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Pacific Standard Time

Degas and the Nude

The Garden in Art


Los Angeles Art, 1945–1980

Text by Xavier Rey, Anne Roquebert, George T.M. Shackelford. The first book in a generation to explore Degas’ treatment of the nude from his early years in the 1850s to his last decades. 336 pp, 240 color illustrations, 93⁄4 x 103⁄4” 9780878467730 $65.00 MFA Publications

Debra N. Mancoff. A major new study of the garden in art, featuring a stunning selection of works, and a fascinating exploration of their meaning and significance. 240 pp, 200 color illustrations, 111⁄2 x 111⁄2 " 9781858945224 $49.95 Merrell

A Life Sacred and Profane

De Kooning

Van Gogh


A Retrospective

Written by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith. More than a decade in the making, this is the first definitive biography of one of the world's most popular artists. From the author of Jackson Pollock—the winner of the Pulitzer Prize, finalist for the American Book Award and New York Times bestseller. 976 pp, 61⁄4 x 91⁄8” 9780375507489 $40.00 Random House

A Journey of a Thousand Years, 600-1600

Arabs and Normans in Sicily and the South of Italy

Edited by Rebecca Peabody, Andrew Perchuk, Glenn Phillips, and Rani Singh, with Lucy Bradnock. This stunningly illustrated history of the vibrant and diverse postwar art scene in Los Angeles is the first in-depth scholarly survey of the region’s art. 352 pp, 218 color, 160 b/w illustrations, 9 x 111⁄2” 9781606060728 $59.95 Getty Publications

Edited and with text by John Elderfield. Published in conjunction with the first largescale, multi-medium, posthumous retrospective of de Kooning’s career, this publication offers an unparalleled opportunity to appreciate the development of the artist’s work. 504 pp, 725 color illustrations, 91⁄2 x 12” 9780870707971 $75.00 The Museum of Modern Art, New York


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David Roxburgh, editor. The magnificent catalog to an exhibit devoted to the art and culture of the Turkic-speaking peoples, with paintings, sculpture, textiles, metalwork, and ceramics. 392 pp, 500 illustrations, 95⁄8 x 115⁄8” 9781903973561 Originally $90.00, Now $45.00 Royal Academy Publications

Andrew Graham-Dixon. In the tradition of John Richardson's Picasso, a commanding new biography of the Italian master's tumultuous life and mysterious death. 514 pp, 63⁄4 x 91⁄2” 9780393081497 $39.95 W.W. Norton

by Adele Cilento and Alessandro Vanoli. Magnificent photos and an informative text explore the fascinating interactions of Muslims and Christians in art, science, religion, and politics in southern Italy between 800 and 1200 A.D. 309 pp, 271 illustrations, 4 maps, 101⁄2 x 121⁄2” 9781878351661 $85.00 Riverside

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Weddings and Movie Stars

Hollywood and The Ivy Look

Fashion Designers at the Opera

Edited by Tony Nourmand. Design by Graham Marsh. A movie lover’s encyclopedia of weddings and a tribute to the most iconic Hollywood stars. Will quench your thirst for impeccable glamour and salacious gossip. 288 pp, 300 photographs, 12¼ x 14¼” 9780956648723 $79.95 Reel Art Press

Edited by Tony Nourmand. Text & Design by Graham Marsh. This stylish photographic book celebrates the look and attitude of ‘Ivy’ and how it gained its place in history as the look of modern America. 280 pp, 260 photographs, 93⁄4 x 113⁄4” 9780956648730 $75.00 Reel Art Press

Helena Matheopoulos. The most theatrical of arts inspires the most visionary designers to create extraordinary costumes for extraordinary productions: a feast for fashionistas and opera buffs. 192 pp, 202 illustrations, 10 x 121⁄2" 9780500515761 $60.00 Thames & Hudson

High Heels

Egoïste No16 The newest edition of Nicole Wisniak's elegantly illustrated magazine is here, and running over 220 pages across two volumes, Egoïste No16 is destined to be the most lavish edition yet. The current issue includes contributions by such renowned photographers as Ellen Von Unwerth, Donata Wenders, Paolo Roversi, and Julia Fullerton-Batten. Now available in the United States exclusively through Rizzoli Bookstore. $50.00


The Crown Jewels

Her Life

Anna Keay. A sumptuous, newly photographed celebration of this centuries-old treasure: England's crown jewels, perhaps the finest jewelry collection in the world. 192 pp and 2 gatefolds; 296 illustrations, 11 x 13” 9780500515754 $65.00 Thames & Hudson

Fashion, Femininity & Seduction Edited by Ivan Vartanian. An exploration of the confluence of art, fashion and fetish in the contemporary cult of high heels, with contributions by Manolo Blahnik, Valerie Steele and many others. 192 pp, 120 color illustrations, 91⁄2 x 111⁄2” 9781935202691 $49.95 Goliga

by Justine Picardie. Illustrations by Karl Lagerfeld. Chanel: Her Life explores every facet of Chanel's universe: her fascinating private life as well as the famous icons of her fashion empire. Designed and illustrated by Karl Lagerfeld, this is the definitive biography of Coco Chanel. 400 pages, 200+ photographs & drawings, 6 x 91⁄4” 9783869302621 $58.00 Steidl

Voguing and the Ballroom Scene of New York 1989-1992 Photographs by Chantal Regnault Harlem’s gay ballroom subculture of the late 1980s is superbly documented in this trove of previously unpublished photographs by Chantal Regnault. 192 pp, 180 illustrations, 9 x 111⁄2’ 9780955481765 $39.95 Soul Jazz

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75 Recipes for Cheesecakes, Pies, Cookies, Cakes, and More ALA N R O S E N & B E T H AL L E N

Country Cooking of Italy

The Elixir of Life Cookbook

Eleven Madison Park

Junior’s Dessert Cookbook

Colman Andrews. Photographs by Hirsheimer and Hamilton. With 230 sumptuous recipes highlighting the abundant flavors of Italy, this luxe package is sure to delight home chefs and lovers of Italian food alike. 392 pp, 100 color illustrations, 9 x 11” 9780811866712 $50.00 Chronicle

Finding Love and Joy in the Passionate Pursuit of Food

The Cookbook

75 Recipes for Cheesecakes, Pies, Cookies, Cakes and More

By Lisa Dahl. 2011 Cookbook of the Year, IPPY Award. Lusty and rustic Italian cooking includes soups, salads, sauces, versatile side dishes and delicious antipasti. Mangia Bene! 226 pp, 215 color photographs, 91⁄2 x 11” 9780615366678 $39.95 Living Dahl

By Daniel Humm and Will Guidara. A lavish collection of elegant, seasonal recipes from the award-winning four-star New York restaurant. 384 pp, 200 color photos, 103⁄4 x 113⁄4” 9780316098519 $50.00 Little Brown

By Alan Rosen and Beth Allen. 75 restaurantworthy favorites including ice cream sodas, pies, cakes, cookies and Junior’s signature cheesecakes, plus sugar-free options! 176 pp, 40 color photographs, 8 x 9” 9781600853920 $24.95 Taunton

Renaissance People


The Swerve

The Great Sea

Lives that Shaped the Modern Age

A Living History

How the World Became Modern

A Human History of the Mediterranean

Robert C. Davis and Beth Lindsmith. Profiles of Renaissance personalities from iconic figures including Leonardo da Vinci and Christopher Columbus as well as those that are little known are presented here. 336 pp, 200 illustrations, 7½ x 9¾” 9781606060780 $39.95 Getty Publications

Martyn Lyons. From papyrus scrolls to the iPad, this engaging history explores every iteration of the book. 224 pp, 220 illustrations, 7½ x 10” 9781606060834 $34.95 Getty Publications

by Stephen Greenblatt. One of the world's most celebrated scholars, Stephen Greenblatt has crafted both an innovative work of history and a thrilling story of discovery, in which one manuscript, plucked from a thousand years of neglect, changed the course of human thought and made possible the world as we know it. 356 pp, 61⁄2 x 91⁄2” 9780393064476 $26.95 W.W. Norton

Written by David Abulafia. A brilliantly written and definitive account of perhaps the most vibrant theater of human interaction in history. 800 pp, 40 halftones, 61⁄8 x 91⁄4” 9780195323344 $34.95 Oxford


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Ai Weiwei

New Japan Architecture


Recent Works by the World's Leading Architects

Editor Caroline Klein. This monograph documents the eclecticism of Ai Weiwei's extravagant and innovative architectural works. 176 pp, 7 x 9” 9783942597012 $35.00 Daab

by Geeta Mehta and Deanna MacDonald. Preface by Cesar Pelli. Foreword by Fumihiko Maki. "Time alone is the final judge of the value of any work of architecture." –Fumihiko Maki, from his foreword. 224 pp., 300 color photographs, 100 plans and drawings, 9 x 12” 9784805309483 $49.95 Tuttle

Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic Inspirations Rachel Ashwell. In this new book, Rachel Ashwell takes us to homes that share the same qualities: a respect for beautiful objects from the past, an extravagant sense of comfort, an eye for the unexpected and that signature touch of bling. 192 pp, 200 color photographs, 93⁄4 x 111⁄2” 9781907563591 $35.00 Ryland Peters & Small

Books Make a Home Damian Thompson. Exploring the important role books play as decoration, as well as functional items, Books Make a Home is an insightful guide to enjoying books with the eye as well as with the mind. 160 pp, 10 x 9” 9781849751872 $29.95 Ryland


Poker Face 2

Michael Dweck


The 20th Century in Color

Photography by Ulvis Alberts. The most comprehensive photo book ever done on world championship poker, includes all the greats of the game, from 1977 up to 2005. Signed by photographer. 351 pp, over 400 photographs, 13 x 11” 9984764656 $150.00 Reel

Habana Libre

Photographs and Writings by Henry Rollins

Leatrice Eiseman and Keith Recker. Pantone invites you on a rich visual tour of 100 transformative years. Over 200 works of art, décor, and fashion are carefully matched with 80 official PANTONE color palettes to reveal the trends, radical shifts, and resurgences of various hues. 208 pp, 250 color illustrations, 9 x 11” 9780811877565 $40.00 Chronicle

Michael Dweck’s photographs of glamorous models and artists in modern-day Havana reveal a face of Cuba never before seen—a privileged class in a classless society. 290 pp, 21 color, 214 duotone, 93⁄4 x 121⁄2” 9788862081849 $65.00 Damiani

Occupants pairs Henry Rollins’s visceral fullcolor photographs of suffering and resilience in the most desolate corners of the earth with writings that magnify their impact. 176 pp, color photographs, 11¼ x 9” 9781569768150 $35.00 Chicago Review Press

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George Harrison

Harper's Bazaar

Diana Vreeland

Vogue: The Covers

Living in the Material World

Greatest Hits

The Eye Has To Travel

By Olivia Harrison. Edited by Mark Holborn. The life of George Harrison seen from his own archive of photographs, letters, diaries, and memorabilia—from boyhood in Liverpool, England to the astonishment of the Beatles years, and on to his days as an independent musician. 400 pp, 260 illustrations, 91⁄2 x 103⁄4" 9781419702204 $40.00

By Glenda Bailey. Creative Direction by Stephen Gan. Designed by Elizabeth Hummer. Harper's Bazaar frames fashion within contemporary culture and aesthetics, with hundreds of photographs featuring both the best fashions of our time and the work of its best photographers. 320 pp, 300 color photographs, 99⁄16 x 13" 9781419700705 $65.00

Essays by Lally Weymouth, Judith Thurman, and Judith Clark. Diana Vreeland was an American original whose impact on fashion and style is legendary. This book chronicles her rich life and international fashion as it was being created. 256 pp, 350 color & b/w photographs, 10 x 12" 9780810997431 $55.00

By Dodie Kazanjian. Foreword by Hamish Bowles. This collection of stunning covers, from 1892 to the present day, charts the evolution of fashion, style, art, culture, and the photography of this momentous period. This book is a grand celebration of the magazine and its influence. 272 pp, 500 color illustrations, 9 x 12" 9780810997684 $50.00

New York from the Air

New York in Color

Artistic Interiors

Katie Ridder Rooms

A Story of Architecture

By Bob Shamis. A color portrait of New York City, from turn of the century autochromes to contemporary photographs. Both the images and their photographers enable us to see further into the endless subjects that New York always offers. 228 pp, 235 color photographs, 111⁄2 x 111⁄2" 9781419700613 $50.00

Designing With Fine Art Collections

By Heather Smith MacIsaac. Photography by Eric Piasecki. Here is designer Katie Ridder's eminently livable and remarkably stylish approach to interiors, her personal and extraordinary palette at work with a high sense of style. 216 pp, 200 color photographs, 10 x 12" 9780865652729 $50.00 Vendome

Photographs by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Text and Maps by John Tauranac. This startling book gives a lush, romantic, clear, precise, and hopeful tribute to one of the most thrilling cities in history. 216 pp, 180 color photographs, 121⁄2 x 17" 9780810993846 $60.00

Cats, Dogs, Men, Women, Ninnies & Clowns The Lost Art of William Steig By Jeanne Steig with Illustrations by William Steig, Introduction by Roz Chast, Afterword by Jules Feiffer. This is a great treasure with more than 450 never before published drawings and cartoons by this unique master of the art. 352 pp, 450 color illustrations, 7 x 101⁄4" 9780810995772 $40.00


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By Suzanne Lovell. Acclaimed architect and interior designer Suzanne Lovell showcases a range of homes designed with fine art collections as their center with unique magnetism. 256 pp, 190 color photographs, 91⁄2 x 111⁄2" 9781584799368 $60.00 Stewart, Tabori & Chang

Monumental Paris Photographs by Herve' Champollion. Text by Aude De Tocqueville. This stunning oversize volume presents the incomparable city of Paris, with 6 gatefolds that measure 54" and 72" wide. This volume is limited to 1500 copies, all boxed and individually numbered, and contains a signed print. 240 pp, 218 color photographs, 12 x 18" 9780865652774 $150.00 Vendome

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Random House Martha's Entertaining

Black and White (and a Bit in Between)

Written by Martha Stewart. Offering a glimpse into Martha's beautiful world, this book is filled with inspiring recipes and stunning lifestyle photographs. 432 pp, 500 photographs, 91⁄4 x 111⁄4” 9780307396464 $75.00

Written by Celerie Kemble. For Celerie Kemble's large following of fabulous homeowners, and for anyone looking to translate a love of black and white into unique home décor. 256 pp, 350 photographs, 9 x 11” 9780307715982 $50.00

Home Cooking with Jean-Georges

The Italian Baker, Revised

Written by Jean-Georges Vongerichten with Genevieve Ko. Join one of the world's greatest chefs in his most personal book yet, as Jean-Georges Vongerichten shares his favorite casual recipes in Home Cooking with Jean-Georges. 256 pp, 100 photographs, 91⁄4 x 97⁄8” 9780307717955 $40.00

Written by Carol Field. This groundbreaking classic—now updated for today's modern kitchen—introduces the artisanal doughs and techniques used by generations of Italian village bakers. 432 pp, 80 photographs, 73⁄8 x 91⁄4” 9781607741060 $35.00

Pilgrimage Written by Annie Leibovitz. The bestselling photographer takes us on a journey to places that have both private and collective resonance. With an introduction by Doris Kearns Goodwin. 246 pp, 125 photographs, 85⁄8 x 111⁄2” 9780375505089 $50.00

Daab New On The Catwalk


Emerging Fashion Labels

Young Artists to Keep An Eye On!

Editor Patrice Farameh. This book presents an exquisite selection of young and upcoming fashion designers from around the world. 400 pp, hardcover with linen, illustrations throughout, 101⁄2 x 113⁄4” 9783942597159 $95.00

Editor Olaf Salié. Like a watchlist Rising presents 100 young artists who are still at the beginning of their career, but whose work is already raising hopes. 384 pp, hardcover with jacket, illustrations throughout, 91⁄2 x 111⁄4” 9783942597036 $90.00

Fresh Box


Cutting Edge Illustrations

Cutting-Edge Creatives in the United States

Editor Slanted. Fresh is a groundbreaking collection of contemporary illustration from around the world, presenting a wide range of styles and techniques. 3-Volume Box Set, illustrations throughout, 8 x 101⁄2” 9783942597074 $175.00

Editor Patrice Farameh. The output of the best creative minds in the architecture, design, art, fashion, photography and advertising scene in the US is presented through a stunningly illustrated journey. 312 pp, hardcover with jacket, illustrations throughout, 91⁄2 x 11” 9783942597135 $75.00

Second Skin The Erotic Art of Lingerie Editor Patrice Farameh. Second Skin invites the reader to the world of contemporary lingerie design by presenting the top collections in a seductive and unveiling way. 384 pp, hardcover with slipcase, illustrations throughout, 73⁄4 x 91⁄2” 9783942597142 $85.00

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Rizzoli Publications

Rick Owens


Christian Louboutin

Carine Roitfeld: Irreverent

Rick Owens. This prestigious large-format book documents the work of the American designer Rick Owens, a transformational figure in contemporary fashion. 296 pp, 300 illustrations, 125⁄16 x 187⁄16” 9780847836635 $135.00

The Making Of Edited by Frida Giannini. Gucci as never before, including thought-provoking essays, and authoritative anecdotes along with previously unpublished contemporary and archival photographs. 384 pp, 400 illustrations, 10 x 123⁄4” 9780847836796 $85.00

Christian Louboutin with photography by Philippe Garcia. An extraordinary monograph created by Christian Louboutin, renowned for his beautifully crafted handmade shoes, in particular his elegantly sexy stilettos. 304 pp, 300 color illustrations, 93⁄4 x 13” 9780847836512 $150.00

Carine Roitfeld. Edited by Olivier Zahm and Alex Wiederin. Text by Cathy Horyn. “[Carine embodies a] sense of chic that’s impeccable—and sometimes idiosyncratic—and which forever lives on a moonlit street as seen through the lens of Helmut Newton.”—Anna Wintour 368 pp, 350 illustrations, 103⁄8 x 133⁄4” 9780847833689 $100.00

Nostalgia in Vogue

Ralph Lauren


Marisa Berenson

Eve MacSweeney. Nostalgia in Vogue collects the popular and poignant coming-of-age memoir columns that have been enchanting Vogue readers since 2000. 336 pp, 250 color & bw illustrations, 9 x 12” 9780847836819 $55.00

Ralph Lauren. The landmark volume showcasing the life and work of Ralph Lauren, now available in a smaller, more portable edition. 496 pp, 900 illustrations, 9 x 113⁄4” 9780847837434 $50.00

Cultivating Ivy Style

A Life in Pictures

Jeffrey Banks and Doria de la Chapelle. Foreword by Lilly Pulitzer. The authoritative fashion history of the roots, growth, and offshoots of the quintessentially American preppy style. 170 pp, 200 illustrations, 83⁄4 x 111⁄4” 9780847836611 $45.00

Marisa Berenson. A captivating selection of images by the world’s leading photographers celebrating one of the most recognized faces in fashion and film. 240 pp, 300 illustrations, 91⁄2 x 113⁄4” 9780847836543 $60.00


Breakfast at Tiffany's

Be Stupid: For Successful Living

The Official 50th Anniversary Companion Sarah Gristwood. A celebration of a timeless classic, this companion volume, timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the release of the iconic film, is the perfect book for any fan of Audrey Hepburn or the cinema. 192 pp, 128 illustrations, 8 x 11” 9780847836710 $29.95

The Life of a Successful Man. The Story of a Brand. The Philosophy of Living According to the Method Be Stupid.

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Renzo Rosso. Be Stupid presents a method for success based on simple ideas that spur creative thinking: be brave, know how to take a risk, don’t be afraid of failing, and don’t put limits on your imagination. 192 pp, text throughtout plus 8 page insert, 51⁄2 x 81⁄2” 9780847837588 $19.95

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Rizzoli Publications

Oliver Messel

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

The World of Muriel Brandolini

The Invention of the Past

In the Theatre of Design

Live, Love, and Decorate


Thomas Messel. Contributions by Keith Lodwick, Stephen Calloway, Sarah Woodcock, Jeremy Musson, and Lord Snowdon. A vibrant study of one of the iconic figures of 20th-century design. 272 pp, 200 illustrations, 101⁄3 x 121⁄3” 9780847833962 $75.00

Martyn Lawrence Bullard. Photography by Tim Street-Porter. Foreword by Sir Elton John. For those who love bold design, Martyn Lawrence Bullard demonstrates his mastery of dramatic environments for a clientele of celebrities. 224 pp, 200 illustrations, 81⁄2 x 113⁄4” 9780847836765 $50.00

Muriel Brandolini. Foreword by Wendy Goodman. Afterword by Franca Sozzani. Photography by Pieter Estersohn. Muriel Brandolini presents the broad scope of her whimsical style, combining the contemporary with classic elegance. 304 pp, 230 illustrations, 91⁄2 x 12” 9780847836581 $65.00

Interior Design and Architecture of Studio Peregalli Laura Sartori Rimini and Roberto Peregalli. Foreword by Hamish Bowles. Studio Peregalli presents their breathtaking environments that capture the classic elegance of the past. 304 pp, 200 illustrations, 93⁄4 x 12” 9780847836659 $75.00

Preston Bailey Flowers

The Splendor of Cuba

English Country House Interiors

Frank Lloyd Wright Designs

Centerpieces, Place Setting, Ceremonies, and Parties

450 Years of Architecture and Interiors

Jeremy Musson. Photography by Paul Barker and Country Life magazine. A detailed look at the English country house interior, offering unprecedented access to England’s finest rooms. 272 pp, 300 illustrations, 9 x 12” 9780847835690 $60.00

The Sketches, Plans, and Drawings

Preston Bailey. One of the world’s preeminent floral and event designers presents dozens of his most memorable arrangements. 208 pp, 200 color illustrations, 83⁄4 x 12” 9780847858064 $39.95

Michael Connors. Photos by Brent Winebrenner. Stunning Cuban palacios, mansions, and homes that have been meticulously preserved, previously unphotographed, and inaccessible to visitors. 320 pp, 300 photographs, 111⁄4 x 111⁄4” 9780847835676 $85.00

Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer, in association with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. The first major presentation in decades of the drawings of the artist-architect and master designer. 420 pp, 350 illustrations, 11 x 11” 9780847835706 $85.00

The Whole Hog Cookbook

The Great American Cookbook

Chops, Loin, Shoulder, Bacon, and All That Good Stuff

500 Recipes: Favorite Foods from Every State

Libbie Summers with a foreword by Paula Deen. There’s a whole world of pork to love, as demonstrated in this cookbook devoted to every cut of the hog. 192 pp, 100 photographs, 73⁄4 x 93⁄4” 9780847836826 $30.00

Clementine Paddleford. Adapted and with an Introduction by Kelly Alexander. Foreword by Molly O'Neill. The first and greatest book of regional American cuisine, now revised for today’s home cook. 848 pp, Two-color illustrations, 7 x 10” 9780847836901 $45.00

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Rizzoli Publications Wet Men Francois Rousseau. The photographer of Locker Room Nudes and the famed Dieux du Stade calendar presents a unique and candid collection of nude and seminude photos of more than fifty men in, on, and around water. 152 pp, 200 photography, 11 x 131⁄4” 9780789322593 $55.00 Universe


David Gandy by Dolce&Gabbana Peter Howarth. Photography by Mariano Vivanco. A photographic exploration of the beauty of the male form as idealized by the iconic Dolce&Gabbana model David Gandy. 288 pp, 250 illustrations, 101⁄2 x 137⁄8” 9780847837526 $150.00

Golf Courses: Great Britain and Ireland

Portraits of High Places Sandy Hill. An inspiring collection of evocative images collected by lifelong mountaineer Sandy Hill, who has a singular knowledge, understanding, and experience of the world’s highest places. 352 pp, 350 illustrations, 11 x 12” 9780847834020 $85.00

Padraig Harrington. Text by Peter Allis and Sir Nick Faldo. A limited-edition, oversize book containing spectacular photographs—including five-footwide foldout panoramas—of the best golf courses from the far reaches of Great Britain and Ireland. 264 pp, 300 illustrations, 16 x 12” 9780847835720 $195.00

Rizzoli Ex Libris Three important new releases from Rizzoli Ex Libris, Rizzoli New York’s literary fiction and non-fiction line Praise for Beppe Severgnini: “An insider explains Italy, land of cheery dysfunction . . .” —New York Times “An ironic and insightful examination of the Italian mind . . .” —Globe & Mail

Praise for Riccardo Muti: “Mr. Muti’s involvement with the music was so infectious, his command so thorough . . . that it was impossible not to be swept away.” —New York Times

Mamma Mia! Beppe Severgnini. From the bestselling author of Ciao, America!, a sociopolitical tour-de-force that offers insight into Italy’s “Emperor of Embarrassment,” Silvio Berlusconi, and rationalizes Italy’s tolerance for, well, all things Italian! 196 pp, text throughout, 55⁄16 x 81⁄2” 9780847837410 $22.50


Riccardo Muti: An Autobiography First the Music, Then the Words Riccardo Muti. The maestro in his own words—the first autobiography of one of the world’s most famous conductors. 316 pp, text throughout, plus 52 illustrations, 51⁄4 x 87⁄16” 9780847837243 $29.95

Temporary Perfections Gianrico Carofiglio. The electrifying best-selling crime thriller from Italy, available for the first time in English. 368 pp, text throughout, 5 x 73⁄4” 9780847836307 $24.95

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“A fairly routine program . . . was anything but routine in the execution. Muti was in superb form . . . an auspicious start to what promises to be an auspicious season . . . ” —Chicago Tribune

Praise for Gianrico Carofiglio and the Guido Guerrieri novels: “Carofiglio writes crisp, ironical novels that are as much love stories and philosophical treatises as they are legal thrillers.” —The New Yorker “With its sharp descriptions of a hopeless world and the deep humanity of the main character, Temporary Perfections makes the readers understand our restless society—without judging it.” —Corriere della Sera

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Acanthus An Elegant Wilderness

Great Houses of New York 1880–1930

Great Camps and Grand Lodges of the Adirondacks, 1855–1935

Michael C. Kathrens. Presents the stories of the most elegant houses built in New York, many still known for their magisterial presence on the city’s most elegant boulevards. 383 pp, 300+ illustrations and floor plans, 91⁄2 x 121⁄2” 9780926494343 $80.00

By Gladys Montgomery. Hundreds of stunning archival photographs and engaging stories reveal the appeal of the Adirondacks and the architectural style the region inspired. 264 pp, 250 photographs, 91⁄4 x 12” 9780926494473 $75.00

American Splendor

Houses of the Berkshires, 1870–1930

The Residential Architecture of Horace Trumbauer Revised Edition

By Michael C. Kathrens. Originally published in 2002, this book is the only extensive study of America’s most renowned classical revival architect. The revised edition features three new chapters and over 50 new color photographs. 335 pp, 321 photographs and floor plans, 47 in color, 9 x 12” 9780926494619 $75.00

North Shore Long Island

Revised Edition

Country Houses, 1890–1950

By Richard S. Jackson and Cornelia Brooke Gilder. An architectural history of the great American resort, a photographic tour of some of the region’s most beautiful houses, and a chronicle of the social, artistic, and literary colony and now vanished way of life. 324 pp, 300 photographs and floor plans, 101⁄2 x 121⁄2” 9780926494824 $75.00

Paul J. Mateyunas. Covers 40 of the most noted homes, representing the variety of architectural design and social life that characterized the North Shore in its golden age. 368 pp. 400 photographs and plans, 91⁄4 x 12” 9780926494374 $80.00

Skira and Skira Rizzoli Vincent van Gogh

Youth and Beauty

Timeless Country– Modern City

Art of the American Twenties Essays by Teresa A. Carbone, Bonnie Costello, Randall R. Griffey, and Sarah M. Lowe. Accompanying a nationally touring exhibition, this critical history of American art of the 1920s provides a fresh perspective on the strikingly original modernist imagery of the Jazz Age. 304 pp, 216 illustrations, 91⁄2 x 11” 9780847837250 $60.00 Skira Rizzoli

Edited by Cornelia Homburg. A volume which explores Van Gogh’s oeuvre through two fundamental aspects of his artistic identity: his love for the countryside and his attachment to the city. 280 pp, 214 illustrations, 11 x 12” 9788857208251 $75.00 Skira

Naked Hollywood

Tamara de Lempicka

Weegee in Los Angeles

The Queen of the Modern

Richard Meyer, Organized by The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, In Association with the International Center of Photography, New York. The catalog accompanying the first museum exhibition of Weegee’s photographs of 1940s and ’50s Los Angeles. 144 pp, 120 illustrations, 101⁄2 x 101⁄2” 9780847837625 $45.00 Skira Rizzoli

Gioia Mori. The definitive catalog on the cosmopolitan painter and icon of the art deco movement, Tamara de Lempicka created images that became the symbols of an era, the “crazy” 1920s and 1930s. 390 pp, 270 illustrations, 81⁄2 x 121⁄2” 9788857209319 $80.00 Skira

Cecil Beaton The New York Years Donald Albrecht. The definitive book on the legendary photographer’s life in New York City, with many never-before-seen images and reminiscences by his closest friends and confidants. 240 pp, 200 illustrations, 91⁄2 x 113⁄4” 9780847835652 $65.00 Skira Rizzoli

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Antique Collector’s Club

Great American Homes

House, Home, Heart

Mughal Architecture & Gardens

Lost Worlds

by William T. Baker. Photography by James R. Lockhart. Showcases a selection of classical work by renowned architect William T. Baker. Twelve magnificent homes are presented showing his intensive attention to detail and materials. 296 pp, 300 color photographs, 11 x 11" 9781864704341 $75.00

Artistry and Craftsmanship in the Architecture of Shope Ren Wharton

by George Michell and Amit Pasricha. This beautifully illustrated book is the history of these great structures and gardens, from stylistic developments under different emperors, to the geometric origins of their design and decoration. 402 pp, 270 color, 103⁄4 x 121⁄4" 9781851496709 $89.50

Ruins of the Americas

by Bernard Wharton. Foreword by Paul Goldberger. An impressive portfolio of residences and clubhouses—buildings that are both grounded in history and look toward the future, with an impeccable eye on detail and craftsmanship. 320 pp, 400 color photographs, 111⁄2 x 12" 9780983388906 $85.00

by Arthur Drooker. Introduction by Pico Iyer. The architectural, geographic and historical significance of ruins in Central & South America and the Caribbean. Accompanies a major exhibit at the Museum of the Americas. 160 pp, 125 b&w photographs, 101⁄2 x 111⁄2" 9781851496747 $49.95

The Great American Hall of Wonders

Talking Pictures


Glamour Icons

Art, Science, and Invention in the Nineteenth Century

by Ellen Graham. For over 40 years she photographed the most talked-about actors, authors, artists, performers, socialites and the glitterati that obsessed us. With more than 200 images accompanied by her personal narrative, Graham takes you behind the scene of each picture. 179 pp, 200 b&w photographs, 101⁄2 x 14" 9780982358580 $65.00

The Secret Archives

Perfume Bottle Design

Vincent Meylan. This captivating and revealing publication reveals the fascinating history of Boucheron—one of the great Parisian jewellers of the last 150 years—and his extraordinary, colorful clientele. 304 pp, 11 x 11" 9781851496679 $95.00

by Marc Rosen. The first book written with an inside look at the cosmetic industry by one of its leading designers. Filled with anecdotes about celebrities and his collaborations with the great fashion houses in Europe and America. 260 pp, 200 color, 11 x 11" 9781851496600 $85.00

by Claire Perry. A vividly illustrated survey of the six iconic objects that energized 19th-century America: the buffalo, the giant sequoia, Niagra Falls, the gun, the railroad and the clock. Accompanies an exhibit at the Smithsonian. 242 pp, 80 color, 56 b&w illustrations, 91⁄2 x 111⁄2" 9781904832973 $65.00



Eugene Atget

The Savory Recipes

Paris 1898-1924

by Michel Lerouet. Photography by Sophie Tramier. A must have book with scrumptious recipes from the world-famous Laduree tea shop. The secrets of 100 of their recipes are revealed for the first time. Brilliantly gift packaged. Hardcover in a gift box. 392 pp, 105 color photographs, 61⁄2 x 6" 9782812304583 $39.95

by Frits Gierstberg, Carlos Gollonet, Francoise Reynaud, Guilliaume Le Fall, Geoff Dyer, Thomas Michael Gunther, Anne-Cartier Bresson, Marsha Sirven. Images of “Old Paris” as captured by the master photographer. They showcase the architecture and street scenes with an almost surreal, dreamlike quality. Published in conjunction with an exhibition at the Museum Carnavalet. 320 pages, 102 b&w, 91⁄2 x 113⁄4" 9788415253037 $71.00

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Phaidon The Art Museum

Defining Contemporary Art

Conceived and Edited by Phaidon Press. Over ten years in the making, weighing in at 18 lbs., and boasting the combined expertise of a global team of specialists in art history, this is the finest art collection ever assembled between two covers; a revolutionary virtual art museum in a book. 992 pp, 3000 color illustrations, 161⁄2 x 123⁄8" 9780714856520 $200.00

25 years in 200 Pivotal Artworks Daniel Birnbaum, Cornelia Butler, Suzanne Cotter, Bice Curiger, Okwui Enwezor, Massimiliano Gioni, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Bob Nickas. A history of the past 25 years in art, features 200 pivotal artworks selected and explained by 8 international curators who shaped the art of our era. 448 pp, 700 color illustrations, 100 b&w illustrations, 113⁄8 x 83⁄8" 9780714862095 $75.00

The Pot Book

Vitamin P2

Edmund de Waal (author of The Hare with Amber Eyes). The most comprehensive and accessible A to Z overview of ceramics from all periods in print. Charts the myriad purposes of ceramics from functionality to display to ritual. 320 pp, 300 color illustrations, 113⁄8 x 83⁄8" 9780714847993 $49.95

New Perspectives in Painting

The Silver Spoon

Conceived and edited by Phaidon Press. A dynamic overview of the best new contemporary painting from around the world. Features 115 artists who have been nominated by highly respected critics and curators for their outstanding contributions to recent painting. 352 pp, 500 color illustrations, 113⁄8 x 97⁄8" 9780714861609 $69.95

New Edition For the past sixty years, no kitchen in Italy has been complete without a copy of the bible for Italian home cooks, Il cucchiaio d’argento. Now, the new updated and revised edition of the best-selling The Silver Spoon. 1,263 pp, 400 color illustrations, 103⁄8 x 71⁄8” 9780714862453 $49.95

Frances Lincoln Close to Paradise

Harris Tweed

Gardens of Naples, Capri, and the Amalfi Coast

From Land to Street Lara Platman. Celebrating the craftsmen who work with Harris Tweed, Lara Platman guides us through the production of a fabric used by designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Paul Smith. 144 pp, 100 color photographs, 97⁄8 x 12” 9780711232167 $40.00

Robert I.C. Fisher. A showcase of 21 of the most celebrated gardens in Italy's most glamorous seaside getaway, as well as the intriguing stories behind them. 205 pp, 185 color photographs, 97⁄8 x 115⁄8” 9780711230385 $45.00


Roberto Polo: The Eye

Painter and Poet

Daniel Alcouffe et al. Sumptuously produced and illustrated book that provides an insight into the man described as one of the ten people who have made a difference in the art market. 600 pp, 300 color photographs & reproductions, 95⁄8 x 123⁄4” 9780711232525 $150.00

J.B. Bullen. A richly illustrated book tracing the fascinating life of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, accompanied by a lively and engaging text. 256 pp, 180 color illustrations, 97⁄8 x 12” 9780711232259 $50.00

Sister Parish American Style Martin Wood. A stunning photographic record of designer Sister Parish, whose celebrity clientele included Jacqueline Kennedy. 208 pp, 200 color photographs, 9 x 111⁄4” 9780711232198 $60.00

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Skull Style

Rough Luxe Design

Design Behind Desire

Objects of Desire

Skulls in Contemporary Art and Culture

The New Love of Old

Desire is What Leads You Through Life

Curated by Patrice Farameh. The use of the iconic symbol of the skull in modern art and culture. Four different hardcover options with glow-inthe-dark skull designed by Lucien Pellat-Finet. 496 pp, 525 color photographs, 131⁄2 x 93⁄4” LPF Camouflage Cover 9780983083160 LPF Neon Camouflage Cover 9780983083139 LPF Neon Green Snake Cover 9780983083177 LPF Metallic Black Cover 9780983083184 $125.00

Curated by Kahi Lee. Through interviews with interior and industrial designers and trend-setting entrepreneurs accompanied with beautiful photographs of their projects, the Los Angeles-based interior designer Kahi Lee examines the best examples of the versatile “rough luxury” trend. Hardcover in special slipcase. 352 pp, 300 color photographs, 131⁄2 x 93⁄4” 9780983083122 $125.00

Curated by Lisa Z. Morgan. Lisa Z. Morgan sets the heart racing in her editorial debut, which showcases stunning images from a curated collection of design, fashion and art that generate, contemplate, and finally, fulfill the desire impulse. Hardcover, jacket with open slit designed by Susanne Schaal. 368 pp, Over 300 color photographs, 123⁄4 x 93⁄4” 9780983083153 $95.00

Curated by Patrice Farameh. The journey from inspired idea to iconic design is narrated with dazzling images, including rarely seen glimpses into some of the world’s most exclusive workshops and archives, and special interviews with a nearly extinct group of luxury artisans. Hardcover. 396 pp, 400 color photographs, 93⁄4 x 121⁄2” 9780983083115 $125.00

Fast Forward Fashion

Jewels of Time

Where Fashion Defies Function

The World of Women’s Watches

Curated by Nathalie Grolimund. The new crop of avant-garde designers, whose work is often more applicable to wearable art than it is to clothing, are given due attention through interviews, sketches and vibrant photography of their remarkable collections. Hardcover with jacket. 256 pp, 300 color photographs, 12 x 93⁄4” 9780983083146 $75.00

Curated by Roberta Naas. Captivating photographs, fascinating sketches and archival imagery allow an in-depth look at the rarefied industry that dedicates itself to crafting women’s fine timepieces. Roberta Naas narrates with the knowledge that only an expert with 25 years of experience in the world of haute horlogerie can provide. Hardcover with jacket. 304 pp, Over 200 color photographs, 11 x 10” 9780983083108 $65.00

Skull Style Limited Edition Skulls in Contemporary Art and Culture Curated by Patrice Farameh With striking imagery depicting use in modern art and culture, as well as interviews with the designers and artists inspired by it, Patrice Farameh explores the use of the iconic symbol of the skull in this special tome. Pop artist Peter Tunney has hand-painted each individual cover for a very limited, notwo-books-alike edition of Skull Style. Limited to 1,000 copies, each numbered and hand-signed by the artist. 496 pp, hardcover with special box, 525 color photographs, 131⁄2 x 93⁄4 inches 9780983083191 $1,000.00


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Light X Design


Stealing Magnolias

Global Remains

20 Years of Lighting

By Ralph Pucci. Design impresario Ralph Pucci’s follow-up to his distinctive monograph, Show, this featuring the famous Pucci Gallery entrance wall and its extraordinary transformations through artwork over the past 20 years. 128 pp, 75 color photographs, 8 x 8” 9780982379981 $30.00

Tales from a New Orleans Courtyard

Abandoned Architecture and Objects from 7 Continents

Beloved Spirit

Edwina Sandys ART


With Child

Pathways to Love, Grace, and Mercy

By Edwina Sandys. Forty years of distinctive artworks in every medium are showcased here by the talented artist and granddaughter of Winston Churchill, who features large in her personal history and her artwork, as well. 224 pp, 150 b/w and color photographs and atworks, 9 x 11” 9780982379998 $75.00

The Pas de Deux

By Howard Schatz. A stunning collection of 150 original photographs, sure to enthrall mothersto-be, parents, and art, architecture, and photography aficionados alike, created by renowned photographer Howard Schatz. 176 pp, 150 b/w photographs, 11 x 14” 9780982379936 $95.00

By Bentley Meeker. The first book of lighting design guru Bentley Meeker, detailing his years of glamorous illuminations that range from elaborate weddings to simpler and more private yet notable events, both indoor and out. 160 p, 225 4-color photographs, 11 x 14” 9780982379905 $75.00

By Alexandra Villard de Borchgrave. This third book in the Trilogy series combines gorgeous, 16th-Century Persian images with inspired new poems from the author of Healing Light and Heavenly Order. Boxed set, Trilogy, also available. 96 pp, 28 paintings, 6 x 9” 9780982379967 $35.00

By Debra Shriver. Now in its second printing, “This book is a gorgeous introduction to that city and all its Frenchness, its exotic riches, history, and charm.” David Patrick Columbia, The New York Social Diary 192 pp, 9 x 11” 9780982379912 $60.00

By Ricardo B. Sanchez. Unrivalled and arresting photographs reveal the exquisite "pas de deux" between bull and bullfighter, replicating the distinct existences of man and nature with each pass of the toreador’s cape. 176 pp, 110 4-color photographs, 11 x 8½” 9780983270218 $60.00

By Michael Clinton. The third and final volume in the acclaimed “global” series (including Global Snaps and Global Faces), this featuring the remnants of civilizations past and present. 352 pp, 300 Color photographs, 8 x 6” 9780982379950 $40.00

My Dolce Vita

Coco Chanel

A Memoir

Three Weeks/1962

By Jean Govoni Salvadore. “Posing as Richard Burton's lover, being fooled by Helmut Newton, and other glamorous tales from Italy's starwrangler extraordinaire.” –The Telegraph, London 160 pp, four 32 pp b/w photo inserts, 75 color photographs, 6½ x 9¼” 9780982379929 $30.00

By Douglas Kirkland. Douglas Kirkland fixed his lens on Coco Chanel for twenty-one days in 1962 and this impassioned portrait, now in its third printing, sheds new light on a great lady with a great story. 144 pp, 4 Vellum Inserts, 8½ x 9½” 9780980155716 $50.00

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Braun 500x Art in Public


Masterpieces from the Ancient World to the Present

Alexandra Martini. This illustrated volume takes you on a journey through time and space. 720 amazing photographs from around the world present each minute from 12:00 to 11:59. 1464 pp, 721 color photographs, 4¾ x 6½’’ 9783037680810 $29.95

Chris van Uffelen. Public art attracts attention. Selected pieces provide historical background, while the majority of artworks are from modern times, allowing an in-depth look at contemporary masterpieces. 312 pp, 590 color photographs, 8¼ x 11¼’’ 9783037680988 $39.95

Masters & Their Pieces

Masterpieces: Villa Architecture + Design

Best of Furniture Design

Manuela Roth. Villas in beautiful locations with intricate layouts and high-quality materials stand for an upscale lifestyle and prestigious residential culture. 304 pp, 450 plans & color photos, 9¼ x 9¼’’ 9783037680896 $49.95

Manuela Roth. This stylish volume proudly showcases the most important furniture designers of the past hundred years and their most significant works. 272 pp, 860 drawings & color photos, 8¼ x 11¼’’ 9783037680971 $49.95

Super Yachts Cruising with Power and Style Sibylle Kramer. The latest maritime trends are featured in an exclusive selection: from modern eco-yachts to multifunctional sports boats and the mega-yachts of the luxury class. 232 pp, 470 plans & color photos, 9¼ x 13¼’’ 9783037680933 $49.95

Wiley Baking Style

Beverage Basics

Art, Craft, Recipes

Understanding and Appreciating Wine, Beer, and Spirits

Lisa Yockelson. In 100 essays and more than 200 recipes, Baking Style is infused with discoveries, inspirations, and exacting but simple recipes for capturing the art and craft of baking at home. 528 pp, 166 color photographs, 10 x 9” 9780470437025 $45.00

Cookies at Home with the Culinary Institute of America Cookies at Home with The Culinary Institute of America offers easy instructions with helpful tips for decorating cookies for special occasions and packing them for personal gifts. 224 pp 9780470412275 $34.99


Robert W. Small. Written by wine and spirits expert and educator Robert W. Small, the book offers expansive coverage of everything you need to know about virtually all of the world's common alcoholic drinks. 464 pp, 11 x 9” 9780470138830 $65.00

Professional Chef, 9th Edition The Culinary Institute of America. Named one of the five best culinary books of this decade, The Professional Chef is the classic kitchen reference used by many of America's top chefs. 1232 pp, 900 recipes, 800 color photographs, 11 x 9” 9780470421352 $75.00

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Desserts Michel Roux. In Desserts, the author of the widely acclaimed cookbooks Eggs and Pastry returns with an exhaustive collection of sweet delights, from simple mousses and biscuits to advanced petit fours and homemade chocolates. 288 pp, 150 color photographs 9781118079256 $24.99

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Thornwillow In this day of disposable and intangible communication, Thornwillow makes exquisite paper products that are enduring means of celebrating the written word. As a publisher of handmade, limited edition books, our titles vary widely in content and range from a collection of George Washington documents compiled by historian W.W. Abbott, to a volume of short stories by John Updike, to the original folk tale of Cinderella. Our team of master engravers, letterpress printers, and leather book binders are dedicated to producing superior design and quality. All work is hand crafted in Newburgh, New York in the historic Hudson Valley. Thornwillow recently celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary.

Presidential Series

Let Me Count the Ways

It Happened Here

In Love with a Wanton

These four volumes of facsimiles letters and documents by Presidents Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison are remarkable revelatory works from these American Founders. Moroccan goatskin binding, handmade paper, lined cloth box. Limited to 300 copies $1500.00 per volume Complete set $5200.00

Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning courted secretly, corresponding in some of history’s most romantic writing. This hand bound volume presents selected letters, as well as Elizabeth’s “How Do I Love Thee?” and Robert’s “The Last Ride Together.” Letterpress printing on handmade paper, illustrated with archival portraits, handmade slip case. Limited to 250 copies. $385.00

By Lesley M.M. Blume. What do Salvador Dali, Alfred Hitchcock, and Diana Vreeland have in common? They all created, reveled, and rebelled at the St. Regis Hotel. Old, grand New York lives in this first volume of Thornwillow’s Libretto series. Limited to 5,000 copies. $40.00

By John Updike. Illustrations by Tania Lee. This vibrantly illustrated collection of witty and thoughtful musings on the world of golf is printed letterpress, bound in brown Moroccan goatskin and handmade paste paper, and presented in a velvet-lined, black linen clamshell box. Signed by the author, illustrator, and publisher. Limited to 250 copies. $1250.00

Kitchen Notes, Travel Notes, Dream Notes

The World of Pooh

Oak Tree Bookplate Set

By A.A. Milne. Illustrated by Ernest H. Shepard. An instant heirloom, this beautifully restored 1957 edition presents all twenty of the wonderful Winnie the Pooh stories combined with their original black and white drawings by Shepard as well as color illustrations particular to this edition. Bound in Moroccan goat skin and handmade paste paper. $850.00

The provenance of a book begins with you (Ex Libris, "From the books of.") This handsome, deeply rooted oak tree stands sentient over your library. Box of 16 archival engraved bookplates. $32.00

32-page blank journals to fill with your own inspiring words. Radiant white paper, paper cover binding, grey cover titling, and engraved white paper wrapper. Front cover engravings: Kitchen: gold Carrot motif; Dreams: gold Big Dipper motif; Travel: traveling gold elephant with up-turned trunk. $30.00 each

2012 Thornwillow Desk Calendar & Easel Thornwillow has rendered each month in a different, hand crafted motif inspired by architecture, nature and mythical creatures. Twelve engraved and edge-stained calendar cards (4¾ x 59⁄16”) display on a well crafted and adjustable brass easel. $125.00

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Luxury Books

Star Wars: Frames This exquisite collection of defining moments from the revolutionary six films of George Lucas's Star Wars Saga stands as a landmark tribute to the iconic scenes immortalized in the film series. The elaborate six-volume set, limited to 1,138 copies, includes a bookplate signed by George Lucas. Presented in a wood-encased box, these six leather-bound volumes, each an impressive 11" x 22", showcase over 1,400 superbly produced reproductions of key cinematic moments in the six films—personally selected by George Lucas. Palace Press, six-volume limited edition set packaged in a wood-encased box, $3,000 Please call us at 1-800-52-BOOKS for shipping charges.

Modernist Cuisine

Eyes Over Africa


The Art and Science of Cooking

Michael Poliza. Michael Poliza’s alluring photographs of Africa offer a bird’s-eye view of the astounding beauty, scale and diversity of this imposing continent. The accompanying texts give a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this work. 504 pp, Hardcover limited to 300 individually numbered copies, each signed by Michael Poliza, in a handcrafted box upholstered in ultra-suede. Accompanied by a high-quality original lithography print, each in a numbered edition of 300, signed by Michael Poliza. 9783832792237 $5000.00 teNeues

The Complete Universe

By Nathan Myhrvold, Chris Young, and Maxime Bilet. Modernist Cuisine is a six-volume, 2,438-page set that is destined to reinvent cooking. The lavishly illustrated books use thousands of original images to make the science and technology clear and engaging. 2,438 pp, 41 pounds, 173⁄4 x 151⁄2 x 143⁄4” 9780982761007 $625.00 Cooking Lab


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Edited by Barnaba Fornasetti, with an introduction by Andrea Branzi, and text by Mariuccia Casadio. This elaborate volume, authored by the designer’s son, is a splendid celebration of one of the world’s most inventive design minds. 2800 photographs, 111⁄8 x 133⁄16” 9780847835348 $250.00 Rizzoli

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Luxury Books Ballets Russes André Tubeuf. This unique, over-size special edition celebrates the explosion of creativity in Western Europe created by Sergei Diaghilev and his collaborators—including Igor Stravinsky, Leon Bakst, and Pablo Picasso. Over 200 pages feature photography and drawings tipped on watercolor cotton paper. 236 pp, 180 illustrations, 14 x 17” 9781614280149 $750.00 Assouline

The Impossible Collection of Fashion The 100 Most Iconic Dresses of the Twentieth Century Valerie Steele. From Pucci to Poiret, Doucet to Dior, Vionnet to Valentino, Valerie Steele selects the one hundred of the most iconic dresses of the 20th-century. A fashion lover’s dream, this luxury volume is presented in a linen clamshell case with a cutout metal plate. 144 pp, 100 illustrations, 14 x 17” 9781614280163 $650.00 Assouline

The Impossible Book of Cars The 100 Most Exceptional Cars of the Twentieth Century Dan Neil. In this spectacular limited-edition volume, printed on cotton paper and presented in a beautiful black rubber clamshell case with cutout metal plate, each exceptional luxury vehicle featured—from the 1909 Blitzen Benz to a 1997 Porsche 993 Turbo S—was chosen for its revolutionary design, magnificent lines, and head-turning capabilities. 144 pp, 100 illustrations, 14 x 17” 9781614280156 $650.00 Assouline

Maria Callas Complete Studio Recordings, Deluxe Edition This is the final word in Maria Callas boxed sets. This release contains all of her studio recordings lovingly packaged in a beautiful Art Deco wooden box containing glossy art prints, a comprehensive book guiding you through the Callas story, and a numbered certificate of authenticity. Completely new notes have been provided by EMI's Callas expert, Tony Locantro, with a CD-ROM of all opera libretti. Limited Edition. CM06243-2 $670.00 EMI

Palaces of Music Opera Houses of Europe Ahmet Ertug. This limited edition large format book portrays 22 great European opera houses with stunning images by the world renowned photographer, Ahmet Ertug. The book includes Palladio's exquisite Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza; the charming court theatres at Drottningholm, Munich, and Versailles; grand nineteenth-century opera houses such as the Palais Garnier, the rebuilt Teatro La Fenice in Venice, and Prague State Opera; and recent architectural masterpieces such as the opera houses at Valencia, Lyon and Oslo. 256 pages, slipcased, 97 full-page color illustrations. AE19 $1330.00 Ertug

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Luxury Books The Guitar Collection An Elite Gathering of 150 Exceptional Guitars By Walter Carter Photography by Greg Morgan, John Peden, and Marco Prozzo Years in the making and featuring high-definition, state-of-theart original photography, The Guitar Collection is part music documentary and part photographic odyssey. A sleek custommade leather case lined with luxury fabric houses this epic volume, as well as a richly produced companion book, The Guitar Collection: Stories. Also included are a certificate of authenticity and one of three museumquality prints signed by photographer John Peden. The Guitar Collection is a limited edition. Only 1,500 hand-numbered English-language copies of each edition will be available. 512 pp, 670 original full-color images, 23 x 111⁄4”, 20.9 pounds $1,500.00 Each Solidbody '54 Edition Contains signed John Peden print of the Jeff Beck Esquire, 1954, the electric guitar Beck played with the Yardbirds. 9781603801713 Flat-Top ’43 Edition Contains signed John Peden print of the Buddy Holly J-45, the 1943 Gibson covered with leather that Buddy Holly hand-tooled himself. 9781603801706 Double-Neck ’05 Edition Contains signed John Peden print of the PRS Double-neck Dragon, 2005, a double-neck (12-string) electric guitar inlaid with a fighting dragon design. 9781603801690

Star Wars: The Blueprints Inside the Production Archives By J.W. Rinzler Limited to 5,000 hand-numbered copies and contained within a custom-made cloth case, Star Wars: The Blueprints is a massive volume that brings together more than 250 of the original blueprints created for the filming of the Star Wars Saga. All-new photographs of the technical drawings, and images of concept designs, production models, and film stills are combined with insightful commentary from best-selling author J.W. Rinzler. 336 pages, 500 photographs and illustrations, 151⁄2 x 181⁄2”, 22 pounds 9781603801911


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Luxury Books The Rat Pack Text by Shawn Levy, Edited by Tony Nourmand. The definitive book on the Rat Pack, this stunning photographic tome features several never before seen shots. It is a limited, numbered edition of 2250. 448 pp, 400 photographs, bespoke slipcase, 131⁄2 x 153⁄4” 9780956648709 $650.00 Reel Art Press

Bill Gold PosterWorks Foreword by Clint Eastwood, Text by Christopher Frayling, Edited by Tony Nourmand.A celebration of the prolific talent of the man behind the campaigns for the greatest movies of the twentieth century. A limited, numbered edition of 1500. 448 pp, 400 color illustrations, bespoke slipcase, 131⁄2 x 153⁄4” 9780956648716 $650.00 Reel Art Press

Edward Weston One Hundred Twenty-Five Photographs Edited by Steve Crist. Celebrating the 125th birthday of one of America's most important and influential photographers, this exquisitely produced limited edition contains 125 of Edward Weston's iconic images. 262 pages, 125 black-and-white photos, 13.5x13.5 inches 9781934429570 $250.00 Ammo Books

Yves Saint Laurent Haute Couture The Complete Works, 1962–2002 By Pierre Berge Limited to 500 boxed sets worldwide, this lavish edition reproduces the complete sketches, runway notes, and fabric samples for every garment Saint Laurent ever produced. Both plates and bound volumes are packaged in four clamshell boxes and shipped in a custom wooden cabinet. Four volumes, each 276 pages over 9,000 color illustrations, 12 X 15 ½ “ 9782732440798

$2,750.00 + $150 shipping

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Books in Foreign Languages At Rizzoli Bookstore we have always carried a wide selection of Italian titles and now we are proud to announce that we have added an extensive collection of French and Spanish books to our foreign language offerings. We invite you to discover our new foreign language department located on the third floor of the bookstore and browse through the thousands of classic and contemporary novels, mysteries, poetry, non-fiction, and children’s books. You will also find a great variety of study guides and dual language titles if you need to refresh your language skills. And, if ever there is a specific title you are looking for, we are happy to place special orders in the store or by telephone at 212-759-2424 (or 1-800-52-BOOKS).

Books in Italian


Storia della mia gente

Licenziare i padreterni

Dai diamanti non nasce niente

Tu sei il male

Edoardo Nesi A story about broken dreams and dwindling prosperity in the globalized Italy of today. Winner of Premio Strega 2011. 161 pp 9788845263521 $20.50 Bompiani

L’Italia tradita dalla casta

Serena Dandini Personal stories as well as botanical and literary advice abound in this ironic and passionate reflection on society, man and nature. Beautifully illustrated with Andrea Pistacchi’s collages. 326 pp 9788817048675 $27.75 Rizzoli

Roberto Costantini From the Italian publisher of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy, the first tome of another extraordinary crime trilogy. A thriller of rare power and overwhelming intensity. 672 pp 9788831709767 $31.95 Marsilio

Gian Antonio Stella, Sergio Rizzo Four years after “La Casta”, the authors have come back to unveil the privileges and abuses of Italian politicians—the “Gods Almighty whose dismissal is needed”, in Luigi Einaudi’s words. 183 pp. 9788817054027 $13.25 Rizzoli

Un filo d’olio

Le avventure di Pinocchio

Simonetta Agnello Hornby A food memoir and an autobiographical novel, “Un filo d’olio” is a delicate portrait of Sicily in the Fifties. Set in the author’s country house at the time of her youth, it includes 28 family recipes. 204 pp 9788838925498 $23.95 Sellerio

Carlo Collodi A classic of Italian children’s literature. Playful and ironic, the adventures of the renowned marionette are back in a new, unabridged, elegant paperback edition. 256 pp 9788817050555 $12.95 Bur Ragazzi

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Books in French Le Fils

Le Conflit

Michel Rostain Michel Rostain tells an intense story about the love a father has for his son and his struggle as he mourns for him. Winner of Goncourt du premier Roman 2011. 174 pp 9782361070175 $35.50 Oh!

Elisabeth Badinter A popular contemporary feminist in France examines the damage that a naturalistic society can do to the modern day woman. 270 pp 9782081231443 $31.25 Flammarion

Le Scaphandre et le Papillon



Jacques Prevert Poetry and prose from one of France’s most iconic and beloved voices. His stunning yet simple style still resonates with readers worldwide. 254 pp 9782070367627 $11.75 Gallimard

Jean Dominique Bauby An accident leaves the author’s body paralyzed but awakens his mind. He tells his own story about overcoming the impossible and creating words where there are none. 136 pp 9782221109748 $36.00 Cherche

Clotilde Bernos and Choi Jung-in A captivating tale about patience and discovery, this beautiful illustrated book has a charming power that will leave a lasting impression. 32 pp 9782916899305 $26.00 Flammarion

Books in Spanish

Obra reunida: Narrativa breve Mario Vargas Llosa This collection of short narrative works is the perfect addition to any library featuring the works of the Peruvian Nobel Prize winner. 768 pp. 9789707705746 $24.95 Alfaguara

El cementerio de Praga

El cuaderno de Maya

Umberto Eco Eco’s latest novel takes the reader on an exhilarating journey into the mind of a government-hired impostor at the turn of the 20th century. 592 pp. 9788426418685 $37.00 Lumen Editorial

Isabel Allende In this coming-of-age story, a family tragedy drives a 19-year-old Californian wild child to write her way out of a painful past and into self-realization. 448 pp. 9780307947949 $26.95 Vintage

Un encuentro Milan Kundera Published in 2009 after years of silence, Un encuentro juxtaposes the Czech writer’s thoughts on love, exile, and the novel with a tragedystricken 20th century. 216 pp. 9788483831571 $18.95 Tusquets

La coleccionista de palabras Sonja Wimmer In this whimsical book about the transforming power of language, a girl named Luna sets out to save a world that has forgotten beautiful words. 32 pp. 9788493824068 $15.95 Cuento de Luz

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Bookstore Best Sellers

Ansel Adams in the National Parks

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Monica Bellucci


Edited by Andrea G. Stillman. The most comprehensive collection of Ansel Adams photographs of America’s national parks and wilderness areas, with the added bonus of numerous unpublished images. 336 pp, illustrations throughout, 10 x 8” 9780316078467 $40.00 Little

The Modern Century

Monica Bellucci with a preface by Giuseppe Tornatore. An exquisite tribute to Italy’s most important contemporary model and actress. 240 pp, 150 photographs, 10 x 13” 9780847835072 $60.00 Rizzoli

Vistas, Churches, Museums, Art, Villas & Gardens

Exploring Wine

The Great Family Wine Estates of France

Mamma Agata

A Gourmet Tour of France

Simple and Genuine

Photographs by Solvi dos Santos. Text by Florence Brutton. An unprecedented journey into the lives and sumptuous interiors of the best-known French wine estates. 256 pp, 292 photographs, 91⁄4 x 11” 9780500515310 $50.00 Thames & Hudson

Written by Chiara Lima. Photography by Roberto Sammartini. A celebration of Chiara and her mother’s cherished secret cooking tips and family recipes from Italy’s Amalfi Coast. 223 pp, 460 photographs, 91⁄2 x 8” 9788890464508 $45.00 Mamma Agata

The Most Beautiful Restaurants from Paris to the Cote d'Azur

The Culinary Institute of America’s Guide to Wines of the World Completely Revised, 3rd Edition Steven Kolpan, Brian H. Smith, Michael A. Weiss. The essential wine reference for aficionados, students, and professionals. 800 pp, 800 illustrations, 81⁄2 x 107⁄8” 9780471770633 $65.00 Oxford


Text by Peter Galassi. This extensive monograph on renowned photographer Henri CartierBresson includes insightful prints and revealing documents on the photographer’s life and work. 376 pp, 435 illustrations, 93⁄4 x 121⁄4’’ 9780870707780 $75.00 The Museum of Modern Art, New York

Photographs by Massimo Listri. Edited and designed by Massimo Vignelli. Great Tuscan treasures, both public and private. 368 pp, 400 illustrations, 11 x 17” 9780847831388 $125.00 Rizzoli

Gilles Pudlowski with Photography by Maurice Rougemont. The definitive roundup of the finest and most attractive restaurants in France. 240 pp, 200 illustrations, 9 x 11” 9782080301710 $45.00 Flammarion

Horse Whisperings

American Dog at Home

Portraits by Bob Tabor

The Dog Portraits of Christine Merrill

By Bob Tabor. A stunning photographic homage to the horse that reflects Bob Tabor’s unique ability to capture his subjects’ natural beauty in a lavish, oversize volume. 168 pp, 150 illustrations, 141⁄4 x 111⁄2” 9781851496358 $69.50 ACC Editions

By William Secord. Lavishly illustrated with paintings by America’s premier pet portraitist and photographs of the celebrated owners with their dogs, art collections and homes. 260 pp, 290 illustrations, 91⁄2 x 12” 9781851496419 $55.00 Antique Collector’s Club

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Bookstore Best Sellers

Parisian Chic

Paul Flato

Fashioning Fashion


A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange

Jeweler to the Stars

European Dress in Detail, 1700-1915

The Men’s Style of Savile Row

Ines de la Fressange and Sophie Gachet. Celebrity model Inès de la Fressange shares the well-kept secrets of how Parisian women maintain effortless glamour and a timeless allure. 240 pp, 356 color illustrations, 6 x 91⁄4” 9782080200730 $29.95 Flammarion

By Elizabeth Irvine Bray. Stunning jewelry from the innovative American designer whose creations were worn by Hollywood stars such as Greta Garbo, Rita Hayworth and Merle Oberon. 224 pp, 240 illustrations, 11 x 11” 9781851496242 $85.00 Antique Collector’s Club

by Sharon Sadako Takeda and Kaye Durland Spilker. A glorious volume that celebrates the evolution of European dress through two centuries. 224 pp, 200 illustrations, 9¾ x 12½” 9783791350622 $55.00 Prestel/DelMonico Books

James Sherwood. Foreword by Tom Ford. The history of bespoke tailoring—the custom-made men’s clothing that made a small London street a globally known brand. 256 pp, 300 photograph, 103⁄4 x 131⁄2” 9780847834983 $65.00 Rizzoli


The Irish Country House

Living Modern

Greek Vases

Edited by Lynda Waggoner. Photography by Christopher Little. Text by David G. De Long, Rick Darke, and Justin Gunther. Commemorating the 75th anniversary of arguably the most significant private residence of the twentieth century. 328 pp, 250 illustrations, 11 x 11” 9780847835997 $60.00 Rizzoli

By Desmond Fitzgerald, Knight of Glin, and James Peill. Photography by James Fennell. Here are some of the most breathtaking residences in the world—a rare tour through historical homes and castles still owned and lived in by the original families. 192 pp, 230 photographs, 9 x 12” 9780865652613 $45.00 Vendome

The Sourcebook of Contemporary Interiors Photographs by Richard Powers. Text by Phyllis Richardson. The ultimate resource for creating modern interiors: from architecture to materials to furniture and decorative objects. 368 pp, 740 photographs, 97⁄8 x 111⁄4” 9780500515259 $60.00 Thames & Hudson

The Athenians and Their Images Francois Lissarrague. The society and culture of Ancient Greece as it is depicted on painted vases. High quality over-size color photographs show unexpected details and are a visual delight. 240 pp, 140 illustrations, 101⁄4 x 131⁄4” 9781878351579 $75.00 Riverside

AIA Guide to New York City

Luxury Toys for Men

Norval White & Elliot Willensky with Fran Leadon. The first new edition in 10 years boasts more than 3,000 new photographs, 100 satelliteenhanced maps, and thousands of short and spirited entries, this is the ultimate guided tour of New York’s architectural treasures. 1,056 pp, illustrated throughout, 47⁄8 x 10” 9780195383867 $39.95

For men who relish the finer things in life, this book spans everything from neat technological gimmicks and exclusive watches to extraordinarily fast cars. Text in English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. 220 pp, 250 photographs, 97⁄8 x 122⁄3” 9783832794262 $59.95 TeNeues

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Bruno Gmünder

Players Two

Bel Ami Paradise Found

Gay Porn Heros

Jim French Diaries

Rick Day. After two years, we are now happy to present Players Two. This book reinforces Day’s status as an excellent portraitist of male sex appeal. 160 pp, Full color, 11¾ x 15¼” 9783867871426 $122.99

Howard Roffman. This is Howard Roffman’s third book for Bel-Ami Studios. He brilliantly captures the charm of these gorgeous boys in his distinctive and moving photo work. 224 pp, Full color, 10½ x 11¼” 9783867871634 $87.99

J.C. Adams. The book is a tribute to the Top 100 men who have fired our erotic imaginations. A must-have for every fan of all-male adult entertainment. 256 pp, Full color, 8½ x 11¼” 9783867871693 $69.99

Jim French. Gay porn wouldn’t be what it is today without Jim French, the founder of Colt Studio. Jim French Diaries illuminates the history behind the label. 336 pp, Full Color, 10½ x 11¼” 9783867871648 $122.99


Trunk Show

Heavy Traffic

My Brother and his Brother

From Andy Warhol to XTube

Swimwear inspires Art

Vintage Porn Covers

Kevin Clarke. The history of porn is exciting! PORN shows us how the industry has developed through the decades, and how the porn stars themselves have changed. 260 pp, Full Color, 8½ x 11¼” 9783867870986 $69.99

Jason Salzenstein (Editor). Trunk Show offers a slew of awe-inspiring photos, all about the small garment that turns heads whenever it's worn by a sexy guy. 96 pp, Full Color, 8½ x 11¼” 9783867871723 $43.99

Verschiedene Künstler. Heavy Traffic presents the funniest, wittiest and oddest covers of the early years of gay erotica, illustrating the changes sexuality has undergone during the last decades. 144 pp, Full Color, 8¼ x 11” 9783867871686 $25.99

Håkan Lindquist. Finally available in English, this sensual novel received critical acclaim when it first appeared in Sweden, and has since been published in eight other languages. 176 pp, Un-Illustrated, 5¼ x 7½” 9783867870856 $15.99


Turnon: Sports


Verschiedene Künstler. Sport is an essential part in men’s lives; and what’s associated with it— muscles, endurance and physical challenges—is a fetish for many. 256 pp, Full Color, 8½ x 11¼” 9783867871716 $52.99

Dylan Rosser. Naked is all about intimacy and encounters with men at their most vulnerable, but also at their most beautiful, creating an atmosphere free of restraint. 112 pp, Full Color, 8½ x 11¼” 9783867872263 $59.99

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Anna Netrebko: Live at the Metropolitan Opera

Patrizio Buane: Patrizio

Paul McCartney: Ocean's Kingdom

Our generation's greatest soprano on the MET stage showcases her finest performances in one collection that features excerpts from live performances of La Boheme, Don Giovanni, I Puritani, Les Contes d'Hoffmann, Romeo et Juliette, and Don Pasquale. B001598702 $19.98 DG

After two successful international releases, Patrizio releases his third record featuring tunes of the Italian songbook, as well as music that displays Patrizio’s own contemporary and timeless interpretation of International and American standards, alongside stunning new compositions. P033236-2 $19.98 Concord

The latest project by legendary Sir Paul McCartney is this highly anticipated original orchestral score. Written for the New York City Ballet, Ocean's Kingdom is his first-ever orchestral piece for the world of dance and recorded with The London Classical Orchestra. P033250-2 $20.98 Hear Music

Westenra/Morricone: Paradiso

Zucchero: Chocabeck

Paavo Järvi: Fauré: Requiem

Hayley Westenra returns with her 5th album for Decca, and this time she has brought with her a very special partner to capture a record of instantly familiar and incredible beauty - Maestro Ennio Morricone! B001599802 $17.98 Decca

Adelmo Fornaciari, commonly known as Zucchero, is an Italian rock singer whose music is largely inspired by gospel, blues and rock music, and alternates between ballads and more rhythmic boogie-like pieces. Zucchero has sold over 40 million records around the world. B001597602 $17.98 Decca

Paavo Järvi devotes his new CD to Gabriel Fauré’s serene and cooling Requiem in addition to three other classic pieces by Fauré and one lesser known, but nonetheless beautiful, piece. CM709212-2 $17.98 Virgin Classics

Alexandre Tharaud: Bach Piano Concertos

Quatuor Ebène: Mozart Dissonances

Frank Sinatra: A Jolly Christmas

One of the leading pianists of our generation releases a new collection of Bach’s finest solo concertos for keyboard that also includes a composition for four separate pianos, BWV 1065, in which Tharaud plays all four solo parts. CM709132-2 $17.98 Virgin Classics

The Ebène Quartet’s new CD features two of Mozart’s famous ‘Haydn Quartets’—the string quartet in C major (KV 465) and string quartet in D minor (KV 421) —as well as the Divertimento in F major (KV 138). CM070922-2 $17.98 Virgin Classics

This must-have collection of classic Christmas carols sung by none other than the Chairman of the Board himself will fill you with the holiday spirit. CM79763-2 $13.98 Capitol

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