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The benefits of pets

Pets can be great companions. As we get older, we might need to make sure we are set up for pets. Can you afford the care they need? If you have a larger dog, can you physically control it? You could volunteer to walk dogs or help at shelters or foster a pet. Check out your options.

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From the Publisher

Body, mind and speech

Aligning thoughts, actions and speech with each other and with a commitment to compassion and gratitude

WORDS MATTER. What we say and how we say it can have a profound effect on people. Words make us laugh and cry and take action. Words express love and hate and indifference, which sometimes is even worse than hate. Yet knowing the compelling power of our speech on others, we often spew out words thoughtlessly in reaction to something someone else says or does. Many times we act out toward someone when it’s really something else that is bothering us.

We might look at our partners, children or grandchildren and think that they are the most precious parts of our lives. We would jump in front of a truck to save them, and yet our actions and our words don’t align with our thoughts. Our thoughts may be that I want the best for you that I can help provide, whether that’s help with school, advice on friendship, medical care, whatever it is, but our words say, “quit bugging me and go do the dishes.”

So how do we align our actions and words with our thoughts? And one step further, even, how do we align them all with a commitment to compassion and gratitude? It’s complicated and difficult, right? We’re all busy and we already have our long-ingrained patterns of how we do things and how we are. Plus, we have to take care of ourselves, too, if we’re going to be of any use to others. So what’s the answer?

I really don’t know, but I’m willing to throw out an idea or two. First, I think, is just to take a moment to think about how powerful your words are and to make some level of commitment to yourself to make your words align with your deeper thoughts about people in your life, beyond that annoying thing that they might be doing at the moment like making that clicking sound with a pen. And of course, then we want to align our actions with that too. I’m not saying we should bury our frustration but maybe we can take a deep breath before we go off, and then maybe respond differently.

That could even extend to our pets. Sometimes we don’t always appreciate how much our furry friends bring into our lives. In her feature story, Katie Harris offers a view on how pets can enhance the quality of our lives. She also gives us some good resources for helping with the care and feeding of pets.

So if it sounds good to you, try to start each day with a commitment to act and speak the way you feel and to underpin it all with a sense of compassion and gratitude that you even get to do anything each day.

Thank you, mean it,

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Better Home

Clothing decluttering

Keep, donate, throw or sell it

ACTIVELY WEARING CLOTHES starts with wise purchases. Ask the 30-wear rule – would you wear the item 30 times? If not, don’t buy it. Practice the one in/one out rule. Examine each closet article. Does it match your color palate? Coordinate with other items in your closet? Fit? Will you repair it? If your answers are no, donate, sell or discard. Check if it’s out of style, a duplicate or new and not worn in two or three months. Discard or donate it.

Other organizations besides Goodwill and ARC accept donations. Search the internet for “clothing donation centers” near you.

Want to sell clothing items? Check Clothes Mentor, Wear It Again Sam and Repeat Boutique in Fort Collins. Search the internet for “consignment shops” close to you.

Resources for donating

Murphy Center,, 970-494-9940

House of Neighborly Service,, 970-667-4939

Crossroads Safe House,, 970-482-3502

Junior League Career Closet,, 970-482-0594

Fort Collins Rescue Mission,, 303-297-1815

Habitat for Humanity,, 970-223-9909

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From excessive to minimalistic


How do you get rid of extra furniture and appliances? Options include sell, donate, recycle or discard. Always check websites for restrictions and guidelines.

Consider hiring a junk company, like Got Junk, for a fee-based pick-up. They resell or discard appropriately. Search the internet for others near you. Some thrift stores pick up or offer drop-off locations. Consignment shops handle gently used furniture and appliances. Or, label items “free” and place them on your curbside! They always disappear!

Mattresses and refrigerators seem the hardest to discard. Junk companies accept them for a price. If replacing, make sure the seller takes them away, even if at a minimal cost. Saves you time and a headache!

Donate articles such as microwaves and refrigerators to scrap metal centers. Recycling centers may take them. Stores like Best Buy charge to discard computers/printers/TVs.

Lots of items? Hire an estate sale company, then, donate unsold items.

Enjoy a minimalist lifestyle!

One stop donation or disposal

CONSIDER HABITAT FOR HUMANITY when searching for donation of odd items like home décor, craft supplies, cabinetry and even building materials. Habitat accepts many items. Check their website for details:

Schedule a pick up or drop off with Habitat. If unable to accept an item in your donation for resale, Habitat saves you the cost and a trip to the landfill. They take the items at no charge and recycle. Or, if items need disposing, they provide the service for a small fee.

• Small quantity (would fill a shopping cart) $10

• Large quantity (pickup truck full) $25

• Upholstered furniture $10/seat (example: $10 for a recliner, $30 for a three-person couch)

• FREE recycling for all metal materials/items

However, the service is not a replacement for trash drop-off. It serves as a convenience for items that don’t support their mission. Be aware, they accept no hazardous or electronic waste. Check website for other unacceptable items.

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12 | Fifty&Better COME VISIT US AT OUR new location Are stairs a challenge for Mom & Dad? We have your solution and FREE in-home estimate 1308 Riverside Avenue • Suite A • Fort Collins 970-223-8267 •

Better Health

AGING BRINGS MANY POSITIVE changes: wisdom, experience, the joys of grandchildren, and more. Unfortunately, the changes in our bodies aren’t always so welcomed. Keeping up with our physical hobbies can be done for most, but many seniors find themselves seeking modifications in the gear required. For those who love hiking, here are some accessories that will assist your body so you can continue enjoying the hills.

Ta-Da Chair —This seemingly magical contraption is a portable trekking hiking pole that unfolds into a small seat for resting once you reach the peak. It’s made of lightweight

Hiking accessories

aluminum (weighs 2 pounds), is easy to carry and store, and can strap to a backpack when the trail flattens out.

Emergency Kits—Unfortunately, half of emergency calls related to hiking are for hikers aged 50-70. As we age, our strength and balance offers suffers. Seniors are also more likely to have daily meds and supplements to keep their body working at peak performance; strenuous activity can make a current, managed condition suddenly be not so easy. Pack an emergency kit with not only your own medications, but also over the counter pain relievers, antibacterial cream, bandages, and more.

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In-Home Care

GROCERY SHOPPING CAN take it out of anyone, especially seniors. It includes lots of walking, lifting, and time spent. Chain stores in Northern Colorado that offer delivery service include King Soopers, Safeway, and WalMart. Shoppers can use the store’s app from their smartphone, fill their shopping cart virtually, and schedule delivery.

The Food Bank for Larimer County partners with Volunteers of America (VOA) to provide nutritious meals to seniors 60 years of age and older. They provide made-from-scratch meals that are distributed to seniors at multiple sites throughout Larimer County. The food distributed is provided to the Food Bank by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP). As an additional service, they sometimes deliver CSFP commodity boxes and fresh fruits to homebound seniors in low-income housing developments.

Aging and alcohol consumption


body’s tolerance for alcohol. Older adults generally experience the effects of alcohol more quickly than when they were younger. This puts older adults at higher risks for falls, car crashes, and other unintentional injuries that may result from drinking. As you grow older, health problems or prescribed medicines may require that you drink less alcohol or avoid it completely.

You may also notice that your body’s reaction to alcohol is different than before. Many medicines — prescription, over the counter, or herbal remedies — can be dangerous or even deadly when mixed with alcohol. Many older people take medications every day, making this a particular concern. Before taking any medicine, ask your doctor or pharmacist if you can safely drink alcohol.

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• 10% of the population has hearing loss–it is common in the aging process.

• Hearing loss can lead to social isolation and depression.

• Hearing aids can help maintain Brain Reserves.

Susan Baker has been helping people with hearing loss and Tinnitus for the past 24 years. Please call (970) 221-5249 for a hearing evaluation and complimentary consultation.

Susan D Baker, BC-HIS Board Certified Hearing Instrument specialist LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED Source: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience; Somatosensory Cross-Modal Reorganization in Adults With Age-Related, Early-Stage Hearing Loss Garrett Cardon and Anu Sharma

Getaways within a few miles

TIME TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE? A weekend getaway just two hours away provides an abundance of things to do in Colorado Springs – from hiking to museums (Pioneer, American Cowboy/ Rodeo, Air Space) to underground excursions (Cave of the Winds). Enjoy a fun-filled couple of days in your choice of hotel, resort or Airbnb.

An hour away in Estes Park, springtime beats the crowds but still offers enjoyable activities. Tour four breweries, two distilleries or one winery. Celebrate Bigfoot Days April 15. Watch the waterfall ice break loose or wildlife with their spring babes. post/10-reasons-to-visit-estes-park-this-spring/

Travel a little longer (3 hours) to Glenwood Springs and relax in the world’s largest hot springs pool. Visit Doc Holliday’s grave, tour a museum or caverns, enjoy a scenic gondola ride or the Vaudeville Revue. www.

Three hours south finds you in Canyon City. Ride a scenic gondola or dine on the Royal Gorge Route Railroad.

18 | Fifty&Better Better Living

Special museum exhibits

YOU AND YOUR GRANDCHILDREN can celebrate “trains in literature” March 8-10 at the Greeley Railroad Museum. See the Hogwart’s Express train on the museum layout, the Department 56 Harry Potter Village and enjoy themed crafts and activities. www.

Each year, Fort Collins Museum of Art offers masks by over 200 artists and community members. View them April 5-June 7. Tour the Museum of Discovery’s interactive exhibits.

Don’t miss the largest fine art’s show in Colorado, the Governor’s Art Show and Sale, at the Loveland Museum/Gallery May 11-June 9. This juried show features Colorado artists in various mediums from painting to sculpture.

Stop by the Windsor-Severance Fire Museum any Saturday and check out their three antique fire trucks and all the other memorabilia which showcases the history of firefighting in the Poudre Valley. Open noon-4 and admission is free.

Check websites for price list.

Birding in Northern Colorado

DID YOU KNOW THERE HAVE BEEN recordings of over 1000 bird species in Colorado? Many were seen in Northern Colorado from those that normally reside here to those through migration. At one time, Colorado Parks and Wildlife claimed Larimer, Weld and Boulder counties hosts between 200-350 bald eagles in the winter. Maybe more now. Larimer County provides multiple locations for bird watching. For a list, check https://www.

The Audubon Society suggests premier Fort Collins birding locations at City Park and Sheldon Lake, Riverbend Ponds Natural Area, Fossil Creek Reservoir, Fossil Creek Park, Cattail Chorus Natural Area and Soapstone Prairie Natural Area. https://rockies.

Weld county’s Pawnee National Grasslands offers a 21-mile driving tour. You’ll see Burrowing Owls, Great Blue Herons, Bald Eagles, Mountain Plover and even the American White Pelican. Download the directions at recreation/recarea/?recid=32186&actid=62

However, not far away in Brighton, Barr Lake State Park claims to provide the best Colorado bird watching. https://

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KindConnect has been bringing kindness to Larimer County children since 2019 and we are happy to share that our KindConnect Program has recently expanded to benefit children in need in Weld County! All donations received through KindConnect are used within the county they were donated in.

20 | Fifty&Better
f c m o d . o r g Expand your mind. Engage your world.

Four-legged companions


If you’ve ever owned a pet, then you’ve probably experienced the many benefits of animal companionship firsthand.

Charles Drebing, a Fort Collins-based psychologist specializing in older adults and aging issues, says he frequently witnesses the impact pets have on the mental health of his patients.


Pet ownership later in

“I certainly have seen a lot of examples of the wonderful benefits pets bring,” he says. “A huge one is counteracting social isolation and low social support. Pets are a great, simple way to keep people connected with other beings.”

In addition to mental health benefits, pet ownership often improves physical wellbeing, too.

“Pets can keep us moving. With dogs, we have to get out and walk them, or take them to the dog run,” says Drebing. “It’s a way to stay active while also making new friends who have pets.”

Drebing’s observations aren’t unfounded. According to the National Institutes of Health, studies have shown that pet owners may experience decreased stress, improved heart health and an overall mood boost compared to non-pet owners (News in Health, 2018).

22 | Fifty&Better
Katie Harris


If the benefits of pet ownership can help offset some of the negative effects of aging on our overall health, it seems logical that every effort should be made to keep pets with their owners, and to encourage nonpet owners who’ve considered adopting to take the plunge.

Unfortunately, though, many older adults find it difficult to keep their pets at home as they struggle with the financial burden of providing food and care, an inability to transport their animals to veterinary appointments, or difficulty managing behavior issues like leash pulling and jumping up.

To help relieve some of the potential burden of pet ownership, organizations including Elder Pet Care in Fort Collins provide affordable veterinary care for senior citizens’ pets, operating on a sliding scale based on household income.

For those with transportation issues, mobile veterinarians such as Country Haven Veterinary Services operating throughout Northern Colorado can eliminate the need to drive your pet to vet appointments for everything from check-ups and dental cleanings to diagnostics and surgery.

In addition, the nonprofit organization Animal Friends Alliance operates the Kibble Supply Pet Food Pantry for Larimer County

Resources for pet owners


Animal Friends Alliance

Larimer County

970-484-8516 ext. 5133

NOCO Humane Society

Weld County



Elder Pet Care



Country Haven Veterinary Services



NOCO Humane Society

Larimer and Weld Counties

970-226-3647 ext. 5130

Fifty&Better | 23

residents struggling to feed their dogs and cats. In Weld County, NOCO Humane provides this service.

Scott Wendelberger with NOCO Humane Society, serving Larimer and Weld Counties, says the humane society is dedicated to keeping pets with their owners by providing guidance and resources to pet owners including a behavior helpline, and by making every effort to ensure that adoptions through their organization are well-matched and successful.

“Our behavior team performs assessments for all of our animals and creates profiles so that potential adopters can vet potential pets,” he says. “An animal’s profile will tell you if it’s calm, jumpy, cuddly, good with other pets, a leash puller, or any other traits it might have. Shelter life is a different environment than home, but this is usually a good starting place in matching up adopters with new pets.”


According to Wendelberger, older adults who seek pet adoption through NOCO Humane Society tend to be looking for specific types of pets, which may match up best with their age and abilities.

“We’ve found that older adults lean towards calmer pets, which generally tend to be older cats and dogs,” he says. “What we’ve seen is that older adults tend to have more appreciation and empathy for adopted pets

with medical and other needs. Also smaller dogs tend to be a bigger hit as they carry a smaller risk for leash pulling or knocking someone over when they get excited, and they’re easier to handle and carry.”

Wendelberger says pet compatibility can vary greatly and depends on lifestyle, desired time commitment, and home environment among other things, so taking these factors into consideration before bringing home a new companion is always best.


Those who don’t feel that pet ownership is a good fit for them, but still seek a connection with animals might consider volunteering or fostering through one of the many, local nonprofit organizations serving animals in the area.

“Here at NOCO Humane Society we have a plethora of volunteer opportunities,” says Wendelberger. “These include cat cuddlers, dog walkers, animal photographers, vet service assistants, transportation providers, and fostercare providers, particularly now as we enter bottle baby season. All of these roles include supplies and animal handling training, and a volunteer department supervisor is always available to assist.”

“When you volunteer with animals,” says Drebing, “it really fills the needs of the volunteers as much as the animals themselves. There can be stressors involved in owning and working with pets, but I’ve never seen the stressors counterbalance the mental, social and physical benefits pets provide.”

24 | Fifty&Better
Fifty&Better | 25 TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) Do you have a feral cat colony on your property? Let us help! Contact our Community Cat Program at: (970) 233-5133 HOMES/JOBS NEEDED FOR Working Cats • Shop Cats • Warehouse Cats • Barn Cats • OUTBUILDING Cats • Brewery Cats /workingcats Support business that supports bicycling. RiDE on To advertise in RiDE, call Greg or Scott. In Fort Collins call Greg Hoffman 970-689-6832 All others call Scott Titterington 970-980-9183 What in the heck is a kolache? Sweet, Savory, Homemade! Family owned and operated 970-286-2834 1717 S. College Ave. Fort Collins, 80525

Finance and Investing

As we embark on a brave new year in 2024 there are a multitude of considerations in both the economy and investment landscape. Coming off the heels of a late year rally in equities, we will see some familiar names continue their upward ascent while others fall behind. 2023 was the year of Artificial Intelligence and those companies who were affiliated with the new technology garnered much of the market’s attention. All the while, the Federal Reserve and interest rates found themselves in direct competition with A.I. for the media’s attention. We believe this narrative will continue for some time as we unknowingly wait for the next latest and greatest technology that will somehow radically improve our lives, or at least lead us to believe that. In the meantime, there are some things to consider.

2024 will be a year dominated by the headlines as we navigate white knuckled from one potential catastrophe to the next. While this may sound dramatic, it is the most basic form of what financial markets do, climb a wall of worry, and then does what we least expect. When we look out at our globally connected marketplace it is easy to rattle off a laundry of all the things that could go awry, and that list unfortunately is not getting any smaller. While it is easy to get caught up in all the negative things that MAY happen, we would like to first focus on some of the potential positives that lie ahead. After all I am a budding optimist.

Much of the impending financial news will pertain to interest rates, the housing market, consumer spending and of course unemployment. While all of these seem as though they are unrelated, they are very much the driving forces of our economy and the cost of capital. Looking ahead we see several pockets of attractive valuations and one of those places is in the bond market. With the dramatic increase in interest rates over the last 2 years, the yield here is as attractive as it has been in the last decade. While higher rates for longer is an ideal scenario for those low-risk investors looking to generate consistent cash flow, there may also be greater upside potential here as well. If the Federal Reserve decides to cut

rates, bonds will appreciate and gain in value. This however can be something of a double-edge sword as rates go down, so the yield goes on any newly issued bonds. Depending on your situation, this may be a good opportunity to be an owner of bonds prior to the potential rates cuts that are likely to happen in 2024. It is also important to note that if the Fed is reducing rates, it means that inflation is coming down but also that the economy is beginning to soften. This is where consumer spending comes into play and will dictate not only inflation but how long rates stay elevated. Not to mention that if spending declines too far rising unemployment will not be far behind. So, when the term “soft landing” is thrown around the news this is what they are referring to and a “Goldilocks” scenario is necessary to avoid a large-scale recession. After all nobody wants to eat cold porridge.

Another segment of opportunity will be in the equity space. Much of last year’s returns were secular in the mega-cap growth stocks, particularly the “Magnificent 7”. This valuation expansion did not trickle down to everyone else. All those second derivative A.I. companies were left out of the rally right along with several other sectors like financials, utilities, and healthcare. Purely from a valuation standpoint we believe these industries are worth a look. This would also be inclusive

1 This does not include the 2020 election results however Morningstar indicates that the S&P returned 16.26%. 2020 would be the 24th election and the 20th positive return for the index. field/e/er/ernie-garcia-group/S%26P%20500%20in%20Presidential%20 Election%20years.pdf

of small cap companies as well but with elevated risks as the smaller the company the greater the sensitivity to the underlying economic fundamentals. So, we see opportunities in size, style and exposure, with some of that being outside of the U.S. Ultimately targeted exposure will be important but as always, diversification will be paramount.

Now I would be remiss if we did not also mention the fact that 2024 will be a hotly contested presidential election that will most likely drive some volatility along the way. Since I am an extremely political person, I will spare you my polarizing rantings regarding the potential outcomes of the election. However, what is of importance is that historically there have

been 24 presidential elections since the start of the S&P 500. During that time, 20 of those years the index had a positive return, with an average return of 11%.1 So, as we know history does not repeat itself, the long-term averages are on our side. As the candidate field narrows, we will see more about potential policy, tax code and legislation that will ultimately have a larger lasting impact on the world’s largest economy.

In summation, I am always reminded of the Chinese proverb, “May you live in interesting times.” And to be candid for everyone who does not have a financial plan for their retirement, it is going to be especially interesting. For those that do have a plan, opportunity awaits in everyone else’s uncertainty.

5401 Stone Creek Circle

Suite 201

Loveland, Colorado

This piece is for informational purposes only and is not a solicitation to buy or sell any of the products mentioned. The information is not intended to be used as the sole basis for financial decisions, nor should it be construed as advice designed to meet the particular needs of an individual’s situation.

Investment advisory products and services made available through AE Wealth Management, LLC (AEWM), a Registered Investment Advisor. Investing involves risk, including the potential loss of principal. 2219579- 2/24.


Colorado Low-Income Bill Paying Assistance colorado_assistance_programs.html

Colorado Consumer Fraud 800-222-4444

Colorado Old Age Pension Larimer County, 498-6300 public-benefits

Weld County, 351-1551

Kevin Dunnigan, Investment Center Advisor Group

290 E. 29th St., LV, 622-2366

GreenPath Financial Wellness 2850 McClelland Dr. Ste. 3000 O, FC 800-550-1961

Larimer County Office on Aging 1501 Blue Spruce, FC 498-7750

Larimer County Veterans Services

200 W. Oak St., 5th Floor, FC 498-7390

Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP)

Discover Goodwill 866-432-8435 services/leap

Partnership for Age-Friendly Communities


Pinnacle Retirement

1039 Main St., Ste. L, WS 541-4772

Social Security Administration

301 S. Howes St., 4th Floor, FC 5400 W. 11th St., Ste. A, GR 800-772-1213,

Michael Tarantino, CFP Tarantino Wealth Management 419 Canyon Ave., Ste. 320, FC 829-0900


CARE Housing

1303 W. Swallow St., FC, 282-7522

Housing Catalyst

1715 W. Mountain Ave., FC 416-2910

Good Samaritan Society— Bonell

708 22nd St., GR, 352-6082 bonell-community


Financial Assistance & Benefits ................28 finances, insurance counseling

Housing ..................28 assisted living, independent living, moving, assistance, nursing facilities, senior apartments

Good Samarian Society— Estes Park Village

1901 Ptarmigan Tr., EP, 577-7700 estes-park-village

Good Samaritan Society— Fort Collins Village

508 W. Trilby Rd., FC, 226-4909 fort-collins-village

Good Samaritan Society— Fox Run Senior Living 1720 60th Ave., GR, 353-7773 fox-run-senior-living

Good Samaritan Society— Loveland Village

2101 S. Garfield Ave., LV, 669-3100 loveland-village

Good Samaritan Society— Water Valley Resort 805 Compassion Dr., WS 866-290-2522, www.good-sam. com/locations/water-valley

Greeley-Weld Housing Authority 903 6th St., GR, 353-7437

Loveland Housing Authority 375 W. 37th St., Ste. 200, LV 667-3232

Neighborhood Resource Office 1000 10th St, GR, 336-4167 neighborhood-resource-office

Services .................35

Funeral services, grocery shopping & mail delivery, home remodeling, legal services, moving assistance, real estate, transportation

Municipal Support..........36

Neighborhood Services Office 281 N. College Ave., FC 224-6046, neighborhoodservices

Neighbor to Neighbor

1550 Blue Spruce Dr., FC 484-7498

1511 E. 11th St., LV 663-4163,


Apple Leaf Assisted Living

1328 N. 1st St., Berthoud, 532-2600

Aspen House

2212 E. 11th St., LV, 635-9800

Aspyre Rock Creek

3150 Rock Creek Dr., FC, 372-5838

The Bridge at Greeley

4750 25th St., GR, 339-0022

Bright Assisted Living

610 Hemlock Dr., WS, 674-1446

Collinwood Assisted Living and Memory Care

5055 S. Lemay Ave., FC 223-3552,

Brookdale Senior Living

1008 Rule Dr., FC 1999 W. 38th Ave., GR 2895 N. Empire, LV 215 Shupe Cir., LV 844-335-5929

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Fifty&Better | 29 (970) 444-5152 ESPANOLWITHOUTSTRESS.COM ENROLLING NOW In-person Spanish classes for kids and adults! ¡HOLA! ¿Hablas español? Fees based on ability to pay Medicaid • CHP+ Call us for an appointment, 7 am - 5:30 pm, M-F 970-416-5331 Patients must live in the Health District, have no private dental insurance, and meet income guidelines. Can’t afford dental care? Call us! FAMILY DENTAL CLINIC

Columbine Commons

1475 Main St., WS, 449-5540

The Courtyard of Loveland 605 N. California Ave., LV 667-3342

Eagle’s Nest Assisted Living

1026 Salmon Run, FC, 231-2692

Fox Meadows

4021 Spruce Dr., FC, 449-4472

Garden Square at Spring Creek

1000 E. Stuart St., FC, 482-5712

Garden Square of Greeley

1663 29th Ave. Pl., GR 674-7356

Garden Square at Westlake

Assisted Living

3151 W. 20th St., GR, 673-800

Good Samarian Society— Estes Park Village

1901 Ptarmigan Tr., EP, 577-7700 estes-park-village

Good Samaritan Society— Fort Collins Village 508 W. Trilby Rd., FC, 226-4909 fort-collins-village

Good Samaritan Society— Bonell

708 22nd St., GR, 352-6082 bonell-community

Good Samaritan Society— Loveland Village 2101 S. Garfield Ave., LV, 669-3100 loveland-village

Good Samaritan Society— Water Valley Resort 805 Compassion Dr., WS 686-2743, locations/water-valley

Grace Point Continuing Care

Senior Campus

1919 68th Ave., GR, 304-1919

Heritage Haus

208 19th St. SE, LV, 669-5616

The Joneses Assisted Living 2127 Eagle Dr., LV, 663-2226

Lakeview Commons

1422 W. 29th St., LV, 278-4000

Lighthouse Elder Care

700 Greenbriar Dr., FC 482-1119

Live to Assist Assisted Living 2914 W. Prospect Rd., FC 224-1400

MacKenzie Place 4750 Pleasant Oak Dr., FC 207-1939, sub-brand/mackenzie-place

MeadowView of Greeley

5300 W. 29th St., GR, 353-6800

Monarch Greens Assisted

Living Home

1725 Lakeview Dr., FC, 218-5057

Morning Star of Fort Collins

3509 Lochwood Drive, FC 432-8810

New Mercer Commons

900 Centre Ave., FC, 495-1000

Park Regency Loveland

1875 Fall River Dr., LV, 461-1100

Primrose Place

1330 E. 1st St., LV, 667-5962

The Residence at Oakridge 4750 Wheaton Dr., FC 229-5800

Terry Lake Assisted Living 3629 Woodridge Rd., FC 484-1299 TerryLakeAssistedLiving

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Keep yourself healthy Self-care is the solution

In our fast-paced world, where the demands of work, family, and daily life can be overwhelming, self-care practices have never been more important. Self-care often gets misunderstood as something that is indulgent or selfish, involving luxurious or expensive treats such as spa days, shopping sprees, or vacations. While sinking into a tub full of bubbles with a good book does feel great, true self-care extends far beyond that.

Put simply, self-care refers to the practice of taking deliberate actions to maintain and improve your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. It can encompass a wide range of behaviors and activities, and is highly individualized, based on who we are and what we need. Although

it sounds simple, taking control of our health can be a daunting task... The good news is- it doesn’t have to be done alone!

The team at Traditional Chinese Medical Clinic is a powerful tool in your self-care toolkit. Our practitioners help individuals achieve their health goals through a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Tui Na massage, and other ancient modalities. We take the time to understand your unique needs and concerns, creating a personalized treatment plan that will support you as an individual.

As we approach the hectic holiday season, please remember that self-care is not a luxury but a necessity. And while the occasional pampering is certainly enjoyable, the real essence of self-care lies in the

daily practices that promote long-term health, resilience, and balance. If you are looking for someone to guide you on this journey, give yourself the gift of wellness and call our office or go online to book an appointment. We can’t wait to meet you!

type pain, auto immune digestive issues, stress, sleep issues, joint pain, depression, anxiety, and more Now accepting new patients!

Turnberry Place Assisted Living

2401 Turnberry Rd., FC 482-2215

Willows at Windsor 303 E. Chestnut St., 686-2258

WindSong at Northridge 7010 West 8th St., GR, 449-7199


AccentCare Skilled Home Healthcare

4065 St. Cloud, Ste. 200, LV 346-9700,

Alpha Omega Home Health Care 266-2527

Amada Senior Care

2850 McClelland Dr., Ste. 1900, FC 237-5747 northern-colorado-senior-care

Bayada Home Healthcare

5285 McWhinney Blvd. Ste. 140, LV 282-8500,

Bloom at Home

915 Centre Ave., Ste. 2, FC 482-5096

www.columbinehealthservices. com/bloom-at-home

BrightStar Care

3880 N. Grant Ave., Ste. 180, LV 667-7778



Caring Companions— Volunteers of America

405 Canyon Ave., FC, 472-9630

Caring Senior Service Fort Collins 333 W. Drake Rd. #22, FC 672-1734, www.caringsenior

Elder Care Network of Northern Colorado 495-3442,

Family Care Connection 223-9026 elder-care

Good Samaritan Society— Colorado Home Care:

LV 635-2970 Services@Home:

EP 577-7700

FC 658-4286

LV 624-5468

WS 674-5520

Home Instead Senior Care

251 Boardwalk Dr., FC 494-0289,

Homewatch CareGivers of Northern Colorado

1220 W. Ash St., Ste C, WS 355-3372

HomeWell of Northern Colorado

3001 N. Taft Ave., Ste. 100, LV 461-4799

Interim Health Care

2000 Vermont Dr., Ste. 100, FC 472-4180 fortcollins

Maxim Healthcare Services

3665 JFK Pkwy., Ste. 330, FC 493-9300

Right At Home

330 E. Mulberry St., FC 494-1111,

Senior Helpers

3101 Kintzley Ct., Unit J, Laporte 368-2060

1051 6th St., GR, 658-8228

Seniors Helping Seniors

2290 E. Prospect Rd., Ste. 6, FC 631-8251

257 Johnstown Center Dr., Ste. 210, Johnstown 484-8445

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Visiting Angels

5441 Boeing Dr., Ste. 200, LV 877-618-4748


Good Samaritan Society—Bonell 708 22nd St., GR, 352-6082 bonell-community

Good Samarian Society— Estes Park Village

1901 Ptarmigan Tr., EP, 577-7700 estes-park-village

Good Samaritan Society— Fort Collins Village 508 W. Trilby Rd., FC, 226-4909 fort-collins-village

Good Samaritan Society— Fox Run Senior Living 1720 60th Ave., GR, 353-7773 fox-run-senior-living

Good Samaritan Society— Loveland Village

2101 S. Garfield Ave., LV, 669-3100 loveland-village

Good Samaritan Society— Water Valley Resort 805 Compassion Dr., WS, 686-2743 water-valley

Harvest Pointe

4895 Lucerne Ave., LV, 622-9907

Hillcrest of Loveland 535 N. Douglas Ave., LV, 658-8760 senior-living

Holiday Retirement—Greeley Place 1051 6th St., GR, 601-4089

Holiday Retirement—Parkwood Estates

2201 S. Lemay Ave., FC 528-5810,

Holiday Retirement—Sugar Valley Estates

4320 Georgetown Dr., LV 528-1714,

MacKenzie Place

4750 Pleasant Oak Dr., FC 207-1939,

Green House Homes—Mirasol Senior Living

1153 Finch St., LV, 663-1300

Rigden Farm Senior Living 2350 Limon Dr., FC, 372-0987

Silvernest Home Sharing

Sunflower—A Gated Active Adult Community

865 Pleasure Dr., FC, 235-0620

The Wexford 1515 W. 28th St. LV, 667-1900

The Windsor 1385 Main St., WS, 460-5005

The Winslow

909 Centre Ave., FC, 492-6200

The Worthington 900 Worthington Circle, FC 490-1000


Big Thompson Manor I & II 224 and 230 Monroe St., LV 667-4195

Birchwood Manor Apartments 2830 W. 27th St. Ln., GR 330-6206

Broadview Apartments 2915 W. 8th St., GR, 352-9305

CARE Housing

1303 W. Swallow Rd., FC 282-7522,

Century III Apartments (Windsor Housing Authority) 1027 Walnut St., WS, 686-5576

DMA Plaza Apartments 300 Remington St., FC 493-7727

Good Samaritan Society— Bonell Community

708 22nd St., GR, 352-6082 bonell-community

Good Samarian Society— Estes Park Village

1901 Ptarmigan Tr., EP, 577-7700 estes-park-village

Good Samaritan Society— Fort Collins Village

508 W. Trilby Rd., FC, 226-4909 fort-collins-village

Good Samaritan Society— Fox Run Senior Living 1720 60th Ave., GR, 353-7773 fox-run-senior-living

Good Samaritan Society—

Joe P. Martinez Gardens 1701 2nd St., GR, 356-2332 joe-p-martinez-gardens

Good Samaritan Society— Loveland Village

2101 S. Garfield Ave., LV, 669-3100 loveland-village

Good Samaritan Society— Water Valley Resort 805 Compassion Dr., WS, 686-2743

Governor’s Farm Apartments 701 6th St., WS, 686-9650

Greeley Manor Apartments 1000 13th St., GR, 356-5489

Hamilton Park Apartments I & II 1402 N. 4th St., Berthoud 532-3725

Harvest Pointe

4895 Lucerne Ave., LV, 622-9907

Housing Catalyst

1715 W. Mountain Ave., FC 416-2910

Immaculata Plaza

530 10th Ave., GR, 356-0610

Island Grove Village Apartments 119 14th Ave., GR 356-2808

La Casa Rosa (Greeley/Weld Housing Authority)

1011 C St., GR, 353-7437

Loveland Housing Authority

375 W. 37th St., Ste. 200, LV 667-3232

Meeker Commons Mutual Housing 505 9th Ave., GR, 378-9393

Oakbrook II Senior Community 3300 Stanford Rd., FC 223-1356

Reflections Senior Apartments

321 E. Troutman Pkwy., FC 225-3711

Sanctuary Place Apartments

3732 Kunz Ct., FC, 225-2116 properties

University Plaza Apartments 027 16th St., GR, 353-9275

Villa Fourteen

214 Birch Ave., Ault, 834-1570

Windsor Meadows Apartments (Windsor Housing Authority) 1500 Tipton Dr.., WS, 460-9357

Woodbridge Senior Apartments

1508 W. Elizabeth St., FC 472-1703,

Woodside Village Apartments

146 E. 24th St., GR, 356-5991

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Berthoud Living Center

855 Franklin, Berthoud, 532-2683

Centennial Healthcare Center

1637 29th Ave. Pl., GR, 356-8181

Centre Avenue Health & Rehab Facility

815 Centre Ave. FC, 494-2140

Columbine Commons Health & Rehab Facility

1475 Main St., WS, 449-5540

Columbine West Health & Rehab Facility

940 Worthington Cr., FC 221-2273

Fairacres Manor

1700 18th Ave., GR, 353-3370

Fort Collins Health Care Center

1000 S. Lemay Ave., FC, 482-7925

Garden Square at Spring Creek

1000 E. Stuart St., FC, 482-5712

Golden Peaks Center

1005 E. Elizabeth St., FC 482-2525, www.genesishcc. com/GoldenPeaks

Good Samaritan Society— Fort Collins Village

508 W. Trilby Rd., FC, 226-4909 fort-collins-village

Life Care Center of Greeley

4800 W. 25th St., GR, 330-6400

North Shore Health & Rehab Facility

1365 W. 29th St., LV, 667-6111

Sierra Vista Health Care Center 821 Duffield Ct., LV, 669-0345

Spring Creek Healthcare Center

1000 E. Stuart St., FC, 482-5712

Windsor Healthcare Center 710 3rd St., WS, 686-7474



Adamson Funeral & Cremation Services

2000 47th Ave., GR, 353-1212

Allnutt Funeral Service

1302 Graves Ave., EP, 586-3101

650 W. Drake Rd., FC, 482-3208

6521 W. 20th St., GR, 352-3366

2100 N. Lincoln Ave., LV, 667-1121

Bohlender Funeral Chapel

121 W. Olive St., FC, 364-2536

Good Samaritan Society— Greeley Communities

708 22nd St., GR, 352-6082 greeleycommunities

Good Samaritan Society— Loveland Village

2101 S. Garfield Ave., LV, 669-3100 loveland-village

Grace Pointe Continuing Care Senior Campus

1919 68th Ave., GR, 304-1919

Kenton Manor

850 27th Ave., GR, 353-1018

Lemay Avenue Health & Rehab Facility

4824 S. Lemay Ave., FC 482-1584

Goes Funeral Care and Crematory 3665 Canal Dr., Ste. E, FC 482-2221


8426 S. Hwy. 287, FC, 667-0202

Stoddard Funeral Home

3205 W. 28th St., GR, 330-7301

Vessey Funeral Service

2649 E. Mulberry St., Ste. A-1, FC 482-5065

Viegut Funeral Home

1616 N. Lincoln Ave., LV, 679-4669

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60+ Food Delivery Program 702-6413 human_services/area_agency_ on_aging

Food Bank for Larimer County 5706 Wright Dr., LV, 493-4477 nutritious-kitchen

King Soopers Grocery Delivery

Meals on Wheels Fort Collins 484-6325

Meals on Wheels Greeley 353-9738

Meals on Wheels Loveland & Berthoud 667-0311

Safeway Grocery Delivery 877-723-3929

Sprouts Grocery Delivery

Volunteers of America

Northern Colorado 405 Canyon Ave., FC 472-9630,

Weld Food Bank Senior Feeding Program

1108 H St., GR, 356-2199


Johnson Custom Flooring & Design 2093 E. 11th St., Ste. 100, LV 663-1266


Beyers Law—Elder-Law Attorney 1419 W. 29th St., LV, 669-1101

C. Jan Lord, Elder-Law

1201 Lake Ave., Ste. A, Berthoud 532-4183

Colorado Legal Services

211 W. Magnolia St., FC


912 8th Ave., GR


Larimer County Bar Association Pro Bono Program


Misty Bordeaux, Estate Law

2629 Redwing Rd., Ste. 112, FC 488-2737

Peter W. Bullard, Elder Law

375 E. Horsetooth Rd., Bldg. 6 Ste. 101, FC 223-5900

Sutherland & Connor, LLC, 1315 Oakridge Dr., Dte. 120, FC 224-9779

Wallace & Kling, P.C.

425 W. Mulberry St., Ste. 107, FC 221-5602


Kids Gloves, LLC 4821 S. County Rd. 13, LV 449-2309


The Group, Inc.

Deanna McCrery, SRES 222-9532

Carol Voorhis, SRES 481-9487

Lisa Hite, SRES 310-3133

Anna DiTorrice-Mull, SRES 631-2649



Senior Access Points of Larimer County 498-7740


Town of Berthoud 807 Mountain Ave., Berthoud 532-2643,

Town of Estes Park 170 MacGregor Ave., EP 586-5331 townofestespark

City of Fort Collins 215 N. Mason St., FC 221-6207

City of Greeley 1000 10th St., GR 350-9777

City of Loveland

500 E. 3rd St., LV 962-2000

Town of Windsor 301 Walnut St., WS, 674-2400


60+ Ride Weld County, 352-9348

Berthoud Area Transportation Service (BATS)

807 Mountain Ave., Berthoud 344-5816 berthoud-area-transportation -system-bats

City of Loveland Transit (COLT) 105 W. 5th St., LV, 962-2700

Dial-A-Ride / Dial-A-Taxi 6570 Portner Rd., FC, 224-6066 dial-a-ride

Greeley-Evans Transit (GET)

101 11th Ave., GR


Groome Transportation Airport Shuttle

4414 E. Harmony Rd., Ste. 200, FC 226-5533

Rural Alternative for Transportation (RAFT)

Berthoud Area Community Center 248 Welch Ave., Berthoud 532-0808

Senior Alternatives in Transportation (SAINT) FC, 223-8645, LV, 223-8653


Super Shuttle

4414 E. Harmony Road, Ste. 200 FC, 225-4824

Transfort Fort Collins 250 N. Mason St., FC 221-6620


Via Mobility Services Serving EP 303-444-3043

Wellington Senior Resource Center

3800 Wilson Ave., Wellington 817-2293 Senior-Resource-Center


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Giving Back

Sue Elliot, serving our community’s children

“ONCE I FOUND CASA, I knew this was the place where I wanted to put my energy,” says Sue Elliott, a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteer since 2017. She volunteered with other organizations in the past but at CASA, she found her calling.

Larimer County’s CASA resides at Harmony House, the renamed Ziegler farm house donated in 1991.

Initially, Sue participated in the Harmony House holiday craft fairs. “I attended and later sold my crafts in one of their booths.” She found the staff the most supportive, caring and knowledgeable group she’d known so looked into volunteering. Court appointed CASA volunteers receive 40 hours of in-house training. Sue also trained for the Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®) program and utilizes their principles to enhance the support she provides parents and children.

Sue believes the main qualification of a CASA volunteer is “an open and loving heart and the desire to provide every child a fair chance at a successful and fulfilling life.”

In addition, she claims, “A CASA volunteer is many things, a friend, a fierce advocate, someone who attends school conferences, therapist meetings, dental and doctor appointments.

Whatever the child needs, you do. Since you spend more time and see the child in multiple settings, the magistrate relies on you to report honestly about the child. You might be a lone voice advocating in court. Although professionals may not agree with you, you keep your focus on the child, always on the child.”

Honored to have worked with eight children, she found their needs were simple. “They all needed an adult who always shows up on time, always does what she/he promises and cares for them unconditionally. They need someone who sees their potential and does what it takes to

help them realize it.” As a former teacher, working with these children comes naturally to Sue.

Sue feels privileged to be a part of an organization whose sole purpose is to nurture and guide a child through difficult times so they gain hope for their future. “I believe CASA is the most important volunteer experience there is.” Unfortunately, to meet community needs for the 40 children awaiting volunteers, CASA must find at least 100 more volunteers.

Nina Hamilton, Sue’s supervisor says, ‘Sue provides much needed support to both the children and the family without being dominant or judgmental. Sue is compassionate and establishes trust and rapport with the people around her. She is open to coaching and is collaborative with the team she works with even when working in an often-frustrating bureaucracy. Sue is a great CASA, making a difference in the lives of the children she serves!”

That said, her greatest compliment came from a teen-age CASA client. The girl asked, “Will you be my grandmother?”

“Who wouldn’t want another grandchild?” says Sue. She added, “Being a CASA volunteer, you get back more than you give.”

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Linda L. Osmundson
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