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Immigrants in Langkær Gymnasium

“Think global, act local”

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Numbers of students – 760 STX and HF(2 years) 27 different nationalities 70% danish and 30% another backgrounds

Mission and strategy of Langkær Gymnasium

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Place themselves in a interconnected world Enter in constructive dialogue Deal with cultural differences Connect knowledge and praxis Use innovative ways in dealing with global challenges Interact on local, national and global levels

It´s very important for the Global High Schools to respect each student and make them feel welcome. It´s going to be normal that so many immigrants, Langkær is just a start.

Recpect for each student and background.


Made by : Krystian Kot, Grzegorz Wawryn, Francesca Giaccone, Anna Cavallero, Ditt, Gry, Søren sloth & Victor.

Comenius Risskov Workshop Group 7  
Comenius Risskov Workshop Group 7  

Visiting Langkaer Gymnasium og HF.