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In the original living room, the walls featured applied architectural features. I redesigned the panel profiles and configurations—all of which are made of hand-carved wood—to be more proportionate to the newly enlarged space.



The house’s foyer features an opening into the kitchen at left, and steps leading up to a master suite on the right. My architectural narrative conceived of the suite as a cottage that had been constructed at another level on the sloping property and the house itself as a separate building—perhaps a converted barn—with a structure featuring contemporary glass doors and a vaulted ceiling crafted to unite the two. overleaf: The kitchen opens onto the dining area and, beyond it, the living room. The ubiquity of the painted wood planks adds to the narrative of an older structure that was updated without losing its essential character.



The master bedroom. OPPOSITE: The master bath with a glass wall that opens onto the courtyard. OVERLEAF: CAPTION TK.




Rather than child-proofing the porch enclosure, I stacked firewood under the rail. It keeps kids from falling off, and the ends of the logs are nicely in sympathy with the texture of the stone walls.


I clad the living room in old cypress logs reclaimed from Southern rivers. The pattern of the ceiling—an overlapping series of hexagons—was originally detailed by a lumber company for use on a beach club, and I loved it so much I used a small portion in my own home. It’s a surprising moment of formality in an otherwise informal house.


The exterior stone and the interior cypress meet in the stair to the upper floor. opposite: In the kitchen, my well-curated, well-cured cast-iron frying pans. I bagged the turkey above the door to the pantry on a hunting trip.



The home studio I keep sits directly above the master bedroom and is open to it in the middle—when I’m in bed I look up and think I should be working, and when I’m at the drafting table, I look down and wish I was asleep. RIGHT: A corner fireplace in the master bedroom between two of the three expansive window walls.




Creating Home  

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