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Beyond COVID-19

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10 • Better home

Living in community makes us happier and healthier No yard? No problem—try containers • The buzz on attracting pollinators

14 • B etter health

Here comes the sun • Is it time for a facial refresh? Testosterone—the get up and go hormone

18 • Better living


Beyond COVID-19—Strategies for getting social again . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 After more than two years of COVID-19 we are still trying

to figure how to navigate the many changes to our world. Consider options, go slow and honor your comfort level.


Bounty—Local food guide

Summer concerts are back! • Get a taste at the food truck rally • Music festivals

42 • Giving back

Horsing around—Volunteers support special-needs riders

Lifestyle Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Financial assistance & benefits, Housing, Retail, Services

Health Directory Caregiving, Healthcare

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Event Series


All events are FREE and open to the public!

KIDS ON THE PLAZA Wednesdays, June 8 - August 10 Join us in The Foundry Plaza each week to play in the splash pad fountains, enjoy fun artist and library activities, watch children’s movies at the theatre and more!

For dates & full schedule of events, visit: BROUGHT TO YOU BY:

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From the Publisher

Our squishy lives

Living gracefully with uncertainty and change. AHHHH! SUMMER IS HERE and it feels as though I am breaking out of a giant cocoon. It’s like that every year as spring evolves and we finally get outdoors for walks and yard work. It’s a time to catch up with old neighbors, meet new arrivals, and relax on the porch or patio. It’s been such a balancing act for the past two-plus years as we try to stay human and connected without getting infected. As Claire Sable writes in our Better Homes column, being too isolated is bad for our physical and mental health. And we all have different health and life circumstances and therefore different comfort levels with interactions. Kim Sharpe takes a dive into what this stage of COVID looks like for various folks as they try to adjust to ever-changing landscape. She ends with a quote from Dr. Carl Nassar of Heartfelt Counseling: “When we think of retuning to ‘normal,’ we usually think of returning to the consistency, the structure, and the control we once felt we had in our lives. I’m not sure our world is going to offer us a return to that ‘normal.’ Instead, we might be better served to ask ourselves how we live gracefully in uncertainty and change.” When I read that I thought “wow!” that really captures the human condition in a nutshell. It’s not often that we find something that pithy. The first thing that grabbed me was when he refers to “returning to the consistency, the structure, and the control (and here’s where it gets really good) we once FELT we had in our lives.” My follow up to that is to reflect that we never really had that much control, but it was much easier to maintain the illusion that we did in the Before Times. Our lives could always be turned upside-down at any time with a car wreck, a stroke, a family member needing money, or our lives are sometimes unexpectedly enriched such as when a loved one moves near to us or we get better from a chronic condition, or someone gets a job that changes our outlook. Sure we can influence things, but to think that we have control is crazy to begin with. We don’t even have control of most of our thoughts, which arise and disappear without us even noticing a lot of the time. The other part that caught my attention was “to ask ourselves how we live gracefully in uncertainty and change.” Wow, again. So, first we must accept that uncertainty and change is how things really are and then we need to commit to trying our best to live gracefully in the face of that.” The only unchanging thing is change, but we want to cling to the illusion that the ground is not squishy under our feet. So back to the joy we feel as we emerge from the long winter, a positive aspect of change, and move about. Let’s remember to live gracefully even when we’re not sure how things are going to work out. As the turtle said in Kung Fu Panda: Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called…The Present. So here’s to taking each day as a gift and each interaction as a moment to cherish. Scott



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Better Home

Claire L. Sable

Living in community makes us happier and healthier

OUR ANCIENT ANCESTORS LIVED in tightknit communities because their survival depended on it. While the level of autonomy we enjoy today certainly has its perks, being too isolated is bad for our physical and mental health. The City of Fort Collins Office of Neighborhood Services works to counteract isolation and reestablish that sense of community we’ve lost over the years. How? “By offering programs designed to help us make connections and build relationships with our neighbors,” says Marcy Yoder, Manager of Neighborhood Services. 10 |


Programs include: Adopt-a-Neighbor, that pairs volunteers with residents who need help with things like grocery shopping, snow shoveling and dog walking. The Annual Neighborhood Night Out provides residents an opportunity to meet their neighbors face-to-face at block-party style events. The next one will be held Tuesday, Aug. 2. The Community Mediation Program helps neighbors resolve disputes and reach mutually agreed upon solutions in a safe environment. Learn more at

No yard? No problem—try containers CONTAINER GARDENING offers a fun and fairly easy way to grow delicious vegetables. All you need are suitable containers, good potting soil and the ability to tend to those veggies ‘til harvest time. Bryan Fischer, Curator of Plant Collections and Horticulturist at Gardens on Spring Creek, says that even a complete novice can be successful if they pay good attention to the plants. “Hydration is probably the biggest challenge with container gardens,” he says. Because containers are small, confined spaces, they can dry out quickly, or if you over-water, roots can become overly saturated.” The remedy, Fischer says, is to regularly test the soil by poking a finger in to gauge moisture content. Dry and warm? Add water. Cool and soggy, ease off. In our dry climate, Fischer says we are more likely to under than over-water. Veggies that lend themselves to container gardens include tomatoes, peppers, green onions, eggplant, radishes, “and herbs love it,” he adds. You can almost smell the fresh salsa!

The buzz on attracting pollinators THE LITTLE BUZZING CREATURES who visit our gardens every summer play a vital role in our ecosystems. So designing our landscapes to not only attract, but to support them throughout their lifecycles (including winter), is essential to their longevity and our long-term agricultural success. Local pollinators include honey bees, bumblebees, native bees, butterflies, moths, and even some beetles and ants. “And they each have their favorite pollen sources and niches,” says Brian Fischer, Curator of Plants and Horticulturist at Gardens on Spring Creek. “An important consideration when designing your garden, is that our pollinators evolved along with native plants,” Fischer says. “This is important because if most of our flowers are non-natives, you’re potentially excluding some key pollinators from bringing and taking pollen from your garden, and that reduces biodiversity, which is not good for the environment.” Gardens on Spring Creek has classes on vegetable gardening, xeriscaping, beekeeping and more. Go to fcgov. com/gardens/adult-classes for information.

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12 |


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Better Health

Claire L. Sable

Here comes the sun 14 |


GETTING OUTDOORS IS GREAT for our health, but if we don’t protect our skin we could pay a high price, according to Dr. Anne-Lise Hultsch of Advanced Dermatology in Fort Collins. Hultsch says she diagnoses at least one case of skin cancer per day, and often, it’s more. “Many of my patients spent a lot of time in the sun in their youth, and now, in middle-age, that cumulative damage is surfacing, she says. Hultsch, who likens sun tanning to cigarette smoking, says that we just didn’t know back then how bad it was. “Now that we do we have to protect our skin.” Hultsch recommends mineral sunscreens containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, and tells patients to go for a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30-40 with broad spectrum coverage. Mineral sunscreens are also better for those with sensitive skin and skin conditions such as eczema. So enjoy the outdoors, but don’t forget the sunscreen.

Is it time for facial refresh? NOW THAT WE’VE EMERGED from our pandemic cocoons, we want to put our best foot—or face, forward, and that has created more demand for facial treatments like Botox. Botox works by relaxing the muscles under the skin. Paige Hobbs, P.A., and co-owner/co-founder of Seven Trees Aesthetics in Windsor, uses Botox along with other treatments on her clients to decrease wrinkles, improve the texture and elasticity of the skin, and promote a more youthful appearance. “We assess the individual needs and goals of each client before designing their treatment plan,” Hobbs says. “In some cases, one injectable may be all that’s needed, but often, using several different procedures that work inconcert, helps us achieve optimal results.” Seven Trees also offers derma fillers, microneedling, laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels, dermaplaning, facials and much more. “Regardless of the treatment, our goal is to ensure that our clients walk out of here looking refreshed and feeling confident and rejuvenated,” Hobbs says.

Testosterone—the get up and go hormone HAS YOUR GET UP AND GO got up and went? You could be suffering from low testosterone. As we age, testosterone levels drop in both men and women. “Testosterone helps our bodies build up, repair and restore,” says Dr. Roger Billica of Tri-Life Health in Fort Collins. If levels become too low, we can experience a range of symptoms including fatigue, decreased strength, and even mental problems like anxiety, irritability, inability to focus and lack of motivation. In addition, men may also experience more issues with their prostates, and in women, too little testosterone can accelerate loss of bone density. Dr. Billica stresses that that while low testosterone could be the problem, a comprehensive work up must be done because those symptoms can be caused by a variety of other health conditions. “Our hormonal system is extremely complex, so you have to know exactly what’s happening with patients and treat accordingly,” he adds.

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16 |

Ultraslim has also has FDA clearances

702 &West Drake Road | Bldg F, Suite A| Fort Collins, CO 80526 | Fifty Better

Realities For Children Business Members

When you shop, dine or hire a Realities For Children member, you become part of the solution to child abuse in our community.




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Better Living

Linda L. Osmundson

Summer concerts are back!

GRAB YOUR LAWN CHAIR, blankets, friends and family to enjoy music outdoors at these venues. Pack a picnic or purchase from a variety of food trucks. The Lagoon Concert series at CSU Lory Student Center’s west lawn returns for its 25th year on Wednesdays, June 15—July 27, 6:30-8:30 pm. Enjoy local bands like Funky Business and Wendy Woo. Check the website lagoonseries. com for weather updates and performers.

18 |


Windsor offers Thursday night Summer Concert Series at Boardwalk Park, 6:30-8:30, June through August. Food trucks are available. https://www. Foote Lagoon in Loveland continues its free concerts on Thursdays July 7-28. Come early, save your spot and enjoy kids’ activities, food trucks, beer garden and the Plaza Market,

featuring organic and fresh offerings beginning at 6:30pm followed by the concert at 7pm. Check https://www. for list of all featured performers. Friday Fest returns to Downtown Greeley May 27—September 16. Check the website for updated information on performers: www.greeleydowntown. com/special-events/friday-fest/

Get a taste at the food truck rally FOOD TRUCKS CATER PARTIES, travel around the area to special events and provide a variety of delights from appetizers to entrees to desserts. One of the best ways to test food truck cuisine is at the Fort Collins Food Truck Rally every Tuesday, May 10—September 13, City Park, Mulberry and Sheldon Dr. Food service begins at 5:15pm and lasts until dark. Parking is limited; consider walking, biking, busing with Maxx, or carpooling. Credit cards are accepted. BYO your own seating and listen to live music. Check FoCo Food Truck Rally on Facebook for weekly vendors and menus. Remember, Parks and Recs rules apply. Some recommendations include: • Sweaty Moose’s appetizers, sandwiches, salads and desserts. • The Northern Colorado Snowy Churro’s combo cups, churros, sundaes, churro boats and dessert creations! • BIGS Meat Wagon’s barbeque chicken, pork, brisket, ribs, sides and desserts. Planning to cater a private party, lunch or special event? Consider using a local food truck.

Music Festivals CONSIDER A MUSIC FESTIVAL GETAWAY. Check accommodations early then choose a favorite festival from internet listings like these. Drive to Grand Junction for Country Jam Festival June 2325. Headliners include Eric Church, Miranda Lambert, Tim McGraw and more. If you prefer classical, consider the Colorado Music Festival, June 30-August 2 in Boulder. Choose your favorites from a list of 22 concerts. https:// Evergreen Jazz Festival, July 29-31, includes music from big bands to Boogie Woogie to Dixieland. Choose a venue Venues include: The Elks Lodge where the bands to come to you. They provide a dance floor, food and fun. Or, venture to the Evergreen Christian Church and Evergreen Lake House. Check the website for calendar of performances and to purchase tickets. Telluride Jazz Festival offers Grammy winners, student bands, acclaimed artists and cutting edge innovators located in one of the most scenic areas of Colorado August 12-14.

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Beyond COVID-19 Kim Sharpe

Strategies for getting social again

20 |


EACH PERSON’S RESPONSE to the COVID-19 pandemic was and is as individual as, well, each individual. For example, most people in the U.S. chose to get the vaccine, some have received boosters, and others have elected to take their chances without them. Most people wore masks and followed social distancing guidelines; some did not. Most people had small bubbles of family and friends with whom they gathered during lock down; others either chose to exclude all people from their bubbles or include many people. Now that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has determined that the majority of the US population lives in areas with a low level of COVID-19 cases, most people are celebrating and trying to reclaim life as they knew it before the pandemic. Almost all mask mandates have been lifted, social distancing seems a thing of the distant past and workers are returning to their offices. While this sudden bursting forth into the world feels freeing and exhilarating to some people, it’s stress inducing for others. And just like our responses to the pandemic, the

way we re-engage is very individual. Below, a few 50+ folks share their approaches to easing back into life beyond COVID.


Just because the CDC has given US citizens the green light to get social again doesn’t mean you should feel pressure to immediately jump back into everything you did, or the way you did it, pre-pandemic. It’s perfectly okay to take one thing at a time and slowly build up to a public interaction level that feels comfortable to you. Due to a medical diagnosis her husband received early in the pandemic, Marnie Pennington said they locked down tight and are taking re-entry very slow. “We don’t have children and we live on an acre of land, so quarantining is very doable for us,” she explains.

As the world opens up, they’re still exercising a great deal of caution. “Our approach has been more focused on medical than we wanted it to be,” she says. “We haven’t gone into anyone’s home for two and half years, and even now, when I visit a neighbor or when I make deliveries for Meals on Wheels, I still approach homes masked. We haven’t flown. We haven’t eaten out. But we did just purchase a piece of property and will begin building a new home. That process will be our big reentry as we deal with contractors and subcontractors for the next couple of years.”


Like anything else in life, you don’t have to do something just because others are doing it. Do what feels safe and right based your individual circumstances and

your comfort zone. Art Bavoso, who had COVID earlier this year even though he was fully vaccinated and boosted, says that all along, he’s taken calculated risks. “I have no questions about doing what the experts say is best. I also weigh the pros and cons of my actions. As we emerge from COVID, I consider the size of a space and the number of people in it when deciding if I’ll go to an event or mask. That said, I’m out playing music again with my band and [my wife and I] are traveling a bit, although we still mask on airplanes.” Susan Peterson, who’s also fully vaxxed and boosted is taking a similar approach. “I just recently started unmasking, but it depends on the number of other people around and the size of the space. When I volunteer at the library, I mask. When I go to our

Fifty&Better | 21

local mail service, I don’t mask because there’s usually no one else there. We went to Costco recently and didn’t mask because it wasn’t especially crowded. I’d say that my approach in public settings is very situational.” If you feel most comfortable continuing to wear a mask in a grocery store, wear one. It doesn’t matter if you’re the only masked shopper if masking gives you peace of mind. If the thought of going to a large event with many other people, like a concert, makes you start to sweat and your heart beat louder than a bass drum,

22 |


maybe opting out makes sense for you. If you haven’t eaten inside of a restaurant since the beginning of 2020 but really have a craving for the chili rellenos and ambiance at your favorite Mexican spot, go during off hours and request a table away from the main flow of traffic. You may be able to enjoy a meal without feeling anxious that you’re ingesting more than the food.


Life constantly presents change, and change like the world has experienced due to COVID can cause us to feel anxious

because as humans, we like consistency. “We tend to believe consistency creates safety, that structure creates security and that the more control we have the more comfort we’ll feel,” explains Dr. Carl Nassar of Heartfelt Counseling. “When we think of retuning to ‘normal,’ we usually think of returning to the consistency, the structure, and the control we once felt we had in our lives. I’m not sure our world is going to offer us a return to that ‘normal.’ Instead, we might be better served to ask ourselves how we live gracefully in uncertainty and change.”

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24 |


Growing Season 2022





All Natural makes all the difference.


Everything you eat starts with how it is raised and how it gets to you. Know what you and your family are eating. • Black Angus cattle selected for high marbling genetics, locally farm-raised in large pastures in a low stress environment • NEVER EVER given antibiotics, hormones, or steroids or fed animal by-products • Available by quarter, half, or whole, cut and packaged just the way you want it • Dry-aged 21 days for tender, moist, consistently great flavor. (970) 222-7147 • • Windsor, CO Please request a cutting instruction sheet to place your order.




Chicken and Waffles

restaurant • oyster bar • craf t cocktails

Tastes Like Home...Now Serving Brunch Aperol Spritz

Carrot Lox Hours: Dinner Sun, Tue-Thur 4-9pm, Sat & Sun 4-10 pm, Brunch Sat-Sun 9-2pm 130 south mason st. - downtown Fort Collins • www.





2022 NoCo Farmers Markets Berthoud Local Farmers Market Fickel Park, 620 Mountain Ave., Berthoud Saturdays, 9am–noon, June 18–Sept. 24 Erie Farmers Market Briggs Street between Wells and Moffatt, Erie Thursdays, 5–8pm, May 12–Sept. 8 Estes Valley Farmers Market Visitor Center, 500 Big Thompson Ave., EP Thursdays, 8am–1pm, June 2–Sept. 29 Farmers Market at Fairgrounds Park 700 S. Railroad Ave., Loveland Sundays, 9am–1pm June 5–Sept. 25 (except July 3)

Fort Collins Farmers Market 1001 E. Harmony Rd., FC (rain or shine) Sundays, 10am–2pm, May 1–Nov. 13 Wednesdays, 10am–2pm, June 15–Nov. 13

Loveland West Farmers Market at Jax 2665 W Eisenhower Blvd, LV Tuesdays, 9am–1pm, April 19–Nov. 8 LovelandWestFarmersMarket

Greeley Summer Farmers Market Union Pacific Depot, 902 7th Ave., GR Saturdays, 8am–Noon, May 7–Oct. 29

Timnath Sunday Market 4138 Main St., Timnath Second Sundays, 9am–2pm, May–Oct

Larimer County Farmers Market 200 S. Oak St., FC (courthouse parking lot) Saturdays, 9am–1pm, May 21–Oct. 29

Windsor Farmers Market Boardwalk Park, 110 5th St., Windsor Saturdays, 9am–1pm, June 4–Sept. 3


Something about being on a farm just feels good. The pace feels relaxed and your interactions, maybe, more genuine. So swing by a farm stand soon and pick up some deliciousness while you’re at it.

Bartels Farm 3424 E. Douglas Rd., Fort Collins

Heritage Lavender 4809 Foothills Dr., Berthoud

On the Vine at Richmond Farms 3611 Richmond Dr., Fort Collins

Colorado Fresh Farms 8101 S Timberline Rd, Fort Collins

Hoffman Farms, LLC 3545 W. O St., Greeley

OwlTree Farm 4605 E. CR 58, Fort Collins

Desiderata Ranch 4617 CR 2, Berthoud

Hope Farms 1601 N. Shields St., Fort Collins

Papa Joe’s Honey 4855 W. Eisenhower Blvd., Loveland

Folks Farm & Seed 917 S. Taft Hill Rd., Fort Collins

Jodar Farms/Fort Collins Vine Farm Order online/pick up Fort Collins or Wellington

Raisin’ Roots Farm 2229 W. Vine Dr., Fort Collins

Garden Sweet 719 W. Willox Ln., Fort Collins

Long Shadow Farm Order online/pick up Berthoud

Sunny Daze 901 S. CR 5, Fort Collins

Green Dog Farm Off CR54G next to Overland Foods, Laporte

Native Hill Farm 2100 CR 54G, Fort Collins

Tigges Farm 12404 CR 64½, Greeley

Hazel Dell Mushrooms 3925 E. CR 32 (Carpenter Rd.), Fort Collins

Ollin Farms 8627 N. 95th St., Longmont GROWING SEASON 2021


Community Supported Agriculture Invest in farmers, invest in the community

Lisa Boesen


urple carrots, Dragon beans, kohlrabi, and sugar peas. What do they have in common? These are some of the spectacular local produce options you might receive with a Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) membership. WHAT IS A CSA AND HOW DO YOU GET STARTED? Traditionally, CSA members would purchase a share at the beginning of the growing season and receive first dibs on the fresh produce throughout the harvest on a routine basis—generally weekly from May through October, depending on the region. Through these early memberships, the farmer or grower received financial support for front end costs of seed purchases, fuel, etc. Over the last several years, newer



models have evolved allowing more flexibility for the consumer and encouraging more community members to participate from basic product purchasing to investing in the agricultural process itself. NON-COMMITMENT MODEL If you still enjoy the fun of a mystery box that may include anything from purple asparagus to sweet corn, FarmFreshCSA (FFCSA) has a non-commitment model for you. FFSCA offers vegetable-only boxes that you can buy when you need it. “We just want you to enjoy the experience of fresh food!” says Matt Martindale, owner. CREDIT MODEL Another innovative method is a credit model. Pondy Mountain Produce offers

a $120 a credit package. Customers purchase credit dollars that they then can use to buy organic produce via a very robust online store or directly at their vendor booth at farmers markets. “In addition, our credit-CSA members receive 20 percent off at the market,” says Matt Unger, owner. GIFT CARD SYSTEM Folks Farm and Seed CSA’s process is based on a gift card system. Customers can use the card anywhere they are selling produce, including at their selfserve farm stand. “We plant plants that want to grow here. We use regenerative farming practices like composting, low till, and cover crops. Our produce is all organic and nutrient dense,” shares Alex Zeidner. When customers purchase a CSA gift card, customers have


Can you volunteer at a CSA farm? Some farms do allow members to volunteer with different parts of the growing/harvesting process. Check with the CSA for specifics. Do CSAs participate in SNAP? Some do at the farm stand or at their local farmers markets. Check with the farm, owner or website for information. Do all CSA farms have CSA winter and summer options? No. Check with the owner/farmer. Some farms prefer to attend local winter farmers markets. Some take a break for the winter season.

the option to donate to The Vegetable Connection, a local nonprofit that offers programs to financially challenged families ranging from CSAs to cooking classes in Northern Colorado. Thanks to greenhouses and a yearround growing operation, Colorado Fresh Farms offers winter and summer CSA options offering a full array of produce from root and vine crops to late spring and summer strawberries. “We are a seed to finish production meaning we start our own seeds and nurture the crop through harvest,” shares Haydn Christensen, owner. Gift cards can be used at the farm stand and markets. FOOD ACCESS AND YOUTH EDUCATION Sharing and caring continues through Sproutin’ Up, another local market farm that targets food access and

youth education. Initially started as a September to May school-year program, Sproutin’ Up has expanded to a summer CSA skills-training program. The students work in the gardens, harvest and market prep the produce, then learn job-readiness skills through managing the market. “The inspiration for this model came from working at UCHealth teaching kids from financially challenged households about healthy lifestyles. We wanted to keep that sense of community that can be built by sharing,” says Anne Genson, MPH, Executive Director. The Sproutin’ Up CSA is a market-style 10- or 20-week program. Members can pick and choose produce, intentionally purchasing only what is needed and thoughtfully considering what may be helpful to another family. INVESTING IN THE FARMER Native Hill Farms and Colorado Fresh Farms are success stories jumpstarted through the Poudre Valley Community Farms, a multi-faceted land cooperative

“I would definitely recommend CSAs. I’ve lived in or near cities


How do you find CSAs? Start with visiting local farmers markets. Meet your farmer at the vendor stand and learn more about their offerings. Visit online resources, such as: Download the This is a new app on the market posting farms and CSAs with new farms added frequently.

most of my life, and I love that CSAs give me access to locallygrown food that is fresher, more flavorful and often cheaper than what I can find at the big-chain grocery stores. Participating in a CSA also helps support the community and gives you direct access to the people growing your food.” –Shayne Julius.

whose goal is to bring the community’s financial resources together to solve the problem of land access for food producers. “Affordable land and access to water are the core of grower’s needs,” says Kevin Jablonski, CSU ecologist and President. “We want to insure a viable local food system to all through a partnership of community and grower. Our CSA model is the closest sense of the word “Community.” To Jablonski, a CSA is more than a buy-in first and receive-food-later program. Investing in the farmer is the starting point. “We want our local farmers in the community, growing and engaging in the community, and their children going to school with the community.” From credits and gift cards to philanthropy and grass roots efforts to conserve farm land for the future, Northern Colorado growers are expanding options to make sure all community members have access to the produce they want when they want it. You can find a grower and market in almost any corner of Northern Colorado with more to come. GROWING SEASON 2021




Fifty&Better | 25

How a Woman’s Unique Background Gave Rise to a

Powerful Pain Management Product Every day for 15 years, Stacy Cason treated patients suffering from various medical issues, many of whom dealt with chronic pain. “They were hurting, and often, the end result of that was turning to opioids,” Stacy said. As an anesthesiology nurse practitioner, Stacy witnessed firsthand the rise of the opioid pandemic in the United States. The U.S. makes up just 4.4% of the world’s population but consumes more than 80% of the world’s opioids. And it was witnessing that crisis and the devastating impacts on patients and their families that ultimately led Stacy to found her company. It focuses on providing products that support pain

management in a natural, organic way without the dangerous side effects of opioids and even common over-thecounter NSAIDs like ibuprofen. “I saw firsthand what opioids did to people and the chronic pain that leads to depression and lost quality of life,” Stacy said. In 2018, Stacy founded Planetarie, the world’s first-ever USDA-Certified Organic CBDa manufacturer and distributor. Planetarie produces soft gels, muscle rubs, infusions, drink additives, salves, and more that leverage CBDa, the raw acidic cannabinoid derived directly from the hemp plant in its purest form. Teachers, family, and friends identified Stacy from the start as a gifted and talented child. She started working at an office at just 12 years old and quickly learned she had a natural business sense. But growing up in a rural part of northern Louisiana with patriarchal norms deeply embedded in the culture put a college-bound Stacy on one of the only two culturally accepted paths: nursing or teaching.

“I remember having a discussion with one of my teachers about how I should attend Harvard,” Stacy said. “But, I didn’t know that I could. I didn’t believe that I could. I didn’t see it as a viable option. It was a very small, close-minded area.” Stacy opted for nursing school instead, working in an intensive care unit before eventually moving to Miami. She married a U.S. Air Force officer and obtained a master’s degree in anesthesia from Florida International University. Stacy moved to Denver in 2012 and, in 2013, started attending classes at the University of Denver (DU) to earn her MBA while continuing to work in health care. She graduated from DU in 2015. During that time, the constant influx of patients struggling with pain and opioid addiction wore on her, and, in 2017, Stacy let her medical license expire. “I was getting tired — tired of watching people in pain and not being able to help them in a productive way, in a way that wouldn’t result in other conditions or addiction,” she said. Stacy went on to earn a degree

in Real Estate Management from Harvard University in 2018, ultimately going into commercial real estate development. Stacy purchased a ranch in May 2018 and started growing hemp in an effort to make it economically viable. “That’s when I was introduced to the fast-growing hemp industry,” Stacy said. “Growing hemp helped me learn about cannabinoids and how they are a game-changer for people suffering from pain, people like the very patients I encountered all those years working in health care.” Stacy tapped into her entrepreneurial spirit and, like any successful entrepreneur, quickly learned how to pivot her business focus based on difficulties in the industry. When processing her hemp became an issue, Stacy decided she’d just process it herself. “I quickly learned that I wasn’t a fan of using ethanol to process hemp,” she said. “Hemp is such a pure plant. It deserves to be treated as such.” With that in mind, Stacy spent SPONSORED CONTENT

26 |


the next year developing a waterextraction method that preserves the hemp in its raw, living state to extract the more potent, more effective form of CBD—CBDa. It was the first time it had been done in the CBD industry, and Stacy was excited to sell the CBDa concentrate to other CBD brands. “But quality wasn’t their priority,” Stacy said. “They just wanted CBD. People weren’t driven by the purity of it. They were opportunistic.” When one manufacturer tried to insult Stacy by telling her, “You have purist, altruistic standards in your process,” Stacy knew it was time to pivot again to bring her commitment to healing without harm directly to the consumer.

“We care about quality and transparency, and not a lot of people in this industry do,” she said. “That’s what led us to bring everything in-house.” In May 2020, Stacy launched Planetarie’s first direct-to-consumer retail line. Planetarie manages the CBDa production from start to finish, from plant to packaged product. Planetarie creates the formulations and manufactures the products that go directly into customers’ hands. “Our CBDa has greater and very specific anti-inflammation action that other cannabinoids don’t have,” Stacy said. “It’s selective in that it only goes after what it needs to help with pain management.”

The company’s grassroots sales efforts quickly attracted athletes like Olympic Cyclist & Team USA Cycling Coach Chris Carmichael who commented, “When we advise athletes about nutrition, we recommend minimally processed whole foods and Planetarie’s game-changing water-only extraction process.” And through the company’s Kindness Program, which provides discounts to patients with medical needs, others have enjoyed the benefits. For example, Jesse, a teen with Autism Spectrum Disorder, noticed a drastic improvement in his symptoms after using Planetarie’s water-soluble drink additive. “He himself demands it every morning,” Stacy said. “It’s made a huge impact in his life.” It’s stories like Chris’ and Jesse’s that get Stacy out of bed to face what is often a 14-hour workday. “Hope. Hope is what gets me up in the morning—hope that today will be a better day, and hope that we’re making a positive change in the world,” Stacy said. To learn more about Planetarie visit: or call 970-536-9563 SPONSORED CONTENT

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DIRECTORY Financial Assistance & Benefits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 finances, insurance counseling

Housing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 assisted living, independent living, moving, assistance, nursing facilities, senior apartments


Colorado Low-Income Bill Paying Assistance Colorado Consumer Fraud 800-222-4444 Colorado Old Age Pension (OAP) Larimer County, 970-498-6300 public-benefits/ cash-assistance-programs Weld County, 970-351-1551 Kevin Dunnigan, Investment Center Advisor Group 290 E. 29th St., Ste 100, LV 970-622-2366 Larimer County Office on Aging 1501 Blue Spruce, FC 970-498-7750 Larimer County Veterans Services 200 W. Oak St., 5th Floor, FC 970-498-7390 Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) Goodwill of Colorado 866-432-8435 services/leap

28 |


Partnership for Age-Friendly Communities Larimer County, 970-310-4900 Pinnacle Retirement 1039 Main St., Ste. L, WS 970-541-4772 Social Security Administration 301 S. Howes St., 4th Floor, FC 866-336-7385 5400 W. 11th St., Ste. A, GR 877-405-9195 National 800-772-1213 Michael Tarantino, CFP Tarantino Wealth Management 419 Canyon Ave., Ste. 320, FC 970-829-0900


CARE Housing 1303 W. Swallow Rd., FC 970-282-7522 Estes Park Housing Authority 363 E. Elkhorn Ave., Ste. 101, EP 970-591-2535 Housing Catalyst 1715 W. Mountain Ave., FC 970-416-2910

Good Samaritan Society Affordable Senior Housing EP, FC, GR, LV, WS 855-459-2884 senior-living/affordable-housing Greeley-Weld Housing Authority 903 6th St., GR, 970-353-7437 Loveland Housing Authority 375 W. 37th St., #200, LV 970-667-3232 Neighborhood Resource Office 1000 10th St., GR, 970-336-4167 neighborhood-resource-office Neighborhood Services Office 281 N. College Ave., FC 970-224-6046 neighborhoodservices Neighbor to Neighbor 1550 Blue Spruce Dr., FC 970-484-7498 1511 E. 11th St., LV 970-663-4163, Senior Living Advisors of Colorado 1635 Foxtrail Dr., FC 970-541-4592 Windsor Housing Authority

Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Funeral services, grocery shopping & mail delivery, home remodeling, legal services, moving assistance, real estate, transportation Municipal Support. . . . . . . . . . 34


A Home for Life Residential Assisted Living Collaborative 970-663-2933 Apple Leaf Assisted Living 1328 N. 1st St., Berthoud 970-532-2600 Aspen House 2212 E. 11th St., LV 970-635-9800 Aspyre Rock Creek 3150 Rock Creek Dr., FC 970-372-5838 Assisted Living Locators 471 Expedition Ln., Johnstown 970-660-8898 care-advisor/noco The Bridge at Greeley 4750 25th St., GR 970-339-0022 Bright Assisted Living 610 Hemlock Dr., WS 970-674-1446 Collinwood Assisted Living and Memory Care 5055 S. Lemay Ave., FC 970-223-3552

Do you suffer from Neuropathy? Want to learn how to build a st

“Blueprint For Financial Succe managing debt, grow with ourincluding safe, new advanced laser treatment for Neuropathy! events. Relief For: Get relief at the speed of light.


We accept most major insurance & Medicare

• Neuropathy

SIXtoday OPPORTUNITIES TO ATT Call • Pins & Needles for a FREE screening • Painful Hands & Feet • Numbness & Tingling

Monday, Nov 8 at 11:35 Monday, Nov 8 at 12:05

Physical Medical Center of the Rockies , PPLC DBA


Financial seminars for family.

Wednesday, Nov 10 at 1 Wednesday, Nov 10 at 1 2244 E. Harmony Rd. Suite 110 Fort Collins 970.226.1117

Friday, Nov 12 at 11:35 a Friday, Nov 12 at 12:05 p Seven Topics Presented:

Would you like to learn more about financial security? Then come to our free informational and insurance sales seminars. We promise to help you understand your current financial standing and your future financial needs. HOST LOCATION

WIT Fitness 1224 Automation Dr. Unit B Windsor, CO 80550

Financial Blueprint Seminar Thursday, March 17 @ 6:30pm

Protection from the Unexpected Sunday, April 14 @ 6:30pm Money Talks Thursday, May 12 @ 6:30pm College Funding Thursday, June 9 @ 6:30pm

This seminar and insurance sales p Flexibility in Retirement Company nor its agents or affiliates pr Susan Harting Thursday, July 14 @ 6:30pm Financial Services Professional professional before making any decisions. New York Life Insurance Company Presented By:

3003 E. Harmony Rd, Suite110 Fort Collins, CO 80528 970-301-3320

Tax Diversity Thursday, August 11 @ 6:30pm

Child Gifting Thursday, September 15 @ 6:30pm These seminars and insurance sales presentations are for informational purposes only. Neither New York Life Insurance Company nor its agents or affiliates provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. Please consult your own tax, legal, or accounting professional before making any decisions.

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Brookdale Senior Living 1002 Rule Dr., FC, 844-477-8403 1999 W. 38th Ave., GR 844-875-7043 2895 N. Empire, LV 844-405-1157 215 Shupe Cir., LV, 844-643-8048 Columbine Commons 1475 Main St., WS, 970-449-5540 The Courtyard of Loveland 605 N. California Ave., LV 970-667-3342 Eagle’s Nest Assisted Living 1026 Salmon Run, FC 970-402-3675 Fox Meadows 4021 Spruce Dr., FC 970-449-4472 Garden Square at Spring Creek 1000 E. Stuart St., FC 970-494-3253 Garden Square of Greeley 1663 29th Ave. Pl., GR 970-460-4254 Garden Square at Westlake Assisted Living 3151 W. 20th St., GR 970-373-5123 Good Samaritan Society— Estes Park Village 1901 Ptarmigan Tr., EP 970-800-4853 estes-park-village Good Samaritan Society— Fort Collins Village 508 W. Trilby Rd., FC 970-323-7675 fort-collins-village Good Samaritan Society— Bonell 706 23rd St., GR, 970-323-7677 bonell-community

30 |


Good Samaritan Society— Loveland Village 2101 S. Garfield Ave., LV 970-999-0336 loveland-village

Monarch Greens Assisted Living Home 1725 Lakeview Dr., FC 970-218-5057 www.monarchgreensassisted

Good Samaritan Society— Water Valley Senior Living Resort 805 Compassion Dr., WS 970-323-7723 water-valley

Morning Star of Fort Collins 3509 Lochwood Dr., FC 970-432-8810

Grace Point Senior Care Community 1919 68th Ave., GR 970-304-1919 Heritage Haus 208 19th St. SE, LV 970-669-5616 Hillcrest of Loveland 535 N. Douglas Ave., LV 970-674-7120 senior-living The Joneses Assisted Living 2127 Eagle Dr., LV 970-663-2226 Lakeview Commons 1422 W. 29th St., LV 970-278-4000 Live to Assist Assisted Living 2914 W. Prospect Rd., FC 970-224-1400 MacKenzie Place 4750 Pleasant Oak Dr., FC 970-207-1939, www.leisurecare. com/our-communities/ mackenzie-place-fort-collins MeadowView of Greeley 5300 W. 29th St., GR 970-353-6800

New Mercer Commons 900 Centre Ave., FC 970-495-1000 Park Regency Loveland 1875 Fall River Dr., LV 970-461-1100 Primrose Place 1330 E. 1st St., LV 970-667-5962 The Residence at Oakridge 4750 Wheaton Dr., FC 970-229-5800 Seneca House 4406 Seneca St., FC 970-795-8600 Terry Lake Assisted Living 3629 Woodridge Rd., FC 970-221-3707 Turnberry Place Assisted Living 2401 Turnberry Rd., FC 970-692-2850, www.turnberry Willows at Windsor 303 E. Chestnut St., WS 970-686-2258 WindSong at Northridge 7010 West 8th St., GR 970-449-7199


AccentCare Skilled Home Healthcare 4065 St. Cloud, Ste. 200, LV 970-346-9700

Alpha Omega Home Health Care 970-266-2527 Amada Senior Care 2850 McClelland Dr., Ste. 1900, FC 970-237-5747 northern-colorado-senior-care Bayada Home Healthcare 5285 McWhinney Blvd., Ste. 140, LV 970-282-8500, Bloom at Home 915 Centre Ave., Ste. 2, FC 970-482-5096 www.columbinehealthservices. com/bloom-at-home BrightStar Care Serving Berthoud, FC, LV Timnath, 970-667-7778 Caring Companions— Volunteers of America 405 Canyon Ave., FC 970-472-9630 x19 Caring Senior Service Fort Collins 333 W. Drake Rd., Ste. 22, FC 970-672-1734, www.caring Eldercare Locator 800-677-1116 Family Care Connection 970-223-9026, www.familycare Good Samaritan Society— Colorado Home Care: LV 970-579-8710 Services@Home: EP 970-800-4853 FC 970-999-0349 LV 970-579-8710 WS 970-680-9590 Home Instead Senior Care Larimer & Weld 970-325-6053

Homewatch CareGivers of Northern Colorado 1220 W. Ash St., Ste C, WS 970-355-3372 HomeWell of Northern Colorado 3001 N. Taft Ave., Ste. 100 LV, 970-461-4799 Interim Health Care 2000 Vermont Dr., Ste. 100, FC 970-472-4180 www.interim Maxim Healthcare Services 3665 JFK Pkwy., Ste. 330, FC 970-493-9300 Right At Home 330 E. Mulberry St., FC 970-494-1111 Senior Helpers 3101 Kintzley Ct., Unit J, Laporte 970-821-9408 1051 6th St., GR, 970-344-9486 Seniors Helping Seniors 2290 E. Prospect Rd., Ste. 6, FC 970-631-8251 257 Johnstown Center Dr. Ste. 210, Johnstown 970-484-8445 Visiting Angels 5441 Boeing Dr., Ste. 200, LV 877-618-4748


Good Samarian Society— Estes Park Village 1901 Ptarmigan Tr., EP 970-800-4853 estes-park-village Good Samaritan Society— Fort Collins Village 508 W. Trilby Rd., FC 970-323-7675, www.good-sam. com/locations/fort-collins-village Good Samaritan Society— Fox Run Senior Living 1720 60th Ave., GR 970-323-7680, www.good-sam. com/locations/fox-run-senior-living Good Samaritan Society— Loveland Village 2101 S. Garfield Ave., LV 970-999-0336, www.good-sam. com/locations/loveland-village Good Samaritan Society— Water Valley Senior Living Resort 805 Compassion Dr., WS 970-323-7723, www.good-sam. com/locations/water-valley Grace Point Senior Care Community 1919 68th Ave., GR, 970-304-1919 Harvest Pointe 4895 Lucerne Ave., LV 970-622-9907, location/harvest-pointe

our compassion and guidance

Hillcrest of Loveland 535 N. Douglas Ave., LV 970-674-7120, www.mbksenior

Affinity at Fort Collins 4201 Corbett Dr., FC 970-236-7485

Holiday Retirement— Greeley Place 1051 6th St., GR, 970-601-4089

Affinity at Loveland 3415 N. Lincoln Ave., LV 970-238-7907

Holiday Retirement— Parkwood Estates 2201 S. Lemay Ave., FC 970-528-5810

Good Samaritan Society—Bonell 706 23nd St., GR, 970-323-7677 bonell-community

Your love and memories,

Holiday Retirement— Sugar Valley Estates 4320 Georgetown Dr., LV 970-528-1714

970.482.2221 locally owneD anD operateD

3665 Canal Drive, Suite E Fort collInS • GoeSFUneralcare.coM

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MacKenzie Place 4750 Pleasant Oak Dr., FC 970-207-1939, www.leisurecare. com/our-communities/ mackenzie-place-fort-collins Green House Homes—Mirasol Senior Living 1153 Finch St., LV, 970-663-1300 Rigden Farm Senior Living 2350 Limon Dr., FC 970-698-9423 Silvernest Home Sharing Sunflower—A Gated Active Adult Community 865 Pleasure Dr., FC 970-893-8780 The Wexford 1515 W. 28th St., LV 970-667-1900 The Windsor 1385 Main St., WS 970-460-5005 The Winslow 909 Centre Ave., FC 970-492-6200 The Worthington 900 Worthington Cir., FC 970-490-1000 Village Cooperative of Fort Collins 3580 Stanford Rd., FC 970-223-3538 Village Cooperative of Loveland 350 Arriba Ave., LV 970-669-5454

SENIOR APARTMENTS Big Thompson Manor I & II 224 and 230 Monroe St., LV 970-667-4195

Birchwood Manor Apartments 2830 W. 27th St. Ln., GR 970-330-6206 32 |


Broadview Apartments 2915 W. 8th St., GR 970-352-9305

Greeley Manor Apartments 1000 13th St., GR 970-356-5489

University Plaza Apartments 1534 11th Ave., GR, 970-353-9275

CARE Housing 1303 W. Swallow Rd., FC 970-282-7522

Hamilton Park Apartments I & II 1406 N. 4th St., Berthoud 970-532-3725

Villa Fourteen 214 Birch Ave., Ault 970-834-1570

Century III Apartments (Windsor Housing Authority) 1027 Walnut St., WS 970-667-3232, www.windsor The Remington (formerly DMA Plaza Apartments) 300 Remington St., FC 970-493-7727 Good Samaritan Society—Bonell 706 23nd St., GR, 970-323-7677 bonell-community Good Samarian Society— Estes Park Village 1901 Ptarmigan Tr., EP 970-800-4853, www.good-sam. com/locations/estes-park-village Good Samaritan Society— Fort Collins Village 508 W. Trilby Rd., FC 970-323-7675, www.good-sam. com/locations/fort-collins-village Good Samaritan Society— Fox Run Senior Living 1720 60th Ave., GR 970-323-7680 Good Samaritan Society— Loveland Village 2101 S. Garfield Ave., LV 970-999-0336, www.good-sam. com/locations/loveland-village Good Samaritan Society— Water Valley Senior Living Resort 805 Compassion Dr., WS 970-323-7723 water-valley Governor’s Farm Apartments 701 6th St., WS, 970-686-9650

Harvest Pointe 4895 Lucerne Ave., LV 970-622-9907, location/harvest-pointe Housing Catalyst 1715 W. Mountain Ave., FC 970-416-2910 Immaculata Plaza 530 10th Ave., GR, 970-356-0610 Island Grove Village Apartments (IGV) 119 14th Ave., GR, 970-356-2808 Joe P. Martinez Gardens 1701 2nd St., GR, 970-356-2332 joe-p-martinez-gardensapartments La Casa Rosa (Greeley/Weld Housing Authority) 1011 C St., GR, 970-353-7437 Loveland Housing Authority 375 W. 37th St., Ste. 200, LV 970-667-3232 Meeker Commons Mutual Housing 505 9th Ave., GR, 970-378-9393 www.rockymountain Oakbrook II Senior Community 3300 Stanford Rd., FC 970-223-1356 Reflections Senior Apartments 321 E. Troutman Pkwy., FC 970-225-3711 Sanctuary Place Apartments 3732 Kunz Ct., FC, 970-225-2116 housing_properties

Windsor Meadows Apartments (Windsor Housing Authority) 1500 Tipton Dr., WS 970-667-3232 Woodbridge Senior Apartments 1508 W. Elizabeth St., FC 970-472-1703 Woodside Village Apartments 146 E. 24th St., GR 970-356-5991

SKILLED NURSING FACILITIES Berthoud Living Center 855 Franklin, Berthoud 970-532-2683

Centennial Healthcare Center 1637 29th Ave. Pl., GR 970-356-8181 www.savasenior centennial-healthcare-center Centre Avenue Health & Rehab Facility 815 Centre Ave., FC 970-494-2140, www.columbine Columbine Commons Health & Rehab Facility 1475 Main St., WS 970-449-5540, www.columbine Columbine West Health & Rehab Facility 940 Worthington Cir., FC 970-221-2273 www.columbinehealthfacilities. com/columbine-west-facility/ Fairacres Manor 1700 18th Ave., GR 970-353-3370

Fort Collins Health Care Center 1000 S. Lemay Ave., FC 970-482-7925, www.savasenior

Sierra Vista Health Care Center 821 Duffield Ct., LV 970-669-0345 sierra-vista-health-care-center

Garden Square at Spring Creek 1000 E. Stuart St., FC 970-482-5712, www.savasenior

Spring Creek Healthcare Center 1000 E. Stuart St., FC 970-482-5712 spring-creek-healthcare-center

Golden Peaks Center 1005 E. Elizabeth St., FC 970-482-2525, www.genesis

Windsor Healthcare Center 710 3rd St., WS, 970-686-7474 windsor-healthcare-center

Good Samaritan Society—Bonell 706 23nd St., GR, 970-323-7677 bonell-community


Good Samaritan Society— Fort Collins Village 508 W. Trilby Rd., FC 970-323-7675, www.good-sam. com/locations/fort-collins-village Good Samaritan Society— Loveland Village 2101 S. Garfield Ave., LV 970-999-0336, www.good-sam. com/locations/loveland-village Grace Point Senior Care Community 1919 68th Ave., GR, 970-304-1919 Kenton Manor 850 27th Ave., GR 970-353-1018, www.savasenior Lemay Avenue Health & Rehab Facility 4824 S. Lemay Ave., FC 970-482-1584, www.columbine Life Care Center of Greeley 4800 W. 25th St., GR 970-330-6400 North Shore Health & Rehab Facility 1365 W. 29th St., LV 970-667-6111 www.columbinehealthfacilities. com/north-shore-facility/


Adamson Funeral & Cremation Services 2000 47th Ave., GR 970-235-2522 Allnutt Funeral Service 1302 Graves Ave., EP 970-335-9376 650 W. Drake Rd., FC 970-335-8213 6521 W. 20th St., GR 970-329-2786 2100 N. Lincoln Ave., LV 970-344-8959, Bohlender Funeral Chapel 121 W. Olive St., FC 970-364-2536 Goes Funeral Care and Crematory 3665 Canal Dr. Ste. E, FC 970-482-2221 Resthaven 8426 S. Hwy. 287, FC 970-667-0202 Stoddard Funeral Home 3205 W. 28th St., GR 970-329-2753 Vessey Funeral Service 2649 E. Mulberry St. Ste. A-1 FC, 970-482-5065

Viegut Funeral Home 1616 N. Lincoln Ave., LV 970-679-4669


60+ Food Delivery Program 970-702-6413 human_services/area_agency_ on_aging

Food Bank for Larimer County 5706 Wright Dr., LV, 970-493-4477 nutritious-kitchen King Soopers Grocery Delivery Meals on Wheels Fort Collins 970-484-6325 Meals on Wheels Greeley 970-353-9738 Meals on Wheels Loveland & Berthoud 970-667-0311 Safeway Grocery Delivery delivery.html Sprouts Grocery Delivery Volunteers of America Northern Colorado 405 Canyon Ave., FC 970-472-9630 Weld Food Bank Senior Feeding Program 1108 H St., GR, 970-356-2199


Johnson Custom Flooring & Design 2093 E. 11th St., Ste. 100, LV 970-663-1266


Beyers Law—Elder-Law Attorney 1419 W. 29th St., LV 970-669-1101 Bordeaux & Boyes Estate Planning 323 W. Drake Rd., Ste. 120, FC 970-488-2737 Peter W. Bullard, Elder Law 375 E. Horsetooth Rd., Bldg. 6 Ste. 101, FC, 970-223-5900 Colorado Legal Services 211 W. Magnolia St., FC 970-493-2891 912 8th Ave., GR, 970-353-7554 Larimer County Bar Association Pro Bono Program 970-402-2075 C. Jan Lord, Elder-Law 1201 Lake Ave., Ste. A, Berthoud 970-532-4183 Sutherland & Connor, LLC, 1315 Oakridge Dr., Ste. 120, FC 970-224-9779 Wallace & Kling, P.C. 425 W. Mulberry St., Ste. 107, FC 970-221-5602

MOVING ASSISTANCE Kids Gloves, LLC LV, 970-449-2309


The Group, Inc. Deanna McCrery, SRES 970-222-9532 Carol Voorhis, SRES 970-481-9487 Lisa Hite, SRES 970-310-3133 Anna DiTorrice-Mull, SRES 970-631-2649

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Senior Access Points of Larimer County 970-498-7740 Town of Berthoud 807 Mountain Ave., Berthoud 970-532-2643 Town of Estes Park 170 MacGregor Ave., EP 970-586-5331, www.colorado. gov/townofestespark City of Fort Collins

City of Greeley 1000 10th St., GR, 970-350-9777 City of Loveland 500 E. 3rd St., LV 970-962-2000, Town of Windsor 301 Walnut St., WS 970-674-2400

Dial-A-Ride Paratransit / Dial-A-Taxi FC, 970-224-6066 dial-a-ride Greeley-Evans Transit (GET) GR, 970-350-9290 Groome Transportation Airport Shuttle 4414 E. Harmony Rd., FC 970-226-5533


60+ Ride Weld County, 970-352-9348 Berthoud Area Transportation Service (BATS) Berthoud, departments/berthoudarea-transportation-system-bats City of Loveland Transit (COLT) 105 W. 5th St., LV 970-962-2700

Rural Alternative for Transportation (RAFT) Berthoud, 970-532-0808 Senior Alternatives in Transportation (SAINT) FC, LV, 970-223-8604, www.

Super Shuttle Express 4414 E. Harmony Rd., FC 800-258-3826 Transfort Fort Collins FC, 970-221-6620 Uber Via Mobility Services Serving EP, 303-447-2848 Wellington Senior Resource Center 3800 Wilson Ave., Wellington 970-817-2293 Senior-Resource-Center zTrip

new location


Are stairs a challenge for Mom & Dad? We have your solution and F REE in-home estimate 1308 Riverside Avenue • Suite A • Fort Collins 970-223-8267 •

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Hearing IS Healthcare: Gradual hearing loss Vs. sudden hearing loss? Age-Related Hearing Loss (Presbycusis) Presbycusis, or age-related hearing loss, comes on gradually as a person gets older. Age-related hearing loss usually occurs in both ears, affecting them equally. The loss is gradual, so someone with presbycusis may not realize that he or she has lost some of his or her ability to hear. One in 3 adults over age 65 has presbycusis hearing loss. What are the symptoms of age-related hearing loss? • Speech of others sounds mumbled or slurred • High-pitched sounds, such as “s” or “th” are hard to distinguish • Conversations are difficult to understand, particularly when there is background noise • Men’s voices are easier to hear than women’s • Some sounds seem overly loud and annoying

• Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) may occur in one or both ears Sudden Hearing Loss Sudden sensorineural hearing loss, or sudden deafness, is a rapid loss of hearing. It can happen to a person all at once or over a period of up to 3 days. It should be considered a medical emergency. Sudden hearing loss must be treated within 24-48 hours. And even then, only 50% of patients will get all/most of their hearing back. If a person waits a week or more, chances of recovery quickly diminish. If you or someone you know experiences sudden sensorineural hearing loss, visit a doctor immediately.

• Inflammation of the inner ear (typically from very loud noise exposure) • Circulatory Issues • A side effect of a medication • Very high stress that has skyrocketed your blood pressure for several minutes Susan Baker is the owner and operator of Advanced Hearing Services in Fort Collins. She has been helping people with hearing loss and tinnitus for the past 21 years. Please call (970) 221-5249 for an appointment today.

What causes sudden hearing loss? • Excessive cerumen (earwax) buildup • Fluid in the middle ear • An ear infection • Head trauma

Susan D Baker, BC-HIS

Board Certified Hearing Instrument specialist LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED

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DIRECTORY Caregiving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 adult daycare and respite care, home health support, hospice care, information, infusion therapy, mental health & counseling, personal alert systems

Healthcare . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 allergy, cancer treatment, care management, dental, elder abuse, foot & ankle clinics, geriatric care, health clinics, health insurance, health promotion, hearing, heart care, internal medicine, infusion therapy, medical centers, medical equipment & supplies, neurology, nutrition, ob/gyn, orthopedic care, pain management, physical therapy, prescription assistance, rehabilitation services, spine care, surgery, urgent care, vision


Visiting Angels Serving Northern CO 800-365-4189

CarePathways 877-521-9987



Caring Senior Services 333 W. Drake Rd.Ste. 22, FC 970-672-1734, www.caring Columbine Health Systems Elderhaus Adult Day Programs 6813 S. College Ave., FC 970-221-0406, Good Samaritan Society EP, FC, GR, LV, WS 855-459-2884, Homewatch CareGivers of Northern Colorado 223 Aspen Grove Way, Severance, 970-305-3256 1220 W. Ash St., WS 970-355-3372 Senior Helpers 3101 Kintzley Ct., Unit J, Laporte 970-821-9408 1051 6th St., GR, 970-344-9486 36 |


Larimer County Office on Aging Services 1501 Blue Spruce Dr., FC 970-498-7750

Catholic Charities Larimer County Senior Care Services 460 Linden Center Dr., FC 970-484-5010, www.ccdenver. org/senior-services/larimer-county Weld County Senior Care with A Purpose 1442 N. 11th Ave., GR 970-353-6433, www.ccdenver. org/senior-services/weld-county Connections for Independent Living 1331 8th Ave., GR 970-352-8682, www.connections Disabled Resource Services 1017 Robertson St., Unit B, FC 970-482-2700 2154 W. Eisenhower Blvd., Unit 5 LV, 970-667-0816

UCHealth Cancer Care & Hematology


AARP ElderWatch Colorado 800-222-4444, Option 2 Adult Protective Services (APS) Larimer County 2555 Midpoint Dr., Ste. F, FC 970-498-7770 (24/7 Hotline) aging/adult-protective-services Alternatives to Violence 541 E. 8th St., LV, 970-669-5150 (connects to 24/7 Hotline)

Crossroads Safehouse FC, 24/7 Hotline/Info: 970-482-3502 Weld County Adult Protective Services (APS) 315 N. 11th Ave., Bldg. C, GR 970-400-6950 970-346-7676 Hotline Departments/Human-Services/ Area-Agency-on-Aging-AAA/ Adult-Protection

SAVA (Sexual Assault Victim Advocate) 4812 S. College Ave., FC 970-472-4204 921 38th Ave. Ct., GR 970-506-4059 1570 W. 1st St., LV, 970-775-2962 24/7 Rape Crisis Hotline: 970-472-4200


Ability Home Health Care 138 E. 4th St., Ste. 3, LV 970-658-6509

AccentCare Home Health 4065 St. Cloud, Ste. 200, LV 970-346-9700 Alpha Omega Home Health Care 970-266-2527 Aveanna Healthcare (formerly Evergreen Home Healthcare) 301 N. Howes St., Ste. 110, FC 970-416-6481 5200Hahns Peak Ste 210, LV 970-530-0210, Banner Health Home Care home-care

Bayada Home Healthcare 5285 McWhinney Blvd., Ste. 140 LV, 970-282-8500 BrightStar Care 3880 N. Grant Ave., Ste. 180, LV 970-667-7778, www.bright Canyon Home Care & Hospice 4850 Hahn’s Peak Dr., Suite 100 LV,970-330-5655 CarePathways 877-521-9987 Caring Hearts Home Health Care 6801 W. 20th St., Ste. 207, GR 970-378-1409 Columbine Poudre Home Care 915 Centre Ave., Ste 2., FC 970-482-5096, www.columbine Encompass Home Health of Colorado 2171 Citrine Ct., LV 970-493-8500 locations/lovelandhomehealth Good Samaritan Society Home Care: EP 970-800-4853 FC 970-999-0349 LV 970-579-8710 WS 970-680-9590 home-based-services Homewatch CareGivers of Northern Colorado 1220 W. Ash St., Ste. C, WS 970-355-3372 Interim Health Care 2000 Vermont Dr., Ste. 100, FC 970-472-4180, www.interim Maxim Healthcare Services 3665 JFK Pkwy., Ste. 330, FC 970-493-9300, www.maxim

Right At Home 330 E. Mulberry St., FC, 970-494-1111 Senior Helpers 3101 Kintzley Ct., Unit J, Laporte 970-821-9408 1051 6th St., GR, 970-344-9486


Banner Hospice 5628 W. 19th St., Ste. 2, GR 970-352-8487, www.banner Canyon Home Care & Hospice 4850 Hahn’s Peak Dr., Ste. 100, LV 970-330-5655 Pathways 305 Carpenter Rd., FC 970-663-3500 4075 W. 11th St., GR 970-356-4090 2000 N. Boise Ave., LV 970-820-6062


Goldstone Acupuncture & Whole Health 300 Boardwalk Dr., Bldg. 6A FC, 970-227-1906, www. Scott Family Health 4038 S. Timberline St., Ste. 120 FC, 1491 N. Denver Ave.,#101, LV 970-663-2225, Traditional Chinese Medical Clinic 700 W. Mountain Ave., FC 1018 Centre Ave., FC 970-416-0444, Wisdom Ways Acupuncture 2601 S. Lemay Ave., Unit 25, FC 970-227-3077, www.wisdom


Allergy Partners 555 Prospect Ave., EP, 221-2370 2121 E. Harmony Rd., Ste. 290, FC 970-221-2370 6801 W. 20th St., Ste. 202, GR 970-330-5391

Banner Health Clinic: Allergy Care 2923 Ginnala Dr., LV 970-820-6660 608 E. Harmony Rd. Ste. 101, FC 970-498-9226, www.banner Colorado Allergy and Asthma Centers 2014 Caribou Dr., Ste. 200, FC 970-221-1681 3400 W. 16th St., Bldg. 5, Unit Y GR, 970-356-3907


American Cancer Society 8221 W. 20th St., Ste. A, GR 970-356-9727, Banner Health Clinic: Cancer Care 2050 N. Boise Ave., LV 970-820-5900, www. loveland/banner-health-clinicboise-cancer UCHealth Cancer Care 555 Prospect Ave., EP 970-237-7700 2121 E. Harmony Rd., FC 970-237-7700 6767 W. 29th St., GR 970-652-2780 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave., LV 970-237-7700,


Canna World Market 270 E. 29th St., LV 970-617-2996 Cornerstone Botanicals 970-239-3374 Plenty Wellness 2677 N. Taft Ave., LV 970-305-4702


Academy of Natural Therapy 631 8th Ave., GR, 970-352-1181 Family & Sport Chiropractic 1035 Robertson St., FC 970-224-2282

Impact Chiropractic 1730 S. College Ave., Ste. 100, FC 1661 Rocky Mountain Ave. Ste. 302, LV, 970-223-5501 Hand Chiropractic 1630 S. Lemay Ave., Ste. 4, FC 970-221-9300, Pivotal Wellness 2451 S. College Ave., Ste. 3, FC 970-290-9589 2625 Redwing Dr., Ste. 270 970-420-5565 Scott Family Health 4038 S. Timberline St., Ste. 120, FC 1491 N. Denver Ave., Ste.101, LV 970-663-2225 Weld Family Clinic of Chiropractic 1713 61st Ave., Ste. 102, GR 970-356-5255


Alpine Dental Health 1015 S. Taft Hill Rd., FC 970-482-6034 718 S. College Ave., FC 970-484-5297 (Interim during construction: 950 S. Taft Hill Rd.) 1136 E. Stuart St., Bldg. 3 Ste. 3140, FC, 970-482-1520 Aronson Family Dental 4027 Boardwalk Dr., FC 970-472-0488 BenchMark Dental 1555 Main St., Ste. A-2, WS 970-460-4871 Family Dental Clinic–Health District of Northern Larimer County 202 Bristlecone Dr., FC 970-416-5331, www.healthdistrict. org/services/family-dental-clinic Front Range Dentures & Prosthodontics 1006 Robertson St., Ste. 210, FC 970-493-9001

Fifty&Better | 37

Greeley Dental Care 1813 61st Ave., Ste. 210, GR 970-352-4242 Loveland Dentistry and Dentures 274 E. 29th St., LV 970-744-2345


UCHealth Internal Medicine 221 E. 29th St., Ste. 102, LV 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave. North Ste. 200, 970-203-7050 senior-care

Northern Colorado Periodontics 4033 Boardwalk Dr., Ste. 100, FC 970-672-4708 3400 W. 16th St., Ste. 5X, GR 970-800-2269,


Perfect Teeth 1856 N. College Ave., Ste. 110, FC 970-484-0080 902 14th St., GR, 970-392-0152 1685 Rocky Mountain Ave. Ste. 400, LV, 970-667-2121 3400 W. Eisenhower Blvd., LV 970-669-2853

Women’s Clinic of Northern Colorado 1107 S. Lemay Ave., Ste. 300, FC 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave., North Bldg. Ste. 150, LV 970-680-1019

Poudre Valley Family Dental 2032 Lowe St., Ste. 100, FC 970-221-3020, www.poudre

Arktos Direct Care 3938 JFK Pkwy., FC 970-818-2280

Reynolds Oral & Facial Surgery 3520 E. 15th St., Ste. 102, LV 7251 W. 20th St., Bldg. P, GR 970-663-6878

Banner Health Clinics Locations throughout northern Colorado.

Vinna C. Norris, DDS 1221 E. Elizabeth St., Ste. 2, FC 970-221-1400 Wells & Abrames Dental 702 W. Drake Rd., Bldg. G, FC 970-493-9299 Zimmer Family Dentistry 1343 E. Prospect Rd., D1, FC 970-221-4500


A Step Ahead Foot & Ankle Center 2001 S. Shields, Bldg. F, FC 970-343-4217 3880 N. Grant Ave. Ste. 140, LV 970-667-0769, Anderson Podiatry Center 1355 Riverside Ave., Ste. C, FC 970-329-8084 38 |


OB/GYN Associates 1900 N. Boise Ave., Ste. 300, LV 970-820-2009


Centura Health— Primary Care Berthoud 549 Mountain Ave., Berthoud 970-532-4644, Greeley Medical Center 6767 W. 29th St., GR Kaiser Permanente Medical Clinics Locations throughout northern Colorado, 970-207-7171 McKee Medical Center 2000 N. Boise Ave., LV 970-820-4640 Medical Center of the Rockies— UCHealth 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave., LV 970-624-2500, North Colorado Medical Center 1801 16th St., GR, 970-810-4121

Poudre Valley Hospital—UCHealth 1024 S. Lemay Ave., FC 970-495-7000, Salud Family Health Centers 1635 Blue Spruce Dr., Ste. 101, FC 970-484-0999, Sage Holistic Health 1136 N. Lincoln Ave., LV 970-667-7071 Sunrise Health Centers 12 locations in GR, EV, LV plus mobile outreach van. 970-353-9403 Traditional Chinese Medical Clinic 700 W. Mountain Ave., FC 1018 Centre Ave., FC 970-416-0444 UCHealth Family Medicine Center 1025 Pennock Pl., FC 970-495-8800, VA Medical Clinic 2509 Research Blvd., FC 970-224-1550 5200 Hahns Peak Dr., LV 970-962-4900 Mental Health 307-778-7349 UCHealth Medical Clinics Locations throughout northern Colorado. 970-495-7000


Kaiser Permanente Medicare 855-832-0353, Larimer Health Connect 144 N. Mason St., Unit 7, FC 120 Bristlecone Dr., FC 1511 E. 11th St., LV, 970-472-0444 North Colorado Health Alliance 2930 11th Ave., EV, 970-350-4673 1010 A St., GR, 970-301-4426 302 3rd St. SE #150, LV 970-292-1533, www.north Rocky Mountain Health Plans 970-243-7050 or 800-346-4643


Advanced Hearing Services 2001 S. Shields St., Bldg. J-2, FC 970-221-5249 Hearing Life 4675 W. 20th St.,Unit A., GR 970-475-6287 909 E. Eisenhower Blvd. Ste. 101, LV, 970-744-2605 Hearing Rehab Center 1030 Centre Dr., Ste. A, FC 970-482-5700 2018 35th Ave., Unit A, GR 970-330-7374 2980 Ginnala Dr., Ste. 102, LV 970-593-9700 NuEar Hearing Center 2531 S. Shields St., FC 970-999-9505


CardioVascular Institute of Northern Colorado—Banner Health 1800 15th St., Ste. 310, GR 970-810-0900 1900 N. Boise Ave., Ste. 200, LV 970-820-2400 UCHealth Heart and Vascular Care 555 Prospect Ave., EP 970-577-4478 2121 E. Harmony Rd., Ste. 100, FC 970-221-1000 1024 S. Lemay Ave., FC 970-495-7000 6767 W. 29th St., GR, 970-652-2000 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave., Ste. 100 970-221-1000,


McKee Medical Center 2000 Boise Ave., LV 970-820-4640, loveland/mckee-medical-center Medical Center of the Rockies 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave., LV 970-624-2500,

Northern Colorado Medical Center 1801 16th St., GR 970-810-4121 Peakview Medical Center 5881 16th St., GR, 970-313-2700 Poudre Valley Hospital 1024 S. Lemay Ave., FC 970-495-7000,

INFORMATION & HEALTH PROMOTION Alzheimer’s Association 415 Peterson St., FC 970-493-1571 918 13th St., Ste. 1, GR 970-346-9025 24/7 Helpline: 800-272-3900

Grand Family Coalition, Inc. 970-699-2837 Grandparents Support Groups in Northern Colorado Health District of Northern Larimer County 120 Bristlecone Dr., FC 970-224-5209 Larimer County Office on Aging 1501 Blue Spruce, FC 970-498-7750 The Seasons Club McKee Medical Center 2000 N. Boise Ave., LV 970-820-4097, https:// senioraccesslarimer.colostate. edu/seasons-club/ Senior Living Advisors of Colorado LV, 970-541-4592

UCHealth Aspen Club/Senior Services 1025 Garfield St., Ste. A, FC 970-495-8560 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave., LV 970-624-1860 6767 W. 29th St., GR 970-652-2796 community-health/aspen-club Weld County Area Agency on Aging 315 N. 11th Ave., Bldg. C, GR 400-6950, Government/Departments/ Human-Services/Area-Agencyon-Aging-AAA


Banner Health Infusion Therapy 1801 16th St., GR infusion-therapy Poudre Infusion Therapy 151 W. Lake St., Ste. 1500, FC 915 Centre Ave., Ste. 3, FC 1683 Main St., WS 970-494-2130 www.columbinehealthservices. com/poudre-infusion-therapy


Apria Health Care 420 W. 67th St., LV 970-663-0500,

Banner Home Medical Equipment 1990 59th Ave. Ste. 300, GR 970-810-6420 Columbine Medical Equipment 802 W. Drake Rd., Ste. 123, FC 970-221-1453 1525 Main St., Ste. B-1B, WS 970-460-9205, www.columbine Disabled Resource Services 1017 Robertson St., Unit B, FC 970-482-2700 21154 W. Eisenhower Blvd., Unit 5, LV, 970-667-0816

Frontier Access and Mobility 819 E. Mulberry St., FC 970-223-8267 Lincare 4812 McMurray Ave., Ste. 190, FC 970-482-8114, Major Medical (Aerocare) 1420 Riverside Ave., Ste. 108, FC 970-484-6616 3640 W. 10th St., GR 970-584-1020 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave., Ste. 320, LV, 970-669-6800 Mobility and More 493 N. Denver Ave., LV 970-461-8400, RCC Medical Supply 3109 35th Ave., Bldg. H-103 970-356-9078, Roth Medical 225 N. Lemay Ave., Ste. 3, FC 970-224-2828 Good Health Will 2003 W. 8th St., LV 970-624-6002 2393 W. 27th St., Ste. 528, GR 970-515-6935


Aging Clinic of the Rockies at CSU Columbine Health Systems Center for Healthy Aging 151 W. Lake St., Ste. 1400, FC 970-491-6795, www.psychology.

Alliance for Suicide Prevention of Larimer County 525 W. Oak St., Ste. B10, FC 970-482-2209 Connections 425 W. Mulberry St., FC 970-221-5551 connections-adult-services LifeStance Health (formerly Heart Centered Counseling) FC, GR, LV, 970-310-3406

North Range Behavioral Health Crisis Support Services Multiple locations in GR, WS Frederick, 970-347-2120 Crisis Hotline: 844-493-8255 Murphy Center for Hope 242 Conifer St., FC 970-494-9940, www.homeward Spirit Crossing Clubhouse 1148 E. Elizabeth St., FC 970-786-2002 spirit-crossing-clubhouse VA Medical Clinic 2509 Research Blvd., FC 970-224-1550 5200 Hahns Peak Dr., LV 970-962-4900 Mental Health 307-778-7349 Walk-In Crisis Center 1217 Riverside Ave., FC 24-Hour Access: 970-494-4200 services/crisis-services


Advanced Neurology of Colorado 2121 E. Harmony Rd. Ste. 180 FC, 970-226-6111 Banner Health —Neurology 702A W. Drake Rd., FC 970-821-4600 4700 Lady Moon Dr., FC 970-821-4500 1801 16th St., GR 970-810-5612 2410 W. 16th St., GR 970-810-4121 2000 Boise Ave., LV 970-820-4640 1813 Cheyenne Ave., LV 970-810-4676, www.banner UCHealth Neurology Clinic 2315 E. Harmony Rd., Ste. 110 FC 970-482-4373 6767 29th St., 3rd Floor, GR 970-482-4373 2695 Rocky Mountain Ave. Ste. 200, LV, 970-667-7664

Fifty&Better | 39


Catholic Charities—Samaritan House 460 Linden Center Dr., FC 970-484-5010, larimer-county-services Food Bank for Larimer County FC, LV, 970-493-4477 nutritious-kitchen Food Assistance (Larimer SNAP) 1601 Brodie Ave., EP 1501 Blue Spruce Dr., FC 200 Peridot Ave., LV 970-498-6300, www.larimer. org/humanservices/publicbenefits/food-assistance-snap Fort Collins Rescue Mission 316 Jefferson St., FC 970-224-4302, www.fortcollins House of Neighborly Service 375 Meadowlark Dr., Berthoud 970-532-0161 1511 E. 11th St., Ste. 100, LV 970-667-4939 Meals on Wheels Fort Collins 970-484-6325 Meals on Wheels Greeley 970-353-9738 Meals on Wheels Loveland & Berthoud 970-667-0311 Salvation Army 3901 S. Mason St., FC 970-207-4472 Senior Nutrition Program with Volunteers of America 405 Canyon Ave., FC 970-472-9630 TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) FC, GR, LV, Berthoud 800-932-8677,

40 |


Weld County Senior Nutrition (Friendly Fork) Multiple locations, 970-400-6132 Government/Departments/ Human-Services/Area-Agency-onAging-AAA/Friendly-Fork Weld Food Bank Senior Feeding Program 1108 H St., GR, 970-356-2199

ORTHOPEDIC & SPINE CARE Front Range Center for Brain & Spine Surgery 1313 Riverside Ave., FC 970-493-1292

Orthopaedic & Spine Center of the Rockies (OCR) 2500 E. Prospect Rd., FC 970-493-0112 1900 16th St. 3rd floor, GR 970-573-3224 3470 E. 15th St., LV, 970-663-3975 OsteoStrong 3506 W. 10th St., GR 970-301-4959 Spine Correction Center of the Rockies 2244 E. Harmony Rd., #110, FC 970-658-5115


Colorado Clinic 7251 W. 20th St., Bldg. N, Ste. 1 GR, 970-710-3551 3810 N. Grant Ave., LV 970-707-5257 UCHealth Pain Management Clinic 555 Prospect Ave., EP 3744 S. Timberline Rd., Ste. 102, FC 1605 Fox Trail Dr., Ste. 100, LV 970-495-0506 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave., North Bldg., Ste. 2200, 970-203-7190 uchealth-pain-managementclinic-fort-collins



VRI 800-860-4230 caringsolutions

House of Neighborly Service 375 Meadowlark Dr., Berthoud 970-532-0161 1511 E. 11th St., LV 970-667-4939

Banner Lifeline LV, 970-820-3066 GR, 970-810-4743 services/home-care/programs/ banner-lifeline

LifeFone 800-882-2280 Life Station 844-276-7314 Philips Lifeline 855-681-5351


Berkana Rehabilitation Institute 2001 S. Shields St., Bldg. A Ste. 1, FC 970-797-2431 Colorado in Motion 210 W. Magnolia St., Ste. 110, FC 115 E. Harmony Rd., Ste. 160, FC 3744 Timberline Rd., Ste. 103, FC 2021 Battlecreek Dr., Unit A, FC 970-221-1201 1901 56h Ave., Ste. 110, GR 970-451-5776 4435 Ronald Reagan Blvd. Johnstown, 970-669-7303 1555 Main St. A 4/5, WS 970-674-9675 Front Range Therapy 802 W. Drake Rd., Ste. #133A, FC 970-494-6449 www.columbinehealthservices. com/front-range-therapy Scott Family Health 4038 S. Timberline St. Ste. 120, FC 1491 N. Denver Ave., Ste. 101, LV 970-663-2225

Catholic Charities Samaritan House Fort Collins 460 Linden Center Dr., FC 970-484-5010

Needy Meds 800-503-6897 Health District of Northern Larimer County 120 Bristlecone Dr., FC 970-416-6519 prescription-assistance VA Assistance Program 800-698-2411


Berkana Rehabilitation Institute 2001 S. Shields St., Bldg. A Ste. 1, FC, 970-797-2431 The Center at Rock Creek 4880 Ziegler Rd., FC 970-223-4376 Life Care Center of Greeley 4800 W. 25th St., GR 970-330-6400,


Health District of Northern Larimer County 120 Bristlecone Dr., FC 970-224-5209 quit-smoking Larimer County Tobacco Prevention Tobacco-Free Coalition of Weld County


Arktos Direct Care—PRP for Hair Loss 3938 JFK Pkwy., FC 970-818-2280 Colorado Ultraslim 702 E. Drake Rd., F-A, FC 970-300-2856 Premier Skin Clinic 1603 Oakridge Dr., Ste. 200, FC 970-221-1285 Total Vein Care 1136 E. Stuart St., Ste. 4102, FC 970-614-5110


Colorado Clinic 7251 W. 20th St., Bldg. N, Ste. 1 GR, 970-710-3551 3810 N. Grant Ave., LV 970-707-5257


UCHealth Surgical Clinics 2121 E. Harmony Rd., Bldg. A-1, Ste. 330, FC 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave. Ste. 2200, LV 970-221-5878 5881 W. 16th St., GR 970-356-2426,


Associates in Family Medicine Urgent Care CSU, 151 W. Lake St., Ste. 1500 FC, 970-293-3876 3519 Richmond Dr., FC 970-682-7981 1683 Main St., WS, 970-545-7209 Banner Urgent Care 3617 S. College Ave., Ste. C, FC 970-821-1500 2015 35th Ave., GR, 970-810-4155 2555 E. 13th St., Ste. 110, LV 970-820-4264, https://urgentcare.

Concentra Urgent Care 620 S. Lemay Ave., FC 970-221-5811 UCHealth Urgent Care 2127 E. Harmony Rd., Ste. 140 FC, 970-297-6250 1900 16th St., GR, 970-652-2454 3850 N. Grant Ave., Ste. 200, LV 970-624-5150,


Eye Center of Northern Colorado 1725 E. Prospect Rd., FC 3151 Precision Dr., FC 1701 61st Ave., GR 2555 13th St. Ste. 225, LV 6125 Sky Pond Dr., LV 970-221-2222

See Life Family Vision Source 2867 35th Ave., GR 970-346-1411 2108 35th Ave., GR 970-356-0100 The Eyes Have It 102 W. Mountain Ave., FC 970-407-0665 Windsor Eye Care & Vision Center 515 Main St., WS, 970-460-0154

Kirk Eye Center 3650 E. 15th St., LV 970-669-1107

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Giving Back

Kim Sharpe

Horsing around

Volunteers support special-needs riders

42 |


Volunteer Sharon Montini gives rider Grace Hill a high five.


“I STILL WANT TO do something meaningful with my time,” says Sharon Montini, a recent retiree. Little did she know that by horsing around, she’d feel happy that she’s contributing to something significant. Having a love of horses since she was a little girl and a desire to help others, Montini decided to volunteer for Hearts & Horses, a nonprofit therapeutic riding center, after learning about the organization from a friend. And she loves it. “I love the personalities of all of riders. I love to see them smile—it just lights up my heart,” she says. Hearts & Horses offers people with special needs physical, cognitive and emotional well-being through equine-assisted services. Located in Loveland and operating since 1997, the nonprofit organization serves children and adults ages 3 to 103, including at-risk youth, older people with memory loss, and Veterans. Hearts & Horses has about 375 volunteers who do everything from caring for the organization’s herd of four-legged therapists by feeding, watering, and grooming them, and mucking out their stalls to leading horses or walking along side riders during classes to maintaining the facility to staffing the front office and special events. Montini primarily serves as a “side walker,” assisting instructors and horse leaders by supporting riders from the time they arrive for their class till they leave. Specific tasks may include helmet fitting, walking along side of a rider to provide stability and relaying verbal prompts from the class instructor to the rider. While she enjoys being a side walker, Montini says she’s trying to get up the courage to be a horse leader.

That job involves taking responsibility for the horse before, during and after a class by catching, grooming and saddling it, and then leading the horse with its rider throughout the class according to the instructor’s directions. “A horse is a big animal that sometimes acts up, and I want to feel comfortable enough to handle that kind of situation. I’m going to make the time to go through the horse leader training soon,” says Montini. Jan Pollema, Hearts & Horses executive director, says that, “the time our volunteers give is such a gift. And the breadth and experience that so many of our volunteers bring to our programs—we couldn’t do what we do without them. If I had to hire staff

to do everything, it just wouldn’t be as magical as it is with volunteers.” Individuals need no prior experience with horses to volunteer, because the organization provides training for every job, explains Emmy Soyka, Hearts & Horses director of people and culture. Horse experience or not, she adds that, “one thing all their volunteers possess is a passion to support our riders. Everyone loves how we help the community, and they want to be part of it.” To explore volunteer opportunities with Hearts & Horses, visit the “Volunteering” page on the organization’s website at www., or contact Soyka at 970-663-4200 x 312 or emmy@


2201 S. College • 970-226-8662 • Monday-Saturday 9-10 and Sunday 9-7

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