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Friday, February 14, 2020 • Vol.112 No. 26 • Rivers, Manitoba

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Rivers Fire Department gets new equipment

Serving the Rivers, Rapid City and Oak River areas for 109 years

March 30, 2018

Volume 110, Issue 37

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With the addition of a rough terrain UTV, emergency crews will have increased accessibility and response time during remote location calls. Back row L/R: Meghan Knelsen, Erich Schmidt, Thom Heijmans, Heather Gray, Liliane Dupuis. Front row L/R: Minami Kijima, Haile Hubbard, Chassidy Payette, Morgan Ramsay, Bryce Summers, Quinn Hrabok.

Can collections for canoes

Photo by Sheila Runions

By Sheila Runions Banner Staff


cans from the school foyer into and Chimo Beach areas for con- put away in the proper place on s r e p or t e d i n t he tion to the schools. Pupils co-ordinated the entire the church basement the after- tributions from the community. the shelving units. They were March 9 edition, the Grade 12 Interdisci- month-long promotion, which noon of March 21, where the When all was said and done, fantastic! We are very, very plinary Studies in Science class culminated in a ceremonious food was weighed and sorted. the scales at Riverdale Harvest pleased.” Elementary school staff memat Rivers Collegiate planned a presentation on March 20 to Although the project was a sen- noted a total of 434 pounds, “a project for Riverdale Harvest. Riverdale Harvest president ior students brainstorm, the en- fabulous amount,” says Heather. ber/Harvest volunteer Yvonne tire high school was encouraged “We are so pleased they decided Crouch initiated a similar camDubbed the Boat Load of Food, Heather Gray and Liliane. Because the snow had melted to participate. The collegiate to help those we serve. A lot paign in her school. That threestudents secured a canoe from Rolling River School Division so much, the canoe could not hosted a poor boy floor hockey of times kids don’t get enough week effort simply encouraged with an intent to f ill it with be portaged across the street to tournament in which to play, credit but this group of students students to leave product in non-perishables. Although the Zion Church (home of River- athletes had to pay with food for certainly deserves some praise. the canoe; 87 pounds of food campaign was fully organized dale Harvest). Rather, the teens the canoe. Some students also All students stayed behind to was collected from the younger by that class, the original idea carried bags, boxes and garbage canvassed Rivers, Oak River help check expiry dates, sort and group on Thursday, March 22. came from a suggestion made by harvest volunteer Liliane Dupuis. “I heard the idea at a meeting in Brandon. St. Augustine School had tried Fill a Canoe in conjunction with the 10-day PHOTO BY MICAH WADDELL Festival du Voyaguer in WinThe Riverdale fire department has recently completed purchase of their new Polaris Ranger 1000 Crew, with a full track kit. The machine (shown above) became nipeg in February.the It was very successful whenever I hear a desired piece of equipment due to some of theand terrain surrounding the Rivers area, especially to the south, where the Little Saskatchewan River Valley presents foodand bank,rescue my ears vehicles. always perk The machine was purchased for $23,500, with funds gathered by the department through various quite a few challenges for conventional fire fundraising events. The side by side will up!” soon receive the fire department logos and in nine months will be outfitted with a custom flat deck skid to replace the She then brought the sugfactory box. The skid will come equippedgestion with atostretcher and a seatThe forcanoe an EMS attendant to care for those on the stretcher. Various other equipment will be on the at Rivers Riverdale Harvest, skid for a variety of emergency situationswhich suchsupported as grass/bush fires. Elementary School was the idea and adequately filled. Photo by Heather Gray asked her to present the promo-

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2 Rivers Banner February 14, 2020


A hidden problem

or a quarter of Canadians, low literacy skills are holding them back and most of them don’t even realize they need help. Historically, we have thought about literacy in black and white terms— you can read, or you can’t. The problem is that in real life, literacy is more of a continuum; how well you can understand the words you’re reading, not just can you read them. Encouraging literacy is something important to us who make our living by creating material for people to read, but the fact is that literacy skills are extremely important when it comes to navigating in today’s society. While we have done a good job of raising literacy levels so that the vast majority of Canadians know their ABCs, data shows that many Canadians struggle with literacy and the figures are startling. According to the Conference Board of Canada, four in 10 Canadian adults have literacy skills that are too low to allow them to be fully competent in the modern economy. This is according to the International Adult Literacy Survey, a multi-country test first conducted in 1994. The most recent one was conducted in 2003 and out of 13 countries, Canada came in eighth, with a “C” grade. These tests evaluated participants’ skills at prose literacy: the ability to understand and use informa-


Kate Jackman-Atkinson tion from texts; document literacy: the ability to locate and use information from documents such as forms or schedules; and quantitative literacy: the ability to perform arithmetic functions. Participants’ answers were rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest. For example, someone with level 1 literacy might not be able to determine medication dosage from the side of the bottle. The trend is likely to persist. A 2012 OECD study looked at literacy levels of 16-18 year olds and found that about 15 per cent of these Canadian students scored a 2 or lower. The biggest challenge in improving literacy is changing our views about who needs help. While most initiatives are aimed at those with the lowest levels of literacy, those with level 2 and lower level 3 skills are among one of the largest challenges to Canada’s competitiveness. These

Canadians account for one quarter of all workers, but their skills make it harder for them to adapt and learn new skills, not only impacting their ability to progress in their careers, but also businesses’ ability to innovate and compete. The problem is that many of these Canadians don’t realize their skills are low, 80 per cent rated their skills as “good” or “excellent”. While those who haven’t completed high school are more likely to struggle, low literacy levels aren’t confined to those with low levels of education. According to Statistics Canada data, across all age groups, among those with a Bachelor’s degree or higher, 17 per cent scored at 2 or below. The percentage was higher among older Canadians, showing that literacy skills are something that can be lost if we don’t work to maintain them. The good news is that for the majority of Canadians who struggle with lower levels of literacy, the solution can be as simple as working to regain skills they once had. In order to retain our skills, we must embrace life-long learning in either a formal, or informal way. February is “I Love to Read Month” and while many of the events are aimed at encouraging a love of reading in children, the event also aims to promote life-long learning. This is vital in helping Canadian adults not only retain their literacy skills, but also improve them.

Real help needed

ur Canadian mainstream media should be ashamed of themselves.They are shallow, ever so shallow. There are exceptions, and while they might even resent being called mainstream, the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) does some of the best work in Canada in terms of finding the facts behind the stories. They have done some great research and stories on what has become the First Nations baby snatching industry. To listen to the mainstream media, when they in rare instances actually talk about how First Nations children are taken into care, one would wrongfully assume that most FN families are uncaring, unprepared and incompetent. APTN points out that with the now disallowed “birth alert” system, children could be taken away from mothers at birth without much basis. The children simply become part of a baby care business that has grown way out of proportion. APTN, and most thinking people, realize that some babies are born into high risk situations, but most are not. It is highly presumptive, and racist, to assume that all, or most, babies from any group of people are disproportionately at risk. The inherent assumptions of governments, agencies and media has to be one of the most frustrating things for identified groups of people to deal with. Various people have suggested solutions, but the solutions are not being applied at a suitable rate of change. If a child, or a newborn baby, is truly at risk, then action has to be taken, no question. But to assume the worst serves no one well, not the child, not the parents, the family

RiveRs BanneR Est. 1908




Ken Waddell or the community. When families are under duress, some communities have adopted a system if the cause of the duress is identified, the cause is removed. I don’t think it is well accepted or adopted yet, but let’s assume one or both of the parents have an addiction issue. This happens in all communities and is not isolated to First Nations communities by any means. If a parent or parents with addiction issues is the problem, then why are the children removed from their home, their community and their school? Why not take the parent away and put a care worker in place? If children are seized and removed from the home, it will be damaging to the children but does it solve the problem? The allegedly addicted parent gets to stay in their own home, sleep in their own bed, be in their own community. Where’s the incentive to change? A lot of problems could be solved with a sensible integrated approach. If children are being neglected, why not deal with the source of the neglect? We are constantly told how today’s parents may lack parenting skills. Fifty years ago, my wife and I certainly did. We were able to absorb advice and help from our parents,

from friends and community and actually got a bit of advice from health officials. I have long been of the opinion that people who are sinking into trouble, need solid advice and help. Maybe families under stress need a defender, a proctor or an adviser. What is needed is a well thought out system that crosses government departments. For example, social assistance, housing and health are administered by different departments and they don’t even have the same boundaries. A person needing help from social assistance, or housing or health, likely has to deal with at least three different departments and likely six to 10 different people. If you are a struggling parent, in a small and perhaps remote community, why or how would you ever access that help? This column is a generalization for sure, but media and governments are doing little to actually help people and that needs to end. Disclaimer: The writer serves as a volunteer chair of the Manitoba Community Newspaper Association. The views expressed in this column are the writer’s personal views and are not to be taken as being the view of the MCNA board or Banner & Press staff.

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Feb. 14: Rivers Rage home game, RCC. Feb. 14: Chase the Ace at Rivers Legion clubroom, 5 - 7:15 p.m. Feb. 16: Rivers Rage home game, RCC. Feb. 16: Bingo at Rivers Legion, doors open at noon. Feb. 20: Cribbage at Rivers Legion, 7 p.m. Feb. 21: Chase the Ace at Rivers Legion clubroom, 5 - 7:15 p.m. Feb. 23: Bingo at the Rivers Legion, doors open at noon. Feb. 25: Diabetes Clinic, Riverdale Health Centre, 8:15 a.m. Feb. 26: RDHA meeting, Kiwanis Courts, 1:30 p.m. Feb. 27: Rivers and District Chamber of Commerce meeting, Lee’s, 12 p.m. Feb. 27: Cribbage at the Rivers Legion, 7 p.m. Feb. 27: Rivers Chamber of Commerce Meeting, Lee’s Feb. 28: Chase the Ace at Rivers Legion clubroom, 5 - 7:15 p.m. Feb. 28: Ladies Auxiliary Nacho plate at Rivers Legion clubroom, 5 - 6:30 p.m. Mar. 3: Ladies Auxiliary Legion meeting, 7 p.m. Mar. 7: H.E.L.P. purse evening at Legion Hall. Mar. 14: Ladies Gift Card Extravaganza at the Legion Hall.

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Everyday encounter

February 14, 2020 Rivers Banner 3

Home Bodies By Rita Friesen Tick Tock....


Name: Farryn Ryckman Birthday: May 29, 1990 Occupation: Grade 1 Teacher, RES First job: Ad bag delivery Hobbies: playing hockey, baseball and golf In Rivers/Rapid City/Oak River since: Teaching in Rivers for 7 Years Where do you live? Brandon, MB Hometown: Brandon, MB Where did you attend school? Vincent Massey High School Dream vacation spot: Bora Bora Favourite food: Chicken Pot Pie Favourite holiday: Christmas Favourite song or artist: Anything Country Favourite sports team: Toronto Blue Jays Favourite animal: Bernese Mountain dog Favourite TV show: The Fosters Favourite actor/actress: Katherine Heigl When you were 12, what did you want to be when you grew up? Teacher or Dental Hygienist

Rivers 50 Plus Club

The 50 Plus Club ended 2019 and started 2020 with a potluck supper and games on New Year’s Eve. Regular games are underway and are well attended. Cribbage, Euchre, Shanghai Rummy, board games, pool, floor, curling, floor shuffle, carpet bowl and shuffle board are a few of the options. Games start at 2 p.m. with the exception of Wednesdays when they start at 1 p.m. New members are welcome. The February meeting has been cancelled and the March meeting rescheduled for Mar. 26. District tournaments have begun. Rivers hosted the Euchre tournament and the Whist tournament was in Hamiota. The carpet bowling tournament in on Feb. 13 in Sandy Lake, Cribbage in Newdale on the 18th, floor curling on the 20th and shuffle board in Rivers on Mar. 11. We are happy to report our improvements are finally completed, with the installation of a new sink, backsplash and counters. We are grateful to the Westoba Credit Union “Inspire Grant,” which enabled us to complete the kitchen. Heritage Canada (New Horizons for Seniors Programs), The Rivers and Area Community Foundation and the Rivers H.E.L.P group played an important part in the project of upgrading the clubroom.

eeling awake and restless, I glanced at the time– 1:17, of the AM. 1:17!! I knew in a moment that this was going to be one of those nights. The routine I had followed before going to bed is one recommended for a good night’s sleep. No electronics in the bedroom, easy TV watching after a light supper, routine procedures for a good night’s sleep. Even the day had gone well, exercise, purpose, a minimum of unhealthy (sugar!) foods and no caffeine after three p.m. There was little more I could have done. And so the thoughts began. My eyes were indeed wide open under the closed lids. I could feel that. The A&W music– change is good– looped through my mind. I changed the track to a rousing “O Beautiful Gaia”, three verses that I know and then created a couple more. Back to the commercial music, sadly. Hoping to make a more permanent change in my thought patterns, I talked to my Shepherd, bringing to mind those I love and care for, near and far away. Trust me, there were many interruptions! Checking the time, a practice I frown on, the digital numbers indicated 2:47. Should not have checked! Practicing a technique that sometimes works, I got up,

FAITHFULLY YOURS Neil Strohschein Breaking bad habits: part 1


t is June 28, 1919 and we are standing in the Palace of Versailles in France. A large table stands in the centre of the room. On one side sit the representatives of the Big Three allied powers– Great Britain, France and the United States. On the other side sit the representatives of the German government. The Germans are not there by choice. They have been summoned to Versailles to sign a treaty that will formally end the hostilities of World War One. It is a treaty that they had no part in negotiating. But they will sign it– because if they don’t, the armies of the Big Three will march across the Rhine within 24 hours and obliterate them. Even as the signatures are applied, leaders on both sides know that this treaty has not settled anything. A French army officer (General Foch), after reviewing the terms of the treaty, was overheard to say: “The only thing this agreement does is extend the 1918 Armistice for 20 years.” Little did he know how accurate his prediction would be. So what caused all the conflict? That’s a long story– too long for this column. Let’s just say that tensions in Europe had been high for over 40 years. Once powerful nations like France, Germany and Austria-Hungary saw their economic and political power weaken as neighbouring nations like Russia and Serbia got stronger. Serbia, especially, wanted to be recognized as an equal among the nations of Europe. They wanted access to ports on the Adriatic Sea, which would allow them to ship goods to Italy and beyond. This was unacceptable to Austria-Hungary. Their lead-

Rivers Community Church 447 Edward Street, Rivers

Sunday worship service/Sunday school, 10:30 a.m. BG Club (age 3-Gr. 6), 204-412-0448 for details. Junior youth (Gr. 5-9), 204-328-7854 for details. Senior youth (Gr. 10-12), 204-328-7016 for details. Phone 204-328-7882 or 204-761-2235

used the washroom, had a drink of water, brushed my teeth, read a couple of pages of a dull book and tried to get back to sleep. Nope. This time I got to wondering if my head felt funny. You know, wrong. The doors were properly locked, should I unlock one? Which one? Who had keys if entry was required? Had I reminded my next of kin where I had stored my ashes urn with a copy of my funeral service and will? If I place these items on the table– that looks bad for anyone finding me… Yikes! This path could lead to serious worries! Breaking my cardinal rule, I went and got my phone and laptop. And played games and scrolled. It is surprising how many people are awake at– 3: 28? Yep. Now it was 3:38. My dogs have given up on me, they have rolled to the side of the bed and no longer ask me what I am doing as I get up, walk around and come back to bed. I am aware that the day before me has commitments and responsibilities. One more glance at the time, now it’s nicely after 4. Lights out, breathe deep, relax all muscles– again– and try to go to sleep. There are few things more difficult for me than trying to go to sleep. I envy– knowing that envy is wrong– those who fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly. Not in my recent memories. The blessing this night is that the dogs did not ask, or need, to go out until 7:49. Checking my sleep recording, I experienced 56 minutes of deep sleep, 30 when I first went to bed, and the others just before waking. I need to stop checking that thing, it’s discouraging. So is looking at a clock. Another night, another possibility of a good night’s sleep. ers took immediate action to form alliances with nations bordering the Adriatic, which cut off Serbian access to the sea and forced them to sell their goods to Austria-Hungary at rock bottom prices. The Serbs were not happy, to say the least, and began plotting their next move. Enter Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, who sent a note to his Austro-Hungarian counterpart, urging him to use all necessary force to end what he called “the Serbian problem. We are Teutons,” he wrote. “They are Slavs. Teutons were meant to govern. Slavs were meant to serve.” The attitude expressed in that letter was the real cause of WWI. The Commander-in-Chief of the Austro-Hungarian armed forces was Archduke Franz Ferdinand. He wanted nothing to do with an invasion. “If we enter Serbia,” he said, “It will cause a war that will involve every nation on earth.” But when the Archduke was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist, Austria-Hungary had the excuse it needed to invade Serbia. The result was a world war which, in 4.5 years, took the lives of over 16 million soldiers and civilians and led to a lopsided Treaty of Versailles that provided a young Adolf Hitler with the motivation he needed to organize the National Socialist (Nazi) Party of Germany, seize power, and orchestrate WWII. Hitler and Kaiser Wilhelm shared a common belief that their race (Teutons or Arians) was superior to all others. Their superiority, they argued, gave them the right to be the dominant powers in eastern Europe and to force neighbouring states to “serve” them. One wonders how different things might have been if the attitudes of these two men had been different. Suppose they had chosen to work together with their neighbours to build an economically strong and politically stable eastern Europe. How much different might today’s world be if that had been their approach? I will explore that question next week.

WORKbullWANTED dozing Working in Hamiota, Oak River and Rivers area


4 Rivers Banner February 14, 2020

Where am I?

Can you guess who, where and when? If you have some or all of these answers please call Micah at 328-7494, pop in to see him or email Donna at sales@riversbanner.com

Volunteer tax help

Volu nt e er s w i l l b e helping to f ile income tax returns again this year. The Communit y Volunteer Income Tax Program is a free program for people with simple tax returns and income at or below a certain level. The following income levels qualify:

• Single people $30,000 • Couples - $40,000 Single parent with a child - $35,000 • (Add $2,500 for each additional child) This program cannot be used if there is income from a business, farming, rental property or capital gains, or if someone is bankrupt or deceased. The CVITP will oper-

ate from March 2, 2010 to April 30, 2020. An information package can be picked up at the Riverdale Municipal Office on or after Feb. 28. There are three simple steps to getting income tax returns prepared. The first is to pick up the package of information at the Riverdale Office. Fill out and sign a form and return it with all of the appropriate tax slips and paper work. Some of the forms people forget include information about rent or property taxes paid, educational expenses and fees for daycare or ch i ld ren’s programs. Some of these can increase the refund amount. A volunteer will then complete your tax return

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RiveRs BanneR

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and pr int out several other forms. They will then phone you for permission to file your return electronically. They will also tell you when to come back to pick up personal material. There is no need to mail anything, but all paperwork must be kept in case Canada Revenue Agency wants to see it. In Rivers the program i s of fered by P r a i r ie Mountain Health. For more information call Warren at (204) 3287251. Additional information can be found on the Canada Revenue Agency web site, https://www. canada.ca/en/services/ taxes/income-tax/personal-income-tax.html

Someone You Need To Know (Part 2)

According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, the definition of the word “Masterpiece” is as follows: “a work done with extraordinary skill - especially: a supreme intellectual or artistic achievement.” Now if I were to ask you to give me an example of a masterpiece, what would you say? Let’s look at three different categories. If you were a lover of art, you might mention Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or Michelangelo’s work in the Sistine Chapel. How about music? (real music please!) Have you heard Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 or Canon In D Major by Johann Pachelbel? Humour me while I make reference to a Canadian masterpiece - Gordon Lightfoot’s 1976 song titled “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”. Finally, what about literature? Read any good books lately? Does anyone know what a book is anymore?!? Most works by Shakespaere would be considered masterpieces by many, along with “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens perhaps? Last week I said I wanted to explain the person of Jesus Christ more fully in a series of letters. In order to do so, I need to first of all to discuss the source of material by which He can be known. My seemingly unrelated jargon about masterpieces should now come into play. Our source of information regarding the life of Jesus Christ is the greatest masterpiece of all time, covering all categories - “The Holy Bible”, “The Book without peer”, “The Word of God”. Some will agree and most will disagree, but my sole desire is for you to read it and decide for yourselves. Let me lay down some groundwork for you. The Bible contains 66 books that were gathered together into two testaments. Testament is just another word for an agreement or covenant. The Old contains 39 books while the new has 27, combined to make one “Book”, which was written over a period of approx. 1,500 years (ca. 1405 B.C. to A.D. 95) by approx. 40 human authors overseen by one Divine Author. The writers of the OT include prophets, priests, kings and others, while the NT writers include the apostles of Christ Himself along with their associates. The Bible claims to be God’s Word because it says so over 2,000 times in the Old Testament and over 40 times in the New Testament. But can such an old book written hundreds of years ago still be relevant today? It most certainly is! Let’s see what God Himself says: “The grass withers and and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.” Isaiah 40:8 “Forever, O Lord, your word is firmly fixed in the heavens.” Psalm 119:89 “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” Matthew 24:35 Listen, God never changes nor does His word. It is as relevant today as it has ever been. Believe me when I say the Bible has been scrutinized, tested and assaulted by many scholarly persons far more intelligent than you or I but still comes out of the trials unscathed. Could there be any doubt? It is the Word of God itself so how could any of us even hope to refute it? Do you not want to know where you came from, where you are going, the meaning of life and what your purpose is? It’s all in there. But it’s even more that. God reveals Himself and redeems us through Jesus Christ, the central figure of the Bible. Jesus says in John 14:6 “ I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Me.” As I mentioned earlier, my only desire is for you to read it for yourself and discover the riches and truths it contains. You need to blow the dust off the one you have and when you place it back on your bookshelf, put it in the nonfiction section. And if you don’t have one, I will be happy to give you one. 20022WW0 I have to admit I struggled 20022WW1 to write this letter because there’s so much to cover and explain in a short piece. If anyone reading this wishes to know more, I would be more than happy to have a Bible study with any group at any time. More next week. John Klassen Rivers, Mb. jgklassen@icloud. com

Your Home... Your Future... Our Commitment!

Further details from Maurice, at Century 21 Westman Realty Ltd, Brandon – (204) 725-0555 or (204) 729-6644. www.century21westman.com E½ & SW ¼ of 27-11-22W Comprising 477 acres of open Pasture/Hayland all in a block, 60 acres sod-seeded with Alfalfa, well fenced, natural water runway + water tank and trough. NE¼ of 34-11-22W, & SE¼ of 3-12-22W 320 acres of mostly Carroll Clay loam Pasture run as one unit, fenced, natural water from creek.

February 13, 1930 Oh, Rivers’ bonspiel’s in full swing, the interest’s at full tide, skilled curlers come night after night, their trusty rocks to slide. The different rinks go forth to tussle, their brooms are strong, the ice just right and ready is their muscle. The rink just rings with sounds of sport, skips shouting at a great rate; they talk of “drawing through the port” of “wicking” and of right “weight”. There’s some who smile, the game to watch and talk of it as hard work, yet though each bone and muscle ache, our curlers must

not shirk. Our skips are trusty men withal, with bold ambitions bright and even if defeated they’ll not lose without a fight. February 15, 1940 Rivers annual school bonspiel cam to a conclusion on Saturday afternoon. The interest of the pupils and parents was well maintained until the end and we hope this event will be kept up. The winners in the two events were as follows: Grand Challenge 1st – Florence Goodeve, Marion Lee, Allan Audet, Dugald MacDon-

Looking Back ald skip. 2nd – Margaret Allen, Bella Subsky, Tom Bartlett, Phillip Charron skip. 3rd – John Dutka, Jack Lepp, Stella Kamula, Frank Waculka skip. 4th – George Waculka, Jean Hays, Anna Blandford, Jack Hanlon skip.

Consolation 1st – Freda Wareham, Vera Ba r t let t, A lber t Treloar, Robert Bradt skip. 2nd – John Wareham, Irene Gabe, Margaret Grummett, Gordon Taylor skip.

February 18, 1960 In an letter from J. N. Mandziuk, MP, this week, the writer states: “the PR FA of f ice has advised that the project of building a huge dam here at Rivers is 90 per cent completed and we can look forward to its completion about June 1 of this year. M r. M a d z iu k c on tinues, “the official opening is planned for some date in the late summer after the resevoir is filled. The Minister of Agriculture hopes that the artificial lake will also receive its official name formally by that time.

February 14, 2020 Rivers Banner 5

On this Day - Feb. 14 269 - Bishop Saint Valentine of Rome was martyred on this day. The Feast of Saint Valentine, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day, was established by Pope Gelasius I in AD 496 to be celebrated in his honour. Since the time of High Middle Ages, this day has been associated with a tradition of courtly love. 1876 - Alexander G. Bell & Elisha Gray apply separately for telephone patents, Supreme Court eventually rules Bell as rightful inventor. 1894 - American actor, comedian Jack Benny was born on this day in Chicago Il. 1896 - Stanley Cup, Victoria Skating Rink, Montreal, Quebec: Winnipeg Victorias beat Montreal Victorias, 2-0 1912 - Arizona was admitted to the Union as the 48th state 1921 - Canadian 5 cent nickel coin is authorized. 1945 - Second day of bombing of Dresden by Allied Air Forces.

Does Canada still care about the CBC? Survey says… COLUMN LIKE I SEE ‘EM

Eoin Devereux


mixed. Some I spoke with trumpeted the network’s efforts to inform, enlighten and entertain Canadians of all ages, races and creeds. They lauded a variety of programming that is governed by the principles of diversity and ref lect the truths of contemporary Canada…Others thought it was a tool of the liberal propaganda machine. Both nuanced and informed arguments in their own special way, I’m sure. This discourse left me no closer to an answer on the value of CBC-TV than when I began. So, I believe there is only one way that we can come to a definitive answer as to how we feel about it…A cheesy, discount game show! We can do it in the style of the 2004 CBC program, The Greatest Canadian. It was there where we, as a nation, assembled together and voted Tommy Douglas as the greatest Canadian in our illustrious history… Don Cherry was seventh. Hopefully this was a nonbinding vote. We can get Gerry Dee to serve as the host. He proved he could do the job by hosting Family Feud Canada and I’m sure he’ll be available, since he’s the only Canadian “celebrity” we seem to have that can’t find real work in America. George Stroumboulopoulos can take the pro side of the argument, citing the virtues and values of

re you familiar with the expression, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”? Well, let’s talk about the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). But first, allow me to be fully transparent here; originally, this editorial had a much different tone to it. In that op-ed, titled “Bruno Gerussi is dead and Wayne and Shuster were never funny”, I basically eviscerated the television wing of the public broadcaster and questioned its actual value in the modern media world. The basis of my argument focused upon the simple truth that fewer and fewer Canadians are watching their programs. According to newswire.ca, the CBC’s dinner-hour news broadcast registered an average national viewership of just 329,000 viewers. CTV National News, meanwhile, had more than triple that number, with 993,000 tuning in. As well, in the latest Numeris ratings report ( Jan. 20 to 26), there was only one CBC show to be found within the top 30 most watched & Guests Bull Sale shows of the week on Canadian English language Saturday, Feb 22nd, 2020 networks. That would 2:00 P.M. @ Ste. Rose Auction Mart be Murdoch Mysteries, which was all the way 64 Bulls Sell 3 Breeds up there in 26th place. Red Angus, Charolais, Red Angus x Simmental– Hybrids These figures are damning. How can you really call yourself Canada’s public broadcaster when Red Angus Canada doesn’t actually Charolais Hybrid –Red X Simmental watch your broadcasts? But in my zest to deciTwo year old, Long Yearling and Yearling Bulls that mate the CBC, I forgot to are well grown out and Not Pushed! They will last! examine the subject with impartiality. Whoopsie!, Denbie Ranch Myhre Land and Cattle Bar J My bad. So, in an effort Denis and Debbie Guillas Hans Myhre Jack Robertson to be legitimately fair 204-447-2473 204-638-5664 204-843-2246 and balanced, I decided Cell: 204-447-7608 Cell: 204-648-6416 Justin Robertson to ask around and get 204-871-3086 Sale Day Online Bidding with DLMS some different perspectives on the value of the View Catalogue @ srauction.ca and Denbie Ranch Facebook CBC. The responses were

Denbie Ranch

the CBC, while Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson can champion the opposing argument. Johnson’s half Canadian, so that covers our Cancon requirements. Plus, who wouldn’t want to hear the Rock call Strombo a “roody-poo candy ass.” We’ll need to find a place for Ryan Reynolds in this whole thing, to help bring in the youth demographic. Cap it all off with a reunion of the original cast from Degrassi Junior High for the Gen-Xers, like myself, and I think we have ourselves a Canadian television spectacle for the ages. Obviously, we will have to broadcast the whole thing on CTV, so that people will actually tune in and watch it. Alright, I admit the last few paragraphs were overly f lippant on the subject, but sarcasm and derision are my default responses to most subjects. But, truth be told, I’m already tired of the conversation around the future of the CBC and we as a nation haven’t even started that conversation. People are legitimately worked up about the public broadcaster and feel as though they’re not being heard on the matter. We have to ask the question: Is CBC television integral to shaping our national identity or is it a $1.2 billion bill that fewer and fewer of us are still willing to subsidize? CBC-TV, trash or treasure?

Roses are red, violets are purple. The only thing more awesome than our

MOM is……uh……. Happy Birthday Donna! Love coming from coast to coast Kirstie and Mike Kassia and Derek

ailers are very unsafe places to take shelter as not anchored to the ground. formed and stay safe. For more information 6 Rivers Banner February 14, 2020 blic Safety Canada http://www.publicsafety. /em/nh/to/index-eng.aspx or Environment ttp://www.ec.gc.ca.

Local hosts two of twelve teams



A lucky group got the oppor tunit y to get autographs from two of the 12 t e am s p l ay in g in the 2020 Scot ties at RCC. Home and Aw ay L o dg e an d the Kroeger Family who hosted Team Jones (lef t) and Team Fleury (right) received signed copies of the team photos during their stay in Rivers.




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we cherish


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ACCOUNTING SERVICE Certied Management Accountants

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Johan’s Construction Ltd. 204-745-7628 cell 204-328-7310 office “Building for all your farm needs!”

Serving Rivers and area since 1906.

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PHONE: 204-328-7494 FAX: 204-328-5212 E-MAIL: info@riversbanner.com

DEADLINE: TUESDAY AT NOON Minimum charge: $5+GST Extra insertions: 1/2 original price

Help Wanted


ValleyView Ag is seeking a seasonal floater operator for the upcoming fertilizer season along with a tender truck driver to start early April. Floater operator will be required to operate newer model 8400 terra gators with a raven viper 4 monitored GPS. Applicant must have experience in this field and able to work long hours in peak season months. Truck driver. Tender truck driver must have class 1 license and able to work long hours. Full time employment is available for the right applicant. Text or call. 204-867-7113. email robboyd109@gmail.com

NOTICE OF PUBLIC AUCTION SALE OF LANDS FOR ARREARS OF TAXES RURAL MUNICIPALITY OF OAKVIEW Pursuant to subsection 367(7) of The Municipal Act, notice is hereby given that unless the tax arrears for the designated year and costs in respect of the hereinafter described properties are paid in full to the Municipality prior to the commencement of the auction, the Municipality will on the 4th day of March, 2020, at the hour of 10:00 AM, at Rural Municipality of Oakview, 10 Cochrane Street, Oak River, Manitoba, proceed to sell by public auction the following described properties:

Agriculture HBH Angus Farms Cattleman's Connection Bull & Female Sale March 6, 1:00pm at Heartland Livestock, Brandon, MB. Offering powerful Black Angus bulls sired by exclusive breed leading sires, and a group of elite females. For more information or a catalogue contact Neil Carson 204-773-6927, Darcy Heapy 204-365-7755 or T Bar C Cattle Co. 306-220-5006. View the catalogue online at www.BuyAgro.com. Watch and bid online at www.DLMS.ca

Roll Number

Riverdale Municipality would like to invite tenders to crush approximately 15,000 yards of gravel for 2020.

Riverdale Municipality Box 520 Rivers, MB R0K lX0 Fax: 204 328-5374 Attn. Craige Madden Municipal Works Manager Email, dalyshop l@gmail.com

TENDER NOTICE 2020 Road Gravelling

Riverdale Municipality invites tenders for the gravelling of municipal roads for 2020. Approximately 15,000 cubic yards of crushed gravel to be hauled from two stockpiles within the municipality. Contract must be complete by June 30, 2020. If contact is not complete to the Municipalities satisfaction prior to June 30, 2020 a penalty of$500.00 per day may be imposed and could commence July 1, 2020. Tenders must be submitted on forms provided. Please visit our website www.riversdaly.ca for a printable copy or call the Riverdale Municipal office at 3285300 or fax 328-5374 to receive tender forms. Tenders must be submitted no later than 4:00 p.m. Tuesday, March 311h, 2020. Only contractors registered with the Manitoba Workers Compensation Board and COR certified will be considered. Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Riverdale Municipality Box 520 Rivers, MB R0K lX0 Fax: 204 328-5374 Attn. Craige Madden Municipal Works Manager Email, dalyshop l@gmail.com


Advertising deadline:

12 noon Tuesday

Be On Time!

Assessed Value

Amount of Arrears& Costs for Which Property May be Offered for Sale





















Aspen Pit - 10,000 yards. Located East of Rivers MB at SE 29-12-20. Mawer Pit - 5,000 yards. Located West of Rivers MB at 4-11-22 at the half mile





Awarded tender will be responsible for an aerial drone measurment to verify specified ammounts requested. Tenders must be submitted no later than 4 p.m. Friday, March 27 2020. Tenders can be hand delivered to the Municipal office Located at 670 2nd Ave . Rivers MB, mailed to box 520 Rivers MB, R0K1X0, or emailed to dalyshop1@gmail.com. Contractors must be registered with the Manitoba Workers Compensation Board, together with proof of COR certification. Lowest or any tender not necesarrily accepted.

Classifieds MUST be PREPAID Visa/Mastercard accepted

The tax sale is subject to the following terms and conditions with respect to each property: • The purchaser of the property will be responsible for any property taxes not yet due. • The Municipality may exercise its right to set a reserve bid in the amount of the arrears and costs. • If the purchaser intends to bid by proxy, a letter of authorization form must be presented prior to the start of the auction. • The Municipality makes no representations or warranties whatsoever concerning the properties being sold. • The successful purchaser must, at the time of the sale, make payment in cash, certified cheque or bank draft to the Rural Municipality of Oakview as follows: i) The full purchase price if it is $10,000 or less; OR ii) If the purchase price is greater than $10,000, the purchaser must provide a non-refundable deposit in the amount of $10,000 and the balance of the purchase price must be paid within 20 days of the sale; AND iii) A fee in the amount $309.75 ($295 plus GST) for preparation of the transfer of title documents. The purchaser will be responsible for registering the transfer of title documents in the land titles office, including the registration costs. • The risk for the property lies with the purchaser immediately following the auction. • The purchaser is responsible for obtaining vacant possession. • If the property is non-residential property, the purchaser must pay GST to the Municipality or, if a GST registrant, provide a GST Managed by: Marci Quane Chief Administrative Officer Rural Municipality of Oakview Phone: (204) 566-2146 Fax: (204) 566-2126

Advertising deadline:

12 noon Tuesday

RiveRs BanneR

529-2nd Avenue, Rivers, MB 204-328-7494 info@riversbanner.com

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8 Rivers Banner February 14, 2020

In Memory Loving Memory of a wonderful man who passed away January 26th, 1985 Robert (Bob) McCleod Twigge

Gods golden gate stood open thirty-five years ago today, With goodbyes left unspoken you suddenly passed away. You couldn’t say goodbye to us perhaps it’s just as well, For we never could have said goodbye to one we loved so well. Daddy - you are still deeply loved and will never be forgotten, forever yours, Maybelle, your loving grandchildren, Shelley, Leslie & Butch, Mark & Kathy and their loving families ~ Love you ~


Invitation to Attend Public Presentation Rolling River School Division 2020-2021 Proposed Budget 6:00 p.m. Wednesday, March 4, 2020 Division Administration Office 36 Armitage Avenue Minnedosa, MB


Sealed, written tenders for the property situate in the RM of Elton and described below will be received by: MEIGHEN, HADDAD LLP 110-11th Street Brandon, Manitoba R7A 4J4 Attention: Patrick D. Sullivan PARCEL ONE: NW ¼ 24-12-19 PARCEL TWO: Pt. NW ¼ 14-12-19 PARCEL THREE: NE ¼ 14-12-19 PARCEL FOUR: Pt. NE ¼ 11-12-19 CONDITIONS OF TENDER 1. Interested parties must rely on their own inspection and knowledge of the property and not on any representations made by or on behalf of the Vendor. 2. Tenders must be received on or before 4:00 p.m., on February 21, 2020. 3. Tenders must be accompanied by a $1,000.00 deposit cheque payable to Meighen, Haddad LLP. Deposits accompanying unacceptable bids will be refunded. 4. Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. 5. Parcels may be sold individually or as a package. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE 1. The closing of any purchase and sale resulting from an accepted tender will take place on the 1st day of April, 2020, which will be the closing date. 2. The bidder whose tender is accepted will be required to complete an agreement covering terms and conditions of sale. 3. In addition to the deposit, the balance of the accepted tender must be paid within 30 days from the date of notification of tender acceptance or evidence provided that the purchase funds will be available under conditions acceptable to the Vendor. If the balance of the accepted tender is not paid within the set time limit the deposit paid may be forfeited as liquidated damages and not as a penalty. 4. Possession will be provided to the Purchaser as of the closing date. 5. The successful bidder will be responsible for real property taxes commencing January 1, 2020. For further information contact Meighen Haddad LLP at 204-727-8461


Help Wanted


Sealed, written tenders for the property situate in the RM of Minto-Odanah and described below will be received by: MEIGHEN, HADDAD LLP 110-11th Street Brandon, Manitoba R7A 4J4 Attention: Patrick D. Sullivan PARCEL ONE: Pt. NW 1/4 6-13-18 PARCEL TWO: Pt. SE 1/4 6-13-18 PARCEL THREE: SW 1/4 6-13-18 CONDITIONS OF TENDER 1. Interested parties must rely on their own inspection and knowledge of the property and not on any representations made by or on behalf of the Vendor. 2. Tenders must be received on or before 4:00 p.m., on February 21, 2020. 3. Tenders must be accompanied by a $1,000.00 deposit cheque payable to Meighen, Haddad LLP. Deposits accompanying unacceptable bids will be refunded. 4. Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. 5. Parcels may be sold individually or as a package. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE 1. The closing of any purchase and sale resulting from an accepted tender will take place on the 1st day of April, 2020, which will be the closing date. 2. The bidder whose tender is accepted will be required to complete an agreement covering terms and conditions of sale. 3. In addition to the deposit, the balance of the accepted tender must be paid within 30 days from the date of notification of tender acceptance or evidence provided that the purchase funds will be available under conditions acceptable to the Vendor. If the balance of the accepted tender is not paid within the set time limit the deposit paid may be forfeited as liquidated damages and not as a penalty. 4. Possession will be provided to the Purchaser as of the closing date. 5. The successful bidder will be responsible for real property taxes commencing January 1, 2020. For further information contact Meighen Haddad LLP at 204-727-8461

Manitoba Community Newpaper Association Province Wide Classifieds NOTICES Advertisements and statements contained herein are the sole responsibility of the persons or entities that post the advertisement, and the Manitoba Community Newspaper Association and membership do not make any warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, truthfulness or reliability of such advertisements. For greater information on advertising conditions, please consult the Association’s Blanket Advertising Conditions on our website at www. mcna.com. Do you have a PRESS RELEASE / MEDIA ADVISORY that needs to go out? Let us help you with that! Though we cannot guarantee publication, MCNA will get the information into the right hands for ONLY $35.00 + GST/HST. Call MCNA (204) 947-1691 for more information, or email classified@mcna.com for details. www.mcna.com FOR SALE BATTERIES FOR EVERYTHING. Automotive, farm, construction, ATV, marine, motorcycle, golf carts, phones, tools, radios, computers etc. Reconditioned, obsolete and hard-to-find batteries.

For Sale Trailers, Truckbeds & Tires

• Full Repair and Safeties • Vehicle Parts, Tires & Wheels • Vehicle & Trailer Parts & Batteries • Sales, Financing & Leasing • Best Products - Best Prices!

FOODS Meat Cutters/Production Personnel Our people, perseverance, integrity, and exceptional partnerships have led HyLife to becoming Canada’s leading pork producer and global exporter of high quality pork products. The growing demand for our pork in Japan and China means we need exceptional people to help deliver our company vision. We have expanded our Neepawa facility to increase our overall production by 15% and in turn created new jobs throughout the company. As a Meat Cutter/Production Personnel you will be a critical member of our team in the creation of our world class product. Our positions range from working on our slaughter production floor to shipping the final packaged product, with everything in between! With our wide variety of jobs, excellent people, and our drive for innovation you will certainly find a job that suits you! Responsibilities and duties include but are not limited to: • Slaughter and eviscerate hogs for further processing • Harvest and package edible offal • Process pork carcasses into primal cuts • Butcher and package pork primal cuts into value added specifications for local, national and international premium markets • Carry out other tasks related to processing of meat for shipping to customers or storage • Sanitation People who will succeed as members of our team will: • Enjoy working in a fast paced, stable long term work environment • Appreciate working in a culturally diverse workplace. We employ people from all over the world! • Treat people with dignity and respect • Open to working in colder/warmer environments • Physically Fit • Experience as an industrial butcher or trimmer is an asset

Current starting wage is $14.50/hour plus $1.00 per hour perfect attendance incentive! Wage scale extends to $21.55/hour We believe that our success is founded on the strength of our team. As such, we place a great deal of emphasis on attracting, developing and retaining good people, and consider every one of our employees to be a highly-valued member of the HyLife family. To that end, we are committed to providing a working environment that not only fosters personal growth, but also recognizes our employees’ contributions towards the common goal of our company’s success because of this HyLife has been recognized as a Platinum Member of Canada’s Best-Managed Companies. If you have the qualifications and the passion to meet this challenge then we would like to explore your potential. Please apply online at http://hylife.com/current-opportunities/ or email to jobs@hylife.com or mail to PO Box 10,000, 623 Main St E, Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0.

SOLAR equipment. The Battery Man. Winnipeg. 1.877.775.8271 www.batteryman.ca GET SEEN! The Blanket Classifieds reach over 400,000 Manitoba readers weekly. Let us work for you. Get results! For as little as $189.00 + GST, you could book now! Start 2020 off on the right foot! People rely on these classifieds to find what they need in your area and across the province. Catch them looking at YOUR material in our 48 Weekly Community Newspapers. Call this newspaper NOW or email classified@mcna.com for details. MCNA (204) 9471691. www.mcna.com HEALTH Have you been denied Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits? The Disability Claims Advocacy Clinic can help. Call 1-877-793-3222 visit our website www.dcac.ca or email dcac@sasktel.net

H.E.L.P (Helping Each Local Project) will be hosting our second Purse Mystery Ladies Night, Saturday, Mar. 7, beginning at 6 p.m. upstairs in the Legion. An evening full of fun, laughter, friends and of course, purses! What is the purse mystery you ask? Well the purse mystery is: We will have gently used and brand new purses up for silent bid. The mystery is what is inside of the purse. You don’t know unless you win the bid. It could be a fantastic item(s) or it could be something goofy. You just don’t know. Tickets are only $10 The evening will consist of fun, raffle table, silent bids on purses, cold plate and dessert, cash bar, games, door prize and more prizes. All proceeds will be donated to the Rivers Firefighters Association, to help get the rest of the bells and whistles for their rescue UVT unit. Please get your tickets ladies. You can get your ticket from the following: Heather Gray, Richard Brown, Alvin Lepp, Jeremy Grudeski, Byron McMurachy, Erin Lok, Cory Sedgwick, Sean Hammond, Jeff Worth, Steve Hamm, Darren Frederick, David Creighton. Super Thrifty and Prairie Crocus Library. Announcement

Power Builder Advertising

Hwy #1, MacGregor, MB


By Heather Gray Rivers H.E.L.P

We thank all applicants, however, only those under consideration will be contacted



H.E.L.P Purse Mystery Ladies Night



HIP/KNEE Replacement?

McSherry Auctions

Other medical conditions causing TROUBLE WALKING or DRESSING?

Estate & Moving

12 Patterson Dr. , Stonewall, MB

The Disability Tax Credit allows for $2,500 yearly tax credit and $20,000 Lump sum refund.

Sat March 28th @ 9:30 AM

Vintage Service Station & Coca Cola Sign Sale

Apply NOW; quickest refund Nationwide!


Yard * Recreation * Tools * Misc Antiques * Furniture * Household *

Spring Gun Auction

Take advantage of this offer.

Expert Help:

Feb15th @ 10 AM & Feb 22nd @ 10 AM

Sat April 4th @ 10 AM

Consignments Welcome! Call For Free Consultations on 2020 Farm Sales!

(204) 467-1858 or (204) 886-7027 www.mcsherryauction.com You got the bait? We have the hook! • Ads • Posters • Flyers Full colour Quick Print Service

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RiveRs BanneR

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