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Center for Surrogacy and Egg Donation

Surrogacy and Egg Donation are the part of Assisted Reproductive Treatment which revive hope in the lives of people who are constantly looking for help and guidance from the professionals who may be medical experts or psychologists helping those bringing them solution to infertility. Surrogacy happens under a contract or an agreement in which a woman carries in her womb a baby for another woman. Gestational Surrogacy uses IVF to implant the embryo in her womb and this woman is known as a Carrier while the couple with whom she signs the contract is known as Intended Parents. Traditional Surrogacy, on the other hand uses the Intra Uterine technique to get the sperms of the intended father or a Sperm Donor implanted to carry the pregnancy for another couple. The woman who carries the embryo is the genetic mother of the baby.

Egg Donation is a third party reproduction where a registered egg donor donates eggs for any such woman who (1) has poor quality of eggs (2) is born with missing ovaries (3) has experienced early menopause (4) who is suffering from some genetic disease which does not let her experience the joys of motherhood. These techniques need expert advice and there are Center for Surrogacy and Egg Donation which help in carrying out the procedures which are extremely complex and need medical, legal and emotional support from those who can handle them professionally. These centers and agencies carry out each step in a very systematic and organised way and remain with their clients be it the prospective parents, surrogates or egg donors till the end of the process showing them the direction.

Right from the registration of the client to the choice of procedure and fertility clinics along with making them aware of their legal rights which are well protected by these centers by their legal team. Not only this, the agencies ensure that clients are given right information which let them know the potential risks involved in any of the treatment methods. Rite Options is one such center for surrogacy and egg donation or agency that provides help, guidance and support to the intended parents, carriers and donors in the most professional way without losing focus on the humane factors. We take each task with conviction to bring the best results. We only feel satisfied when we have given you reasons to smile and helped you fulfil your dream of being a proud parent. We are available round the clock to listen to your queries,putting your fears at rest and building up your confidence and trust in us.

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Center for surrogacy and egg donation  
Center for surrogacy and egg donation  

Rite Options is one such Center for Surrogacy and Egg Donation or agency that provides help, guidance and support to the intended parents, c...