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Babak Azmoudeh – a successful integration

Babak’s life • Came to Denmark at the age of 12 • Learned the language in 1 year • Attended a school dominated by ethnic Danes • Completed the gymnasium with good grades • Works @ a pizzeria for 1 year • Wants to become a civil engineer

Reasons why Babak succeeded • Learned the language fast, and practiced it with Danes • Focused upon school • Not a religious home • Didn’t return to his home region • Dared to speak the language • Focus upon education in his upbringing

Babak’s recommendations for future integration policies • Stop the creation of ghettos • Make sure that the immigrants go to schools dominated by ethnic Danes • Expect the immigrant to integrate himself • The immigrants should learn Danish culture and traditions • Focus upon learning the language  The master key to integration

Comenius Risskov Workshop Group 8  

Council integration politics - interview with Babak Azmoudeh