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Options to fit all Ages Affordable and Experienced Clinicians and Care

Premier Medicals “Pain Free” Procedure and Caring Service from Julie have been a great choice for me that I intend to continue.






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W  inter curb appeal • Dementia proofing your kitchen and bathroom light up your home

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Defying the declining libido • Beating the blues • Feel younger through fitness

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New beginnings—learn to accept life’s changes

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Taking care of Northern Colorado’s feet for over 40 Years! MICHAEL BURNS DPM, KATE JOHNSON DPM, CHAD KNUTSEN DPM, ROBERT SCHULTE DPM

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Nobody ever told me . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Caregiving for a spouse or family member can be daunting. Fortunately, there is information, help and support available.

Big players in brain health deliver hope . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30

Check out the latest discoveries in brain research. Find out what you can do to keep your brain healthy and strong with new developments such as stem-cells, Telomerase and preventative measures.

ABOUT THE COVER: Lifestyle Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Financial assistance & benefits, Housing, Retail, Services

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Jim is newly retired graphic artist and Julie is is owner/operator of Checks & Balances Daily Money Management. They spend most of their free time with their dog Max and enjoy traveling, music, golf, and art. Jim and Julie were photographed at the Lyric,, by Cheri Schonfeld

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Are stairs a challenge for Mom & Dad? We have your solution and F REE in-home estimate 1308 Riverside Avenue • Suite A • Fort Collins 970-223-8267 •

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From the Publisher

I remember

Not something to be taken for granted MANY OF US HAVE BEEN touched directly by knowing someone close to us who has or has had some form or another of dementia. Many of us know a friend who is working through the process of caring for a loved one with cognitive decline. We all have a story; it seems. I remember walking in the park with my grandmother when I was a teenager (so a long time ago). She was beginning to slip into Alzheimer’s disease and still had lucid moments. She grabbed my arm as we walked and looked straight at me and asked, “What’s happening to me?” I’m pretty sure I didn’t have a good answer because I didn’t know either. All I knew was that this amazing, vibrant, adventurous woman, whom I’d known all my life, was changing. In this issue, we explore brain health and dementia in a couple of different ways. Linda Osmundson shares her account of becoming the young man approached mesank in ainto parking primary caregiver for her husband as he delot offers yesterday. mentia. She the type of advice that can only come from someone“My who has experienced something family and I are stayingherself over as she relates what she learned on that path. She lets there and if we could get five dollars we could us in on all kinds of practical tips. Also, you can learn get a pizza. If we could get ten we could get many ways to modify your home for the ease and safety two and that would of dementia patients in cover Linda’sus.” Better Home story. I hadNichols no idea whether his tack story was true. Lynn takes a different and dives into He looked as though living rough, the new research that sayshe wewas can improve our brain health. That is goodsunken news! And, no surprise, it has aeyes. lot though—gaunt, cheeks, despairing to do with staying healthy and staying active—both Without hesitation, I pulled out my wallet cognitively physically. Getting sleep and handed him ten bucks. I don’t and know just why I did some it. Hegood wasn’t seems to matter too. And Lynn lets us in on some research that is showing promise to threatening. He wasn’t over imploring. He just seemed to really need a even reverse aging in the brain. boost thenand andengaged interacting him right a couple of Katie feet Forright the active part of with keeping your brainthere healthy, check out away, I just felt it was a moment. Harris’ stories about what to do and where to go in our Better Living section. It’s to not that onaging a mission giveperspective, away all of our money. I walk And give thisI’m whole processtosome Bob Calhoun jumps in with both feet to talk about letting go and how to courageously accept the constant and drive by plenty of people who are asking for a little push. And I’m changes that life throws at us. He advocates viewing life asa afeeling series ofofnew beginnot driven to help others by aalso sense of guilt or even being nings while properly grieving the people, functions and things we’ve lost. lucky enough to have it and these others don’t and so therefore it’s my As for me, I think I’ll eat some extra healthful food in the next few days, add a social obligation to do it. Nor do I get a big sense of satisfaction. I have couple of blocks to Charlie’s walk and dig in on a good crossword puzzle. Use it or a hard time pinpointing why I feel compelled to help out sometimes, lose it, baby! whether a sidewalk forthis a neighbor or stopping to push a car, Thanksscooping for remembering to read issue, andScott other times not so much.

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OCTOBER 2019 • Volume 24, Issue

learning, being and doing


Every fall, a neighbor of ours comes by with his air compressor and blows out our sprinkler lines. He makes the rounds in our corner of the neighborhood and gets everyone ready for winter. He doesn’t ask for anything. He just does it because he can. It is not a transactional offer in any way. Theresa Baer writes this month in her Learn and Live column about teaching children to be generous and to volunteer. She also offers some ideas about where and how. The idea is to help children to be aware of others’ needs and to understand that they, themselves, have something to offer. The &goal 10 | Fifty Betteris for them, really all of us, to not just do generosity as an activity that we have come to understand as something that we should



Hoffman ScottGreg Titterington, (970)221-9210


Harting KristinSusan Titterington, (970)221-921


Emily Zaynard Bob Calhoun, Katie Harris Lynn U. Nichols, Linda Osmundson



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to Age with Dignity Providing skilled nursing services, short term rehabilitation, long term care, respite care and individualized care plans to reach success in care goals.

970-484-7981 • 1020 Patton Street, Fort Collins • We accept Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance. Private and semi private rooms are available.

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Better Home

Linda L. Osmundson

Winter curb appeal ONCE THE CHRISTMAS WREATH comes down, what can take its place on the front door until the next season? Internet and craft stores offer plenty of ideas. Order or make a snowman wreath from two sizes of grapevine wreaths, greenery, cut a stiff felt hat and add a bow. Other ideas include the addition of a few imitation or real items to a wreath—pinecones, silver leaves, herbs, red berries, cotton balls, red cardinals, magnolia leaves, snowflakes, stars, ice skates, amaryllis, snowmen, white flowers, apples, birds, citrus, artichokes, greenery and finish with a silver, burlap or plaid bow. Have an old sled? Put it to use at the front door. Add a pair of ice skates and a winter colored bow. Hang foil or white snowflakes in the windows. Leave a lighted snowman or deer in the yard. Add greenery, berries and pinecones to large outdoor flowerpots or barrels. 12 |


Dementia proofing your kitchen and bedroom DEMENTIA PATIENTS’ VISION CHANGES with their decline. Extra lighting from the bedroom to the bathroom provides more safety. Physical stability declines. Rather than install grab bars by the toilet, consider stand-alone toilet bars that connect to the seat cover. Make sure the bed is high enough for easy entry and exit. To raise a bed, purchase bed risers from retailers like Amazon or Home Depot. Otherwise, add solid concrete blocks or stacks of lumber under bed legs. Be sure everything is stable. Label dresser drawers with large letters or pictures. Declutter the closet allowing fewer choices of clothing. In the kitchen, provide plain colored plates—no decorations. Decorations confuse the patient when eyesight diminishes. Consider plates with raised sides or purchase a plate guard. Offer large no-slip handled utensils bent so the patient’s wrist isn’t required to bend. Suggest adult sippy cups with handles. Remove burner knobs from the cooktop.

Light up your home! THE RIGHT LIGHTING CAN make a big difference for your home whether creating a mood or lighting for reading. Choose bulbs and fixtures to provide the perfect level of illumination while matching your room’s décor. Lighting also adds safety inside and outside your home. Choose the right wattage for your fixture and the right color— incandescent yellow warmth or fluorescent’s cool blue. Add dimmers. Make sure to use LED dimmers with LED lights. Determine the light’s goal—direct or task, ambient or indirect lighting. Make measurements for light’s glow from chandeliers. Direct canned lights to enhance wall décor. Provide safety lighting both inside and outside. Install motion lights around the house perimeters. Add timers to outdoor light switches. Line walks with solar lights. Place night lights in hallways, bathrooms and near stairs. Put a timer on a light in a front window; it always looks like someone is home.

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Northern Colorado’s



Nick D. Shumaker DDS, MS, PLLC • Leslie J. Paris DDS, MSD, PC


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As a part of our skilled nursing services, we provide wound care, bariatric care, tracheotomy care, resperatory care and respite care

Spring Creek Health Care

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2201 S. College • 970-226-8662 • Monday-Saturday 9-10 and Sunday 9-7

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Better Health

Lynn U. Nichols

Defying the declining libido

OUR SEXUAL DRIVE DECLINES as we age, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept it. Once we get certain roadblocks out of the way—like dryness after menopause for women and erectile dysfunction for men—we can discover a renewed interest in sex. Ask your doctor about solutions for symptoms, then consider redefining sex. Sex doesn’t have to

16 |


be just intercourse or something you do just before sleep. Get adventurous. Have sex when you are most energetic, like in the morning. Spend more time warming up with romance, touching and kissing as well as emotional sharing. If you are still struggling, see a sex therapist. You just might learn something you’ve never before considered.

Beating the blues WHY DO 15 TO 20 PERCENT of Americans over 65 experience depression? And what can you do to ward it off ? Chronic pain, like that caused by arthritis, and loss of function are main causes for depression as we age. So is losing a spouse or life partner, isolating, taking certain medications or abusing substances or alcohol. You may be surprised to learn that retirement can also be depressing for some seniors, especially those who felt a lot of pride and satisfaction from their work. If you can relate to one or more of these common causes, take a step back and consider what you need. Do you need a second opinion or a new solution on a health problem? Are you regularly seeing family and friends? Do you feel bored? Do what you can to improve your outlook. Enroll in a class and learn something new. Start a new side business. Set a regular coffee date with a friend. Have family over for dinner regularly. Plan something fun to look forward to, like a trip. If nothing sounds interesting, reach out for professional help. It’s never too late to start again or redefine your life.

Feel younger through fitness AS WE AGE, MAINTAINING muscle mass is less about looking buff than it is about being healthy. The benefits of hitting the gym are even more important as we age. If we maintain muscle mass and cardiovascular health into our 50s, 60s and 70s, we get a huge payoff—the ability to continue to do things we love without fear of injury or losing our balance. Our bodies look and feel younger, and we are more able to easily move around out in the world and at home. Aim for two to three weight training sessions a week, even if it’s just dumbbells or resistance exercises on a mat at home. Also try to fit in at least 150 minutes of moderate cardiovascular exercise a week, or 75 minutes of vigorous activity a week, according to the Mayo Clinic. Don’t forget to stretch. Stretching helps maintain flexibility and range of motion, increasing circulation and blood flow.

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Let me help you on your

Health Journey Diana Sproul

SPECIALIZING IN: • digestion • inflammation • immunity

• food allergies • detox • others

(970) 988-5413 • TransformHealth.Biz ContactUs@TransformHealth.Biz

18 |


• Health Coaching • Nutritionist • Herbalist • Energy Medicine

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Better Living

Katie Harris

All aboard! WINTER MIGHT JUST BE the best time of year to take a ride on the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad where, with over 70 inches of annual snowfall on average, chances are you’ll be greeted by a winter wonderland upon arrival. Your train ride will depart from the downtown station, before traveling 26 miles through the breathtaking San Juan National Forest and along the Animas River. You’ll stay cozy and warm aboard an original 1880s steampowered locomotive as you enjoy one-of-a-kind views of one of the lesser-traveled areas in the state. Be sure to visit

20 |


the D&SNG Museum on your return to learn about the rich history of railroading locally and worldwide. Reserve your seat on the Cascade Canyon Excursion by visiting Since your drive to this southern Colorado destination will take you the better part of a day, we recommend making a weekend of it by strolling the shops on Main Avenue and stopping by the authentic French Jean Pierre Bakery, Cafe, and Wine Bar for a mouthwatering pastry or glass of wine accompanied by live music (

Art lovers unite!

NOW THROUGH FEB. 2ND, guests to the Denver Museum of Art can purchase a ticket to experience “Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature.” The exhibit features 120 paintings from the French impressionist artist’s career, with a focus on his relationship with nature and the many places he visited, including the Normandy coast, the Mediterranean, London, and the Netherlands. The self-guided audio tour will explore Monet’s knack for capturing the reflective qualities of water and the effects of light, as well as the shift in his work over time as he increasingly isolated himself in nature. Admission for the tour is $27/adult and $5/youth and includes general admission to the museum. Advance reservations are highly recommended and can be made by visiting claude-monet.

Spotlight on the Rialto Theater APPROACHING ITS 100-YEAR birthday in 2020, the Rialto Theater started out as a silent movie theater and has since evolved into Loveland’s top performing arts venue. The performance hall hosts both local and nationally touring musicians and performers, as well as monthly independent films. This season, guests can enjoy a variety of musical genres at the Rialto Theater. Boulder-based, fan-favorite a cappella group FACE will perform a fun-filled holiday set on Dec. 16th including compilations of classic tunes and a few of their own holiday hits. Critically acclaimed Irish traditional music band Danú will perform on flute, tin whistle, fiddle, button accordion, bouzouki, and vocals on Dec. 18th. On Jan. 25th, award-winning pianist Gary Schmidt will take the stage with a unique blend of classical pieces and his own inspirational compositions. And, enjoy an innovative blend of banjo, fiddle, guitar, and mandolin known as “Celtgrass” performed by Irish group “We Banjo 3” on Feb. 25th. All events begin at 7:30pm and tickets range from $22-45 apiece. For more information and ticket sales go to

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Applicants must be at least 62 years of age with an annual income of or below $29,800 for one person & $34,050 for two people. Harvest Pointe is a non-smoking community. Section 504 Coordinator: Stuart Hartman, VP - Operations, FPM, Inc. 911 N Studebaker Road, Long Beach CA 90815, 562-275-5100. TDD 800-545-1833 x 359.

22 |


Use of hearing aids in patients with normal hearing As I was listening to my patient’s symptoms, I thought, “Wow she must have a pretty severe hearing loss.” After a comprehensive hearing and cognitive evaluation, my patient had 10% hearing loss but failed the speech in noise test. As the name implies, this test gives you an indication of how well you can understand speech in a noisy environment. Clinically, I would not consider 10% hearing loss to be detrimental to patients, but in her case, she was not able to function. My patient has suffered from what is called Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) for decades. She has always struggled when more than one sound source was present and needed to remove herself from the competing sounds in order to

understand conversation. Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) is the reduced or impaired ability to discriminate, recognize or comprehend complex sounds, such as those used in words, even though the person’s hearing is normal. This means that the brain receives the information from the peripheral hearing system but has a delay in processing the information. CAPD may manifest as poor listening skills, poor reading comprehension or miscommunication that causes trouble when communicating with family, friends, co-workers, etc. My patient described it as “brain fog.” She heard what people were saying but could not process the information quick enough to keep up. A decade ago, I would have

never fit anyone with hearing devices for this issue. However, today’s technology is very fast and can give the brain proper information. I fit her with a pair of Brain Hearing TM devices from Oticon and within 2 weeks she reported feeling like she could participate even when competing sounds were present. Even people with normal hearing can benefit from the use of hearing devices. Susan Baker is the owner and operator of Advanced Hearing Services in Fort Collins. She has been helping people with hearing loss and Tinnitus for the past 19 years. Please call (970) 221-5249 for an appointment today.

Susan D Baker, BC-HIS

Board Certified Hearing Instrument specialist LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED

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Thinning Hair?

Regrow it with Platelet Rich Plasma!

Kyle Hampton, DO

970-818-2280 3938 JFK Parkway Fort Collins, CO

24 |


An emerging area of healthcare is regenerative medicine. It focuses on using the body’s natural ability to heal in a targeted way. Treatments such as stem cell therapy or platelet rich plasma have gained popularity recently. Everything from hair loss, facial wrinkles and scarring to chronic low back pain and sports injuries have shown promising results. At Arktos Direct Care, platelet rich plasma injections are used to help treat a variety of conditions from chronic osteoarthritis to regrowing your own thinning hair. Platelet rich plasma or PRP has an amazing ability to stimulate your body’s own mechanisms to heal itself. Also, because it is processed from your own blood, PRP is an incredibly safe

treatment. But, what exactly is PRP? Plasma is the liquid portion of your blood. It is made up of water, proteins, fat, sugar, salts and platelets. Platelets contain numerous growth factors used in clotting, wound healing, and tissue repair. However, to be able to use the healing potential of platelets they need to be isolated from the red blood cells and white blood cells. This is done by using a centrifuge to separate the different layers of blood products and then extracting just the plasma and platelets. Taking that a step further, the platelets then need to be concentrated in the plasma to make platelet rich plasma or PRP. PRP is used with targeted injections into tissues to promote and accelerate healing. By putting the PRP exactly where we want healing to occur, we can direct the body’s own potential for healing. Arktos Direct Care physicians use PRP to treat hair loss, osteoarthritis, painful joints, facial wrinkles and scarring. Regenerative medicine with PRP is the perfect way to help you feel your best and keep you doing what you love.

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Lessons from a dementia caregiver Linda L. Osmundson

26 |



A 7am call woke me. “Bob had a fall and didn’t call for help. He’s okay.” My husband resided at a memory care facility. He fell often, i.e. one of the reasons for his admittance.

At my noon visit, I showed him his alert button and reminded him to use it. He responded in the clearest voice I’d heard in months, “You forgot, I have dementia.” Believe me, I hadn’t forgotten. Nobody ever told me when I pledged, “’til death do us part,” I might become a caregiver. In 2012, Bob was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia. Yet, later an MRI did not substantiate that diagnosis. I wasn’t prepared for caregiving. I researched online, read and joined a wonderful support group. I Googled other forms of dementia. Bob drank heavily after he retired. Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome symptoms didn’t match his. He had a heart attack at age 48 and quadruple bypass at age 56. Vascular dementia symptoms didn’t quite fit either. Some symptoms fit Mixed dementia. He suffered no hallucinations, so I ruled out Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB). After a neurologist visit, the doctor regretted his lack of a real diagnosis. That night he called and told me to Google “PSP,” the acronym for Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. Most of the symptoms matched—lack of cognition and muscle control, memory loss, inability to talk clearly or recall proper words (aphasia) and choking. I made lots of mistakes. I learned many lessons. Perhaps they will keep you from making the same mistakes. • Avoid arguments. Dementia leaves a patient with little age-appropriate reasoning ability. • Rather than argue, distract. Point out something that takes his mind away from the present situation. • Let someone else be the bad guy. After three minor accidents, the DMV required a driving test, which Bob failed. They took his license away.

Fifty&Better | 27

• White lies are okay. It’s called Therapeutic Deception. When he asked where his mother is, say she’s gone to the store. • Monitor your voice. A cheerful voice and countenance, even if you are angry, results in a positive response. Keep a smile on your face when your heart is breaking. • Ignore most people’s advice. They mean well. Unless they have walked in your shoes, don’t let them tell you what to do. Just say, “Thank you.” • Avoid the word “remember.” Don’t ask him to do something he can’t. Relate an incident or look at a photo album and see if it triggers a memory. • Cater the conversation to a shared word. If he tries to talk and you don’t understand, pick one word you do understand and say anything using that word. It’s a meaningless conversation called Ping Ponging. • Get help. Accept the offers of friends. Use agencies like Volunteers of America who provide two free hours of companionship a week. Hire in-home care, even if only a few

28 |


hours. Use facilities like Elderhaus Adult Day Program or the many home care agencies. • Take over the finances. Do this before a disaster occurs. • Join a support group. It is essential. • Use brain-challenging activities such as the books called Joggin’ Your Noggin’. Work large piece jigsaw puzzles (350 pieces or less), read children’s books, play matching the pictures card games and look at photo albums. • Take care of yourself. You can’t care for someone if you become sick. When is it time to find professional help like a memory care facility? Everyone says you’ll know. In our case, it was prodding by our sons. They felt I’d aged ten years in one. Actually, when I told Bob I needed more sleep or I’d get sick and wouldn’t be able to care for him, he suggested he go to a facility. Of course, he meant assisted living. My sons and I decided his rapid decline might require a traumatic transfer to memory care later so why not admit him to memory care. He wasn’t happy at first, but adjusted. • If your loved one becomes violent,

abusive or aggressive, it is time for a facility. When you become ill or exhausted and feel you can’t do it anymore, it is time for a facility. When the loved one becomes extremely dependent, incontinent or physically disabled, it is time for a facility. Northern Colorado offers many choices. Research them and get your name on the waiting list. • Experts suggest caregivers journal. I wrote all the things Bob liked to do and couldn’t do anymore. I listed how we adjusted those activities. The lists became a children’s picture book— Papa’s Changes, Dementia Through a Child’s Eyes. A granddaughter changes her interactions with her grandfather to keep love alive in their relationship and through his dementia journey. • In addition to reading, enroll in the Powerful Tools for Caregivers 6-week course. Find more help through, Dementia Friendly Communities and/or the Office on Aging. Senior Access Points (, 970-498-7740) is a resource that answers all your questions or suggests someone who can.

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Big players in


deliver hope A rundown of the latest discoveries LYNN U NICHOLS

IF YOU HAVE ALZHEIMER’S IN your family, or if you are experiencing some memory loss and it’s making you panic, here’s some good news. Prominent doctors in the United States are researching brain health and some of what they have to say is mind blowing, no pun intended. In a recent video series called Regain Your Brain, 10 doctors were interviewed, revealing some astounding research. Most have written books, so search them if you want more. Here are the highlights. YOU’RE NOT STUCK WITH THE BRAIN YOU HAVE

This is a catchphrase of well-respected Dr. Daniel Amen, psychiatrist and founder of the Amen Institutes. He’s literally done thousands of brain scans and analyzed what they reveal to support his famous saying. He believes that lifestyle changes can improve your brain health and 30 |


hence, improve your memory and even ward off Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers used to believe that after a certain age we didn’t make new brain cells, we only lost them due to unhealthy habits. Not true. Amen’s research shows that the hippocampus makes 700 new stem cells a day, all we have to do is keep them alive by controlling risk factors that affect our brains. BRIGHTMINDS

Dr. Amen makes the risk factors easy to remember in his coined acronym BRIGHTMINDS. Here’s a quick rundown: B = blood flow. Increasing blood flow to the brain means it works better. Makes sense, right? To enhance blood flow, exercise and quit smoking. R = retirement. When you stop learning, your brain starts dying—so learn new things.

I = inflammation. Inflammation is a key contributor to a ton of health problems including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and dementia. To lower inflammation, increase your omega 3 intake (think fish and healthy fats like avocado), lower your carbohydrate intake, exercise, de-stress and get good sleep. G = genetics. Not much you can do here. H = head trauma. Yes, playing football or a headbanging sport does injure your brain, but your brain can heal with good care. Amen has studies to prove it. T = toxins. Decrease toxins, such as alcohol, marijuana, drugs and endocrine disrupters like chemicals in your food, body products and cleaning supplies. M = mental health. Depression and negative thoughts increase stress, which is bad for your brain. I = immunity and infections. Did you know that infectious diseases like herpes and West Nile increase dementia risk by 20 percent? Do things to boost your immune system, starting with your gut health. N = neurohormonal deficiency. Amen says that balanced

hormones are like Miracle Grow for your brain. Get your hormones (including your thyroid) fully tested and balanced. D = diabesity. Yeah, it’s not really a word, but diabetes and obesity are two big risk factors for dementia. S = sleep. Your brain needs sleep, that’s when its cells wash themselves. If you are not sleeping well, get checked for sleep apnea as it triples your risk for dementia. THREE TYPES OF DEMENTIA

Dr. Dale Bredesen, neurologist, is another well-known brain doctor. He names three factors that add up to cognitive decline: inflammation, a shortage of nutrients that feed the brain, and toxins. Yes, research is now showing that dementia can be caused by toxins and microtoxins, including molds, mercury, aluminum and chemicals. If you suspect you are overloaded with toxins, have your doctor run a blood panel to check for exposure. Bredesen says you can reverse cognitive decline with a brain healthy lifestyle, balanced hormones, adequate vitamin D, and more. If you are concerned about your declining memory, consider get-

Fifty&Better | 31

ting a cognoscopy—a test that measures your brain’s function. BDNF FOR A HEALTHY BRAIN

Then there’s Dr. David Perlmutter, a neurologist that has studied brain health for years. He believes that by supporting a growth factor called brain-derived neurotrophic factor or BDNF, our brains can regenerate themselves. BDNF is vital for stem cell growth in the brain. What increases BDNF? Lots of exercise—both aerobic and weight bearing. Taking omega 3 fatty acids. Eating turmeric, found in curried foods. Starting a high (good) fat and low carb diet, like Keto. Intermittent fasting. Taking or eating prebiotics (fiber) and probiotics that help maintain healthy gut bacteria. Maintaining high vitamin

32 |


D levels beyond the mere normal range on blood tests (most likely demands a supplement). Having low blood glucose levels and low fasting insulin levels. Eliminating leaky gut syndrome. Taking COQ10. It’s a lot to consider, but eating lots of vegetables, lean meats, fish and exercising regularly gives you a big head start to getting there. TELOMERASE TO REVERSE ALZHEIMER’S

The biggest mindblower in the Regain your Brain series came from Dr. Michael Fossil, who has done years of studies in mice showing he can reverse an aging brain by giving an injection of telomerase. This enzyme works at

the cellular level, directing the length of the ends of glial cells in the brain— called telomeres. When we are young, our telomeres are nice and long but they shorten as we age. (Studies of the brains of Alzheimer patients show this correlation between the disease and short telomeres.) The telomere is the part of the brain cell that cleans, keeping cells young and functioning well. Fossil is running human trials now. He claims a shot of telomerase will be available in about three years that will restore brain health by five to 10 years. Likely, your brain hurts after reading all of this. Have some green tea and relax—after all, it’s good for your brain! Then, make a daily plan to improve your brain health.

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34 |


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DIRECTORY Financial Assistance & Benefits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 finances, insurance counseling

Housing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 assisted living, independent living, moving, assistance, nursing facilities, senior apartments


Colorado Low-Income Bill Paying Assistance https://www.needhelppayingbills. com/html/colorado_assistance_ programs.html Colorado Consumer Fraud 800-222-4444 GreenPath Financial Wellness 2850 McClelland Dr., Ste. 3000 O, FC, 800-550-1961

Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) Discover Goodwill 866-432-8435 services/leap Colorado Old Age Pension Larimer County, 498-6300 public-benefits Weld County, 351-1551 Partnership for Age-Friendly Communities FC,

Kevin Dunnigan, Investment Center Advisor Group 290 E. 29th St., LV, 622-2366

Social Security Administration 301 S. Howes St., 4th Floor, FC 5400 W. 11th St., Ste. A, GR 800-772-1213,

Michael Tarantino, CFP Tarantino Wealth Management 419 Canyon Ave., Ste. 320, FC 829-0900


Larimer County Office on Aging 1501 Blue Spruce, FC, 498-7750 Larimer County Veterans Services 200 W. Oak St., 5th Floor, FC 498-7390 36 |


CARE Housing 1303 W. Swallow St., FC, 282-7522 Housing Catalyst 1715 W. Mountain Ave., FC 416-2910

Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Funeral services, grocery shopping & mail delivery, home remodeling, legal services, moving assistance, real estate, transportation Municipal Support. . . . . . . . . 41

Good Samaritan Society— Bonell 708 22nd St., GR, 352-6082

Loveland Housing Authority 375 W. 37th St., Ste. 200, LV 667-3232

Good Samarian Society— Estes Park Village 1901 Ptarmigan Tr., EP, 577-7700 estes-park-village

Neighborhood Resource Office 1000 10th St, GR, 336-4167 neighborhood-resource-office

Good Samaritan Society— Fort Collins Village 508 W. Trilby Rd., FC, 226-4909 fortcollinsvillage Good Samaritan Society— Fox Run Senior Living 1720 60th Ave., GR, 353-7773

Neighborhood Services Office 281 N. College Ave., FC 224-6046, neighborhoodservices Neighbor to Neighbor 1550 Blue Spruce Dr., FC 484-7498 242 Conifer St., FC, 494-9705 1511 E. 11th St., LV, 663-4163

Good Samaritan Society— Loveland Village 2101 S. Garfield Ave., LV, 669-3100 loveland-village


Good Samaritan Society— Water Valley Resort 805 Compassion Dr., WS, 686-2743

Aspen House 2212 E. 11th St., LV, 635-9800

Greeley-Weld Housing Authority 903 6th St., GR, 353-7437

Apple Leaf Assisted Living 1328 N. 1st St., Berthoud 532-2600

Aspyre Rock Creek 3150 Rock Creek Dr., FC 372-5838

The Bridge at Greeley 4750 25th St., GR, 339-0022 Bright Assisted Living 610 Hemlock Dr., WS, 674-1446 Collinwood Assisted Living and Memory Care 5055 S. Lemay Ave., FC 223-3552, Brookdale Senior Living 1002 Rule Dr., FC 1999 W. 38th Ave., GR 2895 N. Empire, LV 215 Shupe Cir., LV 855-350-3800 Columbine Commons 1475 Main St., WS, 449-5540 The Courtyard of Loveland 605 California Ave., LV 667-3342 Eagle’s Nest Assisted Living 1026 Salmon Run, FC, 231-2692 Fox Meadows 4021 Spruce Dr., FC, 449-4472 Garden Square at Spring Creek 1000 E. Stuart St., FC, 482-5712 colorado/fort-collins/gardensquare-at-spring-creek Garden Square of Greeley 1663 29th Ave. Pl., GR 573-7739 Garden Square at Westlake Assisted Living 3151 W. 20th St., GR, 673-9402 Good Samarian Society— Estes Park Village 1901 Ptarmigan Tr., EP 577-7700 estes-park-village

Good Samaritan Society— Fort Collins Village 508 W. Trilby Rd., FC, 226-4909 fortcollinsvillage Good Samaritan Society— Bonell 708 22nd St., GR, 352-6082 Good Samaritan Society— Loveland Village 2101 S. Garfield Ave., LV 669-3100 loveland-village Good Samaritan Society— Water Valley Resort 805 Compassion Dr., WS 686-2743

Grace Point Continuing Care Senior Campus 1919 68th Ave., GR, 304-1919 Gray Cara West 3705 Carson Ave., Evans 330-5133 Heritage Haus 208 19th St. SE, LV, 669-5616 Joneses Assisted Living 2127 Eagle Dr., LV, 663-2226 Lakeview Commons 1422 W. 29th St., LV 278-4000 Lighthouse Elder Care 700 Greenbriar Dr., FC 482-1119 Live to Assist Assisted Living 2914 W. Prospect Rd., FC 224-1400

MacKenzie Place 4750 Pleasant Oak Dr., FC 207-1939 mackenzie-place MeadowView of Greeley 5300 W. 29th St., GR, 353-6800 Monarch Greens Assisted Living Home 1725 Lakeview Dr., FC, 218-5057 MonarchGreens Morning Star Assisted Living and Memory Care 3509 Lochwood Drive, FC 707-5337 New Mercer Commons 900 Centre Ave., FC, 495-1000 www.columbine

Fifty&Better | 37

Park Regency Loveland 1875 Fall River Dr., LV, 461-1100 Primrose Place 1330 E. 1st St., LV, 667-5962 The Residence at Oakridge 4750 Wheaton Dr., FC 229-5800 Terry Lake Assisted Living 3629 Woodridge Rd., FC 484-1299 Turnberry Place Assisted Living 2401 Turnberry Rd., FC 482-2215 Willows at Windsor 303 E. Chestnut St., 686-2258 WindSong at Northridge 7010 West 8th St., GR, 449-7199


AccentCare 4065 St. Cloud, Ste. 200, LV 346-9700, Alpha Omega Home Health Care 266-2527

Amada Senior Care 2850 McClelland Dr., Ste. 1900, FC 237-5747 northern-colorado-senior-care Bayada Home Healthcare 3500 JFK Pkwy., Ste. 325, FC 282-8500, Bloom at Home 915 Centre Ave., Ste. 2, FC 482-5096 BrightStar Care 3880 N. Grant Ave., Ste. 180, LV 667-7778, www.brightstarcare. com/fort-collins-loveland CarePathways 877-521-9987 Caring Companions—Volunteers of America 405 Canyon Ave., FC 472-9630, Caring Senior Service Fort Collins 333 W Drake Rd. #22, FC 672-1734, www.caringsenior Elder Care Network 495-3442,

Family Care Connection 223-9026 elder-care Good Samaritan Society EP 577-7700 FC 658-4286 LV 624-5468 WS 674-5520 Home Instead Senior Care 251 Boardwalk Dr., FC 494-0289, Homewatch CareGivers of Northern Colorado 220 W. Ash St., Ste C, WS 355-3372

Right At Home 330 E. Mulberry St., FC 494-1111, Senior Helpers 3101 Kintzley Ct., Laporte 368-2060 1051 6th St., GR, 658-3672 Seniors Helping Seniors 2290 E. Prospect Rd., Ste. 6, FC 631-8251 257 Johnstown Center Dr., Ste. 210, Johnstown, 484-8445 Visiting Angels 5441 Boeing Dr., Ste. 200, LV 877-618-4748

HomeWell of Northern Colorado 1401 S. Taft Ave., Ste. 207, LV 461-4799


Interim Health Care 2000 Vermont Dr., Ste. 100, FC 472-4180, www.interimhealth

Good Samarian Society— Estes Park Village 1901 Ptarmigan Tr., EP, 577-7700 estes-park-village

Maxim Healthcare Services 3665 JFK Pkwy., #330, FC 493-9300

Good Samaritan Society—Bonell 708 22nd St., GR, 352-6082

Good Samaritan Society— Fort Collins Village 508 W. Trilby Rd., FC, 226-4909 fortcollinsvillage Good Samaritan Society— Fox Run Senior Living 1720 60th Ave., GR, 353-7773 Good Samaritan Society— Loveland Village 2101 S. Garfield Ave., LV, 669-3100 loveland-village Good Samaritan Society— Water Valley Resort 805 Compassion Dr., WS, 686-2743 Harvest Pointe 4895 Lucerne Ave., LV 622-9907, harvest-pointe

38 |


Hillcrest of Loveland 535 N. Douglas Ave., LV, 674-7120 senior-living

Sunflower—A Gated Active Adult Community 865 Pleasure Dr., FC, 493-5646

Century III Housing (Windsor Housing Authority) 1027 Walnut St., WS 686-5576,

Joe P. Martinez Gardens 1701 2nd St., GR, 356-2332 joe-p-martinez-gardens

Holiday Retirement—Greeley Place 1051 6th St., GR, 601-4089

The Wexford 1515 W. 28th St. LV, 667-1900

DMA Plaza Apartments 300 Remington St., FC 493-7727

Holiday Retirement—Parkwood Estates 2201 S. Lemay Ave., FC 528-5810,

The Windsor 1385 Main St., WS, 460-5005

Housing Catalyst 1715 W. Mountain Ave., FC 416-2910

Good Samaritan Society— Loveland Village 2101 S. Garfield Ave., LV, 669-3100 loveland-village

Holiday Retirement—Sugar Valley Estates 4320 Georgetown Dr., LV 528-1714 MacKenzie Place 4750 Pleasant Oak Dr., FC 207-1939, Green House Homes—Mirasol Senior Living 1153 Finch St., LV, 663-1300 Rigden Farm Senior Living 2350 Limon Dr., FC, 295-4521 Silvernest Home Sharing

The Winslow 909 Centre Ave.FC, 492-6200 The Worthington 900 Worthington Circle, FC 490-1000


Big Thompson Manor I & II 230 Monroe Ave., LV, 667-4195 Birchwood Apartments 2830 W. 27th St. Ln., GR 330-6206 Broadview Apartments 2915 W. 8th St., GR, 352-9305 CARE Housing 1303 W. Swallow Rd., FC 282-7522,

Good Samaritan Society— Bonell 708 22nd St., GR, 352-6082 Good Samarian Society— Estes Park Village 1901 Ptarmigan Tr., EP, 577-7700 estes-park-village Good Samaritan Society— Fort Collins Village 508 W. Trilby Rd., FC, 226-4909 fortcollinsvillage Good Samaritan Society— Fox Run Senior Living 1720 60th Ave., GR, 353-7773

Good Samaritan Society— Water Valley Resort 805 Compassion Dr., WS, 686-2743 Governor’s Farm Apartments 701 6th St., WS, 686-9650 Greeley Manor Apartments 1000 13th St., GR, 356-5489 Hamilton Park Apartments I & II 1406 N. 4th St., Berthoud 532-3725 Harvest Pointe 4895 Lucerne Ave., LV, 622-9907 Immaculata Plaza 530 10th Ave., GR, 356-0610

Fifty&Better | 39

Island Grove Village Apartments 119 14th Ave., GR 356-2808 La Casa Rosa (Greeley/Weld Housing Authority) 1011 C St., GR, 353-7437 Loveland Housing Authority 375 W. 37th St., Ste. 200, LV 667-3232 Meeker Commons Mutual Housing 505 9th Ave., GR, 378-9393 Oakbrook II Senior Community 3300 Stanford Rd., FC 223-1356 Reflections Senior Apartments 321 E. Troutman Pkwy., FC 225-3711 Sanctuary Place Apartments 3732 Kunz Ct., FC, 225-2116 properties

Woodbridge Senior Apartments 1508 W. Elizabeth St., FC 472-1703, Woodside Village Apartments 146 E. 24th St., GR, 356-5991


Berthoud Living Center 855 Franklin, Berthoud 532-2683 Centennial Healthcare Center 1637 29th Ave. Pl., GR, 356-8181 Centre Avenue Health & Rehab Facility 815 Centre Ave. FC, 494-2140 Columbine Commons Health & Rehab Facility 1475 Main St., WS, 449-5540

University Plaza Apartments 1534 11th Ave., GR, 353-9275

Columbine West Health & Rehab Facility 940 Worthington Cr., FC 221-2273

Villa Fourteen 214 Birch Ave., Ault, 834-1570

Fairacres Manor 1700 18th Ave., GR, 353-3370

40 |


Fort Collins Health Care Center 1000 S. Lemay Ave., FC 482-7925 Golden Peaks Center 1005 E. Elizabeth St., FC 482-2525, www.genesishcc. com/GoldenPeaks Good Samaritan Society— Fort Collins Village 508 W. Trilby Rd., FC, 226-4909 fortcollinsvillage Good Samaritan Society— Greeley Communities 708 22nd St., GR, 352-6082 greeleycommunities Good Samaritan Society— Loveland Village 2101 S. Garfield Ave., LV 669-3100, locations/loveland-village Grace Pointe Continuing Care Senior Campus 1919 68th Ave., GR, 304-1919 Kenton Manor 850 27th Ave., GR, 353-1018 Lemay Avenue Health & Rehab Facility 4824 S. Lemay Ave., FC, 482-1584

Life Care Center of Greeley 4800 W. 25th St., GR, 330-6400 North Shore Health & Rehab Facility 1365 W. 29th St., LV, 667-6111 Sierra Vista Health Care Center 821 Duffield Ct., LV, 669-0345 Spring Creek Healthcare Center 1000 E. Stuart St., FC, 482-5712 Windsor Healthcare Center 710 3rd St., WS, 686-7474



Adamson Funeral & Cremation Services 2000 47th Ave., GR, 353-1212 Allnutt Funeral Service 1302 Graves Ave., EP, 586-3101 650 W. Drake Rd., FC, 482-3208 6521 W. 20th St., GR, 352-3366 2100 N. Lincoln Ave., LV, 667-1121 Bohlender Funeral Chapel 121 W. Olive St., FC, 364-2536

Goes Funeral Care and Crematory 3665 Canal Dr., Ste. E, FC 482-2221

Colorado Legal Services 211 W. Magnolia St., FC, 493-2891 912 8th Ave., GR, 353-7554

Dial-A-Ride / Dial-A-Taxi 6570 Portner Rd., FC, 224-6066 dial-a-ride

Wellington Senior Resource Center 3800 Wilson Ave., Wellington 817-2293

Resthaven 8426 S. Hwy. 287, FC, 667-0202

Larimer County Bar Association Pro Bono Program 402-2075

Greeley-Evans Transit (GET) 101 11th Ave., GR, 350-9290


Stoddard Funeral Home 3205 W. 28th St., GR, 330-7301 Vessey Funeral Service 2649 E. Mulberry St., Ste. A-1, FC, 482-5065 Viegut Funeral Home 1616 N. Lincoln Ave., LV, 679-4669

GROCERY SHOPPING & MEAL DELIVERY King Soopers Grocery Delivery Meals on Wheels Fort Collins 484-6325, www. Meals on Wheels Loveland & Berthoud 667-0311, www.lovelandmeals Safeway Grocery Delivery 877-723-3929 Sprouts Grocery Delivery Volunteers of America 405 Canyon Ave., FC, 472-9630

HOME REMODELING Johnson Custom Flooring & Design 2093 E. 11th St., Ste. 100 LV, 663-1266 www.johnsoncustom

Misty Bordeaux, Estate Law 2629 Redwing Rd., Ste. 112, FC 488-2737 Peter W. Bullard, Elder Law 375 E. Horsetooth Rd., Bldg. 6, Ste. 101, FC 223-5900, Sutherland & Connor, LLC, 1315 Oakridge Dr., Dte. 120, FC 224-9779, Wallace & Kling, P.C. 425 W. Mulberry St., Ste. 107, FC 221-5602,


Rural Alternative for Transportation (RAFT) Berthoud Area Community Center 248 Welch Ave., Berthoud 532-0808 Senior Alternatives in Transportation (SAINT) FC, 223-8645, LV, 223-8653 www.saintvolunteer Super Shuttle 4414 E. Harmony Road, Ste. 200, FC, 225-4824

Kids Gloves, LLC 4821 S. County Rd. 13, LV 449-2309,

Transfort Fort Collins 250 N. Mason St., FC, 221-6620



The Group, Inc. Deanna McCrery, SRES 222-9532 Carol Voorhis, SRES 481-9487 Lisa Hite, SRES 310-3133 Anna DiTorrice-Mull, SRES 631-2649

Via Mobility Services Serving EP, 303-444-3043



Senior Access Points of Larimer County 498-7740 www.senioraccesslarimer. Town of Berthoud 807 Mountain Ave., Berthoud 532-2643, Town of Estes Park 170 MacGregor Ave., EP 586-5331, townofestespark City of Fort Collins 215 N. Mason St., FC 221-6207, City of Greeley 1000 10th St., GR 350-9777, City of Loveland 500 E. 3rd St., LV, 962-2000 Town of Windsor 301 Walnut St., WS, 674-2400

TRANSPORTATION 60+ Ride Weld County, 352-9348

Beyers Law—Elder-Law Attorney 231 W. 4th St., LV, 669-1101

Berthoud Area Transportation Service (BATS) 807 Mountain Ave., Berthoud 344-5816, departments/berthoudarea-transportation-system-bats

C. Jan Lord, Elder-Law 1201 Lake Ave., Ste. A, Berthoud 532-4183,

City of Loveland Transit (COLT) 105 W. 5th St., LV, 962-2700


Groome Transportation 4414 E. Harmony Rd., Ste. 200, FC 226-5533

Fifty&Better | 41

Connect with your customers RMParent offers new and small businesses instant credibility, community and value. We offer new

advertiser discounts and incentives custom-made to fit any budget. We’re local to serve local.

SEE what we can do for you: Greg at 970-689-6832

. . . . OR . . . . Susan at 970-301-3320

42 |


Fifty&Better | 43


DIRECTORY Activities & lessons . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Archery, biking, boating, bowling, cards and bingo, dancing, equestrian gear, gardening, golfing, hiking, music, scuba, spectator events, swimming, tennis, glass blowing, knitting, painting, pottery, quilting & sewing, stained glass Culture, Arts & entertainment . . 48 Cinema cafes, dinner theaters, museums, performance venues Beauty/Spa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48

Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Education & Lifelong learning Fitness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 General fitness, pilates, yoga Food & beverage . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Brewery tours, cooking classes, delivery services, farmers’ markets, grocery shopping assistance, makeyour-own, wine tasting Municipal support . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 City services, libraries, senior centers Volunteer opportunities . . . . . . . . 52


Bicycle Advisory Committee 416-2471,

Fort Collins Archery Association 2825 SW Frontage Rd., FC

FC Bikes Bicycle Ambassador Program 221-6705 bicycle-ambassador-program


Greeley Archers Rocky Mountain Archery 4518 Innovation Dr., FC, 226-5900


Fort Collins Cycling Club fccyclingclub Loveland Cycling Club LovelandCyclingClub Overland Mountain Bike Club PEDAL Club People’s Efforts to De-emphasize Autos in Loveland Team B.O.B. (a.k.a, Babes on Bikes)

44 |


Bike Fort Collins Estes Park Cycling Coalition Fort Collins Bicycle Co-op 1501 N. College Ave., FC 484-3804, Greeley Bikes 1001 9th Ave., GR 350-9423 Pace Bike Share Recycled Cycles 4031 S. Mason St., FC 223-1969 451 Isotope Dr., FC, 491-9555 Ridekick International 2649 E. Mulberry St. #43, FC 844-483-0895 x1

Trek Bicycle Fort Collins 202 W. Laurel St., FC, 482-6006 931 E. Harmony Rd., FC, 226-6006 4880 Thompson Pkwy. #110, LV, 667-8735,


A Wanderlust Adventures 4120 W. CR 54G, Laporte 482-1995 A1 Wildwater Rafting 2801 N. Shields St., FC 224-3379, Boyd Lake State Park 3720 N. CR 11C, LV, 669-1739 placestogo/parks/BoydLake Inlet Bay Marina @ Horsetooth Reservoir 4314 S. Shoreline Dr., FC, 223-0140


Chippers Lanes 555 S. St Vrain Ave., EP 586-8625 830 N. College Ave., FC, 484-4777 217 W. Horsetooth Rd., FC 286-0802 2454 8th Ave., GR, 353-4275 Highland Park Lanes 1900 59th Ave., GR, 330-2695 The Summit 4455 Fairgrounds Ave., WS 663-6363 Sweetheart Ten Pin Bowling 2320 N. Lincoln Ave., LV, 667-3510


Mountain Whitewater Descents 1329 N. Hwy 287, FC 419-0917,

Fort Collins Senior Center 1200 Raintree Dr., FC, 221-6644 senior-center

Rocky Mountain Adventures 1117 N. Hwy. 287, FC 493-4005,

Greeley Active Adult Center 1010 6th St., GR, 350-9440 Northern Colorado Bridge www.northerncolorado


Andre’s Ballroom Dance 266-8249 Ballroom Fort Collins 2600 Fieldstone Dr., FC, 493-2922 Club Tico 1599 City Park Dr., FC, 224-6113 club-tico Contemporary Dance Academy 2531 S. Shields St., #2A, FC 232-9539, www.contemporary Foot and Fiddle Square Dance Club @ Windsor Community Recreation Center 250 N. 11st St., WS 498-8997, Goodtimes Dance Club @ Fort Collins Senior Center 1200 Raintree Dr., FC High Country Conservatory of Dance 5112 S. College Ave., Unit A, FC 7670 5th St., Ste. 200, Wellington 225-0600, www.highcountry

Fort Collins Nursery 2121 E. Mulberry, FC, 482-1984

Mariana Butte 701 Clubhouse Drive, LV 667-8308,

The Gardens on Spring Creek 2145 Centre Ave., FC, 416-2486

Southridge 5750 S. Lemay Ave., FC 416-2828,

Gulley’s Greenhouse & Garden Center 6029 S. Shields St., FC, 223-4769

The Olde Course at Loveland 2115 West 29th St., LV 667-5256,

The Sustainable Living Association FC, 224-3247, |www.

City of Fort Collins: Parks and Trails FC, 221-6660


Daggett Glass Studio 918 1/2 N. Garfield Ave., LV 667-8073,


Boomerang Links Golf Course 7309 W. 4th St., GR, 353-4653 boomerang-links Cattail Creek 2116 W. 29th St., LV, 663-5310 City Park Nine 411 S. Bryan Ave., FC 221-6650,

Dancer Guy, LLC 813 Marshall St., FC, 207-9176

Collindale 1441 E. Horsetooth Rd., FC 221-6651,


Eaton Country Club 37661 WCR 39, Eaton, 454-2479

Lambspun 1101 E. Lincoln Ave., FC 484-1998, My Sister Knits 1408 W. Mountain Ave., FC 407-1461 Your Daily Fiber 4019 S. Mason St. #3, FC 484-2414


Bath Garden Center & Nursery 2000 E. Prospect Rd., FC 484-5022


Larimer County: Natural Resources 1800 S. CR 31, LV, 619-4570 naturalresources/parks Poudre Wilderness Volunteers


Beaver Meadows Resort Ranch Red Feather Lakes, 881-2450 Inspiration Riding Academy Pierce, 402-2536

YMCA of the Rockies—Estes Park Center 2515 Tunnel Rd., EP 586-3344,


Boomer Music Company 3761 S. Mason St., FC, 223-2424 Estes Park Violin Hands On Music Academy 2856 Sitting Bull Way, FC, 207-9111 Loveland Academy of Music, LLC 1355 Cleveland Ave., LV 581-3553, www.loveland Magnolia Music Studio 4019 Mason St., Unit 2, FC 614-5691 Main Street Music Academy 609 Main St., WS, 674-0052

Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch 2939 N. CR 31D, LV 667-3915,

Estes Park 18-Hole Golf Course 1480 Golf Course Rd., EP 586-8146, pacific/evrpd/estes-park-18hole-golf-course Highland Hills Golf Course 2200 Clubhouse Dr., GR, 353-4653 highland-hills Lake Estes 9-Hole Executive Golf Course 690 Big Thompson Ave., EP, 586-8176, pacific/evrpd/lake-estes-9-holegolf-course

Fifty&Better | 45

Piano & Guitar Institute 2170 W. Drake Rd, Ste. B-8, FC 206-4930 2105 Maple Dr., LV, 631-5916 1296 Main St., Unit C, WS 686-9660 Piano Center of the Rockies 2721 S. College Ave., FC 282-9171, www.piano


Artisan You 405 E. 7th St., LV, 663-4906 Juiced on Imagination 1349 Cleveland Ave., LV, 301-9695 Picasso & Wine 1540 Main St., #236, WS 460-0833 Pinot’s Palette 159 W. Mountain Ave., FC 214-5208, www.pinotspalette. com/fortcollins Studio Vino 6055 Sky Pond Dr., Unit P172, LV 685-4583, Showcase Art Center 1335 8th Ave., GR, 356-8593

46 |



Quilter’s Stash 1180 W. Ash St., Ste. 100, WS 686-5657

KDD Fused Glass 2601 Platte Pl., FC, 223-3778

Sew Downtown 3820 W 10th St., Ste. B3, GR 352-9230

Northern Colorado Stained Glass Supply 3000 N. Overland Tr., Laporte 482-7655,



Smokestack Pottery 119 E. Lincoln Ave., FC, 484-8183

High Plains Scuba 115 W. Harvard St., FC, 493-8562

The Pottery Studio 1541 W. Oak St., FC, 221-6644 potterystudio

Colorado Scuba Diving Academy FC, 221-6683

Chilson Recreation Center 700 E 4th St., LV, 962-2386 swimming

Chilson Center Pottery Studio 700 E. Fourth St., LV 962-2458, Northern Colorado Potters Guild 209 Christman Dr. #4,FC 416-5979

The Clay Center of Northern Colorado 1024 6th Ave., GR, 590-1561


Country Quilting 7889 Antelope Ct., Wellington 217-3483 Jukebox Quilts 400 N. College Ave., Ste. 400A, FC, 224-9975 The Fig Leaf: Fabrics & Notions 2834 S. College Ave., FC 495-1766

Tortuga Bay 3201 W. 10th St., GR, 353-3337


Centennial Outdoor Pool 2315 Reservoir Rd., GR, 350-5636

Chimney Park Municipal Pool 421 Chimney Ct., WS, 686-2632

Colorado Eagles Hockey Budweiser Event Center 5290 Arena Cir., LV, 619-4100

City Park Pool 1599 City Park Ave., FC, 221-6363

Colorado State University Rams Sports FC,

Discovery Bay Waterpark 715 E. 24th St. GR, 350-5636

University of Northern Colorado Bears Sports GR,

Edora Pool and Ice Center (EPIC) 1801 Riverside Ave., FC 221-6683


Artisan You 405 E. 7th St., LV, 663-4906

Estes Park Aquatic Center 660 Community Dr., EP 586-8191, pacific/evrpd/aquatics

Breathe Life Into Your Lifestyle

At a Resort Style 55+ Community in Beautiful Water Valley 55 Resort Apartments… your storied life begins here! Everything we do revolves around our residents - their comfort, their experience, their way of life. Once you are here, you will discover there is nothing complicated about this uncommon place. It’s a place where friends become family, stories are shared, and new memories are made. Carefree apartment living, which once seemed out of reach, is now luxuriously simple.

A New Meaning to Staycation Located in Windsor, Colorado, Water Valley is home to five lakes, the flowing Poudre River and some of Northern Colorado’s best dining. With quick access to Fort Collins, Greeley and Loveland, Windsor provides the perfect combination of city life and small town appeal. With access to Water Valley’s amenities, your best years are here. With concierge service

and a variety of state-of-the-art amenities including a pool and hot tub, fitness center, craft room, community kitchen, theater, pub, library, dog park and more – there’s something here for everyone.

Lock & Leave or Stay & Play 55 Resort Apartments at Water Valley has the widest variety of amenities of any of the region’s 55+ communities. Luxury apartments offer the comfort when you stay home, while the various amenities augment every facet of your independent adult lifestyle.

The idea behind 55 Resort Apartments at Water Valley is to redefine the living experience for independent adults.

Interested in learning more about 55 Resort Apartments at Water Valley? Stop by or schedule a visit: Now Leasing & Open Daily 10am-6pm 500 Apex Drive Windsor, CO 80550 For information visit or call 833-LEASE-55 (833-532-7355)

55 Resort Apartments provides much more than a living space – it provides a lifestyle to those who call it home. Fill your days with classes and activities or take advantage of more than 15 community amenities that allow you to explore your favorite hobbies – or develop new ones.

“The goal of 55 Resort Apartments is to provide more than a living space – we want to provide a high-quality, engaging and active lifestyleto those who live in the community.” - Brad Florin, Developer of 55 Resort Apartments Fifty&Better | 47

Family FunPlex Adventure Island Indoor Waterpark 1501 65th Ave., GR, 350-9401 Fort Collins Senior Center 1200 Raintree Dr., FC, 221-6644 senior-center Greeley Recreation Center Pool 651 10th Ave., GR, 350-9400 Lake Loveland Swim Beach 2626 N. Taft Ave., LV, 962-2727 swimming Loveland Swim Club LV, 744-4254 Mulberry Pool 424 W. Mulberry St., FC, 221-6657 mulberry-pool Windsor Community Recreation Center 250 N. 11th St., WS, 674-3500 Winona Outdoor Pool 1615 SE 4th St., LV, 962-2435 swimming


City Park Tennis Courts 1500 W. Mulberry St., FC 221-6660, recamenities Highland Meadows Tennis Center 6755 Crystal Downs Dr., WS 217-9291, www.highland Lewis Tennis School @ Rolland Moore Racquet Center 2201 S. Shields St., FC 493-7000, McKee Park 1554 E. 19th St., LV Rolland Moore Racquet Complex 2201 S. Shields St., FC 493-7000, recreation/rolland-mooreracquet-complex 48 |



Allura Skin, Laser & Wellness Clinic 2032 Lowe St., Ste. 103, FC 1615 Foxtrail Dr., Ste. 190, LV 223-0193, Arktos Direct Care PRP for Hair Loss 3938 JFK Pkwy., FC, 818-2280 Old Town Hair Company 325 Cherry St., FC, 407-9730 Screamin’ Peach Waxing Studio 638 S College Ave., FC, 224-2930 4414 S College Ave., FC, 224-2936

Global Village Museum of Arts & Cultures 200 W. Mountain Ave. 221-4600 Loveland Museum/Gallery 503 N. Lincoln, LV, 962-2410 Greeley History Museum 714 8th St., GR, 350-9220

PERFORMANCE VENUES Bas Bleu Theatre Company 401 Pine St., FC, 498-8949

Budweiser Event Center The Ranch 5290 Arena Circle, LV, 619-4100

Total Vein Care 1136 E. Stuart St. #4102, FC 498-8346,

Lincoln Center 417 W. Magnolia St., FC 221-6730,

Xanadu Med Spa 2244 E. Harmony Rd., #100, FC 364-2758

Rialto Theater 228 E. Fourth St., LV, 962-2120


The Kress Cinema & Lounge 817 8th Ave., GR, 515-5717 The Lyric 1209 N. College Ave., FC 426-6767,


Candlelight Dinner Playhouse 4747 Marketplace Dr., John­stown 744-3747


Centennial Village Museum 475 A St., GR, 350-9220 Fort Collins Museum of Discovery 408 Mason Ct., FC, 221-6738 Fort Collins Museum of Art 201 S. College Ave., FC 482-2787,

Union Colony Civic Center 701 10th Ave., GR, 356-5000


Aims Community College 5401 W. 20th St., GR, 330-8008 Computer Classes High Plains Library District 888-861-7323 CSU Online Plus 491-5288 CSU Osher Lifelong Learning Institute 491-7753, Front Range Community College 4616 S. Shields St., FC 226-2500, UNC Extended Campus GR, LV. online, 351-2944



24 Hour Fitness 2208 E. Harmony Rd., FC 797-3036 460 S. College Ave., FC 829-3476 3001S. 23rd Ave., GR 888-243-5002 Anytime Fitness 814 W. Drake Rd., FC, 223-2248 302 S. College Ave., FC 295-4010 4855 W. 10th St., GR, 352-3640 4872 Thompson Pkwy., Johnstown, 663-4517 324 W. 37th St., LV, 203-0800 1107 Eagle Dr., LV 719-368-8525 6556 Buttercup Dr., Wellington 472-6556 1159 W. Main St., WS, 674-3304 Chilson Recreation Center 700 E. 4th St., LV, 962-2386 Fit5 Studio 4637 S Mason St., Unit A1, FC 775-3955, Foothills Activity Center 241 E. Foothills Pkwy., FC 416-4280, recreation/foothills-activity-center Fort Collins Club 1307 E. Prospect Rd., FC, 224-2582 Fort Collins Senior Center 1200 Raintree Dr., FC, 221-6644 senior-center Loveland Athletic Club 1000 S. Lincoln Ave., LV, 663-4009 Miramont Centerra 3755 Precision Dr., Ste 100, LV 744-5005 Miramont North 1800 Heath Pkwy., FC, 221-5000

Team of REALTORS® at The Group, Inc. are committed to serving you as your Senior Real Estate Specialists. When four licensed Realtors® at The Group, Inc. decided to form a team specializing in assisting aging clients, it was not only for business reasons, but for personal reasons as well. Each shared their personal experience dealing with the challenges of guiding an aging parent or loved one through the process of leaving their long term home for more age appropriate living arrangements. They knew they wanted to dedicate part of their business to assisting seniors and their family members with changing lifestyles, by providing options and resources that specifically meet those needs. Deanna McCrery, Carol Voorhis, Anna Ditorrice-Mull and Lisa Hite, all with The Group, Inc. in Fort Collins, are experienced residential REALTORS® working as a team to assist this market niche with their real estate needs. Each of them has completed the SRES® designation. What is an SRES®? A Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) is a REALTOR® who is uniquely qualified to assist seniors in housing sales and purchases. The SRES® designation is awarded only to REALTORS®who have successfully completed a series of educational courses on how to help seniors and their families with

later-in-life real estate transactions. They also draw upon the expertise of a network of senior specialists, such as estate planners, CPAs, and eldercare lawyers, and are familiar with local community resources and services. Their mission is to help seniors and their families navigate

dealing with senior issues. With a combined total of over 65 years of experience, we are equipped to suggest housing alternatives, including ones that may allow an aging parent to remain in their home. We take a no-pressure approach to our interactions with

Benefits of Working with an SRES® Selling—Selling a home is rarely simple—and selling a senior’s home can add additional considerations and complexity. Your SRES® can modify some aspects of their marketing efforts to meet the individual needs of senior homeowners. Staging your home—Preparing your home for showing to the public is called staging. The goal is to put the home’s best foot forward to prospective buyers. Staging takes place before the For Sale sign goes up. Packing and moving—Moving from the family home can be overwhelming, especially if you are facing a lifetime of possessions and must make choices about what to bring and what to let go. These decisions can be paralyzing because each possession often triggers a walk down memory lane. Our pool of vendor resources can assist you with this process. Our team of SRES® designated REALTORS® is qualified to address the special needs of home buyers and sellers age 50+. Whether you or your family member is seeking additional information as you start this process, planning for the future and if you need immediate assistance with buying or selling a home, we can help. We believe in a smooth transition that is successful and less stressful, regardless of your stage in life!

the maze of financial, legal and emotional issues that accompany the sale of the home. As Realtors® who have received the SRES designation, our team of four has the knowledge, experience and compassion in

seniors and their families. We understand the emotional demands and work to minimize those. We understand our interactions include not just the senior client but often adult children who may live in other states.

Fifty&Better | 49

Miramont South 901 Oakridge Dr., FC, 282-1000 Northside Aztlan Community Center 112 E. Willow, FC, 221-6256 northside Old Town Athletic Club 351 Linden St., FC, 493-7222 The Other Club 1227 Riverside Ave., FC, 221-4348 Raintree Athletic Club 2555 S. Shields St., FC, 490-1300


Perk! Pilates Fitness 351 Linden St., Ste. 100B, FC 481-8474, Powerhouse Pilates 1002 W. Drake Rd., #104, FC 556-4589,


Loveland Community Yoga 284 E. 29th St., LV 368-9642, Loveland Yoga Core Fitness 100 E. 3rd St., LV, 292-8313

Silver Sneakers

Mindstream Yoga 2733 Council Tree Ave., #129, FC 266-9642

SNAP Fitness 1015 S. Taft Hill Rd., Unit V, FC 472-1777

Moxi Yoga Works 5112 S. College Ave., Ste. C, FC 232-9896

Windsor Parks & Recreation 250 N. 11th St., WS, 674-3500

Old Town Yoga 235 Jefferson St., FC, 222-2777

Work Out West 5699-5701 W. 20th St., GR 330-9691,

Om Ananda Yoga 115 N. College Ave., Ste. 200, FC 488-9192

50 |


Sacred Space Yoga 1545 13th St., GR, 515-6821



Beer & Bike Tours, 201-1085 Budweiser Brewery Tours 2351 Busch Dr., FC, 490-4691 Fort Collins Brewery Guide New Belgium Brewery 500 Linden St., FC, 221-0524

The Cooking Studio 123 N. College Ave., Ste. 130, FC 251-0941, The Teaching Kitchen @ Ginger and Baker 359 Linden St., FC, 223-7437


Blendings at The Preserve 3924A Bingham Hill Rd., FC 889-3162, Hops & Berries 1833 E. Harmony Rd., #16, FC 493-2484


Odell Brewing Company 800 E. Lincoln Ave., FC, 498-9070

Blendings at The Preserve 3924A Bingham Hill Rd., FC 889-3162,


Blue Mountain Vineyards 4480 Hoot Owl Dr., Berthoud 480-7778

Come Back to the Table FC, 407-8828 The Cupboard 152 S. College Ave., FC, 493-8585

Pringles Fine Wine & Spirits 2100 W. Drake Rd., FC 221-1717, Sweet Heart Winery 5500 W. Hwy. 34, LV, 528-5373

Every BODY, Every ABILITY!

All Natural makes all the difference.

Classes and performance opportunities available for all adults at all abilities and levels, even if you’ve never taken a dance class before. Be active and have fun!

Affordable rates. FREE TRIAL CLASS!

Fall registration is open! 970.980.8425

3501 South Mason Street Unit 1, Fort Collins


Everything you eat starts with how it is raised and how it gets to you. Know what you and your family are eating. • Black Angus cattle selected for high marbling genetics, locally farm-raised in large pastures in a low stress environment • NEVER EVER given antibiotics, hormones, or steroids or fed animal by-products • Available by quarter, half, or whole, cut and packaged just the way you want it • Dry-aged 21 days for tender, moist, consistently great flavor. (970) 222-7147 • • Windsor, CO Please request a cutting instruction sheet to place your order.


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Windsor-Severance Library 720 3rd St., WS, 686-5603

Fort Collins Museum of Discovery 408 Mason Ct., FC, 221-6738


Fort Collins Rescue Mission 316 Jefferson St., FC, 224-4302

Berthoud Senior Center 248 Welch Ave., Berthoud 532-3049 Fort Collins Senior Center 1200 Raintree Dr., FC, 221-6644 senior-center

Larimer County Multiple Departments 498-7000

Greeley Active Adult Center 1010 6th St., GR, 350-9440 greeley-active-adult-center

Loveland Museum/ Gallery 503 N. Loveland Ave., LV 962-2410

Loveland Chilson Senior Center 700 E. Fourth St., LV, 962-2783

Meals on Wheels 1217 E. Elizabeth St., FC 484-6325 2131 9th St., GR, 353-9738 437 Garfield Ave., LV, 667-0311

Windsor Community Recreation Center 250 N. 11th St., WS, 674-3500


Boys & Girls Clubs of Larimer County 103 Smokey St., FC 223-1709, Ten Bears Winery 5215 Ten Bears Ct., Laporte 566-4043 The Cellar 3600 Mitchell Dr., FC 223-1555, Wilbur’s Total Beverage 2201 S. College Ave., FC, 226-8662


Berthoud Library 236 Welch Ave., Berthoud 532-2757 Estes Valley Library 335 E. Elkhorn Ave., EP, 586-8116 52 |


High Plains Library District Centennial Park Library 2227 223rd Ave., GR Riverside Library 3700 Golden St., Evans Farr Regional Library 1939 61st Ave., GR Lincoln Park Library 1012 11th St., Ste. B, GR 888-861-7323, Loveland Public Library 300 N. Adams, LV, 962-2665 Poudre River Public Library District Council Tree Library 2733 Council Tree Ave. #200, FC Harmony Library 4616 S. Shields, FC Old Town Library 201 Peterson, FC 221-6740

Boys & Girls Clubs of Weld County GR, 353-1278, City of Fort Collins Volunteer Programs 215 N. Mason, FC, 416-4245 Colorado Welcome Center 3745 E. Prospect Rd., FC, 491-4775 Community Grief Center 2105 Clubhouse Dr., GR, 506-4114

Museum of Art Fort Collins 201 S. College Ave., FC 482-2787, Odyssey of the Mind Poudre Wilderness Volunteers Realities for Children 308 E. CR 30, FC, 484-9090 Ten Thousand Villages/Fort Collins 113 Linden St., 224-9501 fortcollins United Way of Larimer County 525 W. Oak St., Ste. 101, FC 407-7000 United Way of Weld County 814 9th St., GR, 353-4300

FC Bikes Bicycle Ambassador Program bicycle-ambassador-program

Volunteers of America Northern Colorado 405 Canyon Ave., FC, 472-9630

Food Bank for Larimer County 1301 Blue Spruce Dr., FC 493-4477, www.

Weld Food Bank 1108 H St., GR 356-2199,

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DIRECTORY Caregiving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 adult daycare and respite care, home health support, hospice care, information, infusion therapy, mental health & counseling, personal alert systems

Healthcare . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 allergy, cancer treatment, care management, dental, elder abuse, foot & ankle clinics, geriatric care, health clinics, health insurance, health promotion, hearing, heart care, internal medicine, infusion therapy, medical centers, medical equipment & supplies, neurology, nutrition, ob/ gyn, orthopedic care, pain management, physical therapy, prescription assistance, rehabilitation services, spine care, surgery, urgent care, vision



Brookdale Senior Living 1002 Rule Dr., FC 1999 W. 38th Ave., GR 2895 N. Empire, LV 215 Shupe Cir., LV, 855-350-3800 Columbine Health Systems Elderhaus Adult Day Programs 6813 S. College Ave., FC 221-0406, Senior Helpers 3101 Kintzley Ct., Laporte 368-2060 1051 6th St., GR, 658-3672 Stepping Stones Adult Day Program @ McKee Medical Center 302 3rd St. SE, Ste. 100, LV 820-6871,


Larimer County Office on Aging Services 1501 Blue Spruce Dr., FC 498-7750, 54 |


Catholic Charities Northern Larimer County Senior Care Services 460 Linden Center Dr., FC 484-5010, larimer-county-services

Adult Protective Services (APS) Larimer County 2555 Midpoint Dr., Ste. F, FC 498-7770 aging/adult-protective-services

Weld County Senior Care with A Purpose 1442 N. 11th Ave. GR, 353-6433

Alternatives to Violence 541 E. 8th St., LV, 669-5150 24/7 Hotline: 880-1000

Connections for Independent Living 1331 8th Ave., GR, 352-8682 www.connectionsfor Disabled Resource Services 1017 Robertson St., Unit B, FC, 482-2700 118 E. 29th St., Ste. C, LV 667-0816

Crossroads Safehouse FC, 530-2353 24/7 Hotline: 482-3502 Weld County Adult Protective Services 315 N. 11th Av., Bldg. C, GR 400-6109,

UCHealth Cancer Care & Hematology 2121 E. Harmony Rd., Ste. 170, FC, 493-6337,

SAVA (Sexual Assault Victim Advocate) 4812 S. College Ave., FC, 472-4204 921 38th Ave. Ct., GR, 506-4059 1570 W. 1st St., LV, 775-2962 24/7 Rape Crisis Hotline: 472-4200



AARP ElderWatch Colorado 800-222-4444, Option 2

Ability Home Health Care 3675 S. College Ave., Ste. 16B FC, 658-6509

AccentCare 4065 St. Cloud, Ste. 200, LV 346-9700, Alpha Omega Home Health Care 266-2527, Banner Home Care 1810 N. Boise Ave., LV 5628 W. 19th St., Ste. 1, GR 820-4663 home-care Bayada Home Healthcare 3500 JFK Pkwy., Ste. 325, FC 282-8500, BrightStar Care 3880 N. Grant Ave., Ste. 180, LV 667-7778, www.brightstarcare. com/fort-collins-loveland Canyon Home Care & Hospice 350 E. 7th St., LV, 330-5655 CarePathways 877-521-9987 Caring Hearts Home Health Care 6801 W. 20th St. Ste. 207, GR 378-1409

Columbine Poudre Home Care 915 Centre Ave., Ste 2., FC 482-5096 Encompass Home Health of Colorado 2171 Citrine Ct., LV, 493-8500 Evergreen Home Healthcare 301 N. Howes St., Ste. 110, FC 364-8241, Good Samaritan Society EP, 577-7700 FC, 226-4909 GR, 352-6082, 353-7773 356-2332 LV, 669-3100, 624-5468 WS, 290-2522, 674-5520 Homewatch Care Givers 1220 W. Ash St., Ste. C, WS 355-3372, www. Interim Health Care 2000 Vermont Dr., Ste. 100, FC 472-4180, www.interim Maxim Healthcare Services 3665 JFK Pkwy., #330, FC 493-9300 Right At Home 330 E. Mulberry St., FC, 494-1111 Senior Helpers 3101 Kintzley Ct., Laporte 368-2060 1051 6th St., GR, 658-3672


Banner Hospice 2726 W. 11th St. Rd., GR 352-8487 Canyon Home Care & Hospice 350 E. 7th St., LV, 330-5655 Front Range Hospice 3770 Puritan Way, Ste. Unit E, Frederick 303-957-3101

Pathways 305 Carpenter Rd., FC, 663-3500 2525 W. 16th St., Ste. C, GR 356-4090

Wisdom Ways Acupuncture 363 W. Drake Road, Ste. 210, FC 227-3077, www.wisdomways


Allergy Partners 555 Prospect Ave., EP, 221-2370 2121 E. Harmony Rd., #350, FC 221-2370 1130 38th Ave., Ste. A, GR 330-5391 2026 Blue Mesa St., LV, 663-0144


Goldstone Acupuncture & Whole Health 300 Boardwalk Dr., Bldg. 6A, FC 227-1906, www.goldstone Scott Family Health 4038 S. Timberline St., Ste. 120 FC, 267-9600 1491 N. Denver Ave., Ste. 101 LV, 235-2629


Banner Health Clinic: Allergy Care 2923 Ginnala Dr., LV, 669-6660 608 E. Harmony Rd. Ste. 101, FC 498-9226, www.bannerhealth. com/services/allergy

Colorado Allergy and Asthma Centers 2014 Caribou Dr., Ste. 200, FC 221-1681 3400 W. 16th St., Bldg. 5 Unit Y, GR 356-3907,


American Cancer Society 8221 W. 20th St., Ste. A, GR 356-9727, Banner Health Clinic: Cancer Care 2050 N. Boise Ave., LV, 820-5900 Loveland Oncology and Hematology 2975 Ginnala Dr., Ste. 120, LV 667-7870,

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Perfect Teeth 1856 N. College Ave., #110, FC 372-0584 902 14th St., GR, 347-8815 1685 Rocky Mountain Ave., Ste. 400, LV, 800-2750 3400 W. Eisenhower Blvd., LV 800-2683 Poudre Valley Family Dental 2032 Lowe St., Ste. 100, FC 221-3020, www.poudrevalley Vinna C. Norris, DDS 1221 E. Elizabeth St., Ste. 2, FC 221-1400 Wells & Abrames Dental 702 W. Drake, Bldg. G, FC 493-9299 UCHealth Cancer Center 2121 E. Harmony Rd., FC 493-6337 6767 W. 29th St., GR, 347-5780 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave., LV, 237-7700,


Canna World Market 270 E. 29th St., LV 617-2996, www.cannaworld Cornerstone Botanicals 5763 Round Rock Ct., FC 239-3374 Plenty Pharma 2677 N. Taft Ave., LV, 305-4702


Academy of Natural Therapy 631 8th Ave., GR, 352-1181 Family & Sport Chiropractic 1035 Robertson St., FC 224-2282, www.

56 |


Impact Chiropractic Family Health Center 1730 S. College Ave., #100, FC 223-5501 Hand Chiropractic 1630 S. Lemay Ave. Ste. 4, FC 221-9300, Pivotal Wellness 2550 Stover St., Bldg. F101, FC 266-0003, Scott Family Health 4038 S. Timberline St., Ste. 120, FC, 267-9600 1491 N. Denver Ave., Ste. 101, LV, 235-2629

BenchMark Dental 1555 Main Street, A-2, WS 686-7858 Family Dental Clinic – Health District of Northern Larimer County 202 Bristlecone Dr., FC, 416-5331 Front Range Dentures & Prosthodontics 1006 Robertson St., #210, FC 493-9001 Greeley Dental Care 1813 61st Ave., Ste. 210, GR 373-5012

Weld Family Clinic of Chiropractic 1713 61st Ave., Ste. 102, GR 356-5255, www.

Loveland Dentistry and Dentures 274 E. 29th St., LV, 744-2345 www.LovelandDentistry


Northern Colorado Periodontics 4033 Boardwalk Dr., Ste. 100, FC 672-4868 3400 W. 16th St., Ste. 5X, GR, 714-2006,

Alpine Dental Health 1015 S. Taft Hill Rd., FC, 482-6034 718 S. College Ave., FC, 484-5297 Aronson Family Dental 4027 E. Boardwalk Dr., FC 472-0488

Zimmer Family Dentistry 1343 E. Prospect Rd. D1, FC 221-4500


A Step Ahead Foot & Ankle Center 555 Prospect Ave. Ste. F, EP 667-0769 2001 S. Shields, Bldg. F, FC 343-4217 3880 N. Grant, Ste. 140, LV 667-0769, Anderson Podiatry Center 1355 Riverside Ave., Ste. C, FC 484-4620 1440 N. Boise Ave., LV, 278-1440


UCHealth Internal Medicine 1106 E. Prospect Rd. Ste. 100 FC, 495-7410 4674 Snow Mesa Dr., Ste. 100 FC, 482-3712


OB/GYN Associates 1900 N. Boise Ave. Stes. 300, LV 820-6801

Our experience... ...your comfort

(970) 482-4244

121 West Olive street • FOrt COllins BOhlenderFuneralChapel.COm

Get the Spark Back With Hormone Replacement Therapy More Strength and Endurance Better Sleep Less Anxiety Better Performance “One, 15-minute visit changed my life”


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Women’s Clinic of Northern Colorado 1107 S. Lemay Ave., Ste. 300, FC 7251 W. 20th St., Bldg K, GR 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave., North Bldg., Ste. 150, LV 493-7442,


Arktos Direct Care 3938 JFK Pkwy., FC, 818-2280, Banner Health Clinics Locations throughout northern Colorado. 833-252-5535 UCHealth Family Medicine Center 1025 Pennock Pl., FC 495-8800, Greeley Medical Clinic 1675 18th Ave., Ste. 3, GR 350-2433, Kaiser Permanente Medical Clinics Locations throughout northern Colorado, 207-7171 McKee Medical Center 2000 N. Boise Ave., LV 820-4640,

58 |


Medical Center of the Rockies— UCHealth 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave., LV 624-2500, North Colorado Medical Center 1801 16th St., GR 810-4121,

VA Medical Clinic 2509 Research Blvd., FC 224-1550 5200 Hahns Peak Dr., LV 313-0027 Mental Health 307-778-7349

Poudre Valley Hospital—UCHealth 1024 S. Lemay Ave., FC 495-7000,

UCHealth Medical Clinics Locations throughout northern Colorado 495-7000,

Salud Family Health Centers 1635 Blue Spruce Dr., FC 484-0999,


Sage Holistic Health 1136 N. Lincoln Ave., LV, 667-7071 Sunrise Health Centers 2930 11th Ave., Evans, 353-9403 1006 A St., GR, 352-0048 1300 N. 17th Ave., GR, 350-5313 302 3rd St., LV, 669-4855 1250 N. Wilson, LV, 494-9789 Mobile Outreach Van, 353-9403 Centura Health - Primary Care Berthoud 549 Mountain Ave., Berthoud 532-4644,

Kaiser Permanente Medicare 866-973-4588 Larimer Health Connect 144 N. Mason St., Unit 7, FC 120 Bristlecone Dr., FC 1511 E. 11th St., LV, 472-0444 North Colorado Health Alliance 2930 11th Ave., EV 1010 A St., GR 302 3rd St. SE, LV, #150 350-4673, www.northcolorado Rocky Mountain Health Plans 800-843-0719


Advanced Hearing Services 2001 S. Shields St., Bldg. J2, FC 812-1137 Audiology Associates 4675 W. 20th Street Rd., Ste. A, GR 475-6287, Hearing Rehab Center 1030 Centre Dr., Ste. A, FC 744-3056 2018 35th Ave., Unit A, GR, 73-5114 2980 Ginnala Dr., #102, LV 744-4823 NuEar Hearing Center 2531 S. Shields St., FC, 484-8051 3400 W. 16th St., Bldg. 7, GR 673-4051


CardioVascular Institute of Northern Colorado—Banner Health 4700 Lady Moon Dr., FC 1800 15th St., Ste. 310, GR 1900 Boise Ave., Ste. 200, LV 810-0900

UCHealth Heart and Vascular Clinic 2121 E. Harmony Rd. Ste. 100 & 200 FC, 221-1000,


McKee Medical Center 2000 Boise Ave., LV, 669-4640 Medical Center of the Rockies 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave., LV 624-2500, Northern Colorado Medical Center 1801 16th St., GR, 810-4121 Peakview Medical Center 5881 16th St. GR, 313-2700 Poudre Valley Hospital 1024 S. Lemay Ave., FC 495-7000,

INFORMATION & HEALTH PROMOTION Alzheimer’s Association 415 Peterson St., FC, 472-9798 918 13th St., Ste. 1, GR 392-9202, 24/7 Helpline: 800272-3900, Eldercare Locator 800-677-1116 Grand Family Coalition, Inc. 699-2837 Grandparents Support Groups in Northern Colorado Health District of Northern Larimer County 120 Bristlecone Dr., FC 224-5209, Larimer County Office on Aging 1501 Blue Spruce, FC 498-7750 The Seasons Club McKee Medical Center 2000 N. Boise Ave, LV, 820-4097

Senior Living Advisors of Colorado LV, 541-4592 UCHealth Aspen Club/Senior Services 1025 Garfield St., Ste. A, FC 495-8560 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave., LV 624-1860 767 W. 29th St., GR, 652-2796 Weld County Area Agency on Aging 315 N. 11th Ave., Bldg. C, GR 400-6950,


Banner Health Infusion Therapy 1801 16th St., GR Poudre Infusion Therapy 151 W. Lake St., Ste. 1500, FC 915 Centre Ave., Ste. 3, FC 1455 Main Street, WS 494-2130 PoudreInfusionTherapy

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES Apria Health Care 420 W. 67th St., LV, 663-0500

Banner Home Medical Equipment 1990 59th Ave., Ste. 300, GR, 810-6420 2000 Boise Ave., LV, 752-4074 Columbine Medical Equipment 802 W. Drake Rd., Ste. 101, FC, 221-1453 1525 Main St., Ste. 1B, WS, 4609205 Disabled Resource Services 1017 Robertson St., Unit B, FC 482-2700 118 E. 29th St., Ste. C, LV 667-0816 Roth Medical 225 N. Lemay Ave., Ste. 3, FC 224-2828 965 59th Ave., Unit. C, GR 356-0210 Ensight Skills Center 1740 S. College Ave., FC 407-9999, Frontier Access and Mobility 819 E. Mulberry St., FC, 223-8267

Lincare 4700 S. College Ave., FC, 482-8114 2533 11th Ave., GR, 356-1506 Mobility and More 493 N. Denver Ave., LV 461-8400, UCHealth Home Medical Supply 1420 Riverside Ave., Ste. 108, FC 484-6616 RCC Medical Supply 3109 35th Ave., Bldg. H-103 356-9078, Good Health Will 2003 W. 8th St., LV, 624-6002 2611 W. 11th St. Rd., GR 515-6935


Aging Clinic of the Rockies Columbine Health Systems Center for Healthy Aging 151 W. Lake St., Ste. 1400, FC 491-6795, www.psychology.

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Alliance for Suicide Prevention of Larimer County FC, 482-2209

Spirit Crossing Clubhouse 1148 E. Elizabeth St., FC 786-2002

Clear View Behavioral Health 4770 Larimer Pkwy., Johnstown 461-5061

Veterans Clinic 2509 Research Blvd., FC 5200 Hahns Peak Dr., LV Mental Health: 307-778-7349

Connections 425 W. Mulberry St., Ste. 101, FC 221-5551, Heart-Centered Counseling FC, GR, LV, 310-3406 North Range Behavioral Health Crisis Support Services 928 12th St., GR, 347-2120 Multiple locations in GR, WS, Frederick Crisis Hotline: 844-493-8255 Sister Mary Alice Murphy Center for Hope 242 Conifer St., FC, 494-9940

60 |


Walk-In Crisis Center 1217 Riverside Ave., FC 24-Hour Access: 494-4200


Advanced Neurology of Colorado 2121 E. Harmony Rd., Ste. 180, FC, 226-6111 Banner Health Clinic —Neurology 1800 15th St., Ste. 100B, GR, 810-5612 2410 W. 16th St., GR, 810-5612 2923 Ginnala Dr., LV, 820-4725

Neurology Associates of Northern Colorado 1106 E. Prospect Rd. #100 FC, 482-4373 content/neurology-associatesnorthern-colorado UCHealth Neurology Clinic 2315 E. Harmony Rd., Ste. 110, FC 482-4373 6767 29th St. Rd., 3rd Floor, GR, 482-4373 2695 Rocky Mountain Ave., Ste. 200, LV, 667-7664


Food Assistance (Larimer SNAP) 1601 Brodie Ave., EP 1501 Blue Spruce Dr., FC 200 Peridot Ave., LV 498-6300, humanservices Fort Collins Rescue Mission 316 Jefferson St., FC, 224-4302 House of Neighborly Service 1511 E. 11th St, Ste. 100, LV, 667-4939 375 Meadowlark Dr., Berthoud, 532-0161

Catholic Charities Hospitality Kitchen 460 Linden Center Dr., FC, 484-5010

Meals on Wheels 1217 E. Elizabeth St., Ste. 11, FC, 484-6325 2131 9th St., GR, 353-9738 437 Garfield Ave., LV, 667-0311

Food Bank for Larimer County 5706 Wright Dr., LV, 493-4477 nutritious-kitchen

Salvation Army 3901 S. Mason St., FC, 207-4472

Senior Nutrition Program with Volunteers of America 405 Canyon Ave., FC 472-9630, TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) FC, GR, LV, Berthoud 800-932-8677, Weld County Senior Nutrition Multiple locations, 400-6132 Weld Food Bank 1108 H St., GR, 356-2199


Front Range Center for Brain & Spine Surgery 1313 Riverside Ave., FC 493-1292, Orthopaedic & Spine Center of the Rockies 2500 E. Prospect Rd., FC, 493-0112 1900 16th St, 3rd floor, GR 573-3224 3470 E. 15th St., LV, 663-3975 Spine Correction Center of the Rockies 2244 E. Harmony St., # 110, FC 658-5115


Colorado Clinic 7251 W. 20th St., Bldg N, Ste. 1, GR, 710-3551 3810 N. Grant Ave., LV, 707-5257 Front Range Pain Medicine 555 Prospect Ave., EP 3744 S. Timberline Rd., FC 1605 Fox Trail Dr., LV 495-0506,


Banner Lifeline 1808 18th St. LV, 810-4743 2010 16th St., GR, 378-4743 Caring Solutions 24/7 Alert 206-9595

LifeFone 800-882-2280, Life Station 866-534-2084 Philips Lifeline 855-681-5351


Berkana Rehabilitation Institute 2001 S. Shields St.,Bldg. A, Ste. 1, FC, 797-2431 Colorado in Motion 210 W. Magnolia St., Ste. 110, FC 115 E. Harmony Rd., Ste. 160, FC 3744 Timberline Rd., Ste. 103, FC 1555 Main St. A 4/5, WS 221-1201 1901 56th Ave , Ste. 11, GR 451-5776


Life Care Center of Greeley 4800 W. 25th St., GR ,330-6400 4750 25th St., GR, 339-0022

Berkana Rehabilitation Institute 2001 S. Shields St., Bldg. A Ste. 1, FC, 797-2431


Banner Windsor Urgent Care 1300 Main St., WS 686-5646,

Health District of Northern Larimer County 120 Bristlecone Dr., FC 224-5209, Larimer County Tobacco Prevention

Scott Family Health 4038 S. Timberline St., Ste. 120, FC, 267-9600 1491 N. Denver Ave., Ste. 101, LV, 235-2629

Arktos Direct Care PRP for Hair Loss 3938 JFK Pkwy., FC, 818-2280


Premier Skin Clinic 1603 Oakridge Dr. #200, FC 221-1285, www.

Catholic Charities Northern 460 Linden Center Dr., FC 493-0141, larimer-county-services

Total Vein Care 1136 E. Stuart St., #4102, FC 498-8346,

House of Neighborly Service 1511 E. 11th St, LV, 667-4939

Colorado Clinic 7251 W. 20th St., Bldg N, Ste. 1 GR, 710-3551 3810 N. Grant Ave., LV, 707-5257

Health District of Northern Larimer County 120 Bristlecone Dr., FC 416-6519 prescription-assistance VA Assistance Program 877-327-0022,

Banner Skyline Urgent Care 2555 E. 13th St., Ste. 110, LV 820-4264, Banner Summit View Urgent Care 2001 70th Ave., Ste. 200, GR 378-4155,

Tobacco-Free Coalition of Weld County

Needy Meds 800-503-6897,

Associates in Family Medicine Urgent Care Clinic CSU, 151 W. Lake St., Ste. 1500, FC 500-5180 3519 Richmond Dr., FC, 514-6450 1683 Main St., WS, 431-8827

The Suites-Healthcare Redefined 4880 Ziegler Rd., FC 223-4376

Front Range Therapy 802 W. Drake Rd., Ste. #133A, FC 494-6449





UCHealth Surgical Specialists of the Rockies 2315 E. Harmony Rd. Ste. 130, FC 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave., Ste. 340, LV 5881 W. 16th St., GR 221-5878,

Concentra Urgent Care 620 S. Lemay Ave., FC 221-5811, UCHealth Harmony Urgent Care 2127 E. Harmony Rd., Ste. 140, FC, 297-6250, UCHealth Urgent Care Greeley 1900 16th St. GR 350-2454, UCHealth Urgent Care Loveland 3850 N. Grant Ave., Ste. 200, LV 624-5150,


Eye Center of Northern Colorado 1725 E. Prospect Rd., FC 3151 Precision Dr., FC 1701 61st Ave., GR 2555 13th St., Ste. 225, LV 6125 Sky Pond Dr., LV 221-2222 Kirk Eye Center 3650 E. 15th St., LV 408-3268, See Life Family Vision Source 2867 35th Ave., GR 346-1411, The Eyes Have It 102 W. Mountain Ave., FC 407-0665 Windsor Eye Care & Vision Center 515 Main St., WS, 460-0154

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your t aurdv en u re Adventure adventure



Begins BEGINS Here HERE venture Whether you’re here for the weekend, for the season or with us for a while, let Wilbur’s Total Beverage welcome you to Fort Collins.

Begins Here

Beer ,Wine, Spirits Delivery

2201 S. College • 970-226-8662

Monday-Saturday 9-10 and Sunday 9-7

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Volunteer! Opportunities abound Linda L. Osmundson

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR ways to contribute to your community? Consider volunteering. Opportunities abound. Look for organizations that match your abilities and passion. Start slow. Don’t jump in with both feet and get overwhelmed. The more you get involved, the more you’ll be called upon. Set volunteer boundaries. Not sure where to start? VolunteerMatch (https:// specializes in pairing people with organizations. Consider some of the groups listed below. Volunteers of America (https:// offers assistance with basic needs such as home repair and homemaker services, travel and companionship. They provide information, meal programs and referrals. You might also consider volunteering for their two free hours a week of caregiver service. Seniors Helping Seniors ( believes both parties benefit. Their services of light housekeeping, companionship, cooking and shopping might fit your talents. They need assistance with small repairs, pet care and yard work. Volunteers also can help with household tasks such as mailing 64 |


letters or bills and transportation to appointments. Are you willing to provide respite care for families and caregivers or overnight stays? Can you keep long-distant families apprised of their loved one’s needs? Seniors Helping Seniors compensates volunteers for performing some services. Office on Aging (www.larimer. org/humanservices/aging/ooa) teaches caregiving evidence-based classes by trained personnel. Anyone can apply to teach. A cost or sponsorship may be required for the training. You might fit into their family caregiver support services. Check the Office on Aging in your county for more information and volunteer opportunities. Senior Access Points (https:// partnership-for-age-friendlycommunities/) needs ambassadors for their program. Trained ambassadors distribute information to seniors who need various kinds of help. Their one number,, 970-4987740, connects you to staff who can answer all your questions or send you to the proper source for the answer. Other counties provide similar services. Schools love to have grandparents read

to classes or mentor students who need extra help. Partners Mentoring Youth ( is dedicated to Northern Colorado youth who face challenges in their personal, social and academic lives. Their mission is to “create and support one-on-one mentoring relationships between positive adult role models and troubled youths.” Habitat for Humanity (https:// “builds much more than houses. Together, we’re helping families build strength, stability and self-reliance.” They stock their ReStores from donations and need volunteers to sort items and man the operations. Various museums accept volunteers. The Loveland Museum/ Gallery (www.lovelandmuseumgallery. org) trains volunteers to give tours or serve as guards throughout the museum. Each seasonal community event requires dozens of volunteers. Every year they present workshops for Thompson Valley 2nd graders. Teachers, walkers, chaperones and guides all volunteer their time. Take time to research volunteer opportunities, then choose an activity you might enjoy with the organization that matches your talents and passions.

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Physical Medical Center of the Rockies , PPLC DBA


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2244 E. Harmony Rd. Suite 110 Fort Collins 970.226.1117

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Better Living

Bob Calhoune

New beginnings Learn to accept life’s changes

THE LIFE JOURNEY IS defined in large part by ‘hellos and goodbyes’, a path of arriving and leaving, taking and letting go, embracing and releasing—from womb to grave. In this second half of life, with decades of perspective and experience, we are more likely to accept and understand the pattern, grateful to have lived through the changes and for the endurance required. To everything there is a season… Richness and meaning in life’s second half may reflect how we let go and how we chose to fill new spaces. Alla Renee Bozarth, in her book Life is Goodbye Life is Hello, Grieving Well through All Kinds of Loss, reminds us the art of good grieving is central to opening up to new beginnings at any age with any change or loss. Doing the necessary ‘goodbye’ work, honoring it, giving it the time needed, creates healthy space for the next ‘hello’. The most painful losses are tragic, unplanned, often taking a lifetime to reconcile. Most other losses, no less disorienting or painful, are natural lifecycle changes coming into focus as we age—empty nesting, retirement, aging parents, physical changes, deaths, downsizing, disappointments, changes in status, interests, relationships and letting go of activities, once offering us a sense of accomplishment and pleasure, because we no longer can or should perform them. When younger, the focus was getting to the next stage, next adventure past the acne years, college exams, career choice, juggling childcare, climbing career ladders. In the second half of life, it can be challenging to keep that ‘hello’ attitude—seeing the ‘letting go’ as opening space for new possibilities, passions, purpose, new

66 |


ways to spend time, do what we love, positively impact the world and a space for a deeper acceptance of self and of life as it is. What can refill the space left, the void of what must be grieved, left behind? What is ready to blossom, how can we go deeper at 50, 65, or 79? Some new beginnings are welcome releases from a burden, a ‘get out of jail’ card, a freedom to be ones true self, (think retiring from a demanding job, changing a habit, addiction, an unhealthy pattern, or simply having more time and flexibility to pursue an interest or passion that has been on the back burner for years). Other new beginnings are literally gifts of our modern times—new hips, knees, cataract surgery, hearing aids, life-saving heart procedures and cancer treatments. Be grateful. A 93-year-old acquaintance of mine, who published her first book at age 90, recently shared some sage wisdom. “We need to be intentional in spending the time we are given. As we gain years, it is easy to allow, for example, medicine and health issues to fill the void, take front and center in our thoughts and conversations, leading to feelings of vulnerability. Rather be intentional, careful not to allow behaviors and attitudes to fill the space that may stand in the way of living fully.” Conscious aging is courageously accepting life changes, staying awake for new opportunities to be creative, express compassion toward self and others on the journey, and positively contribute to family, friends and the world, and to leave a little room to be surprised by the ‘door’ that unexpectedly opens inviting you to step through. Grieve well, live well. Be grateful in the process.

Your love and memories, our compassion and guidance

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3665 Canal Drive, Suite E Fort collInS • GoeSFUneralcare.coM

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