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Dec 2012/Jan 2013 Vol. 2, Issue 8


Central Wisconsin Rural & City Living

FEATURED THIS ISSUE Faivre Implement Sold Holy Hill Waupaca FFA

Buena Vista Grasslands Plover, Portage County, WI Photo by Pete Sanderson (Uniquely Wisconsin Photo Gallery, Page 24)

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Features 8 New Central WI Locations Riesterer & Schnell Purchases Faivre Implement

Together Thoughts from Jim Faivre, Faivre Implement CEO and Neighbors’ publisher


Grounded Ruth Johnson, Neighbors’ Editor, reflects on daily life



Uniquely Wisconsin Descriptive Photo Gallery By Pete Sanderson, MD, MBA

Flying Feather Regular Column and Photos by Denise Krause, Feathered Gold Stables


Holy Hill The Day Trips writers journey to a place of spiritual inspiration.

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We will hold an auction, Wednesday, 12/19 to liquidate our used equipment.

They say “Time Marches On.” I secretly hoped that only applied to others, not to me, but no such luck! I recently ran across a photo taken on March 9, 1981, the day I purchased the Bartig & Alm dealership. I was dressed in plaid pants, had jet-black hair over my ears and a mustache to boot! Don’t laugh; it seemed perfectly normal at the time! Now, the mustache, hair and thankfully, the plaid pants are gone. I thoroughly enjoyed Faivre Implement’s many years in business! It was always a bit of a roller coaster ride as we savored some good years while barely surviving others. If I had to do it all over again, I would not hesitate for a minute.

Above: A photo of the original Faivre Implement location in Nelsonville, circa 1980s. Bottom: This photo shows those present for the real estate closing transferring Bartig & Alm’s John Deere dealership ownership to Faivre Implement, from left to right: Bob Bartig, Bartig & Alm’s attorney, Dorothy Alm, Charlie Alm, Lou Faivre and Jim Faivre.

Working with farmers, the backbone of our country, provided me with so many good memories! I befriended vegetable and cranberry growers, dairy and cattle operations, row crop farmers and even a mint farmer! Now, it is time for me to move on. Along with my sons, Brett and Terry, I decided to sell Faivre Implement to Riesterer & Schnell. Brett and Terry will be going forward with Riesterer & Schnell and I will be retiring. This is great news for our employees and customers. I have known and respected the Riesterer family for many years. They run an excellent, multiple location operation, which offers even larger equipment and parts inventory and service capabilities. In conclusion, I would like to thank all our customers for your support over our years in business and in particular, our current and past employees. They do the heavy lifting and deserve the real credit for any success we enjoyed. Happy trails & blue skies for all!

Jim Faivre

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Neighbors-December 2012/January 2013

Winter worries… made easy!

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Central Wisconsin Rural & City Living



A thrilling experience.

Ruth Johnson 715-592-4300

That’s what the last two years of creating Neighbors magazine has been for me. I’ve met the best farmers and city dwellers along with our loyal readers, greatly expanding my universe of friends.


I’ve written about so many things from potato and other vegetable farming such as carrots and pickles, welding, cattle, Gypsy Vanner Horses, many fairs and local FFA groups, rodeos, pick-your-own berries, bee pollination, Christmas tree operations, the good steward side of agriculture, bison, heirloom turkeys and so much more. Now, as Faivre Implement becomes Riesterer & Schnell in the coming year, I will be serving as Marketing Director for the twelve Riesterer & Schnell locations working with Angie Ansorge, shown at right above. In my new capacity, one of my main assignments is to review how Neighbors magazine can fit into the overall media and public relations plans for Riesterer & Schnell. We will also be exploring ways to make the past issues still available online. We will no longer be offering paid subscriptions but the new format will be available online. Print copies may also be distributed but that is an option still under consideration. Those of you who had paid subscriptions will be reimbursed by Faivre Implement and we will be sending out letters shortly regarding those customers. I particularly want to thank Jim Faivre, CEO of Faivre Implement for the wonderful opportunity he gave me to create Neighbors and share it with such a great audience.

CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO NEIGHBORS! _____________________________________________

We are building a network of businesses who are committed to our area. Please consider supporting these fine businesses. ADVERTISER INDEX B&B Paving………………………………………………Page 43 Central Cities Credit Union……………………….Page 46 Feathered Gold Stables…………………………….Page 39 Pete Sanderson Photography…………………..Page 30 STEVENS POINT 6832 Johnnies Lane, Stevens Point Toll-Free: (800) 622-2611 (715) 592-4300  Fax: (715) 592-6116 WESTFIELD N6701 Harris Court, Westfield Toll-Free: (800) 356-3337 (608) 296-2191  Fax: (608) 296-3912 Copyright 2012, Neighbors, LLC. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Back issues are available online, Publisher not responsible for content of materials submitted.

As always, feel free to contact me with your thoughts. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! Warm regards,

Ruth Johnson

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Editor, Neighbors Magazine Page 6

Neighbors-December 2012/January 2013

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WESTFIELD N6701 Harris Court Toll-Free: (800) 356-3337  (608) 296-2191 Neighbors-December 2012/January 2013

NEW CENTRAL WI LOCATIONS Riesterer & Schnell Purchases Faivre Implement Stevens Point & Westfield By Ruth Johnson, Editor

Founded in 1931, Riesterer & Schnell now has 12 locations in Northeastern, Eastern and Central Wisconsin. (Photo above is circa 1959.) Page 8

Neighbors-December 2012/January 20132

“Change is the law of life. Those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” ~ John F. Kennedy Based on that premise, Riesterer & Schnell (R&S), a John Deere dealership group with several locations, has purchased Faivre Implement’s Stevens Point and Westfield John Deere dealerships. According to Jim Faivre, CEO of Faivre Implement, “When we decided to sell our dealership, we felt Riesterer & Schnell, who were our direct competitors in many regions, would be the logical choice for the ownership team and our customers and employees.” “For 80 years, Riesterer & Schnell remained family-owned by three generations and shares similar cultures, visions and goals. They have a vast history of successfully serving their customers, even longer than Faivre Implement.” Also driving Jim’s decision was that Riesterer & Schnell viewed the Faivre Implement employees as a crucial factor in the purchase decision. (Continued on Page 10) Opposite Page: An aerial photograph of the Riesterer & Schnell business in 1959. Above: This photo shows one of the early Open Houses celebrated by Riesterer & Schnell. After Prohibition, the Riesterer & Schnell families expanded their business by opening the Cedar Creek tavern run by Henry & Elizabeth Schnell at the site of the R&S present Chilton location. Middle Right: Part of the original Riesterer & Schnell operation included this filling station and tavern, which was soon expanded to include a repair shop. Bottom Right: Delivery personnel load up the first John Deere tractor sold by Riesterer & Schnell, a JD 630.

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Neighbors-December 2012/January 2013

(Continued from Page 9)

“Our existing customers will find that many of the same people with whom they developed working relationships, still working here after it becomes Riesterer & Schnell,” Jim explains further. “You may also notice some new faces added to the existing staff as Riesterer & Schnell prepares for future growth.” Once the Faivre Implement sale is completed, Jim is retiring. He expresses his gratitude to all the customers, employees and associates he worked with over the years and thanks everyone involved for their support. R&S BEHIND THE SCENES A privately held company founded by Midwestern entrepreneurs, Riesterer & Schnell’s ownership team is relatively quiet and reserved, preferring hard work and relationship-forming with their customers to publicly touting their own horn. Their escalating growth has created the need to share the story of their history, describe who they are and to communicate their hopes for the future of their business. (Continued on Page 12) Top: Frank Riesterer (second from left) and John Riesterer (second from right) at a meeting with Ford Motor Co. representatives. Middle: John Riesterer, one of the original owners, reviews a new product brochure. Bottom: A long line of Ford Ferguson tractors stand at the ready, waiting to be put to work on a local family farm.

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Neighbors-December 2012/January 2013

(Continued from Page 10)

THE EARLY YEARS During the Depression, money was tight and jobs were scarce. Life required ingenuity to survive, which is exactly what entrepreneurial brothers, Frank and John Riesterer and their fishing and hunting companion, Henry Schnell, relied on when they found themselves out of work. Pooling their resources, they built a 20’ x 20’ structure, which housed their new filling station business, Riesterer and Schnell Inc. It also served as their living quarters, which were about the size of today’s average living room. In November, 1931, they expanded further with a 26’ x 40’ repair shop. Consecutively, the company purchased a milk truck and John began a lengthy milk hauling career. After Prohibition, the Riesterer and Schnell families added the Cedar Creek tavern to their growing business at the same location. Henry and Elizabeth Schnell ran the tavern, which operated from 1934 to 1979. (Continued on Page 12) Top: Open Houses were big back in the day and a full band played in the Service Station garage for this 1940s event. Middle: Ken Moehn & Leroy Schnell review parts books. Bottom: (L-R) John Riesterer, Leroy Schnell, Frank Riesterer, Alphons Endries, John Lechler & Roger Colllin at a newly installed parts counter.

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Neighbors-December 2012/January 2013

(Continued from Page 11)

Later, Riesterer & Schnell added a car dealership to the same site and often joked that you could enjoy a few beers before you drove your new car home. The Manitowoc County Sheriff would frown on that nowadays. The growing dealership’s space needs ended the tavern. Today, the Lawn & Garden shop and Used Lawn & Garden Showroom reside where the old tavern once stood. In 1939, R&S purchased a Ford Ferguson tractor franchise as their first entry into the farm equipment business. Frank Riesterer served as service station mechanic. His wife, Mary, along with John Riesterer’s wife, Evelyn, handled bookkeeping. New Holland farm equipment was added in 1948. Ford tractors merged with New Holland in the 80’s and Riesterer & Schnell remained a New Holland dealer for many years. (Continued on Page 13) Top: Ray (left) & Delmar (right) Riesterer, second generation Riesterer & Schnell owners, dedicated their lives to building the business into the Ag leader it is today. Ray still serves as Board President with 32 years of service. Delmar is also actively involved as Vice President with 50 years of service, starting when he was 17 years old. Middle: R&S’ 50-Year Anniversary celebration in 1981 (L-R): Mary Riesterer, John Riesterer, Evelyn Riesterer and Elizabeth Schnell. Bottom: Kenny Riesterer, antique tractor buff and also a second generation owner, retired in 2004, after 46 years of service.

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Neighbors-December 2012/January 2013

“In every decision we make, we ask ourselves three questions: 1. Is the decision good for our customers? 2. For our employees? 3. For the business? If it’s not good for all three groups, then it is not a good decision.” ~ Delmar Riesterer

(Continued from Page 12)

THE JOHN DEERE YEARS Riesterer & Schnell officially became a John Deere dealer in 1960 with the purchase of Chilton’s John Deere dealer, requiring further remodeling and expansion. Since that purchase and now with the Faivre Implement acquisition, Riesterer & Schnell has grown into the premier John Deere dealer for Northeastern, Eastern and Central WI with 12 locations strong. Their success was based on a simple premise: “Coming through for you”, which is the theme that drives everything the company does. Over the years, Riesterer & Schnell worked hard to build strong relationships not just with their farm customers but the entire communities in which they are involved. (Continued on Page 14) Top: Waldo Riesterer, Riesterer & Schnell General Manager (left) shakes hands with Jim Faivre, CEO of Faivre Implement (right) in front of Faivre Implement, Stevens Point. Left: The Riesterer & Schnell Executive management team includes Waldo Riesterer, General Manager (left) and Tom Vande Corput, CFO (right).

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Neighbors-December 2012/January 2013

(Continued from Page 13)

Riesterer & Schnell provides employee, equipment and monetary support for local fairs and events, and yearly purchases thousands of dollars of 4-H/FFA market animals. THIRD GENERATION The second generation executive team of Delmar, Kenny and Ray Riesterer, dedicated their lives to establishing the strong John Deere dealership leader that R&S is today. Turning over the reins to the third and next generation can be a difficult transition unless the new team possesses the same steadfast drive of the previous board members, which is the case of the current third generation executives. Tom Vande Corput (Ray’s son-in-law) acts as CFO and manages the Pulaski & Pound stores. Waldo Riesterer (Delmar’s son) is the company’s General Manager. Frank Riesterer (Kenny’s son) serves as Corporate Parts Managers in Chilton and Terry Schnell (Leroy’s son) is Parts Inventory Coordinator in Hortonville. (Continued on page 15) Above: The Parts Department at every John Deere dealership is always hopping. Whether you order parts online or stop by our closest location, our Parts associates like Frank Riesterer, Chilton, is there to lend a helping hand to customers like Dick Vorpahl. Left: Jim Behnke, Chilton, helps Leroy Winter locate the parts he needs to get up and running.

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Neighbors-December 2012/January 2013

(Continued from Page 14)

MANAGING FOR GROWTH Waldo Riesterer, who serves as spokesperson for Riesterer & Schnell as well as General Manager, sums up what makes the Leadership Team’s management style successful. “It is all about our people, our employees, because they are the front lines, interacting with the customers and representing the entire company every moment they are here.” states Waldo. “Without their hard work and enthusiasm, we could not forge ahead, setting new goals and bringing in new business.” According to Waldo, “We provide them with the tools and the training to do their jobs and then we empower them to make the decisions necessary for daily success.” “Our company’s management team is full of smart, eager people who work together like a well-oiled machine, helping us smoothly transition new acquisitions and other changes. In these periods, we spend considerable effort reassuring employees and customers that we will proceed as usual.” (Continued on Page 16) Above: Service Writer, Shannon Peter, Chilton, embodies the Riesterer and Schnell Inc, dedication to providing each and every customer with the type of service they have come to know and expect. Left: Bryan Neeb, Service Manager, Chilton, runs a tight ship, administering the scheduling, completion and customer follow-up of every service requested received.

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Neighbors-December 2012/January 2013

(Continued from Page 15)

According to Waldo, Riesterer & Schnell has wonderful talent system-wide and each person makes significant contributions. Young and old, new and experienced, parts, service, sales, human resources, management, marketing and corporate; everyone brings something to the table. COMMUNICATION IS KEY Communication is stressed throughout the company, whether it is between employees or employees and customers. All departments receive continuous training on this vitally important aspect, especially when it involves addressing customer concerns and problems. Waldo notes, “Going forward, we will continue to encounter challenges, but a properly trained team, tackles such situations, gathering knowledge in the process and generating new, innovative ways to effectively resolve challenges. The team emphasizes the importance of vision, interactive dialog, and teamwork, operating disciplines, workplace safety and long-term planning. (Continued on Page 17) Top: Julie Schmidt, Parts Department personnel, represents the many people behind the scenes who work diligently every day to provide customers with a positive R&S experience. Right: Ruth Johnson (left) and Angie Ansorge (right), Riesterer & Schnell’s marketing team, plan and coordinate the advertising and branding messages into a unified approach for employees and customers.

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Neighbors-December 2012/January 2013

(Continued from Page 16)

HUMAN RESOURCES CFO Tom Vande Corput believes Riesterer & Schnell’s biggest asset is not equipment or buildings but rather, its people, “Our Board, executive team, Leadership Team and other employees are the most vital element of our company. They are what makes us special and successful in a world not as customer service driven as it used to be. Customers are always our number one priority.” “Our employees have the uniquely Midwestern work ethic that helps us shine as a company. We care deeply about our employees and reward them well for all their remarkable efforts.” Together, Tom and Waldo’s overriding desire is to forge their own, third generation legacy. They look forward to further strengthening the organization through controlled growth and increased customer focus. As Waldo says, “It’s not what size we are, it’s how good of a job we do and that has to remain our primary emphasis. We can never forget that Riesterer & Schnell exists only through the work of our dedicated employees and by satisfying our customers.” Above and Right: Servicing Ag equipment requires carefully trained and disciplined service technicians like Eric Mueller (above) and Roberto Rodriguez (right), who are both based in Chilton.

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Neighbors-December 2012/January 2013

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Neighbors-December 2012/January 2013

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Neighbors-December 2012/January 2013

Choose your Power! No matter what your needs, we have the perfect John Deere tractor for you. All the way up to our fully equipped 9R/9RT Series Row-Crop Tractors that offer legendary performance and reliability for farmers who demand more comfort, efficiency and productivity! These easy to operate models feature advanced technology and intuitive controls. Their spacious cab’s mobile office atmosphere offers premium sound system, Bluetooth interface, satellite radio and MP3 compatibility. Integrated GreenStar™ and JDLink™ technology help you achieve exceptional in-field precision and improved uptime. SERVING OUR CENTRAL WISCONSIN NEIGHBORS SINCE 1981. 

STEVENS POINT 6832 Johnnies Lane Toll-Free: (800) 622-2611 (715) 592-4300

STEVENS POINT 6832 Johnnies Lane Toll-Free: (800) 622-2611 (715) 592-4300

WESTFIELD N6701 Harris Court Toll-Free: (800) 356-3337 (608) 296-2191

WESTFIELD N6701 Harris Court Toll-Free: (800) 356-3337 (608) 296-2191

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Neighbors-December 2012/January 2013

Your favorite size with all the extras‌ big or small, we have them all!

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Neighbors-December 2012/January 2013

UNIQUELY WISCONSIN Harrison Hills By Pete Sanderson, MD, MBA

Late fall, in Wisconsin, often displays the first breaths of winter upon a landscape still showing summer’s growth. Cloudless nights allow the day’s blanket of warm air to escape into the atmosphere quickly dropping the temperature. Nature’s moist breath then forms delicate frost on what become the ghostly forms of summer past. These are the mornings with a decided nip in the air filled with calls of geese overhead. Winter is coming but the rising sun will grant a temporary reprieve as its warmth quickly melts the frost. (Continued on Page 26) Above: Fall’s first cold breath begins to hide the colors of summer in the George W. Mead Wildlife Area, Smokey Hill Road. Left: This irrigation canal in the Buena Vista Grasslands flows year round. On cold mornings, nature’s breath is often evident. This particular morning, the rising sun delicately accented the scene. Right: In eastern Portage County the first frost of the season leaves a sporadic white coat to the fields along this small stream.

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Neighbors-December 2012/January 2013

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Neighbors-December 2012/January 2013

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Neighbors-December 2012/January 2013

(Continued from Page 24)

As winter begins to grip Wisconsin, nature’s breath is only evident where there is open water. One of my favorite winter drives is Tommy’s Turnpike along the Wisconsin River in the Village of Whiting. Steam emitted from a nearby paper mill forms hoar frost on trees across the river. I captured the image above on a morning with wonderfully muted predawn colors. Page 27’s image is Bear Creek between Plover and Amherst. The creek flows all winter due to the presence of several large springs upriver. The cardinal on the right was imaged in my back yard looking through a window during a snowstorm. The window had a fine hoar frost. I melted a small window through the frost to get a clearer image. Please feel free to email comments or alert me to areas that you consider to be “Uniquely Wisconsin”.

Peter A Sanderson For more images, visit my blog, Page 27

Neighbors-December 2012/January 2013

2012 December/January Featured Print

Buena Vista Grasslands Plover, Portage County, WI Imagine having your own Pete Sanderson Limited Edition print! Each issue, renowned landscape photographer, Pete Sanderson, will offer one print from his multi-faceted collections, which he believes epitomizes the unique beauty of Wisconsin. Each 11”x17” pigmented ink jet print on cotton paper is signed and personally printed by Pete Sanderson. This print is offered at $40.00/each, (add $10.00 if you would like it shipped), until February 1, 2013. No program enrollment is required. The print will be available for pick up at Koerten's Fine Framing & Gifts or delivery by January 15, 2013. Pete Sanderson

To order your print, call or visit Koerten's Fine Framing & Gifts: (715) 341-7773, 2501 Church St, Stevens Point, WI 54481.

“In the Buena Vista Grasslands south of Plover, grasses are completed covered by a delicate frost. As the sun rises, the frost evaporates.” ~ Pete Sanderson.

Additional Images Available at Koerten’s Fine Framing & Gifts

Day Trips By Heather Kizewski & Ann Marie Worzalla

HOLY HILL Dozens of times I passed the Holy Hill exit sign while heading toward Milwaukee before knowing what it represented. It is unlikely the exit sign (or even a pamphlet) would propel the average person to investigate the majesty of where the road leads. One day, by mere chance, I stumbled upon a book about the history of Holy Hill. Gripped by the enchanting history and photos, I knew this was a place we needed to visit. Ann Marie and I instantly agreed December was the perfect time of year to share the history of the Basilica and the intriguing stories of healing and hope. HOW GREAT THOU ART

Welcome to Day Trips! Inspired by an authentic passion for travel, each issue, we share a unique adventure accomplished in one day; no overnight bags required. We are sisters-in-law from Stevens Point and Amherst, whose families are involved in potato farming, so we are firmly entrenched in Central Wisconsin. For more than six years, we have ventured forth in search of unique destinations – it is amazing how far you do not have to go to experience the moments we often seek in faraway lands. We hope to spark your wheels into motion. You are only a day trip away!

Above: Sisters-in-law, (Left) Heather Kizewski & (Right) Ann Marie Worzalla.

Surrounded by 435 acres of invigorating scenery, the Basilica features a lookout tower that offers panoramic views of the rolling hills and forest. ‘Breathtaking’ is an understatement regarding the view from atop. Beautiful pictures and vividly written descriptions simply do not suffice. The feeling is grand and sacred. It embedded the lyrics of the song, ‘How Great Thou Art’ into my very core. It is worth the time and exertion it takes to climb the 178 steps. It is worth every breath. We chose fall for the sake of colorful foliage, but the view would be clearly striking regardless of the season. (Continued on Page 30)

The Basilica of Holy Hill National Shrine of Mary is located about thirty miles northwest of the Milwaukee area. The Shrine’s Neo-Romanesque Church sits atop a glacial hill 1,335 feet above sea level – the highest peak of the Kettle Moraine. Top Left: The verdigris green tower’s architecture is reminiscent of gothic masterpieces. Lower Right: Holy Hills’ buildings are perched atop the rolling hill, which is covered in autumn’s glory.

Page 29

Neighbors-December 2012/January 2013

Day Trips (Continued from Page 29)

MAKING OUR WAY Our trip took place on a brisk, windy Saturday in mid-October, with mostly sunny skies. Although the road to Holy Hill is winding and rural, it was very easy to find. We aimed specifically to arrive when autumn colors were at full peak, but realized once we got there, it would not have mattered. Had there been not a single leaf in sight, we would not have felt let down. THE UNEXPECTED When we pulled up to the entrance, we were a bit surprised at the amount of cars. It is not uncommon for over 500,000 people to visit Holy Hill each year. We quickly learned that most prefer visiting in the fall. Although the Basilica is open year round, the scenic tower closes on October 31. It seemed everyone else also aimed for the weekend premiering the most kaleidoscopic autumn foliage.

“That beautiful hill yonder, reminds me very forcibly of a hill near our home in my native country. I feel sure, and the day is not far distant, when that hill will become one of the most noted places in all this land; when it shall be consecrated and made holy; a place of worship and pilgrimage when tens of thousands shall come to do homage to the Virgin Mary and her Son.” ~ Father Paulhuber (Continued on Page 31)

With that said; if you plan on visiting, try coming on a weekday if you prefer a less crowded experience. ENCHANTED PROPHECIES The property was purchased in 1855 for fifty dollars by Father Paulhuber, a native of Salzburg, Austria. Prior to making the purchase, Father Paulhuber gazed on the hill and made the following prophetic statement while visiting his friend, Joseph Kohler. Top: A view of the stunning fall colors taken from atop the scenic tower. Bottom: ‘Bird’s-eye’ view of the majestic basilica.

Page 30

Neighbors-December 2012/January 2013

(Continued from Page 30)

Day Trips

His prophetic vision stood true. In 1903, Holy Hill was declared a Shrine with ‘Portiuncula privilege’ by Pope Leo XIII. ‘Portiuncula’ is an ancient church dedicated to Mary under the title ‘Our Lady of the Angels’ and is located in Assisi, Italy. It is the place where Franciscanism developed and where Saint Francis lived and died. SOLACE AND TRUTH As a result of the increasing number of pilgrims, the Discalced Carmelites of Bavaria were invited to staff the Shrine in 1906. On November 19, 2006, the Shrine was elevated to the status of Basilica.

He persuaded him to travel to the United States and join the design team for Holy Hill. In addition to Holy Hill, he and Peter also designed the 25-foot stained glass window for Saint Gertrude’s Catholic Church in Franklin Park, Illinois.

People from every walk of life and of every faith and age, visit Holy Hill each year. Some often seek hope, solace and truth; others seek healing from extreme debilitating ailments.

The window, remarkable for both its size and the portrayal of its theme, Judgment Day, depicted an atomic bomb mushroom cloud, which was highly relevant in 1953 as the Apocalypse.


Above: The exquisite stained glass windows inside the Basilica must be seen in person to fully appreciate their beauty. The interior of the chapel is full of statues, mosaics and warm woods.

The chapel offers confession and peaceful, private nooks for prayer and reflection. We each took the opportunity to formally kneel in prayer separately, in solitude, before one of the several blessed statues located throughout the chapel.

(Continued on Page 32)

We both had difficulty taking our eyes off the elaborate mosaic stained glass. It is quite extraordinary; rare and uniquely detailed in terms of color and light. While reading through exhibits, we learned that Bernard Gruenke, Sr. led the 1950s decorative painting at Holy Hill. He designed dozens of mosaics for churches, often as the reredos, which serve as the backdrop for the liturgy. Traveling to Europe, Bernard met German Professor, Peter Recker, the mosaicist responsible for restoring Saint Peter’s tomb at the Vatican. Page 31

Neighbors-December2012/January 2013

\ Day Trips

(Continued from Page 32)

FIRST SHRINE OF MARY The first shrine on Holy Hill was dedicated by Father George Strickner on May 24, 1863. The simple log chapel was named ‘The Shrine of Mary-Help of Christians.’ The official dedication ceremony for the new Shrine of Mary was celebrated on July 19, 1931. For this ceremony, the doors remained closed and the sanctuary empty until Bishop Griffin blessed the doors with Holy Water and opened them to the public. HOPE AND HEALING Many have been known to retreat to Holy Hill in the midst of serious tragedy or loss. Others come seeking solace during and/or after divorce, or when experiencing extreme ambivalence during major life changes. Some healings are gradual while others are dramatic and instant. Even before the building of the first log chapel, pilgrims left crutches, leg braces and canes as testaments to answered prayers. According to W.A. Armstrong, in 1862, a French native hermit, named Francois Soubrio, came to do penance after murdering someone he loved, and was cured of partial paralysis after spending a night in prayer on Holy Hill.

OPEN ARMS What is more impressive than the history and more inspiring than the scenery; is that it does not matter the faith in which you chose to practice, Holy Hill welcomes all walks of life and faith with open arms. To find out more about various events taking place throughout the year; some within the upcoming weeks, visit “Regardless of what brings people to Holy Hill, they are bound to be touched by its peaceful environment and to be renewed in body, mind and spirit.” ~Author Unknown (Continued on Page 33)

He learned about the hill through an old diary he found while working as an assistant to a retired professor in Quebec, Canada. The diary’s author described his journey to the hill’s summit where he erected a stone altar, raised a cross and dedicated the place in the name of Mary as ‘Holy Ground.’ Dated 1676, the ancient diary and map illustrated a cone-shaped hill in southeastern Wisconsin. Top: The Shrine of Mary-Help of Christians attracts scores of worldwide visitors yearly. Bottom: Ann Marie collects Holy Water from the spout.

Page 32

Neighbors-December 2012/January 2013

(Continued from Page 32)

Day Trips

VENTURING OUT Although the Basilica offers a cute bistro style café, we chose to randomly venture out of the area in search of the perfect place for dinner. On a whim, we headed east and chose Cedarburg, WI - roughly thirty minutes away from Holy Hill. When we arrived, I instantly regretted not leaving home earlier in the morning. It would have been wonderful to leisurely explore everything the area had to offer! We browsed the Cedar Creek Winery and sweet little pottery shops and boutiques that are also located throughout the charming 1860s limestone building. THE AUGUST WEBER HAUS After peaking in and stepping out of two establishments, we came upon a building that almost looked too good to be true. The light brick exterior resembles an Old-World cottage. The rod iron fencing around the terrace gives it a touch of spice that intensifies the moment you open the door.

FINAL REFLECTIONS There was so much to love about this Day Trip and it is uncommon for us to ever say that we would have done things differently. However, we do feel obliged to offer and reiterate these honest suggestions. To experience the true solace and beauty of Holy Hill, it is beneficial to make the trip during the week. It is scenic and captivating regardless; however, if you are seeking a true spiritual journey without distractions, visit during the week. Last but not least, if you plan on making the side trip to Cedarburg afterward, be sure to give yourself plenty of time! Top: The limestone Cedarburg Winery building offers unique shops and rustic boutiques. Bottom: The understated August Weber Haus, established in 1865, is an unusual eatery, wine bar and lounge. It is also the original ‘Cedarburg Cheesary’.

There is a cozy fire place in the foyer. The dining area is intimate and welcoming. The owner, Jacob Banas, and his staff were exceptional in terms of personalized warm, formal service. Initially, we were not aware that they specialized in appetizers, entrées and dessert fondue, along with tapas and an elaborate a list of over 100 wines. Ann Marie and I shared the remarkable Oven Baked Almond Encrusted Brie and their Pan Seared Ahi Tuna with Aroma Cheese served over Crostinis. The August Weber Haus is perfect for those who want an unusual dining experience – something unordinary and personal. We look forward to making a trip back! Page 33

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Ramping Up the Action! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, John Deere ups the ante with more power and performance than you ever thought possible with a Gator! Harsh, sandy stretches, dirt roads, rough and rocky terrain, heavily wooded areas and more – nothing can stop these Gators from traveling where they want, when they want. See for yourself. Test-drive one of these new Gators today at Faivre Implement in Stevens Point and Westfield. Experience the ultimate thrill ride for all off-road enthusiasts.

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WESTFIELD N6701 Harris Court Toll-Free: (800) 356-3337 (608) 296-2191

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RSX850i Sport & Trail

Gator Evolution‌ incredible power, exhilarating speed & precise handling!

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HANDS-ON HEIFER TRAINING Waupaca High School Agri-Science Students By Ruth Johnson, Editor

Seventy-nine Waupaca High School students involved with Introduction to Agri-Science, worked with four of the major dairy breeds this fall, learning how to prepare and show dairy cattle and becoming familiar with the history, anatomy and physiology of heifers. They cleaned pens, fed, trained, washed, clipped, groomed and showed 12 Holsteins from the Doug Abrahamson Farm, Waupaca. They were Brown Swiss, Jersey, and Ayrshire heifers, ranging from 3-5 months old. Tom Ferg, salesperson for Faivre Implement served as Dairy Judge for their three dairy shows. Class winners earned a John Deere cap and photo. For many students, this interactive experience may be the only time they work on a daily basis with bovines. (Continued on Page 37) Above: Waupaca High School Agri-Science students and their heifers. Left: Tom Ferg gave students some last minute showmanship advice before the show. During the dairy show, students were judged on their showmanship abilities, cleanness and display.

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Flying Feather*

"Poor little Foal of an oppressed race! I love the languid patience of thy face." ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Regular Column and Photos by Denise Krause Owner, Feathered Gold Stables,

Breeding mares is a major focus for us. With autumn upon us, it is never too early to start planning our Spring Equine breeding. Understanding a mare's cycle is the key to planning breeding with the least effort and expense for everyone. Mare breeding involves seasonality. Mother Nature wants mares to have their foals when weather conditions are best for the foal's survival - that would be late spring. Since mares are pregnant for eleven months, horses are designed to breed in the spring to summer season. The key to this is day length. June 21, the summer solstice (longest daylight day of the year), is the center of the mare's cycle and when they cycle best. Conversely, many mares do NOT cycle at all in the winter when day length is short. This is a protective mechanism adapted through thousands of years. So...what to do to get January foals? Well, you have to fool Mother Nature, or at least the mare, which can be tricked into thinking it, is June when it is really January, by artificially changing the day length.

Do this daily until the mare is successfully bred and confirmed to be pregnant (approximately March 1). If you do not care when the foal is born, April, May, June, and July are fine months for breeding and you can save on your power bill. In early spring, for mares not under lights, a transitional period occurs between non-cycling and regular cycling. During February, March and even into April, mares will seem to be in heat (receptiveness to a stallion) frequently and for long periods (a week or more). They will not yet be in their normal cycle and despite many breeding covers, they end up not pregnant and their owners get frustrated. There is no drug that consistently puts your mare into a regular cycle. Time and regular checks by a vet will tell you when to breed.

If you desire early breeding, start about Thanksgiving to put mares in their stalls from 5:00-8:00pm and regulate light to around 250 watts.

OK, next topic - pre-breeding exams. Mares tend to conceive at the end of their heat cycle. The only way to know when that is, is to have her checked out by a vet.

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*Feather is the flowing hair on Gypsy Vanners’ legs

Your vet can insure your mare is cycling properly and if so, when she should be bred. Some mares may need cultures of their reproductive tracts and some may need surgery. Hormones...we have a good, safe selection. Regumate is an oral drug, like horse birth control, that keeps mares out of heat so you have greater control as to when they will be in heat. Regumate is also useful for show mares to avoid them from coming into heat right in the middle of a show event. Lutalyse will bring usually bring mares into heat provided they are not winter anestrus or transitional. HCG, given towards a heat cycle’s end, brings mares out of heat. The key to all these hormones is using them at the right stage of a mare's cycle. (Continued on Page 39)

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Rely on veterinarians to apply any hormones since they are professionally trained on the correct kinds and dosages to use at any stage of a mare's cycle. One thing that never changes when a mare is cycling is the number of days she stays out of heat. Normal cyclicity is 16 days between in heat cycles. A mare’s period of heat varies. In mid-spring, she may be receptive up to seven days. However, in June, she may be in heat only three days. Her total cycle is around 21 days - longer in the spring and fall and shorter in the summer months. PREGNANCY OVERALL HEALTH Now that you have bred your mare, how can you tell if she is pregnant? A sonogram is extremely accurate and the gold standard of diagnosis for pregnancy. They are also essential in checking whether your mare is carrying twins. Have a sonogram performed sixteen days after the last breeding. If your mare did not conceive, a sonogram can often help pinpoint the cause.

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Derek & Denise Krause Ogdensburg, WI (715) 445-5345

Pregnancy lasts about 11 months with the first 90 days usually the most precarious. Vets recommend a checkup and rectal exam at 50-90 days pregnancy. Older mares or those with prior fertility problems need close monitoring. Infections and illnesses can adversely affect the uterus and developing fetus. After the veterinary visit, it is time to sit back, relax and watch your pregnant mare blossom until it is time to foal.

Compact Utility Tractors simplify your life! STEVENS POINT 6832 Johnnies Lane, Stevens Point, WI 54482 Toll-Free: (800) 622-2611 (715) 592-4300 Fax: (715) 592-6116 WESTFIELD N6701 Harris Court Westfield, WI 53964 Toll-Free: (800) 356-3337 (608) 296-2191 Fax: (608) 296-3912

Since the introduction of John Deere’s first steel plow over 170 years ago, horses have played an influential role in John Deere’s heritage. John Deere’s commitment to horses and the land has never changed. Horse owners now use compact tractors equipped with forks and more, lawn tractors and Gators like our new 4-seater XUVs. These bad boys possess enough “horsepower” and 4x4 performance to travel where you want and still carry up to four people. Page 40

In honor of the equestrian world, Faivre Implement offers special discounts on equine-related products, merchandise and gifts through the John Deere Equine Association Discount Program:

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