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Tom Munro


“You Should Have Been With Me”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Introduction by Madonna. Interview by Pierre Alexandre de Looz. The first monograph on Tom Munro, one of today’s foremost fashion photographers, documents ten years of celebrity portraiture, including Johnny Depp, Scarlett Johansson, and Jude Law. 240 pp, illustrated throughout, 91⁄2 x 13” 9788862081252 $75.00 Damiani

Star Photography Before They Were Famous

The Modern Century

Photographs by Johnny Rozsa. This never-beforeseen collection of untouched photographs of some of the biggest names in Hollywood before they were Hollywood-ized by plastic surgery captures 30 years of Rozsa’s work. 208 pp, 12 vellum pages, 85⁄8 x 107⁄8” 9780982266908 $75.00 Glitterati

Stan Shaffer. Forewords by Eileen Ford and Anthony Haden-Guest. In this photographic scrapbook, fashion photographer Stan Shaffer shares his extraordinary life at the nexus of art, fashion and cinema. Text in English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. 256 pp, 200 photographs, 105⁄8 x 141⁄6” 9783832794255 $98.00 teNeues

Text by Peter Galassi. Accompanying a major traveling retrospective, this extensive monograph on renowned photographer Henri CartierBresson includes insightful prints and revealing documents on the photographer’s life and work. 376 pp, 435 illustrations, 93⁄4 x 121⁄4’’ 9780870707780 $75.00 The Museum of Modern Art, New York

Ansel Adams in the National Parks

American Portraits

New York at Night

Strip Search

100 Countries

Edited by Andrea G. Stillman. The most comprehensive collection of Ansel Adams photographs of America’s national parks and wilderness areas, with the added bonus of numerous unpublished images. 336 pp, illustrations throughout, 10 x 8” 9780316078467 $40.00 Little

Photographs by Michael Clinton. The diverse faces that make up the modern-day American mosaic is captured in these 93 American portraits that trace their ancestry to 100 different countries for Clinton’s first portraiture. 160 pp, 135 photographs, 101⁄4 x 11” 9780982266915 $50.00 Glitterati

Photography by Jason Hawkes. Text by Christopher Gray. A remarkable portrait of one of the world’s most vital and exciting cities. Includes more than 130 stunningly detailed photographs taken by Jason Hawkes. 160 pp, 130 photographs, 93⁄4 x 93⁄4” 9781858945293 $39.95 Merrell

Photographs by Albert Watson. Over 270 remarkable landscapes, still lifes and portraits, together with dramatic reportage-style images, create a unique and visually stunning portrayal of one of the world’s most enigmatic cities. 388 pp, 277 photographs, 11 x 14” 2-volume set (Volume 1 includes a special 48 pp tabloid section), clothbound and debossed, housed in a fabric and PLC slipcase. 9780473173890 $195.00 PQ Blackwell


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Fashion & Lifestyle

Greta Garbo

Arnold Scaasi

Fashioning Fashion

Emerging Fashion Designers I

Edited by Stefania Ricci. For lovers of fashion, photography and film history, the never-beforepublished wardrobe of a timeless star. 436 pp, 372 illustrations, 91⁄2 x 11” 9788857205809 $50.00 Skira

American Couturier

European Dress in Detail, 1700-1915

Text by Pamela A. Parmal. Period photographs, sketches, notes and clippings from the personal archive of iconic fashion designer to the stars Arnold Scaasi, renowned for his elegance and flamboyance. 192 pp, illustrated throughout, 81⁄2 x 111⁄2” 9780878467587 $55.00 MFA Publications

Sharon Sadako Takeda and Kaye Durand Spilker. Luxurious textiles, exacting tailoring, and lush trimmings abound in this glorious volume that celebrates the evolution of European dress through two centuries. 224 pp, 200 illustrations, 9¾ x 12½” 9783791350622 $55.00 Prestel/DelMonico Books

by Sally Congdon-Martin. Stunning new fashion designs and fresh, innovative creations from collections by recent graduates of sixteen of the most respected fashion design programs across the United States. 224 pp, 285 illustrations, 81⁄2 x 11” 9780764336003 $39.99 Schiffer

Dolce&Gabbana: Uomini


Lifestyle Illustration of the 60s

Luxury Toys for Men

Dolce&Gabbana. On the 20 year anniversary of their Uomo collection, Dolce&Gabbana bring us this lushly photographed book of top-name male models displaying their physical perfection in (and out of) D&G underwear. 256 pp, illustrations throughout, 10 x 133⁄8” UOMINI $75.00 Rizzoli

Ancient to Present

Edited by Rian Hughes. This colossal survey of magazine artwork from the Swinging Sixties, features over 1,000 illustrations. An inspirational sourcebook for contemporary designers and fans of 1960s culture. 576 pp, 1,000 illustrations, 73⁄4 x 10” 9781906863043 $45.00 Fiell Publishing

For men who relish the finer things in life, this book spans everything from neat technological gimmicks and exclusive watches to extraordinarily fast cars. Text in English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. 220 pp, 250 photographs, 97⁄8 x 122⁄3” 9783832794262 $59.95 TeNeues

Available late December

Edited and with text by Charlotte Fiell. Presents cultural history of hairstyles, featuring 800 illustrations and over 1,000 different hairstyles, from ancient Greek tresses to eighteenthcentury powdered wigs and Punk spikes. 576 pp, 800 illustrations, 91⁄2 x 121⁄4” 9781906863104 $75.00 DAP

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Architecture, Interiors, & Landscape

Lars Bolander’s Scandinavian Design

Houses and Gardens of Kyoto

The Irish Country House

Living Modern

Text by Thomas Daniell. Photography by Akihiko Seki. Selected by renowned Japanese photographer, Akihiko Seki, each selected locale is a fine example of traditional Japanese house and garden design. Both exquisite photo album and fascinating historical study, this book shows Kyoto as a modern city and as an archive of Japanese cultural history. 224 pp, over 500 photographs, 9 x 91⁄2” 9784805310915 $39.95 Tuttle

By Desmond Fitzgerald, Knight of Glin, and James Peill. Photography by James Fennell. Here are some of the most breathtaking residences in the world—a rare tour through historical homes and castles still owned and lived in by the original families. 192 pp, 230 photographs, 9 x 12” 9780865652613 $40.00 Vendome

The Sourcebook of Contemporary Interiors

AIA Guide to New York City

Peter Pennoyer Architects

Stealing Magnolia’s

Norval White & Elliot Willensky with Fran Leadon. The first new edition in 10 years boasts more than 3,000 new photographs, 100 satelliteenhanced maps, and thousands of short and spirited entries, this is the ultimate guided tour of New York’s architectural treasures. 1,056 pp, illustrated throughout, 47⁄8 x 10” 9780195383867 $34.50 Oxford

Apartments • Town Houses • Country Houses

Tales From A New Orleans Courtyard

The Great Family Wine Estates of France

By Anne Walker. Forward by Robert A. M. Stern. This extensively illustrated volume on the work of one of America’s leading classically inspired architects features twenty projects in text, photographs, elevations, and plans, plus an illustrated catalogue raisonné of the firm’s projects. 244 pp, 250 illustrations, 30 b/w plans, 10 x 12” 9780865652682 $60.00 Vendome

By Debra Shriver. In this dreamy and seductive journey into the magical city that is New Orleans, you will read a compelling story with photographs of finding and restoring a beautiful and unique house in the French Quarter in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. 192 pp, 155 photographs, 9 x 11” 9780982379912 $60.00 Glitterati

By Heather Smith Macisaac. The classic and modern presence of Scandinavian aesthetics and design is brilliantly gathered in this book of masterful works by Sweden’s Lars Bolander. 192 pp, 300 illustrations, 83⁄4 x 11” 9780865652583 $40.00 Vendome


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Photographs by Richard Powers. Text by Phyllis Richardson. This specially photographed compendium is the ultimate resource for creating modern interiors: from architecture to materials to furniture and decorative objects. 368 pp, 740 photographs, 97⁄8 x 111⁄4” 9780500515259 $60.00 Thames & Hudson

Photographs by Solvi dos Santos. Text by Florence Brutton. Here is an unprecedented journey into the lives and sumptuous interiors of the estates behind the best-known French wine labels, all specially photographed. 256 pp, 292 photographs, 91⁄4 x 11” 9780500515310 $50.00 Thames & Hudson

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Food, Art, & Children’s

French Cooking

Mamma Agata

Harvest to Heat

James Beard’s American Cookery

Classic Recipes and Techniques

Simple and Genuine

Foreword by Paul Bocuse, Written by Hubert Delorme and Vincent Boue. Over 200 culinary techniques—the building blocks for how to cook any recipe—are demystified in this illustrated guide to French gastronomy. 512 pp, 680 illustrations, 91⁄2 x 103⁄4” 9782080301468 $49.95 Flammarion

Written by Chiara Lima. Photography by Roberto Sammartini. Simple and Genuine is a celebration of Chiara and her mother’s cherished secret cooking tips and family recipes from Italy’s Amalfi Coast. 223 pp, 460 photographs, 91⁄2 x 8” 9788890464508 $45.00 Mamma Agata

Cooking with America’s Best Chefs, Farmers, and Artisans

Foreword by Tom Colicchio. The classic, must have American cookbook back in hardcover. This book includes 1,500 of his favorite recipes. 896 pp, 144 illustrations, 7 x 10” 9780316098687 $35.00 Little

Tulip Anthology

Arabs and Normans in Sicily and the South of Italy

Greek Vases

Composer Cats™ Mozart

The Athenians and Their Images

by Adele Cilento and Alessandro Vanoli. Magnificent photos and an informative text explore the fascinating interactions of Muslims and Christians in art, science, religion, and politics in southern Italy between 800 and 1200 A.D. 309 pp, 271 illustrations, 4 maps, 101⁄2 x 121⁄2” 9781878351661 $85.00 Riverside.

Francois Lissarrague. This entertaining wellwritten book explores the society and culture of Ancient Greece as it is depicted on painted vases. High quality over-size color photographs show unexpected details and are a visual delight. 240 pp, 140 illustrations, 101⁄4 x 131⁄4” 9781878351579 $75.00 Riverside

Narrated by renowned conductor James Conlon. Illustrated by Olo. Written by Jeannine Kadow. This illustrated interactive mystery introduces children to classical music as Mozart the Cat braves forest dangers searching for his missing music. 56 pp, illustrations throughout, 81⁄2 x 103⁄4” With 3 Track CD and Plush Toy 9780982740514 $49.99 Cheval

Photographs by Ron van Dongen. Introduction by Anna Pavord. Lush color photography is paired with visual art from the last thousand years in this comprehensive celebration of the most astonishing and beloved of flowers. 232 pp, illustrations throughout, 11½ x 14¼” 9780811877084 $60.00 Chronicle Books

Foreword by Alice Waters. By Darryl Estrine and Kelly Kochendorfer. Celebrating the collaboration between 55 chefs, foods artisan, and the local farmers who supply them every day. 304 pp, 108 photographs, 8 x 101⁄2” 9781600852541 $40.00 Taunton

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Yves Saint Laurent Haute Couture The Complete Works, 1962–2002 By Pierre Berge Limited to 500 boxed sets worldwide, this lavish edition reproduces the complete sketches, runway notes, and fabric samples for every garment Saint Laurent ever produced. Both plates and bound volumes are packaged in four clamshell boxes and shipped in a custom wooden cabinet. Four volumes, each 276 pages over 9,000 color illustrations, 12 X 15 ½ “ 9782732440798

The World of Gloria Vanderbilt By Wendy Goodman. Forward by Anderson Cooper. This illustrated biography celebrates Gloria Vanderbilt’s life as a mother, a style leader, a designer, artist, author and muse. Included are materials from her private collection, many images never before seen. 224 pp, 200 illustrations, 9 x 12” 9780810995925 $40.00

$2,750.00 + $150 shipping

Bunny Williams’ Scrapbook For Living

Timeless Elegance

Portrait of Camelot

The Houses of David Easton

A Thousand Days In The Kennedy White House

By Bunny Williams. Photographs by Amy Archer. A personal journey with Bunny Williams through several homes, room by room, showing creative ways to organize and design glamorous and practical living environments. 224 pp, 100photographs, 105⁄8 x 105⁄8” 9781584798590 $60.00 Stewart, Tabori & Chang

By David Easton with Annette Tapert. Forward by Albert Hadley. This book is a rare examination of one of America’s preeminent interior designers and architects, featuring photography, sketches, architectural plans, and watercolors. 240 pp, 200 illustrations, 9 x 12” 9781584798651 $65.00 Stewart, Tabori & Chang

By Richard Reeves with Harvey Sawler. Photographs by Cecil Stoughton. An unprecedented portrayal of the Kennedy White House, including a DVD of selected film footage by the photographer of the Kennedy family. 352 pp, 500 photographs, 9 x 11”, DVD 9780810995857 $35.00

Franco Zeffirelli Complete Works: Theatre, Opera, Film Edited by Caterina Napoleone. This is the definitive book on the life and works of this great master of spectacle spanning over 60 years. Produced with the full cooperation Zeffirelli and his family, it explores every aspect of his astonishing career in the performing arts. 512 pp, 800 illustrations, 14¾ x 11” 9780810996816 $150.00


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Random House


Finishing the Hat

Encyclopedia of the Exquisite

Triumvirate: McKim, Mead & White

The Voice

Collected Lyrics (1954-1981) with Attendant Comments, Principles, Heresies, Grudges, Whines and Anecdotes

Art, Architecture, Scandal, and Class in America’s Gilded Age

Stephen Sondheim gives readers a rare look into his life as well as his remarkable productions. 480 pp, 220 photographs, 8 x 107⁄8” 9780679439073 $39.95 Knopf

An Anecdotal History of Elegant Delights Jessica Kerwin Jenkins. “Beautifully researched and written book . . . fascinating and inspiring. I kept turning the page, wanting to learn more.” —Tory Burch 336 pages, line drawings throughout, 61⁄4 x 73⁄4” 9780385529693 $27.95 Nan A. Talese

An extraordinary portrait and fascinating saga of the most influential architectural firm of the Gilded Age. 608 pp, 163 photographs, 63⁄4 x 91⁄8” 9780394536620 $40.00 Knopf

For the Love of Italy


Lifting the Curtain on Design

Alexa Hampton

Rural Pleasures and Hotel Estates

Pure City

The Language of Interior Design

Marella Caracciolo, Photographs by Oberto Gili. This book celebrates Italy’s countryside and its own farm-to-table movement with profiles of the most exclusive family-owned farming estates. 224 pp, 275 photographs, 9 x 12” 9780307452481 $60.00 Clarkson Potter

Peter Ackroyd. Peter Ackroyd at his most magical and magisterial—a glittering, evocative, fascinating, story-filled portrait of Venice, the ultimate city. 416 pp, 4 illustration inserts, 61⁄8 x 91⁄4” 9780385531528 $40.00 Nan A. Talese

By Vicente Wolf. World-renowned interior designer Vicente Wolf is known for a modern and elegant design sensibility guided by integrity and simplicity, which he has exhibited throughout his more than thirty-year career. 224 pp, 180 illustrations, 10 x 101⁄2” 9781580932677 $50.00 The Monacelli Press

James Kaplan. “With so many new revelations, you might never really know who Frank Sinatra is until you read this book.” —Michael Feinstein 800 pp, photographs throughout, 61⁄8 x 91⁄4” 9780385518048 $35.00 Doubleday

Van Gogh in Auvers His Last Days

Gardens of the Hudson Valley

By Wouter van der Veen. The full complexity of Van Gogh’s personality, emotions, and relationships is presented here through reproductions of historical documents, letters, and full-color plates of over seventy paintings from the end of his life. 304 pp, 220 illustrations, 91⁄2 x 111⁄4” 9781580933018 $75.00 The Monacelli Press

Photographs by Susan Daley and Steve Gross. Text by Nancy Berner and Susan Lowry. Foreword by Gregory Long. The majesty of the Hudson River has captivated both artists and visitors for generations. Gardens of the Hudson Valley focuses on the historic landscape and how gardens have been integrated into it. 224 pp, 200 photographs, 101⁄2 x 91⁄2” 9781580932776 $50.00 The Monacelli Press

Alexa Hampton. Whether seeking design ideas, inspiration, or a vocabulary to articulate your desires, Alexa Hampton is your muse and guide to creating your own beautiful interior décor. 256 pp, 200 photographs, 9 x 12” 9780307460530 $50.00 Clarkson Potter

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Rizzoli Publications


Women Then

Herb Ritts: The Golden Hour


Antonio Marras. An extraordinary collectible, Kenzo creatively presents forty years of the Parisbased fashion house, now in a resurgence under artistic director Antonio Marras. Available with 3 different jackets. 304 pp, 300 illustrations, 9 x 12” 9780847834716 $75.00

New York, Paris, London 1954-1969

A Photographer’s Work and His World

Jerry Schatzberg with text by Julia Morton and Gail Buckland and an afterword by Faye Dunaway. A collection of rarely seen black-andwhite photographs captured by the renowned New York City photographer and filmmaker. 416 pp, 140 illustrations, 93⁄4 x 121⁄2” 9780847834747 $60.00

Charles Churchward and photography by Herb Ritts. Introduction by David Fahey. Foreword by Richard Gere. The definitive book on the life of Herb Ritts with never-before-seen images and interviews with his closest confidants. 304 pp, 220 photographs, 81⁄2 x 11” 9780847834723 $65.00

Vistas, Churches, Museums, Art, Villas & Gardens




Monica Bellucci

The Nude in America

The Men’s Style of Savile Row

Bram Dijkstra. A resplendent presentation of the nude in American art, photography, and popular culture from the eighteenth century to the present. 952 pp, 400 illustrations, 93⁄4 x 11” 9780847833665 $75.00

James Sherwood with a foreword by Tom Ford. A fully illustrated history of bespoke tailoring—the custom-made men’s clothing that made a small London street a globally known brand to generations of sartorial connoisseurs. 256 pp, 300 photograph, 103⁄4 x 131⁄2” 9780847834983 $65.00

The Great Cattle Herders of the African Sudan

Monica Bellucci with a preface by Giuseppe Tornatore. An exquisite tribute to Italy’s most important contemporary model and actress. 240 pp, 150 photographs, 10 x 13” 9780847835072 $60.00

The Hermitage Collections

Renaissance Art Pop-Up Book

Volume I: History and Masterworks Volume II: Age of Enlightenment to Modern Art

Stephen Farthing, Pop-Up Engineering by David Hawcock. A never-before-seen presentation of art and architecture from the Renaissance era in elegant, informative, and engaging threedimensional form. 14 pp, illustrations throughout, 11 x 11” 9780789320803 $40.00 Universe

Oleg Yakovlevich Neverov and Dmitry Pavlovich Alexinsky with a foreword by Dr. Boris Piotrovsky. The definitive volumes celebrating the collections of the Hermitage Museum. 2 volumes in slipcase. 656 pp, 600 illustrations, 95⁄8 x 13” 9780847835034 $95.00


This seminal volume on the indigenous African Dinka group is a landmark documentation of a vanishing people in war-torn Sudan. 224 pp, 130 illustrations, 113⁄4 x 153⁄4” 9780847834976 $75.00

Photographs by Massimo Listri. Edited and designed by Massimo Vignelli. Massimo Listri uncovers the great treasures, both public and private, in this oversize and deluxe volume. 368 pp, 400 illustrations, 11 x 17” 9780847831388 $125.00

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Rizzoli Publications

Victoria Hagan

At Home

Mary McDonald: Interiors


Interior Portraits

The Allure of Style

The Complete Universe

Victoria Hagan. The first book to survey the work of this iconic designer, known for her serene “new American classic” look. 480 pp, 200 llustrations, 95⁄8 x 123⁄4” 9780847834891 $50.00

A Style for Today with Things from the Past Suzanne Rheinstein. Photography by Pieter Estersohn. Leading interior designer and owner of Hollyhock Suzanne Rheinstein is known for her relaxed, elegant style. 240 pp, 300 illustrations, 91⁄2 x 111⁄2” 9780847834099 $55.00

Mary McDonald. In her first book, award-winning interior designer Mary McDonald inspires readers to combine old-fashioned elegance with the joy of fearless, exuberant decorating. 272 pp, 227 illustrations, 9 x 12” 9780847833931 $55.00

Edited by Barnaba Fornasetti. This elaborate volume, authored by the designer’s son, is a splendid celebration of one of the world’s most inventive design minds. 688 pp, 2800 photographs, 111⁄8 x 133⁄16” 9780847835348 $250.00

The World of Madeleine Castaing

Billy Baldwin

New York Parties

Tricia Guild

Emily Evans Eerdmans with a foreword by Jacques Grange and a preface by Frederic Castaing. The inimitable style of renowned French interior designer Madeleine Castaing, chronicled in-depth for the first time. 272 pp, 275 illustration, 10 x 11” 9780847832811 $65.00

The Great American Decorator

Private Views

Colors, Patterns, and Space

Adam Lewis with a foreword by Albert Hadley. The definitive book on the legendary decorator Billy Baldwin, known as the “Dean of American Decorating,” famous for his classical taste, streamlined modernism, and use of color. 256 pp, 200 illustrations, 9 x 12” 9780847833672 $65.00

Jamee Gregory with photography by Eric Striffler. An insider’s view—an invitation to imaginative private parties at the elegant homes of New York’s most celebrated hosts. Seasoned experts share entertaining secrets. 208 pp, 300 illustrations, 91⁄4 x 111⁄2” 9780847834037 $55.00

Tricia Guild. Published on the eve of the fortieth anniversary of Designers Guild, this lavish portfolio showcases the latest interior designs by one of the world’s most acclaimed designers. 256 pp, 300 photographs, 91⁄2 x 133⁄8” 9780847835065 $50.00

Sarabeth’s Bakery

La Cuisine

From My Hands to Yours

Everyday French Home Cooking

Sarabeth Levine with Rick Rodgers, photography by Quentin Bacon, and a foreword by Mimi Sheraton. Mastering the art of baking, presented step-by-step through recipes from the legendary New York City baker. 306 pp, 185 illustrations, 93⁄4 x 10” 9780847834082 $39.95

Françoise Bernard, translated and with a foreword by Jane Sigal. A culinary bible featuring 1,000 recipes from the legendary woman who revolutionized French cooking by simplifying recipes for the home cook. 816 pp, 15 illustrations, 7 x 10” 9780847835010 $45.00

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Antique Collector’s Club

The Art of Collecting

Italian Renaissance Courts

The Alhambra

Nueva York

An Intimate Tour Inside Private Art Collections, with Advice on Starting Your Own By Diane McManus Jensen. Offers a rare look inside the homes of 23 art collectors and insight into the their choices from experts in their fields. 272 pp, 255 illustrations, 91⁄4 x 111⁄4” 9781851496426 $65.00 Jensen Fine Arts

Arts and Politics in the Early Modern Age

From Darkness to Light

Edited by Marco Folin. Tells the story of the Italian court patronage that favored the rich flowering of the arts, including architecture, the figurative arts, music, literature and theater. 432 pp, 300 illustrations, 91⁄2 x 113⁄4” 9781851496433 $95.00 ACC Editions

By Lee Fontanela. Photographs by Adrian Tyler. A beautiful, photographic study of the elegant palace-fortress complex and former residence of the Nasrid Sultans, top government officials, court servants and the royal guard. 192 pp, 107 photographs, 91⁄2 x 13” 9788492441891 $60.00 TF. Editores

Edited by Edward J. Sullivan. A groundbreaking exhibition catalog on the long and deep involvement with Spain and Latin America through essays, drawings, paintings, archival documents, and more from colonial times to World War II. 304 pp, 260 illustrations, 9 x 10 “ 9781857596397 $65.00 Scala Publishers

Saint Tropez

Stephen Jones

The Naked Shoe

Paul Flato

Contemporary & Timeless

& The Accent of Fashion

Jeweler to the Stars

Text by Sandra Cerfontaine. Photographs by Jordi Sarrà. A glimpse into the exclusive and luxurious holiday homes in Saint Tropez that exemplify an interior design style that is pure, modern and timeless. 200pp, 150 photographs, 103⁄4 x 131⁄2” 9789089440853 $145.00 Beta-Plus

By Hamish Bowles, Andrew Bolton, Suzy Menkes, Penny Martin, and Anna Piaggi. The dramatic, iconic and often whimsical couture creations of master British hat maker Stephen Jones are showcased in the designer’s first monograph. 240pp, 200 photographs, 91⁄2 x 113⁄4” 9781851496525 $75.00 ACC Editions

The Artistry of Mabel Julianelli By Jane Julianelli. Craftsmanship and innovative design are celebrated in this intimate, photographic tribute to Coty Award-winning shoe couturier Mabel Julianelli, inventor of “the naked look” in footwear. 240pp, 185 photographs, 91⁄2 x 91⁄2” 9781851496396 $59.50 ACC Editions


By Elizabeth Irvine Bay. Stunning jewelry from the innovative American designer whose creations were worn by Hollywood stars such as Greta Garbo, Rita Hayworth and Merle Oberon. 224 pp, 240 illustrations, 10 x 13” 9781851496242 $85.00 Antique Collector’s Club

American Dog at Home

Horse Whisperings

The Dog Portraits of Christine Merrill

Portraits by Bob Tabor

By William Secord. Lavishly illustrated with paintings by America’s premier pet portraitist and photographs of the celebrated owners with their dogs, art collections and homes. 260 pp, 290 illustrations, 91⁄2 x 12” 9781851496419 $55.00 Antique Collector’s Club

By Bob Tabor. A stunning photographic homage to the horse that reflects Bob Tabor’s unique ability to capture his subjects’ natural beauty in a lavish, oversize volume. 168 pp, 150 illustrations, 141⁄4 x 111⁄2” 9781851496358 $69.50 ACC Editions

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Page 9

Phaidon John Pawson Plain Space


By Alison Morris. The only monograph on the pivotal recent work of John Pawson, a renowned designer of minimalist spaces, buildings and objects. This is a beautifully presented glimpe into the refined yet luxurious projects designed by Pawson. 240 pp, 400 illustrations, 113⁄8 x 97⁄8” 9780714857480 $75.00

Edited by Eamonn McCabe with text by Terence McNamee. An extraordinary photographic history of the first decade of the twenty-first century, charting 500 political, cultural, sporting and newsworthy moments that shaped the last 10 years. 512 pp, 500 photographs, 97⁄8 x 97⁄8” 9780714857688 $39.95

The Music of Painting


Music, Modernism and the Visual Arts from the Romantics to John Cage

Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine

Constable By Jonathan Clarkson. This accessible and comprehensive monograph clearly establishes Constable’s career within the social and historical context of nineteenth-century Britain, drawing on the very latest Constable scholarship. 240 pp, 175 illustrations, 113⁄8 x 97⁄8” 9780714842950 $69.95

By René Redzepi. An exclusive look at one of the most innovative restaurants in the world, Noma, and its influential head chef René Redzepi, revealing the philosophy and processes behind the two-Michelinstarred Copenhagen restaurant. 320 pp, 200 illustrations, 113⁄8 x 97⁄8” 9780714859033 $49.95

By Peter Vergo. Reveals how music and painting drew on each other for inspiration and stimulation during the emergence and development of modernism. 224 pp, 130 illustrations, 113⁄8 x 97⁄8” 9780714857626 $69.95

John Wiley & Sons

Avec Eric Eric Ripert. Follow culinary superstar Eric Ripert as he explores the culture and culinary traditions of regions around the world, then creates dishes celebrating the bounty of each. 304 pp, illus. throughout, 73⁄4 x 97⁄8” 9780470889350 $34.95

Exploring Wine

Fresh from the Market

The Culinary Institute of America’s Guide to Wines of the World, Completely Revised 3rd Edition Steven Kolpan, Brian H. Smith, Michael A. Weiss. The essential wine reference for aficionados, students, and professionals. 800 pp, 800 photographs, maps & illustrations, 81⁄2 x 107⁄8” 9780471770633 $65.00

Seasonal Cooking with Laurent Tourondel Laurent Tourondel. Chef Laurent Tourondel presents fantastic recipes based on the seasonal, marketdriven cooking philosophy that has made him one of America’s most successful chefs and restaurateurs. 336 pp, 151 photographs, 9 x 10” 9780470402429 $35.00

Encyclopedia of Jewish Food Gil Marks. A comprehensive, A-to-Z guide to Jewish foods, recipes, and culinary traditions. 672 pp, 75 photographs, 8 x 9” 9780470391303 $40.00

All Facts Considered The Essential Library of Inessential Knowledge Kee Malesky. For every inquiring mind, All Facts Considered will put you at the center of the conversation as you show off your essential store of inessential yet irresistible knowledge. 288 pp, 50 photographs, 51⁄2 x 81⁄2” 9780470559659 $19.95

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Page 10

Skira Rizzoli Harlem

Roy Lichtenstein

A Century in Images

Meditations on Art

Introduction by Thelma Golden with essays by Deborah Willis, Cheryl Finley, and Elizabeth Alexander and a foreword by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.. A century of Harlem, through the eyes and lenses of some of the most important artists and photographers of the twentieth century. 256 pp, 200 illustrations, 9 x 101⁄4” 9780847833351 $55.00 Skira Rizzoli

By Gianni Mercurio with contributions from Robert Pincus-Witten and Frederik Tuten. One of the most complete monographs of the artist to date, this volume depicts the career of Roy Lichtenstein, one of the finest American pop artists of his era. 372 pp, 472 illustrations, 11 x 12” 9788857204604 $100.00 Skira

The Allure of the Automobile

We Want Miles: Miles Davis vs Jazz

Driving in Style, 1930-1965

Alfred Stieglitz New York Bonnie Yochelson and in association with The Seaport Museum. Iconic images of the city from one of the masters of photography collected for the first time in a charming homage to lost New York. 96 pp, 65 photographs, 8 x 10” 9780847834907 $25.00 Skira Rizzoli

Vincent Bessieres and Franck Bergerot and in association with The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. The most comprehensive book on the artist to date, offering an insightful look into the legendary musician and his enormous impact on the development of jazz. 224 pp, 250 illustrations, 91⁄2 x 11” 9780847835287 $50.00 Skira Rizzoli

Ronald T. Labaco, with Ken Gross and in association with the High Museum of Art. A celebration of the finest designs of the Golden Age of automotive design. 144 pp, 80 illustrations, 12 x 10” 9780847834952 $40.00 Skira Rizzoli

Acanthus Syrie Maugham

Dream House

Staging Glamorous Interiors

The White House as an American Home

Pauline C. Metcalf. Syrie Maugham, trendsetter, fashion icon, and wife of the renowned novelist, created an ultra-chic world that was as unique as it was influential. Her inimitable style remains a constant inspiration for designers. 300 pp, 300 illustrations, 10 x 12” 9780926494077 $75.00

Ulysses Grant Dietz and Sam Watters. Before it becme a public monument, the White House was a home, mirroring national trends and aspirations in domestic and landscape design. 312 pp, 350 illustrations, 10 x 12” 9780926494657 $75.00

Maurice Fatio

North Shore Long Island

Palm Beach Architect

Country Houses, 1890–1950

Kim I. Mockler. Maurice Fatio tells the story of the prominent society architect and examines in detail 26 of the architect’s designs built between 1927 and 1939. 256 pp, 300 photographs and floor plans, 9 x 12” 9780926494091 $65.00

Paul J. Mateyunas. Covers 40 of the most noted homes, representing the variety of architectural design and social life that characterized the North Shore in its golden age. 368 pp. 400 photographs and plans, 9 x 12” 9780926494374 $80.00


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Great Houses of New York 1880–1930 Michael C. Kathrens. Presents the stories of the most elegant houses built in New York, many still known for their magisterial presence on the city’s most elegant boulevards. 336 pp, 300+ illustrations and floor plans, 9 x 12” 9780926494343 $80.00

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Ryuichi Sakamoto: Playing the Piano

The Canadian Tenors: The Perfect Gift

Celtic Thunder: Christmas

Playing The Piano presents a view into the world of this famed musician, composer, actor, and environmentalist. Contains a series of solo piano versions of his earlier work and an exploration of the netherworld between music and noise. B001466272 $21.98 (2 CD) Decca

Having already gone Platinum in Canada, The Canadian Tenors are now releasing their first holiday album in the US. The Perfect Gift includes new songs and traditional repertoire in their unique and sublime treatment! B001480102 $17.98 Decca

Bringing together their affinity for great popular songs with outstanding live performances, Irishmen Damian McGinty, Keith Harkin, Paul Byrom, Ryan Kelly and Scotsman George Donaldson pay homage to cherished holiday favorites. B001476202 $16.98 Celtic Thunder Ltd.

Liza Minelli: Confessions

Elton John & Leon Russell: The Union

Annie Lennox: A Christmas Cornucopia

Celebrating sixty years in show business, Liza Minnelli releases the most intimate recording of her career. A collection of American classics, arranged simply and elegantly, with accompaniment by her long-time pianist Billy Stritch. B001432102 $19.98 Decca

The Union marks the collaboration between Elton and Leon Russell, with guest musicians including Brian Wilson, Booker T, Don Was and Neil Young. Elton describes this album as a “Seventies record with a modern feel.” B001484002 $19.98 Decca

This new CD is the first Christmas record from Ms. Lennox, former lead singer of Eurhythmics. A Christmas Cornucopia features all time favorites and a new song written especially for the season by Annie entitled “Universal Child.” B001499202 $18.98 Decca

Various Artists: La Dolce Vita Anniversary

The Rat Pack: Christmas with the Rat Pack

Various Artists:

This musical aperitivo commemorates a special moment in Fellini’s Roma with smooth jazz and lounge music paired with songs and jazz standards of the sixties. Celebrate la bella vita! PF065455-2 $40.98 (2 CD) h.Squared

At last, your favorite Classic Rat Pack Christmas songs are collected onto one album. Featuring previously unreleased tracks, this musical romp speaks of the joy and celebration of the holiday season. CM48843-2 $15.98 Capitol

Rough Guide to Paris Café 2nd Edition Wisps of accordion music float from the open doors of bars and cafés while strolling through Paris. Be inspired by the world’s most romantic city. Featuring a Bonus CD by Beltuner. AD1240-2 $16.98 (2 CD) World Music Network

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Books in Foreign Languages At Rizzoli Bookstore we have always carried a wide selection of Italian titles and now we are proud to announce that we have added an extensive collection of French and Spanish books to our foreign language offerings. We invite you to discover our new foreign language department located on the third floor of the bookstore and browse through the thousands of classic and contemporary novels, mysteries, poetry, non-fiction, and children’s books. You will also find a great variety of study guides and dual language titles if you need to refresh your language skills. And, if ever there is a specific title you are looking for, we are happy to place special orders in the store or by telephone at 212-759-2424 (or 1-800-52-BOOKS).

Books in Italian


Non esiste saggezza


Saigon e così sia


Gianrico Carofiglio. A short story anthology from former anti-Mafia judge, Gianrico Carofiglio introduces diverse characters, seen in their everyday lives, forced to face their most remote fears. 160 pp. 9788817040709 $23.95 Rizzoli

Silvia Avallone. Premio Strega, 2010 finalist. “Acciaio” presents a world seen through the eyes of two teenagers, Anna and Francesca, growing up in a distressing and miserable industrial Italian province. 357 pp. 9788817037631 $35.95 Rizzoli

Oriana Fallaci. Fallaci’s reportage from Vietnam and Cambodia is collected here for the first time and includes interviews with the conflict’s protagonists. 359 pp. 9788817041928 $30.25 Rizzoli

Andrea De Carlo. Set between Milan, Liguria, Southern France and Vancouver and told from the alternating viewpoints of the two protagonists, Leielui explores the passions, doubts, and contradictions facing a contemporary couple in love. 568 pp. 9788845265631 $27.75 Bompiani

La principessa di ghiaccio

Il grande ricettario

Camilla Lackberg. After Stieg Larsson’s successful Millennium Trilogy, a talented new writer emerges from the Scandinavian New Wave noir. “La principessa di ghiaccio” is the first novel by Camilla Lackberg to be translated into Italian. 458 pp. 9788831799577 $34.95 Marsilio

Gualtiero Marchesi. A classic of Italian and international food literature, “Il grande ricettario” is an essential book for all lovers of fine cuisine. With over 2300 recipes, it is an ideal and enjoyable guide to Italian cooking. 1078 pp. 9788841862407 $34.50 De Agostini

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Books in French Suite française

La vie devant soi

Irène Némirovksy. Preserved in a notebook after her untimely death at Auschwitz, Némirovsky’s novel is as startling and provocative for the circumstances of its publication as for its portrayal of life in France after the German invasion. 573 pp. 9782070336760 $16.30 Folio

Romain Gary. Twice awarded France’s highest literary prize for his powerful character portrayals and evocative style, Gary tells the story of a young orphan’s coming of age in the slums of Paris. 274 pp. 9782070373628 $11.40 Folio

L’Élégance du hérisson

Le petit prince

Muriel Barbery. Set in a Parisian apartment building, Barbery’s beloved novel portrays the intersection of the lives of a hotel concierge and a precocious young girl, both with a secret penchant for philosophy and literature. 413 pp. 9782070391653 $14.40 Folio

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Discover Saint-Exupéry’s illustrated tale of the little prince’s travels in its original language. Part philosophical parable, part adventure story, this work has attained the status of a classic for children and adults alike. 87 pp. Hardcover: 9780152164157 $22.00 Paperback: 9780156013987 $11.00 Harcourt

Huis clos Jean-Paul Sartre. In this absurdist drama, one of the defining works of existentialist philosophy, Sartre creates an unforgettable cast of characters and one of the most oftquoted dialogues in the history of French literature. 247 pp. 9782070368075 $11.75 Folio

Books in Spanish

El amor en los tiempos del cólera Gabriel García Márquez. Arguably the best novel of the 20th century, Gabriel García Márquez’s groundbreaking saga chronicles a passionate, forbidden love story that spans over 50 years. 464 pp. 9780307387264 $15.00 Vintage Español

El tercer Reich

Poeta en Nueva York

Roberto Bolaño. The New York Times called Bolaño “One of the greatest and most influential modern writers.” El tercer Reich is a smart and thrilling detective story. 368 pp. 9780307476142 $15.00 Vintage Español

Federico García Lorca. Lorca’s poetic ode to New York is, much like the city itself, full of passion, anger, confusion, contradictions and, ultimately, beauty. 288 pp. 9788437607252 $11.00 Cátedra

Valentina en Nueva York Anatxu Zabalbeascoa. In this delightful story for children of all ages, a young girl goes on an exciting vacation to New York City. 32 pp. 9788483103852 $14.95 Tusquets

La sombra del viento Carlos Ruiz Zafón. Part mystery thriller, part love story, part political saga, Ruiz Zafón’s international bestseller has charmed and entertained readers of all ages. 576 pp. 9780307472595 $17.95 Vintage Español

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Luxury Books

François Rousseau, ATELIER

Eyes Over Africa

The new photo drama

beautyLIGHT Collector’s Edition

Michael Poliza In 2006, photographer Michael Poliza and friend Stefan Breuer undertook a helicopter journey across Africa. Poliza’s alluring photographs of this journey offer a bird’s-eye view of the astounding beauty, scale and diversity of this imposing continent. The accompanying texts give a behind-thescenes look at the making of this work. 504 pp, Hardcover limited to 300 individually numbered copies, each signed by Michael Poliza, in a handcrafted box upholstered in ultra-suede. Accompanied by a high-quality original lithography print (217⁄8 x 171⁄4”), each in a numbered edition of 300, signed by Michael Poliza. 9783832792237 $5000.00 teNeues

Photography by Matthew Rolston This extravagantly oversized, numbered and limited edition book includes a choice of original print signed by the artist and is enclosed in an impressive clamshell box. 128pp, 100 photographs, 4 gatefolds, 11 ¼” x 14 ½” Hardcover with jacket, linen slipcase and a signed and numbered photo-print. Collector’s Edition 1-300. Penelope Cruz print signed by Matthew Rolston 9783832792855 $3,000 Lenny Kravitz print signed by Matthew Rolston 9783832792879 $3,000 teNeues

Photography by François Rousseau Novel by Patrick Grainville An exceptional artist book in a limited edition of only 500 portfolios, signed by the famous French photographer, plus a CD with original music by Mikael Karlsson, and a DVD with the making of video. 144 pp, 78 illustrations, 15 x 12” #ATELIER $295.00 Galerie Pierre-Alain Challier Editions, Paris

Arts & Architecture 1945-54

Jeff Koons

Jean Nouvel by Jean Nouvel

The Complete Reprint

Eckhard Schneider, Katy Siegel, Ingrid Sischy, and Hans Werner Holzwarth

Complete Works 1970-2008

David Travers The first part (1945-1954) of the facsimile edition of John Entenza’s groundbreaking magazine, which launched the Case Study House Program; in ten boxes, each containing one year’s worth of magazines. Limited to 5,000 copies. 6156 pp, 118 magazines in 10 boxes, 97⁄8 x 123⁄4” 9783822826782 $490.00 (originally $700) Taschen


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The Post-Pop superstar: An in-depth study of Jeff Koons’s entire oeuvre to date. Limited to 1,500 copies, each numbered and signed by the artist. The book features detailed analysis alongside hundreds of large-format images, tracing Koons’ career from 1979 to today. Fans of Jeff Koons’ work will find in this publication not only a sumptuous book-object, but also the most comprehensive study of the artist’s work ever published. 606 pp, hardcover + box, 13 x 171⁄3” 9783822849446 $2800 (originally $ 4500.00) Taschen

Philip Jodidio The work of France’s most unique and internationally celebrated contemporary architect—and recipient of the 2008 Pritzker Prize. Limited to 1,000 signed and numbered copies packaged in a translucent plexiglass slipcase especially designed by Jean Nouvel for this edition. 898 pp, 2 Hardcover Volumes in Plexiglass Box, 113⁄8 x 141⁄2” 9783836509350 $490.00 (originally $ 700.00) Taschen

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Luxury Books


Versailles Furniture of the Royal Palace

Gardens of Paradise

The Scroll of Heaven

17th & 18th Centuries

16th Century Turkish Ceramic Tile Decoration

Text by Cyril Mango, Photography by Ahmet Ertug The Monastery of the Holy Savior in Chora stands as one of the greatest monuments in late Byzantine art. Offering a unique glimpse of Byzantine religious art in its last creative phase, this volume reproduces Chora’s frescoes and mosaics in all their sublime radiance through the magnificent photography of Ahmet Ertug. 257 pp, hardbound with Japanese cloth, slipcased, 107 color illustrations, 113⁄4 x 161⁄8” AE11 $840.00 Ertug & Kocabiyik

Pierre Arizzoli-Clémentel et Daniel Meyer A lushly photographed and comprehensive two-volume survey of the furniture built for the French Royal Family and their circle. Including Louis XIV, XV, and XVI. 603 pp in 2 hardcover volumes, 9 x 113⁄4” 9782878440584 $714.00 Faton

Text: Walter B. Denny, Photos: Ahmet Ertug From the most humble mosque to the grandest imperial palace, Turkish ceramic tiles of the 16th century transformed the interior space into a Heavenly Garden and rank as one of the supreme achievements of Ottoman art. Now, for the first time, their brilliant colors and sinuous calligraphy are captured in Ahmet Ertug’s dazzling photographs. 190 pp, clothbound, slipcased, 102 illus, 3 fold-outs, 125⁄8 x 161⁄8” AE7 $840.00 Ertug & Kocabiyik

The Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi

The Constitution of the United States of America

Edited by Giorgio Bonsati The Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi is one of the great monuments of Italy, a treasure trove of masterpieces by great painters such Cimabue, Simone Martini and Pietro Lorenzetti. This book illustrates the artistic patrimony of the Basilica, showing the frescoes that were damaged or destroyed during the 1997 earthquake, both in their original condition and after restoration. 2290 pp in 4 volumes, hardcover, slipcased, 1843 color and 505 b&w illustrations, 91⁄2 x 121⁄4” 9788876868078 $1295.00 Franco Cosimo Panini

Illustrated by Sam Fink Sam Fink’s brilliantly inscribed and illustrated rendition of our country’s most famous historical document in an exquisite Limited Edition. Signed and numbered by the artist. 64 loose folios in a cloth covered clamshell box, 161⁄2 x 231⁄4” 9781599620169 $350.00 (originally $500.00) Welcome Books

An Architectural Alphabet Andrew Zega & Bernd H. Dams, Preface by Charlotte Moss Taking inspiration from the fanciful decorated initials that have graced manuscripts and printed books since the Renaissance, this stunning book features 26 watercolors incorporating the letters of the alphabet in architectural and garden themed vignettes. 96 pp, 26 color illustrations, 7 x 81⁄2” ALPHABET $275.00 Connaissance et Memoires

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Rizzoli Bookstore Best Sellers

The Private World of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge


Books Do Furnish A Room

La Cucina

Kelly Wearstler. Kelly Wearstler’s highly anticipated new release Hue celebrates the power of color from today’s ultimate trendsetter in interior design. 196 pp, 150+ illustrations, 8½ x 12” 9781934429358 $49.95 Ammo Books

Leslie Geddes-Brown. Dazzling photographs complement a bibliophile’s inspirational solutions and practical tips on how books can transform any room or nook into an alluring and magical place. 160 pp, 160 illustrations, 81⁄4 x 10” 9781858944913 $39.95 Merrell

The Regional Cooking of Italy

Casa Mediterranea


Elliot Erwitt’s Rome


Spectacular Houses and Glorious Gardens by the Sea

The Exuberant Style of William Diamond and Anthony Baratta

Massimo Listri. A selection of sixty beautiful houses with plenty of ideas for recreating the same atmosphere in your own home. 360 pp, 339 illustrations, 9½ x 10½” 9780500514948, $45.00 Thames & Hudson

Michel Arnaud. The always innovative Diamond and Baratta present their most recent, ambitious, and exciting projects. 204 pp, 245 illustrations, 111⁄2 x 121⁄4” 9780982358504 $95.00 Pointed Leaf Press

Elliott Erwitt. With careful precision Elliott Erwitt portrays the distinctive mix of ancient glory and casual indifference that is uniquely Roman. Text in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. 144 pp, 176 illustrations, 107⁄8 x 141⁄2” 9783832793616 $65.00 teNeues

Photographs by Santi Visalli. Three decades of icons from the worlds of art, politics, music, and film captured by award-winning photojournalist, Santi Visalli. English & Italian. 136 pp, 77 illustrations, 91⁄2 x 121⁄2” 9788872003152 $65.00 Graphice Vianello

Robert Murphy, Photography by Ivan Terestchenko. Saint Laurent’s extraordinary taste went beyond the world of fashion as this lavish book of the eight distinct residences reveal. 280 pages, 256 illustrations, 11 x 121⁄4” 9780865652514 $95.00 Vendome


The Italian Academy of Cuisine. The most complete and authentic Italian cookbook ever published in the English language, featuring over 2,000 recipes by home cooks, for home cooks. 948 pp, 7 x 10” 9780847831470 $45.00

Custom Motorcycles

My Favourite Dress

Miquel Tres. A fascinating visual display of outrageous custom-built motorcycles, their colorful owners, stunning landscapes, and wild meetings and races. 240 pp, 300 illustrations, 10 x 10” 9781864703559 $29.95 Images

Gity Monsef, Samantha Erin Safer and Robert de Niet. Introduction by Suzy Menkes. Over 100 designers and fashion personalities rhapsodize about their favorite dresses in this lavishly illustrated book. Features Christian Lacroix, Zac Posen, Kylie Minogue, and others. 384 pp, 400 illustrations, 73⁄4 x 111⁄2” 9781851495924 $49.50 Antique Collectors’ Club

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Unexposed Exposures

Horse Power

Before Color

Points Between... Up Till Now

Andy Warhol This book presents the previously unpublished and unexhibited photographs from Andy Warhol’s Exposures and offers over 70 unique vintage black and white photographic prints. 132 pp., 60 plates, 8.7 x 6.7” 978-3-86930-116-7, $30.00

Koto Bolofo Horse Power is a compelling photographic portrait of the horse today. Bolofo documents life on the grounds of esteemed racehorse trainer Christiane Head-Maarek. 144 pp., 11.4 x 14.6” 978-3-86930-129-7, $98.00

William Eggleston This book presents the earliest photography of William Eggleston, recently discovered in the Eggleston Archives, and shows the artistic beginnings of a pioneer of contemporary photography. 200 pp., 152 plates, 8.9 x 10” 978-3-86930-122-8, $65.00

Robert Polidori This book for the first time assembles images from Polidori’s major photographic series Beirut, Versailles, Havanna, New Orleans and Pripyat and Chernobyl, giving an overall impression of his oeuvre. 192 pp, four color plates, 9.8 x 11.8” 978-3-86521-994-7, $48.00

Antonioni's Blow Up

Walking The High Line



Philippe Garner and David Alan Mellor In a focused visual investigation that is complemented by the authors’ analytical essays, this book reassembles and re-tells the key narrative and pictorial strands in Antonioni’s Blow-Up. 113 pp, 9.6 x 11.3” 978-3-86930-023-8, $58.00

Joel Sternfeld Joel Sternfeld documents the abandoned elevated Manhattan railway, the High Line, creating a suite of images marked by quiet grace and formal rigor. 72 pages, 24 color plates, 5 black & white plates, 10.2 x 8.5” 978-3-88243-726-3, $30.00 Steidl & Partners

Eadweard Muybridge in a Time of Change Philip Brookman Placing Muybridge in the context of one of the most transformative periods in history, this book traces the life and art of the 19th century photographer. 300 pp., 200 photographs and illus, 11 x 8.5” 978-3-86521-926-8, $85.00 Steidl & Partners

Fazal Sheikh This book takes in the full range of Fazal Sheikh’s work, from his earliest portraits taken in African refugee camps to more recent work in South America and in India. 192 pages, 100 quadtone plates, 8.3 x 10.2” 978-3-86521-819-3, $65.00

In Between


Guy Bourdin Guy Bourdin’s vivid, narrative-infused work placed him at the vanguard of fashion photography. In Between delves into that career, charting the course of his artistic development with over 200 exceptional images. 272 pp., 400 photographs, 11.6 x 7.6” 978-3-86930-033-7, $78.00 Steidldangin

Tina Barney In Players, Tina Barney expands her subject matter to include fashion, performers, and actors, as well as her own circle of friends. The result is refreshing, revealing and curious. 96 pages, 66 color plates, 12 x 9” 978-3-86521-995-4, $49.95

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Cover image from Tuscany on page 7. Photography © Massimo Listri.

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