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Cover Image by Jim McWilliams
Image by Jim McWilliams

Restock The Hay Pile Or Raise $13

The dry summer and fall of last year and the bitter cold this winter have combined to make hay a valuable commodity. This has made many consider putting cropland to a temporary hay crop, such as sorghum-sudangrass or teff. At the same time, the explosion in China soybean purchases has made raising soybeans a very attractive proposition as well. It is nice for a change to be faced with actual profitable choices! But when faced with two attractive choices, why not choose both?

One thing the cover crop movement has taught us is that growing crops in rapid sequence does not exhaust soil, rather it feeds the soil microbes that increase soil productivity. It is entirely possible to plant a crop of oats, peas or spring triticale (or a mix of all three) in March and have a hay crop made by May, in plenty of time to plant soybeans. Not only can the hay crop make as much revenue as we typically expect from a bean crop alone but growing the hay can create a nice stubble to control soil erosion and improve water infiltration and rooting depth and may offer weed control benefits as well. Spring triticale is an unfamiliar crop to a lot of people, but it is a real rising star in the forage and cover crop world. A cross between rye and spring wheat, it has hybrid vigor compared to either parent. Compared to spring oats, it can yield much higher, and is more competitive against weeds. The quality drops after heading relative to oats, but most people prefer to bale in boot stage to leave as much growing season for the following crop as they can. Peas add both additional yield and additional protein to the mix. Or maybe you would prefer to focus on hay and forgo the beans altogether. In that case, why not grow two hay crops rather than one? You can raise the oat/pea/spring triticale, then follow with a summer forage crop as well. For maximum tonnage you could try a crop of dry stalk sorghum-sudangrass, which offers the high yield of sorghum-sudan in a faster drying package. Alternately, teff grass offers a very rapid drying hay option, while cowpeas or mung beans offer high protein options, Can’t make up your mind? Plan all of them in combination to hedge your bets. If your pastures are beat up after last

summer’s drought, you could pasture this crop in late summer and give your perennial pastures a much-needed chance to restore vigor and grow deeper roots to weather the next drought. And, if spending all summer baling hay and spending all winter feeding hay sounds less than appealing to you, how about planting a crop that can be stockpiled and grazed without all that work, such as a crop of brown midrib sterile sorghum, with some companion crops for added protein and energy? Many people are using this very economical means of wintering livestock now with great success. In the fall, you can add yet another forage crop, drilled right into the living stubble of the summer mix as soon as it is hayed or grazed off in late summer. At first glance, this seems to doom the new seedlings to certain failure, as they are competing with the regrowth of the established summer crop for moisture and light. But it doesn’t work that way. The transpiration of moisture from the

regrowth of the summer crop cools the soil, dropping the temperature as much as 30 degrees relative to the air temperature. The cool-season seedlings need only 10% of the moisture at 80 degrees as they do at 100 degrees, so drilling a cool-season pasture mix of oats, triticale, rye, ryegrass, turnips, radishes and peas right into unkilled stubble of a summer annual mix can actually increase the survival of the seedlings. After a hard freeze has killed and thoroughly dried the summer plants, they can be grazed off right along with the green growth of the cool-season mix, saving on winter hay needs and providing much higher quality nutrition than hay. Besides, you also save the cost of termination! Best of all, the growing of crops in rapid succession provides those vital soil microbes a continual flow of nutritious root exudates for improving soil structure and water-holding capacity for better crops in the future.

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Why not both? _______ _ ___ ___ _ _______ Every operation is different. That is why we specialize in custom cover crop blends and forage mixes for every need. With over 120 different species and shipping nationwide, our team of soil health experts is ready to design a cover crop mix that meets your goals. (402) 469-6784 greencoverseed.com Contact us Today! Wearethrilledtohelpfarmers and ranchers regenerate God's creation forfuturegenerations . COVER CROPS MADE SIMPLE

The Fertilizer-Cost-andAvailability Crisis Requires Farmers to Practice Precision Farming to Stay in Business

Efficient Fertilization Practice is now a necessity!

CCA – Chief Operating Officer & Senior Consultant, TPS Lab

Since the onset of 2020, fertilizer prices have been exploding. But now, simply the availability in addition to evermore outrageous cost of fertilizer due to a variety of well-publicized reasons has become very seriously problematic. Presently, there seems to be no ceiling to cost escalation or foreseeable end to limitations on supplies. This means that every pound or gallon of fertilizer applied must be utilized by the crop to the greatest extent possible.

About “Precision Farming”: This term has implied mechanical means of precise seed and fertilizer placement, variable-rate fertilizer applications based on grid soil sampling and nearinfrared ærial surveys, metered applications of fertilizers through irrigation systems and GPS guidance of tractors and sprayers. But realistically, these approaches address only a modest part of achieving maximum crop performance with the most efficient use of money and resources. Whether or not precision mechanical means are used, here some of the most important considerations when attempting to get the most out of the least:

• “Traditional” practices have got to go! Here are the biggest mistakes I’ve seen farmers make over and over again during my 30-plus years with TPS Lab:

• The major application of fertilizer being made at the start of the growing season, expecting it to suffice for the entire season.

• The wrong fertilizer for the soil type or crop.

• Not keeping up with the latest advances and discoveries in crop nutrition.

• Not using bio-stimulants to improve crop performance and its resistance to disease and insects.

• Ignoring existing soil nutrients which are plantunavailable, especially in calcareous, high-pH soils.

• Ignoring irrigation and spray water quality.

• Ignoring soil health/life.

• Not planning beyond this year’s crop using the “Regenerative Agriculture” approach.

• The key issues in efficient crop production are:

• Timing and placement of fertilizer applications.

• The correct fertilizer for your soil type, the crop and its stage of development.

• Acceptable irrigation and spray water quality.

• The use of biological inoculants and bio-stimulants, such as amino acids, growth hormones and other beneficial products that may not be essential for plant growth. Timing and Placement of Fertilizer Applications Is Crucial

– Many farmers apply the bulk of their fertilizers at the onset of the season. This is colossally wasteful, as plants develop their appetites and tastes with growth, much of the fertilizer has been dissipated by the time the plants start needing it the most. This is particularly true with N. Remember that crop nutritional needs change throughout the growing season, so applying the wrong fertilizer at the wrong time for your particular crop wastes much of your money. As to placement, with row crops, side-dressing can require much less fertilizer and starter “pop-up” fertilizer is astonishingly effective in getting crops off to fast vigorous starts. After emergence, the use of foliar sprays is the most efficient method of getting nutrients into plants.

About Foliar Sprays – In some areas of the country, particularly the Corn Belt, foliar sprays of plant-beneficial and nutritional agents are typically seldom used, as this area of the country has been historically known as having the highest-producing capacity of corn and soybeans per acre. Unfortunately, the Midwest’s rich soil nutrient pool is declining due to reduction of soil organic matter (soil carbon) much like the rest of the country. This leads to nutrient deficiencies,

8 Ritz WESTERN FARM, RANCH, & DAIRY www.FarmRanchDairy.com

especially micronutrients, that limit plant genetic potential resulting in reduced yields and quality. As a result, increased disease and insect pressure increases input costs of additional fungicides and pesticides which reduces return on investment. Here, foliar sprays of bio-stimulants, micronutrients and trace elements can have big, faster and longer-term impacts on crop health, performance and economics.

Type of Fertilizer – Here is where a Soil Test is really important! If you have calcareous soils and buy micronutrients in the oxide form, you have literally thrown money on the ground with no benefit at all. When it comes to nitrogen, there can be a huge difference between anhydrous ammonia, urea, ammonium nitrate and ammonium sulfate as to its longevity, its utilization by the plant and its impact on native soil chemistry and soil life. Is it nitrate nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen or organic nitrogen? The forms of other nutrients are equally important – for example, MAP or DAP? Choosing the best fertilizer for your specific soil conditions or foliar fertilizer for specific stage of growth can save huge amount of money and increase ROI. This is the reason why some have not seen much success from the use of foliar sprays. The wrong product, mixing incompatible or antagonistic products together, wrong application rates, missing critical stages of growth and inadequate water quality are quite common mistakes.

Plant Sap Tests at critical stages of crop development during the season are crucial to determining the nutritional needs of the crop so that no more than necessary of what is applied, thus saving money and limited supplies. Plants eat and drink every day and their tastes and appetites change with time. Those changing needs (but no more than needs) must be accommodated to have some assurance of a profitable outcome.

Advances and Discoveries in crop nutrition and health are being made all the time – particularly in the chelated forms of micronutrients, resulting in a much higher efficiency of plant uptake and utilization. This means using less to produce more. A fairly recent discovery is foliarly-applied water-soluble silicon. Si stiffens and hardens cell walls, thereby discouraging piercing and gnawing insects and resist disease – and lodging. Si forms a very thin hard layer that resists nematodes and soil pathogens on roots. A very recent tool is nanoparticles that encapsulates the inputs you already use into tiny nanoparticles that glide through foliar and root barriers, thereby improving efficiency and speed of uptake and reducing the energy required by the plant to get nutrients into its cells.

Bio-Stimulants – There is more to crop health and nutrition than just chemistry. These game-changers include organic acids, growth hormones and biological inoculants that can dramatically improve crop performance, nutrient uptake efficiency and resistance to disease and insects - thus reducing or eliminating entirely the need for costly pesticides and fungicides. Encourage the plants, microbes and other soil life to do much of the heavy lifting!

Already Existing Soil Nutrients – Particularly in calcareous

soils, many of the metal nutrients exist as carbonate and bicarbonate chemical compounds often in abundance – all very insoluble and therefore unavailable to plants. The standard soil treatment is sulfur but the latest method also includes the use of bio-stimulants. These break the chemical bond by chelating the nutrients into bioavailable forms. Humic/Fulvic Acids, Amino Acids, Enzymes and beneficial soil bacteria from additions of soil inoculants all play a vital role to access this nutrient pool. Additions of these bio-stimulants to your existing fertility program can increase your fertilizer efficiency by more than 20% in most cases, allowing you to cut back on fertilizer in times of high cost and limited availability, and have long-term cumulative benefits.

Water Quality Test – Irrigating with hard or salty water can have dramatic impacts on soil chemistry and structure, because What’s In Your Water Becomes Part Of Your Soil ®. As aquifer levels fall, natural dissolved minerals become more concentrated. There are several methods to remediate soil. Using hard water for the spray mix can change the chemistries of spray agents to the extent of making them ineffective and possibly damaging plants. Appropriate water treatment is needed to offset or remediate these problems.

Regenerative Agriculture – Planning beyond this year to reduce costs and increase crop performance by regenerating soil structure and health/life, thereby increasing long-term nutrient availability and carbon sequestration, reducing future costs and resources. Reduction of soil disturbance and continuous vegetation cover on soil as much as possible increases the amount of diversity of organic residues to maximize nutrient and water use efficiency by plants. Restoring overall microbial life is essential to soil/plant health and biodiversity. This sustainable approach is a long road to travel but it must be initiated if farmers want to be successful over prolonged challenging times.

Bottom Line – Maintaining balanced nutrition and vigorous soil life at every stage of your plants’ life cycle will ensure that no matter what challenge Mother Nature sends, your crops will have the best chance of making you money. Soil, Water and Sap Testing is one of the best investments a grower can make, especially during these times of uncertainty with exorbitant fertilizer prices so you can apply only what your crop needs, where it needs it and when it needs it!

Don’t guess and hope for the best!

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One Call of Wyoming

One Call of Wyoming is a nonprofit organization that administers the 811 notification center within the state of Wyoming. Any entity within the state that owns/operates any underground facilities shall, by statute, register their location and contact information with the notification center, there are few exceptions to this requirement. If a person is involved in any activity in which earth, rock or other materials on or below the ground is moved or otherwise displaced by means of hand or power tools, power equipment, explosives or other means, and includes grading, trenching, digging, ditching, auguring, tunneling, boring, plowing in, pulling in, ripping, scraping and pipe installing, EXCEPT TILLING OF SOIL AND GARDENING OR AGRICULTURAL PURPOSES. They must call the notification center by dialing 811 in Wyoming or from out of state dial 1-800-849-2476 at least 2 full business days, and not more than 14 full business days, prior to beginning their excavation.

Once the notification center (811) has been contacted, the center will send out notifications to our member, operators/ owners, to let them know of your intended excavation activity near their underground facilities within the next 2 to 14 business days. The members must respond to the excavator within the 2 full business days and either clear the described dig area or mark their facilities within the described dig area in some fashion within 2 feet of the actual facility location.

PLEASE, for your safety and for the safety of the general public, and the protection of our vital underground infrastructure. Submit your request online at www.onecallofwyoming.com or dial 811 from within Wyoming, or if calling from out of state please dial 1-800-849-2476 at least 2 full business days prior to beginning, ANY excavation activity.

Submitted by One-Call of Wyoming’s Administration Office Locate Number 1-800-849-2476

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EQUIPMENT 12 Ritz WESTERN FARM, RANCH, & DAIRY www.FarmRanchDairy.com
Image by Jim McWilliams

De Dell Seeds Doubles Down On Research

De Dell Seeds is pleased to announce the addition of a New Holland CR9040 corn research combine.

De Dell Seeds has acquired this new research combine to increase their hybrid testing capacity to provide elite genetics for their non-GMO and organic corn growers. The acquisition of the new machine allows De Dell to continue their research expansion. Over the last two years De Dell has increased its corn testing by 30% and this combine will allow De Dell to continue to increase their corn breeding and testing efforts. In 2020, De Dell is testing approximately 1500 unique corn hybrids, replicated at nine different locations in a wide range of maturities. This De Dell research combine greatly increases the testing capacity to allow for the introduction of better corn hybrids for farmers. This unit is a split combine that harvests two two-row corn plots simultaneously. The combine harvests the small plot and measures the moisture, testweight, and weight of each plot. The data

is recorded electronically which can be analyzed later by the corn researchers. Compared to the old combine this combine is a significant improvement. The former De Dell research combine was a single plot combine that took approximately 45 seconds to harvest a single plot. That may not seem like much, but after harvesting hundreds of plots the difference in productivity is very noticeable. The new combine on the other hand harvests two plots simultaneously in approximately 15 seconds – more than quadruple the testing capability!

De Dell is a leader in providing organic and non-GMO corn hybrids to the Canadian farmer. Many of the seed businesses owned by large chemical companies either do not service the farmers in this market or largely neglect it as too small of a market for them. De Dell’s corn breeding program will ensure that non-GMO and organic farmers can continue to access elite corn genetics for their own farms.

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Grain & Gravel Truck Boxes, End Dump Grain & Gravel Trailers, Also Bottom Dump Gravel Trailers. Truck Sales Load Line Manufacturing, Inc. 2 1/2 mi S. of Winkler Box 1900, Winkler, MB R6W 4B7 (204) 325-4798 Fax: (204) 325-4055 jbd@mts.net Manufacturers of :

Rawhide Portable Corral

John McDonald knows a thing or two about livestock equipment after working with cattle and rodeo livestock most of his life. Knowing there had to be a better portable corral design out there; he came up with it himself.

In 2003 the public was introduced to his original Rawhide Portable Corral. It could be set up by one person without any lifting and it could be done quickly; yet it could also be pulled down the road at highway speeds, ensuring that no time would be wasted while catching cattle.

Fast forward to 2018 and now customers have two different corrals to choose from; the Rawhide Original, throwback to the first design, or the Rawhide Processor.

Even though the Processor’s design is viewed as the superior portable corral on the market, John believes that there are still those who will want a smaller, more affordable system. Enter the Rawhide Original, which is a blend between the two designs he has offered throughout the years and has a bumper hitch with

permanent transport wheels. The Original is only offered in the Standard and Large sizes.

The Processor is offered in three sizes for the convenience of ranchers and cattle producers throughout the world and the main difference with this design is the ability to custom-ize the corral upon ordering by including a hydraulic alley, head gate or loading chute. Whether you simply want to catch your cattle or process them on site and load them into a trailer from the pasture, you are able to do so with the Processor.

The design of the Processor continues to impress cattle producers with its versatility and ease of use. The permanent sheeted adjustable alley aids with working your livestock, whether it is done on site or in the field. The adjustable alley can be sized from thirty (30) inches down to sixteen (16) inches; either manually or hydraulically.

The most notable features of the Rawhide corrals are that they are easy to set up and they are easy to transport. We mean it when we say that one person can open up the corral without lifting a panel. This will continue to be the model as we move forward with our newer designs.

The key is one person can handle it all by themselves. Cus-tomers can manipulate the panels so it is not just one big pen, but two, three or even four pens for sorting, as one can never have enough pens when it comes to working cattle.

John’s design was the first portable corral on the market to offer the hydraulic lift option. This has been so popular that we now offer customers the option to buy the Hydraulic Lift Kit with or without the battery so that they may upgrade existing equipment of their own. A lift kit includes the jack, power unit, solar panel and of course the option of including a battery at time of purchase.

John and his wife Mary run the family business at their manufacturing plant in Abilene, Kansas, which is the only place where a Rawhide may be purchased outside of South Texas, where we now have a dealer in Hempstead.

Please check out our website for more information and to view our videos: www.rawhideportablecorral. com or find us on Facebook. Phone # 785-263-3436 .

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ETIP, Inc. says to help prevent diesel/biodiesel fuel gelling in cold weather the Universal Fuel Filter Preheater mounts easily to the engine fuel filter. It is one of their selection of products for cold weather operations and for Security, Safety and Maintenance.

Cold conditions often affect diesel fuel flow during start-up and in daily operations. When it is cold enough to cause gelling in the fuel over-the-road trucks, heavy machinery, automobiles, generators and other equipment that must operate in low temperatures can become disabled. The gelling starts in the bulk storage tank and flows into the equipment tank during refueling operations. From there the engine pumps it to the and plugs it preventing passage of the fuel. Another complication is if the bulk tank filter plugs up. The only solution is to replace the filter or warm up the fuel until it flows again. It sometimes requires towing the equipment to an inside location or bringing a heater to the equipment site.

Fuel filters for bulk tank dispensing pumps can also be affected. See our new Filter Heater for Bulk Fuel Tanks and Dispensing Pumps. The costs related to fuel gelling can become expensive in downtime and in repair cost. Sometimes as reported to us it is difficult to even get the fuel to flow from the bulk tank to that filter. Our suggestion is to install one of our oil pan heaters on the bottom of the bulk tank as close to the outlet pipe as possible. It should be energized for six to eight hours to insure the maximum temperature that it will achieve has been reached when fueling starts. This preheater helps to insure that the first fuel out of the tank going to the bulk tank filter should flow.

The Universal Filter Preheater™ offers a simple solution. It is a thin, flexible, silicone/fiberglass heating pad that easily wraps around the metal filter housing to maintain full contact and to evenly transmit heat quickly through the metal of the filter housing helping to avoid the risk of fuel gelling. It converts the metal filter housing into the heating element. It is an electric blanket for the fuel filter housing. Springs and nylon ties hold it in place.

When it is time to change the filter element, the Universal Filter Preheater™ is easily released for transfer to the new filter housing. Fuel gelling and related problems are avoided.

Drawing 85 watts it is available in several voltages: direct current 12v & 24v, and alternating current 120v & 240v and a dual grid model combining the option of powering with direct current or alternating current in the same Universal Filter Preheater™. Measuring 4” X 7” it is designed to fit a diameter of 2.5” to 4” (circumference of 8” to 12”). See it on the website at http://www. etipinc.com under Maintenance. The Universal Filter Preheater™ carries a three year materials and workmanship warranty. A standard 12v Universal Filter Preheater ™ is priced at $138 each.

The standard engine oil and hydraulic Preheaters (Peel

& Stick Fiberglass/ Silicone) also are being used to warm fuel tanks. 120v or 240v they stick to the outside of the tank and warm the fuel overnight. No cutting or welding, just thoroughly clean off the mounting area & stick it on according to instructions. Insure a good ground electrically. Mount a Preheater as close as possible to the outlet pipe to insure a good flow to the Bulk Tank filter.

The cold weather products in the line of Universal Preheaters. help improve starting and operations and bottom line business performance. “THE BEST WAY TO PREHEAT ALMOST ANYTHING.”

Include both the Peel & Stick Universal Preheater™ line for engines, hydraulic systems, transmissions, gear boxes, etc. and the Universal Filter Preheater™ in cold weather packages for a more effective and complete solution to cold weather problems.

PO Box 83, North Aurora, IL 60542-0083 USA (630) 966-8992 FAX (630) 801-9569 www.etipinc.com | sales@etipinc.com (Veteran Owned Small Business)

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17 www.FarmRanchDairy.com WESTERN FARM, RANCH, & DAIRY Ritz 866-246-2588 • www.clarksagsupply.com • Safe, low-profile design • Available in 2, 3,4, 6 box units • 120, 200, & 300 unit bulk • Double axle brakes • Built like a seed tender • Finger tip seed control • Scale options available • Estart Honda motors • Powder coat paint • Fabricated by certified welders • Reaches any planter or drill • Patented Easiloc lock down The Most FARMER FRIENDLY SYSTEM on the Market Today! The Only Seed System Available With: The Three Box Lo-Pro EASILOAD SEED SYSTEM
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Stalk Knockers

Stalk Knockers are the most user friendly and lightest weight option on the market. No need to be removed when trailering, saving valuable time. They were invented by two farmers in southwest Iowa looking for a better solution for managing stalk residue on their own farm. www.stalkknockers.com .

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• Quad, triple, double or single mills to suit your needs

• Each mill can produce 400 - 600 microns, using 1/16”, 3/32”, or 1/8” screens

• Mills are completely wired and ready to connect to your disconnect panel

785-392-2077 • 785-392-4754 121 N. Mill St #A • Minneapolis, Kansas ncentralsteel@gmail.com • www.farmfeedgrinding.com

Email: greg@modernprinters.net www.modernprinters.net

20 Ritz WESTERN FARM, RANCH, & DAIRY www.FarmRanchDairy.com PRODUCE
A SUPERIOR QUALITY GRIND FOR YOUR DAIRY HERD. North Central Steel has gone BIG with the new Quad-30
STEEL COMPANY INC. A Three-Generation Family Owned Business Dealer Inquiries Welcome! Used Roller Mills Also Available. 714 North Main P.O. Box 556 Meridian, Idaho 83680
Phone: 208-888-5682 Fax: 208-288-1946 Cell: 283-3567

Purple Wave Online Auction Service

Purple Wave is an online equipment auction company that brings buyers and sellers together. Boasting of being the easiest way to buy and sell used equipment, we sell assets where they sit. We send individuals to you for picture and video capture, list your assets online, market to appropriate audience, handle title transfers, and take payments all for as little as a $100 listing fee. Our mission is Straight. Simple. Sold.

Buyers get to shop with confidence as seller contact information is listed for complete transparency. Purple Wave is a no reserve auction marketplace so the asset will sell to the highest bidder regardless of price.

Bi-weekly agriculture, construction and fleet industry auctions provide ample opportunities to find equipment you have been searching for. Purple Wave has never lost the traditional auction feel. Visit purplewave.com and experience for yourself.


e Bid anytime, anywhere - 24/7

e Add items to your watchlist

e Set it and forget it with MAX bid

e All items sell no reserve!

e Multiple auctions held every week

e No transportation or preparation cost

e We handle post auction payment/titles

e All equipment is sold “AS IS, WHERE IS”

21 www.FarmRanchDairy.com WESTERN FARM, RANCH, & DAIRY Ritz purplewave.com CALL US TODAY! 866.608.9283
22 Ritz WESTERN FARM, RANCH, & DAIRY www.FarmRanchDairy.com New Gea 52’ 8” Lagoon Pump; 52’ 8” Non Wall Walking Lagoon Pump; Stabilizer Wings; Heavy Duty Drive Line; New Condition; Please Contact Dealer For Pricing Information. Call NEW GEA EL48-6D610; 7300 Gallon Tank; Flow Meter Ready; Tool Bar Ready; We Carry Gea Houle , Farmstar, Vti Toolbars; Galaxy Tires; Please Call For Pricing Information. Call GEA 8-FLUSH PONTOON, NEW GEA 8” Flush Pump On 16’ Pontoon, Call For Pricing Call NEW GEA VERTICAL SUPER PUMP, 8’ 6” Vertical Pump; Trailer; Twin Pto Option; New Condition; Please Contact Dealer For Pricing Information. Call 3610 North Cliff Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57104 1-800-322-2637 www.crsupply.com Fax: 1-605-338-6015 The Sport Utility Sprayer FEATURES: - Left and right electric controls with wiring harness standard - Shurflo bypass pump - Boominator nozzles spray a width of 30 feet - Includes hand gun with adjustable nozzle Tired of Cheap, Throw-Away ATV Sprayers? 60 Gallon Tank mounted on a powder coated frame for the bed of your sport utility vehicle

Mineral Tub Lifter

Work Smart... Not Hard

Mineral tubs are heavy, some weighing 250 pounds or more. With Jason and his older brother getting older and having back issues, it was becoming more difficult to lift mineral tubs onto the pickup to move to another pasture. Jason helped his brother load and move mineral tubs often as they live in the valley and pastures are small. One day, Jason thought about trying to use the hydraulics on the bale bed pickup to load the tubs. If the bale bed could lift hay bales why not mineral tubs? He began trying out different straps and chains to try to connect the strap to his bale bed pickup to lift tubs. He just needed to come up with the right attachment to hold and lift the tubs. Some of his first ideas did not work. That is how the Mineral Tub Lifter was invented.

Jason Jones and his sister Shyla started Mineral Tub Lifter in the Fall of 2017. With the design Jason invented one person could lift a mineral tub successfully using a bale bed pickup and then unload them in the pasture. Jason and Shyla then started sewing and manufacturing the Mineral Tub Lifters. They started selling them with chain included to ranchers all over the region.

Now they are selling to ranchers in all of the lower 48 states. They discovered their biggest market is women and older generations of ranchers. Customers realize saving on their backs was a smart safety decision.

In addition to carrying mineral tubs out to the livestock they found the lifter also worked with 55-gallon oil drums and 30-gallon chemical barrels or any other circular-type plastic or metal objects. The Mineral Tub Lifter is a big help around the farm and ranch.

Surprisingly Jason and Shyla do all the sewing

and manufacturing of the lifters themselves. Shyla moved out her dining room table and they installed an industrial sewing machine there.

Jason is a hay farmer and Shyla helps at the farm too. They are a small home based business in a small rural town in North Central Montana. They mainly manufacture the lifters in the fall and winter months. The Joneses have kept their promise to buyers and dealers to have the product in the mail within 24 hours of ordering. They keep a large inventory of lifters on hand at all times. They never want to run out of lifters due to demand. They will hire additional sewers when the demand requires them to.

For more information call Jason or Shyla or visit their website at www.MineralTubLifter.com

Mineral Tub Lifter

Work Smart...Not Hard

We make it easier for you to handle your Mineral Tubs - plastic, metal & biodegradable!Can be used with all bale beds. Purchase a Mineral Tub Lifter TODAY!!!

Order Direct on our Website

23 www.FarmRanchDairy.com WESTERN FARM, RANCH, & DAIRY Ritz
Jason 406- 390-0826 • Shyla 406-390-1339 email: shyla@mtintouch.net Malta, Montana Mineral Tub Lifters make GREAT GIFTS for the hard-to-shop-for! See photos and videos on our Facebook Page: Mineral Tub Lifter www.MineralTubLifter.com September 2021
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Feed The Cow & Protect The Calf

Each new season brings new challenges, including dealing with scours of all kinds. In the US each year too many calves are lost due to preventable illness and death from scours. The impact this has on small and large operations is priceless when time and energy are also factored into the financial loss. Imogene Ingredients and our product, Farmatan, can help prevent scours in all livestock at a measurable rate.

A 1,760 head Cow/Calf operation in South Dakota lost 174 calves to scours in 2019. They added Farmatan to their cow’s mineral program and lost 2 calves in 2020. They had similar scours in 2021.

In a 225 head Angus herd in South Dakota they have been using Farmatan in their mineral for 4 years consistently. In 2017 they treated 110 calves for Cryptosporidium scours with 25 lost; 2018 treated 6 with none lost; 2019 treated 6 with none lost; 2020 and 2021 also brought no loss to scours. Farmatan is comprised of a complex group of natural

compounds with antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Farmatan works to develop lower gut wall integrity by improving tight junctions between cell walls. Farmatan contains naturally occurring organic acids that help to support immune function in the GI tract; preventing leaky gut and providing immune support to help prevent and reduce the severity of calf scours.

Farmatan works for various target species: cow/calf, dairy, poultry, swine, and goats.

There are many options for prevention using Farmatan products – young animal paste, mineral, calf creep, milk replacer, lick tubs, and products formulated for poultry feed.

Are you asking yourself why you haven’t started incorporating Farmatan? We don’t know why either. Reach out, let’s talk about what we can do to help eliminate scours for your operation. We can be reached at www.farmatanusa.com

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Custom Made To Match Your Brand Identification, electric, freeze or fire heated branders in any size, shape or design. We also make number brands that are great for production testing. 410 6TH ST. S.E. • MANDAN, ND 58554 800-437-8068 www.lhbrandingirons.com • ElEctric BrandErs • FrEEzE BrandErs • FirE HEatEd BrandErs • stainlEss stEEl BrandErs • dEHornErs • corporatE BrandErs
26 Ritz WESTERN FARM, RANCH, & DAIRY www.FarmRanchDairy.com 111..1�\TINS 1\Nf;(JS Il1\Nf�II :l4d lJ�P�Sak .. a,IU\a.l�we��ef Vu� Wayne Blevins • 38306 Dellwo Rd. • Charlo, MT 59824 Broadcast Live: 111\ll(�II 15, 2()22 (lj)CatlleUSA (406) 644-2309 • (406) 274-2732 (C) • blevinsangus@blackfoot.net • www.BlevinsAngus.com Colorado Hay Probe Popular “Push In” Design Model 2001-See website for pricing www.udyone.com UDY Corporation 201 Rome Court, • Fort Collins, CO 80524 Voice: 970.482.2060 • Fax: 970.482.2067 5 models to choose from. Durable Painted Aluminum Alloy
Image by Jim McWilliams
27 www.FarmRanchDairy.com WESTERN FARM, RANCH, & DAIRY Ritz CALL TODAY 760-912-4391 See our video at www.insol.com or call for a free demonstration DVD



Come Join the Gottsch Livestock Feeders Family!

Gottsch Livestock Feeders is looking for Cowboys/Pen Riders for their feed yard in Red Cloud, Nebraska. The main focus of the Cowboy/Pen Riders are spotting, pulling, diagnosing and taking cattle to the hospital and shipping fat cattle. This person will need to be a team player who is seeking a long-term position. You will have the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best in the industry.

We offer a benefits package that includes health insurance, dental, vision, 401K, health savings, life insurance and paid vacation.

If you are interested stop by and fill out an application or visit our website at www.gottschcattlecompany.com Call Brandon Furr at 402-257-7769 or 402-746-2222 for more information.

28 Ritz WESTERN FARM, RANCH, & DAIRY www.FarmRanchDairy.com DELIVERED TO YOUR FARM BY THE SEMI LOAD. Any Size Bales. Quality Brome, Prairie, Silage Bales & More. Also Available For Delivery Anywhere. Honest, Reputable Company Owned BY An Experienced Dairyman with 30 years In The Hay Business. LAKEY & LAKEY INC Located 1/2 mile south of Ava, Missouri on Hwy. 5 417-683-6781 www.lakeyandlakey.com TIRE TOWN INC. Other Sizes New & Used Nationwide Shipping M-F 8am-6pm • Sat 8am-4pm (800) 444-7209 (800) 451-9864 18.4-28 BIAS NEW 10PLY R-1 ................. $660.00 380/80R42 NEW BUFF SPRAYER R-1 ...... $799.00 14.9R46 USED 75% TREAD R-1 .............. $750.00 900/75R32 New buff ............................. $2200.00 30.5L-32 Grain Cart 16p ....................... $1399.00 43x16.00-20 NEW BUFF 4PLY R-4........... $245.00 15x19.5 NEW BUFFED 6PLY R-4............... $219.00 28LR26 100% TREAD R-3...................... $1399.00 18.4R28 NEW BUFF R-2 .......................... $699.00
Let us sell your surplus farm, ranch, construction and vehicles anywhere in the USA at our online Auction! APPRAISALS, LIQUIDATIONS, HAULING, NEW & USED PARTS, TIRES, RIMS & MORE! Kaddatz Auctioneering #TXS 6676 254-582-3000 • farmstore.online 935 N 275 W Suite B Angola, IN 46703 Snow-Melt Systems Radiant Heat Geothermal Tankless Hot Water See us at www.indianawarmfloors.com (260) 668-8836 • 1(800) 700-8830 Radiant Floor Heat! • Warm, Silent & Efficient • Hot Water or Electric • Tankless Hot Water • Slabs • Wood Floors • Geothermal • Wood Boilers HAY Farmer to Farmer Wet and Dry Round & Square Bales 1st, 2nd & 3rd Cut Hay Square Bales of STRAW Call Steve 519-482-5365 Hay and Livestock Equipment Emerson Equipment • (308) 544-6421 24487 Emerson Dr., Whitman, NE 69366 ranchequipment@gmail.com www.emersonranchequipment.com
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Laura Howell

Super-Efficient Liquid Biostimulant Fertilizers

3 – 4 – 3

41% L-Amino Acids +Chitosan For Maximum Stress Immunity.

4 – 2 – 3

38% L-Amino Acids Give Crops Extra Energy.

● Plant-Derived for Super-Efficient Plant Availability means much less is needed than other fertilizers because much higher percentages of nutrients get into plants with faster uptake.

● Plant Safe. Will not burn plants, even if used undiluted.

● Highest Percentages of L-Amino Acids for stress relief and disease prevention.

- Compare with other brands -

● 100% Water Soluble. Will not clog drip emitters or precipitate in lines.

9 – 0 – 0

35% L-Amino Acids Safe for foliar application.

● Boosts Microbial Biomass and Soil Nutrients Availability. Foliar Spray To Complex Minerals, Nutrients and Hormones.

Soil Conditioner That Helps Prevent Soil Minerals Lockout. Discover much more at Plant-Natural.com 956 - 380 - 4050 4915 West Monte Cristo Road Edinburg, Texas 78541
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