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The POWER of intention


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12 • Better living

The fruit of the vine • Uncover the past on an historic hike • Celebrate fall

16 • B  etter health

Staying up on fall prevention • Crafting a healthy brain • Oh, dem bones

58 • Kidding around

Mentoring youth adds meaning to life


Discover the bounty that awaits you in our area in this extensive local resource guide that includes listings of local producers, restaurants sourcing local and farmers markets. Also, find how to preserve your harvest. And, discover locally owned grocers that sell locally produced goods.

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Taking care of Northern Colorado’s feet for over 40 Years! MICHAEL BURNS DPM, KATE JOHNSON DPM, CHAD KNUTSEN DPM, ROBERT SCHULTE DPM

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Taking charge. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

For each of us, challenges and unexpected opportunities have altered the direction and fabric of our journey. But our intentions to pursue certain goals and live by chosen values have been central to shaping our life path. Like the rudder in a boat, our intentions help us navigate the changing conditions we face in life.

Back to school. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .... 24 Keep your brain alive and thinking with lifelong learning classes. With CSU, UNC, Front Range and Aims Community Colleges in our backyard, there are many formal opportunities for intellectual growth. By learning something new, you keep on growing. So, whether in a classroom or on the road, keep on learning.

Lifestyle Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Financial assistance & benefits, Housing, Retail, Services

Active Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Activities & lessons, Arts & crafts classes, Arts & entertainment, Beauty/Spa, Education, Fitness, Food & beverage, Municipal support, Volunteer opportunities

Health Directory Caregiving, Healthcare 8|


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ABOUT THE COVER: Our cover model is Dr. Tim Flynn, a physical therapist and an owner at Colorado in Motion Photography by Sky’s Open Designs, on location in Belleview at Watson Lake.

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From the Publisher

Something new for you Keep the journey alive and lively

OUR SON ANDY AND I SIT around playing guitars and crooning when he’s in town. He indulges me and plays old John Prine and Neil Young songs. And he introduces me to newer material…though I just can’t seem to quite get into the Taylor Swift stuff that he plays as a crowd pleaser for his younger cousins. Anyway, sometimes we end up banging on the guitars while sitting around a camp fire and someone will say something such as, I wish I had learned to play the guitar. And I typically respond with something such as, well, you’re not dead yet. That’s usually followed by a little chuckle but not really an acknowledgement that they’re going to go out and pick up a guitar. Same thing with learning a foreign language or how to play bridge or how to knit or going to Paris. In Tibet, a saying goes: Even if you’re going to die tomorrow, you can still learn something new today. I think that’s a great attitude. I tried my hand at gardening starting a few years ago, and although I’m far, far, far from a master gardener, I certainly have learned a lot about how things grow. And nowadays, it seems that continued learning, whether formal subjects, travel, skills, hobbies or experiences are becoming more accessible than ever. This issue of Fifty & Better, which includes Bounty Food and Farm Guide, is chock full of ideas to keep you learning and growing. If you’re looking for some formal coursework, check out the feature by Kim Sharpe. She surveyed the formal continuing education scene here in northern Colorado and lays it out clearly for you. Need a little motivation and direction? See what Bob Calhoun says about the power of intention and how you can use that to take charge of your journey. Our volunteer story spotlights a man who began working with youth in a mentoring program in Greeley. He says that he gets out and does things he never thought he would do and the rewards of working with a young person are important to both of them. I think, part of it is working to develop a mindset that says I’m going to break out of my regular patterns. I’m going to put some effort into trying something new… whether it’s that thing I’ve always wanted to do or that place I’ve always wanted to go, or it could be something completely off the wall that just caught your eye. It’s so easy just to turn the TV on again or surf the web and let the time pass, but with a little effort you can enrich your life and, likely, the lives of those around you. Just do it (I didn’t make that up), Scott

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Bob Calhoun, Linda Osmundson Kim Sharpe

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Better Living

Linda L. Osmundson

The fruit of the vine

WHEN YOU THINK OF GRAPE GROWING or wine tasting, California’s Napa Valley comes to mind. Did you know Colorado boasts over 90 wineries with more than 30 on the Front Range? And, the state’s winemaking began over a century ago? Or, some Colorado climates rival California’s grape-growing regions? Consider attending the largest Colorado wine festival, held September 16, in Palisades. General admission at $50 a ticket online plus a handling fee includes a wine glass, tote, tastings with over 55 wineries, live music, demonstra12 |


tions and a grape stomp. For more information, log onto Want to partake in a festival that is a little closer to home? Attend the Denver International Wine Festival November 1-3 at Westminster’s Marriott Hotel. Special events on the first two days require additional tickets. General admission tickets for wine tasting November 3, 6-9pm, are limited to 300 and cost $95. Enjoy tastings from eighty wineries. Non-drinker tickets are $25.

Uncover the past on an historic hike NORTHERN COLORADO HAS BEEN a great place to live since ancient times. Learn about life in the past by hiking one of these Soapstone Prairie tours. Take water, sun protection, snacks and any other comforts you feel you’ll need. Most of the tours are easy. Register at register or call 416-2815.

Tour 1: Hike Through the Ages until October 14.

Experts in geology, ecology and history teach the beginnings of Soapstone Prairie, the creatures who keep it functioning, homesteading and ranching history from 9am to 3pm. Choose either the moderate 3-mile or the longer moderate-to-strenuous 6-mile hike.

Tour 2: Rustic Women of Soapstone Prairie.

1-2:30pm, September 11 to October 21. In this quartermile hike, learn about three pioneer women homesteaders and get a glimpse of early life on the prairie.

Tour 3: In his own words, Loren Elseley: Scientist, Poet and Time Traveler, Sunday, September 3, 10am to

noon tells you how he made a key discovery at the famed Lindenmeier site in the 1930s. This is an easy .5-mile hike.

Celebrate fall LOG IN AT fall-events-in-northern-colorado/ to discover 24 fall activities you won’t want to miss. Here are a few. September 17, FORToberfest, 11am to 10 pm, celebrates fall with bands and beer in Old Town. This free event is the last outdoor music festival of the year. Listen to more than ten hours of live music and taste local, seasonal craft beers. October begins Harvest Festivals with fun for the whole family. Get lost in corn mazes, ride hay wagons, pick your own pumpkins, shoot corn cannons and more at these local farms: Miller Farms (, Anderson Farms (, Something From the Farm (, Harvest

Farm ( Fort Collins hits the switch to light up the Holidays on November 6 at Oak Street Plaza. Music begins at 5:30pm with the lighting at 6:30pm. Greeley’s “Lights the Night Parade” kicks off the holiday season on November 25 at 5:30pm. Loveland lights the lights on November 29 from 5-8.

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Better Health

Kim Sharpe

Staying up on fall prevention THE GROUND IS SO HARD and it’s best not to slam your body into it. The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment recommends the following precautions for staying on your feet. Regular exercise that focuses on balance and building core strength, like yoga, tai chi and weight lifting, can help you become more stable and reduce your chance of falling. Annual eye exams and up-to-date eyeglass prescriptions maximize vision so you can better see potential tripping hazards.

16 |


Reduce tripping hazards in your home: throw out throw rugs, add grab bars inside and outside the tub or shower and next to the toilet, install railings on both sides of stairways and improve the lighting in your home. Dizziness and drowsiness, which can lead to falls, are common side effects of certain over-the-counter and prescription medications. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if anything you’re taking could cause you to feel unsteady so you can plan your activity accordingly.

Crafting a healthy brain YOUR BRAIN COULD BENEFIT from regular doses of fiber. Not the kind you eat, but rather the kind you spin, weave and tie in knots. Activities like knitting, crocheting, quilting and many other fiber crafts that provide mental challenges help keep brain neurons firing and sharp; those with rhythmic motions sooth the brain. “There’s promising evidence coming out to support what a lot of crafters have known anecdotally for quite some time, and that’s that creating—whether it be through art, music, cooking, quilting, sewing, drawing, photography or

cake decorating—is beneficial to us in a number of important ways,” says Catherine Carey Levisay, a clinical neuropsychologist and wife of CEO John Levisay. “The skills involved in fiber arts are useful to everyone, and it’s silly that knitting and crocheting are viewed as crafts for females,” says Ryan Arithson, a fiber arts instructor at Lambspun in Fort Collins. “Accomplished designers are both women and men in the fiber world.” So when you feel stressed and like your insides are tied up in knots, try knitting or crocheting to unwind.

Oh, dem bones BONES WEAKEN AS WE AGE, and broken bones, most often due to osteoporosis, become more common as we get older. “After a hip fracture, eight out of 10 people will go to a nursing home. One year later we find one in five have died and nearly half are still in the nursing home. Only one in five will recover their independence one year after a hip fracture,” says Dr. James D. Hendrick, a Fellow of the American College of Physicians, a Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine

and medical director of the Center for Bone Health in Fort Collins. The most important preventive step to take is to be screened for osteoporosis “…with a bone density test called a DXA scan. This testing helps us understand the risk of future fracture,” Hendrick explains. “Another extremely important thing that prevents fractures is to avoid falling down, since most osteoporosis fractures are the result of a simple fall that would not injure healthy bones.” To learn more about bone health, talk to your doctor or visit the National Osteoporosis Foundation at

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Our experience... ...your comfort

(970) 482-4244

121 West Olive street • FOrt COllins BOhlenderFuneralChapel.COm

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Taking charge Bob Calhoun

Upon entering the second half of life, few can say, “My life has turned out just as I planned it.”

20 |


FOR EACH OF US, challenges and unexpected opportunities have altered the direction and fabric of our journey. But our intentions to pursue certain goals and live by chosen values and the efforts to follow through on those intensions have been central to shaping our life path. Our intentions are in a way like the rudder we control on our ‘boat’ as we navigate the

Power of intention in the third chapter of life

changing conditions we face in life. But what is the role of intention in this latter chapter of life? Three years ago, I attended a weeklong Conscious Eldering retreat led by Ron Pevny, author of Conscious Living, Conscious Aging. The retreat focused on transitioning into the last third of life. On the final day, we were asked to list ten intentions for our next ten years. The purpose

UPCOMING RETREAT Ron Pevny’s upcoming retreat: Choosing Conscious Eldering Ghost Ranch, New Mexico October 1-7. More information at

of the exercise was to encourage attendees to take charge of their elder journey, to ‘keep a hand on the rudder,’ crafting a path following one’s deepest passion and open to new beginnings. We were instructed to list intentions both general and specific in nature. Some examples…strike a better work-life balance, dedicate more time to one’s spiritual practice, be more accepting of others, create a financial plan for retirement, have lunch once a month with your adult child, write 50 poems by years end, go to a midweek day game at Coors Field. And there is no magic to the ten-year time frame. The intentions were meant to be revisited periodically and revised if necessary based on changes in interests and life circumstances. So I encourage you to draft a list of your ten intentions for the next ten years. Then challenge yourself to take that first step. It may be starting a conversation you have been putting off, cleaning out that first closet or shelf, making a phone call to a friend or professional, purchasing a ticket to somewhere, initiating a lifestyle change,

submitting your essay for publication, or trying something completely new. Taking that first action step is the sweet side of intention! ‘A first step’ reminds me of a poem by David Whyte, “Start Close In.” The initial stanza reads, “Start close in, don’t take the second step, or the third. Start with the first thing close in, the step you don’t want to take.” (Check out the entire poem and others by David Whyte in River Flow: New and Selected Poems.) This last third of life is much like other life stages. It is ours to craft. No longer in the building phase of careers, households or financial security, we are more likely on the path, as Carl Jung wrote, of simplifying, clarifying and intensifying…a journey which is more interior, spiritual and relational in nature. The crafting begins with intention and then taking that first step. When we are clearer about our intentions, we might be amazed by what support the universe offers. Bob Calhoun is a psychologist and writer in Fort Collins

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Your love and memories,

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our compassion and guidance

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Back to school Let the world be your classroom Kim Sharpe TAKE IT FROM GENIUS ALBERT EINSTEIN, “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” With CSU, UNC, Front Range and Aims Community Colleges in our backyard, there are many formal opportunities for intellectual growth. CSU’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute “is a member-based, memberdriven learning community for people who want to continue learning in retirement in a stress-free, welcoming environment,” says Jean Morgenweck, director of Osher. The institute’s course offerings provide opportunities to explore fresh insights, stay current on important topics and meet new people. They include: Global and Cultural Awareness,

24 |


Environmental Issues, History, The Great Outdoors, Personal Skill Development, and more. Lenora Bohren, a retired CSU professor and Osher member, says, “Osher helps satisfy my curiosity to learn new information and ideas that I wasn’t able to explore when I was working. For example, one of my alltime favorite Osher classes is Ghost Towns of Colorado.” Through its alumni association, UNC offers 80-minute “Community Conversations” throughout the Front Range region, which feature “…presentations and activities that allow you to engage directly with topics that are important to you.” UNC faculty, alumni, and staff who are experts in their fields share their passions with Community

Conversation participants. Our local community colleges offer many opportunities for continuing education for the more mature student, too. For example, Front Range Community College offers Survival Spanish for Travelers, Birding for Beginners and Wildflower Identification for Hikers. Aims Community College strives to provide engaging continuing education opportunities, too. “Whether you are earning a degree, brushing up on career skills or seeking a lifelong learning opportunity, you will enjoy Aims Community College’s award-winning flexible, high-quality, and affordable educational environment,” says Dr. Dr. Leah L. Bornstein, Aims president.

the Estes Valley Library, High Plains Libraries, Loveland Library and Poudre River Libraries are not exceptions. “Throughout our lives, libraries are the place we’ve come to trust for reliable, unbiased and easy-to-access information. With all the programs libraries have to offer, they are the perfect place for older adults to rediscover their appetite for learning, for growing and for just plain happiness,” says Claudine Perrault, Estes Valley Library director. “At our library, it’s easy to find older adults participating in all types of lifelong learning like learning how to borrow digital books and navigate their tablets and iPhones, to attending and giving travel-adventure lectures, to taking a workshop on how to save money during retirement.”

Hit the books

Traveling tutelage

Libraries are yet another source of lifelong learning opportunities, and

Some people prefer to take their learning on the road. Through organizations

like Road Scholar, you can learn while you travel. Road Scholar offers educational trips that range from active adventures to more refined explorations of cultures and the arts. NoCo resident Jane Armstrong has taken several trips through the Road Scholar organization. “The trips I’ve taken have been a combination of places I’ve always wanted to go and things I’ve wanted to learn about,” she says. Armstrong leans toward the active offerings. She’s enjoyed a golf instruction course in St. George, Utah, that included a side trip to Zion National Park and a lecture about the area’s geological history; a trip to Glacier National Park that included a lot of hiking, plus education about various types of forests and wildlife; and a two-week stay in New Zealand that included a mix of education about that country and hiking, biking, rafting and horseback riding.

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You’re never too old to “I like it when someone does all architectural sketching that an artist the advanced planning, then puts me needs—not full technical architectural learn something new… on a bus and gets me where I need drawing, but enough to make it beAims Community College to go,” says Armstrong. “I also like lievable—and watercolor application the list of recommended reading I to those sketches.” 970-330-8808, GR receive from Road Scholar in advance She adds, “For me, the benefits 970-667-4611, LV of a trip. I always read four or five of combining travel with education, of the suggested books. It gives me a whether formal or informal, really deCSU Osher Lifelong chance to go deep into the history of pends on what you want to learn. But Learning Institute an area.” I think the most essential thing is to Some people plan educational do some research on the person and/or 970-491-7753 trips by connecting up with indiorganization who is leading the course, vidual instructors of subjects they’re to make sure that you get good value Front Range interested in. For example, Carol for spending the extra money in travel Community College pain with intervention Evenchick has dabbled in sketching and accommodation.” Specializing in treating pain management practices and watercolor painting on and off So whether in a classroom or on 970-226-2500 for years. Last year, she took a one the road, keep on learning. Road Scholar and half day course offered by an “Lifelong learning classes…keep artist who teaches workshops in the my brain alive and thinking,” says 800-454-5768 U.S. and overseas. “I really liked her Sally Purath, CSU Osher member. “I approach, so decided to do the full can’t help aging, but by continually UNC Community Conversations course she offers in Italy this sumlearning something new, it feels like pain mer. The topic was perspective for I am aging and growing, instead of conversation sketchers, and covered the basics of aging and fossilizing.” care ntative

ention ctices


Don’t let PAIN affect your ride!


OUR GOALS ARE TO: 970-351-2551

ctional ible


Treat, if possible, the souce of the pain Promote healthy activities and preventative care Return patients to the most functional and productive lifestyle possible Improve performance and enjoyment

Don’t let PAIN

affect your hike! Kelli McKee, PA-C, Michael Brown, DO, Colin Carpenter, MD, Matthew Pouliot, DO, George Girardi, MD, Debra Dennis, PA-C.

OUR GOALS ARE TO: • Treat, if possible, the source of the pain

Front Range Pain Medicine Matthew Pouliot, D.O. Board Certified Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation welcomes Dr. Carpenter Board Certified Pain Medicine

• Promote healthy activities and preventative care • Return patients to the most functional and productive lifestyle possible • Improve performance and enjoyment

Specializing in treating pain with intervention pain management practices Fort Collins: 3744 S. Timberline Rd., Suite 102 Loveland: 1605 Foxtrail Dr. Cheyenne, WY: 4108 Laramie St.

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Applicants must be at least 62 years of age with an annual income of or below $26,900 for one person & $30,750 for two people. Harvest Pointe is a non-smoking community. Section 504 Coordinator: Stuart Hartman, VP - Operations, FPM, Inc. 911 N Studebaker Road, Long Beach CA 90815, 562-275-5100. TDD 800-545-1833 x 359.

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DIRECTORY Financial Assistance & Benefits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 finances, insurance counseling

Housing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 assisted living, independent living, moving assistance, nursing facilities, senior apartments Retail . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 home remodeling Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 funeral care, legal services, transportation


Colorado Low Income Telephone Assistance Program 303-894-2043, Consumer Credit Counseling 1247 Riverside Ave., FC 229-0695, Consumer Fraud (Weld County District Attorney) 800-222-4444 or 356-4010 Foundation on Aging for Larimer County, Inc. FC, 224-5476, House of Neighborly Service 565 N. Cleveland Ave., LV 667-4939, 531 8th, Berthoud 532-0161, Kevin Dunnigan, Investment Centers of America 300 E. 29th St., LV, 622-2366 Full-service financial firm com­ mitted to helping people pursue their financial goals.

28 |


Michael Tarantino, CFP, Investment Centers of America 303 E. Mountain Ave., FC 292-0105, www.michael Customized financial planning to help make your goals a reality. Larimer County Office on Aging 2601 Midpoint Dr., Ste. 112, FC 498-7750 Larimer County Veterans Services 200 W. Oak St., FC, 498-7390 Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) Larimer County 1501 Blue Spruce Dr., FC 498-7730, assistance/leap.htm Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) Weld County Neighbor to Neighbor 1550 Blue Spruce Dr., FC 484-7498, 242 Conifer St., FC 494-9705, 565 N. Cleveland Ave., LV, 663-4163

Old Age Pension Weld County 351-1551, Social Security Administration Larimer County 301 S. Howes St., Ste. 4, FC 866-336-7385, Social Security Administration Weld County 5400 W. 11th St., GR 877-405-9195,


Aspen Club Senior Servies PVHS 1224 Doctors Ln., FC 495-8560, 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave., LV, 624-1860, Larimer County Department of Human Services – Medicaid 1501 Blue Spruce Dr., FC 498-6300, 205 E. 6th St., LV 498-6300, Medicaid Hotline 888-367-6557 Medicare Information & Application Larimer County 1501 Blue Spruce Dr., FC 498-6300,

Medicare Information 800-633-4227 Options for Long Term Care (OLTC) Larimer County 1501 Blue Spruce Dr., FC 498-7780, Senior Health Insurance Assistance Weld County RSVP 351-2588, rsvp/services.html Weld County Social Services Department 315 N. 11th Ave., GR, 352-1551


CARE Housing 1303 W. Swallow St.,FC 282-7522, Fort Collins Housing Authority 1715 W. Mountain Ave., FC 416-2910, Good Samaritan Society Fort Collins Village 508 W. Trilby Rd., FC 970-226-4909, www.good-sam. com/fortcollinsvillage

Good Samaritan Society–Greeley Communities 708 22nd St., GR 970-352-6082, www.good-sam. com/greeleycommunities Good Samaritan Society Loveland Village 2101 S. Garfield Ave., LV 970-669-3100, www.good-sam. com/lovelandvillage Good Samaritan Society Water Valley Resort 805 Compassion Dr., WS 970-686-2743, www.good-sam. com/watervalley Greeley-Weld Housing Authority 903 6th St., GR, 353-7437 Loveland Housing Authority 375 W. 37th St., Ste. 200, LV 667-3232, Neighborhood Services Office 281 N. College Ave., FC 224-6046, neighborhoodservices Neighbor to Neighbor 1550 Blue Spruce Dr., FC 484-7498 565 N. Cleveland Ave., LV 663-4163,


Apple Leaf Assisted Living 1328 1st St., Berthoud 532-2600 Aspen House, 2212 E. 11th St. LV, 635-9800 Barlow Assisted Living 2320 W. Prospect Rd., FC 482-1119 Caring, personal, personalized senior assisted-living services. Bee Hive Homes Assisted Living 1805 32nd St., Evans 866-866-9652 Bonnell Good Samaritan Center 708 22nd St., GR, 352-6082

The Bridge at Life Care Center of Greeley 4750 25th St., GR, 339-0022

Garden Square of Greeley 1663 29th Ave. Pl., GR 573-7739, www.gardensquare

Brookdale Fort Collins 1002 Rule Dr., FC, 235-0698

Garden Square at Westlake Assisted Living 3151 W. 20th St., GR, 673-9402

Brookdale North Loveland 2895 N. Empire, LV, 235-0683 Brookdale Mariana Butte 215 Shupe Cir., LV, 235-0699 Brookdale Greeley 1999 W. 38th Ave., GR, 818-5300 Assisted living, providing fabulous food and great service. Bright Assisted Living 610 Hemlock Dr., WS, 674-1446 Collinwood Assisted Living and Memory Care 5055 S. Lemay Ave., FC, 223-3552 Social and recreational activities; maintenance-free living. Columbine Commons Assisted Living 1475 Main Street, WS 449-5540, www. Courtyard of Loveland 605 California Ave., LV, 667-3342 Comfortable home environment with 24-hour personal care. Eagle’s Nest Assisted Living 1026 Salmon Run, FC, 231-2692 Fort Collins Healthcare Center 1000 S Lemay Ave, FC, 482-7925 Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance. Garden Square at Spring Creek 1000 E. Stuart St., FC, 494-3276

Good Samaritan Society Fort Collins Village 508 W. Trilby Rd., FC, 226-4909 Grace Pointe Continuing Care Senior Campus 1919 68th Ave., GR, 304-1919 Assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation. Gray Cara West 3705 Carson Ave., Evans 330-5133, Heritage Haus 208 19th St., SE, LV, 669-5616 Joneses Assisted Living 2127 Eagle Dr., LV, 663-2226 Lakeview Commons 1422 W. 29th St., LV, 278-4000 Empower­ing residents to be active and independent. Loveland House 2115 Eagle Dr., LV, 663-2223 Loveland Village – Good Samaritan Society 2101 S. Garfield Ave., LV 669-3100, MacKenzie Place 4750 Pleasant Oak Dr., FC 207-1939 Meadowlark Assisted Living 1214 Catalpa Pl., FC, 221-3707 MeadowView of Greeley 5300 W. 29th St., GR, 353-6800 Morning Star Assisted Living and Memory Care 3509 Lochwood Drive, FC, 999-8790

New Mercer Commons 900 Centre Ave., FC, 495-1000, www.columbine Assisted living, Alzheimer’s and dementia, short-term respite. Park Regency Loveland 1875 Fall River Dr., LV, 461-1100 Primrose Place 1330 E. 1st St., LV, 667-5962 Primrose-Place The Residence at Oakridge 4750 Wheaton Dr., FC, 229-5800 Rigden Farm Senior Living 2350 Limon Dr., FC, 224-2700 Independent living month-tomonth leases with no buy-in. Shamrock Manor 2914 W. Prospect Rd., FC 224-1400 Spring Creek Health Care 1000 E Stuart Street, FC, 482-5712 Providing wound, bariatric, respiratory and respite care. Turnberry Place Assisted Living 2401 Turnberry Rd., FC 482-2215 Wellington Assisted Living 8126 5th St., Wellington, 568-7199 Willows at Windsor 303 E. Chestnut St., 686-2258 WindSong Memory Care 3150 Rock Creek Dr., FC 372-5838 WindSong at Rock Creek is a memory care community that follows Montessori principles in caring for their residents.

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Bonnell Good Samaritan Center 708 22nd St., GR, 352-6082 Good Samaritan Society Fort Collins Village 508 W. Trilby Rd., FC 226-4909, Greeley Place 1051 6th St., GR, 351-0683 our-communities/greeley-place Harvest Pointe

4895 Lucerne Ave., LV 622-9907, Affordable housing for lowincome seniors. Hillcrest of Loveland 535 N. Douglas Ave., LV, 593-9800 Applicants must be at least 62 years of age with an annual income of or below $25,750 for one person or $29,400 for two people. Harvest Pointe is a non-smoking community.

Section 504 Coordinator: Stuart Hartman, VP - Operations, FPM, Inc. 911 N Studebaker Road, Long Beach CA 90815, 562-275-5100. TDD 800-545-1833 x 359.

Loveland Village – Good Samaritan Society 2101 S. Garfield Ave., LV 669-3100 MacKenzie Place 4750 Pleasant Oak Dr., FC 207-1939, Mirasol Senior Living 1153 Finch St., LV, 663-1300

Sugar Valley Estates—Holiday Retirement 4320 Georgetown Dr., LV 744-3245 Water Valley Senior Living Resort 805 Compassion Way, WS 686-2743 Welcoming sense of community, golf, fishing, trails; restaurantstyle dining. The Wexford 1515 W. 28th St. LV, 667-1900 Service and amenity choices available in a caring community. The Winslow 909 Centre Ave.FC, 492-6200 For seniors to enjoy a lifestyle filled with recreational, educa­tional, and social activities. The Worthington 900 Worthington Circle, FC, 490-1000 Fun, security and peace of mind for independent-living seniors.


Park Regency Premiere Senior Living 1875 Fall River Dr., LV, 461-1100

Kids Gloves, LLC 449-2309,

Parkwood Estates Independent Senior Living Community 2201 S. Lemay Ave., FC 482-3924,


Rigden Farm Senior Living 2350 Limon Dr., FC 224-2700 Independent living month-to-month leases with no buy-in. Silvernest 1-866-757-NEST Connects baby boomers and empty nesters that have (or need) a room to share. 30 |


Lone Pine Estate Service 224-2637 Bonnell Good Samaritan Center 708 22nd St., GR, 352-6082 Centre Avenue Health & Rehab Facility 815 Centre Ave. FC, 494-2140 Private rooms for individuals; short stays after hospitalization, long-term care, end-of-life care. Center for Neurorehabilitation Services, PC 1045 Robertson St., FC, 493-6667,

Columbine Commons Health & Rehab Facility 1475 Main Street, WS, 449-5541, Columbine West Health & Rehab Facility 940 Worthington Cr., FC , 221-2273 Skilled nursing facility providing rehabilitation, de­mentia care, and hospice services. Fairacres Manor Inc 1700 18th Ave., GR, 353-3370

North Shore Health & Rehab Facility 1365 W. 29th St. LV, 667-1111 www.columbine Meets needs with regard to individual’s dignity and strengths. Rehabilitation and Nursing Center of the Rockies 1020 Patton St., FC, 484-7981 Sava Senior Care 1000 E. Stuart St., FC, 482-5712 821 Duffield Ct., LV, 669-0345

Golden Peaks Center 1005 E. Elizabeth St., FC 482-2525, www.genesishcc. com/GoldenPeaks

Windsor Health Care Center 710 3rd St., WS, 686-7474

Good Samaritan Society Fort Collins Village 508 W. Trilby Rd., FC, 226-4909

Big Thompson Manor I & II 230 Monroe Ave., LV, 667-4195

Grace Pointe Continuing Care Senior Campus 1919 68th Ave., GR, 304-1919 Assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation. Kenton Manor 850 27th Ave., GR, 353-1017 Lemay Avenue Health & Rehab Facility 4824 S. Lemay Ave., FC , 482-1584, www.columbine Life Care Center of Greeley 4800 W. 25th St., GR, 330-6400 Home-like atmosphere with nursing care. In-house physician. Loveland Village – Good Samaritan Society 2101 S. Garfield Ave., LV 669-3100,


Birchwood Apartments 2830 W. 27th St. Ln., GR, 330-6206 Broadview Apartments 2915 W. 8th St., GR, 352-9305 CARE Housing 1303 W. Swallow Rd., FC 282-7522, Century III (Windsor Housing Authority) 1027 Walnut St., WS, 686-5576 DMA Plaza Apartments 300 Remington St., FC, 493-7727 Fort Collins Housing Authority (Northern Hotel, the Villages, Wellington) 1715 W. Mountain Ave., FC 416-2910, Fox Run Good Samaritan Society 1720 60th Ave., GR, 353-7773 Governor’s Farm Apartments 701 6th St., WS, 686-9650 Greeley Manor Apartments 1000 13th St., Ste. 105, GR 356-5489 Hamilton Park Apartments 1402 N. 4th St., Ste. 2, Berthoud, 532-3725

Harvest Pointe 4895 Lucerne Ave., LV, 6229907, Affordable housing for lowincome seniors. Immaculata Plaza 530 10th Ave., GR, 356-0610 Applicants must be at least 62 years of age with an annual income of or below $25,750 for one person or $29,400 for two people. Harvest Pointe is a non-smoking community.

Section 504 Coordinator: Stuart Hartman, VP - Operations, FPM, Inc. 911 N Studebaker Road, Long Beach CA 90815, 562-275-5100. TDD 800-545-1833 x 359.

Island Grove Village 119 14th Ave., GR, 356-2808 Joe P. Martinez Garden Apartments 1701 2nd St., GR, 356-2332 La Casa Rosa (Greeley/Weld Housing Authority) 1011 C St., GR, 353-7437 Loveland Housing Authority (Maple Terrace, Mirasol, Silver Leaf I & II) 375 W. 37th St., Ste. 200, LV 667-3232, Meeker Commons Mutual Housing 505 9th Ave., GR, 378-9393

Oakbrook I Apartments 3200 Stanford Rd., FC 226-5060


Woodside Village Apartments 144 E. 24th St., GR, 356-5991

Bohlender Funeral Chapel 121 W. Olive St., FC, 482-4244 Full-service, funeral home offering funeral, burial, cremation, and preneed planning services.


Oakbrook II Apartments 3300 Stanford Rd., FC 223-1356


Reflections Senior Apartments 321 E. Troutman Pkwy., FC 225-3711 Sanctuary Apartments 3732 Kunz Ct., FC, 225-2116 The Pines at Southmoor 2162 30th St., GR, 356-4059 University Plaza 1534 11th Ave., GR, 353-9275 Villa Fourteen 214 Birch Ave., Ault, 834-1570 Woodbridge Senior Apartments 1508 W. Elizabeth St., FC, 472-1703

Happy Horse 113 Peterson St., FC, 484-4199 Everything for horses and the people they love.

Goes Funeral Care and Crematory 3665 Canal Dr., Ste. E, FC, 4822221, Personalized services including traditional burial and cremation. Green burial available.


Johnson Custom Flooring and Design 2093 E. 11th St., LV, 663-1266, www.johnsoncustom Single rooms, remodels and new construction; free estimates.

Seitz Funeral Services Inc 2000 47th Ave., GR, 330-6151 Stoddard Funeral Home 3205 W. 28th St., GR 330-7301



Allnutt Funeral Service 650 W. Drake Rd., FC, 482-3208, 2100 N. Lincoln Ave., LV 667-1121, 702 13th St., GR

Failing or Missing Teeth? Loose Dentures?

Vessey Funeral Service 2649 E. Mulberry St., Ste. A-1 FC, 482-5065

We can rebuild and restore your smile FINANCING OPTIONS AVAILABLE

Ask about our



SPECIAL Dr. Blake Barney DDS, MSD

1006 Robertson Street, Fort Collins

Just west of Poudre Valley Hospital





10% OFF

Comprehensive Treatment Plan New patients with this ad thru 11/30/17

Implant Supported Dentures • Complete and Partial Dentures • Dental Implants • Crowns and Bridges • Sedation Dentistry including General Anesthesia

Fifty&Better | 31

Viegut Funeral Home 1616 N. Lincoln Ave., FC, 6794669, Photography services.

Misty Bordeaux, Estate Law 2629 Redwing Rd., Ste. 112, FC 488-2737


Peter W. Bullard, Elder Law 375 E. Horsetooth Rd., Bldg. 6 Ste. 200, FC 223-5900

Bill Beyers, Elder-Law Attorney 762 W. Eisenhower Blvd., LV 669-1101, C. Jan Lord, Elder-Law 1211 Lake Ave., Ste. 202, Berthoud 532-4183 Colorado Legal Services 211 W. Magnolia St., FC 493-2891 Fort Collins Senior Center 1200 Raintree Dr., FC 221-6644 Larimer County Bar Association Pro Bono Program 424 Pine St., FC, 402-2075

32 |


Procter and Callahan, LLC, Elder Law & Estate Planning 343 W. Drake Rd., Ste. 240, FC, 266-9669 Wallace & Kling, P.C. 412 S. Howes St., Ste. B, FC 221-5602 Weld County Legal Services Pro Bono Program 800 8th Ave., Ste. 202, GR 310-8367


SAINT 333 W. Drake Rd., Ste. 42, FC 223-8604 or 223-8645 LV, 223-8653, www.saint

City of Loveland Transit (COLT) 410 E. 5th St., LV, 962-2700

Shamrock Taxi 4414 E. Harmony Rd., FC 303-772-5222

Dial-A-Ride 250 N. Mason St., FC, 224-6066 Larimer County Lift 2255 Midpoint Dr., FC, 498-7541

Super Shuttle 4414 E. Harmony Road, FC 225-4838 20 trips daily to and from DIA.

Greeley Paratransit 1200 A St., GR, 350-9287

Transfort Fort Collins 250 N. Mason St., FC, 221-6620

Greenride 4414 E. Harmony Rd., Ste. 200, FC, 226-5533 Shuttle service to Denver International Airport from Front Range and Wyoming locations.

Uber Sign up for Uber on your phone. Get reasonably priced rides any time.

Berthoud Area Transportation Service (BATS) 248 Welch Ave., Berthoud, 532-3049

Yellow Cab of Northern Colorado 303-777-2001

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DIRECTORY Activities & lessons . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Archery, biking, boating, bowling, cards and bingo, dancing, equestrian gear, gardening, golfing, hiking, music, scuba, spectator events, swimming, tennis Arts & crafts classes . . . . . . . . . 38 Glass blowing, knitting, painting, pottery, quilting & sewing, stained glass Arts & entertainment . . . . . . . . . . 38 Cinema cafes, dinner theaters, museums, performance venues Beauty/Spa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Hair removal


Greeley Archers Loveland Archery Exchange 907 VanBuren Ave., LV 667-2934 Rocky Mountain Archery 4518 Innovation Dr., FC 226-5900


The Bicycle Advisory Committee 215 N. Mason Ave., FC The Bicycle Ambassador Program (BAP) A partnership between FC Bikes & Bicycle and Pedestrian Education Coalition The Bicycle and Pedestrian Education Coalition (BPEC) www.bicycleambassador City of Fort Collins Bikes 281 N. College Ave., FC, 416-2471 34 |


City of Greeley Bikes 1001 9th Ave., GR, 350-9424 greeley-bikes

Rocky Mountain Recumbents 2111-G S. College Ave., FC 221-4838

City of Loveland Recreation Trails and Bike Map

Two Rivers Cycling Club Greeley

Fort Collins Bike Co-op 1501 N. College Ave., FC, 4843804,

A Wanderlust Adventures 4120 W. County Rd. 54G, LaPorte, CO, 482-1995

Fort Collins Bike Library 250 N. Mason Ave., FC, 4191050, Fort Collins Cycling Club Lee’s Cyclery Bike Shop 202 W. Laurel St., FC, 482-6006 P.E.D.A.L. (People’s Efforts to Deemphasize Autos in Loveland) Recycled Cycles 4031 S. Mason St., FC, 223-1969 RideKick 877-974-4440, Electric-pow­ered trailers.


A1 Wildwater Rafting 2801 N. Shields St., FC, 2243379, Boyd Lake State Park 3720 N. CR 11C, LV, 6691739, placestogo/parks/BoydLake Inlet Bay Marina @ Horsetooth Reservoir 4314 S. Shoreline Dr., FC 223-0140 Mountain Whitewater Descents 1329 N. Hwy 287, FC, 419-0917, Rocky Mountain Adventures 1117 N. Hwy 287, FC, 493-4005,

Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Continuing Education Fitness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 General fitness, Pilates, yoga Food & beverage . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Brewery tours, cooking classes, delivery services, farmers’ markets, grocery shopping assistance, makeyour-own, wine tasting Municipal support . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 City services, libraries, senior centers Volunteer opportunities . . . . . . . . 42


Chippers Lanes 830 N. College Ave., FC, 484-4777 217 W. Horsetooth Rd., FC, 2266327, 2454 8th Ave., GR, 3534275, Highland Park Lanes 1900 59th Ave., GR, 330-2695 Sweetheart Lanes 2320 N. Lincoln Ave., LV, 667-3510 Leagues, parties and open bowling.


Fort Collins Duplicate Player’s Club Community of Christ Church 220 E. Oak St., FC, 204-1952 Fort Collins Senior Center 1200 Raintree Dr., FC, 221-6644 seniorcenter Bingo, bridge and pinochle Greeley Afternoon Club Senior Center 1010 6th St., GR, 304-0410

Northern Colorado’s



Nick D. Shumaker DDS, MS, PLLC • Leslie J. Paris DDS, MSD, PC


970.351.6166 3400 W 16th Street, Ste 5X FORT COLLINS OFFICE

970.207.4061 • 4033 Boardwalk Dr. Suite 100 Fifty&Better | 35

Northern Colorado Bridge


Andre’s Ballroom Dance, LLC Masonic Temple, 225 W. Oak St., FC, 266-8249 Ballroom Fort Collins 2600 Fieldstone Dr., FC, 493-2922 Club Tico 1599 City Park Dr., FC, 224-6113 or 224-6033 clubtico.php Contemporary Dance Academy 2531 S. Shields St., #2A, FC, 232-9539, www. Foot and Fiddle Square Dance Club Mountain Range Shadows Clubhouse, 8401 Mummy Range Dr., LV, 498-8997 High Country Conservatory of Dance 5112 S. College Ave., FC 225-0600 Dancer Guy, LLC FC, 207-9176 Swing, Latin, Ballroom or Country dance lessons.


Happy Horse 113 Peterson St., FC. 484-4199 Everything for horses and the people they love.


Fort Collins Nursery 2121 E. Mulberry, FC, 482-1984 The Gardens on Spring Creek 2145 Centre Ave., FC, 416-2486, The Sustainable Living Association FC, 224-3247, www.

36 |



City of Fort Collins Golf Division Multiple locations, FC, 221-6650 City of Loveland Golf Courses Multiple locations, LV, 669-5800 Fort Collins Country Club 1920 Country Club Rd., FC 482-1336 Greeley Country Club 4500 10th St., GR, 353-2431 Harmony Club Golf 4176 Club Dr., FC, 482-4653 Highland Meadows Golf Course 6300 Highland Meadows Pkwy., WS, 204-4653, www. Weeklong camps for beginner and intermediate golfers. Indi­ vidual and group instruction.


City of Fort Collins: Parks and Trails FC, 221-6660 Larimer County: Natural Resources 1800 S. CR 31, LV, 619-4570 Poudre Wilderness Volunteers


EZ Keys Piano Studio 6th Place SW, LV, 222-6234 www, Private and shared lessons; free introductory session.

Piano Center of the Rockies 2721 S. College Ave., FC, 282-9171, www.

Chimney Park Pool 421 Chimney Park Dr., WS, 6740826, index.aspx?NID=276

Loveland Academy of Music, LLC 575 N. Denver Ave., Ste. 120, LV, 581-3553, www.

City Park Pool 1599 City Park Ave., FC, 221-6363, recreation/cityparkpool.php


Discovery Bay Water Park 715 E. 24th St., GR, 3533538, Recreation/default.aspx

Colorado Scuba Diving Academy 3320 N. Shields St., FC, 855-5572822,

Edora Pool Ice Center (EPIC) 1801 Riverside Ave., FC, 221-6683, recreation/epic.php

Alpine Scuba 1110 W. Prospect Rd., FC, 4847049,

High Plains Scuba Center 115 W. Harvard, FC, 493-8562 Scuba Schools International Inc 2619 Canton Ct., FC, 482-0883 Tortuga Bay 2986 W. 29th St., GR, 353-3337


Colorado Eagles Hockey Budweiser Event Center, 5290 Arena Cir., LV, 619-4100 Colorado State University Rams Sports Moby Arena, 1951 W. Plum St., FC, University of Northern Colorado Bears Sports Butler-Hancock Athletic Center, GR, 351-4849


Fort Collins Senior Center 1200 Raintree Dr., FC, 221-6644 seniorcenter Greeley Recreation Center 651 10th Ave., GR, 350-9400, www.greeleygov. com/Recreation/GreeleyRec.aspx Hillside Pool 1414 27th St., GR, 352-1692 Island Grove Park 501 N. 14th Ave., GR, 350-9392, islandgrove.aspx Mulberry Pool 424 W. Mulberry St., FC, 221-6657 mulberrypool.php Winona Outdoor Pool 1615 SE 4th St., LV, 962-2435, aspx?page=231


Magnolia Music Studio 210 W. Magnolia St., FC, 481-8661

Bittersweet Swimming & Tennis 1429 39th Ave., GR, 353-0957,

Philomusica: A Muscial Playground 2105 S. College Ave., FC 419-8801,

Centennial Outdoor Pool 2315 Reservoir Rd., GR, 3302837, Recreation/default.aspx

Edge Sports Center, Inc. 4450 Denrose Ct., FC, 472-0048

Piano & Guitar Institute 2925 S. College Ave., #8, FC 206-4930, 1295 Main St., #3, WS, 686-9660, www.

Chilson Recreation Center 700 E. Fourth St., LV 962-2386,

Lewis Tennis School Rolland Moore Park, 2201 S. Shields St., FC, 493-7000

City Park Tennis Courts 1500 W. Mulberry St., FC, 4847665,



Sometimes, it is about the bike


4612 S MASON #110 | 970-204-9935 | WWW.PROVELOBIKES.COM


List your home with Juszak Realty for just 4.5% rather than 6% on the seller’s side! Save $4,500 in commission on an average ($300,000) home sale.

Juszak Realty is a family owned, locally focused business dedicated to providing excellent

customer service.

HEATHER JUSZAK: 970-238-0829 LORI JUSZAK: 970-214-6667 CASEY LIPOK: 970-631-3360 • 19 Old Town Square, Suite 238 • Fort Collins

Fifty&Better | 37

Rolland Moore Racquet Complex 2201 S. Shields St., FC, 493-7000, recreation/racquet-complex.php

Pinot’s Palette 159 W. Mountain Ave., FC, 2142508, FortCollins

Evergreen Tennis Courts 1337 W. Broadmoor Dr., LV, 663-7788, www.

Studio Vino 426 N. Lincoln Ave., LV, 6229632,


Glass & Fire FC, 402-3280, Daggett Glass Studio 918 N. Garfield Ave., LV 667-8073


Lambspun 1101 E. Lincoln Ave., FC, 4841998, Yarns and fibers, weaving supplies, books, classes, specialty items. My Sister Knits 1408 W. Mountain Ave., FC, 4071461, Latest yarns and accessories, en­ couragement, assistance in cozy atmosphere. Your Daily Fiber 4019 S. Mason St., FC, 4842414, A family-run shop featuring a wide range of yarn and supplies for fiber enthusiasts.


Gadabout Art Various locations, FC, 719-2291159, Juiced on Imagination 115 N. College Ave., Ste. 220, FC, 301-9695, 1349 Cleveland Ave., LV, 301-9695 Mona Lisa & Me 20 S. Parish, Johnstown, 6859385, Picasso & Wine 1540 Main St., #236, WS, 4600833,

38 |


Showcase Art Center 1335 8th Ave., GR, 356-8593 classes.html


Northern Colorado Potters Guild 209 Christman Dr., FC, 416-5979 Smokestack Pottery 119 E. Lincoln Ave., FC 484-8183 The Pottery Studio 1541 W. Oak St., FC, 221-6204, potterystudio.php The Clay Center of Northern Colorado 1024 6th Ave., GR, 590-1561


Jukebox Quilts 406 N. College, FC, 224-9975, The Fig Leaf: Fabrics & Notions 2834 S. College Ave., FC 495-1766 Old Town Quilting 916 Akin Ave., FC, 217-3483 Sew What? Inc. 1817 E. Mulberry St., FC, 4827681, Quilter’s Stash 1180 W. Ash St., Ste 100, WS, 686-5657, Sew Downtown 824 9th St., GR, 352-9230 Laughing Ladies Quilting 349 Massachessetts Ave., Berthoud, 532-2130


KDD Fused Glass 2601 Platte Pl., FC, 223-3778

Greeley Museum 714 8th St., GR, 350-9220 Four museums with special events, pro­grams, exhibits, tours.

Northern Colorado Stained Glass Supply 3000 N. Overland Tr., LaPorte 482-7655

Bas Bleu Theatre Company 416 Pine St., FC, 498-8949


Budweiser Event Center – The Ranch 5290 Arena Circle, LV, 619-4100

Lyric Cinema Café 300 E. Mountain Ave., FC 493-0893

Lincoln Center 417 W. Magnolia St., FC, 2216730, Local, regional, and national enter­tainment.


The Kress Cinema & Lounge 817 8th Ave., GR 515-5717


Candlelight Dinner Playhouse 4747 Marketplace Dr., John­ stown, 744-3747 Midtown Arts Center 3750 S. Mason St., FC, 225-2555


Fort Collins Museum of Discovery 408 Mason Ct., FC, 416-2236 Northern Colorado history; hands-on science experiences. Fort Collins Museum of Art 201 S. College Ave., FC 482-2787, Exhibitions, events, educational programs to foster learn­ing, interaction and inquiry. Global Village Museum of Arts & Cultures 200 W Mountain Ave, 221-4600 Art collections and activities to promote global understanding. Loveland Museum/Gallery 503 N. Lincoln, LV, 962-2410 Loveland history through art/his­tory exhibits, programs and events.


Rialto Theater 228 E. Fourth St., LV, 962-2120 Music, theater, film, community events; touring performers. Union Colony Civic Center 701 10th Ave., GR, 356-5000 Local, regional, and national enter­tainment.


Allura Skin, Laser & Wellness Clinic 2032 Lowe St., Ste. 103, FC. 223-0193, 4450 Union St., Ste. 201, Johnstown. 223-0193 MD Body and Med Spa 3000 S. College Ave., #208, FC, 779-2920 FDA-approved coolsculpting and microneedling treatments. Screamin’ Peach Waxing Studio 638 S College Ave., 224-2930 4414 S College Ave., 224-2936 Total Vein Care 1136 E. Stuart St. #4102, FC 498-8346 Specialists in disorders of the lower extremity; varicose & spider veins.

Fifty&Better | 39

Xanadu Med Spa 2244 E. Harmony Rd., #100, FC. 482-1889 Offers nonsurgical cosmetic options to help you look and feel more youthful.

Fort Collins Club 1307 E. Prospect Rd., FC 224-2582

Loveland Athletic Club 1000 S. Lincoln Ave., LV 663-4009


Fit5 Studio 4637 S Mason St., FC 775-3955, Offering the Lagree Fitness Method to northern Colorado.

CSU Online Plus Colorado State University 492-4717 Designed for those who are 50 and better.

Fort Collins Senior Center 1200 Raintree Dr., FC 221-6644, recreation/seniorcenter Enriching lives through activity and knowledge.

Miramont Lifestyle Fitness South: 901 Oakridge Dr., FC, 282-1000; North: 1800 Heath Parkway, FC, 672-4219; Central: 2211 S. College Ave., FC, 225-2233; Centerra: 3755 Precision Dr., Ste 100, LV, 744-5005


Hatfield Chilson Recreation 700 E. 4th St., LV, 962-2386



Anytime Fitness 324 W. 37th St., LV, 203-0800 gyms/1380/loveland-co-80538 Aspen Club, Senior Services 1025 Garfield St., Ste. #A, FC, 495-8560, 2000 16th St., Ste. 3, GR,

Lifestyle Centre Health Club 802 W. Drake Rd., Ste. 133 FC, 494-6446 Comprehensive program encouraging commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Raintree Athletic Club 2555 S. Shields St., FC, 490-1300 Silver Sneakers SNAP Fitness 201 South Elm, Eaton 454-3741 The Conditioning Spa 2640 11th Ave., GR, 352-0974

The Other Club 1227 Riverside Ave., FC, 2214FIT, Yoga, personalized fitness and training. Work Out West 5701 W. 20th St., GR 330-9691


b. Pilates 1022 S. College Ave., FC, 8196763, scheduling/BPLXEN Perk! Pilates Fitness 351 Linden St., Ste. 100B, FC 481-8474, Powerhouse Pilates 1002 W. Drake Rd., #104, FC 556-4589 The Yoga Pilates Center 1307 E. Prospect Rd., FC 224-2582

Heaven, Like

Only Smaller Buy one cupcake Get one FREE!

Two locations: SW corner of Horsetooth & College, west of Albertson’s

970.225.1040 172 N. College Ave.

970.482.2505 In the Heart of Old Town

40 |


A Fort Collins

Just Yoga Fort Collins 5112 S. College Ave., Ste. C, FC, 472-5700, Just Yoga Greeley 2343 W. 27th St., Ste. 505, GR, 339-9101 Fort Collins Yoga CoOp Loveland Yoga Core Fitness 100 E. 3rd St., LV, 292-8313 Mindstream Yoga 2733 Council Tree Ave., #129, FC 266-9642 Old Town Yoga 237 Jefferson St., FC 222-2777 Om Ananda Yoga 115 N. College Ave., Ste. 200, FC, 488-9192, Sacred Space Yoga 1616 14th St., GR, 515-6821 Yoga Luna 206 E. 4th St., LV, 690-7909



Budweiser Brewery Tours 2351 Busch Dr., FC 490-4691 New Belgium Brewery 500 Linden St., FC, 221-0524 Odell Brewing Company 800 E. Lincoln Ave., FC, 4989070,


Come Back to the Table 725 E. Mulberry St., FC 407-8828 cooking-classes

The Cupboard 152 S. College Ave., FC 493-8585, The Cooking Studio Fort Collins 123 N. College Ave., FC Salud! Cooking School Whole Foods, 2201 S. College Ave., FC, 267-9200


Meals on Wheels Fort Collins 1217 E. Elizabeth St., Ste. 11, FC 484-6325 Nutritious meals, conver­sation, and well-being check on delivery. Meals on Wheels of Greeley & Weld County 2131 9th St., GR 353-9738 Delivers meals to people in their homes in Weld county. Meals on Wheels of Loveland and Berthoud 437 N. Garfield, LV 667-0311


City of Loveland Farmers’ Market 700 S. Railroad Ave., LV, 9622727, Drake Road Farmers’ Market 802 W. Drake, FC, 218-5521 Fort Collins Farmers’ Market 215 E. Foothills Pkwy., FC 495-4889, Greeley Farmers’ Market 1100 8th Ave., GR 350-9783 CommunityDevelopment/ FarmersMarket.aspx

Fortified Farm Dinners


Harvest Moon Salmon Bake SEPTEMBER 10 Fossil Creek Farms

Bounty & Brews Beer Dinner OCTOBER 14 Bath Garden Center & Nursery

Mad Farmer Dinner NOVEMBER 4 Hope Farms New for 2017: Season Tickets Available A series of community dinners on farms around Fort Collins, each benefitting a local non profit.


Larimer County Farmers’ Market 200 W. Oak St., FC 498-6000

Fifty&Better | 41

Loveland Farmers’ Market N. Garfield & Orchards (Hobby Lobby Parking Lot), LV, 4954889, Winter Farmers’ Market Opera Galleria, 123 N. College Ave., FC, www.downtownfort events/winter-farmers-market Zippity Zoo Farmers’ Market & Boutique 6921 Ridge Valley Ct., LV, 2316444,


City of Loveland COLT Minibus 105 W. 5th St., LV, 962-2700, Albertson’s Home Shopping Assistance—no delivery charge Volunteers of America 405 Canyon Ave., FC , 472-9630 RSVP Weld County: Grocery Shopping and Delivery 351-2588, Safeway Grocery Delivery 877-723-3929


Hops and Berries 130 W. Olive St., Unit B, FC, 493-2484, 1833 E. Harmony Rd., Unit 16, FC, 493-2484, www. Vintages—Your personal winery 120 W. Olive St., FC 484-9813 Warhammer Supply 1112 Monroe Ave., LV 635-2602


Blue Mountain Vineyards Berthoud, CO, 303-532-6104 Blue Skies Winery 251 Jefferson St., FC, 407-9463

42 |


Sweetheart City Wines, LLC LV, 744-4907 Ten Bears Winery Taste Room, 114 N. College Ave., FC, 484-8101, Winery, 5215 Ten Bears Ct., LaPorte, 566-4043 The Cellar 3600 Mitchell Dr., Ste. 90, FC 223-1555, Vintages—Your personal winery 120 W. Olive St., FC, 484-9813 Custom-made wines. Wilbur’s Total Beverage 2201 S. College Ave., FC 226-8662


City of Fort Collins 215 N. Mason St., FC, 221-6207 City of Greeley 1000 10th St., GR, 350-9710 City of Loveland 500 E. 3rd St., LV, 962-2727 Downtown Fort Collins 19 Old Town Square, FC, 484-6500 Town of Berthoud Town Hall, 328 Massachusetts Ave., Berthoud, 532-2643


Poudre River Public Library District Old Town Library 201 Peterson St., FC, 221-6740 Harmony Library 4616 S. Shields St., FC 221-6740 Council Tree Library 2733 Council Tree Ave., FC 221-6740

High Plains Library District 888-861-7323 Centennial Park Library 2227 23rd Ave., GR Farr Regional Library 1939 61st Ave., GR Lincoln Park Library 1012 11th St., Ste. B, GR Riverside Library 3700 Golden St., Evans Kersey Library 413 1st St., Kersey Clearview Library District Windsor-Severance Library 720 3rd St., Windsor, 686-5603 Loveland Public Library 300 N. Adams Ave., LV 962-2665


Berthoud Senior Center 248 Welch Ave., Berthoud 532-2730

Fort Collins Senior Center 1200 Raintree Dr., FC 221-6644 seniorcenter Encouraging adults to enrich their lives through activity and knowledge. Greeley Senior Activity Center 1010 6th St., GR, 350-9440 SeniorCenter.aspx Special events, travel programs, sports & tournaments, classes, games, nutritional lunches. Loveland Chilson Senior Center 700 E. Fourth St., LV 962-2783 Variety of programming opportu­ nities for older adults. Windsor Community Recreation Center 250 N. 11th St., WS 674-3500 Windsor Community Recreation Center offers numerous activities and trips for seniors to enjoy.


Boys & Girls Club of Larimer County 103 Smokey St., FC 223-1709

Boys & Girls Club of Weld County 2400 1st Ave., GR 353-1278 City of Fort Collins: Parks and Trails FC, 221-6660 Colorado Welcome Center 3745 E. Prospect Rd., FC 491-3583 official-colorado-welcome-centers Food Bank for Larimer County 1301 Blue Spruce Dr., FC 493-4477 Fort Collins Bike Library 250 N. Mason Ave., FC 419-1050 Fort Collins Museum of Art 201 S. College Ave., FC 482-2787, Fort Collins Museum of Discovery 408 Mason Ct., FC 221-6738 Fort Collins Rescue Mission 316 Jefferson St., FC 224-4302 Larimer County Landfill 5887 S. Taft Hill Rd., FC 498-5770 ftc.htm Larimer County: Natural Resources Volunteer Program 1800 S. CR 31, LV 619-4552

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Loveland Museum/ Gallery 503 N. Loveland Ave., LV 962-2410 Meals on Wheels Fort Collins 1217 E. Elizabeth #11, FC 484-6325 Poudre River Public Library District Old Town Library 201 Peterson St., FC 221-6740 Poudre Wilderness Volunteers Realities for Children 1610 S. College Ave., FC 484-9090 Rialto Theater Center 228 E. 4th St., LV 962-2120

Ten Thousand Villages/Fort Collins 113 Linden St., 224-9501 fortcollins United Way of Larimer County 424 Pine St., FC 407-7000 United Way of Weld County 814 9th St., GR 353-4300 Volunteers of America Retired Senior Volunteer Program 405 Canyon Ave., FC 472-9630 volunteer-opportunities/retiredsenior-volunteer-program-rsvp Weld Food Bank 1108 H St., GR 356-2199

Now Offering Adult Riding Lessons • Beginner Riders • Returning to the Saddle • Leases and Partial Leases Available

“My experience at Inspiration Riding Academy was magical. It felt great to be back in the saddle and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher or trusty school-horse: Princess. Stefanie is a fantastic trainer and communicated in a calm and encouraging way which really brought out the best rider in me. You will feel safe and confident with Stefanie in no time, her years of equestrian experience make her the ideal trainer.” —Amanda Anderson (with Princess)

Teaching Hunter Jumper lessons to riders of all ages! Lesson Horses available • Call today to discuss your training goals Stefanie Hoffman, Owner/Instructor


970.402.2536 •

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DIRECTORY Caregiving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 adult daycare and respite care, home health support, hospice care, information, infusion therapy, mental health & counseling, personal alert systems

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Brookdale Fort Collins 1002 Rule Dr., FC, 235-0698 Brookdale North Loveland 2895 N. Empire, LV 235-0683

ResCare 5400 West 11 th St., GR 356-0093, Provides quality residential, supported living, and day programs services. Stepping Stones Adult Day Progam @ McKee Medical Center 302 3rd St. SE, LV, 669-7069,


Brookdale Mariana Butte 215 Shupe Cir., LV 235-0699

Accent Care 1180 Main St., Ste. 9, WS 800-368-7167

Brookdale Greeley 1999 W. 38th Ave., GR 818-5300

Advanced Home Healthcare, LLC 1730 S. College Ave., Ste. 304, FC, 493-8500

Eldergarden Adult Day Care 910 27th Ave., GR, 353-5003 Elderhaus Adult Day Programs 605 S. Shields St., FC, 221-0406 New Mercer Commons 900 Centre Ave., FC, 495-1000 www.columbine

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Banner Home Care – McKee Medical LV, 820-4435, GR, 810-6222 Bloom at Home 1455 Main Street, WS, 460-9200, www. Care Pathways

Caring Companions Volunteers of America 405 Canyon Ave., FC, 472-9630 Caring Hearts Home Health Care, LLC 6801 W. 20th St. Ste. 207, GR 378-1409, Columbine Poudre Home Care 915 Centre Ave. Ste 2., FC, 482-5096, 1455 Main Street, WS, 460-9200 Healthcare in patients’ homes.

Good Samaritan Society 226-4909, FC 669-3100, LV 352-6082, GR Home Instead Senior Care 251 Boardwalk, FC, 494-0289 Wide variety of senior care ser­ vices, resources and support delivered to the home. Homewatch Care Givers 1220 W. Ash St. Ste. C, WS 674-9723

Comfort Keepers 1218 W. Ash St. Ste. L, WS 829-3100

Interim Home Style Services 2000 Vermont Dr., Ste. 100, FC 472-4180

Eldercare Network 495-3442,

Maxim Healthcare Services 3665 JFK Pkwy., #330, FC 493-9300 In-home nursing care, rehabilita­ tion, and support services.

Evergreen Home Health Care 301 N. Howes St., Ste. 110, FC 416-6481, Family Care Connection 223-9026 Family Link 720-266-2791

Preferred Home Health 2802 Madison Square Dr., #100, LV, 776-1970

Bringing the Joy of Natural Hearing

Back to Everyday L ife I

grew up in Southern California, always knowing that I wanted to become an equine veterinarian. After junior college, I moved to Fort Collins, CO to attend CSU’s Equine Sciences program.   In my undergraduate junior year, I realized that horses were my passion and hobby and I really did not want to “work” my hobby.  I needed to find a career that I felt the same passion.  In 1999, I began working at a hearing clinic as the receptionist.  Within a few months, I knew helping people restore their hearing was my career passion.  I went back to school, studied under my mentor and received my Certification in Hearing Healthcare and my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.   I have also furthered my education by taking online courses in Neuroanatomy to learn more about how the brain works. In July 2010, my career path expanded by becoming the owner of Advanced Hearing Services.  I enjoy my journey everyday by helping people regain their natural hearing. I believe that what sets me apart from others in my field, is that I am the owner and provider at Advanced Hearing Services.  I am not owned by a large corporation that dictates what I can provide for my patients.  I have the autonomy to make decisions that benefit you, not a large manufacturer. When you call to make an appointment, your appointment will be with me.  I will guide you through the process of restoring your natural hearing and will continue to provide care for many years. I have a large practice with a family feel.  Everyone who becomes part of Advanced Hearing Services will be part of my family. Away from the office, my husband Duane and I enjoy the beautiful nature that Fort Collins offers us and I ride my two horses, Einstein better known as “E” and Ruby. Thank you to everyone who trusts me with your hearing healthcare,

Susan Susan D Baker, BC-HIS, Owner Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist



2001 S. Shields Street, Bldg. J2 | Fort Collins Fifty&Better | 47

Right At Home 2850 McClelland Drive, FC. 494-1111, Improving the lives of those we serve. RVNA Home Health Care 107 Cameron Dr., FC, 225-9399 Senior Helpers 1051 6th St., GR, 667-6400 Seniors Helping Seniors Senior In-Home Care 2290 E. Prospect Rd., Ste. 4, FC. 631-8251 3805 Valley Crest Drive, Timnath. 484-8445 Touchstone Home Health 5312 W. 9th St. Dr., Ste. 120, GR 356-3922 Visiting Angels 5441 Boeing Dr., Ste. 200, LV 2925668,


Front Range Hospice 3770 Puritan Way, Ste. #E, Frederick, 776-8080 or 303-957-3101 In-home hospice care. Hospice of Northern Colorado 1801 16th St., GR, 475-0041 Pathways Hospice Community Care for Northern Colorado 305 Carpenter Rd., FC, 663-3500 Compassionate care for those who have an advanced condition.


Alzheimer’s Association 415 Peterson St., FC, 472-9798 918 13th St., #1, GR 392-9202, Programs and services that sup­ port families, enhance care and support those affected. Alzheimer’s Association 24/7 Contact Helpline 800-272-3900,

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Aging Center of the Rockies 149 W. Harvard, Ste. 201, FC 631-7133 Provides in-home or office-setting counseling on a sliding scale. American Cancer Society 8221 W. 20th St., Ste. A, GR 356-9727, Answers on Aging (Senior Hotline) United Way, 407-7066 Connections for Independent Living 1331 8th Ave., GR, 352-8682 www.connectionsforindependent Eldercare Locator (National) 800-677-1116, Grandparents Support Group in Greeley 353-6433 or 346-6952 Hispanic Elderly Outreach Program 353-6433, Larimer County Office on Aging 2601 Midpoint Dr., Ste. 112, FC 498-7750, seniors Seniors Resource Guide Volunteers of America Senior Resource 472-9630, Weld County Area Agency on Aging 315 C N. 11th Ave., GR, 346-6950


Poudre Infusion Therapy 1455 Main Street, WS, 460-9208 www.columbine


24-Hour Crisis Helpline 221-2114

Centennial Peaks Hospital 2255 S. 88th St., Louisville 303-673-9990 Connections for Independent Living 1331 8th Ave., GR, 352-8682 www.connectionsforindependent Heart-Centered Counseling 320 W. Oak St., FC 1770 W. 25th Ave., Ste. 206, GR 1032 N. Lincoln Ave., LV 310-3406, www. Larimer Center for Mental Health 525 W. Oak St., FC, 494-4300 Loveland Counseling Connections (Information and Referral) 450 Cleveland Ave., LV, 461-8944 North Range Behavioral Health 1300 N. 17th Ave., GR, 347-2120 Sister Mary Alice Murphy Center for Hope 242 Conifer St., FC, 494-9940 Spirit Crossing Clubhouse 125 Crestridge St., FC, 493-4051 Veterans Clinic 2509 Research Blvd., FC 224-1550,


Banner Lifeline LV, 669-0959, GR, 378-4743 or 877-493-8109 Caring Solutions 24/7 Alert 1713 Trailwood Dr., FC, 206-9595

Adult and Primary Care Clinic 1250 N. Wilson Ave., LV, 494-4200

CLR Medical and Security Systems, Inc 2115 Cape Hatteras Dr., WS 877-813-8310

Alliance for Suicide Prevention 1100 Poudre River Dr., FC, 482-2209

Guardian Medical Monitoring 877-435-7225

Interim Health Care of Fort Collins 877-435-7225 Life Fone 877-849-8611 or 800-882-2280 Life Response 800-921-2008 www. Life Station 866-725-8679 Mountain Home Medical 866-686-7504 Philips Lifeline 855-681-5351 Response Link 844-394-9006


Allergy Partners 555 Prospect Ave., EP 221-2370 2121 E. Harmony Rd., #350, FC, 221-2370 1130 38th Ave., Ste. A, GR 330-5391 2026 Blue Mesa St., LV 663-0144 Leaders in allergy and asthma care. Banner Health Clinic 2923 Ginnala Dr., LV, 669-6660 608 E. Harmony Rd. Ste. 101, FC 498-9226, Colorado Allergy and Asthma Centers 1136 E. Stuart St., Bldg 3, Ste. 3200, FC, 221-1681, 7251 W. 20th St., Bldg. N, Ste 1 GR, 3563907, Allergies, asthma and eczema.


Cancer Center of the Rockies 2121 E. Harmony Rd. Ste. 150, FC 493-6337, Diagnosis, care and treatment of patients with malignancies and/or blood disorders.

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Front Range Cancer Specialists 2315 E. Harmony Rd. Ste. 110, FC, 212-7600, www. Diagnosis, surgery, chemothera­ py, radiation and other complementary therapies. Loveland Oncology and Hematology 2975 Ginnala Dr., Ste. 120, LV 667-7870, Diagnosis, treat­ment, specializing in chemo­therapy and infusion. UCHealth Cancer Care & Hematology 2121 E. Harmony Rd., Ste. 170, FC, 493-6337 1675 18th Ave., GR, 347-5780 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave. LV, 203-7083. Diagnosis, surgery, chemothera­ py, radiation and other complementary therapies.


Adult Resources for Care and Help (ARCH) Larimer County FC, 498-7750 American Elder Advocates, LLC Catholic Charities Northern Senior Outreach (no cost) FC, 484-5010, 1442 N. 11th Ave. GR, 353-6433, Consultants for Aging Families, LLC 649 Remington St., FC, 498-0730 Disabled Resource Services (no cost) 1017 Robertson St., Unit B, FC 482-2700, 640 E. Eisenhower Blvd., LV, 667-0816 Fil’s Place Legacy Services, LLC 1724 Silvergate Rd., FC, 488-1275 Options for Long Term Care (OLTC) Larimer County 1501 Blue Spruce Dr., FC 498-7780, adultservices/oltc.htm

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UCHealth Cancer Patient Navigation 2121 E. Harmony Rd., Ste. 330, FC, 297-6165

Adult Protective Services (APS) Larimer County 2555 Midpoint Dr., Ste. F, FC 498-7770, adultservices/aps.htm

Poudre Valley Hospital - UCHealth Community Case Management 1024 S. Lemay Ave., FC 495-8554,

Alternatives to Violence 313 E. 4th St., LV, 669-5150

Seniors in Transition, LLC 2627 Pasquinel Dr., FC 204-6977,


BenchMark Dental Dr. Joshua Fowler, 1640 25th Ave., GR. 352-5448, 640 E. Eisenhower Blvd., Ste. 100, LV. 667-8782, 1555 Main Street, Ste. A-2, WS. 686-7858 Specializing in implants and dentures for those 50 and up. Family Dental Clinic – Health District of Northern Larimer County 202 Bristlecone Dr., FC 416-5331,

Front Range Dentures 1525 Riverside, Suite B, FC 493-9001 Affordable dentures, denture repair, tooth extraction, dental implants, bridges, complete den­tistry services. Loveland Dentistry and Dentures 274 E. 29th St., LV 744-2345, wwwLoveland Comfortable and caring dentistry and dentures to northern Colorado. Northern Colorado Periodontics 4033 Boardwalk Dr., Ste. 100, FC, 207-4061, 3400 W. 16th St., Ste. 5X, GR, 351-6166 Dedicated to restoring excellent dental health through affordable periodontic care.


AARP ElderWatch (fraud assistance),

Crossroads Safehouse 421 Parker St., FC, 482-3535 24/7 Hotline: 482-3502 Elder Abuse Education 6801 W. 20th St., Ste. 207, GR 353-3800 x3324 Elder Abuse Reporting 6801 W. 20th St., Ste. 207, GR 352-1551 x6211 Long Term Care Larimer County 498-7754 SAVA (Sexual Assault Victim Advocate) 4812 S. College Ave., FC, 472-4204


A Step Ahead Foot & Ankle Center 3850 N. Grant, Ste. 130, LV 667-0769, 2001 S. Shields, Bldg. F, FC, 493-466, Treats ankle pain, bunions, corns & callouses, fractures & sprains, hammertoes, heel pain, orthotics, and more. Anderson Podiatry Center 1355 Riverside Ave., Ste. 6, FC 484-4620, www.anderson Helping to heal the foundation of the human body. Poudre Valley Foot & Ankle Clinic 1355 Riverside Ave., Ste., C, FC 484-4620, Foot care and surgical center. Neuropathy treatment, laser treatment for fungal nails.


UCHealth Internal Medicine 1106 E. Prospect Rd. Ste. 100, FC, 495-7410 4674 Snow Mesa Dr., Ste. 100, FC, 778-3052, Care specializing in people age 65 and older.


Banner Medical Clinics— Harmony 608 E. Harmony Rd., Ste. 101 FC, 204-9069 Family physi­cians; accepting new patients and all insurances. Banner Medical Clinic-Highland Meadows 8201 Spinnaker Dr., Suite D, WS 223-2272, Family physi­cians; accepting new patients and all insurances. Banner Medical Clinic-North Loveland 3880 North Grant Ave., Ste. 140 LV, 203-0047 Family physi­cians; accepting new patients and all insurances. Family Medicine Center 1025 Pennock Pl., FC 495-8980, Greeley Medical Clinic 1900 16th St. GR, 353-1551 Multi-specialty healthcare services.

Kaiser Permanente Medical Clinics 2950 E. Harmony Rd., FC, 4901 Thompson Pkwy, LV, 2429 35th Ave., GR, 207-7171 Family medicine, and more. Loveland Community Health Center 302 3rd St., LV, 669-4855 McKee Medical Center 2000 N. Boise Ave., LV 669-4640,

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Medical Center of the Rockies UCHealth 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave., LV, 624-2500, North Colorado Medical Center 1801 16th St., GR, 352-4121 Poudre Valley Hospital - UCHealth 1024 S. Lemay Ave., FC 495-7000, Salud Family Health Centers 1635 Blue Spruce Dr., FC 494-4040, The Seasons at McKee Medical Center 2000 N. Boise Ave., LV 635-4097, Sage Holistic Health 1136 N. Lincoln Ave., LV, 667-7071 Acupuncture, nutrition, herbs. Sunrise Health Center 1006 A St., GR, 352-0048

United Medical Center of Berthoud 549 Mountain Ave., Berthoud 532-4644, VA Medical Clinic 2509 Research Blvd., FC 224-1550, Windsor Medical Clinic - UCHealth 1455 Main St., WS, 686-3950


Kaiser Permanente 877-297-0566, Rocky Mountain Health Plans 800-823-8356, Medicare and health insurance specialists.


The Seasons Club McKee Medical Center 2000 N. Boise Ave, LV, 820-4097 Quality of life enhancement for mature adults.

Weld Aging Well—Weld County Area Agency on Aging 315C N. 11th Ave., GR, 346-6950 ext. 6117, Health and longevity tools for older adults.


Advanced Hearing Services 2001 S. Shields St. Bldg. J2, FC 221-5249, Evaluations and consultations, rehabilitation, follow-up care.

Audiology Associates 4675 W. 20 th Street Rd., Unit A, GR, 352-2881 Com­prehensive diagnostic audiology, hearing aids, and aural rehabilitation. Hearing Rehab Center 1217 E. Elizabeth St., Ste. 9, FC 482-5700


CardioVascular Institute of Northern Colorado - Banner Health 4700 Lady Moon Dr., FC, 821-4500 1800 15th St., Ste. 310, GR 810-0900, 1900 Boise Ave., Ste. 200, LV, 820-2400 Heart Center of the Rockies 2121 E. Harmony Rd. Ste. 100 & 200, FC, 221-1000, Heart and vascular care.


Poudre Infusion Therapy 1455 Main Street, WS 460-9208,


Aspen Medical Center 2923 Ginnala Dr., LV, 669-6660


McKee Medical Center 2000 Boise Ave., LV, 669-4640 Full range of medical services.

We focus On People,

Our Residents, Their Lives, and Their Families.

As a part of our skilled nursing services, we provide wound care, bariatric care, tracheotomy care, resperatory care and respite care

Spring Creek Health Care

1000 E Stuart St Fort Collins, CO 80525


Fort Collins Health Care Center

1000 S Lemay Ave Fort Collins, CO 80524


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Family Taking Care of Families

Vessey Funeral and Cremation Service opened in Fort

More importantly though, our Experience, Under-

Collins in 2007 and has been serving all of Northern

standing and Friendliness are what set us apart. Service

Colorado with compassionate and Caring Service

with Dignity at all times. Every service is arranged and

by co-owners Mike and Susie Reager and Steve and

conducted with these attributes in mind. For your piece

Debbie Vessey. Mike and Steve are both certified by the

of mind.

Colorado State Funeral Service Board with the most prestigious Mortuary Science Practitioner designation.

Our attention to detail, knowledgeable staff and 24

Both possess degrees in Mortuary Science and have

hour service will support you in your time of need at

successfully passed the National Board Exams.

an affordable price.

Come Visit Us and Experience the Vessey Difference Vessey Funeral Service 2469 East Mulberry Street A-1 | Fort Collins | 970-482-5065 |

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Medical Center of the Rockies 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave., LV 624-2500, Full spectrum of services, special­ ties in cardiac and trauma care. Northern Colorado Medical Center 1801 16th St., GR, 352-4121 Full-service hospital, burn and trauma care, hyperbaric medicine, cardiac program, cancer care, more. Peakview Medical Center 5881 16th St. GR, 313-2700 Wide range of medical specialties. Poudre Valley Hospital 1024 S. Lemay Ave., FC 495-7000, Treatments, surgeries, and diag­ nostic testing.


Apria Health Care 1337 Riverside Ave., Ste. 1, 484-8211, 2400 W. 16th St., Ste. D, GR, 353-5355, 420 W. 67th St., LV, 663-0500, Banner Home Medical Equipment 810-6420 or 800-752-4074 Certified Prosthetics & Orthotics, LLC 1620 25th Ave., Ste. A, GR 356-2123, Christ Center Outreach Center 2700 S. Lemay Ave., FC, 223-4442 Columbine Medical Equipment 802 W. Drake Rd. Ste. 123, FC, 221-1453, 1455 Main Street, WS, 460-9205. Disabled Resource Services 1017 Robertson St., Unit B, FC 482-2700, 118 E. 29th St., Ste. C, LV, 667-0816 Don Paul Respiratory Services, Inc 965 59th Ave., Ste. C, GR 356-0210,

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Ensight Skills Center 3307 S. College Ave., #108, FC 866-375-5693 Frontier Access and Mobility 1308 Riverside Ave., FC, 2238267, Offering access and mobility solutions. Lincare 4700 S. College Ave., FC 482-8114, 107 W. 29th St., LV 663-1163, 2533 11th Ave., GR 356-1506, Mobility and More 493 N. Denver Ave., LV 461-8400, MTI Medical, LLC 612 Bighorn Ct., WS, 221-5612 Praxair Healthcare Services 1600 E. Mulberry St., FC 224-1441, UCHealth Home Medical Supply 1420 Riverside Ave., Ste. 108 FC, 484-6616, RCC Medical Supply 3109 35th Ave., Ste. C 356-9078, Rocky Mountain Medical Outfitting & Recycle 2003 W. 8th St., LV, 624-6002 2611 W. 11th St. Rd., GR 515-6935, Veteran’s Club of Loveland 305 Cleveland Ave., LV 667-4722,


Center for Neurorehabilitation Services, P.C. 1045 Robertson St., FC, 4936667, Neurology Associates of Northern Colorado 1106 E. Prospect St. Ste. 100, FC 482-4373 Diagnostic and treatment for dis­orders of the nervous system.


Hospitality Center and Kitchen: Catholic Charities 460 Linden Center Dr., FC, 484-5010 Food Bank for Larimer County 1301 Blue Spruce Dr., FC 493-4477 Food Stamps (Larimer County Human Services) 200 W. Oak St., FC 498-7000, House of Neighborly Service 1511 E. 11th St, LV 667-4939, 531 8th St., Berthoud 532-0161, Meals on Wheels 1217 E. Elizabeth St., Ste. 11, FC 484-6325 437 Garfield Ave., LV, 667-0311 2131 9th St., GR, 353-9738 Open Door Mission 316 Jefferson St., FC, 224-4302 Salvation Army 3901 S. Mason St., FC, 207-4472 Senior Nutrition Meals 315C N. 11th Ave., GR 346-6955, 346-6955x6120 Senior Nutrition Program with Volunteers of America 405 Canyon Ave., FC 472-9630, Weld County Area Agency on Aging 315C N. 11th Ave., GR, 346-6952 Weld Food Bank 1108 H St., GR 356-2199,


OB/GYN Associates 1813 Cheyenne Ave., LV, 203-6801, 1900 N. Boise Ave. Stes. 330 & 410, LV, 203-6801


Orthopaedic & Spine Center of the Rockies 2500 E. Prospect Rd., FC, 493-0112 3470 E. 15th St., LV 663-3975, Specializing in the medicine of motion: surgery centers, radiology, therapy, work comp.


Colorado Clinic 3810 N. Grant Ave., LV, 221-9451 Your northern Colorado sports and regenerative medicine pain specialists. Front Range Pain Medicine 3744 S. Timberline Rd., FC 6200 W. 9th St., Ste. 5, GR 495-0506, Specializing in treating pain with intervention pain management practices.


Front Range Therapy 802 W. Drake Rd., Ste. #133A, FC 494-6449 www.columbine Harmony Hand and Physical Therapy 3744 S. Timberline Road, FC. 204-4263, 1455 Main St., Ste. 160, WS. 674-9675


Catholic Charities Northern 460 Linden Center Dr., FC 493-0141 House of Neighborly Service 1511 E. 11th St., LV 667-4939, 531 8th St., Berthoud 532-0161, McKee Prescription Assistance Program 2000 Boise Ave., LV, 635-4017

Feel good in your feet for Fall As summer winds down and autumn approaches you might be noticing that your feet are a little worse for the wear. Summer is a time for sandals and fun in the sun, however, it can leave us with a number of troublesome issues such as hard calluses, dry and cracked skin and athlete’s foot infections, not to mention numerous aches and pains from all the flip flops and barefoot walking. Fortunately, there are several easy tips one can use to get those feet back into shape in no time.  When feet are exposed to water and moisture for too long, fungal growth can occur. This is often referred to as Athlete’s foot, which is a common problem during the hot summer months when our feet sweat much more and we tend to spend more time at the lake or pool-side. Rather than wear one pair of shoes day in and day out, it is best to rotate through a few pairs. This allows the shoes to fully dry out prior to wearing them again. In addition to this, using a wicking sock can help to draw moisture out and away from the skin. Make sure the spaces between the toes are always dried well and avoid lotion between the toes. Once an infection has developed it is best to contact your podiatrist for a prescription to treat the infection. Failure to treat the infection can lead to other problems, such as toenail infections or break down of the skin that can lead to

cellulitis, a serious bacterial infection that may require antibiotics, hospitalization and/or surgery. While some of us have issues with feet that are too wet, others have the opposite problem and struggle with calloused, dry and cracking skin. Regular use of a foot file or pumice stone can help to reduce the discomfort from painful calluses and an exfoliating scrub can help loosen dry, dead skin. If the skin is beginning to crack, getting the calluses thinned down is a key part of treatment. Once the calluses are taken care of use a thick moisturizing cream or ointment on the affected area and cover with socks or plastic wrap for the night. This will help to hold all that moisture in and your heels should be feeling baby smooth within a week. If this fails to do the trick reach out to your podiatrist as there are many excellent prescription creams available for this very purpose. Lastly, don’t forget to stay hydrated! One of the greatest pleasures of summer, in my opinion, is walking barefoot in sand at the beach or through some nice cool grass. However, this can certainly take its toll on the skin of the foot as previously discussed. In addition to this, frequent barefoot walking or wearing flip flops and strappy sandals through the summer months can contribute to several forms of overuse injuries. These include such bad actors as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis and stress fractures. Naturally, the best solution is prevention. Begin the summer months by wearing more supportive sandals. Many of the hiking style sandals are very well constructed and are designed to allow for hours of use on uneven and varied terrain. This would be my first recommendation. If hiking sandals aren’t for you, fortunately there are many companies that are making dress-style sandals with good arch support as well. If the damage is already done and you are experiencing foot, ankle or leg pain, it is time to seek professional help. With guidance and education through your podiatrist we can often speed recovery significantly so that you can get out there and keep enjoying the turning of the season… Welcome Autumn! Kate Johnson DPM is a board qualified podiatrist practicing at A STEP AHEAD FOOT & ANKLE CENTER, in Loveland and Fort Collins, along with Michael Burns DPM, Robert Schulte DPM and Chad Knutsen DPM. Currently accepting new patients. Dr. Kate also now seeing patients in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Fifty&Better | 55

Prescription Assistance Program Health District of Northern Larimer County 120 Bristlecone Dr., FC, 224-5209, prescription-assistance VA Assistance Program 888-483-9127,


The Ascent at Life Care Center of Greeley 4800 W. 25th St., GR 330-6400,


Front Range Center for Brain & Spine Surgery 1313 Riverside Ave., FC 493-1292, Full-service practice dedicated to spine and brain surgery offering comprehensive clinical expertise.

Spine Correction Center of the Rockies 2244 E. Harmony St., Ste. 110, FC, 226-1117 Specializing in neuropathy.


Surgical Specialists of the Rockies 2315 E. Harmony Rd. Ste. 130, FC 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave., Ste. 340, LV, 221-5878 5881 W. 16th St., GR 221-5878,


Associates in Family Medicine Urgent Care Clinic 3519 Richmond Dr., FC 204-0300, Open late and on weekends.

Concentra Urgent Care 620 S. Lemay Ave., FC, 221-5811 9299 Eastman Park Dr., WS 674-0626, Specializing in sports and camp physicals for all ages. Harmony Urgent Care 2127 E. Harmony Rd. FC, 297-6250 Loveland Urgent Care 3850 N. Grant Ave., Ste. 100, FC 624-5150, Skyline Urgent Care 2555 E. 13th St., Ste. 110 LV 461-6140 Urgent Care in Greeley 1900 16th St. GR, 350-2454


Dr Robert Stamm 877-393-0025, Solutions for macular degeneration and other limiting vision conditions.

Eye Center of Northern Colorado 1725 E. Prospect Rd., FC 221-2222, 2555 13th St., Ste. 225, LV, 679-0000 6125 Sky Pond Dr., Centerra 663-3262 Medical, surgical and optical care. Kirk Eye Center 3650 E. 15th St., LV 669-1107, A full-service eye clinic & optical department serving Loveland, and northern Colorado. Positive Vision 1015 S. Taft Hill Rd., FC 482-6034 www.positive Comprehensive vision care. See Life Family Vision Source 2867 35th Ave., GR, 346-1411 Windsor Eye Care & Vision Center 515 Main St., WS, 460-0154

new location


Are stairs a challenge for Mom & Dad? We have your solution and F REE in-home estimate 1308 Riverside Avenue • Suite A • Fort Collins 970-223-8267 •

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Fifty&Better | 57


Mentoring youth adds meaning to life ARE YOU STUCK IN A RUT? Feeling useless? Bored? Then partner with a kid and put some fun back into your life. “You’ll get out and do things you never thought you’d do,” says Bill Heideman, a volunteer with Greeley’s Partners Mentoring Youth program. Since 1978 Partners Mentoring Youth has supported thousands of one-to-one mentoring relationships between positive adult role models, like Heideman, and youth ages 7-17 who are facing challenges in their personal, social and academic lives. Senior partners commit to hang out with their junior partners for a minimum of once a week for one year. The partners may share a meal together, enjoy some fun social time and just get to know one another. Heideman became a senior partner in 2015 to a young man who’s now 14

58 |


years old. He taught his junior partner to fish and enjoy the outdoors. They also like to go bowling together and participate in the many activities the Partners program plans for its participants. At 64 years old and with grown kids who are off doing their own thing, one might think it would be time for Heideman to take time for himself. But that’s not the case. When he experienced significant changes in his own life (after 35 years, he lost his job at Kodak and then his marriage deteriorated to the point of divorce), he knew he needed to change his outlook. He decided to do that by giving back to the community and thought the Partners Mentoring Youth program would allow him to do so in a special way. “I wanted to help a kid grow up who maybe doesn’t have as much as my own kids did,” he says. “But my favorite

part is encouraging this young person with so much potential to be a leader.” “Kids always benefit from having adult mentors in their life, but there are a lot of local kids who don’t have access to positive role models who can help shape their future,” says Vanessa Lewis, Partners community engagement manager. “As northern Colorado grows, the need for dedicated volunteers grows with it. Partners currently has nearly 150 kids on the waitlist. We especially have a shortage of male mentors, which means boys on our waitlist might wait for months before getting matched.” Bill says, “The Partners program has given me a way to meet other people and gives me a sense of belonging. Also, I’ve realized, even though I’m older, I have a lot to contribute.” Don’t we all?

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Fifty & Better  

A lifestyle magazine for active adults in northern Colorado.

Fifty & Better  

A lifestyle magazine for active adults in northern Colorado.

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