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(516)512-8888 Surrogacy Agencies NYC: Primer On Surrogacy Definition

(516)512-8888 Surrogacy is a medical reproduction technique where a woman other than the egg donor handles the pregnancy and gives birth in a normal delivery. The surrogacy event is usually less than the usual 36 weeks as the fertilization of the egg by sperm occurs outside the body in lab conditions. The fertilized egg is then attached to the womb of the surrogate mother. While it may seem like a highly risky activity, surrogacy has a higher rate of success than other fertility solutions. To know more information about surrogacy visit Surrogacy Agencies NYC Here is a quick primer on what every intended parents must know about surrogacy.

1. Surrogacy definition Surrogacy is a method of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) where in a certified fertility center handles the pregnancy. It is done by harvesting the eggs of the intended mother and then fertilized artificially in an incubator.

(516)512-8888 The egg could be fertilized by the partner’s sperm or by a donor sperm chosen by the intended parent. The fertility results may vary depending on the quality of egg and sperm. Once the egg is fertilized, it is transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother.

(516)512-8888 As the source of egg and the gestation site are different, it is called surrogacy, meaning ‘proxy pregnancy’. It is also referred to as substitution pregnancy or deputy pregnancy since the fertilized egg is transferred into the surrogate’s womb for gestation.

Age to get surrogacy done: For legally married couples, there is no legal age to become surrogate parents. However, for a single parent or a bachelor, the minimum age to become a surrogate parent is 21 years. There is no higher age limit. The chosen surrogate should be also 21 years and above.

2. Is surrogacy legal? It depends on the country where the intended parents decide to get the surrogacy done. It also depends on the country of current residence as well as the citizenship.

(516)512-8888 In countries like France, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Spain and Portugal, surrogacy of any type is totally banned. In Australia, intended parents can only opt for surrogacy if they find a surrogate within their state. From commercial point of view, surrogacy is 100% legal in some of the states in USA, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, India, Nepal and Thailand.

(516)512-8888 In Islamic countries, surrogacy is not just prohibited but also considered as ‘haram’.

3. Cost of surrogacy Depending on the choice of surrogate and the quality of the sperm, the cost of surrogacy varies from one country to another. The quality of the egg and the sperm plays a very important in establishing the surrogacy cost. For more detail visit @ Surrogacy Agencies NYC. Factors on which cost of sperm/egg depends are: Age of the donor  Lifestyle  Ethnic background  Genetic immunity from diseases like cancer, diabetes etc 

(516)512-8888 In addition to the cost of surrogacy related to medical procedure, the legal costs can also have significant impact on the total package. Most top-end surrogacy centers offer a complete package which includes hormone treatment, vaccination, nursing home and post-partum assistance, followed by umbilical cord bank, stem cell research and insurance.

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Surrogacy Agencies NYC: Primer on Surrogacy Definition  

Surrogacy is a medical reproduction technique where a woman other than the egg donor handles the pregnancy and gives birth in a normal deliv...

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