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Swiss Style Apprenticeship Training An Indian Institute’s Perspective Represented by

Manish Kothari Director, ACE Foundation (a NSDC Registered SkillSonics Training Centre) Managing Director, Rhino Machines Pvt Ltd (ACE Foundation’s MSME Partner Industry)

Presented at:

3rd International Congress on Vocational and Professional Education and Training from 6 - 8 June 2018 – Witherthur, Switzerland

Date & Time:

8th June - Technical Workshop 6 (part I & II), Presentation V : 14.15 to 14.30 ZHAW School of Management & Law, Winterthur


The NEED for Alignment Swiss is known for “Quality & Precision” across the world India is known for hardworking & adaptable society With the growing demographic dividend in India, the enormous opportunity in manufacturing industry, the challenge was always to “leverage the human capital into highly productive & efficient quality assets”. If India has the Human Capital – Swiss Style Apprenticeship Training has the capability to leverage it…logically it is a “no brainer” for India to adapt and build in the Swiss Style Education into its Vocational Training. ACE Foundation was formed to bridge the gap of quality work force, and had been trying to train engineers to make them industry ready. The present Education Ecosystem in India was very “disconnected” which was ultimately impacting all these 3 “disconnected” stake holders – the Industry (lack of skilled manpower), the Government (rising unemployment & dissent), the People (lack of the right skill sets). The opportunity SkillSonics brought to us in 2014 by Chandrakumar & Franz hit the right tone and vein for ACE Foundation. We were able to see a window to move out of “blaming” the government & try to build a structure similar to the Swiss Education System with a true Industry – Government partnership. The 3 stakeholders of ACE Foundation had the experience of difficulties of education-industry, the gaps and were open to finding solutions which could help bridge the Industry-Academia Gap, and enable symbiotic growth of industry & people for mutual benefit.  Anwesha Engineering (Mechanical, Civil, EPCC and Manufacturing) – Large Industry  Composite Education (Education Solutions) – School Education & Consulting  Rhino Machines (Foundry Automation & Projects, Manufacturing) MSME ACE Foundation – a not for profit organisation signed the MOU with SkillSonics and on 28th March 2015 the ACE Foundation – Karamsad Skill Development Centre was inaugurated in the premises of Rhino Machines.


The EXPECTATIONS Workshop Technicians EXPECTATIONS from Swiss Style Program Productivity from Day 1 of Employment

Present Scenario in India

After 2 years in ITI, 1 year apprenticeship it takes 2 to 3 years to train the new technicians Solid foundation of knowledge base – Unable to even read & understand Technical and in English, Data Entry, Technical English – all drawings are Calculation in English. Simple calculations are not possible…Is dependent completely on the self-interest of employee Improved morale and motivation = Due to low basic level, very difficult Increases loyalty and reduces to meet aspirations, and they get attrition disconnected from the industry Team with pro-active thinking and Unable to contribute sufficiently and action therefore are left out of team & actions.

Existing Workforce – Skill Upgradation EXPECTATIONS from Swiss Style Program Short term Skill upgradation programs required for Industrial Automation such as Electronics, PLC, Pneumatic, Electro-Pneumatic, Hydraulics & Robotics

Present Scenario in India The present availability of acquiring such skill sets in India is limited to single skill set such as hydraulics or plc or pneumatics but nothing comprehensive & generic.

Engineering Students – Sandwich Training Programs EXPECTATIONS from Swiss Style Present Scenario in India Program Exposure to Students in Engineering No structure presently to engage Colleges to Industrial Automation Engineering Institutes with Industrial practicals in Industry, CNC Machine training DURING their studies. training etc These expectations are to create a strong, sustainable human capital development for producing international consistent quality products & solutions. 3

The IMPLEMENTATION SkillSonics:  Provided the Course Content aligned to the CGSC (Capital Goods) Industry in 2 phases: o Phase 1 – Upgradation of ITI students for 6 months (completed in 2016) o Phase 2 – 1 year foundation & 6 months CGSC (NSDC Certification) course (under completion 2018) o Phase 3 – 1 year foundation & 12 months SwissMEM program (proposed in 2019)  Training of Trainers – pedagogy training to 8 persons from Rhino Machines (2016)  Design & List for setting up the training centre  Assessment & guidance in content delivery  TOT in Welding & Automation with SERI as part of QAP  Training of Examiners, Assessors Rhino Machines:  Institute space within their factory premises  Infrastructure of machines, tools, audio visual aids, benches as per SIPL specifications  Industry experienced Principal, instructors & trainers  Access to practical training in Industry  Job Assurance and assistance for trained apprentices  Manufacturing assignment for Industry use (ongoing) to create industry ready students ACE Foundation  Organisation structure, management  Marketing, Sensitisation, NGO & CSR Connects Swiss Govt & Training Institutes:  Deputing Master Trainers at Rhino for training of trainers  Publicity & sensitisation of the program at National level  Continuous support & hand holding for the success of institute


The CHALLENGES • Parent & Peer (Societal) Mindset – Social status impact and technicians being down looked in the society, though they are the real value creators – “lack dignity of labour” – Aspiration is to be an “Engineer” even if the changes are 25% only for employment • Industry Readiness – Change in Industry Ecosystem to be create space for better remuneration for better workforce – Lack of awareness of quality, working system, right tools at owner level – Not ready to invest in Human Capital Training for fear of loosing the employee • Government Ecosystem – Lack of Permeability in Education system (only in last couple of years some change is seen) – Even for limited permeability, no promotion of such options – Inability to bring Industry, Society, Education & Policy makers on one platform (very slow and long process started, will take time) • Educational Institutions – Looking at education as business, not ready to engage in practical training – Not willing to collaborate for permeable education system – Not ready to partner technical training institutes and look down on them – Disconnected from Industry needs


The PROGRESS • 2015 : Engagement – Training Centre Set up & Marketing – Training of Trainers of Rhino Trainers & Instructors – 1st Batch – 6 month ITI students – 22 Students • 2016 : Learning – Training under SVETII QAP – 1st Batch 12 Electrical & 10 Mechanical 6 month course after ITI – clears NSDC also – 1st Batch – 4 students 10th appeared commences • 2017 : Growth – SERI Sponsored & SkillSonics® supported TOT in Welding & Automation – Industrial Automation & Electro-Pneumatics Training for Engineers – 4 students complete foundation, start 2nd Year – Rhino partners Govt of Gujarat to bring Swiss Training to ITI Santrampur • 2018 : Articulation – Empanelment in Govt of Gujarat for Skill Upgradation Centre – Industrial Automation Training for Existing Employees of Industries, for Students, for Faculties – Interaction for Swiss TOT with Govt of Gujarat – ……starting 2nd Batch of 2 year program in Aug/Sep Concluding Note  The NEED is Very Strong and the Solution found is the most appropriate  The curriculum, delivery methodology, industry participation with government certification is being retuned, readjusted considering the constraints which exist, as we cannot change the system overnight, but we can surely work around the system and deliver what we intend to do.  The SWISS Style Apprenticeship Training shall be the fulcrum for reaching internationally acceptable safety, quality and productivity standards, and thank SkillSonics® to connect us with this opportunity which as Mahatma Gandhi always said “be the change you wish to see”.


Swiss style apprenticeship training an indian institute's perspective vtep 8jun2018  

Manish Kothari shares the Experience and Perspective of ACE Foundation - Rhino Machines Vocational (Apprenticeship) School Initiative

Swiss style apprenticeship training an indian institute's perspective vtep 8jun2018  

Manish Kothari shares the Experience and Perspective of ACE Foundation - Rhino Machines Vocational (Apprenticeship) School Initiative