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Guide To Finding A Surrogate Mother

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For most of the intended parents, searching for a surrogate is the most exciting yet most difficult part of the entire surrogacy process. A surrogate mother is a woman who will carry and deliver a child on behalf of the intended parents. Surrogate mother search is also a part of this process and is very tricky.

Finding a Surrogate Mother is a Very Crucial Step Because:

Surrogacy is a Very Complex Process – It includes legal and medical complications. Surrogates must meet a particular standard – The standard is set on the



background, etc.





It Involves a Contract – A surrogacy contract is signed by both parties to avoid any legal implications in the future.

It is a Very Expensive Process– Mostly



price and

is as

very such

intended parents wisely put their money on a surrogate.

Surrogacy Laws– Before you choose a surrogate, you must thoroughly research the local laws pertaining to surrogacy processes.




How to Find a Surrogate Mother?

Intended parents can either ask a friend or family member or choose an agency that can find a surrogate for them. We

recommend the agency method due to the complications associated with the medical and legal procedures.

SurrogacyAgency A surrogacy agency maintains a surrogate directory that includes the names of the potential surrogates who have already been screened. The intended parents need to finalize a surrogate based on their individual needs and preferences.

Involvement of an Agency The involvement of an agency reduces the risk of fraudulent activities. This is beneficial from the legal point of view as well. Most of the states have different laws related to surrogacy. You might land yourself in trouble if your surrogate is from a different country with a separate surrogacy law. Hence, agencies make both the parties sign a legal contract that can remove future uncertainties.

Whether you choose to directly find a surrogate or go through an agency, finding a surrogate is a challenging process. While agencies

Bottom Line

bring legal support and experience, individual surrogates can be more economical. Get in touch for - Intended Parent Registration For Carrier

Thank You Whichever way you choose, you must be prepared for the challenges you might face during the entire process. Need More Help? Visit – Garden City, NY

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Your Guide to Finding a Surrogate Mother