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Alan Wobbeking, a taxi driver for Yellow Cab, sings to his passengers as he takes them to their destination. Alan has worked for Yellow Cab for over four years and performs at the Sundance Saloon in Fort Collins every Saturday night from 6:30-8:30 p.m. He won the 2010 Loveland Idol and in 2013 was 1 of 150 participants to make it to the third round of X Factor in Denver, Colorado. He sings anything from Afroman to Hank Williams and currently knows all the words to around 700 songs. “If they’re sad, I’ll usually cheer them up. If they’re mad, I’ll calm them down and then cheer them up,” Wobbeking said about his passengers. PHOTO BY COLIN SHEPERD COLLEGIAN



on the

“My agenda for the night is to go home, take a nap, wake up then take a shot. It’s that kind of a day.” “I can’t do laundry sober.”

“You flirted with me first, it’s not my fault. It was a counter flirt.”



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“I have important things to do, like sitting in my room alone and crying.”

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“I was looking for my keys, and I found them in my fridge... it was a really long morning for me.”


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