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JULY 2011


indulge in the season's simplified style

NEW! weekender color collection applause july 2011


Message from the GENERAL manager Dearest Beauty Consultants, As we usher in the second half of the year, please allow me to congratulate everyone for an amazing first semester performance. We have been consistently showing double-digit growth these past six months and the number of our beauty consultants has been steadily increasing. That kind of performance is a testimony to your dedication and hard work. Again, congratulations for a job well done! July marks another exciting month for your Mary Kay career. I am certain that you are happy to share with your friends and loved ones the two new lovely limited-edition color and fragrance sets – the Mary Kay® Weekender Color Collection and Mary Kay® Weekender Tranquil WatersTM Collection. Refreshing colors and relaxing scents are now the hot trends that your customers will surely fall in love with. Plus, let your customers try our two new limited-edition Tinted Lip Balms in Peony and Cherry, adding great color this season. This month gives you another great opportunity to set new teambuilding and sales goals through the latest Local Red Jacket Rally and Star Consultants Rewards Program. I would also like to share with you the new Star Consultant Rewards Program mechanics with its “stretch” sales goal levels giving you bigger income. We’re also introducing a build-up concept of “step-up” gifts. You will get all the prizes of the four Star Consultants Rewards Program when you become an Emerald achiever. I am optimistic that this new development will help keep you focused on reaching your sales targets for this quarter.

The start of the second semester also happens to be the final month of the Seminar Year - an exciting time for you to maximize all the opportunities to secure a spot on Seminar stage. This is the perfect time to reassess your performance these past months and to check what else you need to do in order to reach your Seminar goals - whether it is being part of a Queen’s Court or debuting as a new Sales Director. The best way to celebrate and recognize all your feats and achievements is on “Imagine Your Way to Beautiful” Philippine Seminar 2011. Register now and don’t miss the world-class education and training from our seasoned National Sales Directors and the magnificent recognition and awards night prepared for you and your fellow Mary Kay sisters. You deserve to be there. In closing, may all the great things happening in your Mary Kay career serve as an inspiration for you not only to work harder but also to continue Mary Kay Ash’s legacy of enriching people’s lives. Thank you very much for everything that you do to make Mary Kay Philippines a great Company. Sincerely, Tente Alday

july 2011 Date






Mary Kay said it best

calendar of activities Activity




New BC Welcome Party

6 pm


Mid-Year Meeting Manila


9 am


9 am


Mid-Year Meeting Cebu



9 am



2 pm


New BC Welcome Party Quezon City



3 pm






General Assembly Makati, Davao & Zamboanga



9 am








"You will want to take


Wed MID-YEAR MEETING (for Sales Directors)



advantage of every


Thu MID-YEAR MEETING (for Sales Directors)







1 pm

esrs day 2 & rju day 2


1 pm

single minute to get

new bc welcome party


6 pm

your wheels in motion

guest event


6 pm

diq orientation


ESRS Day 2 & rju day 2


9 am

new decade. It will take

PKW - Colors


2 pm

a plan of action and a



3 pm



3 pm



5 pm

single day and every

for a new year and a



foundation from which to build - and a great





9 am

attitude. Moving ahead


Wed local red jacket rally


8 am

quickly depends upon


6 pm


Thu MID-YEAR MEETING (for Sales Directors)



setting and reaching



MID-YEAR MEETING (for Sales Directors)



guest event


6 pm

Local red jacket rally


8 am

General assembly


4 pm

goals that will take you right to the top."

guest event






8 am


Wed guest event


6 pm

22 23


Guest event


6 pm




8 am

*Check with your respective Beauty Centers to confirm the classes / activities or when it is rescheduled.


applause july 2011

Makati, Cebu, Davao & Zamboanga


Local Red Jacket Rally Davao


Mid-Year Meeting Davao


Mid-Year Meeting Zamboanga


Local Red Jacket Rally Manila General Assembly Cebu


Local Red Jacket Rally Zamboanga


Local Red Jacket Rally Cebu

beauty Center Schedule july 2011 1 2 29 30

Fri Sat Fri Sat

All Beauty Centers open at 2pm All Beauty Centers open at 2pm Last day for ordering of BCs up to DIQs Last day for personal orders of SDs

Beauty Centers are open from Tuesday to Saturday, 11 am – 8pm; and closed on Mondays and Sundays. MK Davao and Zamboanga operate at 10am – 7pm.

inside this issue


relaxing weekender color trends Fresh and fun colors define the new limited-edition Mary Kay速 Weekender

Color Collection, and the trends are easy-going! Give your customers an insider's peek at what's hot now, plus a new online trend report for everyone that can help you book skin care and color classes!

10 & 11

7 NEW! scents of the sea Escape with the relaxing limited-edition Mary Kay Weekender

latest star consultants' challenge & prizes

Tranquil WatersTM Collection available in a body gel and fragrance

Get all these four hot pink bags when you become a third quarter Star

pencil! Limited offer only! Available while supplies last.

Consultant Emerald Achiever. Learn the new mechanics and prizes

of the Star Consultant Rewards program.

Inside Back Cover

catch the dream dallas confernece challenge Be one of the top Sales Directors to experience an unforgettable educational and training trip to Mary Kay速 Catch The Dream Dallas Conference 2012 and free visit to the Mary Kay Global

countdown to seminar 2011 Get the limited-edition Mary Kay速 Pedicure Foot Spa Set exclusively available only at Seminar as your attendance gift. REGISTER NOW!

Headquarters and Manufacturing Plant in Dallas, USA.

applause july 2011



TRENDS This season unfolds with a relaxed, simplified attitude toward fashion, beauty and even lifestyles. Simple indulgences are the trend-makers - from great polished nails to pared-down makeup that's naturally beautiful to skincare that delivers results. EYES ARE SOFT WITH A HINT OF BRIGHT COLOR OR METALLIC WHITE.



T OR P RE D N TRE Images are not yet final

Share the latest online Mary Kay Trend Report with everyone hostesses and new customers alike beginning June 16 at &


applause july 2011

get the weekender color collection* Let your customers avail of the limited-edition* Mary Kay Weekender Color Collection - simple and easy to use, yet luxurious at the same time. *LIMITED OFFER FROM JULY 16 TO AUGUST 15 OR AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST, WHICHEVER COMES FIRST. FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVE BASIS ONLY.



per set

per set

Buy the Weekender Color Collection - Coral Stone

Buy the Weekender Color Collection - Pink Sand

Set includes: Limited-edition Eye Pencil Turquoise Water Limited-edition Lip Pencil Coral Stone Limited-edition Nail Lacquer Coral Stone Limited-edition Base/Top Coat (Each item is not for individual sale)

Set includes: Limited-edition Eye Pencil White Wash Limited-edition Lip Pencil Pink Sand Limited-edition Nail Lacquer Pink Sand Limited-edition Base/Top Coat (Each item is not for individual sale)

Part Number: 10-053102

Part Number: 10-053103

FREE! LIMITED-EDITION Weekender Color Collection Bag & SCARF for every purchase of Weekender Color Collection - Coral Stone* or Weekender Color Collection - Pink Sand*



applause july 2011



seaside look.

Must-try tips. A one-of-a-kind accessory. Get the best of fashion in one easy, convenient, pocketperfect package.The new limited-edition* Mary Kay® Weekender Color Bundle Ocean Breeze fit neatly into your Mary Kay® Compact Mini (unfilled and sold separately).

new! limited-edition Mary Kay® Weekender Color Bundle Ocean Breeze*


PART NO # 10-044372 Capture a carefree style in a mix of sea-inspired blues and a pop of brightness. Available for closed

sale beginning July 16.

open blue metal (eye)

This great value includes: • Three mineral eye colors (blue metal, lemongrass and limited-edition* silver satin) - great on any skin tone. • One mineral cheek color (limited-edition* coral sunrise) - great on any skin tone

coral sunrise (cheek)

• Color application tips • Limited-edition* Mary Kay® Compact Mini Skin

lemongrass (eye)

• Gift-ready box * limited offer only. aVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. first-come, first-serve basis only.

silver satin (eye)

new! limited-edition MARY KAY® Compact mini skin** The latest fashion accessory is now right at your fingertips. The Mary Kay® Compact Mini Skin lets you dress your compact in the trend’s latest look. Made of high-quality vinyl, it’s easy to apply and provides an extra layer of scratch- and fade-resistant protection. And when it’s out of style? No sticky residue, so it’s easy to remove. Available only as part of the limited-edition* Mary Kay® Weekender Color Bundle Ocean Breeze look.

How to use: Clean the compact.

Peel the sticker.

Stick on your compact. Rub the sticker.

* limited offer only. aVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. first-come, first-serve basis only. ** included in the limited-edition mary kay weekender color bundle ocean breeze. The Company grants all Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants a limited license to duplicate this document in connection with their Mary Kay® businesses. This page should not be altered from its original form. ©2011 Mary Kay Inc. All rights reserved.


applause july 2011


tranquil waters.

Embrace a relaxing season with the new limited-edition* Mary Kay® Tranquil Waters™ Collection** and be whisked away to your own private oasis! In this seaside-inspired scent, you can treat yourself to this simple luxury or let your customers purchase from you and give it as a gift of relaxation to their friends and loved ones. new! limitededition* Mary Kay® weekender Tranquil Waters Collection**

Simple, fresh and portable, the limited-edition* Mary Kay® Tranquil Waters™ Fragrance Pencil is the perfect complement to the body gel and adds a layer of lushness to this modest scent. When time is the ultimate luxury,

PART NO # 10-053104 (Set includes Mary Kay Tranquil WatersTM Refreshing Body Gel and Fragrance Pencil)

this fragrance can be easily

P1,490 per set

applied to pulse points anytime, anywhere with the clear gel tip. Sharpener included.

Skin feels soft and smooth with limited-edition* Mary Kay® Tranquil Waters™ Refreshing Body Gel. This scented, leave-on gel cools while leaving behind a subtle touch of shimmer that is perfect for the evening.

Apply to your pulse points and go!

*AVAILABLE FOR SALE BEGINNING JULY 16. LIMITED OFFER ONLY. AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. FIRST COME-FIRST SERVE BASIS ONLY. ** EACH ITEM IN THE COLLECTION IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR INDIVIDUAL SALE. The Company grants all Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants a limited license to duplicate this document in connection with their Mary Kay® businesses. This page should not be altered from its original form. ©2011 Mary Kay Inc. All rights reserved. applause july 2011


Essentials Need to dash out the door in a hurry? Don’t be caught without the essentials you need! Simply tuck these items in your tote, pocket or purse as you hasten on your way.

NEW! Limited-Edition* Mary Kay® Tinted Lip Balm** Sunscreen SPF 15 in Cherry and Peony Multi-tasking must-have - color, moisture and SPF protection in one very summer-



perfect lip balm. Available for sale beginning July 16, 2011. * limited offer only. aVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.


** Also available in Rose, mANGO, & apricot shades as regular line

per shade


beauty that counts® mary kay® creme lipstick in give dreams*

Mary Kay® Compact Mini Fill this handy, tuck-anywhere compact with a Mary Kay® Sheer

Keep lips looking vibrant and great with

Mineral Pressed Powder or your

this sunny coral pink creme lipstick.

favorite color look for touch-ups

Plus, a dollar will be donated from

on the go. Includes a mirror and

each sale of this lipstick to support a

room for applicators.




local charitable institution in Mary Kay's efforts to help change lives of women and children. * limited offer only. aVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.


Mary Kay® LASH LOVE™ Mascara


Just in case you need a

flawless canvas, and it works with any

quick fix, this mascara takes

Mary Kay® foundation! The lightweight,

definition to a new level with

gel-like formula glides on effortlessly

four times the volume and a

and absorbs quickly while evening out

formula that defends against

the skin’s texture and tone so foundation


applies smoothly and blends easily.

This is the secret to creating an even,


The Company grants all Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants a limited license to duplicate this document in connection with their Mary Kay® businesses. This page should not be altered from its original form. ©2011 Mary Kay Inc. All rights reserved.


applause july 2011

give yourself a

pampering treat.

Give your skin the pampering it deserves with the well-loved Satin Hands® Pampering Set. This is perfect in giving your friends and family a hand-softening gift that’s like a hand spa treatment at home. Rough, dry hands are instantly cleansed, softened and moisturized in three easy steps.

The Peach Satin Hands® Hand Cream leaves your hands soft and silky and moisturizeD for 24 hours. It

P2,600 per set

Satin Hands® Pampering Set* PART NO # 10-032361

even lasts through several

(Set includes Fragrance-Free

hand washings. Also

Satin Hands® Hand Softener, Peach Satin Hands® Satin Smoothie® Hand Scrub, and Peach Satin Hands® Hand Cream)

available separately at P550.

The Fragrance-Free Satin

The Peach Satin Hands® Satin

Hands® Hand Softener

Smoothie® Hand Scrub cleanses

has a long-lasting, rich

skin and leaves it feeling soft,

formula that leaves your

smooth and looking healthier.

hands feeling smooth,

Removes dead surface skin cells

silky and supple. Not for

while instantly smoothing. Also

individual sale.

available separately at P995.

FREE Satin Hands® Mini-Size Travel Set for every purchase of Satin Hands® Pampering Set* *HURRY LIMITED OFFER FROM JULY 16 TO AUGUST 15 OR AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST, WHICHEVER COMES FIRST. FIRST COME-FIRST SERVE BASIS ONLY. The Company grants all Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants a limited license to duplicate this document in connection with their Mary Kay® businesses. This page should not be altered from its original form. ©2011 Mary Kay Inc. All rights reserved. applause july 2011


Lookin' Good

new quarter & mechanics


REWARDS PROGRAM July 1 - September 30, 2011

This quarter, you have the opportunity to earn bigger income and get the chance to receive more prizes when you reach the top of the New Star Consultant Rewards Program. Here are the new star rewards for this quarter - the stylish Mary Kay Travel collection Bags! What's exciting, get all four bags when you reach the Emerald Level. When you’re on your path to success as a Star Consultant, you’re giving your business a boost with consistent sales and satisfied customers. Plus, you are qualified for the Ladder of Success pin and magnificent Star Consultant prizes. So, set bold sales goals and embrace the strength of your Star power!



Effective third quarter, stretched sales of P9,000 in the Total Section 1 Retail Sales Requirement on each Star Consultant level gives you added total income of P4,049.55 for your business.

Plus, we're introducing the concept of Step-Up gifts for this quarter where you are allowed to earn more items when you reach a higher Star Consultant level.

To help you better understand the new Star Consultant Rewards Program, please refer to the chart:

A great example is when you now reach the Emerald level, you get all Star Consultant Rewards prizes.



Additional Income

LEVEL Sapphire




P81,000 - P101,000

P90,000 - P109,999




P101,001 - P121,000

P110,000 - P129,999






P121,001 - P141,000

P130,000 - P149,999






P141,000 and above

P150,000 and above




4 prizes / GIFTS

To learn more about the new Star Consultant Rewards program, please contact the Sales Development and Education Team. 10

applause july 2011

Travel with style

Your day-to-day travel would definitely be complete when you have these stylish Mary Kay Travel Collection Bags - a Star Consultant treat for you this quarter. Collect these four bags when you become a Star Consultant Emerald Achiever!



NEW! TOTAL SECTion 1 RETAIL SALES REQUIREMENT: P90,000-P109,999 PIN: Ladder of Success Pin + SAPPHIRE gemstone REWARD: Star Reward SAPPHIRE + TRAVEL TOTE BAG NEW! Minimum Average sales/month: p30,000 SUGGESTed SETS TO SELL:

NEW! TOTAL SECTion 1 RETAIL SALES REQUIREMENT: P110,000-P129,999 PIN: Ladder of Success Pin + RUBY gemstone REWARD: Star Reward RUBY + TRAVEL TOTE BAG & ON-THE-GO TRAVEL KIT NEW! Minimum Average sales/month: p36,667 SUGGESTed SETS TO SELL:


2 Timewise Miracle sets

2 botanical customized skin care setS


2 (5-pc set) melacep SETS

2 Timewise Miracle sets


3 botanical customized skin care setS

2 (5-pc set) melacep SETS




NEW! TOTAL SECTion 1 RETAIL SALES REQUIREMENT: P130,000-P149,999 PIN: Ladder of Success Pin + DIAMOND gemstone REWARD: Star Reward diamond + TRAVEL TOTE BAG, ON-THE-GO TRAVEL kIT & TRAVEL HAND BAG NEW! Minimum Average sales/month: p43,334 SUGGESTed SETS TO SELL:

NEW! TOTAL SECTion 1 RETAIL SALES REQUIREMENT: P150,000 & above PIN: Ladder of Success Pin + emerald gemstone REWARD: Star Reward emerald + TRAVEL TOTE BAG, ON-THE-GO TRAVEL kIT, TRAVEL HAND BAG & overnight travel bag NEW! Minimum Average sales/month: p50,000


2 Timewise Miracle sets

3 botanical customized skin care setS

2 (5-pc set) melacep SETS




2 microdermabrasion SETS

3 Timewise Miracle sets

3 botanical customized skin care setS

2 (5-pc set) melacep SETS


3 microdermabrasion SETS

NOTE: 1. Ladder of Success pin will be awarded to first time achievers and gem stone will be given to consultants who qualify every quarter 2.The company reserves the right to replace any item with similar value in case of stock unavailability. 3. Design and sizes may vary from photos. 4. Claim your star gifts at the beauty centers from October 16 to November 15, 2011. Unclaimed gifts after this period will be shipped together with your orders only. Unclaimed gifts after November 30, 2011 will be forfeited.

new seminar year!

It's never too early to be a

Star Consistency

Award Achiever for 2012

Be part of the Star Consistency Program and you will... • Attend Royal Reception in Seminar 2012 for Diamond and Emerald star consistency awardees • Receive a collector's item symbolical of the seminar year’s theme at Philippine Seminar 2011 • Parade on Seminar stage • Have your name featured in Applause® How will you be part of this program: • Beauty Consultants and Sales Directors who achieve Ladder of Success (any level) in the 4 calendar quarters will be awarded the Star Consultant Consistency Award. Example: Sapphire level 1 - 4 quarters achieved. • Sales Directors with 3, 5, 8, 10 and more Ladder of Success achievers in the 4 calendar quarters will be awarded the Star Director Consistency Award as long as they are Star BCs themselves. Example: Sapphire level - SDs with 3 BCs who are in the ladder of success consistently in 4 quarters. • Beauty Consultants and Sales Directors who achieve Diamond and Emerald Star Consultant and Star Director Consistency awards will also be awarded trophies and a signature watch.

july 1, 2011 – june 30, 2012

To learn more about the new Star Consistency program, please contact the Sales Development and Education Team. applause july 2011


new quarter!

Red Jacket Rally

Finding way to teambuild

Join the Red Jacket Rally!


Pink Hot Teambuilding Tips

Challenge Period: July - september 2011

If you are an Independent Beauty Consultant, Senior Consultant or existing Red Jacket who has never attended a Red Jacket Rally, then you can join!

Be part of the Red Jacket Rally!

With at least 4 new active personal recruits with P13,000 sales each within the challenge period, you will be able to JOIN THE RED JACKET RALLY in October 2011!

Girlfriends share everything – shoes, clothes and secrets! So don‘t keep the Mary Kay opportunity a secret from your girlfriends, share it! No one said it better than Independent National Sales Director Cyndee Gress when she shared her team-building success tips:

Plus! If you are at the Red Jacket Rally and... Have 6!

Have at least 6 new active personal recruits with P13,000 sales each when you are at the rally and you will receive an EXCLUSIVE RED JACKET SCARF and a PREMIUM BAG upon graduation.

Have 8!

Have at least 8 new active personal recruits with P13,000 sales each when you are at the rally and you will receive an EXCLUSIVE RED JACKET SCARF and a PREMIUM BAG upon graduation AND your very own MARY KAY RED JACKET! • The Company reserves the right to validate authenticity of recruits. Should there be any discrepancy, the Company reserves the right to disqualify the achiever. • The Company reserves the right to change, amend or revise these rules as deemed necessary for the best interests of the Company. • All gifts will be awarded at the RJ Rally. Failure to attend will mean forfeiture of gifts. For more information and details on Red Jacket Rally, please contact the Sales Development and Education Team

1. Hold skin care classes and facials. It’s much more difficult to build your team before you build relationships, and existing customers make the best potential team members. 2. A professional image is crucial. 3. Listen to and observe your Sales Director as often as possible. As Mary Kay reminded us, “Hitch your wagon to a star!” 4. Keep an Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement and teambuilding literature at your finger tips. 5. Maintain a “hot” prospect list of potential new team members with whom you’ve made fewer than two attempts to close and a warm list of those you don’t want to forget. 6. Ask, ask, ask!

last month! Turn your dream Switzerland & Germany vacation into a reality! Join Mary Kay Philippines’

TOP DIRECTORS’ TRIP 2011 Achieve at least P15 million retail unit sales from August 2010 to July 2011 and a fabulous trip to Switzerland and Germany with your loved one can be yours for FREE! 12

applause july 2011

what's the BUZZ career conference 2011 nationwide Independent Beauty Consultants and Sales Directors together with their spouses nationwide attended an education and fun-filled Achieve Your Way to the Stars Career Conference 2011 held in Manila last April and in Davao, Cebu and Zamboanga last May. Everyone felt energized, happy and geared up with new ideas to work their businesses and to become successful keepers of Mary Kay Ash's dream of enriching people's lives.

applause july 2011


Welcome at the new

Quezon City Beauty Center Training Rooms and Experiental Room

The Quezon City (QC) Beauty Center is an ideal place to conduct your skincare and color classes as well as your guest event sessions for your customers and guests. There are four training rooms available for you and your unit’s use with a corresponding capacity and rental fee. Training Room Name MKMen MelaCEP Velocity TimeWise

Capacity (per Skin Care Class) 10 persons 20 persons 10 persons 20 persons

Rental Fee (per hour) P 150 P 250 P 150 P 250

The four rooms are convertible into one big room that can hold 75 persons with a rate of P800 per hour. You may place your room reservation with our Customer Service staff at QC Beauty Center only. Reservation is on first-come, first-serve, first-pay basis only. Plus, let your customers and guests not only see our amazing products at the product display area but also feel it at our experiential room.

Feel at home and take full advantage of the amazing training facility and join our fun activities at our new Quezon City Beauty Center. Your customers and guests will surely see and experience the beauty and warmth of a Mary Kay Beauty Center.

Beauty Consultant Sign Up processing

When your customers or guests agree to sign up as a your new recruit, our Customer Service staff can assist you in processing your new recruit's Beauty Consultant Agreement and in releasing the corresponding Starter Kit.

Order Online and Pick Up AT THE CENTER

You may order online through the computer kiosk at the Center. Our Customer Service staff is there to receive your payment in form of credit card, cash or bank deposit. Take note that orders will be processed in our third-party supplier as the Center does not maintain inventory. Orders may be picked at the Center provided that you use the Home Delivery Option and indicate the Center as your shipping address. Freight charge of P250 is waived for total S1 orders of P12,000 and above. Orders should be picked up from the Center within three days from date order was placed and paid. On month end, order fulfillment may take about 5 days from date of order and payment. It is best to call and inquire the Customer Service staff to check availability of the order for pick up.

Service Support Covers: Experiential Room for individual skincare classes

Use of training rooms for Mary Kay Philippines' and Sales Directors' classes

Beauty Consultant Sign Ups

Product Display Area and Online Order & Payment through Computer Kiosk

Cash or bank payment processing for online ordering & Order Pick up Point for orders placed via Home Delivery

Customer Service and Sales Support Services Registration Classes, Events, etc.

MARY KAY QUEZON CITY BEAUTY CENTER: 2nd Floor, (Shoppes @ Victoria) Victoria Towers, Timog corner Panay Avenue, Quezon City • (02) 371-8355 • (0923) 724-6431 Operating Hours: Tuesday to Saturdays from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm 14

applause july 2011

ten easy steps


to order your Mary Kay products online

Use Social Media and Online Tools to Connect with Customers

going online ordering


Log-on to Enter your Consultant # and Password.

Under the Quick Links, click Order Online.

placing your order online To place your order, go to Cosmetic Orders and click Create a cosmetic order.

There are a lot of ways to find Mary Kay Philippines online like browsing our official website at or liking our Facebook Fan page at

Completely fill out all your Shipping Information. (Specified address or for pick-up at defined Beauty Center)

The Mary Kay Philippines Facebook fan page provides the latest and quickest information on what's new that you can instantly share with your Facebook friends. Let this online tool help you connect with your potential customers in this digital age.

Click the Product (under Section 1 or Section 2) on the item/s that you will order. Input the Quantity. To add another product, click Update My Order, and then click another product. (Click as many products as you want.) You may order by part number or by one page order sheet.

The look eCATALOG Click Submit My Order once you have completed your order.

The Look eCatalog is a simple, free way to get The Look into the hands of your customers and potential customers online! Email your customers and contacts a link to the eCatalog and encourage them to forward it to their friends and loved ones via the email option, so they have an idea of the wide range of products you offer. Plus, share the eCatalog with your Facebook Friends, too. The Look eCatalog is available at

Review your orders. Click Proceed to Payment.

paying online A payment breakdown will be shown on your screen. Read the ordering guidelines and click on the box beside the statement (I agree to the Ordering Guidelines). Select Payment Type and click Purchase.

Get monthly Mary Kay news online. Now, you have another way to get connected at Mary Kay by simply subscribing to eBuzz. Mary Kay eBuzz, a monthly online newsletter, is sent every first business day of the month to all Independent Beauty Consultants. You can find here the latest Mary Kay products and promotions, events and sales boosters. It's everything you need to know on that month for your Mary Kay business To receive monthly Mary Kay e-mail updates, email us at with the subject line 'Subscribe'.

Cut this portion and keep it as your reference when placing your order.


No credit card? Not a problem! Click Save Order. Save your order and pay by: 1. Send deposit information (Bank, Amount, Date, BC Name, BC No. and Order No.) to MK Customer Service OR 2. Pay directly to our Customer Service counter and provide BC No. and Total Amount of order. If paying through Credit Card or Smart Money, key in your Credit Card details & 3 digit security code once payment has been confirmed. Click Continue. (VISA and Mastercard accepted.) Your order has been confirmed and will then be processed for delivery to your preferred address. NOTES: • A P250 storage fee will be charged if pick up orders on regular days are not be picked up within 3 days from order date. • Month-end orders for pick up and delivery may take longer fulfillment and delivery days. applause july 2011


recognition | april 2011 Keepers of the Dream

Mary Kay’s Pride

Senior National Sales Director

Top in Unit Sales Marites Ceña 2,486,095 Virginia Estepa 1,797,560 Rochelle Pangilinan 1,626,615 Marita Del Corro 1,465,785 Perlita Catap 1,340,995 Bella Concepcion 1,205,135 Victoria Simeon 1,183,890 Armando Abinsay Jr. 1,062,670 Rochelle Lynn Guintu 1,045,370

Lourdes Felix

New First Line Sales Director Offspring Sales Director Josie Santos

Christina Boyd


Special Awards Millionaires Club

Top in Personal Sales

hitting P1 million in one month

Anna Lorian Dato 170,250 Grace Adriatico 164,350 Lourdes Felix 157,940 Antonio Raymundo Cajefe 151,755 Christina Leah Gumba 130,440 Maria Linda Duran 125,025 Norilyn De Pano 122,545 Leni Karlsson 120,415 Phoema Nulla 119,045 Nora Macabalang 200,025

Lourdes Felix

Marites Ceña

Virginia Estepa

Rochelle Pangilinan

Marita Del Corro

Perlita Catap

Bella Concepcion

Victoria Simeon

Armando Abinsay, Jr.

Rochelle Lynn Guintu

Virginia Hubahib

Jula Cassey Ching

Top in Personal Recruiting Rika Mahendra Clarita Dontogan Loyda Reyes Ivy Estremos Marites Ceña Grace Ramento Grace Pampag Arsenia Agapito Alma Alburo

10 9 9 8 7 6 6 6 6

Marilou Francisco 11

Top in Team Sales

On The Right Track Rochelle Lynn Guintu Lourdes Felix Armando Abinsay Jr. Teresita Caraig Cecile Cahoy Karen Soria Virginia Estepa Grace Pampag Marites Ceña

Virginia Hubahib 684,425

April 2011

679,825 585,790 574,435 567,510 423,190 413,955 412,685 400,125 394,730

Perlita Catap

Concepcion Payawal

Fabulous 50s April 2011

Mintzie Santos

Krisnanette Bondoc

In June Applause, one of the New Car Achiever’s names was inadvertently misspelled. The name is Maria Theresa Iglesia -- not Maria Thesera Iglesia. Our sincere apologies.


applause july 2011

Special Awards Quarterly Go-Give November 2010 January 2011

Susan Cruz

Directors-in-qualification April 2011 Arsenia Agapito Alma Agrava Joy Ellar Arrowsmith Minette Bondoc Teresita Caraig Alma Cunanan Sharon De Guzman Rutchie Ebita Gladys Edoc Jennifer Hernando Maricar Rita Jabagat

Lowena Lavadia Zenaida Malvar Grace Orallo Grace Pampag Amylene Picar Loyda Reyes Miriam Saligao Emily Suemith Eden Timbang Grecelda Tugay Marina Jessica Zaragoza

director’s profile | may 2011 New Senior Sales Directors

NAME: Perlita Catap BEGAN MK CAREER: February 2010 UNIT NAME: Purple Pearls

NAME: Freda Linsangan BEGAN MK CAREER: July 2010 UNIT NAME: Walk with Faith

New Sales Directors

NAME: Maryfe Sabino BEGAN MK CAREER: June 2010 UNIT NAME: Fireworks

NAME: Teresita Caraig BEGAN MK CAREER: January 2011 UNIT NAME: Blooming Skies SSD: Perlita Catap

NAME: Raena Ava Ching BEGAN MK CAREER: January 2010 UNIT NAME: Beauty Queens II SSD: Jula Cassey Ching

NAME: Clarita Dontogan BEGAN MK CAREER: December 2010 UNIT NAME: Journey with Faith SSD: Freda Linsangan

NAME: Ivy Estremos BEGAN MK CAREER: September 2010 UNIT NAME: Beauty Magnet SSD: Maryfe Sabino

NAME: Marlene Gonzales BEGAN MK CAREER: November 2010 UNIT NAME: Dream Makers Express ESSD: Marites Ceña

NAME: Diamayma Palomado BEGAN MK CAREER: March 2010 UNIT NAME: Eternal Flame ESSD: Victoria Simeon

NAME: Grace Pampag BEGAN MK CAREER: December 2010 UNIT NAME: Amazing Grace ESSD: Victoria Simeon

NAME: Vangie Pedro BEGAN MK CAREER: November 2010 UNIT NAME: The Survivor Go Go Go SSD: Bernadette Crisostomo

NAME: Josie Santos BEGAN MK CAREER: October 2010 UNIT NAME: Servant Leader NSD: Christina Boyd

NAME: Karen Soria BEGAN MK CAREER: November 2010 UNIT NAME: D’ Believers SSD: Bella Concepcion

NAME: Diana Tanguilig BEGAN MK CAREER: June 2010 UNIT NAME: Circle of Love Stars ESSD: Marites Ceña

NAME: Jennifer Tanguilig BEGAN MK CAREER: November 2010 UNIT NAME: Forever Young SSD: Crecilia Apad

NAME: Alma Villanueva BEGAN MK CAREER: November 2010 UNIT NAME: The Power of the Dream ESSD: Marites Ceña

New Pre DIQ and DIQ Requirements effective July 1, 2011

In order to align the Pre Directors-in-Qualification (Pre-DIQ) and DIQ's requirements with the new Sales Directors’ minimum requirements, the following changes will be made for those Beauty Consultants who are interested to move up their career at Mary Kay. The new requirements are effective beginning July 1, 2011. NEW! PRE-DIQ REQUIREMENTS: • A Beauty Consultant must be in active status for at least 3 months • She/he must have a cumulative retail sales of at least P13,000 • She/he must have at least 10 qualified team members with minimum of P13,000 retail sales • She/he must have attended and graduated from the ESRS Training Course and the Red Jacket University In order to proceed with the DIQ process, a Beauty Consultant must undergo a DIQ Orientation, Interview and pass the Mock Skin Care Class Evaluation facilitated by the Sales Education and Development Team. The new requirements are effective beginning July 1, 2011. NEW! DIQ REQUIREMENTS: • A Future Independent Sales Director has 3 months to complete his/her minimum sales requirement: Month 1 P250,000 Month 2 P250,000 Month 3 P250,000 TOTAL P750,000 • She/he may complete her/his DIQ requirements in 1, 2 or 3 month/s provided that NO MONTH IS LESS THAN P250,000 • She/he must have 30 qualified unit members by the end of the DIQ period. • Unit members include: herself/himself, personal team members 2nd, 3rd line and so forth recruited DURING the DIQ period. (Anyone recruited prior to DIQ period except for personal team members are retained in the Sales Directors’ unit) • Each of her 29 unit members must have at least P13,000 retail sales during his/her DIQ period. • Only up to P150,000 personal sales will be credited towards total DIQ production. • DIQ must have at least 3 Senior Consultants at the end of the DIQ period. • Applicants must refer to the Letter of Commitment for complete details. Concerns and clarifications will also be discussed and entertained in the DIQ Orientation with their respective Sales Development Associate.

applause july 2011


Are you a brand new Beauty Consultant? Join the

philippines | march 2011

44 month







Enjoy free premium products when you consistently meet your single purchase goals in your first four months as a Beauty Consultant! FREE products with total retail value of P14,595.

Required Sales: P13,000 single purchase

Required Sales: P13,000 single purchase

Required Sales: P14,000 single purchase

Required Sales: P16,000 single purchase

Components: Miracles Happen Book, Mary Kay® Custom Compact, Mary Kay® Mineral Cheek Color, Mary Kay® Nourishine™ Lip Gloss, Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color

Components: Satin Hands Pampering Set, Customer Profile Card Set – 2, Customer Order Form Pack

Components: Mary Kay SPF 30 Sunscreen, Lip Protect SPF 15, MK Bronzing Powder – Desert Sun, TimeWise Microdermabrasion Step 2: Replenish and NEW! The Look (March 2011 edition) - 3 pcs.

Components: TimeWise Day Solution Sunscreen SPF25, TimeWise Night Solution, TimeWise Age-Fighting Eye Cream, TimeWise Age-Fighting Lip Primer, SKC Trays (5/pk), Disposable Facial Cloth (25/pk)

Total Retail Value: P2,445

Total Retail Value: P2,630

Total Retail Value: P3,780

Total retail Value: P5,740

Want more? Stretch your sales a little more and qualify for the Monthly Ordering Bonus Program and get more freebies!

Get ESRS-certified

Avail of Monthly Ordering Bonus

Essential Steps to Reach Success (ESRS) is a two-day program that will add success to your business. After completion of the ESRS, get a voucher worth P6,000 of products and a Color Showcase with your first single purchase order of P16,000!

color showcase The ESRS product set includes: Acne Clarifying Cleanser, Acne Pore Purifying Serum, Acne Spot Solution, Acne Body Spray, TimeWise Age-Fighting Eye Cream, Satin Lips Lip Balm, Microdermabrasion samplers pk/6, PLUS! Color Showcase. Images are for representation purposes only.

Age-revealing hands? Sun-damaged décolleté? It's time for TimeWise® BodyTM Hand and Décolleté Cream Sunscreen SPF 15 – a pampering treat that you want after achieving your July selling and teambuilding goals.

This is yours for FREE with personal cumulative sales of P18,000 and above (from July 1-31, 2011). Monthly Ordering Bonus (MOB) is open to all Independent Beauty Consultants (including New Consultant Bonus program participants).

To know more about the NCB and ESRS programs, visit or check out available flyers for details. The company reserves the right to replace items of equal or greater value in the event that supplies run out.



applause july 2011

1. FREE LIQUID FOUNDATION BRUSH. For those who have failed to receive the FREE Liquid Foundation Brush in our “Foundation Look” Promo (April 16- May 15), they'll automatically receive it along with their next order.

2. DELIVERY LEAD TIME for orders received at the first and last three days of the month will take 7 working days for serviceable areas and 10 working days for non-serviceable areas.

3. FOR ALL PROGRAMS AND PROMOTIONS, the company reserves the right to replace items of equal or greater value in the event that supplies run out.

Join Mary Kay

Dallas Conference 2012 The road to Dallas begins here. Turn your Dallas dream into a Mary Kay reality. Be one of the Catch the Dream Dallas Conference 2012 Challenge Achievers and receive: • Airfare accommodation to and from Dallas, USA • Five (5) days and four (4) nights hotel accommodation in Dallas, USA • Exclusive leadership education by top Mary Kay international mentors • Sisterhood bonding with fellow top Mary Kay Asia-Pacific Sales Directors • Tour of Mary Kay’s International Corporate Headquarter, Mary Kay Museum and Manufacturing Plant in Dallas, USA.

Contest Period: July 1, 2011 - January 31, 2012 Join the Dallas Conference 2012 Challenge (Open to all new and tenured Sales Directors - any level): A. New Sales Directors (must be a Sales Director for less than one year by July 1, 2011) • At least P5 million unit sales • 50 unit size (non-terminated status) by March 1, 2012 • 20 personal recruits with P40,000 personal cumulative sales each within the contest period and not on terminated status by the end of the contest period • Personal sales of at least P210,000 during the 7-month contest period

B. Tenured Sales Directors (at least one year as a Sales Directors by July 1, 2011) • At least P6 million unit sales • 50 unit size (non-terminated status) by March 1, 2012 • 20 personal recruits with P40,000 personal cumulative sales each within the contest period and not on terminated status by the end of the contest period • Personal sales of at least P210,000 during the 7-month contest period • One new offspring achieving the “Catch The Dream Conference” Challenge

Become a Mary Kay Sales Director

• Have the potential to lead a team of women that is committed to carrying on Mary Kay Ash’s dream. • Wear your Independent Sales Director suit with pride • Get volume bonuses, teambuilding and unit commissions apart from the personal discounts of your sales • Participate in the exclusive Chart Your Course programs like On-The-Right Track, Fabulous 50s and Honors Society • Eligible to qualify for the Pink Car Program

To learn more about the Catch The Dream Dallas Conference 2012, please contact the Sales Development and Education Team. applause july 2011


register to philippine seminar and

dreams coming true Find the keys to

growing your business.

Let the

spotlight shine on you.

Party with your

very best girlfriends.

Give your business the Seminar advantage by attending Imagine … Your Way to Beautiful SM Seminar 2011 that will help you learn from the best and give you the tools to grow your business. It's the can't-miss event of the year. You deserve to be there.


3 ways to register:

August 20, 2011 (Saturday)




Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila



registration fee:

Open for all Sales Directors,

P1,500 inclusive of heavy snacks,

Beauty Consultants and Spouses

attendance gift (see page 3), seminar

Nanette Mission's (left) National Sales Director debut at Philipppine Seminar 2010.

bag with seminar materials and attendance to educational classes.

SEMINAR SPECIAL SEATING CHALLENGES • Unit with the most number of Beauty That Counts® Mary Kay® Creme Lipstick sold until Aug 15 • Unit with the highest number of registrants until Aug 15 • Unit with the least termination rate until Aug 15







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Enriching Women’s Lives

OVATION Vol. 1 No. 82

a recognition supplement to Applause® July 2011

Published monthly in recognition and inspiration for the sales force members of Mary Kay in the Philippines by Mary Kay Philippines, Inc., Makati City, Philippines.

“Be a dreamer. Have a sense of greatness. It has been said that if you can dream it, you can do it. And I believe that. Before your dream can become a reality, you have to see it in your own mind; see its fulfillment, whatever it may be. ”

- Mary Kay Ash

Perfect Start

Top SD with most no. of Perfect Start April 2011

New Independent Beauty Consultants with minimum P8,000 personal retail sales in her first two weeks from her start-up date.

SSD Lourdes Felix

*Perfect Start Achievers* from March 16, 2011 – April 15, 2011 Abalos, Nemie Aurora B. Abas, Primitiva A. Abdua, Jaqueline Abdulcalim, Sarah Jane S. Abella, Delia Abion, Luzviminda M. Ablaza, Rhea S. Abrasaldo, Maria Cristina C. Abubo, Janette C. Abuda, Ma. Rhodora D. Acosta, Janice Adaya, Michele C. Adel, Lorna S. Advincula, Guia L. Agaton, Ma.Cristina P Agustin, Ivan Fritz N. Alcala, Guy L. Alcala, Jhoriel S. Alcaraz, Amabelle Bernadette A. Alcazar, Blesilda A. Alceso, Citadel P. Aldama, Gemma E. Alegria, Elvira C. Alejandro, Ana Paz V. Alfonso, Michelle D.C Alforque, Mary Grace M. Alih, Alwida A. Almazan, Ezra Rozan Jocel Alviar, Mary Hyacinth B. Amancio, Cerle Reim M. Ampis, Feiribeth R. Amurao, Analyn Amurao, Janet S. Ananey, Claire T. Ancheta, Mary Joice B. Andal, Camotan G. Anday, Gina S. Anduiza, Gina A. Anghag, Maylene B. Antagon, Cheena O.

Barroquillo, Debbie Grace A. Ante, Sheena Jane P. Anticamara, Ana Ligaya A. Bartican, Janine V. Bartolata, Milagros Antinero, Kris Anne Basijan, Ma. Lee J. Aparra, Fritzie A. Basilio, Josephine L. Apresurado, Leizel W. Basilio, Nancy P. Aquino, Elizel S. Basreche, Elerita Aquino, Maricel N. Bataclan, Jealine V. Aquino, Mary Grace D. Batasin-in, Brigida R. Aranas, Cherlyn Batican, Alan C. Arcangel, Mary Ann R. Bautista, Carina C. Arcilla, Donna Bella R. Bautista, Carmelita A. Aro, Princess R. Bautista, Catherine J. Arreza, Liezl Arzaga, Jeoffrey Milnardo A. Bautista, Cherry May F. Bautista, Cheryl M. Ascano, Jane A. Bautista, Faith A. Atienza, Starlyn S. Bautista, Hannah Leah Atillo, Carla A. Baviera, Rowena J. Austria, Lilibeth Q. Bayading, Jonalyn M. Austria, Myrna R. Averilla, Minerva Ann C. Bayquin, Precious Love V. Bea, Liezel C. Avila, April E. Belen, Corazon Avila, Jemily F. Ayson, Meah Minerva S. Bello, Ma.Lourdes A. Benedictos, Kirsten Marie P. Aznar, Ma. Cristina G. Berguila, Josephine Babao, Ma. Alelie Babiera, Stephanie Mae M. Bermejo, Madelyn Bermudo, Julie J. Bacani, Rowena S. Bernardo, Rowena L. Bacho, Alexander D. Bersabe, Ela B. Bacong, Ruth A. Beruno, Rowena M. Baguilat, Victoria B. Besario, Ma. Bella B. Bahan, Rechely Betwing, Liezle T. Baird, Helen A. Binas-O, Gladys M. Balagbagan, Josie V. Bingayan, Myra L. Balangue, Dison B. Boja, Sonia A. Balindong, Aramilyn B. Bongcawel, Cathy D. Balmes, Cristina P. Bongon, Lyn A. Baluyut, Edith D. Borras, Imelda Baniqued, Pelzon A. Botin, Jinky A. Bantasan, Rea M. Briones, Thelma P. Barola, Fe P.

Buenviaje, Lorenza S. Bueza, Margarita M. Bugas, Joyce R. Bugtong, Vreni B. Bugtong, David T. Bugtong, Ria B. Buhong, Ernestine N. Buya, Jennifer A. Cabanayan, Nora T. Cabangon, Maria Cheereve P. Cabatan, Lilia S. Cabaya, Angelie Cacacho, Monica Grace N. Cagatulia, Angelina A. Cahatian, Ma. Nina C. Cajan, Almira V. Cala, Ariane Jane H. Calabun, Ginalyn U. Calapardo, Karen P. Camet, Edith B. Camila, Delma P. Camilon, Judith N. Camina, Jeana G. Camporaso, Narcisa Canas, Buldwin Cancio, Angelyn Z. Candaza, Joy B. Canon, Gina L. Canonigo, Ma. Asuncion R. Cantera, Herriah Rhinah P. Capila, Annie S. Capili, Cheryl A. Capili, Sharibon P. Caranto, Dynna B. Carbonell, Juvan B. Carcueva, Mary Joy C. Carganilla, Merly A. Carino, Catherine B. Caritativo, Ria Casalem, Sheilla Mae

Castillo, Guadalupe D. Castro, Melanie M. Catacutan, Joice C. Catugal, Dominga Cavan, Emefe Cayetano, Marie Grace D. Centeno, Esther Cepeda, Julie Anne D. Ceron, Jennifer F. Cervantes, Misshelle Alexis R. Chan, Joselito Chan, Lucila Chavez, Aileen D. Chow-As, Zorla B. Clarita, Rosalie A. Colansi, Felomena S. Coles, Gilda C. Collado, Elnora C. Collantes, Margie s. Comendador, Loida B. Comidoy, Haidee J. Conn, Loreta S. Consing, Marie Annalyn N. Constantino, Nidaline M. Constantino, Norma Contreras, Margarita Cordero, Avelina C. Cordero, Kathleen Mae B. Cordero, Lorlyn P. Cordero, Lucresia A. Cortez, Jeselyn Cortez, Rosario A. Costacio, May Lin R. Cristobal, Genie R. Cruz, Amelia P. Cruz, Elaine B. Cruz, Janice Joanne G. Cruz, Myra S. Cuadro, Arlene L. Cuaresma, Marissa A.

Dacio, Jasmin Sr. Dalandag, Balmona P. Dalumpines, Marilou V. Dao-As, Agustina M. Daquioag, Michelle F. Daquipel, Jenny Lyn D. Datumanong, Saimona David, Noraline V. Davis, Crisna Jane Dawaton, Marinell S. De Guia, Elaine M. De Gulan, Ma. Victoria R. De Guzman, Catherine Y. De Guzman, Diosdede O. De Guzman, Esperanza Y. De Guzman, Jenny F. De Jesus, Julieta D. De Lara, Maricel M. De Lemos, Kristine V. De Ocampo, Ma. Luisa De Sagun, Rowena B. De Vera, Edwina D. De Vera, Marieta A. Decena, Janice M. Del Rosario, Everette E. Dela Cruz, Lelybeth G. Dela Cruz, Normie B. Dela Cruz, Wilma G. Dela Pena, Arleen Victoria Delos Santos, Leticia Dempo, Cherry Ann T. Desdir, Alexie D. Despabeladero, Lorela M. Diansay, Daisyrie Diaz, Benigna O. Diaz, Hazel Joice B. Diaz, Josephine D. Dimaano, Agnes D. Dimalanta, Maria Joannia G. Dimalanta, Rey

Dino, Janice C. Diwan, Amelia B. Dizon, Ada Dizon, Donna G. Dizon, Marife L. Dominguez, Eva T. Doron, Elsie Q. Dosdos, Rosalia T. Dragas, Melanny R. Duenas, Agnes B. Duenas, Elenisa R. Dumaging, Phoebe T. Dumaguing, Grecel C. Edrozo, Debnah Grace Ela, Monica M. Elejerio, Mardonia D. Elemia, Ronald l R. Embiado, Bhenjo L. Embiado, Jobbelle Lou L. Emboltorio, Edenne T. Emboltorio, Lynlee M. Encila, Ma. Victoria L. Enofre, Daisy T. Enriquez, Cecil Enriquez, Filipina S. Ereno, Nida L. Eroneco, Noralyn Erum, Editha B. Espina, Loverlyn Espino, Ma. Loreto S. Espiritu, Ederlin S. Espiritu, Eva Evidete, Ma. Celestina G. Fabon, Kirby M. Fabula, Rowena D. Facto, Josefina S. Faelnar, Pia D. Falcon, Fe Lezzie A. Falcon, Joy-Ann S. Famisan, Rosalie E. *alphabetical order

Perfect Start

New Independent Beauty Consultants with minimum P8,000 personal retail sales in her ďŹ rst two weeks from her start-up date.

Farol, Joecielle F. Felimon, Maricel J. Feraren, Ma. Christine C. Fernando, Charito Fiel, Juanita D. Florendo, Sallie D. Flores, Ethel R. Flores, Rosenie R. Fongafong, Miguela E. Francisco, Gladys C. Gabaldon, Magnolia M. Gabriel, Lorelei D. Gadit, Jessica R. Galang, Alma P. Galang, Marilou M. Galapon, Geraldine R. Galasgas, Marjorie Galecia, Myrene G. Galla, Carissa C. Gallardo, Aileen Gamo, Whitney B. Ganancial, Lenie P. Ganancial, Sarah O. Ganayo, Karen Ann Garachico, Karen Dale P Garcia, Cheryle E. Garcia, Eleonor M. Garcia, Evangeline S. Garcia, Lolyn Garcia, Ma. Lyan G. Garde, Rea G. Gatmen, Hershelle Kaye M. Gaudia, Elena A. Gelisanga, Ma. Krissha Rita B. Gerdes, Rowena Gimoto, Irene O. Go, Lennyl E. Gocotano, Rowena Joy Q. Gonzaga, Evelyn M. Gonzales, Michelle S. Gravador, Venus A. ` Gravino, Ma. Theresa M. Guanzon, Razchelle D.C. Guballa, Editha C. Guevarra, Rinalyn L. Guialel, Sohra P. Guiling, Noronisha D. Gumba, Christina Leah C. Gutierrez, Agnes P. Guy, Cheryl H. Handa, Mary Katherine E. Henson, Joebee B. Hermoso, Sandra Herrera, Jobelle P. Hibaya, Laura Hipe, Elvira L. Homez, Annie Lu Hu, Anecita L. Ibay, Farida Ico, Angelo D.

Idris, Ma. Eloina S. Ilagan, Ma. Lourdes A. Ilang-Ilang, Princess M. Irica, Dianne A. Itable, Ruth B. Izon, Leny R. Jaime, Lilybeth A. Jalbuena, Marife N Jamadin, Pearlsia Jasareno, Evelyn S. Jasmin, Susana C. Jaurigue, Emelita F. Javier, Cecilia N. Javier, Lorena Jones, Maria Hazel M. Joyo, Elvie Juani, Ricky G. Jumuad, Charito R. Kebeng, Rhoda R. Keene, Marilou S. Kimura, Penafrancia M. Kinazo, Mary Jane Kok, Jocelyn L. Labasan, Fely Concepcion E. Labrador, Mila L. Lagman, Virginia L. Lagorra, Marites E. Lalic, Rosita S. Lara, Janeth Larobis, Edna F. Lauron, Anavir B. Lauron, Maricar C. Lawanan, Arnel B. Lawangen, Isabel L. Lawangen, Precy Mae Legaspi, Julita O. Legaspi, Rejoyce D. Lendio, Dani Mae E. Leyma, Ma. Thelma B. Leynes, Christien P. Lim, Edita M. Lim, Vilma D. Limon, Imelda E. Liwan, Rosa A. Lizada, Ma. Julie L. Llasos, Ryla Anjela Llusala, Maureen O. Lobenaria, Ian Del A. Lobos, Elvira P. Lobrin, Maricel S. Lopez, April Love C. Lopez, Cindy P. Lopez, Eunice A. Lopez, Gemma Teresa T. Lopez, Jocelyn D. Lorico, Juanita V. Loyao, Irish E. Lumague, Joselyn V. Lumawig, Ma. Theresa P. Lumawig, Marsha Leah P.

Luminario, Jean P. Luna, Mary Jackeline Kathe E. Magboo, Madeleine M. Maglayo, Lyzel G. Maglinte, Susana T. Magno, Mildred A. Magsino, Lenie B. Mahilom, Carina C. Malabonga, Gina S. Malan, Neriah M. Malate, Lerma A. Maldan, Aileen N. Malig-on, Dearie Lou R. Mallari, Emilie S. Malote, Remedios A. Malubay, Bernadette D. Manaloto, Ma. Kris Ann Mandain, Rhu-Ina S. Mangubat, Cherryl A. Mangulamas, Nor Ain S. Manoy, Joyette Manrique, Leoncia C. Manuel, Jane V. Manusig, Andrea Amor S. Marapao, Lourdes A Marcaida, Aida A. Marce, Princess Jeliz C. Mariano, Carissa Jade O. Mariano, Corazon M. Marquez, Mary Grace G. Martin, Gladys L. Martin, Maria Lalaine T. Martizano, Maria Imelda T. Martos, Emerita D. Marzan, Melody Ann O. Masongsong, Micha P. Mateo, Shella Matias, Kristel G. Matic, Mary Rose S. Matilac, Nora C. Matildo, Jasmin Maulana, Cawa Maulion, Jannette B. Medalle, Louella Medrano, Emelita Mendoza, Daisy D. Mendoza, Donalisa Ana V. Mendoza, Esmeralda Joy F. Mercado, Abigail B. Mercado, Remedios G. Merto, Rebecca D. Miguel, Jennifer Milan, Rochelle S. Miranda, Anna Liza M. Miranda, Mary Grace E. Misa, Marichu A. Moerch, Lucy B. Mojica, Carlita O. Mojica, Ofelia A. Molato, Marilou R.

*Perfect Start Achievers* from March 16, 2011 – April 15, 2011 Perez, Hanna B. Momo, Mary Grace G. Salvador, Marinette F. Perez, Janine J. Monteroso, Gay Samidan, Kristen May R. Perez, Lorena B. Morados, Nanette D. Samillano, Honey Lyn P. Morales, Dianne Katherine B. Perez, Ma. Katrina V. San Diego, Catherine P. Perias, Jennifer S. Morales, Susan G. San Juan, Angelita T. Petate, Merlita P. Nacua, Phoebe M. San Juan, Jean D. Picpican, Beljy-Ann I. Nadua, Libertine Joy G. Sangda-an, Janice T. Pida, Gina L. Nalus, Christy Santiago, Rialyn R. Pilo, Mylene S. Narciza, Elizabeth S. Santillan, Vilma M. Pimentel, Mary Aleena J. Santos, Elizabeth B. Natanawan, Shena P. Navera, Maria Evangelina D. Pineda, Lady Trace A. Sapin, Jovita P. Pineda, Maria Constancia R. Saplala, Ivan Kris I. Navida, Aimee Marie Nepomuceno, Maria Leona D.G Pinili, Maria Clariza B. Saturinas, Ailyn C. Pintal, Joan C. Nieva, Avelina R. Sauro, Glaiza J. Plaza, Nancy Nocillado, Katherine G. Sawamura, Juvie A. Poblador, Arlene V. Nogaliza, Rea E. Sayson, Marina R. Obatonon, Maria Theresa Policarpio, Ma. Encarnita G. Sayson, Milagros D. Polveras, Florence T. Obos, Nenita G. Selga, Juliana C. Ocampo, Roane Marie C. Pomay-O, Mae Q. Senaida, Marla R. Pontillas, Jeneveb V. Ochoa, Remedios S. Seprado, Leila F. Punla, Kristine C. Ochoco, Rowena C. Sese, Jesus Jr. O. Quiambao, Ma. Teresa S. Sicat, Mercedita R. Ocuaman, Jema O. Quianio, Lyndel Oliveros, Glenda B. Sidic, Saimah M. Quin, Michelle M. Oliveros, Puri B. Silva, Mary Cristi Racionales, Edna A. Omac, Evelyn J. Sim, Paraluman G. Ongpico, Ma. Cristina C. Radaza, Geraldine B. Sinque, Paz D. Radaza, Racille Juve M. Sison, Melody E. Oquindo, Maripaz D. Orana, Arianne Abigail I. Ramos, Cherez May B. Soco, Arcel A. Ramos, Gina F. Ordiales, Erlinda M. Solidum, Arlyn C. Ramos, Teodora D.C. Orpilla, Reynaflor L. Son, Jacqueline R. Ratag, Liz Laudette S. Ortega, Fredaliz Sonbise, Jean Christine A. Rato, Johnaliza B. Owe, Ailene C. Soriano, Sheryll S. Rayray, Imee Paclibare, Miraflor J. Sucgang, Ma. Amparo M. Regala, Filipinas V. Padawe, Mary Ann S. Suemith, Ma. Wilma R. Regidor, Roslyn C. Padilla, Louella Q. Sueno, Karen Mae C. Pagcaliwangan, Ritz D.T. Regis, Klein Acerel B. Suico, Marife U. Paghunasan, Melanie S. Remorozo, Nelita V. Suing, Herminda D. Remulta, Maricel D. Pagudar, Evangeline L. Sumalnap, Adela T. Revilla, Karen Grace D. Pajigal, Agnes D. Sy, Flerida A. Reyes, Evangelina P. Palma, Alejandra A. Tafalla, Ma. Cristina B. Pamatmat, Marie Joseph S. Reyes, Irma R. Tagacay, Cindy B. Reyes, Manilyn C. Panado, Imelda I. Taggueg, Pretty Lyncent M. Reynes, Benilda Pandi, Arbaya T. Tagle, Adolina J. Rivera, Carmina F. Pangan, Ruby Jane Takingan, Enelita B. Rivera, Divina V. Pangilinan, Jennalyn Talapi, Lourdes N. Robino, Ilang-Ilang S. Papa, Rizza D. Talembo, Aisa E. Rocamora, Guada Charisse A. Tallud, Irma I. Parojinog, Imelda A. Pascual, Maria Cecilia E. Roman, Lea M. Tama-Ag, Beisyline M. Romo, Dynnah M. Pascual, Pearlie M. Tan, Sherah S. Rosada, Venessa L. Pastor, Darling E. Tan, Sheryl O. Sabado, Emerita D. Pata, Juby D. Tancio, Rowena C. Sabino, Judy Iris P. Paulio, Delia H. Tapallas, Mary Ann V. Saclolo, Annie S. Payawal, Benedict B. Tapan, Marby L. Sadia, Hilda L. Payumo, Oscar Tarrayo, Jenny B. Sales, Daisy A. Pearson, Mansueta Tavares, Florita A. Sales, Mylene S. Peligman, Minda P. Tecson, Gina G. Salinas, Mary Ann L. Pelingen, Ruth A. Ten, Grace N. Salisi, Elene Peralta, Benjamin B. Tenang, Radzhata D. Salvador, Elaine A. Perez, Aurea V. Tenorio, Ma. Cristina D.P. Salvador, Emerald R. Perez, Eufemia V. Ticao, Riza Dee E.

Tictica, Jenilyn G. Timay, Emelita M. Tiquia, Ma. Luisa Tolentino, Aubrey T. Tolentino, Erlinda D. Tolentino, Genevive C. Tolentino, Joy M. Tolentino, Narcelyn B. Tongol, Janet S. Toralde, Zherry L. Torralba, Lilibeth A. Torreon, Jannyline Torres, Diana Jane R. Trajano, Irene E. Trajano, Maria Renalli E. Trinidad, Maricel C. Trocio, Keyrelle Tuazon, Adelaida F. Tubal, Imelda S. Tucay, Arianne Alyssa L. Tugna, Maryvel D. Tupas, Ana S. Tupas, Fatima Ubeda, Gina P. Ucab, Ma. Elena M. Undag, Gay Imee R. Urboda, Nonette S. Usano, Corazon Usona, Menchie B. Uy, Christina Shiena B. Uychocde, Charmaine Joy R. Valdez, Nora C. Valeras, Catherine R. Vanes, Marilyn B. Vargas, Jacqueline L. Velasco, Maricar Velasquez, Joan V. Velonza, Mayline Vicente, Felisa Villacarlos, Strella Villaflor, Jermin Lloyd C. Villanueva, Kristine O. Villanueva, Mary Jane C. Villanueva, Racquel Kristina E. Vinluan, Helen D. Vitug, Erlie S. Vitug, Haidi Wadi, Jocelyn T. Willie, Cristine A. Wu, Haidee Lynn Y. Yabut, Ana Marie M. Yangyang, Rosalyn O. Yao, Queen B. Yermo, Imelda R. Yuson, Liberty S. Zamora, Trinidad Zapanta, Marjorie Joy D. *alphabetical order

*New Consultant Bonus Program (NCB) Achievers - January 2011 batch

Top SD w/ most no. of NCB Achievers

Independent Beauty Consultants who successfully completed the New Consultant Bonus program (months 1-4)

SSD Jula Cassey Ching

Abelido, Lewina P. Abrogina, Elmarie Adriatico, Maria Wilma O. Agovida, Carlita M. Alamban, Candice Augustine N. Alindayo, Cezari T. Allen, Nancy N. Almarinez, Maria Analynn S. Altomera, Nemia S. Ambion, Nelieta T. Ancheta, Mary Jane R. Aniel, Emmaresty Anito, Bernabelle S. Antalan, Karen Rose Arrowsmith, Joy Ellar B. Artagame, Maricar A. Avelino, Donnah Grace N. Azurin, Mary Ann R. Bagadiong, Ma.Theresa O. Balagtas, Angelie D. Baldwin, Maria Luisa A. Basco, Lady Diana Allen C. Bautista, Alejandra C. Bendana, Chit Valerie L. Benitez, Renante B. Bermas, Emelita Bien, Raquel R. Bien, Ruth R. Bolanos, Mabeth T. Borrero, Dorothy G. Cabana, Elizabeth M. Cabello, Charish Mae R. Cabillon, Glenda M. Caduhada, Glynis Amor C. Candilas, Jonalyn G. Canlapan, Kate U.

Canlas, Aileen A. Canta, Estrellita C. Caraig, Teresita T. Carbonilla, Ana Marie M. Carillanes, Rowena I. Casintahan, Bibiana A. Cassion, Marie Grace N. Castillo, Tito A. Castro, Mirasol M. Cerna, Joan A. Claro, Hazel V. Coral, Cybill C. Crisostomo, Maricel Cruz, Carolyn Cruz, Michelle Andrelyn D. Cruz, Miriam Joy T. Curiba, Aida J. Damaso, Rhoda Luisa G. Dayag, Wilson L. De Guzman, Ana Clarisa C. De Guzman, Jesse Debbie V. De Joya, Mylene D. De Ocampo, Allan G. Deang, Mona Liza De Leon Del Castillo, Mary Jane B. Del Monte, Kristina Erika A. Dote, Freda D. Echeveria, Sheryl Ann E. Elpedes, Felix Marie S. Enfestan, Marichell C. Estorninos, Concepcion L. Estremos, Maria Juana C. Fernandez, Edna Joyce M. Flores, Ma. Trinidad H. Fresco, Archimedes B. Ga, Baby Portia P.

Gabriel, Charito R. Gacis, Ma. Lourdes S. Galang, Percita G. Galindez, Cyril Stephanie P. Garperio, Darlene Genon, Camila M. Go, Fe Salud L. Gosingan, Catherine N. Granada, Rosa Guiang, Wella M. Guilalas, Israelita J. Gulinao, Evelyn M. Guzman, Mary Jane F. Hernandez, Liezl B. Hingco, Alelyn B. Ibarrientos, Cinderella C. Imana, Glenda Myra Q. Imanishi, Ana Lisa S. Jacinto, Evangeline D. Jaji, Shedralyn M. Javier, Ma. Gladys L. Javier, Mavi Kay P. Jimena, Vermaceli O. Labasug, Eden C. Labtang, Myla B. Lagrito, Ma. Jonalyn Lansangan, Edeltrudes Lao, Lourdes T. Larios, Lourdes L. Laron, Shermae Lyn T. Laude, Juliet D. Lausa, Alona C. Lavadia, Lowena A. Lazaro, Sylvina M. Lear, Aileenette D. Lelina, Jessica I.

Likigan, Carol Lyn B. Linsoco, Marites B. Lopez, Martha K. Losentes, Gelyn U. Lumabas, Victoria S. Lumayag, Elsie D. Magpantay, Katherine L. Maldecir, Jaclynn Malunes, Donessa F. Manalo, Andrea Marie A. Manalo, Margarette J. Manansala, Adornie P. Manela, Ma. Dahlia D. Manuel, Cecilia B. Manzano, Arlene Manzano, Soflin L. Marcelo, Gerlie R. Marcelo, Jovegail Marrero, Delia Marilyn G. Martinez, Grace M Martinez, Jocelyn B. Martinez, Marilyn Masigla, Ghelord D. Matabang, Zenaida D. Maulanin, Myrna Medina, Barbara C. Membreve, Jasmine O. Mendoza, Elaine Joy G. Miranda, Marites M. Misoles, Edelyn S. Mohammad Said, Fat-Maheaba I. Montalbo, Daisy A. Morales, Jo Ann Moreno, Rosella Nacatab, Luthgarda S. Naguit, Cecile C.

Navera, Diana G. Neri, Marylou C. Nisnisan, Mary Ann T. Nonan, Kathleen Joy G. Noynay, Manolita F. Ogac, Joerelyn G. Orallo, Grace G. Orana, Ma. Cielo I. Orena, Eunice Agnes K. Pahed, Rowena P. Pajarillaga, Jennifer Palangan, Maria Ulymar R. Panganiban, Nena J. Panisa, Ma. Victoria G. Papalid, Aiza Pediangco, Janel Kaye Q. Picar, Amylene A. Piol, Praxedes P. Pirote, Emma D. Poschung, Ma. Christina Q. Quedado, Richilda P. Quinto, Alegria M. Ramos, Cynthia A. Rapal, Ruth R. Raquiza, Rowena C. Rebuyas, Marlon B. Regondola, Marichu S. Reyes, Dolores D. Reyes, Loyda Reyes, Maria Kristina P. Rivera, Maria Kristine C. Rudio, Jonalyn Rueda, Mae Jean E. Rufo, Katherine Rose Rulona, Belinda F. Sali, Idang S.

Santiago, Charine Santos, Gina C. Santos, Jennifer C. Selec, Julie C. Semilla, Angelita Sevilla, Maria Aiza L. Sibayan, Teresita E. Singh, Dailyn Sobrado, Leosene G. Solchaga, Princess Solis, Emelia T. Soriano, Jerellen Novu Ann L. Suemith, Ma. Emily N. Suguitan, Michellle A. Sumaya, Maria A. Tablate, Adelbeth T. Tanglao, Raquel L. Timbang, Eden M. Tindaan, Noreen W. Tinio, Ria D. Tiongco, Rochelle M. Trumata, Marivy U. Tumpap, Alice Tupas, Tara D. Ven, Nikki Katrina T. Villanueva, Analiza C. Vinuya, Charlie P. Virrey, Amilou T. Vito, Glen Amor Y. Vivas, Maria Fe S. Zaragoza, Caroline Zaragoza, Marina Jessica S. *alphabetical order

*First Time Senior Consultants for April 2011 Independent Beauty Consultants with 1 to 2 active team members for the ďŹ rst time in a given month.

Abuda, Elizabeth L. Aganon, Susan B. Albotra, Ernesto Jr. C. Alcantara, Marina I. Alejandro, Ana Paz V. Angeles Jr., Elpidio R. Aquino, Milagros L. Arevalo, Ma. Cyrell A. Atienza, Starlyn S. Balajadia, Carmelita A. Bang-I, Alice O. Baradi, Ma. Cristina J.

Basco, Lady Diana Allen C. Batuigas, Lalaine G. Bongcac, Joselyn G. Cabaya, Rosalie H. Calolot, Ana Marie D. Camiling, Mirafe S. Canlas, Michelle C. Celeste, Florian Mae L. Cereno, Marife Ceron, Jennifer F. Co, Emelyn A. Comendador, Loida B.

Concoles, Jovelyn N. Conmigo, Lucia C. Cordova, Ma. Cristine A. Cruz, Cristina C. Dadule, Ofelia L. Damoco, Thea Georgina C. Daulayan, Daylyn S. De Fiesta, Nora C. De Jesus, Lota L. De Jesus, Maria Edlene J. De Pano, Norilyn B. Deguilmo, Minnie M.

Del Monte, Kristina Erika A. Del Rosario, Everette E. Devadeb, Julie Ann C. Diaz, Raymunda R. Dimaano, Marlon D. Dino, Janice C. Duenas, Elenisa R. Edzla, Monera U. Estremos, Ursula C. Fernandez, Blesilda W. Ferreria, Maria Teresa R. Galeno, Gergie R.

Garcia, Lolyn Gelacio, Eileen P. Gerna, Gerlyn B. Gesulga, Estrellita Gornez, Ann Charlotte C. Goygoyan, Robina G. Gravador, Venus A. Guanzon, Razchelle D.C. Guanzon, Ruby Ann M. Guballa, Editha C. Ico, Angelo D. Inciong, Rafael L.

Jasareno, Alminda R. Jaurique, Emelita F. Javatan, Ressha Honeylet A. Javier, Ma. Gladys L. Juachon, Yonora T. Lagman, Virginia L. Lim, Evangeline Lim, Leorina M. Llona, Helen E. Lobenaria, Ian Del A. Lolo, Judith A. Longakit, Lilibeth M.

Lopez, Jocelyn D. Lorenzo, Cristina F. Lotera, Monica Annette L. Macabalang, Nora A. Macacua, Glyziel Macarimbang, Bai Noraida U. Magaway, Anita Jayne E. Mago, Mercedes V. Mallari, Elisa A. Mamaril, Josefina Mandain, Rhu-Ina S. Manguera, Nelia L. *alphabetical order

*First Time Senior Consultants for April 2011 Independent Beauty Consultants with 1 to 2 active team members for the first time in a given month.

Maquiling, Rosheen A. Mariquit, Marilou G. Marrero, Delia Marilyn G. Martos, Emerita D. McDermott, Jeannie D. Miranda, Anna Liza M. Mojica, Ester P. Monasterial, Caroline O.

Narvaez, Maria Cecilia C. Ogac, Joerelyn G. Oka, Marilyn D. Ongpico, Ma. Cristina C. Oquindo, Maripaz D. Orbeta, Josephine F. Ordiales, Erlinda M. Pacalna, Shelby I.

Pahed, Rowena P. Pajigal, Agnes D. Pal, Azenith C. Parojinog, Imelda A. Pasco, Renee C. Pascual, Pearlie M. Penalosa, Rowena Sweetheart O. Penero, Marissa M.

Perez, Marivic A. Rebuyas, Marlon B. Recto, Mary Ann P. Resullar, Gay Rivera, Jean M. Rivera, Maria Michelle Roldan, Edelyn A. Salinas, Joan V.

Caoyonan, Ma. Robelle C. Cariaga, Marites D. Chicano, Jingle B. Datu, Ethel T. Dela Cruz, Aleli C. Gonzaga, Maria Shiela T. Gumba, Elisa V. Jimena, Vermaceli O. Lobos, Elvira P. Manalac, Angelita M. Mathisen, Marites

Tancio, Rowena C. Tolentino, Aubrey T. Tolentino, Ma. Susana C. Torio, Rhodora L. Torres, Evelyn B. Torres, Preciosa D. Tupas, Tara D. Ursua, Mayda L.

Valdez, Errol John V. Van es, Marilyn B. Verdadero, Gerlie D. Villas, Nelfe C. Ybales, Juanita D. *alphabetical order

*First Time Team Leaders for April 2011

*First Time Group Leaders for April 2011

Independent Beauty Consultants with 5 to 7 active team members for the first time in a given month.

Independent Beauty Consultants with 3 to 4 active team members for the first time in a given month.

Abella, Delia Agurin, Jermaine Jamilla M. Almo, Marivic T. Alvarez, Marysept A. Ambion, Nelieta T. Andaya, Sharon Faith C. Babiera, Sarah Nathalie G. Barrios, Marivic D. Bertis, Bernalou A. Brodeth, Ma. Winlove M. Caneba, Nurminie R.

Salvador, Irene E. San Diego, Maria Cecilia B. Santor, Rowena D. Selec, Julie C. Selma, Reean Semana, Elenita M. Sevilla, Conchita G. Sim, Edna

Abulencia, Mindaphine Agovida, Carlita M. Alindayo, Cezari T. Apan, Gemma M. Apresurado, Leizel W. Bugtong, Olimpia B. Calinawan, Maria Lea M. Camara, Sonia L. Casintahan, Bibiana A. De Guzman, Ana Clarisa C. De Guzman, Madelyn D.

Moraleda, Cecilia M. Na-oy, Elena M. Orana, Ma. Cielo I. Paredes, Concepcion R. Quirante, Milagros R. Roscuata, Ma Gracia A. San Buenaventura, Marylou N. Sandoval, Lucila P. Solchaga, Princess *alphabetical order

Embiado, Jobbelle Lou L. Favis, Melody S. Galleto, Arra Gamol, Celsa G. Guerrero, Rosemarie V. Guevarra, Raquel A. Gutierrez, Merlita D. Hill, Jennifer V. Labalan, Rosario Elizabeth J. Macabuat, Irene C. Mercado, Joana G.

Mercado, Remedios G. Palero, Eden May T. Ramento, Grace D. Samidan, Kristen May R. Sibayan, Teresita E. Sta. Elena, Jacquiline M. Talembo, Aisa E. Tan, Zenaida V. Valiao, Maritess S. *alphabetical order

*First Time Future Sales Directors for April 2011 Independent Beauty Consultants with 8 or more active personal members for the first time in a given month.

Abdulcalim, Sophia J. Alcantara, Armida M. Bagalay, Rizalina S. Bien, Ruth R. Curiba, Aida J.

De Veyra, Brenda B. Fernandez, Joan Francisco, Marilou G. Geduriagao, Gypsy Joy C. Legaspi, Flocerpida I.

Top Sales Director

with the most number of ESRS graduates for April 2011

Madallang, Didith C. Mahendra, Rika K. Omarali, Berma S. Tabucal, Corazon L.

SSD Virginia Estepa

*alphabetical order

“All the great work of the world has been accomplished by courage, and the world’s greatest victories have been born of defeat. Do not then be afraid of defeat. You are never so near to victory as when defeated in a good cause. ” - Mary Kay Ash

*Red Jacket University Graduates for April 2011 Alcantara, Armida M. Gobrin, Rosita C.

Dilay, Romelaida L. Tamayo, Rochelle P.

Flores, Ma. Trinidad H. *alphabetical order

Erratum: Please see the correct and final Ladder of Success Sales Directors Achievers January – March 2011

Ladder of Success Sales Directors with 3, 5, 8, 10 & more Ladder of Success Achievers in Mary Kay first quarter January - March 2011


Cahoy, Cecile A. Cena, Marites P. Del Corro, Marita Pangilinan, Rochelle D.


Felix, Lourdes F.


Apad, Crecilia R. Bondoc, Krisnanette F. Concepcion, Bella S. Cordero, Maria Jescyll Cruz, Susan M. Guerrero, Anna Gayle


Iglesia, Maria Theresa B. Manalo, Marilou L. Milar, Ana Marie C. Reyes, Charito C. Simeon, Victoria

Abinsay JR., Armando M. Agustin, Charlotte O. Catap, Perlita O. Duran, Maria Linda Evans, Josephine M. Lapay, Catherine P





2nd Floor Allegro Center, 2284 Pasong Tamo Ext., Makati City Tel. Nos: (02) 859-6200/859-MARY Fax Nos: (02) 859-6299 Email:

G/Flr Casa Rafael Building, 1223 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City Tel. Nos: (02) 371-8355 Fax No: (02) 371-8322

Door 6 and 7 Regina Complex CM Recto Avenue, Davao City Tel. No: (082) 224-5956 Fax No: (082) 224-5955

G/Flr, Cebu Capitol Comm. Complex, N. Escario Street, Bgy. Camputhaw, Cebu City Tel. No: (032) 254-8081 Fax No: (032) 253-4661

Nieva, Evelyn A. Ramos, Josefina D. Rey, Elsie P. Santos, Mintzie D. Ting, Rowena N. *alphabetical order

ZAMBOANGA CITY 2/F YPC Building Veteran’s Avenue,7000 Zamboanga City Tel.Nos: (062) 992-6222


Mary Kay's Applause Magazine July 2011

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