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TRADE LooKBooK 2018


elcome to Sass & Belle’s Trade Lookbook 2018. We are a creative and design-led giftware brand established in the heart of London. We offer an extensive range of

stylish homeware and gifts which have been thoughtfully designed to make you happy! We are renowned for our unique, colorful and quirky collections. Discover our best-selling ranges and finest collections this season.

Cactus & llama

Lima Llama Coin Purse FRAN048 $4.50 Qty:6

Colorful Cactus Foldable Shopping Bag VAL030 $3.25 Qty:24


Colorful Cactus Lunch Bag TOTE065 $3.50 Qty:12

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Cactus Money Box XDC159 $9.25 Qty:6

Lima Llama Clear Water Bottle ZIP008 $4.50 Qty:6

Lima Llama Storage Bag TOTE072 $3.50 Qty:12

Lima Llama Lunch Bag TOTE071 $3.50 Qty:12

Lima Llama Foldable Shopping Bag VAL035 $5 Qty:6

Happy Cactus Carved Wood Pen ARC061 $3.25 Qty:12

Llama Mug XDC197 $7 Qty:6

Happy Cactus Suitcase GIF078 $11.50 Qty:4

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Llama Money Box XDC198 $11.50 Qty:6

Lima Llama Glasses Case LOU013 $4 Qty:12

Happy Cactus Tweezers MANI027 $2.25 Qty:24

Lima Llama A5 Notebook CR186 $2.50 Qty:12


Cactus Jewellery Dish CHIC002 $6 Qty:6

Happy Cactus Rug QUIN013 $8.50 Qty:6

Set of 3 Lima Llama Suitcases GIF067 $15 Qty:4

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Cactus Water Bottle ZIP004 $4.50 Qty:6

Cactus Mini Milk Bottle ARI027 $3 Qty:12

Cactus Pencil Assorted ARC062 $3.25 Qty:12

Colorful Cactus Tea Towel FAB002 $4.50 Qty:6

Colorful Cactus A5 Notebook CR132 $2.50 Qty:12

Gold Cactus Jewellery Stand JANE184 $11.50 Qty:4

Happy Cactus Pencil Sharpener ARC063 $3.75 Qty:12

Set of 3 Colorful Cactus Suitcases GIF063 $15 Qty:4

Cactus Salt & Pepper Shakers XDC190 $6.50 Qty:6

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black & white cats

Black Cat Travel Mug ZIP011 $6.50 Qty:6

Cat’s Whiskers Trinket Dish XDC223 $4.50 Qty:6

Black Cat With Ears Mug IDA070 $5.50 Qty:8

Black Cat Chalkboard JANE180 $5.50 Qty:6

Cat’s Whiskers Mini Planter XDC220 $3.50 Qty:12

Set of 2 Black Cat Suitcases GIF062 $15 Qty:4


Black Cat Tweezers MANI029 $2.25 Qty:24

Black Cat Mirror JANE183 $8 Qty:4

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Cat’s Whiskers Hanging Planter XDC221 $6.75 Qty:6

Black Cat Rug QUIN007 $8.50 Qty:6 Black Cat Glasses Case LOU010 $4 Qty:12

Black Cat Trinket Dish CHIC009 $4.50 Qty:6

Black Cat Foldable Shopping Bag VAL020 $3.25 Qty:24

Black Cat Nail Buffer & Clippers MANI028 $2.25 Qty:12

Black Cat Money Box XDC160 $6.75 Qty:12 Black Cat Passport Holder FRAN020 $4.50 Qty:6

Black Cat Luggage Tag FRAN019 $3.50 Qty:12

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Avocado Salt & Pepper Shaker XDC232 $6.50 Qty:6

Happy Avocado Rug QUIN008 $8.50 Qty:6

Avocuddle Foldable Shopping Bag VAL028 $3.25 Qty:24

Happy Avocado Lunch Box MAXI033 $3.50 Qty:6

Happy Avocado Tea Towel FAB003 $4.50 Qty:6


Happy Avocado Money Box XDC231 $6.75 Qty:6

Happy Avocado Lunch Tote Bag VAL034 $7.50 Qty:6

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Avocado Water Bottle ZIP007 $4.50 Qty:6 Set of 3 Happy Fruit & Veg Suitcases GIF069 $15 Qty:4

Happy Apple Foldable Shopping Bag VAL027 $3.25 Qty:24

Happy Fruit & Veg Lunch Bag TOTE070 $3.50 Qty:12

Happy Fruit & Veg Bento Lunch Box MAXI019 $3.50 Qty:12

Happy Fruit & Veg Water Bottle ANG016 $3.50 Qty:6

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Aiko Panda Night Light LURE001 $8.50 Qty:6

Cat Kawaii Friends Pencil Case VAL024 $4.25 Qty:12

Aiko Panda Lunch Bag VAL047 $8.50 Qty:4


Nori Cat Night Light LURE002 $8.50 Qty:6

Happy Ice Cream Nail Files MANI033 $0.75 each Qty:48

Nori Cat Lunch Bag VAL046 $8.50 Qty:4

Happy Ice Cream Rug QUIN014 $8.50 Qty:6

Panda Kawaii Friends Pencil Case VAL025 $4.25 Qty:12

Hiro Fox Lunch Bag VAL045 $8.50 Qty:4

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Aiko Panda Keyring Coin Purse FRAN043 $3.50 Qty:6

Hiro Fox Keyring Coin Purse FRAN044 $3.50 Qty:6

Panda Kawaii Friends Glasses Case LOU007 $4 Qty:12

Kawaii Friends Nail Files Assorted MANI019 $0.75 each Qty:48

Nori Cat Keyring Coin Purse FRAN042 $3.50 Qty:6

Cat Kawaii Friends Glasses Case LOU017 $4 Qty:12

Set of 2 Hiro Fox Suitcases GIF068 $15 Qty:4

Set of 2 Aiko Panda Suitcases GIF053 $15 Qty:4

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Aiko Panda Water Bottle ANG015 $3.50 Qty:6

Nori Cat Water Bottle ANG014 $3.50 Qty:6 Panda Foldable Shopping Bag VAL013 $3.25 Qty:24

Nori Cat Money Box XDC196 $6.75 Qty:6

Aiko Panda Money Box XDC195 $6.75 Qty:6

Aiko Panda Placemat MAXI021 $1.50 Qty:12


Aiko Panda Sippy Cup MAXI025 $2.50 Qty:12

Nori Cat Placemat MAXI022 $1.50Qty:12

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Aiko Panda Rug QUIN001 $8.50 Qty:6

Smiling Cloud Rug QUIN004 $8.50 Qty:6

Nori Cat Rug QUIN006 $8.50 Qty:6

Aiko Panda Backpack VAL022 $11.50 Qty:6

Hiro Fox Backpack VAL023 $11.50 Qty:6

Nori Cat Backpack VAL021 $11.50 Qty:6

Hiro Fox Mug IDA069 $7 Qty:6

Aiko Panda Bowl XDC192 $5.50 Qty:6

Aiko Panda Mug IDA067 $7 Qty:6

Nori Cat Bowl XDC193 $5.50 Qty:6

Nori Cat Mug IDA066 $7 Qty:6

Hiro Fox Bowl XDC194 $5.50 Qty:6

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KIDS TEA PARTY Picnic Box Set JEUX001 $15 Qty:6

Cooking Box Set Red Daisies JEUX003 $15 Qty:6

Cooking Box Set Grey Stars JEUX006 $15 Qty:6

Cooking Box Set Pink Polka Dot JEUX004 $15 Qty:6

Woodland Friends Picnic Box Tea Set in Pink JEUX005 $15 Qty:6

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Mermaid Drinks Cup With Straw ZIP009 $6 Qty:6

Mermaid Coin Purse FRAN022 $4.50 Qty:6

MERMAID TREASURES Mermaid Notebook CR189 $2.50 Qty:12

Mermaid Glasses Case LOU014 $4 Qty:12

Mermaid Nail Buffer & Clippers MANI030 $2.25 Qty:12

Mermaid Trinket Dish CHIC022 $7 Qty:6

Mermaid Shell Rug QUIN010 $7 Qty:6

Mermaid Wash Bag FRAN021 $8 Qty:6

Be a Mermaid Mug XDC234 $7 Qty:6

Mermaid Pocket Mirror MANI031 $3.25 Qty:12

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Metallic monochrome

Keep Growing Planter XDC237 $7.50 Qty:6

Heart Jewellery Dish CHIC006 $4.50 Qty:6

Not A Morning Person Travel Mug ZIP015 $6.50 Qty:6

Keep Growing Mini Planter XDC236 $3.50 Qty:12

Gold Heart Trinket Dish CHIC015 $5.50 Qty:6

Gold Cactus Trinket Dish XDC207 $5 Qty:6

Gold Palm Tree Trinket Dish XDC209 $5 Qty:6

I Can’t Adult Today Mug KD061 $4.50 Qty:6

Set of 2 Stacking Mugs XDC238 $4.50 Qty:6

I Can’t Adult Today Travel Mug ZIP014 $6.50 Qty:6

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Gold Cactus Trinket Dish XDC208 $7 Qty:6 Gold Pineapple Trinket Box XDC211 $11.50 Qty:6 Set of 3 Metallic Monochrome Suitcases GIF061 $15 Qty:4

Gold Pineapple Trinket Dish XDC166 $6 Qty:6

Follow You Dream Jar Money Box Gold Pineapple Money Box XDC167 $12.50 Qty:4 ARI020 $3.75 Qty:12

Pretty Little Things Suitcase Jewellery Box GIF065 $16.50 Qty:3

Adventure Jar Money Box ARI020 $3.75 Qty:12

Pineapple Wall Mounted Jewellery Holder JANE185 $11.50 Qty:6

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new product!

Patches & pins Patches & Pins Notebook NOTE004 $3.50 Qty:12

the cherry on the pie!

notebook + stickers

Set of 2 Patches & Pins Suitcases GIF079 $15 Qty:4

Patches & Pins Passport Cover FRAN053 $4.50 Qty:6

Patches & Pins Drawstring Bag VAL042 $6 Qty:6

Patches & Pins Glasses Case LOU019 $4 Qty:12


Patches & Pins Drinks Cup With Straw ZIP017 $6 Qty:6

Patches & Pins Pouch FRAN055 $4.50 Qty:6

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Vintage map

Vintage Map Glasses Case LOU005 $4 Qty:12

Set of 3 Vintage Map Suitcases GIF044 $15 Qty:4

Saving To Go Places Money Pot XDC125 $5 Qty:6

Time To Go Passport Holder CHC084 $5 Qty:6

Vintage Map Weekly Planner Pad WAY007 $4 Qty:12

Vintage Map Bento Lunch Box MAXI018 $3.50 Qty:12

Big Ideas Pocket Notebook CR047 $1.50 Qty:12

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Pastel cactus

Pastel Cactus Glasses Case LOU018 $4 Qty:12

Pastel Cactus Travel Mug ZIP016 $6.50 Qty:6

Pastel Cactus Luggage tag FRAN051 $3.50 Qty:12

Pastel Cactus Lunch Bag VAL041 $7.50 Qty:4

Pastel Cactus Passport Holder FRAN050 $4.50 Qty:6

Pastel Cactus Lunch Box MAXI034 $3.50 Qty:6

Set of 3 Pastel Cactus Suitcases GIF075 $15 Qty:4

Pastel Cactus Pouch FRAN052 $4.50 Qty:6

Pastel Cactus Sticky Note Set

Pastel Cactus Notebook NOTE003 $1.50 Qty:12

$3.50 Qty:12 ShopWAY003 the full collection at

Starlight unicorn

Set of 3 Starlight Unicorn Suitcases GIF060 $15 Qty:4

Stargazer Unicorn Jewellery Dish CHIC004 $6 Qty:6

Starlight Unicorn Lunch Bag TOTE63 $3.50 Qty:12

Starlight Unicorn Nail Files Assorted MANI023 $0.75 each Qty:48

Starlight Unicorn Travel Mug ZIP018 $6 Qty:6

Starlight Unicorn Wash Bag FRAN017 $8 Qty:6

Starlight Unicorn A5 Notebook CR184 $2.50 Qty:12

Starlight Unicorn Coin Purse FRAN057 $4.50 Qty:6

Starlight Unicorn Cosmetic Brush Set MANI024 $5.50 Qty:12

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Rainbow unicorn Set of 8 Unicorn Paper Cups PAR011 $2 Qty:12

Set of 8 Unicorn Paper Plates PAR010 $2.25 Qty:12

Set of 8 Unicorn Paper Napkins PAR012 $2.25 Qty:12

Rainbow Unicorn Money Box XDC205 $11.50 Qty:6

Rainbow Unicorn Clear Water Bottle ZIP010 $4.50 Qty:6


Rainbow Unicorn Lunch Box MAXI031 $3 Qty:12

Rainbow Unicorn Coin Purse FRAN056 $4.50 Qty:6

Shop the full collection at

Rainbow Unicorn Pocket Notebook CR190 $1.50 Qty:12

Rainbow Unicorn Mug XDC246 $7 Qty:6

Rainbow Unicorn Drawstring Bag VAL036 $6 Qty:6

Set of 3 Rainbow Unicorn Suitcases GIF073 $15 Qty:4

Rainbow Unicorn Lunch Bag TOTE076 $3.50 Qty:12

Rainbow Unicorn Secret Diary CR191 $5.50 Qty:6

Rainbow Unicorn Mini Milk Bottle With Straw ARI030 $3 Qty:12

Rainbow Unicorn Night Light LURE003 $8.50 Qty:6

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Sweet dreams

Sweet Dreams Cloud Lunch Box MAXI020 $3 Qty:12

Sweet Dreams Star Night Light LURE005 $7.50 Qty:6

Stars & Moon Foldable Shopping Bag VAL31 $3.25 Qty:24

Sweet Dreams Cloud Money Box XDC179 $6.75 Qty:6 Sweet Dreams Stars Money Box XDC135 $6.75 Qty:6

Sweet Dreams Moon Money Box XDC248 $6.75 Qty:6

Sweet Dreams Grey Star Rug QUIN012 $8.50 Qty:6 Sweet Dreams Cloud Placemat MAXI023 $1.50 Qty:12


Shop the full collection at

Cloud Mini Milk Bottle ARI026 $3 Qty:12

Day Dreams Water Bottle ANG018 $3.50 Qty:6

My Cup Sippy Cup MAXI024 $2.50 Qty:12

Cloud Sippy Cup MAXI027 $2.50 Qty:12

Day Dreams Lunch Bag TOTE074 $3.50 Qty:12

Nori Cat Sippy Cup MAXI026 $2.50 Qty:12

Sweet Dreams Cloud Plate XDC206 $5 Qty:6

Star Sippy Cup MAXI028 $2.50 Qty:12

Rainbow Money Box XDC204 $6.75 Qty:4

Set of 2 Day Dreams Suitcases GIF072 $15 Qty:4

Shop the full collection at

Tropical summer

Tropical Flamingo Bowl XDC201 $5.50 Qty:6


Chevron Flamingo Mug PXT003 $5.50 Qty:6 Flamingo Salt & Pepper Shaker XDC203 $6.50 Qty:6

Tropical Flamingo Glasses Case LOU006 $4 Qty:12

Tropical Watermelon Keyring Coin Purse FRAN58 $4.50 Qty:6

Tropical Pineapple Glasses Case LOU008 $4 Qty:12

Tropical Flamingo A5 Notebook CR140 $2.50 Qty:12

Set of 3 Tropical Summer Suitcases GIF045 $15 Qty:4

Tropical Flamingo Tea Towel FAB004 $4.50 Qty:6

Shop the full collection at

Tropical Flamingo Pencil Sharpener ARC064 $3.75 Qty:12

Tropical Flamingo Pen ARC056 $3.50 Qty:12

Flamingo Mini Milk Bottle ARI017 $3 Qty:12

Tropical Summer Weekly Planner Pad WAY005 $4 Qty:12

Tropical Flamingo To-do List Notepad WAY006 $2.50 Qty:12

Tropical Flamingo Lunch Bag TOTE59 $3.50 Qty:12

Tropical Summer Skipping Rope Flamingo PLAY004 $6.50 Qty:6 Watermelon PLAY005 $6.50 Qty:6

Tropical Flamingo Mason Drinking Jar ARI013 $3.50 Qty:12

Tropical Flamingo Hook MET013 $6.50 Qty:12

Tropical Flamingo Storage Bag TOTE60 $3.50 Qty:12

Shop the full collection at


Tropical Flamingo Suitcase GIF071 $8.50 Qty:4

Tropical Pineapple Trinket Dish XDC127 $5.50 Qty:6

Tropical Watermelon Rug QUIN011 $8.50 Qty:6

Tropical Flamingo Tweezers MANI026 $2.25 each Qty:24

Tropical Flamingo Clear Water Bottle ZIP003 $4.50 Qty:6

Tropical Summer Sticky Note Set WAY004 $3.50 Qty:12

Tropical Flamingo Jewellery Dish CHIC008 $6 Qty:6


Shop the full collection at

Nail files

Tropical Summer Nail Files Assorted MANI020 $0.75 each Qty:48

Cactus Nail Files Assorted MANI021 $0.75 each Qty:48

Kawaii Friends Nail Files Assorted MANI019 $0.75 each Qty:48

Happy Ice Cream Nail Files MANI033 $0.75 each Qty:48

Dachshund Nail Files Assorted MANI008 $0.75 each Qty:48

British Birds Nail Files Assorted MANI009 $0.75 each Qty:48

Hexagon Bee Nail Files Assorted MANI007 $0.75 each Qty:48

Shop the full collection at

7 29

foldable Shopping bags

Pineapple Bag VAL014 $3.25 Qty:24

Black Cat Bag VAL020 $3.25 Qty:24


Watermelon Bag VAL019 $3.25 Qty:24

Owl Bag VAL003 $3.25 Qty:24

Avocuddle Bag VAL028 $3.25 Qty:24

Bluebird Bag VAL012 $3.25 Qty:24

Cat Bag VAL004 $3.25 Qty:24

Shop the full collection at

Flamingo Bag VAL018 $3.25 Qty:24

Naughty Gull Bag VAL029 $3.25 Qty:24

Whale Bag VAL011 $3.25 Qty:24

Stars & Moon Bag VAL31 $3.25 Qty:24

Cactus Bag VAL030 $3.25 Qty:24

Hedgehog Bag VAL007 $3.25 Qty:24

Happy Apple Bag VAL027 $3.25 Qty:24

Fox Bag VAL001 $3.25 Qty:24

Shop the full collection at


1 4


2 1. Cat Night Light LURE002 $8.50 Qty:6 2. Unicorn Night Light LURE003 $8.50 Qty:6

4. Panda Night Light LURE001 $8.50 Qty:6 5. Star Night Light LURE005 $8.50 Qty:6 | 866-474-1240

Minimum order $400, reorder only $200. We ship from Chicago, Illinois. We prohibit the sale of our goods via third party platforms - A valid sale certificate is required - For full terms and conditions please visit our website.

2018 Sass & Belle US Trade LOOKBOOK  
2018 Sass & Belle US Trade LOOKBOOK