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at “Door to Doc in 31 Minutes” ™


“Door to Doc in 31 Minutes.”™

Our promise to you O

n behalf of the Board of Directors, Medical Staff and the entire family of Gilbert Hospital and Florence Hospital at Anthem, we extend an invitation for you to experience healthcare at its finest. Our commitment to serve the Valley residents healthcare needs will be delivered in a unique and efficient manner that is compassionate and caring. Our mission, philosophy and goals center on the delivery of the absolute highest quality service of healthcare to all who walk through the doors. This commitment is made possible by the reflection of our attitudes, skills, and knowledge of our technology in the industry. Our staff are expected to think “outside the box,” to satisfy our customers at every level, and put forth an attitude that “raises the bar” on quality and commitment that our hospital has for its mission. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your community, now and for many years to come.

Tim Johns M.D.

Founder, President of the Board

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David S. Wanger

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer David S. Wanger (left) and Founder Tim A. Johns, M.D.

gilbert HOSPITAL, florence hospital at anthem, set higher standard for care Bringing ‘community’ to community health care By Ann N. Videan, APR


rom minimal wait times and a unique process for seamless inpatient care, sister facilities, Gilbert Hospital and Florence Hospital at Anthem (FHA), bring a deeper sense of community through hands-on local involvement and white glove treatment for patients and families.

Unique services

The trademark is “Door to Doc in 31 Minutes”™ and the average Emergency Room (ER) waiting time at FHA is expected to be eight minutes, based on Gilbert Hospital’s statistics. The facility also employs a unique process for inpatient care. “Our brand new, Multi Organizational Specialty Unit (MOSU) in Florence is a fairly new concept,” said Amy Jascourt, Director of Consumer Affairs and Marketing. “It is designed to reduce the amount of movement necessary during a patient’s stay. For example, a patient could be ICU

status, be downgraded to telemetry or med/surg and never have to change rooms. This enables the patients care to be seamless and is more comfortable for the patients and their families.”

We’re known for our seamless continuity between levels of inpatient care. Because Florence Hospital at Anthem resides in a town with 13 prison facilities, the hospital also has a full lock-down correctional unit toward the rear of the facility. Designed to meet the needs of its incarcerated population. The corrections area has a separate secure emergency and ambulance entrance, and follows processes that never allow a member of the general public to come in contact with an incarcerated patient.

Staff and community teamwork Gilbert Hospital and Florence Hospital at Anthem are focused on building a team culture in

Florence Hospital at Anthem: AT A GLANCE: • Inpatient 20-bed • Emergency Room – 22 beds • Corrections – 14 beds / 2 Intensive Care Units • 2 Operating Rooms • Full Laboratory with Blood Bank • CT, Digital X-Ray, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Ultra Sound

• Gynecology • Infection Disease • Internal Medicine / Hospitalists • Interventional Radiology • Nephrology • Orthopedics • Podiatry • Pulmonologist • Radiology • Vascular Surgery

SERVICES: • Anesthesiology • Cardiology • Dermatology • Gastroenterology • Emergency Medicine • General Surgery 3

which everyone helps others and no job is above or beneath anyone else’s. This team spirit also extends into the community. Both hospitals are involved in the community on a grass-roots level. The staff and leadership participate in numerous events impacting the community: golf tournament fundraisers, Higley Bikes for Kids, Veterans Day celebration, performing arts, numerous health fairs offering free health screenings, flu shots and blood pressure checks.

and Emergency Room care.” Everyone who comes through the doors at Gilbert Hospital and Florence Hospital at Anthem receives the “white glove treatment.” Employees are instructed to go the extra mile and to say yes even before knowing the need. Learn more about our hospitals by visiting or calling 480-984-2000; visit Florence Hospital at Anthem at, 520-868-3333.

Patient care

Gilbert Hospital

“People tell us our hospitals look more like hotels than health care facilities,” said Jascourt. “We pride ourselves on a warm, comfortable environment. Our rooms are all private, for both inpatient

5656 S. Power Road, Gilbert, AZ 85295

Florence Hospital at Anthem 4545 N. Hunt Highway, Florence, AZ 85132

Growing care

Since its opening in 2006, Gilbert Hospital has distinguished itself as a leader in redefining health care delivery. That standard continues at Florence Hospital at Anthem. The new hospital fulfills the need for a full-service general acute care facility in the area, offering not only an Emergency Room, but many of the health-care service residents could need, with the exceptions of Obstetrics and in-patient Pediatrics. Its services fill a void in keeping patients close to their families and loved ones during care and will reduce the number of patients transferred out of Florence. Florence Hospital at Anthem expands service to Pinal County in conjunction with its sister facility, Gilbert Hospital in Maricopa County. Even more Arizona care will soon be available with the expected 2013 opening of Peoria Regional Medical Center.

Did you know? Interesting facts about Gilbert Hospital & Florence Hospital at Anthem

• Since opening in 2006, the staff at Gilbert Hospital has seen and treated more than 200,000 emergency patients

• Florence • In 2011, the • Gilbert Hospital • Florence Hospital at average wait Hospital at is the nearest Anthem has a time for ER Anthem is receiving full laboratory patients at the ALS Base facility for more with a blood Gilbert Hospital Station for than 100,000 bank was 6 minutes Southwest people Ambulance and has on-site air transport

Gilbert Hospital: AT A GLANCE: • Inpatient 16, 3 ICU • Emergency Room – 20 beds • Surgical services • Full Laboratory with Blood Bank • CT, Digital X-Ray, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Ultra Sound

SERVICES: • Anesthesiology • Cardiology • Dermatology • Gastroenterology • Emergency Medicine • General Surgery 4

• Gynecology • Infection Disease • Internal Medicine / Hospitalists • Interventional Radiology • Nephrology • Orthopedics • Podiatry • Pulmonologist • Radiology • Vascular Surgery

• All physicians at both hospitals are board certified in their specialty

• • `Both Gilbert Hospital and Florence Hospital at Anthem are licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services as General Acute Care Hospitals

Timing is everything “Door to Doc in 31 Minutes”™: Patients are the top priority By Patricia Boardman


his is a different approach to a hospital’s emergency services. “We do not put people into waiting rooms.” “We do not rush people through.” “We do not ask for insurance information up front, only for a name and birth date.” “We do not triage (emergency) patients unless we are completely full, and then we insist that a physician and nurse do that together.” Tim Johns, M.D., emergency physician, medical director and a founder of Gilbert Hospital, could probably list a few

more factors contributing to emergency services at Gilbert Hospital and the new Florence Hospital at Anthem, but he’s happier to let the numbers back him up. For instance: 31 minutes. That’s the maximum time emergency patients will wait to see a physician. Patients who need an intravenous antibiotic will have it started within 15 minutes. Those requiring a chest X-ray will have it completed (and most likely reviewed, too) within 20 minutes. Initial laboratory blood work will be done within 30 minutes. At least 94 percent of the patients seen in these hospi-

tals’ emergency departments will receive all the care they need at that hospital. “When we opened six years ago, Arizona had the worst wait times (in emergency rooms) in the country,” Joh ns said. “We realized that when clinicians run the hospital, things run differently. We believe doctors and nurses are the driving piece in delivering (the best) patient care, and we really do listen to the professionals at the bedside. We work in a different way.” “We have a really fierce attention to our teams, and believe that our strong team work, led by our nurses, makes for superb patient care,” said Gilbert Hospital’s

Chief Nursing Officer Laurel Molloy, R.N., M.S.N. Patients can expect the same level of care at the Florence Hospital at Anthem, according to Tish Little, R.N., Emergency Department Manager and Director of Clinical Services. “All of our physicians are board-certified, all of our nurses have solid emergency experience with many of them certified as emergency nursing specialists; the staff is simply amazing,” Little said. “The attitude is right, with the right staff-to-patient ratios, totally up-to-the minute equipment and training. There is also a thoroughly-grounded philosophy that patients will be seen rapidly and they will be seen by a doctor. 5

When technology meets compassion

Florence Hospital at Anthem and Gilbert Hospital offer state-of-the-art equipment to treat patients quickly, safely By Patricia Boardman


enji Reynolds, R.T., B.S., Director of Radiology at Florence Hospital at Anthem, formerly the manager at its sister facility, Gilbert Hospital, can reel off a long list of very new, very highly advanced equipment that’s in place and in use at both hospitals. From the simplest X-rays to the 64-slice CT scanner to the MRI exams completed in less than 20 minutes, “We have the latest and greatest, from hardware to software to training that’s ahead of the curve,” he said. Scans are faster and safer, too, since the hospitals’ software helps maintain the lowest radiation needed. “The speed in our scans is unbelievable — they’re done in minutes and seconds, with results returned in 30 minutes or less,” he said. “More than that, our labs are totally up-to-the-minute, our operating rooms have the latest in surgical technologies — if anything was on the equipment wish list, it’s here.”

Speed in testing helps assure more rapid patient care and also means that patients have only the tests needed for diagnosis and treatment. “When results are returned so quickly, you know you’ll either reach a diagnosis — or require another test, so you can escalate as needed,” Reynolds said. The hospitals also claim early adapter status in medical records, with both implementing electronic records. “This,” said Chief Nursing Officer Laurel Molloy, R.N., M.S.N., “is a tool that helps us do our jobs — and gives us more time at the bed side. Technology like this really enhances the level of care.” For Molloy, this game-changing technology is not just for show. It’s saving lives. “When everything is on a screen, there’s no guessing about what the notes mean, or what medications are prescribed at what dosage,” she said. “Our technology distinctly enhances the continuity and level of care given.”

Serving you “now!” Every patient is a VIP — no lines, no waiting

B 6

oth hospitals promise that emergency patients will be seen in 31 minutes or less. Simple as that! But if you want an assurance of even more rapid response once you reach that emergency department, you’ll want to memorize this phone number: 855-DOC-IN-31 (855-362-4631). Before you leave for the emergency room, or while you’re en route, no matter what time of day or night, call that number and speak with a live registrar.

Your name, gender, birth date, illness or injury and estimated arrival time will be taken, and your check-in upon arrival will take just seconds. You’ll need photo identification for confirmation, but you won’t need to even look for your insurance (or any other) card before you’re treated. And — just like that — you’ll become another VIP (Very Important Patient), receiving a patientspecific card upon the first visit, which allows you to register almost instantly at any time you need to be there. — PATRICIA BOARDMAN

Tune in, feel better! Dr. Anne Borik hits the airwaves weekly to share health advice with listeners By Alison Stanton


Borik said listeners are welcome to call in with any questions or comments they have during the show. While she cannot diagnose health issues, she can speak generally about health concerns listeners might be experiencing. “Our very first phone call came in from a listener in New York,” she said. “We were talking about nutrition that day and the caller was happy we were doing a program like this.”

very Wednesday at 1 p.m., Dr. Anne Borik, an internal medicine physician at Gilbert Hospital and Florence Hospital at Anthem, hosts an hour-long Internet radio show on KQCK Live called “DocTalk with Dr. Anne Borik.” The program, which can be watched through the station’s website at or at, For over a year I had went on the air in early wanted to do something January. When asked like this. I believe strongly if she would be interin community service and ested in hosting the reaching out to others. show, Borik said she was delighted. “For over a year I had wantWhile she focuses primarily ed to do something like this,” on evidence-based medical she said. “I believe strongly in information during her show, community service and reachBorik said she also likes to talk ing out to others, and I wanted about integrative modalities to do something that would like nutrition, exercise, and help align the community with stress management. the new hospital in Florence. In the short time it’s been Every week, Borik covers a on the air, Borik said the show topic pertaining to health, well- has already developed a good ness, or how to maintain wellfollowing. being. Guests, such as physi“There’s already a lot of cal therapists, neurologists and buzz around it,” she said. cardiologists also offer their “There’s really nothing like it insight to health issues. out there.



Paperless charting Enhances level of care By Alison Stanton


“This also allows for the hospital to release patient information in a secure electronic format to the patient who may need to provide portions of their medical record to other physicians or use their medical records for personal reasons.” Using electronic medical records will have a positive impact on patient care, Scianna said, because it will allow

y midsummer of this year, both Gilbert Hospital and Florence Hospital at Anthem will be live on a paperless charting system for their patients. Caterina Scianna, Director of Health Information Management at Gilbert Hospital, said the targeted “go live” date for their new electronic medical record is July 1, An electronic environment when they will transition to what allows for heightened she calls a “paper patient safety measures light” status, throughout the facility and with both hospitals still using a immediate access... small amount of paper. By October, both hospitals should be for heightened patient safety completely converted over and measures throughout the faciliworking in a paperless electron- ties, including patient allergy ic environment, Scianna said. checks for the physicians when “An electronic environment placing both dietary and mediallows for heightened patient cation orders. safety measures throughout the “An electronic record will facility and immediate access to also allow for immediate access the patient’s medical record for to patient’s medical history by physicians who are providing all clinicians involved in the patient care,” Scianna said. patient’s care.” 7

Community first

At Gilbert Hospital, and Florence Hospital at Anthem, giving back is key By Alison Stanton


s a way of giving back to the many patients they serve, the staff at the new Florence Hospital at Anthem and Gilbert Hospital believe strongly in local community involvement. Employees from both hospitals regularly participate in a wide variety of community events. For example, Gilbert Hospital is involved every year with donating bicycles for the Bikes for Kids event held through the Higley Unified School District. Gilbert Hospital staff recently donated approximately 200 first aid bags to the town’s youth soccer programs.

“Once they participate the first time,, they really enjoy themselves and are actively searching for additional events to be involved in.” Debbi Madvig, Medical Staff Coordinator for both facilities, coordinates a program called Team of Physicians for Students (TOPS), which allows high school athletes from the community and outlying areas to obtain their required annual physical free of charge. “TOPS includes an EKG for every student and an ECHO if deemed necessary. Our medical staff and employees volunteer to support this program,” Madvig said. Florence Hospital at Anthem

Participating in and supporting local events and organizations helps to build rapport with the community that the hospitals are serving. “Gilbert Hospital offers free flu shot clinics, has offered free EKG testing during February Heart Month, is the primary healthcare sponsor at San Tan Mall and Big League Dreams, a sponsor at Polar Ice Gilbert and has formed a unique business partnership with the Higley Unified School District,” says Amy Jascourt, Director of Consumer Affairs and Marketing, adding that all staff members must participate in at least one community event per year. “A successful event requires the assistance and participation of all staff at different levels,” she said.

will also participate in TOPS, Jascourt said, in addition to sponsoring and donating to many other local events and organizations such as the Coolidge Bears Youth Football and Cheer, the Florence Unified School District, and the March of Dimes March for Babies Walk. Both hospitals are actively involved in the local Chamber of Commerce. Madvig said participating in and supporting local events and organizations helps to build rapport with the community that the hospitals are serving. “It helps to personalize a person’s care,” she said.


Florence Hospital at Anthem magazine– March 2012  

Florence Hospital at Anthem, Gilbert Hospital, higher standards for care, door to doc iin 31 minutes, technology, paperless charting,

Florence Hospital at Anthem magazine– March 2012  

Florence Hospital at Anthem, Gilbert Hospital, higher standards for care, door to doc iin 31 minutes, technology, paperless charting,