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Karate-4-Kids 5 Weeks ONLY $15.99 Easy Start Course

10 CLASSES & FREE UNIFORM Call Today for your FREE Lesson! Self Defense * Bully Proofing Fun Classes * Stranger Awareness Encouraging Instructors Ask about Summer Camp & Birthday Parties! Top Rated School - Serving Northern Colorado Families Since 1985! FORT COLLINS

1833 E. Harmony Rd.


304 E. 5th St.


3091 W. 29th St.

204-9977 669-6013 330-5425 2 | RMPARENT

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2 and 4 Day Cheer Camps

4 Day Speed, Strength and Agility Camps

Visit our website for summer SPEED, STRENGTH AND AGILITY CAMP and CHEER CAMP Schedules!

1623 S. College Ave. • Fort Collins like us

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! ur ION o T T Summer Programs nd CA at the CSU Early Childhood Center (ECC) a sit LO i V EW The ECC will host a series of two week long summer camps for preschool age children. The focus of these N R camps will be Preschool Art and Kindergarten Boot U Camp. Visit our website for details!

Ages: 3-5 years old Cost: Call or visit our website for pricing and availability Applications are now being accepted for the 2013/2014 school year. Call (970)491-7082 with questions or to schedule a tour of our new facility! • NAEYC accredited • Professional, educated and experienced staff • Laboratory school for CSU students to train for careers in early childhood education • Low adult-child ratios • International, diverse atmosphere

CSU Early Childhood Center 223 South Shields Street | Fort Collins | 970-491-7082


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% 0 e! t a n i 2 c s a F se w urcha




Register for Summer Classes Today!


d exp

is A ith th

rters adqua e H . ATE our Local S.Tec.hEn.Mology, hematics C U t Y T ED & Ma ence, m Pr

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9 4 $1







Hip Hop • Ballet • Jazz • Tap Lyrical and Pre School Dance! Vist us online to sign up: A

SNAP CIRCUIT JR. 201 Linden Street • (970) 484-9701

Summer 2013


WINDSOR 1292 Main Street Unit 6

EATON Eaton Recreation Center 224 1st Street

GREELEY 955 52nd Ave Ct. Suite 100B

Youth Program & Activity GUIDE


MARCH 2013 Poudre, Greeley-Evans 6, Thompson and Windsor school districts distribute the Youth Program & Activity Guide as service to students and their families. The districts do not endorse or assume any responsibility for the programs or services contained herein. Youth Activity & Program Guide 2013, is a special publication of Rocky Mountain Publishing.

PUBLISHER, Scott Titterington; EDITOR, Kristin Titterington; CREATIVE DIRECTOR, Emily Zaynard; ADVERTISING SALES DIRECTOR, Greg Hoffman; CONTRIBUTING WRITERS, Kim Sharpe, Janet Werst Cover Photo, Copyright 2013 Rocky Mountain Publishing, 825 Laporte Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80521, 970-221-9210. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without written permission is prohibited.

The Dream Starts Here!

Summer Dance Session June 17 through August 1 Age 3 & Up Register and pay before June 1 and receive

$10 OFF your tuition Offering gymnastics classes for ages 18 months to 18 years of age in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.





Tap Hip Hop Jazz Combination Ballet

H H Bring in this ad and receive 2 free classes! H H — For new customers only —

• Beginner - Advanced Girls & Boys • Middle School Girls Class

• Open Gyms • Parent –Tot Classes • Preschool Classes • Summer Camps

• Tumbling • USAG Teams Girls & Boys • X-CEL Girls Team

970-663-3173 • 1410 East 11th Street • Loveland 6 | RMPARENT

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970-506-9040 • 2956 W. 29th St. Greeley •

Baseball • Boy’s & Girls Basketball • Cheerleading • Cross Country Fencing • Football (no contact) • Golf • Gymnastics • Ice Hockey Boy’s & Girl’s Lacrosse • Soccer • Strength & Conditioning Swimming & Diving • Tennis • Track & Field • Volleyball • Wrestling (ages 10 -18)

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Plan for a safe camp experience

Pack sunscreen, water, insect repellent, proper clothes and equipment JA N E T W E R S T


ou’ve done your research and have found a safe, appropriate, fun camp for your children. Find out what you can do as a parent each day when you drop them off. It’s the little things and planning that will make it an enjoyable and safe summer for everyone. Parents don’t get a vacation from safety. Keep these tips in mind so that safety stays a top priority this summer while your children are at camp: • Put sunscreen on in the morning before you drop the kids off. Ideally sunscreen should be put on 30 minutes before you go outside. This is recommended even if it is a cloudy day. Cloud cover does not stop the sun’s harmful rays. • Remind camp staff to reapply sunscreen later in the day. Use a minimum of SPF 15 or higher depending on your child’s skin tone. Provide your own sunscreen with your child’s name on it. • If your child burns easily, cover them in light colored, cotton clothing; have them wear a hat and sunglasses. • Pack a water bottle (filled with water). Staying hydrated at our elevation is extremely important and little bodies use up water at a faster rate as they work and play hard. Avoid caffeinated drinks as they dehydrate kids more quickly. A child’s body temperature rises three times faster than an adult, so insist on frequent rest breaks in the shade and lots of water. • Make sure your child is wearing appropriate footwear. Flip-flops are not a good option if they are going to be physically active. Closedtoed shoes will help lessen any injuries for a variety of activities. • If they will be playing on playground equipment, remove hood and neck drawstrings from their clothing 8 | RMPARENT

as they pose a choking hazard. • If your child is not a good swimmer, insist he wear a life jacket when near water (pool, lake, river, etc.) or when participating in water sports. Most people who drown had no intention of actually getting in the water. Drowning happens silently. Enroll your child in swim lessons as early as age 4 (recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics). • If your child will be riding a bike at camp, make sure she has a bicycle helmet that is fitted to her head and that she wear it! If she will be taking her own bike, make sure it is in good condition. • Going hiking? Avoid using scented soaps or perfumes and apply insect repellent with DEET, which is most effective against ticks and mosquitoes. The benefits of DEET reach a peak at a concentration of 30 percent, the maximum concentration currently recommended for infants and children. You should not use DEET on children under 2 months of age.

| Youth Program & Activity GUIDE

• If the camp will be taking field trips, find out if you need to provide a car seat or booster seat and make sure the staff knows how to install it. • Teach your child to know what is safe and unsafe. As a parent, you cannot always be around to protect him. Equipping him with safe teachings and the confidence to know when something isn’t safe is a best practice. You can obtain more information about how to teach your child about personal safety at childsafe.pdf. It’s the little things that can make a big difference between a summer filled with fun memories or one that includes a trip or two to the emergency room or doctor’s office. For more information on summer safety for you and your family, go to Safe Kids Larimer County is committed to keeping children safe from accidental injury. Check out the website at for more safety tips and information on how we can help you. The University of Colorado Health leads safe Kids. Janet Werst is the Injury Prevention Coordinator, Community Health UCH.

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Giving your child a Christian education,

priceless !

Trinity Lutheran School Early Registration Discount !! Call now to enroll for 2013-14

• Full day Kindergarten through 8th grade • 3 year-4 year old Preschool classes

• Wrap-around care for children in preschool through 8th grade • No tolerance for Bullying

• Smaller classes offer students individual attention • Dedicated and caring staff in a safe environment

(970)330-2485 | 3000 35th Avenue | Greeley, CO Hwy 34 Bypass and 35th Avenue (Across from Home Depot)


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Ages 4-17 • July & August 2013 Activities Include: outdoor adventure quests, sustainable agriculture — farm and garden, hiking, camping, swimming, arts and crafts, performing arts, and more .......................................................................................................................................................................................................

For more information and to register visit:

or call: (970) 679-4318

Youth Program & Activity GUIDE


A healthy balance By Kim Sharpe

Mix it this summer with structured activities and free time


ny parent can tell you that raising children to be healthy, well-adjusted adults is hard work. It requires planning, intentionality, strategizing, and a lot of prayer, sweat and tears. Another component of being well rounded is exposure to a variety of experiences. But that doesn’t mean signing your kid up for a multitude of camps and activities will achieve the outcome of balance. It could have the opposite effect. Having too little time to explore the world—or their little piece of it—on their own is just as damaging as not being able to try a new sport or learn how to play an instrument. “Do not underestimate the power of unstructured play,” says Susan Stiffelman, MFT, an educational therapist and author of Parenting Without Power Struggles. “Playing catch in the yard, dancing in the living room, and chasing after lightning bugs provide opportunities for intellectual, physical and personal development.” Stiffelman also 12 | RMPARENT

recommends that parents take up a new hobby. “Allowing your child to see you trying something new may inspire her to do the same.” Be a good sport Sports provide physical activity that helps young bodies grow strong. And the competitive aspect of sports can teach children how to persevere, an important transferable life skill. Another trait sports can impart is good character, which goes beyond good sportsmanship. “Youth sports are a perfect environment for teaching and modeling good character which is the foundation for all lasting success,” says Bob Powell, a Character First training specialist. “Our youth need to internalize the connection between good character and competence and skills, and learn to apply them in their future careers and relationships.” Powell was one of many community leaders who helped establish a northern Colorado nonprofit organization

| Youth Program & Activity GUIDE

dedicated to ensuring sports fields are character-building fields. CHAMP, which stands for “Character in Athletics—Make it a Priority,” works with coaches, parents and youth athletes to deliver character-based athletic experiences. CHAMP also regularly recognizes and rewards student athletes, coaches and teams for demonstrated character excellence. The organization’s website,, provides more information and describes how people can get involved. Smarts through the arts The arts—visual and musical – often are at the top of the chopping-block list when education budgets get squeezed. This is unfortunate, because like reading, writing and arithmetic, the arts help kids experience their world in other dimensions. “There is much factual information about why art is important in our children’s development that is both interest-

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Please call Jill Cantor Lee, MS, M.Ed at (970) 232-3127 for a free 15 minute consultation. Visit our website for more information.

FREE REGISTRATION!! March 25th to April 19th Only!! Registration opens March 25th Space is limited, so register early! Se habla espaĂąol For more information:

(970) 266-1734


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ing and helpful to know,” says MaryAnn Faubion Kohl, award-winning author, publisher and educator. “Creating art expands a child’s ability to interact with the world around her, and provides a new set of skills for self-expression and communication. Not only does art help to develop the right side of the brain, it also cultivates important skills that benefit a child’s development. But art goes far beyond the tangible statistics measured by studies – it can become a pivotal mode of uninhibited self-expression and amazement for a child. Art matters the same way language matters—or the way breathing matters! It is a fundamental component of what makes us uniquely human.” Music and rhythm also are innate components of our humanity. Whether one can play an instrument or simply enjoys listening to others do so, music provides connectivity between people. The ancient Greek philosopher Plato said, “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” “Music and dance are cultural touchstones…key elements in biding us together,” says Ken Lonnquist, professional musician, singer and songwriter who’s performed in several northern Colorado venues and K-12 schools throughout the years. “When I give a live performance, I see people, almost in spite of themselves, connecting to others. It’s a communal experience that can’t be substituted with an iPod or YouTube. There’s nothing like flesh and blood and a heart beating with a community of people in a common experience. And music has the power to open a child’s imagination. It’s a door through which learning can occur; straight forward education can’t always do that.” Music and other live performances, such as plays, also can teach children acceptable social norms. How one behaves in a theater is very different than how one behaves on a playground. Lonnquist says, “Kids need to be able to learn the art of being still and tuning into a story, whether it’s a story through music or a play.”

ploring the backyard to visiting other countries, adventures teach many important life lessons and skills. Tami Anderson Englehorn, owner/ founder of Emergence: Counseling, Coaching and Consulting, and Loveland mom of two sons, says, “I think adventures accomplish a multitude of things for kids and families! They build confidence (‘Oh, I can hike eight miles!’), create space for connection (no media distractions, usually), create shared memories and expand a sense of the world. In my work as a therapist and on a university campus, when I ask young adults what they recall about growing up, many of their

Advocate for adventure Family adventures are a great way to expand your child’s horizons. From ex14 | RMPARENT

| Youth Program & Activity GUIDE

most fond memories have to do with family vacations or time spent together. It says a lot to a child for a parent or significant adult to take time away from the normal grind of daily life to be with and focus on a child. It says to them, ‘You are worth more to me than anything else in this moment.’” One Fort Collins family is taking an adventure of the extreme kind. The Bordens have moved their clan of seven to Nicara-

Youth Program & Activity GUIDE


gua to live for the next several months. Diane Borden explained why they resorted to what may seem like a drastic measure to experience an adventure and what her family hopes to gain from it: “Our lives were so fun, but full and hurried in Fort Collins, and so prescripted and fragmented...our commitments were driving our lives. We longed for opportunity to engage the world and also engage each other more fully. With our oldest son in 11th grade, we knew we were running out of time to do it as a whole family. “We thought a lot about schooling options; we wanted the world to be our classroom…So we are taking the semester off from traditional school. We are all going to ‘Spanish School’ as a family to work on our language barrier, but otherwise we are doing what we’ve begun to call ‘live’ learning—learning by doing and engaging the world right outside our doorstep. From shopping for groceries in the local ‘mercado’ to volunteering with local organizations to paint schools, install latrines and lay piping to bring running water to a community

for the very first time, we are learning so many lessons!” Helping ourselves by helping others As the Bordens attest, volunteering to help others in formal or informal ways has many benefits. Like music, it’s a way to meet and connect with people. It also is a way to build communication, relationship and job skills, plus boost self-confidence and emotional happiness. America’s Promise, a national partnership dedicated to improving the lives of children and youth, asserts that “all children and youth need and deserve the chance to make a difference—in their families, schools, communities, nation and world—through having models of caring behavior, awareness of the needs of others, a sense of personal responsibility to contribute to the larger society, and opportunities for volunteering, leadership and service.” Another national nonprofit, www., says, “While it might be a challenge to coordinate everyone’s schedules, volunteering as a family has

many worthwhile benefits. Children watch everything you do. By giving back to the community, you show them firsthand how volunteering makes a difference and how good it feels to help others and enact change. It’s also a valuable way for you to get to know organizations in the community and find resources and activities for your children and family.” Hugs and love The secret to raising well-rounded kids requires providing a healthy balance of structured activities, new activities and no activities—space to just be. And once a child discovers something they are good at or interested in, they should be encouraged to keep at it or to learn more. Succeeding at a task goes a long way toward becoming a stable individual. It also teaches kids they can reach the goals they set for themselves. But perhaps the most important components of raising well-adjusted kids are love and lots of hugs. Dole out both in large quantities daily.

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Register Registerfor for Summer Summer Classes Today! Classes Today! Summer 2013

Hip Hop • Ballet • Jazz • Tap Summer 2013 Lyrical and Pre School Dance! Summer 2013 Hip Hop Hipus Hop •Ballet Ballet Jazz• •Tap Tap Vist online•to sign up: •A•Jazz Lyrical Lyricaland andPre PreSchool SchoolDance! Dance! Vist us online to sign up: A Vist us online to sign up: A

WINDSOR WINDSOR 1292 Main Street WINDSOR 1292 Main Street 1292 Main UnitUnit 6 6Street Unit 6

EATON EATON Eaton Recreation Center EATON Eaton Recreation Center StreetCenter Eaton Recreation 224224 1st1st Street

GREELEY GREELEY 955 52nd Ave Ct. GREELEY 955 52nd Ave Ct. 955 52nd Ave Ct. Suite 100B Suite 100B

224 1st Street Youth Program & ActivitySuite GUIDE |100B RMPARENT | 17


| Youth Program & Activity GUIDE

Youth Program & Activity GUIDE


Program & Activity Guide 2013 d i re c t o r y Academics Bee Family Centennial Farm Museum Children’s Speech Therapy Center Discovery Montessori Discovery Science Center Garbage Garage Education Center Latin Classes & Latin Club Little Bear’s Child Care Math Tutoring Oakwood School Our Global Village Museum Poudre River Public Library Districts Science Toy Magic Speech-Language Clinic Spring Creek School The Reading Clinic The Reading Place TR Paul Academy Tutor Doctor UNC Las Chicas de Matematicas UNC Leadership Enrichment Program UNC Summer Enrichment Program Weld Library District Arts Academy at Midtown Arts Center Aunt Bea’s Pottery Painting Boys & Girls Clubs, Larimer County Canyon Concert Ballet Clothes Pony Colorado Academy of the Arts Contemporary Dance Academy CSU School of the Arts Dance Express Debut Theatre Company Explorati Teens Writer Boot Camp Expressive Arts Fire It Up Ceramics Flying Colors Art School Foodies! Culinary Academy Fort Collins Fort Collins Children’s Theatre Fort Collins Museum Fort Collins Museum of Art Front Range Classical Ballet Academy Greeley Museums Hands On Music Academy Harrington Arts Academy Inertia Dance JasCo Music Kindermusik by Priscilla la-de-da... Loveland Dance Academy Loveland Museum/Gallery Lyric Cinema Café Main Street Music MeTeggart Irish Dance Miramont Lifestyle Fitness Natural Piano Center Philomusica Piano & Guitar Institute Piano Center of the Rockies Rocky Mountain Music Center


Rocky Mountain Summer Music Camp Sera Schools Music Programs Studio West Dance Center Stylz Dance Studio UNC Jazz Camp Youth Orchestra of the Rockies Athletics Air Force Sports Camps All Star Youth Sports American Dragon Martial Arts Arena Sports ATA Family Martial Arts Baton Twirling with the Golden Girls Big Thompson Tennis Academy Blue Mountain Riding Academy Boys & Girls Clubs, Larimer County Broadway Bound Dance Academy Camp Chief Ouray-YMCA of the Rockies Chippers Lanes City of Fort Collins Parks & Recreation Youth Team Sports City of Fort Collins Golf Courses Classic Lanes Collindale Golf Academy Colorado Cheer Academy Colorado Force Colorado Ice Indoor Football CSU Youth Sport Camps Dance Factory Eaton Country Club Edge Sports Center Edora Pool Ice Center Fort Collins Area Swim Team (FAST) Fort Collins Baseball Club, Inc. Fort Collins Club Fort Collins Girls Softball Club Fort Collins Hockey Club Fort Collins Soccer Club Fort Collins Youth Lacrosse Gargot Farms Riding Academy GK Gymnastics Greeley-Evans Youth League GRIT Athletics Havoc Girls Lacrosse Hearts & Horses Highland Meadows Golf Course Highland Park Lanes Horsetooth All-Star Cheerleading Inner Strength Rock Gym Inner Wave Pencak Silat International Black Belt Academy Jumpin’ Karate West, Inc. Kids Night Out Loveland Lewis Tennis School Lobos Football Technique Camp Loveland Archery Exchange Loveland Dance Academy Matpac Wrestling Miramont Lifestyle Fitness Moore Martial Arts

| Youth Program & Activity GUIDE


Cate g o r y

Mulberry Pool New World Sports NoCo Ice Center Northern Colorado Shooting Stars All-Star Cheerleading Northern Colorado Baseball Camps Northern Colorado Orcas Northern Colorado Soccer Camps Northern Colorado Soccer Club Northern Colorado Youth Hockey Northside Aztlan Center Playmakers Practice Facility Premier Gymnastics Pump It Up Raintree Aerobic and Fitness Center Rocky Mountain Cheer & Dance Rocky Mountain Youth Sports Rollerland Roo Jumps Safe Routes to School Scott Downing’s Youth Football Camp Southridge Junior Golf Academy Sykes Family Martial Arts The Studio Thompson Soccer Assn. Trans Martial Arts Treetop Yoga Studio UNC Baseball Kids Camps UNC Football Camps UNC Men’s Basketball Camps UNC Tennis Camps UNC Volleyball Camps UNC Women’s Basketball Camps UNC Wrestling Camps UNC Volleyball Village Green Synchronized Swimming Team Vollitude Volleyball Club Vortex Swim Club Windsor Lacrosse Windsor Gymnastic Academy Windsor Parks & Recreation Before /After school ABC Child Development Centers Bright School-Age Centers BASE Camp Blooming Girls Boys & Girls Clubs, Larimer County Bright Horizons Children’s Early Learning Centers Children’s Workshop Gardens on Spring Creek Girl Scouts of Colorado GK Gymnastics Healthy Kids Club-PVHS Hearts & Horses KinderCare Learning Centers Miramont Lifestyle Fitness Rivendell School Windmill Child Enrichment Center Young People’s Learning Centers

Day camps ABC Child Development Centers & Bright School-Age Centers Big Thompson Elementary Blue Mountain Riding Academy Centennial Village Museums Choice City Christian Camp City of Loveland Parks & Recreation Colorado Youth Outdoors CSU Environmental Learning Center CSU Youth Sport Camps Farm at Lee Martinez Park Gargot Farms Riding Academy Girl Scouts of Colorado Greeley Museums Hearts in Hand Child Dev. Center Heritage Christian Academy iD Tech Camps Impact, Inc./Teencamp KidzZone Day Camp Larimer Humane Society Lobos Football Technique Camp Miramont Lifestyle Fitness Mountain Kids Mustang Hollow Equestrian Center My Pursuit Church OD’s Sports Crossing Red Fiddle Dance Company Rivendell School Spring Creek School Striped Horse Day Camp Young People’s Learning Centers Residential camps Camp Chief Ouray—YMCA of the Rockies Camp Sunrise Camp Timberline, Inc. Cheley Colorado Camps CSU Football Educo Frontiers of Science Institute Girl Scouts of Colorado iD Tech Camps Kent Mountain Adventure Center Larimer County Foster Care Program Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch Clubs/organizations Boy Scouts of America Boys & Girls Clubs of Larimer County Boys & Girls Club of Weld County Child Evangelism Fellowship CSU Environmental Learning Center Fort Collins Baseball Club, Inc. Fort Collins Soccer Club Fort Collins Youth Lacrosse Girl Scouts of Colorado Larimer Humane Society Latin Classes & Latin Club Team Fort Collins United Way 211



Come Celebrate with us Saturday April 6th and take


Pony Rides Glitter Tattoos Face Painting Birthday Cake & Party Favors And lots more


Like us on (970) 224-2866 Facebook 111 N. College Ave. Youth Program & Activity GUIDE


Program & Activity Guide 2013 A L P H A B E T IC A L


AC—Academics, AR—Arts, AS—After School, AT—Athletics, BS—Before School, CO—Clubs & Organizations, DC—Day Camps, RC—Residential Camps 4-H Larimer County, 1525 Blue Spruce Dr., FC, 498-6000, extension Weld County, 525 N. 15th Ave., GR 304-6535, Age group: 8-18 A community of young people who are learning leadership, citizenship and life skills. Fee. Category: CO ABC Child Development & Bright School-Age Centers 5000 W. 11th St., GR, 1511 12th Ave., GR. Plus school-based locations in Greeley, Evans, Johnstown and Wind­ sor. 352-2222, Age group: 5-12 years old Greeley’s premier centers. Provid­ing school-age activities in a school-age setting. Fee. Category: BS AS DC Academy at Midtown Arts Center 3750 S. Mason, FC, 225-2555 Age group: K-12 Performance-based musical theatre and acting classes and camps for ages K-12 Fee. Category: AR Adventure Child Development Center 5800 W 18th St., GR, 330-7540 Age group: 6 weeks to 12 years Summer day camps, enrichment programs, childcare, and parties. Fee. Category: DC Air Force Sports Camps Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs (719) 333-2116 Age group: 8-18 years old Summer camps for boarders and commuters. Basketball, cheerlead­ing, diving, fencing & golf. Fee. Category: AT All-Star Kids Games 2112 Harmony Rd., FC, 206-9600 Age group: 6-12 years All-Star Kids Games: week of sport or activity instruction and competition. Fee. Category: AT


All Star Youth Sports 155 E. Boardwalk Dr., FC, 232-8652 Age group: 5-17 years old Non-contact flag football leagues for coeds. Games on Sundays and Mondays. Fee. Category: AT

Blooming Girls 115 N. College Ave., Ste. 220, FC 207-4094, Age group: 5-12 years Instructor provides confidencebuilding classes for girls and workshops to build self-esteem. Free. Category; BS, AS

ATA Family Martial Arts 2561 S. Shields, 3E, FC, 282-3737 910 E. Eisenhower, LV, 1000 S. Lincoln Ave., LV, 282-3737 Age group: 4-adult Tae Kwon Do for ages 4-adult. Summer programs and camps. Fee. Category: AT

Blue Mountain Riding Academy 163 N. CR 29, LV, 663-4200 Age group: 7 and up Summer camps and horsemanship lessons. Fee. AS, DC

Aunt Bea’s Pottery Painting 3423 N. College Ave., LV, 204-4150 Age group: all ages Children’s 5-week workshops. Par­ties welcome. Fee. Category: AR BASE Camp 1241 Riverside, FC, 266-1734 Age group: 5-13 Before- and after-school program in many local elementary schools. Fee. Category: BS AS DC Bee Family Centennial Farm Museum 4320 E. CR 58, FC, 482-9168 Age group: All History of northern Colorado agriculture, children’s activities, farm animals, more. Fee. Category: AC Big Thompson Elementary School of Science & Nature 7702 West Hwy 34, LV, 613-5600 Age group: 1st-5th grade Summer programs Fee. Category: DC Big Thompson Tennis Academy TVHS, LV, 704-497-1666 Age group: 5-18 years old Premier tennis training for juniors. Affordable. All levels. Fee. Category: AT

| Youth Program & Activity GUIDE

Boys & Girls Clubs of Larimer County 1608 Lancer Dr., FC484-5198 2500 E. 1st St., LV, 663-5450 3815 W. Harrison, Wellington Age group: 6-18 years old Provides environment to help young people reach their full potential. Fee $5/year. Category: AS CO Boys & Girls Clubs of Weld County 2400 W. 4th St., GR, 2400 1st Ave., GR,100 Broad St., Milliken Galeton Elementary, Galeton 353-1278, Age group: 6-18 years old Provides environment to help young people reach their full potential. Fee $5/year. Category: AS, CO

Broadway Bound Dance Academy 645 N Denver AV, LV 663-3133 Age group: All ages Classes in ballet, pointe, tap, hip-hop, jazz, modern, lyrical. Recre­ational and competitive. Fee. Category: AT Camp Chief Ouray— YMCA of the Rockies 1101 CR 53, PO Box 648, Granby 887-2648 Age group: 7-17 years old Camp Chief Ouray provides opportuni­ ties for growth in spirit, mind, and body. Fee. Category: RC Camp Sunrise 100 Sunrise Ranch Rd., LV, 679-4318 Age group: 4-17 Outdoor adventure quests, sustainable agriculture—farm and garden, environmental education, earth stewardship. Fee. Category: RC Camp Timberline, Inc. 1207 Longs Peak Rd., Estes Park 586-7777 Age group: 7-18 years old Sports and mountain adventure camp at the foot of Longs Peak. Fee. Category: RC, AT

Boy Scouts of America— Longs Peak Council 2215 23rd Ave., GR, 330-6305 Age group: 1st grade-age 20 Serving scouting families in northern Colorado. Call today to join. Fee. Category: CO

Canyon Concert Dance Center 1031 Connifer St., #3, FC, 472-4156, 4103 S. Mason, FC, 217-9262 Age group: Ages 3 years and up Beginning to advanced instruction; Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop and more. Fee. Category: AR

Bright Horizons 2815 Iowa Dr., FC, 484-4700 3513 Richmond Dr., FC, 229-0300 2420 W. 8th St., LV, 461-9802 Age group: 1st-5th grade Developmentally appropriate cur­ riculums, certified teachers, state-ofthe-art facilities. Free. Category: AS BS

Centennial Village Museums 1475 A St., GR, 350-9220 Age group: 6-12 years old Experience pioneer life with hands-on activities, games, crafts and more. Fee. Category: DC

Youth Program & Activity GUIDE


Cheley Colorado Camps 3960 Fish Creek Rd., Estes Park 303-377-3616, Age group: 9-17 years old Hiking, horseback riding, camping, backpacking, rafting, mountain biking, sports, climbing, arts, crafts and more. Fee. Category: RC Chessmates 4825 S. Lemay, FC, 581-2424 Age group: K-9th grade Kids have fun, learn, and compete through chess. Fee. Category: CO Child Evangelism Fellowship 2955 W. Stuart St, LV, 493-1409. Age group: 5 to 12 years old Good News Club. Thursdays in Fort Collins; Wednesdays in Loveland. Call for information. Free. Category: AS Children’s Speech & Reading Center 1330 Oakridge Dr., Ste #10 419-0486, Age group: Up to age 12 Quality speech, language & literacy programs. Sliding scale. ASHA certi­ fied therapists. Nonprofit. Fee. Category: AC

Spring Sale April 12-14

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Children’s Workshop Early Learning Center 2822 Silverplume Dr, FC, 226-5854 635 S. Grant Ave, FC, 221-1818 1425 Diana Dr., LV, 663-3146 4601 Sunview Dr., LV, 613-9424 6700 29th St. Rd., GR, 330-2233 Age group: 5-12 Games, arts and crafts, field trips, fun; transportation provided. Fee. Category: BS, AS Chippers Lanes 830 N. College Ave., FC, 484-4777 217 W. Horsetooth Rd., FC, 226-6327 2454 8th St., GR, 353-4275 Age group: 6-14 years old Camps, junior bowling leagues, school fundraisers. Fee/Free. Category: AT, DC Choice City Christian Camp 2112 E. Harmony, FC, 310-6335, Age group: 5-12 years old Summer activities daycamp with daily field trips. Open 7am-6pm. Fee. Category: DC

City of Fort Collins Golf Courses 221-6650, Age group: 7-12 years old Annual introductory golf clinic for girls and boys. Fee. Category: AT City of Fort Collins Parks & Rec­ reation Youth Team Sports 413 S. Bryan Ave, FC 221-6385 Age group: 6 years old and up Tackle/flag/ultimate football, softball, volleyball, track, basketball. Fee. Category: AT City of Fort Collins Recreation 112 E. Willow St., FC, 221-6655 Age group: pre-K and above Programs and activities for all ages and abilities. Fee. AC, AR, AT, AS, DC City of Loveland Adventure Bound Day Camp 700 E. 4th St. LV, 962-2467 Age group: 6-12 years State-licensed camp, field trips, arts & crafts, swimming, science, drama, indoor and outdoor games. Fee. Category: DC City of Loveland Youth Sports Camps 700 E. 4th. St., LV, 962-2445 Age group: 5-18 Summer youth athletic sports camps. Fee. AT, DC Clothes Pony 111 N. College Ave., FC, 224-2866 Age group: Toddler to 10 years Sing-alongs and storytimes. Fee/Free. Category: AR Collindale Golf Academy and Club Fitting Center 1441 E. Horsetooth Rd., FC, 223-4653 Age group: 5-17 years PGA professional supervised junior golf camps, clinics and instruction. Fee. Category: AT Colorado Academy of the Arts 4637 S. Mason, Ste. A2, FC 224-2224, Age group: 4-18 Education, music, theatre for stu­dents in dance, voice, and acting. Fee. Category: AR

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Colorado Cheer Academy 1623 S. College Ave., FC, 305-0170 Age group: Under 5-18 years Excellent cheer program, complete athlete performance program, fitness training and conditioning. Fee. Category: AT

CSU Center for the Arts 1400 Remington, FC, 491-2787 Age group: children and youth Over 90 music, theatre, dance, visual arts performances and exhibitions each semester. Fee. Category: AR

Colorado Force 605 S. College Ave, FC, 484-4653 Age group: 3 years to adult Women’s semi-pro soccer team runs events, leagues, camps and clinics. Fee. Category: AT

CSU Early Childhood Center 223 S. Shields, FC, 491-1861 Age group: 6 weeks to 6 years Full, half-day and summer camp options. Fee. Category: AC, DC

Colorado Ice Indoor Football 218 Smokey St., FC 472-0128, Age group: Kindergarten and up Cheerleading hosted by Icicle cheerleaders; football hosted by Ice players & coaches. Fee. Category: AT Colorado Football Academy Fort Collins, 215-9308 Age group: 6-14 Teaching life skills through football. Learn fundamentally sound physical and mental skills. Fee. Category: AT Colorado Youth Outdoors 209 E. 4th St., LV, 663-0800, Age group: families Camping skills, archery and shooting sports. Fee. Category: AS



Dr. Milnor’s Office offers discounts of up to 10% OFF and reasonable payment plans to fit your budget.


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Contemporary Dance Academy 2531 S. Shields, 2A, FC 232-9539 Age Group: 2-18 years Dance classes and dance camps for all ages Fee. Category: AR Cooking Classes for Kids 1003 W. Mountain Ave., FC 221-5137 Age group: 5-16 years Fun, hands-on classes develop basic cooking skills with kid-friendly recipes Fee. Category AC

CSU Environmental Learning Center 3745 E. Prospect Rd., FC 491-1661, Age group: K-12th grades Educational programs, nature center, trails. Camps. Open to public. Fee. Category: DC CO CSU Volleyball Camps CSU campus, FC, 491-6582 Age group: 4th-8th grades Beginner to advanced youth players. Instruction from CSU coaches and elite staff. Fee. Category: AT, DC CSU Women’s Basketball Camps CSU Campus, FC, 222-7196 http// Age group: 4th-8th grades High-energy camp for girls looking to become better players. Fee. Category: AT, DC CSU Youth Sport Camps 201-A Moby B Complex, FC, 491-6318 Age group: 1st-8th grades A day camp that promotes the benefits of physical activity for youth in the community. Fee. Category: AT DC Dance Express 633 S. College, Ste. H, FC, 493-2113 Age group: 5 and up Modern dance troupe for persons with and without disabilities. Fee. Category: AR CO Dance Factory 2956 W. 29th St. #19, GR, 506-9040 Age group: 3-18 years old Classes in tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop and pom. Fee. Category: AT

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Debut Theatre Company 827 Riverside, FC 224-5774 Age group: 6-17 years old Northern Colorado’s only year-round, nonprofit, hands-on youth acting school/performing troupes. Fee. Category: AR Discovery Montessori 225 E. Skyway Dr., FC 223-2445 Age group: 2 years-6th grade Calm classrooms, onsite horseman­ ship, French, music, computers, art. Fee. Category: AC AR AS BS DC Eaton Country Club 37661 WCR 39, Eaton 454-2106 Age group: 5-18 years old Weekly play and lessons for ages 917. Beginner lessons ages 5-8. Fee. Category: AT Edge Sports Center 4450 Denrose Ct., FC, 472-0048 Age group: all ages A family-oriented sports facility providing a friendly environment for practice, instruction, and league play for turf-based sports. Fee. Category: AT Edora Pool Ice Center 1801 Riverside, FC 221-6683 Age group: 6 months and up Ice Skating lessons, swimming. Fee. Category: AT Educo Adventure Camp 494-0785, Age group: 10-17 years old Adventurers that challenge kids to become leaders and gain confidence since 1988. Fee & free. Category: AS RC Explorati Teens Writer Boot Camp 401 Pine St., FC, 482-5585 Age group: 12-17 years Writing instruction, construc­tive critique, four genre tracks, awardwinning teachers, public reading finish. Fee. AR


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Farm at Lee Martinez Park 600 N. Sherwood, FC, 221-6665 Age group: age 6 and up Summer and spring-break camps. Fee. Category: DC Flying Colors Art School 1800 E. Prospect Rd., FC 416-7486 Age group: 5-12 Summer art adventure camps. Mul­ timedia, multicultural themes. Fabu­ lous indoor and outdoor projects. Fee. Category: AR, DC foodies! Culinary Academy 4206 S. College Ave., #108, FC 226-2665 Age group: 3-adult Culinary classes, Spring/summer camps, workshops, TOP Chef birth­day bash parties. Fee. Category: AR Fort Collins Area Swim Team (FAST) 1112 Oakridge, Dr.690-SWIM (7946) Age group: K-12th grade Year-round competitive swimming! Call for free trial week. All abilities. Fee. Category: AT Fort Collins Baseball Club 211 S. Bryan Ave., FC 484-3368 Age groups: 5-24 years old Recreational and competitive base­ball club for boys and girls. Fee. Category: AT CO Fort Collins Children’s Theatre PO Box 442, FC 498-4110 Age group: 5-adult Theatre for ages 5 and up. Summer workshop for 10-14 years. Fall production cast 12 & up. Free. Category: AR, DC, AS Fort Collins Club 1307 E. Prospect, FC 224-2582 Age group: 5-12 years After-school and summer youth day camps—swimming, climbing wall, XRKADE. Free. Categories: AT, AS, DC

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Fort Collins Hockey Club Fort Collins, 658-6650 Age group: all ages Inline hockey leagues for all ages and skill levels. Fee. Category: AT

• Individual instruction and small group activities • After school and Saturday lessons available • Safe, trained horses and ponies Indoor and outdoo arenas • Equine-assisted psychotherapy with Dr. Margot Nacey (for children and teens • NEW! Ponies for Preschoolers! with instructor Dr. Margot Nacey.

Dr. Margot Nacey, Owner/Director Licensed Clinical Psychologist #1716 Molly Brame, Instructor 3833 W. County Road 8 Berthoud, Colorado 80513

CA$H for

your Gently-Used

Kids’Stuff! • Clothing (sz. 0-16) • Equipment • Toys • & More!

266-9999 4519 College Ave.

College & Harmony next to McDonald’s


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Fort Collins Judo Club 217 Pine St., FC 232-8016 Age group: 6 and up A dojo with the objective to teach traditional and competitive judo. Fee. Category: AT, CO Fort Collins Museum of Discovery 408 Mason Ct., FC 221-6738 Age group: 1st-6th grade Exciting events, classes, programs. Fee & Free. Category: AR Fort Collins Museum of Art 201 S. College Ave., FC 482-2787 Age group: Elementary-Adult A museum-based art school for all ages and abilities. Fee. Category: AR Fort Collins Soccer Club 2721 S. College Ave. Ste. 10, FC 226-4253, Age group: 4-18 years old Recreational and competitive soccer for boys and girls. Age-appropriate camps. Fee. Category: AT, CO, DC Fort Collins Stars Girls Softball Club PO Box 271366, FC 672-9797, Age group: 6-15 years old Girls recreational softball fun, player development. All abilities welcome. Competitive fall tryouts. Fee. Category: AT Fort Collins Vipers Lacrosse 231-4054, Age group: 4th-8th grade Competitive and recreational leagues, camps and clinics. Fee. Category: AT CO Front Range Classical Ballet Academy 2709 Ringneck Dr., FC 980-8425, Age group: 4 years to adult Creative movement through preclassical ballet. Russian-based syllabus Fee. Category: AR

Frontiers of Science Institute UNC, 501 20th St., GR 351-2976, Age group: Apply in 10th & 11th grade 6-week summer residential science immersion program at UNC for juniors and seniors. Fee. Category: RC Garbage Garage Education Center 5887 S. Taft Hill Rd., FC, 498-5772 GarGar.htm Age group: K-12th grade Displays and interactive exhibits relating to reducing, reusing, recycling, landfills and household hazardous waste. Free. Category: AC Gardens on Spring Creek 2145 S. Centre Ave., FC 416-2486 Age group: 2 years and up Experience nature. Fun events, ongoing programs, and camps all with horticulture themes. Free. Category: BS AS Gargot Farms Riding Academy 3833 W. CR 8, Berthoud, 443-5467 Age group: 6-14 Indoor arena, 50 acres; English, indi­ vidual, group, camps; equine-assisted psychotherapy, sports psychology. Fee. Category: AT Girl Scouts of Colorado 1600 Specht Point RD, #105, FC, 4931844, Age group: 6-17 years old Day and overnight summer adventures just for girls with new-camper discounts. Free. CO, AS GK Gymnastics 2026 Lowe, FC, 226-0306 Age group: 5-adult Price includes weekly bowling, skating, karate, gymnastics, movie, trampoline, conditioning and open swimming. Fee. Category: AT AS DC Global Village Museum of Arts and Culture 200 W. Mountain Ave., FC, 221-4600 Age group: youth and adults Art collections and activities to pro­ mote international understanding. Fee. Category: AC

Karate-4-Kids 5 Weeks ONLY $15.99

Easy Start Course: 10 CLASSES & FREE UNIFORM Call Today for your FREE, No Obligation, Trial Lesson! Self Defense * Bully Proofing * Fun Classes Stranger Awareness * Encouraging Instructors Confidence Building * Fitness and Self Discipline


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Ask about Summer Camp & Birthday Parties! Top Rated School - Serving Northern Colorado Families Since 1985! FORT COLLINS

1833 E. Harmony Rd.



304 E. 5th St.



3091 W. 29th St.

330-5425 Youth Program & Activity GUIDE


Golden Girls Baton Academy 534 W. 66th St., LV 631-4842, Age group: 4-16 years old Twirling, dancing, drilling, parades, festivals, shows. Improve coordina­ tion, poise, self-esteem, discipline. Fee. Category: AT, AS Greeley-Evans Youth League 6501 W 20th ST, GR, 339-8286 Age group: Varies Recreational and competitive baseball and softball league for boys and girls. Fee. Category: AT, CO Greeley Museums 714 8th St., GR, 350-9220 Age group: 6-12 years old Summer camp, morning and afternoon sessions in one-room school at Centen­nial Village. Fee. Category: DC GRIT Athletics Livermore, 219-6214, Age group: 5-18 years Grace, righteousness, intensity, toughness—wrestling, running and rodeo. Fee. Category: AT



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330 N. Lincoln #102, Loveland 32 | RMPARENT

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Hands On Music Academy 2856 Sitting Bull Way, FC, 207-9111 Age group: 4 and older Explore piano, guitar, voice, drums, bass composing, recording, team bands, Bach-Rock. Fee. Category: AR Harrington Arts Academy 575 N. Denver Ave., LV, 232-8410 Age group: all ages Creative expression for all: acting, singing, dancing, drawing, songwriting, mainstage productions. Fee. Category: AR Haunted Game Cafe 3307 S. College Ave., FC, 402-2466 Age group: 10+ years Family board game fun. Open games. Free. Category: AC Havoc Girls Lacrosse Northern Colorado, 231-8866 Age group: 8-13 years old Northern Colorado girls lacrosse organization. Winter and spring seasons. Fee. Category: AT

Healthy Kids Club, PVHS 1024 S. Lemay Ave., FC, 495-7511 Age group: Preschool-6th grade Provides health and safety education, after-school programs and special events. Free. Category: BS AS Hearts & Horses 163 N. CR 29, LV, 663-4200 Age group: 2 and up Therapeutic riding program for children with physical, cognitive, or emotional challenges. Fee. Category: AS Hearts in Hand Child Development Center 2464 Marquette, FC, 223-1245 Age group: 5-12 years old Private kindergarten; summer camp. Fee. Category: AC BS AS DC Heritage Christian Academy 2506 Zurich Dr., FC, 494-1022, www. Age group: Pre-K-12th grade Heritage Summer Learning Studio offers learning opportunities in a Christian-centered environment. Fee. Category: DC Highland Meadows Golf Course 6300 Highland Meadows Pkwy, Windsor, 204-4653 Age group: 7-14 years old Weeklong Junior Golf camps for beginner and intermediate golfers. Fee. Category: DC Highland Park Lanes 1900 59th Ave., GR, 330-2695 Age group: 4-18 years old Winter Junior Bowling League. Fee. Category: AT High Plains Library District 1939 61st Ave., GR, 506-8560 Centennial Park Branch Library 2227 23rd Ave., GR, 506-8600 Farr Regional Library 1939 61st Ave., GR, 506-8500 Lincoln Park Branch Library 919 7th St. Ste. 100, GR, 506-8460 Age group: all ages A community of libraries offering programs and materials for all ages. Free. Category: AC

Youth Program & Activity GUIDE


Horsetooth Cheer Elite 4103 S. Mason St., FC, 282-9890 Age group: K-12th grade All-star competitive cheer (3 levels), Recreational Cheer, tumbling. Fee. Category: AT

JasCo Music 3008 Sumac, FC, 535-0808 Age group: age 10 and up Guitar instruction emphasizing solid technique and understanding music theory. Fee. Category: AR

iD Gaming Academy for Teens University of Denver, 888-709-8324 Age group: 13-18 iPhone App Development, Xbox 360 Programming, Level Design w/UDK and more for Teens. Fee. Category. AC

Jumpin’ 6065 Sky Pond Dr. #N118, LV 776-9756, Age group: 3-10 years Children’s playground and party place. Fee. Category: AT

iD Tech Camp & Teen Academy Held at Colorado State University 888-709-8324 Age group: 7-17 years Students create iPhone apps, video games, and more at 60+ prestigious universities nationwide. Fee. Category: DC, RC ideas happen here 201 S. College Ave., FC, 227-3356 Art classes at FC Museum of Art. Fee. Category: DC Impact Dance Academy 1031 Conifer St., FC, 231-0844 Age group: 11-15 years old Full-time age-appropriate activities for 11- to 15-year-olds. Fee. Category: DC Inner Strength Rock Gym 3713 S. Mason, FC, 282-8118 Age group: 6-14 years old Climbing classes for 6-8 and 9-14 years. All abilities welcome. Fee. Category: AT, DC Inner Wave Pencak Silat 4103 S. Mason, FC, 817-4266 Age group: 5 and up Kungfu for kids and families. Training benefit for life. Fee. Category: AT International Blackbelt Academy 1833 E. Harmony Rd., FC, #5 204-9977, 3091 W. 29th St., GR, 330-5425, www.internationalblack Age group: age 4 and up Karate for kids and families. Fee. Category: AT


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Karate West, Inc. 3725 S. Mason St., FC, 223-5566 Age group: age 4 and up Martial Arts programs for peewees (4-7 years), kids (8-12 years), teens, and adults. Fee. Category: AT Kent Mountain Adventure Center PO Box 835, Estes Park, CO 80517 586-5990, Age group: 9-17 years old Rock climbing camps, wilderness courses, mountain biking, canyoneer­ ing, school groups, families. Fee. Category: RC Kids Night Out Loveland Chilson Recreation Center, 700 E. 4th St., LV, 308-0439, Age group: 8-14 years Disco, gym, contests, fun, supervised youth program Saturday nights. Fee. Category: DC KidzZone Day Camp 3920 S. Shields, FC, 226-2095 Age group: 4 years-5th grade Day camp with High Seas Expedi­tion theme. Free. Category: DC KinderCare Learning Centers 1100 Rocky Mountain Way, FC, 223-5437, 3506 Lochwood Dr., FC, 223-3888, 4703 McMurry Ave., FC, 377-0407, 4755 Royal Vista Cr., FC, 223-0056, 4059 W. 11th St., GR, 352-0721, 2755 N. Garfield, LV 663-0754, Age group: infant-12 years old before- & after-school programs; enrichment programs. Fee. Category: AC BS AS

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la-de-da... 2925 S. College Ave., Unit 7, FC, 412-4413, Age group: K-12th grade Musical theater training, specializing in age-appropriate, original material. Fee. Category: AR DC

Lobos Football Technique Camp c/o Rocky Mountain High School 1300 W. Swallow, FC, 416-7183 Age group: 7-13 years old Noncontact football technique. Camp led by Rocky Mountain Football program. Fee. Category: AT DC

Larimer County Foster Care Program 200 W. Oak St., FC, 498-7000 Age group: 0-18 Foster care is a supportive service to children/families who must live apart due to abuse/neglect. Free. Category: RC

Loveland Archery Exchange 907 VanBuren Ave., LV, 667-2934 Age group: 9 and older Learn patience and focus. Have fun. Individual instruction and Saturday morning shoots. Fee. Category: AT

Larimer Humane Society 6317 Kyle Ave., FC,226-3647 Age group: 8-12 years Spring Break: Kid Care Spring Camp. Fee. Category: DC

Loveland Dance Academy 440 N. Lincoln, LV, 667-2091 Instruction in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, modern, combo, and lyrical. Fee. Category: AR

Latin Classes & Homegrown Romans Latin Club Age group: 3rd-12th grade Great for college applications, SAT prep. National awards. Scholarships available. Fee/Free. Category: AC AS BS CO

Loveland Laser Tag Fun Center 401 Denver Ave., LV 663-9999 Age group: 5 years and up Birthday parties, youth groups, team-building, walk-ins, fundraisers, leagues, lock-ins, family fun. Fee. Category: AT

Learning Rx 1100 Haxton Dr., Ste. 105, FC, 6722032, Age group: all ages Make learning quicker, easier and more fun by training your brain. Fee. AC Lewis Tennis School 1205 W. Elizabeth St., Ste. E, PMB 111 FC, 493-7000, Age group: K-12th grade Thirty-eight years directing tennis programs, professionally run instruc足 tion, tournaments, leagues. Fee. Category: AT Lincoln Center 417 W. Magnolia St., FC, 221-6735 Age group: all ages Live family-friendly performances to introduce children to arts and culture. Fee. Category: AR Little Bears Child Care 1900 S. Lemay Ave., FC, 472-1984, 2551 Hampshire Rd., 484-3932, Age group: 6 weeks to 8 years Core knowledge emphasis, Spanish and sign language included. Fee. Category: AC AS BS DC


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Loveland Museum/Gallery 503 N. Lincoln, LV 962-2410 Age group: 1st-9th grade After-school arts classes, summer and spring break workshops. Fee. Category: AR Loveland Sports Camp 1669 Eagle Dr., LV 493-1593 Age group: 6-12 years Weekly camps providing kids a funfilled summer of sports and activities. Fee. Category: AT, DC Loveland Swim Club Loveland 203-1374 Age group: 3 years through college Learn-to-swim and competitive swimming programs for athletes ages 3 through college. Fee. Category: AT

Natures Own: The S.T.E.M. Store M

ake your way to Nature’s Own for community & global connections, beautiful art, and educational projects. Nature’s Own stores are located in Old Town Fort Collins, Estes Park and Nederland. The store has everything from geodes to stuffed animals, to science kits that will make you think.

Think Global, Stay Local.

Natures Own has sought ways to advocate for the health of the environment. Over the past several years, they have teamed up with several non-profits, both national and international, including Idea Wild, Center for Biological Diversity, Rainforest Action Network, Global Response and several others. Natures Own makes significant financial contributions to these organizations and more. Within the stores is a combination of locally-made goods, as well as items from around the globe. Many Colorado artist contribute to the eclectic jewelry collection, the rocks, and art. You can also find onyx, instruments, and other items from around the world.

STEM Projects

Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics. Nature’s Own has recently become the local outlet for STEM Project kits. Peruse a collection of fun and challenging projects, for everyone preschool age and up. The store offers discounts to educators and schools. These projects are a great way to add interest to school subjects. Home-schooled students should be sure to explore them as well. First check out the popular snap circuit kits. They come with several different ideas and projects. You could make an AM radio, a motion detector, hear your voice on the radio or prove that sound waves travel on a paper surface. Hook up your iPhone for other projects, and record data you find. Next check out the Green Science Kits. Eco Science Toys is a popular kit. It provides great ideas on how to use common house-hold goods for fun science projects. Make a speed racer with old CDs and a tissue roll, create a tornado inside empty plastic bottles, construct a gravity-powered walking

robot with a soda can, and more. Or purchase the Enviro Shopping Bag kit and decorate your own bag to take with you to the grocery store. Other environmental kits include the recycled bottle light and the dynamo torch. The solar kits are super cool. Build a solar rover or miniature working models of a solar oven and solar water heater. And afterwards, you’ll have a greater understanding of solar thermal energy. If you are not sure what exactly you’d like to learn about, come into the store. The helpful staff will make sure you leave with the perfect project. You may build a volcano, re-create the solar system in your living room, or perform ten fun experiments and games with ordinary magnets. Be sure to keep your eyes open for science nights at your local Natures Own. These fun-filled evenings will give you the opportunity to check out the kits and ask questions. For more information, go to Nature’s Own’s website:

- PA I D A D V E RT I S E M E N T = Youth Program & Activity GUIDE



| Youth Program & Activity GUIDE








Ride where motorists can see you and Remember to ride WITH traffic

Call Traffic Operations for more information on the Neighborhood Traffic Safety Program.



Youth Program & Activity GUIDE



Lyric Cinema Café 300 E. Mountain Ave., FC 493-0893 Age Group: 4-18 years Morning cartoons Mon.-Sat., kids matinees on PSD no-school days. Free. Category: AR

Mountain Kids 419 E. Stuart, FC, 482-3118 Age group: 5-18 years old Gymnastics, dance, swimming, preschool, summer day camp, after­ school transportation and care. Fee. Category: AC AS AT BS DC

Main Street Music Academy 609 Main St., WS 674-0052 Age group: Varies Molding musicians since 1988. Private lessons and summer camps. Fee. Category: AR

Mountain Sage Community School PO Box 1253, FC Age group: K-8 grades A K-8 charter school inspired by Waldorf education and sustainable living. Free. Category: AC

Math Tutoring 2102 Estrella Ave., LV 663-6447 Age group: 1st–8th grade Raise your child’s grades and confidence with a Thompson School District certified teacher. Fee. Category: AC

Mulberry Pool 424 W. Mulberry, FC, 221-6657 Age group: 6 months and up Swim lessons. Fee. Category: AT

Matpac Wrestling Windsor High, 1100 Main St., WS, 218-1056, Age group: K-12th grade Fall preseason program for wrestlers with heart and desire to be great. Fee. Category: AT McTeggart Irish Dancers 4229 S. Mason, FC, 663-0282 Boys and girls perform year round. Fee. Category: AT Miramont Lifestyle Fitness—South 901 Oakridge, FC, 282-1000 Age group: 5-18 years old Safe, fun and active after-school programs, day camp, no-school daycamp, swim lessons & more. Fee. Category: BA DC Moore Martial Arts 514 Main St, Windsor, 686-1247 Age group: Varies Teaching true self-defense with a combination of Anshinkai-do Karate and Kosho Ryu Kempo. Fee. Category: AT


970-491-6131 40 | RMPARENT

| Youth Program & Activity GUIDE

Mothers’ Center of Fort Collins Age group: all ages Nonprofit outreach organization with programs for mothers and children. Fee and free. Category: CO

My Heroes CSU Equine Center, FC Age group: k-12 grade Hippotherapy services for special-needs riders. Fee. Category: AR Mustang Hollow Equestrian Center Wellington, 897-2209 Age group: 8 years and up Horsemanship school and riding les­ sons. 4-H club available. See website. Fee. DC Natural Piano Center 3710 Mitchell Dr., FC, 226-4035 Age group: 7 years and older 8-week piano course for beginners; includes piano in your home. Fee. Category: AR New World Sports 244 N. College Ave., FC, 224-5857 Age group: 8 to 18 years Mountain bike skills clinics. Fee. Category: AT DC NFL Flag Football & Cheerleading 155 E. Boardwalk Dr., #550, FC 855-500-2797, Age group: 5-17 years Registration includes official NFL jersey, mouth piece and flags. Fee. Category: AT

s e i t r Pa

ties roup Par G e g r a ay & L • Birthd t Discoun • Group ft. Gym • 6500sq e • Zip Lin ourse bstacle C O ir a • In alls mbing W li C k c o •R lines • Trampo ble ds Availa r a C t if •G

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cs Gymnasti Lessons




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• Accepting Ch


ildren Ages 6 w eeks-12 Years • Day Camp Pro gram for Schoo l Age Children with Awesome Daily Field Trip s • Enrichment A ctivities • Daily Gym Tim e with access to Zip Line, Trampolines, C limbing Walls, In -Air Obstacle Course and M ore! • Full and Parti al Day Prescho ol with emphas on School Read is iness • Qualistar Rat ed Program wit h high-quality staff and curric ulum • Nurturing En vironment • Nutritious Bre akfast, Lunch, an d Snacks

5800 West 18th Street • Greeley • 970.330.KIDS Youth Program & Activity GUIDE


NoCo Ice Center 7900 Fairgrounds Ave., FC 206-4423, Age group: age 4-adult Hockey and skating for youth and adult. Serving Loveland, Windsor, Greeley and Fort Collins. Fee. Category: AT North Colorado Orcas Age group: 7-17 Synchronized swimming is for anyone who likes music, dance, and swimming. Fee. Category: AT Northern Colorado Soccer Club 3527 West 12th St., GR, 351-6255 Age group: 5-14 (indoor) Age group: 9-18 (outdoor) Promotes passion for soccer that is fun and positive for all participants Fee. Category: AT Northern Colorado Baseball Camps UNC, Jackson Field, GR, 351-1203 Age group: Elementary-High School Offers a youth day camp and a team camp. Fee. Category: AT, DC Northern Colorado Soccer Camps UNC, Jackson Soccer Stadium, GR, 351-2568, Age group: 2nd-8th grade Soccer skills day camp for boys & girls. Fee. Category: AT, DC

What Will your Child do this Summer? Check out our X-Treme Summer Fun Program for School-Age Children! Visit our web site for more information.

3 Northern Colorado Locations East Fort Collins (970) 484-4700 West Fort Collins (970) 229-0300 Loveland (970) 461-9802


| Youth Program & Activity GUIDE

Northern Colorado Youth Hockey 7900 Fairgrounds Ave., FC 206-4423, Age group: 5-18 years old USA hockey. Competitive and rec teams with clinics and summer programs. Fee. Category: AT Northside Aztlan Center 112 E. Willow, FC 221-6256, Age group: Age 6 and up Seasonal sports leagues, camps. Fee. Category: Category: AT Oakwood School 1401 W. Mountain, FC 221-0566 Age group: pre-k to 6th grade Promotes individualized academic achievement; fosters independence, self-esteem, responsibility. Fee. Category: AC, AR, AS

Philomusica 2105 S. College Ave., FC 419-8801 Age group: 1-12 years Unique music classes; instrumental lessons; innovative approach to group, pre-piano, guitar lessons. Fee. Category: AR DC Piano & Guitar Institute 2925 S. College Ave. #8, FC, 206-4930 1295 Main St. #3, WS, 686-9660 Age group: school-aged Students will be exposed to a variety of musical genres. Fee. Category: AR DC Piano Center of the Rockies 2721 S. College Ave., #5A, FC 282-9171 Age group: All ages Specializing in piano classes for kids, teens, adults and retirees. Fee. Category: AR Poudre River Public Library District Council Tree Library 2733 Council Tree Ave., Ste. 200, FC, 221-6740 Harmony Library , 4616 S. Shields FC, 221-6740 Old Town Library , 201 Peterson, FC, 221-6740 Webster House Administration Center 301 E. Olive, FC, 221-6740 Age group: all ages Programs to encourage literacy, cu足 riosity, and imagination for children, teens and adults. Free. Category: AC, AR Premier Gymnastics 1410 E. 11th St., LV, 663-3173 Age group: Varies Recreational and competitive programs. Private lessons, open gym and special-needs. Summer camps. Fee. Category: AT Pump It Up 1420 Riverside Ave., #114, FC 472-1122 Age group: 2 years to adult Social, physical development while bouncing, sliding, having fun! Fee. Category: AT



FREE GAME with purchase of 2nd game. Good for up to 4 people.

One coupon per lane per visit. Shoe rental extra. Not valid with other offers. Expires 4/30/13. RMP0213 GREELEY CLASSIC LANES • 353-4275 • 2454 8th Avenue ESTES PARK • 586-8625 • 555 South Saint Vrain NORTH COLLEGE LANES • 484-4777• 830 North College HORSETOOTH LANES • 226-6327 • 217 West Horsetooth BROOMFIELD LANES • 303-466-9700 • 100 Nickel Street

For more offers, Like us on

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Qdoba Events Center 218 Smokey St., FC 282-1112, Age group: 8-13 years old Six-week high intensity inline hockey camps. Soccer-TBD, Lacrosse-TBD. Fee. Category: DC

Rocky Mountain Youth Sports 3307 S. College Ave., #213, FC 631-9310, Age group: k-12th grade Basketball teams and camps for boys and girls. Fee. Category: AT

Raintree Aerobic and Fitness Center 2555 S. Shields St., FC, 490-1300 Age group: 5-17 years old Swim lessons. Fee. Category: AT

Rocky Ridge Music Center 465 Longs Peak Rd., EP, 443-3333 Age group: 10-22 years old Classical music camp for all ages. Fee. Category: AR

Reading Place Tutoring 4160 Sumter Sq., FC, 225-2997 Age group: K-3rd grade Individualized, balanced reading instruction taught by former PSD literary teacher. Fee. Category: AC

RollerLand Skate Center 324 S. Link Lane, FC, 482-0497 Age group: K-12th grade School fundraisers, birthday parties, school-break skates, private parties, live music! Fee. Category: AS

Red Fiddle Dance Company 2839 Brush Creek Dr., FC , 282-3814 Age group: 0 to Adult Dance and movement; manners and etiquette for boys and girls. Fee. Category: DC Rivendell School 1800 E. Prospect Rd., FC, 493-9052 Age group: Pre-K-6th grade Summer day camp sessions for age 6-12. Fun learning, hands-on activities, play. Fee. Category: BS AS DC

Safe Routes to School 281 N. College Ave., FC, 416-2357 Age group: K-8th grade Kids and parents walking and biking to school for good grades and good health. Free. Category: AC, AT

Rocky Mountain Archery 4518 Innovation Dr., FC, 226-5900 Age group: 6+ Indoor archery range offering equip­ ment and lessons for all skill levels. Fee. Category: AT

Science Toy Magic Mulberry St. & City Park Ave., FC, 484-2377 Age group: 5+ years First Sundays, March through September. Boomerangs provided. Free. Category: AC

Rocky Mountain Cheer & Dance 148 SW 2nd St., LV, 669-0762 Age group: 18 mos-18 years old Recreational and competitive cheer, tumbling and dance. Fee. Category: AT

Scott Downing’s Football Camp UNC, West Campus Fields, GR 350-940 Age group: 8-14 years old Fee. Category: AT, DC

Rocky Mountain Summer Music Camp at CSU Colorado State University, FC, 491-1584 Age group: 7th to 12th grade Camp for band, orchestra, vocal studies, jazz, percussion with world-class instruction. Fee. Category: AR


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Roo Jumps—Inflatable party 3946 Carson Ave., Evans, 622-0055 Age group: All ages Inflatibles play areas for events. Fee. Category: AT

Sera Schools Music Programs 208-8010, Private, semi-private, and group instruction on piano, guitar, violin, and voice. Fee. Category: AT

Packages for under $120 Ages 5-6 Beginner Series of 2- 45 Minute Clinics -$40 Ages 7-17 Beginner Series of 4- 60 Minute Lessons -$89 Ages 7-17 Intermediate Series of 4- 90 Minute Lessons -$119

................................................ Congratulations VINCE BUELK! 1st Men’s Instruction 3rd Junior Instruction

Colorado Avid Golfer



Ages 7-17 Intermediate and Advanced Series of 5 - 2 hour Clinics (10 hours total) - $195 10 hours of PGA Instruction • Digital V1 video swing analysis • Prizes •Mini-private Lesson • Refreshments • Goodie Bag • Graduation Doughnut Party All Junior Clinics have a 6 to 1 Student/Professional ratio *Golf clubs are provided if needed.

Youth Program & Activity GUIDE


un F s ’ It shy l a r T a It’s cation Edu s ’ t I It’s the

Garbage Garage Larimer County’s waste & recycling education center at the Larimer County Landfill in Fort Collins

(970) 498-5772

Southridge Junior Golf Academy 5750 S. Lemay St., FC 416-2828, Age group: 5-16 years Beginner and intermediate golf classes. Fee. Category: AT

Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch 2939 N. CR 31-D, LV, 667-3915 Age group: 6-18 years Old-fashioned family camp, ranch ad­ ventures, trail rides, hay rides, camp fires. Fee. Category: DC, RC

Speech & Language Stimulation 317 N. Meldrum, FC, 495-1150 Age group: all ages Specializing in language programs, articulation, literacy, social-pragmatic language, vocal-cord issues, more. Fee. Category: AC

TEAM Fort Collins 201 S. College Ave., FC, 224-9931 Age group: K-12th grade Promotes healthy lifestyles for all ages to prevent drug and alcohol abuse. Free. Category: CO

Spring Creek School 1900 Remington, FC, 224-4240 Age group: 1-12 years old Kindergarten, before- and afterschool, summer camps. Fee. Category: AS BS DC Striped Horse Day Camp 23757 WCR 70, Eaton, 539-5556 Age group: 7-15 years old A day learning proper riding skills, horse care, games on horseback, trail riding. Fee. Category: DC Studio West Dance Center 216 W Horsetooth Suite B, FC 225-1611, Age group: 3-17 Summer dance day camps & workshops. Fee. Catagory: AR DC Stylz Dance Studio 2925 S. College Ave., FC, 237-2819 Age group: 3 years and older Performance-based studio offering hip-hop, breaking, lyrical, jazz, ballet, tap, theatre jazz. Fee. Category: AR Sunshine House 501 W. Lake St., FC, 491-2862 2101 16th St., GR, 353-4287 1703 E. 18th St, LV, 635-4075 1801 Piney River Dr., LV, 635-0111 Age group: Infant through school-age After-school and summer camp, part/ full-time available. Fee. Category: DC, AS Sykes Family Martial Arts 5800 S. College Ave., FC, 267-0490 Age group: 3-adult Karate, Jiu Jitsu, bullying prevention. Fee. Category: AT


| Youth Program & Activity GUIDE

The Learning House 3533 Riva Ridge Dr., FC, 266-0844 Age group: 4-8 years old Four-day science camps filled with ex­ periments, exploring and enthusiasm. Fee. Category. AC, DC The Reading Clinic 800 N. Garfield Ave., LV 667-3190 Age group: k-adult Individualized instruction in reading, writing, study skills and math. Fee. Category: AC The Reading Place Tutoring 4160 Sumter Square, FC 225-2997 Age group: School age Individualized, personalized, read­ing instruction designed around your child’s strengths and needs. Fee. Category: AC The Studio 217 E 4th St., LV, 669-5155 3307 S College AV, FC, 223-8155 Age group: 4-18 years All-in-one camps, dance intensives, rock-star camps, and summer classes. Fee. Category: AR, DC TR Paul Academy 4512 McMurry, FC, 226-2800 Age group: Preschool-8th grade Free public Mosaica charter school with a fine-arts focus Fee. Categories: AC Tutor Doctor 416-7777, Age group: school age One-on-one, in-home personalized tutoring. Fee. Category: AC

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KIDS ROCK lasses • Climbing C & Adult 14 ages 6-8, 9bing Club • Youth Clim . 4:30-6:00 Tues. & Thurs rties • birthdaY Pa rties • Private Pa

3713 S. Mason • 970-282-8118

Front Range Classical Ballet Academy ONE MONTH

FREE* (see details below) Offer good through April 15th, 2013

• 3 years - Adult • Beginner to Pre-Professional • Performance Opportunities Classical Ballet and Pointe, Modern Dance, Conditioning, Adult Classes, Creative movement * New Students: Free month of fall classes with minimum qualifying purchase of summer classes. Trial classes available. Call for details.

Featuring affordable, classical ballet training based upon a Russian syllabus, taught by an accomplished professional dancer with many years of highly regarded teaching experience in a supportive community atmosphere.

Near Drake and College, Fort Collins | 970-980-8425 |


| Youth Program & Activity GUIDE

UNC Baseball Kids Camps UNC, Jackson Field, GR, 351-1203 Camp includes defense, hitting, base-running instruction. Live games & competition. Fee. Category: AT, DC

UNC Tennis Camps UNC Tennis Courts, GR Age group: varies Offering several camp options. Visit website for more information. Fee. Category: AT, DC

UNC Football Camps UNC Butler-Hancock Fields, GR 351-1875 Age group: varies Several camps held throughout the summer. Please visit website for more information. Fee. Category: AT, DC

UNC Volleyball Camps UNC Butler-Hancock Ctr, GR 351-2998 Age group: 4th-12th grade Offers multiple camps in July, overnight/day and team camps. Visit website. Fee. Category: AT, DC, RC

UNC Jazz Camp UNC, 501 20th St., GR, 351-2394 Age group: middle school – college Jazz skills and theory camp. Students will work with nationally respected faculty. Fee. Category: AR, DC, RC

UNC Women’s Basketball Camps UNC Butler-Hancock Ctr, GR 351-1713 Age group: 1st-12th grades Offering several camps in June. Visit website for more information. Fee. Category: AT, DC, RC

UNC Las Chicas de Matematicas UNC Mathematical Sciences, Ross 2240A, GR, 351-2425 mathcamp/ Age group: 14-18 years Free 1-week math camp for incoming high school girls. Free. Category: AC, RC

UNC Wrestling Camps UNC, Butler Hancock Ctr., GR 351-1832 Age group: 7-18 years old Wrestling skills camps held in late July. Visit website for more information. Fee. Category: AT, DC, RC

UNC Leadership Enrichment Program UNC, 501 20th St., GR, 351-2683 Age group: 11th-12th grades Motivating and challenging; gifted, talented and creative; high-ability learners. Fee. Category: AC, RC

UNC Young Child Summer Enrichment Program UNC, 501 20th St., GR, 351-2683 Age group: 4-9 years old Children’s enrichment program for high-ability learners. Fee. Category: AC, DC

UNC Men’s Basketball Camps UNC Butler-Hancock Ctr, GR 351-1191 Age group: varies Offering several camps (skill & team) in June. Visit website for more information. Fee. Category: AT, DC, RC

Up In Lights Productions 545 Cleveland Ave., LV, 292-8682 Age group: 6-16 years Musical theatre training summer camps, singing, dancing, acting, final performance. Fee. AR, AS, DC

UNC Summer Enrichment Program UNC, 501 20th St., GR, 351-2683 Age group: 5th-10th grades Enrichment program for high-ability learners entering 5th-10th grades. Fee. Category: AC, RC

Village Green Pool 1831 Valley Forge Ave., FC, 493-2099 Age group: 0-18 years Swimming, diving, wading pool, swim teams, swim lessons, tennis. Friendly neighborhood community. Fee. Category: AT




970-663-1726 • 2237 W. Eisenhower Blvd. • Loveland

Youth Program & Activity GUIDE


Village Green Synchronized Swimming Team 1831 Valley Forge Ave., FC, 493-2099 Age group: 6-18 years old Fun, teamwork, exercise for girls in a safe, supportive environment. Fee. Category: AT Vollitude Volleyball Club 104 Keep Cr., Berthoud, 690-3441 Age group: ages 12-18 Offering opportunity for players to play at the club level in northern Colorado. Fee. Category: AT Vortex Swim Club 481-6640, Age group: 5-18 Developmental and competitive pro­ gram for beginning and advanced swimmers. Fun environment. Fee. Category: AT

Fun & affordable quality classes you and your children will look forward to coming to each week! Acting (stage and camera) Musical Theatre Improvisation Dance Drawing and Painting Voice/Singing Songwriting Productions Comedy Nights “The Boo Show” Children’s TV Show

The most unique and customized birthday parties in CO! Quality main stage productions • Themed dance nights HAAliday parties • Facility Rental • HAA Cafe Register now for your eight week class online at: 970-232-8410 •575 N. Denver Ave. Loveland • Family discounts!


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Wild Child Outdoor Photo Camps Northern Colorado, 217-7522 Age group: 3rd-5th grade Photography techniques taught while engaging children in nature. Digital cameras provided. Fee. Category: AR, DC Windmill Child Enrichment Center 1215 Automation Dr., Windsor, 6740004, Age group: 5-12 years Fun, safe summer camp for schoolage children. Fee. Category: BS, AS, DC Windsor Gymnastics Academy 687 Academy Court, Windsor 686-6175 Age group: 5-13 years Summer day camp, fun activities. Fee. Category: DC

Windsor Lacrosse 100 Poudre Bay, WS, 576-9694 Age group: 2nd-12th grade Basic lacrosse skills and skill development. Fee. Category: DC, AT Windsor Parks & Recreation 250 N. 11th St., Windsor, 674-3500 Age group: 8-12 years Extensive programs & activities for families. Fee. Category: AT Young People’s Learning Centers 209 E. Plum, FC, 482-1212 405 Mathews St., FC, 482-6264 1015 E. Elm St., Milliken, 587-7722 Age group: K-Junior High Fun and teen camps. Fee. Category: DC AS BS Youth Activity Center 415 E. Monroe, FC, 221-6655 Age groups: K-12th grade Activities for youth ages 3-18. Fee. Category: AR BS AS AT Youth Orchestra of the Rockies P.O. Box 270396, FC, 310-7998 Age group: 7-18 years old Challenges young musicians to strive for excellence. Concerts held in November. Fee. Category: AR

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Visit us online at:



Come Celebrate with us Saturday April 6th and take


Pony Rides Glitter Tattoos Face Painting Birthday Cake & Party Favors And lots more


Like us on (970) 224-2866 Facebook 111 N. College Ave. Youth Program & Activity GUIDE



2013 School calendars Special Dates, School Holidays, School Not in Session

Greeley-Evans School District 6 Apr. 1-5 May 22 May 24-25 Aug. 15 Aug. 20 Sept. 2 Sept. 20 Oct. 18 Nov. 27-29 Dec. 20-Jan. 3 HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Coordination H Confidence H Poise Rhythm H Dance H Teamwork H Friends

Perform in parades, festivals and sporting events Nationally renowned instructor Yvonne Pedersen



Spring break Last day of school for students High school graduations 1-12 classes begin K classes begin Labor Day No school for students No school for students Thanksgiving break Winter break

Poudre School District

Apr. 12 K-12 students off, parent-teacher conference day Apr. 15 K-8 students off, collaboration day May 17 K-8 students off, teacher work day May 24-25 High school graduations May 27 Memorial Day May 31 K-12, Last Day of Classes, Half Day Aug. 19 Classes begin, some middle & high school students Aug. 20 Classes begin, all other students Sept. 2 Labor Day Sept. 16 K-8 students off, collaboration day Oct. 17 K-5 students off, parent-teacher conferences Oct. 18 K-12 students off, parent-teacher conferences Nov. 27-29 Thanksgiving Break Dec. 2 K-8 students off, collaboration day Dec. 24-Jan. 3 Winter break Jan. 6 No school for students, teacher work day

Thompson School District Apr. 1 Apr. 2-5 May 25 May 25 May 27 May 30 Aug. 26 Aug. 27 Sept. 2 Nov. 1 Nov. 25-26 Nov. 27-29 Dec. 23-Jan. 3 Jan. 6

No school, teacher exchange days Spring break 12, last day of school Graduation Memorial Day K-11, last day of school Classes begin, middle & high school students Classes begin, elementary students Labor Day No school for students—teacher work day No school—Teacher Exchange Days Thanksgiving break Winter break No school for students, teacher work day

Windsor School District Apr. 1 May 23 May 26 Aug. 19 Aug. 21 Sept. 2 Oct. 18 Nov. 25-29 Dec. 23-Jan. 3


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K-12 students off K-12, last day of school High school graduation 1-12 classes begin K classes begin Labor Day K-12 students off, fall break Thanksgiving break Winter break

“We Love Fort Collins Primary Care” — Greg, Stefanie, Maya and Maggie Hoffman

FC Primary Care Welcomes Eric Keahey, MD to Fort Collins. Dr.’s Keahey, Johnson and Thieman offer more than 75 years of compassionate care. Same Day, Walk- In and urgent Care Appointments Available

Treating Children, Adults and Seniors SPORTS PHYSICALS AVAILABLE!

484-9027 | Monday-Friday

1006 Robertson Street, Fort Collins, Co 1 block west of Poudre Valley Hospital off Lemay Ave.

Let Our Family of Physicians Take Care of Yours

Youth Program & Activity GUIDE


List of Advertisers

P r o g ra m 5 A Dance Place 44 Academy at GK 41 Adventure Child Development Center 55 Adventure Dental, Vision & Orthodontics 7 Air Force Academy Sports Camps 13 Amani Mediation & Counseling 25 ATA Family Martial Arts 13 B.A.S.E. Camp 36 Bee Family Centennial Farm Museum 28 Big Thompson Tennis Academy 34 Boy Scouts of America—Longs Peak Council 49 Breakaway Cycles 42 Bright Horizons 55 Broadway Bound Dance Academy 15 Camp Timberline 39 Canyon Concert Dance Center 35 Children’s Workshop 43 Chippers Lanes 2 Choice City Christian Summer Camp 40 City of Fort Collins Safe Routes to School 39 City of Fort Collins Traffic Operations 43 Clearview Library District 21 Clothes Pony & Dandelion Toys 45 Collindale Golf Academy 3 Colorado Cheer Academy 9 Colorado Football Academy 23 Columbine Health Systems 27 Connections 4 CSU Early Childhood Center 40 CSU Ram Football Camp 43 CSU Summer Music-Theatre Program 56 CSU Youth Sports Camps 6 Dance Factory


A c t i v i t i es


5 David Way, DDS, MS, Orthodontist 7 Debut Theater Company 4 Educo Adventure Camp 10 Eye Center of Northern Colorado 24 Family Clinic of Fort Collins 6 Foodies! Culinary Academy 53 Fort Collins Museum of Discovery 53 Fort Collins Primary Care Physicians 46 Fort Collins Soccer Club 49 Fort Fun 48 Front Range Classical Ballet Academy 32 Gardens on Spring Creek Summer Camp 30 Gargot Farms Riding Academy 53 Girl Scouts of Colorado 3 GK Gymnastics 23 Global Village Academy 4 Global Village Museum 52 Golden Girls Baton Academy 50 Green Ride 24 Happy Horse 50 Harrington Arts Academy 42 23 Hearne’s 55 High Plains Library District 11 Highland Meadows Golf Course 47 Holiday Retirement 15 iD Tech Camps & Teen Academies 48 Inner Strength Rock Gym 2 International Black Belt Academy Junior Roller Derby 36 Karate West 5 Kids Academy at Midtown Arts Center 45 Knowledge Bound 46 Larimer County Garbage Garage 27 Larimer Humane Society 38 Learning House


9 Loveland Classical School 11 Loveland Museums 38 Lutheran Family Services 2 Mark Crane, DDS 33 McKee Medical Center Foundation 27 McTeggert Irish Dance Classes 5 Midtown Arts Center Kids Academy 26 Milnor Orthodontics 34 Moore Martial Arts 10 Mountain Kids 3 Mountain Sage Community School 4 My Heroes 32 Nanny’s Bargains 5 Nature’s Own 30 Once Upon a Child 38 Orthopaedic & Spine Center of the Rockies 44 Positive Dental & Vision 9 Poudre River Library District 6 Premier Gymnastics 2 Pump It Up 39 Southridge Golf Club 26 Speech & Language Stimulation Center 35 Spring Creek School 11 Sunrise Ranch Camp Sunrise 13 Teaching Tree Early Childhood Learning Center 7 The Studio 29 The Women’s Clinic of Northern Colorado 52 TOP Soccer 10 Trinity Lutheran School 33 UNC Extended Learning 23 United Way of Weld County 56 Ward Orthodontics 28 Young Peoples Learning Center

HH H H H H HHH ● ● H H ● H ● H ● H H HVisit HHH ● ● ● at: H us online ● H ● H H H H H H H● ● ● ● HHH H ● ● ● H ● ● H ● H ● ● H ● ● HH H HHH ● ● ● H H ● H H H H ● H H ● H ●● HHH ● H ●● ● ● H ● H ● ● H ● H ● ● HH ● ● HH H H H H H ● ● ● ● ● ●H H H H H H H H H


| Youth Program & Activity GUIDE

Classes for ages 2 and above

See Our Spring Dance Concert May 18 Jazz • Ballet • Tap • Lyrical • Hip Hop • Contemporary Visit our website to check out our fun offering of Dance Camps and Intensives for the summer Call 970.663.3133 to register or visit our state-of-the-art facility at

645 Denver Ave. Loveland, CO 80537

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June 3 – August 16 For Children entering K- to 8th Grade

■ Baseball/Softball (grades K-8)— 1-week sessions from June 3- July 12

■ Lacrosse (Grades K-8) — 1-week sessions from June 10 – August 9

■ Basketball (Grades 4-8)— 1-week sessions from July 1 – August 16

■ Music and Movement (Grades K-8) )— Explore the combination of Dance, Aerobics and Noncontact Martial Arts from June 10 – August 9

■ Colorado Adventure Camp (Grades 5-8) – Helps campers to explore outdoor activities and pursuits. 1–week sessions from June 10 – July 8. ■ Field Sports (Grades K-8)—Provides campers a brief “taste” of several different sports. 1-week sessions from June 3 – August 13



■ Fun LIFE (GradesK-6)—Fitness, nutrition and recreation camp. 1-week sessions from June 3 – August 16 ■ In-line Hockey (Grades 4-8) —1-week sessions from June 3 – June 28

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■ Soccer (Grades K-6)— 1-week sessions from July 1 – August 16 ■ Super Sports Camp (Grades K-7)—A combination of sports, swimming lessons and other enrichment activities. 2-week sessions from June 3 – August 16 ■ Tennis (Grades K-8)—8:00-10:00am only. 1-week sessions from July 15 – August 16 ■ Volleyball (Grades 4-8)—1-week sessions from July 15 – August 16

0413 Program Activity Guide  

Plan for a safe camp experience for your children. Pack sunscreen, water, insect repellent and proper clothes and equipment. Find a healthy...