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To our team here at Suncrest Hospice & Palliative Care, we thank you for making and voting Suncrest Hospice one of the best places to work. Our team has shown that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the community. Your passion is the spark that illuminates our success and makes us Suncrest!


Suncrest Hospice and Palliative Care - Phoenix 4650 E Cotton Center Blvd, Suite 250 Phoenix, AZ 85040

and securing the acquisition of another successful Energy Service Company. Senior management is present daily and have open doors for questions and guidance. The company operates under a valuesbased culture which is hardworking and family oriented. The company provides cell phones and new work trucks for supervisors in the field and large office cubicles for support staff.


INDUSTRY: Marketing & Sales Food Brokerage Firm US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 103 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Mike Parker, CEO and Founder WEBSITE: Next Phase provides a stable work environment with unparalleled opportunity for learning and personal growth, always striving to protect its families. Employees are provided the same spirit, servant leadership and voice within the organization that fosters empowerment and authenticity. The organization is committed to honor all of its team members with comprehensive benefits and sharing in the company’s successes. It does this daily through many things but especially with medical/dental, 401(k) profit sharing, bonus structure and overall desire to consistently improve culture. The company provides a holiday party and monthly social events, a wellness program including customized sessions for the organization and 30 days of coaching in addition to meditation sessions and the ability to volunteer twice a year on company time.


INDUSTRY: Financial Services—Other US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 694 ARIZONA LOCATION: Tucson TOP US EXECUTIVE: John Volpe, CEO WEBSITE: NOVA’s core values are to promote sustainable careers for its employees so they can be enriched personally and professionally; and to give back to the communities the company serves. Through the leadership of CEO, Jon Volpe, and a corporate and branch management team that is second to none, it is the people who work at NOVA who ensure the success of the company. Perks abound including employee appreciation events, rewards and a holiday party. NOVA is committed to gathering employee feedback and implementing changes that will make the company a better place to work and promote a higher level of service to its clients In addition to listening to its employees, NOVA also shares its profits with its employees. NOVA will continue to evolve, to move the company forward and create a win for all.


INDUSTRY: Financial Services—Other US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 650 ARIZONA LOCATION: Chandler TOP US EXECUTIVE: David King, CEO WEBSITE: Optima Tax Relief is dedicated to delivering excellence to every employee. Going beyond providing great compensation and benefits, the company has a formal Culture and Fun Committee (CFC) which

meets monthly to plan dozens of activities and initiatives that give Optima an unbeatable culture of camaraderie and employee satisfaction. Comprised of employees that cover the departmental and hierarchal spectrum of the company, the CFC is explicitly tasked with being the wellspring of efforts that produce an infectiously positive and inspiring culture that nurtures staff both professionally and personally. A sampling of the initiatives the CFC develops and oversees include: organizing events such as the staff-and-family trips to theme parks, quarterly department outings, and holiday parties, responding to suggestions and feedback from staff, facilitating monthly “Lunch N Learn” and employee training programs, sponsoring employee sports teams and athletic events, staff health and wellness fairs, and partnering with local charities to conduct staff-led charity drives every month.


INDUSTRY: Architecture US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 106 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Bill Sheely, Managing Partner WEBSITE: Orcutt / Winslow provides a collaborative team environment focused on innovation. Perks abound at this caring company, including food, brew beers, Nerf gun wars, happy hours, hikes, camping, skiing and mini outings. Employees are involved in all aspects of architecture from day one and opportunities are available in all phases of design. To provide work-life blend, leadership offers flex time, work-from-home opportunities and paid volunteer hours.


INDUSTRY: Real Estate US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 157 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: R. Chapin Bell, CEO WEBSITE: P.B. Bell strives to have a welcoming environment that creates a work culture where people look forward to coming to work every day. The firm focuses on three key areas; maintaining its core values, encouraging continued learning and training and investing in its employees. This is how P.B. Bell stands out and has the best talent in the industry. P.B. Bell would not be the Best Place to Work without the hard work of its employees and the amazing leadership of R. Chapin Bell and the legacy his father Phil Bell has built from the ground up.


INDUSTRY: Consulting US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 863 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Mike Pongon, CEO WEBSITE: Point B promotes wrapping work around life, rather than the other way around. Employees have the opportunity to apply their talents in pursuit of a larger purpose; to work for a company that genuinely cares

for them; and to surround themselves with people who share their values and who they enjoy being with. Point B’s culture has been the cornerstone of its success over the last 25 years. The company offers getaways, one-on-one coffees, recognizing a great contribution to a client on internal social media channels like Yammer, and taking care of each other during tough personal times. The firm boasts 100% employee ownership, ensuring the purpose, mission and values of Point B endure for the long term,provides significant tax advantages for the firm, and gives employees a great opportunity for personal retirement wealth building.


INDUSTRY: Technology US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 138 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Kris Rudeegraap, CEO WEBSITE: Sendoso is unique because all employees have stock in the company so everyone is working hard and wants to be there. The atmosphere is fun and inspiring, with music often playing throughout the suite, complimentary snacks, breakfast and lunch, holiday movies shown in the break room, monthly company parties and shoutouts on the company’s Slack platform. Sendoso provides $500 vacation bonuses twice a year. Employees have a laptop so they can work from anywhere. With a focus on employee well-being, Sendoso provides four months fully paid maternity/paternity leave and wellness classes.


INDUSTRY: Technology US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 540 ARIZONA LOCATION: Tempe TOP US EXECUTIVE: Brian Osborne, Co-President/Chief Sales and Marketing Officer WEBSITE: Sentinel frequently shows employees how much they are valued through employee appreciation events, cookouts, social hours, holiday parties and a comprehensive benefits package. The company supports employee efforts to volunteer for organizations in the community. Many choose to volunteer their time and talents outside of the office by attending charity events, packing meals for children, working in soup kitchens, running marathons for causes, adopting families, delivering care packages, collecting donations, picking up waste, building houses, playgrounds and libraries, getting involved in mentorship programs for youth and much more within their local communities..