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Friday, July 2, 2021 • Vol.113 No. 43 • Rivers, Manitoba

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Outdoor grad celebrations featured for 2021 March 30, 2018

Back row L/R: Meghan Knelsen, Erich Schmidt, Thom Heijmans, Heather Gray, Liliane Dupuis. Front row L/R: Minami Kijima, Haile Hubbard, Chassidy Payette, Morgan Ramsay, Bryce Summers, Quinn Hrabok.



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Lef t: River s Collegiate grads lined Columbia Street starting at the tennis courts as a good chunk of the population of Rivers and area drove by congratulating the students on their accomplishment.

Can collections for canoes

Photo by Sheila Runions

By Sheila Runions Banner Staff


cans from the school foyer into and Chimo Beach areas for con- put away in the proper place on s r e p or t e d i n t he tion to the schools. Pupils co-ordinated the entire the church basement the after- tributions from the community. the shelving units. They were March 9 edition, the Grade 12 Interdisci- month-long promotion, which noon of March 21, where the When all was said and done, fantastic! We are very, very plinary Studies in Science class culminated in a ceremonious food was weighed and sorted. the scales at Riverdale Harvest pleased.” Elementary school staff memat Rivers Collegiate planned a presentation on March 20 to Although the project was a sen- noted a total of 434 pounds, “a project for Riverdale Harvest. Riverdale Harvest president ior students brainstorm, the en- fabulous amount,” says Heather. ber/Harvest volunteer Yvonne tire high school was encouraged “We are so pleased they decided Crouch initiated a similar camDubbed the Boat Load of Food, Heather Gray and Liliane. Because the snow had melted to participate. The collegiate to help those we serve. A lot paign in her school. That threestudents secured a canoe from Rolling River School Division so much, the canoe could not hosted a poor boy floor hockey of times kids don’t get enough week effort simply encouraged with an intent to f ill it with be portaged across the street to tournament in which to play, credit but this group of students students to leave product in non-perishables. Although the Zion Church (home of River- athletes had to pay with food for certainly deserves some praise. the canoe; 87 pounds of food campaign was fully organized dale Harvest). Rather, the teens the canoe. Some students also All students stayed behind to was collected from the younger by that class, the original idea carried bags, boxes and garbage canvassed Rivers, Oak River help check expiry dates, sort and group on Thursday, March 22. came from a suggestion made by harvest volunteer Liliane Dupuis. “I heard the idea at a meeting in Brandon. St. Augustine Bradley Goertzen throws his grad cap during the Elton Collegiate grad ceremonies. School had tried Fill a CanoePHOTOS BY WIL LAMONT in conjunction with the 10-day Parents and friends lined the access road in front of the school. As each grad took Elton Collegiate Principal Mark Geekie and Governor General, Valedictorian and Festival du Voyaguer in Winto the stage, friends and family could approach the stage and cheer them on. Miss Congeniality recipient Cassandra Martens all smiles on graduation day . nipeg inwere February. It was very successful and whenever I hear food bank, my ears always perk up!” Your high school diploma is a symbol of resilience during these challenging times. She then brought the sugproud! Your future success starts in September, right here in Brandon. The canoe atBe Rivers gestion to Riverdale Harvest, Elementary School was which supported the idea and adequately filled. Photo by Heather Gray asked her to present the promo-

Congratulations, Class of 2021!

2 Rivers Banner July 2, 2021

Finding facts takes work


n nearly 32 years of writing columns and stories, it is abundantly clear that we need newspapers more and more every day. There’s a lot of information floating around about every topic under the sun. Perhaps more than any other issue, C-19 has generated more information, both true and false, than any other topic I have ever covered. We get reports from at least three layers of government in Canada and multiple layers of government in the U.S., coupled with numerous departments, universities, think tanks and lobby groups, I would guess that more words have been written, or spoken, about C-19 than just about any other topic in history. Getting the facts is important, so I was particularly thankful to a reader who phoned me early this week and asked me if I had heard the following story. He said he had heard that if people voluntarily got a COVID-19 vaccination, their life insurance policy would not be valid. If vaccination was mandated to an individual, it wouldn’t affect their life insurance. I thought the rumour was a bit far-fetched, but here is an explanation of how it started. Apparently, my reader friend wasn’t alone. A lot of people had heard the same story. So, hearing that story, I went directly to one of our insurance people and here is what Scott Wilson, of Intent Planning, had to say. 

“Hi Ken, I’m glad you asked, because the rumours are entirely wrong and need to be corrected. What happened was, a client called Manulife and asked if they would be covered after receiving the vaccine. Whoever was working in the call centre that day, gave the wrong information and said they wouldn’t be covered.  The client was actually mis-advised over the phone they would not payout because the vaccine was experimental, and this has been shared extensively on social media. That client has since posted on social media a written letter from Manulife, stating, ‘the COVID-19 vaccination in no way negatively impacts current policies or coverage’.  Here is a link to the fact check: factcheck-manulife-covidvaccineidUSL1N2LH23I Canada Life’s policy states: “In recent weeks, we’ve received questions pertaining to risks of claim eligibility if a customer receives a COVID-19 vaccination.  When a COVID-19 vaccine has been given by an authorized health professional, side-effects or complications


Ken Waddell from the vaccine would not limit an individual’s eligibility.  Governmentapproved COVID-19 vaccinations are tested to make sure they’re safe and effective. While some people have reported side effects after being immunized with a COVID-19 vaccine in Canada, those side effects aren’t necessarily related to the vaccine.”  Here is a link to the full web page: how-canada-life-is-supporting-youduring-covid-19.html The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association’s (CLHIA) website also reiterates: ‘Contrary to misinformation being shared online, receiving a COVID-19 vaccine will have no effect on the ability to obtain coverage or benefits from

life insurance or supplementary health insurance.’ Here is a link to the full webpage: LP4W_LND_Webstation.nsf/page/CF FB22AA8524D58385258692004DDFFC !OpenDocument Please let me know if you have any questions. Scott Wilson” If you have any other stories or rumours you would like The Banner & Press to check out, call me (Ken) at 204-476-6214 or email or Micah at 204-328-7494 or email Disclaimer: The views expressed in this column are the writer’s personal views and are not to be taken as being the view of the Banner staff.

Time for action

There are times in a nation’s existence when something so unnerving and shocking happens that all other problems retreat for another day. It is so with the discovery of nearly 1000 unmarked graves at two residential schools in Canada – one in Kamloops, B.C., and another at Marieval, SK. It wasn’t “ just” the discovery of the graves that was so appalling but learning from the indigenous survivors about the extent of the abuse that they suffered while they were there. That it has taken this long – decades and decades – before we are finally willing to listen and believe is also appalling. Since the second discovery at Marieval many people have had something to say about what should be done in response to these atrocities – federal, provincial, church and chiefs as well as professors and social workers have all had something to contribute or advise. Rightly so, all are calling for accountability from the leaders in the Roman Catholic Church, the nuns and priests who were active in the schools, and the government entities who have talked and talked and done nothing. One of the chiefs whose people were directly affected stated that if the Pope did not come to Canada and apologize for the church’s responsibility in these horrors he would leave his faith. Then his faith is misplaced. The Pope is not the source of the Christian faith – Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who died on the cross for our sins – He is the source of our faith and belief, our rock on whom we can depend. Whether or not the Pope comes to Canada and actually visits the school sites to apologize and pray for healing

RiveRs BanneR Est. 1908


cannot be a reason for the rest of Canada to be inactive. The Pope will face his Maker one day and have to answer for what he has neglected. We need to figure out what is going to do some real good now, and the “we” involves the leaders of the indigenous nations, leaders from all the churches, (because there were other denominations involved in running residential schools beside the R.C. Church) as well as provincial, municipal and federal representatives. All need to sit at the same table and discuss the problems, and present concrete ideas that focus on positive action going forward. As I listened to various speakers on the matter of the unmarked graves there seemed to be some actions that would be straight forward and obvious as a beginning. Have the RCMP begin a proper legal investigation of the grave desecration at Marieval in order to get the documents needed to identify the buried children. If the survivors and families of those buried in these cemeteries need the bodies exhumed, DNA’d and returned to their families for appropriate, cultural and therefore meaningful burial, do so. Representatives of the Roman Catholic church in Canada, but especially in British Colombia and Saskatchewan, should do their own apologizing at the sites, ask forgiveness and try to help the grieving families in a way that is appropriate for those affected. Some chiefs feel it is past the time for apologies and for money to be thrown at the indigenous people and then for them to be left to their own devices. Accountability on both sides – the giver and the receiver – to report to

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each other on how those funds are spent, their outcomes, ideas, etc. are needed so that the money is used effectively, with purpose and goals that are measurable. Sunday night I listened to Chief Kenny Blacksmith on Faytene’s tv program. He stated firmly that all of Canada needs to turn back to God; that there can be no more broken promises and covenants, that we need to join together and hear one another. None of us is guaranteed a certain length of days, therefore we must live in the now and act now. As representatives of Jesus Christ we must be His hands to do, His ears to hear, His feet to carry and His voice to be heard. Barry Maracle, of the Mohawk, on the same show, cited the oldest Indian treaty of 1613 between the Iroquois and the Europeans. It promised that both peoples would sail down the river together. A beautiful image, left undone too long. He said that we need to hold on to that which binds us together, forsake racism which separates us and work together to solve these issues. Maracle felt that God had a dream for Canada as a healer – a healer for the nations. That is a worthy dream to bring to fruition. Let us pray for that to happen, and for each of us to do our part to promote healing between the peoples. Let us hold on to God’s Truth and not be diverted by those who would try to divide and deceive us with spurious, radical philosophies designed to cause more chaos. The answer is with our Creator God, if we will listen to Him.

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July 2, 2021 Rivers Banner 3

Home Bodies By Rita Friesen Wistful Thinking...


anada Day. So much to be thankful for, and so much to think about. Some of my thoughts are my own and some have been planted– firmly and deeply– by history and, now, by news and social media. It does appear that there is only one headliner for the news on any given day. One catastrophe is front and centre until a greater disaster takes dominance. It could be safe to say that we, as a people, are tired of the pandemic, with its horrific and deadly spread, with the limitations and restrictions. As I ponder and ref lect, the unmarked graves on the residential school sites is paramount, also horrific. In a conversation with my Sister the Elder, the topic of residential schools and the ‘60s scoop was discussed in detail. She is an educated educator, Manitoba born and raised, and had never heard of either the schools or the scoop. How can that be? Graduated from the University of Manitoba in the ‘60s. Avid reader and life long learner, familiar with world history and a world traveller, and yet no knowledge of these chapters of Canadian history. My sister recalls reading Rudy Wiebe’s novel, ‘Peace Shall Destroy Many’, giving insights into the relationships between the Indigenous community and the Mennonite community, and

again, no knowledge of the early history of Canada, of us. Honestly, the current Canadian History taught online with Mrs. Young was an eye opener for me. Yes, for me, as I followed the course with both of my granddaughters. The lessons included real Canadian history, even the pieces we are not proud of. Please, I wistfully wish, I could say we are ashamed of. There are so many aspects of our national attitude that I am proud of. I believe that, by and large, we are open and accepting of other cultures and creeds. Could we be doing better? Without a doubt. It is when I ref lect on the welcome that marginalised folks have received over the century plus, I am thankful. Do I recognise that many were welcomed as settlers on unproductive land? Yep. The settlers were not bound to the land they were allotted; it was a starting place that many made into a forever home and haven. If my information is correct, Winnipeg was one of the first centres to organise and celebrate diversity with Folklorama. We do not have to become one minded to be like-minded. Canada Day. Memories include picnics and fireworks. Now the debate rages whether streets, universities and civic centres should be renamed. Whether statues should be torn down, statutes rewritten. I truly am wistfully thinking when I wonder if there is a place to place the statues so we do not forget, do never repeat, the nasties in our history. It is obvious that our early school history books were inadequate in the presentation of social justice/injustice. We have an opportunity to act on the reconciliation part of the Truth and Reconciliation report. Canada Day. Indeed, I am thankful for the freedoms we, as a nation, take so for granted. I am thankful for the vastness and uniqueness of this country. I, too, stand on guard.

From last week's front page BY JANICE HEAPY, OAK RIVER








Tundra By Chad Carpenter










Manitoba 4-H scholarship recipients

Media Announcement from: Leslie Bryde, Office Administrator, Manitoba 4-H Council Office: 204-726-6136 email: 4-H Manitoba 2021 Scholarship Recipients Announced Winners represent several Manitoba communities June 23, 2021 Brandon MB The Manitoba 4-H Council Board of Directors and Staff would like to congratulate our 2021 Scholarship Recipients. We also want to wish our Graduates the best of luck as they transition into their future education plan, however that may occur. 2021 4-H Scholarship Winners Manitoba 4-H Council – 12 @ $1000.00 York Benimaru Foundation – 1 @ $1,000.00 Christyna Caldwell South Parkland Foster Tolton South Parkland Harleigh Carlson Red River Rhett Cruickshanks Southwest Maliya Graham Valleys North Darrah Kent South Parkland Jillia Meggison Southwest Bayer CropScience – 1 @ $1000.00 Emily Robb Southwest Oksana Iwanchysko Red River Sara Roos North Parkland (Future Leaders Club) Lori Steppler Red River Vanessa Theroux Central Plains Victoria Walker Eastman Jessica Young South Parkland Lois Thompson-Hudon Memorial Scholarship – 1 @ $1,000.00 Jaylin Hill Southwest Manitoba Pork Council – 1 @ $1,000.00 Jada Ricard Red River (Future Leaders Club) John and Ona Schellenberg Bursary – 5 @ $2000.00 Rayna Gleich North Interlake Lainie Muir South Parkland Halee Piasta Red River Brett Remillard Southswest Dean Ricard Pembina

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MLA Cullen announces building sustainable communities grant recipients Rivers to receive two grants from BSCGP Cliff Cullen, MLA for Spruce Woods, is pleased to announce local recipients of the Building Sustainable Communities Grant Program located in the constituency of Spruce Woods. “I am proud to highlight our PC government’s investments in local projects that will help build thriving, sustainable communities for everyone’s benefit,” said Cullen. “These grants will help boost community organizations during these unprecedented times as we begin to rebuild our economy beyond the pandemic.” The Building Sustainable Communities Program has been expanded for 2021 with up to $13 million available to support 305 community development projects from across the province. Selected project recipients in the constituency of Spruce Woods, include: • Glenboro Community Primary Playground – Glenboro Community Playground Improvement Project - $20,798.00 • Glenboro Minor Sports Inc. – Glenboro Baseball Field & Equipment Upgrades - $6,810.00 • Riverdale Community Development Corp. – Rivers Business Corridor Streetscaping - $4,276.00 • Riverdale Recreation Commission – Riverdale Campground Washroom Construction project - $61,835.00 • Victoria Municipal Library – Library Upgrades Project - $30,002.00 • Wawanesa Minor Sports – Baseball Diamond Equipment Project - $3,537.00 • RM of Whitehead – Roseland Community Hall Upgrades Project - $4,798.00 • Souris Hillcrest Community Corporation Inc. – Souris Museum Upgrades Project - $41,000.00 The 2021 program intake has been expanded by over $5 million to include support for larger-scale capital projects with a maximum grant contribution of 50 per cent of eligible capital project costs of up to $300,000 as well as added funding to support pandemic recovery. The program continues to provide funding for other community projects at the current maximum grant of up to $75,000. Eligible applicants for the Building Sustainable Communities Program include non-profit organizations, charitable organizations, municipalities and northern affairs community councils. From 2019-20 to 2020-21 the program funded nearly 600 projects across the province, with almost $18.3 million. For more information about the program, visit www.

Rivers United Church Tornado warning for Brandon, conrmed touchdown Environment Canada is the authority on weather When does your day start? Most of us would name at Manitou, funnel clouds spotted at Killarney. If there is bulletins, though we may also hear from Manitoba a time in the morning when we get out of bed and get Jand uly other 2, 2021 annermore 5 anything that the severe weather over the past few weeks Weather Network localRivers media Boutlets ready for the day ahead. There are exceptions though. My dad was a shift worker, so his day might begin in has taught us, it’s this: it CAN happen here. There were immediately. A tornado watch is issued when weather the middle of the afternoon, or very late in the evening. probably many of us staying tuned over the weekend as conditions are favourable to produce a tornado; however, a warning is more serious. A warning indicates that a In the very rst chapter of Genesis, after God started the alerts were being issued. In the event that a tornado warning was issued for your tornado has occurred or has a high likelihood of being to create the world, we read: “And there was evening and town today, do you know what to do? Are you familiar about to occur. thereGrad was morning, the rst day.” It seems God’s work Community tens Club Citizenship Awardemergency response plan and the also The shown leadership their Presented to a is graduating with your community safest placeinto be during a tornado a low spot began in the evening, and that makes sense even now. Awards 2021 Presented tofor a graduating R.m. Of Elton Award school and community. The from student who attended Douglas information the community that is included in that in an interior room away windows, such as an inIt is in the evening toward what is the end of our day, Forrest Special Projects student who hasbedemonstratPresented tothat a graduating recipient of in this award has orSchool, has good academic plan? It may time to get familiar with document ner room the basement underneath the stairs to the when we are winding down and beginning to rest, when Cando Spirit High School Award ed good citizenship with his/ student who resides in the proven to be a valuable part standing, participated in so you know what to do to keep your family safe. basement. Rooms that have extra support in the walls we are nally still, that God can get to work on us; when Scholarship Student contributed to her community during their R.M. of Elton & has demof the community. school activities, displays good Behind only United States, Canada sees the most torsuch as bathrooms are also ideal as bathroom pipes we are better able to be aware of God’s presence, when to the voice student of the Forrest Elton Collegiate. onstrated diligence & hard Winner –extra Cassandra Marcitizenship & is entering post-and nado at activity annually each year – focused on southern provide support to the walls. Mobile homes we Awarded can hear God’s morebetterment easily. Scriptures assure years Ontario and the three Prairie provinces. With the peak camper trailers are very unsafe places to take shelter who best displays Community Winner – Bethan Reywork to achieve a personal tens secondary education in the as us God is always with us, it’s just that it’s harder for us activity for tornadoes occurring any time between April they are not anchored to the ground. leadership, determination Winner – Bradley Goertzen nolds best. Student is also entering upcoming Fall. to be with God until our work day is coming to an end and September, we’re right post-secondary at the heart ofeducation. a potential GetWestman’s informedAward and stay For more & a we strong ethic, a will2021 Of safe. Student writesinformation a letter and canwork begin to rest in God’s presence. emergency right now. On average, 43 tornadoes occur visit: Public Safety Canada http://www.publicsafety. ingness to take risks, shows giving a short history about Heritage Co-Op Award Rapid City Elementary Winner – Janet Hohmann Excellence Scholarship Summer is a time when we are more free from many each year on the prairies. or Environment integrity & honesty, acts as themselves. Letter/applicaPresented to a co-operaSchool Staff Bursary 2021 Westman’s Award demands, when we can slow down and just be for a Do you know the difference between a weather a mentor others, also worksbe ative graduating Awarded to a graduating Tracy Leitch Awardwatch ofCanada Excellence Scholarship is tion is sent to the Principal. while. Maytosummer time for us tostudent invite who our and a weather warning? as a team shows Winner – Janet Hohmann has participated in extra- student who attended Rapid Awarded to a student who awarded to a grade 12 student Creator to member cleanse,&heal and renew us. creativity. curricular activities and/or City School & demonstrated demonstrates perseverance graduating in 2021 in an Winner – Janet Hohmann is an active member of the independence, good judg- and diligence towards their area Westman CommunicaBryce Waldon Memorial community. The chosen ment & personal excellence studies. The student works tions Group service, must Award Elton-Campbell Com- student will be enrolled in to the best of their ability, hard and always tries their be attending post secondary Student be in good acamunity Group Scholarship post-secondary education in with respect for peers & staff best. The student shows school in the fall, must be demic standing and is recPresented to a student who an agriculture or business- throughout his/her entire outstanding character at all planning to pursue a career ognized as an individual of attended Douglas School who related program. school years. times. The student does not in technology at a Manitoba solid character. -Participates in extrahas shown responsibility in Winner – Molly Youngson Winner – Bethan Rey- have to be attending post- college or university, proven volunteering/mentorship. nolds secondary studies. academic excellence, history curricular activities -Participates in communWinner – Janet Hohmann Mecca Productions Award Winner – Alexandria of volunteering and comHamiota’s ity service Awarded to a graduating Septic R.m. Of Cornwallis Schol- Pitman munity service, and proven Lakeside NDREA -Has post-secondary plans Elton Collegiate Staff student continuing Service his/her arship leadership skills Stylist Heather Fast Scholarship education in music, theatre Awarded to a graduating Vionell Holdings Partner-DAMSON Winner – Bethan Reynolds for work in the Trades or Stylist Wendy Harder Actively serving Rivers Minnedosa-based mobile dental hygienist Agriculture. Presented to a hard-work- or education.and area on Wednesdays student who is aStylist/nail resident tech of Melissa ship Scholarship Roberds • Residential & Commercial withbecompetitive rates. Personal care homes Awards Winner – Bethan Reying student continuing their Preference will given to Cornwallis MunicipalityOPEN The VHP Scholarship • Farm Wiring & Trenching Grad Memorial book appointments, Tues., Wed. and Fri., 9rewarded a.m.-5 a deservingHome care nolds education204-764-2744 next year who has a student with To financial need. entering post-secondary is 2021 Thursday, 9 a.m.-8 p.m. call Bryan at Brandon - Rivers 204-807-9496 Saturday, 9 a.m.-noon maintainedFUNERAL an average of at Winner – Chloe Diamond education who has exhibited student that has shown not DIRECTOR 204-867-2416/204-867-7558 Dwayne Campbell ~ 204-764-2746 More grad awards on page 6 least 70%. a high level of achievement. only outstanding academic Alice Willmott Memorial Ph. 204-328-7435 204-761-2192 Winner – Cassandra MarRapid City & Area Lions Winner – Chloe Diamond performance, but who has Scholarship

2021 Grade 12 grad award winners Elton Collegiate


K-9 Country Dog Retreat


Mini storage units for rent.

Way-Mor Agencies Ltd.


Business Directory

Located on Hwy. 10 between Brandon and Minnedosa. Call or email for rates and information.

204-826-2849 or k-9countrydogretreat

Insurance, Travel, Investments, Real Estate

 

HAMIOTA: 204-764-2544  BRANDON: 888-726-1995


van Veen Carpentry Ltd.

Specializing in residential, commercial, farm building.


204-826-2292 or Repair & Maintenance

Residential & Commercial

HVAC Installations

Septic Truck Services

Licensed Gas Fitting

Duct Cleaning

24 hr Emergency Service

Magnum Woodworks

Finishing, custom carpentry and Rivers renovations Serving and area since 1906. 204-573-2120, Rivers Phone 204-727-0694 or 1-800-897-5694 STEVEN KROEKER

• Residential & Commercial • HVAC Installations • Licensed Gas Fitting • 24 hr Emergency Service • Repair & Maintenance • Septic Truck Services Jake: 204-761-0900 • Duct Cleaning Tyson: 204-761-8765 • Backhoe & Skidsteer Services

Rivers MB,

Dry bulk transportation

“Building for all your farm needs!”

Serving Rivers and area since 1906. WWW.KROEGERBACKHOE.CA EXCAVATION-GRAVELPhone 204-727-0694 or ACREAGE DEVELOPEMENT1-800-897-5694 SEPTIC SYSTEMS 204-761-8765

FUNERAL DIRECTOR Dwayne Campbell ~ 204-764-2746

Hunt, Miller & Co. LLP

...because the memories are what we cherish

Jack Cram, Lawyer

Funerals, Cremations, Receptions

Phone 204-727-8491 or 204.727.0330 or 204-328-7540 (Thursdays, 1.888.694.8153 for appointments. 2-5 p.m.)

20 years’ experience. Big or small jobs, we do them all. Reliable. Reasonable rates.

Phone 204-720-1610

Way-Mor Agencies Ltd. Ph. 204-724-6870 Fax 204-328-4407 Dry bulk transportation

Insurance, Travel, Investments, Real Estate

Phone 204-328-7540 204-566-2490


• Residential & Commercial • Farm Wiring & Trenching

•204-724-0506 •

Brandon - Rivers

“You crack ‘em. We tack ‘em”

ACCOUNTING SERVICE Certied Management Accountants

Hamiota: 71 Maple Ave. 204-764-2544 Brandon: 20-18th St., 204-727-5927



* Excavating * Plumbing and heating * Gravel,Hamiota, stone and rip rap MB 764-2451 * Snow removal Autopac accredited repair shop * Demolition Aftermarket parts & accessories Glass replacement & Towing * Septic tanks and fields


Shaping the Future

For your This all space is available To you electrical needs sTarTing as low as $13.50 per week call 204-328-7494 or email info@riversbanner. com


Residential carpenter for hire

Backhoe & Skidsteer Services Frame and Stud Fra Post Farm Buildings me

Ph. 204-724-6870 Johan’s204-328-4407 Construction Ltd. Fax 204-745-7628 cell

Place Emporium


Hamiota ~ Brandon ~ Birtle   Souris ~ Pilot Mound  Killarney ~ Deloraine

Phone 204-328-7540 204-566-2490

New home builds; Major renovations; Plumbing HVAC; Geothermal experts.

Ph. 204-328-7893



Jeannie’s Interiors Professional Painting & Decorating

Jeannie Bos

204-573-1150 Rapid City, MB

Hunt, Miller & Co. LLP

Jack Cram, Lawyer Phone 204-727-8491 or 204-328-7540 (Thursdays, 2-5 p.m.) for appointments. This space is available To you sTarTing as low as $13.50 per week call 204-328-7494 or email info@riversbanner. com

6 Rivers Banner July 2, 2021

Elton Collegiate

C.w. Percy Crookshank Award Awarded to a graduating student who is preferably from the Rapid City area with academic excellence who is continuing with postsecondary education. Winner – Diana Aronov Edna, Ray & Murray Chapman Memorial Scholarship Awarded to a well-rounded student who exhibits exemplary participation in community & school services & is planning to attend post-secondary education including a college program, university program or Trades/Apprenticeship program. Amount of award may vary depending upon the year but will be in excess of $2,500.00. Winner – Chole Diamond Elsie Taylor Memorial Scholarship Presented to a graduating student (who is preferably from the Rapid City area) who has demonstrated diligence, a strong work ethic & promise of future career success & continuing on to secondary education. Winner – Bethan Reynolds Elton Grad Congeniality Award Presented to the graduating student who exhibits the characteristics of getting along well with others, is warm & friendly & is chosen by their peers. Winner – Cassandra Martens Guild Insurance Brokers In Memory Of Neil Andrews Award Presented to a graduating student who sets, pursues & achieves goals & has a positive attitude, respect for fairness & is supportive of others. The student has determination, a strong work ethic, is dependable & never gives up! Winner – Alexandria Pitman Winner – Bethan Reynolds Gover nor Genera l’s Award For Highest Average in Grade 11 & Grade 12 Winner – Cassandra Martens

Rrsd Bronze Medallion For English Language Arts Presented to the Grad who has obtained the highest standing in a combo of 2 Grade 12 ELA courses (Literary Focus 40S & Comprehensive Focus 40S) Winner – Sarah Jones Rr Teachers’ Association Citizenship Award Presented to a graduating student for academic excellence & participation in a variety of school activities. Preference will be given to a student entering Education. Winner – Chloe Diamond Sharon Monaghan Memorial Scholarship Provided By The Kiwanis Club Of Brandon-Assiniboine & The Kiwanis Foundation Of Canada Demonstrates acceptable grades (even if struggling grade-wise.) -Outstanding leadership potential, high moral & ethical standards -Entering post-secondary -Participates in student & community activities -Most importantly, student has financial need. Winner – Chloe Diamond Valedictorian A title conferred upon the student chosen by their peers who delivers the closing or farewell statement at Graduation Ceremony Winner – Cassandra Martens - Elton Certificate - Sash - Valedictorian (Order from Gaspard) - Forrest History Book Grad Subject Awards 2021 Applied Math 40s Rapid City Royal Canadian Legion Ladies Auxiliary Award Highest Mark Winner: Cassandra Martens Biology 40s Brandon Kinsmen Club Award Highest Mark Winner: Diana Aronov Chemistry 40s Farley Kempthorne Highest Mark

Winner: Diana Aronov E la Comprehensive Focus 40s Highest Mark Winner: Cassandra Martens Ela Literacy Focus 40s Highest Mark Winner: Sarah Jones Essential Math 40s Highest Mark Winner: Diana Aronov Winner: Cassandra Martens Foods & Nutrition 40g Highest Mark Winner: Alexandria Pitman French 40s (Lamont) Highest Mark Winner: Cassandra Martens Highest Average In Grade 12 Graduating Student with the Highest Average in Grade 12. Winner: Cassandra Martens 2nd Highest Average In Grade 12 Brandon Kinsmen Club Award Arthur Wiebe, President Graduating student with the Second Highest Average in Grade 12. Winner: Diana Aronov Highest Average In Math & 2 Sciences FYI Doctors Senior Science Award Presented to a graduating student continuing his/her education at a university or college & obtains the highest average in math and two other sciences at the Grade 12 level. Winner: Diana Aronov Physics 40s Brockie Donovan Senior Science Award Brockie Donovan Highest Mark Achieved in Grade 11 & 12 Winner: Diana Aronov Pre-Calc Math 40s Rapid City Royal Canadian Legion Ladies Auxiliary Award Highest Mark Winner: Diana Aronov Visual Arts 40s Highest Mark Winner: Sarah Jones

RiversCollegiategradawards Award Riverdale Municipality (Citizenship) Rolling River Teachers’ Association Redfern Farm Services Rivers United Church Brockie Donovan Funeral Directors Westoba Credit Union Westman Communications Group Fusion Credit Union Chown Centennial Scholarship (U of M) ACC One to Watch Riverdale District Health Auxiliary Manitoba Nurses Union Local #90 - #1 Manitoba Nurses Union Local #90 - #2 Rivers & Area Lions Club Memories Chapel Heritage Co-op Roman Catholic Parish Group Redsper Enterprises Daly Repair Shirley Russell Memorial William & Sarah Harvey Memorial Society of Friends of RCI Student of the Year (selected by classmates) Ada Wareham Memorial #1 Ada Wareham Memorial #2 Oak River Agricultural Society (In memory of Wm Shamray) Riverdale Community Justice Committee Edna, Ray & Murray Chapman Memorial #1 Edna, Ray & Murray Chapman Memorial #2 Rivers/BU Scholarship Rivers Women’s Institute Riverdale Municipality #1 (Essential Math 40S) Riverdale Municipality #2 (Law 40S) Hair Dynamics (Psychology 40S) John Russell Memorial (Biology 40S) Tempo Place Emporium (Woodworking 40S) Rivers Super Thrifty (Chemistry 40S) Taylor Family (Physics 40S) Royal Canadian Legion Branch #75 (Applied Math 40S) Way-Mor Agencies (Family Studies 40S) Don McFadden (Pre-Calculus 40S) (tie) Don McFadden (Pre-Calculus 40S) (tie) Beverley Stokotelny Memorial (Runner-up Highest Academic Average Jennifer Giesbrecht Memorial (ELAC 40S) Rolling River Bronze Medallion (ELA40S) Governor General’s Academic Medal (Highest Academic Average Gr. 11 & 12) Principal’s Award (90+ Average) Principal’s Award (90+ Average) Principal’s Award (90+ Average) Rolling River/MSBA Student Citizenship Award Portage Mutual Insurance Agents Valedictorian Certificate program: (Academics, Athletics, School Service) Gold: (achievement in three categories)Gold: (achievement in three categories) Gold: Gold: Silver: (achievement in two of three categories)Silver: (achievement in two of three categories) Silver: Silver: Silver: Silver: Silver: Bronze: (achievement in one of three categories)Bronze: (achievement in one of three categories) Bronze: Bronze: Bronze: Bronze: Bronze: Bronze: Bronze:

Recipient Shelby Schmidt Jayda Payette Jayda Payette Aimee Creighton Aimee Creighton Jayden Jewar Samuel Krahn Jayden Jewar Shelby Schmidt Emma Roulette Aimee Creighton Emma Roulette Sara Machut Megan Hubbard Jayden Jewar Jayden Jewar Shelby Schmidt Albert Simpson Joline Lok Jayden Jewar Nora Gates Shelby Schmidt Jayden Jewar Nora Gates Jayda Payette Jayden Jewar Trinity Taylor-John Samuel Krahn Shelby Schmidt Samuel Krahn Jayden Jewar Sam Hayden Shelby Schmidt Jayden Jewar Aimee Creighton Joline Lok Aimee Creighton Samuel Krahn Jayden Jewar Faith Howard Jayden Jewar Samuel Krahn Jayden Jewar Aimee Creighton Jayden Jewar Aimee Creighton Aimee Creighton Jayden Jewar Samuel Krahn Jayden Jewar Shelby Schmidt Jayden Jewar

Jayden Jewar Shelby Schmidt Makayla Bartlette Aimee Creighton Nora Gates Sam Hayden Samuel Krahn Nathan Branconier Faith Howard Sara Machut Trinity Miller Jayda Payette Emma Roulette Briley Wood

Road closed

July 2, 2021 Rivers Banner 7

Audra Nychuk, CPA, CA | Harold Reid, CPA, CA Tiffany Bodnariuk, CPA, CA | Ian McMullan, CPA, CA Brett Fordyce, CPA, CGA | Kyle Paul, CPA, CA SENSUS provides the following consultation services and advice with regards to: - Succession Planning for your Business or Farm - Retirement Planning - Estate Planning - Wills and Power of Attorney - Health Directive The goal of any Succession Plan is to: - Maximize benefits for your loved ones - Reduce income tax consequences and costs Each succession plan needs to be tailored to your family based on your wishes and your family needs.

• • • • • • • • • •

SENSUS also provides the following services to our clients in the Westman and Eastern Saskatchewan areas: Personal tax planning & preparation Municipal auditing Payroll services Incorporating your farm or business Bookkeeping services Corporate tax preparation & financial statements Estate tax planning Auditing of public sector boards Auditing of not-for-profit organizations Farm and business succession planning Visit Visitour ourwebsite website Please any ofofour forfor a consultation or email us at Pleasecontact contact any ourlocations locations a consultation or email at Russell, Lake, MB MB Brandon, MB Yorkton, SKYorkton, Virden, RoblinMB Russell, MB MB Shoal Shoal Lake, Brandon, MB SKMB Virden,

209 MainStreet St N N 426426 Station Rd Road929-24th St 15-1st Ave. N 15-1st 275Ave. Nelson 3rdStreet Ave W 209 Main Station 929-24th Street N St W275 128 Nelson 204-773-2106 204-759-2240 306-782-4320306-782-4320 204-748-3135 204-937-4668 204-773-2106 204-759-2240204-727-5577 204-727-5577 204-748-3135


R o a d c r e w s from Maple Leaf Construction of Winnipeg have begun the much needed work on Second Avenue in Rivers. The road will remain closed for paving until July 1s t 2021. The municipality has stated on Facebook that there is to be no par k ing on S e cond Avenue until the paving is completed.

Don’t miss the deadline!

12 noon Tuesday RiveRs BanneR

Now in Neepawa Now in Neepawa and Serving Minnedosa and Serving Minnedosa Local Lawyers in Portage la Prairie, Local Lawyers in Portagefor la Prairie, MacGregor & Gladstone 50 Years MacGregor & Gladstone for 50 Years 225B Ellen Street, 225B310 Ellen Street, Box Box 310 Manitoba Neepawa, Neepawa, R0J 1H0 Manitoba R0J (204)1H0 704-4000 (204) 704-4000

Manitoba’s Law Firm: 10 Offices Across Manitoba’s Law Firm: the Province 10 Offices Across the Province

Bjorn Christianson Bjorn Christianson

Mason Broadfoot Mason Broadfoot

Sherry Francis Sherry Francis



529-2nd Avenue, Rivers, MB 204-328-7494

RiveRs BanneR

529-2nd Avenue, Rivers, MB 204-328-7494 •

We are looking to restart the community calendar in the Rivers Banner. Let us know about coming events in the community! Contact us via email or phone Monday through Thursday! (Limit two lines per event)

8 Rivers Banner July 2, 2021

Elton Collegiate

Diana Aronov

Paige Fischer

Jordan Bayes

Logan Bayes

Bradley Goertzen

Joseph Halstead

Pieter Blaauwijkel

Janet Hohmann

A world of opportunity awaits you!

Jim Hillis Trailer Sales



Congratulations to the Class of 2021 a year to remember! from the team at


It's a group of outstanding young men and women. Who are these wise, smart and talented students? The Class of 2020!

Congratulations, class!

M&M Drilling Rivers Ltd.

204-483-3986 ~

RiveRs BanneR

Sarah Jones

1866 - 18th Street North, Brandon, MB R7A 1A 5


529 2nd Ave., Rivers, MB 204-328-7494

Quynton Hudson

Owners/Managers Jess and Taryn COrds

2.5 miles north of Hwy. 1 on Hwy. 270

Contact us to help spread the news about your community event or fundraiser!

Chloe Diamond

Wishing you the best in your future endeavors!

Congratulations and best wishes from Jim and Richard at

Holding a community event?

Aiden Cornell

Great Job! We’re proud of you, graduates. Congratulations and best wishes!

Rivers: 204-761-5580

Receiving your diploma is a huge accomplishment! We wish you good luck in everything you do.

465 Second Avenue 204-826-2667

July 2, 2021 Rivers Banner 9

Elton Collegiate

Quintin Kitson

Ethan Leefe

Bethan Reynolds

Slade Stanick

Ethan Lettley

Sloan Stanick

Breton MacDonald

Cassandra Martens

Alexandria Pitman

Danielle Thurston

Eric Van Heyst

Shawn Wagner

Congratulations Class of 2021!

204-826-2161/204-727-2102 Congratulations on a job well done during this unprecedented year! We wish you all the bes in you future.

Autopac, General Insurance, Investments 420 3 Ave, PO Box 40, Rapid City, MB R0K 1W0


Molly Youngson

CONGRATULATIONS to the graduating class of 2021!

Congratulations to our graduates of 2021 From staff and students at

Rivers Collegiate Institute

All your hard work and dedication have paid off. Congratulations!!!

Mayor, council and staff


Holding a community event?

All your dreams can come true... if you have the courage to pursue them.

Contact us to help spread the news about your community event or fundraiser 529 2nd Ave., Rivers, MB RiveRs BanneR 204-328-7494 •

10 Rivers Banner July 2, 2021

Congratulations and Best Wishes for the Future to All Rolling River School Division Graduates from the RRSD Board of Trustees and Employees

Congratulations all graduates on your well-deserved success!

Graduation is an exciting time. It marks both an ending and a beginning. It’s warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future. Good luck, class of 2021, from Rivers Elementary staff and students

Jim and Della Butler 204-328-7570 Phone

Rivers Home Hardware Building Centre

204-724-4907 (Jim's cell)

Classes of 2021! From the Reeve, Council and staff of RM of Oakview, including LUDs of Oak River and Rapid City

Place Emporium

From Gary and staff of

Rivers, Manitoba 204-328-7420

Let your dreams begin!

extends congratulations to all grads of 2021. Best of luck in all you do! Cherish your diploma—you’ve earned it!

to the the graduating graduating class class of of 2021! 2019! to


Offices in in Rivers Rivers and and Oak Oak River River Offices

From all of us at

• •

Residential & Commercial Farm Wiring & Trenching

Brandon - Rivers


SPRINGLAND MFG. Box Box 550, Rivers, MB R0K 1X0R0K ~ 204-328-7358 550, Rivers, MB 1X0 Ph. 566-2279 Fax 566-2303

Rivers Banner July 2, 2021 11

Rivers Collegiate

Makayla Bartlett

Nathan Branconier

Aimee Creighton

Nora Gates

Sam Hayden

Faith Howard

Megan Hubbard

Jayden Jewar

Samuel Krahn

Joline Lok

Sara Machut

Alyssa McCracken

Trinity Miller

Jayda Payette

Tristan Peters

Alysha Pynn

Emma Roulette

Shelby Schmidt

You're on your way!

Albert Simpson

No Picture Available

Jordan Dreger

Trinity Taylor-John

You’ve graduated and now you’re on track for a bright future. Congratulations; we know you’ll go far!

Congratulations to all of our 2021 graduates! endevours be fruitful May your future 529-2nd Avenue, Rivers, MB • 204-328-7494 •

RiveRs BanneR


12 Rivers Banner July 2, 2021

Rivers Collegiate 1

Congratulations 2021 Graduates!

Another step closer to your dreams

Briley Wood

Deston Wrightson

To the Class of 2021 May you continue to find success as you go through life and may you remember this day as a cornerstone in your future.

To the Graduates of 2021!

Congratulations on this accomplishment. We wish you all the best in the future. From all of us at

Ray Redfern, Lloyd Fehr and everyone at the Rivers office 204-328-5325




Phone 204-724-6870, Rivers, MB

Congratulations Grads!


Class of 2021 It took a lot of hard work to reach this goal. You had to show up every day, whether you felt like it or not. I hope you feel great about what you’ve accomplished, and I hope you’ll continue to be a person who shows up day in and day out for those things that are worthwhile and important in life. Enjoy your special day!

Greg Nesbitt MLA Riding Mountain 204-759-3313 1-844-877-7767

2021 C L A S S



RiveRs BanneR

529-2nd Avenue, Rivers, MB 204-328-7494


Cliff Cullen

MLA for Spruce Woods 204.827.3956

Profile for Rivers Banner

July 2, 2021  

July 2, 2021  


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