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Friday, July 30, 2021 • Vol.113 No. 47 • Rivers, Manitoba

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Manitoba Forage growing associate plans farm tour for Aug. 5

Serving the Rivers, Rapid City and Oak River areas for 109 years

March 30, 2018

Volume 110, Issue 37

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Back row L/R: Meghan Knelsen, Erich Schmidt, Thom Heijmans, Heather Gray, Liliane Dupuis. Front row L/R: Minami Kijima, Haile Hubbard, Chassidy Payette, Morgan Ramsay, Bryce Summers, Quinn Hrabok.

Can collections for canoes

Photo by Sheila Runions


By Sheila Runions

Staffto be held at Ryan Boyd’s South Glanton Farms! The tour will be held Thursday, Aug. 5, 2021, 1-5 p.m. Don’t miss MFGA’s 2nd summer regen ag Banner farm tour This tour and presentation will cover Total Grazing results; Defining optimalcans recovery period; pasture pipeline enable to the schools. from the school foyerSetting into andup Chimo Beach areas for con- and putfencing away in theto proper place on s r e pand or t e done i n tyear he tion Pupils the entire options the churchfor basement the after- tributions frommanagement. the community. the shelving units. were 9 edition, the and ultra high stock density grazing; Crop residue,March chaff grazing lowco-ordinated cost wintering the cowherd; Drought The fee is $50They and noon of March 21, where the When all was said and done, fantastic! We are very, very month-long promotion, which Grade 12 Interdisciincludes 2022 MFGA Membership and deposit for MFGA 2021 Regenerative Ag Conference. The tour is presented by South Glanton Farms, Manitoba Forage plinary Studies in Science class culminated in a ceremonious food was weighed and sorted. the scales at Riverdale Harvest pleased.” & Grassland Association, and DUC Grazing Clubs and will respect the Covid restrictions. To register, contact or visit our website at: https:// Elementary school staff memat Rivers Collegiate planned a presentation on March 20 to Although the project was a sen- noted a total of 434 pounds, “a project for Riverdale Harvest. Riverdale Harvest president ior students brainstorm, the en- fabulous amount,” says Heather. ber/Harvest volunteer Yvonne


Manitoba COVID-19 bulletin #496

P ubl ic he a lt h of f i cials advise three new deaths in people with COV I D -19 are being reported today: • a female in her 50s from t he Interla ke –Easter n health region, linked to the B.1.1.7 (alpha) variant of concern; • a female in her 70s from the Northern health region, linked to the alpha variant of concern; and • a male in his 80s from the Southern Health– Santé Sud region linked to an unspecified variant of concern. The current f ive-day

tire high school was encouraged “We are so pleased they decided Crouch initiated a similar camDubbed the Boat Load of Food, Heather Gray and Liliane. Because the snow had melted to participate. The collegiate to help those we serve. A lot paign in her school. That threestudents secured a canoe from Rolling River School Division so much, the canoe could not hosted a poor boy floor hockey of times kids don’t get enough week effort simply encouraged with an intent to f ill it with be portaged across the street to tournament in which to play, credit but this group of students students to leave product in non-perishables. Although the Zion Church (home of River- athletes had to pay with food for certainly deserves some praise. the canoe; 87 pounds of food from the younger the teens Some students#RestartMB also All students stayed behind statistics to was collected campaign was fullyregion; organized dale Harvest). Rather, sive carethe forcanoe. COVID-19 Pandemic are posted onCOVID-19 test positivby that class, the original idea carried bags, boxes and garbage canvassed Rivers, Oak River help check expiry dates, sort and group on Thursday, March 22. ity rate is 2.5 per cent • three new cases in the including 13 people in Response System web- line weekly. For more came from a suggestion made 1.3 per provincially and Southern by harvest volunteer Liliane Health–Santé intensive care units with pa ge. For up -to - d ate information, go to Crosscent in Winnipeg. a c t ive C OV I D -19 a s information on possible Departmental Reports Dupuis. As of Sud health region; and “I heard the idea• atsix a meet9:30 a.m. today, 26 new new cases in the well as 17 people who p u b l i c e x p o s u r e s t o at in Brandon. Augustine health region. are no longer infectious COVID-19 in regions, openmb/infomb/departcases of the ing virus have St.Winnipeg School had tried Fill a Canoe been identified. The total To d a y ’s d a t a a l s o but continue to require v isit w w ments/index.html. in conjunction with the 10-day For up-to-date inforcovid19/updates/f lights. number of lab-confirmed critical care; shows: Festival du Voyaguer in Wincases in Manitoba to •It 497 active cases and • 1,487 laboratory tests html#event and click on mation on COVID-19 nipeg in February. was very successful and whenever I hearindividuals who were completed yester- your region. in Manitoba, including 57,502. 55,830 foodreported bank, my earshalways Add it iona l dat a on t he on l i ne s c r een i n g Of the 26 cases ave perk r ecover ed f rom day, bringing the total up!” number of lab tests com- variants of concern is tool, testing criteria and today, the COV ID-19 COVID-19; She then brought the sugpleted since early Febru- available at https://geo- locations, self-isolation data shows: gestion to Riverdale • 104 Manitobans hospitThe canoe at Rivers Harvest, School ary was 2020 to 869,632; and alized with Elementary COVID-19 Data r e qu i r ement s , publ ic • 15 new cases the the which in supported idea and adequately filled. Photo by Heather Gray asked her to presentincluding the promo- 35 people with • the total number of related to COVID-19, health fundamentals and Interlake–Eastern health

region; • zero new cases in the Northern health region; • two new cases in the Prairie Mountain Health

active COVID-19 as well as 69 people who are no longer infectious; • a total of 30 Manitoba patients receiving inten-

deaths in people with COVID-19 is 1,175. Possible exposure locations are listed online by region at the province’s

out br e a k s a n d s o m e downloadable and historic data can also be found at this site. Updated enforcement

the provincial response level on the #RestartMB Pandemic Response System, visit www.manitoba. ca/COVID19.

A2 Rivers Banner July 30, 2021


I think I have had enough!

ust about everyone has had enough of COVID-19, or C-19, as I call it. It has been nearly 18 months and hopefully we are past this horrible experience. With only 11 cases reported in Manitoba on Monday of this week, it would “appear” that we are through this pandemic. I say “appear” because it could flare up again and I have no doubt there will be another disease that will attack our world. We should have learned that already. In modern times there was the 1918 flu, in the 1950s there was polio. There has been several other diseases more recently like SARS, bird flu, swine flu and ebola. Some disease or another will come again. We should have learned by now how to handle a pandemic. What could we do differently, what could we have done better? I think the biggest things we could have done better is protect our elderly better and more quickly. We should have gone into sanitizing and isolation mode much sooner in the care homes. We should have applied more common sense and allowed a limited numbers of freedoms to volunteers, family members, whoever comes in to help the over-worked care home staff and the very lonely residents. I get it, they wanted to keep C-19 out of the care home but the rules made no sense. Care workers,

maintenance staff, health care aides, etc. all came and went home each day. The staff all intermingled with the regular population at home, at stores, wherever, but somehow that was considered different than a daughter visiting mom and helping out at the care home. It was no different and the extreme isolation should never have happened. The many millions spent on visitor pods were a waste of money in my view. I am also fully convinced some care home residents died of dehydration, loneliness or neglect as the whole volunteer aspect of care was wiped out overnight. It was a stupid decision, a complete over reaction without basis in science or practicality. We should have shut down “all” flights from China right at the outset. It wasn’t racist, it was factual, and should have been done much sooner. Air passengers still came into Canada with all kinds of reasons and excuses. It should have been shut down. If you were out of the country when C-19 hit, get your butt home within a few days or stay where you are. Overall, the government did a pretty good job but now is the time to ascertain what needs to be done better. We needed to have test to tell if a person has had C-19 not just if they have it. If a person has had C-19, they shouldn’t need


Ken Waddell a vaccine. Testing should have been done sooner and maybe over a wider range of people. It will be very interesting to see how much the death rate has actually increased from C-19 over the previous year. There have been a lot of deaths for sure but how many more than other years. We don’t know yet. Surgeries and regular medical tests were cut back way too much. That has caused a lot of stress, lost income for health care specialist and yes, a lot of deaths. We may never know how many. When we add up the increase in deaths over a previous time frame, we will need factor in how many lives were lost due to untreated cancer and heart attacks. Now that we are apparently moving out of the C-19 situation, we need to look at some of the rules that are just plain silly. I am very

happy that we can go to a restaurant and not have to wear a mask while eating with people from another household. I am not happy that if you go to church, you have to wear a mask all through the service even if you are seated with only your own household and are socially distanced from other households. That makes no sense at all. Going forward, masks will likely always be used in Canada. They have been for years in Asian countries. Hopefully they won’t be compulsory. If you are vaccinated why would you have to wear a mask anyway? Hopefully there can be lots of civil discussion about how to do better next time and we can get through our next crisis with less human and financial cost. Disclaimer: The views expressed in this column are the writer’s personal views and are not to be taken as being the view of the Banner staff.

Climate Clip #8 floods

As Sir Isaac Newton said, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Meteorologists say the same thing because nature tries to find a balance and weather patterns are no different. As North America has been baking under a heat wave across the world in Germany and China there has been heavy rain and extreme flooding. And as usual, climate alarmists are seizing upon those water inundations as a sign of climate change – oh no – Panic! But they are not. In the cases of Germany and China the rain has indeed been excessive. In both places a month’s worth of rain has fallen within just hours or a few days. Yet this kind of rainfall is historically within normal weather patterns for these areas and should have been expected and prepared for by both governments. They however decided to cover their incompetence by crying “climate change”. In Germany the affected area was the River Ahr, a tributary of the Rhine. According to Dr. Karl August Seel, a German historian, there is a comprehensive history of this type of flooding going back 660 years. There was ample warning: 9 days before the event a satellite flying over the area recorded high water at dams, reservoirs and rivers. Hikers in the area noted that the water levels in the reservoirs were at the very top and that rivers were running high. Weather scientists sent a report to the German authorities stating what was going to happen – one month of rain in two days – exactly what did! It was all ignored. The authorities could have done a controlled release of the high water reservoirs and prevented a lot of the damage and saved many lives. They even failed to warn the citizens about the weather that was coming. The situation in China was somewhat similar. Extreme rain

RiveRs BanneR Est. 1908


has fallen in the past but this time citizens were not warned about the effects of an offshore typhoon, two high pressure systems holding a low pressure system in place over Henan province. Zengzhou city sits in the centre of that province at the confluence of the Yellow river, its many tributaries from the south and west, the spillage path of the Danjiangkou reservoir and the drainage path from the mountains on the north, west and southwest edges of the province. The result was predictable. Again insufficient warning and planning caused the catastrophe.. There are many reasons for flooding – here are the usual ones. Lack of Vegetation - plants and trees hold water and allow it to seep into the ground. Too little and the water just rushes over the earth. Infrastructure Failure - drainage systems that are insufficient for the population, water main breaks, dam overflows and failures. Often what was good 50 years ago is now inadequate such as when Katrina hit New Orleans and the old levees broke. In other cases there can be a failure of poor construction design and materials. Too much Development on flood plains and near rivers and oceans. Impermeable surfaces such as roads, concrete structures, over-paving, rock structures, tunnels, highways and lowered expressways. Bridges that slow water discharge, and reduce a river’s capacity to hold water. Flood embankments – steep sides designed to hold more water in rivers slow its discharge and/or break and cause flash flooding. Examples are Houston and Los Angeles. Heavy rains, storm surges, and tsunamis caused by underwater earthquakes. Glacier melt and winters of significant snowfall with cor-

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responding heavy spring melting. Urban areas – rooftops funnelling rain onto the paved roads, parking lots, highways and bridges – no permeability means the water has to go somewhere else. Mountain ranges – rain and snow melt will go to the lowest point – valleys, gorges and ravines with the result that there is a very fast rise of water levels in streams, rivers and lakes leading to flash floods. Building cities and towns on swampy land – the iconic example is Venice. Then there is something called a lunar standstill or Moon Wobble. This is a shift that happens approximately every 18 years. Currently we’re in a cycle causing lower high tides and higher low tides than average. This is about to change. NASA tells us that the moon is about to shift its nodal cycle leading to the opposite condition – high tides higher and low tides lower causing more flooding beginning around 2030 for about 10 years. They say “This cyclic shift would happen regardless of any contribution humanity might be making.” H. Sterling Burnett wrote about this in Climate Change Dispatch on July 16, 2021. Of the 12 causes of flooding listed above, 5 were the result of natural weather patterns and 7 were caused by humans – not because of CO2 emissions – but because of a lack of foresight, poor urban planning, greed (using inferior building materials), age of the infrastructure and a lack of just plain old common sense. “It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense.” Robert Green Ingersoll

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July 30, 2021 Rivers Banner A3

Home Bodies By Rita Friesen A very good day…


n the course of the conversation with my sisters I realised anew that we have different interests and strengths, very different. One of us is creative with quilting, crocheting, knitting, sewing, gardening, food prep- just to name a few. That is not me. Another is a gourmet cook, author, scholar, excels at creating a warm inviting home, researcher and world traveller. Also, not me. I eat and cook to live and keep others alive. I do quilt and have been an accomplished seamstress. My garden brings me pleasure and food, simply practical. I feel more at ease with a chain saw in hand than with a spatula. We are all three gifted orators, some being more comfortable with an audience but all well read and articulate. So where am I going with this? In sharing with my sisters my days activities, I concluded with the statement- it was a very good day.  What made it a good day? I started with an early morning walk with my dog. Miss Daisy had not enjoyed as many excursions lately and was a willing partner. We had been working on and in the kitchen- not with food. The wallpaper had been removed, the cracks and crevices filled, the undercoat applied, and this day I got to paint. I did feel out of shape as I twisted and

stretched to paint the areas above the cabinet and then below the cabinet. Moving the fridge and stove was easy, slow, but easy. And having been satisfied with the finished results of the kitchen and dining room painting, I tackled the front door. It is a steel door, and Henry Hoover, in signalling his need to go out, and to come in, had scratched the door down to the metal. In more than one place, on both sides. Having prepped it the day I undercoated the kitchen made it a natural progression for finish work, and then the people door to the garage looked like it could do with some loving. So, breakfast is a given, cold cereal with fruit, and lunch was leftovers, two easy meals, and supper consisted of frozen real meals from a caring family member. So the days intake was as easy as I could ever dream of. That gave me more free time, well, idle time. So we headed out to the acreage at Riding and spent hours watering the gardens, dead heading the f lowers, setting up sprinklers and simply enjoying the wonder of working outdoors. The evening highlight, the Monday evening highlight, was/is the face time with my sisters. It was after recounting this day that I could proclaim – it was a very good day! The challenge than is for them to determine what would make a day a very good day for them. Sister the Younger did not need time to think- working in the yard, then spending a bit of time with her creative hobbies, and then coming up with something tasty for supper. And I wonder- what does tasty have to do with eating? Sister the Elder will answer next week, and I am certain it will contain a visit to a theatre or museum, reading and time with friends. Wishing you all you own very good day!

From last week's front page BY JANICE HEAPY, OAK RIVER









Tundra By Chad Carpenter











think the first time I read about climate change, it was in a kids magazine called Ranger Rick in the 80s. I questioned my mom about what I’d read and she assured me it would be alright. Throughout time, I’ve looked into climate change, determining it to be a pressing issue. Through receiving my two science degrees, I’ve written a number of papers on climate change using peer reviewed papers, numerous sources from actual scientists and the scientific community. Climate change used to be called Climate Change Theory and now is called Climate Change Fact in reputable scientific communities. Climate change unfortunately is real and as a Canadian, per capital, I contribute more green house gasses then 90% of the worlds population. Canada and Australia are probably the two worst countries for harbouring climate denialists. The Liberal party is useless at actually fighting climate change, the Conservative party doesn’t even believe it is an issue and the Greens, your go to for people who want action on climate change, is having an eternal spat on issues in the Middle East. I kinda miss when they were a one trick pony. People who research climate change believe humanity needs no less then a war effort to address and solve the problem of climate change. If you don’t think climate change is an issue you mustn’t need food, shelter, water and most other things humans require for life. The world in the last two years has given us a brief glimpse at what the future will look like and it will get worse. Scientists who have argued for action against climate change, will at least be proven right, even though they all wish they were mistaken. Scientists will probably never receive the submission from climate deniers, no matter how obvious their predictions were, and even today when they are coming true. Intellectuals do not ignore the obvious, by finding miss-information and irrelevant facts to contradict the truth. The science, let alone with our current news feeds, is mere impossible to deny. I consider climate denialists to be comparable to someone in the hospital dying of covid 19 and still saying it is a hoax. I do not see how people can shut off their capacity for rational thought to that degree, but I guess it can be done. No matter how much of a case you can build up against the obvious, you will always be wrong. People like Greta Thunberg, Elizabeth May and many others who are pushing for action are coming to the point where they are burnt out. They do not know what to do, it is like pounding your head against a brick wall when dealing with people who are so willing to bury their head in the sand. We have already pretty much wiped out the Great Barrier Reef and there will be many more ecosystems to follow. You might want to ask yourself, what is the harm in not destroying the planet? Ryan Lowe Harding


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A4 Rivers Banner July 30, 2021

Al Lepp Redline MX Academy On July 11, several local riders participated in the Provincial Motocross Races Round # 1 being held at Madesa Raceway in Virden. Riders from Ontario to Alberta were compet ing in var ious age, skill level and bike displacement classes. Makena Gourlay, of Oak River, rode two awesome races on her Honda CRF 100 to come home with a 3rd place medal in Little Ladies! Congrats Makena! Her brother Gr yfon ran the 65 cc Class on his KTM 65, also roughing up the competition. Several other of our Cov id Cr ushers competed in various classes, all of them riding two solid races in very hot conditions! Carter and Cole Lelond, Devron Brown, Ethan and Emmett Lepp, Ty W i l s o n , R h a y e n Krieser, Leighton Fredbjornson and the three speedy Rempel boys from Kenton (Keegan, Sheldon and Gavin) lined up at the starting gate. For ma ny of t hem, this was their f irst official race, and it’s a lot to take in, for them and their anxious parents. Congrats to all! We have begun Ride Nights at Redline MX Academy in Rivers on Wednesday evenings. We are allowing mini bikes, trail bikes and up to 65 cc MX bikes to begin

Don’t miss the deadline!

12 noon Tuesday RiveRs BanneR

529-2nd Avenue, Rivers, MB 204-328-7494

Local MX update

riding at 4:30 to 6:30 pm. Then we have our Safety Meeting @ 6:30 pm before the MX bikes hit the track to work on improving their riding skills. Small bikes are welcome to stay all evening, as we will alternate track usage times. Safety, fun,friendships and speed are the order we want to keep our priorities in. Saturday.riding available on the track, anyone riding must have a signed waiver, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. minibikes, trailbikes and MX bikes up to 65 cc only allowed on the track at this time. 1p.m.-7p.m. MX bikes, mini bikes and trail bikes are to alternate times and accommodate each other for track use. The next race locally for MMA is set for Sun. Aug. 8 at Kemnay. Dependant on MB government health orders.

Left: Makena Gourlay of Oak River, who took a third place medal home with her CRF 100. Right: Devron Brown of Rivers on board his KX 85.


A very packed starting gate for the 85cc class at Madesa raceway. 21075GT4

If anyone is willing to donate use of their camper for that week, we are looking for 2 or 3 units for TMBC staff to stay in on church parking lot. Please Call or Text Al Lepp @ 2047246870.

Now in Neepawa Now in Neepawa and Serving Minnedosa and Serving Minnedosa Local Lawyers in Portage la Prairie, Local Lawyers in Portagefor la Prairie, MacGregor & Gladstone 50 Years MacGregor & Gladstone for 50 Years 225B Ellen Street, 225B310 Ellen Street, Box Box 310 Manitoba Neepawa, Neepawa, R0J 1H0 Manitoba R0J (204)1H0 704-4000 (204) 704-4000

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July 30, 2021 Rivers Banner A5

Neepawa, Minnedosa and Districts 4H Fat Stock Show Sale Results 2021

Yearling Heifer Classes Champion Simmental Yearling Heifer– Neepawa Vet C l i n ic: Br o ok l y n Hedley, Erickson. Reser ve Cha mpion S i m m e n t a l Ye a r l i n g Hei fer : E r ic S c hu lt z , Neepawa. Champion A ng us Ye a r l i n g H e i f e r – Br o ok mor e A n g u s of

Brookdale: Ashley Dyke, Neepawa. Reser ve Cha mpion Angus Yearling Heifer: Aklen Abey, Rapid City. Champion Shorthorn Yearling Heifer– Little Valley Livestock (Inglis Fa m i ly): Svei n na Bjarnarson, Neepawa. Reser ve Cha mpion S h o r t h o r n Ye a r l i n g Hei fer : Sier r a I ngl i s ,

Rapid City. Champion Crossbred or Other Breed Yearling Heifer – M id n ight Met a lwork s: M a d i s y n Robertson, Neepawa. Reser ve Cha mpion Crossbred or Other Breed Yearling Heifer: Brody Basaraba, Rapid City. Champion 4H Progeny Ye a r l i n g H e i f e r – McManus Simmentals:

Carson Baker, Neepawa. Reserve Champion 4-H Progeny Yearling Heifer: Svei n na Bja r na r son, Neepawa Best Homegrown Yearling Heifer – Chicken Corral Restaurant: Ashley Dyke, Neepawa. Grand Champion Yearling Heifer - Clare Larson Memorial: Ashley Dyke, Neepawa.

Reserve Grand C h a m p i o n Ye a r l i n g Heifer – Gladstone Vet Clinic: Brooklyn Hedley, Erickson. Grand Champion Two Year Old Heifers With Calf At Foot– Hed ley Livestock: Carson Baker, Neepawa. Reserve Grand Champion Two Year Old Heifer with Calf at Foot –

Rosling Farms: Chance Inglis, Neepawa. Supreme Female– JAS Red Angus (Doug & Jason M c L a r e n , N e e p aw a) : Carson Baker, Neepawa. Reser ve Supreme Female - JMB Charolais, Brookdale: Ashley Dyke, Neepawa. Continued on page 6

4-H FAT STOCK SHOW AND SALE THANK-YOU The members, leaders and families from the Rapid City, Neepawa and Erickson 4-H Beef Clubs wish to extend their sincere thanks to all the buyers and bidders for their outstanding support of the 2021 4-H Beef Inter Club Sale held virtually on Wednesday July 7th. BUYERS Stride Credit Union - Neepawa Mazergroup - Neepawa Central Testing Laboratories Ltd. - Winnipeg Trevor McLeod - Brookdale Martin Gaudet - Rathwell Ken Hinsburg - Oliver, BC Penno Manufacturing - Eden & McKay Charolias - Glenella Gord Peters - Brandon Master Feeds & Total Farm Supply - Brandon DAM Cattle Buyers - Neepawa DAM Cattle Buyers - Neepawa T. I. C. Parts & Service - Neepawa Minnedosa Insurance Jonco Farms - Minnedosa KRL Farms - Clanwilliam Rocky Mountain Equip. - Neepawa Parkline Auto - Minnedosa

4-H MEMBERS Sadie Sawchuk Madisyn Robertson Mona Van de Langemheen Aklen Abey Graycen van Meijl Averi van Meijl Chance Inglis Anja Van de Langemheen Sierra Inglis Zane Finlay Sierra Inglis (Progeny) Brooklyn Hedley Meredith Erven Easton Paterson Leah Gunnarson Eden Pearson (Progeny)

BUYERS Neepawa Vet Clinic Lake Agassiz Builders - Neepawa Boston Pizza - Neepawa Transolution Truck Center Brandon Kulbacki Ag Supply - Eden Brydges & Taylor Vet Hospital - Neepawa Enns Brothers - Neepawa Rocky Mountain Equip. - Neepawa T. I. C. Parts & Service - Neepawa CAMO Cattle Co. - Neepawa Gill & Schmall Agencies - Neepawa Springhill Colony - Neepawa Stride Credit Union - Neepawa Minnedosa Vet Clinic Harris Pharmacy - Neepawa Ken Beatty Farms Ltd & Ken Beatty Construction Ltd - Erickson Integra Tire - Minnedosa Smile Pinoy Foods - Neepawa

4-H MEMBERS Eric Schultz Rebecca-Lynn Pedersen Jason Schultz Sveinna Bjarnarson Summer Sawchuk Keegan Dyke Quinn Sawchuk Morgan Dyke Avery Jury Kooper Jury Cora Baker Carson Baker (Progeny) Rebecca-Lynn Pedersen Eden Pearson Rylee Paterson Shayla Woychyshyn Rylee Paterson (Progeny) Easton Paterson (Progeny)

Special Thank-You to Supporters of the Neepawa 4-H Fat Stock Association Scholarship COW PADDY BINGO BUYERS & SCHOLARSHIP DONATIONS Rick Taylor - Remax • John’s Electric Ltd (Neepawa) • Neepawa & Area 4-H Beef Club • Brian Horner Trucking • Erickson 4-H Beef Club Kerri Butler (Erickson) • McLaughlin GM • Mitch & Angela Hutton • South Valley Farms • Boston Pizza (Neepawa) • Knobby Oak & Pearson Farms Leslie Woywada Barnett - Century 21 • Mowat Livestock • Neepawa Vet Clinic • Rapid City 4-H Beef Club • Jury Farms • Northstar Insurance & Real Estate GOLD SPONSORS Shur-Gro Farm Supplies Ltd. (Neepawa) • Stride Credit Union (Neepawa) • Richardson Pioneer Company (Minnedosa) •Ritchie Bros (Manitoba) Neepawa-Gladstone Cooperative Ltd. • Royal Canadian Legion Ladies – Neepawa Branch • The Neepawa Banner & Press • Boehringer - Ingelheim (Scott Atkins) SILVER SPONSORS Neepawa Vet. Clinic SHOW CLASS SPONSORS Brydges and Taylor Veterinary Hospital Ltd (Neepawa). • Little Valley Livestock (Rapid City) • McManus Simmentals (Minnedosa) Petro-Canada Farm Center – MAR-DEE Ent. (Neepawa) • Brookmore Angus (Brookdale) • Chicken Corral Restaurant (Neepawa) Gladstone Veterinary Clinic (1997) • JAS Red Angus (Doug and Jason McLaren, Neepawa) • Clare Larson Memorial (Erickson 4-H Club) Heartland Livestock Service (Brandon) • Rosling Farms(Gladstone) •Redferns (Minnedosa) • Penno’s Machining and Manufacturing (Eden) Midnight Metalworks (Minnedosa) • Hedley Livestock (Rapid City) • Patterson Mobile Veterinary Services (Gladstone) • D Enterprises (Franklin) JMB Charolais (Brookdale) • CIBC (Neepawa) • Minnagro (Minnedosa) Thank you to Show Judge Chad Haaland (Hanley, SK) CONGRATULATIONS TO 50/50 Draw Winner: Jeff Ross People’s Choice Winners: $150 - Kerri Hinsburg, $150 - Greg Woychyshyn & $50 - Scott Bigney ADDITIONAL THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING FOR THEIR CONTINUED SUPPORT • Gladstone Auction Mart • Heartland Livestock Services (Brandon) Smile Pinoy Foods (Gladstone) • Oak Ridge Meats (McCreary) • Sandy Lake Locker Plant Oak River Quick Freeze • Cut Rite Meats (Carberry) • 262 Meats (Minnedosa)


when we are winding down and beginning to rest, when we are nally still, that God can get to work on us; when we are better able to be aware of God’s presence, when A6 Rivers Banner July 30, 2021 we can hear God’s voice more easily. Scriptures assure us God is always with us, it’s just that it’s harder for us to be with God until our work day is coming to an end and we can begin to rest in God’s presence. Summer is a time when we are more free from many demands, when we can slow down and just be for a while. May summer also be a time for us to invite our Creator to cleanse, heal and renew us.

plan? It may be time to get familiar with that document so you know what to do to keep your family safe. Behind only United States, Canada sees the most tornado activity annually each year – focused on southern Ontario and the three Prairie provinces. With the peak activity for tornadoes occurring any time between April and September, we’re right at the heart of a potential emergency right now. On average, 43 tornadoes occur each year on the prairies. Do you know the difference between a weather watch and a weather warning?

Local 4-H’rs make sales in multiple classes

ner room in the basement or underneath the stairs to the basement. Rooms that have extra support in the walls such as bathrooms are also ideal as bathroom pipes provide extra support to the walls. Mobile homes and camper trailers are very unsafe places to take shelter as they are not anchored to the ground. Get informedU-pick and stay safe. For more information Margo’s flower garden visit: Public Safety Canada http://www.publicsafety. Rapid City - by appointment or only Environment garden tour Canada

OR - flower picking - $20.00/bucket

Phone or text 204.761.5263 for details or message Margo’s Garden on FaceBook Covid-19 restrictions will apply


1,435 - 1,515 lbs: 1. Highest gaining steer Robertson, Neepawa. Averie Van Meijl, Rapid with Simmental Influence: 2 0 2 1 N e e p a w a & Market Steer City, 2. Brooklyn Hedley, Brooklyn Hedley District 4-H Fat Stock Weight Classes Erickson. Erickson 3.49 lbs/day. Scholarship Winners: 1,006 - 1,174 lbs: 1. 1,570 - 1,725 lbs: 1. B e s t Ho m e G r ow n Brooklyn Hedley, Cha nce I ngl is, R apid M a d i s y n R o b e r t s o n , Steer - Neepawa 4-H Fat E r i c k s o n ; R e b e c c a City, 2. RyleeHamiota’s Paterson, N e e p a w a ,Lakeside 2 . Q u i n n Septic Stock Association: Sadie Lynne Pedersen, NDREA Erickson Sawchuk, Neepawa. Sawchuk, Neepawa. Neepawa; Anja Van de Service Fast DAMSON 1,176 - 1,335 lbs: 1. 4H P rogeny Steer s: G r a n d C h a mStylist p i o nHeather Langemheen, Rapid Stylist Wendy Harder Actively serving Rivers Minnedosa-based mobile dental hygienist Rebecca-Lynn Pedersen, 820 - 1,455and lbs: area 1. on Wednesdays Market Steer– Neepawa C i t y ;Roberds M o n a Va n d e Stylist/nail tech Melissa • Residential & Commercial Nee paw a , 2. Svei n n a Carson Baker, Neepawa, 2. Gladstone Co-op: SadieOPENLangemheen, Rapid City. with competitive rates. Personal care homes • Farm Wiring & Trenching To book appointments, Tues., Wed. and Fri., 950/50 a.m.-5 p.m. Bjarnarson, Neepawa. Rebecca-Lynn Pedersen, Sawchuk, Neepawa. Ticket Winner:Home care 204-764-2744 p.m. call Bryan at R e s e r v e Brandon - Rivers 1,355 - FUNERAL 1,425 lbs: 1.DIRECTOR Sadie Neepawa. GThursday, r a n d 99 a.m.-8 Jeff Ross. People’s Choice 204-807-9496 Saturday, a.m.-noon Sawchuk, 2. Champion Market Winners: Kerri Hinsburg, 204-867-2416/204-867-7558 DwayneNeepawa, Campbell ~ 204-764-2746 Ph.Steer– 204-328-7435 529-2nd204-761-2192 Avenue, Rivers, MB Graycen Van Meijl, Rapid Keystone Simmental H e a r t l a n d L i v e s t o c k Greg Woychyshyn, Scott 204-328-7494 • City. Association Award B r a n d o n : M a d i s y n Bigney.

Hair Dynamics

Don’t mis s the deadline!


12 noon Tuesday RiveRs BanneR

K-9 Country Dog Retreat

Mini storage units for rent.

Way-Mor Agencies Ltd.


Business Directory

Located on Hwy. 10 between Brandon and Minnedosa. Call or email for rates and information.

204-826-2849 or k-9countrydogretreat

Insurance, Travel, Investments, Real Estate

 

HAMIOTA: 204-764-2544  BRANDON: 888-726-1995


van Veen Carpentry Ltd.

Specializing in residential, commercial, farm building.


204-826-2292 or Residential & Commercial Repair & Maintenance •

HVAC Installations

Septic Truck Services

Licensed Gas Fitting

Duct Cleaning

24 hr Emergency Service

Backhoe & Skidsteer Services

Magnum Woodworks

Finishing, custom carpentry and Rivers renovations Serving and area since 1906.Rivers 204-573-2120, Phone 204-727-0694 or 1-800-897-5694 STEVEN KROEKER

• Residential & Commercial • HVAC Installations • Licensed Gas Fitting • 24 hr Emergency Service • Repair & Maintenance • Septic Truck Services Jake: 204-761-0900 • Duct Cleaning Tyson: 204-761-8765 • Backhoe & Skidsteer Services

Rivers MB,

Dry bulk transportation

“Building for all your farm needs!”

Serving Rivers and area since 1906. WWW.KROEGERBACKHOE.CA EXCAVATION-GRAVELPhone 204-727-0694 or ACREAGE DEVELOPEMENT1-800-897-5694 SEPTIC SYSTEMS 204-761-8765

FUNERAL DIRECTOR Dwayne Campbell ~ 204-764-2746

Hunt, Miller & Co. LLP

...because the memories are what we cherish

Jack Cram, Lawyer

Funerals, Cremations, Receptions

Phone 204-727-8491 or 204.727.0330 or 204-328-7540 (Thursdays, 1.888.694.8153 for appointments. 2-5 p.m.)

20 years’ experience. Big or small jobs, we do them all. Reliable. Reasonable rates.

Phone 204-720-1610

Way-Mor Agencies Ltd. Ph. 204-724-6870 Fax 204-328-4407 Dry bulk transportation

Insurance, Travel, Investments, Real Estate

Phone 204-328-7540 204-566-2490


• Residential & Commercial • Farm Wiring & Trenching

•204-724-0506 •

Brandon - Rivers

“You crack ‘em. We tack ‘em”

Shaping the Future

ACCOUNTING SERVICE Certied Management Accountants

Hamiota: 71 Maple Ave. 204-764-2544 Brandon: 20-18th St., 204-727-5927



* Excavating * Plumbing and heating * Gravel,Hamiota, stone and MBrip rap 764-2451 * Snow removal Autopac accredited repair shop * Demolition Aftermarket parts & accessories Glass replacement & Towing * Septic tanks and fields


For your This all space is available To you electrical needs sTarTing as low as $13.50 per week call 204-328-7494 or email info@riversbanner. com


Residential carpenter for hire

Frame and Stud Fra Post Farm Buildings me

Ph. 204-724-6870 Johan’s204-328-4407 Construction Ltd. Fax 204-745-7628 cell

Place Emporium


Hamiota ~ Brandon ~ Birtle   Souris ~ Pilot Mound  Killarney ~ Deloraine

Phone 204-328-7540 204-566-2490

New home builds; Major renovations; Plumbing HVAC; Geothermal experts.

Ph. 204-328-7893



Holding a community event?

Jeannie’s Interiors Professional Painting & Decorating

Jeannie Bos

204-573-1150 Rapid City, MB

Hunt, Miller & Co. LLP

Jack Cram, Lawyer Phone 204-727-8491 or 204-328-7540 (Thursdays, 2-5 p.m.) for appointments. This space is available To you sTarTing as low as $13.50 per week call 204-328-7494 or email info@riversbanner. com

Contact us to help spread the news about your community event or fundraiser 529 2nd Ave., Rivers, MB RiveRs BanneR 204-328-7494 •

July 30, 2021 Rivers Banner A7





PHONE: 204-328-7494 FAX: 204-328-5212 E-MAIL:


Help Wanted

HIP/KNEE Replacement? Other medical conditions causing TROUBLE WALKING or DRESSING?

25, In December loving memory 1969 of Leslee Herndon, July 28, 2010 who passed away Leslee, it’s been July 28, 2010. ten years... We Leslee’s life is a beautiremember ful memorythe Her death a silent love, the isjoy and grief the laughter. She sleeps in Gods Forever loved by beautiful garden your family In the sunshine of perfect peace . Always loved and forever missed, Birthday Mom, Renee, Rick, Aaron, Kyle and Brendan

The Disability Tax Credit allows for $2,500 yearly tax credit and up to $30,000 Lump sum refund. Apply NOW; quickest refund Nationwide! Providing assistance during Covid.

Expert Help:



FOODS Meat Cutters/Production Personnel Our people, perseverance, integrity, and exceptional partnerships have led HyLife to becoming Canada’s leading pork producer and global exporter of high quality pork products. The growing demand for our pork in Japan and China means we need exceptional people to help deliver our company vision. We have expanded our Neepawa facility to increase our overall production by 15% and in turn created new jobs throughout the company. As a Meat Cutter/Production Personnel you will be a critical member of our team in the creation of our world class product. Our positions range from working on our slaughter production floor to shipping the final packaged product, with everything in between! With our wide variety of jobs, excellent people, and our drive for innovation you will certainly find a job that suits you! Responsibilities and duties include but are not limited to: • Slaughter and eviscerate hogs for further processing • Harvest and package edible offal • Process pork carcasses into primal cuts • Butcher and package pork primal cuts into value added specifications for local, national and international premium markets • Carry out other tasks related to processing of meat for shipping to customers or storage • Sanitation People who will succeed as members of our team will: • Enjoy working in a fast paced, stable long term work environment • Appreciate working in a culturally diverse workplace. We employ people from all over the world! • Treat people with dignity and respect • Open to working in colder/warmer environments • Physically Fit • Experience as an industrial butcher or trimmer is an asset

Current starting wage is $15.15/hour plus $1.00 per hour perfect attendance incentive! Wage scale extends to $22.10 per hour

Cheers to 65 years! Happy Birthday, Dianne! Love, your family

We believe that our success is founded on the strength of our team. As such, we place a great deal of emphasis on attracting, developing and retaining good people, and consider every one of our employees to be a highly-valued member of the HyLife family. To that end, we are committed to providing a working environment that not only fosters personal growth, but also recognizes our employees’ contributions towards the common goal of our company’s success because of this HyLife has been recognized as a Platinum Member of Canada’s Best-Managed Companies.

invites applications for

If you have the qualifications and the passion to meet this challenge then we would like to explore your potential. Please apply online at or email to or mail to PO Box 10,000, 623 Main St E, Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0.

for the 2021-2022 school year

We thank all applicants, however, only those under consideration will be contacted

Help Wanted

Rolling River School Division Substitute Teachers

Current Substitutes Substitute teachers employed under a Substitute Teacher contract with Rolling River School Division in the 2020-2021 school year must call 204-867-2754, Ext 225 or email shyde@rrsd. to reactivate employment status as a substitute teacher for the 2021-2022 school year. New Applicants New applicants must complete an application package. Applicants must possess a valid Manitoba Teachers Certificate. Application packages are available on our Website: www. (under link Employment then Substitute Teaching) or at our office at: Rolling River School Division 36 Armitage Ave Box 1170 Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0 Telephone: (204) 867-2754 Ext. 225

Minimum charge: $5+GST Extra insertions: 1/2 original price




RTM’s The Aurora Plus 1648 SqFt RTM

• New Lawns • Overseeding • Utility Repair • Erosion Control • Golf Courses • Sports and Recreation Areas

3 bedrooms, ensuite, huge kitchen, quartz countertops, walk-in pantry, island. 9 ft walls and double cathedral ceiling. James Hardie Siding.



Don Nylen

Pictures available

Brand New Show Home 204-346-3231

Classifieds MUST be PREPAID Visa/Mastercard accepted


Help Wanted


Rolling River School Division invites applications for EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANT positions

Notice is hereby given that a vote of THE RURAL MUNICIPALITY OF OAKVIEW will be taken to elect a Municipal Councillor for Ward 2 from the following duly nominated candidates:

Voting places will be open for voting on Wednesday the 18TH day of AUGUST, 2021 between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. at the following locations:

School Oak River Colony Oak River Elementary Onanole Elementary Onanole Elementary Rivers Collegiate Rivers Collegiate Minnedosa Collegiate Minnedosa Collegiate Tanner’s Crossing Tanner’s Crossing Tanner’s Crossing Tanner’s Crossing Tanner’s Crossing

Voting Station #1 (Rapid City Poll) – Rapid City Firehall at 415-3rd Avenue in Rapid City (Townships 13 & 14 Range 19 and 20W)

For more details and application information, please visit our website at select Employment then Support Positions

Voting Station #2 (Basswood Poll) – Basswood Community Hall at 125 McKinnon Street in Basswood (Township 15 Range 19 and 20W)

Thank you to all applicants for their interest in Rolling River School Division. Only those candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.

For the office of Ward 2 (Former R.M. of Saskatchewan) Councillor: 1. CHRISTIE, Robert 2. CLARKE, Reginald VOTING PLACES

IDENTIFICATION MAY BE REQUIRED BEFORE BEING ALLOWED TO VOTE. A person may be required to produce one piece of government issued photo identification (for example - driver’s license or passport) or at least two other documents that provide proof of identity. ADVANCE VOTING For the purpose of accommodating persons who are qualified to vote, but who have reason to believe that they will be absent or otherwise unable to attend their proper voting place on election day, an advance voting opportunity will be located at: R.M. of Oakview satellite municipal office at 435 – 3rd Avenue in Rapid City, MB and will be open on Thursday, August 12th, 2021 between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Application to Vote by Sealed Envelope A voter who is unable to go in person to the voting place or vote in advance, may apply in person, in writing, by fax or email to the senior election official at R.M. of Oakview office at 10 Cochrane Street Oak River, Box 179 Oak River, MB R0K 1T0; Fax number (204) 566-2126; or email If applying in person*, a voter may apply between July 21st, 2021 and August 13th, 2021. *A voter applying in person may pick up a sealed envelope ballot package at the time of application. If applying by mail, fax or email**, a voter may apply between July 16th, 2021 and August 13th, 2021. **A voter applying by mail or fax will receive a sealed envelope ballot package by regular post, or by making alternative arrangements with the senior election official. Diane Kuculym Senior Election Officer RM of Oakview (204)566-2146

For Sale

Hours per day 2.7 3.5 5.3 4.3 4.0 3.4 5.0 5.0 5.5 5.5 5.0 4.0 4.0


BATTERIES FOR EVERYTHING! 50, 000 BATTERIES IN STOCK *Auto *Farm *Marine *Construction *ATV *Motorcycle *Golf Carts *Rechargeables *Tools *Phones *Computers *Solar Systems & design * Everything Else!

THE BATTERY MAN 1390 St. James St., WPG 1-877-775-8271

Trucks, Trailers, Truckbeds & Tires

• Full Repair & Safeties • Vehicle Parts, Tires & Wheels • Trailer Parts & Batteries • Sales, Financing, Leasing & Rentals EBY Aluminum: • Gooseneck and Bumper Pull Cattle & Equipment Trailers • Truck & Service Bodies • Generation Grain Trailers


Hwy #1, MacGregor, MB



Response Builder Advertising


• GET SEEN by over 340,000 Manitoba Homes! • Create instant top of mind awareness • Showcase your info, business, product, job, announcements or event • We format it, to make it look great! • Starting at $239.00 (includes 35 lines of space) • The ads blanket the province and run in MCNA’s 37 Manitoba community newspapers • Very cost effective means of getting your message out to the widest possible audience Contact this newspaper NOW or MCNA at 204.947.1691 or email

Advertising deadline:

12 noon Tuesday

Be On Time! Advertising deadline:

12 noon Tuesday

RiveRs BanneR

529-2nd Avenue, Rivers, MB 204-328-7494

A8 Rivers Banner July 30, 2021

Spruce Plains RCMP report

By Cpl. Jacob Stanton Spruce Plains RCMP

During the week of July 19 to July 25, Spruce Plains RCMP dealt with 61 police activities. July 19: RCMP received a repor t of a vehicle being taken without the owner’s consent in Minnedosa. Shortly after the complainant advised that the vehicle had been returned and they did not wish for any further action from police. Police responded to a 911 hang up call in Neepawa that was determined to have been caused by a faulty phone line. July 20: RCMP responded to reports of suspicious persons and vehicles in Gladstone a nd Neepawa. Pol ice attended and patrolled the areas but the person and vehicles the persons and vehicles could not be located. Police received a report of mischief in Glenella; the investigation is ongoing. Police received a wellbeing request at a business in Neepawa. Police attended and found all was well, with no cause for concern. July 21: RCMP were dispatched to an accident i n M i n ne do s a wher e a motor veh ic le a nd rail maintence vehicle collided. The vehicles sustained damage however there were no injuries. Police responded to a break and enter to a cabin in Minnedosa; the matter is still under investigation. July 22: RCMP responded to a 911 hang up call in Rapid City. Police attended the residence and determined that a domest ic a ssau lt had taken place. One person was arrested and charged as a result. Police received a report of an ongoing neighbour dispute in the

RiveRs BanneR

529-2nd Avenue, Rivers, MB 204-328-7494 •

RM of North CypressLangford. The matter is still under investigation. July 23: RCMP responded to two commercial alarms; one in Neepawa and one in the RM of Oakview. Both were determined to be false. Police received a report of mischief in Neepawa, where a vehicle was vandalised; the investigation is ongoing. July 24: RCMP conducted a Covid compliance check at a residence in Neepawa. All person(s) were found complying with quarantine regulations. Police responded to t wo fa lse business alarms in Minnedosa, assisted with a sudden death in the Municipality of Westlake-Gladstone and conducted a wellbeing check on a person in Neepawa. July 25: RCMP conducted a traffic stop in Minnedosa after a vehicle was observed to be speedi n g. T he d r iver w a s administered an alcohol screening device, which they failed. The driver was issued an immediate roadside suspension, a serious offence notice and a speeding ticket.

lice Poresponded to a single vehicle collision in the RM of Minto-Odanah where the dr iver lost control on loose gravel. T here were no sig ns of impairment and no

Manitoba Community Newspaper Association Province Wide Classifieds NOTICES Advertisements and statements contained herein are the sole responsibility of the persons or entities that post the advertisement, and the Manitoba Community Newspaper Association and membership do not make any warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, truthfulness or reliability of such advertisements. For greater information on advertising conditions, please consult the Association’s Blanket Advertising Conditions on our website at URGENT PRESS RELEASES Have a newsworthy item to announce?


injuries. RCMP conducted 20 traffic enforcement actions during this reporting period. Public service announcement If you have any information about these c r i me s or a ny ot her crimes, please contact your local RCMP Office or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477. Due to the on-going COVID-19 Pandemic, the Neepawa and Minnedosa RCMP detachments advise they will be limiting front counter services at the detachments until further notice. We request that you contact each detachment at 204-476-7340 (Neepawa) or 204-8672916 ( Minnedosa) to inquire about criminal record checks or to file a report. Leave a message if needed and it will be checked the following business day. Do not leave a message if you require immediate police assistance. You must dial 204-476-7338 ( Nee paw a), 20 4 - 8 672751

We are looking to restart the community calendar in the Rivers Banner. Let us know about coming events in the community! Contact us via email or phone Monday through Thursday! (Limit two lines per event)

Having an event? An exciting change in operations? Though we cannot guarantee publication, MCNA will get the information into the right hands for ONLY $35.00 + GST/HST. Call MCNA (204) 947-1691 for more information. See under the “Types of Advertising” tab or Email classified@ for more details. FOR SALE DO YOU NEED STAFF URGENTLY? Are your efforts to recruit staff on social media and the internet NOT creating the results that you need??? Let us help. Trust the newspapers to get your

message out! Advertise in the 37 Weekly Manitoba Community Newspapers! We could be helping your organization right now. Get noticed in over 352,000+ homes, for as little as $189.00 + GST! To learn more, Call THIS NEWSPAPER or email for details. MCNA - Manitoba Community Newspapers Association (204) 947-1691. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Décor Melamine Cabinets fully assembled, soft close. Eight-week lead time. Contact Fehr’s Cabinets for a quote. Install Available. Email: Phone:

(204) 746-2223 AUCTIONS WARD'S & BUD HAYNES FIREARMS AUCTION, Saturday, August 21st, Edmonton, Alberta. Hundreds of Lots in all Classes. www.WardsAuctions. com . Call Brad 780-940-8378; Linda 403-597-1095 to consign. FEED & SEED **PREMIUM PRICES PAID** for High Protein Peas, Yellow and Green and Faba Beans. FOB Farm Feed & 2 or better. Vicki Dutton. 1-306-441-6699.

Profile for Rivers Banner

July 30, 2021  

July 30, 2021  


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