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Friday, September 24, 2021 • Vol.114 No. 5 • Rivers, Manitoba

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March 30, 2018

Volume 110, Issue 37

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Dan Mazier re-elected in Dauphin-Swan River-Neepawa riding

Back row L/R: Meghan Knelsen, Erich Schmidt, Thom Heijmans, Heather Gray, Liliane Dupuis. Front row L/R: Minami Kijima, Haile Hubbard, Chassidy Payette, Morgan Ramsay, Bryce Summers, Quinn Hrabok. GRAPHIC COURTESY OF ELECTIONS CANADA 2021 FEDERAL ELECTION NATIONA RESULTS

158 seats +3 net gain 32.24% popular vote 119 seats -2 net loss 34.00% popular vote

Can collections for canoes

Photo by Sheila Runions

34 seats +2 net gain 7.75% popular vote

By Sheila Runions Banner Staff Dan



Mazier has won his re-election bid for M.P. in the Dauphin-Swan River-Neepawa federal riding.

s r e p or t e d i n t he tion to the schools. 25 seats +1 net gain Pupils co-ordinated the entire March 9 edition, the By Eoin Devereux 17.70% popular vote Grade 12 Interdisci- month-long promotion, which

Riversclass Banner culminated in a ceremonious plinary Studies in Science at Rivers Collegiate planned a presentation on March 20 to 2 seats 0 project net gain Riverdale Harvest president for Riverdale Harvest. Dan Mazier will once again repreHeather Gray andRiver-NeeLiliane. Dubbed the Boat Load of Food, sent the Dauphin-Swan 2.32% popular vote had melted students secured a canoe from pawa electoralBecause ridingthe insnow Ottawa. The Rolling River School Division so much, the canoe could not Conservative Party candidate and to with an intent to f ill it with be portaged across the streetin0 seats 0 net gain cumbent of Parliament (MP) Zion Church (home of Rivernon-perishables. Although theMember dale Harvest). Rather,Sept. the teens campaign was fullyclaimed organizedvictory on Monday, 20 5.09% popular vote boxes and garbage by that class, the original idea carried with 22,221 votes.bags, That amounts to came from a suggestion made a solid 59 per cent of the total ballots by harvest volunteer Liliane Dupuis. “I heard the idea at a meeting in Brandon. St. Augustine School had tried Fill a Canoe in conjunction with the 10-day Festival du Voyaguer in Winnipeg in February. It was very successful and whenever I hear food bank, my ears always perk up!” She then brought the sugThe canoe at Rivers gestion to Riverdale Harvest, Elementary School was which supported the idea and adequately filled. asked her to present the promo-

cans from the school foyer into and Chimo Beach areas for con- put away in the proper place on the church basement the after- tributions from the community. the shelving units. They were cast within the constituency. As for the national numbers, as of the noon of March 21, where the When all was said and done, fantastic! We are very, very Arthur Holroyd, the NDP candiBanner & Press publication deadline, food was weighed and sorted. the scales at Riverdale Harvest pleased.” date, finished in second with 5,524 Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party Elementary school staff memAlthough the project was a sen- noted a total of 434 pounds, “a volunteer Yvonne ior students brainstorm, the Carlson en- fabulous Heather. votes, while Kevin of amount,” the ofsays Canada will ber/Harvest form a minority governinitiated camtire high school was was encouraged “We are so pleased they decided Liberal Party third with 4,649 ment with 158Crouch ridings, a gaina similar of three to participate. The collegiate to help those we serve. A lot paign in her school. That threetotal votes. Other candidates in the seat compared to their status just before hosted a poor boy floor hockey of times kids don’t get enough week effort simply encouraged riding included McKenna the ofelection The toConservatives, but this group students call. students leave product in tournament in whichDonnan to play, credit of the People’s Party (3,965 votes), the meanwhile, will make the official 87 pounds of food athletes had to pay with food for certainly deserves some praise. the canoe;up was collected from seats the younger the canoe. Some students All students behind to having Green Party’s Shirleyalso Lambrecht (816 stayed opposition, won 119 in canvassed Rivers, River help check expiryparliament. dates, sort and group on Thursday, March 22. votes) and Lori Oak Falloon-Austin of the

Maverick Party (380 votes).

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Photo by Heather Gray

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An abundance of errors

A2 Rivers Banner September 24, 2021


t was billed as an election nobody wanted. It became the election nobody liked. Well almost. Maybe the Peoples’ Party of Canada were a little bit happy, as their vote percentage went up. They even came in at second place in the neighbouring LisgarMarquette constituency. In Dauphin-Swan River-Neepawa, PPC came in fourth, but accumulated 3,965 votes. PPC also came in at fourth spot in Brandon-Souris. Overall, PPC came in at just over five per cent of the national vote. In only two years, they have doubled up the Green Party vote, which has been around for decades. There are many reasons for the PPC vote gains, but they need to be analyzed. The party is led by Maxime Bernier. He was a Conservative Party of Canada MP, a cabinet minister in the Harper government. He won his seat as a conservative in 2015 and when Harper resigned, after losing in that same election, a leadership contest was held. Bernier came in a very close second to Andrew Scheer, very close, as in less than two per cent difference in the votes. The main reason that Bernier lost was that the Quebec Dairy Farmers bought CPC memberships so as to vote against Bernier. Bernier has long campaigned against milk marketing boards and dairy quotas and of course the dairy farmers didn’t want to see that disruption to the dairy industry and possibly for very good reasons. That’s a topic for another day. It appears that Bernier and Scheer couldn’t come to an agreement on policies after the leadership race, so the intrigue began.


Bernier sat first as an independent and then formed his own party, the Peoples’ Party of Canada. I say his own party because it is very much his own party; he appointed himself as leader and has basically carried the party on his back, his personality and his tenacity ever since. As far as I know, they haven’t held a convention or a leadership vote. In the 2019 election, he lost his seat. He lost again Monday night. He can’t even get elected in his own riding. He is not doing well, in spite of winning 5 per cent of the national vote. PPC elected no MPs, not one. What they did gather together was a variety of voters, some Bernier fans, some people who would vote for his policies and a lot of people upset with other parties’ policies and COVID-19 rules and regulations. For those who wanted the Liberals out of office, and that was the vast majority of Canadians, the PPC blew their chances. Without the benefit Tuesday morning of having final counts, it looks like PPC votes kept Erin O’Toole’s Conservative Party of Canada from winning about 25 seats. If people and parties want to defeat either the Liberals or the Conservatives, then they should line up with one or the other. It seems people don’t understand math. On the Manitoba election scene, nothing much changed. It looks like, as of Tuesday morning, that one Winnipeg seat may switch back from Conservatives to Liberals, depending on the mail in ballot counting. So within Manitoba and across Canada, the federal government spent $650 million and we accomplished very little. Add up


Ken Waddell how much the parties spent and the bill will be a lot higher. By the way, newspapers love elections– lots of news and some ads! Now Manitoba can turn its attention to the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba leadership race. The race now involves two women, MLA Heather Stefanson and former MP and federal cabinet minister Shelley Glover. The party has made several mistakes in the race so far. Members need to insist on some changes and vote accordingly. Once Premier Brian Pallister stepped down, the party should have taken a deep breath and gathered some wisdom and input. First, there was no rush to replace Pallister. Just about everyone knew that the current premier, Kelvin Goertzen, would step up as a very acceptable caretaker premier. He has done just that. Instead, the party rushed into a leadership race in the middle of a very rushed federal election. Bad move. Then the party dreamed up some new criteria for leadership candidates. The biggest change was to sell or renew 1,000 new memberships and in a short time frame.

Another bad move. Several candidates decided they couldn’t meet all the criteria. One prospective candidate didn’t make the cut on memberships. Then another candidate, former party CFO (Treasurer) Ken Lee, outsmarted the party and sold a whole lot more than 1,000 memberships. The party isn’t announcing how many he or any other candidate sold. Another bad move. The day after Lee made the deadline and the membership criteria, the party disqualified him on undisclosed reasons. That was a really, really bad move. Parties wonder why people don’t trust party backroom tactics. Not announcing why Lee was disqualified is a perfect example of why the distrust. The PC membership need to vote for change and renewal. If they don’t, there are thousands of members and voters willing to re-evaluate if PC Manitoba is the best way to go forward. Disclaimer: The views expressed in this column are the writer’s personal views and are not to be taken as being the view of the Banner staff.

One thought per day

y journal has changed a lot over the years. I began by writing down things for which I was grateful. Then I would take time to summarize what happened during the day and finish with observations and thoughts about life, family, community, religion, faith, future plans and whatever else came to my mind. But after a few months of predictable entries, I decided to limit my entries to one thought per day. Some days, I will record a special event that I was part of. Some entries will contain my views on a social, political or religious issue in society. Some will list cares and concerns that I have about the part of the world in which I live. Most entries are simple records of positive things I have witnessed during each day. And the more I look for them, the more of them I see. I often find it very difficult to limit my entries to just one observation or one thought per day. Of all the disciplines I’ve adopted in the last few years, this one has had the greatest impact on my life. It has forced me to change how I view the events that happen around me each day and how I react to the people who make them happen. For example, as I write these words, several homeowners in my part of town are making major changes to the yards around their houses. Large trees are being pruned or, in a few cases, removed because of disease or the danger they pose to nearby buildings. Garden plots and flower beds

RiveRs BanneR Est. 1908


are being dug up, fertilized and will be ready for planting next spring. Watching these labours of love take form has been very inspiring to me. eil trohschein As I watch these people at work, I am reminded of the many hours I spent doing the same thing after Kathryn and I moved into our home. I spent our first summer removing overgrown, diseased, dying or dead trees, digging new flower retail stores and fast food outlets. The hardest part of their beds, finding a place for a vegetable garden and installing jobs is dealing with fluctuating numbers of customers. a fenced-in area for our dogs. Over time, we added a few Their checkout lines can have one or two people in them additional amenities– a new garage being the biggest one. and, three minutes later, the clerk can look up and see None of these projects were easy to complete. They took 10 or more shoppers waiting to have their orders rung a lot of time. They cost a fair bit of money and they forced through. Yet they very calmly pick up the phone, call me to learn new skills by taking on challenges that I had for help and then go back to serving those in their line. These scenes remind me of a motto I saw posted at never attempted before. So today, when I see all the work some of my neighbours are putting into improving their the entrance of a local restaurant. It read: “Everyone yards, I deeply appreciate what I see them doing; because is short staffed. Please be kind to those who showed up I know how labour-intensive these projects can become. for work.” That thought made it into my journal today. I have also learned to appreciate the services I receive Now I hope and pray that its effects can consistently be in this community– especially from those who work in seen in my life.


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September 24, 2021 Rivers Banner A3

Home Bodies By Rita Friesen Never too old to learn…


t’s no secret that I enjoy puttering, in the home and in the yard, getting creative, mastering minor repairs and restoration. I have stripped and stained countless pieces of furniture, painted and papered many walls and surfaces, dug and planted, and generally amused myself with hard work. I have never been comfortable with anything to do with electricity. My theory is that I can’t fight an enemy I can’t see! My level of concern with anything electrical is rather epic. Deep breath even for changing a light bulb!( Perhaps that is why I am so intrigued with solar lights!) But now– hold the candle while I switch out a light fixture! The key, I was told and believe, is to kick the breaker for the outlet before commencing any work. Simple, and simply true. There was a set of bulbs in the bathroom, large orangey globes suspended from the ceiling, cords plugged into a light socket. The visual appeal was lacking, as was the quality of the lighting. And so, it was time for a change. I had a vision of what I wanted, downward facing openings, bright white lights, brushed nickel finish. Found the prefect unit. And a capable and able teacher. Gordon guided me through all the steps to dismantle the old

fixtures and install the new one. It was no mean feat to identify the breaker for the bathroom. It was not labelled. The television checked out of service, the microwave beeped and the printer growled back on before the bathroom lights went out. It took believing that there was no power at the outlet– much like it took believing that a life jacket would prevent me from sinking– truth accepted by reality! Taking down the lights reinforced the fact that the ceiling would need to be painted. Those hooks holding up the chains of the globes were anchored deep into the gyproc. I thought of getting the side grinder– almost as dear to my heart as a chain saw!– and recognized that the damage to the plaster would be worse than the holes. Googling the problem, I found the solution was to use vice grips and twist the stems out. It worked. Logic decreed that it would be better to paper the wall surface before installing the new fixture. By now, I had activated the breaker to have some light from the hall and the far light to illuminate my work area. Ok. But the contact of the wet wallpaper on to wires quickly reminded me to hasten and kick that breaker again! A f loor lamp in the hallway, directed to the site, proved safer and effective. Long story short, following Gordon’s instruction, and under his watchful eye, I am enthralled and excited about the lighting in the bathroom. Was as giddy as kid learning to colour in the lines or master skateboarding! From the light fixture, it was a natural progression. Fill the holes in the ceiling and wall, sand smooth, undercoat and paint. One little sentence that took three days to accomplish! Oh, the potential I see as I look around, with one more new skill in my hands!

From last week's front page BY JANICE HEAPY, OAK RIVER










Tundra By Chad Carpenter









By Addy Oberlin Rivers Banner


all has indeed arrived. When I look out of my window, I see that the leaves on the trees are changing colour. The weather station is predicting some low frost here and there. A friend brought me one of her last bouquets with bright red gladiolas. Daylight is getting shorter. On the prairies, I admire the beautiful sunsets. And the blessing and thankfulness when the harvest equipment is put away for another year. It all just happens without us having anything to do with it. God created the seasons and He controls the weather, has done so from creation and will do so forever. Psalm 104:5 tells us, “He set the earth on its foundation; it can never be moved.” And verse 19, “ He made the moon to mark the seasons, and the sun knows when to go down.” “May the glory of the Lord endure forever” (verse 31). Trust the Lord and stay safe during this fearful time of the pandemic and pray for one another. RIVERS UNITED CHURCH FALL THRIFT SALE 2021 We look forward to seeing you again. This is a huge sale so check us out. Mask are mandatory, hand sanitizer throughout the space and a limited number of people at one time. If possible bring your own bags. Thursday, Sept. 30th Friday, Oct. 1st Saturday, Oct. 2nd Monday, Oct. 4th to Wednesday, Oct. 6th Thursday, Oct. 7th

1p.m. - 8p.m. 1p.m. - 7p.m. 10a.m. - 4p.m. 10a.m. - 4p.m. 10a.m. - 7p.m.

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A4 Rivers Banner September 24, 2021

Riverdale fire update

September 19 at 12:14 p.m., Rivers Daly Fire Department responded to a grass fire in Riverdale Municipality. The cause of the fire is unknown. The farmer prevented the fire from spreading into the bush prior to othe departments arrival and Provincial 911 Local 803 provided directions, and communication. September 5 at 16:18hrs, Rivers Fire

had a mutual aid call with Rapid City Fire, for manpower to attend a combine fire. Rivers fire was stood down prior to arrival. September 9 at 8:45 a.m., Rivers Fire along with Rivers Police Service, were called to a truck fire in the Riverdale Municipality. The f ire was deemed suspicious in nature. September 12 at 8:58 a.m., Rivers

Fire was called to a train engine on fire, east of Rivers in the Riverdale Municipality. Upon arrival, it was

determined to be a set of brakes on the middle engine was causing sparks, and there was no active fire.

21094gt0 21094cs0

September 24, 2021 Rivers Banner A5

Fire in Brandon Displaces many PHOTO BY RITCHIE HARDINGE

A large condo building fire in Brandon erupted on Tuesaday night. The blaze, originating from an upper floor balcony, has made the bulding a total loss. No injuries were reported at the time of writing this. Concerns from the area brought it to the Banners attention. The fight grew in complication when it was noticed a gas line had burst, MB Hydro was on the scene to address that issue. Those displaced were provided temporary shelter by brandon transit and those who required it were taken to the Victoria Inn


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2021-2022 Curling league fees: Adults $205 per league $100 for each additional league Associate member $40 Junior up to 14 years of age $40 Junior 15-21 $60 Family Rate $425 (includes one league for each parent and unlimited number of junior curlers, plus possibly a Friday night open ice night).

Tenders for Snow Clearing & Removal Are being accepted for: Rivers Health Centre Interested parties contact : Richard Brown, Maintenance at 204-328-6206 to review specific tender requirements. Prairie Mountain Health is not obligated to accept the lowest or any tender. CLOSING DATE 1200 hours October 18TH, 2021

Rivers Curling Club Annual General Meeting will be held October 20th at 7:30 pm in the Behlen Lounge.


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A6 Rivers Banner September 24, 2021




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RM of Riverdale, South west of Rivers. E ½ of 28-11-22 Sown down for pasture possible 200 acres could be broke. W ½ of 14-12-22 300 acres broke. Mail tenders to: Box 895 Rivers Mb. R0K lX0 By Oct. 1 2021

Help Wanted Rolling River School Division Rolling River School Division is in southwestern Manitoba, Canada near Riding Mountain National Park and Brandon.

Educational Assistant required Forrest Elementary School - 5.7 hrs/ day For more details and application information, please visit our website at www.rrsd. select Employment then Support Positions. Thank you to all applicants for their interest in Rolling River School Division. Only those candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.

Rolling River School Division Rolling River School Division, located in southwestern Manitoba, Canada near Riding Mountain National Park and Brandon.

Building Student Success with Indigenous Parents (BSSIP) Liaison Term: Oct 12/21 to Feb 28/22 6.5 hours/per day Erickson Elementary & Erickson Collegiate in Erickson, MB For more details and how to apply, please visit our website at select Employment then Support Positions. Only those candidates selected for interviews will be contacted. We would like to thank all applicants for their interest in Rolling River School Division. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY

Public Notice is hereby given that the 2022 Assessment Roll for the Rural Municipality of Oakview will be received on or before October 12th, 2021 in the Oakview municipal office at 10 Cochrane Street, Oak River, MB and will be open for public inspection during regular business hours. Applications for Revision may be made in accordance with Sections 42 & 43 of the Assessment Act. APPLICATION FOR REVISION 42(1) A person in whose name property has been assessed, a mortgagee in possession of property under subsection 114(1) of The Real Property Act, an occupier of premises who is required under the terms of a lease to pay the taxes on the property, or the assessor may make application for the revision of an assessment roll with respect to: (a) the liability to taxation; (b) the amount of the assessed value; (c) the classification of the property; or (d) a refusal by an assessor to amend the assessment roll under subsection 13(2). APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS 43(1) An application for revision must (a) be made in writing (b) set out the roll number and legal description of the assessable property for which a revision is sought; (c) state the grounds on which the application is based; and (d)be filed by (i)delivering it or causing it to be delivered to the office indicated in the public notice given under subsection 41 (2), or (ii)serving it upon the secretary, at least 15 days before the scheduled sitting date of the board as indicated in the public notice. The Board of Revision will sit on Monday, October 25th, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. in the council chambers of the Rural Municipality of Oakview in Oak River to hear applications. The final date on which applications must be received by the Secretary of the Board is Tuesday, October 12th, 2021 at 4:30 p.m.. Dated at the Village of Oak River, in the Province of Manitoba, this 15th day of September, 2021. Marci Quane, C.M.M.A. Board of Revision Secretary Rural Municipality of Oakview Box 179 OAK RIVER, MB R0K 1T0 Email:

who is responsible for onsite facility operations, ensuring the organization runs smoothly. Camp Arnes is a faith-based organization. The qualied candidate agrees to and supports our Mission Statement and Statement of Faith. Email resume to Neoma Green at

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Current starting wage is $15.15/hour plus $1.00 per hour perfect attendance incentive! Wage scale extends to $22.10 per hour We believe that our success is founded on the strength of our team. As such, we place a great deal of emphasis on attracting, developing and retaining good people, and consider every one of our employees to be a highly-valued member of the HyLife family. To that end, we are committed to providing a working environment that not only fosters personal growth, but also recognizes our employees’ contributions towards the common goal of our company’s success because of this HyLife has been recognized as a Platinum Member of Canada’s Best-Managed Companies. If you have the qualifications and the passion to meet this challenge then we would like to explore your potential. Please apply online at or email to or mail to PO Box 10,000, 623 Main St E, Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0. We thank all applicants, however, only those under consideration will be contacted

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Or Fax: 204-634-2208 **Only those selected for an interview will be contacted

r a tornado?

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Mazier ready to go back to work in Ottawa

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Dan Mazier speaks to an assembled group of supporters on Monday, Sept. 20 at the Minnedosa Legion.

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was all about supporting rural Canadians. Reversing the course of neglect that Justin Trudeau has shown us. Tonight’s local victory is a victory for fa r mer s, ra ncher s and outdoorsmen It’s a victory of local families and businesses w it hin our constituency. Thank you for putting your trust in me once again as your member of parliament. I promise to continue to represent you the best way that I can. The real work is just beginning,” stated Mazier.

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Protecting your cedars from browning

Patricia Hanbidge Orchid Horticulture As we are enjoying a nice autumn, it is a good idea to think ahead about what chores will need to be done prior to the big freeze up. As our trees and shrubs are an important aspect of the landscape it is a good idea to think about how to ensure they not only go into winter in good shape but also remain green and lush right into the growing season next year. This article is mostly focused on evergreens but can also be applied to sunscald on the trunks of deciduous trees. Evergreens in the landscape provide shelter for our feathered friends and also help to control snow and wind. They are aesthetically important as their evergreen foliage is so appreciated while the rest of the landscape exhibits so many shades of grey. Of the many evergreens we can grow, cedars seem to be the evergreen that is most susceptible to winter damage. Read on to help ensure your evergreen cedar does not turn into shades of brown. The most common cedar of our landscapes is the eastern

white cedar (Thuja occidentalis). It is found naturally throughout North Eastern North America. Traditionally, the eastern white cedar was used by aboriginals to prevent scurvy as it contains Vitamin C. This practice was passed onto French settlers which gave rise to the name arborvitae or “tree of life”. The wood is valuable as it is resistant to rot and insects. Traditionally it was used for the framework of canoes but today it has many uses including posts, poles, shingles and even shelter for alternative livestock operations. Although the eastern white cedar is not found naturally in Saskatchewan, they can tolerate our extremely dry and cold winters with a little extra care. Over winter, these cedars need to have adequate shelter from the desiccating effects of our winter sun and wind to maintain their evergreen colour. The browning that can occur is a result of the desiccation or drying of the leaf tissues. As these leaves are still living, when the warm early spring sunshine heats them up and actually causes respiration within the plants

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to increase. The by-product of this process is that water is given off by the plant which in turn causes drying and browning of the leaf tissue as the ground is still frozen and the plant cannot bring up water to offset this water loss as it would during the summer months. Choosing the right cultivar will help to ensure you are successful in incorporating cedars you’re your landscape. ‘Brandon’ (4 m tall by 1.5 m wide) is likely the most common cedar grown and has good hardiness. ‘Holmstrup’ (2 m tall and 1 m wide) has a nice green colour only topped by ‘Smaragd’ (4m tall by 1.5 m wide) which exhibits the

most intense green. For good sized globe cedars try `Woodwardii’, `Globosa’ or `Little Giant’ (all about 2 m tall and wide). If you are looking for smaller selections try `Hetz Midget’ (1 m tall by 1 m wide) or `Little Gem’ which will be of similar height but slightly wider than ‘Hetz Midget’. Proper care is essential to keep your cedar green. Throughout the growing season, it is important to ensure that these evergreens receive enough moisture. This past summer was very dry and all trees and shrubs should have received supplemental irrigation in order to thrive. It is also important to water all trees and shrubs deeply and

thoroughly in a dry year just prior to freeze up. Throughout the winter, they need to receive shelter from the wind and shade from the sun. Planting them on an east or north exposure is a good choice. If you have the misfortune of your cedars living in a location that is not sheltered, it is best to provide some protection. You need to minimize their exposure to the late-afternoon sun. Even in winter, the sun has a lot of power and will result in a daily freeze/thaw cycle that is extremely damaging to the tissues of the cedar. It used to be recommended to wrap your cedars in burlap for the winter – but this is really not the best choice. The abso-

lute best way to protect your cedars from winter browning is to tap some poles into the ground close to the cedars. (It is recommended that you do this prior to the ground freezing solid!) Create a screen using burlap (or other suitable material) that will serve as a shield for wind and sun. As a bonus – you can still enjoy the great green that your cedars provide to the landscape. It is not recommended that you use anti-desiccant sprays. They work by coating the leaves with a very thin layer of wax. These “miracle” products never quite deliver as promised and are definitely not a substitute for proper care.

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