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March 30, 2018

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Back row L/R: Meghan Knelsen, Erich Schmidt, Thom Heijmans, Heather Gray, Liliane Dupuis. Front row L/R: Minami Kijima, Haile Hubbard, Chassidy Payette, Morgan Ramsay, Bryce Summers, Quinn Hrabok.

Can collections for canoes PHOTOS BY KELLEA QUENNELLE

(L to R) Dan Quennelle and Ken McFarlin who had the second best poker hand of the day.

By Sheila Runions Banner Staff

Photo by Sheila Runions

(L to R) Dan Quenelle and Lloyd Mennie who took the first place spot with the highest poker hand.


(L to R) Dan Quennelle and Emma Westwood who cans from the school foyer into and Chimo Beach areas for con- put away in the proper place on s r e p or t e d i n t he tion to the schools. Pupils co-ordinated the entire the church basement the after- tributions from the community. the shelving units. They were March 9 edition, the won a gift certificate. Grade 12 Interdisci- month-long promotion, which noon of March 21, where the When all was said and done, fantastic! We are very, very plinary Studies in Science class culminated in a ceremonious food was weighed and sorted. the scales at Riverdale Harvest pleased.” Elementary school staff memat Rivers Collegiate planned a presentation on March 20 to Although the project was a sen- noted a total of 434 pounds, “a project for Riverdale Harvest. Riverdale Harvest president ior students brainstorm, the en- fabulous amount,” says Heather. ber/Harvest volunteer Yvonne tire high school was encouraged “We are so pleased they decided Crouch initiated a similar camDubbed the Boat Load of Food, Heather Gray and Liliane. Because the snow had melted to participate. The collegiate to help those we serve. A lot paign in her school. That threestudents secured a canoe from Rolling River School Division so much, the canoe could not hosted a poor boy floor hockey of times kids don’t get enough week effort simply encouraged with an intent to f ill it with be portaged across the street to tournament in which to play, credit but this group of students students to leave product in non-perishables. Although the Zion Church (home of River- athletes had to pay with food for certainly deserves some praise. the canoe; 87 pounds of food campaign was fully organized dale Harvest). Rather, the teens the canoe. Some students also All students stayed behind to was collected from the younger by that class, the original idea carried bags, boxes and garbage canvassed Rivers, Oak River help check expiry dates, sort and group on Thursday, March 22. came from a suggestion made by harvest volunteer Liliane Dupuis. The 1973 Yamaha GP338 won by Brett Orpin via raffle. “I heard the idea at a meeting in Brandon. Augustine cooperating, many try their luck with the 50/50 School had tried Fill a Canoe riders came out to enjoy a draw. Congratulations to in conjunction with the 10-day rideinthrough Festival du Voyaguer Win- the Rapid City Mack Brereton and Emma The ride was a little Westwood on winning the nipeg in February.valley. It was very successful and whenever hear over I35 miles this year and gift certificates and the food bank, my ears274 always perk hands were sold. 50/50 winner, Conor Mcpoker up!” Lloyd Mennie had the high- Manaman. A free kids door (L to R) Dan Quennelle and Taran Shiloff who received She then brought the sugthe third place prize for his poker hand. estHarvest, poker hand the at day, Theof canoe Riversprize was donated so all kids gestion to Riverdale Elementary School at wasthe derby had an opporMcFarlin followed which supported the idea andby Ken adequately filled. by Heather Gray Brereton asked her who to presentand the promoTaran Shiloff. tunity to put their name in munity Complex raffled off would like to Photo thank all the

(L to R) Dan Quennelle and Mack received the second gift certificate from the derby.

Kellea Quennelle Rapid City On Saturday, Feb. 26,

Rapid City Community Complex held their 18th Annual Vintage Snowmobile Poker Derby. With the

Visitors to the rink also had the opportunity to win one of two gift certificates valued at $200 each from Trans Canada Motorsport and Wheat City Cycle or

a kids only draw for a basket of treats and the lucky winner was Zane Finlay. The annual snowmobile raffle was drawn in the afternoon as well. This year the Com-

a 1973 Yamaha GP338. The lucky winner of the vintage sled was Brett Orpin of Brandon, Manitoba. The Rapid City Community Complex board

participants and volunteers who helped to make this event a success. We look forward to seeing all of you next year.

2 Rivers Banner March 4, 2022

Stop Russia now


ver 60 years ago, I was visiting in my sister-in-law’s parental home in Winnipeg. Her father was a Canadian-born Ukrainian and I believe her mother was born in Poland. Her mother and grandmother survived WWI in Poland. If I remember the story correctly, they didn’t know which soldiers would be sleeping on their kitchen f loor on a given night. During my family’s visit, the television was on and we all had to be very quiet, as the family wanted to hear a speech by Russian president Nikita Khrushchev. My sister-in-law’s father could understand much of Khrushchev’s speech and was intensely interested in what the Russian dictator had to say. He knew then, as we know now, that those words had an effect on the world, not only Ukraine and Poland, but Canada and everywhere else. We should have been listening more closely to what the present day Russian dictator Putin has been saying. He wants to take over the world. If we had been listening, maybe it wouldn’t have been such a surprise what he has done. Also, if we had listened more closely, we would have realized that Putin was


simply mimicking a dictator from 1939 by the name of Hitler. Both dictators said they only wanted to take one more country or one more part of a country and they would be happy. No, they won’t! A dictator’s thirst, hunger or ego can never be satisfied. If Putin is not stopped now, he will simply keep moving. And remember, please, that while Russia is now moving south, there is a country on the northern border of Russia. It’s called Canada. Yes, Russia would like our arctic. They won’t be satisfied with claiming to be the home to Santa Claus, they want all the Canadian arctic too. They want

Ken Waddell tion.” That strong a statement hasn’t been made since 1940, when England’s prime minister said, “We will fight them on the beaches, etc.” Interesting that we have to go back 80 plus years to find a similar situation faced with similar levels

A dictator’s thirst, hunger or ego can never be satisfied. If Putin is not stopped now, he will simply keep moving. the world. One good thing that has come out of the Russian war against Ukraine is that Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy has emerged as an outstanding leader. He has now famously said in response to offers to leave the country, “I don’t need a ride, I need ammuni-

of leadership. This column is being written on Feb. 28, so it is difficult to predict what the situation will be by the time you read this. That said, Canada, NATO and even the UN must step in and help. A few helmets, guns, even anti-tank guns won’t cut it. I think we should be into a

full scale counter attack. Russia can’t be satisfied, dictators never can be satisfied. Nothing will stop Russia except a total defeat in Ukraine. If the free world doesn’t stop Russia at Ukraine, there will be no end to the terrorism. And to just put Russian power into perspective, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Russia is about the same as Canada. Russia is not an economic super power and it shouldn’t be a military super power. It has been a great country and can be again, but will have to be stopped in its current tracks.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this column are the writer’s personal views and are not to be taken as being the view of the Banner & Press staff.

Facing life’s challenges, Part One

or several days these past few months, I was on the road taking family members to different appointments. Road conditions were not always the best. Wildlife was not as plentiful as it could have been, but I needed to be ready for those times when it did put in an appearance. And then there was always the on-coming traffic– people who were either in more of a hurry than I was or who had driven the routes I was taking so many times that they felt they could travel at or above the speed limit without incident. My habit has always been to offer a silent prayer whenever I leave on one of these trips. But a few weeks ago, I felt the urge to change the content of my prayer. Instead of just asking that I will arrive at my destination and return home safely, I began to say quick prayers for the occupants of every vehicle I met on the road. I was amazed at how this little act changed my attitude to the people with whom I shared the road. I wondered how many of them were heading to work; how many were going to a hospital or care home to visit a family member; how many were driving their children to an early morning hockey practice or how many were heading home after working a 12 hour shift in a hospital or manufacturing plant. With

RiveRs BanneR Est. 1908



gas prices as high as they are, I was quite certain that very few of them were just out for an afternoon, evening or early morning drive. Cruising “for the fun of it” is a luxury that many of us just can’t afford. This exercise also revealed how little I know about my neighbours and I think the same may be true of many of my readers. It also helped me understand one of the reasons behind some of the protests we have witnessed in the past month. A major trait of our human nature is a dominant selfish streak that makes us self-centered, self-seeking, self-justifying and self-glorifying people. We want what we want when we want it; and if we don’t get it, we sometimes raise a ruckus or try to manipulate others into giving us what we want. But therein lies the problem. Selfish people aren’t always satisfied with just one benefit or concession. They soon want more and demand more. In some cases, greed takes over and turns ordinary people into monsters. Let’s be honest here. There, but for the grace of God, any one of us could go. You and I face the same challenges as everyone else. We have the same basic needs– food, drink, clothing and shelter. We struggle to meet our financial obligations while coping with higher costs of goods and services we need just to

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March 4, 2022 Rivers Banner 3

Home Bodies By Rita Friesen


ou know it’s been a true Manitoba winter when -14°C with no wind brings to mind strong thoughts of spring! Helping that thought is the individual posting on social media the official countdown to the first day of spring. And having younger than me women sharing that on their walk they spotted engorged buds on the willow trees. And having my sister from the Carman area tell me with authority that the crows are back. Taking all these things into consideration, hope springs for an earlier than some years spring! The winter of 2021/22 will be remembered for the amount of snow, yes, and also for the many days and nights of howling wind. It feels like Mother Nature exhales a deep sustained breath from the north, only to draw back and repeat the action from the south, or east or west! This winter, I have shovelled the tops of the banks edging my drives so that I can clear that top when I next clear the drives. Full body workout more times than I would prefer to schedule! And thankful, every time, that I have the strength and energy, and assistance, in completing this repetitious task. The town crew blessed me by pushing back the snow at the end of the front drive, allowing me more than a tunnel to access the street.

This winter, I have not worked on any jigsaw puzzles, only completed two quilts, read a few books and walked. And longed for spring and freedom from heavy jackets and safety boots! I am encouraged by my gardening friends sharing photos of their grow ops. The glowing grow lights, the plastic coverings, the care and attention to healthy growth. A blessing of encouragement and promise. Among the books on the bedside table are ‘For Better or Worse’, many Charlie Brown cartoons, and one on the life and work of Mother Teresa. This later book is slow, ref lective, and perfect for pre-sleep reading. A woman who, at one time, was known as the most powerful woman in the world, recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize, and a humble servant of her God. One who followed faithfully a call she distinctly heard, and then for decades worked tirelessly in answer to that call, even though there were no more divine messages, she worked in and with faith. Doing research now, we find detractors to her work, as with so many persons who accept responsibility in leadership. The voice of the detractors does not silence the message of loving and serving those in need of love and care. For me, this long winter, the inspiration comes from one person who, to the best of her ability, does the task that lies before her, smiling and gracious. I want to be that person in my world. Spring is coming. With it will come opportunities for gathering with friends and neighbours. With it will come gardens of f lowers and vegetables. (Note this year f lowers triumph in the list!) My soul/spirit longs for colour and movement– more than white snow driven over a white landscape! In all these thoughts, I rest in the knowledge that I am not alone.

From last week's front page BY JANICE HEAPY, OAK RIVER









By Addy Oberlin Rivers Banner


he weather has been beautiful the last few days. I even put a chair in front of my dining room door and inhaled as much sunshine as I could get through the open door. The farmers here would not mind getting some of your snow, but I understand that you need it all where you are. We know that winter is not finished yet. Many of us have been in prayer since the war in Europe started. I think of the family I still have in Holland. I grew up during WWII and remember. We need to pray that God will overrule and bring peace again. He is still in control. There is so much unrest in the world. We do not realize how well we have it here in Canada. We have more than the essentials and often we see good people who help others who are not so well off. Let us not forget to do what is pleasing to God. He created us for His honour and glory. Let us bring glory to God by praying this week .

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Everyone is invited to attend the World Day of Prayer service on Friday, March 4, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. at the Rivers Community Church at 447 Edward Street. Current Covid guidelines will be followed. For more information call Esther Krahn at 204-328-7189.


By Chad Carpenter

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4 Rivers Banner March 4, 2022

Vegetable gardening made easy

Sarah plosker Rivers Banner

Why grow your own vegetables this summer? Produce prices have gone through the roof. The quality has gone down due to shipping delays (and was never that good to begin with, since the veggies have to be picked far before they turn ripe, and ripen as they travel, sometimes halfway around the world, to get to the grocery store). Certain vegetables are ripened using ethylene gas rather than naturally. This is a hobby you can do from home, without a mask or social distancing. There’s also something meditative about getting your hands dirty and connecting with mother nature. It can be nice to just play with dirt and do something good for the soul. Many people get excited about gardening and buy seed packages in the spring. Not knowing what to do with them, the packages sit, get misplaced, and next thing you know it’s already summer and it’s too late to plant anything. The next spring, the cycle repeats. I…er…“these people”… have the best intentions, but can’t seem to make the jump from buying seeds to actually growing plants. I’ve sat down with couple Teri and Jon Jenkins of Brown Sugar Produce, a familyrun, small-scale produce farm that operates a CSA in Brandon and Rivers, as well as Janelle Lach, former BSP employee who started her own CSA in 2021 with her new company, Mad Dog Produce, with pickup locations in Plumas, Neepawa, and Minnedosa, to get tips from the experts. First thing I was told is to not even bother buying 288 cell plug trays. The number 288 refers to the number of individual cells to plant your seeds. The cells in the 288 trays are just too small; the soil dries out too quickly, and seedlings quickly out-

grow their cell and need to be transplanted very early (which means more work for you!) These seasoned experts use 128 cell plug trays, with cells twice as large as the 288’s. For onions, they simply use flats, which are not divided into cells at all. Jon demonstrated his seeding technique to me. He filled the trays a little over half full of dry potting mix. For the cells, he made a small indent with his finger and dropped two seeds in, then covered with a little bit more potting mix. He uses two instead of one seed because one may not germinate, and if they both do they can always be separated at the transplanting stage, or the smaller one can be culled. Transplanting happens once the seedlings outgrow their cells. For the flats, he made lines in the soil with his finger, about one and a half inches apart, then dropped seeds in, with the space of a seed separating each seed. Again he covered with a little bit more potting mix. Then he gave them a good watering. Teri explained that many people use wet soil when starting their seeds, but there are a number of issues with doing it that way. One issue is that the seed might not have total contact with the soil; there may be air trapped in with the seed, and that has a negative effect on germination. While you can use wet soil, Teri still recommends "watering in" the seeds after you plant them. She cautions not to get stuck in thinking there's only one way to do things; everyone does things a bit differently based on their own needs and skills. The Secret Life of Plants (1973) by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird details a plethora of experiments done with plants, providing evidence of plant sentience. The book is a fascinating read, but without getting too off-topic, I will simply say that experimenters found

FARM LAND FOR SALE W1/2 of 10-13-20W 197 acres bordering Lake Wahtopanah approximately 120 acres currently cultivated. $495000.00 MLS# 202003811 Call 204-724-7086 Mark Neustaedter Royal Lepage Martin-Liberty Realty


(L to R) Jon Jenkins and Janelle Lach of Brown Sugar Produce and Mad Dog Produce respectively.

that plants are capable of communication. Teri and Jon have been experimenting with planting seeds together in one big flat, and have noticed that the seedlings thrive using this setup. However, separating the roots of the seedlings when transplanting is difficult for certain vegetables, like celery and tomatoes, so they continue to use cell trays for those veggies. Watering is a key component to the successful growth of your seedlings. Jon recommends one big watering first thing in the morning, allowing the soil to dry out a little during the day, then another light watering around lunchtime, only in spots that need it. If you water later in the evening, there is a “dampening off ” effect that leads to mould growth. Janelle says people who are on town water should fill up buckets and let the water sit for 24 hours before using it so that the chlorine can evaporate. Chlorine can be toxic to plants and is designed to kill microbes which you actually want in your soil. Janelle stresses the im-

portance of starting with good-quality seeds. It’s frustrating to go through all this work and have very few seeds germinate. People seem to want to go for the best deal possible (the cheapest packages of seeds at the store), but if you factor in the entire life of the plant, and how much food you will get off of a single seed (not to mention all your time and effort), it is much more cost-effective to purchase high-quality seeds from reputable sellers. In terms of timing, different plants take different amounts of time for the vegetables to reach maturity. Teri recommends a great seeding calculator on Johnny's Seeds website: https:// w w growers-library/seed-planting-schedule-calculator. html. You can use June 1 as a general guideline for last frost date, and make an assessment when the time comes. There is a lot of snow to melt this year, so we are expecting a typical, or slightly later spring. You may be able to move your plants outside come May long weekend, however, you will need to cover your plants

at night if frost is forecasted in early June (which means having enough covers for everything you planted). The exception to this is the onion family. Onion, leek, and shallot seedlings need a couple of days post-transplant to settle in and then can handle -6℃ without issue. Garlic, onions, and shallots grown from sets can go in as soon as the soil is workable in spring (usually sometime in April). A set is a seed that has already grown for a year. Every seed package should give instructions, but do keep in mind that there is a balance between having structure to the process and being more relaxed, not doing things exactly as prescribed. Gardening should be fun, not stressful! Teri’s #1 seeding tip to people, year after year, is to choose the right time, rather than getting too excited and starting early. Most home seed starting setups are lacking space and light, so it's easy to get excited and seed peppers in February, but without

The cells in the 288 trays are just too small; the soil dries out too quickly. Seasoned experts use 128 cell plug trays, with cells twice as large as the 288’s.

1000 Rosser Ave. 2nd floor. Brandon, MB. R7A 0L6 Robert Beard

Relationship Manager 204-901-1229

adequate light, fertilizer, and space, the transplant won't be strong enough to withstand the shock of going outside, which puts you no further ahead in the end. Starting early also means that the plant will be quite large by the time you can move it outside. Huge transplants require a lot of attention and are more likely to suffer from transplant shock. So, bigger is not always better! In fact, Teri and Jon noticed their squash transplants would get battered by the wind, dehydrated, and withstand so much stress that their directseeded squash would outpace them anyway. They’ve now completely switched to direct-seeding squash. If all this sounds too daunting, or you’re worried about how successful (or unsuccessful!) you may be on your first try, you can always sign up for a weekly veggie box through Brown Sugar Produce or Mad Dog Produce and let them do all the work for you!

Cody Powell

Senior Relationship Manager Agriculture & Agri-Business 204-596-2475

March 4, 2022 Rivers Banner 5

Secret Recipes from Rivers Mammas & Grannies Sarah Plosker Rivers Banner In this week’s “recipes with a story” column, our featured recipe comes from Joan Airey. Two of Joan’s recipes were featured in the Dec. 16 issue of the Banner, one for Jam Jam cookies. This week’s recipe is another cookie, but this time chocolate chip. If you enjoy Joan’s recipes, consider buying one of her cookbooks available at Hair Dynamics. All profit is donated to

Cancer Care. If you have a recipe (and a story) you would like to be featured, please email me at sarah. Chipit Cookies from Joan Airey 1 cup Crisco shortening 1 cup white sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 cups f lour 2 eggs ½ cup brown sugar 1 teaspoon baking soda 2 cups chocolate chips 1 teaspoon salt


Cream the shortening, brown and white sugar, vanilla, and eggs. Add dry ingredients and mix well. Stir in chocolate chips. Bake at 375F for 10 to 12 minutes. I recommend using real Chipits chocolate chips (not the off-brand) and Crisco shortening to make the best cookies. I don’t recommend substituting margarine for the Crisco; you end up with a different cookie taste and consistency. The recipe originally

came from Marg Bridgema n, Phyl l is Veitch’s mom. Phyllis’s sister Bev shared the recipe with me when our husbands, Harry and Barry Newitt, worked together at the Seed Plant in the ’70’s for the winter months. I make 20 dozen of these for Tanya and Shawn’s bull sale time. (Sarah’s note: readers may have seen HTA Charolais Farms, along with a photo of Tanya and Shawn’s son Chase with a calf, featured in the most recent issue of Farmers’ Advocate. Tanya and Shawn are Joan and Harr y’s daughter-in-law and son, respectively.) My g r a nd d au g ht e r Blake often makes these cookies with me now as most of my grandchildren have over the years. When my kids were in university and college they used to take batches of these cookies back to university after visiting home for weekends to share with their friends. Blake’s theory is: we make

Joan’s baking partner Blake Airey.

a batch with butterscotch chips for Dad, a batch with chocolate chips for Mom, and one with white Chipits for cousin Katie. Anyone who knows Blake



knows that the chocolate chip ones are really for her. My theory is: children are never too young to learn to cook!

6 Rivers Banner March 4, 2022

Rivers hockey update

Sarah Plosker Rivers Banner The U7 team played a team from Brandon on Sat. Feb. 26. Congrats to our goal scorers Mason, Rilyn, Kass, Kenzie, and Gavin! The team is near the end of their season with only about a week left. The U9 Peters team won t hei r f i r st pl ayoff series with Strathclair/Shoal Lake (Feb. 19, 16 -12 a nd 10 - 8). They moved on to the next round, where they played the Rivers Smith team. They played two tough games but came out on the losing end of both. They will now move on to play Waywaysee-

cappo in the next round. They played against a very good Brandon team Feb. 27 and came out on the losing side of that game as well. They will look to get things back on track against Waywayseecappo. The U9 Smith team beat Minnedosa in two g a mes ( Feb 12 , 21- 8 and Feb 19, 9-5) to play Rivers Peters and after defeating them, will now play Miniota in the playoffs. The U9 Smith team went to a mult i-team tournament in Souris this past weekend and played some very competitive teams. They ended up losing the C-side final to Swan River. The U11 Marvin team

lost a hard-fought backa nd-for t h ser ies w it h M innedosa in t hree games (lost 7-10 then won 9-4 on Feb. 12, and lost their third game Feb 21). They also had to battle the weather to squeeze in the games. They will now take on Tri-Valley in the semi-final, which starts Mon. Feb 28 in Rossburn. Their game two will be back in Rivers Fri. Mar. 4. Game three (if necessary) would be Sun. Mar. 6 in Rivers. The U11 Brown team is currently in a playoff ser ies w it h Neepawa. They lost their first game 9-4 Mon. Feb 21 and won game two 6-3 on Sat. Feb. 26 in Neepawa The U13 Lepp team

played Waywayseecappo Feb. 22, winning 7-1. The Lepp team on the f irst round of playoffs two games to zero. They then played Rivers Richmond Feb. 26, winning 8-2. It was the first game of the second round of playoffs. Their second game of the series is Wed. Mar. 2, and game 3, if required, will be Mar. 3. The U13 R ichmond team played McCreary twice this week (Feb. 22 & 23) after placing second in league, losing both games 9-4 & 9-0. They lost game one against R ivers Lepp this past weekend. The U15 team f inished 2nd in league play and played Team Bran-

don Desjardin in round one, beating them 7-4 and 4-1. They now play Dauph i n 1 i n r ou nd two starting Mar. 1 and

then head to Swan River this coming weekend to represent Yellowhead at Provincials B.

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Help Wanted Herd Health/Pen Checker Hamiota Feedlot Ltd. is currently accepting applications for a full time Herd Health Technician/pen rider. We are a Custom Feedlot, backgrounding and finishing up to 12,500 head of cattle. We are located 3 miles west of Hamiota, MB on Road #469. Applicants must be punctual, reliable and team players. Experience in cattle herd health is a must. Duties of this position include, but are not limited to the following: - Checking pens for health concerns in the cattle - Sorting pens - Treating cattle - Helping with maintenance of water bowls - Operating equipment such as loader, skid steer, tractor - Working well with the team! We offer an excellent benefit package after the probationary period and 2 weeks vacation after 1 year. Wage will be determined based on experience. Resumes can be sent to

For Rent LAND FOR RENT Ducks Unlimited Canada is offering land for rent in the RM of Oakview: W ½ 18 – 14 – 21 W1


This is a cash rent, one year agreement. Producers wishing to submit a tender bid should provide in writing: name, phone number and price per acre. Lessee must submit a plan outlining crop type and weed control as part of the bid. Full payment for cash rent shall be JUNE 1, 2022. It is suggested that bidders inspect the property before submitting their bid. Tenders close at NOON on MARCH 18th, 2022. Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. For a copy of the rental agreement and/or more specifics on the land(s) being rented, please contact Charlotte Crawley at the number below. Please email or indicate “Land for Rent” on your envelope and email, or mail to: Unit 2-545 Conservation Drive Brandon MB R7A 7L8 Phone: (204) 868-5599 email:


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The Disability Tax Credit allows for $2,500 yearly tax credit and up to $30,000 Lump sum refund. Apply NOW; quickest refund Nationwide! Providing assistance during Covid.

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Redfern’s is hiring!

Redfern Farm Services, a progressive service oriented ag retailer is currently accepting applications for Seasonal Operations Staff and Class 1 and 3 drivers for our Rivers branch. Beginning approximately April 15 as weather permits

FOODS Meat Cutters/Production Personnel Our people, perseverance, integrity, and exceptional partnerships have led HyLife to becoming Canada’s leading pork producer and global exporter of high quality pork products. The growing demand for our pork in Japan and China means we need exceptional people to help deliver our company vision. We have expanded our Neepawa facility to increase our overall production by 15% and in turn created new jobs throughout the company.

Qualifications: Class 1 or 3 with air with a minimum 2 yrs experience (preferred) Mechanically inclined preferably with a farm background Embrace working in a team environment Flexible work schedule with capability of working long hours for periods of time Duties and responsibilities: Operation of light duty equipment Short haul liquid fertilizer and chemical Willing to be trained in and handle dangerous goods

Auction 12 Patterson Dr. , Stonewall, MB

REDFERN FARM SERVICES LTD. 101 2nd Avenue, PO Box 489 Rivers, MB, R0K 1X0 Email: Fax: (204) 725-8592

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Main Duties and Responsibilities include: • Shelterbelt program delivery, • Completing culvert inventory surveys using Trimble or Leica RTK units, • Transporting equipment, • Collecting GPS data, • Maintaining District Assets, • Collecting GPS data of projects, • Water Sampling, • Soil Testing, • Operate heavy machinery and tools, • Assist with communication and promotion, • Other duties as assigned. Qualifications: • Planning and organization skills • Verbal and written communications skills • Competent with GIS and MS Suite • Capable of using GPS and RTK units for survey purposes • Must be able to read maps • Familiar with legal land description (Section, Township, Range) • Capable of operating all-terrain vehicles • Must possess a valid Class 5 Manitoba Driver’s License • Must be familiar with farming practices Education: • Post-Secondary education in environmental studies • Awareness of conservation and faming practice

Responsibilities and duties include but are not limited to: • Slaughter and eviscerate hogs for further processing • Harvest and package edible offal • Process pork carcasses into primal cuts • Butcher and package pork primal cuts into value added specifications for local, national and international premium markets • Carry out other tasks related to processing of meat for shipping to customers or storage • Sanitation

McSherry Auctions

Redfern Farm Services offers a competitive wage, staff events throughout the season and encourages a safe and team approach. Interested applicants should submit resumes to the below address by March 12th , 2022.

Job Title: Summer Resource Technician Assistant Location: Oak River and Miniota Hours: Monday – Friday 8 – 4:30 am Deadline: April 1, 2022 Overview of position: The Assiniboine West Watershed District delivers land and water management programs to Municipal partners, residents and landowners within the District. The Resource Technician Assistant will provide support in delivering the programs from May to September, 2022 Interested applicants may forward their resumes and references to Anyone with questions about the positions can call the office at 204-567-3554

As a Meat Cutter/Production Personnel you will be a critical member of our team in the creation of our world class product. Our positions range from working on our slaughter production floor to shipping the final packaged product, with everything in between! With our wide variety of jobs, excellent people, and our drive for innovation you will certainly find a job that suits you!

Online Timed Auctions @ Estate & Moving Estate & Moving

People who will succeed as members of our team will: • Enjoy working in a fast paced, stable long term work environment • Appreciate working in a culturally diverse workplace. We employ people from all over the world! • Treat people with dignity and respect • Open to working in colder/warmer environments • Physically Fit • Experience as an industrial butcher or trimmer is an asset

Closes Wed Mar 16 @ 7:00PM

Consignments Welcome! (204) 467-1858 or (204) 886-7027

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Current starting wage is $15.15/hour plus $1.00 per hour perfect attendance incentive! Wage scale extends to $22.10 per hour

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We believe that our success is founded on the strength of our team. As such, we place a great deal of emphasis on attracting, developing and retaining good people, and consider every one of our employees to be a highly-valued member of the HyLife family. To that end, we are committed to providing a working environment that not only fosters personal growth, but also recognizes our employees’ contributions towards the common goal of our company’s success because of this HyLife has been recognized as a Platinum Member of Canada’s Best-Managed Companies.

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you’re missing out on a lot!

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If you have the qualifications and the passion to meet this challenge then we would like to explore your potential. Please apply online at or email to or mail to PO Box 10,000, 623 Main St E, Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0. We thank all applicants, however, only those under consideration will be contacted

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are now booking Classified Advertising for 2022. Call THIS NEWSPAPER NOW or call MCNA at (204) 947-1691 for details or to book ads. MCNA - Manitoba Community Newspapers Association. LIVESTOCK FOR SALE Offering 30 Slowly Developed 2 Year Old Angus Bulls. March18, 2022. Wawota, SK. 306-577-9141.

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After a long wait, my ewe (female sheep) Granny gave birth to triplets on Friday Feb. 25. She and her three lambs are doing well. Granny is an absolutely amazing mom. I purchased Granny four years ago from a seller on eBrandon. One of those impulse eBrandon purchases. If you’ve never browsed through eBrandon and bought something on a whim, then you must be the epitome of restraint. “Honey,” I called to my husband, “could we take a short road trip. I *clears throat* may have…bought a sheep…” We didn’t have a lot of money, so Granny was no spring chicken. At 6 years old, she was already middleaged (hence why we named her Granny). I’m sure the farmer was happy to get rid of her, and replace her with younger stock. We bought her to keep our ram (male sheep) Hamish company (get it? HAY-mish, because he eats hay! I’ll let myself out…). Since we put them together in the same field, we weren’t sure when Hamish bred her, so we didn’t know what to expect in the spring. We also didn’t have a great setup yet (since she was an impulse buy, after all). One day when I went to water the animals, we had four sheep instead of just the two—she had had twins sometime during the night. Both lambs were wagging their tails and baaing to mom. Granny didn’t need my help at all. My husband constructed a building for them that summer, with two small gated-off areas we jokingly refer to as jail cells. One day during the following spring, I went to check on the animals and Granny was just standing in one of the cells. We looked at each other. She stomped her foot. Clearly, I thought, she was trying to tell me something. But what? She pointed to the gate with her chin, then swept her head from left to right. Then stomped her foot again. She was telling me to close the gate! I did what she asked, and she gave a nod of approval. The next morning, she had two lambs in the jail cell with her. Both

Grannies babies!

were happy and healthy. Spring #3 was last year. Granny was 9 years old. Again, one day in the spring she demanded to be locked up, and gave birth within 24 hours. This time to a single lamb, happy and healthy as can be. We thought maybe her days of lambing are winding down, and didn’t know what to expect for this year. Around three weeks ago, Granny demanded to be locked up, and I obliged. No lambs the next day. Or the day after. After about a week of this, I began to think she was faking in order to get special treatment: extra straw, hay, and special treats. I tried to let her out a couple of times

but she refused. Finally, on Feb. 25 I went to check up on her early in the morning. No lambs. I went back at lunchtime expecting to see only her. I saw two lambs. So she wasn’t faking after all! Then I heard a baa-ing coming from the corner, behind a pile of straw. But what could be making that sound? A third lamb! Good girl Granny! No wonder she was ready to give birth weeks ago. Probably wishful thinking on her part! All are doing well, and I hope Granny has many more years ahead of her. She’s been a dream-cometrue for us novice homesteaders.

Sarah’s Science Corner

Is there a difference between baking powder and baking soda? In this week’s hands-on activity, we’ll explore acid-base chemical reactions to really get things bubbling in the kitchen! This activity is best suited for Kindergarten to Grade 4 children, however, adults may benefit too: if you’ve ever been out of baking powder or baking soda, and wondered if you could swap them in a recipe, you may want to try out this experiment. What you need: four clear containers, baking powder, baking soda, measuring spoons (teaspoon and tablespoon), vinegar, and water. What to do 1. Place one tablespoon of baking soda in each of two clear containers. 2. Add two tablespoons of water to one container and two tablespoons of vinegar to the other container. 3. What do you see happening? 4. Using clean spoons, place one teaspoon of baking powder in each of two different clear containers. 5. Add two tablespoons of water to one container and two tablespoons of vinegar to the other container.

6. What do you see happening this time? 7. What was similar and different when you mixed the baking powder and baking soda with water and with vinegar? What’s happening? With each of these powders, you caused a chemical reaction that created bubbles. The formation of bubbles means that a gas is being produced. The gas that was produced is carbon dioxide (CO2). You should have observed that each powder reacted differently when mixed with the water and vinegar. Baking soda contains only sodium bicarbonate, and an acid must be added to release the carbon dioxide gas. In this experiment, vinegar is the acid, but in baking, cream of tartar or buttermilk could also be used as a source of acid so that bubbles are made. Unlike baking soda, baking powder will release carbon dioxide gas just with the addition of water. The ingredients on a baking powder package reveal that baking powder is a mixture of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and one or more other chemicals. These



chemicals are dry acids that are activated by the addition of water. Why does it matter? Baking and creating new recipes requires an understanding of chemical reactions to produce baked goods with different textures and consistencies. Acid–base reactions are very commonly used to make baked goods rise and have a light or spongy texture. To produce light, fluffy cakes and breads, a gas must be released during the cooking process. This gas is usually carbon dioxide, which is produced by both baking powder and baking soda; however, this simple experiment demonstrates that the two ingredients do not act in the same way. Investigate further •Look at the ingredients on a commercial package of baking powder. Based on your observations, what does baking powder contain? •Have an adult hold a lit match over the mouth of the container as the bubbles are produced. Since carbon dioxide is produced, the flame will flicker and go out.