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SS17 Trade Lookbook


The products in this collection are both witty and stylish. We love the quotes which don’t take themselves too seriously. Liza, Key Account Manager

Metallic Monochrome Mugs; £2.95 each Qty:6 2

Dinosaur party

A Small World

I Can’t Adult Today KD061

Bedtime Stories

Dinosaur party

I’m a Dad KD066

But First Tea KD068

Choose Happy KD065

A Small World

I’m a Mum KD067

Follow Your Dreams KD064

Bedtime Stories

Dinosaur party

A Small World

Bedtime Stories

Always Be Awesome KD063

Instant Human KD062

8 compartments

Tea Box HEART473 £5.45 Qty:4

Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories

seirotS emitdeB

inosaur party

Small World

Compact Mirrors; Awesome LL149, Happy LL150 £3.25 each Qty:6

Set of 3 Suitcases GIF061 £8.95 Qty:4 dtime Stories

y tr a p r u a s o n i D

d l r oW l l a m S A

Coasters; Dreams CHIC017, Awesome CHIC019, Happy CHIC018 £1.25 each Qty:12

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Dinosaur party

Dreams Trinket Dish CHIC012 £2.95 Qty:6

Happy Trinket Dish CHIC010 £2.95 Qty:6

Dinosaur party

Awesome Trinket Dish CHIC011 £2.95 Qty:6

15cm x 14cm

A Small World

Tea Time Teapot for One XDC133 £5.25 Qty:6

Gold Pineapple Trinket Dish XDC129 £2.95 Qty:6 40cm x 40cm

Cushions; Dreams SOL051, Happy SOL050, Awesome SOL052 £4.95 each Qty:6

Desert Skull Trinket Dish XDC128 £3.75 Qty:6

12cm x 7cm

Hello Mini Double Photo Frame HEART470 £1.95 Qty:24

Love You More Mini Double Photo Frame HEART471 £1.95 Qty:24

9.5cm x 9.5cm

Stargazer Unicorn Hook MET012 £3.95 Qty:6 4

24cm x 11cm

Follow Your Dreams Jar Money Box ARI020 £1.95 Qty:12

Minimum order only £150 net

Cockatoo Money Box XDC130 £5.75 Qty:6

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Set of 2 Watermelon Suitcases GIF064 £8.95 Qty:4


Wooden Pineapple Pen ARC058 £1.65 Qty:12

tropical products online now! Pineapple Trinket Dish XDC127 £2.95 Qty:6

Pineapple Chalkboard JANE181 £3.45 Qty:6

Pineapple Mini Milk Bottle with Straw ARI018 £1.45 Qty:12

Tropical Nail File Asstd MANI020 40p each Qty:48

Sunglasses Case MANI018 £2.95 Qty:6

Watermelon Foldable Shopping Bag VAL019 £1.75 Qty:24 6

Watermelon Tumbler with Straw ZIP001 £2.75 Qty:6



iD dlr




y tr a


p ru





Wooden Pineapple Pencil ARC057 £1.65 each Qty:12


Flamingo Mini Milk Bottle with Straw ARI017 £1.45 Qty:12

Ziggy Chevron Mug PXT003 £2.95 Qty:6

Set of 20 Napkins £1.45 Qty:12 Flamingo PAR006 Pineapple PAR009

50cm x 22cm

Flamingo LED Wall Decoration LUMI029 £12.95 Qty:2

11cm x 6cm

Flamingo Hanger JANE178 £2.95 Qty:6

Flamingo Foldable Shopping Bag VAL018 £1.75 Qty:24

Flamingo Water Bottle ZIP003 £2.25 Qty:6

Flamingo Shopper Bag TOTE068 £2.25 Qty:12

Contact us: +44 (0) 207 346 0100

Flamingo Hook MET013 £3.45 Qty:12

63cm x 35cm



Set of 8 Pineapple Paper Plates PAR007 £1.45 Qty:12

Set of 8 Pineapple Paper Cups PAR008 £1.15 Qty:12

Set of 8 Flamingo Paper Plates PAR004 £1.45 Qty:12

Set of 8 Flamingo Paper Cups PAR005 £1.15 Qty:12

Flamingo Paper Bunting CR182 £2.25 Qty:12 approx 2.5m

Pineapple Paper Bunting CR183 £2.25 Qty:12

Vintage Map Paper Bunting CR181 £2.25 Qty:12

Vintage Map Nail File Asstd MANI022 35p each Qty:48 8

Luggage Tag CHC085 £1.25 Qty:12

A5 Notebook CR145 £1.25 Qty:12 Pocket Notebook CR047 75p Qty:12

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Dinosaur party

A Small World

Bedtime Stories

Gold Heart Trinket Dish CHIC015 £2.95 Qty:6 Gold Heart Mug XDC163 £3.45 Qty:6 sei rot Se mi tde B






p ru


y tr a

lla oW dlr

pr y tr a







on uas





Letters Keyring £1.95 each Qty:12 WIR288-308

Gold Wooden Letter HEART477-498 £1.45 each Qty:12

Individual Gold Monogram Mug XDC136-156 £3.45 each Qty:6

Milk Bottle Vase GLEE009 £1.45 Qty:12 9

COLOURFUL CACTUS Cactus Money Box XDC159 £5.25 Qty:6

This trend isn’t going to stop anytime soon because cacti are still everywhere and we absolutely love them! Megan, UK Sales Manager

Cactus Planter XDC158 £2.45 Qty:12

Cactus Water Bottle ZIP004 £2.25 Qty:6 10

Cactus A5 Notebook CR132 £1.25 Qty:12

Wooden Cactus Pen ARC061 £1.65 Qty:12

Set of 3 Cactus Suitcases GIF063 £8.95 Qty:4

water the plants on wednesday

Cactus Fabric Decoration Asstd TOD003 £1.25 each Qty:12

Cactus Lunch Bag TOTE065 £1.95 Qty:12

Dinosaur party

Wooden Cactus Pencil Asstd ARC062 £1.65 each Qty:12


St or

ur pa rt

ti m e

A Sm al

B ed

Di no sa

l Wor ld

ie s

Cactus Lunch Box MAXI011 £1.95 Qty:12

Bedtime Stories

Cactus Chalkboard JANE182 £3.45 Qty:6

Set of 4 Cactus Coasters XDC164 £4.25 Qty:6

A Small World

Cactus Fabric Decoration Asstd TOD004 £1.25 each Qty:12

12cm x 8cm

Cactus Keyring Asstd ISP027 £1.95 each Qty:12

Cactus Nail File Asstd MANI021 40p each Qty:48

Minimum order only £150 net

Cactus Wall Hook MET011 £3.45 Qty:6 11


Set of 3 Wildflower Suitcases GIF048 £8.95 Qty:4

Wildflower Glass Tumbler Wildflower Water Bottle Set of 12 Gift Tags Asstd GLEE016 £2.95 Qty:8 CR144 85p Qty:12 ZIP002 £2.25 Qty:6

Mini Artifical Succulent in Glass Pot Asstd OVA003 £2.75 each Qty:6

Mini Artifical Succulent in Ceramic Pot Asstd OVA004 £2.75 each Qty:6

Set of 4 Botanical Coasters LDW160 £4.75 Qty:6 12

Botanical Cushion SOL044 £4.95 Qty:6

50cm x 30cm

Tall Blue & Green Glass Bottle Vase Asstd GLEE013 £7.45 each Qty:4

Blue & Green Curved Glass Wild Bouquet Vase Asstd GLEE011 £2.95 each Qty:4

Clear Curved Glass Wild Bouquet Vase Asstd GLEE010 £2.95 each Qty:6

Vase with Mesh Lid HC050 £1.95 Qty:12

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Milk Bottle Vase GLEE009 £1.45 Qty:12 13

WANDERLUST ADVENTURE Created for those in search of their next adventure, this range ignites thoughts of travel, exploration and the open road. Chloe, Designer

Set of 3 Suitcases GIF058 £8.95 Qty:4

A5 Notebook Asstd CR179 £1.25 each Qty:12 14

Glasses Case LOU009 £1.95 Qty:12

Hip Flask HFL009 £2.95 Qty:6

30cm x 25cm

Adventure Cushion SOL043 £5.95 Qty:6

Passport & Card Holder Asstd FRAN011 £2.75 each Qty:12

Be Wild Water Bottle ZIP005 £2.25 Qty:6

Set of 4 Coasters LDW161 £4.75 Qty:6

Minimum order only £150 net

50cm x 30cm

Speckled Enamel Mug EN039 £2.45 Qty:6 15

Dinosaur party

A Small World

Bedtime Stories

Dinosaur party

Luggage Tag Asstd FRAN010 £1.25 each Qty:12

A Small World

Jar Money Box ARI022 £1.95 Qty:12

Bedtime Stories

Adventure Banner SOL046 £2.25 Qty:12


A Small World

Dinosaur party

Bedtime Stories

Set of 4 Stacking Mugs XDC161 £4.75 Qty:6

40cm x 40cm

Cushion Asstd SOL054 £5.95 each Qty:6

Devonshire Farmhouse Photo Frames Double HEART474 £5.45 Qty:4 Triple HEART475 £6.75 Qty:4

Set of 3 Suitcases GIF057 £8.95 Qty:4

Pocket Notebook Asstd CR180 75p each Qty:12

Set of 4 Coasters LDW159 £4.75 Qty:6

A Smal l Worl d

Dinos aur party Bedt ime

Stor ies

A Small World

Dinosaur party Bedtime Stories

Jute Shopping Bag QMA001 £2.95 Qty:6 16

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Vintage Rose Garlands; Pink BFSTRG05-LPK, Yellow BFSTRG018, Cream BFSTRG05-CR £3.25 each Qty:12

shop all occasions online Heart LED Light Wall Decoration LUMI005 £9.95 each Qty:3

Chalk not incl.

Small Hanging Heart Chalkboard HEART258 95p Qty:12

Hubby & Wifey Mugs Asstd KD052 £2.45 each Qty:12

Mr & Mrs Fund Jar POSY007 £3.95 Qty:6

Double Trinket Dish CHIC013 £2.25 Qty:6 Alphabet LED Light Letter LUMI007-028 £4.95 each Qty:3

Mr & Mrs Luggage Tag Asstd CHC096 £1.25 each Qty:12 Vintage Rose Garland Ivory Dark Pink BFSTRG015 £3.25 Qty:12

Dinosaur party

A Small World


Bedtime Stories

y tr a p r u a s o n

seirotS e mitdeB

d l r oW l l a mS A


KAWAII FRIENDS This season we allow the products to speak for themselves adding bodies to the characters. Laura, Designer

Nori Cat Backpack VAL021 £5.95 Qty:6

Nori Cat Bento Box MAXI016 £1.95 Qty:12 18

Aiko Panda Bento Box MAXI017 £1.95 Qty:12

Panda Foldable Shopping Bag VAL013 £1.75 Qty:24

Contact us: +44 (0) 207 346 0100

Wooden Panda Pen ARC060 £1.65 Qty:12 Wooden Panda Pencil ARC059 £1.65 Qty:12

Aiko Panda Backpack VAL022 £5.95 Qty:6

Panda Mini Milk Bottle with Straw ARI015 £1.45 Qty:12

Hiro Fox Backpack VAL023 £5.95 Qty:6

Set of 2 Panda Suitcases GIF053 £8.95 Qty:4

Kawaii Pencil Case; Cat VAL024, Panda VAL025, Fox VAL026 £2.45 each Qty:12

Nail File Asstd MANI019 35p each Qty:48

Kawaii Mugs; Panda IDA067, Fox IDA069, Cat IDA066,Bear IDA068 £3.95 each Qty:6 19

A Small World

Dinosaur party

Bedtime Stories

A Small World

Pair of Bookends HEART466 £5.95 Qty:6

Wrapping Paper Sheet WRAP055 75p Qty:25 Set of 3 Suitcases GIF056 £8.95 Qty:4

Kid’s Mug ZOE007 £1.25 Qty:12


Dino Bed

Kid’s Fork & Spoon Set ZOE006 95p Qty:12

t im




ll W o r ld

p a rt y


ie s

Kid’s Bowl ZOE008 £1.25 Qty:12

Kid’s Plate ZOE009 £1.65 Qty:12

Lunch Bag TOTE066 £1.95 Qty:12



St or

ur pa rt

ti m e

Di no sa

B ed

Square Lunch Box MAXI010 £1.95 Qty:12

l Wor ld

ie s

Water Bottle ANG012 £1.95 Qty:6

A Sm al

Dinosaur party


Illustrated dinosaurs are thrown into the 21st century in this modern print, and they’ve certainly got their skates on.


Chloe, Designer

Water Bottle ANG013 £1.95 Qty:6 Lunch Bag TOTE067 £1.95 Qty:12 Plate ZOE011 £1.65 Qty:12 Mug ZOE012 £1.25 Qty:12 Lunch Box MAXI009 £1.95 Qty:12

Dinosaur party

Bedtime Stories y

St or

ur pa rt

tim e

l Wor ld

ie s

A Small World

Wrapping Paper Sheet WRAP057 75p Qty:25

Kid’s Fork & Spoon Set ZOE013 95p Qty:12

B ed

Di no sa

A Sm al

Kid’s Bowl ZOE010 £1.25 Qty:12

Set of 3 Suitcases GIF055 £8.95 Qty:4

Minimum order only £150 net

Pair of Bookends HEART467 £5.95 Qty:6 21

SWEET DREAMS A collection for little dreamers. Enora, International Account Manager

Star Mini Milk Bottle with Straw ARI016 £1.45 Qty:12 Cloud Cushion Asstd CUD013 £6.95 each Qty:6 Nordic Star Rug LEVI012 £5.95 Qty:4

Kids Kitchen Cooking Box Set JEUX006 £8.45 Qty:6 22

Shining Moon Cushion VIM473 £5.95 Qty:6

Contact us: +44 (0) 207 346 0100

Star Money Box XDC135 £3.45 Qty:12

Photo Frame Asstd HEART468 £1.95 each Qty:6

Moon & Star Hook Asstd HEART499 £1.95 each Qty:12

Cloud Chalkboard JANE179 £3.45 Qty:6

Cloud Hook HEART464 £1.95 Qty:12

48cm x 28cm

Set of 3 Suitcases GIF059 £8.95 Qty:4

A Small World

Dinosaur party

Set of 2 Nordic Star Storage Baskets QMA003 £5.95 Qty:6

Bedtime Stories

Nordic Star Storage Basket QMA002 £5.95 Qty:6

Pair of Bookends HEART465 £5.95 Qty:6 23


Set of 2 Cat Suitcases GIF062 £8.95 Qty:4

Glass Tumbler GLEE014 £2.95 Qty:8 24

Cat Money Box XDC160 £3.45 Qty:12

Trinket Dish CHIC009 £2.25 Qty:6

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Don’t forget to feed the cat!

Cushion SOL045 £4.95 Qty:6

Cat Chalkboard JANE180 £3.45 Qty:6

Coin Purse FRAN018 £2.45 Qty:12

Glasses Case LOU010 £1.95 Qty:12

40cm x 40cm

Foldable Shopping Bag VAL020 £1.75 Qty:24

Cat with Ears Mug IDA070 £3.45 Qty:8



Makeup Bag FRAN016 £4.95 Qty:6

Cosmetic Brush Set with Mirror MANI025 £3.25 Qty:12

Sunglasses Case MANI016 £2.95 Qty:6


Trinket Dish CHIC016 £2.25 Qty:6

Dinosaur party

A Small World

A Sm all

s Sto rie Be dti me

Double Sided Shoulder Bag FRAN012 £5.95 Qty:6

Wo rld

Bedtime Stories

Passport & Card Holder FRAN013 £2.75 Qty:6

Din osa ur

Luggage Tag FRAN014 £1.45 Qty:12


Coin Purse FRAN015 £2.95 Qty:12


Double Sided Cushion Asstd VIM541 £5.95 each Qty:6

Jar Money Box ARI021 £1.95 Qty:12

Dinosaur party

Dinosaur party

Dinosaur party

A Small World

Bedtime Stories

A Small World

Double Sided Mug Asstd KD069 £2.45 each Qty:12

Bedtime Stories

Glass Tumbler Asstd GLEE015 £2.95 each Qty:8

A Small World

Bedtime Stories

Set of 4 Coasters XDC132 £4.25 Qty:6

Set of 4 Stacking Mugs XDC131 £4.75 Qty:6

Contact us: +44 (0) 207 346 0100



Set of 3 Suitcases GIF060 £8.95 Qty:4

Cushion SOL053 £5.95 Qty:6 28

Nail File Asstd MANI023 35p each Qty:48

Wrapping Paper Sheet WRAP056 75p Qty:25

Dinosaur party

Folding Umbrella UBA006 £4.45 Qty:6

A Small World

Bedtime Stories

A5 Notebook CR184 £1.25 Qty:12

Compact Mirror LL151 £3.25 Qty:6 Sunglasses Case MANI017 £2.95 Qty:6

Cosmetic Brush Set with Mirror MANI024 £3.25 Qty:12

Storage Bag TOTE064 £1.95 Qty:12

45cm x 39cm

Be dti me

St ori es

ty Din osa ur par Wo rld A Sm all

Dinosaur party

A Small World

Bedtime Stories

Wash Bag FRAN017 £4.65 Qty:6

Lunch Bag TOTE063 £1.95 Qty:12

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Dog Bell Decoration Asstd NRTXM025 65p each Qty:12

Pudding Bell Decoration NRTXM005 45p Qty:24

Snowy Stag Bauble Set of 12 Dachshund Gift Tags RIAXM004 £1.25 Qty:12 CRXM033 95p Qty:12

Cat Bell Decoration Asstd Pixie Girl Decoration Asstd Fairy Dust Vial Asstd Set of 15 Retro Santa Gift Tags NRTXM026 65p each Qty:12 PIXM032 55p each Qty:24 HENXM053 75p each Qty:12 CRXM021 85p Qty:12

Penguin Decoration Asstd SDXM033 55p each Qty:24


Christmas Mice Sign SDXM089 85p Qty:12

Wooden Mice Asstd SDXM088 45p each Qty:24

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Festive Friends Nail Files Asstd MANIXM001 35p each Qty:48

TERMS & CONDITIONS Minimum order is only £150(exVAT) and delivery is free for UK mainland orders over £200 (exVAT). For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at or call 0207 346 0100. Please visit the website for full terms and conditions. Le minimum de commande est de £150 Livres Sterling (env. 210€) et les frais de transport varient selon le montant de votre commande (les frais de transport sont réduits à partir de £500 d’achat et gratuits pour toute commande de plus de £1,000). Nuestro pedido mínimo es solo £150 libras (aprox.210€) y los gastos de envío depende del total del pedido (Portes reducidos para pedidos de £500 o más y envíos gratis para pedidos de £1,000 o más) Unser Mindestbestellwert beträgt £150 Pfund (aprox.210€) und die Versandkosten basieren sich auf die Gesamt Summe der Bestellung. (Reduzierte Versandkosten für Bestellungen ab £500 und kostenlose Lieferung von Bestellungen ab £1,000) Il nostro ordine minimo è di £150 sterline (aprox.210€) e le spese di spedizione sono basate sul totale dell’ordine (Spedizione ridotto per ordini di 500 sterline o spedizione gratuiti per ordini di £1,000 o più) Minsta order är £150 (cirka 2,000 kronor) och priset på transport bestäms av storleken på din beställning. Prices are correct at the time of going to print. For full terms please visit the website, or contact the team; +44 (0) 207 346 0100

Exclusive delivery promotion at Maison & Objet and Formex January 2017 31

TEA time is ME time

Tea for One

Fox Backpack

Cactus Money Box

Watermelon Suitcases

Dinosaur Lunch Bag

Wanderlust Hip Flask


wa nd e r

d is c ov e r e x p l or e Flamingo Foldable Bag

Gold Alphabet Mug

Vintage Map Nail Files I +44 (0)207 346 0100

Sass & Belle SS17 Trade Lookbook