

Saturday - Sunday: 7am - 10pm


We were very pleased to have Rev. Alasdair MacDonnell and his wife, Meg visiting from


668 - 2124

Mon - Thur 11am - 12 midnight Fri/Sat 11am - 2am Sunday 12 noon - 10pm

Beer - Wine - Spirits

After lunch, M.C. Jim Robbins welcomed everyone ot the afternoon program. Congratulations were read from former ministers, US and Scottish relatives of our first minister, Rev. William MacDonnell, and Shirley Laxdahl; as well as Kelly Block, MP; Randy Weekes, MLA; and the Governor General of Canada, His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston.

At 5 pm we all sat down to a delicious turkey supper with all the trimmings. Rev. Alasdair MacDonnell said the blessing. To complete the day, everyone sang “May the Good Lord Bless

iew .ne t

Vanscoy Hotel

Ice Cold Off Sale

companied by Shirley Elliott on the organ. It was a most enjoyable afternoon.

$25 a D in Gas el a Law isle C nd o nC -op h ww Ente air !! w.r mre r at v

Groceries & Confectionary - Truck & Car Wash Gas Pumps & Card Lock - Propane & Bulk Fuel Monday - Friday: 6am - 10pm

pictures and photo albums for everyone to view, put together by Shirley Bentley.





Members of the congregation enjoy a meal at the celebration

After a hot, hard day of storm chasing, why not stop in for a meal or drink in Air Conditioned Comfort ....we can give you a table away from the windows !!


Every Mondays & Tuesdays Noon to 10:00 pm Dine-in Only

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Vanscoy 931-6996

Mon-Fri 7 - 8

Sat 8 - 8

Sun 9 - 7

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RM Review

July 2012

Police Patrol THE ALL TERRAIN VEHICLES ACT Cst. Sheryl Raymond On behalf of the Delisle RCMP, we would like to provide you with a list of some common offences often encountered with respect to the safe and lawful usage of ATV's under the All Terrain Vehicles Act of Saskatchewan. Please be advised that failure to comply with the rules and regulations of this act may result in a fine and/or seizure of your All Terrain Vehicle.

DESCRIPTION OF COMMON OFFENCES AND FINES: Section 3(1) Operate an all terrain vehicle without a driver's license = $150.00 *** Youth between ages of 12 to 15 years can operate an ATV in public areas, EXCEPT ON ROADS, if they have passed an approved ATV training course and if they are supervised by someone who has had a driver's license for at least one year ***

U-Pick & Pre-Picked

Saskatoon Berries 4 VArieties: Thiessen, Smokie, Northline, Martins Ready mid/late July! Call for Picking times

M OOnlake

Saskatoon Ber r y Far m 6 Miles South of Saskatoon

382 - 9574

775 Valley Rd


Section 6 Operate an all terrain vehicle without landowner's permission = $80.00 Section 7(1) Operate an all terrain vehicle on the travelled portion of the highway = $150.00 Section 16(1)(c) Exceed a reasonable and safe speed = $150.00 Section 16(1)(d) Operate an all terrain vehicle within 2 m of the travelled portion of the highway = $90.00 Section 16(1)(g) Operate an all terrain vehicle with a passenger unless the all terrain vehicle was designed to carry a passenger = $90.00 Section 17(1)(b), (d) Fail to yield right of way = $150.00 Section 18(1) Fail to wear helmet and eye protection = $100.00 Thank you in advance for your co-operation in this matter. Safe and responsible usage of ATV's will help you avoid accident or injury


and ensure safe roadways for all members of the community!

Trenching & Waterworks Sand - Gravel - Topsoil

Colin Graham 230 - 4653

Welcome to...

Licensed, Subsidized Early Learning Programs for children 18months to 12 yearss Open Monday to Friday 7:00am – 6:00pm Includes healthy Snacks and Lunch as well as lots of Caring and Love! Qualified Early Childhood Educators with Level I, II or II ECE. Drop in, casual, part time & full time spaces for Toddler, Preschool & School age

Summer Camps: Monday – Thursday 10am-3pm (additional care available) July 9-12 Outdoor Fun Week Children will have fun outdoors learning about and enjoying nature. One day will include an outing to Pike Lake.

July 23-26 Sports Week Children will have fun playing and learning a different sport each day. Other sport theme activities throughout the week.

August 6-9 Imagination Week Children will have fun with themes such as pirates, princesses, cowboys, heroes etc.

August 20-23 Science Explorers Week Children will have fun learning about volcanoes, rocks, space, nature and do experiments! This will include an outing to Pike Lake.

Call to register for Summer & Fall Programs 303 Main St. Vanscoy, SK

ph: 668-6338 fx: 668-6339


(306)370-9399 Email:


Backhoe & Skidsteer Services Your first call for:

Water & Septic Service Certified Wastewater Systems Installer 5 year warranty on designs & installs Stocking: pumps, floats, filters, hydrants stock waterers, softeners & rust units

Gravel Topsoil Manure

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Serving Delisle & Area



July 2012

RM Review

What to do when a Tornado Strikes

Being prepared can prevent injury or death during severe weather. Watch the weather and monitor the radio stations that broadcast weather bulletins. Families should be prepared for all hazards that affect their area. This includes having a plan in place well before threatening weather is expected. Be aware of shelter locations and keep an emergency kit with fresh batteries, food, clothing, blankets, a first aid kit and tools for emergency repair jobs.

When a tornado threatens: 1) Take shelter immediately, if available, preferably in the lower level of a sturdy building. 2) Stay away from windows, doors and exterior walls. Flying glass is extremely dangerous. 3) Don't waste time opening windows to keep pressure from building up in the house. It's unlikely to help anyway. 4) Outdoors, with no shelter available, lie flat in a ditch, ravine or other lowlying area, and shield your head with your arms. 5) Don't get caught in a vehicle or mobile home, which the tornado can lift. Take shelter elsewhere or, if none is available, even a ditch offers better protection. Choose a location where your vehicle won't be hurled or rolled on

top of you. More than half of tornado deaths occur in mobile homes. If you live in a mobile home, it is wise to identify a nearby sturdy shelter well in advance, and go to that shelter when a severe storm is approaching. 6) Beware of flying debris. Even small objects such as sticks and straw can become lethal missiles. 7) In heavy rain, be on the look out for flash floods. 8) When swimming or boating, always head to shore at the first sight of a storm. 9) Remember that damaged and weakened structures, fallen debris, downed electrical wires, and gas leaks are potential dangers after a storm has passed.

Best shelter: 1) In a house, go to the basement and take shelter under a stairway or a sturdy work table in the center of the house. 2) In a house with no basement, the safest spot is the ground floor in the center of the house. Small rooms tend to be more structurally sound so seek shelter in a hallway, small room, closet or bathroom (the plumbing may provide some structural stability). Lying in the bathtub with a mattress on top of you may provide good protection. 3) In a vehicle or mobile home, get outside and find other shelter. North American officials still debate whether seeking shelter in a car during a tornado is safe. Some advise, if the tornado is weak, a car can offer protection against flying debris and rollovers if the occupants fasten seat belts and keep their heads down. However, there is no way of knowing how strong or violent a tornado is without the proper tools, so the safest strategy is to get out of the vehicle. As a last resort, lie in a ditch or culvert but be aware of flooding. 4) Avoid wide-span buildings, such as barns, auditoriums, shopping centres and supermarkets with large roofs. Go to a nearby sturdy shelter, preferably, or to the lower floor, an inside room, restroom or hallway, or get underneath a sturdy piece of furniture. At school, seek shelter in small windowless rooms such as a washroom instead of a gymnasium. Avoid areas near high walls or large chimneys which may collapse. In shopping centres, stay out of aisles and away from exterior walls and windows. Do not go to your parked car. 5) In high rise buildings, move to lower levels, small interior rooms or stairwells. Stay away from elevators and windows.

RM Review

July 2012


4 - H News Laura Multiple 4-H It is hard to believe but another 4H year has wrapped up. We held our Achievement Day on Sunday June 10th. Thanks to everyone who came out in the pouring rain to check out our displays as well as the games, judging and awards ceremony. This year’s Cloverbud Grand Aggregate was Eryn Kielo. The Grand Aggregate was Brianna Zoerb. The member of the day was Eryn Kielo and the People’s Choice Award for the best Display went to Photography. We said goodbye to Brianna Zoerb who will be graduating this year and is headed off to University. Brianna thanks for all your contributions to our club over the years. We will miss you, keep in touch. Have a safe summer everyone and we look forward to seeing you in the fall when we start up again. By: Eryn Kielo Laura Multiple 4-H Reporter Vanscoy Multiple 4-H Evidence of a successful 4-H year was presented in Vanscoy at Achievement Day on June 23. All members demonstrated the skills they learned this year with confidence and pride. Many awards

were distributed. The highlights are:Rodeo Grand Aggregate - Bailey Pitre; Art Grand Aggregate - Rochelle Wright: Mechanics Grand Aggregate - Dallon Richmond: Beef Grand Aggregate Jaden Wood-Sparrow; Judging Hi-Point Jaden Wood-Sparrow; Grand Champion Steer - Ryan Tetland; Member of the Day - Dallon Richmond; Overall Grand Aggregate Remington Sowter. Record Books: Cloverbuds - Cody Clarkson; Junior - Swade Orchard; Intermediate Ashton Unger; Senior Jaden Wood-Sparrow Sandy Hills Light Horse 4-H The month of June was a busy time for 4Hers as they finished up record books and prepared for Achievement Day. The Sandy Hills Light Horse 4H members were fortunate enough to find a few good days in which to ride. Saturday June 2, members and leaders rode at the Shukin Acreage and enjoyed a trail ride on their land before heading in for a lovely lunch. Thanks to the Shukin family for hosting the day! The group also got together for another ride at Gardner’s on June 14 to do

some last bit of training. After a somewhat trying spring of wet and windy weather the Sandy Hills Light Horse 4H club wrapped up the year with their Achievement Day on June 16 at the Gardner Acreage. Ten members completed their 4H year by writing the Provincial 4H Quiz, their project quiz and a Hippology test. They also judged a group of three mares and placed them in a judging class. The weather was beautiful but the nose flies were a bit of a problem. With the help of some smudges and patience on everyone’s part the horses settled down long enough for members to get through Junior and Intermediate Showmanship, Pleasure and Equitation. First time 4Hers, Carli Patenaude, Lauren Ryan and Rylee Schultz received a small token, most sportsmanlike member went to Gabby Shukin and developing leader went to Lauren Ryan. Scores from the day’s classes and quizzes along with record book scores, public speaking and attendance were all combined to come up with the High Point Junior – Teig Yanko and the High Point Intermedi-

ate – Taylor Gardner. Reserve Grand Aggregate award went to Taylor Gardner and the Grand Aggregate Award for 2012 was received by Teig Yanko. Many thanks to club leaders Pamela Heinrichs and Lorraine Beaudette and a good summer to all! Taylor Gardner Sandy Hills Reporter

Sandy Hills Light Horse 4-H Club front : Teig Yanko, Tanner Gardner, Liam Yanko, Carli Patenaude, Rylee Schultz Back: Lorraine Beaudette, (general Leader) Lauren Ryan, Gabrielle Shukin, Ashleigh Yanko, Taylor Gardner, Nikita Shukin, and Assistant Leader Pamela Heinrichs.

Fire Up the ie s att P x lb 1/4 lb Bo s... 1 0 v o ur il la 2 F arbro Ch rger n Bu Baco y oke Sm $29.99

M you ake r ow p Lea atties n ... n Bee Grou nd f... $2.9 only 9/lb

Vanscoy Sausage & Meats Ltd. Custom Cutting - Sausage - Slaughtering Vanscoy

Vanscoy Multiple 4-H Club Members

cost to the landowners. Tires will be processed into a safe reusable format and put to use as low-impact playground surfaces, street and road paving material, parking curbs, truck bed liners, mats and more. Club members, leaders and parents collected and stacked almost 10,000 tires at the two RM of Vanscoy landfills

in the two week blitz. The club was compensated by SSTC for each tire collected and/or stacked. Club members decided to donate a portion of the proceeds of this fundraiser - $2000 - to the Vanscoy Ag Society for repairs/improvements to the ag facilities, including the bleachers and show ring.

668 - 4742

Vanscoy F ull ServiCe - GAS & DieSel

Scrap Tire Collecting nets $2,000 for Vanscoy 4-H Club In late April and early May, the Vanscoy Multiple 4-H Club and the R.M. of Vanscoy partnered with the Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation (SSTC) in the Black Gold Rush Program. This program aims to clean up all scrap tires on private property and farmland in Saskatchewan over a three year period at no

Rob Thompson & Jane West

Ph: 683-5024 Fax: 683-6307


h reS


e oFF


Confectionary ATM Post Office Videos Lottery Coffee

Weekly $25 Gas Draw A G reAt StArt to A G reAt DAy !

(with 30 litre fill)


July 2012

RM Review

this Summer explore... Head North... Highway 14 runs across the north of our community and west of Grandora you will find the Sandyridge Gas & Groceries store where you can fuel-up with gas or diesel, pick-up some grocery items or enjoy a soft ice cream cone. Be sure to stop in on July 3rd for thier 5th anniversary celebrations where you could win a Traegar Wood Pellet BBQ. A few minutes west is Asquith. Here you can stop in at the Britannia Restaurant where Jim will serve you his famous Beer Battered Fish & Chips. Just north of Asquith is Eagle Creek Regional Park. Here you will find a camping, swimming, boating, 18 Hole Championship Golf Course 306-237-4653

fishing, golfing, playground, mini-golf and a concession. They also host many events though the summer such as a jamboree, golf tournament and trail ride. A few miles further west is Perdue. The eastern slopes of The Bear Hills paint the unique backdrop of Perdue Oasis Golf Resort. Experience an exceptional round of golf from the Par 72 Championship Bent Grass Tees at 6943 yards or from the 5209 yard Forward Tees. The course offers challenges and breathtaking vistas. Two adjacent tree farms provide scenic color and variety. The main pond is traversed by a 60 ft. bridge to a distinctive two hole practice loop. This is a place to get away from it all. The restaurant, Jim's on 14 features Saskatchewan’s Largest Glass Terrace offering an unparalleled panoramic view and awesome food.


Bent Grass Tees & Greens ! 68 Bunkers - Lakes & Ponds ! Driving Range & Practice Green “Jim’s on 14” Clubhouse Restaurant with Saskatchewan’s Largest Glass Terrace ! !

Go West...

shows, street dance kids land and more. Going south west on highway 7 will take you to Delisle where Yes, go west young man, and you will find you will find the Delisle Co-op. many things to do. In the centre of the comHere you can stock up on all your munity is Vanscoy, where you will find the camping and picnic supplies. And if you hapRobin’s Nest Cafe. This extremely popular pened to have just come from the Robin’s restaurant and catering business is run by Nest in Vanscoy, you will probably have the Quinten and Robin Odnokon. Enjoy top qualurge to look through the extensive offering of ity food while you take in the antiques and Rider Gear at the Delisle Co-op. Rider gear that decorate the restaurant. And In the north end of Delisle you will find the if you need to know the latest weather upValleyview Golf course. This pristine 9 hole date, amateur storm chaser Quinten is your course offers grass greens, power carts and a man. If you are looking for a place to put licensed clubhouse with drinks, snacks and your feet up, the Vanscoy hotel offers cold golf supplies. After a round of golf you will drinks on the patio as well as beer, wine & want to stop at the Delisle hotel for a respirits to go. They have 12 newly built hotel freshing cocktail and maybe sample thier rooms if you need a break from you travels. food specials. They also offer a deck and off If you are in Vanscoy on August 11 & 12 you sale beer and coolers. Drop into Delisle on can take in the Summer Fair with horse July 21st and take in Delisle Days with Delisle Hotel & Cafe car show, street dance, fireworks and more. Friday Thursday Tue & Wed Lasagna or Spaghetti with Garlic Toast, only $7.50

Chicken Wings, Many Flavours 10 for $6.00


Pizza Sub served with French Fries for only $7.00


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July 2012


...the local Destinations Out East...

park has many inflatable rides for the kids in the FunZone, an 18 hole Pitch & Putt golf course, mini-golf and an ice cream shack. On the south end of Valley Road is Moonlake Travel east of Vanscoy on 766 and you will Saskatoon Berry Farm. They offer prefind the scenic Valley Road which runs all picked Saskatoon’s or you can pick your own the way to Saskatoon. There are many busiwhen they are ready in mid-late July. nesses along this route, such as the Moon Travel back up Highway 60 to the Highway River Golf Club where you can swing your 7 junction and you will come across the irons on a secluded 9-hole Par-3 course. An Saskatchewan Railway Museum. They are excellent place for kids, families or beginners open during the summer fro 10am-5pm Friand only $7/round. Across the road is the day, Saturday and Sunday. Admission is Clubs Driving Range where $5 in loonies will only $5 for adults and $3 for kids. You can get you a bucket of 50 balls from the ball masee over two dozen different rail cars and enchine. gines as well as train stations and railway Crickle Creek is a minutes drive further tobuildings. wards Saskatoon. This complete amusement

Moon River Golf Club

Perdue P erdue Oa Oasis sis


Eagle C Eagle Creek reek R egional P ark Regional Park Sandyridge Sandyridge Gas Groceries Ga s & Gro ceries

Highway H ighway 1 14 4





7 ay hw g i


Crickle Crickle Creek Creek

Railway Museum Museum


Moon River Moon R iver Golf Golf Par-3 Par-3



762 Highway H ighway 6 60 0


Valley V alley Road R oad

Moonlake Moonlake Saskatoon Sa skatoon Berry Farm B erry F arm

Lake Pike L Pike ake P rovincial P ark Provincial Park

Explore E xplore a and nd Wi Win n over over $ $650 650 iin nP Prizes rizes - E Enter nter a att w

Down South...

boards so you can cool off in the cool calm waters of the lake or you can just sit in the shade of the huge mature trees and IRENE’S BOAT RENTALS watch the many birds A short drive south down Highway 60 will bring you Pike Lake Provincial Park including Purple Marto Pike Lake Provincial Park. One of the most beautitins. ful parks in the province, Pike Lake is a recreation Canoes, The Pike Lake minipark characterized by aspen, poplar and Manitoba Kayaks, golf is a great place for maple groves; manicured lawns with two picnic areas Aqua Bikes, the family to spend close to the main beach; desert-like sand dunes a short Standing Paddle Boards some time showing off OPEN hike away and a popular outdoor pool with a waterOwned & Operated by: 10AM - 8PM thier putting skills. slide. Add to this a diverse array of plants and Gerry & Irene Purcell Weather Permitting The Glow-Golf event wildlife owing to its location on a flood plain of the every Saturday night South Saskatchewan River and you can see why Pike is always the biggest Lake Provincial Park offers a delightful change of hit of the week end. Pike Lake Provincial Park pace for people wishing to recharge their batteries Fast Food - Convenience Store without having to travel for hours. The park offers 210 Breakfast, electrified campsites, cabin rentals at Night Owl CabBurgers, ins and many lush, shaded picnic areas. The Huddle Pike Lake Mini-Golf Ice Cream, store offers a full concession as well as groceries and Grocery & camping supplies. Camping Supplies On the beach Irene’s Boat Rentals can provide you Owned & Operated by: with canoes, kayaks, aqua bikes and standing paddle OPEN


Sheila Purcell & Irene Purcell

8AM - 8PM

enter today at it’s Free


July 2012

RM Review

Delisle Class of 2012 Abbott, Chaylane Atchison, Jenna

Boire, Danielle

Brissette, Rylie

Carlson, Amera

Climenhaga, Karlee

Coleman, Ivana Corey, Breanne

Derksen, Shelby Eswards, Jarrod

Ernst, Kyle

Frohaug, Logan

Gall, Jordan

Garner, Brooke

Gumulcak, Brianne

Hartley, Connor

Huebert, Morgan Junop, Brandon

Junop, Kylee

Jurgens, Danyka

Knackstedt, Brayde

Knittig, Laura

Laprise, Shane

Larson, Dylan

MacSymetz, Bayley

McClean, Brandi

McGonigal, Kelton

Nebozenko, Dakota

Orser, Jacob

Plummer, Cora

Price, Justin

Richmond, Curtis

Richmond, Dallon

Robichaud, Colette

Schindelka, Jill

Shirley, Jessica

Stevenson, Zachery

Thunstrom, Alyssa

Timar-Geng, Zsolt

Vessey, Desmond

Worth, Torey

Zoerb, Brianna

West, Zachery Whitmore, Olivia

Wiwchar, Janessa

Wollman, Megan Wood-Sparrow, Jaden

C o n g r a tu l a ti o n s

Salon 360

2 0 1 2 Gr a d u a te s! We cce e l e b ra r a te yo y ou r a c h i e v e m e n t & l o o k fo r w a rd to yo y o u r fu tu re su s u cc e ss

Hair Design & Esthetics

201 Main St., Delisle

(across from Esso)

Congratulations 2012 Graduates!

493 - 2486 Ag v i ce s D i vvii si o n A g S e rrv D e l i sl s le


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

: 10am - 8pm : 10am - 6pm : 10am - 8pm : 10am - 6pm : 9am - 3pm

RM Review

July 2012


Delisle Student going to Nicaragua


aking a difference means working together to strive for a better world. This summer I will be departing on a trip to Nicaragua to help build a school in a rural community. The students of Delisle Elementary received a presentation from me in March about Free the Children, an organization that encourages children helping children through education. After this presentation some of the students went to see Craig Kielburger speak at a teacher conference in

Saskatoon. Craig Kielburger is the founder of Free the Children. Free the Children is the organization that I along with a group of youth from across Canada will be heading down to Nicaragua with this summer. On June 21, 2012 at Delisle Elementary School, Sierra Merrick proudly announced their grand total from a 2 month penny drive. Sierra thanked the students that helped as well as the staff for supporting them and presented a cheque in the amount of $1189.50 to me. The money

raised has been forwarded towards the education program in Nicaragua. Sierra Merrick put a great deal of time into the penny drive and spreading the word. A group of students also sold s’mores at Pike Lake to fundraise even more. Many thanks are extended to her and the group of students for their commitment and helpfulness, as well as the penny and coin donations from all the students. I would also like to thank everyone in the Delisle and Pike Lake communities who donated to the cause.

The Laura Multiple 4H Club also made a much appreciated donation. On July 14, I will be departing to a community called El Trapiche in south western Nicaragua. I will be spending two weeks there helping to build a school and taking in a whole different culture other than our own. We will also spend time learning leadership skills and letting others know that they can support people who need it and make a difference in the world. Submitted by Alexi Orchard

Vanscoy Student takes Gold in Javelin

Embrace the future as each new door opens!

Delisle 300 - 1st Street West

ATM available 24 hours


CONGRATULATIONS ... to the Delisle Class of 2012


oshua Kemp, a Grade 7 student from Vanscoy Elementary, brought home a gold medal at the Sask Athletics Provincial Championships held in Regina on June 16 and 17. Joshua threw a personal best of 38.56 metres.

Congratulations 2012 Graduates!

Joshua Kemp (centre) on podium with gold medal


Delisle Branch 201 - 1st St W 493 - 8288

Mon & Wed Noon - 4pm 7 - 9pm Friday Noon - 5pm REqUEST or RENEW books online @

Congratulations to the Graduates of 2012 ‘Best of luck in all your future endeavors’

RBC Blairmore Branch 111 Betts Avenue, Saskatoon 306-933-3626

July 2012



G & L Drywall Steel Stud framing Board, tape, texture t-Bar ceilings interior Renovations




by Dr. Harvey Domoslai

Tick Paralysis Grips the Region

493-8228 668-4583 SatiSfaction Guaranteed


Organic Beef

Halves, Quarters, Custom Packages Samples Available Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Sparlyn Organic Farm 668-4216

Box 60 Saskatoon, SK S7K 3K1 Large & Small Animal Medicine

384-7676 24 hr Emergency Services Drs. Harvey Domoslai - Wally Kononoff Blair Simonson - Lisa Wayman Rob Kyle

ever before in the history of mankind has a scourge, the like of what we are facing now, been experienced. Just as the biblical plague gripped and immobilized entire populations, we are once again on the brink of another such catastrophe. “Oh good doctor, why be such a harbinger of doom?” you might ask me. “And what is this deadly beast that you speak?” How could I remain silent, when I have lived it and with my own two eyes seen it in the very office where I work and also in the very house I live. The creature of which I speak is none other than the common dog tick (canus tickus teribilalis). Oh you laugh, ha, ha who would be afraid of the watermelon seed shaped wood tick? But laugh

now, for I have seen the dread and despair of those stricken with these blood suckers. Grown men whimpering and fading away as the tiny ticks sucked their life’s blood. Women who have spent their lives and their fortunes on their small pet dogs, literally throwing them at my feet in disgust as the dog tick, Jekle like, turned Fifi into the most repulsive of beings. Men high stepping through the grasses with pantaloons tucked into their boots like a courtier, lest the vicious pests gain entrance onto there being. Horsemen and women have been avoiding events just because a tick was sighted in the vicinity. Don’t talk to me of the harmless dog tick until you have lived the fear and survived such a vi-

RM Review

cious attack. We have had the unfortunate experience at our clinic, where dogs have come in with multiple ticks attached, all simultaneously drawing blood from the poor pet. We have been able to save them all so far but not without the full weight of modern medicine and a great deal of fates good fortune. You would perhaps believe that after the tick is removed and vigilantly destroyed the problem is solved, but this little beast is not so easily removed. A small amount of a blood toxin infiltrates the victim or if it is a pet then its owner may be afflicted. This toxin circulates to the brain where it permeates such a state of paranoia that frequently immobilizes the victim ala “tick paralysis”. The victim will start questioning “is the head still in?”,

“will it migrate to the brain and lay eggs?”, “should I ever go outside again?”, etc... No wonder the paralysis if you could only imagine the possibility of migrating ticks laying eggs in your brain even the most able minded individual would melt. No, I say to you! Beware the warm winds that have brought this deathly parasite to our once safe borders. Do not let your vigilance wane. Pet owners do not stop in your endless search for these tiny creatures. Parents check your children and husbands, examine your wives. Only through painstaking care and the realization that the harmless dog tick (canus tickus teribilalis), is in fact our greatest enemy do we stand a chance of survival.

Culture Days Information Sessions to be held in Saskatoon and Regina


Your Certified Empyre Dealer Vincent Keindel Phone (306) 382-0878 Fax (306) 978-8718 RR #3 - Site 318, Box 3, Saskatoon, SK S7K 3J6

askCulture is holding Culture Days Information Sessions in Saskatoon and Regina. In Saskatoon, the sessions will be held on Thursday, June 28th at 1:30 pm and 7:30 pm at the Refinery Arts and Spirit Centre, at 609 Dufferin Avenue. In Regina, sessions will be held on July 5th 1:00 pm and

7:00 pm at the Creative City Centre, at 1843 Hamilton Street. Sessions will focus on explaining what Culture Days is, what makes a good Culture Days activity, registering your activities, and exploring the many resources available to activity organizers. Participants will also

have the opportunity to learn more about the role of Animateurs in Culture Days. Sessions will also allow time for participants to discuss possible collaborations. Culture Days is a collaborative, Canadawide, volunteer movement designed to raise the awareness, accessibility, participa-

tion and engagement of all Canadians in the arts and cultural life of their communities. If you are interested in participating in a session, please RSVP (indicating which session and time) to Michelle Brownridge, (306) 7809289 or email: a.

Call for information about Emergency Services on holidays & after hours

Please call if you are interested in Fall Obedience Classes with Scott Cameron

EASOtsN” “TICKecS k your Pe

Examinations Vaccinations Ch X-Ray elf Daily and Yours Available Surgery ducts In-clinic Lab Tick Pro

Dr. Lorrie Fraser Dr. Angela Oranchuk Delisle 300 - 2nd St East (Hwy 7 Service Road)

with Animal Inn*spa*rations on-line pet supply catalogue

Dental Cleaning Dental Extractions Dental X-Ray Ultrasound Canine Reproduction

Monday 9:00am - 6:00pm Tuesday 8:00am - 8:00pm Wednesday 8:00am - 8:00pm Thursday 9:00am - 6:00pm Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm Saturday: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Kerrie Sparrow Exe. Regional Vice President Independent Consultant

668 - 4218

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July 2012

15th Annual John Arcand Fiddle Fest set for August 9-12


he 2012 John Arcand Fiddle Fest is celebrating it’s fifteenth anniversary with more fiddling, dancing and culture than ever before. Over the past 15 years the Festival has been growing and become widely acclaimed for its quality instruction, familylike atmosphere and development of professional and emerging artists. After years of requests by fiddle enthusiasts, the Festival is proud to introduce the John Arcand Fiddle Category to it’s fiddle contest. “This along with and our Traditional Métis Fiddle Category speak strongly about our promotion and preservation of Métis fiddling,” says festival organizer Vicki Arcand. Both will run Friday at 4 p.m. and be a “once through” with no finals. A brand new “much larger” dance floor has been built and will accommodate the popular old time dances on Friday and Saturday night and is the perfect venue to introduce the Festival’s first ever Square Dance workshop Friday at 1p.m.

The Festival offers workshops, daytime programming, evening concerts, old time dances, and a fiddle and jigging competition. Due to the large number of requests, this year also features an expanded number of Cultural Classes in Metis beading and finger weaving. There’s a children’s activity area with planned activities, FREE shuttle service to and from Saskatoon to the Festival Site and the on-site People Mover (taking people to and from the campground to the main stage venue) The 15th annual John Arcand Fiddle Fest – affordable family fun – with a one time gate fee…there is no charge for entering competitions, or participating in workshops. General admission is just $50 per weekend per person or $20 per day. Children 12 & under are admitted free with a parent or guardian. Admission at the gate only and not sold in advance. Free un-serviced camping on site as well as a concession. For details visit the website at or call 306.382.0111

Summer Fair August 11 & 12 Fri. July 27th: Yard & Garden Entries Due Call 493-8125 or email:

Sat. Aug 4th: All Horse Entries Due Call 934-1956 or email:

Friday, August 10 5 - 8pm: Enter Exhibits at Vanscoy Circle Hall

Saturday, August 11

12 & under Free Sponsored by:

Workshops, Concerts, Old Time Dances Fiddle and Jigging Contests Free un-serviced camping Children’s Activity Area

8–11 am 9am 9am 11-4pm 1–4pm 3-4pm 4-pm 9pm

Exhibit judging Light Horse Show Vanscoy Hotel Slow Pitch Tournament Exhibits Open (1 day only) Kidsland - Bouncy Rides Kidsland - Balloon Man Exhibit Pick up Dance @ Vanscoy Circle Hall

sponsored by Vanscoy Community Rec Board

Sunday, August 12 8–10am 8–12pm 11am 11am–4pm 1-4pm

Pancake Breakfast Little Britches Rodeo Polka Mass Church Kid’s Bouncy Castles! Gymkhana

See you... at the Fair!

Shuttle service from Saskatoon Special room rates available at the Heritage Inn

JUST SW OF SASKATOON ON HWY #60 ‹>>>16/5(9*(5+-0++3,-,:;*64

Pick up New Catalogues after June 10th at your local business or look for us at:



July 2012


the future opportunities that marketing freedom affords Western farmers, instead of trying to turn back the clock."

June 22, 2012 Kelly Block, MP

Government of Canada introduces the Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act The Honourable Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, introduced legislation this week to expedite the removal of foreign criminals from Canada and to enhance the safety and security of Canadians.

Landscaping, Brush Cutting, Excavating Trenching, Augering, Concrete Breaking Hauling Material To and From Site Snow Removal, plus much more !!

306-230-7399 Colin Anderson

The Harper Government is putting a stop to foreign criminals relying on endless appeals in order to delay their removal from Canada during which time they continue to terrorize innocent Canadians,” said Kenney “Canadians are generous and welcoming people, but they have no tolerance for criminals and fraudsters abusing our generosity.” The Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act focuses on three areas which would:

Grandora 270-6945 (formerly Flying Appaloosa) Book your 2012 Event at the Twilight Hall

Weddings, Anniversaries, Reunions, Staff Functions, etc We’ll treat you right!


Gas Furnaces Air Conditioners

tim Shostal

1. Make it easier for the Government to remove dangerous foreign criminals from our country; 2. Make it harder for those who may pose a risk to Canada to enter the country in the first place; and 3. Remove barriers for genuine visitors who want to come to Canada. Through the Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act, the Government is deliver-

ing on its commitment to streamline the process to deport convicted criminals by limiting their access to the Immigration and Refugee Board’s Immigration Appeal Division. This will reduce the amount of time certain criminals may remain in Canada by up to 14 months, reducing their chances of committing more crime on Canadian soil. Another change in the proposed legislation would ensure that foreign nationals who are inadmissible on the most serious grounds – security, human or international rights violations, or organized criminality – will no longer be able to delay their removal by applying for a program that is meant for cases deserving of humanitarian and compassionate consideration. This change is consistent with the government’s no safe haven policy. “These measures are tough but fair,” said Minister Kenney. “We want an immigration system that is open to genuine visitors, while at the same time prevents the entry of foreign criminals and denies them the ability to endlessly abuse our generosity.” _____________________

Phone or Fax

242 - 2268 email:

Sid’s Auto Service Your 1st Stop Service Centre Oil Change/Lube Job Clutch & Brake Work

Sand & Gravel Spreading Hauling Ken Klassen RR1 Box 15

Delisle, SK S0L 0P0


Rear Ends Transmissions

engineS: Gas & Diesel CoMpLete SerViCe on FArM MAChinery

V anSCOy Bus. (306) 493-7579 Fax. (306) 493-8135


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Harper Government moving forward on Marketing Freedom The Harper Government is moving forward on its long-standing commitment to give Western Canadian wheat and barley farmers marketing freedom. This week, a panel of three judges ruled in the Harper Government’s favour and overturned the declaration issued by Federal Court Justice Douglas Campbell on December 7th, 2011. "We are very pleased that the declaration has been overturned as we always expected it would be," said Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz. "Today’s decision reinforces our belief that we must focus on

The Marketing Freedom for Grain Farmers Act will end the monopoly of the CWB as of August 1, 2012 and give Western Canadian farmers the ability to sell their wheat, durum and barley to the buyer of their choice, including a voluntary CWB. "Marketing Freedom is good for Western grain farmers and good for all Canadians, " said Minister Ritz. “As we have always said marketing freedom will build a stronger economy by attracting investment, encouraging innovation and creating value-added jobs.” The Harper Government's top priority remains the economy. Modernizing grain policy in Canada will allow the Western Canadian grain industry to fully contribute to Canada’s economic growth and long term prosperity.

RM Review

July 2012


June 18, 2012 Randy Weekes, MLA Graduation season is upon us. This used to be a bitter-sweet time of the year in Saskatchewan. While we were excited for our kids and grandkids, we also knew that many of them would leave our province to continue their education or find work. Not anymore. For the first time in decades, our young people are choosing to stay – and it’s important as a government we take action to support that decision. The new Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship is one way we are doing that. First announced as a campaign promise in the 2011 election, this new program will provide Saskatchewan grade 12 graduates who have enrolled in a post-secondary institution at home with up to $500 a year to a lifetime maximum of $2,000 over 10 years. This will provide roughly 8,450 high school and GED graduates with scholarships each year. That Saskatchewan Advantage scholarship is not the only way

we’re supporting postsecondary students. There’s also the Saskatchewan Advantage Grant for Education – under this new program, we will provide a contribution to a Registered Education Savings Plan at a rate of 10 per cent of annual contributions to maximum of $250 per child per year. The Saskatchewan Student Loan Forgiveness Program specifically targets doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners, by forgiving part of their Saskatchewan Student Loan if they choose to practice in rural and remote Saskatchewan $120,000 over five years for doctors and $20,000 over five years for nurses and nurse practitioners. We anticipate these two new programs will be implemented in the coming months. You can find out more about all three of these new programs by going to ca/new-initiatives-support-students. To the Class of 2012: congratulations. You live in a province

where your future is indeed bright. Our economy is strong, employment is at a record high and our population is growing faster than it has in more than 50 years. While other provinces and countries struggle under the crushing weight of debt and deficits, the 2012-13 Saskatchewan budget is balanced – as a matter of fact, we are the only province with balanced budget. At the same time, our government is making sustainable spending investments in programs and services important to you and your family such as the Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative, to reduce wait times and more funding the SAID program, which will people with disabilities to live with independence and dignity. The important question now is: how do we maintain that growth? Over the course of the summer, MLAs will fan out across the province to ask you: What should the government's long-term goals be? What strategies or poli-


Randy Weekes MLA

cies should the government pursue to achieve those goals? What short-term measures can the government take to address some of the more immediate challenges of growth? If you need information on how to participate in this process, please contact my office or the Government Caucus Office in Regina. Together, we will maintain the Saskatchewan Advantage.

Biggar Constituency 106 - 3rd Ave, West Box 1413 Biggar, SK S0K 0M0

Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Phone: (306) 948 - 4880 Fax: (306) 948 - 4882 Toll Free: 1 - 877 - 948 - 4880 E-mail:

BEAT THE HEAT July & August

When the temperature reaches 30 degrees celsius...

1 Green Fee + 1 Green Fee = FREE Power Cart (Temperature will be taken from Environment Canada website at time of purchase. Cannot be combined with any other specials, discounts or tournaments)

August 25th & 26th

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Adult (20-55) Senior (over 55)

Food for Thought Behind each Boom, there is a Bust C.M. (Red) Williams One of the truths about life, along with death and taxes, is that every boom inevitably ends in a bust. At my age I have lived through at least one half dozen, large and small financial cycles. I can’t recall any political leader stating at the peak of the boom that a bust would follow. With booms and busts all around; how do we respond? Living in Saskatchewan it is risking being isolated by being a “Gloomy Gus” at this time, however there are risks. The price of oil is quite unstable although some still predict $135/barrel, while the market is trying to dip

below $85. Some drilling just doesn’t pay under $95 so there goes some royalties. Potash is harder to predict with long term contracts mixed with spot markets: Asia is definitely pulling back on both quantity and price. World grain supplies are building and grain for ethanol and biofuels has never been tested under declining prices so that the grain market could become unstable. Perhaps none of these scenarios are imminent but I trust there are budgetary plan B’s. The US, our biggest market next to China is stumbling toward a pull-out from the recession; however the Eurozone is crashing from

one crisis to the next. The State Capitalist system in China was thought to be invulnerable, but recent events suggest otherwise. We may appear to be recession proof with our resource base, but if our export markets are struggling there is reason to be cautious. Boom times are when government coffers need building; for that is when taxpayers and business can stand the higher levels. Surpluses should be built up and debt paid down. Rising tides lifts all ships, but so too, an ebb tide lets them sink: boom to bust.



July 2012

Little Country Greenhouse

U-Pick Strawberries


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Here is the final installment of the 2011mid-July to mid-august 2012 school year from Delisle Composite! In track and field, we took Open Monday - Saturday 11 athletes from our Closed Sundays school to compete in the 2012 SHSAA Please call ahead for evenings Provincial Track and 493-2450 Field meet. This year it was held at Griffiths 2 miles West & 1/2 mile Stadium in Saskatoon. Nakia Thorpe received South of Donavon gold for Javelin, Torey Cash or cheques only please Worth received silver for shot put and Ivana Coleman received bronze for relay. Good work to all athletes and to head coach Mrs. Wirz for all their hard work. A thank you goes out to Kyle The Bidders’ Choice Sold on Service M and Trey D Licensed, Bonded,Insured Auction Company for taking care Mobile Auction Equipment On-site Credit Card & Debit of all the recyComputerized Auction Software Professional Service & Staff cling at DCS. It “LIVE INTERNET BIDDING” really is a thankless job Thinking about having an Auction Sale? and very very Call Frederick and take advantage of our extensive smelly! Doing advertising campaign by booking early! the recycling is VERY imporPelican Landing Close Out Auction Sale tant to the opSat, June 30 9:00 am (real estate 1pm) Elbow eration of our Saskatoon All Breed Horse & Tack Sale Tuesday, July 10 1:00pm OK Corral, Martensville Cottage Country Antique & Collectible Sale Saturday, July 28 10:00am Christopher Lake Legion Hall

(306) 227-9505 Member of Sask, Man, Alta Auctioneer Assoc. & Better Business Bureau PL #318200 SK PL #324317 AB

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Life Skill Program, which helps kids learn everyday skills needed. Thanks for your hard work! Other June activities included the grade 8 culture fair. This is an event students look forward to every year, as they research and showcase a culture of their choice. The grade 8's also took a day to go to Martinsville to swim and wrap up the year. The grade 7's and Mrs. Pepper-Martens went on a field trip to Moose Jaw. Their highlights included touring the tunnels and going on a trolley tour of the city. The grade 9's are going to Outlook in the last week for an end-of-theyear trip. They plan to walk to 100 year old Skytrail, swim, and hopefully have some much needed sunshine for some games. The grade 7's have a trip on the last day with Mrs. Kooy. They plan to bowl, wall climb, and head to a movie. A busy time for everyone!

SK Sew Kleen SepticTank Pumping Septic Repairs Hydrovac Services

Portable Toilet Rentals 283 - 4406

The second Coffee House of the year was held on May 31. It was an excellent evening with a wide variety of entertainment: solos and groups, singers, dancers, jugglers, magic and more. Thanks to all of the student performers who came on stage to share their talents and interests! Color Night was held June 13. Doors opened at 6:30 to view tables of student projects. It was an excellent display of Home Ec, IA, art, interior design projects, as well as heritage fair and classroom work. Congratulations to all of the award winners. Also in June, many of our students volunteered to run games at the elementary school's Fun Night on the 14th, organized by Mrs. Kielo. It was a beautiful sunny evening, and their help was greatly appreciated. Our "Rebels of the Month" for May were: Des Vessey (Senior), Camryn Junop (Junior), and Group- Kylee Junop & Jessie Shirley, SRC co-presidents. For June the winners were: Nakia Thorpe (Senior), Morgan Tabin (Junior), and Group - Provincial Track Team. (Nakia

Thorpe, Ivana Coleman, Jordan Gall, Torey Worth, Wyatt Sloboshan, Justin Price, Jaden Woodsparrow, Ashton Unger, Garth Knittig, Jordyn Colborn, Alexi Orchard, Dielle Gaucher, Tanner Wood.) As we look toward next year, Mrs. Oviatt has currently been working on a service learning trip to Peru. It will take place in the spring of 2013. More information in regards to the trip will be provided in early September. If you currently have any questions please contact Mrs. Oviatt. A final note from Mr. Jeffries, principal: This was one of our most interesting years. Due to cutbacks in education funding we are having to compete for students in an array of other ways. Remember folks, it is what it is. Have a great summer. Enjoy some life! Congratulations to all of our 2012 graduates! Best wishes for your future. "May every day be an adventure, every challenge an opportunity, and every dream a possibility." For everyone else, we'll see you in the fall!

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July 2012


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Check out... WWW.PIN.CA Several Local Properties Available “For Sale by Owner” Land in local R.M.’s of: Vanscoy, Montrose, Eagle Creek and Aberdeen Businesses in: Delisle, Saskatoon, Harris Asquith and Rosetown etc. To List Yours Call: Merv Easton - Vanscoy 934-1814

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Big Pines Services Inc. Vanscoy 230-7399 Diamond O Acreage Services Grandora 281-2764 Dirt Digger Bobcat & Hauling Pike Lake 978-5798/292-6253 Eaton Snow Removal & Excavate Saskatoon 227-1614 Fontana’s Snow Clearing Pike Lake 290-5716

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Pike Lake Preschool Pike Lake 978-8164

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Outlook Veterinary Clinic Outlook 867-8777


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July 2012

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Perdue Oasis Golf Club - 4 Free Rounds of Golf

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COMMUNITY CALENDAR Visit our On-Line Calendar for Event Details or Scan QR Code with your phone June 30 Saturday Food Safety Course Reg. Deadline Connie 668-4647

July 10 Tuesday Asquith Town Council Meeting Asquith

July 14 Saturday Biggar Horse Show Biggar

July 28 Saturday Perdue Agricultural Fair Perdue

July 1 Sunday CANADA DAY

July 10 Tuesday Delisle Town Council Meeting Delisle

July 15 Sunday Biggar Gymkhana Biggar

August 9 - 12 John Arcand Fiddle Fest Highway 60

July 1 Sunday Canada Day Pancake Breakfast Pike Lake Park Recreation Hall

July 10 Tuesday Vanscoy RM Council Meeting Vanscoy

July 20 Friday Deadline for August Issue RM Review

August 10 Saturday Vanscoy Fair Vanscoy

July 3 Tuesday Sandyridge Gas & Groceries 5th Anniversary

July 11 Wednesday Vanscoy Village Council Meeting Vanscoy

July 21 Saturday Delisle Day Delisle

August 11 Sunday Vanscoy Fair Vanscoy

July 7 Saturday Free Fishing Weekend Saskatchewan

July 14 Saturday 5:00pm Quinn Bucholz Fundraiser Twilight Hall

July 21 Saturday Eagle Creek Trail Ride Eagle Creek

August 25 Saturday Club Championship Delisle Golf & Country Club

July 8 Sunday Free Fishing Weekend Saskatchewan

July 14 Saturday Eagle Creek Golf Tournament Eagle Creek Regional Park

July 22 Sunday Last Day to Enter Holiday Contest

August 26 Sunday Club Championship Delisle Golf & Country Club

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