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Why Choose Swiss Style Apprenticeship Training An Indian Institute’s Perspective Paper Presented by Manish Kothari Director, Anwesha Composite Education Foundation (ACEF) (an NSDC Registered SkillSonics Training Centre)

Managing Director, Rhino Machines Pvt Ltd (Rhino) (Industry Partner of ACEF)

Date: 8th June, 2018 - Technical Workshop 6 (part I & II)

Who are WE?


ACE Foundation – The Training Entity : Committed to the Spread of Vocational Education in India in Multiple Domains • Set up by an interesting blend of like minded professionals • Industry - Rhino and Anwesha Engineering and Projects Limited • Education – Composite Education Solutions Private Limited (CE) and • Business Advisory – Composite Solutions Private Limited (CS)

Rhino Machines Pvt Ltd – Industry Training & Infrastructure Partner : Committed to Developing & Harnessing Skills • Set up in 1996, is an MSME having expertise in setting up foundry projects & manufacturing machines. • Working to global standards with 22 years of technology partnerships with French, Italian foundry machine producers • Innovations in Energy Efficiency, Waste Recovery, recognised by UNIDO – Cleantech Platform • Partnering Government of Gujarat to upgrade its technical institutions to Global Acceptable Centres of Excellence

Anwesha Engineering: Engaged in Construction, Fabrication & Installation of Tanks & Vessels: Leading EPC Company Composite Education – set up in 2010 to provide need based solutions to the Education Sector in India Composite Solutions Pvt Ltd – set up in 2008 stands for combined use of experience and knowledge to provide end to end solutions for business

Why the Alignment with Swiss Style Education Leverage the Human Capital into Highly Productive & Efficient Quality Assets

Indian Industry

Swiss Vocational Education

• Need of Appropriately Skilled Workforce • Great Demographic Dividend needing quality training

• Structured Quality Training over 100 years • Strong Industry & Training Partnership Model



Expected Impact on Organization Structure 2% 30 % 10 % 8%

50 %





L1 2%

Engineers, MBA’s Managers

L2 8 %

Engineers, MBA’s , BBA’s, CA’s, BSc, Bcom, BA Single Skilled Technical & Commercial Highly Skilled or MultiSkilled Workforce Unskilled or Lowly Skilled Work Force with poor literacy level

Lead Work Force

Multi Skilled, Multi Tasking Supervisory Work Force

L3 20 % L4 30 %

MultiSkilled – single discipline

Actual work force Single Skill – technical or commercial

L5 40 %

Key Expectations from Swiss Program


L4 & L5 – Bottom of the Pyramid Workforce

Present Scenario in India

Productivity from Day 1 of Employment

After 2 years in ITI, 1 year apprenticeship it takes 2 to 3 years to train the new technicians

Solid foundation of knowledge base – Technical and in English, Data Entry, Calculation

Unable to even read & understand Technical English – all drawings are in English.

Improved morale and motivation = Increases loyalty and reduces attrition

Due to low basic level, very difficult to meet aspirations, and they get disconnected from the industry Unable to contribute sufficiently and therefore are left out of team & actions.

Team with pro-active thinking and action Ability to Deliver Quality Product with Systematic Working

Lack of awareness & training to produce consistent quality in a systematic way.

Key Expectations from Swiss Program


L4 & L5 – Existing Workforce

Present Scenario in India

Short term Skill upgradation programs required for Electronics, PLC, Pneumatic, Electro-Pneumatic, Hydraulics & Robotics, Welding & Fabrication

The present availability of acquiring such skill sets in India is limited to single skill set such as hydraulics or plc or pneumatics but nothing comprehensive & generic.

L2 & L3 – Engineering Students

Present Scenario in India

Exposure to Students in Engineering Colleges & Existing Technical Team in Industrial Automation practical in Industry, CNC Machine training

No access or set up for training in industrial environment with latest technologies & developments.


Stakeholders in Training Institute Success SkillSonicsÂŽ Knowledge Partner Training of Trainers Sector Skill Aligned Content

ACE Foundation

Rhino Machines

Training Provider

Industry Partner

Alignment of Anwesha Engg, Composite Education & Rhino Machines

Assessment Ready base to add Vocational Training Certification

Space, Faculty, Infrastructure for Training Employment Assurance in Industry Industrial Environment for training Manufacturing Industry Network Connect

Swiss Govt & Training Institutes

Certification Dual Certification

Access to 100 + years of Quality Training Modules Exposure to International Training

Progress at Skill Development Institute - Karamsad Growth Learning Engagement

2015 • Training Centre Set up & Marketing • Training of Trainers of Rhino Trainers & Instructors • 1st Batch – 6 month ITI students – 22 Students

2016 • Training under SVETII QAP • 1st Batch 12 Electrical & 10 Mechanical 6 month course after ITI – clears NSDC also • 1st Batch – 4 students 10th appeared commences

2017 • SERI Sponsored & SkillSonics® supported TOT in Welding & Automation • Industrial Automation & Electro-Pneumatics Training for Engineers • 4 students complete foundation, start 2nd Year • Rhino partners Govt of Gujarat to bring Swiss Training to ITI Santrampur

8/11 Articulation

2018 • Empanelment in Govt of Gujarat for Skill Upgradation Centre • Industrial Automation Training for Existing Employees of Industries, for Students, for Faculties • Interaction for Swiss TOT with Govt of Gujarat • ……starting 2nd Batch of 2 year program in Aug/Sep

The CHALLENGES of Vocational Training in India Parent & Peer (Societal) Mindset

“lack dignity of labour”

Industry Readiness

Space for better remuneration for better workforce

Aspiration is to be an “Engineer”

Lack of awareness of quality, working system, right tools at owner level Not ready to invest in Human Capital Training for fear of loosing the employee

Government Ecosystem

Lack of Permeability in Education system

Educational Institutions

Looking at education as business, not ready to engage in practical training

Inability to bring Industry, Society, Education & Policy makers on one platform

Not willing to collaborate for permeable education system

Disconnected from Industry needs


Concluding Note – Points to Ponder Our Summary • The NEED is Very Strong and the Solution found is the most appropriate • The curriculum, delivery methodology, industry participation with government certification is being retuned, readjusted considering the constraints which exist, as we cannot change the system overnight, but we can surely work around the system and deliver what we intend to do. • The SWISS Style Apprenticeship Training shall be the fulcrum for reaching Internationally acceptable safety, quality and productivity standards, and thank SkillSonics® to connect us with this opportunity which as Mahatma Gandhi always said “be the change you wish to see”.


Building Human Capital for the MSME by the MSME with Swiss Style Training Raw Indian Talent

Industrial Trainers


Employable Workforce

Knowledge Partner

Employment Tie Up

Swiss style apprenticeship training institute perspective vpet 8june2018 winterthur ver 2  

Manish Kothari shares the Experience and Perspective of ACE Foundation - Rhino Machines Vocational (Apprenticeship) School Initiative

Swiss style apprenticeship training institute perspective vpet 8june2018 winterthur ver 2  

Manish Kothari shares the Experience and Perspective of ACE Foundation - Rhino Machines Vocational (Apprenticeship) School Initiative