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Invasive species awareness week Apr. 18-24

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March 30, 2018

Submitted Mid-west weed district

The Province of Manitoba has declared the last full week of April as Invasive Species Awareness Week (C.C.S.M. c. I97). The Manitoba Weed Supervisors Association (MWSA) recognizes this week by h igh l ight i ng just a few of the invasive plants considered to be a signif icant threat to t he l a nd sc ape of ou r province. Many of these invasive species are mistaken for wildf lowers, but unlike native wildf lowers, these species threaten agricultural productivity of both cultivated and non-cultivated land, as well as waterways and natural areas. The Noxious Weeds Act of Manitoba (NWA) requires control or destruction measures for different invasive plants. A comprehensive listing of noxious weeds is found in The Noxious Weeds Regulation, which contains schedules that ranks plants according to their threat levels and specifies the areas of the province to wh ich t hese level s apply. The Act requires that Tier one weeds must be eradicated w ithout cond it ion s . E x a mples of Tier one weeds that are currently negatively affecting Manitoba’s ecosystems are dif fuse and spotted knapweed, orange hawkweed, red bartsia and tall waterhemp. Tier two weeds are a lso a sig nif icant concern, and include leafy spurge, common tansy, field scabious, and nodding thistle. The MWSA is comprised of and represents

Volume 110, Issue 37

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Weed Supervisors who temperatures and intense are individually employed sunlight and is capable of by Weed Control Dis- producing up to a million t r ic t s for med by one seeds per plant that can or more Municipalities. germinate over the whole Weed Super v isors are summer. Waterhemp has authorized through The very tiny seed, (similar to L/R: Meghan Noxious Weeds Back Act row of Erich redSchmidt, root pigweed seed), Knelsen, Heijmans, Manitoba (NWA) Thom to enso itHeather is easily transported Liliane Dupuis. Front sure problematic Gray, weeds in equipment, with water row L/R: Minami Kijima, Haile are dealt w ith approand byPayette, wildlife, and can Hubbard, Chassidy Morgan priately on all lands inRamsay, be a Bryce contaminant in seed Summers, Quinn Hrabok. the districts they cover. lots. Weed Control Districts, Removing small patchfirst started in 1964, have es of waterhemp prior to developed programs to seed set, and destroying deal with invasive plants the plants, is one of the such as leafy spurge and most effective strategies red bartsia. Prevention to eradicate this weed. measures, early detec- Tall waterhemp population and rapid response tions can be resistant by Weed Supervisors are to mu lt iple herbic ide Photo by Sheila Runions cr it ica l for protect ing groups, making it very habitats and agricultural hard to control this weed land from these types of in field crops. Waterhemp invasive species. s a mples i n M a n itoba By Sheila Runions have been tested and Banner Staffconfirmed resistant to two Tall waterhemp tion to the schools. cans from the school foyer into and Chimo Beach areas for con- put away in the proper place on s r e p orherbicide t e d i n t he groups. Waterhemp is native This Pupils co-ordinated the entire the church basement the after- tributions from the community. the shelving units. They were March 9has edition, the to t he U. S. but awas serious implications Grade 12 Interdisci- month-long promotion, which noon of March 21, where the When all was said and done, fantastic! We are very, very not considered a major for local producers. plinary Studies in Science class culminated in a ceremonious food was weighed and sorted. the scales at Riverdale Harvest pleased.” MICHELE AMMETER agronomic problem New populations have a total ofin 434Manitoba. pounds, “a This Elementary school plant staff memon March 20 tospurge, Althoughthe the project sen- noted at Riversuntil Collegiate planned a presentation Leafy banewas ofa many a farmer problem the 1980’s. project Herbicide been d iscovered ber/Harvest $40 volunteer Yvonne Riverdalesince Harvest president ior students brainstorm, en- fabulous amount,” says Heather. for Riverdale Harvest. spreads like wildfire and is the estimated to have caused approximately million tire high school was encouraged “We are so pleased they decided Crouch initiated a similar camGray and the Boat Load of Food, resistance andDubbed changing it was f irstHeather detected in Liliane. in damages. snow had melted to participate. The collegiate to help those we serve. A lot paign in her school. That threestudents secured canoe from in Because production systems that aManitoba 2019, the with Rolling River School Division so much, the canoe could not hosted a poor boy floor hockey of times kids don’t get enough week effort simply encouraged included morewith corn and conf irmed presence in an intent to f ill it with be portaged across the street to tournament in which to play, credit but this group of students students to leave product in s o y b e a n f avnon-perishables. or e d t he Although eight municipalities by of River- athletes had to pay with food for certainly deserves some praise. the canoe; 87 pounds of food the Zion Church (home “weediness” ofcampaign this plant. 2020. was fully organized dale Harvest). Rather, the teens the canoe. Some students also All students stayed behind to was collected from the younger This member by ofthat theclass, pig-the original idea carried bags, boxes and garbage canvassed Rivers, Oak River help check expiry dates, sort and group on Thursday, March 22. came from a suggestion made Amaranth weed (Amaranth) family Palmer’s by harvest volunteer Liliane c a n r apid ly Dupuis. est abl i s h Palmer Amaranth is patches and greatly dean invasive “I heard the idea at aaggressive, meetcrease crop yield. The na- St.weed native to the desert ing in Brandon. Augustine School had tried Fill a Canoe tive habitat of waterhemp regions of the southwest in conjunction theand 10-day areas, withUS is wet, low-lying northern Mexico. Festival du Voyaguer in Winbut it is quite nipeg at home in ItItwas accidentally introin February. was very duced to other areas and reduced tillagesuccessful and no-till and whenever I hear bank, my always perk devastated crops in Watch forearshas up!” patches to pop up along the South and Midwest She then brought USthe as sugit rapidly became field edges or near field The canoe at Rivers gestion to Riverdale Harvest, herbicide resistant. With entrances, along ditches Elementary School was which supported the idea and adequately filled. the ability to emerge all and waterways. The plant Photo by Heather Gray asked her to present the promotypically grows to five to season, grow two-three six feet tall, with glossy, inches per day and set seed hairless and more elon- over the entire season this PHOTO BY JOE IKELY gated leaves compared highly invasive weed can to redroot or smooth pig- drastically reduce crop Known to grow 2-3 innches per day, Palmers Amaranth is an incredibly fast spreading and hardy weed native to the desert of southwestern US and northern weed. Waterhemp is well- yield. Mexico. More on page 5 adapted to warm growing

Can collections for canoes


2 Rivers Banner April 23, 2021

Canada is in a lot of trouble, a lot


he Winnipeg Sun summed up the new federal budget this way: “They’re planning to create a national day care program, increase the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour and throw billions of more dollars at pet ‘green’ projects, among other new gimmicks. We’re seeing the same attitude that led Trudeau to break his original promise of sticking to only ‘modest’ $10 billion deficits. Now we’re left with red ink as far as the eye can see.” Some people may remember that then Prime Minister Stephen Harper rightly claimed that if the Liberals won the 2015 election, that there would be a huge deficit. He was right. Trudeau said it would only be about $10 billion. That was the “modest” he was referring to. Please remember that a billion dollars is 1,000 million dollars. Yes, one thousand million. The deficit for this year is predicted to be $3,542,000,000 billion. Canada is in a lot of trouble, a lot. The bigger problem is that, if an election were to be called soon, and it may well be, the opposition parties are in no position to take over. None of the parties have enough strength or leadership to take over. The Green Party is almost non-existent. The Bloc Quebecois are only in Quebec and have no intention of forming government. Their only goal is, and always has been is to extort the ROC (Rest of Canada) for


as much as they can drag out of the other provinces (ie: Alberta, usually) and we all know that train is running on empty right now. Manitoba doesn’t help Quebec, as we, too, take more money from the pot than we put in. The NDP still exist, but are a shadow of what they have been occasionally over the past 50 years. The fact that we can say “over the past 50 years” speaks volumes. The NDP have never really made a threat to become government and are as far from that now as they have ever been. The Conservative Party of Canada has

Ken Waddell

drive into the ditch with a really stupid climate plan by claiming “their” carbon tax isn’t actually a tax. It’s a levy, a fund builder to be used for buying pretty electric cars and ot her Fortunately for Canada, regular people and such still the business community are doing the best useless st u f f to they can to ignore all levels of government get us and go about the business of raising famon t he road to ilies, running business and actually getting climate a life in spite of the misplaced efforts of change politicians. heaven. Now, e le c t r ic made moves to relegate themselves to op- cars may be a good thing (some day), but position forever in recent months. First, the cost to build is still prohibitive. The they booted their basic voters to the gutter cost of maintenance when you figure in by not taking a stand on several very basic new batteries after a few years is high. And, issues, so as to make an appeal to liberal above all that, unless you can drive your voters. Leader Erin O’Toole, while a very electric car to and from Winnipeg from nice man, looks like he is already too old our area in one day, without a recharge, for the job, while he is actually younger it’s a hopeless proposition. Fortunately for Canada, regular people than Prime Minister Trudeau. And the last thing he and the CPC have done is and the business community are doing the

best they can to ignore all levels of government and go about the business of raising families, running business and actually getting a life in spite of the misplaced efforts of politicians. •On the provincial side, there have been a number of questions about the rebates on education taxes. The government’s explanation can be found at: https://www. It appears that homeowners will receive up to $525 under the Education Property Tax Credit and 25 per cent off the education taxes. Of course, if the property doesn’t pay $525 in education tax, it will only get the amount up to the total paid. Once you throw in the farm tax rules and the seniors discount rules, it can be a bit confusing. It would be simpler if everyone was treated the same, regardless of income and then instead of government sending out cheques, the taxes could be reduced at the source and not have to have a bureaucracy to deal with rebates and applications. But that would be too simple.

Trust someone to do it

n his lecture on the Seven Laws of Leadership, the late Charles “Tremendous” Jones advised his audience to “read something positive into everything you see.” He felt that one’s natural tendency is to always see the negative side of life’s events– what’s wrong with the things we see. But he was convinced (and he remained so to the end of his life) that it is possible for people to read something positive into everything they see. Well, trust someone to show us how to follow Jones’s advice. I don’t know the person’s name or place of residence, but I love the positive spin he put on last week’s snowfall. A Facebook post showed the person’s front yard covered in snow. The caption read: “Got my lawn raked and thatched before the snow. My grade for yard care– excellent!” Fortunately, this person wasn’t the only one to see the good in this snow fall. Our provincial government lifted fire bans and travel restrictions for southwest Manitoba. Several municipal governments (including the Town of Neepawa) did the same. But they also advised that if we get another dry spell, the bans and restrictions will be back. Our farmers were grateful for the moisture they received. But, in some areas, we will need a lot more.

RiveRs BanneR Est. 1908



Last fall and winter were exceptionally dry. Hay fields, pastures and crop land will need regular rainfalls to ensure good crops and adequate supplies of summer and winter feed for the animals. But that’s how it is every year in this area. Sometimes it’s quite easy to see the positive side of an event. For example, do you remember the time you baked a chocolate cake for your family and when you took it out of the oven it had a huge crack running down the middle of the slab? That’s a disaster for the baker, but an unexpected blessing for the children. They expected that crevasse to be filled with chocolate icing and that all pieces containing portions of that crack would be reserved for them. A positive experience for the kids and, in time, the baker will probably smile about it too. But there are times when it’s hard to read something positive into what we see. A sudden death, an accident that causes severe injuries, disabilities caused by a heart attack or stroke, a diagnosis of liver failure, lung disease, kidney failure or terminal cancer– these things can happen to us or a loved one at any time. And when they do, it’s hard to see anything positive in those experiences. This is where our faith gives us reason for hope. St.

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By Neil Strochein

Paul (Romans 8:28) assures us that “all things work together for good for those who love God and who are called according to his purpose.” And as we read on in that chapter, we discover that the “good” to which St. Paul refers isn’t what we think it might be. There are times when life isn’t fair, when some days seem like a nightmare from which we can’t wake up. But in our darkest days, we know that God is with us and because of his great love for, us he will give us the wisdom and strength we will need to face what life sends us each day. And, in the process, he will bring out of us the “good” qualities of love, patience, kindness and perseverance– qualities we never thought we had– qualities that will bring much joy to his heart and to the hearts of all who know us.

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April 23, 2021 Rivers Banner 3

Home Bodies By Rita Friesen Just Thinking...


quote on social media rushed me back to a school reunion. “Some stranger, somewhere still remembers you because you were kind to them when no one else was.” Twenty years after completing Grade 12, there was a gathering of students of the Graysville High School. The gathering was for all students, it simply happened to be 20 years for our class. Our grade began as 10 students, swelled to 12 when several small schools joined ours and then jumped to a class of 30 when consolidation occurred. Our class was so large that none of the rooms upstairs would serve well, so the gym in the basement became our classroom. An interesting side note, by the final year, we were back to 12 students, a credit, mostly, to our early year teacher, Mrs. Ruby Gray. So we are at the reunion and as I am in the washroom– that small space that provided sanctity for less than four people at a time!– a woman my age approached me. We exchanged a smile and then she spoke– “you don’t remember me, do you?” I confessed that I did not. The lovely individual went on to express her thanks to me, and I wondered whatever for. And then, words that linger and encourage, “you were

never mean to me.” I still wonder what her high school years were really like, and did she attend for more than one year, and what is her name? I never had the habit of being mean or unkind, knowing personally, too well, how these actions scar and scare. I also did not have the habit of including many people in my friend circle. Again, safety. A stranger somewhere still remembers you… Ever hear yourself say something in a safe conversation and then wonder how and why you ever uttered those thoughts aloud? I so appreciate friends and strangers that exude “safe space”. Speaking with a friend, I heard myself say– “It isn’t often that I don’t get what I ask for.” One of my requests had been not declined, but modified, and I didn’t appreciate not getting what I, and others, had requested. My listener laughed and quipped that it would be safe not to cross me. Thinking, seriously, about the conversation, I came to some conclusions. Firstly, I think before asking for anything. I weigh the pros and cons and prepare to defend my request – with logic! And yes, I prayerfully consider the merits of the request. Secondly, I don’t ask for much. Grandkids get supper if I want a light bulb changed! With the combination of considering my petition and the sincerity of the request seen as a need, it’s not often I don’t get want I ask for! I have learned to take correction, for I am not always correct! And I have learned to learn from all that comes my way. The two thoughts are not directly connected, kindness to all and careful requests; they are integral parts of who I am, at all times, to all people. Thus far on my life journey, they serve me well. Other parts are still under construction!

From last week's front page

Rapid City 4H Beef Club

Meeting report – March, 2021 On Thursday, March 11th the Rapid City 4H Beef Club held their fifth meeting of the year via Zoom. We had a quick meeting because we did speeches. We discussed the fat stock show, which will be held in Neepawa on Wednesday, July 7th. We are hoping to have a live show but we will make plans for a virtual show and a sale if restrictions remain in place. We received 50/50 tickets as a fundraiser for our club, so if you are interested in buying some, please contact any of the 4H families. We also decided to do a weigh day on March 27th I thought the speeches that we had were all unique!! The speeches all had different topics. We had to do our speeches over zoom, which went well. Jolie Bootsman and Shirley Martin were awesome judges for us. The topics were: Averie van Meijl (Cloverbud) – All About Me Brody Basaraba (Cloverbud) – My Gekko Pip Chance Inglis (Cloverbud) – Tornado Graycen van Meijl ( Junior) – Cool Places I’ve Been Tarron Basaraba ( Junior) – Praire People Zane Finlay ( Junior) – The Edmund Fitzgerald Aklen Abey ( Junior) – 2020, What A Year Sierra Inglis (Intermediate) – The Poppy Anja Vandelangemheen (Senior) – Life as a Twin Mona Vandelangemheen (Senior) – I want to be a Nurse The members that got first in their age group were: Averie van Meijl (Cloverbud), Tarron Basaraba ( Junior), Sierra Inglis (Intermediate), and Mona Vandelangemheen (Senior) Our next meeting will be on April 8th. Averie van Meijl will have a video to watch as we didn’t get to watch one this meeting because of speeches.









Graycen van Meijl Rapid City 4H Beef Club


Tundra By Chad Carpenter









Riverdale Harvest returns to two week rotation

Riverdale Harvest Food Bank held their monthly meeting on Apr. 12, via messenger video. It was decided we would return to supplying hampers on a two week rotation. If you get a hamper on April 29th the next time you would be eligible for the next one would be May 13th. Our hamper count for March was 17 families, 9 couples, 26 singles and 38 children helped. Our next meeting will be our Annual General Meeting on May 10, via zoom. Please email to RSVP. Thank you for all your support.

Rivers Community Church 447 Edward Street, Rivers


We are holding services each Sunday at 10:30 a.m., in accordance with current government regulations. PLEASE JOIN US! If you are more comfortable sharing in our service from the safety of your home, watch our Facebook page: Rivers Community Church

Holding a community event? Contact us to help spread the news about your community event or fundraiser!

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4 Rivers Banner April 23, 2021

Meet the grads Name: Nathan Alexander Sean Branconier Pa rents Na me(s): Sean and Rebekah Birthday: August 25, 2003 Plans for the future: Unsure at this point First job: None as of yet Hobbies: Read, watch movies, go for hikes and explore the many drive-ins around Manitoba finding the best ice cream! Where do you live? Just outside of Rivers on highway 250 In Rivers/Oak River since: All my life. My parents moved here in 2001 Person who you most look up to? My Mom! Fa v o u r i t e t h i n g about attending RCI? I enjoy my teacher Miss Stevenson and really liked when I had Foods class with her Drea m vacat ion spot: A Disney Cruise! Favourite Food: Rice w it h Sweet and Sour Meatballs and White cake with Strawberries from the

Meeting report – April, 2021 On Thursday, April 8th the Rapid City 4H Beef Club held their sixth meeting of the year via Zoom. We heard a report on weigh day. It was neat to hear about the weights of everyone’s calves. We didn’t have one at the beginning of the year. Some of the calves are getting pretty big. We had a competition to see who could have the closest guess to the actual weight of any of their projects. Chance Inglis won, as he was only 2 pounds off on one of his animals. He won a new comb.

Honey House Favourite holiday: Louis Riel Day because I enjoy the history I have learned about him Favourite Song or Artist: “It is Well with my Soul” by Horatio G Spafford


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When you were 12, what did you want to be when you grew up? Be a video game designer Nathan Alexander Sean Branconier is a graduate of RCI.

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er 18, 2020 •

a lot of time “helping”


Farmers’ Advocate Friday, Septemb

Harvest progre ssing well for Westman fa rmers

Contact Ken Waddell at

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Section Lots of

equipmen PHOTO BY DIANE WARNER north of Neepawat was out in the fields last Friday. off Highway busy combining 5, Doug McLaren Just , with Darrell was Waldner towing tank beside. (See harvest the grain story on Page B2)

Farmers’ Advocate


14, 2020 • B

order take out From BostoN Pasta tuesda Pizza! y or oNe oF our o NliNe BuNdle

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Crop dusters in the air


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27, 2020 • B Section


Friday, November

Banners & Pres Need Field F ood FR ive ast ? Rs BanneR Friday, August

nflower E OFFER be the su LIMITED TIM PHOTO BY

This field near

Eden has a few

volunteers standing

tall above the

wheat. Last

year’s crop must

have been sunflowe

leftover seeds


deciding to

take root.

son® ,

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Street, Neepaw

Graycen van Meijl Rapid City 4H Beef Club

April meeting report

Farmers’ advocate • B Section

We are hoping to have a Crash Day on Saturday, May 8th, and we would have our meeting at the same time. If we are unable to do so due to restrictions, we will have another Virtual Meeting. If that is the case, Chance Inglis will prepare a video for us to watch. This month Averie van Meijl chose two videos on grooming your calves legs and topline. We learned a lot.

Rivers and District 4-H

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Friday, June 26, 2020

Rapid City 4H Beef Club

Valid thru Pasta Tuesday December 1st 2020.

Neepawa, MB

near Highway 5,

in early October,

spraying the sunflowers

in preparation of




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The Rivers & District 4-H Beef Club has continued to meet monthly via Zoom. Here are a few things the club has been up to. A generous food donation was made to the Riverdale Harvest food bank right before Christmas. They were very appreciative of the donation. The first aid fundraiser was very successful. Thank you to all that purchased kits and supported. The Club held its Communications Evening via Zoom on Feb 1st. Everyone did a fantastic

job of their speeches. Bruce Helgeson, Kendra Walker and Bailee Ploshynski were the judges this year. Thank you to each of them. Congratulations to the three members that went on and participated in the Southwest Area communications event! Next meeting is scheduled for May 3rd. Club Reporters Chase Airey & Corbin Munz


COUNTRY FARM GREENHOUSES opposite the dam Minnedosa HWY 262N



Or if you prefer curb side pick up phone in your order 2 days before pick up day. Starting May 6th.

Normal hours 9 am to 7:30 pm every day.


“LIGHT UP THE NIGHT” Friday, May 7th & Saturday, May 8th Friday, May 14th & Saturday May 15th WE WILL BE OPEN UNTIL 10 PM! Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the greenhouse at night.

Check out our surprises and all the wonderful varieties and hanging baskets. Mother’s Day gift ideas and Fairy garden competition.

For more information call 204-867-3317 Facebook: A&B Dalrymple’s country farm greenhouses

Leafy spurge, a scourge

Continued from paged 1

Infestations have slowly moved nor t h t hrough contam inated seed, equipment, animal feed and bedding and the digestive tract of wild birds. Palmer amaranth was f irst detected in North Dakota in 2018, and is spreading throughout the state. Considered to be the number one weed in the US, this plant can grow six to eight feet tall and produce one million seeds and heav y infestations can reduce soybean and corn yields by approximately 80-90 per cent. A member of the Amaranth family like redroot pigweed and tall waterhemp, Palmer amaranth can be difficult to distinguish from its cousins. Smooth-stemmed like tall waterhemp, its leaves are a little wider, more like redroot pigweed, but can be distinguished by the long petiole (stem-like structure that attaches the leaf to the main stem). Petioles of Palmer amaranth are longer than the leaves, while its cousins have shor ter pet ioles. Long, snaky seed heads that can be up to two feet long are a distinctive feature of Palmer Amaranth.

Identification is crucial, and removal of individual plants and small patches is critical to prevent this weed from establishing in our province. Unconfirmed reports of individual plants in Manitoba have been noted, and we ask everyone to be diligent in identifying and reporting this weed.

Leafy Spurge This invasive perennial, f irst recorded in Manitoba in 1911 is a serious pest of forage and grazing land. A study presented i n 2010 by the Rural Development Institute (Brandon) estimated that leafy spurge infested over 1.2 million acres and caused a staggering annual economic loss (direct and indirect costs) of approximately $40 million. If we compare that to a 1999 report ( L ea f y Spurge St a keholders Group) stating a $20 million (annual) impact and approximately 340,000 acres infested, we can see how much this problem had grown in 10 years and has likely grown in the most recent decade. Unfortunately, leaf y s pu r g e h a s m a n a g e d to gain a foot hold in many places in Southern

Manitoba and numerous producers are familiar with the damage it can cause and the struggle to control it. In other areas of the province it is rarer and should be treated as a dangerous invader. Prevent its spread from the movement of contaminated hay or machinery. Early detection and rapid response to new patches w i l l pay d iv idends as your f irst cost will always be your least cost with perennial invaders. All landowners have the responsibility to control this weed, either eradicating new infestations or stopping the spread from existing patches. Tier two weeds like leafy spurge, by legislation must be destroyed if patches are less than 20 acres while larger infestations must be controlled. More information on Invasive plants eit her threatening or already present in Manitoba can be found in The Noxious Weeds Act (C.C.S.M. c. N110) and the Noxious Weeds Regulation (Man. Reg.42/17), by contacting your local Weed District or at the MWSA website,

April 23, 2021 Rivers Banner 5

RM of Oakview draft minutes

The minutes of the seventh regular meeting of the Council of the Rural Municipality of Oakview held Tuesday, April 13, at 9:00 a.m. at the Oak River Memorial Rink Hall. Reports of committees Midwest Planning -Councillor H. F. Hyndman updated council on the recent meeting. Protective Services - March occurrence stats from Spruce Plains RCMP were reviewed. Rapid City Fire Dept - Controlled burns were completed in Rapid City C.A.O. Report -The CAO report was presented to Council. Adjournment The regular meeting adjourned to reconvene after the Public Hearing regard ing a Var iat ion Order Applications for #05-O-21-VO, and Conditional Use Hearing #020-21-CU. Public hearing The hearing was advertised and notices were placed as required. No members of the public were present the meeting adjourned promptly.

Conditional use #02-o-21-cu A public hearing was held on Apr. 13, to hear representation for or against the Conditional Use Application #02-O-21-CU; And whereas no representation was received on the application; It was resolved that the Council of the Rural Municipality of Oakview

approve Conditional Use Application #02-O-21-CU to establish a Non-Farm dwelling in the “AG” Agricultural Zone.

Variation order #05-o-21-vo A public hearing was held on April 13th, 2021 to hear representation for or against the Variation Order Application #05-O21-VO; No representation was received on the application; It was resolved that the Council of the Rural Municipality of Oakview approve Variation Order Application #05-O-21-VO to increase the maximum site area of a non-farm dwelling by way of subdivision from 10 acres to 50.34 acres in the “AG” Agricultural Zone. Unfinished business Pursuant to Section 5(1) of the Municipal Council Conf lict of Interest Act, Councillor Mark Gill declared a personal interest in the following item and withdrew from the meeting. 1. 2021 Gravel Hauling Tender Review – Project 4 Stockpile Whereas tenders have been received and reviewed to load, haul, and place gravel on the municipal stockpile located at SE 3515-22 W for 2021 and 2022; Hunter Trucking withdrew their respective tender, and Bonneville Transport has indicted they will not accept at the tendered price; The Council for the R. M. of Oakview agree to ad-

vertise for tenders to load, haul and stockpile gravel for 2021 and 2022 with a closing date of May 5. Receptions of delegations 1. B. Kingdon, Manager of Public Works attending the meeting to discuss matters pertaining to public works operations including; status of the clean-up at the Rapid City landfill, burn guard around the perimeter of the landfill, 2. D. Kuculym, Manager of Finance – 2021 Budget Review

Bylaws 1. 2021-1 – Amending ByLaw 2016-3 Expenditure and Borrowing, Rapid City Utility – 1st Reading Be it resolved that the Council of the R M of Oakview give first reading to By-Law 2021-1 being a bylaw to amend By-Law 2016-3 that authorized the Expenditure and Borrowing of money for upgrades to the LUD of Rapid City’s Water Treatment Plant, to complete a water distribution study, and to install shut off valves as a local improvement. General business 1. Shoal Lake and District Vet Board Levy Whereas Shoal Lake Vet Board has invoiced the municipality for the 2021 Levy: Therefore, be it resolved that Council of the RM of Oakview approve payment of the 2021 levy in the amount of $1,885.00. Continued on page 6



Waterhemp is native to the U. S. but awas not considered a major agronomic problem until the 1980’s.

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Wednesday April 28, 2021 Join us online via Webex 6:45 p.m. Sign In 7:00 p.m. Call To Order All members are invited to attend, To register call 204-867-2295 or e-mail Registration deadline: April 26, 2021

a time in the morning when we get out of bed and get ready for the day ahead. There are exceptions though. anything that the severe weather over the past few weeks Weather Network and other local media outlets more My dad was a shift worker, so his day might begin in has taught us, it’s this: it CAN happen here. There were immediately. A tornado watch is issued when weather 6 RiversofBthe anner April or 23,very 2021 the middle afternoon, late in the evening. probably many of us staying tuned over the weekend as conditions are favourable to produce a tornado; however, a warning is more serious. A warning indicates that a In the very rst chapter of Genesis, after God started the alerts were being issued. In the event that a tornado warning was issued for your tornado has occurred or has a high likelihood of being to create the world, we read: “And there was evening and town today, do you know what to do? Are you familiar about to occur. there was morning, the rst day.” It seems God’s work with your community emergency response plan and the The safest place to be during a tornado is a low spot began in the evening, and that makes sense even now. information for the community that is included in that in an interior room away from windows, such as an inIt is in the evening toward what is the end of our day, plan? It may be time to get familiar with that document ner room in the basement or underneath the stairs to the when we are winding down and beginning to rest, when so you know what to do to keep your family safe. basement. Rooms that have extra support in the walls Continued 5 can nicipal Service Delivery we are nally from still, page that God get to work on us; when to the Education Prop- Guide- Noted. Behind only United States, Canada sees the most torsuch as bathrooms are also ideal as bathroom pipes Program. we are better able to be awareImprovement of God’s presence, when erty Tax Rebate. nado activity annually each year – focused on southern provide extra support to the walls. Mobile homes and 2. can R apid Cit y voice Of f ice ProvScriptures ince of Mani8 . R i ver s Men non Communications we hear God’s more4.easily. assure Ontario and the three Prairie provinces. With the peak camper trailers are very unsafe places to take shelter as Position – us, Re-it’s toba, usCleaner God is always with just thatCanadian it’s harder Eurofor us ite Cemetery Perpetual 1. Pendennis Consultactivity for tornadoes occurring any time between April they are not anchored to the ground. of Applications Agreement toview be with God until our workpean day isTrade coming to an end Care Funds – Council ing, Consulting Services and September, we’re right at the heart of a potential Get informed and stay safe. For more information Hillis Whereas Requirements and we can Nichole begin to rest in God’s presence. – Council rev iewed t he cu r rent – the information was emergency right now. On average, 43 tornadoes occur visit: Public Safety Canada http://www.publicsafety. has terminated herwhen con-we reviewed a letter Summer is a time are more free fromregardmany st r uct ure of t he Per- reviewed and noted. each year on the prairies. or Environment tract forwhen janitorial theand Single demands, we canserslowing down just Point be for of a petual Care Fund and 2. Rivers and Area Game Do you know the difference between a weather watch Canada vices May of the Rapidalso Citybe aAccess for conf irmed that it will and Fish – Thank-you while. summer time forregulations us to invite our and a weather warning?of Card was noted. Office;heal CounMunicipal procurements. remain at a maximum Creator to cleanse, and renew us. cil agreed to contract 5. Evolve Surface Strat- $20,000. 3. City of Brandon – NoMikaela Quennelle as egies Inc., Request for 9. C. Rollins, Offer to tice of Public Hearing the janitor for the Rapid Road Agreement – Work Purchase 198 2nd Av- was reviewed. City Office at a rate of w i l l be completed at enue, Rapid City – Coun- 4. Agriculture and Re$250.00 per month ef- the TC Energy Rapid cil reviewed the offer to source Development Letfective Apr. 15. Cit y Station, Council purchase a residential lot ter in Response to MASC 3. Minister Derek John- reviewed the area where for the price of $500.00. Closures – was reviewed. son, Minister of Munici- work is to be complete. The offer to purchase was As lieutenant-governor, I invite all Manitobans to join pal Relations – Council 6. Prov ince of Mani- declined. Accounts and me in extending our very best wishes to Her Majesty The reviewed a letter regard- t o b a , D r a i n a g e a n d 10. R. Kolesar, Offer to finances Queen on the occasion of Her 95th birthday on April 21. ing municipalHamiota’s operat- Water Rights Licensing Septic Financial statements Purchase Portion of Roll Lakeside Since Her accession to the throne almost 70 years ago, NDREA i n g f u nd i n g t h r ou gh – 2021-WCW-0084 Final #42840 0, Rapid Cit y were reviewed and ap- Her Majesty has extolled the value of service to communService Stylist Heather Fast by the CouncilDAMSON the Province of Mani- Licensing, Rapid City – Council reviewed proved the ity, to country and to the Commonwealth. Her devoted Stylist Wendy Harder Actively serving Rivers Minnedosa-based mobile dental hygienist toba including strategic Drainage Plan and unpaid offer to purchase and due respect, affection and admiraStylist/nail tech Melissa Roberdsinvoices were leadership has earned great and was areanoted on Wednesdays • Residential & Commercial infrastructure funding and sent to with GD Newton. the lots being one largeOPENapproved for payment. competitivetorates. Personal care tion fromhomes citizens around the world. • Farm Wiring & Trenching appointments, Tues., Wed. and Fri., 9 a.m.-5 p.m. opportunities, building 7. Province To Home of book Manitoba parcel this portion will Ascare we recognize this milestone, it is my honour and 204-764-2744 Thursday, 9 a.m.-8 p.m. call Bryan at Brandon - Rivers sustainable communities, 2021 Budget Information not be sold at this time. privilege to – on behalf of the people of Manitoba - offer 204-807-9496 Saturday, 9 a.m.-noon FUNERAL DIRECTOR COVID-19 – Council204-867-2416/204-867-7558 reviewed the 11. M a n itoba P ra i r ie Her Majesty our wish 204-761-2192 that she will be blessed with conDwayne enforcement Campbell ~ 204-764-2746 Ph. 204-328-7435 support, and the new Mu- information pertaining Wetlands Classif ication tinued health and happiness.

Lieutenant-Governor birthday message to the Queen

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HAMIOTA: 204-764-2544  BRANDON: 888-726-1995


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Thank you Radcliffe On behalf of Lorne’s family we would like to thank everyone who has remembered us with food, flowers, cards, calls, messages and donations in Lorne’s memory. Your thoughtfulness and compassion has been greatly appreciated during this difficult time. Sincerely, Frances, Jerry and Melanie, Wendy and Bruce and families.

Tender Grass Cutting & Trimming Tender The Greenwood Cemetery Committee invites tenders for grass cutting and trimming for the 2021 summer season and pricing for the 2022 season as well if interested. Please indicate price per cut plus GST. Tenders to be submitted to the undersigned by 4:30pm, Friday May 7/21 Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Greenwood Cemetery c/o Blair Fordyce Box 104, Kenton, MB R0M 0Z0

Help Wanted Rolling River School Division

Rolling River School Division is located in southwestern Manitoba in close proximity to Riding Mountain National Park and Brandon.

American Sign Language Interpreter Rivers Collegiate - 6.5 hrs/day For more details and application information, please visit our website at select Employment then Support Positions. Thank you to all applicants for their interest in Rolling River School Division. Only those candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.

Rolling River School Division

Rolling River School Division is located in southwestern Manitoba, Canada near Riding Mountain National Park and Brandon.

Rolling River School Division invites applications for a RESOURCE TEACHER 1.0 FTE - Rivers Elementary School For more details and application information, please visit our website at select Employment then Teaching Positions. Thank you to all applicants for their interest in Rolling River School Division. Only those candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.

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PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given pursuant to Subsection 162 (2) of The Municipal Act that the Council of the R. M. of Oakview intends to present its financial plan for the fiscal year 2021 at a public hearing in the R. M of Oakview council chambers on the 4th day of May, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. Council will hear any person who wishes to make a representation, ask questions, or register an objection to the financial plan, as provided. Please note that the 2021 financial plan includes the following proposal to borrow $560,000 to pay for: The construction of new municipal shops in the LUD of Oak River and Rapid City. The total estimated cost of the municipal shops are $1,120,000. plus taxes to be funded as follows: $560,000. from the Building Reserve Fund; and $560,000. to be funded by borrowing. NOTE: Given the COVID-19 regulations we are requiring all members of the public who wish to attend the meeting to PRE-REGISTER to allow the CAO to arrange for appropriate accommodations for the hearing. Please pre-register by April 30th at 4:30pm by calling 204-566-2146 or emailing Copies of the financial plan; the proposal to borrow and information about the capital project will be available for review commencing on the 28th day of April, 2021 and may be examined by any person during regular office hours of the Municipal office at Oak River (10 Cochrane Street) or Rapid City (435 3rd Ave) or by emailing a request for a copy, Marci Quane Chief Administrative Officer R. M. of Oakview April 20th, 2021

Notice The PROPERTY REGISTRY The Surveys Act Public Notice In accordance with Section 11 of the above act notice is hereby given that the original monuments establishing the NE, ¼ E & ¼ N Section 4; ¼ E & ¼ N Section 9. Township 14 Range 21 WPM have been lost. New monuments to perpetuate the original locations have been planted by Timothy Longstaff, Manitoba Land Surveyor between February 24th, 2021. Any person wishing particulars about the reestablishment of these monuments are advised to contact the following: Timothy Longstaff or Examiner of Surveys Manitoba Land Surveyor The Property Registry 100-158 11th Street 276 Portage Ave Brandon, Manitoba, Winnipeg Manitoba, R7A 4J4 R3C 0B6 Phone 204.727.0651 Phone 204-619-2120 Any person having an objection to or having any evidence which he desires to give against the confirmation of the re-establishment of these lost corners are to submit any such objection or evidence in writing verified by affidavit to the Registrar-General within thirty days from the publication of this notice in the aNeepawa Press. Where no objection to or evidence against the confirmation of the re-establishment of these lost corners are received by the Registrar-General within thirty days after publication of this notice, or where any such objection is subsequently withdrawn in writing, the Registrar-General shall confirm the re-establishment of these lost corners. Office of the Registrar General Registrar-General 1203-155 Carlton Street Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3H8


On the date and at the time and location described below, a PUBLIC HEARING will be held to receive representations from any persons who wish to make them in respect to the following matter: APPLICATION FOR A CONDITIONAL USE ORDER under the Riverdale Municipality Zoning Bylaw 2016-12 HEARING LOCATION: Riverdale Community CentreBehlen Lounge, 101 Main Street, Rivers, Manitoba. DATE & TIME: May 11, 2021 at 6:30 pm APPLICATION: CU-21-01 OWNER(S): Ronald Krahn, Ruth Krahn, & Robert Krahn PROPOSAL: To allow an already active surfacing mining operation in the “RA” zone to CONTINUE operating as a condition of subdivision. AREA AFFECTED: SW 30-12-20 ADDRESS: SW 30-12-20 FOR INFORMATION: Contact Lorra Eastcott Assistant Administrative Officer Riverdale Municipality Box 520, Rivers, MB R0K1X0 Phone: 204-328-5300 ATTENDING: In an effort to ensure current Manitoba Public Health Orders are met, if attending please RSVP by 12:00 pm Thursday, May 6, 2021 to 204-328-5300. A copy of the above proposal and supporting material maybe inspected at the office location noted above during normal office hours (8:30 to 4:30) Monday to Friday. Copies may be made and extracts taken therefrom, upon request. Representations may be made either in person or preferably in writing, at the public hearing.

Notice R.M. of Oakview 2021 Dust Control Program The R.M. of Oakview is accepting requests for dust control application in front of residences and/or established sites within the Municipality on a pre-payment basis. Applications are available at the Oak River or Rapid City municipal offices and on our website ( Applications and payment are due by May 7th, 2021. Applicants will be charged: $210 for a 12 x 300’ strip $420 for a 24 x 300’ strip $525 for a 16 x 500’ strip Other lengths are available by request Sites must be marked by applicants. Payment options: •Online banking •Etransfer to: •Mail to Oak River Municpal Office: •Box 179 Oak River, MB R0K 1T0 •Drop off available at Oak River and Rapid City offices Payments will be refunded if there are not enough requests for a truckload. Dust control will be applied as soon as possible, after road restrictions are lifted and spot gravelling is completed.

Thank you for re a d i n g t h e Rivers Banner

FOODS Meat Cutters/Production Personnel Our people, perseverance, integrity, and exceptional partnerships have led HyLife to becoming Canada’s leading pork producer and global exporter of high quality pork products. The growing demand for our pork in Japan and China means we need exceptional people to help deliver our company vision. We have expanded our Neepawa facility to increase our overall production by 15% and in turn created new jobs throughout the company. As a Meat Cutter/Production Personnel you will be a critical member of our team in the creation of our world class product. Our positions range from working on our slaughter production floor to shipping the final packaged product, with everything in between! With our wide variety of jobs, excellent people, and our drive for innovation you will certainly find a job that suits you! Responsibilities and duties include but are not limited to: • Slaughter and eviscerate hogs for further processing • Harvest and package edible offal • Process pork carcasses into primal cuts • Butcher and package pork primal cuts into value added specifications for local, national and international premium markets • Carry out other tasks related to processing of meat for shipping to customers or storage • Sanitation People who will succeed as members of our team will: • Enjoy working in a fast paced, stable long term work environment • Appreciate working in a culturally diverse workplace. We employ people from all over the world! • Treat people with dignity and respect • Open to working in colder/warmer environments • Physically Fit • Experience as an industrial butcher or trimmer is an asset

Current starting wage is $15.15/hour plus $1.00 per hour perfect attendance incentive! Wage scale extends to $22.10 per hour We believe that our success is founded on the strength of our team. As such, we place a great deal of emphasis on attracting, developing and retaining good people, and consider every one of our employees to be a highly-valued member of the HyLife family. To that end, we are committed to providing a working environment that not only fosters personal growth, but also recognizes our employees’ contributions towards the common goal of our company’s success because of this HyLife has been recognized as a Platinum Member of Canada’s Best-Managed Companies. If you have the qualifications and the passion to meet this challenge then we would like to explore your potential. Please apply online at or email to or mail to PO Box 10,000, 623 Main St E, Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0. We thank all applicants, however, only those under consideration will be contacted

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Featuring A Large Amount of Building Supply, Lumber & Some Sheet Metal & Tools! Closes Wed May 5 @ 7:00 PM

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RTM’s The Aurora 1648 SqFt RTM

3 bedrooms, ensuite, huge kitchen, quartz countertops, walk-in pantry, island. James Hardie Siding Huron Tripane Windows. Pictures available www.

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HIP/KNEE Replacement?


Other medical NOTICES conditions causing Advertisements and statements TROUBLE WALKING contained herein are the sole reor DRESSING? sponsibility of the persons or entities

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The Disability Tax Credit allows for $2,500 yearly tax credit and up to $30,000 Lump sum refund. Apply NOW; quickest refund Nationwide! Providing assistance during Covid.

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that post the advertisement, and the Manitoba Community Newspaper Association and membership do not make any warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, truthfulness or reliability of such advertisements. For greater information on advertising conditions, please consult the Association’s Blanket Advertising Conditions on our website at www. URGENT PRESS RELEASES - Have a newsworthy item to announce? A cancellation? An exciting change in operations? Though we cannot guarantee publication, MCNA will get the information into the right hands for ONLY $35.00 + GST/HST. Call MCNA (204) 947-1691 for more information. See under the “Types ofAdvertising” tab or Email for more details. FOR SALE NEEDTO FIND CUSTOMERS OR NEED TO ADVERTISE BEFORE ANY NEW COVID RESTRICTIONS TAKE PLACE? Plan for success and “Go for it” NOW! Advertise it in the 37 MB Weekly newspapers and get noticed! Each week our blanket classifieds could be helping your organization get noticed in over 352,000+ homes! Get your message out in our 37 weekly member community newspapers! For as little as $189.00 + GST, get your important messaging out! To learn more, Call THIS NEWSPAPER or email for details. MCNA - Manitoba Community Newspapers Association (204) 947-1691.

Let’s Celebrate Our Local Graduates The Rivers Banner

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RiveRs BanneR Rs BanneR

Bee Nucs

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Patricia Hanbidge Orchid Hort.

T he l a st c ouple of weeks our columns have been all about bees – solitary bees and then last week a bit about honey bees. Remember that bees are important pollinators for many of our plants and if we are talking honey bees, they produce the most delectable product – honey! Nothing beats a fresh piece of homemade bread toasted with butter and homegrown honey! I had mentioned Bee Nucs in the column and my mailbox has been inundated so people can learn more about what Bee Nucs are and how to get started having your own honey bees. First and foremost, Bee Nucs or nucleus colonies are not a bee hive. Bee Nucs are made up of overwintered colonies and are sold by experienced beekeepers. They are a great option to getting your beekeeping season off to a strong start as they, like plants are best purchased as close to home and your local climate as possible. Purchasing quality Nucs from a similar climate will give your bees a head start as they are already excel lent ly su ited for the cold over-wintering c l i m ate i n Sa s k at c hewan. They also already contain a high quality, professionally bred queen

RiveRs BanneR 529 Second Ave Rivers, MB. R0K 1X0 The Rivers Banner serves the communities of:

Rivers Oak River Rapid City Cardale Harding

Bradwardine Forrest Station Alexander Kenton

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call: 204-328-7494 email: before the June 11, 2021 deadline.

bee which gives a head start to the season. If you populate your hive with a Package of bees, these are typically shipped in from far away and are often stressed due to the long travel they have undergone to get to you. It is important to educate your self if you are thinking of keeping bees. You want to be successful and you of course will want to follow the regulations. For example, anyone who keeps any bees will need to register your bees with the provincial apiarist and there are strict regulations for crossing borders – even provincial borders within Canada. Years ago it used to be much simpler as there were less pest and disease problems, but there are lots of resources available that will help you be successful. Take an introductory course, read and collect some quality books and check out local sources like https://saskbeekeepers. com/info/new-to -beekeeping/ Orchid Horticulture has been doing some work with Grassland Honey located close to Saskatoon and in partnership with the Saskatoon Bee Club, we are putting on a presentation in the next few weeks that will be all about what to plant to attract bees and how to plant up your bee yard (the location of your bee

hives) to ensure the longest possible production season. This presentation is available free of charge but will require registration so we can properly accommodate those that are interested. Nucs come in a variety of sizes but the Nucs for sale from Grassland Honey consist of a five frame cardboard nucleus box which will contain brood, (two frames brood and bees), eggs, larva, pollen, honey and a bred queen. They are inspected by the Provincial Aprculturist and the spring treatments will be completed. The cost to purchase is $260 and a $60 deposit will conf irm your order. If you are interested or have questions, please call or text 306-380-4457 or go to the website at https:// w w w.g r a s s l a nd honey. ca/ As the sun warms the ground, we will see more activity by all types of bees. It is i mpor t a nt to remember that each a nd ever y i nd iv idua l can contribute to the preservation of bees and ot her pol l i n ator s . I n order for bees to be the most productive, a very diverse environment is necessary. A diverse environment contains trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals so there is always cover on the ground and there is always something growing. Have a very happy spring!

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April 23, 2021  

April 23, 2021  


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