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“The organizations presented on the following pages are innovators and the ones other companies use as benchmarks. As you read their profiles, you’ll see the myriad ways in which these employers help their employees, their businesses and their communities.” — PETER B. BURKE, PRESIDENT AND CO-FOUNDER OF BEST COMPANIES GROUP

elcome to the eighth annual Top Companies to Work for in Arizona, a publication dedicated to showcasing the many accomplishments of the workforce in Arizona. Top Companies to Work for in Arizona is sponsored by Republic Media, The Arizona Republic and in partnership with Best Companies Group and BestCompaniesAZ. “As the Valley’s top media company, we are committed to connecting our community with the kinds of opportunities that make it a great place to live and work,” said Dan Dugan, Enterprise Sales Manager, LocaliQ Recruitment, part of The USA Today Network. “We believe in recognizing companies that create positive workplace environments, invest in their employees and make a difference.” Dugan noted that more companies are focusing on their employment brand than ever before. “It is extremely important that prospective candidates know a company’s value proposition and culture, but it is equally important to retaining current employees,” he said. “Because companies are putting more focus on their employment brand, the program gets more competitive. This year we will recognize many repeat qualified companies, but also first-time

Top Companies to Work for in Arizona

Recognizing outstanding companies promotes Arizona as a leader in exceptional places work BY PAULA HUBBSto COHEN

winners with excellent employee engagement.”

GOALS AND PROJECT OVERVIEW Recognizing organizations A primary goal of the project is to recognize organizations that foster positive, inclusive and diverse workplace cultures that allow employees to thrive and be successful. The project

also provides benchmarks for employers by identifying companies that have achieved top rankings in employer practices, employee engagement and satisfaction scores.

Attracting talent “When businesses consider where to locate or expand, one of the first things they look for is an abundant and qualified workforce,” Dugan said. “The Top Company winners are providing opportunities for fulfilling careers with award-winning cultures. These companies strengthen Arizona’s workforce and economy through talent attraction and retention as well as bring economic growth to Arizona.” Raising the bar Peter B. Burke, president and co-founder of Best Companies Group (BCG), agrees, adding that another important goal of Top Companies is to raise the bar among our region’s employers, creating excellence and employee engagement in the workplace that will continue to attract talented people.

ELIGIBILITY AND EVALUATION The Top Companies program is open to publicly and privately held organizations, both for-profit and not-for-profit. “Companies must have at least 25 employees working in Arizona,” Burke said, “but it is not a requirement to be headquartered in Arizona.” BCG managed the registration process, conducted the survey, evaluated the data and ultimately selected the companies that made the list.

HOW THE DATA WAS ASCERTAINED, COMPILED AND ANALYZED Part 1 An Employer Questionnaire was used to collect information about each company’s benefits, policies, practices and other general information (one-quarter of each company’s score). Part 2 A confidential 76-question Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey was used to evaluate employees’ workplace experience and company culture (three-quarters of each company’s score).

Analysis The combined data allowed the experts at Best Companies Group (BCG) to conduct an in-depth analysis of the strengths and challenges that exist in each company. BCG’s experts then determined who made the final list. More Information Best Companies Group 877-455-2159

MSS Business Transformation Advisory is proud to be named an azcentral Top Company to Work for in Arizona 2020.



We recognize our dedicated employee-owners whose collaboration, innovation, and accountability has helped drive successful business outcomes for clients since 1986.

This year’s scores are very similar to last year’s scores, with overall average satisfaction scores coming in at 90 percent. In addition, 92 percent of employees at the winning companies answered positively to engagement statements, representing a 1 percent uptick for 2020.

Burke said that the organizations presented on the following pages are innovators and the ones other companies use as benchmarks. “As you read their profiles, you’ll see the myriad ways in which these employers help their employees, their businesses and their communities,” he concluded.

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INDUSTRY: Technology US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 29 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Mike Stryczek, CEO WEBSITE: AB&R’s culture centers around working hard and playing hard. Core values, including Accountability, Communication, Empowerment, Integrity, and Fun, are more than just words hanging on a wall. The company lives them, and actively encourages them, daily. When someone spots an amazing customer experience, they are able to nominate their teammate for recognition. Nominations are vetted through our Star Council and for the ones that pass, both the nominator and nominee earn a star. Collect enough and these stars can be traded in for a paid time off day, a Visa gift card, or next year’s health benefits for the employee. Employees are challenged to grow both personally and professionally, partaking in self-development through conferences, trainings, certifications and even by going back to school. Employees are appreciated and celebrated with holiday potlucks, First Friday celebrations and breakfast at quarterly meetings. The whole team earns casual days throughout the week when goals are exceeded. In appreciation for the team, employees and their families experience ZooLights plus an all-expenses paid holiday party.


INDUSTRY: Services—Other US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 84 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Mark Erpenbeck, President WEBSITE: At George Brazil, all employees play a vital part in the day-to-day operations and demonstrate the “George Brazil Way.” For employee appreciation, George Brazil hosts many company parties and also provides personalized birthday cards with gift cards for each employee, their spouse and every child. Also, the employees enjoy Christmas parties with gifts for every guest; a quarterly profit share bonus; 401(k) matching; 100% paid health, vision, dental, life and disability insurance; and personal financial wellness training. There is a fully equipped gym and a relaxation room in the office open for all to enjoy. George Brazil encourages their employees to become the best version of themselves in all areas of their lives.


INDUSTRY: Steel Fabrication and Erection US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 50 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Timothy Rock, CEO WEBSITE: All Things Metal is “Building People to Build Steel.” The recognition that their greatest asset is their team, is more than just words, it is being lived out every day in their unique environment of iron-strong relationships which start with their team members. With benefits unique to the commercial construction industry like a $500 bonus to first-time home buyers, Dave Ramsey’s Smart Dollar training and budgeting program, paid time off giveaways at their quarterly team appreciation parties and $50 restaurant gift cards for birthdays, the team knows they are more than just a number. This unique culture has drawn together a team of best performers in the steel fabrication and erection industry known as the A+TeaM. Leadership cares about the team members as individuals. Team members appreciate the personal touch and the friendly work environment. They feel their team members are like a family.


INDUSTRY: Education US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 85 ARIZONA LOCATION: Surprise TOP US EXECUTIVE: Melissa Holdaway, CEO WEBSITE: At Arizona Charter Academy, turnover is low and surveys show staff feel respected and valued. Professional development classes occur during regular work hours and all staff members enjoy a minimum of four weeks of annual vacation and paid school holidays. ACA celebrates staff accomplishments and believes in fun and laughing together. The company kicks off each year with bowling party where staff can enjoy a buffet, DJ, awards and of course, bowling. There is a themed annual holiday party/dinner each December where every employee receives a gift along with an evening of food, dancing and entertainment. Each May, ACA devotes a week to Employee Appreciation where staff receive daily surprises such as thank you cards and student letters of appreciation, gifts of food, movie tickets, chair massages and school logo items. Staff receives bonuses and celebration parties when school goals are met. School leaders consistently look for opportunities to provide feedback, give thank you cards, movie tickets and create fun to show their appreciation for the team.


INDUSTRY: Stone supplier US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 54 ARIZONA LOCATION: Mesa TOP US EXECUTIVE: Bill Burke, President and CEO WEBSITE: Committed to team members’ experience, Arizona Stone Brick Pavers provides a work environment where employees are appreciated and perks abound. The company recognizes employee birthdays with


paid time off, $100 per child for back-to-school supplies to employees with children, a jean-friendly work week and unlimited popcorn. To encourage professional development, the company offers educational benefits by providing tuition reimbursement for work-related classes and 100% paid health insurance for employees reaching Humana’s “Gold” status.

ees know they’re valued by offering the Clear Title Bucks Program allowing employees to award those around them that are giving extra effort. The Ten Commitments Award annually recognizes employees that uphold our value system. And the Top Producer Award annual annually recognizes teams that have achieved performance goals.



INDUSTRY: Healthcare—Provider US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 40 ARIZONA LOCATION: Sun City TOP US EXECUTIVE: Dr. Jerry Burns, CEO/Owner WEBSITE: Burns Dentistry creates a fun, positive and motivating environment that allows employees to grow professionally as well as personally. The company’s core values include Growth Mindset, Respect, Culture, Accountability, Community and Experience. Staff members are valued and recognized with employee of the month announcements, quarterly team-building events, morning huddles, team shoutouts and monthly celebrations.


INDUSTRY: Real estate US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 77 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Bart Patterson, CEO WEBSITE: At Clear Title one of the key ingredients to the company’s success is its team of people. Embedded in the core of Clear Title is a culture of empowerment, respect and excellence. This transcends our work life and our professional life. The company lets employ-

INDUSTRY: Advertising/PR/Marketing US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 26 ARIZONA LOCATION: Chandler TOP US EXECUTIVE: David Ralls, President WEBSITE: Commit provides an employee-centric culture committed to creating a fun environment. Staff partake in competitive in-office “Commit Game Days” where departments go head-to-head on fun, low-intensity games, competing to win monetary prizes and other awards. There are quarterly outings, both by department and companywide including off-site lunches, activities, cultural events and more. Employees receive unlimited vacation after one year, flexibility, IRA and company match, plus regular team-building events and outings. Ownership and leadership take an active role in job development, mentoring opportunities and other internal efforts to ensure every employee feels empowered, supported and productive. The spirit of teamwork and collaboration are second nature to everyone who works at Commit.  | TOP COMPA NIES 2030 |  5

We are a top company to work for!



INDUSTRY: Healthcare—Insurance services US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 54 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Paul Binsfeld, Founder and President WEBSITE: At Company Nurse LLC, recognizing employees’ efforts is held in high priority. Every month, the president celebrates the annual hire date anniversary of each team member by taking them to lunch. For the Leadership Internal Recognition Program, once a month, employees are recognized for their excellence (the whole company is notified). Company Nurse provides 100% employer-paid benefits, work from home options, casual dress and family events.


INDUSTRY: Financial Services US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 27 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: David J. Kobierski, CEO WEBSITE: Promoting work-life balance and an employee-centric culture, CountryFirst Mortgage’s motto is “Live Your Life.” The company offers flexible work hours and the ability to work from home, a relaxed, casual work environment and a fully stocked snack bar that includes coffee and soda. Spirit week, office games and a holiday party are just some of the activities the company provides to make work enjoyable. To promote community service, CountryFirst encourages employees to volunteer at least twice a year to the organization of their choosing.


INDUSTRY: Financial Services—Other US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 48 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Dillan Micus WEBSITE: Equitable Advisors’ mission, “Success Beyond Me,” is demonstrated by the company’s culture. The company fosters a creative atmosphere and wants employees to enjoy their time at the office. Some of the ways Equitable Advisors values its team include holding afternoon “outings” as a team, recognizing employees’ major milestones in their lives (birthdays, work anniversaries, achievements), volunteering together at local charities and hosting friendly competitions among the advisors and staff to keep things interesting such as Fantasy Football, talent shows and softball tournaments. The company’s growing network of professionals enjoys flexibility and work-life balance. Financial advisors are encouraged to pursue professional development opportunities and are provided with support for entrepreneurial opportunities.


INDUSTRY: Consulting US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 65 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Takis Makridis, President and CEO WEBSITE: Equity Methods provides a fun, connected workplace culture providing activities such as cookouts,

laser tag, escape rooms, cohort-based programs, miniature golf, bowling, kickball, cooking classes and pumpkin carving contests. To encourage employee fellowship, the company devotes a large budget to promote fun and stress relief activities. Employees have access to an on-site mini-gym, game room, catered lunches, bagel Wednesdays, company sponsored recreational sports leagues and ping-pong/ pool tournaments.


INDUSTRY: Legal US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 48 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: James W. Ryan, Managing Partner WEBSITE: Frazer Ryan works very hard to provide a work-life balance by offering flexible schedules for all employees. In addition, the company hosts monthly events such as lunch and learns, family picnics, annual hall golf tournament, potluck lunches; pie/chili contests and the annual holiday gift exchange and ugly sweater contests. The office features a reduced-rate fitness center and the building offers use of bicycle for staff to take rides on lunch hours. Family time is very important at Frazer Ryan so leadership makes a flexible work schedule a top priority for team members. To foster inclusion in the workplace and to show employees how integral they are to a successful practice, the firm’s attorneys include all staff members in the firm’s events.


INDUSTRY: Advertising/PR/Marketing US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 55 ARIZONA LOCATION: Tempe TOP US EXECUTIVE: Scott Kaufmann, Partner WEBSITE: Highnoon offers team members a long list of benefits to promote work-life balance and support inclusion, diversity and opportunity in the company. In addition to competitive pay and medical benefits, Highnoon also offers life planning resources and flexible work schedules meaning employees are encouraged to volunteer, spend time with their families and participate in restorative recreational activities. Team members are only required to be in the office from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. from Monday to Thursday. They can choose how to work a full day outside of that timeframe by coming in earlier or staying later— empowering each team member to create a work schedule that maximizes their productivity and their happiness. Employees are welcome to skip the commute completely and work from home, their favorite coffee shop or any other place they feel comfortable and inspired. Promoting personal wellness and inclusivity means supporting each employee as a whole person, both inside and outside of the workplace.


INDUSTRY: Advertising/PR/Marketing US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 74 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Matthew Clyde, President and Co-Founder WEBSITE: Leaders who are authentic, truly care about and support each team member, and encourage everyone to be the best version of themselves—these are all things that a team member at Ideas Collide can expect to experience. It is this authenticity and culture of caring that bonds the team together, making it one of the most collaborative, fun and also hard-working teams filled with people who are at the top of their game and really enjoy coming to work each day. The furry friends who frequent the office are just the icing on the cake. Team members enjoy flexible work time and feel empowered to get work done while balancing personal needs. Ideas Collide is collaborative, leaders are approachable and everyone puts their ego aside to help each other succeed. The team takes the time to give praise and recognition, even during the busiest times.


INDUSTRY: Nonprofit—Other US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 52 ARIZONA LOCATION: Tempe TOP US EXECUTIVE: Thomas W. Derry, CEO WEBSITE: As a nonprofit professional association, the Institute for Supply Management is in the business of leading and driving the profession of supply management. By nature, that education focus and employee empowerment connection is reflected in the actions that leadership takes and the documented benefits that each employee enjoys. This includes tuition reimbursement, other professional association involvement, new cross-functional teams to develop new skills, and “Lunch & Learn” sessions to educate everyone on various topics. In addition to ISM’s focus on personal and professional development, the company offers numerous health benefits as a core offering, including healthy snacks and a fitness coach program called “Wellness Wednesdays.”


INDUSTRY: Technology US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 27 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Ben Gerster, CEO and Owner WEBSITE: Joybyte offers a fun, modern work environment in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale. This company offers employees flexible schedules and remote working options for optimal work-life balance, a dogand kid-friendly office and a fully stocked kitchen. The spirit committee organizes fun team appreciation events like potlucks and happy hours and staff

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Institute for Supply Management


can expect a Monthly Rockstar award where team members recognize each other for their hard work. Joybyte follows the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) methodology to align the team and ensure powerful results from all team members. Employees enjoy in-office and off-site company activities throughout the year and two big annual events: a two-day leadership retreat to promote ideas, foster collaboration, and offer relaxation and recuperation; and an end of year party to celebrate the year’s achievements, recognize employees with awards, raffle off prizes and mix and mingle together as a team along with significant others and family members.


INDUSTRY: Banking US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 61 ARIZONA LOCATION: Tempe TOP US EXECUTIVE: Brian Lee, CEO WEBSITE: Landings Credit Union fosters a family atmosphere in which everyone is willing to help and support their fellow coworkers during times of need and times of joy. Whether the company is providing meals for an employee who is fighting an illness, being flexible with work schedules so employees are able to attend sporting and school events for their children, celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and new family additions or just having fun, Landings Credit Union works hard to create a supportive work environment. The company invests in employees through continual training programs and hands-on work experience. Employees enjoy team-building activities such as blindfolded Lego builds, Nerf wars, food trucks, potlucks, College Color Day, football pools and more. To stay involved in the community, team members volunteer for many community organizations throughout the year.


INDUSTRY: Advertising/PR/Marketing US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 40 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Justin Grey, CEO WEBSITE: LeadMD strives to create a work environment where employees feel valued and appreciated. The company’s Best of the Best program provides a chance for staff to win prizes in recognition of their work at company meetings. For the Employee of the Quarter program, one person is recognized and given a bonus for outstanding performance. The Innovation Lab offers employees opportunities to drive innovation and win quarterly awards.


INDUSTRY: Technology US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 72 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Lex Boost, CEO WEBSITE: At Leaseweb USA, Inc., team members can expect to be empowered and supported in their professional and personal development. Trust, communication and collaboration are core components of the company’s work environment. While staff members work hard

to bring the best of the cloud to their customers, they also find time to have fun as a team. Leaseweb is involved in the local community and regularly supports volunteer opportunities for the company and employees to be able to give back. Leadership makes it a priority for everyone to get to know each other better and build stronger relationships among the teams with social gatherings outside of the office.

is proud to be a top company to work for in Arizona!


INDUSTRY: Insurance—non-healthcare US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 63 ARIZONA LOCATION: Mesa TOP US EXECUTIVE: Milo R. LeBaron III, CEO WEBSITE: LeBaron & Carroll is a very family oriented and customer service-oriented business. The owners of the agency treat the staff like family and will always go the extra mile for their customers. Staff enjoy flex days, ample time off and two 15-minute massages per month. Every Monday and Wednesday, LeBaron & Carroll provides healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, juices, hummus, yogurt, cheeses, nuts and other healthy snack options for free. Popcorn is freshly made on Friday mornings.


INDUSTRY: Nonprofit—Other US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 31 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Elizabeth Reich, President/CEO WEBSITE: At Make-A-Wish Arizona, employees are emboldened to make important decisions for wish kids, their families, volunteers and our donors so that the organization can continually reach its mission of creating lifechanging wishes for children with critical illnesses. Employees enjoy baby showers hosted at the office during working hours, monthly anniversary and birthday celebrations and a softball league. The organization offers a three-week paid sabbatical after five years.


INDUSTRY: Financial Services—Other US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 93 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Jeffrey C. Dollarhide, CEO WEBSITE: The team philosophy is a big part of what makes MassMutual Arizona desirable place to work. Team members are encouraged to collaborate and receive plentiful praise and recognition for successes. The company creates a positive, caring, fun work environment for staff members with annual softball games, monthly birthday luncheons, activities following off-site meetings including Top Golf, Dave & Busters and curling. Employees receive weekly communications providing helpful tips, words of encouragement and are given weekly training to stay current with industry events and changes.



INDUSTRY: Construction US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 80 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Justin Krueger, President WEBSITE: Everyone at MFRG-ICON Construction has the freedom without consequence to make suggestions, provide ideas or constructively criticize a process or protocol. The company continues to provide new and exciting opportunities for the team to succeed both professionally and personally. The office provides a world-class setting that includes a gym (with personal trainer six times per week), collaborative meeting spaces, white noise, social deck and kitchen area, hall of fame wall, award wall, state of the art technology and plenty of other amenities to truly make the office a home away from home. With an emphasis on personal and leadership development, MFRG-ICON has a part time professional/personal coach/psychiatrist on-site to work hand in hand with individuals. In addition to the day-to-day support and encouragement, MFRG-ICON goes on a company retreat to CABO every other year for team members and significant others. It also hosts a family event in San Diego every other year.


INDUSTRY: Financial Services US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 55 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Mark Feldman, CEO and Managing Partner WEBSITE: MRA Associates employs a culture that encourages collaboration and innovation. The Phoenix workspace hosts an open office concept, enhancing the firm’s transparent environment and team-focused culture. To promote a culture of collaboration, employees engage in frequent team-building events both on-site and off-site throughout the year. MRA provides employees with a fully stocked break room featuring daily lunch options, plus entertainment including board games, video games and a variety of books.


INDUSTRY: Consulting US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 25 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Michael Hawksworth, President and CEO WEBSITE: Through MSS’ dedication to active leadership, dynamic work culture and ongoing integration of the company’s Core Values, the MSS promotes an environment of resiliency, honesty and excellence. The company promotes a supportive culture where every person’s success is celebrated. Leadership encourages a sense of competitiveness that drives the team  | TOP COMPA NIES 2030 |  7



forward to great accomplishments. MSS employees are no strangers to community engagement. The team is devoted to the raising up of tomorrow’s leaders. MSS engages in community service projects, including work with Ronald McDonald House, St. Mary’s Food Bank, United Way, Junior Achievement of AZ and other charities.


INDUSTRY: Nonprofit—Other US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 87 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: April Salomon, Executive Director WEBSITE: MIM has a strong commitment to its team members and volunteers alike, all sharing the same passion, drive and admiration for the museum. The leadership team at MIM is committed to ongoing communication, continuous improvement and career development. All-team meetings are held quarterly, showcasing upcoming events and projects and presenting awards and recognition. The culture at MIM is collaborative, fast-paced and inclusive and is being recognized today as one of Arizona’s Top Places to Work. MIM likes to plan fun parties, potlucks, chair massages, ice-cream days, financial classes, retirement seminars, discount theater tickets, on-site vision care, Valentine’s Day “Sweet potlucks,” and Diamondback games.


INDUSTRY: Real Estate US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 85 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: David Hovey Sr., CEO WEBSITE: Optima empowers people to make decisions based on what they believe is right, encouraging the team to solve tough problems, be bold and grow­­—personally and professionally—and contribute to the growth of others. At Optima, everyone is in constant communication and has the opportunity to ask questions and investigate fresh, new ideas to keep the team at the forefront of design, development and construction. Optima works continuously to encourage work-life harmony. With growing projects and volume of work, it can be difficult to coordinate time off. However, it is expected and encouraged. Team members are eligible for a volunteer day off to make a difference.


INDUSTRY: Healthcare—Provider US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 64 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Robin Orchard, President WEBSITE: At Orchard Medical, employees are praised and acknowledged for a job well done. To show appreciation for staff, teams do occasional Starbucks or Jamba Juice runs. With the team’s health and well-being always top of mind, the company provides yoga balls for those who wish to switch their seating habits and monthly potlucks promote teamwork and time for everyone to catch up.

INDUSTRY: Association Management US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 50 ARIZONA LOCATION: Peoria TOP US EXECUTIVE: Lori Rutledge, President WEBSITE: Employee performance and motivation is important to the growth of PDS and as such a bonus program is in place for both quarterly and yearly bonuses. A monthly party for all employees with a birthday and anniversaries is held. The company hosts twice yearly outside events for employee and their families. In addition, breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks are all provided daily at no charge to all employees. Some of the greater opportunities of PDS are 401(k) matching, paid time off and bonus programs, all of which provide long term value. This of course makes PDS a desired place to work and we are constantly sought out by leaders in the industry as a place to gain employment.

INDUSTRY: Legal US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 36 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Jordan Rose, Founder and President WEBSITE: From inspirational weekly team meetings to monthly Friday Fun days where staff spends an afternoon participating in activities such as spring training games, cart racing, Karaoke and golf, Rose Law Group pc provides a collaborative engaging workplace. Employees enjoy a kitchen stocked full of snacks, breakfast foods and drinks of their choice along with concierge services. The firm is active in the community and encourages every employee to get involved in community service.


INDUSTRY: Technology US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 62 ARIZONA LOCATION: Chandler TOP US EXECUTIVE: Carlos Corzo, CEO WEBSITE: At Streamline, employees are encouraged to plan their career path and set a strategy to realize their goals. Streamline appreciates staff members in a myriad of ways by providing fun T-shirts throughout the year, offering a relaxed work atmosphere, a casual dress code and a feeling of acceptance among fellow team members. Staff participate in Take Care Tuesday offering charitable activities, wellness, CPR training, Spanish classes and more. There are also quarterly retreats, including team-building activities, music, games and special events (recently, Streamline Shark Tank). For relaxation, Streamline has a pingpong table, putting area, shuffleboard, cornhole and after-hour and lunchthemed events such as potlucks and game nights.

INDUSTRY: Compounding Pharmacy US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 46 ARIZONA LOCATION: Peoria TOP US EXECUTIVE: Dr. Kevin Borg, CEO and Owner WEBSITE: Potter’s House offers a positive, safe, clean and beautiful work environment where team members feel valued. The company promotes work-life blend by offering flexibility in scheduling around special events, appointments and illness. To keep team employees well-informed, leadership provides regular meetings, touch bases and email communications that offer feedback, ask for employee feedback and share all aspects of business performance (including upcoming changes, goals and results). To help staff stay engaged with their community, Potter’s House supports causes that employees are passionate about.


INDUSTRY: Technology US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 62 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Mike Olsen, Founder and CEO WEBSITE: Proctorio is committed to creating a work environment that is fun, collaborative and rewarding. The office kitchen is always fully stocked with coffee, drinks and healthy snacks. Every week the company hosts a team lunch, and events throughout the year, including a food truck in the office parking lot or the annual holiday party. Throughout the day members of the Proctorio Fam take breaks at the Atari Pong table, or play with the office pup, Disney. Every month, Proctorio hosts a town hall meeting where the company celebrates success with a catered breakfast.



INDUSTRY: Financial Services—Other US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 74 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Jack Biltis, President WEBSITE: TAG Employer Services focuses on creating a fun and creative environment that invigorates the entrepreneur in all of its employees. The company provides a family oriented and highly social work culture that allows everyone to engaged with each other. To reward merit and performance, three non-sales employees are chosen to receive an international or domestic, all-expense paid vacation. An all-expenses paid company sponsored trip is provided for the entire operations team and their families every two years. The company also hosts an annual catered day of celebration recognizing each department’s top performers.

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INDUSTRY: Nonprofit—Other US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 80 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: David H. Richardson, CEO WEBSITE: As a leading counseling agency, we are committed to providing our employees with a supportive work environment where they will thrive professionally and maintain positive well-being. Take Charge America offers top-tier health benefits, generous paid time off, an Employee Wellness Program that includes gym membership reimbursement, wellness challenges and more, an on-site cafe and a casual dress code. The organization also provides tuition reimbursement and sponsor employee participation in continuing education and professional development programs. To ensure that employees feel included in Take Charge America’s mission, the organization strives to ensure employees understand that their work makes an impact. This dedication to a common goal brings cohesion to the team, boosting morale and making for happy, fulfilled employees.


INDUSTRY: Advertising/PR/Marketing US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 25 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Veronica James, CEO WEBSITE: Team members are highly valued at The James Agency. In addition to bimonthly team-building outings and adventures, the company provides monthly “Pops of Fun” that are 30-minute activities including crafts, painting, root beer float party, movie theater popcorn break and Halloween cake decorating contest. Monthly birthday celebrations feature fun snacks, crafts and activities. To make coming to work an inviting experience, The James Agency provides open workspaces, a stocked snack kitchen and friendly dogs greeting you at the door.


INDUSTRY: Services—Other US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 38 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Alex Bingham, President and CEO WEBSITE: The Little Gym International is dedicated to the success and happiness of its employees. The company creates an environment that allows team members to feel empowered, collaborate closely with peers and grow in both their professional and personal lives. With Family being a core value, the company provides and promotes work-life blend. To offer a fun, enjoyable work environment, The Family Room is equipped with a large table that allows

employees to eat lunch as a team, ultimately helping to build strong, long-lasting relationships with peers. Snacks and beverages are available to fuel brains, productivity and creativity. On a quarterly basis, the company’s Fun Committee plans companywide outings that have included kayaking, wine tours, professional sporting events and an annual outing to the Waste Management Phoenix Open. The Little Gym also offer a generous time-off policy that includes both maternity and paternity leave for employees.


INDUSTRY: Engineering US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 64 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Titus Crabb, Phoenix WEBSITE: Vertech provides staff members with engaging, fun events from the culture club like FedEx Day, hikes and Superbowl parties. To promote work-life balance, Vertech provides various benefits to help manage stress and overall wellness in employees’ personal lives, SmartDollar and a wellness program. There is a barbecue grill in back for anyone who wants to grill at lunch. As a team, employees work well together in the office and play outside of the office as well with family day, wellness events,and happy hours. The company has a charity matching program that allows to employees to donate money to any qualified nonprofit.

We are Honored to be recognized among Arizona’s Top Companies!





INDUSTRY: Consulting US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 84 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Ken Smerz, CEO WEBSITE: ZELUS’s company culture is the key to its success. The company supports employees in their careers and in reaching their personal and professional goals. The team enjoys spending time together and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, participating in 5K events like Pat’s Run, and partnerships with local historical societies. To promote bonding among team members, the company hosts events including trips to Dave and Buster’s, Top Golf, Main Event, baseball games and picnics.


Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Montana, South Carolina, Washington AR-GCI0423591-01

VISION COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT, LLC ZION & ZION INDUSTRY: Services—Other US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 93 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Darin Fisher, Founder and Owner WEBSITE: Vision Community Management, LLC prides itself on providing an employee-centric atmosphere where each staff member feels truly appreciated. The company offers a concierge service where the employer coordinates or offers services such as dry cleaning, meal catering, child care arrangements and automobile services. To promote a friendly working environment, there are frequent office parties and raffles and staff members are treated to on-site massages.


INDUSTRY: Advertising/PR/Marketing US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 40 ARIZONA LOCATION: Tempe TOP US EXECUTIVE: Aric Zion, CEO WEBSITE: Zion & Zion offers flexible work hours and workfrom-home options. There is no formal management hierarchy. This flat management structure means ideas don’t get lost going up and down the management chain, making departments more integrated and employees more collaborative. The collaborative environment promotes interaction, including a no-cube layout, ample whiteboard space for brainstorms and multiple meeting spaces throughout the office (both formal and informal). The entire space features integrated technology that includes touch screens, room wizards, an office-wide sound system and surround sound theatre cafe. The office is also dog-friendly and boasts a game room with shuffleboard, pool table, old-school arcade games, darts and giant Jenga; as well as a fully equipped kitchen, with healthy snacks and double kegs (one for cold brew, one for beer!). Zion & Zion employees enjoy a myriad fun, team-building activities. This includes movie days, happy hours, in-office massages, impromptu shidigs, spring training games and a weekend-long holiday party at a local resort.



INDUSTRY: Advertising/PR/Marketing US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 285 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Scott Allison, Chairman and CEO WEBSITE: Allison+Partners’ award-winning recognition as one of the “Best Places to Work” in our field is a result of the company’s co-founders who built a culture of collaboration, entrepreneurialism and empowerment. Driven by a highly entrepreneurial environment, employees are encouraged to pursue their individual passions empowering approaches to do things differently. Team members continually evolve to create new service offerings, seek out new clients they’re passionate about, volunteer in local communities and create cross-office committees focused on making the workplace fun and inclusive. Allison+Partners offers a culture that fuels a genuine sense of camaraderie, and an environment of creativity and collaboration.  | TOP COMPA NIES 2030 |  9

Thank you to our


and our

7201 E. Princess Blvd. Scottsdale, AZ 85255




INDUSTRY: Risk Management US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 102 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: John Ashton, Principal WEBSITE: Almost 25 years ago, the principals of Ashton Tiffany set out to create a work environment where employees were recognized, appreciated and given room to perform their duties in their own style. Employee feedback, input and participation is encouraged throughout the year, not just at review time, and everyone has a personal stake in the performance and success of the organization. Employees take their work seriously, just like they do fun. They carefully monitor the tone of the office to ensure things don’t get too serious for too long, and are quick to break up the monotony with an impromptu scooter race around the office, a spontaneous happy hour, or whatever wacky idea someone comes up with. You can be yourself at Ashton Tiffany and everyone contributes to the magic.


INDUSTRY: Nonprofit—Other US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 238 ARIZONA LOCATION: Tempe TOP US EXECUTIVE: Dan Dillon, CEO WEBSITE: ASU Enterprise Partners is a private non-profit organization in Tempe, Arizona, that focuses on raising resources to support Arizona State University, the most innovative university in the country. ASU Enterprise Partners does things differently. The orga-

nization operates under the notion that its success as an organization comes from ensuring that employees are happy, healthy and successful in all aspects of life. With a culture of caring, family friendly benefits, events promoting mental health and wellness, and long-term growth opportunities demonstrate Enterprise Partners’ dedication to offering every possible opportunity for employees to be their best selves, both personally and professionally. The organization provides unique staff events, including movies, fun places, new buildings on campus, all of the staff together, and always plenty of food.


INDUSTRY: Healthcare—Provider US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 133 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Jeff Mazzarella, CEO WEBSITE: AZPerio provides a welcoming culture, thorough training and competitive compensation to all of its dedicated and high-performing staff members. This organization believes in putting people before things. The financial and operational goals are achieved as a byproduct of taking care of each and every team member, every day. AZPerio provides a calling that turns a job into a lifelong career with endless opportunities to grow and advance. The team at AZPerio is innovative, positive, energized and inclusive which fosters an incredible network of people and a work day that is both fun and purposeful. In addition to a well-deserved paycheck, employees are awarded

with generous paid time off, comprehensive benefits,a bonus program, a paid day off for birthdays, training and development opportunities and exclusive discount programs for shopping, entertainment, travel and more.


INDUSTRY: Real Estate US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 128 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Mark Stark, CEO WEBSITE: Mark Stark and Gordon Miles, CEO and president respectively, firmly believe that happy employees are productive employees. Employees are expected to leave the office when they are done for the day and focus on their personal and family lives, not more work. They do something fun in the office just about every day, with birthday and anniversary parties, lunches and holiday celebrations like a Cinco de Mayo party and Halloween costume contest. This focus on culture helps employees be the most effective they can be for the company. And special events like the employee picnic and annual holiday party involve employees and their families, giving them an even greater sense of friendship. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Arizona Properties also makes community service a priority, and encourages employees to participate in their own passions as well as company sponsored initiatives.


INDUSTRY: Nonprofit—Other US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 128 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Matthew Fehling, President and CEO WEBSITE: The Better Business Bureau strives to take care of its employees by promoting a good work-life balance, leadership transparency and by providing an abundance of programs and benefits. From the onboarding experience where a custom welcome basket is waiting on an employee’s desk, to the daily huddles and constant flow of snacks, team members are always made to feel at home. BBB takes care of its employees with leadership transparency, a family friendly environment and flexible work schedules. The leadership team recognizes employees who go above and beyond with BBB Bucks. One day per quarter, employees are encouraged to volunteer with the charity of their choice on behalf of BBB. The company offers a unique program called Bring Your Baby to Work. New parents may bring their babies with them to work every day up until 6 months of age. Another program that was launched in 2019 is called RISE allowing employees from across the organization to present an idea to a group of judges made up of BBB leaders.


INDUSTRY: Technology US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 196 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Vincent Liu, CEO WEBSITE: To show employees how much they are valued, Bishop Fox provides everything from flexibility of schedule and telecommute options to post-surgery flowers. Staff members go out of their way to take care of each other and make newcomers feel welcome. Every new hire is brought on to a team lunch with managers and/or HR and coworkers for their first day, as well as Taco Tuesday for their second. Foxes also bond over everything from a brief game of Super Smash Brothers during a break from work to go-kart racing after hours. The Bishop Fox community is one that’s made of strong professional relationships built over fun personal bonding experiences in addition to a high bar of excellence for quality of work. Every employee is intentionally welcomed to what we fondly call “The Bishop Fox Fam.”

BROWN COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT, INC. INDUSTRY: Services—Other US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 102 ARIZONA LOCATION: Mesa TOP US EXECUTIVE: Robert J. Brown, CEO and President WEBSITE: Brown Community Management takes special measures to provide work-life balance to its employees, including flexible work schedules, ample time off for holiday and personal circumstances and numerous activities and opportunities for team building and outreach. The Outreach Program, an employeebased committee, is available for charitable ideas to be shared and discussed at length. The ideas found to be best-suited to the company’s outreach goals are in turn shared companywide. Brown Community Management strives to offer various types of philanthropic opportunities so that employees may choose which causes they would like to support based on their own availability and aspirations. To rally support over-and-above the already giving nature of the staff, BCM has also offered fun incentives and even matched monetary donations.


INDUSTRY: Education US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 108 ARIZONA LOCATION: Tempe TOP US EXECUTIVE: Eric Evans, CEO and President WEBSITE: Bryan University encourages a collaborative, innovative work environment resulting in a highly engaged workforce. Leadership believes in employees’ abilities and genuinely cares about the success of every team member. This commitment to building a strong sense of belonging, value and purpose, coupled with the company’s authentic, transparent leadership

10  | TOP COMPA NIES 2020 |

style, makes Bryan University a best place to work. There are abundant perks and office amenities, including an on-site fitness facility with locker rooms and shower, an on-site wellness program, monthly chair massages, a walking work station and Jeans Week. During weeks when staff celebrates a company holiday, employees can dress down for the entire week.


INDUSTRY: Car wash US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 275 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Trevor McDowell, CEO WEBSITE: What makes Clean Freak Car Wash a great place to work is its desire to serve its employees. The company’s main focus is to invest in the lives of people through the giving of time, talents and resources. This investment allows employees to become part of a family. The company’s Career Plan has been recognized as the road map that helps employees move to the next level. It identifies what they need to accomplish, so that they can move up in the company. The Career Plan helps keep employees challenged by covering the necessary training to become a great Customer Service Representative all the way up to a Director. Clean Freak Car Wash offers different opportunities for compensation including a loyalty program in which employees get paid for every customer who signs up for a Fast Pass membership. There is also a bonus program for all District and General Managers. To promote professional development, there are monthly Leadership Development Training Classes at the corporate office.


INDUSTRY: Construction US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 403 ARIZONA LOCATION: Chandler TOP US EXECUTIVE: Joe Nichter, President WEBSITE: Comfort Systems USA Southwest feels like a family, supporting, listening to and respecting one another at all levels including the field, office, management and executive team. Although Comfort Systems is not one of the currently fashionable companies that offer the fun, laid-back culture, where pingpong is played, the beer fridge is stocked and no one wears a tie, team members are productive, happy and engaged working at a more traditional organization. Employees are respected, listened to and supported and they share a passion for the company’s Culture of Accountability and share camaraderie. Employees have control over their time and their work, receive fair compensation and generous benefits. The company encourages inclusiveness, providing plenty of training and opportunities to advance, sharing information openly, taking suggestions seriously and honestly addressing complaints.


INDUSTRY: Construction US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 799 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Justin Martin, President, CEO, Partner WEBSITE: Corbins Electric’s culture is built on the cornerstone of our Core Values: Passion, Relationships, Innovation, Development, and Excellence—they are more than just signs on the walls. Not only does the company foster an environment that thrives on creativity, camaraderie and hard work, leadership believes people are people first. They empower our employees to implement our Core Values in everything they do and encourage out-of-the-box thinking to provide innovative solutions. As a team, the focus is larger than just projects. Through well-constructed and maintained processes and systems, good people can achieve great things together—and have the best time doing it. To support office culture, Corbins offers an Educational Assistance Program (tuition reimbursement) for career growth, Daily Huddle Meetings, ergonomic furniture and on-site chair massages, plus a four-seasons patio with a grill, corn hole boards, patio furniture and shuffleboard.




INDUSTRY: Banking US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 191 ARIZONA LOCATION: Glendale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Karen Roch, President and CEO WEBSITE: Credit Union West’s organizational mission is to inspire members, employees and communities to achieve their financial goals and enhance their quality of life. The company offers a competitive benefits package that connects team members with affordable, flexible and personalized programs for managing their overall well-being, invests in wellness programs, and continually recognize them for their achievements. With generous bonus and incentive programs, loan discounts, and matching 401(k) contributions, Credit Union West helps employees achieve financial freedom and personal success, offering a diverse work experience that empowers team members for career success. The organization provides a Learning and Development Department, which offers ongoing employee development, career planning, and a comprehensive leadership development program. Employees can direct their own Professional Development Plan, whether they wish to advance, grow in place or explore new opportunities. Team members are passionate about community service and they consistently make an impact on local charities through our employee-funded Charity Fund, where they recommend and then choose four charities each quarter.



INDUSTRY: Engineering US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 124 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Gregory Haggerty, PE, CEO WEBSITE: Dibble Engineering values its employees and believes in facilitating opportunities for individuals to grow both personally and professionally. The Mentoring Program is one investment tool of several at Dibble Engineering that is used to ensure a culture of mentoring is maintained through investment in others. Implementation of a formal Mentoring Program aligns with the Dibble Values, including investing in employees, boosting employee participation and maintaining an environment that leads to a satisfying and enjoyable career. Dibble’s family first culture and flexible work schedule ensure that employees achieve work-life balance.


INDUSTRY: Construction US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 288 ARIZONA LOCATION: Tempe TOP US EXECUTIVE: Dan Puente, Founder and CEO WEBSITE: Committed to the personal and professional growth of each employee, DP Electric provides an internal employee development program, formalized career pathing as well as other opportunities for employees to thrive. To foster its family culture, the business

holds team-building events and company parties to celebrate staff and to give senior leaders a chance to connect with employees at all levels in the organization. DP Electric gives back to the community through several channels including the Annual Heart Walk, Ronald McDonald House, ACE Mentorship Program and CASA Academy.


INDUSTRY: Manufacturing US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 264 ARIZONA LOCATION: Tucson TOP US EXECUTIVE: Robert Edmund, CEO WEBSITE: Edmund Optics is the best place to work because everyone that works there is considered part of one big family. Being a family owned business, those familial values run deep. Employees are well taken care of, recognized for hard work and valued for their contribution to the company. Edmund Optics builds a friendly, relaxing work environment by providing perks such as a subsidized on-site cafeteria, free snacks, coffee and drinks, plus a huge, annual family picnic. Each year, the company brings in a pharmacist to administer flu shots as part of the company’s health fair. Whenever there’s an opportunity to celebrate or gain feedback from employees, the owners provide dinners and lunches.  | TOP COMPA NIES 2030 |  11

company holds to the belief that success begins and ends with the energy generated by a culture that influences every action team members take. Through a supportive environment that embraces growth, diversity and empowerment, staff members invest daily in each other’s success.


A Sincere Thank You to our employees for making us a Top Company! AR-GCI0421135-01


INDUSTRY: Banking US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 144 ARIZONA LOCATION: Chandler TOP US EXECUTIVE: Jay Curtis, President and CEO WEBSITE: First Credit Union takes care of its employees. Staff members have the opportunity to be promoted from within. There are ongoing trainings and employee development opportunities to prepare staff for that next step. The company strongly supports employee training and development and even has one department designated for this purpose. The company provides exceptional, affordable benefits for staff and their families. To build a close-knit work culture with plenty of opportunities for fun, FCU offers Employee Appreciation Day where employees receive prizes, additional paid time off and breakfast and/or lunch. To create a relaxing atmosphere, a cafe-like employee break room includes quiet areas, flat-screen TVs and comfortable chairs for relaxing.


INDUSTRY: Banking US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 345 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Lee R Symcox, President and CEO WEBSITE: Employees of FFB become valued members of the “First Fidelity family.” Our most important Core Value is “A Caring Place to Work.” Employees love New

Hire Meet and Greet, casual jeans days, Employee Appreciation Week, our Thanksgiving family meal, Christmas potluck, the United Way Bowling Tournament, and the Family Foundation Ugly Holiday Sweater contest. Every Friday is fresh-baked cookie day for colleagues and clients. Employees who reach milestone years are recognized at a quarterly Salute to Service luncheon, where they are awarded a gold pin with sapphires, garnets or diamonds. We believe that giving back to our communities is an important responsibility. In order to encourage employees to volunteer, employees are given paid Volunteer Time Off annually. Employees receive a competitive base salary and opportunities to earn incentives and an All Colleague Bonus and a comprehensive benefits package. Other perks include career development opportunities through FFB University, a generous paid time off program, free banking services and reduced rates on loans, financial planning consultations and discounted tickets to local events and the annual Energy Soccer night.


INDUSTRY: Financial Services—Other US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 493 ARIZONA LOCATION: Chandler TOP US EXECUTIVE: Aaron VanTrojen, CEO WEBSITE: From day one, Geneva Financial was built on a singular principle and that is to take care of the employees first and foremost. The methodology behind this thought process revolves around the belief that if the firm focuses primarily on providing an exceptional experience for its loan officers and operations staff, they will pass that experience on to customers. The

INDUSTRY: Services—Other US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 131 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Jim Probst, President WEBSITE: George Brazil values its employees and is proud to have each of them represent the company. It is the company’s top-of-the-line training and the fun factor that makes the company a top place to work. Weekly meetings include obstacle courses, toothpick bridge building, dunking managers in dunk tanks and more, helping employees enjoy their workplace while connecting with colleagues. Employees enjoy company-wide breakfasts and lunches throughout the years, a company holiday party and spring picnic. To encourage community services, George Brazil offers a sponsorship program to all employees. All employees are allowed a $250/year sponsorship for any organization they choose—children’s sports teams, clubs, nonprofits, churches and more.


INDUSTRY: Nonprofit—Other US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 100 ARIZONA LOCATION: Peoria TOP US EXECUTIVE: Jason Barlow, President and CEO WEBSITE: The culture at Habit for Humanity is filled with deep values and traditions. The group’s interactions and attitude with one another are characterized by great appreciation and humility and encouragement to work as a team. Habitat employees enjoy the spirit of celebration and community, celebrating each other, volunteers, birthdays, Christmas, excellence and more. There is a biannual staff party every six months and staff enjoy flex time and great benefits. The Habitat team is united in its mission, and as a working family, choose to have some fun along the way. The organization operates daily with the highest level of reliability, honesty and integrity.


INDUSTRY: Mortgage US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 325 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: William (Bill) Rogers, President and CEO WEBSITE: HFG is a best place to work because family comes first and the company works hard to maintain that style of company culture. The company has created a nationwide Culture Committee, which meets every month to discuss marketing contests, upcoming

employee engagement events and how branches can make an impact in their local community through the numerous charitable initiatives we support each year. Each branch has a unique and personalized sign in their office containing flyers, charitable information and pictures of employees at fun HFG events. The company encourages collaboration and recognition through its “Community” feature, which is an internal news feed, similar to Facebook. Employees can share ideas, post photos from fun branch or charity outings, create polls, ask questions and more. HFG values input from its employees and makes sure that their voices are heard. Employees can participate in numerous anonymous surveys each year, in which leadership reviews the results and reads all the comments to determine how they can continue to improve the company and its practices.


INDUSTRY: Technology US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 187 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Jeremy Bloom, CEO WEBSITE: At Integrate, culture comes first. The company empowers team members to drive performance across the organization by taking ownership over their roles and exercising their entrepreneurial spirits. The team is united in the belief in its product and the value it brings to the marketing community. Integrate’s culture is built on performance, innovation, radical candor, trust and happiness. Employees are empowered to make decisions. Leadership promotes worklife balance by offering flexible hours and unlimited paid time off from the first day of employment. There are many perks at Integrate including the Expand Your Horizons Program, a random lottery selection to send an employee and a guest anywhere in the world for five nights. Flight, hotel, passport fees are all included. Passport Program—Global provides an opportunity for employees to experience other Integrate locations.


INDUSTRY: Communications US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 150 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Don Scales, Global CEO WEBSITE: Investis Digital is a global company where collaborative working is the norm and employees are given the freedom to grow and explore. From day one, each employee’s work is valued and relevant, and team members have the accountability necessary to really thrive. The business offers flexible work schedules for any reason, whether it’s a family reason or just a more conducive work environment. The company has increased diversity in the office by quite a bit in the past few years and firmly believe that having more types of voices at the table has made it a better place to work. Investis Digital is a genuinely enjoyable workplace where everyone is respected and able to have a seat and voice at the table. With a team that is innovative and fun, employees at Investis believe in playing just as hard as they work.

12  | TOP COMPA NIES 2020 |


INDUSTRY: Aerospace US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 103 ARIZONA LOCATION: Chandler TOP US EXECUTIVE: Jeanine Selover, Organizational Development Manager WEBSITE: ITS’s dedication to providing excellent customer support and solutions is displayed through the exceptional way they care for every employee. ITS attracts ambitious and driven top performers who share the company’s vision and commitment to integrity, unity and excellence. They promote a culture of happy and healthy employees in a close-knit environment, while remaining heavily focused on providing expert customer service and care. ITS offers numerous opportunities both inside and outside of work for employees to engage in healthy lifestyles, such as on-site yoga classes and company kickball games that include the whole family. Beyond the dozens of fun wellness activities, every employee also benefits from ITS’s remarkable industry experience and expert industry knowledge. ITS’s commitment to development of each employee can be seen in their ongoing development of leadership and training programs. Through these programs and overall engagement, each employee can capitalize on developmental resources and growth opportunities within their current roles, while ITS’s comprehensive focus on retaining talent encourages professional progression within the organization. The work hard, play hard ethics that ITS displays makes every employee truly feel like a part of the team and the ITS family.


INDUSTRY: Legal US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 163 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: John C. Norling, Managing Attorney WEBSITE: Jennings, Strouss & Salmon, P.L.C. promotes a pragmatic, results-oriented atmosphere of collaboration. The firm’s core values include maintaining a diverse team that strives to provide the highest quality legal services to our clients, while demonstrating respect for each other and valuing diversity and inclusion, both in the workplace and in dealing with others with whom we work. The firm shows appreciation for its people and promotes a positive work environment through many perks, including a 7.5-hour work day; transportation and parking subsidies; gym membership subsidy, holiday bonus; holiday luncheons, alternative work schedules and competitions, such as annual indoor golf and corn hole tournaments. A full-time trainer is onboard to educate and assist personnel with the firm’s numerous computer programs for enhanced job performance and personal growth. Educational programs focus on enhancing personal and professional development. To create

a fun, connected work culture; appreciation breakfasts and recognition for dedication to the firm are commonplace, as are monthly birthday gifts, cake and celebrations. The firm’s Health and Wellness Committee works to promote a healthier lifestyle through quarterly health challenges that focus on the physical and mental health of firm personnel.


INDUSTRY: Retail US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 247 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Frank Neal, President WEBSITE: La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries of Arizona provides a company culture of treating each other humbly and with respect. Everyone in the company has a voice. Through the Idea Generation Machine, anyone, in any position in the company can submit an idea. Each idea is followed up with by the leadership team, where they are encouraged to research and test ideas to improve the business. The management team is committed to continued personal and professional growth for all employees. The company believes that the people doing the work, know best how to improve the work and there is tremendous value in ideas from every position and level within the company. La-Z-Boy pushes the boundaries of work-life balance and productivity with modified schedules—working 30 hours and being paid for 40 is business as usual.


INDUSTRY: Publishing/Printing US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 780 ARIZONA LOCATION: Tucson TOP US EXECUTIVE: John Campbell, CEO Cambium Learning Grp WEBSITE: The culture and passion that Learning A-Z employees bring to work with them on a daily basis makes the organization a “best” place to work. The organization cultivates an environment of entrepreneurial spirit, gratitude and trust in one another by offering fun, connecting activities such as employee outings and charitable events and a company calendar featuring contributions from staff members. In addition to internal promotional growth, employees can take advantage of flexible scheduling, including 9/80 schedules, or working remotely. The company also host’s costume contests and give up to $1,000 for employee referral bonuses.


INDUSTRY: Real Estate US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 197 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Lesley Brice, President and Partner WEBSITE: MC companies is the best place to work because of the focus on culture. Leadership of MC Companies believes that happy people do good things so the

results will come if staff members invest in each other. Each year the company holds an employee summit that is led by the founders of the company. This three-day retreat is filled with personal development. No numbers or budgets are discussed, only the book attendees are reading together and what they plan to do in the upcoming year to stretch themselves personally. The result is the team charging forward into the next year ready to commit to each other and the success of the company.


INDUSTRY: Staffing US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 421 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Andrew Limouris, CEO WEBSITE: Medix lives by its Core Purpose to Positively Impact Lives. Not only does the company strive to positively impact the clients and talent it does business with, it puts a huge focus on positively impacting its communities and teammates. This desire to serve others is evident in Medix’s leadership team and stems throughout the entire organization. As a result, the team is like one big family that has loads of fun while trying to make the world a better place. The company offers paid volunteer days to staff, as well as a committee to help create volunteer opportunities for teammates in each office and within each office’s community


INDUSTRY: Insurance—Non-healthcare US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 322 ARIZONA LOCATION: Tempe TOP US EXECUTIVE: Dan Preston, CEO WEBSITE: Metromile’s flat structure and casual environment allows for input and ownership from all employees, at any level. The company offers generous benefits, work-from-home policies, a wellness stipend, 12 weeks paid parental leave, free snacks and beverages, occasional catered meals and Friday happy hours. It’s no wonder Metromile was named a Glassdoor Best Place to Work two years in a row and placed #17 in the 2019 Phoenix Business Journal Best Places to Work Awards. The company’s CEO consistently has a 95%+ approval rating and 90% say they’d recommend working at Metromile to a friend.


INDUSTRY: Sustainability—Energy Services US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 180 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: John Hobbes, CEO WEBSITE: Midstate Energy and Urban Energy has a strong team culture. The company has industry leading benefits and a 4.5-day work week. Additionally, the CEO leads from the front, you may find him bringing in breakfast, setting up the Christmas tree then providing knowledgeable insight into the industry  | TOP COMPA NIES 2030 |  13

To our team here at Suncrest Hospice & Palliative Care, we thank you for making and voting Suncrest Hospice one of the best places to work. Our team has shown that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the community. Your passion is the spark that illuminates our success and makes us Suncrest!


Suncrest Hospice and Palliative Care - Phoenix 4650 E Cotton Center Blvd, Suite 250 Phoenix, AZ 85040

and securing the acquisition of another successful Energy Service Company. Senior management is present daily and have open doors for questions and guidance. The company operates under a valuesbased culture which is hardworking and family oriented. The company provides cell phones and new work trucks for supervisors in the field and large office cubicles for support staff.


INDUSTRY: Marketing & Sales Food Brokerage Firm US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 103 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Mike Parker, CEO and Founder WEBSITE: Next Phase provides a stable work environment with unparalleled opportunity for learning and personal growth, always striving to protect its families. Employees are provided the same spirit, servant leadership and voice within the organization that fosters empowerment and authenticity. The organization is committed to honor all of its team members with comprehensive benefits and sharing in the company’s successes. It does this daily through many things but especially with medical/dental, 401(k) profit sharing, bonus structure and overall desire to consistently improve culture. The company provides a holiday party and monthly social events, a wellness program including customized sessions for the organization and 30 days of coaching in addition to meditation sessions and the ability to volunteer twice a year on company time.


INDUSTRY: Financial Services—Other US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 694 ARIZONA LOCATION: Tucson TOP US EXECUTIVE: John Volpe, CEO WEBSITE: NOVA’s core values are to promote sustainable careers for its employees so they can be enriched personally and professionally; and to give back to the communities the company serves. Through the leadership of CEO, Jon Volpe, and a corporate and branch management team that is second to none, it is the people who work at NOVA who ensure the success of the company. Perks abound including employee appreciation events, rewards and a holiday party. NOVA is committed to gathering employee feedback and implementing changes that will make the company a better place to work and promote a higher level of service to its clients In addition to listening to its employees, NOVA also shares its profits with its employees. NOVA will continue to evolve, to move the company forward and create a win for all.


INDUSTRY: Financial Services—Other US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 650 ARIZONA LOCATION: Chandler TOP US EXECUTIVE: David King, CEO WEBSITE: Optima Tax Relief is dedicated to delivering excellence to every employee. Going beyond providing great compensation and benefits, the company has a formal Culture and Fun Committee (CFC) which

meets monthly to plan dozens of activities and initiatives that give Optima an unbeatable culture of camaraderie and employee satisfaction. Comprised of employees that cover the departmental and hierarchal spectrum of the company, the CFC is explicitly tasked with being the wellspring of efforts that produce an infectiously positive and inspiring culture that nurtures staff both professionally and personally. A sampling of the initiatives the CFC develops and oversees include: organizing events such as the staff-and-family trips to theme parks, quarterly department outings, and holiday parties, responding to suggestions and feedback from staff, facilitating monthly “Lunch N Learn” and employee training programs, sponsoring employee sports teams and athletic events, staff health and wellness fairs, and partnering with local charities to conduct staff-led charity drives every month.


INDUSTRY: Architecture US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 106 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Bill Sheely, Managing Partner WEBSITE: Orcutt / Winslow provides a collaborative team environment focused on innovation. Perks abound at this caring company, including food, brew beers, Nerf gun wars, happy hours, hikes, camping, skiing and mini outings. Employees are involved in all aspects of architecture from day one and opportunities are available in all phases of design. To provide work-life blend, leadership offers flex time, work-from-home opportunities and paid volunteer hours.


INDUSTRY: Real Estate US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 157 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: R. Chapin Bell, CEO WEBSITE: P.B. Bell strives to have a welcoming environment that creates a work culture where people look forward to coming to work every day. The firm focuses on three key areas; maintaining its core values, encouraging continued learning and training and investing in its employees. This is how P.B. Bell stands out and has the best talent in the industry. P.B. Bell would not be the Best Place to Work without the hard work of its employees and the amazing leadership of R. Chapin Bell and the legacy his father Phil Bell has built from the ground up.


INDUSTRY: Consulting US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 863 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Mike Pongon, CEO WEBSITE: Point B promotes wrapping work around life, rather than the other way around. Employees have the opportunity to apply their talents in pursuit of a larger purpose; to work for a company that genuinely cares

for them; and to surround themselves with people who share their values and who they enjoy being with. Point B’s culture has been the cornerstone of its success over the last 25 years. The company offers getaways, one-on-one coffees, recognizing a great contribution to a client on internal social media channels like Yammer, and taking care of each other during tough personal times. The firm boasts 100% employee ownership, ensuring the purpose, mission and values of Point B endure for the long term,provides significant tax advantages for the firm, and gives employees a great opportunity for personal retirement wealth building.


INDUSTRY: Technology US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 138 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Kris Rudeegraap, CEO WEBSITE: Sendoso is unique because all employees have stock in the company so everyone is working hard and wants to be there. The atmosphere is fun and inspiring, with music often playing throughout the suite, complimentary snacks, breakfast and lunch, holiday movies shown in the break room, monthly company parties and shoutouts on the company’s Slack platform. Sendoso provides $500 vacation bonuses twice a year. Employees have a laptop so they can work from anywhere. With a focus on employee well-being, Sendoso provides four months fully paid maternity/paternity leave and wellness classes.


INDUSTRY: Technology US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 540 ARIZONA LOCATION: Tempe TOP US EXECUTIVE: Brian Osborne, Co-President/Chief Sales and Marketing Officer WEBSITE: Sentinel frequently shows employees how much they are valued through employee appreciation events, cookouts, social hours, holiday parties and a comprehensive benefits package. The company supports employee efforts to volunteer for organizations in the community. Many choose to volunteer their time and talents outside of the office by attending charity events, packing meals for children, working in soup kitchens, running marathons for causes, adopting families, delivering care packages, collecting donations, picking up waste, building houses, playgrounds and libraries, getting involved in mentorship programs for youth and much more within their local communities..

14  | TOP COMPA NIES 2020 |


INDUSTRY: Technology US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 163 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Lucas Haldeman, Founder and CEO WEBSITE: SmartRent provides a unique opportunity for employees to bring their true selves to the office and do meaningful work that positively impacts customers every day. The culture is supportive, engaging, fastpaced and facilitates partnerships among coworkers with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Smart Rent facilitates and supports a positive team working environment where employees’ ideas are heard. The company’s goal is to provide employees with peace of mind when it comes to health and financial benefits so that they can focus on doing their best work. The company provides 100% employer paid medical, dental and vision insurance for employees and their dependents and offers a generous 401(k) match up to 4%. By providing unlimited time off and access to discounts on travel and entertainment tickets throughout the US, SmartRent encourages employees to take time off and enjoy life outside of the office. SmartRent’s executives value all employees equally, creates a strong culture in the office and allows creative ideas to flourish. Leadership’s knowledge of the industry and the vision for the company keep everyone motivated to reach their goals.


INDUSTRY: Technology US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 262 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Kaleim Manji, CEO WEBSITE: Spear Education believes that every member of the team is essential to success—for both the client and the company. The business comprises a group of people who are passionate about customer success, and who are all aligned with the company’s core values: service-oriented, trustworthy, responsible, innovative, vested, and empowering. Spear team members work hard and love to have fun. Staff actively participates in companywide monthly initiatives including community outreach, wellness and team member appreciation events. Promoting open, honest and frequent communication, Spear has monthly townhalls, a weekly newsletter, weekly executive roundtable lunches and uses OfficeVibe to gather weekly feedback from employees.


INDUSTRY: Healthcare—Provider US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 535 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Scott Perucca, CEO WEBSITE: Suncrest Hospice focuses on the development of its employees by providing a safe and exciting place of employment. The company focuses on developing each other so the team can be the best versions of themselves and provide exceptional patient care and customer service out in the community. Suncrest believes the only way to achieve success is by the greater good of the entire team. The company provides opportunities for staff members to grow both professionally and personally to provide the best possible work environment and greatly care to see each individual grow within their lives and provide most exceptional patient care experience. There are weekly accountability meetings for the organization, an annual off-site leadership conference and team meetings that include a community outreach project. To create an uplifting environment, the company provides office events and parties throughout the year.


INDUSTRY: Insurance—Non-healthcare US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 823 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Ross Buchmueller, President and CEO WEBSITE: PURE’s employees are able to successfully find a balance between working hard and truly enjoying the company of their colleagues every single day. PURE is extremely proud of a work environment where the company aligns the interests of its stakeholders and employees and creates a common goal to serve its membership together. PURE is a company that proudly gives each employee between 40 to 60 hours of training annually (on average) to sharpen their skills, whether industry, business or passion based. PURE provides student loan debt relief, provides working parents access to backup child care and parental transitional coaching. Leadership works hard to create a culture of mutual trust and accountability, and this has been the company’s philosophy when rolling out flexible time off; as it pertains to personal, sick, vacation and volunteering.


INDUSTRY: Consulting US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 102 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Paul Briski, CEO WEBSITE: If you look at the low turnover at Trelevate’s corporate office, it speaks to the culture which makes it an amazing place to work. This year, the Trelevate team participated in several outreach events. For example, the team collected clothes, toiletries and bed linens to donate to Manna House in Phoenix, a home for


baseball games to guest speakers, plus a national, annual team-building event featuring three days of education, networking and celebration for the company’s managers. Alliance provides opportunities for associates to develop their professional careers, including courses through the Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage program, the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) and Empower-U internal training courses. The fashion-forward career apparel —Alliance InStyle—is a wardrobe allowance program that provides work apparel choices from popular retailers. Associates can choose on-trend colors and styles to wear proudly at work. To show employees recognition, Associates (plus a guest) are treated to extravagant regional award ceremonies where the team celebrates individual and company successes. In addition to great food and beverages, prizes are given out (gift cards to cool tech gear).



veterans who are getting back on their feet. Over Thanksgiving, employees personally donated funds to purchase turkeys for Feed My Babies USA and Trelevate matched our turkey purchases. A dozen team members also volunteered the day/night of the Thanksgiving dinner handout prepping bags and delivering the meals. Examples like these are common at Trelevate. To create a fun, employee-centric atmosphere, Trelevate hosts numerous fun events throughout the year, including a Mother’s Day Axe Throwing and Lunch, a Halloween costume contest, a Christmas party, birthday celebrations and a kick-off event for the company’s “Come Sail Away” National Contest where winners won a cruise of their choice.

U.S. 1000 or more Employees


INDUSTRY: Consulting US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 50,000 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Julie Sweet, CEO WEBSITE: Accenture is committed to fostering an environment that helps you be your whole self, so that you are your best self, professionally and personally. Through its Truly Human initiatives, the company encourages people to focus on four essential parts that make up the whole self: Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. And to create an environment that can help employees be totally themselves, the company is using technology to help and empowering them to take the lead. The diversity of the team is part of what makes Accenture exceptional. The company establishes and publish clear, measurable targets to increase the number of female employees—including its new goal to achieve 50% women/50% men by 2025—and annually publish workforce demographics in the U.S. Additionally, we’re committed to fostering an inclusive culture. In Phoenix, the company has seven Employee Resource Groups and two affinity groups—all are vibrant communities that enable our people to strengthen their networks, grow their skills, celebrate their heritages and give back to our community.


INDUSTRY: Real Estate US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 3,814 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Bruce Ward, Chairman and CEO WEBSITE: Alliance is a top company to work for because it feels that way every day. Team members love what they do and they do what they love—building better lives for associates, residents and clients, and building them together. The company provides ample team-building activities throughout the year, from

INDUSTRY: Financial Services—Other US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 25,748 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Steve Squeri, Chairman and CEO WEBSITE: What people choose to do for a living is one of the most meaningful decisions they can make. At American Express, leadership helps team members excel at their careers by providing experiences to become a great leader, a world of opportunities to grow a career and an inclusive culture to help employees thrive. American Express provides best-in-class leadership development tools and resources to all colleagues through the American Express Leadership Academy and partnerships with top educational partners such as Duke and Harvard. The company prioritizes leadership growth in career development, taking into account not only goal achievement but leadership behaviors. American Express encourages different paths to career success that support both the needs of the colleague and the business; employees are encouraged to work cross-functionally to broaden their experiences and growth. Leaders provide guidance and support as their team members discover and shape their unique career journeys.


INDUSTRY: Accounting US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 7,933 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Wayne Berson, CEO WEBSITE: BDO is always trying to make the firm a better place to work, and to create an environment that is as flexible and supportive as it is professionally rewarding. As a result of these efforts, BDO has been honored with awards in numerous categories, both locally and nationally. The company is proud to have been recognized among the 100 Best Companies by Working Mother magazine for its success in creating a workplace culture focused around its employees for the ninth straight year, and BDO was named a top company for Executive Women by the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE) for the  | TOP COMPA NIES 2030 |  15

A lot changes in

59 years.

development. More than 93% of employees say “BCBSAZ provides programs and opportunities to help them be their healthiest.” These include an on-site fitness center and reimbursements foroff-site fitness center memberships, not only for employees, but spouses too. BCBSAZ also provides personal training, a nutritionist, an on-campus WW program, flexible work environments, and more. The company’s robust benefits and program offerings, combined with a culture described by BCBSAZ employees as “caring, friendly, and collaborative,” have 85.3% reporting they would “recommend BCBSAZ as a great place to work.”

Our commitment to Phoenix isn't one of them.


Proud to be named a 2020 Top Company to Work for in Arizona.


fourth consecutive year. BDO’s concentration on national and local philanthropic efforts and allowing its professionals to take time away from work to focus on giving back to their communities truly makes BDO a “best” place to work. Because of BDO Counts, BDO professionals are able to volunteer thousands of hours every year, supporting a wide range of organizations. This is integral to BDO’s firm culture and is perfectly aligned with BDO’s core purpose of “helping people thrive every day.”


INDUSTRY: Hospitality/Travel/Tourism US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 1,455 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: David Kong, CEO WEBSITE: Best Western Hotels and Resorts offers a different kind of work atmosphere, a place where everybody pulls together around a common goal. In fact, helping one another is at the heart of the organization. The Employee Activities Committee sponsors exciting events throughout the year. Team members take advantage of Arizona’s unique weather with wellness walks, led by our senior leadership, as well as participate in the Arizona Walking Challenge. Employees enjoy great discounts, including event tickets, gym membership, cell phones and hotel discounts. The company creates a positive work environment where employees get support to achieve their professional and personal goals. Best Western provides employees with numerous opportunities for professional and personal development. Through these opportunities, employees are able to enhance

their professional skills, gain business knowledge, manage their finances and to manage stress. Employees are encouraged to stay involved in community service. There is an annual company day of service where employees go to St. Mary’s Food Bank to help prepare meals for those in need.


INDUSTRY: Healthcare—Insurance/Services US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 1,889 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Pam Kehaly, President and CEO WEBSITE: BCBSAZ employees are the company’s differentiator and their commitment and engagement are the reasons for ongoing success and member satisfaction. The company’s people-oriented culture fosters an environment of collaboration, in which employees feel connected to each other and can see the differences they make in the lives of our members and our community. BCBSAZ introduces programs and opportunities that help staff members manage their health—physical, mental, and financial—and better balance the demands of their work with their lives outside of BCBSAZ. The company offers tuition reimbursement, college scholarships, mentor programs, a book club and ongoing training and skills

INDUSTRY: Technology Services US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 1,584 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Girish Rishi, CEO WEBSITE: JDA’s Core Values—Results, Relentless and Teamwork—act as the heart of the company, uniting and engaging associates and executives alike. JDA is dedicated to developing all associates to realize their full potential and have fun while doing it, offering mentorships, training and development programs, ample volunteer opportunities, one day of paid time off each year to serve at a local charity of choice, fun perks like an on-site fitness room, corporate sports teams, happy hours and more. JDA offers quarterly all associate events that promote fun and relieve workday stress. Quarterly events include group volunteer activities, charitable opportunities, wellness related activities, and seasonal festivities. The office features a large kitchen area with refreshments, daily fresh fruit delivered, game room with pingpong, pool and arcade games.


INDUSTRY: Engineering, Architecture, Construction US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 6,655 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Ray Kowalik, Chairman and CEO WEBSITE: At Burns & McDonnell, employees are 100% owners of the firm. In addition to sharing directly in the company’s profit and success, employee-owners are empowered to make important decisions, develop new ideas or strategies and chart their own path. Their decisions and suggestions are valued and implemented. The company’s training team offers 2,500 internal classes annually and covers professional society fees. After six months of employment, full-time employees can apply for tuition assistance for an advanced technical degree, an MBA or some undergraduate courses. The wellness incentive program inspires healthy living with an on-site fitness center with classes, step challenges and health coaching through the health center or EAP. The firm also covers intramural league fees. To encourage community service, Burns & McDonnell’s foundation matches employees’ donations in support of their favorite charities through a Matching Gifts Program.


INDUSTRY: Real Estate US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 1,765 ARIZONA LOCATION: Tempe TOP US EXECUTIVE: Ric Campo, Chairman of the Board and CEO WEBSITE: When you join Camden, you are not a number — you become the reason for the company’s success. Camden’s values unite the company as a family. They are much bigger than a list of tenets: They motivate team members’ hard work, improve results and enrich the company’s fun-loving culture. Camden provides employees with resources and opportunities to continue growing, contributing and succeeding. The team work together to solve problems and achieve better results. Everyone respects one another and contributes to the team, regardless of position or background. The company shows employees they are appreciated by offering a fully furnished Camden apartment at $20 a night for traveling employees on vacation. The company provides a 20% rent discount at Camden communities for full-time employees. Part-time employees enjoy a 10% rent discount. To boost professional development, Camden provides employees with opportunities to develop their skills through valuable training opportunities at CamdenU—all while enjoying the support of their colleagues.


INDUSTRY: Financial Services—Other US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 4,860 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Jerome Grisko, President and CEO WEBSITE: CBIZ constantly shows employees that they are valued and that their feedback is being taken into consideration. This is displayed through professional development opportunities, recognition programs, and additional benefit offerings. “Great People, Great Place” (GP2) is a program the company implemented to ensure employees are excited and proud to work at CBIZ. Each office’s GP2 Committee oversees, implements, and maintains local programs and activities. CBIZ Women’s Advantage (CWA) is a nationwide program that celebrates the uniqueness of the woman business professional. The whole company has a dress for your day policy which is appreciated by employees. Wellness is a big priority in the office. There is an on-site gym and every Wednesday employees enjoy complimentary healthy snacks. Volunteerism is important to so many of the company’s employees so the CBIZ Cares Committee organizes volunteer events (both off-site and on-site) for our employees throughout the year. To promote fun and relaxation, the Social Committee plans two to three fun, off-site events (families invited!) throughout the year—a summer baseball game event and holiday party being the favorites.

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INDUSTRY: Technology US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 7,529 ARIZONA LOCATION: Chandler TOP US EXECUTIVE: Chris Leahy, President and CEO WEBSITE: CDW’s empowering leadership makes things happen and inspires their teams to do the same. AT CDW, coworkers have fun and make things happen. The company is a team of driven and talented coworkers who are invested in each other’s success. Coworkers are empowered to make a difference. Perks are part of the cultural fabric at CDW, including a holiday bonus, the ability to wear jeans, workfrom-home options, the Annual CDW Coworker Appreciation Day and ice cream Fridays from Memorial Day through Labor Day.


INDUSTRY: Financial Services—Other US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 19,290 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Walter W. Bettinger, II, President and CEO WEBSITE: Schwab’s team is drive and dedicated to building and maintaining a dynamic organization and culture, in a team-oriented, collegial environment, reflecting the individual strengths of every person who is part of the company. To make the workplace a great place to work, Schwab boasts modern, updated facilities offering modern workspaces with sit-stand desks, electric car charging and on-site cafes and baristas. To foster community engagement, Schwab employees engage in community service projects during Schwab Volunteer Week. For every five years of service, Schwab employees earn a four-week period of time off in addition to regular vacation time. Promoting a connected culture, Schwab’s executive leadership holds in-person meetings at major locations across the country and meet with employees in small groups, breakfasts, panels, town halls and luncheons.


INDUSTRY: Telecommunication US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 1,856 ARIZONA LOCATION: Tempe TOP US EXECUTIVE: John Marick, CEO WEBSITE: Working at Consumer Cellular is both challenging and rewarding. To achieve its goals, the company finds the absolute best talent and then nurtures a highly productive and entrepreneurial environment. The company strives to show employees how much they are appreciated through Monthly Employee Appreciation Events which thank employees for a job well done, sharing in company awards receiving

and celebrating holidays. A variety of volunteer and fundraising opportunities are organized throughout the year, making it easy for employees to participate in all or just their favorite charities. Employee awards are given on employees’ birthdays, anniversaries and throughout the year for participating at volunteering events such as blood drives and food bank visits. Consumer Cellular provides a fun, exciting atmosphere by offering catered lunches in May, ice cream truck visits in June, a barbecue cookout in July, Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches in August, a luau in September and a holiday ham lunch in December. Biannual company meetings are held at local venues where past accomplishments and future goals are shared with all. Games are played for a chance to win prizes and money, employees are thanked for their service, served lunch and given a team T-shirt. Team/Wellness Challenges throughout the year put locations in competition with each other where the coveted prize may be a banner naming that location #1 and a pizza party for all to celebrate.

Thank you to our employees formaking us a top company to work in Arizona! #LifeatDriveTime


INDUSTRY: Financial Services—Other US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 16,900 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Roger Hochschild, CEO WEBSITE: Discover Financial Services values its employees and fosters a culture that places a strong emphasis on the development and well-being of team members and their families, through Live and Work Well benefits. Employees are offered annual health evaluations for themselves and their domestic partners. Discover has an on-site fitness center, jogging path, basketball and volleyball courts, an on-site EAP counselor and health screenings. The company also features an on-site Health Services Center. Discover provides the opportunity for a full-ride college education benefit for its U.S.-based employees to participate in fully paid online bachelor’s degree programs in three of the nation’s top online universities. Discover offers family friendly benefits and its Employee Resource Groups promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The ERG leaders work with Discover’s leadership to enhance business results, foster an inclusive environment and promote company success in the community. One of Discover’s core values is Volunteerism and the company seeks to make a difference in the communities in which team members work and live.


INDUSTRY: Construction US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 6,582 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: George Pfeffer, President WEBSITE: Ranked on FORTUNE 100 Best Companies for five consecutive years, DPR Construction values its employees. Through targeted and intentional hiring, DPR finds the right “who” to complete every project with quality, while also creating a culture of transparency, trust and integrity. DPR provides a safe, comfortable and pleasant work environment, flexible


work hours and additional paid time off added every five years. Encouraging work-life balance, DPR provides a Flagstaff vacation house that employees have access to, free workout classes in the office and snacks, beverages and lunches and support and encouragement when needed.


INDUSTRY: Retail US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 4,788 ARIZONA LOCATION: Tempe TOP US EXECUTIVE: Don Reese, CEO WEBSITE: In Drivetime’s collaborative and transparent environment, employees are encouraged to work together to come up with solutions and ideas on a daily basis. The company’s “work hard play hard” mentality allows the team to hold regular team-building events, such as office mixers and spring training games. With an eye on creating a fun, relaxing office atmosphere, Drivetime provides pingpong tables, a virtual reality room, on-site gym, a concierge gasoline delivery service and much more. At DriveTime, the wellness of our employees is a top priority. To maximize the well-being of our staff, we offer onsite dental visits and health screenings, benefits fairs, tuition reimbursement, an unmatched wellness program, free behavioral healthcare and much more. Additional employee perks include a concierge gasoline delivery service, child care discount program, game rooms, on-site gyms, an employee referral program and employee purchase program.


INDUSTRY: Financial Services—Other US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 46,572 ARIZONA LOCATION: Tempe TOP US EXECUTIVE: Penny Pennington, Managing Partner WEBSITE: Edward Jones has created a positive work environment for a large number of Arizona employees. Through drawings and giveaways, the company encourages associates to participate in the culture of the region. Edward Jones purchases quantities of tickets for the Suns and the Diamondbacks, local theater and the Phoenix Zoo which are used for associate giveaways. Every associate has an opportunity to own part of the firm. Partnership is a unique reward that few companies offer. Any associate in good standing with three years of service can be offered partnership. Nearly 50% of associates are owners. The company’s wellness program offers one-on-one health coaching. Associates also can opt for biometric screenings, mindfulness training, calorie tracking, nutrition and weight-management sessions, and tracking device syncing to earn medical premium discounts.

business—winning first place in the U.S. from both Chevron and Shell for customer service and image. Jacksons recognizes that its success is dependent upon its employees. The company is very focused on employee benefits, programs and opportunity and respecting, listening, assisting and rewarding its most precious asset—employees. Leadership encourages ideas and feedback at all times. Jacksons offers a generous bonus program delivered to every level of the organization, including profit sharing which was added this past year. There is a service award dinner and recognition party in every market the company does business attended by owners, the president and vice president.

KITCHELL To all of our valued employees for nominating Greystar™ one of azcentral's 2020 Top Companies—

Thank you!

3200 E. Camelback Rd. Ste 255 Phoenix, AZ 85018 | 602.910.2752


INDUSTRY: Insurance—Non-healthcare US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 19,699 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Jeffrey Dailey, CEO, Farmers Group Inc. WEBSITE: In addition to the work Farmers does around diversity and inclusion, and corporate social responsibility, the company strives to excel in transparency, innovation, and ensuring our employees know how meaningful their work truly is. Communication and transparency are the foundation of the culture. The leadership team takes that feedback to heart and takes action to let employees know they’ve been heard. Farmers recently celebrated the grand opening of a new building in Phoenix—a sleek, newly designed office with innovative spaces that help mitigate noise and allow for the best work environment possible for teams. The company also opened a new claims training facility, which includes a hands-on application area where students experience immersive training offered in both the traditional classroom setting, or through virtual and augmented reality. Other perks at Farmers include Dress for Your Day (a casual dress code), a competitive 401(k) program, The Farmers Family Fund, discounts with several institutions for advanced degrees and tuition assistance.


INDUSTRY: Real Estate US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 14,757 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Robert ‘Bob’ Faith, CEO WEBSITE: The essential qualities that set Greystar culture apart from so many others in the real estate industry is the company’s focus on people, shared values and in creating genuine relationships. The company doesn’t just focus on growth and numbers to achieve success. It focuses on hiring the best team members in the business who exemplify this culture. As the real estate industry continues to evolve and change, employees will continue to be the defining difference and what makes Greystar the global leader in rental housing. To show employees how much they are appreciated, Greystar provides plenty of perks including employee recognition, work-life balance, Advanced Leadership and Development programs, monthly birthday breakfast celebrations and mentorship programs.


INDUSTRY: Retail US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 3,006 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Cory Jackson, President WEBSITE: As a rapidly growing company, Jacksons Food Stores is always looking for quality employees who want to grow along with the company. The company provides top-notch facilities, training, brands, employment packages and most importantly, employees in the

INDUSTRY: Construction US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 1,087 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Jim Swanson, President and CEO WEBSITE: Employee ownership is a core value that is woven into every aspect of Kitchell’s services. This culture creates dedicated employees who are committed to stay for the long term with a unique understanding that what you contribute to a company comes back in spades. Kitchell incentivizes employees to stay healthy through wellness points and a competitive benefits plan. Employees enjoy face time with company leaders. The leaders are an open, inclusive bunch who enjoy spending time with the people who are the company’s future. Perks are commonplace. For Friday happy hours, anyone is invited to come to the corporate headquarters lobby area at 2 p.m. when the Kitchell taps open. There are monthly trip reduction drawings for those who carpool, ride their bikes, etc. to work. With an eye on connecting with the community, Kitchell supports employees who are passionate about charitable efforts.


INDUSTRY: Automotive US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 5,805 ARIZONA LOCATION: Mesa TOP US EXECUTIVE: Dean Fitzpatrick, President, Miller Automotive Operations WEBSITE: The Larry H. Miller Vision is “To be the best place in town to work and best place in town to do business.” The company enriches the lives of its employees by providing opportunities for advancement in their career paths. Many of the management jobs have been filled by mentoring, coaching and training current employees to encourage personal and career growth for promotion from within the organization. Larry H. and Gail Miller’s love of education inspired them to create the Larry H. Miller Education Foundation which provides educational assistance to dependent children of full-time employees of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies. Avondale Dodge has also partnered with Strayer University and FCA in a program titled Degrees@Work. This program provides em-

ployees with an opportunity to earn college degrees at no cost to them, providing an opportunity to take online courses around their current work schedules to enhance their careers and prepare them for future promotions and growth throughout the organization. Degrees@Work is also available to their immediate families.


INDUSTRY: Real Estate US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 1,001 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Eric Lipar, CEO WEBSITE: LGI maintains a rich company culture focused on people, process and constant and never-ending improvement. Unlimited training opportunities, employee recognition and a commitment to the “LGI Way” are a few ways in which we live our culture each day. Recognition is paramount, and many exciting awards are presented throughout the year. An all-expenses paid vacation with the company, loyalty rings, aggressive bonuses and employee photos on the NASDAQ in Times Square are some of the ways we recognize our top performers. LGI employees sit down one-on-one each month with their manager to discuss both professional and personal goals. In addition. It is truly we, us, together at LGI, as we know that it takes every employee to impact sales and closings. The company focuses on employee recognition, training and feedback and offers an Annual Circle of Excellence Trip to a luxury destination.


INDUSTRY: Insurance—Non-healthcare US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 5,997 ARIZONA LOCATION: Tempe TOP US EXECUTIVE: Charles A. Touché, Chief Executive Officer WEBSITE: For more than 100 years, Lovitt & Touché has retained the close-knit, collaborative atmosphere upon which the business was founded. This open culture, which values inclusivity, drives many of our innovations, empowers staff, helps deliver measurable results to clients and provides the chance to make meaningful contributions to the greater community. The company strives foster a diverse team—in terms of ethnicity, gender, age, background and specialty—which in turn helps create a culture that values mentorship, teamwork, innovation and cross-departmental collaboration. Trust and respect filter through all levels, with company leadership and management empowering their teams to make decisions and try new ideas. Work-life balance and employee wellness are also priorities. Lovitt & Touché allows flexible schedules, telecommuting and provide generous time off. The company’s wellness programs are robust and employees enjoy competitive salaries and benefits, a stock purchase plan, tuition reimbursement and bonuses.

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INDUSTRY: Construction US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 1,393 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: Doug Bauer, CEO WEBSITE: Maracay Homes’ biggest emphasis is placed on its team members who make it all possible. The company empowers each team member to be a changeagent, using entrepreneurial spirit to bring their best thinking and energy to the collective cause. In do so, everyone helps to advance the company’s vision of home buying, home building and home ownership to the next level with integrity, drive and teamwork. Maracay has a clear vision and mission, efficient communication between different departments and solid processes. Maracay values its employees and really cares about each employee’s well-being both professionally and personally. The company ensures that every employee is well-informed about the company and their job. Various work activities encourage healthy living or work-life balance, such as fun celebrations of holidays, baby showers, anniversary celebrations, adopt a family programs, and leaving work early for holiday weekends


INDUSTRY: Construction US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 2,270 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Ray Seday, CEO WEBSITE: McCarthy employees are partner owners, fostering a strong team culture where staff is vested in one another’s professional growth and success. In addition, McCarthy offers a comprehensive benefits package, a nationally recognized training program and employee stock ownership programs that help recruit and retain the best talent. The company provides a wellness online platform (Vitality) that allows employees to earn points for wellness and redeem for prizes and insurance discounts. The program also includes complimentary health screenings to all employees and spouses. Team members receive a robust benefits package that begins on the first day of employment. All employees are encouraged to take at least one (paid) full-day off from work annually to aid local organizations in need through the McCarthy “Heart Hats” community involvement program.

MTSI (MODERN TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS INCORPORATED)–WARFIGHTER CAPABILITIES BUSINESS UNIT INDUSTRY: Defense US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 1,200 ARIZONA LOCATION: Tucson TOP US EXECUTIVE: Kevin Robinson, CEO WEBSITE: MTSI is an enduring employee-focused company that lives its core values: Employees Come First; Leadership, Quality and Responsiveness in Service Delivery;

Own and Solve Our Customer’s Problems; Ethics, Integrity, and Trust; Organizational Teamwork and Collaboration; Open, Honest, and Respectful Communications; An Entrepreneurial Environment Which Empowers Teams and Individuals; Opportunity Based on Merit; Social Responsibility. An employee-owned company, MTSI provides generous semi-annual co-worker bonuses and ESOP contributions are great pay differentiators. MTSI employees are empowered to execute their work projects without interference or intrusion from excessive leadership oversight. Flexible work schedule allows employees to balance work and life. A comprehensive employee career development program includes mentoring by senior employees in similar skill areas and identification and monitoring of career path by supervisor. A fully company paid holiday party at a Tucson ranch with food, drink and entertainment provided for all employees and their guest.


INDUSTRY: Restaurant US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 27,469 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Andrew & Peggy Cherng, Founders, CEO WEBSITE: Panda Restaurant Group is dedicated to becoming a world leader in people development. Whether through sharing good food with guests or providing opportunities for professional and personal growth with associates, all are embraced in a genuine family environment that is uniquely Panda. The company’s mission is to deliver exceptional Asian dining experiences by building an organization where people are inspired to better their lives. We live by the Panda Way, which is an extension of the company’s values that are focused on personal and interpersonal development: Healthy Lifestyle, Continuous Learning, Developing Others, and Acknowledging Others. Panda offers the Learning Benefit Program and the Scholarship Program where Panda associates receive financial support to pursue continuous learning. Everyone qualifies for bonuses (both quarterly and periodic) and the best part is there is no cap. Panda acknowledges and supports associates who grow in the company by offering qualifying associates a stock option benefit.


INDUSTRY: Construction US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 1,730 ARIZONA LOCATION: Tempe TOP US EXECUTIVE: Dave Filipchuk, President and CEO WEBSITE: Being an employee-owned company is the foundation of PCL Construction’s culture as its employees have a vested interest in the company’s success. This structure of employee ownership helps to contribute to PCL’s positive working environment, with employeeshareholders working together as a team to achieve common goals. Medical benefits are generous and employees receive three weeks beginning on date of hire. PCL provides numerous employee engagement

activities, ranging from hikes, spring training games, and movie days to happy hours and a water park day, all of which allow employees and families to relax and bond with coworkers.


INDUSTRY: Consulting US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 2,700 ARIZONA LOCATION: Phoenix TOP US EXECUTIVE: Joseph Tarantino, President and CEO WEBSITE: Protiviti offers a global, collaborative and diverse workplace for its employees, with exceptional opportunities for career development; a strong tradition of mentoring, a competitive benefits package and the chance to help and support the local community. The company offers a sabbatical program that allows eligible consultants to take up to three months off to pursue their own personal passions and adventures, with a stipend. To further employees’ careers, Protiviti offers exceptional development opportunities, including innovative and award-winning training programs. After the first year, Protiviti employees average more than 100 hours of accredited training annually. Protiviti understands the importance of work-life balance and family and is always willing to help working parents with flexible work arrangements and additional parenting benefits like backup child care.


INDUSTRY: Corporate Tax Advisory Services US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 1,775 ARIZONA LOCATION: Scottsdale TOP US EXECUTIVE: G. Brint Ryan, Chairman & CEO WEBSITE: Ryan’s leadership continues to demonstrate its commitment to creating, executing and promoting innovative policies to create a more engaged workforce and support employees as they balance work and family responsibilities. Ryan is an established leader in the area of workplace flexibility, often providing guidance to other professional services firms that are seeking ways to build a more engaged, satisfied, and productive workforce. Ryan is committed to professional and personal success for all employees, and that management’s actions match its words. Employees trust leadership at Ryan. Employees appreciate the many training and development opportunities offered to further themselves professionally, as well as Ryan’s generous tuition reimbursement program. Employees also enjoy the broad range of benefits, including, but not limited to maternity and paternity leave, tuition reimbursement, gym membership and wellness programs, and community outreach opportunities. With employees’ wellness in mind, the company offers RyanTHRIVE, a comprehensive well-being platform.


INDUSTRY: Manufacturing US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 1,098 ARIZONA LOCATION: Tempe TOP US EXECUTIVE: Kevin Lobo, Chairman of the Board and CEO WEBSITE: Stryker is all about helping every employee discover their strengths, follow their passion and grow with a growing company. The key event that differentiates Stryker is the Q12 Employee Engagement Program. This program begins with a survey sent to all employees. Gallup tabulates the results and sends individual reports for every team. Examples of results from the Q12 process include building an onsite gym, providing catered lunch on site, flexible work arrangement opportunities, “dress for your day” methodology, a full office remodel with standing desks for all employees, and more. Stryker has a special committee that leads an extensive amount of engagement activities such as; quarterly volunteer events, bring your child to work day, Stryker Olympics, a holiday party, Employee Appreciation Week, and more. The company takes care of employees with a well-being platform that encourages employees to live a healthy lifestyle. The platform provides activities to track and the more activities tracked the more points employees receive which leads to incredible prizes.


INDUSTRY: Transportation US/AZ EMPLOYEES: 5,000 ARIZONA LOCATION: Tempe TOP US EXECUTIVE: Ken Oaks, CEO WEBSITE: The commitment at Total Quality Logistics to building a strong company culture makes the company a great place to work. One of TQL’ers favorite benefits is the Snooze or Cruise pass, handed out as spot prizes to celebrate individual achievements or a job well done. The passes enable employees to either come in one hour late or leave one hour early. Breakfast or lunch with leaders is an incentive offered to many teams across the company. Winners get one-on-one time with team leaders to learn success strategies and deepen their logistics knowledge. Our Culture Team plans year end celebrations for every TQL location companywide. In addition, at least one executive attends every party to thank employees personally. By far, one of the employees’ favorite perks is the tradition of companywide Beer Drops. Everyone of legal drinking age is given a beer, and the CEO leads the team in a companywide toast to celebrate milestones and broken records.

CREDIT UNION WEST Karen Roch President/CEO

In response to unprecedented challenges facing Arizona, Credit Union West continues to serve the needs of its members, employees and communities during the pandemic and is moving forward together. As a strong member-owned, not-forprofit financial institution, Credit Union West continues to be a trusted partner in helping members manage their finances in these uncertain times. Dedicated to financial security, the credit union manages $794 million in assets for its more than 74,000 members. Giving back to local communities is part of employee culture at Credit Union West. Even with many community support activities postponed due to COVID-19, this didn’t stop Credit Union West from supporting front line workers. They provided meals to employees at both HonorHealth Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center and Dignity Health St.Joseph’s Westgate Medical Center. Honoring our heroes is a way of life for the credit union. The organization also shows appreciation for the service of its military members by offering designated parking spaces at each of its branches for veterans and activeduty military. In addition, it is a proud participant of Military Saves Week, a national campaign that encourages active-duty military and their families to save for a financially secure future. To continue serving members and to safeguard its employees’ health, the credit union implemented remote work arrangements, allowing normal

P.O. Box 7600 Glendale, AZ


operations to be performed securely from home. Financial assistance was also extended to employees’ spouses and family members affected by job loss, by offering reduced insurance premiums.

Our employees are the heart of our business,” Roch says. “Their hard work allows us to deliver on our organization’s core purpose to enhance the quality of life of our members by establishing long-term relationships, providing sound ethical advice and delivering superior service.

AZ EMPLOYEES: Nearly 200

Members are served by dedicated financial professionals whose commitment to and engagement in their work is demonstrated by Credit Union West’s recognition as a Top Company to Work for in Arizona for the eighth consecutive year. Credit Union West earned high scores in leadership and planning, work environment, overall engagement, and role satisfaction. Employees noted in their survey responses that they feel valued and appreciate the great work environment and collaborative, empowered teamwork. “Credit Union West aims to promote from within to create more engaged

Staff at Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Westgate Medical Center

employees and offers leadership training to develop its internal talent and reinforce their ‘hire-to-retire’ philosophy,” says President and CEO Karen Roch, who herself rose through the ranks over her 21 years with the company.

Program, staff members nominate and vote for four deserving charities to receive financial grants.

“We will continue to support health care providers and other organizations that serve our communities in need,” Roch says. “As the economy continues to reopen, Credit Union “Our employees are the heart of our West will stay true to our commitbusiness,” Roch says. “Their hard ment to partner with local businesses work allows us to deliver on our organization’s core purpose to enhance and our neighbors as we all work together toward a brighter future.” the quality of life of our members by establishing long-term relationships, providing sound ethical advice and delivering superior service.” The credit union’s employees also bolster the organization’s longstanding community support through charitable contributions and volunteering. Each year through their Employees CARE

Top Talent. Top Companies. Arizona tops the list.

The Arizona Commerce Authority is proud to partner with Republic Media to celebrate the 2020 Top Companies to Work for in Arizona. Most importantly, we want to say thanks to the businesses who contribute to the exciting growth happening throughout the state. Our hardworking employees, job creators and innovators have helped us rank third for economic momentum, fourth for population growth and fifth for personal income growth. And, Arizona is more than a best state for business. With endless outdoor activities, vibrant arts and culture, record high household incomes and easy commutes, Arizona provides the perfect balance that makes life better here.